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tfune 2,1954.
7« W
Frank Braidic
W K \ik
"V -wr i i V
a? *N*t
r»i i
ill ^Vs&+s
John Bolcic, Sec'y.
Harriet Bozurich, Sec'y.
Frank Topolovec, Sec'y*
Postpaid, only
Frank Maydak, Sec'y.
Dan Yustin

Meet the mighty Anacondans who haul
ed off the Men's Division Championship
during the course of the March 21 and
March 28 staging of the CFU's Annual Mon­
Rox Lodge Members To
Stage Meeting June 10
McKees Rocks, Pa. At
this time we wish to state
that the "Spirits" Lodge 143
regularly monthly meeting,
delayed one day because of
the local school picnic equiv
alent to a holiday, will take
place at 8:00 P.M. Friday,
June 10th. We are asking that
you be governed by this spon
taneous decision made at this
Unknown to a portion of
the Lodge 143 membership,
because they do not attend
meetings as of yore, is the
oad news that one of our
members, John Rackie, with
nearly two decades of C.F.U.
seniority, passed away April
21st after a prolonged illness
of six months duration.
Nearly forty fembers paid
their final respects in a body
the final night that John
Rackie's remains laid in state.
John was a young man as
ear? go, only 37 years of
afci the husband and fa
he. Mrs. Rose Rackie, and
her \wo sons who survive.
He was also the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Anton Rackie, Sr.,
the brother of Anthony Rac
kie, Mrs. Frances Harasyn,
Mrs. Anna Giedl, all C.F.U.
members, and to other broth
er and a sister one time "Spi
rits members.
It was a loss in our ranks,
John Rackie having been one
of those whom we could call
upon be it to carry the Lodge
colors at a social affair or
a CFU national tournament,
where he represented the
"Spirits" at one of the earli
est National Tenpin Tourna
As a veteran of World War
H, John Rackie was accorded
a military funeral, the first
such in our Lodge history.
The "Spirits" were officially
represented at these rites by
Steve Horvat and Frank
Turning to the less somber,
we wish to announce that at
the last two months the
Lodge roster received in
creases in the person of Ron
ald Karlic and Jerome Brai
Both were enrolled in Nest
34 and if they follow the
paths of their parents should
fortify "Spirits" ranks with
new blood. We shall disgress
from the usual publicity until
these two young men earn
their own CFU spurs. Suffi
cient in their behalf to say
that they have a good frater
nal background.
Ronald Karlic is ttye son of
Mr. and Mrs. John and Cathe
rine Karlic, and Jerome Brai
dic the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank and Elizabeth Braidic,
both surnames well steeped
even to their grandparents in
the Society they join as the
third generation offspring.
From this point on they
should easily enough write
their own CFU scrolls.
This the last month in
which ten or twelve of our
Lodge members insured on
the old form of accident and
disability can, without a med
ical examination, change over
to the new plan, which costs
60% more but carries far bet
ter coverage. We have those
within our own ranks who rue
the fact that they did not
heed a similar announcement
two years ago.
On the convival side, and
we must have it, the two CFU
Lodges, 143 and senior Lodge
125, will hold their joint pic
nic on Sunday, July 11th, at
Ruprecht's Grove. More on
this in subsequent issues.
Meanwhile set aside this
date for the annual C. F. U.
gathering locally and all oth
er days in 1954 that remain
to enroll someone among your
relatives or friends into the
Croatian Fraternal Union as
a good 60th Anniversary ju
bilee gesture.
Here are more of the champs crowned during the
CFU's Annual Montana State Tenpin Tourney, held March
21 and March 28. Left to right: Barbara Herbolich, Ladies
Doubles Joe Petrin, Men's Doubles and Mary Plutt, Ladies
Singles. Not all of the champions could be rounded up to
'have their pix snapped.
To make raisins extra
plump and juicy for mixing
in fruit cup or salad, let them
stand in fruit juice for about
an hour, the U. S. Depart
ment of Agriculture suggests.
tana State Tenpin Tournament. Left to
right: George Thomas, Tom Tomich, John
Pupich, Team Captain Joe Mihelic, and John
Sladich. They look very pleased.
Lodge 146 Ladies Set
For June 6th Funfest
Versailles, Pa. The La
dies Bowling Leagae of CFU
Lodge 146 will stage a Picnic
on Sunday, June 6, at the well
known Kossuth Park, located
just off Long Run Road, near
Walnut Street.
e n y o e e s e n s
plus hot barbecued lamb, will
be available for those who
wish to indulge. Your musical
desires will be well taken care
of by the very popular Cafe
Boys, who certainly know
how to satisfy a gathering.
Our invitation to attend is
extended to our friends in
surrounding com u n i i e s
such as McKeesport, Rankin
and many others who may
find it convenient to be at our
The ladies of the Bowling
League are looking forward
to seeing you at the Kossuth
Park next Sunday and they
guarantee all of you a won
derful time.
Mary Pavlecic, Vice-Pres.
East Chicago Singers
Shaping Outing Plans
East Chicago, Ind. Our
"Sloga" Croatian Singing So
ciety is planning a Picnic for
the general public, to take
place on Sunday, June 13, at
the Delta Grove, in the Black
Oak Section of Gary.
This year the outing will
feature something of interest
for every age group and na
tionality. In the afternoon a
baseball game will be played
with the winning team re
ceiving some well needed am
ber suds for a prize. Specta
tors are invited.
Outstanding prizes will be
awarded at the bingo tables
during the afternoon and eve
ning. Mrs. Vild has donated
beautiful dolls dressed in
hand-made authentic minia
ture European costumes, and
Mrs. Zafran has donated at
tractive hand-made kitchen
aprons. Andrew Livovich and
Matthew Rivich are in charge
of securing further prizes.
A raffle will also be held,
with the main prize being
either a hand-made quilt or a
card table and chairs set. Tic
kets will sell for the sum of
three for twenty-five cents.
Our refreshment menu will
include the ever popular hot
barbecued lamb and the Ame
rican favorite, hot dogs. Mrs.
Sebra Heimbach may be in
duced to man a popcorn and
cotton candy concession.
For your dancing pleasure
in the evening, we have en
gaged the Stars Tamburitz
ans, so be sure to come out
and demonstrate your shuf
fling techniques to the tune
of these experts.
Miss Betty Billen will be in
charge of painting our direc
tion signs, which will point
out the way to our picnic
grounds for our guests.
The members of "Sloga"
will meet on Monday, June 7,
at 8:00 PM, at the Croatian
Home in Indiana Harbor. All
members are asked to be
present. Committee
Montana State Tourney Check Sheet
Financial Statement
Montana State Bowling Tournament
Butte, Montana
24 five man teams at $2.50 per team $ 60.00
57 teams, doubles at $0.50 per team 28.50
114 men singles at $0.25 per man 28.50
'rize Fund donations by CFTJ Sports Department 240.00
Clairton Team Primed
For June 6th Funfest
Clairton, Pa. On Sunday,
June 6, the CFU Lodge 248
Softball Team will stage its
first outing at the Clairton
Park Lodge.
Delicious hot barbecued
la/nb will be available as early
as 11:00 AM on that day at
the Croatian Hall, and later
picnic of the year.
The Playboys Slovenian
Orchestra will be on hand
throughout the festivities to
cater to your musical desires.
We know that our prospective
guests will be happy to have
such a fine ensemble doing
these honors.
Total Receipts $411.00
Teams—Trophies and $209.00
Doubles—Trophies and 72.00
Singles—Trophies and 70.00
All-Events 80.00
Total Disbursements $411.00
24 five man teams at $7.50 per team $180.00
57 teams doubles at $3.00 per team 171.00
114 singles at $1.50 per man 171.00
Total Receipts $522.00
24 five man teams «r 360 lines $180.00
57 teams doubles or 342 lines 171.00
114 singles or 342 lines 171.00
Total Disbursements $522.00
Tournament Expenses
Entry fees $693.00
Donated by C.F.U 240.00
Donated by St. Peter and Paul 5.00
Total Receipts $938.00
Prizes $411.00
Bowling Fees 522.00
Entry blanks, postage and telephone calls 5.00
Total Disbursements $938.00
Bowling Fees (Paid to Wintergarden Bowling Lanes at
$0.50 per line)
Canadian Tourney Committee
Toronto, Ont. The Tour
nament Committee behind
the 8th C. F. U. Five Pin
Tournament hereby issues a
call for a meeting to be held
10:00 A.M., Sunday June* 13
at the Ukrainian Hall, 1579
Dupont Street, Toronto, Ont.
Every Lodge participating
in the 1954 tournament and
those with a C.F.U. Lodge
league are asked to send their
representatives to this gath
ering which will have for its
purpose the electing of a new
staff of officials and the a
warding of the hosting of the
1955 tournament.
Cleveland Choir Will
Sponsor Picnic June
Cleveland, Ohio The
"Abrasevic" Singing Society
will hold its first Picnic of
the year on Sunday, June 0,
at the Croatian Home, 6314
St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland.
At 12:00 Noon sharp, we
will have hot barbecued lamb
and pork for those who de
sire to have lunch with us. Of
course we will have the reg
ular line of refreshments
that usually delight our Cro
atian tastes.
The Silver Strings Tambur
itza Orchestra will be on hand
beginning at 3:00PM to play
our favorite song and dance
tunes. This fine musical en
semble is under the leader
ship of Joe Sedlacek.
George P. Stokan, Chairman
It is of utmost importance
that we Canadian members'
elevate the Five Pin Tourna
ment to even greater heights.
This we can easily do if we
but take a greater interest,
individually, in the further
ance of this annual event un
der the banner of the Cro
atian Fraternal Union.
This done we feel most cer
tain that you wil want to
cast your lot with us for the
better edification of the Cro
atian Frate rnal Union
through sports activities.
Dušan Bezic,
Tournament Secretary
Cro-Ams Will Sponsor
First Picnic June 6th
o n e s s e n a e
Lodge 194 Cro-Am Athletic
Club will hold its first picnic
of the year this coming Sun
day, June 6th at the Croatian
Park located in Pricedale on
the outskirts of Monessen.
The committee has ar
ranged to have barbecued
lamb and roast pork avail
able from 12:00 Noon and
thereon. In fact the barbecu
ing will be done on the picnic
During the course of events
being planned will be inter
spersed a softball game be
tween a toam representing
CFU Lodge 5 of Johnstown
and our very own Lodge 194
Cro-Ams of Monessen. Both
groups have over the past few
years struck up quite a
friendly rivalry that presages
nothing short of a good game
to see if the picknickers are
not indulging i n softball
To those addicted to danc
ing, we can assure you that an
orchestra will be on hand to
furnish dance music, Croatian
and polka, throughout the
whole day and far as you will
into the evening.
Atop of this description we
are inviting all our friends
and especially the CFU mem
bers from the Monongahela
Valley, namely Donora, Bent
leyville, Cokeburg, Versailles,
Uniontown, Clairton and the
surrounding communities to
pay us a visit June 6th at the
Croatian Park, Pricedale.
John Matush, Sports Dir.
And here all all (save one) of the kings
and queens crowned during the March 21
and March 28 chapter in the annals of the
CFU's Annual Montana State Tenpin Tour
ney. Left to right: George Thomas, Tom To­
Canton Lodge Circuit
Enjoyed Great Success
Canton, Ohio The Lodge
514 Bowling League for the
1953-54 has shown an im
provement in both the indi
vidual and the team seasonal
high scores.
Nick Cozocar, 642 and
Steve Bozurich, 278 among
the men and Dorothy Brown
with 186-474 are far above
similar marks established last
season. The Dodgers with a
team triple high of 2441 and
even the Uhl's Service team
with 2434 do not have to look
up to anything set up in the
same category last year.
Other highs as of May 1st
were Steve Bozurich, 639
Louis Marich, 256-621 Nick
Cozocar Millie Jacksich, 167
430 Betty Cockrell, 430 and
Harriet Bozurich, 179.
The Dodgers who have
been in the driver's seat since
January 16th when they took
over from the Macks appear
to have coasted into the 1954
league championship. What
with a four game margin,
overtaking them appears out
of the realm of possibility.
The other clubs settled for a
spot in the team standings in
the order named, and W
Service, Uhls, Macks, Yanks
and the Lodgemen.
Pooty Parpers Champs
Of Amity Lodge League
Kenosha, Wise. The four
team Amity Lodge 692 Bowl
ing League ground into its
final night recently with the
Pooty Parpers claimants by a
safe margin of the 1954
championship. Behind them
followed the Whipper-Snap
pers, the Jets and the Red
Hots, unlike their name, in
the cellar position.
Frank Topolovec with 233
588 took the seasonal male
honors, whereas Anne Dam
janovic's 543, a new all time
runner-up score in that re
spect, took three game hon
ors among the ladies. Anne
Miller blasted out a 208 for
the one game laurels. Also
worthy of mention were Allen
Krok, 553 Anne Walsh, 494
Anne Miller, 485 and Anne
Pantovich with a similar high
in triples.
The big three among the
men in high averages were
Frank Topolovec, 155 Frank
Widmanich, 149 and Allen
Krok, 149. Anne Miller paced
the women with 134 to be
trailed by Anne Walsh, 133,
and Frieda Odar and Anne
Pantovich, tied at the 130
average mark.
Membership in the Croa
tian Fraternal Union is the
Hallmark of Brotherhood.
+38 Tested Croatian Recipes
In English
Canadian Orders*....$4.25
Order now from:
789 East 157th Street
Cleveland 10, Ohio
Special discount on ordrri of S
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You're looking at the Butte Lodge 165 quintette which
captured the Ladies' Division Team Championship during
the March 21 and March 28 running of the CFU's Annual
Montana State Tenpin Tournament. Left to right: Ann Su
tey, Mary Matteucci. Team Captain Eleanor Crnich, and
Francis Sutey. Mary Nettleton, fifth member of the victo-'
rious squad, was absent when this picture was snapped.
Miles Ear Quint febs
Milwaukee Lccp Hsnors
Milwaukee, Wise. Milos
8900 Bar rallied in the last
nights of the Milwaukee Han
dicap League to tie the West
Allis State Bankers for the
championship and then best
ed the Bankers in the roll-off.
The champs overcame a six
point deficit in the closing
stretch of the league sched
ule.' In position night they
took three out of the four
points and the sole right to
the trophies.
Our humble thanks to Ed
Raatz at whose lanes we
bowled and who, incidentally,
went out of his way to give
us a good time at the banquet
as we sewed up another chap
ter of C.F.U. bowling in our
Emil Pintar struck off a
267 game during the season
which is a new four year high.
Emil also had a 614 series, as
did Mike Gudlin a 612, Frank
Maydak, 611, T1 Ellioff a 242
game and Jack Walent, 240.
To Joan Bilan with 200 and
Ardis Srok, 197-527, went the
seasonal feminine individual
highs. Joan Pintar shot 191
Rudy Papa was elected
president of next year's lea
gue, Ed. Srok, vice-president,
John Sarich, secretary, and
John Gudlin, treasurer.'
Headpins Swipe Title
In Toronto Ledge Race
Toronto, Ont. Lodge 975
"Canucks" practically conce
ded the 1954 championship to
the Headpins whose 103
points easily assured them of
the right to the CFU trophies.
The other teams namely
the Canucks and the Ironsides
who finished immediatly be
low the champs waged a mer­
mich, Mary Matteucci, Joe Minenc, tieorge
Stokan, who acted as the Tourney Chairman,
John Pupich, Eleanor Crnich, Frances Sutey,
and John Sladich. Missing from this photo
is Ann Sutey, another of the champions.
Gary Singing Society
Awaits June 6 Outing
Gary, Ind. The Croatian
Glee Club "Preradovic" will
sponsor its first Picnic of the
season on Sunday, June 6th,
at Buncich's Farm, one and
a half miles cast of Broad
way, on 49th Avenue
The Committee has en
gaged expert tamburitza nyjf:
sic, made provisions fon
plentiful supply of
barbecued lamb a i a, »1Ž
course, stocked the bar^ivf®
a complete line of cooling
"Preradovic" members
worked day and night for the
40th Anniversary celebration,
which was very successfully
observed with their many
friends recently, and now are
ready to again entertain one
and all.
We invite all of you to come
and spend a pleasant day with
us next Sunday.
Sylvia Niksic, Publicity
ry fight for runner-up honors.
This season saw Nick Benac
distinguish himself as a high
caliber bowler. His 388-923
placed him above such good
men as John Biljan, 383-889
and Tom Kramarich, 774.
Among the ladies, Betty
Krstich had the field to her
self with 292 and 690. Follow
ing her came Zora Mitrovich,
615 Kay Bolk, 610 and Mar
kusich, 283.
The Lodge 975 Canucks
take special pride in also be
ing represented in the CFU
Annual Tenpin Tournament
held last year in St. Louis and
this year in Detroit. It seems
that they cannot spot a ten
pin tournament of late in
America that M. J. Stanley
and the Lodge 975 cannot as
sure the Canadians of an
"ZAJKDNICAR" English Section
A ONE DOLLAR is the fee charged
I W for the publication of one-column
V pictures of individual members in the
I jL I Zajedničar. THREE DOIAARS is re-
A JhBb 0 quired for two-column pictures show
ing several persons. FTVE DOLI.ARS
is the fee for three-column pictures showing tamburitza
ensembles, groups, etc., not exceeding six persons. SEVEN
DOLLARS is required for the publication of such large
pictures as singing societies, wedding groups showing
bridesmaids, mass meetings, etc. The lee MUST accom
pany each picture. Make ail Checks or Money Orders pay
AMERICA and forward, together with photo, to:

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