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Thomas Balaban
Ivan Yuran, Sec'y.
Matthew Mlinarich, Sec'y-
Katheriae Trdina* Pub.
David Egercie
$58,200 $376,000
Mike Papa, Rec
$82,600 $453,600
N i k S a i
Jofaa 8mb*de, Sec*/.

Coining Events
Cupertino, Calif.
19th CFU Day
Sunday, June 29th
as the old saying goes a
long time acoming!
But come it did Sunday,
May 25, 1958, to bro. Philip
Vukelich, the Croatian Sec
tion Editor of the Zajedničar
and Executive Secretary of
the C.F.U.'s Western Pennsyl
vania United Lodge« (WP
For on that overcast but
otherwise pleasant Spring
day, some 400 CFU mem
bers gathered at the WPUL
Croatian Center in nearby
Millvale to pay their re
spects to bro. Vukelich dur
ing a Testimonial Dinner
and Program sponsored in
his honor by the Western
Pennsylvania United Lod
The theme of the celebra
tion was a dual one, almost
an obvious one:
1) Bro. Vukelich's 15th
year at the helm of the Zajed
ničar's Croatian Section, and
2) his 10th year as the Ex
ecutive Secretary of the WP
UL, the largest such grouping
of Lodges within the frame
work of the Croatian Frater
nal Union.
In With A Shoehorn
Exactly 202 people were
shoehorned into the Croatian
Center's Dance Hall for the
e s i o n i a i n n e w i
was prepared by the Center's
Ladies Auxiliary.
The many others had to
be seated at rows of tables
set up just outside the
Dance Hall. Yet all were
accommodated in almost ji?
time by the well-manned
The Balkan Serenaders of
East Pittsburgh, who per
formed gratis on the occasion
in honor of the celebrant,
opening the dining hour with
Just as last year, the
proceeds from the outing
will be used by the respec
tive Lodges to help meet
their financial obligations.
An even more important
reason for our annual picnic
As The Old Saying Goes, "It Couldn't Have Happened To A Nicer Guy!"
W.P.U.L. "V" Day Smash Hit
By STEPHEN F. BRKICH, English Editor, Zajedničar
their renditions of the Amer
ican and Croatian Anthems.
WPUL President bro. Jo
seph Rukavina followed with
the Invocation and the diners
went to work immediately
thereafter on barbecued chic
ken and all the trimmings.
They Did It Up Brown
Bro. Rukavina opened the
Program portion of the mem­
Dues will be collected from
6:00 to 8:00 p.m., after which
the regular meeting will begin.
We have to decide on a
very important question:
Should Lodge 320 buy
shares for the building of a
English Editor of Zajedničar Grabs Brass Ring
DETROIT The Central
Educational Committee o
Greater Detroit CFU Lodges
give notice to all Lodges of
Detroit and vicinity of our
Annual Picnic, which will be
staged Sunday, July 20, at
beautiful Transylvania Park,
Dequindre and 10 Mile Rd.
Detroit Educational Committee Fiesta Slated For July 20
is to give our people the op
portunity to meet together in
a friendly and fraternal at
We are happy to announce
that the CFU Executive
Board has approved our re
quest to have bro. Stephen F.
Brkich, English Editor of the
Zajedničar, as our guest
This will not be his first
visit here, as he was previous
ly a guest of our English
Speaking Lodge 717 years
Sixty-Year McKeesport Lodge Member
Will Be Publicly Honored On June 15th
Supreme President Will Present Award
To Veteran Fraternalist During Outing
K E E S O a
"Hrvatski Sokol" CFU Lodge
25 will hold its Annual Picnic
on Sunday, June 15, at the
well-known Kossuth Park,
Long Run Road.
Due to the fact that June
15 is Father's Day, we feel
that it will be an appropriate
time to honor our 60 Year
CFU member, bro. Ivan Boš
He has, in the past years,
served the lodge in many of
ficial capacities and was one
of the organizers of our Nest
Oar honored guest and
speaker for the day, INTO. V.
I. Mandich, Supreme Pres
ident of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union, will present a
gift to bro. Bošnjak in be
half of Lodge 25.
Also present for this mem
orable occasion will be bro.
Joseph Zalac, member of the
CFU High Trial Board and
President of Lodge 146 in
Music for dancing will be
provided by the Plavi Mjesec
Tamburi tza Orchestra and
there will be an abundance of
hot barbecued lamb and other
refreshments available from
orable celebration with greet
ings in the Croatian language
and was warmly applauded
for his usage of the mother
He then turned matters
over to bro. Stephen F. Br
kich, English Editor of the
Zajedničar and for 10 years
bro. Vukelich's editorial col
league, who served as the
day's Master of Ceremonies.
Bro. Milan Vranes, 2nd
CFU Vice President, the
first speaker.
Following in similar roles
were bros. Supreme Secre
tary Joseph Bella, CFU
Board of Trustees Presi
dent Milan Skrtic, Camp
bell, Ohio, and CFU High
Trial Board Member Joseph
Zalac, Versailles, Pa.
All did it up brown, so to
speak, as they waxed eloquent
about bro. Vukelich and the
role he has played in the his
tory of the C.F.U.
Seven In Spotlight
Gracing the speakers' ta-
Duquesne Lodge 320 Members To Vote
June 14th On Purchasing Home Shares
Erection of New Croatian Home Pushed
By Members of Community's Croat Club
members of CFU Lodge 320
are urged to attend the meet
ing which will be held Satur
day, June 14, in the Croa
tian Home, 2 Hamilton Ave.
new Croatian Home in Du
quesne, which is being
sponsored by the Croatian
This matter is ot the ut
most importance, especially to
our younger members. There
fore, please attend June 14.
The only excuse for absence
is illness or work. Others will
be fined as prescribed by the
CFU By-Laws.
Bro. Brkich has earned
widespread admiration since
that time through his work
in the Zajedničar, especially
here among us in Detroit.
We urge all lodges to so
licit the cooperation of their
members for this occasion
as they have in the past.
Let's work together!
Our Picnics in the past
have been very successful but
there is always room for im
Thomas Katich, Jr., Pres.
Adam Sudetich, Sec'y.
Clalrton 248 Outing
Slated For City Park
George" CFU Lodge 248 will
stage its first Picnic of the
season on Sunday, June 22,
at Clairton Park, Shelter No.
As is our custom, there will
be plenty of hot barbecued
lamb and other solid and li
quid refreshments on hand
for the convenience of all.
To make the day com
plete we have also engaged
the services oft an orches
We invite all our members
and friends and those of the
neighboring lodges and or
ganizations to attend.
Official Organ Croatian Fraternal Union of America
ble were seven of the eight
young ladies currently en
gaged in a spirited contest to
emerge as the Queen of the
WPUL "Fraternal Day" fes
tivities to be held July 27 at
the Croatian Center.
With only Evelyn Ceko
rich of Cokebufg Lodge
354 unable to attend, the
seven hopefuls were asked
to stand and take a bow.
Introduced were Antoinette
Johnavitz and Theresa Karal,
both of Ambridge Doris Sr
sic, North Side Pittsburgh
Carol Ann Haider, Etna Ma
ry Dobos, Trafford Patricia
Lukich, North Side Pitts
burgh and Carol Ann Mrow
ca, Uniontown.
One of these eight young
ladies will be the Queen' of
"Fraternal Day" on July 27,
the contest runnerup the
Queen of "Croatian Center
Day" on August 24th.
Thomas Balaban, Esq.
Hon. Thomas R. Balaban,
1st Deputy Insurance Com
missioner of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania and
(United West P. 10)
East Pittsburgh Nest
Manager To Be Chosen
During June 15th Meet
We hereby urge all mem
bers of CFU Lodge 141 to at
tend, without fail, the next
regular meeting which will be
held on Sunday, June 15, at
1:30 p.m., in the Workers
Home, Electric and North.
In addition to our regu
lar order of business, we
must elect a new Manager
for Nest 148, due to the
fact that our present nest
manager has resigned from
this position.
We therefore ask all mem
bers to attend this session and
select a capable person who
will perform his duties to the
satisfaction of all.
Three Etna Lodges hi
Joint Fete June 15 At
Croat Center, Millvale
ETNA, Pa. The mem
bers of three Etna Lodges af
filiated with as many nation
al fraternal orders will co
sponsor their Annual Outing
Sunday, June 15, Father's
Day, at the Croatian Center,
off Babcock Blvd., Millvale.
Uniting hands on the ga
la occasion will be the mem
bers of CFU Lodge 4, CCU
Lodge 35 and KSKJ Lodge
64, all of whom bid yon wel
come to the festivity«.
Providing the music will be
Eddie Milcic and his Village
As a special feature, games
and other contests will be run
off and awards presented the
Plenty of barbecued lamb,
s a n w i e s o a k i n s
smacks for the youngsters,
plus a complete line of cooling
refreshments await our mem
bers and friends.
From all appearances, this
Father's Day fete should be
cme of the biggest gatherings
of the year at the Croatian
So, why not bring the "Old
Man" out on Sunday and give
him a treat!
Canadians Clamp
Grip On Reins Of
Membership Drive
Campaigners On
Move In Spite Of
Recession Muddle
By Michael Grasha
Chairman, Camp. Comm.
week's issue of the "Z" your
Membership Campaign Com
mittee brought you a listing
of the field workers who had
earned 50 or more points to
the end of May, the 5th month
of the drive.
That honor roll has grown
to an impressive 97 Club
97 we might call it. And,
the most praiseworthy organ
ization within an organization
it is.
Of this number 74 are from
the U. S., while 23 hail from
Canada. The number of those
others who labor just as
faithfully but who, haven't as
yet attained the half century
mark is, happily, legion.
It is interesting to note
that our Canadian recruit
ers are still leading the
field, with 3 of them credi
ted with over 800 points
while no U. S. citizen had
reached that mark.
This roster of fraternal
zealots represents 3 Provin
ces of Canada—Ontario, Que
bec, British Columbia and 15
States of the Union—Califor
(Canadians P. 9)
Congress Park Lodges
In Social Bow To Dads
"Velebit" CFU Lodge 864 will
jointly sponsor a Picnic with
CCU Lodge 102 on Sunday,
June 15, at Paradise Garden,
Pershing Road and Harlem
Avenue in Lyons.
Music for the occasion
be provided by the
Orao Tamburitza Orches
There will be an ample sup
ply of barbecued lamb and
cooling drinks available for
These two lodges invite all
members and friends of their
neighboring lodges to attend.
John Fajdich, Rep.
Joint Committee
FARRELL, Pa. David
Phillip Egercic, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Egercic, 1043
Hamilton Avenue, has been
awarded a Scholarship by the
Duquesne University Tambu
David, an honor student,
la a graduate of Farrell
High School, class of 1958.
He was a member of the
high school band, orchestra
and chorus for three years,
and acted as band manager
and student director for two
For the past four years he
has been with the Sloga Jun
ior Tamburitzans and the Ve
seli Tamburitzans, under the
dmation of Fred Husniok, Jr.,
Society's Campaign In Nutshell-
January 1, 1958, Through May 25, 1958
U.S.A. Canada Total
Junior Insurance $182,300 $28.200 $210 500
Senior Insurance $109,000 29,000 138,000
Senior Increase 26,500 1,000 27,500
Junior Insurance $217,000
Senior Insurance 123,500
Senior Increase 30,500
Junior Insurance $207,000
Senior Insurance 124,500
Senior Increase 24,000
Junior Insurance $160,800
Senior Insurance 106,500
Senior Increase 33,000
Junior Insurance $151,100
Senior Insurance 107,500
Senior Increase 22,500
Junior Insurance $918,200 $142,300
Senior Insurance 571,000 208,500
Senior Increase 136,500 32,500
As a result, bro. Leo L.
Product of Town's Famed Junior Tamburitzans
David Egercic, Farrell, Pa, To Join Duquesne Tammies
a former Duquesne Taxnmie.
David belongs to the Amer
ican Federation of Muairinni
USA Canada ^Totals
270 36 306
125 30 155
314 41 355
131 52 183
297 41 338
140 36 176
232 46 278
110 35 145
197 32 229
107 39 146
1310 196 1506
613 192 805
Grand Totals ....1923 388 2311
Changes Necessary In West Allis 392 Setup
to illness, our Lodge 392 sec
retary and president of the
sick committe has resigned..
Sharko, 3312 S. 80th St.,
West Allis, telephone LI.
5-5207, was elected to fill
tills position.
Local 617 of Sharon, Pa., and
also finds time to play with
the popular band of Joseph
He wishes to take tiiis
opportunity to thank the
Sloga Tamburitaans, spon
sored by Croatian
American Civic Club, for
giving him the chance to
learn his music and danc
Also, special thanks to his
instructor, Mr. F. C. Koss, for
the wonderful teaching and to
his Kuma Cabrija, of Sharon,
for making all of his dance
routine attire.
David is an affiliate of CFU
Nest 190 and his parents are:
members of Lodge 126b
Established 1929
$281,100 $69,200
$1,625,700 $383,300 $2,009,000
Home Sup't. In
With 225 Points
After Chi School
Math Kovacevich
Maintaining Lead
In Stateside Race
By Stephen F. Brkich
Co-Vice Chairman
Campaign Committee
Markusic, Schumacher, Ont.,
Canada, Lodge 895, is the talk
today of the
Croatian Frater­
nal Union's two-year Member
ship Campaign circles.
A relative newcomer to
this all-important phase of
the Society's many activi
ties, she took undisputed
command June 1 of a con
tinental race involving re
cruiters In the United
States, Canada and Alaska.
And she did so with con
summate ease by posting her
360th Campaign Point during
May the fifth month of the
drive to oust a fellow
Schumacher recruiter from
the Canadian lead and rele
gate the No. 1 producer in the
States to the fourth notch in
the overall standings.
An amazing development,
this sudden rise of sister Mar
kusic. But in keeping with a
Canadian Campaign tradition
of long standing: Never
take "No" for an answer dur
inga drive for new members!
Canada Or Nothing!
But sister Markusic is not
(Danica Markusic P. 9)
Farrell Lodges Prep
For Frat Day Frolic
On Sunday, June 15Hi
FARRELL, Pa. The Cro
atian Fraternal Union Lodges
of Farrell will stage their
Fraternal Day Picnic on Sun
day, June 15, at Shady Grove
on Sharon-Greenville Rd.
Elected chairman and sec
retary of the affair were Emil
Bossick and John Subasic, re
The festivities will begin
at 11:00 a.m., and delicious
barbecued lamb and other
refreshments will be served
from that hour on.
Music for dancing will be
provided by the Sloga Tam
buritzans from 2:30 p.m. un
til 6:00 p.m., when a popular
local polka band will take
over few the rest of the eve
The public is invited to at-

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