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"-•V "C* i T*
MAY 14, 1958
Thomas Begg
ii s
W,, [i
n i n
$355,500 #1.700 $437,200
$299.300 $92,600
Junior 297
Senior 140
Junior ........232
Senior 109
Junior 1113— 164
Senior 505 153
Joža Petak

Croatian Center To Be Scene June 7th
Of West Penn Training School Classes
"District Lodge And Nest Leaders Will
Find Briefing Of Immense Future Value
(Continued from Page 7)
4) Resumption of Classes e) Good of the Order and
atl p.m., with "coffee break"
at 3 p.m.
5) Adjournment of School
at 5 p.m., or later if Delegates
so desire.
Tentative Curriculam
As for the agenda to be fol
lowed June 7, the instructors
will probably conduct the ses
sions along the following
a) An appraisal of the his
tory of the CFU and the pur
pose of the School.
b) Discussions on Certi
ficates Endowment at
Age 85 20-Pay Life En
dowment at Age 85 En
dowment at Age 65 20
Year Endowment Single
Premium Plan Family Life
Plan Educational Endow
ment at Age 18 Term
Certificate Re-Insurance
and its meaning.
c) Conduct of an Open
Forum on Certificates
and answers period.
d) Discussions covering
Sick and Disability Benefits
Turn to page 8 for Editorial,
o a i a n a n a U n i o n
Training Schools."
S o s- E u a i o n a e
Children's Home the recently
launched Scholarship Fund
Campaign the 2-year Mem
bership Campaign calling for
Grand Prize Awards of either
a trip to Yugoslavia or a Ca
ribbean Cruise Public Rela
tions etc.
Steelton 13 Members
In Outing On June 1st
S E E O N, Pa. On
Sunday, June 1, "St. Law
rence" CFU Lodge 13 will
stage its annual Picniq at Ra
docaj's Picnic Grounds in
Bressler, Pa.
Festivities will begin at
noon and continue until hours
after darkness. Lamb will
comprise the main course for
both dinner and supper, and
other fine food and liquid re
freshments will be on sale
throughout the day.
There will be music for
the dancing and listening
pleasure of all and volley
ball and other games will be
made available for the
children and adults.
We are looking forward to
seeing many of our neighbor
ing lodge friends of Bethle
hem, Baltimore, Philadelphia
and the surrounding towns.
The grounds are located at
the top of Chamber St., one
block below Oberlin Cemetery
"in Bressler.
Des Moines 872 Meet
To Be Held May 25th
is to notify the members of
CFU Lodge 872 that the May
meeting will be held on the
fourth Sunday, May 25, in
stead of the regular third
We hope that this will not
inconvenience the members to
any great extent.
Marian Lesac, Rec.
A PORTION of the "student body" attending
passes during the staging April 26-27 last in
Chicago of the first Trainiiuc School for Lodge
suggestions for future Train
ing School Classes
More Schools In Wind I
The Western Pennsylvania
Training School will mark
only the second such under
taking in the. 64-year-annals
of the Croatian Fraternal
The first Training School
was held April 26-27, 1958, in
Chicago and came to amaze
even the most ardent of its
supporters when the last class
shot was fired and the Dele
gates went away singing the
praises of their Society.
Other Training Schools
I are "in the wind" at this
writing and it is expected
that more and more CFU
Centers will be asking for
such sessions fit the near
Among those deeply inter
jested in such a project are
our members in Southern On
tario, Canada.
We brought out the sub
ject of Training Schools dur
ling an address we delivered
April 26 last before a large
crowd of celebrants in atten
dance at the Banquet which
climaxed the running that day
of the CFU's 12th Annual
Nat'l Canadian Five Pin
Tourney and the idea found
immediate favor with our fra
ternal leaders in the area.
No question about it: CFU
Training Schools are here to
stay and stay.
Detroit 351 Seeking
Bro. Martin Kaludjer
Lodge 351 is looking for its
member bro. Martin Kalud
jer, who formerly lived at
1116 Chicago Road, Royal
Oak, Mich.
Anyone knowing of his
whereabouts is asked to
contact Lodge Secretary
Michael Matkovich, 18598
Orleans, Detroit 3, Mich, or
phone TW. 2-0475.
The lodge must get in touch
with him regarding some
very important matters.
Des Moines Club Set
For May 17th Shuffle
American Croatian Mens Club
will sponsor a Spring Dance
on Saturday, May 17, at the
Vittoria Hall on Highway 60
Music will be furnished
by Bill Zaputil and his fa
mous midwestern Polka
All local and neighboring
lodge members of the Croa
tian Fraternal Union are cor
dially invited to attend.
John Kovach In
Victory At Polls
Ex-CFl Official
Scores Easy Win
V. I. Mandich
Supreme President
elections are held for the pur
pose of nominating candidates
for city, county, state and na
tional offices, whose names
will appear on the ballots in
the general elections in No
It is the general attitude
of the voters to consider the
primary elections unimpor
tant. On the contrarv. the
nomination of candidates is
even more important, in some
instances, than the election
of the nominees at the gen
eral elections.
The w hole success of the
program, be it of ail indi
vidual, or of the party de
pends on the calibre of can
didates nominated in the
primary elections.
Is is the duty of every
American citizen to exercise
his rights and privileges of
citizenship at every turn as
readily and willingly as he is
ready and willing to assume,
at all times, his share of the
responsibility of good citizen
The members of the Croa
tian Fraternal Union while
prohibited by the by-laws
from discussing politics, poli
tical or religious issues, at
lodge meetings, nevertheless,
as good citizens, must and do
exercise the privileges and
responsibilities of American
These responsibilities in
clude active participation in
political and civic life in their
own community, in the state,
and in the nation.
At this writing news
reached the Supreme Office
that Brother Janko (John)
Kovach former Secretary of
the Sick and Disability De
partment of. the Croatian
Fraternal Union, now of
Cleveland, Ohio, has won,
by a handsome vote, the
nomination of his party as
a member of the Ohio Leg
(John Kovach P. 10}
and Nest Officials ever held under
Senior Insurance
First Four Months of Campaign Drive
Up Society's Ranks By 1,935 Members
American And Canadian Recruiters Give
Home Office $1,660,200 In New Business
(Continued from Page 7)
293 August Herceg with 293
Danica Markusic with 240
Michael Mijatovich with 230
and John Baron with 188
points the first and last
named are from the U.S.
while the other three are Ca
Of the 20 Canadian pace
setters, fully one-fourth
liail from Schumacher, Ont.
Thus our little colony in
Schumacher has carved an
enviable fraternal achieve
ment record.
We hesitate going into a
more detailed projection of
these campaign highlights
and sidelights for fear of in
advertently slighting some-
Croatian Fraternal Union, now in Its
64th business jet*
We do the same for the
hundreds of others who are
actively engaged in the drive
but haven't as yet attained
the 50 point total.
This Is Fraternalism!
No doubt, our listing of two
weeks ago is already obsolete,
as it must have been on ttee
day it was published*
That however only serves
to point up the fact that the
Society's Campaign In Nutshell
January 1, 1958, Through April 30, 1958
An average monthly pro
duction. thus far, of 484 new
members and $415,050 new
insurance is the most tangi
ble proof of fidelity to fra
Nothing Can Stop Her
And. what is this secret of
our success?, we've often been
asked by leaders of other or
Well, here is but one exam
ple, and there are scores and
scores of others.
We received a telephone
call last week from our ever
active Republic Pa.. Nest 189
Manager, sister Mary Depcry-
She wanted some in­
formation regarding a re
quested change in beneficiary
Each one of these 78 fra
ternal standard bearers de- status of a member and told
serves the highest commen
dation and we readily give it
to them.
us also that she had sustained
a near fatal auto accident re
She was still unable to
move around much but
was, non e e 1 e s s, very
much interested in extend
ing her services to her
In the telephone conversa
tion she made no mention of
her other activities but a few
moments later, as we opened
our daily quota of mail, we
came upon an envelope from
campaign is progressing thatis*sfeer
our campaigners in the field] that nice fat envelope
are writing fraternal recruit
ing history.
Your Campaign Commit
tee, your organization lead
ership, yes, your Society is
eternally grateful.
were no less than 6 new mem
bership applications!
Such is the hallmark of
true fraternalism. Yes, ver
ily, this devotion to Society
is the secret of our success!
U.S.A. Canada Total
... 108.500
$317,300 $58,200 $375,500
$373,000 $82,600 $455,600
Junior Insuraoo? $160,800
Senior Insurance. 105,500
Senior Increase 33,000
Junior Insurance $767,100 $121,600
Senior Insurance 462,000 166,000
Senior Increase 116,000 27,500s:
Grand Totals .. $1,345,100 $315,100"
314 S
131 /.
Grand Totals „...1618 317 1935
Every Member Get A Member
With The Accent On Last-Ditch Drive For Cooperation
DETROIT, Mich. Mem
bers of CFU Lodge 351 and
the Croatian Home Corpora
You are all familiar with
the fact that the Building
Committee, upon the decision
of our membership, began
with the construction of our
new Croatian Home in De
cember. 1957.
At that time a contract
was made with the contrac
tor. stating that the Home
should be completed within
6 months, which would
mean the end of May, 1958.
Our Home is being com
pleted according to this a
greement, but our Building
Committee will not be in a
GARY, Ind. The Croa
tian Glee Club "Preradovic"
is giving its annual Spring
Concert Sun., May 18, 1958,
at 8 P.M. in the Croatian
Center, 3673 Broadway.
Our program this year
will be entirely new and
different. Our mixed chorus
will sing songs you have
heard before as well as
some new songs.
The new will be the mens
chorus singing 2 new songs
for the first time and the la
Joža Petak On Scene i
To Plug Picnic Under
East Pitt 736 Banner
Hi, I'm an Officer. My num
ber is 736 CFU "Aurora".
East Pittsburgh is my town.
Lot of activity going on a
round here. I was beginning
to wonder about it. Something
was cooking in town. I was
"going to find out.
I got a lucky break, a phone
call. It was 2:30 p.m. when
the phone rang. I picked up
the receiver. I recognized the
voice on the other end. It was
a brother officer.
We talked and I got the
story. It was 2:35 p.m. when
I hung up the receiver. What
did we talk about? (Commer
Alert all the members
and friends of the Picnie
which "Aurora" ESL 736
will sponsor on Sunday,
June 1, at the Balkan Hotel
picnic grove, Coulter Road,
McKeesport, Pa.
Hot roast lamb, refresh
ments, and good music will be
the order of the day.
Music will be by Don Kne
zevich and his orchestra, fea
turing Bill Spigelski, "the
have pick, will strum, kid".
Don Knezevich has been
teaching tamburitza to hun
dreds of youngsters in and
around the vicinity of Pitts
burgh and doing an excellent
job of it.
He has a fine group of mu
sicians who play to please the
Detroit Home Nearing "D" Day
position to fill its financial
obligations as agreed.
The Building Committee
has. up until the present, done
everything which it was in
structed to do by the Lodge
and Croatian Home Corpor
They have utilized all their
power to collect and pay out
jthe regular monthly obliga
tions which are requested in
I the contract.
We have been able to ac
complish this with the help
I of our members who have and
lard now contributing finan
cial aid. A nice number of
lodge and corporation mem
ibers have responded to our
appeal for aid, but not to that
Five Young Artists Promise Something Different
Gary Glee Club's Annual Spring Fiesta "Must" May 18th
The difference will be that
we are having 5 young talen
ted people as our guest solo
ists. We are happy to present
John Kozar Jr., and Sandra
Magdich as our piano soloists.
The others are Geraldine
Zivcic and Charles Yelusich,
Jr., as our accordion soloists
and Carmella Pullara as our
soprano soloist.
Our teacher and director
is Samuel Cu/.ella, a popu
dies chorus will sing two new
lar young man from South
extent where our entire fi
nancial obligation cćulđ be
O u of approximately
1200 members, only a hand
ful have answered our call
for aid.
Therefore, it was decided at
the April 27 meeting to again
send written appeals to our
members soliciting their fi
nancial aid.
It is our wish that our bro
ther and sister members will
respond to this request in the
short period which is left and
that we may soon be holding
our grand-opening celebra
John Rimac, Home V. Pres.
W e have placed much
thought and effort in plan
ning this concert and we are
asking you, our younger gen
eration, to come and got ac
quainted with us, our beau
tiful Croatian
Los Angeles 677 Scribe Waxes Poetic
As Date of Cotton Frolic Draws Nigh
Come to our Cotton Dance Saturday night
We've a remedy guaranteed sure!
The treatment here is pure delight
Our doctor's name is "pleasure,"
A dance band provides needed exercise
And the medicine poured out to measure
Is liquid refreshment from our well-stocked bar
And the kitchen therapy, we hear,
Consists of those goodies you've learned to expect
At the Cotton Dance, year after year!
There's a prize for the gal in the prettiest cotton
And the fella whose shirt is most bright,
There'll be added attractions to please young and 014
All in all a delight of a night.
Snap out of the doldrums, prepare to relax,
No other occasion can match it.
We've an incurable case of riotous fun
As a result, I am asking all
our mothers for their support
in organizing our own Moth
ers Club. In this way we
could promote sports and all
other cultural activities of our
younger set.
MORK OF the "students" who turned out
April '26-27, 1 in Chicago for the Society's ,-mru ..
first Training, School for Lodge and Nest
And fun is contagious, come catch it!
Frances Andrews
Akron Next Link In Mom's Club Chain
AKRON, Ohio At the
regular meeting of CFU
Lodge 472, held on April 20,
a very nice discussion con
cerning Mothers Clubs was
carried on by the Lodge com
mittee and membership.
and our culture.
We hope that you will
come. You will enjoy your
selves, and yes. naturally,
there will be dancing after
the program. Dovidjenja!
I Katherine B. Wilkening
Member Press Committee
1 Hosts Expect Record Turnout May 24 For
Ninth Annual Public Salute To Springtime
LOS ANGELES, Calif. Croatian Fraternal Union
Lodge 677 will stage its 9th Annual Cotton Dance on Sat
urday, May 24, at St. Anthony's Croatian Hall. 714 Alpine
If spring fever has you restless and you're feeling
mighty low, &
We've news to cheer your lowest mood and get gloom
on the go!
Got that sluggish feeling? Here's how to effect a cure:
We ask our mother« of
all ages to come to the next
meeting on Sunday. May
18, at the Croatian Home,
beginning at 2:30 p.m.
After the meeting th#
mothers can get together ov
er some tea cups and organ
ize a CFU Mothers Club.
For any information con
cerning the Mothers Club call
the undersigned at PR. 3
Katherine Dizdar, Mgr.
Officials, an undertaking which will be dupli
cated if not bettered time Sad again
In many £ther CFl communities.

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