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Page 12.
John Matijevieh, Sec'y.
ovcr w
ancj 144.411
2^5. I
]th 199-545.' We had
mos 0
here, thc top
Frioda 0dar with 15
with Martln Milas 393
James liunatz, Sec'y.
that th?
Pittsburgh, Pa. The
Clairton, Pa. With the'second
placc at
Helen Oreskovich, Sec'y.
14"10, Mean*
452 and Gr,cc Pctn(ih
in 176.
o e s e a s o n a i s
Gerakline Sambol, Sec'y.
tcams cash
At the C.F.U. Sports-Edu-
Harbor, Iiul.
Taps are pullin§
Thomas Groevic, Scc'y.
faction, Arlene Skorich, o70
Jedina naša putnička agencija u Detroitu!
Avionske I hrtnlskr karto sastav Punomoći i isprava /.a stari
kraj ovjerovljeni prijevodi slanje novca, paketa i lijekova
putnice i vi/.e brakorazvodne parnice u starom kraju vjen
čanja puteni punomoćnika u •Fug'oslaviji (samo za Kanadu) use
ljavanja i affidavit! i t. d.
Obratite se još DANAS s povjerenjem na nvn našu Agenciju, «d
koje čete Uretom pošte primiti potrebnu informaciju i cjenike.
Jack Pazul, Sec'y.
Lou K
ozlovich at thc No-
a new singie
William Krajacich, Sec'y.
George Celizic, Sec'y.
Thomas Grčevi« Sec'y.
Mary Ann Milakovic, Sec'y.
na svima našim artiklima
100 lbs. KANADSKO BIJELO BRAŠNO l-A-l-A ...$10.45
u duploj vreći sa plaćenim podvozom
Ako želite jeftino, dobro i brzo, obratite se sa povjerenjem
na nas. Kvalitet robe KALMUS CO. poznat je i priznat
širom cijele Amerike.
U VaSem je interesu, tražite naš NAJNOVIJI CIJENIK
Ksilimis Company
SLAVKO KOCMAN, Milwaukee, Wis.
Nick Srnec, Scc'y.
Mary 31. Pavlic, Sec'v-
Steve Bozurich, Jr., Sec'y.
1 100 lbs. najfinijeg bijelog brašna 000A $11.00
I 100 lbs. kukuruznog brašna $10.75
Paket broj 1 $45.95 Paket broj 2 ,$15,
10 ibs. svinjske
11 lbs. riže
13 lbs. šećera
6 lbs. kave Santos
kave Santos
papra u
Paket broj 81 $8.25
zelene kave I-A
3 kg.
l'j kc.
Paket broj 55 $11.00
3 kg. zelene kave I-A
5 kg. liže
1 kg. šećera
10 Ibs. norveškog
bakalara $6.95
Sastavljamo pakete prema Vašoj želji. Tražite naš
cijenik. Paketi se uručuju u roku od 15 do 25 dana.
Sve je osigurano protiv djelomičnog i potpunog gubit- i

North Chicagc-Waukeoan Lodges
Organize tight-Team Bowling Circuit
No. Chicago, 111. C.F.U.
Lodge 75. 82S and 848 of N.
Chicago, 111. have formed an
eight team bowling league for
the current season. This
marks the first time that a
full C.F.U. league has been
established in the Waukegan
North Chicago area.
Steve Kerpan and Andro
Pucin, two local businessmen
o o a i a n e s e n a n
staunch C.F.U. supporters,
generously offered to sponsor
the league and have furnished
the bowlers with shirts.
The league was formed
u i e y o s y o u
Every Team Factor In
Milwaukee Flag Fight
Milwaukee, Wise. The
Lodge 255 team extended
their winning streak to six
vembcr 19th highs. John El-'
top flight Pintar Barmen who pCrj0(j
have been making sport of
thcir fellow bowlers. Grcen-
«N*ncDtt I^nferal team for their
Bea Karlovich, 168-432 and
Joan Bilan, 421.
John Sarich, Sec'y.
Hamilton Yokums Rate
Respect Of Pin Brass
Hamilton, Ont. The Aces
and the Yokums have enli-
then high flying Stampeders
and on November 101 ovcr
the then leading Hopefuls has
catapulted thc Aces into the
driver's seat with 32 points,
3 better than the Yokums.
It seems that only a few
weeks ago the Yokums were
the league doormat. They
started their rise by pouncing
on thc Hopefuls for a 5-2 win
and then hitting the Stampe
ders with thc same velocity
to move into second placc.
Sessional highs have of late
1)een anyone's game. One
week takers were Matt Ruka
vina, 270-668: Charles Biljan.
270 Ann Benich. 659 and
the efforts of two men. Now
we are happy to say that the
movement since the inaugur
ation has progressed wonder
fully and has proved itself
enjoyable to all concerned.
We are planning social events
to bring together, not only
the bowlers, but all Croatians
within the area.
Now that we have, passed
the incubator stage, you'll
hear from us regularly. A re
sume of the week's activities
on the bowling lanes, especial
ly, will keep us abreast of the
other C.F.U. colonics.
Junnies Beginning To
Feel Amity Loop Heat
Kenosha, Wise. The Jun
nies Follies have had their
lead in the Amity Lodge
straight by clipping the West Bowling League scaled down
Allis Bankers for the required to three games, the smallest
wins. In another match of the margin that it has been in a
Milwaukee County 600 Lea- month. An even more lntcr
guc, the Milos 8900 Barmen esting feature has been long
got the upper hand with the lost punch uncovered, Novem
Tiran Industrial Towels, both ber 18th in the lineup of the
teams now two games behind Foolish Fouls. The Fouls got
the first place Nada keglers. together to strike up the new
Karlovich K o k a i 1 Klub team highs of 648 and 1835.
downed the Pintar Plumbers Audrey Widmanich who' ^cr social was such that
to give the losers another for two sessions ruled the i" answer to inquiries we wish
losing session. feminine highs, the best of
o n e s n i k a e e w i o n N o v e e 1 1 w e e
out 216-579 to post the No- 167-480, had her reign cut
lioff followed suit with 566,'
hort recently when Dorothy
Rudy Papa with 208-540 and(tooi-
Jack Walcnt had a 210 game. 337
A week ago this same crowd
mbrek and Frieda Odar
was looking up to Pete Elli-. pranj^ Topolovec, whose best
off's 636 and John Gudlin s. 2\2.551 gave him a two week
of 836 by thc Lodge o91 tcam scores deserving of
for the time being halted the
vened the sessions of the!*1^0'
Lodge 644 Mixed League. I
tjon jn the three week"
them being John De-
zek, 185-502 Frank Odar,
puipobc. I Frank Topolovee, Sec'y.
Mary Seidlcr stole the show
for thc second week by com-'
ing through with 190-486,
Jack Knaus duplicated his!
feat in the men's one game I
class, getting by with a
smaller score of 187. There
was a drop of almost a hun
dred pins with Mike Papa's
456 taking thc honors as com
pared to John L. Pintar's 552
of a week ago. Other men
tionablc scores of November
19th were George Grasser,
450 Tony Wanda. 177-445:
November 18th was a me
diocre night, perhaps, for all
individuals but Charles Yak
sick. whose 182-477 took thc
sessional honors. Thc runner
u s o e s 1 7 5- 4 3 3 w e e
claimed by Joseph Liptak
These scorcs a far
hich stand at Charles \ak-
sick, 207-525 Robert Abra
sheff. 220-503 and William
Kapsha. third, with 481.
Quads Latest To Rule
Supreme In Quip Chase
Aliquippa, Pa. John Yat
son, 206 and Violet Dicicro,
184 rolled the best 6nc game
scorcs in the nine weeks old
Alcros League. Violet's mark
tieing that posted by Ann Zi
vitz several weeks ago.
The Deuces dropped to
second place as they lost their
fifth game in two weeks as
thc Aces blanked them. The
Ann Kostrich. 271. At the Quads moved in to take over,
November 10t:h rolling, the the top seat by taking two
feminine highs were posted games before the Treys un
by Mary Herbolic, 248 while corked 752, the best team
the males looked up to George
Racki. 640 and Matt Rukavi
na with 269.
single mark for the season.
The league had its share of
favorable triples that o
JEven with this distribution Steve Turkovich. 192-470 be-'
we had other good scorcs, ing the best among the men
namely, Filip Zebic, 263-636 'and Ann Komar, 165-425 be-j
John Benich, 612 Joe Myos. ing tops among the ladies.]
602 Fina Majerovich, 603 Further down thc list read as
and Steffy Myos, 244. follows, John Barancho, 458
John Bratina, Sec'y. i i chard Diciero, 185-427
Leopards Pacing
Vancouver League
Vancouver, 15. C. Going! Pittsburgh, Pa. Basket
into the ninth week of Lodge. ball will in the weeks that
787 mixed bowling, the spot- follow command a fair share
e a s a e s i a o a l- o a e n i o n a o n e
though the second place Pan- sports lovers. Our interest
thers on Robert Belich's spec- will be directed mainly to
tacular showing, 286-755 i that basketball activity which
crimped their style with a emanates among our Lodges
two game loss. High for the and Nests.
losers were Louis Jaksc, 260-1 To partially boost such ac
576, Richard Bclich, 202-524 tivity, your Society, this sea
and Elsie Trtan, 529. son as in those past will
Third place Tigora now one
Steslers Barge Into
'.odne 234 Leaque Lead
point behind the Panthers!
place Jaguars. The Tigers'dollars
were paced by Steve Rupar,
246-552 and Joe Strodl with
210-570. High for the Jaguars
were George Mahovlic, 188
501 and a newcomer to our
ranks, Mario Carr, 200-491.
The fourth place Cougars
188-444. Doing a yeoman s
it known that the next will be
held December 17th, time and I
jth scores of 154-
happened to
sway also. On November 18
Ovcr in the Mixed Handi- pjaced second to Frank
cap League, a new team high Lanc
field Arcade stayed in the top 173-^93 Anne Damianovic. St^elcrs have taken over as .off a 198 game to cop the
loiting the Er-1 ^nne Walsh, 401 and i the new leaders in the Liberty men'š single honors. Also
Lodge League when they hit 1 coming through in fine style
the Giants with a three game,
Ironmen And Pitts In
Clairton Loop Stymie
social, soon. The
bowling league members have
planned for weeks to attend
the Seattle doings. We hope
that in due time that our
American friend3 will be able
to attend our lodge affairs.
Iron City squad just gaining,whilc the Eagles took advan-(an 898 game rolled by the
tage of the tcam shifting to Klenke Jewelers.
the edge over the Duquesne
tcam and the Fort Pitt keg
lers blanking the last place
Tube City pinsters, both win
ners arc tied at 19-8 for thc
lead in the Clairton Men's
move within two games of
first place by picking 011 the
lowly Browns for two wins.
The sessional high honors
were a two person affair,
Steve Cestarich taking over
among thc men with 193-491
and Ann Panian among rhe
ladies with a 146-368 show
ing. These marks were a bit
off color when compared to
thc eight week highs posted
by Steve Cestarich in 575
—-r- o v nnn r-. -i thing long over due and a tri
Robcrt Abrasheff rolled 425 _,°0r°C/)irUC umph that will bolster the
and from there on thev ta-
Making the grade of men
tionable scorcs at the Novem
ber 6th meet were Philip La
bas. 465 Ed Shaginaw, 181
462 Joe Petrich, 403 Nick
Spudich. 395 Mary Horva
tich, 143-354 Gerry Sambol,
333 and Olga Delach. 311.
Registering two consecutive, ,Tg
7-0 triumphs first over
There is irony in thc cate
gory of seasonal team highs,
the first placc Steclers hav
ing rolled thc best, three game
total in 1993 and the last
placc Browns owning the best
one game figure. 725.
Vincent Agich, 426 Matt
Thomas. 420 Ann Thomas.
379 Alice Povelitis. 365 and
Mary Katkich, 165-361.
Josephine J. Prevish, Sec'y.
Croatian Fraternal Union Will Again
Support Lodge, Nest Basketball Teams
took a pair from the fifth jations
then fail to give publici
ty, win or lose, of your ac
tivity in the Zajedničar.
tional Department we have
job for the Lions were Tina I
Sanvido, 212-443 Mike Mil- reporting your games. Please
kovich, 205-504 and Joe Ma
latestinich, 203-495.
The success of the Novem-
available forms to
Alder Taps Determined
To Cop Harbor Bunting
The Alder
e i n W a v e e a
in the Harborite3 Mixed
place to be definite after our League, leaving the Matchen
Florists and the Doc Pepper
Seattle lodge will be. Beverages to battle it out for
Ann Zunac trotted out a
nother of her better nights
getting a 208 game in 510
series. Helen Stanko also
stepped into that category
with a 502 set while Madge
Mudrovich fell short with a
card of 185-493.
Walter Perko who owns a
triple high of 613 was pegged
at 550 at the November 18th
session. Paul Mikula reeled
e George Boravich, 518
Raykovich with
far and John
For the present the team
loss to push the losers
down thc league ladder
The Bears edged the Red
skms to tic thc two teams for highs for the season stand at
I 2472 for the Alder Taps and
Deuces Worm Turns In
Cleveland Junior Loop
Cleveland, Ohio The last
place Deuces who have cow
ered in that league position
pulled a surprise November
14th when they belted thc
leading' Nest 62 tearh for a
t\yo game loss. It was some-
morale of individuals on thc
Deuces squad.
Thc Nest 55 Treys for the
secpnd straight week found
themselves on the short end
of a score, the Aces, who
made it five out of six games
edging them in this match of
the Cleveland Juniors League.
The boys especially arc hit
ting their strike stride and it
pleases us to mention those
in the 150 average bracket at
the last two sessions. Theo
dore Nekic headed the parade
with 176-480, bein
bv Roger Kostika
Europa International Travel Bureau
Vlasnik: Dr. Alexander CiRIN, b. advokat i i OSIJKKA
Professional Building
3427 Woodward Ave. (Phone: TE 1-6893) Detroit, Mich.
write to us, either as an in
dividual or the lodge sports
director on the possibility of
organizing a C.F.U. basket
ball team in your locale.
e o a i a n a e n a
Union had its biggest basket
ball tournament yet last year
in Farrell, Pa., twelve lodge
tcams and six from the jun
iors participating. If each
would take steps to organize
for the season imagine the
interest that could be created
for the 1955 tourney in
Youngstown, Ohio.
Would-be recipients to be eli-1 ,,
Furthermore, the idea ad
gible must report their acti
vities' in the Zajcdhičar at
regular intervals.
Once again as always, may
we stress the salient fact: do
not make the mistake of play
ing as a C.F.U. outfit, locally,
took three points from the! ]m-ing the basketball season
Lions now in the cellar posi-:
tion, Mirko Braculj, 233-561
leading the winners and get
ting help from Anne Shuster,
vanced at the annual meeting
of basketeers last April of
organizing a C.F.U. basket
ball league in Western Penn
sylvania and Eastern Ohio
should be given serious
thought. Played over week
ends with a dance or social
thrown in, we think that
more people would become
C.F.U. conscious. Let's hear
from you soon on this league.
Frank Craidic, Director
Sports-Educational Dep't.
Pardus Barbers Rated
Tops In Sloboda Loop
Chicago, III. The Pardus
Barbers of thc Sloboda Lodge
32 Bowling,. League in contin
uing their winning streak in
cluded among their victims
the second place Matievic
Midwestern team whom they
defeated November 17th by
the count, 2-1. Mares' Ponti
acs moved into third place by I
humbling the Skala Bankers,!
3-0. There is something stir
ring in the league cellar since
the Pavlak Morticians have
come to life, their latest blast
catching the" Balkan Musi
cians by surprise with a 2-1
Mildred Kovacic at the No
vember 10th session shot 174
475 and for a time it appeared
she may be on thc verge of
breaking her seasonal highs
1 8 1- 4 9 1 e i n i n e i e s
dipped somewhat a week la
ter, Mary Biskupic's 456 tak
ing top honors, being follow
ed in turn by Geraldinc Du
dek, 435 Carrie Gall, 410
Rose Dusek, 412 'Dorothy
Kentos, 405 and Pauline Baz
darich, 170-384.
Frank Kunovic dominate'd
thc Show among thc men. his
214-575 being well above Gre
gory Krajacic, 562 and Jack
Pazul with 201-492. Frank
Pardus rolled 503 George
Mihel 467 and Rudy Cvijano
vich 415 to round out a fair
session at the Major. Recre
ation Alleys.
Toronto Lodge 975 In
Report From Pin Front
Toronto, Ont. Thc Tops
still rule the roost in the
Lodge 975 Bowling League,
their 54 points being four
better than the Big Wheels
who sport fifty. The runners
up racked up a 3045 aggre
gate at the November 14th
True to form thc Tail End
ers have come through with
the second best team scores
followed for two straight weeks, leav
168-472 i ing the crumbs so to speak
Nick Stanic. 168-472 and Pe-jfor thc Left Overs and the
ter Stanic, 449. Thc girls on a iast place Head Pins.
lower plane had their satis-1
Charlene. 151-.62 and •Judy,
bcr 7th pinfest struck up
Bilicic, 129-o57. 'Turina at the latest gather
Anna Rescie, Mgr. jng taking both male honors
!with 240-685. Ken Forbes
followed with 643 and John
high of 303, Matt
Majnarich with 237. Viola Dc
rich, 185-528 copped thc la
dies highs, Kay Bolk as re
ported being second with a
172 game.
A.ge, they say, is not a
matter of years, but a state
of mind—so it's probably al
right if Grandpappy wants to
whistle at thc girls on thc
Going Rugged In
Cleveland League
Cleveland, Ohio i s
place was at stake November
21 in the Cleveland C. F. U.
Men's Bowling League as thc
two top teams locked horns
in the most crucial matches
so far this year.
Thc first place Pioneers
quintet saw their league lead
shaved down to exactly
game as the second place A.
Grdina and Sons took two
out of three games from the
league leaders.
The Grdinas almost came
through with a clean sweep
losing the first game by ex
actly one pin but this narrow
loss spurred the undertakers
on to grab the final two
games with Dick Petkovic's
192-560 and Nick Kvaternik's
200-547 setting the stage for
this big upset. Pete York
fired 212- 595 and John Brai
dic 195-532 for the Pioneers.
With Steve Simcic pouring,
it on with his 237-574 und
getting plenty of help from
Steve Kasunic's 202-565 and
Larry Koren's 235-557, the
and Cafes whitewashed thc
St rivers with Tom Steieh the
big gun for th6 losers with
his 191-532.
With this fine effort, Ste
ieh won himself a turkey
which was presented by the
management of St. Clair-Ed
dy Recreation. Nice' going,
Tom Steich, and many thinks
to Ben Newman, proprietor of
the bowling alleys.
Walter Perko Perking
High In Harbor League
Indiana, Harbor, Ind.
Walter Perko, in as hot a
streak as he personally has
experienced as a bowler, fired
a 243 that carried over into a
613 series, both the male
highs of the ten week old
Harborite League of 1954-55.
The feminine honors, mean
while, over the past two
weeks has seen newcomers
Helen Stepich, 181 and Marie
Yancich, 472 taking over and
at the November 11th ses
sion, Judy Mihalic with 471
and Ann Zunac at 190.
The Alder Taps have pad
ded their league lead at the
expense of second division
teams, thc Klenke Jewelers
by a 2-1 onslaught. The Ma
rion Barbers, springing back
from a complete loss the .veek
before, tagged the second
place Matchen Florists with a
2-1 loss. Thc Doc Peppers
moved upstairs with the sec
ond straight winning session.
Playing a part as individ
uals in the aforementioned
clashes were Joe Markovich,
549 John Kirincic, 221-535
Paul Mikula. 195-534 Milan
Kalafatich. 516 and Mary Ta
dey, 171-451.
Lodge 9(1 Loop Lead
{Kicked Around Weekly
Toronto, Ont. Thc Ran
gers helped close the ranks in
the Lodge 961 League when
i they defeated the first place
Tigers recently 3-1. The two
lower division teams, the Tip
Toppers and the 7 Ups stalc
I mated at 2-2.
Philip Stanfel, the leading
male bowler, pushed his av
erage to the 214 mark by
flashing a 264-674 card at the
November 8th session. John
ny Maletich fell below his of
196 by rolling 227-579. Other
male triple scores were divi
ded thus, John Kokot, 560
George Labash, 549 and Du
šan Bezic, 541.
Mary Ann Milakovic fell
short of her 184 average
when she combed the pins for
237-523, the three game ses
sional honors going to Mary
Poturnak, 192-556, far above
her 151 average.
Lots of folks work hard
and save money all their lives
to buy things that only the
young can enjoy.
N O V O -O A A N E I E N A
lltli Floor, Room 1113 Telephone: FR. 2-0977
64 W. Randolph Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
KALHUS CO. (BRA-NAJ), St. Louis, Mo.
2806 Shenandoah Avenue Telephone: PR. 6-1286
It20 W. Galena Street Telephone: LO. 2-6448
Lions Belted By
Mah-Va! Steelers
Youngstown, Ohio Thc
Steelers halted the Lions af
ter the league leaders took
the first game on Fran Ro
gan's 177-440, the feminine
highs at the November 14th
session of the Mahoning Val
ley League. The Eagles lost
no opportunity to close in by
taking two from thc Colts.
Sessional high marks this
time belonging to Joe Plesic
in 211-575 played an impor
tant part in the team's victo
ry. Identical triples, 468 by
Tom Schragal and Nick Sr
nec were the best in thc Colts
John Rogan's 209 game in
a 517 set helped the Bears
take at least the nightcapper
from the Cardinals where
John Yancar, 198-511 stood
out. Dan Novak, 180-506 of
the Rams and Walter Ku
novich, 189 of the Browns
teed off almost frame for
frame with the Browns win
ning none-the-less when Ku
no vich's mates supported bet
We would be remiss in our
reporting not to give due pub
licity to some of the fair sex
scores, the best of which were
Dorothy Sinkovich, 165-426
Anne Chockey, 410 Stella
Horvatich, 377 Mary Krup
pa, 374 and Kay Rappach,
lodge 146 Ladies Not
Always Fond Of Roses
Versailles, Pa. The Iris
team in the Lodge 146 Ladies
League upset the highly
touted Roses squad. 2-1 on
November 14th to drop the
losers into a tie with thc Li
lacs. who advanced by edging
the Violets. The Lilacs have
been on the march lately and
even better scores can be
The Orchids took the final
game from the Tulips to gain
the decision in this particular
match. Thc triples category
found the sessional high ta
ken by Dorothy Kijowski. It
has been a long time since
Dorothy hit the kleiglights
and her 419 score was an hon
or long due her.
Helen Buzek who makes
common fodder of the maples
was held to a 169-391. Push
ing the 'aforementioned for
honors were Fannie .Stegner,
152-390 and Mary Reskovac,
403. Behind them came Mary
Pavlic at 361 and Chris Zi
brat, 351.
10 lbs.
6 ibs.
10 lbs.
2 lbs.
10 lbs.
'i lb.
U lb.
V« lb.
December 1, 1954.
Conway, Rochies
In County Stymie
W. Bridgewater, Pa.—Con
way Lodge 540 tripped Ro
chester Lodge 85 twice Sun
day, November 21, to stymie
the latter for the Men's Di
vision leadership of the Cro
atian Fraternal Union's Bea
ver County Duckpin League.
In the other divisional tilt,
Ambridge Lodge 153 swept
Midland Lodge 535 after the
losers put up a hard fight be
fore going down via the
whitewash route. In fact, the
Middies lost the opener to the
Bridgers by the closest
margins, a lone stick.
Over in thc Ladies' Divi
sion, New Brighton Lodge
738 swept Conway Lodge 540
No. 2 to remain undefeated in
the flag chase. Other battles
saw Ambridge Lodge 153 kal
somine Rochester Lodge 85
and Conway Lodge 540 No. 1
do a like job on Midland
Lodge 535.
The Brighton Lodge 738
men and the Midland Lodge
535 No. 2, ladies were the
swing shift teams November
21 and enjoyed a day off
from the circuit wars.
Canton Leadership Is
Hotly Contested Issue
Canton, Ohio It is still
a nip and tuck affair between
the Jacobs-Waltners and the
Price Advertisers for the No.
1 spot in the Lodge 514 Bowl
ing League. Both teams reg*
istered clean sweeps at the
November 13 session, the
I leading J-W team snowing
under the Lodgemen while
the Advertisers took over
and A.
The Croats team nestled
in the No. 3 notch to beat the
last place Macks, 3-1. On an
individual plane it was a
great day for the Cockrill's
Betty romping off with the
feminine highs, 184-430 while
H. Cockrill took three game
laurels among the males with
611, now the top ^season
mark in this respect.
Others sharing the lime
light were -L. Marich. 565
Comsia, 531 S. Bozurich, Jr.,
524 F. Shivley, 213-518 D.
Brown, 376 Alice Planick,
145-367 and M. Zuzich, 343.
A psychiatrist reports
that the prestige value of a
television set is much greater
than that of a new baby, now
adays. Does he mean that
soon letters of sympathy will
be in order with the coming
of a new baby?
j? Telephone: ELdorado 5-3430
I 745 Fifth Avenue New York 22, N. Y.

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