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Page 12.
Km nvi
John liolticli, .-cc'v.
ilarhorite* Leagui
6 81
George Vidlin
John Stanich
1 1
Indhidual Higlis
Carolyn Sklopant
Donna Glava«, Sec'y.
Thomav (ircevic, Sec'y. I John Pribanic 413
Kiki Novak 369
Kassy Sardo«-h 163-446
1S6-188 .November it, 1955 I
Ivovacic Masons 79.S-2291' Liquor«
fcec j-.
Team lli hs
7 17-2.145
a 16 No\ember 1955
I John Bilich
Ra v Plese ...
1 1
Tonv Culig
Kassy Sardoch, Sec'y. J, Minkowski
Joe Gudac ...
John Tarasov.ch 516
Thomas Grcevic, Sec'y.
Tigers 3
962-2647 i
Anne L. Warren, Sec^y.
Mary Babich, Sec'y.
Bob Belich, Pres.1
13 I
Krizan Mayich,
17 13
.17 13
M. Kruzich 589
D. Kuchan 585
E. Eskra
H. Buktenica
R. Buktenica
J. Bradich
F. Shubat
Tony Jurkovic, Sec'y.
Juraj Dorotich, Rec.
Cleveland, Ohio
W e
Adam Soleh, Sec'y.
JUGOTO.V Recorded in
JUGOSLAVIA (#1.15 ea.)
3000 Ali piši mi mati
rok raj rađa *a rajev*
3001 Mladi mornari
I" rardinn
3002 Ra dojka kolo
Ništa lrpfte od nmle Mljtlkl
3003 Od kako je lanjattlka psitlll
Prtica kolo
6003 Sl u unsko kolo
Prisnruki drtnri
B002 Ti tvoji z u Ilir i
Turopoljski drmel
6001 la mi je proći kontradom
Hrvatski (lrmcš
1001 Mori vrcaj konj«
Ah moj dillirr
1003 Sinor ja i moja makS
I.pptirlri mali
100'J Sedanideaet i dva dana
farlama kolo
2003 Moj dill'ere
Ti ni nc alntii
2002 Malo moje selo
Sjećaš li se
2001 Pjesma zagrebo
Kad Zvijerdire male
Ivan Kemenovic, Sec'y.
Michael Skender, Sec'y.

John Plnsters Return
After Holiday Layoff
The leading St. Rochus
Churchmen picked up their
skein and went on to shutout
the third place Lodgemen by
Edward Cominskey was
outstanding for the losers as
he poled the three game ses-
total. John J. Fabina
146 Larilrs League
N'«\fmhpr 'J3, 1955
Lilacs 28
Roses 21
Violets 18
Irises 16
Orchkls 13
Tulips 9
Individual High«
Mary Pavlic
Helen Buz^k
Ann Dupin
Helen Feiketic
Christine Zibrat
Ann Xitnik
November 1955
P: usiecUi Mui ticians ..
Matchen Florists
Dr. Pepper
Klenke Jew o 1c is
•T. Tap
Clairton Keglers Back
On Regular Weekly Sked
Johnstown, Pa. Resum- Clairton, Pa. After a
ing play after a Thanksgiving week's lay-off, the Clairton
Day holiday, the St. Rochus
Lodge 5 Duckpin League on
December 1st completed ele
ven of its fifteen weeks first
half schedule.
1 1
Tony Tadey
George Boravich
Joe Markovich
Led Krezman
Helen Stepich
Dorothy Zafran
Mary Lacko
Mary Tadey
Robert Abrasheff helped
4-0. Charles Gojmerac stood the league leaders win their who bowled 172-480, the lat
out for the Churchmen with only game with a big 200 ter figure the best feminine
a 492 set, being aided by
team mate Steve Petrusic
with 475 pins.
sional laurels with 1Đ7-528.! place with a three game win
For the Lodgemen it can be' over the Millers who had been
said that they went down no
tably, the third game being
decided by one pin.
type of a dish to the Baretin
cic Morticians. Vic Farkas,
Sr., 442 and Mike Duray, 204-1 ^eani
Kmetz and Pete Fabma s 4051
higher in the league standing
going into the December 1st
Clean sweeps seemed toj big guns as usual for
pervade that evening for the were Marion Vickers
second place Clark Powell
Restaurantcrs meted out that
Team Highs
Lila i 168
.Marija ret Wllkoson, Sec'y
I.oU^c 11»." Mixed Leagur
November "2.'5. 1 !)"»." \V
Tigers 20
Lambs 19
Charles Yaksick, Vickers
having a 528 sct with a
ham55L J" scores of the most recent
Oons 18 151
18 15 meet we had also James Ru
Panthers 16 l"!
natz, 178-456 William Kap
Kams 8 25
Individual Highs
Carl Spruk
Tom Zajac
Sam Larroct
John Novak
Sieve Kapsa
Francos Robich
Individual Highs
I, Danny Marši«
llj.l'ie Slak
Ro-e Ropac
Eileen Morrison
Donna Glavaš
Carmel Ropac
Team Highs
19 Riders
Team Highs
Prusiecki Morticians
Dr. Pepper Bevr-
Kovaeic Masons 15
Ann & Kiv Tap 12
Pintar Bar 9
Individual Higlis
Mike Papa
Frank Maydak
Joan Bilan
Mary Seidler
Paula Maydak
-t 6-508
1sS-507 I
Individual Highs
V. I. Mandich 153-399 Bill Katich
Dr. Arch 181-398 Peter Rercich
Eli Maletic 375 Marry L. Missick
Joe Grgurich 153-u68 Helen Giancich ..
Lenore Zvonkovich
Cornelia Pichler
Marie Sekel
Carolyn Sklopan
Team Highs
Lodge 111 Mi\el League
181 o\ em
her 27, 1955
460 (,'inhs 1
175-454 Hearts 13
173 Diamonds 11
individual Highs
51-2172 Prank Pribanic 195-497
2J66 joe Pribanic 183-491
2156 i Eniil Sardoch 444
Milwaukee County Mi.ved League I Barb Baburicli 161-110 December 1, 1955
November 17, 1955 \V
Ruhr Jeweleis 1*
I Freda Pi ibanic
U i Team Highs
12 Gophe:=
15 Hearts
18 'Clubs
(TT Mixed Interlodge League
Team Highs
I Ralph Jewelers 22
Rohar Jewelers
J«»hn Sarlch, Sec'y
C'FL Home Office League
December I, 19"5 W
Indians 16
Yankees 15
Pirates 15
Dodgers 14
Orioles 11
Giants 10
2130 Team i
I George Bradvira 518
154-404 Kav Puskarich 395
166-370 'Cathy Roth 156-380
310 Martha Vrevich 377
140 Team Highs
llalph Jewelers 1083-2951
406-1016 Jones and Hammock Mort. 2765
1007 A- Liquors 10O3-2754
Slow Pokes Head Pack
In Detroit Mixed Loop
plac(, Fort pju crcw (yho ar£ (maining in the
Detroit, Micli. The Five
Bums took the first game
Mixed League swung back in-. from the Pet Tigers at the
to action December 1st with December 4th session of the
the first place Iron City team C.F.U. Detroit Mixed League
going down to two more de- and then bummed around to
feats, this time at the hands lose the next two games and
of the Budweiscrs who are also the total pins by over
tied for second place with the 200 sticks.
The Pet Tiger wins were
due entirely to Ginny Koss,
game as part of his 467 ser- set that day. This was good
ies. The Budweisers were. enough to beat the high
sparked by Mirkie Bekavac,
Rolling Rockers are still on
the move, climbing to fifth
games of the Five Bums,
which were 170 by Andy Ko
vač and Phil Pavkovicli's 177.
help of Caroline Kuzulis' 151
174-442. This was not enough
for more against games of
192-175-537 by Tony Radman
and 176-488 by Fred Grego
rich. The three points won
moved the Loafers up to a
second place tie with the Pet
Tigers, 2 points behind the
League leading Slow Pokes.
game as the team rolled on
to the season's second best
of 1953. Charles
425, saw to that for the Res-, had two games of I game from the Rock-Hcds af-, blasted out the season's third
tauranters while for the Mor-1 207 jn
ticians, the best they could paj[)st keglers again anvthing but the implication which bows only to Dclores
muster wm a 407 by Sieve
took from hc
currently without the servi- games, establishing in theii
Emil 'onslaught new runner-up
ces of their captain.
Bekavac, who has gone to i teams highs in 817-226o.
i California. As it were the I Lillian Sveticki with 171
12 Fort Pittcrs put up a good J154-476 did her part to help
18 fight, losing the nightcapper the Terrors still they won
by only 14 sticks.
Duquesne won two from
Ole Shay, although Stella
Pagliarulo had a terrific
night for the losers, chalking
up as she did, 159-151-139
449. By the way Stella Pa
gliarulo has overcome her
^2 i competitor Anna Mae Kukich
I in the individual average
field Stella now has ap av
erage of 130 to that of 128 by
i, Anna Mac Kukich.
13 Worthy of mention as top
sha, 165-437 Anna Mae Ku
kich, 143-393 Effie Bate-
Mary Luchette 16,:-ol)i$
Vicky Zajav 37.S
Francos \Vnsii'» .'»59
Rose Svetini
138-356 and Betty Lou
Jog Gretz with a 132-356.
12?, J. A.
Strinich, Sec'y.
l.odjje 83! league
Al uetti
Riilei s
At cos
only one point against the
Hot Shots. The highest games
bowled by the Hot Shots
were Frank Grgurich, 473
Ruby Kurzatkowski. 154-424.
The league leading Slow
Pokes did it again took
four points this time the
Onyx team was their victim.
Their victory was due to Mit
7,ie Derifay's 180-471 Ray
Filipiak's 176-473 and Nick
Hecimovich's 177.
Neva Ruzich, Vice Pres.
Greater St. Louis Ladies League
November Jo, I !)•»."»
A hal Construction Co 23'
Individual Highs
Kate Grbac 514
Mary Klarieh 498
Bess Tatlock 196-195
Wilma Kiuzieh 177
Sis Ahal 201-469
Alvina Zupan
Team High«
230-596 November :8, 1955
Jones &• Hammock Mort 20 12 Team ghs
Wild Deer Run
Andrews Bros
L. A. Electric
Team No. 8
Stacey Coffer Shop
11 Team No. 5 11
12, Individual Highs
12 Rob Roth 562
13 Leo Misetuh 222-546
16 Mickey Roth 537
17 I Harry Kukurin 535
Mary L. ftiisftk'k, bet y.
Hopefuls 600-1771
St.v Jacob Lodge 167 161
Alvina Zupan, Sec'y.
Lodge 617 League
551 Kings
527 i Aces
508 I Queens 38
'Jacks 2S
1192-2869 Individual Highs
2851 Pete Atamanyak 233-6 9
Steve Yurcich 217-615
Frankie Karal 238-601
John Radic 232-565
I, Katie Banjovich
jojJeannet Hucic
I Katie Buban
11 1 Irene Husnik
16 i
Deuces 2480
Aces 929-2125
Joe Gudac, Sec'y.
Lodge 787 "Wildlife" League
November 19, 1955 Pts.
Polecats 16 Cro-ettes
-1 Penguins 1-1 [Jets
Bob Belich
.Toe Butorac
Mike Cenic
Tony Mijacka
Steve Rupar
Kaye Babich
Mary Tomljenovich
Marijana Carr
Frances Kruzich
Harbor Circuit Perch
Has Pair Of Occupants
Indiana Harbor, Ind. A
red hot Melyon Bros, aggre
gation which easily took
three games from the Mat
chen Florists to the tune of
the best team scores of the
December 4th rolling moved
into a tie for first place in
the Harborites Mixed League.
The other first place team,
the Prusiecki Morticians,
meanwhile had a narrow es-!
cape in their two wins from
the Anonymous team, the
first game being won on two
pins and the second on one
The second place Doc Pep-'
The Stars took one game. pers swept their series with
from the Loafers with the! the Klenke Jewelers and thus
cut the leaders margin to na
ry a game. In the only other
remaining match, the and
Taps decisioned the Blu
menfelds, as the losers sank
deeper into the cellar spot.
Individually, the girls had
more to chortle about than
the men as Marge Trtan hung
up a new feminine triple high
The Yo Yo's took the first i in 191-538. Judy Mihalic
total. ter which the latter proved highest one game high of 192,
,astlas" they took everything re-
Velliga with 199 and Marge i
Trtan with 193.
John Rajkovich took both
male highs with 210-555, be
ing pushed by Benny Zemarj
with 204-523 and Ed Grccvic,
with 530.
Liberty Lodge 734 League
November 26, 1955 \V
Colts 19
Bro\vn» 16
Ranis 15
Eagles 14
Bears 9
Lions 8
Team Highs
Browns 1928
Rams 1920
Bears 698
St. Jacob Lodge 167 ..21U- 20'j
Chulicks 21 21
Lodge 50 21' •,
Hopefuls 20 22
Four Misses ..Wj 22 *a
Edward N. ShagiMV, Secy.
Lodge 650 League
December 2, 195ft Pts.
Indians 14
Beavers 12
i Marcons 9
Leafs 9
Croati&ns 8
Argos 7
Hotsliots 4
Eagles 4
Canadiens 0
Individual Highs
John Lozo 713
Bob Nizich 298-706
Pete Yelavich 324-699
Pts.'. Tony Lozo 693
...44'John Misetieh 688
..43 Carm Monica 308-6S4
Dlanne Milakovich 257-675
Goldie Brdar 319-607
Kay Bolk 519
Mary Ann Milakovich 511
Team Highs
Team Highs
Lodge t'l'l League
Beavers 1100-3058
Croatians 3021
Leafs 1125-2990
Anthony J. Filipevlch, Sec'y.
Lodge 644 Mixed League
November 50. 1955 Pts.
Pumpkin Heads 24
i Hopefuls 23
Shrimps 22
Bugs 20
Individual Highs
Dick Glavicich 271-687
Joe Myos 261-636
Matt Rukavina 589
382 I Quads 2612 18'• Joe Lisac 587
'Aces 25 20. John Blaschuck 587
1-2259 Deucefl 22*2 221« Paul Markovich 533
2192 Treys 18 29 Ann Kostrich 262-699
770 Individual Highs i Mary Herbolic 224-622
257-676 Mary Babich 239-574
552 Ann Mvw 573
234-542 Mary Majerovich 572
Team Highs
Shrimps 1176-3233
Hopefuls 1185-3172
ltfarv Babich, Sec'y.
Bears 13 Pogos 16 14
Cobras 12 strikes 16 14
Pinheads 9 Spares 13 17
Chipmunks 7 Lucky "7" 12'i l"'a
Team Highs
Polecats ...
•lerry Kustich Memorial League
November 21, 1955 W
Rok-ettes 18
Individual Highs 'Polecats 10,2 lv1^
William Austin
Robert Spudich
Betty Marukic
Ann Barilec
Canton Members Shape
Junior Holiday Fiesta
Canton, Ohio Once again
our Annual Christmas Party,
sponsored by the combined
local Croatian Lodges, will
get under way at 4 o'clock
sharp on Sunday, December
18, in the American Croatian
Home on Winfield Way, N. E.
A wonderful program by
our own talented Junior i
members is being planned for
the entertainment of both
young and old, so all mem
bers from 6 to 60 are invited
to attend.
Delicious food, prepared by
the feminine section, refresh
ments, and, of course our fea
ture attraction, good old
Santa Claus, with treats for
the kiddies will be there. All'
of this for the small fee of
$1.00 for supper for our
adult members only. Chil
dren free!
Adhering to our usual
custom the committee again i
reminds us that a $1.00 gift
exchange for the adults and
a 50c exchange for the Jun-_
ior members will also be on
the program.
Writing in behalf of the
committee we urge all par
ents, and consider it a duty
of parents, to see that every
child is in attendance for this
party as how else can chil
dren be truly reared in Lodge
duty and enthusiasm for fu
ture official positions in
Lodge work?
We will be looking forward
to seeing all of you singing
along with us as we have
community Christmas Carol
ing among the entire group,
Individual Highs
Steve Ceslarich
Nick Frankovich 209-445
Tom Biscan .,..184-141
Ed Sliagin&w 115
George Spudich 408
Olga Dclacli 355
Ann Panian 132-317
Emily Becer 134-328
Virginia Shaginaw 326
Florence M. Comsia
Sydney Secretary Has
Advice For Membership
Sulney, N. S. embers
of CFU Lodge 700 are urged
to pay their dues to the Lodge
Secretary by the 25th of each
This is very important, as
the s.3sessments and other
Lodge transactions must be
at the Home Office in Pitts
burgh by the end of the
We must remind you that
if dues are not paid we will,
in some cases, have to resort
to the suspension of mem
Keeping this i n mind,
please pay dues that are in
arrears immediately.
Mah-Val loop Hearing
First Half Of Warring
Youngstown, Ohio With
but two more weeks of pin
toppling left in the first half
of the C.F.U. Mahoning Val
ley Bowling League, the first
place Robins declined a
breather and went on to pad
their lead by sweeping the set
from Canaries.
Bill Prcvec who tops the
league with a 173 average
kept going with a 185-525.
Mary Krupa also of the win
ners came through with 172
Lodge 109 who were tied
with the Wrens for sccond
place kept their winning ways
by taking two out of three
from the Parakeets. Capt.
Joe Tul of the 109 team had
himself a busy afternoon
with 190-531 to show for it.
The brightest mark among
the losers was John Tumbri's
Ann Chockey led the sec
ond place Wrens to a two
prong victory after they had
dropped the opener to the
Hawks, her contribution be
ing 188-505. The Pelicans
finally came out of last place
by taking a pair from the
Owls. Emery Horvatich, one
of the newer bowlers, rolled
204 aiding the Pelicans in
their victory. Kay Saski of
the Owls rolled a 205 to tie
with Fran Kilesh in that ca
Bowlers please take notice
that Sunday, December 18th
bowling will start at 1 P.M.,
promptly this due to the
Lodge 66 annual meeting and
its important election of offi
cers and other matters taking
place later that day.
It is your duty to attend
and both vote and accept re
sponsibility for the good of
the Lodge, which is both
yoiirs and mifie. Sandwiches
and coffee will be served as
an appetizer.
Lodge t~S Mixed League
November 26, 1955 W I.
Pickfoids 23 13
Croatian Club No. 3 22 14
Croatian Club No. 2 20 16
Lodge 472 Deuces ..20 16
Dunn Funeral Home 19 17
Croatian Club No. 1, 19 17
Croatian Club No. 8.. ....17 19
Croatian Club No. 6 16 20
Lodge 472 Aces 16 20
Croatian Club No. 4 16 20
Croatian Club No. 7 15 21
Croatian Club No. 5 13 23
Individual Highs
Tony Donofrio 211-604
John Ross 221-563
Frank Zdelar 529
Frank Kalain 510
Tony Pavlic. 488
Nick Dizdar 483
Dot Trkulya ...172-496
Canie Jurkovic 434
Ruth Lolich 179-4-
So. Side Chicago Men's League
December 4, 1955 IV
Lodge 202 25
Metal Cabinets 21
Curtis Restaurant 20 16
St. Anthony Lodge 20
Bogetich Florists 19
Golich Morticians 18
Fran's Service 17
Francis Tavern 16
Ftancis Plumbing 13 23
Dr. Katich Boosters 11 25
Individual Highs
John Martinuk 216-589
Samuel Alberti 245-579
589 Ceorjre Toth
221-508 Cany DiMartile 422
Team Highs
2646 Strikes 942-2J01
989-25221 Spare* 2631
Samuel J. Alberti, Sec'y.
Individual Highs
Nicholas J. Sraec, Sec'y.
McDonald Recorder In
Appeal To Membership
McDonald, Ohio The
next regular monthly meet
ing of "Dom Slobode" C.F.U.
Lodge 598 will take place on
Saturday, December 17, in
the CIO Hall, Ohio Ave.,
promptly at 1:00 PM.
Following the adjournment
of the monthly meeting and
a short recess, the annual
meeting will convene, during
which an election of officers
will take place. The usual an
nual business and lodge rul
ings will also be up for dis
We urge all you members
to come out and elect the of
ficers of your choice to con
duct the business of your
lodge for the coming year.
Members in arrears, please
make every effort to settle
your account and thus avoid
an indebtedness at the close
of this year.
Anna Zdelar 431
Vi Ferris 426
Anne Fox 403
Lodge 472 Aces 626-1856
Croatian Club No. 1 1813
Croatian Club No. 2 626
Chicago Singers Meet
Regularly For Tuneups
Chicago, 111. Members
of the "Harmony" Croatian
Glee Club are urged to attend
rehearsals every Wednesday
evening at Francis Hall, 6122
S. Ashland Avenue.
Rehearsals, under the di
rection of Prof. Charles Ste
phens, begin promptly at
8:00 PM.
W. Randich 223-560
E. Prodan 552
S. Miloš 533
L. Pavletic 525
J. Zadro 524
Team Highs
Metal Cabineters 919-2634
Lodge 202 2582
Bogetich Florists 923
Hostess Aboard
Ocean Liner Rare
Marina haliapin
Has What It Takes
New York, N. Y. One
of the most unusual jobs for
a woman to hold is that of
hostess aboard a big ocean
liner. It requires charm, poise
and the ability of getting peo
ple together and making them
feel at ease in several differ
ent languages.
One of the latest personali
ties to join this novel corps
of sea-going social directress
es is Marina Chaliapin, whose
appointment as hostess a
board the "S S Andrea Doria"
has been announced by Itali
an Line.
Beautiful, chic Marina Cha
liapin was born in Moscow
and is the daughter of Feodor
Chaliapin, the world's great
est basso, who died in 1938.
She attended private schools
in England and France and
speaks English, French, Ital
ian, German and Russian with
equal fluency.
Marina Chaliapin's person
al charm and cosmopolitanism
are of great asset to her in
her shipboard duties which
consist principally of bring
ing passengers together, or
ganizing the many games,
dances and parties scheduled
aboard the ship during an
Atlantic crossing and creating
a festive spirit among the
passengers, from the first
night out to the Captain's
farewell dinner.
During her brief stays in
New York Marina spends
most of her time with her ar
tist brother, Boris, who is
cover designer of Time Mag
azine. While in Rome, between
voyages, her favorite pastime
is racing along Italian high
ways in her sleek "Alfa
Zumberaks Will Greet
New Year With Wallop
ing away of 1955 will be
marked by the "Žumberaks"
CFU Lodge 859 with a terri
fic blaze of festivity.
On December 31. a tremen
dous affair, marked by all the
usual dining preparations, re
freshments and favors will
be offered to all members
and friends.
As reservations must be
made early to enable the
committee to complete plans,
please contact the following:
Tom Latkovic, SH 1-8523
Mary Leonhardt, TU 5-2988
or yours truly at PR 1-7698
in the evening after 6:00 PM,
and PR 1-2323 during the
daytime from 8:00 AM, to
6:00 PM. We certainly arc
looking forward to this forth
coming reunion.
Lodge No My name
(Don't fall to glv* Lodge number)
Old address was
New address is
December 14,1955.
Croatian Records
At last we lia\e our own DAVY
CROC'KETT! Hear about this
"Dalmatinski junak"
on V-100 .1.15
l.onK-Pla.v 3071 Yugoslav nones and
dances. If you ran plav 33 r-3 LP
rerords you should have this on*.
Wonderful Hi-Fi, over 25 beautiful,
son^s and dances J".95
ANTI-, šOLJANICI! ting Yugoslav
songs Long-Play 7036 $o.95
Contains 10 beloved Croatian songs
liy famous Croatian composers.
CARDS 18 in box fot fl.
Slav-Art Music Co.
3257 East 14th Street
Oakland 1 California
On February 19, 1956, th%
internationally famous Du
jquesne University Tamburit
zans will make their appear
ance at the Music Hall.
George Relich, Scribe
Brownie Members Rate
Post-Meet Refreshers
West Brownsville, Pa.
Members of CFU Lodge 307
are urged to attend the forth
coming regular and annual
meetings which will be held
Sunday, December 18th, in
the Croatian Home, at 10 AM.
After completion of the
regular meeting, the annual
meeting will get under way
with adoption of lodge rules,
by-laws and election of lodge
and club officials and stew
ard for the year of 1956.
Following adjournment of
both meetings, refreshments
will be served free of charge
to all members present.
Ledge 866 Secretary
Warns Regarding Dues
Montreal, Que. Members
of CFU Lodge 866 are urged
to pay their dues to the
Lodge Secretary by the 25th
of each month.
This is very important, as
i the assessments and other
Lodge transactions must be
i at the Home Office in Pitts
burgh by the end of the
We must remind you that
if dues are not paid we will,
in some cases, have to resort
to the suspension of membei s.
ONE DOLLAR is the fee charged
I V for the publication of one-colomn
v ^f|P I pictures of individual members in the
I I jt Zajedničar. THREE DOLLARS is re
0 quired for two-column pictures show
ing several persons. FTVE DOLLARS
is the fee for three-column pictures showing tambnrita
ensembles, groups, etc., not exceeding six persons. SEVEN
DOLLARS is required for the publication of such large
pictures as singing societies, wedding groups showing
bridesmaids, mass meetings, etc. The fee MUST accom
pany each picture. Make all Checks or Money Orders pay
AMERICA and forward, together with photo, to:
ZAJEDNIČAR" English Section
Do You Get Your "Zajedničar" Every Week?
you to get tU« "ZAJEDNIČAR" regularly. It ta now being mailed to your Uut
tnovon address, but t/ you do not get it, something ta wrong, so sena us your correct address.
Be sure to enter your Lodge number in the space above, because your name without the number
of your Lodge means nothing to the Circulation Department of the Official Organ.
CM oat and immediately to the "ZAJtSDNlCAK", »441 Forbes Street, Pittsburgh It, Pa.
or haad It to yoor Lodge Secretary at your next monthly meeting.

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