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Pauline Peirovicli
Her hobbies,
ajj sp0rts
e v e a n O i o No
come out
R00-M0, Salve
T'spješna mast protiv reuma
tizma. neuralgije, prebadanja,
kostobolje, boli u križlma, pre
hlade i Izvanjske bolove.
KUTIJA $1.25
Uz narudžbu i novac pošaljite.
250 West 57th Street New York 19, N. Y.
Tvornički zastupnici evropskih tvornica industrijskih
proizvoda. Roba se šalje direktno iz fabrika na adrese
u Jugoslaviji. Fabrička garancija.
INGELEN Radio aparati KAID & NEU šivaći strojevi
AEG električni motori, hladioniki, Diesel motori, venti
latori TORPEDO bicikli MOPED motor bicikli.
Tražite od Vašeg paketnog preduzeća isklj. naše proizvode!

Peoples Of Yugoslavia Yearning For
Books From United States Of America
Friends Overseas Anxious To Acquaint
Selves With The American Way Of Life
By V. I. Mandich, Supreme President
Pittsburgh, Pa. Brothers and sisters, mem bera of
the Croatian Fraternal Union! Today, you are all citizens
of this great, progressive and happy country, America, your
new homeland. You live and work in it. You love it, for you
know it and look upon it as it is. In its beauty, vastness,
might and strength, you see it in its unceasing growth, both
material and spiritual.
Our people and nations a
broad do not know this great,
new homeland of yours. It is
far from them. There arc ve
ry few of our educated people
who ever even saw it. During
After the war, our people
witnessed America's and your
goodness, greatness of heart,
love and compassion towards
those less fortunate, in and
through the many gifts with
which our country and the
entire world was showered.
Want Truth, Not Lie«!
These evidences of might,
strength, goodness and love,
often created in our people a
very queer and distorted con
ception of America and its
people. Propaganda tended to
further distort this concep
For that reason, they do
not know your new homeland
as it truly is. They do not
know the beauty and wealth
of its different ^sections. They
do not know its history, its
great sons and their great
works which led their coun
try along the road of great
heights, to which it still con
tinues to rise.
They do not know its social
structure, nor the principles
and laws by which its almost
incomparable dynamic life
continues to develop just as
they lack a clear insight into
the economic strength and
material progress on which
the greatness and might of
your new homeland is found
Every Book Will Help
Neither do our men of let
ters have the opportunity to|many
We in the old country do
not know Amnica, your new
homeland, but wc would like
to get to know it. Wc can get
to know it only through well
written works on America, its
people and their life in years
past and now. And all of you
can help us in this, both
young and old.
Certainly you o your
neighbors, and your various
cultural and scientific institu
tions. have any number of
works on America and its
people. They have many ge
ographies. geographical mag
azines, American histories,
works on sociology, and every
conceivablc kind of scientific
treatises from the different
branches of technology, arts
and philosophy, from class
room text books to large en
All of this is of the great-j
est interest to us, and will
enable us to get better ac
quainted with America and to
present this country to our
own people in the manner in
which it really exists.
Matter Of Good Will
You and your neighbors
and friends, Americans, and
their educational, scientific
and other institutions, will be
doing us a tremendous favor,
if you make it possible for us
to take advantage of Ameri
can experience and successes,
which we can glean from your
It is superfluous to even
have to mention that in this
way, sincere and good frier
are acquired. For that reason,
ask one and all who you be
lieve to be of good will, to
make a donation to us of such
books and works, new or old.
Do not let them gather dust
World War II our people in libraries, unused, while
overseas saw its might and
strength in its gigantic and
awful air power, which sowed
death and terror upon its
enemies, and brought free
dom to its friends.
hundreds and thousands of
our students and learned peo
ple wish and would be grate
ful for the opportunity to use
For Closer Friendship
It is in the interests of both
countries that we become bet
ter acquainted. Only through
knowing each other can we
draw closer in friendship.
We cannot afford to travel,
nor even to buy books. We
can get to know America as
it really is only through its
educational works, if you
Americans will make it possi
ble for us to obtain these
Do that now, and at every
opportunity and send every
book available to the Supreme
Office of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union, which will see
that they reach their proper
Rev. Bosiljko Bekavac, Jr.
Executive Board Acts
We are glad to publish this
appeal by Rev. Bosiljko Beka
vac, Jr., for the collection of
books, old and new, on Ame
rica and its development and
growth, which books will be
of great use to the younger
generation in the old country.
Our local school board has
promised to give us free of
charge a supply of obsolete is
sues of school books, which
were in use in the secondary
and high schools of Pitts
burgh and vicinity.
W e believe that other
school districts throughout
the United States, especially
in larger cities, likewise have
become better acquainted which they would donate if
with America, or the magni-1ths
ficent spirit of brotherhood of
the American people which
has led it from one victory to
the next victory over natural
obsolescent books,
cause were
Properly ex-
plained and presented to
The Executive Board is in
contact with the U. S. Infor
mation Agency in Washing
ton, D. C., which will under-
I^tckawanna, N. Y. The
world famous Duquesne Uni
versity Tamburitzans, under
the direction of Walter Kolar,
will be presented in a Concert
on Sunday, October 17, at
3:00 PM, at the Timon High
School, located in South Buf
falo, McKinley Parkway, Buf
'falo, New York.
Sponsoring these artists for
the first time in several years
in this area, is Our Lady of
the Sacred Heart Croatian
Catholic Church of Lacka-
Talent Galore At
Monessen Concert
Monessen, Pa, Some of
the Croatian Fraternal Uni
on's outstanding young talent
in Western Pennsylvania will
be presented here Sunday,
October 17, during the Fall
Concert to be held by the
"Sloga" Society in its quar
ters at 1053 Schoonmaker
Avenue, starting at 2:30 PM.
Featured will be the youth
ful "Sloga" Tamburitza Or
chestra, comprised in the
main of members of the
CFU's local Junior Order)
Nest, the "Sloga" Kolo Group
and the ever popular Kolo
Group of Cokeburg Lodge
354, three truly talented or-'
Here is a program well
worth travelling many miles
to witness and enjoy, for here
you will see what can be done
to culturally activate our
American born youth and
make them as proud as we el
ders are of our heritage and
nationalistic strain.
To make the day all the
more memorable, you are in
vited to remain after the pro
gram and spend a delightful
evening dancing to the "Slo
ga" Tamburitzans.
Refreshments, of course,
will be available at all hours.
In fact, the Home will open
at noon on October 17, so
come down in advance of the
2:30 PM program and meet
your friends and neighbors
before the Concert begins.
Joseph Grbin, Pres.
£ast Chi Choir
In Gay Operetta
East Chicago, Ind. A
special committee of the Cro
atian Singing Society "Sloga"
met recently at the Croatian
Home in Indiana Harbor to
plan more publicity for that
group's production of "The
Merry Widow", being staged
by popular demand a second
The well-loved operetta by
Hungarian-Slovak composer
Franz Lehar will be given at
3 P.M. on Sunday. October 24,
at the Roosevelt Hi "i School
Auditorium in E. Chicago.
Committee members a t
tending were Misses Diana
Mazur and Mary G. Rozma
nich, and Andrew Livovich,
Matthew Mudrovich, Frank
Marich, and Mladen Kabalin.
At the beginning of the meet
ing, it was mentioned that
George Balich has again come
to "Sloga's" support in the
take to pack and ship the I matter of the operetta. He is
books we collect, according to
our directions, free of charge.
The Executive Board of
the Croatian. Fraternal Union
unanimously agreed to help
this noble idea, which would
bring about better relations
between two peoples, us in
America, and those in the old
Duke Tammies In
Buffalo Oct. 17
a~i enthusiastic supporter of
the group.
Representatives of "Sloga,"
with an introductory letter
from Miss Rozmanich, have
visited the vaxious CFU and
CCU Lodges in the area to
speak about the operetta and
show color pictures of it. Mu
drovich visited those in Gary,
Marich in Hammond: Rivich
in East Chicago and George
Yancich in Indiana Harbor.
Also being asked to help in
this work are the Mesdames
Helen Zafran, Helen Rukavi
na, and Millie Stump: and
Paul Dumsich, Frank Zvonar,
and Emil Gresevich.
Records of "Sloga's" first
presentation were played on a
Gary radio station recently.
It is also hoped "live" voices
will be heard singing the op
eretta's music on a Hammond
radio station's foreign-lang
uage shows. It is hoped Slo
v a k s u n a i a n s o e s
Serbs, and Slavs will attend
"Sloga's" second performance
of "The Merry Widow," as it
Dancing in the Croatian appeals to all age and na
Parish Hall, in Lackawanna, tionality groups
will follow the Concert in the
evening. Here is an oppor
tunity for our parishioners
and friends to make the
acquaintance of these artists.
Tickets for the event may
be procured from any mem
ber of the Parish, or from
either of the Co-Chairmen,
bros. Peter Juran or Charles
About sixty members will
appear in the operetta and in
the orchestra. Members are
asked to attend the 8:00 PM
Monday night rehearsals at
the Croatian Home in Indiana
Harbor. "Sloga" is directed
by Prof. Charles Stephens of
Chicago: while rehearsal ac
companist is Mrs. Marilyn
Karras of Gar}'.
Publicity Committee
Akron's "Matija Gubec" Lodge 472 In
Welcome To Three Lovely New Members
Akron, Ohio Three very
lovely young ladies became
members of our "Matija Gu
bec" Lodge 472 this past
Summer via transfer from the
ranks of Junior Order Nest
Casting their respective
Caroline was ,born on May
6, 1936. She attended McEl
bright Grade School and gra
duated from Garfield High
School, where she majored in
Journalism. During her high
school days, she was a mem
ber of the Baseball and Bas
ketball Clubs, the Junior Hon
or Society, the Symphonic
and the All-Girls Choir.
Her hobbies include all
sports and she enjoys collect
ing pencils. She is currently
trying her hand at writing
sports stories and putting her
journalistic learning to work
in other fields.
also members of Lodge 472
and very proud of the fact.
Patricia is the daughter of
our venerable Lodge 472
members Mike and Anna Yu
rich, who were married on a
Tuesday and whose four
children, believe it or not,
fraternal lots with us were were all born on a Tuesday.
Caroline Patricia Homan, Pa- Isn't that something?
Patricia attended Mason
Grade School and graduated
from Central High School this
year. She took the Commer
cial Course and skating ranks
as her favorite hobby. She
left behind her in Nest 240
two sisters, Mary Jane and
Eleanor May. Her older bro
ther wasn't a CFU member
as of this writing, but we in
tend to change that status
quo shortly.
Pauline is the daughter of
George and Flora Petrovich.
She attended Schumacher
Grade School and graduated
.. from Buchtel High School.
Caroline (Ionian
tricia Ann Yurich and Pauline
Jo Ann Petrovich, whose par
ents are highly respected ci
tizens of this city, the Rubber
Capital of the world.
She too is a Commercial
Course graduate and is at
present employed as a stenog
rapher in a well known attor
ney's office. Her brother, Ro-
Caroline's late grandfather, ^crt George, remains a mem
Peter R. Miller, was one of:
the first members of Lodge
472, while her grandmother
today ranks as one of otir old
est fraternalists. Her parents,
James and Olga Young, are Rhodes
ber of Nest 240.
This play concerns itself
with the fortunes of a small
town girl who becomes a ci
garette girl and becomes in
volved in a scandal. How she
inherits a fortune will be the
interesting development to bo
watched for, along with nu
merous comic slants.
Right after the conclusion
of the drama, free refresh
ments will be served in the
Green Room, a spacious
lounge furnished with the lat
est in modern conveniences.
To obtain tickets, call Mary
A. Popovic, EN 1-7829. whose
address is 1172 E. 58th St.
Since the Playhouse operates
on a cash policy, no crcdit can
be extended.
Jot this event down on your
and swimming.
y the way, Pauline's
proud father owns and oper
ates a drug store at 594
West Market.
Welcome to our friendly
Lodge 472 ranks, Caroline,
Patricia and Pauline, and here
I is wishing each and every one
you good health, happiness
and success in life. Never be
ashamed of your nationality
or your Croatian Fraternal
Union, for both are world re
And to you, the parents of
these lovely young ladies, go
our congratulations for rais
ing them to be outstanding in
school and among their
friends. You did very well!
Cleveland's "Žumberaks"To Celebrate
Seventeenth Anniversary November 27
doubt all "Žumberaks" of
C. F. U. Lodge 859 attending
the Playhouse on the evening
of November 21st to see El
mer Rice's wise-cracking play
"The Winner" will feel as
though they have stumbled
on a gold mine, for the hero
ine is a smalltowm girl who
falls heir to a sizeable for
tune just because the turn of
events in a big city are ex
tremely favorable.
Katherine Dizdar, Mgr.
Patricia Yurich Junior Order Nest 240
social calendar and be as
sured of an evening well
spent at the Drurv Theatre,
located on E. 86th Street,
near Euclid Avenue.
We hope that this feeling
will stick and persist with all
members, at least until No
vember 27th, when the "Žum
beraks" 17th Anniversary will
be held at the recently re
modeled and redecorated St.
Nicholas Hall.
The tremendous cost of this
project, along with the long
period of time needed, will
make the St. Nicholas Hall
an outstanding and attractive
place for carrying on Lodge
and community affairs.
To make this anniversary
event a memorable one, Gil
bert George and his Melody
Mixers will be featured as a
salute to the CFU 60th birth
day, to be observed in Cleve
land on November 28th.
George Relich, Rep.
Friends Mourning
Conrad Petruceia
San Francisco, Calif. It
is with a greatly saddened
heart that we pen this small
tribute to a great man, bro.
Conrad Petruceia, a member
of CFU Lodge 876, who pass
ed away on August 24th af
ter a lingering illness.
Bro. Petruceia was born on
the Island of yis, in Yugosla-
via, and came to America in
1911. For over thirty years
he worked as a conductor for
the Municipal Railway here
in San Francisco.
Conrad had been a member
of the Croatian Fraternal
Union for over two genera
tions, and had always been
one of its most ardent and
active affiliates. He believed
in working hard for the So
ciety to perpetuate the prin
ciples for "which it stands.
As an example of his forti
tude. three days prior to his
death, bro. Petruceia ap
proached yours truly to give
him an ad book so that he
could solicit ads for our Octo
ber 24th, 60th Anniversary
ad book. Although his illness
made walking difficult for
our brother, he nevertheless
was resolved to do his share
fpr the cause.
Bro. Petruceia was the Fi
nancial Secretary of Lodge
876 for fifteen years, served
as its President for
years, headed the Junior Nest
for some time, and attended
two of the C.F.U. National
Since the organization of
the Northern California Cen
tral Committee, bro. Petru
ceia had served as one of its
delegates, always a diligent
worker in every Lodge acti
He was indeed a man of
One of the largest crowds
ever witnessed assembled for
the recitation of the Rosary
at the bier of our beloved and
deceased brother. Floral tri
butes banked the walls of the
Comiskey-Roch Funeral Cha
pel, attesting to his tremen
dous popularity and his legion
of friends. The Reverend Fa
ther Vodusek lead the recita
tion of the Rosary, while on
the following day, Father Da
bovich officiated at the fun
eral services. Interment of
the body was made in the
Holy Cross Cemetery, at Col
ma, California.
Serving as pall bearers
were K. Radovich. M. Kusma
nich, R. Lupes, N. Burich, G.
Slavich, D. A. Lucich. Hono
rary pallbearers were J. Sla
vich. G. Ivancan, G. Bertice
vich. P. V. Knego, D. Novak
and F. Pericich.
Our beloved bro. Petruceia
leaves behind his loving wife,
Margaret, daughters Mrs. Al
bina Backstedt and Mrs.
Pearl Baillv, both of San
Francisco, and his nephew,
Nick Petruceia, to mourn his
Our members on the West
Coa^t have felt deeply, the
Door prizes will be given void left by the passing of
besides prizes for the best
ticket sales. As a matter of
fact every effort possible will
be made to make our Satur
day night, November 27, fete
a grand event.
bro. Petruceia, and we offer
the prayer that our Just God
will reward his good works
among our people on this
earth, and that his soul may
Rest in Etera al Peace.
Peter Obad, Scribe
Farrell, Chicago Members Prove That
Fraternalism is A Warm, Living Thing
Sacrifices Of Individual Members Have
Helped Make Society Great Institution
By Frank Braidic, Sports-Educational Director
Pittsburgh, Pa. There are and have been instances
where people in walks of life have proved their mettle
through sacrifice. Often this is done under adverse condi
tions that would give a weaker individual enough reason
to throw up his hands in disgust.
We, in the Croatian Fraternal Union, have fine exam
ples of what people do under duress to keep an activity
going. Remembering that ourf
Society, like a nation, was
built on sacrifice on the part
of a devout individual, we are
moved to make mention in
these columns of two recent
cases within our ranks.
Deserted Hospital Bed
One was covered in an ac
count by Philip Vukelich,
Croatian Section Editor, of a
concert by our Junior Tam
buritzans in Farrell, Pa.
It tells of an instance where
the director, F. J. Koss, a
man up in years, although
confined to a hospital at the
time, asked and received a
special dispensation that he
might for a few hours leave
the hospital in order that the
youthful Farrell tamburitzans
would not miss a practice ses
sion preparatory to their first
What is even more credita
ble is the fact that bro. Koss
gives these instructions, as
we are told, \yithout any
Forgets Ailing Back
The other instance that we
like to refer to has its seat in
For the past two years
Adam Soich has been the able
from their training camp
which is located on the beau
tiful shores of Lake Nebaga
mon in Wisconsin. Their six
weeks away' was topped off
by a two and one half week
tour of Wisconsin, Minneso
ta, and Northern Michigan.
Everywhere the Tammies
strong beliefs and convictions.,
u ,. i peared their show was hailed
He was for many years the i1
as the most different and the
best yet.
guiding light of the Yugoslav 1
Sokols in San Francisco and
at the time of his death i
served as their President.
Now entering their eight
eenth season, the Duquesne
University group is set for
their finest year of all. With
increased support from the
university, including dormi
tory facilities, added scholar
ships, and firm backing, the
group has been assured of re
maining at Duquesne for ma
ny years.
e v V e n o n a a e
president of the school, has
increased his interest in the
Tamburitzans because he rec-
ognizes the intrinsic value of
keeping alive Slavic music
It is Father Deer's duty to
act as liason member for the
Tammies. Because of him, the
group has enjoyed many new
privileges never before real
Through the increased fi-
October 13, 1954.
Secretary of our Chicago
Men's Bowling League. Re
cently he wrote with no
thought that it would be used
as an example, for which we
apologize in not being able to
restrain ourselves:
"I have just returned from
the hospital and have been
suffering from a back ail
ment. Incidentally, I will not
be bowling in our league this
year, but I will continue to act
as Secretary to keep my bowl
ing activities alive."
Neither Sought Thanks
Our readers can rest as
sured that neither of these
men, F. J. Koss or Adam So
ich, did it for an ounce of
We, however, feel that such
shining examples should be
called to the attention of the
C.F.U. public. It is not enough
that only Farrell, Pa., or Chi
cago, 111., should know of
their devotion to duty and an
We think that our mem
bers, upon reading this, will
place greater value on the
ideals and cohesiveness which
bind us in the Croatian Fra
ternal Union.
Duquesne University Tamburitzans In
Readiness For Greatest Concert Year
World Famed Collegiate Group Returns
From Camp With Scintillating New Show
Pittsburgh, Pa. The in-,nancial stability, which has
I ternationaHy acclaimed Tarfi- come about these past two
buritzans are back home. years» the Tamburitzan or-
I ganization is now in a posi-
agam! f.
tion to offer more to their
They have just returned
students. Scho-
larships have been increased
to number twenty-two, thus
achieving the largest number
of performers the group has
ever had.
Also, due to the increased
financial status, new cos
tumes, instruments and gen
eral equipment have been
added to greatly improve the
over-all picture.
Personal interest in each of
the students can be seen by
the insurance policies that
protects each one for their
four years with the group.
All of these points show
that the Tamburitzans are
very much improved and
flourishing and that they will
continue to do so for many
years to come. Their show is
an example of their great
strides in advancing to a
point of highest professional
Seeing is believing, so join
the many this year wh0
and culture in this country, only Duquesne Tamburitzans!
He has further assured the'
organization of their place
with the university by his ap
pointment of Rev. Vincent
Deer as the group's modera
to see the one and
Anton Krvavica, ljekarnik
5151 So. Spaulding Ave.
Chicago 32, Illinois

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