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Page J.U.
Mato R. Belanfe, Rep.
Dear Mr. Mandich:
Sear Mr. Mandiehi
SinceMly yours,
MM Niw MOW« emci luUM
July 25, 195l|
FJ1: cbJ
Dear Friends:
Dear Mr. Mandich:
June 21, 1954
s she
an or ntiuraoi
A Y 0

Three Lodges In
Connecticut Fete
The Committee on Ar
rangements appeals not only
to our members, but to the
entire C.F.U. membership in
the State of Connecticut and
nearby New York to make
preparations to attend this
gala event.
Along with a suitable pro
gram which is being shaped
up, the musical accompani
ment for your dancing will
be taken care of by the tam
buritza ensemble of Stamford.
And, as is our usual custom,
you can rest assured that
there will be plenty of barbe
cued lamb and other refresh
ments on hand throughout
the outing.
Those travelling from New
York, as well as from Stam
ford and Branford, should
travel along the Wilbur Cross
Parkway, ride to Charter
Oak Bridge and immediately
after passing the Toll Sta
tion, turn right on Route 2,
on Maple Street. Go on this
to Forbes Street on the left.
From this point CFU signs
will guide you directly to the
scene of the outing.
Midvale, Utah The 2nd
Annual Croatian Day Picnic,
co-spe v "-d by CFU Lodge
388 of iiU -U* and Lodge 395
of Murray, and th year com
memorating the E.amond Ju
bilee of the Croatian Frater
nal Union, will be held on
Sunday, August 15. at Draper
Park, Draper, Utah.
CFU members and friends
from surrounding vicinities
are cordially invited to help
us celebrate this great event,
which will begin promptly at
1:00 PM. Admission will be!
$2.00 per person and by tic
ket only.
Our guests will find plenty
of delicious barbecued lamb,
ham, and other delightful
snacks, accompanied by a
large variety of liquid re
freshments, on hand to add
to their enjoyment of the
llie kiddies are especially
being kept in mind, since we
have made provisions to have
a side order of hot dogs and
marshmallows which may be
roasted during the evening.
This, of course, is in addition
to an entertaining program
which is being shaped up even
at this early date.
So, brothers and sisters, if
you want to enjoy a day of
pleasure and friendly get to
gethers, we urge you to set
aside Sunday, August 15th,
and plan to attend our outing.
You'll find the Committee
waiting, anxious to please you
and serve you in every way.
Daniel Corak, Chairman
Motor City Glee Club
Sketches Social Plans
Detroit, Mich. The mem
bers of the "Nightingale"
Singing Society will stage a
Fall Dance on October 31,
1954. at the Slovenian Home.
We ask other clubs and or
ganizations in this territory
tp keep this date in mind and
refrain from scheduling any
counter attractions for this
You'll be glad you didn't
make other arrangements
when you attend our fall
shindig. Our cordial hospitali
ty is extended to all who care I
31arlene Vidusic, See'y,
By V. I. Mandich, Supreme President
Text of English language address delivered Sunday, July
Branford, Conn. Our,25. at West View Park, Pittsburgh, during Official National
CFU members and friends in Celebration of Croatian Fraternal Union's 60th Anniversary,
this territory will find it in
teresting to learn that our
three CFU Lodges in Connec
ticut, namely, Lodge 102,
Branford, Lodge 145, Hart
ford, and Lodge 616 of Stam
ford, will celebrate the CFU
Diamond Jubilee Anniversa
ry by staging a Picnic on
^unday, August 22, at Ar
biter Lieder Park, East
Brother Chairman, Honor Guests, Brothers and Sisters:
We are today celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the
Croatian Fraternal Union of America, a great organization
of Americans and Canadians of Croatian, Yugoslav and
other Slav descent.
We say that the organization is great, distinguished and
respected among the fraternal organizations on this Contin
ent, because it is a product of the successful, vol
untary and unselfish labors and efforts of an
honest and industrious people.
It is indeed heart warming to see in this pro
gram book so many sincere tributes expressed by
some very prominent national, state and city government
leaders on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of our
Union. To all of them I voice the deepest appreciation of the
entire membership of the Croatian Fraternal Union of Amer
ica and Canada for their very kind thoughts and good wishes.
It is good to know that so distinguished national, state and
city government officials think so highly of their fellow
Americans and Canadians of Croatian, Yugoslav and Slav
descent united in our Society by a common bond for common
good. We shall forever treasure these expressions among the
many tributes paid our people and the Union since its or
ganization, in 1894, or sixty long years ago. To all of them
wc are grateful.
In leafing through the pages of the history of the Cro
atian Fraternal Union of America, we will come upon innu
merable rich and happy moments, which strengthen within
us a faith in a better future. Passing through epochs of peace
and progress—the happy days—the Society did not lose its
equilibrium. In the history of the Union, we will find many
sad and unhappy episodes, the results of dissension and dis
unity among brothers, and again, the Society maintained its
balance, did not despair, but remained firm and steadfast, un
afraid, with a firm and unyielding desire for progress on the
idea of true and sincere brotherhood and unity.
In celebrating the anniversary of our Society, it is ne
cessary to point out that the Croatian Fraternal Union of
America, throughout the years of its existence arid opera
tion, has more than fulfilled all the obligations required of
it. It carried out in full measure the purpose for which it
was organized. It gave assistance to its members in accident,
sickness and death. It showed the way to our pioneers how
best to adjust themselves to the new way of life in the new
world. It helped them to assume the duties and responsibili
ties of citizenship, and helped them to understand the laws
of these two great nations. Ithelped American and Canadian
charitable and benevolent institutions to meet their needs
in time of want or disaster. Millions and millions of dollars
of material help and assistance were given to our people in
the homeland, especially during and after the Second World
War. It helped our pioneers to educate themselves and their
children in the American spirit, American schools, so that
they became equals with all the peoples who make up this
great nation.
In the cultural and educational field, too, the Croatian
Fraternal Union of America has fully performed its task.
By the provisions of its charter, it kept alive Croatian na
tional consciousness, promoted the Croatian language, Cro
atian song, national costumes, tamburitza music, etc. In
other words, it preserved our national characteristics, our
national pride, our national heritage, and for that reason
alone, every American and Canadian of Croatian. Yugoslav
and Slav origin should be proud of his membership in our
We are now permanently domiciled in this, our new
homeland, which affords us, as it did our forebears before
us, the opportunity to make a descent and l-espectable living.
America gave our children and grandchildren a privilege
which no other nation in the world could offer, whereby the
poor arc equal with the rich. They may attend the high
schools, colleges and universities of the country, to becomc
doctors, engineers, architects, bankers, professors, and so on.
We and our children do not know hunger, we need no
traveling permits. We take no orders from dictators. We
may work wherever we please. We own our homes, our farms
and stores and shops. In short, we are free people, firmly be
lieving in America, dedicated to the ways of peace in the
world. We can see today that our way of life is under attack,
because the dictators of the world are opposed to ur con
cept of government based on the freedom and dignity of
the individual.
The entire system of fraternalism had its foundation and
was developed on principles embodied in the Constitution
of the United States. We, the members of today, in order
to repay fully the debt of gratitude to our pioneers, shall
rededicate ourselves to carry on the noble work of our foun
ders so that those, who shall inherit our Union from us.
will be as proud of our accomplishments of today, as we are
proud of the deeds of our forebears.
Ours is the responsibility not only to the present genera
tion, but also to generations still to come, for our actions
of today. We should make sure that we guard and protect
the treasure of accomplishments of those before us. This
we shall do best, if we do not tear down, but cherish and
uphold the great idea of brotherhood and mutual respect,
which was born among our people here in Old Allegheny
sixty long years ago, an idea which our founders and men
and women since, have carried through, nurtured and built
upon—our great pride of today, the Croatian Fraternal
Union of America!
So re-dedicated to continue the noble work of our pio
neers, to continue to walk humbly in the firm belief in the
Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man everywhere,
we shall build our Society to even greater heights, and thus
contribute our share to an ever stronger bastion of Democra
cy and a more prosperous America.
Long live the membership of the Croatian Fraternal
Long live and prosper our America and Canada!
We hereby make public the notice that Nest 261 of
Beliefonte, Pa., has paid up its delinquent dues and is
therefore reinstated.
Michael Grasha, Director Junior Order Department
William G.Stratton
July 2, 1954
Mr. V. I. Mandich
Supreme President
Croatian Fraternal Union of America
3441 Forbes Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Please extend my greetings and congratulatiottS
to the Croatian Fraternal Union of America at your
"birthday" program. Your organization well may tak«
pride in its 60 years of patriotic achievements in the
best tradition of our nation.
Your Union has done much to teach those.of the
Croatian race that our blessings of citisenship also entail
responsibilities which must be carried by all of us if we
are to keep alive and strengthen our heritage of liberty
and justice for all.
I was happy to note that you again have accepted
an invitation to participate in the National Conference on
Citizenship. Your delegates always have much to
contribute to those meetings because of their experience
with your own fine citizenship programs.
On behalf of the people of the State of
Illinois, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate
your organization on 60 years of service to the
Croatian people residing in this nation*
It is inspiring to note that yours is far
more than a business organization# Your union also
seeks to aid the Croatian people not only when in
distress but to educate and instruct them in the
English language and our government, to equip them
for proper discharge of the duties of life and
citizenship and to promote pride in their national
and cultural achievements.
Sincerely yours,
June 28, 1954-
*r. V. I. Kandich, Supreme President«
Croatian Fraternal Union of America
3441 Forbes Street,
Pittsburgh 13» Pennsylvania.
Za conformity with your request Z sa sanding you a
message of greeting in connection with the celebration of your
Sixtieth Tear of organisation of the Croatian Fraternal
Union of America
Kangr world-shaking events have occurred siifcce ycur
Society was organised on September 2, 1894»
The purpose was most laudable Indeed -that of helping the
people of the Croatian race residing in this country in tines of distress#
sickness and death to education and instruct them in the fioglish
language and other subjects to equip them for the duties of life aqA
citizenship with our English-speaking people. Z aa particularly
impressed with the desire of the leaders to teach end impress upoa
thtn the importance and duty of naturalisation under the laws of the
United States and to take a pride in our great national achievements.
Tour growth has been phenominal and vhen Z learn that you are
the largest fraternal benefit society in Pennsylvania, chartered under
the laws of this Commonwealth with nearly 106,000 mmabers -30,200 la
Pennsylvania with a total life protection of close to $83 million
dollars, and with total resources of close to $23 million, of vhieh
almost $10 million is invested in United States and Canadian Govenasnt
bonds« 1 think this is a most impressive work.
I congratulate you upon your growth and wish for you many years
of oontiaued sueeess.
Diamond Jubilee Greetings
Attorney General
Croatian fraternal Union
of America
3Vfcl Forbes Street
Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania
Xt Is a sincere pleasure to extend greetings to you as
you celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary of the founding
of your organization.
It is always encouraging to observe such a group as yours
devoted to helping your Croatian brethren residing in this
country. Your humanitarian endeavors have provided an
inspiration for all of us. While teaching and Instructing
in the American vay of life, you have also proaoted the
national and cultural heritage of all Croatians. In these
critical tines, vhen democratic Ideals are besl«ged on all
fronts, It Is Indeed heartening to know that we haw* such
a group as yours to defend these principles.
As you aark on your calendar your Sixtieth Anniversary,
let ae extend ay earnest hope that the coming years will
be as successful and exemplary as the past sixty.
Mr. V. I. Mandich
Supreme President
Croatian Fraternal Union of America
3t41 Forbes Street
Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania
I was pleased to learn that on Sunday, July 25, 195V,
the Croatian Fraternal Union of America will officially cele
brate the Sixtieth Year of its existence in Pittsburgh, Pennsyl
I take this aeans of expressing to its officials and
•eabers ay personal and official felicitations.
In the s^cty years of your existence, you have contri
buted greatly to the well-being and education of the Croatian
people who have come to the United States. From ay own personal
observation, I know that Pennsylvania, Ohio and in fact the entlr«
nation has benefited greatly fro* the fine work done'by yowr
Fraternal Union. Beyond the service to individuals, the Croatian
Fraternal Union of America makes a valuable contribution t® the
welfare of not only the local community but the nation at large.
I have observed that the members develop a positive sense ef
group identification, a wholesome respect for their distinctive
cultural background, while at the same time, they learn te relate
themselves actively te their obligations as cltisfns the Unite*
Tn conveying my cordial good wishes and congratulations
en this milestone in your history, may I add the hope that the
Croatian Fraternal Union of America will continue to grew la It*
beneficent influence.
To the Members of the Croatian Fraternal
Union of America!
QOmy you members of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America to the City
where your organization was founded sixty years ago.
As Heyor of the City of Pittsburgh, Z am most happy to vel-
Z need not tell you how valued have been the contributions
which your people have nade to the civic and community life in many areas
of America. Zt is fitting that you should maintain the relationship
which a common fatherland gives you and the.t you should also use that
association to further the ideals end principles which are the great
strength of this nation.
Since the inception of your organization back in 1394, your
106,000 members 30,000 of which reside in Pennsylvania have been a
potent instrument for combatting bigotry end Comnunism and for promoting
Jtoericanism and the ideals of democracy both here and abroad.
Z know your gathering here vill be a productive and a pleasant
one. Vhile you are here in Pittsburgh, I hope you vill have an opportunity
to see the various public and private projects vhich mrke up the vast
program of municipal rebirth that has been widely described in the news
papers and magazines of this nation. We are proud of our achievements an*
hope that our work vill stimulate a new era for municipal development for
all American cities.
Again let me offer you the warmest greetings as you convene
here and invite you to visit Pittsburgh again in the near future.
Very truly yours,

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