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Page 12
APRIL 18, 1959
Frank Braidic
from the
Potovanja o Jugoslavija oa velikim prekooceanskim PUTNIČ
KIM BRODOVIMA svih kompanija. Takodjer sa najmoderni
jim avionima direktno Zagreb ili Beograd. Piiite sa bes
platne informacije.
Šaljemo novae n Jugoslavija. Pravimo A FIDE
sa dobavljanje rodbine is Jugoslavije. Prodajemo potne karte
patnike is Jagoslavlje.
Radimo sa naiim narodom n Ajnerid od 1908. godtae.
Pravimo punomoći i ostale dokumente, te svakovrsne prevode.
VITE i ostalo
...Johnsto\vn, Pa.
We also carry—
Harry Lincoff
136 E. 6th Ave.r Homestead, Pa.
jiw lm

Society's 1959 Junior Dux Champions
Penn Lane« 94*2 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa.
Team Event
Nest 37, McKeesport, Pa 1706
Joseph Ivecic-George Rendulic, N. 37, McKeesport, Pa. 742
Joseph Ivecic, Nest 37, McKeesport, Pa 406
High Single Game
Daniel Spodienok, Nest 4, Johnstown, Pa 157
Team Event
Nest 21, Etna, Pa 1201
Barbara Spelic-Mary Merzlak, Nest 21, Etna 556
Barbara Spetic, Nest 21. Etna, Pa 333
High Single Game
Carol Moskun, Nest 467, Pittsburgh, Pa 138
Following the meeting we
held our Bowling Banquet
non-member 560-671, with
handicap John Turkal, Most
Improved Average, 24 pts.,
Belt Buckle from ABC.
Henri Bozurich, Hi Series
with handicap 552-708 Flo
Comsia, Hi Game 209 Laura
Munger, Hi Series with Han
dicap, non-member 485-656
Telephone: OH 4-3180
Telephone: OH 4-3180
357 W. 26th STREET
357 W. 26th STREET
New York 1, N. Y.
New York 1, N. Y.
Note: Eighteen teams participated plus a few supple
mentary Doubles and Singles for a total of 303 lines of bowl
ing. A complete list of the Junior Tournament scores will be LVOIIS LOOP CflkC
published at & later date.
Canton Lodge 514 Bowlers Are Ready
For 25th Annual Tenpin Tourney Wars
Ohio Keglers Will Close Season May 24
With Weiner Frazzle At Home Of Prexy
CANTON, O. The CFU I Ann Rukavina, Most Im
Lodge 514 bowlers held their I proved Average 18 pts., corn
Annual Bogey tourney Sat-!pact Helen Berchin, Best
urday, April 18, midst a great Sport and Mary Kutrovac
deal of laughter and razzing and Pop Bozurich, Lowest
between partners.
The winners were Flo Com
sia and Marylou Shackle who
bowled 1354 with their han
Flo rolled 149-169-137-455,
her average being 133, and
Marylou bowled 115-147-154- bowling season has ended.
416, her first 400 series in her Harriet Bozurich
first year of bowling, with an
They both received beauti-jChicago
ful trophies, donated by,^ TAIim-,f Twn
Lodge 514 proper, plus prize jjCl I vUrjiuj I lip
Helen Berchin hit hi-game
for the women with 204 and
Helen Drozda was second
with 202. Steve Bozurich. Jr.,
had hi-game for the men
with 245 and Paul Munger
was second with 216.
On Sunday, April 1®, we
held our regular social
meeting with election of of
ficers. Joe Bozurich will be
President for the 1959-60
season, with Mike Drozda I promised us a modern coach showing.
as Vice President. Harriet and anything else we might Locally, bowling will climax
Bozurich, a s Secretary- need to make our trip enjoy
Trea surer, and Flo Comsia
and Andy Vrane as Audit
ing Committee. Rules were
tabled untU the first fall
Our plans are to meet at
the Dearborn Street Sta
tion on Thursday, May 14,
at 10:00 p.m., DST. The
fare is only $21.67 per per
son, and the cost of the re
freshments served on the
train is pro-rated among
the group.
and awarded the prize money
and trophies. Stahlheber's
Team came out on top but
as the Home Office trophies
The following trophies011
were awarded: Joe Bozurich,j10:00 Pm-
didn't arrive, all they received! themselves of the savings in istenee this spring.
were the emblems from the
fare are welcome to go with
us. For full details contact
The team included Joe Bo-lMildred Kovacic, 5341 So.|ary will stage a Banquet on
zurich, Modean u n e Christiana. Chicago 32, phone Sunday, May 24, at the Cro
Steve Tomic Doris, and IHem- 4-2554. atian Home on Franklin St.
Frank Bozuric, Capt. Another group is leaving Mrs. Mary Shaffer has
CILOSEUP OF some of the many celebrants who attended the
March 15, 1959, Banquet which climaxed the staging in Steel
ton, Pa., of the Croatian Fraternal Union's 10th Annual Nat'l
Basketball Tournament. Representing the Home Office on the
Smith Insurance Crew
By Comfortable Margin
LYONS. 111. Going into
the final three weeks of the
bowling season, the William
Smith Insurancees cinched
their first place roost in the
Lodge 228 League by a seven
and one half game margin at
this stage. They did it by tak
ing two from the Skyline Mo
telers on April 19th.
At the same session, the
Lyons Chapel keglers helped
by shading the second place
Averages. i Kucan Shellers in two games.
Our next meeting will be in The winners were bidding for
the form of a weiner frazzle third place money and possi
on May 24, at the home of our bly second as but two and one
new Pres., Joe Bozurich, 2418 half games now separate
Harmont Ave. NE. Cards will
be sent as a reminder since
them and the Kucans.
The male highs at the
most recent rolling went to
the Kauzlarichs, Stan with
208 and Kuss with a 563.
Charles Milos was the run
Berup in both classes with
Jo Kuchan took both ses
sional honors that day with
188-485 leaving the second
place pickings to Millie Ruzic
with 153 and Zora Kauzla-
First Group Will
Head East May 14
CHICAGO The "Hrvat
ska Sloboda" Lodge 32 Social rich with a 446 set.
and Athletic Club has made We have two more weeks
travel arrangements for the
bowlers going to the 25th An
nual Tenpin Tournament in
of bowling on the agenda and
are looking forward to
Youngstown where at the
C.F.U. Tournament we have
entered two men's and one
We have selected the Erie
Railroad as it has better re-1 women's teams. We hope to
tuni schedules. They have make, as do all others, a good
with the league banquet to be
held at the Baldi Restaurant
on May 11th.
higher, $22.61, but. The ladies of the Auxiliary
there is still a saving. respectfully request that the
Further details may be ob- lodges and clubs in the neigh
tained by contacting Adam boring towns reserve this date
Soich, 10552 So. Mellard, Chi- and come to the Croatian
cago, phone PR. 9-3576.
Mil Kovadc
Every Member
Get A Member
So Kuchan, Scribe
Uniontown Croats
Await Celebration
Croatian Citizens Club will
Anyone wishing to avail' celebrate its 25th year of ex-
In commemoration of this
milestone the Ladies Auxili-
night, May 15, at accepted the Chairmanship
ws Qcrioc ^9A 74.Q with hnnrli-1 at 63rd and Wallace. Since it phia Zubovich will serve as
fapf JoL Sa Hi Game is a smaller group the fare is C„-Chairm»B.
267 Nick Cozocar. Hi Series ja
Station' of the affair and Mrs. So­
Home in Uniontown for a ga
la celebration.
Everyone is urged to be in
Catherine Yukish, Pub.
Silver Anniversary Tourney Schedule
(Continued From Page 11)
9 Jack's Cafe. J. Bolkovac, Captain Youngstown, Ohio
10 St. George Gees, N. Srnec, Captain Youngstown, Ohio
11 (Open)
Saturday, May 16, 1959 12:00 Noon
Men Five-Man Team Event Men
Alley Team City and State
1 Lodge 440. M. Jerbic, Captain Chicago, 111.
2 Lodge 600—No. 2, N. Ross, Captain Massillon, Ohio
3 Buckeyes, A. Habyan, Captain Akron, Ohio
4 Casino Studs, F. Grgurich, Captain Detroit. Mich.
5 The Hammers, M. Drozda, Captain Canton, Ohio
6 Casino Duds, F. Filipiak, Captain Detroit, Mich.
7 Lodge 963, F. Kruzich, Captain Chicago, 111.
8 Happy Five, R. Sherman, Captain „...Detroit, Mich.
9 Maywoodite Originators, J. Rady, Captain Hammond, Ind.
10 C. F. U. Executives, V. I. Mandich, Captain Pittsburgh, Pa
ll Hotshots, E. Milkovic, Captain Canton, Ohio
12 Sloboda Smokers, J. Kuhtic, Captain Chicago, Jll.
13 Zorros, C. Bidoli. Captain Detroit, Mich.
14 Canton Specials, S. Bozurich, Jr., Captain Canton, Ohio
15 Sloboda Diggers, E. Vucinic. Captain Chicago, 111. gle and a 445 senes
16 T—K Cafe, P. Mikula, Captain Ind. Harbor, Ind.
17 Dalmatian Unity, J. Bakovich, Captain....... Chicago, 111.
18 Dukes, V. Miculan, Captain Canton, Ohio
19 (Open)
Saturday, May 16, 1959 8:90 P.M.
Men Five-Man Team Event Men
Saturday, May 16, 1969 5:00 P...M.
Men Five-Man Team Event Men
Alley Team City and State
1 Lodge 228 Deuces. S. Marohnic, Captain Lyons. Ill
2 Pathfinders. 731, J. Sarich, Captain i West Allis, Wis.
3 Glen Cove Cafe. M. Grdovic, Captain Cleveland, Ohio
4 Harborite Nite Caps, G. Boravich, Captain Ind. Harbor, Ind.
5 Holy Trinity, G. Stiscak. Captain E. Chicago, Ind.
6 Lodge 595, B. Vidas, Captain Weirton, W. Va.
7 Volta Battery, L. Buktenica, Captain Chicago, 111
8 Lodge 745, J. Mucheck, Captain Benwood, W. Va.
9 Križari Booster, C. Kruzic, Captain ...A Chicago, 111.
10 Weirtoneers, C. Stevens. Captain .Weirton, W. Va.
11 Harborite Mates, G. Zorich, Captain Ind. Harbor, Ind.
12 Zumberak No. 2, P. Latkovic, Captain Cleveland, Ohio
13 Sloboda Jets. J. Pazul. Captain Chicago, 111.
14 Golub Funeral Home. E. Sariey, Captain Cleveland, Ohio
15 Sloboda Dra-Draperies, E. Smetko, Captain Chicago, 111.
16 Harborite Aces, Obranovich. Captain Ind. Harbor, Ind.
17 Zora Lodge 351, W. Bohacek, Captain Detroit* Mich.
18 Pioneers No. 4, F. Luksic, Captain Cleveland, Ohio
19 (Open)
Sunday, May 17,1959 10:00 A.M.
Men Five-Man Team Event Men
Alley Team City and State
1 Lodge 557—No. 2, R. Ristich, Captain Buffalo, N. Y.
2 Zoraši, B. Senkowski, Captain ..Detroit, Mich.
3 Lodge 600—No. 1, V. Turkall, Captain ........Massillon, Ohio
4 'Pioneer Deuces—M. York, Captain .Cleveland, Ohio
5 Lodge 557—Treys. M. Lodick, Captain. Buffalo, N. Y.
6 Križari—No. 2. E. Julian, Captain Chicago, 111.
7 Fega To&l. T. Radman, Captain Detroit, Mich.
8 Pioneers Aces, A. Grdimi. Captain Cleveland, Ohio
9 Alcros 720, F. Habazin, Captain Aliquippa, Pa.
10 Dalmatians No. 3, S. Bakovich, Captain ............ Chicago, 111.
11 Lodge 557—No. 4, G. Rok, Captain ... Buffalo, N. Y.
12 Lodge 99—Aces, T. Ujcich. Captain I.Cleveland, Ohio
13 Lodge 154, No. 2, J. Miksich, Captain. Jp. Chicago, Ind.
14 Pioneer Treys, S. Kasunic, Captain Cleveland, Ohio
15 Spirits No. 1. T. Rackie, Captain McKees Rocks, Pa.
16 Croatian Sons, C. Markcy, Captain Gary, Ind.
17 Lodge 99—No. 2, J. Ujcich, Captain...... Cleveland, Ohio
18 Križari III, A. Soich, Captain Chicago, HI
19 .T. B. Tavern, J. D. Klobuchar, Captain. Ind. Harbor, Ind.
20 Dalmatinska Sloga, D. Hess, Captain Chicago, 111.
21 St. Jacob, 167, R. Potocnjak. Captain ..i.~^...St. Louis. Mo.
22 Kumovi. Kum Goreta, Captain .......... Detroit. Mich.
23 Gary Croatians, J. Sununic, Sr., Captain......^ .. Gary. Ind.
24 Zora
5^IPS. A. Dellack, Captain Detroit, Mich.
Sunday, May 17, 1969 12:90 P.M.
ilen Five-Man Team Event Men
Alley Team City and State
1 Lodge 657, Aces. B. Grasha, Captain/ Buffalo, N. Y.
Lodge 423—No. 1, F. Shetek, Captain Aliquippa, Pa.
Lodge 5,—No. 3, J. Fishter, Captain Johnstown, Pa.
Lodge 423—No. 2, P. Turkovich, Captain Aliquippa, Pa.
Spirits 143, G. Sporcic, Captain „.»McKees Rocks, Pa.
Lodge 5,-—No. 2, J. Bross, Captain
occasion were Supreme President V. I. Mandich and Sporls
lOducational Director Frank Braidic. Conway, Pa., Lodge 540
took the Senior Division laurels, Johnstown, Pa., Nest 4 the
Junior Division honors. Hosting the classic was Lodge 13.
AlleV Team City and State
1 'hošgi 141, M. Mlinarich, Captain .. E. Pittsburgh, Pa.
2 Zorros, J. Tarasovich, Captain Granite City, 111.
3 Progress, S. Milos, Captain Chicago, 111.
4 Velikani, E. Zabotka, Captain Granite City, 111.
5 Lavkawannas—No. 2, A. Heffler, Captain Lackawanna, N. Y.
6 Vila Hrvatska, E. Sardoch, Captain E. Pittsburgh, Pa.
7 Maywoodites. J. Rady, Captain Hammond, Ind.
8 Debeli. J. Gudac, Captain Granite City, 111.
9 St. Lawrence 13, G. Galinac, Captain Steelton, Pa.
10 Lodge 440, E. Chorak, Captain Chicago. 111.
11 Zumberak No. 1, N. Strahinic, Captain Cleveland, Ohio
12 Progress No. 1, J. Shubat, Captain Chicago, III.
13 CFT.T Executives, V. I. Mandich, Captain Pittsburgh, Pa.
14 Harborite Skippers, M. Kalafatich, Captain Ind. Harbor, Ind.
15 440 Block Buster3, J. Spudich, Captain Chicago, 111.
16 Veselo Srce. S. Naglich. Captain Granite City, 111.
17 Siromaci Detroita, J. Hodak, Captain...... Detroit, Mich
18 Lodge 141 Treys, J. Brletic. Captain E. Pittsburgh, Pa.
19 Akron 472 Deuces, T. Donofrio, Captain Akron, Ohio
20 Jedini, J. Minkowski, Captain ..Granite City, 111.
21 Lodge 228 Aces, R. Kauzlaric, Captain Lyons, 111.
22 Auroras 736, N. Kauric, Captain E. Pittsburgh, Pa. noVIC had a 169 Single and a
23 South West Beer, V. Kariolich, Capt Chicago, 111.
24 Lackawannas No. 1, F. Page, Captain Lackawanna, N. Y.
25 Sloboda Jokers, Ijt. Pazulinec, Captain Chicago, 111
26 Akron 472 Deuces, J. Lolich, Captain Akron, Ohio
27 Siromaci Velebita, R. Stimac, Captain Granite City, 111.
28 Sloboda Mid-Staters, E. Haramija, Captain Chicago, Hi.
29 (Open)
Fasse Tavern, G. Jovanovic, Captain St. Louis, Mo.
Lodge 423—No. 3. T. Kostelich, Captain Aliquippa, Pa.
Lodge 5—No. 1, J. Mesnak, Captain ..^.„.....Johnstown, Pa.
Lodge 423—No. 4, J. Babich, Captain »'.»^'.'...Aliquippa, Pa.
Monessen Cro.-Ams. C. Vlasic, Captain .............. Monessen, Pa.
St. Louis Jumbles, W. Grbcich, Captain ............St. Louis, Mo.
Lodge 5—No. 4, J. Grasa, Captain Johnstown, Pa.
Frank Braidic, Director
Sports-Educational Dept.
Chullcks Destined To
Arrive In Youngstown
As St. Louis Kingpins
ST. LOUIS Led by Bob
Potocnjak, firing a 180 single
and a 522 series, and Jack Ju
ras pitching a 175-479 series,
the Lodge 50 five, resting in
last place, rose up to smash
the hopes of the Ivancich and
three games.
Brncic team by taking
For the losers, John Ivan
cich had a 181-447 series and
George Ivancic shot a 161 sin-
The Chulicks, led by
John Kombol, 'firing the
high single of the season
with a 264 and totalling a
622 series, and Tom Dra
ži ch, rolling a 186-516 ser
ies, almost clinched the St.
Louis CFU Men's League
championship with a two
game win over the John
Sty gar five.
With six games remaining,
they have a three-game lead
over last year's champs, the
Fassi Tavern five.
For the Stygars, Emil
"Rocky" Pluchinski threw a
171-488 series and Nick Jerci-
481 series.
Fassis, with every remain
ing game a must, stumbled
over the Ban five, dropping
two big games. For the Fassi
team, John Manestar shot a
191-537 series and Paul Jo
vanoyic had a 194 single and
a 544 series.
The Ban Tilers, rode home
on a 210 single and a 519 ser
ies by A1 Klarich and Ralph
Radetic's 191 single and a 555
John Muich, Secy.
Housing Shortage
A hive of bees in the
summer months of the year
may contain as many as
60,000 bees.
In Conclusion
A millionaire is a man
with enough lettuce to choose
his own tomatoes.
Red Skelton
HO. 1
Rulers of Canadian Five Pin Roost
HAMILTON, Ont. The following were crowned the
1959 C.F.U. Five Pin champions as the result of their team
and individual showing at the 13th Annual Croatian Frater
nal Union Five Pin Tournament held in Hamilton, Ontario,
April 18,1959. Lodge 644 "Matija Gubec" of Hamilton was
the tourney hoat.
Five-Man Mixed Team Event
Lodge 617, Welland, Ontario ...3435
Men's Doubles Event
Steve Pesun-John Ilecich, L. 954, Hamilton, Ont 1485
Men's Singles Event
Bob Nizich, Lodge 650, Hamilton, Ontario ,„155
Men's All-Events
John Gojmerac, Lodge 617, Welland, Ont 3066
Mixed Doubles Event
Barbara" Lovrinich-Steve Eleyonich, L. 954, Hamilton ....1460
Women's Doubles Events
Christine Les-Barbara Lovrinich, L. 954, Hamilton, Ont. 1342
Womenis Singles Event
Mary Furac, Lodge 793, Sudbury, Ont 815
Women's All-Events
Mary Klobuchar, Lodge 650, Toronto, Ont 2760
Five-Man Mixed Team EveOt
Nest 397, Hamilton, Ontario 2398
Individual High Series
Charles Horvat, Nest 397, Hamilton, Ontario 635
Donna Bubanko, Nest 274, Welland, Ontario 524
Individual High Game
John Kolich, Nest 603, Hamilton, Ontario $$4
Josephine Bubanko, Nest 274, Welland, Ontario 325
Note: The adult scores include the handicap, whereas
the junior scores are actual pins.
Youngstown Home Set For Tourney Throngs
In addition to the sched
uled Tourney socials and par
ties, the CFU Croatian Home,
located at 1012 West Federal
Street, will have entertain
ment every evening to help
accommodate the many bowl
ers and out-of-town guests.
Our kitchen will be open
during the entire weekend,
with all types of home cooked
foods always available. An
abundance of barbecued lamb
and pork will also be pre
Anyone wishing to reserve
a table or any special food is
asked to phone RI. 6-9305.
Our committee will ^o its best
to serve these guests and save
them the trouble of going to
Slivovitz trom Senta, Sarajevo, Ljubljana Krufckovac Dalmatian red
burgundy Gewuertztraminer (Ljutomer) Saavignon (Maribor) Uhi
pon (Ljutomer) Riesling (Haloze) žilavka (Mostar) Traminer (Rad
gona) Riesling (Župa) Maraschino (Zadar) Cherry wine and liqueur
(Zadar) Pelinkovac Vlahov hitters Dreber beer (Trieste), etc. aMl
a Beautiful Selection of 150 Wines, Spirits, Brandies, Liqueurs,
from Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia.
HO 9-5070
1066 N. Vine St (South ot Santa Monica Blvd.), Los Angeles 88, Galffe
"Since 1933 & Still Reliable"
Robert W. Nizich, Secretary
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio the different restaurants.
The readers of the Zajedni
čar are already familiar with
the fact that the 25th An
nual CFU Tenpin Tournament
will be staged here in Youngs
town on May 14, 15, 16, and
We invite all bowlers,
guests, CFU Officials and Di
rectors to pay a visit to our
Home during the Tournament
Frank Turkovich, Pres.
Coast Lodge Switch«!
Date Of June Meeting
FONTANA, Calif. Cro
atian Fraternal Union Lodge
959 wishes to announce that
the meeting which was to be
held on Sunday, June 14, will
be postponed until Sunday«
June 28th.
This change was made
because our Annual Picnic
will be held on June 14.
Members are requested to
attend the May and Jupe
meetings, for we will hold
nominations and election of
Delegate to the 10th CF^J
u a e n n i a o n v e n i o
which will take place in De
1 to 10 Yrs.
To Pay

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