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o v a n k a u s e
to the 60th
Martin Krasich
&S GRlV°*
Frank Braidic

Sixteen-Page Official Organ Needed
To Assure Croatian Fraternal Union
Of Even Greater Progress In Future
Anniversaries Of Zajedničar Recall
Often Overlooked Role It Has Played
In Making Society Gr?at Institution
Early in the year,
vance of the organization.
Heart Of The Society
A study of the history ofi
frate n a 1 organizations in
America, not only of the na
tionality groups, but Amer
ican as well, from their be
ginning more than one hun
ted years ago, to the pre
sent day, shows that a great
number of such fraternals
ceased to exist for the rea
son that they did not have or
could not maintain their own
official publication.
Those organizations, which,
fflte our own Union, had, and
still have, their official or
gans, whether older or young
er than our organization, are
in existence today« and are
This clearly proves that
our Official Organ, our Za
jedničar, is the heart of
the organization. Without
the Zajedničar, the organi
zation would be like a body
without a soul.
Through the Zajedničar,
our Society breathes, grows,
and now reaches enviable
heights in membership, assets
and amount of protection
purchased by its members in
both the adult and juvenile
"Revolution" Of 1924
During the first twenty
years of its life, the Zajedni
čar was published solely in
the Croatian language, which
is understandable. True, here
|4id there w£ came upon an
article in the English lan
guage, but not regularly.
A o u i s a s i e
1924, Sister Danica Racki,
then the Director of the
Junior Order Department
started to edit one page
By V. I. Mandich, Supreme President
Pittsburgh, Pa. All through the year 1954, empha
sis has been given to the fact that this is the sixtieth anni
versary year of the existence and operation of the Croatian
Fraternal Union among our people in America and Canada.
In honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Society, we
are conducting a Jubilee Campaign., In every issue of our
Official Organ, in the Cro-T
atian and English Sections,
many articles are appearing,
stressing the necessity for
strengthening our ranks with
new members, and at the
same time explaining all the! That was the first attempt
benefits which the Union of- at the regular publication of
fers its members. $ material in the Zajedničar in
of the Zajedničar for
Anniversary of the English
Section of the Zajedničar.
Junior Order, once a
month, one-half of the ma
terial in Croatian, and on©»
half in English.
English language. The
members were reminded Official Organ was at that
time printed in eight pages.
English Section Born
that 1954 marks the Fifti
eth Anniversary of our Of
ficial Organ, the Zajedni
'••'^Har, as well as the 25th
At the first convention of
the merged societies in 1926,
in Cleveland, the question
was introduced and permis-
The current year, there- 'sion given for the organiza
fore, contains a triad of im- tion of English-Speaking
portant events of particular Lodges.
interest to the members of I As this movement achieved
the Croatian Fraternal Union, a wide scope immediately fol
and for that very reason, lowing the first convention,
1954 should be one of the the need soon arose for Eng-1
most significant and mostllish material .in every issue
progressive years in the ad- of the Zajedničar to permit
our younger members satis
factory expression of their
feelings and enthusiasm.
So the Supreme Board, in
1929, decided that two pa
ges of every issue of the
Zajedničar be printed in
the English language for
the accommodation of the
English-Speaking o ges
and the Junior Order.
At that time, a separate
fund was maintained for the
Official Organ, and the Jun
ior Order Department bore a
part of the expense of print
ing the Official Organ.
Fight To Reduce Pages
It is proper to mention at
this time, that the free, pri
vate newspapers printed in
America, from the very be
ginning of the regular pub
lication of our Official Organ
were inimically disposed to
wards the Official Organ.
These "outsiders" insisted
at every opportunity that the
Zajedničar contain only dry
statistics, such as reports on
the standing of the member
ship, reports on disburse
ments for sick and disability
benefits, death claims, etc.,
with no readable and interest
ing material, for that consti
tuted strong competition to
their private, politically in
clined newspapers.
At every convention of
the Union, our politicians
strove to reduce the num
ber of pages of our Official
Organ to a minimum, or
to change the Zajedničar
from a weekly publication
to a semi-monthly, or even
monthly publication.
I had the honor of presid
ing over the 1932 Conven
tion in Gary, Indiana, when
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Cleveland Salute
To Society Among
Greatest In Years
Ohio's Governor
And Euclid Kids
Score Smash Hit
Cleveland, Ohio One of
the largest crowds in a de
cade stormed the Slovenian
Auditorium here Sum lay,
vember 28, for the United
o a i a n a e n a U n i o n
Lodges of Cleveland salute to
the Diamond Jubilee of the
parent Society.
A program of rare vintage
highlighted the celebration
and served as a magnet which
drew members and friends of
the Society from all parts of
Ohio, Western Pennsylvania
and Eastern West Virginia.
Governor Qufce A Man
Although the program was
outstanding in every respect,
Jean Robich Russ
with each speaker, artist and
group, starring in their own
right, two "performers" stood
out above all others in the
estimation of the writer:
1) The recently organized
Euclid Junior Order Nest 373
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Central Committee Of Chicago Lodges In
60th Anniversary Celebration On Sunday
Master of Ceremonies Stanley R. Juracich,
Vice President Central Committee
1. American and Croatian Hymns .. Catherine Zvonkovich,
Soloist—Accompanied by Sloboda Tamb. Orchestra
2. Welcome Greeting Joseph Buktenica,
St. Louis Group
Will Stage Party
St. Louis, Mo. The Cen
tral Committee of CFU Lod
ges and Junior Nests in St.
Louis is making elaborate
plans to stage a gigantic
Christmas Party for the en
tire membership of our St.
Louis Junior Nests on Sun
day, December 12, at the
Croatian Church Hall, 12th
and Russell Blvds.
Our interesting program
will be comprised of selected
talent of all sorts and is sure
to please all those in attend
ance, both young and old
Through the courtesy
Greetings Martin H. Kennelly, been working hard for manyf"
Mayor of Chicago months to make this day an
Musical Selections CFIJ Children's Home, unconditional success.
Croatian Singing Drama Society "Matija Gubec" i program of speaking, sing
Prof. Frank Kubina, Director
Holy Trinity Parish Croatian Kolo Dancing Club
i Joenette Kirin, Director
Anniversary Address ii.... Martin Krasich,
Supreme Treasurer of the CFU.
Croatian Singing Society "Zora" Feodor Kabalin,
Appreciation Frank Zornjak,
Secretary Central Committee
God Bless America .... Catherine Zvonkovich and Public
Accompanied by Sloboda Tamb. Orchestra
Music for your Dancing and Kolo Pleasure
by AL PETERS Orchestra
Lunch Refreshments Dancing
Benwood Juniors
Await Xmas Fete
Benwood, W. Va. The
Annual Christmas Party for
the members of Junior Nest
60 will take place on Sunday,
December 5, 1954, at the
Brick Bar Hall, 220 Marshall
Street, in Benwood.
The day's festivities will
begin promptly at 2:00 PM
with the showing of two mo
vies which have a running
time of
the St. Louis National League
Baseball Club, we will be pri
vileged to present for your
viewing a most interesting
30-minute technicolor film en
titled "Let's Train With The
We have it on good autho
rity that Santa Claus will be
in attendance, toting i s
usual bag of goodies for the
youngsters. We'll have can
dies and a valuable gift and
a toy for each member in at
tendance. Tasty refreshments
will be served the kiddies.
We have many surprises in
store for the youngsters who
plan to attend our Christmas
party on Sunday, December
12th. We urge you to round
up the kiddies and attend this
grand affair with them.
Admission is free of
charge, the only requirement
being that your child is a
member of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union.
Michael Sestric, Pres.
forty-five min­
Immediately following the
films refreshments of all
sorts will be served by the
ladies of the Benwood Lod
ges. There will be plenty of
everything as in previous
years, and the ladies are go
ing to see to it that no one
goes home disappointed.
As always old St. Nick has
promised to be on hand with
bells on and make certain
that each member of Junior
Nest 60 receives his gift of
fine mixed Christmas candy.
We urge the parents of our
Junior Nest youngsters to
make sure that their kiddies
are in attendance at the par
ty on December 5th and re
ceive their treats and gifts.
We old timers will enjoy the
festivities if we just loosen
up and leave our troubles at
home for the day.
Let us acquaint our chil
dren with our wonderful or
ganization, a Society which
will eventually look to them
for survival, by bringing
them to their exclusive party
being prepared on Sunday,
December 5th.
John Baron, Nest Mgr.
Society's Supreme Treasurer
Greet Celebrants December
Johnnie Ivicek Soloist Committee is confident that the celebration will?
T- »t i n u: v. attract an all-time record crowd to Pilsen Park Pavilion, I The Central Committee of
Dance Barbara and Mary Joyce Bombich ...
At Piano Miss Doroth Wille ^est 26th Street and Albany, and arrangements have been Greater Chicago Lodges can
made to accommodate a throng expectcd from all parts of, not recommend A1 Peters and
Croatian Glee Club "Harmony" Charles Stephens,
Illinois Indiana
John Rozgaj, Director An exceptional afternoon
ing, dancing, etc., has been
arranged in honor of the 60th
Anniversary of the Croatian
Fraternal Union, the founda
tions of which were laid in
O A e e n y a n o w
North Side Pittsburgh, in
In addition to greetings
and speeches by the City's
Mayor and the Society's
Supreme Treasurer, talks
will also be made by Joseph
Buktenica and Frank Zor
njak, President and Secre
tary, respectively, of Hie
Central Committee.
Stanley R. Juracich, Vice
President of the Committee,
will serve as Master of Cere
monies during the program.
Well Planned Program
Among the individual and
group artists to be heard are
soloist Catherine Zvonkovich
dancers Barbara and Mary
Joyce Bombich soloist John
nie Ivicek and the "Sloboda"
Tamburitza Orchestra.
Three choirs will also
add refinement and color to
the afternoon fete:
"Harmony," Charles Ste
phens directing "Zora,"
Fedor Kabalin directing
and "Matija Gubec," Frank
K u i n a i e o E a
group has long rehearsed
for this celebration.
Equally as eager to make
the program a memorable
one is the "Holy Trinity"
Church Kolo Dancing Club.
Directing the group will be
lovely Joenette Kirin.
The entire program ap
pears in detail elsewhere in
today's Zajedničar.
Outstanding Orchestra
Lunch and refreshments
will be served immediately
following the program.
Entertainment during the
afternoon and the early part
of the evening will be pro
vided by the "Sloboda" Tam
buritza Orchestra, Johnnie
Ivicek doing the vocals.
Dancing in the evening
will be to the celebrated
music of A1 Peters and His
President Central Committee Martin Krasich, Pittsburgh, Supreme Treasurer of the Croatian Fraternal
Singing Chorus CFIJ Children's Home, Union of America, will head the parade of dignitaries to be heard Sunday,
S. Pepich, Director December 5, during the Central Committee of Greater Chicago Lodges sa
Musical Selections Sloboda Tamb. Orchestra,lute
Anniversary of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America.
Orchestra, considered by
critics to be one of the out
standing such organiza
tions in this part of the
United States.
This ensemble has played
for many college and high
Representing the Croatian school dances, has entertain
Fraternal Union Children's
Home, Des Plaines, 111., on
the program will be its tal
ented and colorful Tamburit
za Orchestra and Glee Club.
ed at numerous organization
al functions, and is "the de
light" of disc jockies.
i s u a e
technicolor and narrative film
"This Is Your Croatian Fra
ternal Union" available to our
Central Committees and Lod
ges has found such favor
that il is booked solidly to
the date shown in another
column on these pages.
Because it bears repetition,
we wish to state for the ben
efit of those contempla'.' ig
its booking that said film is
of the 16mm variety and has
a running time of fifty-five
minutes. There are no rental
charges for the film. Lodge
groups using the film, must,
however, furnish their own
projector, empty reel, screen
and operator. A Bell-Howell
or a R.C.A. projector has by
past experiences given the
best results. Also the services
of a licensed or experienced
operator are strongly advised.
Because said film is cur
rently much in demand and
of inestimable value, we ask
that Lodges showing the film
immediately return or send
it to the point designated by
the C.F.U. Sports-Ed :nation
al Department. This is ne
cessary because, sho,v^ as it
is on successive weekends in
Lodges Set
For Mid-West Fete
Mayor Of Chicago To
At Pilsen Park Pavilion
Chicago, 111. Martin Kcnnelly, Mayor of the City of Chicago, and
Wisconsin and other States in the Mid- His Orchestra too highly to
Director ^est. The 20 Lodges represented in the Committee have those who prefer dance mu-
sic at its very best.
More Than Mere Salute
All in all, the 20 host Lod
ges and their members feel
t:hat the Sunday, December 5,
o a e e s e n s o e
than just a fitting salute to
the 60th Anniversary of the
Croatian Fraternal Union.
In fact, they entertain th
feeling that their program is
equal to the greatest tendered
this year in honor of the So
ciety a year which has
neen many Lodges mark the
Diamond Jubilee of the lar
gest, most powerful such or
ganization in the world.
But this is nothing new
for the sponsoring Lodges,
for they have long been a
mong the most active and
most productive units of
the Croatian Fraternal Uni
on and have stood by the
Society through thick and
Hence the basis for their
confidence in the outcome of
their December 5 celebration
at Pilsen Park Pavilion!
Society's Sound, Technicolor Movie
Booked For Showing In Many Centers
widely scattered colonies, the
film must be sent without
fail to appear on the scene as
advertised in advance in the
Shipment must be made by
first class mail—special de
livery, with the film insured
for one thousand dollars
Booking of the film can be
made with the C.F.U. Sports
Educational Department and
in doing so for a tentative
date we ask, because of the
demand for the film, to al
ways give us and yourself an
alternate date.
Ashland Lodge 599 To
Elect Official Family
Ashland, Wise. On Sun
day, December 12, at 1:30
PM, the members of "Cro
atian Pioneers" C.F.U. Lodge
599 will hold their annual
meeting in the basement of
St. Anne's Church.
As this is the session
wherein we are called
to elect new officers for
coming year, we urge eaci
and every member to be
attendance. Zelda Butler

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