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,T,■»■■■ ■■ ’ - ■■■■— -
»>ral A * m.’), *« 11« I »>©•»• llwu* » ■ «*
Mr. Vah i d arqui< mtiI in thr j*r pr'ttv I
ihr* §iii?e \ «"d icuMii hi ''*** 1 *4 ' 8 * *
mg bii »ro*ndut**ot <n ih# lorn* wnich **** now
p opotrif, ‘i ih** ground tha1 l'* it would
<»* giving ,i nuthoiMv to the Cl»««r. »• h < n tit*
want ol a t<>(licit-ut Hcc<*||iiii«* i‘tii -ii mig'it ren
der nut*..if- ,
M». b/an«rrfihm wlth«lre» hi* proportion
ta NiWml, Inii the amendment of Judge Mat*
•halt »»• rarrh*d in lb* aftrrontive.
f ii* Rule, having hern font Ihinogh,
Mr l.ngH wf < he.Iriflei •. * "d h preniinrd
il w old now he in outer. In move an amend
merit to Ih- *(' rule, »Hh i view tn H-ielei in
meaning tnoie di-tit'ct M* therrfme m veil
m amend lha role, by *triV ng ml Ibe
•' in ihe ev-nt of which he u imm • i .1 I) 1"
tereii'd," end »i|h»i|ti|i|Mg lha « 1 '• “I orb.
m- id* own cnndorl in, and lev 1 igh.. and p'l
vilefr«ji«a member ol tliiv < "nv-nli n l!i»
motive for making 'hi* amendment. w aa *'■■
move it had been lUggeiled, and n »»• "I,n
obvmi*. lhai lliere may »n»e i| lemon* in tin"
Cnnvenlicin. in which Ilia meiuberv m girl have
a *t|on£ inieie«l, yet nnl voch a* 1* irnphed in
Ibr rule av il eii.t. in lh» Hnu«e nf llrh-gatei,
which i* applicable to a chaiai let id iniarfii,
wbieii cantin' Ih* inlln* nlial in Ih ■ body.
The motion loamrod wai carried In the ftl
fn in .live
Mr .ffrrn.il/rr ctprevved a «i«h, Ihal llm
rule »h. uhl lie teed again, nhieli nla'c* In the
nghl of a nil ruber In liava hi v ic recorded
among the tiyev and nra*.. !l- railed on the
Hnuie In deliberale, before a rule ..1 i npuriant
way entered on tlw proceeding* nl Ilia Con
vention fee role having been read, under Ihr
belief, Ihal 'he limit,• ha I not add ,lrfir.ilivrly
li|<ftn ihal qwetlion. lie bagged ill tuggeti, lha.
(I involved 111 ill! i of gil l impiri. He jlalad
toe di(P*rence Ihni e»iv « lie'* n the piaelicr
oflha Ho'lta of Ifelagatra, and that ol l!ia II
Of Repretentarivaa, 1" calling the ayev and
nnev In lha former, the clerk begini al Ih
Kavt amf calls them first, g III- (min lha I ail.
la (he Went. When the member* l\ nm the K ,*t
(lave an-wered, any other* from the Kail, who
may com. in afterward*, have no uppiirliinily
i„ » lie In ihc 11 nm1 ol llepreMuilallvr*. the
na n < are 1 oiled in aliduhrlnnl ord r i mid
Although he on# Whn comes mi aliri hr lift*
he#n mill'd, is e*c! ulcd from voting, others
who coin*1 in h"*g icier him, h in,; m u h )<iw
#r in this Alphabet, nr# pet ihi. I i.» vote. \
creiy q i. s i »n before ibis I ’oiivenlioii,w mid to*
of so impii hnl r im I l**i. lif %v.u* di Minus Hint
every* mem Ire r should I"* allowed 10 it*« «*rd his
vote, if he enfeiccl tit" House before the ques
llun had been ft-tatly d**p '«**d of
Mr. df Coy Mid lie did not take (he some
View of the u irdstnp of the pmo nl piarhce,
which h's friend it*id I tie practice m |he II
of K*'pre en1111V' h h, • ■ «• Rinse * It• * o «* n*»•
present,of not within t' * t».»r. when • 11*• Speak
s*r puts I i*' q ie»l'0 », ft * e uol entitled In v »n*
Il H whan the ayc9 and ices are calhid, any
member who come* within 'he bar, In lore Iim
ii urn# is called, may vnl»*. If th ie was any
hardship there, it was when those wlms* name*
began with A and Ii am sometime* taken by
atn |ii is*-, lint they soon gel accustomed t»» it
Fverv member ought to tie ai Ins po.t, and tin
tnme voii refill the rule, the more you enr mi
ace and mdutiu negligence on the purl of the
Mi fifttntrni said lint fhe practice had been
to <9* ti ti it«s «*l y fixed by (he House of Delegates
that thereeould exist no difficulty as to the man
ner of applying (he rule. We must apply it
nsii Inis been determined by fhe practice id lln
House ilis gentleman who had made tins
•I ffi’nlty ha ! disnovered that the practice m
the llnuteof Representatives was one whi<h
had never prevailed here. The established p a*
lice of fb< House of Delegates where rules were
founded nil parlinnienfry law, was that a ques
tion whs vever considered as defioi'iv" lv pm
pounded mil l both suit • of (he question Intd
hern put. It was not drftuillvrly b fine b e
II uise un'il the alternative of*tin? q icstnm had
hern propnuuded, an I any meinhn r »ming In j
to-fbic that w.i« done possess’d the rtghi i» I
vote When the ayes end ones wioe called, '
i o on in 'i i who happened to coin • in i.If* i hi* j
mom* had been calmd, had a tight In vnte,wh *t ,
evci (he alphabetical posfti ol which hi* name l
occupied. iireul inouitveni’ore mutt be ill** j
consequence of any OeparWH eirom 11»i •» pi ue k ••
1 lie moment the rule •» abandoned. w»- slmll
find iuttances constantly orcurringnf uiemhpn J
t laming tlivit right to v.» r, and emllc-ts d lb ul j
tv and confusion mo t cost**. and alter all very ,
f «v i tie in It is vs nu'd tie able lo recover the g mud I
•ney might lose, in ihetili*! tiitvrVnl .*elw eu I
the prop » ndtog of lhe qU'*si»uu und the fi iuI i
cb'd a ration t the result
Mr. A<*rawlrr said he would submit an |
atnendim ul w iicti III* believed vsmid an* let J
every purpose, m»d do away with every «t• fti- ul*
tv which suggested it*eli lo gen I-mr i (I |
then moved to Hin.-nd lb* r dr by iimki' g the
Jelfer t»ail of »t rei»d, " before tli* final d* rision
of the question, bv Ih** lepoit of the t hair ’
The queMi *'i h* mg put, the inofiuii to amend
ft.•« decided in Hie mga tv»*.
T he report, hs amend* d u ni then agreed to '
(bv mofiou «•( Mr ffoildrul: t. it vv ns ibru or
dered thai ihr Journals of the Convention be
I >f in ted m the octavo form.
On nmiion ot Mr Mr c#r, il was then order* d
1'ialihe net of die (>eu* ral A«s* mhly iiinlci
which this convention had been called, he also!
printed and appended to (tie repr ri ol ilit* Coin
at *»« t
Thu Convention then ahj uinetj.
F aiPAr, Or to rr.it 9.
Mr. Scop reported, fr*»m the Comm'He «»f
|>rivder**t and I lections, Him they had *•* m
ined the Return, 4ie. he
On Mr MerciT’.s motion, I It is Report w as
laid upon I <e table.
Mr. F ifjuugb, with a view of fixing under. !
(he law (he compensation of the cilice IS of
theConvention, kiihmiHed the following Koto!
Infirm :
rfernucd, I Mai* totniniHfp bp nppiutrii i
to enquire and u pon ihe contpensatiun pro
per tn h*» allowed to the several ofliceik aj pom l
11-1 iiy this Convention.
I hi* r**tolullmi wan agreed to w ithout oppo
• it ion And the Tip blent appointed the fol
lowing ft*. m C oimnt tre for this purpose, viz :
Kitihrifflt* Lay all, Stauaid, Birboui of
t irtntfge. and Haylt
On Mr. U«»ddiit*a’s motion, thp Report of the
fointni"»r ol Iwenlyl'our weitHkuii up, with
o it opposition
The Rpfidution* being tend a'thp Clerk'*!
lnb'e, Me. Mercer rose to «ay, that t e would |
wan until the gentleman from Norfolk | Mr
rtf.ewpll] had offered hts Suhsiituie lor the Re
port, before be himself would submit his own
two Resolutions additional to those <*ftlte Re
port—11 would he time enough to perfect the
Resolution when the Collvt mum had disputed
ef the Sulwtitnte.
Mr I'aiewell remaiked, that He would have
preferred the Rp.oIoiioos to lie pet ferted,6«/bre
he gulimitied his own Substitute. w old.
however, waive giicli n Hiigyention.il the triends
of the Resolution were s 11• v|»»-<1 to pro* *•< d —
He would, therefor* •ttbmii 111> Subkhtute,
[which proposed to relerllie whole Constmi.
•ton to a Committee of the whole ]-M. T.
then proceeded to support his Kcnohiiion—
He staled, that it would espedite the proceed
ings of the Convention; whereas, Ihe other
plan, l>y referring the dilferenl subjects to
Committee*, would hang them up ami delay
,he proceedings— He contended alio, that they
would n”t proceed a' all, until Ihe Legislative
Committee had reported, as th» organization
of the other Departments would de; end upon
that branch ;—and Ihe difficulties would be still
further enhanced, if th proposition of Ihe gen
tlemen from Loudoun [Mr. Mercer] to assign
the right of suffrage and the basis of represen
tation to distinct Committees, were adopted, j
Was there not also some d.inger that Ihe differ-;
nit Committee* would make different and
.... The f oirmire*
fut inxouce, hi«y ngnmM the *eiu «l
th>* I »i-cuii»e—««1 ><'• **tt!e going un m t urn
, , i.:t tVb 'lr, u(«oii itu* H iht I-*
.. ComiHille.'It uy rt|>uil lu ftvorol it.
\\ ,j| ., | it,ii im | inductive of at contusion
III i r |iror». i(ies •n l eltnhmgef pnrlmnieii*
r, i, i, ; — il« c»l!nl the Allentinf, of
, nilnn to'hr long opimlMm of the
Con*' h'fion fur M yryrt, abiI Mm a r
,irr II hm froil f d ; * *• it righi, then, till III
I I ( ,.1 ,1 Inii.i I Ill'll tnrci't ? U till* 'he » • y
In m i.in "id II '' i onli I. in * of ihi jirojdr, iVc
Mr Merc r< m |i ifd l|e lainS'kid. that j
Mr Ih* writ I h ‘ n 't adbei* d ?o the prrq»o*t |
li in* « In- h he bn f laid down—If tin* que-HoH |
we - r [as Mr. I liadstalrd it] only oi a of form,
»lti did he uppaal to the chataCvr ofiliepie* |
mi Con* itu ion, and the services wbii It it had |
rendered 7—Mr. I. seemed *» l**«v*- treated the
< t nhi •«•■>*» n* an ot gan *ed body—whtcn t He
Con van* Ion *«« about to ««»• •« |*t*cet H«»t
t be i ru' b rt»*, that bil [Mr. M - J plan would
tram fht Consti tilimi w ith Iran respect. II•*
attempted to ilmv dial thedistribution ol the j
provisions of ilia Cmiiidwlion was I he best
inode of tr* ating lb»* subject—that a* soon a»
one Committee had repm fil, ’to* t onventioo
might proceed to HifCoss it* report, amt il two
Ci mint it teas thou hi report slitter rent ptovMous
on the same subj cl. as f«r in* aura me veto,
rt nl iri| 'it woilid remit f I hr U nite rt- itlf!
not re*cooSider the ■•one provision, %% l»i<*♦» it had
already decniad—tud all that would be l«»*t.
rt mil,I be li e lime of one of its * oiiiuul e* *
1 b»* t mieeiH nil should procer d step by Step,
1 propositi**" by proposition H Mr I * nrgn
meiit be t tie | that votl • m»n'»l decide upon one
I part till the uthei* a a • s tmiin <l.j even Ih
Convention it*elf ootild no' be aide to de< ide
upon diffeienl parts of If'*' f institution to sur
r**s«ion. It shay go into < ominittee of tn<
\\ bole, with the o ii rtil' d power ol .lebale, the
proceedings might In spun out till t)*e dept
f the next winter, whan we •bull break up in
tnntu.il discontent, ue
Mr. Kainlolph called for tl»e ayes and noeu.
Mr I azevi»ll * tnlminle wms hJ' CImI, by the*
f .lh»w mg Vole
d'/ft- M his Jrnes, I,”igli of Chesterfiafd,
Cay ol of Cb- fi t ft. Id, Gib *, Iiioadii»X, I* mu
en.de, A sand t, Goode, M usball, lyler.
IN»cHo as Cl- (itn *, .Mil so ii, I * */vhii» . < <!•
li-.r ne, I ■ j• • u > . Randolph, Leigh cl IlalilHK,
Logan Vi table M.iUismi. lim b u oM (range,
|[ mi’, I ay In r o{ i n ob nr, f» r net , Ii • i In# 11
( 1 u-pepei . Scot', t • 111 I #»/. '• vv e i aL'*ynl,
Pren i«, 1 miiipi, 1 nj.i mo .« d I itl»u1 34
\ i Vi • I’ I -it, Ainit
still, Coll min, M il i .niN'Mi l{.il(|w'Hl .litniuoii,
McC.iy, M.mie, H o. » . inu Mr'er, B<*'er,
Si4n.iiil, Meli i, I i /.Mug i lb* til I .nil Cutikr,
P iwrll Opt**. t« gg“. Navio , I)niiit Idmn,
l» »V«L Pm ili-ioo, gi\ \1 M» b» .Campbell
ol W inluiu'1 , i»v t ii, Cl yil, Chapman, 1)
*!r»b . |la nat Li ' • *. Sinil;iiii|, 5* , Dod
dridge Moga t ampin ll o| liiuoio , \V i son,
Macrae, in \ l •• r ol Noil . k, • a s lot, .'I u 1i ,
SanniiMrk. ( alt.-It, Mai till, ill ail Peasan'i
(i irilnii Ihotnp.on, la »u?# lialrs, .1 uyIU • ami
B i y V v—64
S »m*» iliscuHiioii iben in »U plan* beiwerti
Me re it J obnsun ami |)»ddiidge. On
Mr. Mt iii i s in lion, ilir ftist resolution, n
purled by (he * miUiitiMSul 2 1, was laid upon
the fable.
Al'er luma further ronvnsalion l-rtwen
Mi-i«rs Mricer and L- igh, the question was
pul on the ftdopiion ol the 2nd resolution, and
Thequestion was alio put upoyi (lie 3rd reso
Intuin, and hLo chi i i*d.
I he 4lh v\n« also a lop'ed.
The 31 h imolutiou was amended, l»v adding
the Bill of li'ftftft, (o the ohj.-t u ol that Com
mittee— and a* amended, mu resolution was
The tiih re.iolui m wat then lead—and Mi .
Leifflt n tpies <-d mule in* tuber of tin* C ilium
tee to i sp!aiii the rcamm uf ibis resolution
*i .1 ihnsttO tinted (lie imiuceiiMtnU to be
llie ib sire ol giving lie- lest deliberation to
evriy proposition dial s .ould be made, &.» .
Mr. L igh ciitnLed (ha nuulu'inii. After
smitoetplAliaiioii from Messis Johiuou and
Iloddridgi-, he ipti s mil on tin resolution w t
rained in the aOiimiiiiv- , nves-18, iio«« 32,
I lie Iii i in ttii n w.im then takrn up, wild
on Mr Mr re r’« mo mu lejec t-d (its obj i i
having been kuperk'dril by the auit'iuliiu u'
made to f Ii - 4\iI . >
Mr. Matter! moved to suspend so inuen
of the *2 1 Ii rule, ai ro ti ie» toe numliet d
meinbari to 13— so as to nilaige these com
mittee! to ‘24
Ash rt ilLcussCn took place between Mtssis
Meice-*, L'igh, J^tioiaid, 1* .ddridge and
!* itshiigh; v\ lu'ii Mi. Merger inovtd dial no
ill icit of thp Ii do ot tin* Hm>c H itiirtiug the
iiuoilier ol memliri o . .« C louailtee in 13 -c
sifpeiuletl so as to direct tbu III lee first Com
mit onto oiiio*i of ‘24; t e ri 'idnniy coin
mitti e to consist of til rc-idunty member-. I
After mune remark* I ro in Mi iVlarsi.ill, in'
ppusilioo to the cuImi ge.in-til ol at mmi'lce !
eitept on a ogiaplm al question, Mi Scott
moved It) make the fust t niinitlre on die i
Legi-la ire, inniBl ot 24, and (lie rest of a !
smaller number
Mr. Merer ask'd ip nplv to Mi. Mat shall, I
in w hat w ay wt could asnutain the evil* m
the pm t-nt t mis*itntimi, s\ idmut an appeal to
the d 11- n at section! ol the 5t ne, tu bt* d*-tei
mm* d through then Delegate4. !•’*»» inounce.
the Judn i try—lluw can we know i h <11 it*
upon the people ?
Mr. Marshall iej lii'tl, that the intircst ot die j
different pail* ol die Miat*, in d»e l.x rot ve
and JtidiCiaiy vvns not »• i i mil und gengr.ipn.
iial—tlio' gli it was so in the trpic <n*aliv<i
branch, lie could not tlierdore see die n» c »•
sity id liaving geographical CoiuiuitiOe* iq on ■
llmie other brain lies.
Mr. Johtuuii was opposed to large C’ommit
1 lie question WHS finally ink.on the ire -
lion to toiin ilia three ('ommi<!eet,( Legislative,
l-.xet-ulive mill .1 Uliit iary ) ol 24 Meinticis each,
and the remaining Ci.ni'niltee i f the re I o: die
Members n it employed in tile three In at Com
mi'lies—\>rs fil.
Mr. Jo) nei 111 ned In have the Census of tin
Stale, of 1790, Id a), I81d, and'Is.'O, finale,t.
Mr Claylor suggested tl,< addiliou ol the
Militia lh loins since IdJII, aud alternants ai
i eded lo die printiiig of the .Vlilil.a |{um,n»
also Inr 1790, IdOO, and Idl®
Mr. Doddridge sugg, s eil I lie addition of ti
ll, able s.
Mi. Joynes doubled whether the liliiables
are accurately returned
Other ni"inbrr» threw out various other sug
gestions, Ini amend ng the Kesolntion. Mi
Powell moved in In. n on Ihc table lor lurlhn
consideration—which was adopled.
And the Conveutiou then adjourued,
SAri'HDAV. October 10.
I he following gentlemen were announced
ns having been appointed to constitute ilie
several Committees ordered on pridav, via :
l/ie t omivillte lo consider I he legislative
Department of Use Government.— Messrs. Leign
1" Chattel field, Hi ..iiliiux. Til,i, Anderson,
I tin on, Ueirne. Mason, Kar.dolpli, Madison.
Meice.r, Cooke, Penilleloit, George, Knane,
t liapman, Summers, Doddridge, Gieeu, laze
well, Campbell o* Bedford,, Towner, Pleas
Mills, Taliaferro and Joyoes,
Committee to consider the executive Dipart
enenl—Messrs. Giles, Dronigoole, Nicholas,
tollman, M Coy, Smith, lrervnnt, Leigh of
Halifax, I- iljshugh, Powell, Naylor, Camptiell,
ol' Wadiingteii, Garuetl, Cloyd, Duncan. Mor
gan, Barbour of Culpeper, Loyull, Claylor,
Cabell, Gordon, Bales and Upshur.
Committee of the Judicial Department—
Messrs. Joynes Alexander, Marshall, Hand
son,-fia Id win, Miller, Claiborne, Venable, Sta.
Hard, Henderson, Griggs, Boyd. M’Millan,
Morris. Malleus, Laidley, Campbell of Ohio,
Scylt, iavl.oi, Mciiuis, Mm tin, ITomnson and
Bay Icy.
Committer M eontlder the Hill of Right* find
ithir matter» not referred to the Jortgoin# Cotn
rnilttt* — 1 ay lor of Chrs'er tii lo, G '<>de,
i lupiuo, Williamson, Moo**, Hnnr, Oiq'i*
heri, J«ogan, Opie, MoniMiun. liyar*, laylor
nfCiiaiinr, Oglesby, He*, Wilson, Muflrof,,
I’renfht, Saunders, Smart Ma-sie end K‘*el
The Preiubtil then laid before the * o»'V**n
11>.it a leit*r, received bv him from the If m,
Judge Dade, a member elect lo the Convention,
resigning, on account of bis ill health* his s^at
in the < 'ufiyeniioii.
Mr laliafrrro of K1112 George, aid that be
believed hi e 1 pressing hi* unfeigned regret for
fli»* rau»e that had produced the conmiouica*
tionjoH rea l, he *hould hazard nothing by
saying that, 111 Judge Dade, the Cnilvenimn •
had lost -me of it» most valualiie members, lie
m u very *ure tie should hazard no’him; ill the
view of all thoHf lo whom that gentleman was
known. As he presumed that some authentic
record of the fa* I of Judge Dole's resignation
mni requisite, it was Ins purpose lo in.ive I hat
»h** letter announcing i*f shoo'd lie put on
file by the Secretary, and entered upon • Ge
foitrital of the Convention, hut a* a previous!
Hint on was required by order, lie would first
move, that the letter belaid upon * lie table,
which motion being agreed to, Mr. T. moved
thaflhe communication from .lodge Dade, he
mi* red on th** r* cords ol the <ii vent ion.
This iiinti**n wa* carried nem. c**n.
Mr Joy lies of A from a c, now moved again
the resolution which he had offered on !** 1 i
day. and which was muddied so as to read as
Remtvnt I hat the Auditor of 1’iildir Gemma
heieqii**,.t d in piepnte and lay before lid* I '
venfmti, tabular s'atcm'-nt* sheweng the hee
white, tree c domed, and slave population *1
* sch countv ol iIih t oiiimonwcalth. according
in the reiiMix 'akint; in the year* 17110, iHtKt,
lHlft and |82'», respei lively—the an a in acres
of ea h county—the quae lit V of laud taxed tn
each countv in the y nr 18/8—the amount of
tn«e«n nested 111 each conn's m the year
IhJH—the ainmint of tax paid ii to the Pulili*
I ii’HS'iry |i hi each county ill ft*stf veat—the
iiuiount of tux acci uiug on ear Ii subject c>f taxa.
' inti —1 lie whit* . (•►*«* i 1 Homed, and slat «* l\ I I'M
' lex of ea> ti count y in the years 1hi> 1, 1810, (
I8i.0 arid 18211,ami alx a statement nt the free
white, fiee coloured and slave population ol
earn miiii'y in the > ear I a.'Jf, so lai as lie can
d*duce llie same l»y a comparison of llie tv
t a'»l#<, a nil ihe entire population in Ihe tears,
IW ’*> IHItl >1 i Isjil
Hcxutnd II,el Hie Auditor tin a ho req H'iieil
mi *i 11 ii i r i o i mull laboUi ilafeiueut in relei
•meloeah fountv, to stale ihe iiifoniislioii
»l> \ r* quen'fft hi t IhIioii to llie fi'iir follow iog i
di v iRinii* ol lint C’oiimi'ii.wealth, via : 1st from
t * • • a e.oaxt t » the head of tide waVr ; 12 • * * f
11«»in the head «d tide wa er »•» the Blue Bldg*- ;
II, 11 otil llo* Blue Bulge to the XhegPiHny ;
and fourth, liom the Alleghany to the wt.u
war ft
The above resolutions having been agieed
• , Mr (iieeu d Culpeper,movi d the followi ig :
Hr lot VI d i hat ihe Auditor be alto reque* u*d
*• * ■■ »n'h a stateineiil li out the property books
• o ns ••(lice of the number (if persons in each i
• ouiiiy a id corpoi ate towns of this Common
’v*a ih, fti^es •• it lo Hie pay me lit of any leveiiu
las hi I hr v ar 1828.
Ihe resolution was adopteit.
On mo ion o' Mi Doddinlge, it was ordered
that Ihe loiegoi.qr list of the momheis of Cun*
ni'Mees, be pi nitr-I ini the u<t* of the I louse,
and Hum i n- bouse ndj urned
from tin Mitt unit In tl i fewer Oct. 7.
I I1C 1Mb l Uf f h I. UI.PaK I iVlKM r.
The innoval of ihe fbi an I ieco d \v-is
f.nn Pm»lm.isiei (ieufiai, and ihe C it I 1 Ink
of 11 e Post Oil'd e !>• p.iruu iitf we nave hsiui -
(**t o,ii reader^, ban l» *'u oiule in lot .tl did re*
gaul id the public imeiest, fopiopuiad a cruel
paily *pu i I ll HI foi lode* and blasts eviry
tiling it looks upon. We do not, as Him %\ i iter
ol o Inter lo ihe .New \uik Cion er iutiina es
“ distrust die a hi I it v ami i.ilcgiiiy' of ihe Post
muslet Cti'fifral. We have no il<• nt»i thill ne
is ail null- Ilia ii . We take l)o pai I in Horn
pear limit of hi p *rsooal integrity. \\ « look
on y tt< his pubte conduct. lie know, uine
ov* r, lii il he <ini*ol be Indii responsible, as
a moral ag* o , lor the spun whf pervad. >
his 1 )"p. i; ti», ii . We believe lie same of die
Pr» s oeiti; ; i al is. I >1 lo* came In i e ilb it
design lo ar• m H i- »p ' il id it. owii celehraK <i
Cel er H, Mr. Mon oe li I there is or has
been a poweilul ndl mi. i ,«• work, visible only
hi the llllsi hiet it In wrought, win ti has con
trolled the legitimate pun«i and udlueu. e of the
Cxeroi ive .dlicers.
The tid diiy and a nitty of ihe late Pmuinns
le; t ii ne' ,i Iiiivei y (hi <g relating to the unties
of Ins oflieia', ale pi oi n bi <1 I ne w hoe woild
acknowledge them. Kv, his pu.i mil advei
Mirn s ttW.ud dtiiui lit* mem. We now exhibit
in o .i r**ader*t. s < mouy from hun, .»• the iiu*u
u .impeachable charaei* r, » prove, bemud
doubt, v\ hat we have LneluP u sanl, and
which the Correspondent ol re Cornier re
piovts us for saying ih.il there in nbiod rra*
mu lo npprehud that the P isi Odice |)epa»t
meot i anno' Miami the nro nh w inch iiave ♦ eeo
iiMi.h* upon Usetbiieui y ami liilfgii We
had itoi seen Hie (olio i g wh o we ottered
’h'* appn heo'i but we kite a, almost as
we I as Mr McLean, what was the vatu* ol tne
pob i,- se>vi i‘s ot Hie two Messr* Hindi i/. wi*
b I the same anxiety u» be lor die cnarac e» of
Hie Drpartmeiil ; ami weapp-ai lo haveco.
• mied with bun remarkably in um tears I Hie
consiq enf. nt renin*iug these gentlemen. Wo
h p lie* i"Uilet n 11i n il lose u woul of lit lid
low mg :
E+tnut uf a letter from Ihe laic to Ihe present
I\iitin<iKler Ucnent
It ash i ii a ton, March 31. 1820.
*' Before I ielt H ash inx;Iois I rxprriril
"to have the pit a nre o( lakilig you 1.’, Ihe
“ hand nml iii'i i lining you io the genl'emen
" uf t"e Post Ull'n n I * |iai tmenl. Bin, as I am
'* iupiiviit , I tins pleasure, I cannot, mi justice
I I Man si II nml Ihe puli'ir service, refrain
' fr m recommending ilia continuance ol the
Assistant Postmasters Genera!,who have been
long identified with the |)i paiiniunl, a d
“ have been t*niIhtiiI to ihe trusts reposed. I
“ name these g, nlleinen to you, because I have
“ understoud that ■ Hurts are making to nmove
“one ur hath of them I should extremely
“ regrenl such a step, as well on your account
u ns that of Ihe public.
"ft nit Ihe oppeiatimis of Ihe Department
" I lint well aeqa.tinted I am anxious llial ils
I " reputaliuu shall be sustained ; unit I am con
I •* vinced this cannot he done ifilie above
" name gentlemen be removed This reiimik
“ is made with a pei fed knowledge of all the
" laeis. Aller you shall have acquired a lull
" knowledge of Ihe office, there sri vices may
“ not he to impurtanl ; though, I con I css, with
" my expeiience and knowiedgvof Ihe busi
" ness, I should not, were I io remain in Ihe
" 1>< pHttmciit, think ol changing the ussis
** tanis. With sincere regard, youts.
w “J. MT.KAN."
Can language bestiongei than tins Can evi
dence be mure conclusive ?
Having heard that Mr, |>. liradlry's removal
was placed upon the ground of a letl r addressed
liy him tu the Postmaster General, we have, in
Ihe ali enee of Mr. Hrtidlty un a sliorl excursion
lor the benefit ol his heallh, old a ined from his
family a copy ol that le'tei, which vve hereto
subjoin. ft It list ihe facts which if discloses aie
material to a proper understanding of Ihe pro
gress of “ Rrfoinv” in the Post Office Depart
ment, the vein ol liniernal feeling which runs
lliroiigh the leliei is in Hie highest degree honor
aide to the writer, who disdained to retain po«.
session of ilia office at the expense vd his broth,
ers character.
Getirral Pont Oflict. )
ItiM ,V;d. |S“P j
Sir I vv assopptised y tsbiday by a visit uont
C. K Gardner, which v*: pot nt all diroinUbed
when I learned the o'ij* ct ol ’hat visit, and that
he had hero co i»n*i*si»*u *d t»y you tu assure mu (
that mv continuance in i flier w,u sale a* long j
at I wished foreman*
After the ti srip'C'ed, and to me inespHcabla
removal from nlhcc olmy brother, w hose fitness,
capacity, and fidelity. I so well knew, and *o
• uglily appreciated. I could not expect that I
would he fpnted. After the positive, unsolicit j
ed.mid unequivocal assurances you had per-on- j
ally given turn that he should remain in office, '
w hich had been repeated, it* li** tvui informed
am| believed, bv his an I by your friend* un
der your M’lthoritv an I by your direction
—assuram of the sam character, and almost
the <mnH language as those with which I had
hern favixiied — I could not trust ta my own
continuance here fir an hour. When he had
been eipelled, after longer, and an devoted I
services hs mv own, ui hunt any ostensible i
pretest or previous intimation, in a manner
so tincnur teous; when I knew that lie had given 1
the prime d vigor of his lile, and wns now ,
olh i i.ig the uiircmitted exercise of an unbroken
Wind, to the public service and that you was
a war e dial wii !i all In* htK'Riit v and the rigid
economy ot In* doni* • ic an angementf, heh.id*
been unable t » make provision lor this eon
ting- ne v • and was now more dcstitu'e of the
means of support ttian when he li r <*t, in the fresh
tie** ol li e,entered intotii* country's service,!
could not hope nr d sue to e<capo. \ et, under
**i the e* r dement of th'**e reflections a sense of
what \VH« due to iny sell as a public officer, I
h d to that public whose servant I him, taught
me that piivaie griefs should he made to yield
to what I believed public dut-e-. My reply ,
•’hi prornp and deci«ive( nud I now repeat it : ,
" I will not resign ; il I mu lu be diNtnisied, I j
am prepend for it ’ Hut, *ir, although I may '
be permitted in remain. it w ill be impossible to 1
discharge the dotes of iny ofli e with credit to 1
mv self, advantage tt» t e pub ir, ..r -Hiisfaelion
to v »o, lures* some,lung i« done to shield tin
brother's reputation Irion every shade of re
proach winch hi* encode* mat desire to cast
upon it. Wh ||y unprepared for the event
which has uve whelmed him, his account*. |
unsettled, m* u mi t‘ rlv returns not ncrived, |
he will t»< l#*n too much exposed tn any effect
they may wish to p nduca. Unwilling to tub*
ID it all tli it i* v t I* l» to him. to the custody of
h * successor, and not bej,.g adv ised by you
on i lie s'lhje* i, h highest, in* ft piudenf, and
safest course, he d< pi bti«d the key of the Of
lice 1 ii'QMiry in youi hands, on lie same day
in whim he wa» di ■ used. He has learned,
lo Iii ufli i surprise, Him it w.jg delivered im
mediately to tin* cioiods of the very man
(rum w mu hr il si in most sedulously lo
mud m Now, although his poverty »s ton
•■it Ku nil here, ft is probity and viituehigh
U apjo. eiH'eil abroad, and I know every uol
fur wh elite pons< sse-, you cannot hut per
ceive the mIuh ion io whic h he is p ac« d. IN',
cliarg • has be* n pieferrt d against him, no mi
«on a h gned lor his removal, an i vet al! that
is left to him Ins lepulHiio , has been subjected
in some degree io tlie t utrol of his buteresi
low ; of one who has o ir*u«d him for months
with the seClet and fr|l purpo* • ol o had man
He h s bt en k 'enly «»• t t*>a fIt into tip* c< Id
aod heartless world wi'hom the menu* of gup
porting, however frugally, Ins lamily, but
without reproach mid v. it hunt shame while i»
has been put into the power of the only man
whom I believe to he truly his enemy , to a
waken both again* him.
Now, Sir, you cannot, injustice tn yourself,
having ordinary teguard lor the opinion ol
society, and a decent respect fur one whose
grea e»t misfortune has been the truest and
pme-t devotion to his comi'ry’s good—you
surely w II not refuse in place hitn in such a ,
situation os will enable huu lo prepare aud ad
just hi* public business.
V no know that fur nearly forty years lie has |
bet u employe i in this depot tun ut*, and for al 1
in st v11i• ty yearg its financial concerns have
been in hi* charge, during which latter period J
its accou. i* have swelled from bundled.*, to |
tens o! thousand*; that vast sums of money,!
amounting to million*, have been received and j
l aid out in Mjhsla rt' by him, besides the mil- j
lion, which have passed through his hands in :
Hie "h-ipe ol drafts ; (hat <11 this business of |
ih ■ depur!inent i> skilled quarterly, aud that
h«* ha* been dismissed m the uiidsol a quartet
which ea ii d In sett e I for some lime, even I
wi h the assistance ol those able and correct j
gentlemen who he rein lure have been ttudur
In* dire* lion. Ymi al-o kimw ilia he ha* no 1
m mis n iv. . i|||f»r I I*in. oy any one lo assifc
him in the -elIh-int*111 o( la accounts, or oven
!•* su| |><mi his family while that is doing. 1
I hoi dole tog have 10 submit to your cmisitl-'
eraiiou this pioposnimi ; “ That be shall be
reinstated in hi- loiiuer ntfice, for so lung (and
n. I a nimn nt longer) ns may be necessary to
settle his accounts ; that you app but any two
ol the efficient and intelligent accountants in
the oil’ll e lo nssi-l him in such se>ilrinent, ami
1 Ua..I, in the mean tune, hi former salary tie n*
I toted I** him. The latlei Jis essential b> Ins stip
p • r* ; the form* r to the procui emoiit of vouch*
ei s and (he adjustment o! balance."
It y ou refuse this, will you do me the favor
I to ug ’est gome iimtliticaiion of i»» such as I
• a" tibiuit to his consideration ?
I u*b»lier can i»e done, and my disinissial
ti9.n ofiir * Ins been decided upon already, to
take ll ct at soon' future day, or if the same
n se* u h'ch opei ale I lo pi oduca hi* removal
chi op rate upon nin, I can only say, the
, ‘Miner it comes tho more vvelc one it will be to*
i me, and the umie beucfictal to the public
i t'us c m which has been committed to my
i charge.
I have sedulously eodeavered, insetting bn
I -r * you a plain mallei-o-fact stoiy, in (be
hehalf of an elder and beloved brother, to a*
void every tiling which could be offensive lo
v mr feeling-, that it was not absolutely nt*.
cessary to sjy I I have not succeeded in doing
*•“» •* will cause me regreat, and I beg you to
consider, sir, iny situation, and ilial it may
have no effect in preventing a calm deliberate,
and uiipiu8«*ed exominat»on of all that 1 have
8.ii I, and of Ihe reasons which readily present
themselves in favor of my proposition. | had
intend* il to suy something about the manner,
and the means pursued by my brothel’s sue*
ices'or. foi some tune past, aided by the conn
j »el and fellow feeling of one other prison at
I I.mat, to effect his removal; all ol which I
I have long know n. H it this let let has alieatly
grown to too great a length, and this must he
I reserved f.»r auolher time, or t*» be unveiled as
i I line and circumstances may require.
Respectfully, your obedient servant.
I The Postmaster General.
From (he. same.
I he lt gnnd woik” goes bravely on. Tester
(,nv Mr. Besior, another « f the most valuable
, Clerks in the General Post Office, received
from his Chief the following letter:
Washington, Oct. 6, 1829.
•'hV . Your services are no longer required
in tii s Department. Respectfully,
Your oh’t. tervant,
Mr. Chavttry lictor.
For the true laconic, this rivals the style of
Napoleon or ol Lord Nelson. Mr. licstor, who
H thus unceremonious1 y shook off, was an Olfi
, r‘‘r “f the Army dining the late war, and,
has the honor l*» possess a testimonial from
| his commanding officer, which concludes with
i the following remarkable words ;
l “ I declare, without the least intention to
i *’ disparage any otie whatever, (hat Mr. Res
II tor was the most exemplary officer 1 have
“ s^en hi Ihe course of eleven year© ser
“ vice.”
William Hunter, to f r Collected of the pm
of Sandusky, in I he plate ol Moon I'arwll
Waller c. «,«, .o be Postmaster at Peters
burg, Columbiana county, Ohio, iu Ibe place of
James Wallace, re moved.
Isaac Wilson, to be postmaster at Salem, in
ihe above county, in the place of John Street,
It illiam Moody, to be Po«tm*st« r at Colum
binna, m the above county, in the place of
Jesse Allen, resigned
Albert 1} Richardson, to be Postmnsier at
WelUville in tbe above county in the place ol
John Feehrtn, resigned.
James Miller, to be Postmaster at Hart ford,
Ttuuihiiil . county, in the place ol Kdtiard
Urockuay, resigned
The Boston Fvening Bulletin and t) S Re
publican of the 29lh lust, contains tin* 4th num
her of Russell Jarvis's address to the public,
concerning hi* late pm trier, Duff Green. It
consist* chiefly of a correspondence between
those men in regard to the projected dissolu
tion of their partnership, w hich we do nut con
ceive to be ol sufficient interest to be transfer
red t<» our columns. It se**ms that during their
controversy, Green proposed that the sum iu
dispute between th in should be adjusted by
referees, Mr Harni'ton til S. C. of Retrench
ment memory, ami Mr HoiisImw, amt that in
the event of their not acting before a defined
petiod. Judge White and Mr. Woodbury, two
Sfirdors ol the U. S should sit in judgment on
tin* squabbles. This Mr. Hetishaw is, we *up
pose, the present Boston Collector, who has
beun brought belore the public by Col. Orn»*
on a charge of conspiring with Duff Green and
others for the Corrupt distribution cf the Fede
ral others in Boston. Green greatly prefer
red arbitration to a jury t* iaI ; alleging that
more confidence was to he placed hi the forme1
tribunal than in the “ uncertain verdid of a ju
ry," which, he says to Jarvis, " you mu i
know, Irom expm ience, is often dependent upon
the caprice ami prejudice of ignorant individ
uals Jury trials am deservedly in high lavoi ;
with the American people ; but they seem id
bad odour with the Combination ; tin th* '
ground, probably, that Juries deal in fads Duff
Green, we have seen, begs hit friend Jarvis to
keep him away from a Jury, and Amos Kendall
another privy councillor of “ the greatest and
best of men,” choose* to lie under a direct
charge of perjury , i ither than go, - s be has
been invited to do, before a jury.
[ Nat. Jour.
We undersell I. that on Ihe 1st. nut. (me
end of the Fiscal Year) there were, in the Trea
sury of Virginia, §87,IHX)—(inclining in tins
sum, about Ifciild.OUIJ, the produce ul the mx an
Merchant’s Licenses, paid last spring)—/( side,
tins iineomaionly large balance in the Treafiu
ry, there were standing to the credi ol tin- Lit
erary F'ond, near JjjSr>-l,rXM>—upwaids ,| ;jjs7,0(>.i
to the credit ol the J .ntes river Company—and
upwards of ®>ldc»JO lo Ihe K ant ol Public
W orks,— 1 Ins excess of the income comes u a
most forlitinle time, to meet the exnai.rdinsry
expense of the meeting ol the Convention
I here will he a comfortable suiplus, after mak
ing this disbursement. [ Ihrh Eno.
The number of Students w ho • .iv matricu
lated in the L’itiv-ersitv o Vi giira, is sanl to he
a Jiflh greatet than It was at the cm respond
period at the previous te-ssion. [/i.
I uOUe IJebl—l nr "secretary ot the Trea
miry has given tin i e , t mi me hi dav of
January next j'.'i ng .qji y.J of Hie 6 pi r cent
xtocU of March 3, l8|n. w til tie paid to tile legal
holding thereof, at the Ti e surv, or ei ‘lie Lom,
Office w* ere the same may smnd ciedit ■<' N
"angler f t ,e eertifi ales lo he |iaid Will I...
allow' d alter lie isi, and he m erest ther ion
will cease on the ,ILi ol December next,
_ Columbia, {Gen.) be/il 26.—The Indian
Counci wiurli it'se'iibled tit loe Creek No" a
on Ihe 13tu nil. has ol jnui n d [ tie object ot its
meeting was to lake i to i onsidrr* lino Ihe pro
priely ol the eniigiaiiug west ot Ilia "Mississippi
riser in acc ■ r luce with tlie view k of the Go* ,
vernmenl, as ex • sgeq in "m recent talk ot I
President Jaek-mi to Ihe Creek Indians. ["lie
council has requested the Agent Col. Crowell,
to apprise the Piemleni of the present deter
iliinaliini of the Natintt not to relinquish i s pre
-ent teriilorv, hut to reiijai^aii I giihiuo to tin j
laws of Alabama. C iiiiinttgsh ur s have b“eo
appointed on die part of Alabama in i ke me
Census ol the, Nalmn ; and have proceeded
considerably in tin? bnsiue»» of tie ir a, pom"
We have been quire recently informed that
(iov. Carrol ol l imessee has been appointed
hy "te President ol toe U. 3. to visit "ip Creek
anil Clun ker Nations to learn their views m
relation emigiation, and asreilain d slinrtly
iron! them whether "ley won d nice a delega
tion from (lie United Miami wj") n dixp iginon
to treat, and " s->. to apprise them that one
Wniihl immediately be epnted to meet a dele
gallon on the" part. We have also learned i
lhat Cl V. Carroll has visited ihe Chernkeej, I
apprised them of the object ol his mission, ami
been informed by them that a delegation from
the Cherokee Nation would not be appniu.ed
to meet a delegniin on the part of the United
Stales, if sue It an on- si’onld lie commissioned,
and that no no trims would they consent lo a
relinquishment ol IIreir lands. As the L'gisia
lin e ol Tennessee convene; in a lew weeks, we I
under stand the Governor lias deferred Ins trip
t i the Creek Nation until wnter f rom the
spiiit exhibited at the Indian Council toe same
answer w ill probably he given to lit- U. Stales
I Commissioner by lire Cleeks, as he rereived
j Itoin the Cherokee;. [Enquirer.
| ihe i b fngate Mr,m ywine, Com. .Tones,
j has arrivnd at Ni w Yoik irom a coLe ol three
| years and one month in Ihe I’ac ifin. She left
j Callao on llm 20,1, ol June, and Km Janeiro
ni, (he 27th of August. The b has brought
j home lor trial sis mutineers from the ship Coo
I solution of Norfolk, and three from the btig
| Cost Captain of New York.
Ihe B aiirlyn ioe has been alnent 37 months
' having sai ed from Sandy Hook on the Bid Sep!
IH 'h ; since when it is computed she I,as run
upwards of 52,000 miles.
1 a Vic York, Oct. 5 .—The Match It,nr was run
on Saturday, and won by the northern filly
owned by Air. Stevens. I he l.et wa, made on
| blood, heltire either animal wnn foaldnl, ami
SO far as this match goes, it establishes the supe
j tunny of the Eclipse stoc k.
I he day was very fine, and the course was
i upon Ihe whole, well attended Both animals
were black, or dark I,town, wirl.ont atn whi,-.
Both appeared in fine order—and when j.,
pe I to be saddled, opinions seemed much divid.
ed as 10 Ihe points of superiority id each Bet
; ting was equal, generally ; though, upon the
whole, 1 tie southern horse was the favorite and
odds were off, kd upon him !,, some sanguine
backers that would not he denied
j At the appointed hour the liorsea went off nt
the tap-a fine start-Ihe filly having the poles,
whtclt. however the horse running ahead ,00k
Iron, her in the firs, quarter of a mi e. They
galloped round ra lly, ,|,e horse leading hut
; every now and then dashed at by ,|,e filly u „
I was hard to hand; ... i, continued ’until
the last quarter Of,I,a second mile, when Ihe
! ""•* Ie':ml *n ' whipped-,he horse being
under the whip Ion—until she passed ahead
and came out w.nner by about lw„ leo-tl.s A
shout from ,h. Long l.lauder, testifod iheir
de-hg ,t a, this result—|t was. however, no great
ell • rt of speed—the time br ing dm3 -ec A'
ter the usual in,a. val. they were again brought
up the odd, he.ng freely offered in favor of The
Lebpse ,lly. After 3 or 4 fabe start., which
worried the mare a good deal, wl.i e the Virg,
Ota horse, eilnar from better naming or be,.*
temper, took It quietly. ,bey fi ,.||y gu, cg we j
together, and upoo the full jump, ,
first mile, the running «*, |,,HUl|fu| . ' ' »
•*" much for the horse, « ho, t>wt0|'p T " ***
gone half round the second time,
) he bottom of the Eclipse stock told lh"* °’"r
SO Hint I he course whs heavy in pl«, c,
filly cam.- in, winning easily , in ;j i'g]nd
A general cheering for <> „n Eclipse-’"'"
pnuied the progress of (he winner, ji*c'0,a
WHS a more interesting one than is ge,lei‘'.,,H ’
lx anticipated from matches u,ade Ulj,r'* :a
circutnstHiicel. I 4 * 'T
L Arntric»n
The United Staler and Sweden.—The
■ rsof the late correspondence beml, '
Swedish Charge ties Affaires, and nu, ,S. ,'U
rv of Slate, on the subject ot the con i, ,,
iftbe vessel cut out of ibe harbor of Si ""p" 0
Iboloni-w, we are now inclined to ihml, K'n'
•irm eonsly slated in the New Y"ik liiiPr*f,“
w liich we some dava ago published an P>n '
l\ e hear that the Kepreseinaliv of Sutilt’'1
far from entertaining any fi eling on ti,/'1 ”
ject, nml Ilia* tin* afiinr is not likeli in |
nibjecl of inisunderstaading between ia "l'
Governments. W e earn, fnnn a source'
we I'onfuln in, that Baron Waiktlbtrg ,|id "
protest aga ns> I fir decision III .1 uitgr Ij[(u, Ul
ridge in flic ruse ami especially against t|"
language ol Ills decree towm its die Swedi.i,
tho-iiies ; and that his protest win ,,r /'!'
and respectfully received. We heanj a ’
ent ac utiot ol ihe matter oui selves some
ago, and are n d, then fore, at all surprints !
Ilee vs rut of the New York Letter shoM,.| h “
mistaken the facts [.Vat, lHl'
Extract of a letter doled IJuii'uille, ..
1«2# * "
•• Although the prospects lor an ahundsm
Cotton I rop in this comrry are nut ns
iog ;w they were some lima ago, yet them „
be more than nu aveiage crop inuile m /p
bam a tin* year.”
Whi-.ki.inu, Va. Oct 3
Melancholy Occurrence —Miss Rachrl V
Uiv.H ymii.g nii ] bi-HUlilul fum-ile, |i„,|
rcspn labl.* pnreuls, iiii.i who hflil inniulam
an iin t'lein.-glu-d I'vnutalion, was found <l< «,t uu
ilia 8th ioti n * - a i* Ntw Lisbon. Ohio. She |,Hl]
KI --I1 si angled by a ban kerchief drawn lightly
iim.nl Ifr neck, la-lem-il Ity Uvo knots,'a,,,
il WHS mpp sell that I'm had cnmiiiiin.il
snil lile A ler her iulei nu-nl a Mispiciui mm,
that -lie had been niurdnicil by a vmirg
named J C. wl n had been payii " aifniim,
her, and with whom she had huld a lone t-0l,
vernation on the ni .ht preiinus'n her deahi
Her body was di interred on Ihe 13lh iitst. I,n|
inilie oilier mark* of violence more prrrtiv
ed than llingo l iund on the liirl examination
Iml il was a-eeilamed tli.it she was p egnae,
Ihe circumstance slronglliened llie lutpicioii
ol ( ”j guill, who whs eon-uleiei| her seilueei—
ami he was arrested and committed in pri-nii
lie wrs hied before aspecial c url Iasi week
mid discharg d. " We have nevei before win
nes ed," say s Ihe New I, slum IVIadium, "such
intense anxi'y ns wa maud, sled hv our fe|.
I w cdiZ'-ns. vn any pil lions occasion, 'l lie
n-sfiecal'tlii> el llie connexions ol the decern*
"d. uu 1C and the myslery lift hangs civet
her death, gave to die hop a degree of inter
est s -Idoin witnessed in a cuurl of indite
*'Shadows, clou s. and darkness, rest upon"
the transaction .1 C. is discharged, and,
Kachale Kotaw sl.eps will) ihe shrouded mil
lion-. of llie grave."
1 he ill fated George Swearingen, formerlv
Sheriff ot W'ash-ngluii County, to Martian,
and lately convicted oftlie inm- ler ol Ins win-,
paid the forfeit of his crime on Friday, Ihe 2d
msi. He was hung in the presence lit lour . r
five thousand spin tafnri.
I lie followim* highly tnniplintou'atv ledi-r
•vas addressed to Com Davit/ Pot ter, by ihe
I*res deni ol Mexico, on h s leaving Ihm counts
[Upland Litton
Seiyno Dm David Porter,
My Dear Sir. — Hv ymii attentive auf, 1 fan
i.doi med id ihe def rinimiliioi you have come
In, to retire In the Cri led S ales, and lulls
bosom ol your family—eonsideied as you air M
• his moment, that you cnnn.d lie olservisr
to ll.t Republic.
I g ve you thanks, in Ihe name of mv enontrv
for ti e very iuiporlant seiv-ces you have ren
dered il, during vonr command in our Mailer,
and 1 do not dnnbt whatever events may me
s ou will show ihe same generosity asyoulinit
done before, towards a country iii which you
may count on many and true friends.
1 remain with Ihe highest consideration,
Vnur 11 lend who kisses roll! hand.
Mexico, rluguil 14Ih. 1829.
Extract ol a letter I rum a gentleman, dated
M, :i!cu, August 29th*
“ The Senate hns at length yielded. and the
President ts endowed with fxintordirarv pow*
PIS — He w ill Ht least keep quiet all those who
were *o clamorous against u< n» this cdy. ••
have nothing from Santa Anna. It is said
that the Spaniard* have sacked and destroyed
I nmpico «i»rt an* on their inarch inwards**- hi.t
• Iris iw not certain.”
We nn Vr-tand that General Bravo, n.iJ srr
ern! of his compatriot*, who were some lime
since compelled in leave Mexico in consequence
of the internal distentions there, sailed from
this port on Tuesday, in the schooner Splendid,
for Vera Cruz. Il is understood, a- we learn,
that they intend ‘o ofl’er their set vices to their
country (o a d in repelling the recent i vision
by the Spanish troops. £xV. 1. Gazdtc.
'1 he National Gazette doubts the news nf
fhp capture <»f Constantinople, and thinks it
highly probable that Adriauople \\ as meant.
An eligible stand for a Grocery Store.
WITHE lee c'idpiii situated on main street.
vA opposite to Liberty Warehouse. Posses
sion given un the25tb Nov. next. If a sale <1
the above tenement is not effected beforethe 200
of November, it will tie for rent for one year
front that dale, l ot terms apply to
Sept. 28 rtiif
70 to 80 Negroes il anted.
PTIVIK subscriber wishes to pnrchufe from .0
sLJL to 8<t lit ely young negrttes of good char
acter ; chi' fly young men—for which the high
est cash pliers w ill be given.
At the Washington llilel.
Sept. 21._ ills
Union Canal • ottery, No. It’.
\ » l l ViS \ .MelwXTWUi,
To he drawn 2t>ih of this month, (October.)
2 prizes of $10,000 is $20,000
2 15,000 10 000
1 3.908 3 908
10 1,000 10,000
20 51 if) I p o 0
Besides many -mailer Prizes.
Whole Tickets $10 , Halves $5 ; Qrs. $2 6l
Let all your orders be addressed to Yates s
Mcl lyre, who are die Managers of the ptinn
pal Lotteries in the Union. IET And all Ticket
in their Lotteries have the names of l atex <V
McIntyre as Managers printed on the face of
Address YATES Si MclNTYRK.
Vv Richirond, V a.
Oct. 12. ^ 3f
’ ■1*1*- winter ’css ion of fh« subscribe *
®- school will commence on Wpdnpsdav the
4th of Novprnber. \VM. S R£ID
Scf-» 17

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