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.Vltseum 'J-4470 '3-4471
Steelton, Pa.
August 7, 1958
relatives, friends, vil-
Ivan Me.jn"ovic
Vlaho Bukovac Artist Supreme
i i. t.
(Rev. Eterovic P. 10)
Fran Beck, Jr.

National Jiume Offices
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Salute To Detroit
WAS OUR privelege and pleasure more
than one month ago to visit Detroit,
Mich., ,as the guest of that city's Central
Educational Committee of Croatian Frater
nal Union Lodges.
The occasion The Committee s An
nual "Fraternal Day" Celebration of Sun
day, July 20. 1958. during which we de
livered an address dealing with matters of
current and future importance to every
CFU member in that part of
the United States and re
newed many, many acquain
tance« of long standing.
It wa^ to be for us a
memorable day, a day during
which we were to become
acquainted with the facilities of Detroit's
new Croatian Nat'l Home at 1731 East Mc
Nichols Rd. far in advance of its formal
Grand Opening on Aug. 29-30-31, Sept. 1,
1958, with the assistance of dignitaries
from all walks of national, state, county
and local life.
To describe Detroit's new Croatian
Nat'l Home as being "beautiful, spacious,
modernistic, a riot of pleasing color, the
ultimate in a public home-away-from
home," etc., etc., is anything but to play on
It is a superb structure, one built on
faith in the future and the realization of
our people there that they are indeed "some
body" on the Detroit scene.
And on the Croatian Fraternal Unicoi's
scene as well, for it is here in Detroit
that the Society boasts of its largest con
tinental subordinate affiliate in "Zora"
Lodge 351 and salutes its members on this,
the eve of the dedication of their new Home
at 1731 East McNichols Rd., the realization
of a dream which began more than twenty
years ago.
So it is much more than a magnificent
new Croatian Nat'l Home which will be put
through the social mill this Labor Day
weekend of 1958 by thousands of the Soci
ety's members from all parts of the United
States and Canada.
It will mark, instead, the end of a dream
line which had its beginning many years
ago in the old Lodge 351 Home on Detroit's
Kirby Street, moved later when the Lodge
purchased its present property at 1735 East
McNichols, and finally resulted in what we
came to see with our own eyes back on
July 20 of this year.
Our fellow members in Detroit should
now look at themselves in a truly righteous
"my cup runneth over" light.
In "Zora" Lodge 351, they boast of the
Society's largest adult unit.
In the new Croatian Nat'l Home, they
are about to give the city a cultural insti
tution in modern keeping with a heritage
almost as old as time itself.
And in 1959 they will play mine
host to the 10th Nat'l Quadrennial Con
vention of the Croatian Fraternal Union,
the peace of which must be secured in ad
vance if the Society is to prosper with dig
nity in the future. i
This, then, is Detroit, 1958.
Our congratulations!
Minnesota Rally
LAST summer holiday weekend of
the year will see the staging of many
CFU undertakings of far reaching impor
tance to the commonweal of the Society.
Certainly we would rank among them
the Annual Conference of the Minnesota
State Federation of CFU Lodges, which is
to take place Sunday, Aijg. 31, in the South
St. Paul Croatian Home and be addressed
by the Society's Supreme Secretary, bro.
Joseph Bella, Pittsburgh.
This annual gathering of our mem
bers in Minnesota is no small matter.
Far, far from it.
Scattered all over tile State, most of
them have to travel a great number of miles
to reach the scene of the Conference. A sac
rifice of time and money, tx be sure. But
not in vain.
Nothing is sacrificed in vain when it is
given up for a common, worthy cause. Not,
at least, in the case of the Minnesota State
Federation of CFU Lodges.
Our sincerest best wishes for success to
all who find themselves in South St. Paul
Suaday, Aug. 3L
Established November «, 1939. Published weekly
By The
Croatian Fraternal Union Of America
STEPHEN F. BRKICH, English Editor
Editorial Offices, 3*41 Forbes Street. Pittsburgh 13. P».
Cnaolicited articles, manuscripts, letters, pictures
submitted to THK Z A FI NI A K
owner's risk and
any responsibility
are forwarded at the
THK ZAJKDMCAH expressly denies
for thoir nafeWpiiit or rrtnrn. THE
ŽAJKDNICAB reserves the right to edit, revise or reject
any article or other matter submitted for pnblication.
Lest We Forget
UESDAY, SEPT. 2, 1958, will mark 64
years since the birth of the present-day
Croatian Fraternal Union of America in
then Old Allegheny, Pa., now booming
North Side Pittsburgh.
Originally christened "Hrvatska Zajed
nica," the Society back in 1894 boasted of
320 members and all of
$42.52 in assets
hardly an indication of
things to come in the
life of our people on
the North American Continent.
Today, almost six and one half decades
later, the membership of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union is nearing 110,000 men, wo
men. and children, while its assets as of
Jan. 1,1958, stood at $25,959,391.22 to rank
it among the twenty-five largest and most
powerful fraternals on this Continent.
Something to be proud of something to
come back with the next time anyone would
dismiss our people as representing "noth
ing" on the U.S.A., Canadian scenes.
Here To Stay
DOUBT, the largest CFU gath­
erings the weekend will take place
in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
Here no matter the weather, come
what may thousands will again jam
Kennywood Park for the huge program
which will highlight Greater Pittsburgh's
27th Annual "Croatian Day" under the aus
pices of the Society's English Speaking
Lodges in Western Pennsylvania.
The brainchild of the late bro. M. J.
Horvath, the first English Editor of The
Zajedničar, the twenty-seventh renewal of
this tryst is to be an event of Saturday,
Aug. 30, following which the Committee will
hold its Annual Post-Croatian Day Concert
and Dance on Sunday, Aug. 31, in Rankin's
Croatian Home, and climax the weekend
with its Annual Reunion and Outing on
Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1, at the Cro
atian Center in nearby Millvale.
A large three-day order, but Greater
Pittsburgh's Croatian Day Committee has
long been accustomed to filling the bill with
the best in entertainment and has yet to
fail its thousands of followers the length
and breadth of America.
Definitely here to stay is this "CFU or
ganization within an organization" and the
oldest and only such grouping of our Eng
lish Speaking Lodges on the Continent.
Our Cleveland members, on the other
hand, will be celebrating their 22nd Annual
"Fraternal Day" at Puritas Springs Park
on Sunday, Aug. 31, and letting the week
end go at that.
As it is, the sponsoring United CFU
Lodges of Greater Cleveland have lined up
an exceptional program and need take no
back seat to others who may be celebrating
louder and-or longer on other fronts.
The highlight here as we choose to
see it will be the crowning of a Popular
ity Queen to rule over the festivities and,
through the sale of tickets by the contes
tants for the crown, bring *the United Lod
ges one step nearer their cherished goal
the near future purchase of their own
outing grounds and facilities.
Let us hope that this goal is around
the proverbial corner for our thousands of
members in Greater Cleveland, the birth
place in 1915 of the Croatian Fraternal
Union's Junior Order.
In Passing
the Eighth Fed­
eral Circuit Court of
Appeals has rightly
set aside a district
court order suspend­
ing integration of Little Rock's Central
High School for two and a half years. To
have done otherwise would have been to
invite greater resistance to public school
integration as directed by the Supreme
Court decision of May, 1954. Or, as the Cir
cuit Court put it so cogently:
"We say that the time has not yet come
in these United States when an order of a
Federal Court must be whittled away, wa
tered down, or shamefully withdrawn in
Fort Worth, Texas
August 21, 1958
Dear bro. Brkich:
I am stationed here at the
Carsvvell United States Air
Force Base in Texas.
My mother, Mrs. Rose
Smolkovic, is a member of
"St. George" Lodge 66,
Youngstown, Ohio, and is ac-
tive as a member of that ci- rr
ty's Croatian Home at 1012
West Federal Street.
I, too, am a member of
Lodge 66 and proud of it.
My mother has been send
ing me the Zajedničar for a
,. Joseph Smolkovich ..
period of four years during
my absence from home and
our Official Organ has cer
tainly helped me keep up with
the many wonderful under
takings of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union.
I can read Croatian very
well and find both Sections
of the Zajedničar interest
ing in many respects.
What has been of special
interest to me lately is the
wide coverage being given to
the CFU Membership Cam
paign and the
Grand Prize Award of a 1960
visit to Yugoslavia.
In fact, I wish to list riiy
name among those interested
Sincerely yours,
Joseph Smolkovich, Jr.
7th P.M.S., Carswell AFB
Fort Worth, Texas
Thank you very much.
Fraternally yours,
Mrs. Mary Jurina
Recording Sec'y.
Struthers Nest Will
Organize Kolo Group
Friday, September 12
wonderful, personal acquaintance of Rev.
Francis H. Eterovic, S.T.D.,
Associate Professor of The
ology and Philosophy, College
in winning this trip and will of Saint Teresa, Winona, Min
do all I can to win the award
I want to congratulate both
yourself and Croatian Editor
Ph'lip Vukel'ch on your splen
did work in editing the Za
STRUTHERS, Ohio The'beloved homeland.
members of CFU Nest 156 are
At that time our lodge
member, Marilyn Kocinsld,
will speak to us concern
inga Kolo Group which we
are very anxious to organ
We urge the parents of
Nest 156 members to send
their children to this impor
tant session.
Philadelphia Statioa
In Aug. 31 Panel Show
WRCV Radio is currently
broadcasting a series on "Cre
ativity" on Sunday mornings,
at 10:30 a.m.
Dr. Ralph M. Showers, Pro
fessor of Electrical Engineer
ing at the University of Penn
sylvania, and son-in-law of
Mrs. Josephine Lovrich, See-
retary of Lodge 231, will be
Wyoming Lodge 374 Celebrates Golden Milestone IV
By V. I. Mandich
Supreme President
IDEA for our 5,000
mile trip actually origi
nated with the members of
our Lodge 374 "Gospa Roza
rija" at their annual meeting
last December, when it was
decided to observe the 50th
anniversary of the lodge with
celebration in
At that meeting it was
unanimously decided to in
vite the Supreme Presi
dent of the Croatian Fra
ternal Union as the guest
members of lodges in the sev
eral neighboring states,
As a result, Mrs. Mandich
and I arrived in Rock Springs,
Wyoming, the twelfth day af
ter our departure from Pitts
Pioneers Hardy Lot
Rock Springs, Wyoming, is
about 300 miles from Yellow
stone National Park.
In the Eastern part of the
^^E HAD THE pleasure re
cently of making the
Visiting in Pittsburgh at
the time, Rev. Eterovic was
kind enough to include the
Croatian Fraternal Union's
Home Office on his itinera
ry and drop in for a chat
regarding a work which is
an understandable obses
sion with him.
Together with Christopher
Spalatin, Ph. D., Associate
Professor of Modern Lan
guages, Marquette Universi-
Dear bro. Brkich:
I deeply appreciate the
wonderful publicity you gaveIty Milwaukee, Wise., Rev.'
the Steelton Lodge 13 St.1
Lawrence Day" celebration of
Saturday, Aug. 9, 1958. It
was a great success.
By Adam Sudetic, Pres.
Detroit Lodge 519
yOUNG VLAHO Bukovac'«
first voyage to and ill
fated stay in America was
the talk of his native Cavtat
long after he returned to his
asked to attend a meeting j^gers and others were for
ever talking about America
about leaving their loved
ones behind to try their luck
which will be held on Friday,
September 12, at the Croa
tian Hall.
the face of violent and unlawful acts of in- Jon the panel discussing Cre- to make the trip to America, their journey. His name, one
dividual citizens." 'ativity in Engineering this the elder Bukovac gave his1 Vlaho R.
Pittsburgh "Post-Gaaette" coming Sunday, 31. *2 sons permission to journey i And before long another
in the States about seeking
their fortunes in other lands
about this and that.
Always there was the
solemn promise that If
they would go elsewhere all
would return as soon as
possible to the homeland.
Some were to keep their
promise. Others found it
impossible to do so still
others conveniently forgot
their vows.
Among those most anxious
to visit America was Vlaho's
brother Joseph.
He begged his father to let
him go and swore that he
"would not come home semi
starved like Vlaho did." Vla
ho himself didn't care too
much for the snide remark.
Off To South America
Covering The Nat'l CFU Beat
After considerable corres
pondence and discussions at
meetings of the Executive
Board and the Supreme
Board, it was finally decided
that the Supreme President
accept the invitation if it United States, traveling by ing a single living creature,
would be possible to take ad- turnpike, it takes about four let alone a town or city. There
vantage of the trip for meet-(hours to travel that distance: was nothing but barren
ings with the officers and but in this part of the coun- wasteland as far as the eye
try, over mountain and vale, could see,
it takes almost twice as much
time, so that we traveled the
distance in close to fcight
After leaving the moun
tains of the Grand Teton Na
tional Park, we continued our
journey over a wilderness, un
settled and grown over with
prairie grass. At one time we
drove 50 miles without see-
Thanks To "Croatian Culture An Encyclopedic Survey"
Croats In New World Light
By Stephen If. Brkich
English Editor
He Left His Mark On Old Nat'l Croatian Society VIII
Aware that Vlaho wanted! to join Vlaho and Joseph on
Rock Springs Daily Rocket Photo i
MAYOR PAUL WATAHA signing proclamation which estab
lished Saturday, June 28, 1958, as "Croatian Day" in Rock
Springs, Wyo., in honor of the 50th Anniversary of CFU Lodge
374 of that community. Looking on were, left, City Councilman
Steve Majhanovich and Lodge 374 President Peter Glavota.
The Mayor and the Councilman are also members of L. 374.
It was a beautiful day,
sunny, with the tempera
ture over 90 degrees. We
stopped several times at
places with markers iden
tifying sites of historical
interest during the great
western movement a hun
dred-odd years ago.
One can be the best scho
(Rock Springs P. 10)
Eterovic is co-editing a book
which will soon be available
to the public.
Its title: "Croatian Cul
ture An Encyclopedic Sur
Work of Sixty Greats
VLAHO BUKOV AC'S famous "Young Man and A Girl at The
Well" painting, one of the late artist's many extraordinary
pieces of work. This reproduction was made available through
the courtesy of the Yugoslav Academy of Science and Art,
Zagreb, Croatia.
together to "The Land of group of 25 young men from
Promise" the USA. Dubrovnik decided to "throw
Soon a third young man, m" with the trio from Cavtat,
came along to ask permission
With The Editor
Free from official propa
ganda and-or biased views,
the book is to be a 900
page, 6' by 9'V work.
Some 100 pages will be de
voted to illustrations alone.
Alaska's youthful Got.
Michael A. Stepovich naše
gore list receives more
than 200 letters weekly from
people who want to settle in
the Union's newest State.
He acknowledges every let
ter with a warm invitation to
the prospective homesteader
to "come and get it" when
Alaska comes into its grant
of 103,000,000 acres from the
Federal Government.
Age of Miracles
The American public is
about to be offered radios
powered by the sun.
Self-Made Great
Benjamin Franklin, who
had only two years of school-
ing, taught himself German,
French, Italian, Spanish and
Life's Like That
It's pretty hard to tell
what does bring happiness
poverty and wealth have both
Kin Hubbard
We Can't Wait
Paul Charlap,
Paul Charlap, one of
America's greatest inventors
of modern times, is working
on something which should
please Milady no little if he
can ring the bell.
It's a paper towel impreg
nated with abrasive soap that
The book is a s-mposium "s™eIIs like French perfume
and comes pastel colors,
worked out by 60 Croatian which a woman can clean
scholars and writers, most of out her bathtub and groom
whom are distinguished pro- herself for a party in one easy
fessors in various American swipe
and European colleges and
Nat'l Tragedy
More than 30,000 Ameri
cans are injured in accident«
every single day.
That's better than 20 a
Worth Trying
On a diet? Try sipping a
little water between meals,
Many dieters claim that the
simple trick stills their lum
ber pangs.
Cold War Note
Says Dr. Edward W.
Johnson, advisory physical
chemist at Westinghouse Re
search Laboratory in Churc
hill, near Pittsburgh: "The
national past-time in Russia is
learning. Learning is the
Dr. Johnson should know.
He has just returned to the
States from a Russian Aca
demy of Science conference
held in Moscow.
Heavens To Betsy
A recipe for peach up­
side-down cake recently is
sued by the U. S. Dep't of
Agriculture bore this official
warning stamp across the top
of the communique:
"Confidential Hold For
Good Old Days
The Nat'l Geographic So
ciety has resumed excavating
at Russell Cave near Bridge
port in Northern Alabama,
believed to be inhabited br
pre-Columbian man more than
9,000 years ago.
Number, Please
A small town is one ia
which even if you get th£
wrong number you still have
a conversation.
Golden Years
Herbert Hoover, at 84»
has lived longer since leaving
office than any former Chief
But not all of them wanted Executive of the Unite«
to go to the same country, states. The previous record
although all were to start out holder in this respect wa|
on the same ship. John Adams, who was around
'25 years and 4 months after
(Vbho Bukovae P# 11) jufvipg

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