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Coining Events
25th "Croatian Day"
Saturday, September 1st
Kennywood Park, Pgh.
S. S. "Flandre" Will
Depart From New York
Thursday, August 2nd
PITTSBURGH "Operation Adventure!"
will get under way in New York tomorrow and
Friday, August 2-3, for two groups of American
and Canadian members of the Croatian Fraternal
Union destined to visit Yugoslavia this and next
The first group, comprised
of 65 people, is scheduled to
leave New York Thursday,
August 2, at 11:30 AM (EST)
via the French Line "SS
Flandre." The second contin
gent of 63 tourists will leave
at noon Friday, August 3, via
a chartered El Al Israel Air
lines Constellation Flight de
parting from New York's
Idlewild Airport.
Pursuant to a recent deci
sion of the Executive Board,
two officials of the Croatian
Fraternal Union will accom
pany, the groups overseas:
Junior Order Pirector bro.
Michael Grasha the plane
group, and English Editor of
the Zajedničar Stephen F.
Brkich the boat contingent.
Bro. Grasha and his
group are scheduled to ar
rive in Zagreb, Croatia,
Sunday, August 5, where*
as the group headed by
bro. Brkich will not set
foot in this same historic
city until Friday, August
The return schedule calls
for the Junior Order Director
and his "charges" to arrive in
New York Monday, Septem
ber 17. It is expected that all
63 passengers who left New
York in a group will make
the return flight "intact from
stem to stern."
Several Return Sailings
The 65 passengers sailing
out of New York Thursday
morning, August 2, will not
return in one group to the
United States.
They will return stateside
on different French Line
boats, the first of which will
leave Le Havre, France, for
America on September 10th.
O e s a i i n s o e
French port are scheduled-
for September 15, September
25, October 17 and October
20, with the "splintered" ori
ginal group of 65 tourists as
signed to one or the other of
the liners.
Of 20,464 gross tons and
3 5 0 0 0 o s e o w e e
French Line "SS Flandre"
will depart at 11:30 AM
Auj^ist 2 from Pier 88,
Francis R. Smith
North River, located at the
foot of West 48th Street,
New York City.
The "Fjiandre", launched
only several years ago, car
ries 700 passengers and is one
of the most luxurious liners
in the tourist trade. Almost
600 feet in length, it started
its eastbound tourist sailings
May 9 last and will have
made 9 such crossings before
making its last trip to Europe
October 30, 1956.
Top Officials To Help
Two other officials of the
Croatian Fraternal Union will
be in New York both Thurs
day and Friday, August 2-3,
aid in dispatching the
groups on their respective
ways and wishing them "Bon
(Continued on Page 8)
180 American and
Canadian members of the Croatian
Fraternal Union will depart August 2-3, 1936, for an ex
tended visit in Yugoslavia. Sixty-three will make the trip
Two Groups To
Leave Aug. 2-3
For Yugoslavia
Junior Director And English Editor
Will Accompany 128 Tourists Overseas
via an El Israel Airlines Constellation plane, the re
mainder on the French Line's "S. S. Flandre." The "Flan
dire" is a 394-foot liner of 20,464 gross tons, while the El Al
airliner is a typical overseas transport boasting of comfor­
further learned in
coming here now, that you have made avail
able as an inducement to a great member
ship campaign a free trip to the country of
your origi'n and that of your forebears, your
mother land, Yugoslavia. Undoubtedly, all
who have participated in your membership
campaign will not gain the privilege of this
trip, but we understand a number of the parti
cipants have merited the prize and will be ac
companied by representatives of your official
family, and still others will go along, paying
their own passage, for the sake of the compan
ionship which will naturally follow.
No doubt, the hearts of those fortunate
enough to make this trip will beat with great
anxiety in anticipation of the voyage and what
they might see and do when they arrive in
Yugoslavia. It is wonderful that such a prize
is made available to you, but I would admonish
each of you, and particularly those who will go
Milan Vranes To
Act As ES Editor
Appeal Is Made
For Cooperation
F. Brkich, English Editor of
the Zajedničar, will be visit
ing Yugoslavia the next sev
eral weeks and is not sched
uled to return to his desk
until September 19, 1956.
In his absence, the En
glish Section will be in offi
cial charge of Milan Vranes,
a member of the Home Of
fice Clerical Staff and the
2nd Supreme Vice Presi
dent of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union of America.
Correspondents are respect
fully requested to cooperate
in every way with bro. Vra
nes during the weeks ahead
and lighten his many editorial
Any cooperation extended
bro. Vranes will be deeply ap
preciatd by the English Edi
tor during his approximately
seven-week stay in Yugosla
via as one of the two Home
Office officials in charge of
as many groups touring in
that country.
Continental Society
Members of the Croatian
Fraternal Union may e
found in almost every State
of the Union, in the Territory
of Alaska, and in every Pro
vince in Canada.
Official Organ Croatian Fraternal Union of America
"My Best Wishes To Al! Of You...
An Editorial
By FRANCIS R. SMITH, Commissioner of Insurance, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Excerpts from address delivered Jnly 22, 1956, on occasion of Western Pennsylvania United
Lodges 16th Annual "CFU Day" at West View Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Farewell- Zbogom
so many of our fellow members know by now,
two officials of the Croatian Fraternal Union of
will depart this week in charge of two
groups of American and Canadian members of the So
ciety bound for Yugoslavia.
The first group will depart tomorrow, Thursday,
August 2, in charge of the English Editor of the Zajed
nicar and leave via the French Line "SS Flandre."
The other group, in charge of Junior Order Director
bro. Michael Grasha, will leave Friday, August 3, and
cross the Atlantic via a chartered El Al Israel Airlines
Constellation Flight.
There will be 65 men and women in the group on
board the ocean liner 63 in the plane contingent.
We are about to take our leave of the United States
of America with mixed emotions, knowing not what
awaits us before our return to these shores.
God willing, our first visit to Europe should prove
both interesting and educational and leave us with a far
greater respect for the problems of those we meet in our
travels overseas.
We pledge to our fellow members as does bro.
that we will conduct ourself overseas in keep­
ing with the highest standards of Americanism with
the best interests of the Country from whence we came
and the Society whieh we represent uppermost and con
tinuously in mind.
We will at all times respect the significant meaning
of the Passport issued us by the Government of the
United States of America and the responsibilities of the
Visa issued in our name by the Government of Yugo
Our thoughts at all times will be with our family,
our relatives and friends at home. We ask that they pe
member us and pray for our safe return home.
And with this we bid a fond farewell to our fellow
members in America and Canada as we take our leave
for the land of our parents and forefathers. Zbogom!
Stephen F. Brkich, English Editor
table seats, every known safety precaution and the like.
The "Flandre" will cross the Atlantic at reasonable speed
and make a brief stop at Plymouth, England, before arriv
ing at Its European destination, Le Havre, France. The El
in the official name of the Croatian Fraternal
Union of America: You are about to visit a
country whose government has been of some
concern to the Western Powers.
There are those who frown upon any type
of relationship between our countries and that
of our citizens and theirs. Consequently, what
you say, what you see, what you do, what you
represent, and what you bring back, will be
very closely examined. You go as representa
tives of not only the largest fraternal society
in Pennsylvania, but as representatives of the
State itself, and of the United States, and your
conduct should be such that no man can right
fully say of you, it was wrong to have gone. I
am confident that each of you have carried
these thoughts in your minds, and are deter
mined to conduct yourself along those lines.
My best wishes to all of you, who will be
able to make the trip, for a safe journey home.
FarreH lams To
Appear In Valley
Beaver Church In
Fiesta September 9
BEAVER, Pa. The Sts.
Peter and Paul RC Church
will sponsor a "Day in Old
Croatia" Picnic Sunday, Sep
tember 9, 1956, at Wise's
Grove, off Route 88 (Mercer
Road) on the outskirts of
New Brighton.
Highlighting this unique
undertaking in the history of
the Church will be an after
noon program starring the
sensational Farrell, Pa., "Slo
ga" Junior Tamburitzans Or
chestra and Kolo Dancing
Groups, all attired in native
Croatian dress.
The program will start at
4:00 PM sharp, following
which the "Sloga" Tambur
itzans will play for dancing.
There are almost 30
youngsters in the Farrell
groups. They have appear
ed on television and radio
programs and have made
numerous public appear
ances throughout the east
ern part of the United
Their appearance Sunday,
September 9, at Wise's Grove
in New Brighton under the
auspices of $ts. Peter and
Paul Church will mark their
first outdoors show in Beaver
County and help ring down
Established 1929
i El Al Constellation
't *fScheduled To Transport
Sixty-Three Passengers
Al Constellation will fly from New York to London, Eng
land, following which its CFU Tour Party will switch to a
Yugoslav Airline* (JAT) plane for the final flight to Za
greb, Croatia. The itinerary may be found on page 10.
Executive, Supreme Board Members
Wish Society's Yugoslav Tour Groups
Pleasant Journey And Safe Return Home
American And Canadian Citizens Urged
To Conduct Selves Overseas In Keeping
With Ideals Which Made Homelands Great
By V. I. Mandich, Supreme President
PITTSBURGH, PA. The time has come to wish
our travelers, visitors to Hie Old Country, a safe journey,
pleasant trip and safe return home. Our 1956 plan for a
Campaign for new membership in the Croatian Fraternal
Union is now in its last phases of completion.
You, who participated in the campaign and achieved
the full or partial quota of ncessary points, have made it
possible for yourselves tof"
undertake this journey of sev
eral weeks' duration to your
own or your forefathers' land
of birth. We can imagine
the feelings and thrills with
which you await the moment
when some of you will again,
and other of you for the first
time, cast your eyes upon
our "Bijeli Zagreb," as we
so fondly refer to it.
We share those feelings
with you as we send out
our very best wishes to
you, that you may enjoy
to its fullest extent what
you have earned by your
own work in behalf of the
Croatian Fraternal Union.
You are departing as Ame
rican and Canadian citizens
of these free democracies
of North America. As Ame
rican and Canadian citizens,
you have great privileges,
but also great duties and re
sponsibilities. American and
Canadian citizenship is truly
the greatest possession which
and American or Canadian
of Croatian origin can ha*fc
Be Proud Of Citizenship
In the passports which you
received from the American
and Canadian authorities, you
are told clearly what is ex
pected of you as you visit
countries beyond our borders.
Heed and follow those in
structions to the letter, for
they are for your own good.
In every place and at all
times, be proud citizens of
your new homelands, and
be ready in all situations
(Continued on Page 9)
Yugoslav Lass In Her Native Sunday. Best

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