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jults, there will,
at the
Ivancich and Brncic Con-
"Blasting" Paul Ban's
1212—1216 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio
Telephone R. I. 6-9742
Uz piće imamo dobru domaća hranu, kao 1 dobre tamburaše
svaki petak i subotu. Naš narod mjesta te bližih i daljih
mjesta dobro nam došao.
Vlasnici Frank i Barbara Turko\ir. članovi odsjeka 66 HBZ.
gpot danceS) lucky
an( man
Let's Go Ohio!
Kuth Lolich, Sec'y.
Team llighs
Adam Soich, Sec'v.
Pius XII
SCniedmcaif 'J
•'/", i 4'/''w
i K O I K E K A K A 8 TOli(*H 11 SIOMI'jK
No, sir.
Helen Karas
'4 "x
El Cazar
John J. Fabina, Sec'y.
with the Svalinas tak-
for the
Steve Dosen, Sec'y-
Joseph Fishter

as prizes for
Toronto Lodge 650 Bowlers To Stage !Akron
In spite of this custom a
mong us and the financial set
up that it entails, we in our
league are only charging $.25
per bowler extra, which in
the opinion of our keglers
day. December 21, 1957, at
ith the basketball season
Ambridge Seek Wants
To Balance His Books
Pre-Hotiday Dante Saturday, Dec. 21 S
Dec. 15 Turkey Roll Winners Awaiting
Division of Spoils During Gala Frolic
TORONTO, Out. e. The hall is being very beau
Lodge 650 Bowling League tifully decorated. A gigantic
passed up a regular session,' Xmas tree properly festooned
December 15th -and instead will add to the festive season,
staged its annual "turkey! Santa Claus will be there giv
roll." ing out goodies and presents
On such an occasion, as in to all the children who are
other years, there is a turkey, there. I
ham and a chicken given out
of seven bowlers. This on the
basis of eight teams in our
league finally amounts to
eight of each of the above ents
In addition for all the
bowlers who do not win one
of these prizes, a consola
tion award of fifty ciga
rettes will be given so that
no bowler will go away
As for the a(
We are looking forward to
seeing all our friends from
speaks well for our league.
The awards this vear are!'Toronto, Hamilton. Welland
to be made at the League', jthe surrounding districts
Xmu Dance to be held Satur-
the Croatian National HomeJ2,lst'
located at 1650 Dupont Street ^uletide.
in Toronto. Anthony J. Filipovich
Senior And Junior Basketball Teams
Again Eligible For Financial Support
But Quints Must Report Activities Via
Pages Of The Society's Official Organ
ball teams, senior and junior,
engaging in sustained play for
the 1957-58 season, be it in
dependent or league, are eli
gible upon application to the
C. F. U. Sports-Educational
Department for aid in the a
mount of a seventy five dol
lars ($75.00) appropriation.
This is not to infer that
a team organized but to en
ter the annual C.F.U. tour
nament will rate the appro
priation. Bather to the con
trary, there must be sea
sonal activity and it must
be reported regularly
through the Zajedničar.
Croatian National
Saturday, December
We might even advise now tracting, in taking three
and thus avoid disappoint- Sames shot a three-game to-j
ment later when tournament 2723, highlighted by a
rosters are checked for the
"three months membership" ^°hn.
prior bo the opening date of For Klaric Contracting,,
the tournament, that it be- who seem to .be involved in
hooves those organizing and record-smashing games, John
bolstering their cage squads Muich fired a 227-562 series
to busy now. 3nd s It Klsric followed willi
The time to become mem-
184-539 series. Klaric Con-|
bership conscious is now and tracting also fired a 944 game^
not a month before a C.F.U. in a losing cause.
Basketball Tournament. In a mild upset, last-place
The recruiting of new mem- Team No. 6 took two games
bers during the entire twelve from third-place Moydell. Bob
o n s i s e u y o e v e y o o e n a k s 1 9 0- 3 0 5 s e i e s
C.F.U. member, as it is to and Steve Domijan's 173-487
placc the Society in the best series were high for the vie
light to the prospective appli- tors. Tom Skok shot a 209-562
cant. series with Nick Jadrich's as-
The coverage that sports sist of 188-533 for Moydell.
gets in the Zajedničar. its Chulicks, still maintain
liberal policy to the sports- fug their one-ganie lead.
minded, should very hand
ily be used as a fulcrum to
open the door to a hesitant
and perhaps, not suffi
ciently protection conscious
grabbed two games from
Ban Tile, as John "Sure
Hit" Kombol took honors
with a '1*29-584 series.
Tom Drazich also threw a
187-517 series. For Ban Tile,
now on hand, may we hear ^99.439
from the C.F.L cagcrs? rich's 183-469 series.
Sports-Educational Dept.
series and AJ
.,. Fassi Tavern, still waiting
Frank Braidie, Director u,
for a break, subdued John
Stygar and Sons for a two-
I game win. John "Smoky" Ma
[nestar led his team with a
201-552 sci'ies followed by
AMBIUDGE, Pa. The Hubic Domijan's 194-550 ser
Secretary of CFU Lodge 304 ies. John "Atlas" Ivrsul bias
wishes to remind all his mem- ted a 223-586 series and Wal
bers to have their dues paid ter Grbcich shot a 171-488 se
up by December 29. ries for the John Stygar team.
Fred Perich, Sec'y. John Muich, Sec'y.
y other surprises for
h0 attend. As at all Cro-
^-jan dances liquid refresh-
j]j be served in the
variety to suit your individual
There will also be a light
supper served by our young
women bowlers. By the
way, there will be no
charge for this supper. Mu
sic for those desiring to
trip the light fantastic will
be supplied by the "Balka
niers" of Toronto, a very
popular group of musicians.
John Ivancich Blasts
Maples For 267 To Set
St. Louis Loop Record
ST. LOUIS Mighty John
Ivancich blasted the pins on
Nov. 29 for a total series of
Big John also set the
new high single total of
267. as he, with the help of
George Ivancic and Bill
"Killer" Brncic, walloped
Klaric Contracting. George
fired a 'J'JO-617 series and
Bill rolled a 188-506 series.
AKRON, Ohio The 2nd
Annual Ohio State CFU Bowl
ing Tournament will be held
in Akron, February 8 and 9,
1958, sponsored by "Matija
Gubec" CFU Lodge 472.
Invitations have been sent
to all Ohio Lodge Secretaries.
However, if any secretary has
not received his invitation or
entry blank please contact
Ruth Lolich, Tournament
Secretary, 219 W. Long St.,
Akron 1.
All Ohioans wishing to en
ter this tournament please
contact your lodge secretary.
All rules governing this tour
nament are on the entry
In the next issue of the Za
jedničar there will be infor
mation about hotel reserva
Metal Cabinet Quint
Blamed For Pin Arson
In Chicago CFU Loop
Cabineters entry in the Chi
cago So. Side CFU Men's
League arc about the hottest
entry therein. As of the De
cember 8th session they won
eleven of the last twelve
Currently they are but one
game behind the second place
knotted Dr. Katichs and the
Francis Tavernites, who show
a 26-16 record.
The league leading Lodge
202 is maintaining its grip,
having made it five out of the
last six and that against the
second placc teams.
Mike Cerneka both wres
ted and tied Emil Eskra,
i 243-638 for the individual
honors when on December
1st he exploded a 255 game
that fitted well, eventually
into a 638 series.
W. Schenck. 208-603 took
three game honors the follow
ing week. John Cccich, 218
and Leroy Buktenica 212-558
had second and third best
double century games of ten
rolled in the league the past
two weeks.
In the series category. Emil
Prodan, 579: Emil Eskra,
574 Harold Buktenica, 563
Frank Zakaria, 562 Dan Ku
chan, 559 and Frank Stri
kich. 558 had some of the bet
ter scores.
Lodge 514 League
December 7, 1C57 W
Stahlhebers 34
I Kozy Korner 33
Canton Pure Milk 29
3 O Clock Bar 26
Paros 26
Nest 196 25*i 26'i
Lodge 514 25 27
National Heating 25 27
Jaeobs-Waltner 22'i 29
Old Dutch Beer 14 38
Individual Highs
S. Bozurich 235-649
J. Comsia 220-611
J. Minkus 579
M. Drozda .r68
L. Marich 552
H. Bozurich 159
M. Campbell 1M-122
M. Zuzich 173-417
D. Borarich "P5
M. Jacksich 382
National Heating 808-2316
Xest 196 801-2277
Harriet Bozurich, Sec'y.
Croatian Athletic Club
December 8, 1957 W
Dodger* 19
Reds 18
Phillies 15
Pirates 15
Braves 14
Cubs 12
Cards 9
Pa., grid squad.
Individual Highs
Frank Egercic 196-515
John Mikulin lSS-^OS
Tom Zajac 401
John Pandža C»87
V i o Zajac 163-4*5
Annette Zajac 149-P.93
Dorothy Chrnlco 352
Dorothy Zajac 323
Team Highs
Dodgers 66C-1S61
Ca-ds 1761
Reds 644
Dorothy A. Chrnko, Sec'y.
Whoever dared raise a
hand against Rome would be
guilty of matricide in the eyes
of the civilized world and in
the eternal judgments of God.
As a freshman quarterback
with the "Covenanters" of
Geneva, Mike led his grid
mates to a six wins, three
losses season and emerged
that year as the nation's best
small-college passer.
So outstanding was his I
play that season that he
was given Little All-Amer
ica mention and was named
to the N.A.I.A. first team,
And then boom! I
On July 18. 1956, Mike was
struck by a truck in a con
struction pro ject accident
which left him with mulitiple
fractures of the pelvis and la
ceration involving the bladder.
No more football days for,
him, said his friends of Mid
land's "Mr. K."
Back To The Wars
Although he had a critical
back injury, nine months later
found the doctors advising
Mike "to return to any type
of activity, including the ath
letic brand."
Paso 12 DECEMBER 18, 1057
Geneva's Hike Karas Returns To Grid
Greatness Following Serious Accident
Midland, Pa., Lodge 732 Member Makes One
Of Greatest Comebacks In Football History
PITTSBURGH Lightning, they say, never strikes
twice in a given place. But that doesn't hold true in the case
of football lightning, which this past season struck the mem
bers of "Midlandcrs" CFU Lodge 732 with full force.
It began, for the readers of the English Section of the
Zajedničar, with the Nov. 27, 1957, salute on these pages
I to Ivan Toncic, the University of Pittsburgh's star sopho
jmore quarterback of tremen
dous future promise.
That article was right up
the alley of the members of
Midland, 1'a., Lodge 732,
for Ivan happens to be an
affiliate of their small but
never-sav-die ranks.
Now they are back in the
limelight, this time with Mi
chael (Mike) Karas.
Of the 12 passes he
heaved, 3 were for touch
downs and he scored 7
six-pointers himself to ice
hiš comeback cake in a big
way. '1
|$ut wait until 19&8!
That's when Mike is really
expccted to rise and shine
with Geneva.
Married Miss Pennsy
I Nor is Mike the only "big
wheel" in the popular Karas
family circle.
Quite a man, Mike!
Finished With Sports?
Himself a Lodge 732 mem
ber of long standing, Mike
made one of the greatest
comebacks in small-college
football when he reported for He's married to the former
practice last fall with the jjeien vidovich, who was Miss
Geneva College, Beaver Falls,
Pennsylvania in 1955
peted in the Miss Universe
contest of that memorable
year in her life.
Mrs. Karas is also a
member of the Croatian
Fraternal Union, but her
choice some time ago was
"Unity" Lodge 540, Con
way, Pa.
They have one daughter,
In August. 1957, he repor- Melanie Sue, who is a mem
ted to football camp, much to ber of Junior Order Nest 103,
the surprise of his coaches Conway.
and legion of friends. Mike's father. M. J. Karas,
In a few short weeks he is also a "somebody" in his
made the first team, but this own right.
time as a Geneva halfback' Many will remember his
i and not a quarterback. All widespread activities during
i this in spite of the fact that the CFU's halcyon English
he was disabled from July of Speaking Lodges era and his
1956 to April of this year. deep faith in the Society's
True, Mike didn't show the younger generation of that
speed he once possessed, but time.
that didn't stop him from
gaining 453 ycards for the
"Covenanters" during the re
ccnt gridiron wars.
Hail the "Midlanders" of
Lodge 732! And to all a Mer
ry Christmas!
|Wilmerding Will Play
Host Next January To
Annual Dux Sweepstakes
9th Annual West Penn Duck
pin Sweepstakes will take
place in the Wilmerding envi
rons the weekend of January
25 and 26, 1958, with Lodge
42, "St. Valentine" of Wilmer
ding the hosts.
Bowling will take place at
the Bill Kukurin Alleys, Mon
roeville and Sycamore Streets
in Turtle Creek and at the
Bohemian Club Alleys located
on Boyd's Hill, Monroeville.
Sixteen alleys over the two
establishments will be cater
ing to the C.F.U. duxperts.
There appears to be no
doubt about the popularity of
this mid-season classic which
confines itself to singles, dou
bles and mixed doubles com
petition, men and women. The
Sweepstakes has come along
well since its inception in Mc
Keesport back in January,
1950. As a C.F.U. undertak
ing, it carries with it the So
ciety's blessing to the extent
of trophies to the respective
champions and an appropri
ation toward its prize fund.
Entry blanks will be in cir
culation ioon. It behooves you
to make your Sweepstakes
reservation and entry upon
reading this announcement.
Ready to do your bidding will
be the C.F.U. Sports-Educa
i o n a 1 Department, 3441
Forbes Street, Pittsburgh, 13,
Pa. or Peter Franovich, the
Lodge 42 sports director, re
siding at 3 Third Street, Mel
lon Plan, Wilmerding, Pa.
Frank Braidie, Director
Sports-Educational Dept.
Johnstown Mixed Loop
Shooters In Top Form
November 21st games of the
St. Rochus Lodge 5 Mixed
Duckpin League saw the
Lodge 5 keglers for the sec
ond straight week take a 2-1
nod over a first division team.
That combine, John Ro
zich, 201-525, Anthony Ses
trich, 191-492, Frank Stojko
vich, 171-452 and Agnes Goj
merac, 139-365, appears to
have been tuned recently and
will bear watching.
In defeating the leading St.
Rochus Church team, while
the second place Baretincic
Morticians were combing the
Pavich Amusements for a two
'game win, the lead margin
'was at least reduced to nine
Victor Farkas, Sr. fired
the male highs at the most
recent session in 224-533.
Frank Kolar had a 446 set
and Vic, Jr., who the pre
vious week hit 196-509, lev
elled off at 431.
It is nice reporting to note
that our fair sex have been
clouting the maples, Cecclia
Jakovic, 190-424, Kay Spisak,
157-405 and Helen Demko,
367 as some of the better
Mountain View League
December 1, 1957 W
Klepos 7 2
Prune Pickera 6
Sonsovichs 8 3
Sputnichs 4 5
Pinheads 4 5
Pin Topplers 4 5
Slav Jets 3 6
Buzdos 3 6
Individual Highs
Tony Ficovich :245-559
Milan Mihocevich 539
Steve Kovacevich 521
Milan Popovich 515
Dale Nichols 213-457
Ruby Nichols 177-422
Eva Milovina 395
Helen Popovich 157-369
Zorka Ficovich 356
Madeline Levie 352
Team Highs
Klepos 620-1712
Sue A. Popovich, Sec'y.
Then we have
Ban Jslacic Team Takes Slim Lead In
Battle For So. Chicago 440 Loop Crown
Jovial Clubbers Hang On For Dear Life
As Keglers Round Out One Third Of Run
SO. CHICAGO, 111. With fourth placc and remain four
one third of the season now gamos out of first. Joe Alfi
past, the current Lodge 440 revich led his charges with a
Mixed League is shaping up, 502 card, while George Su
as the finest both competitive- dar's 494 was best for the lo
ly and fraternally in the three. sers.
years as an organization. Svalina Realty and Roddy's
The competition of late is Hangar had themselves a hot
keen and the teams seem to
be well balanced. December jng
The clean sweep enabled
the Ban Jelacic squad to
move into first place, a half
game ahead of the Jovial
Club who had their hands
full edging the Golieh Fun
eral Home team.
Lou Stincic, 208-566, paced
Mike Jerbic, 204-528 and
Ann Jovanovic 474 collabora
ted to steer the and Dairy
to three game win over the
Pcrkich Tavern aggregation
and thus stay in third place,
one half game out of the run
ner-up spot.
The Alfirevichs Avon two
games from the Kompare
Morticians to hold on to
some that
may not be mentionable in the
Zajedničar, but they arc ne
vertheless marks of achieve
ment and the names which
subscribe to them are doing a
fine job of keeping their
teams in fine standing.
First, I'll mention Jose
phine Jovanovic who for
the past eleven weeks has
bowled no less than 381
and no more than 418 for
an evening. Along that line
we have Marlene Jovanovic
who holdi a 131 average
and tends to bowl close to
that mark.
2, the Ban Jclacic behind John shooting of Mike Svorcina's,
Buick's 546 series won three 214-529, Chorak's 501 and
games from the Nick and Do-.Mary Lou Tomich's feminine
rothy Tavern combine. This1 help of 414. John Jovanovich's
despite the 218-534 set by 213-531 and Mary Crnkovic's
Frank Grahovac. 184-440 were the standouts
gamcs by the fine
Maday Florists with John
Senzel rolling 501 and Vicki
Skupnik a 192-467 registered
a dual win from J. G. Henne
berger keglers. A 530 series
by Stan Nosich went ,for
naught as did a 417 effort by
the Jovials, while Mike Paun ^nn gu]jch among the losers,
rolled 203-575 for the losing'
So it looks like the 1957
58 season is going to be a
great season tor the C.F.U.
Ban Jelacic lodge member
There is nothing better to
whet the interest than good
competition and unpredictable
outcomes. Seven games but
separate the top eight teams
of our ten team circuit.
Ylatkovich Marketeers Take Lap Flag
By 7 Games In St. Louis Ladies League
Also-Rans Now Looking Forward To Even
Hotter Scrap For 1957-58 Loop Laurels
ST. LOUIS, Mo. Here in. coming back year after year
the Greater St. Louis CFU
(League, the worsen keglers
jhave reached the half way
'mark with some fine scores
and plenty surprises scattered
along the way.
As individual high scores
we have had Kate Grbac's
223-603 Bess Tatlock with
226-533 Cathie Domian, 218
without interruption.*
Vlatkovich Market is in
first place at the midway
point, seven games ahead of
the second place Chnlicks.
Bringing up the rear in
this order are the Lodge qP
Girls and The Larks in 4ast
In this summation of six-
Kate Grbcich. 535 and Fran- teen weeks of bowling, may I
ces Grbcich, 553. Albina Ko-!say that I appreciate the co
vaccvic toppled them for a operation given me thus far.
526 count and Helen Perhat, Most of us realize, too, that if
we put our best foot forward
We are glad to welcome our 40-31 and at the final whistle,
newcomers Albina Kovaccvic 62-48.
and Marlene Jovanovic and
hope to have enough others
with us to bowl six teams next
There are no less than ten
bowlers back with us who had
been on the absentee list for
several seasons. Of course, we
do remember and appreciate
the "old faithfuls" that keep
worst bowling behind
us (tsk. tsk), we Louisians
cannot but help have a bigger
league and better scores,
come the 1958-59 season.
Jeanette Manestar
Johnnies Have Quint
In City Junior Loop
Croatian Fraternal Union un
der the eagles of Lodge 5 is
entered in the City Junior
Basketball League.
At the opening night, the
C.F.U.-ers against the Bon
Air five put up a good fight
Agatha Jovanovic started to the half way point, being
out with a 122 average and at i tied at 17-17.
this writing she still is holding However, the shooting of E.
it. Much as to say, that while Miksic and Pekich, 13 and 12
nothing was gained, neither points, respectively, was not
was there a loss. enough. The Bon Airs put on
Danice Ban has been both a scoring spree to win out
consistent and an improved by 6 points, 43-37.
kegler. Angeline Jovanovic In the season's second
has improved her average by game, the Don Billiards were
no less than nine pins and her behind at the close of the
teammate Cathie Domian has first stanza, 10-11. Thereafter
upped hers 5 pins over that the score read in their favor
of last year. at the quarter marks, 42-20,
The Miksic brothers put on
a wonderful exhibition, Ed
with 20 tallies, tops in the
game, and George with 11
Charles Jotquin et Cie, Int. Phila., Po. EST. 1884

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