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Grangers and Others That Dave Been
Quiet Come to the Front.
The List Favorably Affected tj Bnojancj
in the London Market
Nets- York, Oct. 13. The stock market
to-day was strong from start to finish.
Probably the most significant feature of
speculation was the increased activity and
buoyancy ot the grangers and a number of
other 6tocks which have hitherto occupied
a comparatively unimportant position in
the market. Among the latter Western
Union was conspicuous for a rtso of 2 to
98 Baltimore ana Ohio advanced 2J to
S6&, and Ohio and Mississippi 2 to 21. Pa
cific Mail sold up nearly 2 points to 333.
The general list was favorably affected at
the opening by advices from London of a
buoyant market thero for American securi
ties. An advance ranging liom Jto 2 per
cent was recorded. New England, Lake Erie
and Western, Burlington and Quincy, Kock
Island, Louisville and Nashville, Northern
1'aciflc prolcrred and the industrials
leading the upward movement. Dur
ing the alternonn New England
ran otT from 47 to 43 on tho
denial of tho story about the alleged Boston
mid Maine deal. Chicago Gas declined from
893J to 8tJ. and Distilling and Cattle Feed
ins from CSJJ to 62, but tile other active
shares yielded only ya to and the mar
ket closed 111 m. Distilling and Cattle Feed
ing rallied to 636b. General Electric,
Manhattan, Ohio suutuern, ullman 1'alaco
Car and Erie preferred advanced J to ljf
The railroad bond market was generally
Aim and the business well distributed. The
dealings looted up $1,227,000. Toledo, St.
LouN and Kansas City firsts were weak.
The official list reported a sale of $1,000 at 85.
Tins is a break of 1 points compared with
tho last previously repoited transaction.
Goerutneut bonds wei e steady. Close ot
the list:
U. S. 4sreg...
IT. S. 4s coup..
U. S. 4M rec
lHlMutual Union 6s. ....Ill
M X.J. a Int. Crt...lllX
.100M, Northern Pac 1U. HSM
1'aolict.iora") 1C7
.Nortueiu i'ac os...iiii(
Northw'n Consols. ..140
X'w'n Deh. 5s las
LL. 4 1. il. (Ten 5s. IS'-i
Louls'na stamped 4s 94
Mlskourl Cs 103
linn, new set 6b..... 101
Teun. new set 5s 101
Tenn. ne-vet3s To
Canada bo. 2ds 101
Cen. Pacitic lsis 10S4
Den. &K.G. Uts....l21
)eu. A K G. 4s. ... 86
Kne 2ds 107
JI. K. AT. (ren Cs... 80
it. K. XT. Ken is.... 47
SL1.. .tb. K-Gen.M 103
ct. Paul Consols. ...127
p. c Jtp. ists....ii9
T. I L. G. Tr.Rcts. 84
T. P. K. G. Tr.l'.cts. 31 U
Union Pac sts 1061t
nesl Miore iu
K. G. TV. lata
Miuing shares closed as follows:
Cholor Kl Ophlr ,
Crown Point no) Plymouth ,
Con. Cal. and Ya 370 Sierra Nevada,
lleadwood t 225 btandard.
uouia and currv l
Union Con 135
Ilaie and Norcross... 19
Homes take 14"0
Yellow Jacket 125
Iron Silver 60
Qulcksiher SO
Quicksilver pfd 1S00
Bulwer.... t 35
Mc-Licau 160
.North star. t 650
Ontario ZM).
The total sales of stocks to-day were 341,671
shares including: Atchison, 22.700; Chicago
Gas, 23,600: Erie, 11,000; Missouri Pacific, 3.100;
Northern Pacific preferred. 9,900; New Ens
land, C5.S0O; Pacific Mail. 3.900; Reading, 25,-700-.
St. Paul, 8.C00: Union Pacific, 10,000; West
ern Union, 8,100.
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Mock Exchange, corrected
daily for The Pittsbi'rg Disr-ATdi Dy Whitney
ibteplienson, oldest Pittsburg members of New
York Mock Exchange. 57 Fourth avenue:
('pen High Low IngiClose
lng. est. est. bid. Ocll
Am. Cotton Oil 47 47 46'4
Ain. Cotton OIL prd. 83 S3- 83 S2)$l gp,
Aln. Sug. Refin. o. HUH 110H IOi 1091 lOS
Ani.Sug. R.Co..prd. 10:) 1B21J 101S 1015,(102
Atch.. 1. A S. I.... 39;, 35)-4 39 39i Si7i
Canadian Pacific... S61 SGT( WV
Canada southern. 57 57"s S!h 57-Vi 57H
Central of N.J .21 IE!- 132 131 131'"
Central Pacific 29S 29 S 29 s
Chesaneake Jt Ohio.. 23S 23H 23)4 23! 23X
CAO. 1st pfd 60 60
C. A O.. Id prd 40 40
Chicig..Gis Trust... S9H BH 8SS S9
C., B. A Quincy..... loo's 1015 100 101S 100V
a. Mil. A St. Paul.. 79J, 79- 71 TUT, 78
C. M. S. b. P.. pfd.. 13S4 1 13 123)4 Ith
C. Rock I. Jt P J 83 81 S-'H 81
C, St. P.. Jl. AO.. 5JJ0, 53 521j KJ, S3
C. bt. P..il.&0.ptd 1184 119
C. 4 Northwestern. 115)4 lllH 115X 11-iH 114k
C. A North, ptd 142 J42
C. C. C.&I 64V 64, 64, Wi 64
Col. Coal A Iron 431t, 435, 43 ...... 4J
CoL A Hock. Val.... 29 29 25 285
, Del. Lack. A W 151 154 151T, 154! 153?4
Del. A Hudson 135 13f.)i JKH 135)4 134
Den. ft Rio Grande. 17' 17H 17 I7H 17X
Den. AUloG.. pfd.. 52' 53 Sl .... 52W
Die A C. F. Trust . 61i 63J4 62,'S E3H 63
KT.Va.XGa 41, 4
Illinois Central S9 99S 99 9H 974
Lake rieAW 244 25s 2)4 2.i 241
Lake Erie A TV., pfd 78), 791, TS'i T9 77
Lake Shore A JI. S.. 1321 133)j 132ta 133 131 S
Louisville A Nash .. 69 70 &JH V3H 68Ji
Mich. Central 107 1C7
Missouri Pacific 62)4 eH 62). Cl'i 62
Nat Cordage o..... 134?, 134 131H 134)4 131S
Not. Cor. to., prd.. 1195 120)4 119 in HSK
Nat. Lead Co 47 47H 4S4 464 45)4
Nat- Lead Co.. prd.. t4 96 96)i 964 95'4
N. Y. Central 110)4 110.4 110 110 109X
N. Y.. C.ASUL 16,4 164
N.Y.,&Abt.L.lstprd 72 72
N.Y., -A-t.L.Mpfd 3I) 344
N.T.. L. E. & ... 16J4 264 I6H SS
N.Y.. U E.& W.prd 62 634 62 62
N. Y. AN.E 454 47 3( 444 5
N. Y.. O.ATV. 19!, 194 19 19 18?(
2orlolfcA Western HH HM 114 104 I0?S
Norfolk A West. ofd 4054 40
North Amcr. Co. 13 13k I23S 13 13
Northern Pacific... 19 19 19 19 183
Northern Pac pfd.. 514 52), 51S SIS, 6m
Ohio A Mississippi.. 23fc 24 2334 23i, 214
Orecon lmnr'vem'ut 224 22
Pacific Mall 32 S35J 32 334 3154'
Peoria. Dec A Ev... 18)4 18X 18)4 184 18
PulL A Readiug. ... 59 19 SS)4 &1X SSH
P.. C. C. A St. L... 224 224 224 22H 214
P..a.C ASt. Lpfd 62K 62
Pullman Palace Co 197,4 199 1974 197
Rich. & . P.T..... 9 9X 84 9
St. Paul A Dnlutll... 46 40
St. P.. M.A M. 114 11414
Texas Pacitic ll4 11)4
Union Pacific 4334 40 404 40), 40.
T abash 11 11)4 11 11
TVabash DM 25 2i
TVcstern Union 97 98( 97 9S 9f4
TVheclineA L. E.... 26)4 KJt 25 26 254
TV. A L. E. prd 68,4 634
Rnltlmore A Ohio... 934 6M 3 96)4 925
Bait. A Ohio Trust.. 91 ....................
W. E. A JI. Co. As 76 76
TV. E.AM.Co.ltpfd 93
Oats and Corn Bather TVeaR and
ProductsGcnerally Stronger.
Chicago, Oct. 13. O its and pork did the
capering on 'Change to-day. Sibley's sales ot
oats were enormous, and at one time caused
a tumble of c Wright bid January
poik up 7c 11 neat was stubborn as a
luule. It closed strong at c advance after
recovering a decline. TVitli COO cars In sight
corn was less steady and shows a net loss of
Jc from labt night.
With some advance abroad and the Cin
cinnati Price Ctarejif estimating the crop at
500,000,000 bushels and Hie supply on October
1, Including old heat left over, at 396.000,000
bushels against 496.090,000 bushels a year ago,
the crowd was inclined to legard the show
ing as decidedly bullish at the start, and
there was sood buying for a time, but tho
firmness led to lree realizing by longs,
who were disposed to take profits and
tho strength soon disappeared. Another
weak factor was the liberal rainc which wero
reported in the Northwest and Southwest,
nub. a prospect that they nonld extend
over the entire winter wheat belt. Tboro
was not much activity or breadth to tho
trade, the professionals doing most of tho
business. Firmness in foicign markets, ad
vicei Irora this State that not over one-balf
of the usual area of winter wheat had yet
been seeded owing to tho dry weather, and
the chartering or room lor the shipment of
350,000 btftielsof wheat, were the influences
in the wheat pit as the session was coming
to an end.
O'rn 1 eceipts were heavy, being 120 cars
abov the estimate, with the prospect 01 a
steady increase, and thero was lree selling
both by discouraged holders and Tor short
account, with little demand except to cover
shorts and secure profits.
In oats there was a larger volume of busi
ness than for a long time past and an irregu
lar range of prices.
Hog products were generally stronger.
The receipts of Ho hogs were about 9,000
less than expected and there was not much
urgency in selling product, with Wright a
good buyer of January pork. Outside fig
ure were not maintained, however, the
weakness in corn and hogs having little
effect during tlie latter p.irt of the session.
The packing of tlie West lor the week ex
hibited a decrease of 15,(00 hogs the first
reduction reported for some months.
i There was a fair demand lor vessel room,
and rates held steadv at 2c for wheat and
j2J,c for corn to Buffalo.
1 Cash quotations were as follows:
Flourdull ntabout 10c decline; Na 2 spring
wheat, 73Jc; No. 3 spring wheat, 6JC3c;
! No. 2red.73?ic;No.2corn,4lLc:No. Soats,
29Jc:No.2 white, S2Jic; No. 3 white, S031c;
No. 2 rve, 56c: No. 2 barley, 60(562c; No. 8, f. a.
b., 4305c: No. 4, f. a. b.. 3550e: No. 1 flax
seed, $1 12; prime tiinothv seed, $1 60; mess
pork, per barrel, $11 S0ll-S5; lard, per
100 lbs, $3 3: short ribs sides (loose). $7 70
9 75; dry baited shoulders (boxed), $7 70
7 25; short clear tides (boxed), $8 058 lo;
whisky, distillers' finished goods, per gallon,
51 15; sugars, cut loaf, unchanged; Na 3
coin, 41c.
Receipts Flour, 32.000 barrels; wheat,622 000
bushels; corn, GOO.OOO bushels; oats, 477 000
bushels; rye, S6.000 bushels; barley, 143,000
Shipments Flour, 41,000 barrels; wheat.235.
000 bushels: corn, 442,000 bushels: oat, 270,000
bushels; rye, 6,000 bushels: barley, 76000 bush
els. On the Produce Exchange to-day the bnt
ter market was firm; creamery, 1825ci
dairy, 1622c Eggs firm at 1920c
Range of the leading futures, furnished by John
H. Oakley A Co., bankers and brokers. No. 45
sixth street:
ing. High
est. Low-I
Oct. 12
Noember .....
No ember
November .....
Januarv ....
biior.T Ribs.
29 .
31 4
11 45
12 62
11 Si
12 50
II 37
12 50
12 55
12 47a
8 32
7 45
7 12
7 50
7 15
8 32
7 42
7 10
7 20
6 47
7 42
7 10
1 20
6 50
7 40
7 07K
10 00
10 00
10 00
7 22
6 47
7 22
i' '
Car receipts f,r to-dav TVheat. ;
oats, 244. Estimates for to-morrow-corn.
610; oats, 310.
99: corn, 520:
-Wheat, 450;
New Tork Flocb Receipts, 55,600 pack
ages: exports, 1,600 barrels, 18,500 sacks; sales,
9 200 barrels.
Corit meal quiet and steady.
Wheat Recoipts, 657.000 bushels; exports,
18,000 bushels: sales, 2,555,000 bushels futures;
40,000 bushels spot: spot a little dull and
lower, closing steady; No. 2 red, 79c, store
and elevator; 79c afloat; 79J481o f. o. b.;
No, 3 red 73'; ungraded red,7077c; No. 1
Northern, 82ji83c; No. 2 Northern, 78c;
No. 2 Milwaukee, 77K options wero mod
erately active, opening firmer at an advance
of MQHo. as Influenced by the West, de
clining 4iea on foreign selling, free re
ceipts and nht clearances, reacting KK
on covering, and closing firm at Hc over
Tuesday; No. 2 red, October, 75i9c, clos-in--
at 79c; Dccomber, 81 M6g81e, closing at
SlWc: March, 85K86&c, closing ut86c; May,
878SKc, closiug at 8Sc.
Rye dull.
Pauley dull and steady.
Cablet Malt quiet and steady.
Cor.f Receipts, 300,000 bushels: exports,
20 600 buhels; sales,l,O2o,000 bushels futures,
123 000 bushels spot: spot opened weaker;
cln-ed steady and moderately active; No. 2,
5035010 elevator, 50c afloat; ungraded
imxeu,4a)4frjp.'c; options opened wenkana de
clined yj&Hc with the West and on free
oftVrings, advanced Hc on covering,
closed steady at JJgc decline, with trad
ing fairly active; October, 4950e,
closin.-iu 50c: December, 515ic. cioing
inn a' 51Mc: May, 52J453ic, closing at 52c.
Oats Receipt, 1!'S,0(X) bushels; expoits,
26 bushels; sales, 170,000 bushels futures,
107,000 bushels spot; spot quiet and eaier;
options dull and weaker; Octoher,8434c,
closinc at 34Uc: November. 35i5J4o, clos
ing at 35Jc; December. 3 37Kc, jCloslne at
363c: No. 2 spot white. 3Sc; mixed Western,
L55&37C: white do, 3S37c; No. '2 Chicago,
iiAV quiet and steady.
Hors quiet and firm.
Groceries Conee Options opened steady,
unchanged to 10 points up; closed steadv at
5 to 25 up: sales, 51.S10 ha s, including Octo
ber, 15.4015.50c; November, 15.251535e: De
cember, 15.00l5SJc: January, 14.9015.20c:
Febiuarv. 119515.10c; March. 14 9515.10c;
April, 14 9515.10c: May, I4.9015.05c; August,
14.7CI4S4c Spot Riomoie active and firmer;
No. 7, lfc. Sugar, raw, dull and firm: re
fined luirly active and steady. Molasses,
foreign nominal, New Orleans steady and
quiet. Rice active and firm.
Cottonseed Oil firm and quiet; crude, 27c
bid; jellow, 30c bid.
Tallow qciet and steady.
Rosin quiet and steady.
Tuiu'kxti.ne dull and firm at3030c.
Eoos quiet and firmer: Western piime,22
qyiw; receipts, a,4.u pfcga.
Hides steady and in'lair demand.
Hog Pi.oducts Pork more active and
steady. Cut meats quiet and steady. Middles
dull and unsettled. Lard quiet and nom
inally easier- Western steam closed at
$8 CO: sales, 250 tierces at $8 CO; option sales,
500 tierces; October, $8 CI asked; November,
7 80, closing, $7 75, nominal; January, $7 45
closing, $7 42 bid.
Dairy Products Butter In fair demand
and firm: Western dairy, 1520c; do cream
ery, 2525Kc; Elgin, 25c Cheese in moder
ate demand aud firm.
Philadelphia Flour Demand Hght and
market weak. Wheat firm; fair export in
quiry for near deliveries, but orders gene
rally limited a little .ton low for business:
No. 2 red October, 7575Jic; November, 76J
76c; December, 7S&U; January, 79K7ic.
Coin Options opened iic higher, but le
actcd subsequently and the market closed
dull at about yesterday's final figures; local
carlots quiet; No. 2 mixed in grain depot,
51c; No. 2 mixed October and November,
4919t4c: December, and January. 4849c;
Oats carlots quiet; futures showed uo tin
pottant chanse and ruled dull; No. 3 white,
SSKc;Nn. 2 white. 40lOLjC; No. 2 white Oc
tober, SS39e; November, 3838c; De
cember, o9"QasiXc; January, 33)40c. But
ter quiet but firm; Pennsylvania creamery
extra, 2526c. E ;gs scarce and firm; Penn
sylvania rlrsts,23ic
Minneapolis The whratmarket was quiet
and uniiiterestiu: to-day. The appreciation
of yesterday was held through tlie session,
and the closing prices were the same as
yesterday's. A sustaining feature was tl
stronir cables. The trading in lutures was
fair. December opened at 71c and closed at
71c, the same as lat night. May opened at
77c and closed at 77c, last night's figures.
There nas no special feature about the
trading to montion. There was a very good
demand for cash wheat, and No. 1 Northern
sold readily at llc Millers and elevators
were buyers. Receints of wheat here were
550 cars and at Duluth and Superior 331 cars.
Closing iiay, vc; vestetuay, 7734c; Oco
ber, 70Jc; yesterday, 70c; December, 71c;
on tracK No. 1 hard, !::. Na 1 Northern,
71c; No. 2 Northern, 6567c
St. Louis Flour unchanged. Wheat, cash
higher at 69c; options declined eaily, but
recovered later and closed firm about same
as yesterdav: October 69c: December,
72Jc; Jlay, 79Jc Corn, casu higher, 40c:
options dropped early, then partially re
acted and closed iic under vesteiday;
October C9Ke: November. 393c: December.
35c: May, U. Oats, eah better, 29c; op-
limit luwer; Jiay, Oilft'ooc. Jtye quiet;
BJ53c. Bailey quiet: sample lots 01 Min
nesota, 54C2c. Bran quiet at 5758Jc east
trade Hay easy; prairie, $7 009 00; timothy,
$9 5''!3 50. Flaxseed higher at $1 07. Corn
meal lower at $J 002 25.
Toledo TVheat dull and firmer; No. 2 cash
and October, 74c; November, 75c: Decem
ber, 7CTic; May, 82Js2Kc Corn dull; No. 2
cash, 44c; No. 3, 43c. O.its quiet: cash, 32Uc
Rye dull; No. 2 cash, 53c; No. 3. 51c Clover
seed active; prime cash and October, $6 45;
November, $6 47f; December, $6 55; Janu
ary. $6 65: Match" $6 75 Receipts Flour,
3.8 barrels; wheat, 93,892 bushels; com, 20,.
576 bushels; oats, 1,250 bushels; cloverseed,
4S4 bushels. Shipments Flour, 8,515 bar
rels: wheat, 93,210 bushels: corn. 44 900 bush
els; rye, 400 bushels; cloverseed, 235 oushels.
Milwaukee Flour quiet. TVheat steady;
December, 70c; .No. 2 spring, 68c; No. 1
Northern, 75c Corn quiet; No. 3, 414J42c.
Oats steady: No. 2 white. 3334c: No. 3
do. 3132c Barley steady; October WWc bid;
sample, 3864c. Rve quiet; No. 1, 5Slc
Provisions quiet. Pork, October, $11 jo.
Lard, October, $3 35. lleeeipts Flour, 10,
10 barrels; wheat, 65.C00 bushels: barley,
61,000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 15,000 bar
rels; wheat, 14,000 bushels: barley, 22,000
Cincinnati Flonr unchanged. Wheat
steady: No. 2 red, 71K72Kc; receipts. 4 500
busueU; shipments, b,50o bushels. Corn
slow and easier: No. 2 mixed, 44o. Oats
firm: No. 2 mixed, 33K33Jc. Kyo dull: No.
2, 5icoc Pork 4juit and easier nt $11 50.
Lard 8 00. Bulk meats easier at $7 75. Bacon
steady at sa 37 00. Whisky steady;
euicB uu vieia ? j... jjuik.1 strong,
steady. .Eggs steady at 16Jc
Kansas City Wheat firm and in good de
mand, closing weak; No. 2 hard old, 59c:
new. fi9K60Jio: No. 2 red. 62X63c Corn
very weak unci a lower: No. 2 mixed. 3545
35JcjNo. 2 white, 3637c Oats steady;.
iu, . iwiAVUi -ww-wTii .nu. s Willie, ZSUC
Eggs active uno firm at 17c. Receipts
Wheat, 189,000 bushels: corn, 17,000 bushels;
oats, 9,000 bushels. Shipments Wheat, 19,
000 bushels; corn. 12.000 bushels; oats, none.
Baltimore Wheat firm; No. 2 red, spot
and October, 76c; December, 77c Corn
steady; mixed spot, 5151c; October, 490.
Oats qniet and steady: No. 2 white Western,
38c Rye steady and firm; No. 2, 64Vc asked.
Hay easy. Grain freights quiet. Provisions
steady. Butter firm; creamery fancy, 26026c.
Eggs steadv: 2021c Coffee firm; Bio, lair,
Local Stocks Continue Dull, With
the General Tone Barely Steady.
Peoples Fipeage and Switch and Signal
Frominentlj Strong.
Thursday, Oct. 11
The market for local securities opened
dul to-day and continued so nntil the clos
ing board, when a few transactions
occurred, whicb. were followed after the
close by the best trading of ttve day on
'change. The total business for the day,
however, was light, and while a little
strength was shown in spots the general
tone of the market was barely s'teady to
weak. The strong spots were Peoples
Pipeage, Pleasant Valley railway, Under
ground Cable, Switch and Signal, and
United States Glass preferred, while the
weak ones were pretty well distributed
throughout the remainder of the usually
active list. Luster closed a little better
than the previous day, but its fluctuations
at present are without significance. In the
bank list the features were an advance in
Enterprise Savings Bank, of Allegheny, to
80 bid and an advance in M. M. National
to 73i bid.
movements of the Market.
P. & B. traction sold at 25 at the second
board, closed -at 25K25Ji and sold at'25V
after the close. The only fresh gossip on
the stock was in relation to the company's
hilltop interests. In this regard it was
stated that the company, having issued its
limit of bonds, lound it necessary to organ
ize a new company to build rapid transit
lines on the hilltops, and the Birmingham,
Enoxville and Allentown Traction Com
pany was organized with a cardial of $1,000,
000 and $500,000 6 per cent 40-year bonds.
This stock is owned by the P. & B.
traction, which guarantees the principal and
interest on the bonds, $425,000 of which wei e
placed in Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Thus
the roads wete built and equipped, and
while they have only been in operation a
rew montns tuey are already maatng a littie
money. It was also stated that the P. & B.
tnrned Its interests in the Mt. Oliver and
Pittsburg inclines and Short Lino over to
the Birmingham, Knoxville and Allentown
Traction Company. In referring to this
matter the Tel graph observes that It ''makes
clear the item of $26,697 74 fixed charges,
which figured in the supplementary
report accompanying the annual state
ment, and coveting the first quarter
of the new fiscal year. This sunt
represent1, one-fourth of the annual charge
on the $1,500,000 5 per cent first mortgage
bonds of the parent road, or $18,500, and one
fourth the annual fixed charge on tho $500,
000 6 per cent bonds or the B., E. & A. Ti ac
tion Compiny, or $7,500. The to together
foot up $26,000. which leaves $699 74 as repre
senting three months' taxc. It is under
stood that the extension to Homestead will
be pushed, and a portion of the bonds of the
B..K.&A. remaining in the treasury will
likely be used foftthat purpose." As stated
in yesterday's report, the sentiment on the
stock does not appear to be especially bear
ish, and some ot the street people think
they can detect signs of a disposition to sup
port the stock against lower prices.
Citizens' traction and Duquesne traotion
were weak, the former selling at 62 and
closing at S$i Did, and the latter selling nt
2S and closing at28J'8X. Pleasant Val
ley railway was somen line firmer at 25
sales and a close at 2525 and the others
of the group wero unchanged.
Union Switch and Signal was in fairly
good demand all day. At the third call it
moved up to 1S"! sales and closed strong at
1S19, with lc bid for a small lot alter tho
Westlnghouse Electric scrip sold at 92
ner cent, closing at S3Q35 and Allegheny
Valley Railway 7-30s sold at 110, closing at
Tiieie was no public business in gas
sbai es. Philadelphia Company lost a slight
fraction, People's Pipeage advanced to 15
616, and the other members of the group
wore neglected.
Airbrake was quoted at 135137, Under
ciound Cable closed a little higher at 15
bid and Luster gulned a traction at 8 bid.
P., A & M. traction was quoted at 4415,
the 5s at $1 03, asked; P. & B. traction 53 at
$1 03 flat asked, and Pleasant Valley rail,
wav 5s at $1 02 bid.
- TVestinghonso Klectric, second preferred.
Closed nere at istjiis. un tne -lew lorn:
Stock Exchange it closed at 38 bid, and the
first prefen ed at 49 bid.
After the close Allemanla Insurance was
offered at 53, and Teutonla Insurance at GO.
Railroad News.
CrNCiitNATi, Oct. 13. The report of the
fiscal operations of the Baltimore and Ohio
Southwestern Railway for tho year ending
June 30, compared with the previous year,
was made public to-day, as follows:
1892. 1891.
Gross earnings $2,013,742 $2,326,670
Operating expenses 1,649.523 1,516,857
"Net earnings .". 9J,2'4 809,809
Income Irom other sources.... 2,987 3,652
lotal income 1,002,202 813,491
Fixed charges, taxes and bet
terments 609,944 572,458
Surplus 39 A 257 241.033
The Board of Directors passed a resolution
directing the payment ot interest at the rate
of 2 per cent on the first pieterred income
moic.age bonds of the company, payable
November 1 at the Farmers' Loan and Trust
Company, New Yoik, or at the office of
Brown, Shipley & Co., London.
Tofbka, Kak., Oct. 13. The annual report
of the Missouri Pacific Railway as filed with
the State Hoard of Railway Commissioners
is as follows: Gross earnings, $14,079,919 12;
operating expenses, $10,251,308 80; Income
Irom operation, $3,825,610 32; Income from
other sources, $504,458 40; total income, $4 330,
093 72; total deductions from income, $459,
152 30; deficit, $263,053 58; dividend of 4 per
cent on common stock, $476,328 59. As the
road did net pay expenses last year the
dividend was paid out of the surplus. The
suiplus of the road, according to this report,
is $517,024 75. .
Chicago, Oct. 13. At the annual meeting
of the Pullman Palace Car Companv to-day
there were $22.500,O0J ot the capital stock
represented. Tho directors were re-elected
as follows: George M. Pullman, Marshall
Field, J. TV. Doano, Norman William and O.
s. A. spi-ague, or Chicago; Henry c. HurlDut,
of New York, and Henry R. Roed, 01 Boston.
The usual quarterly dividend of $2pcrsliaie
was declared, payable November 15
to stockholders of record at the close of
business November L The financial state
ment for the fiscal year ending July 31
shows that the total revenue of the com
pany during that period wrs $10,002,356. Of
tins amount $8,05L031 was from earnings 01
cars and the test from patents, uianulactur
ing, rentals, dividends, intero-t. etc. The
disbursements amounted to $6,751,937, leav
ing a Kurplus for the yearot $3,-!5J,3S9. The
total assets are $53,345,050 and the total liabil
ities $31,261,570. The number of cats owaed
or controlled by the comDany is 2,239.
CiHciHSATi, Oct. IS. The meeting of the
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad stockholders
to-day was one or the most lmpoitant and
interesting In the history of the company.
For years there has been discord over the
annual election ot three directors, often
supplemented by legal proceedings. Last
year a bitter legal light resulted and a
double election took place; but this
year the meeting was not obstructed by
lawyers' pleas. E. E. Bacon has but recently
returned from a visit to England, where he
succeeded in enlisting the great oulk of the
shareholders in his plan for a reorganization
of the road. The result or the election was
an overwhelming victory for the English
At the meeting of the directors
Messrs. McKlin and Fahnestock re
signed, and General James H. Wilson, of
Wilmington, Del., and Edwaid R. Bell, of
New York, were cuosen in tbeirplaces. Tho
board elected Mr. F. W. Tracv, President,
but made no other changes. The report of
the President was referied back to the
Board of Diiectois for investigation. This
report showed gross earnings for the year,
$4,223,403; operating expenses, $3,208,674: net
earnings, $1,019,728; interest on 'lundeddebt,
sundry interest, discount and exchange,
$1,006,350; deficit, $46,621.
PlC Iron Statistics.
Philadelphia, Oct. 13. Tne Bulletin, of the
American Iron and Steel Association, Issued
to-day, says: We have just received from
the manulacturers complete returns of the
stocks of unsold pig iron in their own hands
or in the hands of their agents on the SOth of
September last and not intended for their
own consumption, which we give in com
parison with the statistics of similar stocks
at the close of the last three preceding quar
ters, namely, on June 80 and March 31, 1892,
and December 31, 1891. Inoluded in the
flguies given are the stocks of pig iron in
the yards of the American Pig Iron Storage
Warrant Company, which are still under
the control ot the manufacturers. Net tons
are used:
December JO. 1891
March 31, 1892
Juno 30, 1892
"September JO, 1892...,
M compared with the itooki of unsold pig
Iron on hand on June 30, 1892, there was a
decrease In these stocks at the end or Sep
tember of 135,032 net tons, which is a favora
ble and hopetul exhibit for our piiiron
manufacturers. The decrease is in all of
the three divisions of the pig iron trade ac
cording to the fuel used, the decrease in bi
tuminous, ohiefly coke, being 6L253 tons; In
anthracite, chiefly mixed anthracite and
eoke, 65,713 tons, and in charcoal, 28,066 tons.
In addition to the stocks or unsold pig Iron
in the hands of the manufacturers or their
agents at the four periods mentioned, there
were also in the yards of the Storage War
rant Company the following stocks of pig
iron which were no longer under the con
trol of the manufacturers:
December 31. 1891...
March 31. 1892
June SO, 1892
September 30. 1892...
ThA tntnl mmntitv of nicr Iron in tho vards
or the Storage Warrant Company was as fol
lows: Decembers!. 1891 98,123
March 31. 1892. 70,112
June 30, 1892 81,648
September 30. 1892 94,301
In addition to tho gratifying Information
concerning unsold Stocks which wo are en
abled to present we can also congratulate
our pig iron friends upon the fact which our
tables also establish that the number of fur
naces in blast on September 80 was 16 less
than on June 80. To have blown out in
three months 16 more furnaces than were
blown in and to have reduced unsold stock
in the same 135,032 net tons are faots which
together are v, ell calculated to give a most
hopeful tone to the immediate future ot the
pig iron market. Better reduced production
and a reduced demand for pig iron than a
continuance ot the unreasonably low prices
of the past year.
r Financial Notes.
Whitney & Stephenson sold Union Switch
and Mgnal to J. D. Bailey and D. Shaw.
Hill & Co. sold P. & B. to Kuhn Bros, and
the later sold Duquesne to the former.
Long bought 60 P. V. at 25 and sold 10 to
Pinkerton and 5 to Mccutobeon at the same
Citizens traction changed hands , Caroth
ers to McCutcheon.
H. Sellers McKoe, President of P. & B., Is
quoted as saying that if the company had
started in with the Westlnghouse system it
wonld be paying dividends now, and if they
had kept long of the Short system they
would have been short of a road by this
The Directors of the United States Express
Company to-day declared a dividend of 2 per
cent payable November 1. The last dividend
was in May, 1891.
From Soroul & Co.'s letter: "Monev was
somewhat easier to-day, a cessation of the
recent outflow having a favorable effect
upon rates."
The New York Herald devoted sevoral col
umns of Its valuable space to reviewing the
merits ot the seven stars Mining company.
An attempt is being made to float this con
cern on a quack medicine basis by a lot of
quack medicine peddlers. Literally speak
ing, the Herald knocks the stars right out of
the scheme. Caveat emptor. Wall Street
Ot the new Westlnghouse lamp the
Philadelphia Prets, says: "It is a most
ingenious and, combined with the nickel
plated socket, is a very pretty applianoe to
look at with the layman s eyes. The socket
fits over the glass globe, and by an ingenious
arrangement or springs become securely
attached to this vacuum bulb. When
it is thus attached the current
is on, and by a twist of
the globe with the hand the light can be
turnedon or off as deslied. In the vacuum
bulb theie is the carbon burner attached to
iron wiro which passes through a glass plug,
and this is fastened to the globe by sealing
fluid. If the burner bleaks, all that is
necessary to do is to hold this sealed end
near a light or fire; it melts in a moment,
the broken burner' can be taken off and a
new one inserted."
Sales and Closinc Quotations.
Transactions on 'Change were as follows:
$20 Westlnghouse Electric scrip 82K
lOsharesP. & B. traction 25)4
25 shares Citizens' traction 62
20 shares Union Mwitch and Signal 18s;
30 shares Union Switch ana blgnal 1SK
$1,000 A. V. R. R. 7-30. IKbj
60 shares Pleasant Valley Railway 254
10 shares Pleasant Valley Railway 254
5 shares Pleasant Valley railway 25)&
50 shares 1'. &B. traction 25)4
60 shares Duquesne traction 284
Total sales, 260 shares stock, $1,000
bonds and $20 scrip. Closing bids and
IttealU id call. 3d call.
STOCKS. . , " . , ,
. N Bid Ask Bid Asl; Bid Ask
Allegheny Vat. Bk 't:. 663,' Z7.
Bank of Pittsburg. 99 . 99
Citizens' Nat. Bk ..r'i.:? .. 67.4
Kxchange Nat. Bk. 85 ..... 85 ... 85
First at. B.Pitts S014
Fifth Avenue Bk... 49 53
German Nat. Bank .... 32.1 .... 325 .... 325
Iron City Nat. Bank 85 87 55 87 854 87
Liberty Nat. Bank.. 1094 1094 ....
M. 4M. N. Bank... 73 ,... 73 .... 734 ....
Monon. Nat. Bank. 145 Its ....
Oda Fellows' S. Bk 7-X .... 72X .... KM
Third Nat. Bank... 128 ,.
Enterprise S. Bk 79 .... 80
Armenia Ins 75
Birmingham Ins 55
Citizens Insurance. 32 .... 32
Humboldt Ins 65 .... 65 .... 65
Western Ins. Co. 37 .... 40 .... 40
Peop'sN.G.AP.Co. 153i 15V 154 15M 15 16
Philadelphia Co.... 22 22)4 22 224 22 22)f
WheellngGasCo... 194 19)$ .... 19li .... 19,4
Central'lractlon.... 287s 28 ....
Citizens' Traction.. 62? 634; 62 63 62J4 ....
Pittsburg Traction. 084 .... 584
Pleasant Valley 254 25 25.4 25 25i 25M
P. Y. & A. K. R. 49 .... 49
Pitts. Cas. Shau 12 .... 12
Pitts. June. R. R 37
Pitts.. TV. &Ky..:. 53 55 53 55
N.Y. & C. G. C. Co. 50 .... 50
Hand Street Bridge .... 44
North. S. Bridge 10
Pltts.&Binnlngham .... 80
Point Bridge, pref. .... 18 15 18
Hidalgo Mill. Co... 0 6M
La Norla Mln Co.. 12c 14c I2c 14c 12 c 14c
Luster Mining Co 8)4 Stj 84 84
Red Cloud Mln. Co 14
Union S. AS. Co... 18,4 '19 1S4 19 184 19
West. Airbrake Co 135 137
Stand'd U.CableCo 75 .... 75)4 .... 754 ....
U. S. Glass Co., com 05 BB4 65 66 65
U.S. Glass Co., pfd 1144 116 114,4 116
nectric Stocks.
Bostok, Oot. 13. Special. The latest quo
tations of electric stocks to-day were:
Bid. Asked.
General Electric
General Electric pfd
TVestinghouse Electric
Westliighouse Electric, pfd
Fort Wayne Electric
Fort Wayne Electric (A)
Thomsou-Houstou Trust
Thomson-Houston Trust (D) ....
Thomson-Houston Electric E. TV
11SJ4 1134
118 119
, 384 39
494 50
12X 13
, 1 8
, 84
7)2 8
Boston Stocks Closing Prices.
Atchison A Topeka.. J9J4
Calnmeti Hecla....294
Catalpa 16
FranKlln 14
Kcarsarire 11H
Jioston K JiDanr....sn
Boston & Maine 184
Chi. Bur. & Uuincy.lOlH
Eastern R. R. 6s 122
Fitchburg R. R 834
Osceola 3411
SanteFe Copper,.... 10
Tamarack. ....'. f.....K
Flint iPereJI. pfd. 70
Lilt. Rock & Ft. S.. 92
Anniston Land Co.. 22
West End Land Co.. 17
Bell Telephone 205
Lainsoti Store S..v.. 16
Water Power Z.. 2
Mass. CentraW 164
Alex. cen. com HJi
Jt.Y.iN, England. 41
Old Colony 180M
Wis, Cent, com 17
AllouezM. Co.(new) ....
Atlantic It
Boston AMont 354
Cent. 51lning 7"a
N. E. Tel. A Tel 60
11. & B. Copper 9,4
Discount rates remained unchanged at 6
6 per cent with the demand for funds faiily
active and well distributed. Eastern ex
change and currency are quoted as trading
New York, Oct. 13. Money on call easy at
7 per cent; last loan, 5; closed offered at
6. Prime mercantile paper, 57. Sterling
exchange weaknt$4 844 84 for bankers'
60-day bills and $4 864 cOJ tor demand.
. Clearing House l'igures.
Exchanges to-dav $ 2,590,601 SI
Balances to-day '. 455,279 07
Same day last week:
Exchanges $ 2,83.264 57
Balances 518.868 54
NkwYork, Oct. 13. Bank clearings, $148,
897,350: balances, $5,675,285.
Boston, Oct. 13. Bank clearings, $14,718,326;
balances, $1,911,170. Money, 4 percent. Ex
change on New York, SgiiJo discount.
Baltimore, Oct. 13. Bank clearings, $2,420,
317; balances. $303,093.
Philadelphia, Oct. 13. Bank clearings
were $11,102,381; balances, $1,738,442. Money,
4 per cent.
Chicago, Oct. 13. Bank clearings, $18,219,
056. New York exchange sold at 40c dis
count. Sterling exchange dull, but steady;
60-day bills, $4 85; demand, (4 80: money
in good demand; rates unchanged at 56
Cincimnati, O., Oct. 13 Money firmer at
36 percent. New York exchange par.
Clearings, $2,766,500.
Memphis. Oct. 13. New York exchange
selling at $1 50. Clearings, $309,278; balances.
New Obleahs, La,, Oct. 13. Clearings, $1,.
St. Louis, Mo Oct. 13 Bank clearings,
$4,294,617; balances, $327,759. Money quiet at
67 per cent. Exchange on New York, 25o
$5,000 AN ACRE
Paid for tho Murray Property, a Tract of
30 Acres, in the Twenty-Second Ward
Another Big Deal in the Squirrel Hill
District In Hand.
Thursday, Oct. 13.
The largest deal in real estate that has
ocourred in this city since the sale ot the
Demmler block was closed to-day. The
Murray property, a tract containing 30 acres
situated in the Twenty-second ward, in the
Squirrel Hill district, and bounded on the
north by Homewood avenne, on the south
by Irwin avenue, on the east by Dallas ave
nue, and having a frontage on Shady lano
of about 800 feet, was sold to-day by Keed B.
Coyle & Co. to a syndicate of local capital
ists for $150,000, or $5,000 per acre.
Though this price shows a wonderful
enhancement In the value of this property
within the past year, the consideration is
considered by the brokers who heard of the
deal as very reasonable. The transaction
caused considerable talk among the brokers
when matte known to-day, and it developed
the fact that another Squirrel Hill acreage
tract will change hands In a few days for a
consideration not far below $150,000.
Current Gossip.
Messrs. Reed, McEUroy & Col to-day nego
tlated a loan of $40,000 on city property to
run for three years at 5 per cent.
Smith and Anderson streets and part of
Second avenue, Hazelwood, are being sew
ered. The paving ol Smith street has also
been commenced.
The stone work,' or bejjdlng, for an
asphaltnm pavement is laid on Greenfield
avenue & distance of nearly 1.500 feet, or
from Eaercher street to Wheatland street.
Many new dwellings are being erected In
the vicinity of the contemplated boulevard.
Building Permits.
The following permits were issued to-day:
John Ober, two two-story stone and brick
dwellings, Negley avenue near Rural street;
cost, $14,000 for both. William Bankofl, a two
story frame dwelling. Magnolia street near
Gregory street; cost, $1,200. Mrs. Margaret
Hamtnie, a two-stoiy brick dwelling, Bing
ham street near Twelfth street; cost
$1,000. Michael Farrell, a three-3tory frame
dwelling, Brownsville avenue, near Gray's
road; cost $1,900. Mrs. Maggie McDonnell, a
two-story frame dwelling, Barr street near
Ruch street; cost $600. John
L. Boyd, two two-storv frame dwell
ings, Collins plan, noar Gladstone street:
cost $2,000 for both. Frederick Nauman, a
two-story frame stable, Bertha street; cost
$800. Mrs. John Garrigan, a two-storv frame
dwelling. Fifty-third street near Wiokliff
stieet;cost $800. William Slater, two two
story btlck dwellings, Kearsargo street near
Virginia street; cost $2,400 lor both. John
Siioup, a two-story frame dwelling, near No.
4 Atlantic avenue; cost $1,000. Will lam Stoud,
a two-story frame dwelling, Eleanor stieet,
near Joseph street; eost $800. John Ober, a
two-story brick dwolling. Negley avenue
near Rural stieet; cost $9 000.
They Mean Business.
A special train conveyed a party of capi
talists from Chicago up the West Penn Bail
road to-day to the new town of Hyde Park.
Of the party were Messrs. Warner and
Lewis, of Chicago, who are officials of tho
International Tin Plate and Refining Com
pany, who came here to select the site for
the largest ' tin plate works in the United
States. They aie under con: rao to be pro
ducing tin at Hyde Park by April 1, 1S93.
Beports Front the Agencies.
Black & Balrd sold for Marcus and Jacob
Sherman to J. B. Milllkin lots Nos. 6 and 7
in the Hoywood ulan on Herron Hill, front
ing together 43 feet on Madison avenue by
100 feet in depth through to Herron avenue,
for $1,700.
Baxter, Thompson & Co. sold a lot on the
west side ol Lincoln avenue, near Leming
ton avenue, 25x120 feet, for $1,400. The pur
chaser will improve at once. x
W. A. Herron & Sons sold on South Negley
avenue, near Howe street, a beantiful build
ing lot, 42x100 leet to an alley, for $4,500.
John E. Ewing & Co. sold to Fred Leer lot
No. 23 in the B. A. Elliott Company'splan,
fronting on Mitgnlio street, in the Tenth
ward, Allegheny, for$630 cash.
Ira M. Ulrchfield sold a residence prop
erty situated on Second avenne, near Mobile
street, Hazelwood, comprising a frame
house with a lot 60x200 feet, for $3,000.
Peter Shields sold in William Fllnn's
Greenfield avenue plan. Twenty-third ward,
a lour-room modern frame house, with a lot
30x90 leet, located on Coleman street, for
Henry W. Armstrong sold a residence
property at Emsworth, consisting of three
eighths of an acre of ground, with a six-room
frame house, to Miss Emma Uumson, for
George S. Martin & Co. report the follow
ing sales in their North TVilkinsburg sub
division plan at Wilkinsburg: Iremus K.
Burns, lot No. 32 on Coal street, $400; Mrs.
Annie E. Shannon, lot No. 165, Maplewood
and 207 on Mill street, $550 for both; George
W. RodgerB, lot No. 97 on Maplewood ave
nue, lor $450; Mrs. Maigaret H. Potter, lots
Nos. 201 and 202 on Coal street, $375 each.
The Burrell and Kensington companies re
port the following sales ot lots at Kensing
ton: Elizabeth Joyce, Allegheny, Pa., 15
feetnoith lot 56 and 5 feet south lot 57,
block 4, for $1,062 52; Mrs. Mary Keating,
Kensington, lots 1613 and 1619, block 28, for
$650; Mrs. Henrietta Jones, Pittsburg, lot 88,
block 5, tor $787 59; John P. Beech, Pittsburg,
lot 461, block 25, lor $514; Joseph Miller, Pitts
burg, lot 462, block 25, for $566 66; Enos Bar
tholomew, Coalport, Pa,, lot 46, block, 27. for
$877 50.
As a Rule and the Tendency of Most Prices
Is Upward Dairy Products, Eggs and
Coffee Prominently Strong Crop Ex
pert Prime Makes a Cheering Report.
Thursday. Oct. 13.
Trade in mercantile lines continues to be
fairly satisfactory aud merchants are ex
pecting a fair degree of activity throughout
the remainder ot the year. Prices, as a
rule, are holding up well and the tendency
in many lines is upward. Dairy products
and eggs are higher; sugar and cofieeare
strong, with an early advance in the latter
probable; and fruits and vegetables are
firmer. Potatoes are doing somewhat bet
ter, and the movement in poultry is more
active. Receipts of grain, hay and feed
continue large and tho market remains dull
and comparatively weak.
Ciop Expert Prime says: "I am still of tho
long-held opinion that tho West was never
In better shape for a good fall trade in the
interior than to-day, and that the large sur
plus of grain going forward so recently
lias put agreataeaioi money into circula
tion, which will bo soent freely this fall, not
only for -comforts, hut for luxuries. The
dry weather at present is holding back
farmeis from finishing np the seeding of
winter wheat, thiee-fourths of which is now
in the ground. The condition of tho soil is
such that plowing is impracticable and tho
cnily-sown wheat needs lain tobringitup.
The dry weather has also doveloped insect
lite. I do not forcet the fact that late seed
ing last season did not operate against an
average yield; still the winter wheat crop is
very uneven, both in quality and quantity.
In the spring wheat areas farmers are well
along with their plowing and also with
threshing. For the last 30 days the country
roads have been In excellent condition and
farmers have poured out surprisingly their
surplus corn of last season. The ti ado often
wonders wny iarmers sen so ireeiy when
prices are low and crops short, but it is a
lact that the movement is generally freest
when the stuff is nt its lowest price. I ac
count for it in this wny. That when the
grain goes up farmeis always think that it
will go higher, and therefore keep it; then,
as a result, the market falls and they are
forced to sell. Such is the position to-day.
There is not now a Slate in the corn belt
where farmers by selling earlier would not
have realized far more than they can get
for their stuff to-day. Thou, again, a great
many farmers will rather sell a crop thnn
build new granaries and corn cribs to hold
it. This Is particularly the case west of the
Mississippi, where lumber is always very
Grain, Flonr and Feed.
On call at the Grain and Flour Exchange
this morning one car No. 2 timothy hay,
spot, sold at $11 75. Sales after call: One
car sample shelled corn, spot, 60c: one
car No. 1 white oats, spot, S8Xc Bids and
Bid. Asked,
No. 2whlteoaU 38 33K
No. 1 white oats 38 39-4
High mixed shelled corn 5-j 50),
No. 2 yellow shelled corn 50 52
No. 2 yellow ear corn 54 5S
No. 2 white oau 374 38,4
Winter wheat bran fl4 624 15 00
Mo. 1 timothy 4iay 13 00 13 GO
No. 2 timothy hay. n 50 12 10
No. 2 yellow shelled corn C04 514
Hlgc mixed shelled corn 49 51
No. 2 yellow ear corn 53 59
New No. 2 yellow ear corn 43 47
No. J white oaU 384
Ho. 1 timothy hay 13 50
Receipts bulletined: Via the P. A L. E. 4
cars rye, 1 cars hay, 1 car flour; via the P., C,
C. & St. L 3 cars bran, 2 cars corn, 3 cars
oats. 7 cars hav. 1 car middlings: via the P..
it, w. & c. it cars oats, cars corn, iu cars
bay, 3 cars flour, 1 car feed, 1 car bran.
Total,53 cars.
The following qnotatlons for grain, feed, hay
and straw are for car lots on track. Dealers charge
a small advance from store.!
Wheat No. 2 red 7;,4'(a)
CORK Ko. 2 yellow ear .... in
High mixed ear. S3
Mixed ear ........i............ 51
No. 2 yellow shelled 51
High mixed shelled 50
Mixed shelled 48
Oats No. 1 white 38i
No. 2 white 3741
Extra No. 3 white 37 (
No, 3 J,4l
aiixeo..... .......... ........... h
Rye-No. 1 Western 65
a.w. i. western... ......... m iu w
Flour (Jobbers' pnces)-Fancv brands, $4 753
5 00: standard winter patents, 14 504 75: spring
patents. 11 5031 83: straight winter, $4 234 50:
clear winter. H 00l 25: XXX bakers. S3 75(04 00:
ry k f3 was 75.
The Exchange Price Current quotes flour In car
lots on track as follows:
Patent winter $4 15
Patent SDrlne 4 40
Straight winter.... 3 7o(
iear. ...... ........... .......... .... ......... 3 .
Low itradea. ..................... ............. 2 C
iiyenour s a(W 7o
Spring bakers 3 4033 50
Millpekd No. 1 white middlings, lis 002U 00:
No. 2 white middlings, $16 50317 50; winter nheat
bran, $14 75(315 i0; brown middlings, $15 50316 00;
chop, $18 0o-a?2 00.
HAT-Cholce timothy, $13 6011 75: No. 1 tim
othy, 113 001J 25: No. 2 tlmotliv. 111 S012 Oil;
mixed clover and tlmotny, $12 MX3I2 50; packing,
57 508 00: feeding prairie. Ji 509 00; wagon hay,
$15 ut17 00.
STiiAW-Wheat, $5 75S 00; oat, $S C0S 25; rye,
7 508 00.
SrOABS Patent en t-loar, 6c:cnbes, SHc: pow
dered. 5c: granulated (standard). 5c; con
fectioners A. tc: soft A, 4H4Sc: fancy yellow.
AW. fair yellow, 4h(&4)ic; common yellow, 4
Coffee Roasted, In packages Standard brands.
21 13-20c;second grades, 20)421Sc;fancy grades, 25
wsc Lioose Java, ikxqbc: sauios. :,
(027c; Maracaibo. 27c: Peaberry, 2727)c;
Caracas, 2SS.3c: Rio, 2lk(S26c.
Molasses Choice, asSssc: fancy, 4041c;
centrifugals, 3031c.
STBUP Corn syrup, 2527c; sugar syrup, 2831c;
fancy flavors, 32gT6c.
Fbditb London layer raisins. $2 50; California
London layers, tl 902 10: California muscatels,
bags. 55Sc; boxed, ft lol 25; Valencia, VAmci
Ondara Valencia. 7&7)$c; California sultan-is.
10Uc; currants, 4)44Sc: California prunes, 9)j
12c; French prunes, 810)c: California seedless
raisins, 1-lb cartons, $3 75: citron, 2021c: lemon
peel. 10)llc.
RtCT fcancy head Carolina. 6X6)&c; prime to
choice. 5K6c; Louisiana. 5)Sc: Java, S.SjQ-i'c;
Japan, 56c.
CANNhD Goods standard peaches. $2 I02 70;
extra peaches, $2 352 50: seconds. $1 9-'a)l CO: pie
peaches, $1 30I 35: nncst corn, $1 40 1 50; Har
ford county corn, $1 05 1 10; lima beans, SI 20
$1 25; soaked. 8085c: early June peas. $1 JM1 25;
marrowfat peas, JI 05l 10; soaked. 7580c: French
peas. $11 5UJ0 CO?) Uu cans or SI 4C2 50 W dozen;
pineapples, SI 251 30; extra do, $2 40: Bahama
do. $3 00; Damson nlums. Eastern, $1 25; Cali
fornia pears. $2 25(32 3: do green gages, $1 75;
do egg plums, t, I 75: do apricots, $1 902 10; do
extra white cherries, $2 752 85; do white cherries,
2-lb cans, ft 65: raspberries. Jl 25fdl 50; strawber
ries. $1 1S1 23: gooseberries, f 1 101 25; tomatoes,
95l7)ic: salmon. 1-lb. $1 2oI 80: blackberries. 70
80c; succotash. 2-lb cans. soaKid. 95c; do stand
ard, 2-lb cans, SI 25(&1 60: corned beef, 2-lb cans.
$17518G: do 14-lb, 13 00: roast beef. 2-lb. $175;
chipped beef, 1-lb cans, $1 95(32 00; baked heans,
$1 251 50; lobsters, 1-lb, $2 25: mackerel, fresh,
1-lb. $1 00: broiled, $1 50: sardines, domestic. )4s,
$4 00: js. $6 25; iis. mustard, (3 25: Imported. Ms.
(10 o012 60; Imported. Us, $18 oo2300: canned
apples, 3-lb. 7380c: gallons, $2MJ 00.
OILS-Carbon, 110. 6c: headlight, Sta water
white. 7c; Elaine. 13c; Ohio legal test, 6)4c;
mtners wluter white, 3440c; summer, 3233o.
Dairy Products.
Butter Elgin creamery, 2930c: other
brands. 2723c: choice to fancy country roll, 22
25c: fair to medium grades. KSCS20c; low grades, 12
15c: cooking, 9llc: grease, 5(37 c.
CnEESE-Ohlo, lOtyaiOVc; New Tork. lliailXc;
fancy Wisconsin Swiss, blocks, 14I5c ; do bricks,
H)12c: Wisconsin sweltzer, in tubs. 1113sc;
lhuburger, 10113C; Ohio Swiss, 1313c.
Eggs and Poultry.
EGGS Strictly fresh Pennsylvania and Ohio, 21
22c: storage stock. 1920c.
FotfLTKY Live spring chickens. S55c per
fiafr for small to medium sized and 6065c tor extra
aree: old chickens. 70380c: ducks. yac5c: geese.
75a$l 00. Dressed-Chickens, 1416c per lb;
ducks, u16c; turkeys, I6l7c
Berries, Fruits and Vegetables.
Supply and demand in, these lines were
unchanged to-day and price changes were
Cranberries were quoted at $2 252 50 per
box and $7 008 09 per bbl.
Fruits were quoted as follows: Apples,
$1 503 00 per bbl: quinces, $3 005 00; pears,
$4 008 00: peaches, $2 503 50 per crate, and
75c$l 75 per basket; i.rapes. Concords, 20c
per 8-lb basket; small baskets. 12c: Jamaica
oranges, $7 508 00 per bbl, and $4 254 50 per
box; lemons, $5 O05 50 per box; bananas.
$1 002 00 perbuncu; pineapples, $1 251 75
per dozen.
Caubiwa was higher at $1 501 75 per bbl.
and $6 003 00 per 100. Onions sold at $2 25Q!
2 50 for red andyellow and at $1 251 35 per
box for Spanish. Carrots, $2 002 25 per
bbl; turnins, $2 252 50; rutabagas, $1 25;
celery, 2S35c per bbl.
Irish potatoes were unchanged at 70075c
per bu from store and 5565c on track,
thomrb the market was reported a little
firmer. Jersey sweets, $2 252 75- per bbl;
Baltimore do, $1 752 00.
Half Qr.
MACKEREL. Bbls bills hbls Pal's Palls
200 lb 100 lb 50-lb 15-Ib 10-lb
Extra mess bloaters. 40 CO $20 40 $10 41 $ 3 20 $ 2 20
Extra No.l bloaters. 35 Ol) 17 90 9 15 2 831 1 95
Extra No. 1 mess.... 32 00 16 40 8 40 2 60 1 80
Extra No. 1 shore .. 28 CO 14 40 7 40 2 30 1 60
Med. No. 1 mess 24 00 12 40 6 40 2 00 140
Med. No. 1 shore.... 21 00 10 90 5 63 J 75 1 25
Kx. No. 2 shore mess 22 05 II 40 590 185 130
Ex. No. 2shoreIarge 20 00 10 40 6 40 170 110
Ex. No. 2 med. shore 18 m 9 40 4 90 155 110
No. 2med 15(0 7 90 4 15 133 95
No. 3 large 14 CO 7 40 3 90 125 90
Ronnd herring
Hair bbls. 110 IB
Potomac herring
Barrels Half barrels
HoHand herring
Half bbls, 70 lb ,
Quarter hhls, 30 lb
Pails, 161b
Palls, 10 lb
White fish
Half bbls, 701b
Quarter bbls. 301b
Palls. 15 lb
Pails. 101b
Russian sardines
Half bbls, ICO lb
Whole codfish -
Large, per lb
Boneless codfish
20-Ib boxes, l(32-lb bricks, per lb
20-lb boxes, l2-lb bricks, choice
2 20
5 00
2 40
Buckwheat Flodk n ew. 2 W3c per lb.
SEEDS Choice reeleaucd Western timothy, $1 90
1 95 per bu.: choice recleaned Western clover,
S7 45: white clover, $12 00; orchard grass, II 90;
millet, $1 50(31 60.
Keass New York and Michigan pea beans. !2 15
(32aiDer !u.: hand-nicked medium. J2 01(32 10:
Lima. 4M(31'jc per W; 1 ennsylrania and Ohio
beans. $1 &-Vtll0per biunel.
BEESWAX-Cliolce yellow. 30(3Vc: dark. 25:8c.
Honey New croD white ciover. 201321c per
lb: huckwheit, i:(3I5c; strained honev. t10c.
Tallow Country rough, 3)j(a4c per pound;
city rendered, 40 4,c
lEATHEKs-Extra live geese, 5860e per lb:
No. 1 do, 48tfy50o: mixed, 3(V34oc.
AUTS-Cltegtm.ts. $5 51(36 00 per bnshel: pea,
nuts, green, 45v per pound; oo roasted, $1 15(3
1 30 per bushel.
CIDEB sand refined, $6 SCfflB 75 per barrel: Penn
sylvania champagne cider, $6 255 50: new country
cider. S4 0C5 50: crab elder, 7 Co8 00.
Pickles $1 &Y35 50 per barrel.
Pofcoitj:-4ffl5c per In.
UiDES-Green steer hides, trimmed, 75 lbs and
up. 6c; green steer hides, trimmed. CO to 75 lbs. 6c;
green steer hides, trimmed, under 60 lbs 3,"ic;
green cow bides, trimmed, all welchts. 3Xc: green
bull bides, trlmmefl. all weights, 4c; green calf
skins. No. 1, 5c: green calf skins. No. 2, 2c: grven
steer hides, trimmed, side branded. 4c; green salt
steers. No. 1, 60 lbs and up. 7(37)4c: green salt
steers. No. 1. CO, lbs and less. 44Sc: greenalt
cows. No. 1, all weights, 4!c: green salt calf. No.
1. 8 to 15 lbs. .jVgifcc: green salt Up. No. 1. 16 to 25
lbs, 4.5c: runner Up No. 1, 10 to 25 lbs, 34c:No. 2
bides, mi oil; No. 2 calf, 2c off.
Everything DrUl at the Central Yards, With
Hogs Lower.
East Libebtt, Pa.. Oct. 13.
Cattle Receipts, 910 head; shipments, 9S0
head; market slow at yesterday's prices; no
cattle shipped to New York to-day.
H003 Receipts, 3,200 head; shipments, 2,100
head; mniker. dull: Philadelphia?, $5 75585;
mixed, $5 1005 65; best Yorkers, $5 405 55;
common to fair. $5 2505 40; 7 cars hogs
shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts, 400 bead; shipment', 600
head; market very dull at yesterday's
By Associated Press.J
Chicago The Evening Journal reports:
Cattle Receipts, 17,000 bead; shipments, 4.000
head; market steadv: prime to extra atives.
SICK HEADAOHEcter,a , pnj
SICK HEADACHE-Cartcr,s u LlTef
"Carter'i Little Liver PUIS.
SICK HIUJACHE-Cilrt(,r,3LUtleLlT(,rmj.
$1 4r5 80; others, 4 50i 85; common, $3 75
4 25: Tex:in. $2 452 75: rangers, $3 254 25;
cows, a ivi&'i cu. nogs iseceipis, 2u.uuj neaa:
shipments 9,100 head; market slow and
610c lower: romrh and common, $4 755 00;
mixed and packers, $5 055 35: prime heavy
and batcher' weights, $5 4C5C0; light, $5 20
5 35. Sheep Receipts, 7,000 head: ship
ments, 2,000 bead: market, 1020c lower: na
tives, $3 50550r grass Texan i, $3 85; West
erns, $4 25Q1 60: lambs, $3 255 45.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts, 10,000 headi
shipment?, 8,000 head; market dull and un-
changed: leeders active and firm; dressed
beet and shipping steers, $3 103 65; cows,
$1 002 40; Texas and Indian steer", $1 253
2 15:atockersand feeders, $1 S03 40. Hogs
Receipts, 14 100 head, shipments, 3,200 hpad;
market opened active ana strong to 510a
higher, lost the gain and closed weak; all
grades, $4 755 4ft kulk, $5 155 35. Sheep
Receipts, 1,500 bead; shipments, 1,500 head;
market quiet and steady for good sheep;
others neglected; muttons, $3 904 00; Iambi,
$5 00.
New Tork Beeves Receipts, 24X head, all
for slaujhtcrors; no trade; feeflng dull.
Dressed beef slow at 73Xo per pound.
Calves Receipts, 232 head: market jc per
pound lower; veals. $5 0027 75 per 100
ponnds;grasers.$2 0U250. sheep and lambs '
Receipts, 7,614 head; market very dull and
Jc per pound lower: sheeD. $4 004 75perl00
pounds; In nibs, $4 755 31. Dressed, mutton
dull at 78Kc per pound; dressed lambs
lower at 8Js9c. Hogs Receipts, 6,665 bead,
including two cars for sale; market weak
at $5 Cogs 20 per 100 pounds.
Cincinnati Hogs steady nt. $4 405 60;
receipts, 4,200 head: shipments, 2,500 head.
Cattle lower at $1 251 25; receipts, 1,200
head: shipments, 300 bead. Sheep easy at
$2 505 00: receipts, L2u0 head: shipments,
1,850 head. Lambs dull at $3 255 00.
BuiEilo Cattle Receipts, 8 sale; steadv.
Sheep aDd Iambs Receipts, 25 loads sale,
including 8 cars. Canada held over; ex
tremely dull; a few loads Canada lambs sold
at $5 80. Hogs Receipts, 12 loads sale; mar
ket steady.
Cleveland Also Loner, While Hematites
Move Up a Little.
Loudojt, Oct. 13. Special. A special cable
to the Jro Age says: Scotch warrants have
declined to 41s 9d4l3'l(lKl and Cleveland to
39s, while hematites moved up to 49 lOJd.
The stock of Scotch in public stores has de
creased to 371,100 tons, but that of Cleveland
remains at very close to 10,000 tons, the re
turns showing only 21 tons' decrease for the
week. Dealings have been on a moderata
scale throughout the week. The only new
feature in the situation is that returns for
last month show an increase of 7,161 tons in
production in Cleveland and that additional
furnaces have since been lighted, leading to
the belief that tl.eie will be an accumula
tion in makers' hands tins montb. Exports
in September were So.000 ton", against 87,000
tons during the corresponding month last
Foundry and Forge Irons Firmer.
New Yobk, Oct. 13. Special. The Iron
Age says: While there has been an increase
in the capacity of the blast furnaces work
ing from 151,618 tons lveekly in September
to 153,027 tons per week on the 1st of the
month, this has been more than offset by a
decrease in the stocks during the month of
not less than 82,000 tons. The increase in the
output has chiefly taken place among those
plants which are owned by or have close re
lations with rolling mills and steel plants.
Foundry and, forge irons, and particularly
tho former, are unquestionably firmer in all
markets, but it is evident that In tbe TVese
at least tlie attitude of sellers is to be
tested by a period of dullness.
The plate mills are lalrly busy. Tho de
mand for tin plate for canning ba3 been dis
appointing thus far this season.
New York Metal Slarket.
New York, Oct. 13. Pig Iron fairly active
American. $13 O015 50. Copper steady; lake.
$11 6011 75. Lead dull; domestic, $3 90
4 05. Tin dull; straits, $20 65 20 75.
The Oil Market.
The only quotation on tbe local board to
day was 5c for tho November option.
Refined oil New York, 6c; London, IVQ
4 13-16d; Antwerp, 13f.
Oil Citt, Pa. Oct. 13. National Transit
certificates opened at 51c; highest, 51c;
lowest, 51'fc; closed, 51c. Sales 30,000 bar
rels; clearances, 42,000 barrels; shipments
131,627 barrel ; runs, 90,506 barrels.
New York. Oct. 13 The drygoods markes
reopened with a moderate general demand,
but there was considerable inquiry for
heavy yarn cottons, and in some instances
sales were large. There was quite a requess
for plain anil colored cottons for January
delivery. Heavy yarn cottons continued to
disclose stiengthof tone, and Clifton CCC
4-4 Drown sheetings were advanced c&
yard. The general market was strong and
New YonK, Oct. 13. Cotton quiet; mid
dling uplands, Sc: Orleans. 8 3-16c; sales, 240
Galveston. Oct. 13. Cotton steady: mid
dling 7c: low middling, Tc; good ordinary,
6-Xc; net imd gross receipts. 9,582 bales; ex
ports coastwise, 4 0sl hales; sales, 8,327
bales: stock. 107,233 bales.
New Orleass, La., Oct. 13. Cotton steadyj
middling, 7c; low middling, 7Kc; good
ordinary, Cc; net receipts, 11,097 bales;
gross, 11,866 bales; exports to Great Britain.
3,900 bales: to the continent. 5,550 bales; sales
3,250 bales; stock, 116,9-0 bales.
Bar SUier.
New York, Oct. 13. SoeciaL Bar silver
in London 3$d per ounce. New York: deal
ers price for silver, 85c per ounce.
Foreign PinanciaL
Lohdos; Oct. 13. The amount of bullion
in the bank of England has decreased XSOt,
000 during the past ueck. The proportion
of the bank's resorvo to liability, whicb last
week was 41.39 per cenr, Is now4L74 per cent.
Amount of bullion withdrawn from tho
Bank of England on balance to-day, 229,000.
Paris, Oct. 13. Three per cent rentes S9f,
27centime-forthe account.
Paris, Oct. l:t Tho weekly statement of
the Bank of France shows a decrease of
2,973,C0J francs gold and 3,900,000 francs silver.
London, Oct. 13. Close consols, money,
97 3-16: do account, 97J: New York, Pennsyl
vania and O 10 firsts, 33; Canadian Pacific.
87: Erie, 27: do seconds, 109: Jlexican.
oidiuary, 22i: Illinois Central, lo-.);St. Paul
commen, Si; New York Central, 104;
PennsUv.un . 57; Reading. 30; Mexican
Central 4s, 70: bar silver. 3SJ$u. Money, Lj
per cent. Rate discount in open market lor
short aud three months' bills, 1J61J per
Closing Philadelphia Quotations.
55 :X
29 7-1(1
Reading ..,
Hultalu, S. V. & Philadelphia..
Lehigh Valley
L-h1gh Navigation
Philadelphia a.i-l Erie
NorthiTi. I'jciRc common
Northern Pacini', preferred
.. 5.5"$
,. V3
.. 7),
.. 58
.. M4
,. lih
.. 51f
When Baby was sick, wo gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she hod Children, she gave them Castorf
. Cnr Lots a Specialty.
John M. Oakley & Co.,
Direct private wiro to New York and Chi
cago. McmberNew York, Chicago and Pitt
burg Exchanges.
Local sccurlt to bought and sold for cash;
or carried on liberal margins.
Investment!, made at our discretion and
dividends paid qu irtcrly.
Interest paid on balance (since 1SS5.)
Money to loan on call
Information books on all markets mailed
on application. let
Whitney & Stephenson
57 Fourth Avenue;
" "''v

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