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"?" 8"
Comiskey's Band Touches the
Bed-Haired Young Man
Up Gaily, and Our
Good Rally Was Made in the
Last Inning, bat It Fell Short.
The Eostons and Anson's Colts Manage to
Get Each a Scalp.
Pittsburg .. 6
Brooklyn........... 1
Baltimore... 5
St. Louis 5
The League Record.
w t, re
Cleveland 51 23 -6S9
Boston 43 r6 .G49
I'ittkburg 33 .506
Ilrooklvn 42 33 .660
Philadelphia.. 35 .5J3
tr Yorfc....S9 36 .52J
w r. re
Chicago 8S 37 .SOD
Cincinnati ....37 53 413
Louisville ... 33 4ii .452
Baltimore.... 21! 45 .E6G
St. Louis 28 51 .s8
Washington ..24 50 .4
Tlie Beds Got Most of Them and Beat Our
Cincinnati, Oct 13. There was a flavor
of allspice about to-day's contest which car-
ried one back to
v the days when J.
f ( Palmer O'Neill's
played so many
week stands
away irom home
and died fighting
day alter day.
"When that lad
with the confla
gration 1 o c k 8
stepped into the
box he crew cold
ly proud alter he
had fooled the
Beds' boss home
knocker into striking ont It was a long
time before he coaxed another into
belting the air with his club, and ere that
occurred Ehret had trouble enough to fleck
his flame-tinted hair with gray. Latham,
JIcLMice and Brouning cracked out singles
in succession, sending one earned run over
the rubber. A liner into left seat two more
home. Vaughn reached third, and scored
when Smith sent a corker to lett There is
no telling just where the slaughter would
hate ended had not "Germany" attempted
to travel to third after Dwyer's safe spark
to right.
Donovan Ended the Inning.
Donovan fired the ball straight to Farrell
and Smith was caught "Pour runs will
never T7in this game" was the declaration
of "Calliope" Miller a bit later alter he and
Beckley had started things off with hits.
He was right Had the Beds stopped at
that limit the Keystone Italians would be
cauning another scalp for their winter pre
serves. Smith, however, forced Beckley
out, but on Slack's fly to Holliday Miller
skirmished home. The "Gladiator" put in
right had made two fine running catches
when "Lath" took the crowd into his con
fidence and said: "Billy Earle has got
Pete under control to-day."
The old warrior stood like an astronomer
looking for more canals in Jlars. There
was lite in every inuing. Van Haltren
drained down a line fly Irom Hoover's bat
in the third that turned a home run into an
out The Smith family was strictly in it
The Cincinnati member stretched one hit
into a double by a vest button scrape of a
dozen ieet He scored when Ehret became
wild after Dwyer's rap. The latter was
sent in by Holliday.
Dwyer Made a Three-Bagger.
Dwyer's triple and JIurphy's single
earned another. The same inning McPhee
spared Donovan and he came in on two
hunt hits by Farrell and Van Haltren. A
double plav euchred further chances.
Smith and 1-Iiret paired two-baggers in the.
seventh for a run. Holliday scored the
Beds last on hit, Donovan's muS of
Latham's fly and Farrell's failure to throw
home properly alter "The Bug" had been
pinned between bases.
The last half oi the eighth was exciting.
The first dews of evening had fallen. Far
rell as hit with the balL With two out
Beckley cracked out a liner to center that
Holliday failed to see and Jake reached
recond. The Pittsburg band awoke the
echoes of Lick run when Elmer Smith
dropped a ballot among the sun gods for a
home -walk. Mack's grounder was thrown
low by JlcPhee and things looked squally
when Bierbauer's liner got away from
Browning, with two men on bases Ehret
came to bat A hit meant a tied score but
he sent a high fly which Holliday took on
the run. The game was then called on ac
count of darkness. The score;
riTTSBUUG 11 11 r a 1
Donovan, r.. 1 1 1 1 1
Holliday, m. 1
l.atham,3... 1
McPnre, 2.. 1
llrownliig, r. 1
Hoover, 1.... 0
Vauchn. 1.. 1
1-anrlL 3 114 2 1
anllaln,m0 12 0 0
sillier, s .... 114 2 0
Beckley. 1... 1 2 4 0 l
Mnltli, 1 2 2 2 0 0
Mack, c 0 0 4 2 0
Bierbauer, 2. 0 0 3 4 t
G. bmltn. s. 1
uvrwr. p.... 2
Murphy, c. 0
.Liiict, p .... 0 1 0 1 I
Total 6 9 24 12 J,
Total 8 13 24 11 3
riltsuurg o 10 0 0 113-6
Cincinnati 4 002010 18
SUMJIAUY-Earned runs-Clnclnnatl. 6; Pitts
burg. 4. Two-be nlts-binllh, Donovan. E. Smith.
.hret Beckley. Thre base hits Vaughn. Dwyerl
llnme run L. -Smith, stolen bases-E. smith.
Donovan. Latham. Double plays -Miller. Bler
baucr. Berkley: McPhee. Vaughn. First base on
balls-By Ehret 3. Hit by pitched ball-By Dwyer.
1. struck out-Br Ehret 2. Wild pitclies-Ehret.
Time of game-One hour aud 45 minutes. Umpire
Chicago, 9-St Louis, S.
6t. Louis, Oct. 13. It was very little for
the Chicagos to defeat the Browns to-day.
Both sides fielded poorly. The features of
the contest was Brodie's terrifio hitting.
Attendance, 400. Scoie:
E B P A El
n b p a s
Crooks. 2.... 0
Werdcn, 1. . 1
Car'thers, r. 0
BriHlic, m... 2
lloriarity. 1. 1
Camp. 3..... 0
oenins. s.... 1
Briggs, c... 0
Ereit'st'n, n. 0
0 4
0 2
Ryan, m 2
Parrott 3... 1
Dahleu, s.... 1
Anson. 1 3
Dungan. r... 0
Newman, 1.. 0
Decker. 2.... 2
Hut'h's'n,r. 0
Klltrldge, c. 0
6 8 27 10 Si
Total 9 11 27 6 5
St." Louis 0 1020002 05
Chicago 3 1010002 2-9
SCMMAnv Earned runs St. Louis, 2: Chicago
I. Two-base hit 1'arrott. Three-base hits
Brodlc. Farrott. Home run Brodle. Stolen
bases-Geulns. Anson. Decker. Double plays
Werden and Genlns. .First on balls-uff Brelten
sieln, 4; 08 HuUhlnson. 1. struck out By
Breltensteln. 2: by Hutchinson. 6. Passed ball
Brlggs. Wild pitches Breltensteln. Time of
game One hour and 45 minutes. Umpire Snyder.
Philadelplila, 5 Brooklyn, 1.
'rniLADKLrHiA. Oct 13. Brooklyn could not
hit Keefe effectively to-day and the Phillies
won easily. Weather cool, but pleasant
Attendance, 361. Score:
Joice.3. 110
O'Brien. I... 0 0 1
liroulucrs. 1 0 0 12
Burns, r.. .. 0 1 0
Corcoran, s. 0 1 1
Daly. 2 0 0 1
Daliey, c... 0 0 8
Kennedy, p. 0 0 0
loutz, p 0 10
Grlfllu, m... 0 0 1
Hamilton, 1.
Relllv. 3 ....
1 0
1 3
1 2
0 0
2 10
0 3
2 6
0 0
0 0
Th'ps'n. r..
D'leuty. m..
Connor, 1....
Cross. :.. ...
Clcm'ts, c.
Allen, s
Keefe, p....
ToUU 5 7 24 12 2
Tout 1 4 24 13 4
Brooklvn i
Philadelphia x
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 11
0 0
0 0
i - . ...........
suxjukt jrnca runs ruuaaeipaia. . iwo
base hits Hamilton, Thompson. Clements. Three
base lilt Burns. Stolen base Haras. Double
Play Reilly and Connor. First base on balls
Joyce. Burns, Griffin. Dclehanty. Struck out
Burns. Corcoran flair. Duller- Griffin. ReillV 2.
f Detehanty. Cros, Keol'c 2. Time of came One
uour ana JJ minutes, u mpire L,yocu.
Boston, 9 Baltimore, B.
Baltimore, 45cr. 13 Cobb was effective up
to the sixth Inning, -when Boston ganged hi
delivery and batted ont a victory. Weather
clear. Attendance 325. Score:
Shlndle, 3... 1
Storey. 1.... 0
Daly. 1 0
Ward, r 1
Kelly, m.. .. 1
Cross, iv., 0
Gunson. c... 0
Cobb, p 1
Long, s 0
McCarthy, rl
Duffy, m .... 2
Bennett, c. 0
Nash. 3 1
Lone. 1 2
0 3
1 1
4 3
1 2
2 1
2 2
2 13
1 3
0 0
0 0
0 0
Tucker, 1.... 1
yuinn, ...... i
Staley. p.... 0
Nichols, p.. 0
Stlvctte, p... 0
Total. 5 8 24 8 4
Total 9 13 27 11 0
Baltimore .
1 0
0 0 05
Boston .
4 2 r-9
bUMMARY Earned runs llaltlmore.2: Boston. 5.
Two-base hits Ward, McCarthy. McGraw and
Tucker. Three-base hits Milndle and Lowe,
stolen bases McGraw, 2. Double plays Long and
Tucker, Cross. McGraw and Stovey, Shlndle and
Cross. First base on balls-Off Cobb, 5: off Staler.
2; offStlvetts, L Hit by pitcher Cobb. 1. Struck
out By Cobb, 4. Sacrlnce hits Bennett. btovey,2;
1 ucker, Cobb, Shlndle. Sllvelts. Mrst base on
errors Boston. 1. Left on bases Baltimore, 4;
Boston, 9. Time One hour and 35 minutes.
To-Day's League Schedule.
Brooklyn at Baltimore; Kew York at Phil
adelphia. Will Face Bumpnj Jones. .
Cincinnati, Oct. IS. Special. Captain
Comiskey ran into "Bumpus" Jones, a
Southern League celebrity, at Wilmington,
wnere the Reds playec" yesterday. Jones
did good work for Joliet in the Two-Eyed
leasue befoie Atlanta secured him. He
tooled the Beds during the three innings in
which he officiated, and he will be pitted
against the Pittsburgs on Saturday.
The Diamond.
PniL Knell has joined the Oaklands In the Cali
fornia League.
We are still third and if we can win to-morrow
we may remain so.
Providence wants a berth in the rejuvenated
American Association.
Joe Battin. after 20 years on the ball field, has
gone back to his old trade as a brlckla) er.
Local cranks were surprised at Ehret being put
in to pitch yesterday, lie lias been losing right
EdVoxbubAhe, the "boss President's" son,
will sever hi. connection with the game after this
Mike Kflly will Join the Bostons at Cleveland.
Charley Ganzel will do the bulk of the catching In
the woi Id series.
J. W. P. The bet must go with the umpire's de
cision In a pool room the Pittsburgs would line
been deemea a winning Hue.
Dncle Ansov may wear store teeth and nse dye
on his hair but he can give some of the youngsters
big and little casino and take a few tricks himself.
jrchlcigo loses Anson they will turn a great field
general adrift. So saj s Brother Mulford.
A. A. Stagg. formerly Yale's crack pitcher,
was recently asked what he thought of the future
of baseball, and replied: 'l am aware that there
his Been a great falling off in attendance, but I do
not think it will be permanent The merits of the
game are so great that it can never die or cease to
be the American game. So far as amateur play is
concerned, notLlng could furnish a more admira
ble training for the physical powers, as well as
some important mental qualities."
The suggestion has been made that l ard would
be Just the man to build up baseball In New York
city, but President Dav said when asked about it:
"I don't know. I haven't thought of it We let
hlni go to Brooklyn two years ago unconditionally,
and ithout receiving a cent for him. We did not
want him then, and 1 see no reason for wanting
him now." Mr. Day might have added that New
York has cut a very sorry figure since "Ward left
his club. What Sew York needs Is a new deal.
Football To-Morrow.
The East End Gyms, or as the team is le
gally called, the Pittsburg Athletic Club
football team, will meet the Johnstown team
at 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. A good
deal of interest centers in this game as the
Johnstown team intends to score, something
that no other team has done in plaving
against the Gyms. Brown, otherwise known
as "Bags." will play with the Johnstowng
and Dr. Pioctor will be back in his place ou
the Gyms.
Besides this game there will be associa
tion games at Mansfield between Mansfield
and Wilkmsburg: at Now Castle, between
New Castle and Oakmont, and at McDonald
between McDonald and Homestead. The
Rugby sanies will be the Uniontowns versus
Grecnsburg and Geneva against the West
ern University of Pennsylvania.
Princeton's Dates.
PRIitCETOIf, Oct 13. lSpecuzL-Tho follow
ing is a complete schedule of football games
for the balance ot season as made publio to
day by President Frasen October 11, Colum
bia Athletic Association, at Washington;
October 15, Annanolis Naval Academy, at
Annapolis; OctoDer 19, Lehigh, at Princeton;
Octouer2I. Athletic Club, at New York; Oc
tober 22, Crescents, at Brooklyn; October 26,
Manhattan Athletic Club, at Princeton; Oc
tober 'A Wesleyan (championship), at New
York: November 2, Chicago Athletic Club, at
Plinceton; November 5, University of Penn
sylvania (championship), at Philadelphia:
November 9, Cornell, at New York; Novem
ber 24, lale (championship), atXew York.
It Was a Scheme.
Saw Fraxcisco. Oct. 13. There promises to
be quite a row when Siddons, the Eastern
pugilist, appears before the directors of the
California cluD to ask for his extra $250. It
has been charged sinco the fight that during
the latter part of it Smith said toSiadons
"Let's make it a draw in the next ronnd."
When questioned yesteidav Siddons ad
mitted that Smith asked him for a draw, and
he said he told Dacey of tho tact w ben ho
returned to his corner. When Smith was
told this last nUht ho denied it and said that
Siddons was the man who asked for a draw.
The Hill Climbing Contest
The Ketones' jjjn climbing contest that
was to have taken place to-morrow has been
postponed until next Saturday. It was at
first proposed to have it on Columbus Day,
next Friday, but as so many things have
been set for that day it was yesterday de
cided to hold it on Saturday. It will be a
great affcir and theie will be two events in
one.an.open contestandaclubeontest, both
for gold medals. The entry blanks will ba
out to-day, aud as the contest is open to all
Western Pennsylvania it is hoped that thcro
will be repiescntatives from out of town.
Lasker Nearly Beaten.
New Tons, Oct. 13. Lasker narrowly es
caped defeat in his games at the Manhattan
Chess Club Wednesday. After disposing of
Major Hanham he encountered, according
to piogramme, Dr. G. Sitnonson. Lasker had
by far the better position, when his oppo
nent gave him an opportunity to win a
piece. Eventually Lasker slipped up, and
things would have been blue for him had
not billion son tailed to avail himBelroT his
golden opportunity. Lasker emerged from
the scramble with a piece ahead and won
on the thirty-sixth move.
Their First Practice Swim.
The first "practice" swim of the Pittsburg
Swimming Club was held at the Natatorium
last evening. There were about 50 members
present, and there were some splendid
swimming exhibitions. Master Harry Good
wyn's trick swimming was much appreci
ated. Next Thuisday evening a business
meeting will be held, when a polo team will
be chosen to take part in a series of con-,
tests the club intends to hold on Thanksgiv
ing Day.
Doemberger tho Winner. 1
There were about 300 persons at Exposi
tion Park yesterday afternoon to witness
the calf killing contest between I Herman
Doornberger and George Erhard. The form
er killed his two calves in seven minutes and
13 seconds and Erhard killed his two in 8 .35
Doernberper was therefore declared the
winner. Fred Nemmcer, of Bridgeport. O ,
mis referee and Charles Danminberger. of
Wheeling; timekeeper.
A boy named Orr fell from a fence on the
corner of Taggart and Charles Btreets, Alle
gheny, last night and fractured his arm.
jAMESlUoA,a painter on the new Sixth
street bridge, was knocked into the river
yesterday while at work and severely in
jured. A brilliant reception was given by the
Ber. and Mrs. S. J. Glass at the McClure
Avenue Presbyterian Church, Allegheny:
last evening.
Charles Bennett, of Lawrencevllle, was
sent to the St. Francis Hospital yesterday
for treatment He is insane and tried to
kill his mother.
George D. Morrison, aged 8 years and 7
months, died yesterday at his parents' resi
dence. No. 68 Laurel avenue, Allegheny,
from eating gympsum seeds.
.QBI.-J. -J' ' . -. T fc- s. . --- ,&- . .1 V y . T r - s '.- j -" t I. - l-MZ.'"-; i" .
Helen Nichols and Yorkville Belle
Win the Stakes at Morris Fark.
Three Drivers Ordered Ont and Suspended
ior Alleged urookeuuess. g
Morris Pake Bace Track, Oct 13.
There was little about to-day's racing to en
thuse the most spontaneous follower of the
turf. The two stakes features, the Essex
and Hunter, were won in the hollowest
style by Helen Nichols and Yorkville
Belle, both being prohibitive favorites in
the betting. Fairy, 9 to 10, Garrison up,
took the- opening race cleverly, Garrison
driving her more than was necessary for the
sake of respectable betting against her.
Mary Stone was looked upon as the best of
those in the second and made favorite at 8
to 5. Major Daly, 12 to 1, opened up a gap
of eight lengths in the first half mile, but
Dogett timed his run with Sleipner. 5 to 1.
and beat the Major out a head, Fidelo 5 tol,
taking third iroci Mary Stone by the same
Hydy was quoted a point shorter than
Arab for the third race, bnt the latter won
quite handily at 3 to 1; Milt Young, 7 to 2,
second, and Now or Never, 6 to 1, third.
The following events, the two stakes, were
then disposed of, after which the Moyne
geldir.g won the last race in a gallop.
Weather fair; track fast and attendance
6,000. Summaries:
First race, six furlongs Fairy 118, Garrison,
first; Rosa H 112, Doggett second; Aloha lis. Mc
Cafferty, third. Vestibule, Piccolo, Kex, Frank
KInnev and Bella D also ran. Time. 1:12H'. Bet
ting: 10 to 9 ou Fairy: Against A oha. 2 to 1; Rev.
7 to 1; Rosa H, 8 tu 1; Piccolo. 12 to 1: Vestibule. 30
to 1; Frank Etnner, 100 to 1; Bella D, 200 to 1.
Mutuals paid f II 85. 87 35. (17 10.
Second race, one mile sleipner 122, Doggett
first; Major Daly 104. Bergen, second: Fid ell o 105,
Lainnley. third. Mary Stone, Gloaming, King
Mac aud Steve Eetes also ran. Time. l:Ki. Bet
ting: Against Marv Stone. 7 to 5: Gloatnln?. 9 to
2; Fidelio. Stol: sleipner. 3 to 1: Major Daiy,' 12
to 1: Steve Kstes, 15 to 1! King Mac, 30 to 1.
Mutuals paid 313. 315. 315 SO. $40 70.
'Jhlrd race, one mile Arab 105, Bergen, first:
Milt Young 102, Mldgley, second: Now or Never
107, Sims. third. Cvnosure, Experience,
Hydy and strephon also ran. Time. 1:42. Betting:
Against Hydy 11 to 5; Arab 3 to 1; Milt Yonng7 to
2:Cynosuie5 tol;Now orNeverS to 1: Strephon
20 to 1: Experience 25 to t Mutuals paid IS 25,
$11 10, 314 IS.
Fourth race, six fnrlongs-Hclen Nichols 115, Mc
Caflertv first; Bertha B. 103. Covington. AJax 118,
Bergen. 'Dead heat. Governor Foraker, Pro
priety and Rainbow also ran. Time, 1HJX. 'Bet
ting: 10 to 3 on Helen Nichols: Against, AJax 8 to
1; Governor Foraker 8 to 1: Bertha B.-, Ally. 3J to
1: Rainbow 30 tol; Prosperity 30 to 1. Mutuals
paid (6 50, 35 30, $5 35. 37 10.
Fifth race, one mile a half Yorkville Belle 126,
Garrison, first; Derfargilla 119. Sims, second:
Anna B 119, Taral, third. Time. 2:40K. Betting:
29 to 1 on Yorkville Belle: Against Derfargilla 13
to 1: Anna B, 30 tol. Mutuals paid 5 35, 5 05,
U 1U.
Prince George 111, Lambley, second: Eagle Bird
11'. Taral. tlilra. Lawless. Courtship. Astoria
and Chlswlck also ran. Time. 1:00. .Betting: 5 to
on Movne ffeldinsr: Asralnst Prince Georra. 4 in l-
nhi , i. --.. .tv "... r . r .; . ; . ? - .r'
uiswiti, iu 1: x.agie j)ira, id to i
: Lawless. 20 to
1: courtship. 40 to
Astoria, 40 tot Mutuals
paid 37 50. 35 SO, SJ I
Morris Park Card.
Louisville, Oct 13. fyeciat. The follow
ing pools were sold here this evening on to
morrow's races at Morris Park:
First race, three-quarters of a mile Correction
121, (25; Piccolo 10i f3: Bopcep92, 33; Nero 118, 410:
Speculation 103, 33: Major Daly 1C8, 325; Dalsvrlan
OS. 3: Chesapeake 124, 310: Rival 110, 115; St Felix
110. 8.
Second race, five and a halCfnrlongs Pearl Top
lis. Carmen colt lis. Young Arion 118, Eph 118,
Ingot 118, Clara colt 118, 110; Bonnie Dundee 118,
May Lose 115, f 10: Third Cousin 113. Bertha B filly
115. 320: Missoula 115. 35; field. 113.
Third race, one mile Flero 112. 35; St. Felix 112,
115: Silver Fox 112. 115: Strephon 112. 35; The Iron
master 112, $25; Lapy superior 102. li
Fourth race, one-eighth of a mile Equity 100.
85; Queenle Trowbridge ICO. 35; Montana 116, 118;
Nero 116, $12; Strathmeath 122. 325.
Firth race, seven-eighths of a mile-Mr. SassllZ,
110: Roquefort 112. Lyceum 112, $20; Vardee 108.
Prather 108. DolllkensOO, Estelie S3. 1.3: Balance
95. Tar and Tanar 88. MI.s Fisher 83, Industry 71.
Sliver Prince 102, 110: field 810.
Sixth race, five and a hall furlongs Sirrocco 115.
125: Grand Prix no, 10; Addle 107AnnaB 107,
110: bonora 107. .Laughing Water 107, Gaiety 92.
Pansy 79, Missoula 79, 35; field 110.
Three Drivers Suspended and Guy Lowers
the Track Iiecord to 2:08
Lexutotos, Oct 13. Beautiful weather,
good attendance and a fast track figured
extensively in the enjoyment of the sport
this afternoon. The race were very ex
citing and several things occurred to make
the crowd very enthusiastic at times. In
the unfinished race Prince Herachel proved
himself an easy winner. Goldsmith was
given $30 for driving Pearl McGreor and
Burlew, who diove the mare yesterday in
the first two heats, was suspended for SO
days for alleged crooked driving.
In the dash of one and one-sixteenth miles
McCall's driving of Dandy aroused the sus
picions of the judges. Catharine Leyburn
won tbe heat, but it was declared by the
judges no race and all bets off. On the sec
ond attempt McCall was taken down and
Bowerman put up In his stead. He took
Dindy to the front and won the dash In a
jog. McCall was suspended Indefinitely and
Bowerman allowed $100 for driving the
Guy in tbe last heat lowered the track
recoi d here by a half Becontl, going tbe mile
in 2:0S The lecord for the Lexington track
being 2:09J. In the third race, Vogel, driver
of Broomul, was suspended from all Asso
ciation tracks. Broomal finished first, but
was placed last oy t no judges.
First race, continued from Wednesday, 2:35
class, trotting, purse 3100
Prince Herschcll I 2 liEdBcan 4 5 3 3
Pearl McGregor 7 2 1 6binda 5 6 5dr
Betsy Jane 2 3 3 4 Starlight S dls
Turner Boy 3 4 4 2
Time, 2:22S. 2:22. 2:13V. 2:21.
Second race, free-for-all. pacing., purse 81,000
Guy 1 1 3 llMaJor Wonder. .2 3 4 4
Robert J 3 2 1 3 Viuettee 4 4 6ds
Blue Sign 5 5 2 2
Time, 2:105, :09X, 2:11. 2:0Stf.
In the last heat in this race the track rec
ord was beutcn by half a second.
Third race, the Johnston stake, for stallions of
2:30 class, purse $2.500
Brooinal 4 5 5Dlrcgo ,. 3 22
Bapiiermark 5 3 3 Dan Cupid 2 4 1
Geneva 1 1 4l
lime, 2:19, 2:19. 2:18V.
Fourth race, the Lexington stake, for 2-year-olds,
mile heats, two in three, purse 32,500
silicon 1 1 Oro Wilkes 3 4
Elsie Wilkes 2 3 Georgia Wilkes 4 5
Margrave 5 2
Time, xjz, -:.i1a.
Fifth race, dash one and one-sixteenth miles
trotting, purse 1275
Dandy llCatharlne Leyburn 3
Bonhomie 2 Ben Wallace 4
Time, 2:23H.
Gazette, to beat 2:2631, went in 2:234
Brown Velvet tobeat2:28,'. went in 2:20V.
Oscar J, to beat 2:29, went in 2:28V.
lmllan.-to beat 2:30, went In 2:29K.
Unkamel, to beat 2:39,j, went la 2:30J.
Good Racing at Independence.
Independence, Ia., Oct. 13. Damania trot
ted but one heat to-day to win yesterday's
unfinished 2:45 trot Beulah won the two
necessary heats to give her the carried over
race for 3-year-olds that had never started
In a race before. The 230 pace furnished
good racing and was the fastest event of tbe
week. Galileo Kex took the last three
heats, after Colbert had two to bis credit, in
2:12, 2:U0 2:1 Archbishop took the 2:33
trot, On Time being the contending horse.
The 3-year-old 2:35 trot goes ovei until to-'
morrow. Wardship having one heat and a
dead heat between him and Bert Oliver.
2:45 trot; purse 1200
Damania.... 3 112 2 6 II Albion 12 6 14 4 2
Mary Lee.... 2 3 24 1 1 3
Time, 2:26, 2:27. 2:28f;. 2:25Jf, 2:29Jj, 2:30, 2i29. -
Race for 3-year-olds; purse 3200
Beulah 2 11 11 Miss Dudley 3 ldli
Sorceress 13 22
Time, 2:33)4. 2:84. 2:35.
2:20 pace, purse 1200
Galileo Rex.,2 2 11 'lIFredS s dls
Colber. 1 12 4 4 BlkDlamona.5 dls
MaudM 6 3 3 2 2 Grundy Jlm..7 dls
Fenale. Pi- Brown Nell...dr
rate .4 4 4 3 3 B'nle Wllkes..dU
Time, 2:l7M. 2:15. 2:12, 2:14)4. 2:16K.
2:35 trot purse $200
Archbishop .... 12 11
Seneca Maid ...10 5 5 11
Erect sii o g
On Time 2 110 2,
Lon Edsall 14 13 2 12
Ed Wilkes 4 3 4 8
Capt Bowman.. 6 10 7 6
DlckO ll 9 12 8
Cassadav u 8 15 10
suuocai i486
Jay Hawk 8 7 3 7
Idol Jackson... 9 13 11 dr
jrnnce a 7 o
Tune. 2:26)4;. 2.26X, 2:26ft 2:23
no..... ar
Sale of Tibtters.
V. . . m IMIft On. a V.u...aa n. ....
1UU.. ..,..,.., www u nwuuua OnMKlIH
.told M honet thii mornlBK fortJXTH, The.
following brought SLOOo and oven Emily
Wilkes, b. f., by Red Wilkes, dam by 'Squire
Talmage, W. H. Crawford, Lexington, S1.000;
Ladac, br. c., by Wilton, dam Fulton Maid,
W. H. Crawford. $1,100.
That's the General Opinion Ke'atlve to the
Killing of Grover S.
Philadelphia, Oct 13, Nothing of a sensa
tional oharaoter marked the trotting at
Point Breeze to-day. Tho killing of Grover
S yesterday formed the principal topic of
conversation and tho action of the jndges
in expelling the suspected owner, driver
and accessory from the tracks of the Na
tional Association was generally com
mended. The large entries at the present meeting
have left two races unfinished each day.
In the 2:21 class to-day there were 18 entries
and 17 starters, the largest field that has
ever come to the wire in a trotttlng race in
Philadelphia. The unfinished 2:35 race was
won by Harry C, and both tho other races
went over until to-moi row after four Heats
had been trotted in each.
2:35 class. nurtA tann
Harry C Sill
Silver Bells.. ..10 9 7 7
Dudley 9 7 8 14
Maud M 7 13 15 8
Blue Line 13 8 10 12
Garton 14 14 12 S
Nellie Magee..l3 15 14 11
Seneca Prince. 6 11 13 dr
Fred dlst.
Oiga...... 1 2 410
Charlie 0 2 3 6 2
Santle 4 5 2 4
AshbyGIrl it 453
Gov. Beaver... 8 13 in
Somerset 5 6 9 5
Amas 5 10 11
Time. 2:1X. 2i28. 2:2SM, 2:26M.
2:15 class, pacing, purse $500, unfinished
Rebus ,.5 4 4 1 iIl. J, Rock
Puritan 4 115 8 weU 2 S 2 2 4
Saladln 1 2 3 3 3lGray Harry..3 3 5 4 2
Time. 2:1M. 2:I6K. 2il6. 2:I7K. 2:16X.
z;z4 Class, purse 1503. unfinished
Archie u 1 214 1
Monroe Wllkej 8 118
Trotwood 2 4 2 6
Quenchy 12 9 8 7
Brother G 17 10 9 10
Cohansey Boy.13 11 10 13
l.ady Douglas. .11 12 U 14
EllaE... 15 16 13 12
Buckskin Dick 16 18 n n
Full Prince 4 7 12 d
Falkland 14 dr.
Col. Walker.... 7 0 3 2
juageu 6 V 4 11
Ruby 10 8 6 3
Colonel Kip.... 3 15 13 6
Victor B 5 14 5 4
Nevarrow 9X70
Time, 2:22M, 2MX, 2:18tf. 2:20)4'
At Mystic Park.
BoSTOir, Oct. 13. Warmer weather brought
a large crowd to the Mystto Park races this
afternoon. First on the programme was the
2:23 race, unfinished from yesterday, when
five heats were trotted. Baby, the favorite,
won the fifth heat. In the afternoon he took
two in succession, giving him the race. Hot
Shot took second money. Time, 2:23,
2:26. In the 2:25 class eight started. Ed
gardo took the first heat,buc bad breaks lost
him the next three. Summary:
2:25 class trotting: purse 3300
Stanley b. tr....2 1 1 11 J. Y. a., b. e..4 3 5 5
Edgardo br. S..1 2 2 2 Thos. A. Doyle.S
Silver Street.. ..7 3 3 4 Billy Bird ro. s.8
R. D. F.. blk g.6 4 4 3 Jim Graham b.gS
8 8 7
Tlme-2:20j;, 2:19, 2:1854". 2:M5.
The 2:20 pacing race was the best of the
day, the finish in the second heat being par
ticularly close and exciting. This lace was
unfinished owing to darkness. Summary:
2:20paringclass; purseloOO. (Unfinished)
Bayard Wllkes.8 1 6 lIlderim 3 7 4 8
Henry H 6 2 1 2IPyche 5 8 5 7
Sterling 1 3 1 6 Rnckaway 7 5 7 8
Hv Wilkes 2 4 3 3Pharon 4 6 S 6
Time-2:17j, 2:153(, 1MX. 2:15J.
Toledo Fair Races.
Toledo, Oct. 13. The fall meeting of the
Toledo Exposition began to-day with an
attendance of 5,000. Weather fine and track
fast. Summary:
Three-year-old. trot or pace, purse 1250 J. J.
Dowllng won, Alta May second, Junette third.
Best lime, l:274f.
2i27 trot purse 130, divided; 14 entries. 10 starters
Kate Farl won, Elmo Maid second, Tom Thorn
third. 'Best time. 2:23!4.
Spectal trot purse t0; four entries, three heats
run Race unfinished.
Daly Buys an 88,000 Mare.
Danville, Kt., Oct IS W. E. McAfee, of
this city, has sold to Le Grande Lncas, agent
for Marcus Daly, tbe Montana millionaire,
the lt-year-old mare Bapidan. by Dictator,
dam by Edwin Forest, for $3,000. Rapldan
produced Lockhart, 2:13, and Captain Mac,
2:29. and is now in foal to Nutwood, the sire
of both of those trotters.
English Baclng.
London, Oct. 13 At the second day of the
Newmarket second October meeting the
race for the Cesarewitch stakes was, won by
E. Hobson's horse Burnaby, C. P. Shrubbs'
4-vcar-old colt lnsu' ance second and Colonel
North's filly Brandy thlid.
Miscellaneous Sporting Notes.
The average age of the members of the Mary
land Bicycle Club is 33 years.
That king of boxing fakirs, Bart Doran, one
time of this city. Is now operating In Cincinnati.
The Columbia freshmen defeated the Harvard
school eleven by 3 to 0 lu a football game yester
day. I
CORNELL Is preparing for her (time with Har
vard, at Springfield, November 5. The former has
a very strong team.
Constant Reader Corbett would have to ac
cept the challenge from Sullivan Just as he would
the challenge of anybody else.
John Murphy, of Homestead, and an unknown
have put up lioo each for a glove contest to a finish;
fight to take place In three weeks.
The football teams of tbe nigh School tnd Park
Institute will play a game this afternoon at East
Liberty Park, commencing at 3:30.
The football material at Columbia is not suffi
ciently well trained to warrant putting a 'Varsity
team In the Held, this season. A scrub eleven nas
been organized, however.
THE National Sporting Club, of London, has
cabled to Corbett offerings parse of jE3.000fora
contest between him and Jackson. The club will
also back Jackson for 1, 000. i
The members of the Pittsburg Association foot
ball team will have a practice game at Kxposltlon
Park to-morrow afternoon, commencing at 4
o'clock. All memoers are expected to he present.
Switzerland ll as tne nrst military 'cy
school In the world at Berne. Last week 2'dmlll-
tary 'cyclists arrived at the barracks of this school.
coming jri'iu bnc uiucrcub vutps, cugmeer&, in
fantry, artillery and carbineers.
B. L. Crosby, who played on the Yale eleven for
the past three years, has been engaged to coach the
Naval Academy football team, 'the naval cadets
will play at West Point on Thanksgiving Dav and
try to retrieve the honors they lost at Annapolis
last year.
AN invitation to nartlclnate in the Columbus n
celebration Is extended to all 'cyclers of this vicin
ity. Wheelmen who can are requested to attend a
drill this evening, October 14, at Allegheny 'cy
clers' rooms, 91 Irwin avenue. It Is' to be hoped
that all who can will be present
Edward Hanlan announces his willingness to
accept the offer of George Hubear, the English
champion, to row a race in England next season,
but says thafBnbear will hive to make the match
for 5(0 or some other stake large enough to war
rant the expense of Jhe Journey.
Brown has arranged tho following schedule of
games: October 15. Brown vsTninlty at Hartford
October 19, Brown vs Andover at Andover: October
22, open: uctooer 20, Brown ts Technology at
Providence: October 29, open: November 22, Brown
vs Boston.Unlver3lty at Providence; November 6,
open: November 9, Brown vs Technology at Bos
ton; November 11, Brown vs Bowdolnat Provi
dence; November 16, Brown vi Wesleyan at Mld
dletown. Chris Smith is In Chicago, and after his disas
trous turf campaign on the New-York tracks. Is
not disposed to think Western horses have any
vcrv rosy chances of success In an Eastern cam
paign, "When you enter a 11,500 horseln a selling
race at fl.OOO and find horses that their owners
would not take 110, COO for entered at the same price,
what chance do you have?" said he last night. The
question can only be answered by saying that
Western owners should" keep thetr horses where
they can help build up the Western turf.
Suits Brought Against Philadelphia
ccrns at Their Own Instance.
Philadelphia, Oct 13. It is announced
that Attorney General Honsel will bring
suit against the Finance Company of Penn
sylvania and against tho Investment Com
pany of Philadelphia to compel them to
comply with the provisions of the State
banking law, and either make good the im
pairment of their respective capitals or close
their doors. The action is to be taken at
tbe instance of John G. Johnson, counsel
for both companies, and will serve as a test
of the powers granted nnder that law.
in tne iaii oi ussa tuese companies became
embarrassed by the failuie of the banking
house of Barker Brothers & Co,, and the in
vestigations then made into their condition
disclosed the fact that the capital or each
had been impaired by investments in enter
prises which failed. Since that time neither
corporation has undertaken to transact any
business other than the liquidation of cer
tain securities which they, held, the foster
ing of tbe enterprises referred to and tbe
gradual payment of the debts.
Men's Overcoats
For two days only at $7 60, $10 and $12. worth
$15 to $25. Light, modlum and heavy weights:
all shades; silk faced or plain. The best in
the land for the money. See them.
P. C C. C., Clothiers, cor. Grant and Dia
mond streets.
Kimball Pianos. Kimball Pianos.
A most magnificent lot of these famous in
struments jusc received fresh from the fac
tory. Come and see them.
Mellor Si Hoene, 77 Fifth avenue.
Da Wrrr'i Little Early Risers. Bt pill
tor bUiouB&eta. Hok noaaaene, malaria,
14 .1801
Far Western PamtylvmUu
Fair and South Windt;
Warmer in 'Saltern and
Northern ForUont.
For Ohio: Fair and South
Windt; Warmer m North
east Portlom.
For West Virginia: Fair
and Warmer; South Windt.
The storm which was central on Nebraska
this mornin? has moved northward to South
Dakota, attended by showers in the States
of tho Missouri Valley. This disturbance
has Decome less clearly defined, owing to a
decrease in pressure in the areas of high
pressure east and west of It The eastern
area of high pressure continues over the
Central valleys and at Atlantic coast, the
barometer being highest in Virginia; but
the barometer has fallen rapidly over the
Lower St Lawrence Valley and New Eng
land. The weather continues fair on the At
lantic coast, and thence westward to the
Mississippi Valley. Local showers are re
ported from Florida and the Gulf coast It
is warmer In the Mississippi Valley, the
Lake region and New England and at
Rocky Mountain stations, and it Is cooler in
the Missouri Valley.
Comparative Temperature.
Pittsburg, Oct 13. The Local Forecast Official
of the Weather Bureau In this city furnishes the
Oct. 13 031.
8AJC 43
HAM ...
12K 54
, tZU 38
(rx 08
tru 56
Oct. 13. 1331.
lilt 49
11AM ...
12M 68
2TM 70
6FK 71
STM 63
Maximum temn 73.0! Range
Minimum terns 43.0 Free ,
Uean temp 60.0
Louisville Items The Stage of Water and
the Movements of Boats.
Louisville, Kt., Oct 13. Business fair.
Weather clear and Dleasant River stationary, with
10 Inches on the falls, 3 feet 2 inches in tho canal
and 3 feet 7 Inches below. Captain J. K. Williams
Is very ill in JcffersonviUe. Departures For
Cincinnati, CItvof Carrollton: for CarroUton, Big
Kanawha; for Evansvllle, I. T. Rhea.
What the Upper Gauges Show.
Allegheny Junction River 9 inches and
falling C'car and cool.
WAKREN-Rlver0.2 feet Clear and warm.
Morgantown River 4 feet 6 inches and sta
tionary. Clear, f hennometer. 75 at 4 P. M.
Brownsville River 4 leet 8 Inches and sta
tionary. Clear, Thermometer. 72" at 5 P. M.
The News From Below.
WnEELING River 1 foot 6 inches and station
ary. Cool and cloudy.
Parkebsbdro uhlo 2 feet and falling. The
G. Barnslde came down from Marietta last night
and went on the Point Pleasant docks to-day. The
towboat Jacob Hetherlngton was Inspected and
pronounced O. K.
Cincinnati River 4 feet 3 Inches and falling.
Fair and cool.
CAIRO. Klver 4.8 feet and failing. Cloudy and
mild. Arrived A.
Alason. New Drleans;
Cheorokee. MemDhls:Cltvof Providence. Natchez:
Sentinel, Ohio. Departed Cherokee, A. L. Mason,
St. Louis; Nellie
peer, Deiow; providence, St,
Memphis. River 3 feet and
falling. Cloudy and
Drift From the Itlver.
The lower Ohio is laid to be looking ragged and
H. D. Leach. She made her record on a mile
regulation track.
The Cyclone left for Morgantown yesterday with
a tow of emptlts.
Captain Sam Brown is expected home from
New York to-day.
The City of Pittsburg went into winter quarters
at Gledfleld yesterday.
Captain Frank Wood,
was in the city yesterday.
a son ofT. J. Wood,
The stage of water below Davis Island dam re
mains stationary at 2.1 feet
John Jones, of the Monongahela City Coal Com
pany, was In town yesterday.
Captain Harry Brown returned on Wednes
day from a trip to New York.
Inspectors Neeld and Atchtnson inspected
the steamers R. M. .Blackburn and D. B. Wood
Captain Harry Bobb, of Cumberland, a
yearly pilot for the Lysle Coal Company, was in
town yesterday.
The Elizabeth was delayed by the fog yesterday
in arriving from Elizabeth but she departed again
for that place on time.
The arrival of the Adam Jacobs from Morgan
towD was delayed 12 hours by the fog yesterday
but she departed almost on time.
United States Engineer Martin, who has
charge of the work at the Beaver dam. reports that
tbe construction Is progressing rapidly.
THE Tide came down from the fourth pool
Wednesday night with three fiats and a tow of coal
and returned with six empties yesterday.
Captain Joitn Brintox and Pilot Tom Din
levey, of the steamer William G. Horner, returned
yesterday from a tour of lower river inspection.
The highest water mark reached in St Louis
this 1 ear was 35 feet 9.5 Inches on Mav 19. which
was about 30.5 feet higher than the present stage
John Metz took out the twelfth issue of anon-
'condensing chief engineer's license and William
iienics: iook out nis eievenm ucense as pilot yes
terday. The John Moren Is down at Moren's landing
towing scows for the dredgeboat Western. She has
removed 70 ecow :oads lu the last few days, and
will be kept busy for 35 days more as there are 335
loads to be removed.
Williak Conners and Mary Grady en
tered cross snlts for assault yesterday be
fore Alderman McKenna.
William Woolsey and Thomas MoAvoy
wore yesterday committed to Jail by Alder
man Hyndman to await trial in court for
Peter Gran? will be given a hearing be
foie Magistrate Succop on a chargo of as
sault and battery, preferred against him by
his daughter, Elizabeth Grant.
Thoxas Murray was committed to Jail by
'Squire Oe'ffner, of Homestead; yesteiday to
await a tnal by conrt on a charge of carry
ing concealed weapons preferred by C H.
ate ware
Pat Horsenden, a driver for J. C. Bryant,
of Sample station, Pittsbnrg and Western
Railway, brought a load of charcoal to
Sharpsburg yesterday, sold it and got drnnk
on the prooeeds. He will be given a hearing
before Alderman Robinson to-day.
Thomas Welsh was given a hearing before
Alderman McKenna yesterday afternoon ou
a charge of larceny preferred by Anna
Kelly. The plaintiff alleges that he came to
her home oa Decatur street and stole a
pocketbook containing $4 60 and a diamond
ring. He alleges that he found the pocket
book. In default of $500 bail he was com
mitted for court.
McKeesport David Norman,' foreman of
the fivtuka Veckobladet, has fallen heir to a
vw.wv fortune in Sweden.
Springfield, O. Ten thousand Free Ma
sons will attend the laying of the corner
stone of the Masonic Home Wednesday.
Dawson John Washington, a colored bar
ber of Connellsville, was killed Wednesday
evening while attempting to board a mov
ing freight train.
McKeesport Burglars robbed John
Knoll's house or $33, and would have seemed
more had not one of them made a racket by
falling over a coal scuttle.
Bellaire Lonis Ebert 'has been arrested
here after a long chase for defrauding the
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company at
Washington, Pa., by forgery ana conspiracy.
Plain City, O.-Jerome township Is one
big hospital. Every school la the township
is closed, and it is estimated that within a
radius of four miles there are 300 cases of
diphtheria. Scarcely a family -has escaped.
Lodge 11, U. P. O. Elks. You are hereby noti
fied that the lodge will meet at lodge room. So. 102
Fourth avenue, at 2 o'clock r. X. to attaud the
fumral of our late brother, W. o. JEnklns.
A Mother's Gratitude
Too great Tor tongae to tell is due Hood's
Sarsaparilla for its wonderful cure of my
daughter, 11 years old.
Three years ago she bad
whooping cough and
measles, followed by
dreadfnl paln, be
ginning in one kneo
and extending to almost
every joint in her body.
She could not stand up
or lie down, and had to
A meeting of physicians
disease Constitutional
Olive Car.
sleep in her chair,
pronounced the'
crofala. We bean giving her Hood's
Sarsaparilla and there was a very gradual
change for the better. Tho pains grew less
and the swelling subsided after using one
bottle. Then improvement was rapid, until
Hood's Sarsaparilla
effected a perfect cure. It is over a year
ago, and we cannot praise Hood's Sarsapar
illa enouzh."
Mrs. -I. A. Carl, Reynoldsville, Pa.
HOOD'S i'JLL- are the best after-dinner
Pills, assist digestion, cure headache.
We Place Advertisements in
Daily and Weekly,
Religious, Agricultural,
Trade Mechanical Papers
And Magazines
At Lowest Cost
Pittsburg, Pa.
Telephone 1484.
, All copies of papers containing advertise
ments delivered to the advertiser.
Center Table
50 dozens' of odds and ends
and 50 dozens good fast black
(Stag's Head dye) Fleece Lined
Stockings, worth 50c to 75c a
pair, are
'609-621 PENN AVE.
500 Men's Black Cheviot Suits $8 TO $!0
600 Men's Worsted Dress Suits $12 TO $15
m ii
450 Men's Tivoli Kersey Overcoats. $8 TO $12
500 Silk-Faced Cheviot and Diagonal Overcoats. . . $10 TO $15
Smithfield, Cor. Diamond.
B. &B.
300 of them full size, light
weight Imported Shawls
Black and White, Tan, Light
Blues, Lavender, Medium
and Dark Browns in neat
Plaid Effects splendid to
have about the house to
throw around your shoulders.
Shawls are not as fashion
able as they once were, and
we presume that accounts
for the great sacrifice price
the Importer made the
price was why we bought
These Shawls were imported
to retail at $3 on sale to
day here at
A Shawl and they'll go fast
Many, we believe, will buy
two or three; some, perhaps,
a half dozea
Another lot bought in
' connection with above
handsome, fine quality SILK
Imported to retail at $6 to
$8 on sale
$3 EACH.
Take elevator in number
one, main storeroom, as you
go in, and as soon as you
laid on second floor you are
right where these-Shawl Bar
gains are.
Cabinets, 83 to S-l per dozen: netltes. M
per dozen. Telephone 1751. npS-f-uwraM
With Every Boy's
500 Boys' ServicsaMe Suits. ...$2.25
500 Boys' All-Wool Suits. .... $3.00
A rare chance. Don't miss it
We are crowded for room. The
goods must be sold.

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