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10 i hd» IV. India and M. O. Sugar, a part firrl
fr Bag* Green Coffee
6 in old Java do
2 hhdt and 6 bba Mnlatiei
3 tons eniin' ry Bar Iron
1 do Knglith do for Carriage Tyre*
260 Sack* beat Liverpool filled Salt, 10 to
Ihe ton
36 bblj New Herring*
10 do Shad
16 do Maccarel
lfx>< |h*. Co ton Yarn auortad, No* 3 to 13
WOO lb*. Soal Laalher
16 a k. Nail* and Slid*
10,000 Ihs Baton
16 libl* flip. 1 lour
700 lb*, -pinning Cntlon
600 yard* on mid fl .a Linen
20 oo*i a W-ndon Giaa», H ief 10 if 10 ‘X 12
6>miti« Bletered Sieel
IfiOlht German do
3bags black Pepper
2 do while Ginger
8 ca*e* wool and fur 1 Inta
1 boa No. 10 Colton i arda
1 hhl Alimu
1 dn Cnpperat
10 Kepi P wde*
10 Bats Shot
10 libit Malaga Win*
6 boar* Imp. mid Gun Powder Tea
600 lh« Loaf Suaar, part 6rar chop (amity
Sicily Madeira Wine, Spanith float and fl--n
gal Ind'go, Writing, Letter and Wrapping Pa
per, Sperm and 1 allow Candle*, ihoe Thread,
Dnmailic l niinna. Striper and Che niff ; Lard,
Reeawai and Tallow, Chewing Tobacco ; 3-4,
7-8 and I inch llnop Iron, Waggon Bucket*.
llnr«eCollar*, Leading L"»** and Bed Cord*,
Neat*, Wood Ware, Wool anil Wool Holla. Vine
gar, Lr Lc all of which he will II on ac
commodating term* for each, or in barter fur
country produce, for which a liberal price will
be given- GliO- HAGBY,
Bank Sq tare, Lynchburg.
June 18 lm
-- -■- - --
Valuable Property for Salt.
I WISH m tell my trad ol land lying on the
north ride of Black water creek -contain
ing 113 3 4 acre*. N'-ar a (hundred acre* of
which ia heavily timbered, anil ia considered
hist talc Tobacco land. There ia aim attach
ed to it, the beat mill iite on the Black water
creek: a large quantity of rock quarried, and
in place for building This tract lira within a
mile and a half of Lynchburg I will sell it
low, and on accommodating term*.
Jupe \j. u Aw83
miTisSKS Cl'nhna t>. White, Nanry P.
)fl hit* hit wrfr, lat* Nanay P. Dillard,
Chai Green, and Elina tin wife, late Eliza Dil
ard, Nathan Dillard, Alfted Dillard, Henry
Dillard. You are hereby notified that we (hall, I
on the 2d day of July nrii, at the Botetourt
Spring', bike the d- po it ion of (liras. Johnston
and othera, and >f, from anv cause, it ahould
not he taken mi that nay, it will be taken on
In- nest, and if nol tlrrn taken, will, on lire near
Jay be Inkrn ; and mi the siilh day of the
• ami- month, in the Lagl* I avrrn. in Ldirrly
take the depoaiiiiin ol Bi i^jainin A. Donald and
othera. and if, from any cautn, it should nol hr
taken on that day, it will he taken on the nest
day. and if not then taken, it will be taken on
the nest day ; and, on the 10th day of saini ]
month in Daniel Shetfy’- L"W Office, in Staun
ton, lake tin deposition of said Daniel Shelly,
and if not taken on that Hay, it will he tak-a I
o 'the nest day : all which depositions we shall
offer to he read as evidence on the trial of vuur
suit against us in the Superior Court of Chau
eery at Lynchburg. This notice is given
through the newspapers, ns we know ol no
know n place of residence of said Clras Green.
Your obedient servant*, he.
ISAAC OTEY, ) Es or*, of Thai
J-AS JOPLING, J Dillard, dic’d.
June 1. 111108,3
TJlle luhtcrilrer has ju t established, and
, lia* norv in operation near his res deuce
McAlister’s old Store, near Mr. Thoa. Keid’*'
Milton Falling, os tile road leading from the
Bed lions" in Charlotte, tu Lynchburg, a first
rate lutw Carding Machine. T he price for |
carding will be 8 cents the pound. The wool
uiOst he brought to the machine in a clear
state and greased with about I pound of greese
to every 10 pound* of wool He hopes by hjsex
ertions to have the w ork executed 111 a most sat
isfactory manner, tori-' cive eneoiiragenienl in
tliU uniieriaU tig. WM. THOMPSON, Jr.
Ujr’ It will he ncecs«ary tu send a blanket or
.something of the kind to return the rolls on.
June L .'bn, 83
Prtli SALE,
/\ VERY IranttvOinn little Earm, upon the
^B^head waters til Atipotnalloi, in Bucking 1
Irani. This land is in the neiglrhnrhnnd of Clo
ver Hill, lies remarkably well, produces to
bacco of the finest quality, and lias upon it a
very large orchard of well selected Inin ; tiie
tract contains 310 acres—Persons disposed to
buy, will apply to lire subscriber or Col. Sami.
A Pattesou, who lives adjoining the premises
MWch 2. ts
!Ntw ami beautiful fancjGoods.
W HUE Ladle* of Lynchburg and adjacent
ili country, are respectfully invited ton
amine our recent supply of fadiionahle fancy
Uu'd* We givs a slight sketchuf their style
and character :
Salmon, blue, pink, straw and lilac plain Pal
Watered, striped, shaded and figured Langued
oc Bareges
Seemed morning Barege, new style
Caspian Shawl* of the most beautiful shades
A great variety of rich uuikod Muslins and
checked do
6 4 plain Bohhiuett lace, sup to any hereto
fore imported
First qua I it i blk. Italian Lutestrings
Which, with numerous othn articles in the
fastiionable line, Itiey are determined to of
fer to their friends at the lowest market pri
June I
V«T»Eaie tins morning opening a case Leg
\M horns, surpassing in otylt- Hl,d cheap
ness those previously offered, and considered
low. McKLE, Robinson &. co.
June I
B\ virtue of a deed ol trust eiecuted to the
subscriber by Wm. I. Isbell, bearing date
the Hlhday of September, 1827, and duly re.
corded in the Clerk's Office of the county coin I
of Amherst, for certain purposes therein ea
jgressed, 1 shall proceed to sell, It the highest
bidder, for ready money, before the door
of the Franklin Hotel, in the town of Lynch
burg, on Tuesday the 30tb day of June nest,
(whether in place or out) four valuable slaves,
via t Patrick, a waterman, John a wheel i
vrright, Peter, a waterman, and Lew is a boy ;
r go many thereof as will be sufficient to an’
vrsr the purposes of said trust. Acting u$
trustee I#naHonly convey such title a* is vtsl
ed ID did by MHi deed inri none other.
May 26. tds«2
Of ail kinds for sale at this Oflica,
rilllK Milif.rr.her inform* hit friend* end the
■ public that he continue) to do bittiness
rm ronuniaiion, and promise! that no paint
shall be tpnrrd to give entire intisfactinn to
all I’lanters and K-rroera who may confide to
Ilia management the inle of Tobeecj, Flour,
or other produce. Ili* office will be kept at
the 9lnre ol Mcssra .1 if 9. Halsey, neat door
below the Farmer's lisnk
Jan. 19. 0 l!2tn
THE funeral Seunnn of mir drr'il broth
er, Robert S W'h'lp, will be preached by
the Rev. Samuel I'lnl'ipt, at the Brit k Church,
in Liberty, on the 1'h Sunday in Ihii month
All regular Matter Mmnni are rctpec fully in
vtled to join in the prorettion winch will leave
Ilia Lodge room at II o'clock
By orderof Liberty Lodge, No..86.
June 18
TJ WILL tell from 300to 6tX) acret ol unclear
J ed Ignd, lying in Hedfoid county, three
qiMi tcrtof a mile from Now London Academy
and thirteen from l.y nrhlmrg. It it well adapt
ed to the rulturc of Tobacco and the dilTbren.
kind nl gram usually cultivated in the neighbor
hood; it well watered, and Itea better than any
trartof lit size ill tint part ofllie country. It it
tofituated at to be entirely etempted from da
mage by heavy taint or high water The termt
will he very accoinmiidating ; tny one, two
and three year*, upon a tntall payment in hand.
I Enquire of the tttbicribcr, one mile nod a tin I
I touth of New London. ALEX. AUSTIN.
Jan. 17- t‘J!<
OTICE.—I wish (o sell my
tract ol land, lying in llie
r end of fi,ilford county, n
suven uud a hull miles fium
Lynunliuig T his (rad contains <l(if) acres, a
iiiinl hall in wood land, the linlunra under a
good stale of cultivation, and well enclosed.
: Hie improvement rare u comfortable dwelling
j house, with all necessary out houses, am,
goodtinriis.— As no one would probably pur
chase w ilhoul first viewing the premises, it
will he unnecessary to be iniirn particular in
i 'lie description.—T he terms will be acromion
laling, and made known mi application lo
lie subscriber, living on the premises.
Dec. 1. (132

Anti-Dyspeptic or sour Stomuch Pills.
INDIGENT TON or Sum Stomach is nckuow
ledgeal by Medical writers lo he a complain,
[of stubborn Lind, at all times very slitli, ,,|i ,,t
rule. This IS sufficiently illustrated m tiie dis
appointment of those who unfortunately still* ■
older it, as they for the mod pan find that, al
ncr having tried many things lo little or no pur
pose, they are al last obliged to use for perhaps
the remainder of 'ile such articles as can at best
tuil palliate the disease L'ndei such circum
stance-any medicine capable ol removing th,
complaint must surely he nil article highly
deserving the ntleidi,".i of all those afflicted
a ills it. The,proprietor of these Pill§ is theie
lore happy ill offering to ihc afflicted an iiivnui
able medicine, the success of which has nevet
vet been equalled lor the cure of Dyspepsia in
lit- most complicated tortus, such ns loss of up
prli'e, nausea or atcknrss at the stomach, and
sometimes vomiting, b-lching up water which
is sunn tunes lasteltss. Ini' inasl commonly gout
gnawing pain in Hie stomach, heartburn, nt
want is callrd saur stomach, costiveness. pale
ness of the rnimtenaiioe, tanguoi, lowness ol
spirits, palpitHtinn nt the heart, vertigo or gid
•lines*, Misti riisliulietl sleep, cVe. Whoever ap
plies tlie*e Pills in the nbove diseas, s uren'ding
to the directions, will never he di.nppomti d. as
they have nevet once been known tn fail m
prodm ing a radical and permanent cure The
use of a (ingle bo* will convince Hie most until •
lit'wing of their efficacy. They w ill mn-t «• ff,,
•'tally remove hII sourness ol the slomach, noi
nieiely by neutralising the acid, but by curr,
ting that morhid state of the secretions which
give rise to it, and at the same lime will res
lure Hi the debilitated organs of digestion that
•one and vigour whirli is absolutely necessary
to the well being of the animal economy
A supply of the above valuable Pills just re
reived and for sale by Thomas I. Duval, sole u
grut for (lie sales in this place.
April 30.
One half of Hose Isle for Sale.
tWISII to sell this valuable Iracl of land,
lying on Tyc lliver, in Nelst n county, a
bout 18 mile* from New Market, (nl lh< junc
lioti of 1 ye and Janies Rivcr,) where there i
an inspection for Tubttuuoand boat naviga
tion to Richmond ; in the neighborhood there
are two tiist tale manufacturing nulls for flour.
I he half nt the tract contains, hy estimate, 15(Ki
acres, and in good repair Tins tract is consi
dered one of the best in Nelson county, |<srlicu.
larly well adapted to tobacco,corn & wheat. The
land is well watered and limbered, and u mat
deal of fine tobacco laud to cut. There is a
body of 150 acres of low gioundt of good .jnal
ity on the river, attached to either half ol Ihis
desirable place The purchaser tv id be allow
ed to purchase either half of this estate (the
lower or the upper portion) as may best suit his
wishes. Ii is useless to give a further descrip,
lion of this desirable estan, as those wishing to
purchase will first view the premises. Mr. A
cres, residing on the place, will shew the land
to any person wishing to view it I am dispos
ed to sail on accommodating terms, but a bar
gain caube bad for cash, or I would take ne
groes ill payment better- addressed to me or
Or. U \ llosc, in Lynchburg will be piomptly
a'tended to. LANDON R. CABELL.
Ma> _t»7S
SjNW OIK E.—1 lie subscriber bHving acted in
ANI the character of Deputy SheiitTlorthe late
Thomas West, Sheriff of the county of Comp
bell, from June, 1826, until April, 1828, ami
wishing to close all mailers connected with his
offuia I "duties whilst acting in that capacity,
hereby notifies all persons having claims or de
mands agniusl the late Sheriff, for the nets of
said deputy tearing llieiu forward immediate
ly for adjustment and settlement. A' I all who
have claims against the subscriber individually,
either hy bond, note, or account, are likewise
requested, and hereby notified, to present llieiu
Without delay ; as tbis notification will he
pleaded in bar of all such as are not presented
in a reasonable time.
May 11. 3m77
Irish idgh Toast
Scented Brown, Rappee
Beaumont's Mialure, &c.
French Rappea
i Just received by T. J. DUVAL
Juue 11
niiwmi His
opened, by l> li K. R YLL, on* ea*e
iJj <uptrior Leghorn* —^l*o k le» dozen Joi
lone Sheell 1 ui k Combi, ibe large*! *ze*.
May 20.
Fresh Drugs and Medicines.
(EflYI'c subscriber haslately reeeived nSMALI.
JJL additional supply of FRESH DRUGS At
MEDICINES, which makes bit ASSORT.
MERIT very complete. He receives SMALL
applies almost every week, hv which means,
his slock, though not the LAKGK3T.it always
FRESH amt sufficient to Intel any orders
that ho may be favored with.
N. B. Prescriptions faithfully attended to
by Virginia Bred YOUNG GENTLEMEN.
Jan. \
WK&imsras* &<o«
London, Paris, llosfon. New York and
Philadelphia (Hoods for sale,
jMJEDICIMKS, diugi, paints, oils, dyestuffs,
brushes, wines, siiufls,
Patent medicines,
Surgeon’s instruments,
llattrr't materials,
Dye woods in sticks and ground,
t olors, cliemicals ;
The American medical herbs,
W ater colors in buses and by dozen or sin
gle Cake,
Colours lor painting on velvet.
Clothiers brushes am! jacks,
Tenter hooks,
A variety of fancy articles from Paris and
London, Which the Ladies and gentlemen ol
Lvnchhurg and its vicinity, are veiy ri
pectfuily invited IoihII and examine, fuller’s
naierials, Dentist’s instruments, a complete as
orlment of gum elastic instruments,' &.c. '1 he
■ otise.r ilier is now opening lux spring supplies,
eonsisliug in pail of I tie above articles. He v<
i y respectfully invites the cull ol his Irirmh
eu.miners, physicians, merchants, the citizens
>f Lyiichhuig and the public in general. He
is able to supply orders to any extent, and will
sell goods on as good terms as any house in Vir
eiinu. His articles arr all fresh nwi genuine
C’i ENTLEMEN wishing to see something
M Extraordinary m the ItltOAlJ
C LOTH line, lire invited to examine h
piece tmjnTi.il blue, ;u*l ojiem d tit
ll.Si H.KVLK1 S.
Jwish lo sell my Huffalot tract of Land, con
tuining about IBUO acres, 800 oj which art
cleared, the most of the cleared land is cieelt
taw grounds, apart oj which is highly improved,
and kept for tobacco lots The wuod land is oj
good quality, well slocked u ilh pine timber oj
hist quality. Also that part of the Otter trait,
lying on the south side of Otter Liver, sup/ ran
to contain about 1500 acres, about 800 eleurta
200 of which ure low grounds of superior quali
ty. The greater ]mrl of the wood land is tobacco
and of the first quality. Either oj the abat e
acts will be divided to suit purchasers.
Any person unhing to purchase, ran apply hi
s Irvine, near Aew London.
hn. 1_MO
HAVING n notion ol going l» Ihe west, I
wish 1.1 leave in this country a negro wo
man amt two it itdriii, wit It Iter husband, win
cannot be bought-—I will sell m exchange then
tor oilier tn gules ; agouti cook is now wanted ;
the woman is one of Ihe veij first rate Ce>
bands, ami a gii I 18 years old, a tine house s
vant, nurse, &.r. 'Ihe oilier is young. Also,a
head man nn the water, tvlm is not excelled by
■inv fur honesty and uniting the river. I mi
sell or exchnugt liiui fur a |ilnntaliun hand. Kin
i tin imin -ii apply I o I lit- Editors.
April 16. Is
Jn '' «tk YtiV\ *>\ V svS •
TO HE subscribe. has just received an add)
JL tionnI supply of S-aple and f ancy Goods
from the North, which makes his slock very
Complete,and wt ieh lie is determined to sell
very low lor cash — Among oilier Guudsjusi re
ceived, are the following, viz :
Fancy London plaid Bruits
Bengal slripes and other laocy Calicoes
I’uik and blue striped Floientitle, for pnnta
French Drilling <|o do.
Black Frunvllar, a superior article for Geutle
mon? coals
Vigonia Cassimere do do do
Super blk. Bombmeelte fordo do do
-Jaconet, Cambric, Book, anj other Muslins, ve
ry cheap
Colton and Silk Hose
A few doz. handsome gnnzetldkfs.
Do do Ladies' Horseskin Gloves,(lightest
Do 4 pieces Irish Linen
Do Veiy best Company Flag Hdkfs.
Thread and Coltun Flo-s
Biazilmn luck and side Combs
A feiv bales 4 4 brown Don,ernes, os usual vtri/
4 4 Cotton Checks.
Also expected, in a few days, a lot of sup. N
Orleans Sugats.Moluxses, hr Java Lugar
Spun and Spinning Colton
F. S. The attention of those who w ant good
and cheap cloths, is invited to view the suht ,
scriher*—Among w hich, is one piece of an s j
superior blue fa-hinnnble shade, considered ve
ry cheap at IjilA-—Also, one end superb black,
extra fine and well- finished—Together with
some beautiful colors, fur Frocks. H. A.
I am offering uiy stock of Shoes, which is ge
nera/. at a veiy small advance, with the inten
tion of declining (except ina very limited wav)
the Shoe butintss. Those who want will find
it to their interest to call on H- A.
May 21. hBO
l^TOTICF—All persoushaving claims agains
X™ the es'ale of Ambrose Rucker, dec. are
requested lt> bring them.forward well autheuti
cated, as the law directs, in order that I may
make provisions to pay the same : those indebt
ed to the estate are requested to make pay
May 4 f»7g
Mh. -
« u AVID A KOBLKT KYLL, take pleasure
I F hi announcing Ike first arrival of llieir
.'spring Guilds, to which, being chiefly in the
Fancy line—they ■ especially invite the atien
lion ol the Ladies—among the articles received
are :
Super blk. Italian Lustrings
Rich blue, blue black, pink, olive, hi straw col
ored Giode Naps
A few pieces of splendid white watered Gro de
Black sud fancy colored, striped and figured
Black, while, blue, piuk and straw colored Flo
Black banns and Modes
White, pink, blue, cinnamon and sliaw colored
Black Senchcws and Satin Levaniinrs
A lew pieces Battiesse, very handsome
Gro de Nap and balm Bonnet Ribbons
Jet black and second mourning do
Rich Decoupe do new stvle
White, pmk, blue, and sti aw col’d, watered bell
Rich L>ecou| c and Gro de Nap dress Shawls
Calicoes, new style, ncii and indelible colors
A few pieces Swiss Ginghams, beautiful
Super black Nankin and Canton Crapes
Cambrics. Jackonet and Swiss Muslins
Furling and BohinetI Footing
Handsome assortment Cap Ribbons
Black barege and Gro de Nap dress Shawls
Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, w hite Ik colored
Italian Crapes and Crape Liesses, every shade
Ladies blk. and while FiunrllaShoes
Long Lawns and Grass Cambrics
Black and white silk Hosiery, Ike.
'I he above articles, it is believed, with respect
to quality and siyle, are not to be surpassed—
and prices quin moderate
KECEiW amval enables us a tins lime
JPA <<> offer lo the public a still more desnable
HS-.OI linciil ttinn heretofore—Among other arti
ejes are
Artificial Flowers, the most beautiful
Lace Collars and Pelerines, the richest style
Long while Kid Gloves
broil, black, white, and fancy colored do.
filk silk Bullous, splendid
i bread I.aces and Edgings, fancy figures
Gy nip Lat es, unusually cheap
seersucker Ginghams, a cheap and handsome
I in teise Snell Tuck Combs
nek, side, and long bent do. llratilian
Ladies black and white Prun* lla Shoes
t* uss cotton nnd thread on spools
I aiian Sewings, every shade
l>* coupe long Scarls, the veiy richest
do. cheap, yet beautiful
Plain and TninbouredBook Muslins
■ > 4 and 6 4 swiss and mull Mu-lins
Lustring and Satlm llibboiis, every width and
f inc Jaconet Cravalings
, Super blk. Italian Silk do.
f me and tup.ifitie Baicelnna do.
Plain aruj fig'd while Marseilles
| Plain extra buff do.
i -up. Valencia do.
ie' blk. Bnichelles. fur Gentlemens’ summer
wear, the handsomest aiticle now worn
Gentlemens’ black and while Silk 1-2 Hose
Super double India Cotton do.
A tew pieces super brown thread Drilling
Yleinl coat Billions. treble gilt
I-aucy V st do. first style
Blue and bik. Lasting do.
buper blk. Silk Velvet
1 piece blue Black, most tuptrb
Gentlemens' super black and lancy col’d. hone
ikin Gloves
Woodstock hi id Doe do. superior
A lew dozen super English while Silk, do
Gentlemens’ Silk pocket Haudkercbi.ilj. tint
chop J
n . , ALSO,
Domestics of every dentition, and a large
supply of spun ( niton Van, every 8j2P lrol„
No. 7, to 15. inclusive
.< <-OOI)S!
m ' t--v I LI..VILA wishing to purchase Cloths
” * ami ( assimeres, will p|PH8P cal) a, i)Hvjll
tu. Hnbecl Kyles’—tiny |mve recently received
a supply III ihat line, of t|„, best English Man
ufacture, principally blue and black, with a few
pieces fancy colors, whit h they can offer with
confidenc. lo the pubi c—for fine materials sol
id textures, ami beautifully rj,h shades, they
caiinoi be surpassed-perhaps have never yrt
been equalled,at the prices for which these are
now selling.
. , . , ALSO.
A few dnz. Gentlemens Beaver Hats, Of tie
very Jirst order.
l" 811 »cdiets has also received a large assort
in- nt of Hardware, among which is almost eve.
• y arl trie in the Sadleiy line, viz:
Ladies'and Gentlemens'lull and half plate
Sfiiups 1
l ull and halt plate bridle Bills
Smooth filed Holler and Inlet Buckles, every
size *
Ke«l 0nd sham Holler | laled Buckles
Hf«’d blnlps, sizp
l ack' and Saddle B. ».*s
A Gio 'training Webb
orsieu hiiu l <>liun Wel-bings, of every des
•cripiion in
I' nst rule tiigg anil riding Whips
tiigg handles end Bands, &c. iic.
Sa.idlt Tr. es and Hngskins are daily expected
I hev have also mi hand ■ g neial a-sorlmenl
nl Groceries, among other articles are
Oilcans and IVlnicnvado Sugars
Cuba and Java Coffee
■k lew boxes Chocolate
I epper, Spice and*(singer
1200 sacks Salt, Liverpool filled
Enmch Brandy and New England Rum, (by
A few boxes best imperial Tea, &c
__ O U R.KVLK.
lo I'ountTs •Mwcbauta \
IT be.ngo.ir wish to extend our business in
the unolcmle hue, we have accordingly du
nog the present Spring, made every provision
lor ( hat purpose, and are now preyed to 9U»
plv wholesale customers generally| w„b almost
• very urttcle in demand, to either Staple Fan
cy or Hardware line and a. a verv moderate
April 2*.
-!___ ______ *«
Valuable Land for Sale.
jj WISH to sell my tract of Land,
J lying In Apilierst county, ad
joining the lands of Messrs. W.
M Daniel, E. Winston, Ambler and
olliejs. . 1 his liuetof land contains about i!7(i
acres—lies w« II—is in one of the best neigh
borhoods in the country, and is surpa setl by
tew upland plantations for fertility of soil
There is a good proportion offirst rate Tobac
co land on il, and the balance w ell adapted to
Ihe cultivation ol small grain. it has too ex
celleut apple orchards 01. it, and extensive
creek low grounds, sufficiently fertile to grow
Tobacco or make excellent meadows. As I am
desirous to remove to the Western Country, |
will give a great bargain in this desirable
place. Ihe terms will be one third cash, the
balance In one and two years. A satisfactory
title will be made before any payment is re>
tYuire<l- lo ISAAC HANSARD.
Jl,ne !»•_
Sotla Water
/ RHE subscriber’s Soda Fountain il now io
full operation.
HE has also received a small additional son
ply ol DRUGS U MEDICINES, soare of which
are direct from PARIS and LONDON.
Maatgomery co. Ipprr Dublin Township, #
r> iepfrmbrr 0,lbK7. j
Dr. Howell—Sir:
I have been recommended to c*U on you
for assistance tor a child ol mine who is subject
to fits. She was taken with them when about
lour mouths old, and hat them by sjwlls ever
since. She is now three years old. i hare
had three Physicians to attend her, but ell to
no purpose, 'l he child is hearty, wilh the ex-1
ception of those spells. Please Io send me a
few lines by the bearer, espressrve of your opi- j
mull whether you can care or help her.
This child, who bad been subject to violent!
fits lor a period of more than two years, was
entiicly restored to health inn few days, and
lias continued Itee from them ever sincv.
I have seen Mr. Wood’s child repeatedly
since, and aver that she was entirely cured by
Dr. Howell,as represented in the aforesaid
The case of Mr. Wood’s child, while it may
justly excite our admirat ion, is one which 1
consider as marked with striking features. At!
the early ago of (our months she war seized
with fits, and snfleied to a distressing degree,by
the violence of the patosysms. Mdwithstand-1
mg theetlortsol three very respecinote pro
lenional gowleroeii, the paroxysms continued
to recur alter the usual intervals, and with the
usual degree of violence.'This stale of things
continued until the child reached her 3rd year,
that is for more than two years. Dr. Howell
was at length consulted, but at a time when lit
lie hopes were entertained by the fnmily lhal
any efleclual service could be rendered by hu
man agency. Bui to Ihe sell gratulation oflhe
parents and the happiness of the little sufferer
complete, effectual, and permanent relief was
almost immediately ohiaiued. Alter Ihe exhi
bition of a few doses ol the medicine, her health
was establi-hed. A period of nine month* has
since elapsed without a return ofthe paroxysm,
or even a symptom of the complaint. Having
3 knowledge of the fact and ncquHined with
ihe circorustace of Ihe case, 1 cheerfully sub
scribe to the reality and correctness of the fore
going statement. JOHN FIELD
Philadelphia, July 4, 1328.
Warren touuiy, Nov. 16, 1628.
Dr. John 11 Hotcell,
Dkah Sik—¥»u have requested iny opinion
on the character of your Vegetable Family
l’tlls. In reply, 1 am able lo stale, that I have
made use of them turn number of years ui my
own particular use, besides administering them
to a great number of persons undi r a variety of
forms of disease, and always with the happiest
results. One particular and remarkable ease
was that of Miss S——. This lady was afll.ct
ed, for a pe. tod of two years, with glandular
swellings ol a very large siee, which, after be
ing fully developed, broke a 6 discharged a
great deal ol innlter, by which she whs reduced
to a very low and weakly date. The approacl
of the tumois was announced by a pricking sen
sat ion or itching on the surface, inflammation
then proceeded rapidly, uniil they weie iu y
formed. Whenever the itching was perceived,
her practice was to take one pill, and by the
use of the pills lot twelve weeks, laking only
t.wo a week, the growth otthe tumors was ar
rested, and their subsequent appearance en
litely prevented , after which she continued to
mend. and gamed strength very rapidly. Pre
vions tu this, she had been attended by a very
respectable medical gentleman, but without ef
fect—and to the use of the Family Pills alone
I do not hesitate to ascribe Iter extraordinary
Another case was that of a child subject to
fils, in which instance they did not fail to ac
complish a complete cure. 1 have exhibited
-hern in Dysentery , Bilinus complaints, Debili
ty, and Organic derangement, with very dvei
ded effects, and feei no hesitation in recommeu
ding them as v nluable medicine in the afore
-aid complaints ami wherever a mild purga
live is required.
With sentiments ofarteem,
Respect fully yours,
P S. It may not be improper to superadd,
that in my ow n personal instance, a few weeks
since, I suffered from nn attack of something
like Dysentery, and found a few doses of Ihe
Pills to remove it eflectualy, unaided by any o
ther means. J.F.
Letter from Theodore P. IL Lyman.
Dr. Howell—Sir, I would inform you, that in
Ihe summer of 182(5,1 was severely afflicted
with ihe Liver complaint, or something ap
proximating nearly to Consumption. I had
made use of different medicines for some little
i imc, vv iilu-ut any radical alteration lor the
better, when I was induced by a particular
• iend, Mrs L-, to make use of your PTTS
AN ;| did so, in conjunction with the Famil
Pills, and in three nr lour weeks I was p- rlect
ly restored to health, and have enjoyed it un
interruptedly up to Ihe present time. Should
these remarks be of any service to you, you
areat liberty to inakr w tial use you think pro
per oflhein. Silicon y vout
Philadelphia, April 30. Ib27
Certificate if I'lucbe IViltit,
I was attacked iluiiug the last winter witb a
complaint to winch 1 hail been nt ire or It sssuh
jen tor several years, viz : the Uiliom Cliotxc,
and which, fit this lime, for lour months was
Utirommonlv severe. In this situnlion I applied
to Dr John B Hotvell, who put me under a
Course of his " Vegetable Family Pills,” in con
junction With hi Golden Tincture of China.
'he complaint was entirely subdued, and tny
health pet tectly restored in the course of four
ot five weeks I m>u enjoy my usual health,'
»• d have had no return of my former com
No. 73, Arch slreel
I hilailetyhia, April 10,1827.
Certifii’nit <7 c i.iharint Arbntto.
I had H comp Him in m\ ri^ht e\e, v Iiuhwjtg
iuihumd «nd Wri»k ; hii ulcer discharging vel
1 " m,-( t< r opened just below lt,e eyv, on the
igm ch« ♦ k ; a siirgu »d operation w«< pronoun
ced ncct -sai v hy >. nmiiical g<-mlrtnati, bu i
*« m.tuil|,nR|,lsu„m.| ,1. i„ (hi, s,a!e
ol the rate I applied to Or. Howell, who pm
me uii.lei a course of hi' Golden Tincture ol
' V" t>' |ln c"i,jl|uclion with his ” Vegetable Fa
mily Mils, w hich ♦ ntiiely supercedes the neces
snv of a surgical operation. The inflamma
tion was removed. I he ulcer healed, and the
strength of ti e eve was entirely restored, with,
out the pain, inconvenience, and scar of a sar
gical operation.
, . . >'o 282 Market si. above 8th.
rkilad. April 2d, 1827.
^ I v 5"*>scl'bei, w ho is appointed agent for
M. Vugitiia, has this day received a larg,
-npply ot Dr John Brasier Howell’s Vegetable
Medicines, which will be sold at Philadelphia
Mr. James MrKildne, Richmond.
Messrs.Bragg,Jones and Co. Petersburg.
l’e hB,‘ Ur J hn B. Mowed’, Ve
getable Medicines generally.
May 18 H0WEL DAV‘KS.
frhlnd.'Ub8TibeJ,h89 jUS' rBC«iveda very
CaUcoe, from N °£Us,,"on“h|e Ginghams and
lancoe, from New York, and will be eriv.m.
ormthe apt.r«chm *° Gooda
erneriL season, selected by an
experience hand H ALLISON
i sir
To all wtiom it mav cotimen
ON ih« 40. Monday in April. 18*, . r v
Show will lake place at BeilfWd r^1
nouie, ami tor the encouragemeut of S°Utt
fine horses, the undci.ignei] will .... r***»trg
m.uin of $50 in cath. to be paid to ,| * ''r*"
o the fine., year old Shak^re Col,
4lh Monday ,n July, another etnihiii ,b”
Shaktpeare’a Cal,., loldrd .pring |,j " ®»
tlte Alien of that eta... . «S2k ?
given. Gentlemen d.s.nlere.ted ,e|, ** b<“
decide betwa.,, ,he parties, and l pledge': £
that the matter .hall... be managed tha, **,f
justice .hail be dune w ithout favor or D.r,-'!'M
»»• iK1’
. _ _ 2t
fcUOfcS A.V b \IJVVS
ilahiip ©iiil,
150 GALLONS winter strained han>p
Apply to
TEAN, alhoon, 4
i. » ALMOIN US, kc. which are for sale at ifV
S H 15' ip's?
1\J GW opening a great variety nf SMJff =
y'xr.- Mavcaboy Rapper, Nakhetoeht
bcutch Insh Hardham’s .Vo. 9, Dicks .y„r(„/
u/ue, Mauvboy, Ettipie, Snvff and Eclipse km
,»*c kc HUIVEL DAVIE*.1
.nine 16.
JfrUST received « fresh and full supply „<
<50 Picklvig Materials, viz :
Haceand ground Ginger, (wiy superior)
Green Ginger (Freth and do)
Mace ami J’epper
Alspice and Cloves
While and Black Muslari) Seed
Long Pepper
Cayenne, do kc. kc. HOWEL DAVIES.
V*1™'*}*, 10 -At rules contimied and beige
•C the clerks otlice oftlie county court ul ~
onthrOthufMay, 1E29. ’ uullora
Ambrose K. Mxrr, pltf. again?! Thus Wainwrirbt i
Easter arid Mary C. YYaiuwriirlii, defts. ' ’ *u
Tiro defendant, Jra Easter, nut having enteca
Ins appearance and given serur.ty acoording,«the , ^
ol Assembly and tho rules of this court, and „ in„Ln£
by satuiBctory evidence that he is not an tulrabttam of
ilns country ; On the motion of the ,,!,1,. 1+v *
Counsel: Disordered that the bshI de ,dl?, bo
app.:.., hereon tin. fnnrrh Monday July next,»„d ,r
, 1 r 1 *“ '"J1 the plamtlfft, mid that a copy „f thi,
der be forthwith iiiscrtcd in some newspaper pn, ,0d m
Uie town ot I.yiicltburg for twonniiitlissueres>ively, an,
poste l attire trout door of lire courthouse on two scitt
al court day ». cur
*“w- G. A. WINGFIELD. D.C.
_‘‘I *• _ w 2ru
Campbell May Court, 1829.
•.WILLIAM OCLESIIV and David Oglosby, cninplt
'W agamst John II.Oglesby Mary Oglesby. J,;,,,,.
Oglesby, Jneb t iglesby, Sarah Ogles!,, and IS,,, ,.
f eab.v, cliildn.il mid heirs ef Jacob Oglesby, dec. Osh »
by I icrinau, .trail and Elizabeth Fiermuu, June y0*
lar, Joint \V hittinpon and.Clcmauiiue bis wile, Suihh
r oxt Margaret I ox uml lluvid Fox, dcltg.
V™B «' w,r"^a"I#,.S,irah F,,x "“'lf»r«‘ f'o*. David Fox
Nancy Oglesby e, James Oglesby, not appearing *i;u,wi
w enug the plaintiff's hill, according to the acti,„ ..,,.1
unit the rules of this court, & it appearing to the ,anjf,,
tjou of the tourt that they are ifot i.ib.bdams’nf
Mate—it is order ail, and decreed, that they doaopeat
,on »ee<WK! Monday in Augu-l nexi, nn,/a„.
»wer the bill of the complainants, and that a copy of
tins order be forthwith iuserted in the Virginian a
newspaper published in the town ef Lynchburg, fur
right w eelts successively, and posted up si the frost
day'r courl*louse county ou some court
Ma> -I-__ w‘Jm
V lKt.INlA, VIZ—Al Rules holden in the clerk's office ol
the eountycourtof Bedford, on Monday the 1st doy
ef June, IC29.
Wm. M'Ohee, pltf, against John McGhec.Daviil Suss
ders.sr. and John S. Brown, delta.
The defendant John McGhee, not haying entrrwiliui
appearance and given security according to the ac t ol
Assembly and the rules of this court, ami it opcrarii e hv
satisfactory evidence that he is not an inhabitant of tins
country : Oa the motion of the plaintiff, by coumel,
it is ordered thnt the said deft. John M’Ghre, do apt ear
here on the fourth Monday in August nr\t ned Slower
the bill of the plaintiff j and that a copy of this order
be forthwith iimcrted in some newspaper printed in the
town of Lynchburg for two months successively. Mil
posted at the front door of the courthuunc of this coun
ty on two several court day* j
A copy...Teste, Q. A. W INiv FIELD, D. C.
June11_ wdmr6
VIRGINIA, to wn : —At rules held in I he
clerk’s office of the court of Bedford cl) !
on Monday t he 6th day of April, 1829.
Archibald Hatcher, pltf. against JostphKu
qua, jr. und Joseph Fuqua, sr. deiis.
*1 he defendant Joseph Fuqua, jr. not having ent*' f*d
his opfieaihiicc and given senility according to tho act.
of Assembly and the rules of thi* court, nnd it nppeiruv
l»y satisfactory evidence that he is not no inhahita.it ut
UiiK country ; On motion of the pltf. bv compel: It it
ordered that the mi id defendant, Joseph Fuqua, jr-do
uppeur here on tin; fourth Monday in Juyencxt and a*1 I
nwit the bill of the plniutiff, and that a copy of this ‘>r \
Jer lie forthit ilh inserted in ooinc newspaper printed n
Lne town of Lynchburg for two months succ» ssively, M*
posted at the Iront door of the courthouse of thi# cot®
y on two several court days. j
A «'upy—Tceto, G. A WINGF] ELD, D
Apn! 2.1. wffim
W IKGLNIA, lo wit—At rules continued and held u '
vf the clerk’s office of the county court of Bedford,
on the 9th day cfMay, 1839.
Ambrose Marr, pltf. agamat Tboi. Wainwfig lit aud Gn |
D. Saunders, Units. , J
1 hodefeudant i’ho.VV aniwnght,not having entered hi* , .
appearance and given security according to the act ot \
Assembly and the rules of this court, ami it appturii 1 M
by satisfactory evidence that lie is not an inhabitant t M
lias country ; On the inotiou of the plaintiff ■'
Counsel It is ordered that the said defendant di*
appear here on the fourth Monday in July next. s»d an
svver the lull of the plaintiff; and that a copy oftbis or
dcr he forthwith iiisciiedm some newspaper printed lr
Hie town of Lynchburg ofTwo months successively, and
posted ut the front door of the courthouse of this county
on two several court days.
A Copy—Teste, G. A WINGFIELD, D C
May 31, w2ra
AT rules held In the Clerk’s office of the
Court of Lynchburg, on A/onday the 3d day of March
l .*<3U. Simon Weolndgc, pltf against John Wool
ridge, Reuben Perry, John ScboolficJd aud Nathan B
Thurmon, merchants and partuers under the firmed
Schooltield and Thurmon.
f he defeudant, John Woolride, not having ebtered
appearance and given security aecordingto the act of As
sembly and the rules of this court, and it uppear inf by
tisfactory evidence that he is not an inhabitant of this
country : an motion of the Plaintiff by oouuci:
it i* ordered that the said defendant do
pour here at June Court next and answer the bib
ot the pluiutiff; and that a copy of this order be forth
with inserted in some newspaper printed in the townot
Lynchburg, for two months successively, aud |*ostcd a
the Iron! door of the courthouse in the said tow n.
A copy—Teste, j. RENAGff, Ck
March 86 w3inG4
V IRGINI A, To wit—At Che Rules holdcn in theCJerk t>
office of the county Court of Bedford, on Monday the
first day of Jtiue, 1839 John C. Noell, plaintiff', *
gatatt Wm. Kerr and Joseph Clark, George .Stanley
and \\ in. Cook, executors of lsham Clark, dec'd, dt
fendauts. In Chancery.
The defendant Wm. Kerr, not having entered hi*
appearance and given security according to the act ol
Aaseinblv and the ruleh of this Court, and it appearing
by satisfactory evidence that ho is not an inhabitant o1
this country ; on motion of the plaintiff, by counsel, *•
i s ordered, Hi at Him said defend ant William Kerr, du
appear here on the fourth Monday in August next slid
answer the lull of the plaintiff; and that a copy of bm
order bo forthwith inserted in some newspaper publish
ed in the iowu of Lynchburg, for two mouths succes
sively, and posted at th# front door of the courthouse
of this county, on twbeeveral court days.
A copy—Taste,.
Litre'8 w3n>tf3

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