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Andrew Smolkovich
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violet Decerio
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i steve Turkovich
Mike Petkovich .4
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Repairs' Remodeling?

Canton 514 Loop
A Going Concern
Akron Shooters
Coming To Town
CANTON, O. The Lodge
514 Mixed League of this city!
opened the? 1959-60 season,
September 19th with ten
teams toeing the foul line.
Almost everyone took it easy I
the opening night with the
exception of Joe Turkal, on
Bill Germanoffs Cafe team,
with a 140 average who roll
ed 214-170-197-581. Nancy
Tomic on Stalilhebers team,
sporting a 101 average, hit
159-159-116 for a 434 sefies.
Rose Bozurich of the Canton
Pure Milk who averages 116
clicked off games 100-151
On the following session,
September 26, we had two 600
series, Vic Miculan of the
Nest 196 team rolling 237
196-625 and John Comsia
helping the Coca Cola bunch
with 220-212-604. Joe Turkal
repeated his total of last
week by putting together
games of 176-255-150. Nancy
Tomic fell four pins short of
duplicating her series total
by stringing games of 162
161-107. Modean Munger on
Old Dutch Beer team went
over his 124 average with a
163-164-462 showing.
We are holding our return
match, postponed from last
season, with Akron on Sun
day, October 25th at the Cas
tamall Lane« as usual. Bowl
ing in two shifts, 11:00 A.M.
and 1:30 P.M., we will follow
it with a Supper and Dance
a the American-Croatian
Home on Winfield Way, N.E.
Music will be furnished by
the Bill Kriss Orchestra.
Harriet Boznrich, Secy.
Dufcane Tammies Slate
Concert In Lackawanna
The internationally famous
Duquesne University Tam bu
rit zan s, now in their 23rd sea
son, will present a perfor
mance for the benefit of Our
Lady of the Sacred Heart of
Jesus R. C. Church.
The concert will take
place on Sunday, October
11, at 3:00 p.m., at Bishop
Simon High School, 601
McKinley Parkway, South
Dancing will also follow at
the C.I.O. Hall. 650 Ridge Rd.,
in Lackawanna, at 7:30 p.m.
The Tammies, under the ca
llable direction of Mr. Walter
W. Kolar, will entertain both
young and old with their
songs and varied dances, so
make your plans to attend.
The committee in charge of
the affair, headed by G. Pe
caric and M. Hacic, Co-Chair
men, guarantee all an enjoy-{
able afternoon and evening.1
Cleveland Ladies League
September 22, 1959 W
Ohio Furniture 12
A1 &George Cafe 11
Rudmans 9
Waterloo Florists 5
Golub Funeral Home 4
Strivers 4
Individual If I
Mary Sapara 186-529
Natalie Zagor 210-509
Man- Koren 202-488
Judy Bilicic 199-467
Charlotte Gabel 466
Helen Relic 444
Team Highs
A1 & George Cafe 855-2243
Ohio Furniture 766-2202
Natalie Zagor, Sec'y.
Page 12 OCTOBER 7,1959
San Francisco Mixed Handicap League
Starts Grind With 8 Quints In Whirl
Northern California Keglers Looking
Ahead To Rugged Struggles For Title
The San Francisco Mixed
a n i a o w i n e a u e
opened its season with flying
colors on Wednesday night at
the Sports Center Bowl.
The San Francisco C.F.U.
League this year has a new
set of officers headed by
Peter Obad, as President,
Frank Kuchan, vice-president
Mary Dragich, Secretary, and
Tony Nola, Treasurer.
We wish to again invite all
our members in the Bay Area
to keep our Bowling night in
Sloboda Athletic Club Members In Smoker
CHICAGO, Ind. Ano-i
ther day of fun and relaxation
is being planned for the men
by the members of the "Hr
vatska Sloboda" Athletic Club
of Lodge 32.
This affair will be held
at Yugoslav Grove, 5540
South Narragansett Ave.
and tickets may be obtain-
Hoosiers Sweeper Gets Early Start
This is to announce that the
11th Annual Hoosiers' Sweep
stakes, each year sponsored
by the Holy Trinity Lodge
154, will be held Saturday,
February 20th, 1960, at the
familiar E. Chicago Recrea
tion in this city.
The official entry blanks
w i e i u a e e e
months in advance of the
tourney date. We urge you
to give thought to this po­
Milwaukee Mothers To Meet On 1st Sunday
Now that everyone is back
from vacation the CFU Mo
thers Club will be having its
meetings on the first Sunday
of each month.
The first Card Party of
the Fall Season will take
place on October 25. It will
be a pillowcase party and
proceeds will go towards
instruments for the new
tamburitza group.
If your address on the front page of this issue of The Zajedničar
is incorrect, kindly fill in the form below and mail to Home Office
Cat ott jour address tag on tront, pasta or pin hen
First N«m» Middle Initial Last Name
Your Lodge Number New Street and Number
s State (Mr
... Province
mind—Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.
at the Sports Center Bowl—
and come around to get ac
quainted. With all the C.F.U.!
members and bowlers in the
Bay Area, it is rather un-be-
The first night of bowling coming that only 8-teams are
showed eight teams pacing bowling now. Despite of thec
the lanes, and the Lucky-Five! past negligences or experien-1
team, captained by Joe Iva
netich, won their three game
series. Brother Tony Perkov
mopped up enough pins to
score the high for the eve
ning with 230 mark and sis
ter Mary Dragich came up
with 174 to lead-off among
the damsels.
ces and experimentations with
the rules of bowling, and
squables thereof, which was
practiced by some our first
concern should be our loyalty
to the principles of the CFU
Fraternalism. The new offi
cers are determined that by
next year we should again
have ten to fifteen teams
bowling under the C. F. U.
banner. Bowling is entertain
ment and fun, we know, and
in that light we shall conduct
our bowling in the future.
Don't forget every Wed
nesday night, C. F. U. Bowl
ing Sports Center Bowl.
Peter Obad, President
ed from any Club member
or by contacting Ticket
Chairman, Joe Jerbic, 1616
West 93rd Place, Chicago,
01., phone CE. 3-2449.
A home cooked meal will
Prizes, games and fun will be served and just think, the
be provided at the Annual! price for this day will only be
Smoker to be held Sunday, i $2.50.
October 11, from 2:00 p.m., We hop«/ to iee all oar
until ?. friends there along with some
of their friends.
Remember: "For Bowling's
Nifty, Chicago in '60."
Publicity Chairmen
pular Midwest event and
in time have your lodge
teams—men and women—
Lodges and other organiza
tions of the immediate vicini
ty are asked to bear the Feb
ruary 20, 1960, date in mind!
when planning their own so
cial events.
As usual, this and sub
sequent news about the Hoo-
siers Sweeper is official if
you read it in the Zajedničar.
At this time we wish to
thank the following for their
generous donations: Philip
Those in the advanced tor. $5.00 Josip Saban of the
group who wish to buy ttfeir I Childrens Home, $5.00 Nick
instrument may do so and we Sarich, Superintendent o
believe most of the young
sters do own their own.
Children's Home, $10.00 and
Mary Yagar and family $5.
Forward To
3441 Forbes Street
Pittsburgh 13, Penna
FARRELL, PA., Lodge 126, crowned for the fourth consecutive
time this past summer as the CFli's National Softball Cham
pions. Kneeling, left to right: Joseph Bedich Carl Juranovich
Tom Zajac Baddy Lucich Tom Crivocic and manager George
Nov. 1st Set For
East Pitt Tourney
Invitation Extendel
The CFU Lodge 141 Bowl
ing League will stage anoth
er Invitational Tenpin Tour
nament on Sunday, November
This will be our second
such tournament, with team
events only, for both men and
The cost of entries will be
$6.00 per person or $30.00
per team, of which $1.35 will
be for bowling, $1.90 for
prize money, $1.50 for ban
quet, $1.00 for dance, and
$.25 for tournament expense.
The distribution of prize
money will be 40% first
prize, 30% second prize,
20% third prize and 10%
for outstanding individual
The tournament will also
have an A.B.C. and W.I.B.C.
moral sanction.
We invite all our friends
of Canton, Youngstown, Cle
veland, Johnstown, those of
the local lodges of the Pitts
burgh area, and all other
lodges that have tenpin bowl
ers to consider entering our
Those interested are asked
to write to Emil Sardoch, 721
Whitney Ave., Pittsburgh 21,
Alcros Lodge 720 League
September 19. 1959
Keeping up a tamburitza
group is very expensive and
therefore any donations re
ceived are gratefully appreci-
Dodge ..
De Soto
ated and used for a worthy ^ike ^omar
Tony Marzlak ....
Anne Thomas ........
Joseph.ne Previsa .....
Individual Highs
Thomas Dutkovich 195-539
Steve Jurcic 194-537
Anne Komar ..t. 380
Mary Jurcic 376
Paulin, Sec'y of Lodge 261,
$5.00 Bozo Drazan and fam
ily of Chicago, $3.00 Michael
Grasha, Junior Order Direc-
Team Highs
Oldsmobile 772-21,73
Ford 1941
Anne M. Marbich, Secy.
Inter-Lodge League
September 11, 1959 W
Team No. 5 3
Team No. 12 3
Team No. 8 ................ 3
Team No. 16 ...., 2
Team No. 1 2
Team No. 13 2
Team No. 9 2
Blue Room 2
Team No. 15 1
Team No. 2 1
Team No. 10 L. 1
Team No. 14 J,
System Lumber Service.... 1 2
Team No. 6 0 3
Team No. 11 0 3
Team No. 7 0 3
Individual Highs
Frank Tomich 214-80P
Tony Guich 229-565
Bob Roth 551
George Starcevich 549
John Nestor 542
Michael Stevens Sr. ........ 53,3
Lube Prskalo 182-486
Stella Chorovich 168-444
Lucy Papac 168-441
Anne Gialich ...: .4*1
Eleanor Jordan .......ri....u 404
Gerry Grancich ,.... 399
Helen Grancich 399
Team Highs
Team No. 16 -2344
Team No. 15 849
Mary Missick, Sec y
Buffalo Lodge 557 Members Awaiting
Oct. 10th Social Tryst At Croat Home
First In Fall Series Of Social Meets
Attracted Huge Niagara Frontier Crowd
word has gotten around that
the "Holy Name of Jesus"
CFU Lodge 557 had a tremen
dous turnout for the first
fall social of the season. Con
sequently, all who were in
attendance have been antici
pating the next affair.
On October 10, the Croa
tian Clubrooms will again
house the merrymakers of
Buffalo, Lackawanna, Nia
gara Falls, and neighboring
Welland. The theme for this
gala affair is to be Adriatic
Serenade with the Slav Ser
enaders Tamburitza orches
tra providing the music for
the many koloe and polkas so
characteristic of Croatia. Of
course there will be the usual
fine selection of popular num
bers for the slower moving
Dancing will begin
promptly at 9 o'clock and
will continue into the early
CFU Nest 81 To Stage
Halloween Fete Oct. 31
W. ALUS, Wise. This
announcement is to notify all
lodges in the vicinity that
there will be a Halloween
Dance sponsored by C. F. U.
Nest 81 on Saturday eve
ning, October 31.
More details will be given
later but keep this date in
Mary C. Homes, Secy.
Sacramento 434 Will
Salute Trustee-Elect
Sunday, October 11th
Members of "Sv. Vincenca"
CFU Lodge 434, will hear the
report of their 10th Conven
tion Delegate, bro. George A.
Glavaa, at the regular meet
ing, Sunday, October 11, at
?:00 p.m.
Highlight«, sidelight« and
results of the convention, a
long with a personal commen
tary, will be given by bro.
Glavas. Questions from the
floor will also be answered.
Following the meeting and
report, members in atten
dance will receive a treat in
the form of sandwiches and
drinks. The committee in
charge states that there will
be plenty of cheese, ham, and
salami, prepared for the fin
est of tastes. 'I
The meeting will be held at
the regular meeting place,
Odd Fellows Hall, 2741—34th
Street. Remember, it starts at
2:00 p.m. and be .sure to be
Executive Board
Pacinda. Standing, usual sequence: Coach Walter Bedich An
thony Lopuh Bob Churko Vince Gurasich (ieorge Bedich:
Frank Egercic and CFU Sports-Ed Director Frank Braidic.
Congratulations, gentlemen!
hours of the morning. Tic
kets may be obtained in ad
vance at the Croatian Club
or at the door on the night
of the dance.
The program will begin
at 3:00 p. m., and guest
artists on the occasion will
be the Monaca Junior Tam
buritzans, directed by M.
Rebrovic, and the Trafford
Junior Tammies, who are
directed by Don Knežević.
Dancing, with music pro
vided by the Dunav Tam
buritzans, will take place af
ter the Concert.
Welland League
is Off To Races
Members Starting
Tournament Plans
bowlers of C.F.U. Lodge 617
held a meeting, September 13
to organize a league for the
1959-60 season. A good rep-
Chief Chef, John DiMartile resentation of fellow and sis
will take charge of the kit-: ter members at said gathering
chen for the evening and he i showed a great deal of inter
has promised to serve a selec-1 est in bowling which will be
tion of fine food the way you
like it.
We extend a final welcome
to all from near and far to
join us in having a night of
fun that will be remembered
long after the music of the
last dance fades isto the
Due to circumstances be
yond our control, we could
not provide the lamb at the
last affair as promised. We
are very sorry if we disap
pointed anyone and we as
sure you that in the future
you will not be disappointed
if we announce plans for any
Charles R. Kristic, Pres.
Aliquippa Juniors To
Hold Concert Oct. 18
again the High School audi
torium in Aliquippa will be
the scene of the Second An
nual Concert of the "Jadran"
Junior Tamburitzans, on Sun
day, October 18.
climaxed by the 1960 Five
Pin Tournament which we in
Welland will have the plea
sure of hosting in April 1960.
We hope that this enthu
siasm shown by the Lodge
617 bowlers, forty of them,
will add to a most successful
season of bowling that lies
before us. Elected to league
office were Nick Turkovich,
president Steve Yurcic, vice
president Kathleen Bukovac,
secretary Mary Muzar, treas
urer and Ann Simunic, social
Dues of 25 cents shall be
paid into the club every night
of bowling, with an absentee
bowler being subject to pay
past dues at his next night of
bowling. The league begins at
7:00 p.m. sharp and knowing
what fine association we had
last season, we feel that all
registered, bowlers will be
champing at the bit each lane
Kathleen Bukovac, Secy.
Wilmerding Ladies Plan
Card Party October 11
"St. Valentine" Ladies Club
will stage a Card Party on
Sunday, October 11, begin
ning at 7:00 p.m.
Refreshments will be avail
able and donation will be only
Members and friends are
invited to attend.
Bidding On For
Softball Tourney
Lodges Offered
Crack At Classic
sirous of seating the 1960
Softball Tournament and in
line with the thinking ex
pressed, attention is hereby
called to the lodge sports di
rectors and team captains of
the groups participating ia
the 1959 classic.
Currentty interested in
hosting the 1960 tournament
are Lodge 5 of Johnstown!,
Pa. and Lodge 66 of Youngi
town4 Ohio.
A lodge seeking to host th*
1960 tournament which in All
likelihood will follow the pat
tern of being held all on Suit
day must bear in mind to
have at least two softball
fields available to help move
the tournament elimination
The C. F. U. Sports-Educa
tional Department is official
ly open to bids which mu«t
be made via the lodge and
signed by the lodge president
and secretary. Entries close
Wednesday, October 21,1959.
This Department shall
then conduct the balloting
via mail during November
and by the December 15th
In the event of no official
bids, the Department will ex
ercise its prerogative to siti
1960 Softball Tourna-
The current interest
points to anything but a pa
thetic state for which interest,
we are sincerely appreciative.
Frank Braidic, Director
Sports-Educational Dept.
Nest 27 League
September 19, 1959 W
Tigers ............ 5
Pirates 4
Moose 2
Eagles 1
Individual Highs
F. Žitnik 149-401
D. Stanesic 133-342
J. Burger 290
Team Highs
Pirates 395-1155
Tigers 401-111®
Mary Skutlin, Mgr.
Lodge 954 League
September 17, 1959 Ft*.
Spares 4
Strikes 4
Headpins 4
Blows 4
Individual Highs
Steve Eleyoruch 280-738
Mike Pavicic 275-695
John Koncz 1 667
Pete Les 629
Michael Loncarich 59S
Julia Fecych 222-589
Kay Glassco 522
Barb Lovrenich 228-519
Chris Les 511
Mary Myslow 484
Team Highs
Blows 309®
Headpins 305®
Mrs. Anne Eleyonich, Sec'y.
Lodge 146 Ladies League
September 25, 1959 W
Rubies 8
Sapphires 7
Diamonds ......a. 5
Pearls 4
Individual Highs
Helen Ferketic
Dot Kijowski 150-3*7
Kay Kercell 165-379
Tina Bacon Š79
Chris Zibrat 871
Donna Dudek 150
Team Highs
Sapphires ®7T-1?05
Rubies 1609
Diamonds 575
Helen Ferketic, Secy.

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