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LYNCHBURG. NOV.30, ih.'il.
fu Enquirer.—A few day* since wh loik
occasion u> refer *° ,h,: co,,r,e which lhi» prim
has pursued with regard to the Convention
question, iu such lei ail at its eipnv jcaiing poli
cy uatiirully suggested—and we ail add, loo,
ill milder language Ilian il has been spoken ol,
ilt conversation, by some person, who cannot
be accused <d anv want of partiality for its Cdi
fori_by men who ore gntielul t linn lor bis
service* in contributing 10 the election to the
Presidency tif the uian of their choice ; and e
veil by some who were opposed to the Conven
tion, and luall con* notional reform, bu who
could not shut Iheii eyes to ihe motives i> Inch
■induced him to preserve a profound silence mi
the subject, until tire tain liun ofa large in j ill
ty of the people Imd indicated to linn die irre
sisliblecoaise of tile piipuiai curreni. lo our
remarks, Ihe Enquirer ot the ri-iili iiisl. responds
in the lu'U'wmg paitsgiaph :
We cannot notice I lit? luw and vulgar abuso
of the Lyuchb irg Virginian. — But it. isrtB are
jiiogularlv unfortunate. It I. lalse, llint any
handbills’ for me Bedford Dirtiict, li ve been
circuited from tins office, in the Cnquiirr.
We bnve nev r scan tual hai.doill; nor had wc
Iteard of its caiaieuce.—And because, in repuh
lishing fom tbe lurf-Regisier, an inieresling
detcrlpiioo of Richmond, &.c. there may be
une senlimeiil etpnved in ci inci-m, therefore,
we are enemies ill Equah v equal representii
tibn, and wliat not ! ducli liberal tn^ic i
worthy il the source from wmc.) it emanates,"
As to the “ notice’' of the Enquirer, til nol
an nbjucl of our acnbiilo.i.—-Whatever remarks
we may here made in m illion to that print,
have been dictated neither by a wish nor ones
pectation lli.il <ve should be so highly honored.
We know, ton wall, the robes of ,nock d g '.it/
which its Editor finds it always convenient <v
throw aiouutl himself, wuen, in hi# " notice'1 ol
Others, he cannot fail to cspoBe more glaii.igly
■ he aharraiiiMis front the straijhi hue ol puhtj.
cal consistency fro m which he has been gradu
ally diverging, since the death ol Judge Huane
• left the helm in his unsteady hands, lie should,
howevar, make up ids mind to ■■ ••me do < u from
tfiis lulty ensiueuce is easily as he may; lor
————- 11 cloud of dignity
" It mod f a.i ulli.ig .«>iu so weak a wind
“ 'l lMU it will quietly drop."
At the preach s »a,, w wnl oivtde me par
agraph ol llie Enquiier into two loads, «ac • of
which ft : s al mieUy lescant ipoii—l»i, as ,u
Full), tod iMly, as io Logic.
It sa> s, Ac arc “ singularly unfortunate ns
if) uui I iris. Let us see SVp swiit, i'p rservi
a prolounit silence amidst the witl n and anitoa
fed I ssions nr lo the polii y oi culling ft ( n
VBiiitoiifiu.il 1 HU I down it lrfofj —2 y, we
en'ql, dial as oon us a inajo ily oi ii\H) Iree
holders declared in favor ot ilie in asme at the
polls, Us udieii si ence was broken, am] its
dhmiis of exultation were loud ami long, and
-app irxatly since e —‘Idly, we said that it ac
cuante l for tli s singular con luct, by alleging
(hai its silence during ihe discussion was occa
sioned b Hie influence of Col, Gdocli, who,
very fortunately, dissolved h:s conneiioti with
the Knqoi’rr just in time to permit tlie remain
ing 15 luor to prnfii I)v the victory which Intd
been >v«n without liis assistance.—dlhly, we
(Aid, <hai,n soon ns the Convention li.id con
ferred in Dial Editor the office of in Print
er, he oil'u,ed a double portion nt Beal into his
columns in ftv ,r ol conalituiioual reform, re
publishing articles written in 1816, or tiierea*
flouts, to prove how long ago it bird been since
• he had contended for it s neceodty.—Stilly, «e
charged him with throwing cool ,voter <*n Ihi
new-born seal, as soon »< he discovered how
equally the tivo parties were divided as to the
basis of representation, w-iicn, if It he not fixed
on the principle of numbers, will fasten on me
Commonwealth that very system of inequality
iti representation, which il was one ol Hu main
objects of a Convention to correct. —And I'olily,
we alleged 'hat he had been endeavoring S'-crei
.ly to injure Ihe cause of which he prolessed la la
the advocate, Gy permitting a handbill alleging
tbal tile while basis ol representation w mild lead
«o legalised robbery, to be enclosed in the En
quirer, and forwarded to some of its subscribers
?n this District.—To nd of these •' facts," with
Ihe exc- p-t ion of the last, *lie Enquiier pleads
sfui/iy by it> silence, Indeed, it could not deny
then;. Its files are *' swift Witnesses” ngainst it.
I hen, it appears, Il wes only a single fact, and
uot jiicU in which we were so 41 singularly
Unfortunate." In relation to the denied tact, we
can only noic say, that we may have labored
under some misapprehension. It the handbill
to which we referred was nol enclosed in the
Enquirer, we certainly did so ; bui it is not hj
this moment in our power to ascertain vvlieth*
er or uot this was the case. As soon as we can
learn the fad, we shall make it known ; tor, if
the Enquirer be guiltless in this matter, ive shall
cheerfully say so. |t i« not our wish to mister
present it in any manner, or to throw upon it
any censure which it does not deserve.—The
other44 facts" are undisputed and indisputable.
" e leave it to any candid uiau to &ay whether
the inference we drew From them, of the jesuitry
,r> I unfair dealing of the Enquirer wag not cn*
< * rely fair and legitimate ?—If it was, the term
,ow a,1(l vulgar abuse" do^s not app’y to our
tffcmarks, but rather to the remarks of hint who
so characterise* them.
^iovv, as to our “ liberal logic,” ami we have
'lotie.—Tlie Enquirei contends that it is not lo
^cat 10 ‘»*er that it is opposed to 44 equality,
rqml representation, and what nut” because it
^published 4 an interesting description of Hicli.
nnnd, containing a sentiment worthy only of
most high-toned Aristocrat in the English
tclhS,!i witlniut a vvotd of dissent PoBsibly,
d had be*»n publish <1 at' any other mo nnit,
,i'L* i,,fcr«nce would have been ratfier strained’
I bough still a fair are m, jutf at Ibis lini", •
when there is a deadly ttrtggle furattend,,ncy
between Ihe friend* oi pUnicul equality and a
privileged aimtoc.racy, to end it* column* to
an advocate of Ihe latter elate, to breathe a
Monody over the det'iurti-e march of wliai lie
it pleased tooall the " /,'rt. Genius" of republi
oaniim, i* a stretch of" tibwalilp" which we do [
not, and hope never shall, potsrti. We did
tint, however, as the Rnqiirer allege*, infer
from (hi* fact, that that pnit wa< an enemy to
equality, 4i«. Our intentisn wai (imply to
show that ii was still playing the skilful game ,
which made it a nnilrul fron |ggl till 18J8—a
ztalol from the Spring of |SJ8 until w ithin a
ftiw weeks past—ami a trimnrY since—in tbort,
'hat it g w* with noth pariict anti I the qmutiou
shall he decided—or with nether if It shall not i
ba decided at all—that it, " holding' with the'
tsnre, ami running with the hounds." It sayt it
ii in favor of Ihe while ha^it; and at the mine!
"ioie.it puhlislies anilim-nts calculated lo enlist I
the fevliegs in favor of the tnijut f
The Kuquirrr says, however, Hint oor''liketal
/ogle i- worthy of ttie source from winch it cm
,mates. " W e hope it is—-tve certainly intended
it should b :—and although the remark was in
tended as a sneer, we take it as a compliment
f' was jus " liberal" enough to diaw a plain
inference from Ihe eaistence of an undisputed
tact—VVc never shall, if we cun help it, accom
mo ate onr " logic" to the simulant of *' liber
iilily" wInch marks Ihe ratiocinat-inn of Ihe
Kmpiirer—which, fm esmhpt", can pronounce
as its unipinlifii'd belief, that ihe contummaiion
nt * certain event wilt he a " curse upon the
country," and infer from Hint belief its duly to
endeavor to effect it. From such " liboial lo
gic," Good Lord, deliver us !
(IT A gentlemtn remarked, a few day ago,
dial he was certain, when the Enquirer announ
ced its Intentioa of breaking in upon (he regu
lar order of Dsbate in Convention, publishing
Speeches that were delivered last before those
to which they were replies, that it was about to
perpetrate some sneaking trick. It was even
go. The very nett Enquirer contained Mr.
Randolph's Speech, which preten Is to be n re
ply to Mr. Jelinsott, while Mr. I s speech m
withheld !
Burning in lijU+y-— We staled, in our last
that M ■ B. W. Leigh had been burnt in effigy
in Hatrisroiburg (Rockingham county.) The
Harrisonburg paper of the loth contains the
following account of the ndicillou> fare**, wnich
we are glad to say has met with universal dis
approbation :—
Benjamin If’albins Leigh, fisq — This Gent!;'
na • Ellig v\ as tnirm ou the Public Square
’ll f place oil Friday the ETtli iufl. by some
0 nor oldest and most respectable fellow-c*ti
1 os—The indignant feelings that pioduced
t ns inainfestatioii of resentment were routed
a speech lately delivered in the Coiivenlion
v Mr Li igli, hi which i( was thought he had
Kill ged in Hie language of contemptuous insult
to Western Virginia gem rally and paiticulnrly
u» the Wes in M'titia, many of whose lives
were acritice I it N.*n ok, an i other placet in
del '< of then (.astern brethren in the late
In Harrisonburg, as in every part of
W st rn Virginia, an* to be found Fathers, Mo
tiers, Brothers. Sisters or Widows uf soldiers.
*.tose t«he- mingle with the sands of Rotter's
Fiel.l at Norfolk Hence the quick sensation
gt the slig'iest disrespect offered to our Depar.
ted Western Militia. Fiotn the general char
acter ftf Mr. Leigh for valour, magnanimity
and talent, it had been the hope ot the VVe*iern
i people, that even in the effusions of genius lie
* would have spaed the dead, and addressed the
living with manly and rational aiguments, di
rect*1 J to the understanding and the judgment,
and not to the lacerated bosoms of friends and |
illations,whose wounded spirits had been partly
healed by the hand of time.
•* Tlie Motto used on the occasion was “Be
ware of the Back-Woods vote."
41 The paper cuiitaining Mr. Leigh’s Speech
was appended to An Ami of the Effigy and con
sumed with it.
•'Although nearly ail the male citizens of
this place were engagod hi this allair, there was
no noise *. except the voice of the Officer who
commanded, nothing was hi vied AH appeared
; to he Hie effect of a deep, siletd, indignant feel
> ing uf resentment.’*
Dinner to Mr. Barbour. -Wo have not room
for the toasts drunk at the dinner given to our
late Minister to England hy the citizens of Rich
mono. The same cause compels n« 1° omit
Mr. Barbour’s neat address, returning thanks
for his friendly and cordial reception by ids old
neighbors and friend*. We select t be follow
ing Toasts :
By Mr. Madison—The rights of Man, the
rights of the Slates, and the rights of the Unit
ed States, all discord is liaruiouy, well under
By Mr. JMouroc—The liberty of the C\States
was acquired by a combined effort of the whole
people—may il be perpetual.
By Ju<lgz Marshall—A Constitution to Virgi
nia wlitc » will mule her&ous,secure republican
liberty, and protect all her interest*.
By duo. B Clopton— Our Country : All the
I interests of Virginia, the interest* oi all Vir
; einia.
By Jos. B. Bentley— The Lx-President John
Q ii.my Adams—no less distinguished tor Ins
patriotism thin his talents.
By John Garth—Tlie Lowlanders and Mouti
laineurs—May they meet on middle ground,
fo get their local interests, nod remember tliui
(hev nre Virginians.
By James K Heath—Dismemberment : msy
the (erin lie forever blotted Iroiu our puli icnl
By Judge Summers—The Western portion of
Virginia— Pis rough, indeed, yet brents a bold
and generous race.
By Mr. Thompson—The disunion ol Virginia: j
Palsied he the longue that would predict or the I
arm that would achieve it.
By Col. J- P- Preston—l he interest's ol Las
tern and Western Virginia—United nr the nearia
of her patriot sons, may they never be separa-,
fed by politicians.
Mr. Kilchie was not present at the dinner — j
The idea of a Table Orator is loo much for j
him. We expect to hear, very soon, that Coll.
Gibbon and Preston, the Collector and Poll- i
uiRsier of Richmond, have received their ‘walk
ing papers" from Waslnugtun, for their count- r
macy in honoring an old friend who is under
the ban of tha administration.
■ ■ ■ —
J7 The charter of tile Rtnk of the United
States will expire in about three years ; and
the " signs of tile limes" indicate that its re
newal will be strenu msly, though, wo suspect,
unavailinglv, contested. Among the move- !
ments in relation toil, we observe a resolution
introduced into the Legislature of Tennessee,
ibough not yet noted upon, instructing the 9e- (
nators and requesting the Representatives of,
that .Sialt? in Cort^rifft «. vote u^amst i*s re j
lie Ail
IT We have received a No. ot the 7' vs,
ably conducted paper, jnot cominenceil al
St. Louis. It ii in ravor ol the present admin
istration, but n decidedly opposed to iliemr
neiation of lerai to the Union, which it con
tendi will indict an irreparable injury on the
Western and southwestern Stale*.
(L/ Thu official correspondence between Gen !
Scon and the Secretary of War, in which the
former consents to report Idmself to lien. Ma
comb, has been published in the Enquirer.
Gen. S. still thinks that lie ought to be c i.nm «n
tier in chief of (he aimjr, though the advice of
his friends in laces him to waive his pieteusiom
It is strange that the advice of friends, which
has been so ineffectually urge I for > eni>,should
all at once b-'Coin* so pobent ! (ten. Scott was
once our favorite 9IR0 r, bnt his late <0fid 11 cl is
calculated to disgust friend and foe.
iLj ’ The little di ciple of Doff’ in Shenandoah,
call nl the Sentinel, (a laughable burlasq n* on
the title, by the way.) taker tp the cudgels
quits warmly in behalf < f liia master. Accor
ding to hit reprosentnti »n, Dull is a diamond
of lhr; first water—courteous, polite, and Itnno
ruble. The ernsv of Kid I, the pirat>, and the
followers of Kuganlmo, the hnudit, donUtles*
entertained like rfivrencc for their leaders—
and weslinll therefore not quarrel with 1 e Sen*
tinel for its taste. It should have been HH’islird,
however, with defending t)utF;or,it it waui deter
mined to nsutil us. it should have been ci«<it ions
not to betray mure stupidity than vv.m ah*’.dtile
ly necessary. It says the Virginian wan “kicked
out of tnc War Department, into whie.lt it had
been smuggled by the corrupt prodigality oj a
depraved clerk." Whtw ' * How terribly* our
army swore in Flanders!” This uotrupf, prod
jgsl, and depiaved Clerk, ivhol »us 'smuggled”,
the Virginian into the War Dep irt m* ut, w is
Jolin C. Calhoun, Secretary of liar Duff .mil
hisiAtelitie may settle the matter of fits drpra
wily and corrupt! in between thum. Ur tiave
washed our hands of him lung ago. As to the
paper being kicked out when Secretary Eaton
want in, it is entirely probable and not at all
mortifying. The vulgar proverb s.uth “ a silk
purse cannot he made of a sow’s ear”—neither
can Secretary Eaton bo supposed to tiave shak
en off his unlive Innrishnexs.—The Sentinel
takes great honor to itself dial it has n. ver el
periuncsd similar treatment. Its tise protects ^
it. Who would think of liurmmg a toothless ,
infant when it essays to bite *
117* There is a newspaper in Maine, called
" Tie Canal of Intelligence " In this ago of
improvement, we may shortly expert to hear of
Tke Rail Rond Mercury, and I'he Turnpike
MARK 1.15.
There is no change m t e piire of Wheat, i,
still brings 75 cents. | l >ur was a little low 1
the latter part of hist week, and not so much in
demand. It was selling from #1 to $1 12 12.
Pork it seeding at $5. There are seven 01
eight hundred hogs now in market.
|u Tobacco there is little doing, some new
sold 011 Saturday from tjtfl HO > $1 50.
\t a numerous nice ling of thu citizens of BimI
fiord county, held at (he court house, in the town
<*f Liberty, on Monday the 23d day of Novt-m
b«*r, 1829, being the first day of the q uulerly
term, pmsunnl to pubic notice, foi the purpose
of laking into romndera' ion the propriety of in
structing the delegation in Convention from
fjii* district, upon the subject of the basis of rep
re w potation 10 the Legislature of this Common
I be object of this meeting was hriellv ex
plained by Mi. Robert Campbell. Whereupon,
C01' David 8aund*»rs was called to the Chair,
and Joseph Wilson appointed Secretary.
Ou motion, the Chair proceeded to appoint
the following gentlemen to report resolutions
for (fie consideration of this meeting, to wit ;—
Win. tlaxlford, Benjamin A Donald, Robert
Campbell, Win. Cook, John F. Sale, Samuel
llaucocN, Lodowick McDaniel and Mamball
(ones, who, after retiring 11 short tune, reported
Hie foi lot tt»g resolutions :
“Resolved, As the opinion of thin meeting,
that the great and primary objects of eyerv well
regulated rs*|»rr#enUtive govern merit should he
the protection of persons and property, and that
in fixing tin? bans of representation, regard
should he had as well to taxation as popula'ion.
Resolved. That our delegates in Convention
he instructed to use their host exertion to fix
the basis of r 'presentation in the most numer
ous branch of the Legislature 011 population
and taxation combined.
Resolved, That JohnM. Holt, Lanrisfon If.
Sale, Samuel Griffin. Lodowick McD.iii cI,
Richard Davis, Willinm Cook, Lewis Wing
field, William L Graham, Henry M Moseley,
Nicholas Robertson, Thomas V. Mitchell, John
F. Snl*4 and John C. Nor 11 he appointed 11* te
.ceive the signatures of *4»ch of the freeholders
o*4 Ibis county as may d**snt: to mute in an in
btruciion pursuant to the foregoing resolution*.
The meeting was then address* d l»v Messrs.
Jofrn F. Sale, Win. Radford and William L.
Gog gin in support of the resolutions, and by
Mr. John l). Urqubart in opposition to them,
and were adopted, four pet tons only dissenting
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meet
ing be signed by tin* (loin man and Secretary,
and transmitted to the delegates from this di.
tri-t in Convention, and a so forwarded for
publication. DAVID SAUNDERS, CiTii.
Joszrii Wilson, be'ey.
For tiie Virginmn
To the Eilitors of Ihe li'hig.
Sir.—t sec published in your paper of Ihe
l,riili ins'- a privaiM addresi.tn William Camp
hell, .lames Saunders and Samuel Cla> lor.tmee
ol the Delegates ill Convention from ihe Camp
hell District, w mien by some person who signs
himself '■ Campbell," on the subject uf two
documents, widen he says that hu has seen fur
warded to them as instructions from their con
slituents ;1n which address the writer, alter
►peaking ol the Buckingham list, says. Ilia! the
document from Campbell contains about 2<w»
persons, of which number lie undeitakes to give
the Delegates a detailed account of tlinir rela
live characler, jte. reducing the number lo 50.
and then tells those three lavorile delegates of
Ins (Mr. M -nnis not included,) that such in
structions a* Ibis, trmn such characters as
these, should have no weight with them in their
deliberations.—Who this -lr. " Campbell" wri
ter is, or what elT-ct hi. bold admonitions lo
ihem may have on their minds, in disregard
ing the instructions of their humble constitu 1
enls. is not now my purpose to enquire inlo. I
This document, as referred to from Cantpbel I
county, bears iriereal name of tbe writer here,
and that he is acquainted will every person
who signed the respectful address ; and lie
lieves, Sirs, if the document itself refei
red to had also been published in your paper,
that the public would he satisfied of Ihe fart ;
I hail he sense of a more respectable body of men
could not (with the exception nf himself) be
collectively taken in any part of the Stale. But
to fehiTnlu my prevent o^jevjt. I want tn know
frrimyftU.MtIVrtl&iftrpftbcWiiig.tbr© theme*
diuni ot your p«per, how,or by whom,or at whose
instance,it was that this pnvnte com mu ideation
from Mr. " CdtopbtU * 10 hi« Uvurfti delegates,
(pnv i r I will call i*, g« il seems to have been
directly directed to William Campbell, Jamas
Sana lore and Samml Claytor,) was put
lulu your hands lor publication, nr got into y our
paper > The writei here is a late itllucril er
ol youi’s, and shall rsprcl (under your piomne
to both \ our old am! new subscribers, 10
them a toll ami fair statement of all the pio
r.eitdtngt of ilia Convention and niaHers and
tiling* relating thetrio) to get the Information
now a«k*t'nr, and m the way required.—I will
-nil, Sirs, that I do not think that the
dottri ic laid down by tins Mr. M Ctimphtll
writer, with all bis new light and theoretical
republican principles, can avail him any thing,
even with his three worthy and lavoiite con
stitutional republican members of Convention
trnni the Camphell district, whom he lias tin*
derfakett U» strictly catechise, especially it all
the ‘JtHI assignors to the instructions should
turn out. up oi rsaitliuaii in, to he tiee white
in *n—a point now upon which it seems every
thing with these new lir;ht reformer* must
tu II.
Woi'ftt writing, let it furltier be stated for
the i itoi inah >u ot tin* people, ol the Senatorial
l>i«trict. and pirticalaily tor the miniinaiiou
ofih Mr. *' Cnm/thtll" writer, that ■••veral
other lists containing instructions fiom Camp
hell county, ave h»en sent on to all lour of
lliesi* d legates in < ’onveolion, amounting now
to upwaid* o| |.V» freehold persons, amt that
copies are still in circulation indifferent paits
ot (tio county, and will he sent on, from time
to time, as soon as any number of'con •eipienre
i* outlined—printed copies ol Convention in
struction* ar • ats t in HCtive circulation through
out the whole district lor signatures, wherchv
the sense ul tin people ot this district will
soon be known mi ihe great and iutpoituiit
subject pending hei.»ie the Convention, of for
ming the basis ot ihe new government.
AN tHJ3HlVF.lt
ft /'The Editors of the Wing are requested to
copy the above.
ft /* A variety of interesting Foreign Intelli
gence will tie found un the 4» »i page of tins
morning'* paper.
ft / The Editors of the Virginian tiller, as a
Premium, a splendid copy of the Atlantic Sou
vector, lor the best i'briihn>u Orit for the pres
ent year, to lie sent in '»> the 20th ot Deceui
\7TRGINI A -—A in Superior four! of Chau
csry, holden hi the town of Lynchburg on*
the 3 Wh oVay ol October, 1829. C hi* well Dab
oey, 1'BL
ag abut
John Ruovk, li nei Bullock Aleiattder Lig
gut mid Patrick Mathews, lute merchants and
partueii tripling under the style and i»rin of
l^gm Si M«thews, I’hos T Bmldiii in Ins
m%i» righi, and ex’ur of George Cabell, dec.
KditiiaV Cl > i» her own light, and u* admi.
of Cyrus B. Clay, dec us ci or ol Charles Clay
dec. as guardian of Clay, Charles May*,
\N in Miller, s« n. Win Crosby, Win Kadlord,
Wm li Km k* r, Robert Tinsley und Edward
l inslev, ei'ors of David Tinsley, dec. Jtdu*
Wulker, Richard Walker, Eliza I. RuJiertIPii,
Wilkins Wh'k hi, Richard G. I laden nod Simon
Miller and John Allen and Win. Galt, ei'ors
of Win. Galt, dec. Richard Anderson, Beverly
lilair and David Audenou, nierchafiis and
partuerH, trading under the style ami firm of
Anderson, Ulan iV Audeison, Ann INorvell,
Gabriel Rats oil nud Archilmhl Pleasants, trier
i chant* and partner*, trading under the style
| *ud firm of Ralston Pleasant*, Defts
J •• is cause came on this day to he Irani on
ill*'lull answers of the defeiidaulH,Joliu Walker,
Wm. Millar, Simon Miller and John Allan and
Win. Galt, ei'ors of Wm. Galt. dec. and an
eihibit, and tin* subpoenas a winded therein, on
the Lilli day ol Dec. 1828, which appeal* ro
have been duly served on ilia other defendants,
and was argued hy counsel. On consul* tut ok*
whereof, the court doth order lliat one of its
commissioners do lakM an account ol the Iruat
fund m the hill meiiti Hied, ns also ail account
of airy claim or claims which may he asserted
before him hy the defendants, or any, or eithri
1 of thain.or bv others, aguinst the Into firm of
Gall cV Bullock, in the bill mentioned, ami re
port the same to the court, with any mutters
specially stated, thought pertinent hy himself,
Ol inquired hy 'lie patties to ha *o stated.
A copy — Teste, J. WILLS, C. C.
J^ynchhurg, 23d Nov 1829 (
Tin* parte** in this cauue will lake notice,
that I have appointed l uday the fifth day of
Pebiuary nest, to commence the accounts
direr led by the foregoing order ol court, on
which day, at the hour of nine o’clock in the
morning, they aie requited to attend, together
with all others to whom the firm **f Galt sl Bul
lock may lie indebted, at my office, in this
town, with their account*, vouchers, and copies
of court papers, prepared for elamination and
settlement. JAMI.S BLNAGH, C.
Nor 30 w4w31
VIRGINIA.— At h Superior Court of Chan
cery, hidden at 11»« town of Lynchburg,
on (lie 30th day ol October, 182V. Chiswtdl
Dabney, FMf.
.9olivi.Bullock, ItniM Bullock, and John Allan,
nod Win, Gall, ex'ors. of Win Galt, dec. John
Smith, jr. ex or of Eliiaheth C'hIIhuiI, dec, John
North, ex'or of Robert Burton, dec. Ldiiha I
< lay •*» Iter own right, anti as guardian ot Caul
A Clay, Richard Walker, John Walker, and
Murray, Latham and company, Defts.
lhi* cause came on th»* day to he heard on
the hill, wi*wers of the defendant* Joint Allan
ami Wm. Galt, ex’nrs of Win. Gall, dec and
John Smith, jr. ex’or of Elizabeth Calland,
tier an exhi if. the subpoena awarded the»em#
on the J3iti day ol December, J82N, which ap.
pear* to have been duly nerved on the defend,
ant*, John R tdock. Janie* Birllnck, John North,
Ldiiha I. Clay, Richard Walker and John
Walker, and tlie order of publication again*!
the defendant*, Murray, Latham anti company,
of til© 6th day ot January, 182V, which appeal*
to have been duly published, and was argued
by counsel. On contideral ion wtieieof, the
Court doth older that one of it* cnfftomsioners
dn take ari account ot the trust lend in the bdl
mentioned, a* alio an account of any claim or
claim* which may be asserted before him by
the defendant* or any of them, or by others,
against tile late firm of Galt, Bullock U Co. in |
the bill mentioned, and repoi I the name to the I
Court with any matter* specially stated, l
the tight pertinent by himself, or raifuirtd by
me partial to be so stated. 'j
A copy—Teste, J WILLS* C. C.
Lynchburg. 23d Nov. 182V. S
The parties Ml this causa will take notice, ,
that I have appointed Wednesday the 3d day
of Feb. next to commence the accounts directed
by the foregoing order of court, on which day,
hi the hour of nine o’clock in the morning, they
are requested to attend, together with all oth
ers to whom the late firm of Galt, Bullock 6l Co.
may be indebted, at my office, in this town,
with their accounts, vouchers and copies of
court papers, prepaied lor examine! ion ami ■
settlement. JAMES BENAGII. C.
Nov. 30 w4w.3|
Premium White \ieiu\.
rofOtV opening « »npply of Premium
J While Lend, in Oil. Aluo, i> large supply
of while Oil, N». J. lo,«iher .villi «ve
ry oilier color In Oil, •"'l dry, all of which Hi e
oir.TBlf HI the I IV•*« pl lt**..
K»v 30
11 >" Wo learn that Cnlo'nU Mnimt, ei</- H;»g
migoed his sea* in the Contention, and U<st
the remaining IMegution ha »e appointed Snm
nrl Branch, e»q, of Buckingham, to supply the
HirUmnni ISov 20.—YV# cannot yet cor.
grttUilatu the l* oplr, on their Represent ativs*
being tn v if*lit nl land. I lie apportionment ol
Representation if not decided. No question
is yet taken, which chalk* out the cunt to of tba
s'unveil'ion • — Ah food at the Night ol Suffrage
bad been disposed of, fur u lima, on Tuesday,
illn propositions lot the basis of Representation
were taken up.
The elective Franchise is pretty much tlm
tame with that Which has been proposed by itte
Resolution ol the l.egi-ftnliva t oinnittte. . It
has tiitdcfumu* some modification, but not mg.
toriiilly affeetiug i,s provisions. The provisoes
for detei mining the money value of ilio Free
bold, and requiring five years residence ol the
citizens of other blurs, him qualification for
file mrciitt of thu right of sulT. age, have been
sit it:ken out.
Some over tare* have been mado f<»r n com
promise .u to the Basis of Representation.—
Alt . Scott's plan of the White Basil in toe II
off), and hi.ro//o»i in the Senate wits rejected
on Tuesday—Mr. I'lensant's plan of the white
basis ill the Senate, and the ledfial batik ns the
Senate, was also discussed —Mr. I“a proposition
to fill ilie bl.ui* (the number of Senulois) with
I W was rejected.—Other nemhers wei a then
I suggested—as .42, tri, 24—and yesterday, Mr.
Rayly proposed 40, Mr. Upshur from (lie /.ns
fern Shorn declared that lie would not bn si t*
mliedwith less than 3(1 Senators —Mr. Bald
i vvin ((icyuttd the HiU/t) proposed yeateidnv the
scheme lor " a fair, open, manly ami liono able
com pi oniiss* ' which lie hail prissedoo 1 lmr-«d.iy
upon (mill parlies,in iIn- most manly .V emphatic
'mm. Ills scheme comnidti* with Mr. I*'V—Air.
iioidnu from t fie Muldlt counh v laid a scheme
upuii the lit Me, winch w as founded on no pane
culm ba.i-', anil disclnlmml nil gaueiaiiiies,
giving tin* country L ist til the Ridge a ntsjoi i*
ty of 20 l>- IcgNfes, nut ol 120, and a majority
of 4 Sen at oi s out of 24, beyond Ilia couotiy
j West oftlie Aloiinlaiii — Mi. ti, did not explain
to the ( oininutuc the eleim ms ol bis culcota
• ion ; but he assigned as oiih advantage of the
ai iHiigemunlf of hit plan, that it would Iih <<
much respect for the present county line* Mi. i
l.jciuts apnliu ol a schema which he bud in con
luoiplation, calculated, as bo Imped, to give
satisfaction.—Nothing, however, is yot d ue
with these sevtyal pro/refs—and nlfliougli we
have (oruieil sonic conjm tare as to the probable
issue of (he mutter, it teems to bu premature in
I etprsii it,
Yssierday. the CoinnnHe# proceeded to pu*»
'biough the n iimiMinjcr resolutions of the l.c< s
Iiit»ve t 'urniniiti t^ with two exceptions* I hey
weie all adopted without any amendment, *i
cept one, touching the then voce iwule of el< c
lion. Various attempts war* umd* to (noddy
tha others i hut they resulted only in calling
forth some interesting dlicossion. The propose
lion for mlmifiing Minister* of Religion to sen's
in the Legislature, particularly, gave rise to an
animated, though Imef Pehaiu. In trutli, tin*
Convention seem* to he getliog toed of long,
set •predict—and business is uow taking lbe
place of deheUu (
Hy the ariival «i Roilon on Saturday, of the
packet nIi ip, lloaton from Liverpool, Live.pool
Paper* of tin* 23d, and London to I li«s 22d all
tiu v»» been t reived.
Iiik F**r.— Various particulars respecting
llie ireaty of Adnaimple are detailed in tin*
Prussian &f|ita ftar.efto. An urn le from li ucli
a rest states tbsi ibn Turkish cities on the leli
bank of the Danube are to be incorporated with
ihn Principalities, III which no Mahometan will
be permitted fn reside. Such tMuhniiintuiis as
possess landed props* ty in Wallar.hiw and M»d
davia will inf allowed lH inoutbs. All tUo Is
lands at the mouth of llin Danube, it is mud
are to be ceded to Russia.
The Paris ('onifiiMtiunnel of Oct. Id, say*
(li at the Luglish and French Ambassadors have
reinoiiit titled against the treaty of Sep. 14. It {
add t that on tlie lWth, the Snllan had uni hum.
tioned the treaty ; and (hat Nicholas will pm.
hably inndity the conditions prescribed by bis
General. " One circuntsiance might rekindle
war in those countries—the disobedience of the
Pachas—hy which Kngland may profit, to
annoy the Russians.M
The Liverpool Courier contradicts the report
ol Sir Hudson Lowe's decease.
Mi M Lane, the American Minister, had a
long conlorcnce wills the Lari of Aberdeen,
Oct. 10.
Li v» a poor. Maiakk r, Oct. 20.
Our grain markets arr declining. New Irish
client in selling to day at 7s 6d per. 7b lbs.
22d Oct.—On iha'itMh we addressed you
by thin vessel, silica which the leeling is nol so
good tor cotton, and we have not been able to
go on with sales at the prices then quoted.
IIiih being f ontrary to the general expectation
of holders, they now show more disposition to
accept offers, that fhey had previously decliu*
We think now liter** are evident lymph ms
of the late brink ness in the market shortly (ol*
lowing by a calm. The neti advices from
your sub* are expected with some anxiety.
f’otiy KirriAPr.K, Oct. 20.—At flu* day's
(i)Mikel the demand for new wheal wa«nuiitcd,
and prices 3d a 4d lower ; and those ul old
nearly ns much.
Lonikin Maiikki, Oct. 21.
Tobacco—There are few sales of any extent
lo report. 1 here is mors inquiry after tohac*
co this afternoon ; about 70 lihds middling
Virginia are taken for ex port at 34 h 334 d.
AlAltlUKI), mi llir mih iiisl. Iiy |||« R(.»,
Imlmrl livliml Mr. TIIOVI W WAITS o
Mil of f'liiiiiibrlt rminly.
^■1 UK atthseriher take* ihf* method lain-)
M. loim the public that he has commenced
Coach-Making liusiness,
Opposite Ihe Western Hotel, Lynchburg, where
lie intends keeping on hand, and tViauul'actur
ing 'o order, Carriages of every description, ul
Ihe lowest New York prices,
.full received from New Yolk, anil lorsule, two
Varrouchee Carriages, superior quality, excel,
lent tor family use, and one London Buggy,
new style, an elegant article. Those who wish
to purchase aie particularly invited to cdUanil'
examine the work for thrmselvra, as he feels
confident it will recommend Itself.
N. B. Kepaiiiug dene at Ihe shorted notice.
Nov JQ wti
* btf paid fur apprehending ami deli*
w w Vering l«» lln Nbicrilier, in lh« ciljr of
Hicbinorid, Mi Negro man JKMMV,
1*11 1)11 III lliu llionlli of May la»i—Jemmy u a
luulatie. alionl H feci k or 6 mcbeft bigli. ralher
M 'in in (oriB, and hci a lively countenance. A
Negro naiueii Jerry,who accompanied Jimmy,
having ic''lined home, hat inlnriued Me that
*hey reiiiniiii'd abuul a week al or near a \Jr.
| (ioodwiii'a, in Albemarle county, Irom thence
they Ini veiled In I.viiclilnirg, and dining bar.
j veal were employed by a Mi Pace. In AngUei
I and Seiileinber lliey w, re ttuipged gelling bar
j rcl al.ivct lor a Mi. k lanaglian, near IVnrreii j
i "U'l m r»a|ilemher ibcy wnie aurfli itcd.ami ne»i
I ly taken about two milea belo>» Warren, al
a Cooper lkho|i, brlunging |u a Mr. iiarluh-t.
leutmy ii pailmg uudei ibe .meiiinl name oi
Jar kaon. J AMK•> I.YL.K.
Noe. UO di^l
15,00 i) DOLLARS.
(iraml *'iMNotidatcd Lolutrjr,
<’I«m IN'.. IM
it>ti«drn»o in tm t iiy of \Vn(hln*liin 01
Wrdneidxy tlic '.Id dny of Doc. ltMf.
t ASM I.HI .
I IHIT.rlil JID.tKM)
I ‘t.iKIO 1
I SI.1^6
*> Ado
lu 3l*l
80 |."»0
I prifi; of fft.noa
4 ’ KMX)
6 •' 400
10 Slid
I -4 Kjo
D-nitiiJ 7t»«, mil, (Mi*, 40*, ;IO*, ,Scc *c.
, ticket* Jjfii, Mnlyri sji'J! f*j <ii ;yi 25.
To tie Unit in h giL’Hl variety i I iiiiilxr* nt
III \\ lON’8
fordid ate Office,
Where nil or-Irrl from I lie country, (i-o.t paid)
will iia duly attended to, mid tha caili paid ni
*ight mu imiti
Na*. :K» ^
(-’ling lt> Mil Virginia.
liictiinttiitl Dock Lottery,
t'in** Mo. 4,
I'o 1)0 drawn hi I lie my of Kicllin-iiiil on in
(lay the I till day ill' Itee. 122V.
nti/.i Mar.
I (Jr-onl C* opt till I* i r/.o of $ 14-.000
I lIK It)
| at 100
l SoBft
(V ItMtO
r» soo
» I'fiBW u!
»" ,1lH)
»» l*i
■it l*>
ui'tnii* 7<’«, no. . .»cm <if •• :uh. Bn Sir
Ink. i $.» . I In I vet *V» , IV a, $1 60
K r into .»i lil.W^ONS Uflicv
< I Link.
N.<v fiO
|lli. . i p i 'u'iiuj, of |< u Ituttumi,
in » * ♦» * •* I * e i I Mi nine, leroi imtifit
by if* nttn liiiiitMlion, in \ "_v Ih«i J horn in
debit'd to (tie line fit in f- nd or long ttiiml*
in*: to < niinfa, nr•-« ,<ineii «<} esfed to hi.Uh
needy puyinnii, hh Mi r«ne«otVi tfeliruie
< «i •>' •»%•*» If It will liidncii linn in ipeud the
VVmfi'i in I'lnindelpliii n rmtftidernble oil*
(Wlltf* fill I..
Nov. 30 fiti31
2 b|{. ItOfttf >■ Ull frilling In fdieg.i fhe
m v pieiim i t f fencfi in»if, nf it is linn*, fo lf»«*
citizen* of Lym liburtf • ml m v.< i'.nfy, bit tttw»f
ginfelot hi U wiedgunjiHt bn Ibe pHironnge
extended lo Imn for (In; I t* 2»» yenfa l|U
lienlfb is to fm i< stored n < (o efteble butt lo givfc
M» Midlvub d emotion fo ibe dulir a of Ini pio.‘
fe*‘l«ii CJlirtrk . v< Pi In* mnde in cnnlorimiv
fo III* reduced end »(ptnli/.rtl i Hit a agreed upon
‘•v 'b* inruliy of Lynchburg, and piibfilitd in
I M2 I
N *i a<> lie
v\j#01ICK,— Any member of the R lla c »m
<L J puny lli.it bnve not inpplied i fi nite'v* *
"iliH Unij nin, will pk-utc mil tifid > k .VIr.
Bftnjmuiri T. linn'
Nov. 30 2f
I^oft UICNT— Thai re»i
lirucv on tin* Hill, foiiiitM'ljr or
r iaI»*•• «l lay Col Wiu H J.yncu.jlrr
roniHiniiig from 7 to lOftcrrs oi IhihI,
• iihi oil in c nil eiilehl l,o' 7, H |> art ol wine1* u
well iai with clever, logelhei with wn n< «dlen
gnidan. The ffnuaea aie muonu'iv mu! nil
well adapted in the convenience of u l.iimly
I or apply lo the anbarnber.
N. ll.TheniHtrrll'er wiilin fo con'mci lui
the geiimg of .1i()U cords of Wood, near ttyi
pine*. A M W
Nov. .'10 4t
PURSUANT to h decree ihe Superior
f’ouil of ('liAiic.eiy for the Richmond dk*
til f i' ‘ ii J cr e d in iln ch»i of Owen agninat Nel
now, iln* uiidet figned uni1 a.'nil .>f il.o Rynth
hoig diHinct, will aell. at p > c auction, loi
cash, on F. (day the 1»| d ») iff miHiy, i jfO, if
fair, iluot I he neat fun day • •till rr, on ilio
preoiiica, in tin coAntv 01 • <> Geil, one inoi«i» v
of • eertiini fi >h t ol iMinf « ‘|(K'tiling one thuu
amid and eighty eight HCfi s. 1 lie ttfcK)*« liner
of bind will bo aliewn *u any o .r wiitdng to
porrliiiBe, by C«pI. Mitff < mi» wlio livei on
the ptemiai y. T. A. llU‘ OMRF, M
Nov IH). tdri
'I L
For chance* i i Hie following liai.ita me ache me
Connecticut State Lottery,
Cliiss No. 11,
(fur I lie (mnelil of the retreat of the insane >
I prute ol $10,000
1 2,;>oo
1 2000
1 1,200
1 1,022
2 1,000
4 prizes of .'jf.'nio
,r» ami
1<> ygii
1<> J6H
Uti tv* I
I •
oil*. Sl*:.
Ticket* 6nly ; Halve* $'> , i£, $1
Foi sale at HkVVSON'U Oil! e
of L ick
Where the ca»h will be paid al xiKht for <*> iScs
No*. 26
•Malaga Uvu\vpa, &c.~
Malaya lirapri. Piune* .
Eillterla, Soft Shell Almond*
bunch ffailm*,
Currant*, Citron*, Orange*
Lemon*, Palm Nut*. Cocnamii*
Jameiion'i fre*h Cracker*, direct front
Superior Lamp Oil, and n imall lo» print
Pickled Oyiterx, juit received, and fi.rmle oy
No*. 26. jj'if
liest palb Manlaihet real Uiinter Lamp
Oil. 1
tf~nms day received the above supply of rta
1L winter LAMP OIL, warranted lo be el
<|ual to any ever xeen. j
Nov. 26.
Turpentine and Fancy Soaps.
Yn|Oft SALK a very largtt iiipply of Tarpon,
li? tint and Fancy Soaps, at unmnallv for?
peter*. HO'.VEL IMYhS
Nov. B»

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