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They Take Their Turn Before the Bar
of the Criminal Court.
Constable Hills Gets Over His Anger .at
Tipstaff Xesley.
Non-union workers at Homestead had
their turn in the Criminal Court yesterday.
Quinn Shaffer, colored, was put on trial for
felonious assault upon Officer Sweeney, of
Homestead, The assault is alleged to have
been committed during one of the rows
growing out of the strike.
Richard Robinson, a Homestead em
ploye, entered a plea of guilty to the charge
of carrying concealed weapons preferred by
Officer McAllister, and was sent to the
workhouse for one day. Sheridan Crumine,
another non-union man, pleaded guilty to
the same offense and was sent to jail for ten
James Doran, the small boy who escaped
from the jail during a "Washing ton's birth
day celebration, aud who, by the way, was
the first prisoner to escape from the jail,
was up in Criminal Court yesterday. He
pleaded guilty to burglarizing the residence
of W. A. AVert, on Ellsworth avenue, Eai.
End, and stealing a lot of clothing on No
vember 3 and to burglarizing the residence
of W. C Lowrie, on Center avenue. Sen
tence was deferred.
Constable James Mills, the prosecutor in
the case of assault and battery against
Major F. C Negley, a tipstaff in the Crim
nal Court, was brought into court on a
process. He had sued Tipstaff Kegley for
refusing to allow him to enter a door re
served for attorneys and court officers and
pushing him back. The case has been on
the liatrseveral days, but Mills failed to
appear. He was finally- brought in on a
process. He said he did not wish to prose
cute the case further, and was allowed to
go. The suit will likely be nolle prossed
at the cost of the prosecutor.
Patrick Morresey, charged with assault
and battery on J. C. Taylor, of Penn ave
nue, was found not guilty by reason of in
sanity and declared to be unsafe to be at
larcel He was remanded to jaiL
These sentences were passed: Arnold
Dorn, larceny, sent to the Pennsylvania
Reform School; Hu;h Boyle, larceny, 18
icontbs to the penitentiary; Charles Bobv,
larcency, two years and six montns to the
penitentiary; Antonio Burowski, false pre
tense and larceny, one year and ten days to
the workhouse; Thomas Miles, carrying
concealed weanons, 30 davs to the work
house; James X. Hanlon, assault, three
months to the workhouse; George Kelly,
assault, three months to the workhouse;
John Shay, assault, ten days to jail; John
Boyle, of 'Oakdale, selling liquor on Sun
day, three months and 20 days to the work
house and 5550 fine.
Michael Beluco was convicted of felon
ious assault.
IIo Was Afrafa of Being Fooled, but tne
Judge Wasn't Willi Him.
The suit of "W. D. Hamilton against
Oliver McClintock & Co., an action on an
agreement, is on trial before Judge Porter.
An unusual incident happened during the
progress of the case yesterday afternoon.
M. rflaum, attorney for the plaintiff, was
addressing the jury, and while he was
doing so Judge Porter left the bench and
went to his private room for a moment. Mr.
Pflaum continued until one of the jurors
interrupted him and told him he could not
talk to the jury when the Judge was not on
the bench.
Mr. Pfiaum said he could, but the juror
insisted that be could. A brief controversy"
ensueji, during which tne juror intimated
that Mr. Pflaum was trying to, impose on
them, and that there was no use talking
farther, the jury would not listen to him.
Judge Poiter was called in and informed
of the situation, and he promptly relieved
the too particular juror from further service
for the day. The case then continued with
11 jurors, and Mr. Pflaum concluded his
Returned to the Criminal Conrt bj the
Grand Jury Yesterday.
The grand jury yesterday returned the
following true bills:
William Landers, 55. Gallasher, Charles A.
Brown, Alice McCarthy, Louis Simon and
George Weber, larceny and receiving stolen
goods: Albert Kins and Barnet Socolsky,
larceny by bailee; Malviu Schaffer, larceny
irom person: Thomas Campbell, John Bock,
Nicholas Mnlich, Jennie Martin, Hugh
O'Hara, Dan O'Leary, Rachel. Taylor. James
Watson, Kate Miller and Michael Schubert,
assault and battery; W. F. Crook, malicious
mit.cb.ief; P. Murray and J. Abbey, felonious
assault and battery; George Urbain, feloni
ous assault; Carl Linn, as'ault and battery;
George Koejrler ana Lee Cavett, aggravated
assault and battery; John and George Koe
pler. selling liquor to minors and persons of
intemperate habits; August Goldstrahm,
keeping disorderly house: Albert Fair and
Christian Itamf, immorality; B. F. Brown,
The ignored bills were: William Murdoch,
Jr., Frank Winters, Thomas Burns, Angust
Herman et al, Peter Laws and George Koep
ley, larceny and receiving stolen goods;
Thomas Evans, Maud Heed and Steve Fan
non, assault and battery.
To-Day's Trial Lists.
Common Pleas Xo. 1 McBride Xs O'Con
nor. Muegle vs Kane, Simpson vs Gray,
Tarr vs Brown, Hartman et al vs Pittsburg
Incline Plane Company, tMIUigan vs Ee
Ibrmed Presbyterian Congregation, Mc
Daulex vs Pennsvlvanla Hallway Company,
Wolfvs Porter. Redder vs Porter. ,
Common Pleas Ho. 2 Stotfel va Callahan
Masson vs Mason, Taney et al vs Taney,
McClintock vs Bird, Patterson vs Jones et
ill, City of Allegheny vs Bnrper, Meredith
vs Sunderland, JTew Texas Cornet Band vs
Geisler. Oblitz & Sons vs Hite, Guepuor vs
Common Fleas Xo. 3 Fnndenberg vs
Barcky, Burgdorf vs City or Alleghenv,
fimyers vs Henkel, Prenil vs Wagner, Black
TsB.JtO.aE. Co., Mohan vs Yates, Trau
erman & Bro. vs Faulhaber, Jones vs Weil,
Bailey vs Dickcn.
Criminal Court Commonwealth vs James
Poran (3). Richard Swan (S), J. W.
Anderson (2). R. J. Godfrey (2), A. S. Hun
dorr, Edward E. Caruthers. Daniel Vanghn,
John Gosbefski, Martha Sueburg, James
Whiteford (2), John Sasko, John Abbey,
George Urbain, Mike Shubert, Alice Me
Carthv, Lee Cavett. John Gross, Bennett
Sacalsky, Albert Fair. Louis Simon, Kate
Miller (2), Malvln gcliaffer.
Echoes of the Court Corridors.
W. L. Phillips yestsrday issned an execu
tion against S. P. Stern for $2, CM 41
A verdict for the defendant was given yes
terday in the case of Sarah Martin against
Fred Drewes and others, action in eject
ment. The three suits or A. P. Longdon against
Thomas Hackett and Kountz Bros., actions
on mechanics liens, are on trial before Judge
A verdict for the defendant was given in
the case of James Owens against Morris
Kingsbacber, an action to recover for re
pairs to a house.
A VEEDiorfor the deendant was given yes
terday in tho case of the Safe Deposit and
Trust Company, executor of Ann Sheehan,
ngainst James M. Kelly, tra-actlon on a mort
gage. Attoritet J. n. Smith yesterday filed the
divorce case of Marlon E. Mclntlre by her
next friend, J. K, Beckley, azalnst Alfred
Mclntirc Thev weie married October 28,
1890 and, it is alleged, ho deserted her May
30, 169L
Mrs. Rebecca Sctowitz, wire of M. Snpo
witz, of the Sonthside, yesterday filed a
petition asking for an order or court to give
her the benefit of the act of 1872 securing to
her her separate earnings, so they will not
be subject to any claims against her husband.
Big Producers Suddenly Developed Below
Sistersville Surprise Even to the Own
ersSmall Wells Showing and New
Work parted at McDonald.
The Sistersville field is just now attract
ing more attention than any other spot in
the oil producing regions. The interest in
that field was revived and brought up to
almost a white beat this week owing to the
remarkable action of a well on the Eph
Wells farm, owned bv the Victor and the
Devonian Oil Companies.
It was drilled Into the sand nearly four
weeks ago, and nothing but salt water was
insight. They tubed it and began pumping
out the water. Last Friday the well sur
prised the owners, and everyone else in the
locality, by starting to How ut the rate of 55
barrels an hour, and it is still flowing nearly
1,000 barrels a day. This well is located a
little over a mile south of town.
Watson & Bettman were greeted to the
same kind or an agreeable surprise this
week on the Russell heirs' farm, which ad
Joins the Dunfey property, to the southeast
of town. It is their Ka 1 on this farm, or
rather lot, for there aie only six acres in the
lease. They pumped salt water lor six weeks
without ge'ttlng a sign ot oil. when suddenly
the well began to flow, and is now making
360 barrels a day.
The Kanawha Oil Company's Ko. BLudolph
was Ui tiling in the sand yesterday and
showing for a good well. It Is located on
the Ohio side of the river and almost due
north of the town of Sistersville. They are
starting Xo.l 0 on the Ludolph and No. 9 is
Jennings & Grace are starting Nos. 4, S and
6 on the Witten farm and No. 2 on tiio Wells
The Injured Men Improving.
Robert Mooney and Mr. McEllatten, who
were badly burned at the well of Ludwlg &
Mooney, on the Dunfey farm, a" short time
ago by striking a pocket of gas in the
salt sand and where James Deems met
his death, are slowly improving.
McElfatten has been taken to bis borne in
Butler county. It was feared 'at first that
Mooney and McElfatten would be crippled
tor life, but the phstclans In attendance
have since assured the friends of the In
jured men that they will not be disabled.
Light Producers on the Wtytengalc.
McDonald Bettman Watson drilled
their No. 3 on the Wlttengalo larm, north of
Noblestown, into the fifth sand yesterday
afternoon and it is reported to be showing
for a very light producer. Thev completed
a dry hole on this property unt long ago.
Greenlee & Forst's No. 1 on the Woods
farm, near Gregg station, was drilling In the
fifth sand yesterday afternoon at a depth of
five or six feet, but not a showing of oil had
been discovered.
The Devonian Oil Conmany's No. 2 on the
Cubbage farm, a short "distance north of
Venice, was drilling in the Gordon sand
yesterday and had several hundred feet of
on in tne noie. xneir .to, i on tnis larm
was a small producer from the font tb sand.
The Devonian's No. 1 on tho McDonald
Bros.' property was being cased through
the salt sand yesterday and their No. 5 is
down 1,900 feet.
New Wells Being Started.
The Forest OH Company is starting a
number of new wells in tho McDonald and
McCurdv districts. They have started No. 4
on the Devine farm, in Eastern McCurdy,
and have made locations for Nos. 3 and 4 on
the Sterling farm, sonth of Noblestown.
Tnclr No. 10, on the W. C. Herroa larm, is
drilling at a depth of 1.500 feet.
The Runnel oil and Gas Company shot Its
No. 1 on the Moore farm in tho Chartiets dis
trict yesterday.
Jennings, Guflsy & Co.'s No. 10 on tho Bell
farm, north of Noblestown, is due in the
fifth sand the last of this week. Their No. U
on this larm is down 800 Icet, and they are
starting to drill No. S on tho old Matthew's
farm and No. 6 on the Matthew's heirs' prop
erty. Jennings Bros, have started No. 2 on the
Sproul (arm.
boutnwest or McDonald and around the
Scott wells there is considerable new work
going on.
The Woodland Oil Company is spudding
in Its No. 1 on the Berry farm and is build
ing the rig for No. 1 Their No. 3 on the
Scott larm is down about 300 feet.
Knox Bros. & Co.'s No. 3 on the Scott farm
reached the salt sand yesterday.
Shcffler, Thompson & Co. are starting a
rig on the J. S. Espey farm, which joins the
James Scott on the west.
Two Wells Showing at TJndercllfL
Ukderchtf Taylor & Co.'s well, on the
Hunter farm, was drilling in the SO-ioot sand
yesterday and had 1,000 feet or oil in the
Fisher Bros." well, on the Krouse farm,
had from 800 to 1,000 feet of oil in the hole
last evening, and Rozenri's well, at Wittmer
station, was snowing more oil.
The Devonian OH Company's well on the
Hcrrlck farm, back oi Sharpsbnrg, was
drilled through the 30 foot yesterday and is
dry In that formation. They are going to
the Gordon.
The Ganges Yesterday.
The estimated production of the McDonald
field yesterday was 20,000 barrels, the same
as the day before. The Woodland Oil
Company's No. 2 Scott was making 45 barrels
an hour; Knox & Co.'s No. 2 Scott, 20 barrels
an hour: Jennings & Co.'s No. 1 Sproul, 20 an
hour. The stock in the field was 46,000
The runs from the Sistersville field were
19,550 barrels.
Buns and Shipments Tuesday.
The National Transit runs were 28,751;
shipments, 19.91L Runs of Southwest Penn
sylvania Irom McDonald, 132S4; outsldo of
McDonald, 8,136; total runs, 21,420. Buckeye
runs or Macksburg oil, 8,129: shipments, 479.
Buckeye runs of Lima oil, 46,176; ship
ments, 48,097. Enreka runs, 17.111; shipments,
none. New York Transit shipments, 4,079.
Southern Pine Line shipments. 24.473.
The runs on the V, estern and Atlantic
Pipe Line on Tuesday were 3,371; shipments,
Tne runs of the Tidewater Tipe Line Com
pany on Tuesday were 5,897: total, 27.674:
average, 4,012. Shipments Tuesday, none;
total, 56,624; average, 9,437.
The runs or the W. L. Mellon PIdo Lines
on Decembers, 4,5 and 6 were 31.594;" receipts
from other lines, 1,004; total receipts, 32,593;
shipments, 25,067.
The Oil Market.
Range of the Jannarv option: Opening,
53)c: highest, 54c; lowest, OJVc; closing,
63JSC Sales. 45,000 barrels.
JteOned oil New York, 5.50c; London, 4J
4Jd: Antwerp. 12r.
NkwYore. Dec 7. Petroleum "dull; open
ing price, 53c; highost, 53c; lowest, 53Jge:
closing, 53u. Pennsylvania oil Spot,8ales.
none: January options, sales 8,003 bairels.
Lima oil Sales, none; 17c bid. Total sales,
8,000 barrels.
Oil Citt. Dec 7. Market opened at 53c;
lowest, 53c; highest, 54c: closed, 53JJc; sales,
33,000 barreis; clearances 10,000 oairels; ship
ments, 88,252 barrels: runs, 84,632 barrels.
Irish Scotch whiskies right from the "Sod"
at ilax Klein's, Allegheny.
Colby, Bush & Gert's, Schubert HaUet &
Cumston Pianos. '
The standard pianos of America, match
less In tone and unequpled in valuable im
provements. Elegai.t assortment and rea
sonable prices at tho music store or J. M.
Hoffmann & Co., 537 Smlthtleld street.
Away Free
With every dozen of cabinets at Flendricks
& Co.'s callery. No. 68 Federal street, Alle
glieny. Cabinets $L Three davs only.
KEEP looking yonne and save Tour hair. Its color
and beauty with Parker's Hair tfalsam.
HIKDEBCOitNs. the best cure for corns. IS cents.
One Dozen Bottles op
:Malt Extract
In Nutritive
Properties one
Cask of ALE,
without being
It exalts the energies, stimulates the
nutritive powers, improves the appetite
and aids digestion. It can be used for
tnan, woman or child.
Matchless as a tonio in convalescence.
Purchasers are werned against Itnpod
tion and disappointment. Insist upon the
" Genuine," which meet have the signature of
JOHANNHOFF " on t"nfcVab?L
ir "1 -r
e"l v-) n
fMUNWHsrf I rJWn'
One Episode in the Life of a
Well-Known Man.
Hov He Came Most Dangerously Near
Death, But Escaped.
Reminiscence That is a
to All.
When a man comes near death in a battle
or disease he thoroughly realizes how sweet
a thing is life. It is a fact that we do not
value a Jewel until we losoit, and only one
who has come dangerously near death, or at
least has suffered weeksand months of sick
ness, can fully appreciate the blessing of
health and life.
How many people there are who grow
weak and tired without knowing why, do
not sleep well nights and get up mornings
tired and unrefrcshed; their head often
aches or feels badly, their stomach, liver or
kidneys are affected, they have constipated
bowels, and they feel nervous, depressed In
mind and generally run down. Then it is
that they realize the value of their lost
So it was with Charles II. Steven, Eq., of
South Effingham, N. II., a man well-known
and highly honored in tho Granite State.
;The facts are these," said Sir. Stevens to
our reporter when interviewed concerning
this mutter of greatf pnblic Interest, "I was
about prostrated In health, extremely nerv
ous, limbs stiff In the joints, my bowels
were bloated badly, and my breathing was
terrible. I could not stoop without almost
losing my breath.
"In fact I was almost a complete wreck,
and could do but little work of any kind.
"I commenced to take Dr. Greene's Nerv
ura blood and nerve remedy, and at the end
of one week I bad lessened in girth about
my bowels two inches and now my girth is
flvo inches less, and I am able to do a full
day's labor.
"I tell you, ir It hnd not been for Dr.
Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy,
I should lmio been dead before this time
and I can thereforo give this wonderful
remedy the highest praise."
Everybody says the same who has used it.
If you are sick, or if you don't feel just right,
take our advice and ue this great remedy.
AH druggists have It for $1, and we can
assure our readers that it is purely vege
table and harmless. Besides, there is the
still greater fact that it cures, and inasmuch
as It Is the discovery of the eminent Dr.
Gieenoof 35 W. Uth Street, New York, who
gives consultation fiee to the sick, it is
vlitually guaranteed as a great physician's
Thousands l.ate for Sapper.
A car on the Second avenue line jumped
the track at tbe corner of Fourth avenue
and Grant street abont 5:30 last evening1,
tying up the Second avenue, Dnqueine,
"Wylie and Center avenue and Birmingham
lines ior some time. Before it could be
gotten out of the way 29 cars on the various
routes had been stopped, delaying abouf
1,G00 hungry people.
Mr. J. P. Blaize. an extensive real estat
dealer in Des Moines, Iowa, narrowly escaped j
one of the severest attacks of pneumonia I
wine mine noixnern part ot tnat state during
a recent blizzard, says the Saturday Review.
Mr. Blaize had occasion to drive several miles
during the storm and was so thoroughly
chilled that he was unable to get warm, and
inside of an hour after his return he was
threatened with a severe case of pneumonia
or lung fever. Mr. Blaize sent to the nearest
drug store and got a bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Kemedy, of which he had often heard,
and took a number of large doses. He says
the effect was wonderful and in a short time
he was breathing quite easily. He kept on
taking the medicine and the next day was able
to come to Des Moines. Mr. Blaize regards
his cure as simply wonderful.
Is a growl, and that growl marks the limit
of argument with Mm. The best way to get
htm to try a medicine would be to advise
against it but notice how different his tone
after using BnrOoclf Blood Bitters.
"I have suffered with dyspepsia for the
last tn o years. Xot long ago I commenced
taking Ii. 11. U. I am now on the second bot
tle, and I feel like a new man.
G.KNOX.12 Sherwood av.,Binghamton,N.Y."
Rur-EATED Tests with Unifoiim Sccoess
prove the fact that Bin dock Blood Bitters
will cure dyspepsia. The reaon Is plain, it
tones the stomach to natural action and
keeps the sluice wavs of the system fiee
from clogging impurities.
"1 have been troubled with dyspepsia and
heart disease for nine years, and found no
relief until I tried Burdock Blood Bitters.
If o w I am i ell after takinz two bottles.
TTBSn Bowne, Allch."
effect June Jo. Trains leave Union BUtlon
(Eastern standard time): Corry Ac.. 0a..m.; lirae
Burn Ac.. 6:5U a. m.: Niagara Ex,,,dallr. 8:20 a.
m.. arriving at Buffalo. 5:43 p. m.: Uullols and
llUamsport, 8:20 a. m., arriving at Wllllannport.
6: p. in.; Klttannlue Ac. 9:05 a.m.: Valley
Carap Ac , 10:15a. in.: Oraeburn Ac. l!:05p. m.:
TltusvilleandDaBolsEx.. 1:30 p. m.; Valley Camp
AC. 2:S0p, ni.: Kmlcnton Ac. S 45p in.: Klttan
nlngAc. 5p. m.: Jlraebum Ac. 5:30 p. m.; Brae
burn Ac, 6:15 p, m.; Ilulton Ac. 7:60 p. m.: Buf
falo night Ex., dallv, 8:50 p.m.. arriving at Buf
falo":2ua. m.; Vallej-Camp Ac. 9:30 p. m.. Val
ley Camp Ac. 11:80 p. m. Sunday church tralns
Emlenton. S:(S a. m,: Klttannlng. 12:40 p.m.:
Bracbur. 9:50 p. m. Pullman buffet parlor -cars
on day trains and sleeping cars on night trains be-
tweeu & jiisuurjt ana .uuxiaio.
Gen'! Pass. Agen
bcnedule In effect Nov. 13, 1S92. Eastern time.
x or n asmngton, D.
C., Baltimore, Phlla.
delphla and New
A ork, 8 00 a m and
For Cumberland.
650. g 00 a m. no"
920pm. '
r Connellsvllle,
650, '800, $330 am!
1110. M15, 05 and
m p m.
.For Unlontoira.
650, 800, ,830am;
M10, M15 and f5M
p m.
iv m uuu wa 111, 1 AU it AUU J W U 111.
For Washington, Pa., "7 20 and ?9 30 a m, 400.
t 45, 7 SU p m.
For 'WheeUug. 7 20 and fa 30 a m. 4 00, "7 30.
For Cincinnati and St. Louis, 7 20 a m, 1 30
For Columbus. Mam.VSOpm.
For Newark, 7 20 a m, 7 30p m.
For Chicago. 7 20 n m and 730 p m.
Trains arrive from New York. Philadelphia.
Baltimore and Washington. 6 20 am, 8 40pm
From Columbus, Cincinnati and Chicago, 8 50
am, 'S 45 n in. From Wheeling, S 50 and '10 45
a m, U It and '8 45 p m.
Parlor and sleeping cars to Baltimore, Washing
ton, Cincinnati aud Chicago,
Dstlv. SDailr except bunday, SSnndayonly,
The Pittsburg Transfer Company will can for and
check baggage from hotels and residences opon
orders left at B. & O. ticket office, corner Fifth
M.nitam. i ,a -...i . Ac ..
Tcuucoiiu wu sirccfc, zuiu oo amuuueio. street
GencralUanager. Gen. Pass. Agent,
feef Fifth Avetrac, oft Jm e-S
December is not usually a good
silk month. We propose to make it
so this time, that is, if low prices will
do it.
$1.25 Quality at $1.
Pure, soft Silk, can be washed if
necessary 24 inches wide 1
comes in
YELLOW, etc.
$2 Quality at $1.25.
Too many of them. They must
go. Hence, 75c clipped off price.
Another lot by express to-day. 50
different shades, in light and dark
colors, for fancy work or dresses, 48c.
In street or evening, shades. An ele
gant quality and 30 inches wide 75c
Fancy Work Satin From 25c up.
81, 83,85, 87 and 89 Fifth Ave.
In Effect Jdnk 12. 1832.
Trains ivllllenve Union Sf&tlon, Plttsbnrf
us follows (Eastern Standard TlmeV
Pennsylvania Limited of Pullman Vestibule Cars
dally at 7: 15 a. m.. arriving at llarrlsburg atlas
p. m Philadelphia 4:45 p. m.. rew York 7:03
p. m Baltimore 4:40 n. m., Washington 5A5 p.m.
Keystone Express dally at 1:20 a. m arrivlnrat
Harrlsburg 8:25 a. m., Baltimore 11:15 a. n..
JJ ashlngton 12:20 p. m., Philadelphia 1H25 a, m.!
New York 2-00 p. m.
Atlantic Express dally at 3:30 a. m arriving at
Harrlsburg 10:30a. in., Philadelphia J:25p. nu.
New York 4:00 p. m.
Harrlsburg Accommodation dally, except Snnday,
!. in. aiiitiuKnnrri5uun.2:un, m.
Cay Express daily at 8:00 a. m . arriving at Har
rlsburg 3:20 p. m Philadelphia 6.50 p.m.. New
York 9:35 p. m Baltimore6:45 p. m Washing
ton 8:15 p.m.
Mail train Sunday only, 8:40 a.m., arrives Harrlr
burg 7:00 b. m Philadelphia 10:55 p. m.
Mall Kxprcss daily 12:50 p. m., arriving at Harris,
hnr; 10:00 p. m., connecting at Harrlsburg roc
Philadelphia Express daily at 4:30 p.m., arriving
at Harrlsburg 1, -00 a. in.. Philadelphia 4:25 a. m.,
andNew York7:10a. in.
Eastern Express at 7:10 p. m. daily. arrivlngHar
rlsburg 2:10 a. in., Baltimore 6:20 a. m.. Wash
ington 7:30 a. in.. Philadelphia 6:05 a, m, and
New York 7:40 a.m.
FastLlne. dally at8:W p. m., arriving at Harrls
burg 5:30 a. m., Philadelphia 6:50 . m New
York'.i:30a. m., Baltimore brtO a. m.. Washing
ton 7:30 a. m.
All through trains connect at Jersey City with
uoaisoi -Brooxiyn Annex" for Brooklyn, N.Y..
avoiding double ferriage andjournev through New
Yurk i,ni.
Johnstown Accom.. excent Sunday. 3:40 p. m :
GrecJsburgAccom,. 11:30.1) m..ucek days; 10:31
lu in. Sundays, (..reensburg Express 5:1 p. m.,
txeent bunday. Uerry ti press 11:00 a. m., ex
cept bundav.
W all Accom.. 5:25, 6:C0, 7:40. 8:35, 8:50, 9.40, 10:30.
11:00a. m.. 12:15. 12:50. 1:20. 2:30. 3:40, 4W0, 4:50.
1:15, 6:0), 6:45, 7:S. 9:00, 10:20. 11:30 p. m.. 12: lO
night, except Monday, bun- ay, 8:40. 10,30 a. m ,
12:25. 12:50 2:30, 4:30. 6:30. 7:21). 9:30, 10:30 p.m.
and 12:10 night. -.-.,
Wllklnsbnrg Accom., 8:25. :00. 6:15. 6:4S. 7.00,
7:25, 7:4 3:10. 5:35. 8:50, 9:40, 10:30, 11:00, 11:10 a.
m.. 12:01, 12:15. 12.30, 12:50. 1:20. 1:30, 2:00, 2:30
i:!S, !:40. 4:00. 4:10, 4:25, 4:35, 4:50, SiOO, 5;li, 5:30,
6:43. 6:00. 6:L0. b:45, 7:25. 8:20. 9:00, 9:15, 10:20,
11:00, 11130 p. m. week-dais, and 12:10 night, ex
cept Monday, btinday, 5:30, 8:40, 10130 a. nu,
12:25. 12:50. 1:30, 2:30. 4:30, 6:30, 7:29, 9:00. 9:30,
10:S0p. m.. l.'iliinlgli . t
Braddock Accom., 5:25. 8:00. 6:15. 6:45, 7.00, 7:25,
7-40, 8:00, 8:10, 8:35, 8:50, 0:40. 10:30. 11:00. 11:10.
a. m.. 12:01. 12:15, 120,12:50, ItSB, 1:3a 2:00, 2:30.
8:15, 8:40, 4:00, 4110, 4:3. 4l80, 4:35. 4:50, 5:00, 5:1
6:30, 5:45. 6:00, 6:20. 6:45. S :25. 8:20, 9:00, 9:45. 10:3
11:00,11:30 p.m. week-days, anJ 12:10 night, ex
cept Monday. Sunday, 5:30, 8-00, 8:40, 10:30 a.m.,
J2tf5. 12:50, l:3X 2:30. 4:30, 6:30. 7:20, 9:00. 9:30,
10:80 p.m., 12:10 night.
SOUTH vust
For Union town 5:25 and 8:35 a.
m lt20 and 4:25 p.
mononoajiela nmaioN.
For Monongabela Cliy. AVest Brownsville ana
Unlontown. 10:40 a. m. For Monongthela atv
and West Brownsville. 7:35 and 10:40 a. m., and
4:50n, m. On Sunday, 8:55 a, m. and 1:01 p. m.
For Monongabela Cltv only. 1:01 and 5:50 p. m.
week-days. Dravosburg Accom.. 6:00 a.m. and
S:50r. m. week days. West Elizabeth Accom.
8:35 a.m.. 4:15, 6:3a, and 11:35 p. m. Sunday,
9:40 p. m.
ForBpringdale, week-days. C-2a 8:45, 9:25.
IlUUflt IU,
...h .u ..,, Aij. -iil onAL a: o:
FLl .T, 1 .Wl A.A7 ..An P -An .... .
6:10. 6:20,
S:ia 10:30 and llMOp, m. Sundays, 12:35 ands;39
n. m.
For Butler. week-dAys, eax 8:45. l6:40 a. m.. 3:U
and 6:10 p.m.
For Freeport." week-days.
6i5 8:4 10:4ns. m..
3:15. 4:00. 5:00. 8:10. 10:J0
nd ilt40p. m. Stm-
nays inuana visup, ni.
For Apollo, week-days, 10:40 a. m. andJ:O0p. m.
ForFaultonandBlalrsvllle, week-days. s-SSa. m..
1:15 and 10:30 p.m.
WThe Excelsior Baggage Express Company
will call for and check baggage from hotels and
residences. Time cards and full information caa
De obtained at the ticket ofllees No. 110 Firth ava
ue, corner fourth avenus and Trr street aad
1 Union i
Union station.
IAS. E. ruun,
isnsral Manager.
Gen'li'assr Agent.
Crystal Bengalines,
$2.90 and $3 Worth $4 and $5.
This week we offer a special Bar-
,gain Sale of Fine Shoes at
$2.90 AND $3.
Every Size. Every Width.
Every Style.
You can save $1 to $2 a pair.
Perfect satisfaction guaranteed.
$2.90 and $3 Worth $4 and $5,
W. f1. LAIRO,
Wood Street
Market Street
Show DISPATCH adlets to be
most profitable to advertisers'
Try them.
KA.ll.TiO IDS.
Company. .Schedule In effects ov. 20, 1892. Cen
tral time -P.&L. E. K. R.-Dki-akt. -For Cleve
land, '7:00, 8.00 a. m,, '2:10. 4:20. 10:25 p. m. For
Chicago, '7:00 a. m..'2:10. 4:20 p. m. For Cincinnati
andSt.Louls.'i:10, 10:p. m. For Buffalo. 11:15 a,
m., 4:i0. 10:25p. in. For Salamanca, "S-00a. m.
2:10. 10:25 p. ra. For Youngstown and Xew
Caitle. .OO, '8.00, 11:15 a. m.. '2:10, 53-JO, 4:20.
10:25p.m. For Beaver Falls, 5:J5: 7:00. '8:00.
11:15 a. m.. 1:00. 2:ia 3:30, 4:20, 5:J0, lO.-iSn. m.
For Chartiers, H5:30. 5:33. 6:00. H6:4o, 7:10, 7-50.
3:00, 9:10, 8:30, 10:SJ, 'llMa. 111:45 a.m., 1:00, 1:10,
3:30. 3:45. '4:25,5:10. 5:2a '8:00, 10:30 p. m.
AKBIVE From Cleveland, O) a. m 12:30.
5:15. '7:45 p. m. From Cincinnati, CUIcagn and
St. Louis, 6:30 a. m., "12:30, 7:45 p m. From
Bufl.ilo. 6:J0 a. m.. 12:30, '$:K. 9:30 p. m. From
Salamanca. "j:3C 10:00a. m. 7:45 p. m. From
Youngtown nnil New i astic "BXO, J7.25. 'W:00
a lr.. 12:3a wo:15. 7:45. 9:30 D. m. From Beaver
Falls,5:20. 8:3a 7:23, '10:00 a. m., '12:3a 2:05, '5:00.
5:15, 7:45. :3i p. ra.
P., C. & Y. trains for Mansfield and Beechmont,
7:10 a. m ,10:30 a. in.. 3:45 p. m.
P., C. &, Y.tralns from Mansfield and Beechmont,
6:57. 9:50. 9:5.5 a. ra. 1:05 p. ra.
P.. McK. Y. K. K. DEPAKT-For New Haven
and West Newton. '8:20a. m '3:00 p. m.
Arrive From New Haven and West Newton,
9.00a. m,, 4:07p. m.
ForMcKeesDort. Elizabeth. Mononarahela Cltv
and Belle Vernon, 6:4at9:15, 11:05 a.m., '4:00, t5:
p. m.
From Belle Vernon. Monongabela City, Elizabeth
and McKeesoort,t5:50,7:40, tll:05 a.m., 12:55, 5:05
p. m.
' llally. H Sundays only. 5 To and from New
Castle only. tTo and from SIcSeesport onlv.
City Ticket Office, 039 Smlthtleld Street.
bcliedule in effect May 15, 1S82 (Central time).
Depot cor. Andersou st. andKlver av., Allegheny.
Depart for Chicago. "2.0U p. m. Solid tram with
Pullman sletplng car. For Kane, Bradford, t7:10
a.m. For Clarion, t7:10 a. m., t2:00 p. m. For
Foxburg. 7:10a. m., t2:00. t4:25p. m. For Buffalo,
Erie, Meadville, 17:10 a. m. For Greenville,
Mercer, drove city, t7:l0 a. ra., t2:00 p, m. For
Akron, Cleveland, t7:10a. m.. '2.00 p. m. For New
Castle. "7:11 a. m., 2.00. t3:05 p. m. For Butler,
t6:sa o, t9:30a. m., 2:00, 14:25, 15:15 p.m.
-'iralns arrive: From Kane, 18:45 p. m. ; Clarion,
111:J0 a, m.. 18:45 p. m.: Foxburg, 19.05, ttl:30 a.
m., 16:4op. m.; Krfe. t3.50p. m.: Greenville, Mer
cer, 1Il:3o a. m ti:50p. m.: Akron. '11:55 a. in..
16:45 p. m.: JSew Castle. t9:W. '11:55 a. in., 6:45
p. m.; Butler, 17:00, 19.05, 111:30 a. m., 13:50. 6,45
p. m. ; from Chicago, ll:55 a. m.
Dally. tExcept Sunday.
770E. r;lioiur;u union station
ennsulvania Lines.
Trains Bun by Central lima.
Nor lb west Sy stem- For t Wayne Konte
Dstaxt for Chicago, points intermediate and beyond:
1J0 -.m-7.10 a.m., 12S0 p.m., 1.00 p.m 8.45
p. m., tllO P'"1- Axrivb from same points : li05
a.m., 1.15 ajn., .00ajn., oUS aja., 5-p.m
6 45 p.m.
DsrAaT for Toledo, points intermediate and beyond:
f7.10 a.m.,12.20 p.m., 1 JO p.m., 1 1.20 p.m. AuRiva
Irom same points: fl.15 a.m., t,35 a.m., j6.45p.m.
DErAsrr for Cleveland, points intermediate and
beyond: fti-lO a.m., 7.10 a.m., flJM p.m-,
1105p.m. Arrive from same points: &50a.m.(
fl-)5 p.m., 5.55 p.m., t6 50 p.m.
Depart for Martins Ferry, Bridgeport and Bellalre:
t6.10 a.m., ilJSO p.m., t4 10 p.m. Akrive Irom same
points: f9.00 a m., flJ p.m., 6.50 p.m.
Detart for New Castle, Erie, Younestown, Ashta
bula, points intermediate and beyond: 17.20 a.m.f
tl220 pjn. Arrive from same pomes: fl.25 p.m.,
is 40 n m
Depart for New Castle, Jamestown, Yoangstowa
and Niles, t3 45 p.m. Arrive from same points :
18.40 a.m.
Depart hr Youngstown, 12.20 p.m. Arrive irom
Youngstown, 6 45 p.m.
SonthvrestSyHtem-Pnn IlanilleRontUj
Depart lor Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St,
Inims, points intermediate and beyond: 1.10 a.rru,
8JI0a.m ,8.45p.m., 11.15p.m. Arrive from samo
points: SL20a.m.,6.0Qa.m.,5JX)p.m.
Depart for Columbus, Chicago, points intermediate
and beyond: 1.10a m., tlii.05p.m. Arrive from
same points: 2.20 a.m., f.MX) p.m.
Depart for Washington. W IS a. m., $8.85 a.m
tl5p. m.,t3.:0j.in ,tJ.4ip.ni.,tl0p.'n. Arrive
from Washington, tfl.55 a m t7.50 a.m., VIM a.m.,
fl0a5 a.m.,t.' Hop m.,-l. 2V.p.m.
Depart for Wheeling, 8.S0 a. m.V t-2 85 n'n
J2.45 p. m., 4(j.l0 p. m. Ari.ivb from Wheeling,
8.45 a. m., -f3 0o p. m. 550 p. m.
Special Xoticeau
Pullman Slfepinc Cars and Poixjeam DiRim
Cars run through, hast and West, on principal trams
of both Systems.
Local Sleeping Cars running to Columbus, Cm
cranati, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Toledo and Chicago
are ready for occupancy at Pittsburgh Union Station
at 9 o'clock p. m.
Inns Tables of Through and Local Accosamoda
tum Tnus of either system, sot mentioned above, caa
dc rssrti.ro at 11U rilih Avense ana ussi oeon,
PitHtm-Hh. and at pnncipal ticket omces et
sylvaaia lines West of Pittsburgh,
Da-rj. tXx. Bandar. XEx, Satarday. TBs,
asHral sUasrB. MEsrai
1 ' '
$4, $4.50 AND $5
$2.90 and $3. .
$2.75, $3, $3,50, $4.
50c, 75c, $1 and 1.25.
W. ii LAIRD.
As old resident know and liaok UIoi ot
Pitt8Umu papers pi ore, is the uldesc e3c:ib
llshed and most prominent physician In tin
city, devoting apeclixlattentfon to all olironio
llr8omBre: NU Ytt UN I !L CURED
sponsible MrnnllQ and mental dl
persons IlLM V UUO eases, pliysloal da
cay, nervons debility, lack: of energy, ambi
tion and hope,impairedniemory, dLwracied
8l;rlit, seir distrust; basbfalnes, dizziness,
f leeplesness, pimples, eruptions, impover
ished blond, falling powers, orgnnio weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption,
nnflttingtheperson for business, societyana
mnrrlage, Dermanently, safely and privately
f'iRI 00D AND SKIN?;ier
eruptions, blotches, fnllln;rhalr,bonea,patns.
.. Innrtnlnr swellin's. Ulcerations of tho
tonno, month, throat, ulcers, old sores, ar
cured tor life, and blood poisons thoroughly
eradicated from I DM A PV Wdneyand
the system. Unilinll I bladder de
ranprements. weak back, pravel, catarrhal
discharges, lnfl wnmation and other palnrnl
symptoms receive searching treatment;
prompt i elief and real cares.
I)r. Wbittier's life-Ions extensive experi
ence insures scientific- and reliable treat-
xnenton common sense principles. Consul ta-
tion free. Patients at a distance as carefully
treated as if Mere. Ofllce hours. 9A.lt. to I
p. it. Sunday, 10 a. m. to 1 r. m. only. UK
vYU-TlllSK.811 Feim avenue, xlttsbar V
ion cdhon eooy
A recent discovery bv an old
pliy.lrian. bvccessfidlu usea
monthly by tfunuauds of 'tadiu.
Is the only perfectly safe and
reliable medicine discovered.
Beware of unprincipled drug
slsls who offer inferior medi
" elnes In place orthls. Askfor
Cook's Cotton Boot Compound Hike m eubsli
tvte, or Inclose tl and 6 cents In postage In letter,
and we hill send, sealed, by return mall. Full
sealed particulars In plain envelope, to ladles only,
Address Fond I.lly Company,
No. SFIsnerBlock, Detroit. Mich.
Stf-Sold In 1'lttsburg bv
del7-51-eodwk 412 MarKetst.
M SdnjJstiiw
A cure ror Piles. External. Internal. Blind, Bleed,
ing and Itching, Chronic. Becent or Hereditary.
This remedy has positively never been known to
fall, tl a box. G lor i. bv mall. A guarantee given
with six boxes, when purchased atone time, to re
fund the ftj If not cured, Issued by EMU; G.
STUCK Y, Druggist, Wholesale and Betall Agent,
Nos. -401 and 1701 Penn ave.. corner Wylle are.
and Fclton st,. Plltsburg. Pa Use Mncky'
Dsarrhcea & Cramp Cure. 2 and 50 cU. Jal-tS-eos
With Electro-Magnetio Suspensory
Latest Patents! Peqtymnrfta'w'lntst
Win enn-without mcdleln all Weakness resn'ttnt
from over-taxation of brain, nerve forces, excesses
or indiscretion, as Cxhiustlnn, nervons deblllt
sleeplessness, languor, rheumatism, kidney, liver
and bladder complaints, lame back, lumbago, sci
atica, general Ill-health. -etc. This Electric Belt
contains wonderfnl improvements overall others,
aud gives a current that Is Instantly felt by wearer
or we forfeit $.i.000, and will enre all of the aboru
diseases or no pav. Thoi sands have been cured by
this marvelous invention after all other remedies
failed, and we glvs hundreds of testimonials In this
and every other Slate.
SOB.Y, the greatest boon ever offered weak men,
FKEE with ALL RELTS. Health and vigorous
strength GUARANTEED in 60 to 90 days. Stnd for
illustrated oamphlets, mailed, sealed, free. Ad
1 dress.
I 919 Broadway, N. Y. City
'' '"
$2.90 and $3 Worth $4 and $5.
You might as well save $1 and $2
a pair now while LAIRD offers
$4 and 5 Shoes at
$2.90 AND $3.
Every Pair Perfect.
$2.90 and $3 Worth U ani 55.
Wood Street
Market Street
The great Span.
lsh Bemedy, Is
sold WITH A
to care all nerv.
ons dlseas ts, sncsi
HX70TtK im ITTTtt ITBIVrt r a-- nT HhI. !. JL
J) akefulness J-s' Manhood. Nightly Emissions.
Nervonsness. Lassltnde, all drains and loss of power
or the Generatlvp Organs In either sex caused by
over-exertion, joii iful errors, or excessive useo?
tobacco, opium or stimulants, p per package by
S.VJLSSv. Wlth e,rr W order w.orVE A
MON EY. Spanish Medicine Co., Midrl.l. Spain.
SjASJK'fc Mleh- For sale b JOS. FLEStiNO
BOii. rlttsburg. de23-as-xns
We send the marvelons French i
Remedy CiLTHOR ri .j . i
legal cnarantee that C'althob win f
'ZiMr vuthMTttm Jfc EmlMlona, 1
CrntEAptrmatorrfcea. Varicocele I
I UU ou A u lUi XrfMt v igor.
Use it and pay if satisfied.
Address, VOM MOHL CO-
Sola Antrieia IgtmU, Oacutaail, Oalo. !
SPECIALISTS In all cases re
quiring scientific and confi
dential treatment. Dr. S. K.
Lako, Jl. E. C. i. S- Is the old
est and most experienced spe
cialist in the city. Consulta
tion free and strlctlv -conn.
den Hal.
Office hours 9 to I and 7 to 8 p. it
I Sundays, 2 to 4 p. sr. Consnlt them person-
ally, or write Doctors Lake, cor. Penn av.
and Fourth st. Pittsburg, Pa. JelG-S-'-Dws:
IVSanhood Restored!
the wonderful remedy.
Is sold with a written
guarantee to cure all
nervous diseases, such
as WeakMemory.Loss
of Brain Power. Bead
ache, Wakefulness.
Lost. Manhood, Night
ly Emissions,Nervous
ness, I-usttude, all
drains and loss of now-
er of the Generative organs in either sex caused by
over exertion, Touthxnferrors, or excessive use of
tobacco, opium or stimulants which soon lead to
Infirmity. Consnmntion and Insanity. Put nD con-
I venlent to carry Invest pocket. SI per package by
r m.ll. A f"PA Tarifh nvnv .K nnlow a iri.o a afrrittfn
caaronts to care or refund tAsmojKw.Cirenlar-ree.
Address Nerve Seed Co., Chlcaao, IU.
For sale In Pittsburg by JOS. FLEltl.N G Jt SON,
410 and 412 Market street. no24-44-rrs
Physician not needed. I wlllgladlysend (sealed) CDCC
tojufferers a prompt, permanent core for LOST ill EC
ETC. Enlargement certain. Addresi with stamp,
6 K. TCPPAB, sportsmen's Goods, Uorslial2.Misli.
Installment House
feoccnpytlie entire Mill
7 Sixth Street,
Clothing on Credit
(Ready-Made L to Order.)
Watches & Jewelry,
INSTALLMENTS. Cask Prlces-Wiiboot Secnrifj-
Trnus. n--.M-rf -.i-mmiiit mrcnased
must b paid, down; the balance In smaM
weekly er monthly payments. Bmine
transacted strictly confidenuaL Opta
daily, from 8A.M. to P.M- Saturdays
M 'mam II

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