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There is a widespread notion that act
resses set the fashions, and it is an errone
ous one. While it may be true that an
aocress of strong personality and real genius
may now and then devise some novelty in
feminine toggery that will take the public
eye and attain a certain degree of modish
Deis, yet as a rule the actresses of our lead
ing theaters have other things to think of
than devising and inventing new costumes.
This reputation which actr-sses have as
the originators of modes comes from the
tact that changes in modes first make their
appearand, on the stage. The actress of
to-day courts notoriety and public atten
tion, and what better way than to apply to
ome well-known designer of cos
tumes for a novelty in apparel when
the is about to assume a new
with a simple frill and the bodice is cut
with a V back and front.
Truly ifcl Economic Gown.
We saw a very charming dress the other
day which we were informed was aa actual
"economy gown," being composed ot two
old costumes that were supposed to have
seen their best days.
It was a combination of green velvet and
drab brocade silk. The velvet bad been
steamed and the pile raised and really
looked as good as new. It formed the long
black breadths of the trained skirt. The
brocade was used In the waist with a pointed
yoke of the velvet, and big sleeves, which'
were velvet to the elbow. Now for a tri
umph of art and domestio needle workl The
wearer of the dress had outlined the bro
caded flowers of the silk for the sleeves and
waist with silver beads, making it resemble
the old goods now so much coveted. A
ruche of the green velvet, lined with a
fringed-out pink silk, was used forxi foot
plaiting and a finish at trie wrists and neck.
A wide waistband of the pink silk, with
sash ends, finished this really charming and
artistic gown.
Comme It Fant.
Lmr, low-falling loops of red, Oriental
figured silk; backed with pink, appear upon
small capotes bavins crowns of iridescent
Eibbos ruches, representing a string of
pansles, grace the corselet, collar and cav
alier cufTs of some of the swellest Parisian
White ribbons entwined with ivy leaves
are used to decorate a snowflake tissue
danclnc robe, mounted upon a water-green
silk underslip.
Dahlia tones run the wbolo scale of that
color, ft om the deepest and richest of shades,
to a pale-die-away tint bearing but a faint
suggestion of lleht-spilnklcd rubv.
A handsome plaid which forms the sleeves,
twisted oorselet, and modish little Jacket of
an elegant French calling robe exhibits an
exquisite mixture of colots, among which
are colza yellow, rose, froth and claret.
The swell young woman of to-day, who In
the minutest details of her costuming ao
cepts only the choicest and most original
fancies, wears at her throat a Parisian
caprice In the torm ot a large Jauntily
knotted bow, the long ends falling nearly to
the hem of tne skirt, while a single quill Is
run through the center of the bow.
A Gray Felt Hat
xole? No, actresses very rarely originate
"modes, but actresses very frequently are
Hie animated frames upon which designers
bang their creations in order to try the
effect of them upon the public. And it is a
good scheme, too. The ribbons being used
sow for hat trimming rnn in every color of
the rainbow, and still keep in most delicate
tones,formlngverypliasing effect Nothing
'could be more stylish than those tiny
capotes in colored ctienme witnout any l
other garniture than a large velvet bow,
bci in crumpieu, crestitse lasnion in iront,
with broad strings in the same color.
A modish bit of headgear is set before
you in the illustration. It is a light gray,
felt-edged with black velvet,turned sharply
ui at the back and trimmed with a bow of
light grav ribbon brocaded with pink, the
ends of which are brought around to the
front and hide the crown.
rrom a Fire WllfuUy Kindled In a Grocery
Store bv the Proprietor's Daughter.
ClNOrNNATI.Nor.SO. Early last evening
Mrs Solomon Levi left home to attend a
ball, leaving her daughter in charge of her
husband's store. The young woman left
the building about 9 o'clock after having
evidently made careful preparation for
burning the house. Waste, saturated with
coal oil, was found in the drawers and other
places about the store, and in each pile of
waste was a lighted candle, so placed and
timed that the flame would reach the oil
saturated waste about 2 o'clock.
Thus far the plau was successful, and
only the vigilance of a police officer in dis
covering the fire saved the building from
destruction and its inhabitants from a terri
ble death. The daughter cannot be found,
but Mrs. Levi has been arrested. She is,
however, too hysterical to make a state
ment, though what she has said confirms
the above statements. The firemen rescued
60 people from the burning building.
is the heaviest since the billiard of -1888.
Many trains are stalled.
Nathan Chureh.who was Interested with
Mr. mils In his Teeumseu and Ithaca banks,
whloh have both failed, has assigned.
Rumor has It that several Minneapolis
banks have been victimized bv forgers to
the extent of several thousand dollars each.
Fifteen people are Implicated In the con
fession or B. P. Eenite, or the murder at aI
pena,Mich., of Molltor and Sulll-an, 17 years
The South Dakota legislature will act
on a proposition to resubmit to the people
the prohibitory clause of (be State Consti
tution. A United States express car on the Iowa
and Indiana Batlroad, near Dwlght, 111., was
mysteriously robbed of $2,000 Tuesday. No
one saw the deed.
A new steamship line to rnn between
Newport News and Liverpool lias been
formed the Chesapeake and Ohio Steam
ship Company, limited.
Miss Virginia Penny, the pioneer in the
movement to extend the possibilities of em
ployment for women, is living in New York
in. pitifully destitute ciroumstances.
Governor Tillman and Lieutenant Gov
ernor Eugene B. Gary, of South Carolina,
were inaugurated at noon yesterday in the
hall of the House of Representatives at
Bohemians In Cleveland almost mobbed
Mr. Blake, of Philadelphia, a representative
of the Order or Fraternal Guardians. Ue
refused to buy up membership certificate,
which they alleged he promised to do.
William Eanagen and his aged wife at
Jackson, Mica., have been committed to the
Insane asvlum. Six months ago they began
to last, believing rood they had eaten was
poisoned. When found by the neighbors
they were raving manlra.
President Palmer, of the World's Fair
National Commlsslon.ls preparing estimates
to submit to Congress in conneotlon with
the appropriation to be made for the Na
tional Commission. The Commission Is now
canying a deficit of $25,000.
A fast freight from New London, Conn.,
crashed Into the rear of tlio Boston express
at Noank, resulting in a complete wreok.
Engineer Frank Niles stood ac his post and
attempted to reverse. Ho was crushed be
neath the wreck and will die.
James U. Woodward, who as defeated
a few days ago at the primaries for Mayor,
at Atlanta, and Joel Hart, Pivsldent of the
Atlanta Stieet Hallway Company, had a
rough and tumble fight In the State House
Tuesday. A duel is looked for,
Two farmers, at Cold Springs, To xas, M.
F. Jones and It. T. Bryant, between whom
an old ued has existed met. Bryant chal
lenged Jones to a duel. Jones accepted, and
the two fought with knives. Jones stabbed
Bryant ts death. Ua was badl v cut him self
and was arrested.
Agent Tlncle. in his lennrt of the onnra-
tions or the division of speolal agents of the
Tieasury Department during the lasi fiscal
yoai, says that smuggling of dutiable
merchandise across the Canadian and Mexi
can frontier has largely Increased since the
passage or the tariff act of 1830 imposing
high duties on nil agricultural pioducts.
Lucille Kenning and Fi ankle Jaync,
two Cincinnati 17-year-old girls, oecaine so
Infatuated with one another as to make it
necessary to separate them. They were
sent awav, one of them to a convent. A
week ago they disappeared. They we, e seen
on the streets together, but can't be found.
They belong to respectable, well-to -do-taml-lles,
ana have several hundred doll ars with
The odd and unexplained absence of
Rev. George s, Sykes, pastor of the First
Methodist Episcopal. Church at .Long
Branch, Is causing considerable talk. His
most intimate friends have not the sligbcst
idea where be i, and bis wile lsjustasniucli
In the dark concerning him. ahe declares
that eh has not seen or heard of him for
lour weeks, and is completely broken down
wltn anxiety.
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Two Giants Will Be Wedded In This City
Next Thursday.
A remarkable wedding ceremony will be
Solemnized in this city next week when
Miss Emma Bossman becomes the bride pf
Colonel James Gilbert TJnzalo Beediland.
It will be essentially a marriage in high
life, the prospective husband and wife be
ing the largest conple in the -world. The
bride is 19 years ot age, rather pretty and
stands exactly seven feet high, while the
gallant Colonel stops the tape line at ex
actly 7 feet 2 inches. He is 29 years of age
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A Bright Corson Street Baby.
A mother on Corson street says her little girl was
so quiet the other mornlug ibe knew mischief mui t
be on foot. Going to the dour of the room where
the child was, the mother saw her dtoplug her doll
Into a kettle of de, and heard her say; "Do yon
s'pose dollle will be pretty when she gets dyed?
Mamma colored her old silk dress In this, and It's
beautiful. Mamma says everybody thlnLs the' a
awful extravagant 'cause we have so many new
clothes, hut then they didn't know she spends only
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Fall Skirts Are Coming.
Double skirts are with us, although they
are not generally received with enthusiasm.
However, .some leaders of fashion are adopt
in? them. Skirts are no longer drawn
tight, in the trying fashion that they have
been worn, acros3 the front of the figure.
These looser, fuller skirts are certain to
piepare the way for the over dresses that
are not yet accepted, but are certain to be a
little further on.
With the fuller skirts are beginning to be
used, although as yet surreptitiously, little
bustle cushions filled with hair. Indeed,
those wise in matters fashionable declare
that the hoopskirt will be with us within
the next 18 months. In tact, an evening
dress lrom Worth recently brought over by
a lady who has been sojourning in Paris,
which will soon be seen at a fashionable func
tion, is quite full enough as to the skirt to
be worn over a farthingale. It is of
amethyst velvet and is confined at the waist
by a cincture of iridescent ieweled passe
menterie. The foot of the skirt is finished
Special Meeting of Allegheny Councils:
The special meeting of Allegheny Com
mon Councils called for this evening is for
the purpose of finishing up the unfinished
business, as a great deal of it has accumu
lated and it is necessary to clear the desk.
The report that the ordinance extending
the term of the chiefs ot the departments
wonld be acted on is erroneous. Several
members of Councils have stated that the
ordinance will be laid over until the next
regular meeting of Councils.
Wall street tried yesterday by canards
to kill off Jay Gould again.
Florida oranges will probably be dearer
Only 3,000,000 boxes are In sight.
A Minister of Trade and Commerce will
be added to the Canadian Cabinet.
The Western window class makers. In
session at Chicago, reaffirmed old prices.
An Ontario commission has reported
that dehorning cattle is not a cruel practice.
Herbert Gladstone denies any knowledge
or the alleged home rule scheme cabled from
New York.
A slate-colored meteoric stone weighing
ten pounds fell to the earth nearXe w Castle
Col., Tuesday. '
English ship owners will start a steam
ship line between Charlestons. C., and .Med
iterranean ports.
The present snow storm on Long Island
The differetice in women.
o .
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Author of "A Transvaal Tragedy," "A Dark Night on the Rand," etc.
Copyright, 1S92,
It my be better to have loved ana missed
The lips some other one since fondly kissed,
bo the poet sings;
For if the other had the earlier gains,
Ferchanoe he suffers now some extra pains
Wedlock so otten brings.
Falling in love seems awfully like falling
down stairs. Nobody knows exactly how
It happened, though a man may get sorely
hart oyer either affair. Many a bachelor
could no doubt a tale unfold in this con
nection, and demonstrate once more how
the. tragedy of youth often becomes the
corned y of middle age.
This is, however, my narrative:
Very pie asant, indeed, are my memories
arid reminiscences of Southport. A dozen
years ago it was, as it probably is still, one
ot the most charming winter residences in
the United Kingdom. Its salubrious cli
mate, its pleasant resorts and its generally
u,-w.u. amnuaai uou llliuc 11 UI way
There fate, or something-else, had located
me. There I came inxeontact with what
seems to have influenced my career in a
very important respect. To relate all the
details would be disoursive, and would
savor of the story manufacturer. The
reader mast permit his imagination to hare
exercise, and fill in the thread of the nar
rative. I was just about the age when Cupid
usually has hi lull opportunity. I became
acquainted with two suters bearing well,
diHerent names. One was to me the most
charming creature I ever beheld. This
abrupt description mast suffice, became I
hold it unnecessary to portray in detail
her individual feminine charms. The other
sister was the exact opposite. To me she
was positively repulsive. Personal ap
pearance, manners, voice and qualities of
head and heart marked her a veritable
dragon, and she was endowed with every
thing characterizing the genuinely dis
agreeable old maid.
TBf o I loved at a distance, as the
by the Author.
story books say; and at the time I felt
certain that the tender feeling was re
turned. Just at this period of my life other mat
ters induced indeed, almost compelled
me to take up my abode in Natal, South
Africa. Tastes, inclinations, surroundings
and circumstances led me to select as my
ocenpation and business that of a colonial
farmer. Land was easily obtainable in the
TJmvoti country, then one of the best parts
of the colanv? And T a.rlw.i .i.. ;r aim
fence in execution is the mistress of success
would attain it.
I believed then, as I believe now, that
nearly everything of the nature of good or
bad luck or fate, or whatever it may be
called is closely influenced bv the number
of hours of genuine honest work the in
dividual puts into each day of his life.
I,WM,.nco?sffnL I could in truth say
yeni, vldi, vicL My sheep farming pur
suits were pre-eminently successful The
sun shone, the rains descended, my flocks
increased, and what was of the .greatest
consequence my wool realized always a
good price in Maritzburg ?r in England,
where I often sent in direct. Redwater,
lung-sickness and scab, the betes nolres of
the South African farmer. tn m. i
most unknown. The life, monotonous and
unattractive as It may seem to some dwellers
in towns, was fraught with many interest
ing and pleasant experiences. It brought
me In contact with manv sorts and condi
tions ot men, and furnished more of what
Cowper says is "the very spies of life"
viz., variety than many people may gup
There is not much that is outwardly ro
mantic about the life of the tfatal farmer:
nevertheless. fw aIH .Tnni.i. unt I....- i 1
strange, exciting, if not wonderful experi
ences, in tome shape or other. The Kaffirs
around seemed to like me from the first, and
I must confess a greater regard for the qual
ities of the Natal Zulu than most colonists
nor tn na avm-.... j v , a jt , .
.r.ji;t,Kii, x jearnnneir lac-
guogs uiu vcsbbb mmcientiy acquaints
with their manners and traditions to enable
me to understand their ways. I treated
them as they should be treated very firmly
hut very justly, and as a result, and a re
ward, I obtained from most of them a grati
tnde and a fiJelity colonists often complain
they are incapable of.
Of course there were difficulties to over
come. The earlier wattle-and-daub resi
dence was not a palace. At times, also,
there was much more mealie and pumpkin
than would suit me now. But good diges
tion waited on appetite, and health on both.
I experienced plenty of physical weariness,
but ennni never. Commanding, as I do
now, a menn that many bon vivants would
envy, I can still recall these days witfi feel
ings of intense pleasure. I doubt it ever I
enjoyed food so much.
I overcame many apparent difficulties. I
learnt to ride a backing horse, to manage a
span of oxen (not so easy a matter), to de
sign and construct a bridge in brief, I be
came a colouist In the real sense of the word.
I achieved progress from the mild morning
ciearette oi mv salad davs tn the ahm-t nin.
and Transvaal tobacco best of all smokes. I
think I was temperate in all things. Occa.
sionally we had characteristic bachelor par
ties, when square-face, then a popular
drink, vent round in quantities that would
have staggered a well-principled Good
Templar. But none ot us suffered much
the climate is so glorious. Some of mr
Dutch neighbors have swallowed enough of
this liquor to qualify them as judges, and
still, at the age of 76, can appreciate the
morning "horn." All this time I endeavored
tolceep my sympathies awake, and.I think,
succeeded. I exacted servility from none
of my raoe, and very little from the natives.
I fulfilled the requirements of law, and felt
little obligation to those above me. I was
Jtractically independent, and that in a fash
on one can only attain in a well-governed
colony like Natal. As nearly as possible.
I could realize the sentiment of that dear
old writer-
How happy Is he born or taught
That servetb sot another's will:
Whose armor is bis honest thousht.
And simple truth his utmost skill,
I thought then, and think now, that there
is no more honorable occupation than"a;ri
cnltural or stock: farmibg, conscientiously
followed. Nature was bounteous, and sun
and soli contributed lavishly to my enrich
ment. Tho Zulu war brought me, as it did
many others, a golden harvest. The Imper
ial coffers were opened,and Imperial money
was freely distributed among all who faith
fully fulfilled their contracts and obliga
tions. Transport was properly "up," and
forage and mealies realized prices they had
never done before. Altogether these were
pleasant times. I learned to love that place
in TJmvoti country, and to regard It as
worthy of the name of borne.
I fancy many a man will support me in
the statement that there is as muoh pleas
ure in the acquisition of wealth as in its
distribution. It was u in my experience,
t any rate. However, in the most com
monplace, m in the most eventful, life there
is oiteu a Waterloo, and sometimes a St.
Helena. I had everything a reasonable
mortal could wish except a wife. This
was the one thing that seemed needful, and
it was lacking in the household.
Many a benedict will no doubt sneer at
this admission, and be ready to say it was
well for me that I lacked such a possession.
I am of opinion, however, that tu every
well-balanced mental and physical organ
ization a wire is a necessity, ana tnat the
man who is denied or denies himself the
privilege suffers in some form or another.
Well, I wanted a wife, and sometimes be
came restless with the desire. There are
some splendid girls in Natal, bat my imag
ination had long centered upon the dear
creature I had met in Southport I had
never corresponded with her, or, Indeed,
with any of the family; but I had learnt
that they made frequent inquiries regard
ing me. Ot course I thought, indeed felt,
that she had tender recollections of me.
Ah! oar thoughts ars often sad traitors in
love as in other matters.
For years scarcely a day had elapsed but
my adored was present to my mind. At
last, however, I determined to put an end
to my state of suspense and write direct to
the being who had enthralled me, explain
ing my feelings and offering her my hand,
my heart and as mnch ot my property as
she could stipulate, Tbo resolve made me
proud enough, but uneasiness as to the re
sults somewhat tempered my joyous antici
pations. It took me two full days to satisfy myself
regarding the composition of that precious
letter, and never did messenger feel of
greater consequence than the writer as he
rode into the nearest town to Dost the
missive. I will not inflict the details of the
contents, but simply state that the dear I
one 'was told that if she" acceoted'the offer
she should come out in charge ot the captain
of one of the Castle steamers, who had been
a close acquaintance of mine for manv
It wonld require the pen and the diction
of a novelist to adequately portray the
mingled feelings I experienced daring the
passage of this letter to England. The
usual time was then about a month. At
moments I was the happiest of mortals; and
the thought of acceptance, and the presence
of the charmer by my side filled me with
rapture. But then, what if, after all, I
should be indifferent to her, or she should
be engaged or married?
And what if that dragon of a sister, whom
I felt hated me, should prejudice the de
cision of my dear Caroline? How I did de
test the name even of that female demon,
With unexpected alacrity the recipient
of the letter reDlied. and the contents of
the epistle overwhelmed me with joy, I
was staggered, though, at some ot her
effusive phrases, and her protestations of
undying regard for me. Perhaps I need
not have made myself so cheap to her after
Acceptance of my offer was testified In
most lelicltous terms, and intimation was
given that the dear one was coming oat by
the very next steamer. She mast have
loved me all the time, I thought.
I really think I must have been, for a
time, the happiest man in the whole uni
verse. The congratulations of my friends,
whom I speedily apprised of my good
fortuoe.werefervfd and hearty. Her beauty,
charm and accomplishments were dilated
upon until people must either have been
convinced x had gained a genuine treasure,
or have become heartily tired of enamera.
tlons longdrawn out.
Well do I remember that journey to Dur
ban to meet my bride, and the joyous anti
cipations experienced! All possible prepa
ration had been made for the nuptials,
which was to be an event that the district
should remember. But, ahl I have to re
peat that our hopes and our fears are sad
traitors. Inentoulwith the first tug to
the steamer. I wasanxioui to get the
earliest glimpse ot my dearest Carrie. As
we approached the ocean steamer I saw a
female form in an ulster vigorously waving
a white handkeroblef. Vigorously J waved
in response.
14 'lis she!" I mussiarsd, and .felt su
premely happy.
At last I was to be blessed! But as we
approached the face became more easily
distinguishable, and the features clearly
"Great Scot! !'
Had I mistaken the name and addressed
the offer to the wrong party to the sister,
the one I detested so much? Alas, that I
should have to admit it I hal. It was the
dragon, the demon, in all her natural ugli
ness, increased by a month's seasickness!
She stood at the head of the gangway to re
ceive me with outstretched arms. Satan
himself could scarcely have been more re
pulsive at that moment. I found I had
mixed up the names of Caroline and Con
stance Sick at heart, I made a few, a very few
inquiries of the captain of the steamer. As
he was leaving me he added, apparently in
some sort of sympathy: "She's not much to
look at; but perhaps "she will be a good 'un
to BO."
1 speedily resolved that she should go.
And she went.
For the sum of 1,500 she agreed not to
sue me lor "breach." She Teturned to
England, where she lives in prim old maid
enhood, and no doubt sometimes regales her
friends with her version of the affair.
Probably she thinks she was ill-used.
Caroline, I learnt, had been happily
married for many years, and had probably
never once given more than a passing
thought to her Southport acquaintance.
I care very little about girls now.
the gyp.
If reasonable prloes, courteous treatment
and pure, reliable noods are any Induce
ment to tho public, oall on Max Klein, where
you will find this combination,
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Extraordinary value In blaok and colored
cashmeres, serges.,popllns, velours, orepons,
fancy plaids, cloth suitings and French pat
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Charley Allen Befuses to Becognize His
Parent but Finally Breaks Sown.
It required a great deal of coaxing and
pleading to get Charley Baft, the 14-year-old
boy who was picked np by the South
side police and turned over to the Anti
Cruelty Society, to acknowledge that he
was Charley Allen and it was his dear, kind
mother who stood before him. Mrs. Allen
has been making constant search for her
boy ever sines be left last May. She read
the description of Cnarley Bait and was led
to believe it was her son. Her visit Tues
day to the Anti-Cruelty Society was de
scribed exclusively in yesterday's Dis
FATCH, and this morning according to the
promise made by Secretary Dorente to her,
she was allowed to see the boy. When
Charley saw his mother he looked sullen
and indifferent, not giving the least sign
that he had ever seen tne woman oerore.
The mother broke into tears and pleaded
with the boy to come and kiss her. Still
Charley maintained a stolid indifference.
At last by referring to his home life on the
farm and his sisters and brothers, Mrs.
Allen melted his heart and Charley burst
oat crying. He refused to give any ex
planation why he did not return borne, but
promised never again to leave the old farm.
The mother and her boy left for their home
in the afternoon. Mrs. Alien was weeping
for joy at the return of her long lost son.
Tne other lady, who thought Bait was
her son, who had been lost for 12 years,
could not be persuaded that she was mis
taken. She insisted that it mast be he.
At last she left the office with a sad, disap
pointed face to resume her search for that
boy she lost saw as a 2-year-old babe.
A hjuid cough distresses the patient, and
racks both innga and tnroat. Dr. J). Jayne's
Expectorant U the remedy wanted to cure
your cough, and relieve both the pulmonary
and broncnical organs.
A 3-nnr Sale of Hen's Fine Undorwear for
, 330.
This forenoon between the hours of 9 and
13 o'clock we will sell ISO dozen men's fine
camel's hair undershirts and drawers, regn
lar tl goods,for 33c a garment. Not mqre tbaa
two garments sold to one person. Please bear
this In mind, Bemember the hoars from 9
until 13 o'clock noon, today.
F.C.C.C., Clothiers, corner Grant aad Dta-
Road street. . . .T
- 4'W

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