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Page 12.
.,. Yc*. the Cou*^.
April 23-24-25—1954
Bowler« ToUl
Total $103.00
i .01
City Cq|f|ain'
Bowler* Total PU« I'rlee
194 $
I*Ml tla»
Tot»l Pint
Total .$193.00
$ 15.00
T?am Event
Dđubles Event
Singles Et^.
2890 20.00
... 5.00
Ths Library
$ 8.00
..... ..............

Pa., Junior Order faest 103 squad, pictured
above, were crowned the Junior Division
Champions for the third straight year dur
ing the April 2-3-4 running at Farrcll, Pa.,
of the CFU's 11th Annual National Basket
ball Tournament. Shown here with Coach
Eighth Annual Canadian Tourney Hits
Spot With Society's Junior Director
Fraternalists Across Border Deserving
Of Highest Praise For Friendly Spirit
By Michael firaslia, Junior Order Director
Pittsburgh, Pa. In reviewing the 8th Annual CFU
Five Pin Tournament held in Toronto. Ont. April 23 and 24,
I want to utilize a very apt expression "dobar je naš na
rod." It was a distinct pleasure and honor to be amongst
our Canadian members.
The warmth of their fraternal welcome is unsurpassed.
As the official representative from the home office I was
treated to every dignity and^
consideration while on a per-
self at the scene of the tour
Brother Bezic, a very
young man, was a busy per
son directing, counseling, ask
ing questions and issuing ex
plicit orders Ably assisting
him were D'Arey Misetic,
chairman, a youngster of just
20 years Tony Filipovich,
treasurer, who looked even
younger John Manestar,
vice-chairman and Joe Si
mac, recording secretary.
This coterie of youthful
leaders was a constant source
of wonderment ,to me for it
deported itself with unfalter
ing compctance. Indeed the
outstanding impression of the
entire tournament was the ef
ficacy of this group.
Our Toronto lodges can be
While watching the bowl
ing I had the opportunity of
meeting many other obser
vers and participants. I be
gan talking to a woman who
somehow seemed familiar and
yet I knew that I had never
met her before.
When she told me that her
name was Carmela Benac
then I realized that it was her
pictures in the "Z" last year
as one of the campaign vic
tors that had struck the re­
sponsive chord. Sister Benac
sonal, friendly basis, I was was watching her husband
made to feel as if I had known and son bowling. Here again
every single person for ma-1 was proof positive that our
ny, many years. sportsmen are also active in
I arrived in this great nor- membership drives.
thern metropolis on Friday at I stayed with the bowlers
the heaviest traffic hour and to the conclusion of the day's
the most appropriate time to rolling which came about mid
be duly impressed with the. night. Before leaving for the
pulsating power of this city night bro. Bezic told me that
of well over a million people. the committee was to have a
After securing lodgings for meeting at 10 o'clock the fol
the night I immediately
lowing morning and expressed
cted the secretary of the the wish that I also attend.
^tournament, bro. Dusan Be-1 When I arrived on the
aic. Our phone conversation scene on Saturday morning
informed me that the bowl- that committee was already
ing would begin promptly at engaged in posting the late
7 o'clock and so at the ap-1 scores of the previous night's
pointed time I boarded the bowling. It then went into
subway train, the pride of session to set up the prize
every citizen of Toronto, and money schedule and resolve a
in a few minutes found my- few other important ques-
At about this time the eon-
Never having met any of! tingent of bowlers from Ham
the committee members be
fore, I saw bro. John Stanich,
able secretary of Lodge 832,
winner of last year's member
ship campaign and delegate
to the 8th CFU Convention
and was immediately intro
duced to bro. Bezic.
ilton's Lodge 644 arrived and
I was again in the midst of
fond friends and fraternalists,
exchanging greetings with old
acquaintances and meeting
new friends.
The entire afternoon was
an exhibition of well organ
ized activity. Our Canadian
bowlers do not yet possess a
i n a n i a y s o n e n o u
sports organization to be able
to pay their score keepers but
they still are imbued with
that self-sacrificing fraterna
lism which motivates them to
gladly and freely give service.
I poted with a feeling of pride
and amazement the unques
tioned obedience to repeated
requests for keeping score or
any other chore assigned to
Bro. Anthony Brajdie of
the CFU rtome Office staff
arrived at abo^ut this time
and. to the delight of all, pro
ceeded to take movies of the
keglcrs in action. Some shots
proud of the fraternalists that were also taken of the victory
they have trained. The entire i banquet and all of*these will
CFU can look with pride at i eventually become part of the
their accomplishments and
point to them as the perfect
example of the truism that
age is not the only criterion
of utility.
new CFU movie which is to be
devoted to sports and cultural
activities, a companion fea
ture of the now completed
"This is your CFU."
The climax and grand fi
nale of this great event was,
of course the banquet and
dance on Saturday evening.
The banquet itself, the pre
sentation of trophies and
speeches ran the familiar
patterns of all such affairs.
Serving in the capacity of
master of ceremonies was an
old fraternalist, bro. Juraj
Boras to whom I confided my
amazement at the display of
harmony on the part of young
William Pandak, Sports Director Edward
Sabolic and Nest Manager Michael Roman,
are players, not necessarily in order, Hewko,
Matasik, Cutich, Pulpan, Mitcheletti, Radish,
Marnic, Peters, Warchol and Kronstain. Con
way trimmed Monessen, Pa., 39 to 36 to re
tain its diadem for the third time.
and old. I commented that
much too frequently we hear
all too familiar complaints of
the indifference and the apa
thy of the younger genera
Well, here as in many such
instances that complaint, that
criticism was baseless. I hope
and pray that we may con
tinue to be beset by such
apathy as I witnessed in
In my address I stressed
the powerful factor that our
organization was, is and will
continue to be amongst our
people. I emphasized too the
influence that it wields for
the good of our two great
o e a n s e U n i e
States and Canada and
that young and old can be
proud to belond to it for it
is truly a great democratic
American or Canadian insti
I singled out one, oi their
bowlers, Stanley Znidaric, as
an exceptional sportsman for
I have seen him at many CFU
Ten Pin Tournaments which
take him thousands of miles
away from home.
To bro. Joseph Stanovich,
manager of Nest 397, Hamil
ton and current leader of the
membershij) drive, who just
a few minutes before had pre
sented me with five new mem
bership applications totaling
61 points, I paid particular
respects and approbation.
The dance that followed
was truly a memorable affair.
I have never seen as many of
our Canadian people under
one roof before. I have seldom
witnessed such camaraderie,
such sincere fraternalism
I talked with persons who
did not share my viewpoints
on some things but who ne
vertheless respected my opin
ions as much as I did theirs.
Out of all discussions, for
that is exactly what they
were since they were never
reduced to the level of argu
ments, there emerged an even
firmer bond of friendship and
When the time for depar
ture arrived, it was all too
soon. I was wished a happy
journey by delegation after
delegation of members, yes
true friends and fraternalists.
I can truthfully say that ne
ver in my life have I had a
happier time.
Before concluding I want
to congratulate the tourna
ment leadership on a job well
done. I want to congratulate
our five lodges in Toronto for
their display of harmony.
I have but one regret and
that is that only one lodge
outside of Toronto was rep
resented. This tournament is
and should be accorded all the
trappings of a national event.
Let's make it so. I know there
are bowling leagues through
out Ontario and nearby pro
I know that all bowlers en
joy the league rolling but I
tell you the entire season's
bowling cannot begin to com
pare to the exhuberance and
enjoyment of a two day tour
Recap Of 18th Annual Duxlournament
18th Annual Duckpin Tournament
Pantone Bowling Lanes
Sharpsburg, Pa.
Team Event
I.odge City CapUi* Total rin* Prize
705 Farrell, Frances Golub 2003 $ 37.50
4:4 McKeesport, Marge Rupcic 27.50
234 Pittsburgh, Fran Jovanovic 1844 22.50
738 New Brighton, Helen Pavkovich ... 1831 20.00
720 Aliquippa, Josephine Prevish 1815 17.50
234 Pittsburgh, Olga Delack 1768 15.00
706 Pitpas, Marie Sekel 1710 12.50
Mary Katkich Alice Povelitis 878
Fran Messina -Fran Golub 871
Ann Thomas -Jo Prevish 847
Ann Pappa -Josephine Delac 793
Marge Commella -H. Pavkovich 773
Mary Radocaj -Helen Pupich 773
Jo Puskaric -Marie Grdic 750
Fran Jovanovic -Rita Benec 739
Marge Rupcic -Barbara Watkins 737
Ann Woji-M. Glusic 730
Ann Panian -Grace Petrich 712
Marilyn Kapsa Fran Robich 711
Total $115.00
Marlene Zivitz 462 $ 6.50
Marie Sekel 459 8.00
Barbara Watkins 429 7.50
Jo Antoncic 407 7.00
Marge Rupcic .*. 407 7.00
Jo Puskaric 406 7.00
Mary Glusic 404 6.50
Ann Cvitkovicti 403 6.50
Jo Prevish 401 6.00
Ann Pappa 392 6.00
Marilyn Kapša 384 5.00
Mary Thomas 383 5.00
Alice Povelitis 379 4.00
Evelyn Cottage 378 3.75
Frances Golub .\ 378 3.75
Stephanie Vukovich 378 3.75
Ann Mezmar 376 3.50
Dorothy Jovanovic 373 3.25-
Special Awards
Individual 1-Game High, Frances Messina
All-Events, Josephine Prevish 1348
Team 1-Game High, Lodge 705 705
Team Event
Total $280.00
John Vukovcan -John Turkaly 960 $ 25.00
George Lisjak -Frank Stosich 950 20!00
A. Bartosh -J. Markunic 949 17.50
Rudy Kosela -R. Kuhel 943 15.00
Marion Srdoch -Ed. Kozar 943 15.00
Frank Burich -John Robich 940 12.50
Mike Medock -Joe Tomichek 933 10.00
John Curilovic -Steve Grahovac „.... 933 10.00
Joe Brletic -John Brletic 927 9.00
Frank Egercic -Mike Burnace 922 8.00
Mark Bursic -John Lalic 915 7.50
Wm. Gaslevic -Nick Spudich 911 7.50
John Open hart -Matt Lonchar 910 7.50
Walter Matetic -J. Vinski „... 909 7.50
John Barancho -Mike Komar 906 7.00
John Arendash- Leo Zekich 905 7.00
George Sestrich -Andrew Kindya i... 903 7.00
John Nejak-G. Matijevic 902 6.00
Charles Gojmerac -Steve Petrusic .. 895 6.00
Ed Cominskey -Steve Kmetz :. 886 6.00
Lou Srsic -Joe Sestrich 881 6.00
George Maletic -Emil Hanzevac 877 5.00
Total $221.50
Michael Spretnak 614
Marion Srdoch 559
John Novak 557
Steve Simek 551
Mike Burnace 525
John Kucan 524
Mark Bursic 522
Joe Sestrich 522
Emil Sudar 519
John Mikulin 510
John Arendash 509
Edward Kozar 505
Mike Samoy 499
Frank Stosich 495
Michael Vickers 495
Nick Spudich 491
Charles Gojmerac 490
Joe Mlinac 489
Frank Egercic 489
Ed. Cominskey 486
John Stupar 486
Andrew Tuscan 483
Marko Zrille 481
Steve Grdnic 480
Total Pina Prize
Etna, Pa., Nick Spudich .!Ž503" $
McKeesport, Rudy La^cft ....'A 2389
Pittsburgh, John AreiidfLsh 2387
Mike Burnace, Farrell '.'.1. 2259
Ambridge, Emil Hanzevac ...': 2255
Johnstown, Steve Petrysic .2222
Aliquippa, Steve Grahovac 2216
Etna, Mike Medock .2203
Johnstown, Steve Kmetz 2175
Ambridge, John Zivic 2154
Wilmerding, John Brletic 2144
Special Awards
Individual 1-Game High, John Lalic, 248&|«H8.50
A]l-Events, Marion Srdoch .,T. ..12! 1617 15.00
Team 1-Game High, Lodge 4, Etna .......v.......... 900 15.00
NEW CHAMPS Pictured above is the
Duquesne, Pa., Lodge 320 team which won
the Senior Division laurels during the CFU's
11th Annual National Basketball Tourney,
held April 2-3-4 at Farrell, Pa. Comprising
Frank Braidic, "Sports-Educational Dept.
Montana State Bowling Tourney Champs
March 21 and 28, 1954
Tt»wi City Score rrli.c
Saints and Sinners, Anaconda 2938 $50.00
McQueen 1, Butte 2894 35.00
Race Track, Butte
Zora's Team, Butte 2826 15.00
Sladich Bar, Anaconda 2816 10.00
Casanova's, Butte 2812 5.00
Ind. high team event, Joe Mihelfc (A) 214 5.00
Ind. high team event, Tom Stergar (A) 217 5.00
Name City Score Prize
Joe Petrin-Nick Fabatz, Butte 1261 $15.00
Joe Taras-Andy Groo, Butte 1259 10.00
Paul Miller-Ed Crnich, Butte 1234 8.00
Frank Jurcich-Joe Stokan, Anaconda 1222 7.00
George Thomas-John Pupiđh, Anaconda 1186 6.00
Tom Evankovich-Michael Gasper, Butte 1184 4.00
Singles Event
KlW, City Score Prize
Paul Miller, Butte 673 $10.00
Paul Kasun, Butte 659 8.00
Mike Shegina, Anaconda 656 7.00
Nick Fabatz, Butte 655 6.00
E. O^anich, Butte 6il 5.00
Paul Popovich, Anaconda 629 4.00
George Thomas, Anaconda ............ 622 3.00
John Mance, Butte 617 3.00
Joe Stokan, Anaconda 615 2.00
Francis Chumrau, Anaconda 612 2.00
Name CHy Score Price
Paul Miller, Butte 2024 $20.00
Nick Fabatz, Butte 2010 15.00
George Thomas, Anaconda 1841 10.00
Team Event
Team City Score
Lodge 165 Gals, Butte 2246
Belles, Butte 2222
The Owls, Anaconda 2214
Ind. high team event, Mildred Stokan (A) .... 175
Ind. high team event, Mary Matteuieci (B) .... 178
Doubles Event
Barbara Herbolich-Ann Mulvcy, Anaconda .1000
Tillie Campbell-Frances Petrin, Butte 961
Catherine Petrin-Mary Lou Ivanovich, Butte 941
Name City Score
Mary Plutt, Butte 554
Ann Mulvey, Anaconda 533
Ruby Sestrich, Anaconda 522
Frances Petrin, Butte 521
Tillie Campbell, Butte 518
Name City Score
Mary Plutt, Butte .....1*5T8
Tillie Campbell, Butte .....1481'
Sent by mail anywhere.
Total $121.00
George P. Stokan, Chairman
Tamburica Orchestra
MUSIC Yugoslav
music for Piano and
Piano Accordion.
Lodge No My naijft* ...
(Don't fall to give Lodge number)
Old address was .......I..
City Score
May 12, 1954.
the victorious squad, which whipped Farrell
67 to 46 in the finals, are G. Medich, Jofyi
Bumbas, A. Magdic, Joe Bumbas, Sučevih
A. Medich and Tuchak. Duquesne floored ont
of the classiest combos seen in years.
Ideal Setting
The retired locomotive en
gineer and his wife were on
vacation and she was deter
mined to get his mind off rail
roading. She figured she had
succeeded one day as they
stood looking down into the
vast depths of the Grand
Canyon. The old throttle-pull
er's eyes bugged wide and his
jaws slacked. "Isn't it stupen
dous?" his wife exclaimed.
"Boy, oh, boy," was the aweil
reply, "wouldn't I like to
moan my old steam whistle in
a hollow like that!" Tracks
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insurance you had better
know your life insurance
man before it's too late!
Campaign Tjis~
Safe Investment
When you buy a bond,
and make one down payment,
you owe for a bond. When
you buy CFU life insurance,
and make one down payment,
you own an estate.
Do You Get Your "Zajedničar" Every Week?J
New address is «4, »t« ...4*»*»««
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known address, but if you do not get »t, something is wrong, so senf us your correct address.
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of your Lodge means nothing to the Circulation Department of the UfftctcU Organ.
Clot out and mall immediately to the "ZAJEDNIČAR". S44I torbe« street, Pittsburgh Ut, Cfe
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ing the birth announce
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tory to see if the parents
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Call on them! Perhaps
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policy for Junior now or
e a s e i n s u a n e
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The Family.
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