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Page 10
Jovo Radujkovich, Sec'y.
CFU Cover*
Full Hamc
April 9, 1958
Caribbeaa Clctiise in 1959
Mark Rramarich, Reč.
Lodge Ji*

Croatian Fraternal Union's Members
Kay Well Take Pride In Their Society
Continued Progress of Organization Is
Credited To Cooperation of Membership
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Society find themselves. Past experience has taught us, par
ticularly the older ones among us, that depressions come
suddenly and unexpectedly and that normal conditions re
turn very slowly, and that the results of a depression are
felt for many years.
It is my recommendation, to which I have devoted
much thought in the last three months, that we be cau
tious and not hurry with the sale of the present building
and the erection of a new Supreme Office Building until
such time as conditions will have improved.
1 stated at our meetings last March that the value
of the present Home Office Building is still growing and|
will not fall for the next few years, or so long as this section)
of the city continues to expand and grow. If we wait six
months, a year or more, or until conditions will be brighter
and more certain, we, meaning the Society and the member
ship. will lose nothing.
In the meantime, until general conditions are improved
to the extent that we will be able to proceed with our plans,
we can continue to search for a suitable building site and
if it is found we can purchase it, for an investment in real
estate will never lose its value.
Office Personnel And Our Operations
Last year, and at the beginning of the current year,
we had some changes in our office personnel.
As long as correspondence with lodge secretaries and
our membership is conducted in the Croatian language, we
will have difficulties in replacing our old, experienced office
clerks who know both languages with new ones, for our
younger generation know nothing, or very little, of the Cro
atian language.
In March, 1955, the Supreme Board made a decision
with respect to the pensioning of office employes, which
decision we will have to change. It is impossible for us to
comply with that decision to the letter without disrupting
the regular work routine in the Supreme Office.
The decision, as it affects the officc employes' pen
sion. was to the effect that an employe who reaches 65
years of age may be pensioned, but the Executive Board
has ttc right to continue to employ such employe until
he reaches his 70th birthday, and when he reaches age
70 the employe must be pensioned.
We now have two employes in the Supreme Office
who are over 70 years of age, and who have been retained
in their positions becausc we were unable to obtain satis
factory new personnel to take their places. One of these
employes has been working for the Society over 36 years,
the other over 20 years. Both are employed in the secre
tarial department.
I recommend that the decision of March 23. 1955, which
provides that an employe who reaches 70 years of age must
be pensioned, be rescinded. If we do that, the Executive
Board will have the discretion of dismissing any employe
upon reaching age 65. or of retaining the employe even
after his reaching age 70 years, if that will be necessary for
the accomplishment of the regular work of the Supreme
Let us retain our old employes in their work, as long
as they arc willing and able to do the work assigned to them
and they need the income.
The Croatian Fraternal Union Honored
We are always proud and happj- to emphasize that our
organization is the largest of all fraternal societies char
tered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
The Croatian Fraternal Union is a member of frater
nal congresses in all of the states in which it is licensed to
do business, as well as in the National Fraternal Congress
and the Canadian Fraternal Association.
The Pennsylvania Fraternal Congress is the largest of
state congresses in number of member-societies and the I
number of members represented. It is comprised of 70 or
ganizations, representing a total membership of 1.100.000.
In November, at the regular annual meeting of the
Pennsylvania Fraternal Congress in Philadelphia, the
Croatian Fraternal Union was honored when I was unan
imously elected President of the Congress for this year.
At the annual meeting of the Ohio Fraternal Congress
the President of our Supreme Trial Board. Brother John
Badovinac, was elected First Vice President of that Con
gress. and in October of this year he will most probably be
elected to the presidency of the Ohio Fraternal Congress.
Brother Michael Grasha, our Junior Order Director,
was the President of the Youth Council of the National
Fraternal Congress during the past year, and his report
to the congress convention in Los Angeles was the subject
of numerous favorable comments in fraternal magazines and
I bring this before you in my report, because I believe
that the members of our Society deserve this honor and
acknowledgement shown the Croatian Fraternal Union
for our humble contributions to the greatness and might of
our adopted countries, America and Canada.
Scholarships In The Light Of Facts
Last year, we attempted to strengthen the Society's
Scholarship Fund by signing an agreement with a firm in
Philadelphia for the sale of Christmas Cards.
During this session we will be given a report of this
undertaking, which will enable us to decide whether or not
to continue with the Christmas Card Program. The company
representatives will be with us at the meeting and we will
be able to discuss the subject thoroughly.
While this project met with objections on the part of
some of our members, still, it received the approval and
favorable comment from others who not only readily paid
for the cards received, but included additional contributions
to the Scholarship Fund in an endeavor to help to put into
effect the decision of the Convention and give as generous
help as possible to our young students who would otherwise
be. unable to attend institutions of higher learning.
The giving of assistance to our deserving and needy
«fclident^members is the best possible kind of investment
in the Society's future.
We know that our young members are the Society's
sole mainstay, and in view of our readiness to acknowledge
that the world will pass into the hands of the younger gen
eration, let us strengthen within them a love and respect
for the Socicty while they are young. I am certain that a
love and respect so instilled in their hearts towards the So
ciety will never die.
Spirit Of Membership Heartwarming
In the second half of last year, I accepted invitations
to attend the social affairs of numerous of our lodges and
othe* organizations, where I spoke about the Croatian Fra
ternal Union and its work and significance.
At all times I was received most warmly, and upon my
return to Pittsburgh I was satisfied with conditions as I
found them among our members, and with their attitude
towards the Society and its supreme administration.
It is my belief that good relations between ourselves
in the Administration and our membership are a prere
quisite for peacc and harmony within the Society and
for an even better and brighter future for the Croatian
Fra'cmal Union and its membership.
I have stated in the put* and I reiterate now, that be*
Universal By Choice as Well As By Chance
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an abscnce of nearly eight
And amazed, as well, when
I was informed by the con
cert agency that in this city
of 350,000 inhabitants there
had been over 10,000 demands
for tickets for the first con
cert and over 20,000 for the
•The first concert was or
ganized by the Academy of
Music as a Jubilee Concert
marking the 50th Anniver
sary of my entrance there
as a pupil.
Speeches and presentations
were made by the leaders of
Tammies Vow To Give
Kenoshans Great Show
On Saturday, April 12th
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A Show To Remember
This year's program will
feature songs and dances
from the different parts of
Yugoslavia, including Croatia.
Macedonia, Slovenia, Dalma
tia, and Serbia.
The second half of the
program nill be dedicated
to Italian, Slovak, Russian,
Roumanian and Bulgarian
folk songs and dances.
All this will be performed
in the colorful costumes of
the various countries depicted
in this varied and flamboyant
performance of the Tammies.
Directed by the capable
Walter Kolar and assisted by
Steve Kovačev (smiling Steve
of Kenosha) this program is
the BEST!
High Time Planned
Tickets can be obtained
from the Amityites and also
will be sold at the box-office
on the evening of the perfor
mance. In charge of this
year's performance is Helen
Vujovic, assisted by Frank
and Julianna Topolovec.
An open-house will be
held following the program
where the audience can
meet and greet the Tam
mies in person—this, as al
ways will be held at Bur
ger's Hall on 7th Avenue.
We hope that everyone will
attend this wonderful occa
sion and sell as many tickets
for it as they possibly can.
Amity Chatterbox
EDITOR: This article was
long delayed in the mails
through no fault of the writer.
Wc bespeak the understanding
of the sponsoring Lodge 692
John Brozovich Will
Speak At Harbor Fete
The Croatian Democratic
Political Club "Adriatic" will
sponsor a Dance Sunday,
April 20. in the Croatian
Home at 4033 Main St.
Slated to speak on the oc
casion is bro. John Brozo
Vich, who is a primary elec
tion candidate on the Dem
ocratic ticket for North
Township Trustee.
Bro. Brozovich k widely
known in district circles and
should be well supported on
election day, May 6.
All local and neighboring
members of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union are most cordial
ly invited to attend this pre
election social gathering on
April 20.
Life Story of Zlatko Balokovic -Master of The Violin
Club Committee
the most important institu
tions, but the high point of
the evening's festivities was
the announcement that Pres
ident Tito had bestowed upon
me Yugoslavia's highest dec
oration the Grand Cross of
The Yugoslav Flag, exactly
the same decoration that was
given within a month to the
King of Greece and the Pres
ident of Turkey.
This was the first time in
history that an artist, having
no official position of any
kind, was so honored.
A Consuming Passion
The citation accompanying
this order stated that it was
Board Decisions
Are Far Reaching
(Continued from P. 7)
ber of 1959 in Detroit.
Every Supreme Board
member was asked to look
into this important matter
during the months ahead
and report their sugges
i o n s, recommendations,
etc., when they next meet
in September of this year.
The Christmas Card Pro
gram undertaken for the first
time in 1957 was discontinued
for various reasons.
Replacing it will be a Vol
untary Drive for Funds to
augment the CFU's Scholar
ship Awards, which the holi
day card undertaking could
not abet satisfactorily.
Far Reaching Plan
Possibly the most far
e a i n e i s i o n a n e
down by the Board was the
one calling for the establish
ment on a permanent basis
at the Home Office of a
"Membership-Public Relations
Appearing elsewhere o n
this page, the plans for the
new Department were arrived
at by the Executive Board
and subsequently unanimous
ly approved by the Supreme
It will be noted that one
of the departmental pro
jects calls for the sponsor
ship of Training Schools
for Lodge Officials and
Junior Nest Managers.
The first such school is to
be held April 26th-27th in Chi
cago, which 57 Lodge and
Nest leaders have already
said they will attend in order
to bring themselves up to
date on the many, many
facets of the Croatian Frater
nal Union.
Details pertaining to the
Chicago Training School will
be published here shortly.
Re: Scholarship Aid
The Board will again award
20 Scholarship Grants of
$200.00 each when it recon
vene« in September of this
Should the imminent Volun
tary Drive for Scholarship
Funds prove a success, it is
{possible that the Board may
be able in September to lib
eralize the present system of
awarding Scholarship aid to
the point of helping more
Two other decisions per
tained to the Society's 1958
1959 Membership Campaign.
In one, the Board set
aside 700 Points as the goal
campaigners must reach if
they desire to visit Yugo
slavia in 1960, and 600
(Board Decisions P. 11)
cause of the positions which we hold we are frequently at
tacked without justification by irresponsible individuals, but
despite these often galling attacks the Croatian Fraternal
Union continues to forge ahead with a firm step, thanks
to you, Sister and Brothers, and to our deserving builders,
our self-sacrificing lodge officers, and our good membership.
Greeting you once again, I extend to you the wish that
these semi-annual meetings of the Supreme Board may be
most successful and fruitful. I conclude with: Long live,
blossom and prosper the Croatian Fraternal Union, our
greatest Croatian beneficial, humanitarian and cultural or
ganization in the world, its Junior Order, and our Children's
Respectfully and Fraternally submitted,
.V» I Mandich, Supreme President
being awarded in recognition
of my "artistic and humani
tarian achievements" and my
"contributions to closer rela
tions and better understand
ing between the peoples of
Yugoslavia and the" United
States of America."
This closing statement was
particularly gratifying to me,
as the endeavor to make my
art an effective means for
improving international un
derstanding had long been a
consuming passion with me.
NEXT: Speaking from the
heart to his thousands of friend«
and followers in Zagreb presen
tation of three rare books to the
Croatian Musical Institute con
Chicago 749 Members
Determined To Return
To Activities of Yore
(Continued from Page 8)
to the meetings or have read
my recent articles know that
we have for some time been
talking about a dance.
In my last article I reported
that we gave up the idea of a
Spring dance, switching to
plans for one in the Fall. A
bout this more discussion took
Many dates, halls and or
chestras were considered, and
it was finally decided that sis
ter Effie Shubat check and
see if the Assumption hall is
She was given authority
to engage the hall and an
orchestra too, and just four
days later she reported that
the Fall dance is to take
place at the Assumption
Hall, 60th and Marshfield.
on Saturday November 1
and the well known and
popular Marty Vidovich is
to furnish the music.
Our dreams and plans are
therefore beginning to take
concrete form, and here is
hoping that our next meeting
will be bigger than ever be
fore. As of today, we visualize
a big and successful dance,
for which many, many of us
will need to put our shoulders
to the wheel. Please start
planning now to come to this
meeting Friday, April 18.
Editorial Orchids
Oh yes, about the role as
signed to Vera Grgurich.
She'll be there all evening
with her movie camera tak
ing in all the participants and
all the activities^
Soon after the dance an
evehing will be set aside at
which the movies will be
shown, which is bound to be
another pleasant social eve
ning. Would you like to see
yourself in the movies? More
about this at the hext meet
In closing, thanks to
English Editor Stephen F.
Brkich for the big boost he
gave us in the Zajedničar
the week before our last
Did you notice that we ra
ted the number one editorial?
If you didn't read it you miss
ed something, so be sure to
find your Zajedničar, read it,
and I am sure you'll enjoy it
as much as 1 did.
Braddock Members To
Meet Two Weeks Later
BRADDOCK, Pa. It was
decided at the last meeting of
CFU Lodge 43 that the next
meeting be held on Sunday,
April 20, at 7:30 p.m., due to
the fact that Easter fell on
our regular meeting date,
April 6.
Members are urged to at
tend this forthcoming ses
sion, as the quarterly re
ports will be given at that
Thereafter, our meetings
will again »be held on the
usual first Sunday of each
*«4»* Jot. Saakovich, Pres.
{Miss Mary Dobos
Queen Contestant
Nest 203 Member
Seeks Cooperation
(Continued From Page 7)
brate her 15th birthday in
July, has been a member of
the Society's Trafford Junior
Order Nest 203 since 1948.
She served as the Nest's
Secretary during 1957 in a
very able manner and made
many friends during her ten
ure in office.
Extremely popular i n
community circles, she is a
freshman at Trafford High
School and participates in
the Chorus and School
She is also an active mem
ber of the Trafford Junior
Tamburitzans and a former
member of the Trafford Kolo
Her kolo interests are now
in a different locale, or in the
field of far more graduated
teaching and dance routines.
Members Behind Her
Miss Dobos is the third
member of Nest 203 to aspire
for the honor of reigning as
Queen during an annual ob
servance of "Fraternal Day."
With the support of ev
ery member of Lodge 541,
with which her brother and
uncle are affiliated, she
"can go all the way" this
time and bring to Trafford
an honor which has eluded
it all too long.
That her fellow Nest 203
members and those of Lodge
541 wish her luck is a fore
gone conclusion. May she be
in all her glory Sunday, July
Slovan Members Will
Fill Posts April 13th
SLOVAN, Pa. Important
positions will be filled during
the monthly meeting Sunday,
April 13, of CFU Lodge 548.
To be elected are a club
steward and a janitor, posts
which mean a great deal to
the welfare of our Lodge
members and for which we
must seek a qualified man.
Every member of Lodge
548 should turn out for this
meeting or, as they say, "for
ever hold his peace" if the po
sitions are filled by someone
he did not bother to vote for
or against.
Andrew Medved, Pres.
Clairton Meeting To
Be Event Of April 13
CLAIRTON, Pa. This is
to notify the members of CFU
Lodge 248 that the next reg
ular monthly meeting will be
held on Sunday, April 13, at
the Croatian Home eil Maple
All members are urged to
attend this important ses
sion, as one of the points of
business will be the reading
of the quarterly reports.
Members in arrears with
their dues payments are also
asked to right this matter
as soon as possible.
The Continent
Address In Pittt ...
Membership-Public Relations Dep't.
Of Great Importance To Organization
Executive Board Recommendations Find
Supreme Board In Unanimous Agreement
^Continued from Page 7)
nies, with special emphasis on the benefits offered by th*
Society in addition to insurance coverage.
B. Second lecture. Insurance as a sound investment,
and methods for selling larger amounts of insurance
even if the prospective member believes he already has
sufficient insurance.
C. Third lecture. Explanation of the different kinds of
certificates available to adult members.
D. Fourth lecture. Explanation of juvenile insurance
certificates, and the benefits and advantages to be derivtkf
from membership in the Croatian Fraternal Union.
Conduct of Classes In Interested Areas
After the text for the class will have been prepared,
all lectures will follow the same text, so that all partici
pants in any particular lecture or class, regardless of where
the lecture will be held, will derive the same benefits from
all lectures.
In communities close to the Supreme Office, the classes
can be conducted by the Executive Officers and Officials.
In more remote places, the classes would be con
ducted by members of the supreme administration or the
director of these activities from the Supreme Office,
who gathered and prepared the material for the classes.
In addition to conducting these classes, the director, in
his free time, would engage himself in publicity work and
in the enrolling of new members according to advance plans,
in which he would have the cooperation of all Lodge Offi
cers and builders.
These classes or lectures would be held on Saturdays
and Sundays, and where that is impossible on weekday
Why Full Time.Director Is A Necessity
It is our opinion that in this way a very large number of
Lodge Officers and Society builders would become informed
in all branches of operation of our Society, which would be
reflected in better work within the Lodges.
This would result in greater activity and more interest
at Lodge meetings. The more capable the Lodge committSf*
the better for the Lodge.
We believe that among those, who will attend out"
lectures, there will be discovered a certain number of
diligent, willing and capable young persons who could
eventually be employed as part-time or permanent
Fieldmen, when and if a definite Fieldmen plan is adop
ted in the Society.
The gathering, compilation and preparation of a worth«
while text for four lectures or more, if necessary, will de
mand time and ability. No member of the Executive Board
has sufficient time to devote to this work.
Therefore, we believe we must find a person who will
be willing to take on full responsibility for this task, if it is
our desire to have the work done properly.
Recommendations and advice will be welcomed from
our membership and all those persons who perhaps have
some experience in this kind of work.
Society's Future Progress Is At Stake ..
This plan is presented at this time in generali^ t^gh
outline form for purposes of discussion. It can be amended
or added to, but certainly some kind of definite plan should
be undertaken, and the sooner the better. We are not too
early if anything, we are more late than early.
The Croatian Fraternal Union was never wont to
follow, but generally always led the way, so it should
take the lead in this new phase of endeavor.
Our members gave the responsibilities and duties of
leadership into our hands, so let us rise up to those duties
and show our members that we are fully cognizant of the
importance of- our tasks.
It is important that all
members attend, as we will
have important matters to
Among them the plans
for our new Croatian
Home, now under construc
For The Executive Board,
V. I. Mandich, Supreme President
Joseph Bella, Supreme Secretary
Martin Krasich, Supreme TreasuiWP
John Ovcarich, Sick Benefit Sec'y.
Michael Grasha, Junior Director
New Detroit Home A Matter of Pride
DETROIT, Mich. The
members of "Zora" CFU
Lodge 351 are hereby noti
fied that the regular April
meeting, which would fall on
Easter Sunday, April 6, will
be held one week later, on
Sunday, April 13, beginning
at 2:30 p.m.
1958 -1959 Membership Campaign Qrand Prizes
Trip To Yugoslavia In 1960
Send Mr Adult Applications ftmt&r Applications
I am Wording For Yugoslav Caribbean Trip
NOTE: Please forward photo of yourself for publication in Zajedničar. Do
not send hazy 'snapshots or tinted pictures of any kind. Address all your mail lo
Stephen F. Brkich English Editor
The work on our new Cro-»
atian Home is progressing
nicely but we are still in need
of further financial aid. We
kindly ask our members and
friends to be generous, with
their donations or to buy the
bonds which were issued by
the Lodge.
In this way we could pay
the contractors and they can
continue work on the interior
of our home, possibly com
pleting it by Decoration Day.
Your cooperation in this
matter will be greatly appre

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