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$ 56,300
Mi trie Knaflic, Pres.
Lubie Yanosich, Rec.
W p.
y, .nU/TIIX
B. A. B. V.

Coming Events
St. Louis, Mo.
Nat'l Pin Tourney
May 15-18. 195$
Single Premium
Big Honey Saver
Lump Payment Is
Heart of Bargain
By Joseph Bella
Supreme Secretary
atian Fraternal Union has a
vailable a new and modern
method of selling insurance,
one which represents a great
ttving to the buyer.
We have reference to the
"Single Premium Plan",
which was adopted by the
Society's Board of Direc
tors and put into effect in
In simple terms, the "Single
Premium Plan" provides for
the payment of dues in one
lump sum at the time appli
cation for same is made af
ter which all further worries
about future dues would be
completely eliminated.
Actual Illustration
•'Now for an actual illustra
tion to prove that the "Single
Premium Plan" is tremen
dous money saver.
Let us assume that an ap
plicant is 20 years of age and
wishes to purchase a Single
Premium 20 Year Endowment
Certificate for $1,000, and
that the lodge dues are 15
fffits per month.
He would pay $665.40 at
the time of application.
However, his dividends ov
,«r 19 years would amount
to $57.00, thus lowering his
net cost to just $608.40.
Under the monthly pay
ment method, the story runs
like this: $3.81 monthly mor
tuary dues, 32 cents CFU
fiinds, 15 cents lodge dues.
Or $4.28 dues per month.
(Single Premium—P. 9)
Younger District CFU Misses Urged To
Enter Group's Popularity Sweepstakes
PITTSBURGH The Uni- be decided on the basis of the
ted Western Pennsylvania!most tickets sold on the a
Lodges of the Croatian Fra- ward of a 1958 Plymouth. The
ternal Union are again spon-i runnerup will automatically
soring a Queen Contest in qualify as the "Croatian Cen
conjunction with their 1958 ter Day" Queen.
"CFU Day" and "Croatian Tickets sell at fifty cents,
Center Day." i 10
All material should be
mailed to UWPL Secretary
Philip Vukelich, 3441 Forbes
St., Pittsburgh 13.
Lodge or Nest members contestant.
desirous of entering these
pop n 1 a i y sweepstakes
should forward their name,
latest photograph (no
snapshots, please!), and
background i n o mation,
such as year of birth,
schooling, place of employ
ment, and so forth.
Monthly Dues Passe Under
Terms of New S.P. System
The Campaign In Nutshell
JAN. l-FEB. 28, 1958, INCLUSIVE
United States of America
New Members 242
Insurance $268,500
Dominion of Canada
New Members 81
Insurance $ 83,000
Recapitulation, U.S.A. and Canada
Instructor Charles Elias In Attendance
To Brief Youngsters on Tamburitza Arts
The members of the C.F.U.
Mothers Club and the pros
pective junior tamburitza
players met, for the first
time, with the tamburitza in
structor Charles Elias of
Kenosha on Sunday, Febru
ary 16,1958.
It was gratifying to see
such a fine turnout of
youngsters and also a plea
sure to have the presence
of bro. Nick Hinich, a mem
ber of Lodge 255 and the
CFU Supreme Board.
Bro. Elias gave a talk, stat
ing what he would expect of
the youngsters who would
comprise the new junior tam
buritza group. The session
was later adjourned until the
next meeting which was to
be held on February 22.
We wish to thank the Cro-
United Western Pennsylvania Lodges
To Award Car During Annual Frat Day
of which goes to the
Another new rale adop
ted will no longer make it
permissable for any Lodge,
or group of Lodges, to
transfer credit for ticket
sales to a contestant rep
resenting another Lodge, or
Junior Order Nest.
The young ladies will be on
their own this year.
But there is nothing in the
rules to prevent them from
soliciting the sales support of
The Queen wilU their fellow members.
New Members
Insurance $351,500 $455,000 $806,500
Michael Grasha, Chairman
Philip Vukelich, Vice Chair.
Stephen F. Brkich, Vice Chair.
s Joseph Bella, Secretary
Milwaukee Area Junior Tammie Group
YirtN'y Certain After Feb. 16 Meet
atian Daughters for selling
some of their instruments to
us. Some of the youngsters
have their own instruments,
which were handed down to
them by their parents.
A n y y o u n s e w o
wishes to join the group
should call the undersigned
at Evergreen 3-5522, for
there is still time to join.
The Mothers Club is happy
to know that in a short while
it will see the tamburitza
group definitely organized.
Now the public will under
stand why we held so many
events to raise money, and
why we sent out letters ask
ing for donations toward in
struments. Your generosity
will be repaid in a good way
and any amount will be great
ly appreciated.
Society Helping
85 Or Over Class
Home Office Paying
Mortuary, 32c Dues
would like to call the atten
tion of the lodge secretaries
to their members who are 85
years of age or older.
For all such members the
Society pays the mortuary
and 32 cents administrative
However, all such mem
bers are carried regularly
every month on the assess
ment list and twice annual
ly, namely, in the months
of June and December, the
lodge is reimbursed for
their dues.
In case of death of such a
member, please do not write
about the member's dues, as
the lodge will be reimbursed
for safety
Joseph Bella
Sup. Secretary
Many In District
Eligible To Join
Proposed New Club
for the organization of a
Mothers Club will be dis
cussed here Sunday, March 9,
during the regular monthly
meeting of "Abraham Lin
coln" Lodge 85.
As usual, the meeting is
to be held in the St. Cecilia
Church Hall and start at
1:30 p.m. sharp.
Members are urged to ar
rive on the scene a bit earlier
in order that they may dis
pose of their dues obligations
and be free to take part in
e e i e a i o n s w i
should make this meeting one
of the most interesting in a
number of years.
Why Not In Rochester?
Like so many other Lodges
In the CFU, Lodge 85 has
been plagued with a passive
ness which must be arrested
before it kills off all interest
in our work.
Where to look for the an
swer to our problem To
those CFU centers which
house Mothers Clubs:
Gary, Ind. Detroit Mil
waukee, Wise. Uniontown,
Pa. South Chicago, 111.
Hamilton, Ont., Canada
and others where the exper
iment has been a success.
But can it be made to work
here? Why not. We have one
of the largest senior-junior
memberships in the CFU in
Lodge 85 and Nest 8, with
"Moms" on all sides.
Editor To Give Talk
With us on Sunday, March
9, to explain the meaning of
a Mothers Club will be Eng
lish Editor of the Zajedničar
Stephen F. Brkich.
He will outline plans for
our own such organization
and answer any questions
our members may care to
Every single mother affili
ated with Lodge 85, every
single member ihterested in
the future of the Lodge and
Nest 8, should attend this
meeting Sunday next.
This meeting may very well
be a turning point in our fra
ternal life.
Canton 514 Planning
Post-Easter Festival
CANTON, Ohio Croa
tian Fraternal Union Lodge
514 will stage a post-Easter
Dance on Saturday evening,
April 12, at the American
Croatian Home, 2543 Winfield
Way, NE.
George Smer's Star Tambu
ritzans of Massillon will play
for dancing and there will be
plenty of refreshments and
fun for all.
Members and friends are
cordially invited to attend.
Harriet Bofeurich, Scribe
Rochester Next Link In Mothers Club Chain
English Editor
Slated To Brief
Lodge 85 Mothers
Croatian Fraternal Union of America
Tamburitzans Shape Syria Mosque Spectacular
March 16th, 1958, will mark
the homecoming for two local
i s u e s w e n u
quesne University's famous
Tamburitzans perform their
annual Greater Pittsburgh
Concert at the Syria Mosque
at 8:30 p.m.
John Srsic, a junior in
the School of Business at
Duquesne University, is ac
tive with the Tammies as
an instrumentalist and fea
tured dancer.
Now in his third year, this
personable young man has
made many friends for him
self and his organization.
As for his dancing ability,
let it suffice to say that he
has been winning prizes for
his dancing ever since he was
twelve years old.
Mr. Srsic has alto been
very active in CFU circles,
having held officership in his
particular lodge.
Miss Claire Zvonar, a fresh
man with the Tamburitzans,
Junior Tammies Will
Play March IS During
Frisco St. Patrick Dance
Lodge 900 will sponsor a St.
Patrick's Day Dance and So
cial on Saturday, March 15.
The affair will be held at Yu
goslav Sokol Hall, 580 Eddy
The arrangements commit
tee, headed by Robert Mes
trovich and Frank Kuchan,
has hired the popular polka
and kolo entertainer, Jim Ko
vacevich Boggio, to play for
the evening.
Also performing will be
the CFU Junior Tamburit
za Orchestra under the di
rection of William Blaze
This young group, com
prised of Joanne Ivanetich,
Diana Kuchan, Kathy Ivane
tich, Kenneth Delaney and
Diane and Sandra Stipelko
vich did a splendid job at the
recent Sv. Vlaho celebration.
e e s e n s w i e
served all evening and admis
sion will be free.
Claire Zvonar and John Srsic In Homecoming March 16th
John Srsic Claire Zvonar
is studying in the School of.
Education and shows promise
of making quite a name for
herself before she graduates
from Duquesne.
Claire plays the first
prim in the tamburitza or
chestra, sings alto !n the
chorus, and dances in vari
ous kolo routines.
These two Pittsburghers
will help the Tammies put on
their usual breathtaking per­i
It marked the seventh
blessed event in the lives of
the widely known, extremely
popular Western Pennsylva
nia couple. Previous arrivals
on the Balaban scene were
four boys and two girls.
His many friends, and they
are legion, will remember bro.
Balaban as the former Gen
eral Counsel of the Croatian
Fraternal Union who went on
to become the 1st Deputy In
surance Commissioner of the
Commonwealth of Pennsyl
He is still serving the Com
monwealth in that all-im
portant capacity and has won
wide recognition in recent
years as an authority on the
insurance industry.
Members of "Progress" In Comeback of Century
CHICAGO The headline
over my last report to you
the members of the Progress
Lodge, read: "Chicago 749 on
beam once again".
Am happy to report now,
one month later, that we
really are still on the beam.
We had another good meet
ing both from the standpoint
of attendance as well as en
thusiasm displayed by all
those present.
Again we had the plea
sure of seeing several of
our members who come to
meetings only once in a
great while, but who prom
ise to come move often
from here on.
It was a pleasure to have
Will Wonders Never Cease- Chicago 749 Rides Again!
seen Elmer and Jean Carlson.
As the handle may indicate,
Elmer of course is no Croa
tian. But you might have had
Turn to page 8 for Editorial,
'Welcome Back!"
some difficulty in determining
that had you seen him display
his understanding of the Cro
atian language.
Course In Insurance
No joke, you should have
seen this. A letter from the
Home Office was read and it
was in Croatian. There was
only one word Elmer didn't
understand and that was "te
čaj". When this word was
translated, he knew what the
whole letter was about
formance and will try espec
ially hard to make this twen
ty-first anniversary program
at the Syria Mosque on Sun
day, March 16, at 8:30 p.m.
the finest that Pittsburgh has
ever seen.
Both Miss Zvonar and Mr.
Srsic are products of the D.
U. Tamburitza School of Mu
sic which was developed some
[four years ago by Walter W.
Kolar, director of the Tams.
First Deputy Insurance Commissioner
Eligible To Organize Own Junior Nest
Thomas R. and Margaret Balaban Welcome
Another Son To Expanding Family Circle
2 oz. son was born the past
weekend to Thomas R. and
Margaret Balaban of Waynes
burg, Penna.
Thomas B.
Radio Station
Our congratulations to the
Balabans on this "7th step to
Rest easy, Mother.
The cigars, Father!
Editorial Staff
And before leaving this
letter, let me tell you too
what it is about. It explains
a plan to organize a "tečaj"
in Chicago a course to stu
dy various policies and op
erations of the Croatian
Fraternal Union.
The time has come when we
must know what we have to
sell, for competition is get
ting keener day by day.
If plans do materialize, this
will be a very short coursc
as a starter, and a Home Of
fice expert will be the instruc
tor. Oh yes, it will be free, of
Plan Something Big
At this very meeting four
(Chicago 749k—P» 9)
Established 1929
Coast "Veep" Is
National Leader
In Campaign Race
Canadians Show
Signs Of Making
Hay In Dominion
By Michael Grasha
Chairman, Camp. Comm.
ary's frigid weather set a con
tinental record as the most
inclement in a decade. B-r-r-r,
but it was cold! America was
gripped by icy blasts, moun
tainous snows, and below-zero
This preamble might well
sound as an apologetic
build-up to a less than sat
isfactory statistical resume
of our second month's cam
paign results.
Happily, this is not the
case for while the weather
Turn to page 8 for Editorial,
"Then and Now."
man was building up a record
of mean behaviour our cam
paigners, fired by innate fra
ternal zeal, were also Record
ing spectacular achievements,
elements notwithstanding.
Sub-Zero Just Right
As we have reported on
these pages, the results for
the opening month of the cur
rent membership drive were
nothing short of amazing.
The 459 new members (306
junior 153 senior) and
$374,000 new coverage gave
us the best first month in a
decade of campaigning.
W e e o w e e s
here is an even more a
stounding accomplishment.
Our zealots in the field
brought us 523 now mem
bers in the now memorable
month of February. Of this
number 353 are proud new
junior affiliate ar.d 170
cast their lot with the adult
Thus, despite the less than
favorable weather, our re
cruiters bettered the January
record by 64 members.
The new insurance written
amounted to $432.500, there
by beating tho January total
by $58,500.
Just Short Of 1,000
The results for the two
months thus brought us a
most gratifying 982 new
members. Of this total 659 are
junior and 323 senior. The U.
S. membership received 824
while our Canadian rosters
(August Herceg P. 9)
Barberton Members To
Discuss Home Repairs
members of CFU Lodge 254
are asked to attend the reg
ular meeting which will be
held Sunday. March 9, at 1:00
p.m., in the Lodge Home, 407
3rd St. and Brady Avenue.
At this session we will dis
cuss many important matters,
i n u i n e a i s o n o u
Lodge Home.
Do not fail to attend.

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