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of Summit,
7 9
Na brodove i na avi
one za Dut a kraj i
7» dopremiti rodbino,
šaljemo novce, 600
SI. Izradjnjemo gpitse
sv:tk' vrsti i afidevite 7,a emigrante.
tainly came
that the
Frank Braidic
cich 729, John Milkovich 689
Judith Mihalic, Sec'y.
Rose Kauzlarich, Sec'y.
We also carry—
*HO 9-5570
Frank Braidie
Steve Dosen, Sec'y.

Summit, II!., lodge 82!» Crew Banned
Among special awards we
find that John Ruzich of De
troit Lodge 351 rolled the
best tournament game in 268,
making it the third time thai:
figure had by, one or another
male, taken that award.
The highest male individual
series in the tournament a 660
score was turned in by Dick
Peters of Cleveland. By some
quirk of fate it was the same
score which earned that
award for another bowler in
This duplicating contin
ued for the best men's
team high game when the
Mayv.oodites of Hammond,
lad. in 1944 rolled 1014,
the identical score which
had won the same honor
for the Chicago Sloboda
Pros in 1913.
Adding more irony to the
statistics, there wasn't a
rete?.ter, first nor second
place, among the men from
the preceding tournament
even though some of the
scores were repeated.
How The Ladies Fared
In the Women's Division,
the defending champs and
runners-up exchanged places,!
the Progress Lodge 749 via
their Challengers entry with
Ann York.
Even the 1944 runners
tip doubles score of 992
rolled by the sisters team of
Elsie and Sarah Glavich,
National Shipping Express
800 Woodward Ave., Room 709
Credovni aati 9 do 7, u bo
to do S
Chicago "Progress" Lodge 749 Membership
Hosted War-Time Running of Annual Pinfest
PITTSBURGH, Pa. April 28 thru 30, 1944, saw the
Tenpin Tournament marking time at the tenth milestone.
The tourney site being the Queens Recreation Bowling Al
leys, 6236 So. Ashland Avenue in Chicago, the same em
porium at •which the 2nd Tenpin Tournament had been
staged back in 1936.
The Unity Lodge 825 men from Summit, 111., on 2914
pins earned their first tournament team championship. From
Hammond, Ind., the May-f"
woodites, Lodge 799, which i
hadn't come as high after
placing second in the 19oh
tournament came through:
the runner-up team in 1944'
with a 2839 score.
The male Singles champ- All-Events To Joliet
ionshsp went to Stanley Pauline Crnkovich of Jol
Kauzlarich of Lodge 228
from Lyons, 111. His score
of 653 fallen maples better
ing that of 646 posted by
John Vukovieh, Summit,
111. Lodge 825.
This same John Vukovieh
emerged the All-Events
champ with a 1791 total, thus
giving the Summit Lodge 825
men either first or second
place in four important clas
Dick Peters of Cleveland,
Ohio Lodge 14 marshalled
1783 pins for second place
consideration in All-Events.
John Ruzich On Spree
hailing from Detroit Onyx
Lodge, bowed tournament
wise only to a two pins
higher score rolled back in
1939 at Milwaukee.
!iet, 111. Lodge 18 rolled 1545
in All-Events, the second best
such mark in the tournament
I records. Frieda Eppich of
'Cleveland Pioneers was sec
ond best with 1515 pins over
nine games at the 1944 con
The Pioneer Aces from
Cleveland Lodge 663 with
a team score of 916 broke
their own year-old high
tournament record of 838.
Maintaining that trend of
Joe Gasparovich, who had shattering tournament femi
been identified with the tour- nine records, Marge Trtan of
nament since the beginning, Gary ESL *27 went on a
teamed up with Henry Bed- binge in Singles to tally a rec
nar, also of Hammond Lodge ord breaking 578, thus besting
799, to take the men's doubles a five year mark of 574 held
championship by a 1172 totalJby Cleveland's Anne York.
Ed Baricevich and Lou Plesha: Even Frieda Eppich's (Cleve-
Lodge 825 had land Lodge 663) score in
to be contented with second 1944 of 554 bettered some
place for their 1160 dual ef-!five year women's Singles
fort. scores.
Forging a 211 score, Marge
Trtan of Gary Lodge 727
walked off with the women's
tournament high game hon-i
ors, while her 578 in Singles
established itself as the high
est all-time feminine individ
ual series rolled in the Tour-!
The Women's Division cer-) season of bowling members of
through with not
War Kept Many Away
A recapitulation at this
writing, some fourteen years
later, is meant as credence to
those 63 teams, 39 male and
24 women's, which carried on
{the Tournament's continuity.
The same holds true for the
103 Doubles sets, divided 68
and 35, respectively, between
the men and the women and
the 204 Singles at 137 and 67
[in the same manner.
I No mention is made of
any Juniors' participation.
only new records but also showed no ill effects of their
with a general topnotch keg-1 four month layoff as many
ling in the other positions.
No doubt it was a task
enough to recruit the adult
keglers as war time restric
tions precluded traveling
all but to the essentials.
It is noteworthy to men
tion that at this 1944 Tour
nament, the senior lodges,
which had been faithfully
supporting this classic since
1937, were for the first time
given a voice in the Tourna-'
rnent's administration.
a 2432 team total, a femi
nine high, deposing the 1943 lighter Side of Life
Pioneer Aces of Cleveland and Progress Lodge 749 as
their year old record to the tourney hosts for the second
1944 No. 2 spot. At
straight year accounted for
Pioneers' 1944 pinfall of 2305 itself well socially.
was second enly in the tcur-l A Victory Banquet and
nament records to their 2391 Dance was held the final
total bowled in 1943.
evening at the South Side
Masonic Temple located at
6400 So. Green Street in
e e v e a n i o n e e s
Mary Paynick and Sophie
Paynick, a dual combination
from Cleveland Lodge 663,
turned in a 1005 card, the]
tournament's second best to|L0(ige 663 was awarded the
record mark posted in 194111945 tournament, while re
by another Pioneers' doubles elected to office were all of
combine, Marge Beljan and [the 1944 officials, namely,
Charles Verbanic of Laelra
wanna, N. Y. as chairman and
Joseph B. Rady of Hammond,
Ind. as the tournament Sec
I retary.
MEMBERS OF th? Farrell, Pa., Lodge 126 team which on
Sept. 7. 1958, won its third straight Nat'l CFU Softball Tour
nament championship. The exact order of the players, above,
was not detailed at the time of publication. However, those
posing are Walter Bedich, Joseph Bedich, George Bedich, Ber­
Page 12 OCTOBER 1, 1958
Toronto, Ontario, Lodge 650 League
Swings Into Seventh Season of Action
Edsels Rack Up 3,357 Sticks In Opener
To Give Future Foes Pin Food For Thought
TORONTO, Ont. On the
opening night of their seventh
650's mixed league
The Edsels were off to a
fast start sweeping seven
The Harborites Mixed
League, where last season the
Sertich Trustees by a scant
one half game nosed out the
Mayor Jeorse team for the
title, took to the alleys for
the current season on Sep
tember 7th with eight teams.
They'll be shooting at some
tall 1957-58 season scores,
namely, among the women
Judith Mlhalic's top 266-580
and the runner-up scores, Bet
ty Sedey,. 541 Alice Dubiel,
537 Marge Trtan, 221 and
Helen Stepich, 215.
The male figures which
will come up for better
ment are Frank Mechalk's
233-645 J. Markovich's
624 P. Mikula's 285-608
and Pete Simatovich's 244.
With two weeks of bowling
unreeled, the Doc Pepper
Their aide-de-camps were Beverages are on top, having
the four vice-chairmen, Ru
dolph Dodig, Detroit Anton
York, Cleveland Irene Tobin
and William Woss of Gary.
yet to taste a defeat. In the
next notch %re three teams
with a 4-2, the Grdinich Coun
cilmen, the and Taverners
and the Jeorse Mayors.
Thus far Joe Obranovich,
the league prexy, is strutting
the best seasonals, 221 -585.
George Boravich and Frank
points from the Eagles and
in the process they amassed
a team total of 3357, a ve
ry fine score' for the first
The Satellites also made it
a clean sweep over the Hawks
while the Bengals and
fine scores were posted.
Joe J. Misetich led
male contingent with a une. champs each took five points
796 followed by Bill Kraja-,from
Pete Pavlovich (676), Bernie
Bernajac (648) and Tony Fili
povich (644).
The girls were headed by
Rose Misetich with a 626 tri
ple closely followed by Mary
Ann Milakovich (608) and
Millie Vukoyevich (598). Dor.
na Delost was next with 552.
the Corvettes and Hot-
and Joe Majnarich 687. Other i QhampS
e s e i v e 1 y. The
good scores were rolled by ^igh team triple of the night
scores were rolled
rolled the second
With the season just begun
the league is ready and will
ing to accept new entries. Just
contact Robert W. Nizich, 512
Prince Edward Drive, Toron
to 18, or phone Be. 3-0849
and he will be glad to be of
Robert W. Nizich, Sec'y.
Doc Peppers Take Early Lead In Race
For Harborites Mixed League Gonfalon
Eight Crews Wvill Wage War This Season
For Right To Rule Mid-West Pin Roost
Gavura trailing behind at
some distance with 536 and
210-532 in that order.
Dolores Cvitkovich with
480 and Betty Lukacek at 183
have the best feminine sea
sonal scores.
Madge Sindicich is runner
up in both spots with a 182
454 card and Marge Trtan,
who last season finished with
the best distaff average, a
healthy 157, has the third
best series this year in 452.
The league is glad to wel
come back into its fold Jo
seph Klarich, Tom Groevic,
also Marge and Josephine
We're glad to have Irene
Kurek, a newcomer to the
Harborites Lodge, who gave
indication at the September
14th rolling with a sessional
ly high 449 that the Society
for its protection and recre
ation will be to her liking.
Entrusted with the lea
gue's administration are Joe
Obranovich, president John
Stiak, vice president and
Judith Mihalic, secretary
nard Lucich, Thomas Zajac, Fred Husnick, Anthony Lopuh,
Frank T. Egercic, Robert Churko, Carl Juranovich, Vince Gra
sich, John Vecherin, James Hnsnick, and Mascot "Junior"
Vecherin. Congratulations, gentlemen! But why not flunk these
tests once in a while and make others happy?
Nest 37 League
September 21, 1»5§ W
Team No.- 5 2
Team No. 2 2
Team No. 6 1
Team No. 4 1
Individual Highs
Mike Kosco 135-380
Bill Martinis 137-366
Mark Turkaly 342
Matt Kattic 331
Roger Kray 3 '1
Michele Brletic 115-266
Janet Zellick 264
Carol Barich 114
Team Highs
Team No. 5 476-1398
Team No. 6 1332
Janet E. Zellick, Sec'y.
Lodge 954 League
September 18, 1958 Pts.
Head Pins 10
Spares ............M........ 6
Strikes ....v. 5
Blows 3
Individual Highs
Mike Pavicic 702
John Loncarich 272-638
Jim Martin 625
Joe Maradin 280-621
Pete Les 590
Julia Fecych 286-594
Chris Les 238-554
Barb Loncarich 550
Ann Eleyonich 470
Team Highs
Head Pins 1029-2706
Strikes 1005-2528
Ann Eleyonich, Sec'y.
inter-Nests League
September IS, 1958 Pts.
Carpenters 7
St. Nicks 6
Gutter Sweepers 6
Aristocrats 4
Rockets 3
Emperors .... 3
Odd Balls 2
Golubs 1
Individual Highs
John Fuduric 240-572
William Hattan 447
Rudy Hren 174-434
Gerald Babbits 432
Robert Kleps 426
Judy Bilicic 152-434
Pat Kovacevic 148-374
Anna M. Bilicic 369
Bonita Bilicic 332
Team Highs
Carpenters 730-1954
Odd Balls 618-1833
Anna Rescic, Mgr.
September 21, 1958 W
Wishing Well 5 1
Skyline Motel 6 1
Boldi Restaurant 3% 2Vi
Lyons Chapel 3 3
Kucan Shell Service 1 5
Smith Insurance
Individual Highs
Joe Marohnich ...211-564
Matt Jadro 202-552
Charles Milos 542
Stan Kauzlarich i 507
Pauline Jadro 181-505
Mary Marohnic 193T474
Zora Kauzlaric 459
Team Highs
Boldi Restaurant 810-2321
Wishing Well 2267
Lyons Chapel 848
Croatian Fraternal Union
Tenpin- Duckpin -Five Pin
Bowling League Standings
CFU Home Office League
September 17. 1958 W
Brusscll Sprouts 5 1
Dill Pickles 5 1
Hot Peppers 3 3
Carrot Tops 2 4
Corn Cobs 2 4
Cabbage Heads 1 5
Individual Highs
Tony Abranovich 182-530
Tony Brajdic 166-417
John Kuklish 169-415
Joe Spehar 394
Joe Grgurich 388
Lanore Zvonkovich 483
Connie Pichler 145-401
Lenore Zvonkovich 187-352
Mary Abranovich 163-349
Mary Pecak 336
Team Highs
Brussel Sprouts 532-1459
Dill Pickles 523-1323
Carolyn Sklopan, Sec'y.
Lodge 705 Mixed League
September 16, 1958 W
Texas A & 5
Pitt *...'. 4
Notre Dame 3
Ohio State ............. 3
Yale 2
Penn State 1
Individual Highs
Jack Zajac 186-535
Joe Novocal 496
Frank Burich 427
Carl Hideg 179-408
Stella Dellos© 179-451
Fran Wasko 442
Mary Robich 209-424
Dot Chrnko 423
Team Highs
Ohio State 758-2193
Notre Dame 714-1952
Dorothy A. Chrnko, Sec'y.
Locira 472 Mixed League
September 20, 1958 Pts.
Wells Dist. Co lOVz
Lolich Bar B-Q 9
Action Shirts 8
Tony's Bar 7
Gran Alleys 7*
A. C. E. Trans. Co. ....„ 7
Dunn & Quigley
Burger Beer 5
Twin Const. Co. 5
CFU No. 472 5
Croatian Club ....r. 5
Bonfiglio's Bar 3%
Old Dutch Beer 3
P. O. C. Beer 2
Individual Highs
Tony Donofrio 222-571
Tony Jurkovic 559
John Furman ............ 637
Milo ChelovitZ ........... 632
Andy Knstic 525
Mike Dugan .......... ....*" 209
Ann Furman ... 470
Ruth Lolich .174-449
Olga Gracan 196-443
Pauline Donofrio 424
Marion Marzich 409
Team Highs
Action Shirts 711-1965
Lolich Bar B-Q 1893
Tony Miljak, Sec'y.
made by
Valentich Brothers
.122 Prospect Street
Turtle Creek, Pa.
Write for price list!
Slivovitz from Senta, Sarajevo, Ljubljana HruSkovac Dalmatian red
burgundy Gewuertitraminer (Ljutomer) Sauvignon (Maribor) Chi
pon (Ljutomer) Riesling (Haloze) žilavka (Mostar) Tramlner (Rad
gona) Riesling (Znpa) Maraschino (Zadar) Cherry ivine and liqueur
(Zadar) Pelinkovac Vlahov bitters Dreher beer (rrieste), etc. and
a Beautiful Selection of 150 Wines. Spirits, Brandies, Liqueurs, Been
from Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia.
I066X. Vine St. (South ot Santa Monica Blvd.), Los Angeles 88, Calif.
Farrell, Pa., Lodge 126 Softballers
Crowned CFU Champions For Third Time
Clairton Lodge 248 Makes Futile Bid
To Overcome Title Holders In Finals
ther in the nature that had
wrecked many a previous out
door affair prevailed Sunday,
September 7th, throughout
Westenr Pennsylvania and
was of deep concern to those
in any way connected with the
3rd C.F.U. Softball Tourna
ment slated that day in Clair
A heavy rain the night be
fore had drenched most of the
area and when it was falling
early Sunday morning, it was
just about enough to scare
off the faint-hearted.
However this was not to
govern the Youngstown,
Ohio, Lodge 66 team and
the Farrell, Pa., Lodge 126
contingent, both though re
moved some 85 to 90 miles
o a i o n o n e
Chairman John Bolcic that
they were coming on ahead
to the tournament city
whether there was to be
any šoftball play or not.
After all wasn't there to be
a social side to the tourna
ment which weather could not
fully affect?
This hardihood of the
softballers who travel only in
playing togs is commendable
and worth more than the
words which we allot it here.
Neither are we overlooking
the tenacity of the more lo
calized teams from Versailles
Lodge 146 and the hosting
Lodge 248 of Clairton.
Versailles Goes Down
The tournament brought
together four C.F.U. aggre
gations, each of which had
compiled enviable records in
their respective areas.
The opening game pitted
Clairton against Versailles.
Clairton scored one run first,
Versailles came back to a pair
via errors after which Clair
ton got three hits, their total
off Burger, good for two
runs and picked up two more
resulting out of walks, in the
third frame.
Rudy Perisich tightened
up as did his defense after
this as he held Versailles to
one hit by Tony Bernick in
the final score of 5-2. For
Versailles' Ed Burger we
can say that he did quite
well in a fast-pitch tounjey.
Youngstown in the second
game against Farrell, the two
time defending team, started
off with a three run threat,
but Farrell bounced back in-
First we would like to wel
come our new bowlers and
sponsors, namely, John Cher
nich, Roy Litten, Joe Paun,
Pete Brncich, Joanne Guch,
Mary Barcevic, and all the
way from Toronto, the new
Mrs. Joseph Dosen.
The new sponsored teams
are Ann Paun's Tavern and
Marty Dosen's Tap.
The Ban Jelaclcs took a
pair from Roddy's Tavern as
Tony Saric 510 and Mary
Plesha 429 combined their ef
The Alfirevichs downed Ma
day Florists in two games as
Bill Svorcina let go a 551. For
to the lead with four ralu ot
their own in the top of the
Chuck Koker scored his
second run in the fifth inn
ing to tie the game.
Once again the vibrant
Farrell scoring machine re
sponded to the occasion when
Tom Zajac got his second, hit
of the game to score Bob
Churko and Bernard Lucich
and break up a 4-4 deadlock.
Walter Bedich of Farrell
allowed four hits, while Me
dovich of Youngstown was
touched for five in the game
w i e i i n a e Y o u
town 6-4.
Pitcher Hitting Star
The Farrell-ites in the final
game against Clairton teed
off to a comfortable lead on
Joe Bedich's three run homer
against Rudy Perisich.
Clairton came back with
three runs in their half of the
same inning, one being
roundtripper by Bill KapsSfc.
Besides doing mound du
ty for Farrell, Carl Jurano
vich batted the team to vic
tory by scoring B. Lucich
with the fifth run in a 6-8
a u a n o v i i i e
Clairton to four hits while
his mates added four to the
two of his own as Farrell
made it three straight C.F.U.
softball championships.
Host Lodges Praised
We commend the players on
all four teams for the manner
in which they disported them
selves in games where official
umpires called them as they
saw the plays.
The turnout of the public
from Clairton and proportion
ately from the other three
C.F.U. centers was a credit
to them and to membership
in the Croatian Fraternal
Clairton City Park attt
the shelter where the social
end of the tournament was
held bespeaks well for John
E. Bolcic, the chairman,
and the small staff he was
able to recruit for lining off
two fields and manning the
concession stands.
As turnouts go, we think
the peak of some one hundred
cars, more or less, can well
set down this tournament in
Clairton as a successful C.F.U,
Chicago's "Ban Jelacic" 440 Circuit
Opens Run With Twelve Quints In Fold
J. G. Hennebergers Off and Running As
Keglers Unlimber Arms After Long Siesta
the losers, Pete Senzel chalk
CHICAGO September 17
marked the second week of a
new bowling season and ev
erything is shaping up fine
for the twelve teams entered
ed up a 501. In the remaining
match the Marty Dosens up
ended the Golich Morticians
in two games, John Jovano
vich's 473 being a factor.
A ran down of the top
five teams reads as follows,
J. O. Henneberger, 6-0
Marty Dosen, 5-1 Alfire
vich, 4-2 Svalina Realty,
4-2 and Ann Paun's Tav
ern, 4-2.
Guiding the destiny of the
Lodge 440 League are Frank
Grahovac, president Louis
Stincic, Vice-Pres. John Spu-
Last Monday saw Svalinas treasurer and Steve Do
down Kompare Chapel in
three games with Mike Scvor
cina leading the attack with
a 550 set. Also taking three,
the Henneberger keg 1 e s
lorded it over the Nick and
Dorothy Tavernites. Once a
gain the leading man was
Stan Nosich with 529 with
Joe Grdas chipping in a 208
Thursday noon is the
deadline for all material
Intended for publication in
tihe English Section of the
Material arriving after
that hour and day~ of the
week will not appear in the
following issue of the Eng
lish Section. If contents of
same are still timely, late
arriving articles will be
published the week after
if not, they will be "killed."
Stephen F. Brkich, Editor

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