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al their contents, anJ vluthcj they inert
PZira,.h dr,traced, for fear rf the erasure
\ . tht,r reception Oy us might hue enabhhi
W make—!»• lh*' w-’u!l1 ‘"’P'y " cha,<5“ ol
,11 iritfgritjr m the Pcimun'er a. Na-b
,lt, we know u<* and whom there.
* ’ e.illnol thus Charge. But Hide is
.ling Bbuu'
„0 one hut 'he writer in the Repub
lic*,. clear up. Will he do .1 ? The
intents of the Inter which we mppot*
„|„de<l to in the 4.11 query may have been
nested to him by the w.i.er, (though
„cre are ...me .utpicjo'li marks about that lit
,„)_but il i. >«..l'<* be presumed mat the wn
(r0fihe other letter., upon whom the Nashville
jlw j, notion, to li* the authorship of our
would- hare comiounicaied hit doings
lly member ol the White-wa.lni.g Cum
ulinee,or to any "f 'heir ‘dirty panders.' How.
,hcn, we repeat, did the Republican writer not
()ly discover that letter* have been written lo
„4 at certain timel, but find out llm aulhor’s
me .(which he intimate* in Ins tir.t query
:i I,,, knows,J and the lubject matter of ins
s j H„w did he know, or what ltd him
1 i-se, that we had ‘ omitted or declined
_ certain query to suit one particular
.nation U> which (as he allege.) our kind
respondent referred ?‘ It behoove, him, a.
values hi. re.n«""ion-ifheh..s any r.-pu
M1101> value—to drnr up tins mystery. He
should b.doth to believe that ou. letter, had
,,en unfairly dealt with, either in the Nashville
post office, or on their way from the writer to
lie office—hut the blundering Nashville writer
ns given u, reason to more than lear that this ■
us been done. Any exphination w hich may
, (rivyn of this matter will he cheerfully pub-j
I died in our columns. If ni.no he made, we,
mil haee fiur opinion about it, and others
msy do likewise.
Presided Jackson’s iYto, mini General
Jscksau's Principles !—When, in 'he ordinary
"onceriu of life, we meet with a man whose
principles and practice *1 ' not harmonize, we
rutly set him down as a Jaypocriie. and trea,
I,,,, Mill! iaidM/ui*ed contempt We know no
reason why our public men, »when they act in
isimilar manlier In relaiion to great national
aleresis, should not be likewise so regarded
s id so treated. That Gen Jack ton ha. done
so, in rejecting the internal inipvoynnent lulls
passed by the Iasi Congress, is sut'ceptible of
tie clearest proof. l’lie Ednor ni the Raleigh
egisier has referred to th* Journals ol Jhj 8e
wit-, of the year 18-J, when Gen. Jacks' n »«s
Maiemberol that body, and finds the loiloiv|ng
lids :
General. Jackson voted for a bid" autlsorr ^
igthe President to cause a i » ui 10 be marked j
on from the frontier ol Mi.-souritn the confine*
Mexico, and making appr jpriHtiuiis 'here- .
►r." Iloiv very nahoiuil ! I he iiegij-u t says, *
(his road was strictly Inca in its character, 1
,.,r it could benefit no portion of the Union but
tue Western Stales, and but one or two of
rhem. 1 he mod extraordinary parted tins bn',
however, was, that 300 miles ol the road c.i
emplaied were without the limits cl the L.u «■ t
Stales, and within the territory of an o f
power, to wit, that of Mexico ! If Congress
has not the power to make toads within the
Status, «e should like to know where th. pow
t would be derived for expending lhe public
-nuiicy whim, the domains of another sove reign
power ?”
Again—Gen. Jackson voted for the bi 1 ap
propriating $150,000 fi»r the n.en't m »»l the
Cumberland (load tiom the Onto to me Mus
kingum, at Janesville.
And again — be voted for the bill author zing
a subscription of 1500 sharp* ol stock of tin
Delaware arid CbesapeaKe 1.anal Company
During the discussion of tl if bil1 ( h\< the
Register) Mr. Taswefl uuxed an additional I
section, authorizing « 3uhsciipti n on iin. pan |
“f the government of 4<»0 shares of he i) im.i! '
vamp Canal Company. After con tdemblt* ,
u'.bafe, (Ins motion was rejected, utCy ten hen
a.’ors voting fur if? adoption, among whom was ^
Andrew Jackson !”
How cao the Irieuds of th * IV .ideti! gloss ;
ovpj these inconsistencies ? And linw • an the !
people confide in him w ho h*s been guilt* of 1
them ?
ITT fhe Richmond Enquirer s ems to think
-t absurd in a literal conauuer ol the constro
l’on to support Mr. ( lay for the {'residency
u preference to (Jen. Jackson. For our own,
Y>arts, we prefer an open, frank and bold politi
* ian, whose principles may be Adverse to our
own, over one who lias no principles at all, but ,
who is the fickle slave of passion and caprice, j
Air. Clay *• carries his heart upon his sleeve"-— i
wu know wh 11 he intends to do, and if we ran* 1
not appiove, wre are thus belter prepared t<>
*W«kr| bis designs. Gen. Jackson, on the con- ;
ia:y, i# t uncertain and slippery. In short
we have uo Cu Ins judgment or his
ol/'The Enquirer predict Jbnt i‘ General
tekson is not reflected, the Uniotf /v 'I be dis
solved in ten years ! " U S.uii, also, aiu'ongtff j
the Prophets ?” We pies.mie tint old uonu7 |
*vho pin their faith to me sleeve ol Sir Oracle !
of the Enquirer, will believe this argument, j
Rut U'c cannot help our want of faith in tne .
prophetic lire ol the soothsayer. The mantle
Elijah does not grace his shoulders. It,
however, the Union can be affected by go in l
significant a circumstance as the election or
defeat ol Andrew Jackson—or, indeed, of any
n,nw—its value may be easily calculated, even
by a leas* e&pe.rt political arithmetician than
‘h. Cooper, h would not be worth preserving.
Uud the sooner it i* dissolved ttie better, it
Would say. n quantify of tukshed, at least, on
Eie subject ui the tariff and constitutional con*
structioii—•• a consummation most devoutly to
be wished.”
ID* J .line. I? (Lirclm.i, whs was reBoimnen
rii'J by Ihe President as Itegiaicr of a Land
Utfioe in Ohio, nmt unanimoutly rejected hy the
sen»tf, tills si* columns of rite Mud Machine
*uli |ll5 groa.M and lanientAliofis. How rrnrly
'heitt men, wlioae appointmnvl id oltice turned
’ 11 ot doors so many impoverished families,vrv
‘i.i ftbcts; lilt • tics*’.,tic. w „c . , btfll
brought U, ti,t,r hearlhi' by ,|,e „.fusll,
,h* ' “S,,“Hla '» '-onlii.n their i,nrnHiai(oii» •
they •hi.ii'il learn ,o piu„« lome.ul (h«
philosophy they preach.
ll-s l he Mud Machine Mvt, *• ihe ftJc,al
paper, ' ^fiy which he urn.,,,, ,he papers o,,pos
.d to Ihe r.ign of terror; >. rn lor
■natters tu hod fault with.' Wed. onl know
how this may he : h keeps |,,m pr„„y |lUly_ „
all events, t . deleud the a .uimiliation when
it* act* are deleunble, and to explain when
llsev are not. •
a J'lt Will t e seen, by the foreign new, in tins
day's paper, that the Colonial Trade question
is just where it w a. when Mr Chiu,mg died.
I ho President's Message In Congress, Ihe
secret session, and ilia law, was „ltB|y „ mog,
magnificent humbug, every way worthy ol our
tale/Hml administration 1
li_r We recommend to oil who are interest
ed in the great suhjecl ol African Colonization
(and who is not nite,esled in ,i ?) (,erii.e ihe
letter oi Capt. Sherman, descriptive of the Col
ony ol LiberIH, on our first p,ge tins morning.
—Capt S commanded the bug Liberia, which
earned emigrants to Ihe coiany about a year
since. \V„ (t'usenl. however, from the views
which Capi. S, takes of the object of the Co*
Ionization Society, m the nest to ihu Iiest para
graph of liis lelter,
H'/ieat.—There is yet no new Wheat m mar
ket, but some is contracted to t,e deliveted this
week, at Vo cents per bushel, inis p,jre i,
offered for all delivered this month. It ,,
thought the price, alter tnal, will range from
tiO to ti7 cents.
| (U’ Ceil. Jackson, it is supposed, li ft Wash
| ington city tor Tennessee, mi Saturday last
The Secretary cl War and family, leu i|,„
on the 1 llh, fur the Xjrlh ami We.t,
O’ The Gtneral Court funned a quorum in
Richmond on li.e ltiih nisi —Ten Judges were
pi -sent.
\ The reply of Miles King ty Allies Ken
deil s Report is announced in the late Norfolk
papers. We hope we shall get d it. tune lor
our nexi paper.
O* Thomas Gridin Thornton, esq Sheriff i.f
( aiuline county, was murdered a few days
egn, ami his huise ki.led, wttliiii a mile o' his
residence. .A man by ihe name uf Charles
Annua, one of ins neighbors, 1ms been arrested
mi suspicion ui ! i ing ti e perpetratui,
U” 1 i'resiiIful A<1 itma lias arrived at hii
palerual resi huiie ai l^.imcv. Ii «,eins lie
travels as imn h is he did when he was Presi
dent. Womle -fit s jut t j*- electioneering
effect ?"
I i EMS.
A company, wil l a capital of 4M),OOQ have
commenced woiking n enpper uiiiie, discovered
leu ye,ii, »,.iie, near Sing Sing, mi ihe eas'
bank of me iluisuii.il .1 r iimii lo.t yards east
■fl ic New York S .lie Prison.
The Salem Gageile mentions iliat a special
session ol tin Supreme Court will he hell m
lhal town "ii Jut. iay, idili July, lor liie trial
• it the p, rs jih aecusert of the murder of All
White. All the Judges will attend, and a law
just ga, ed by the Massachusslts Legislature
requires both the Attorney and ihe Solicitor
Genera, io ollioale on the oceasiou.
Ihe trial ol Daniel, a slave, belonging to Ii"
heit G Sc lit, P.sq of Richmond, lor ihe mm
her ol lain' Drummond, a while Ilian, closed
•mi Saunlay week, before the Hustings Court
• •I Unit tit) "cl 5 days coniiriuaiice. The
court found him guilty' A motion lm a new
ii ial sa- then (H ide u hicli was argued on Moo
day morning, aim overruled hr die court. Da
mrl w;t» ihtn sentenced Ij be hung on Friday
me TOih ol July.
Thu hist Augusta (Geo.' Courier sfat's flint
. f* urn ill ilia, (pinner was hi »ilk, and musk
,i»ul nau r mt:iu is iu market
1 he Mount Holly Jiachelor't Club have a
grieii to *cur black crape &ailer>, in coast*.
tjiief.ee ol ilie secretary of tueir Association
t,n*iug act i lenially committed matrimony
A •*»■£♦* black Kagle, mtHMiring Irmn T to S
irei iM iwcen tlie end of hi" imu lakeii
alive a few days since, iic.u iVnrceiler, Mugs
m a trap constructed to take wild pigeons, and
is now being etliibifcu at uiu Museum, tu Pin
videocc, lUiwde (sirisd.
1 fie ship Alary, (’apt. Welsh, from Calcutta,
arrived at Pinladelphiu, baa two elephant* on
hoard—a dam and tier vuuug one i he latter
Was iiuintd on the parang**. and is plavttil as
a kitten.—*A rhinoceros vshicli Capi Weisdi
was bunging out with fum. died when the
vessel whs rounding the Capeot Go »d Hope.
A laf«* F.nglisfl papei says, the most effectual
method ol Killing a cut, bmise or burn is by
applying lilt* iusiti** coating of the shell ot a
raw egg. i».c u-oijl surface* must be laid on
the \\ ound.
The Philadelphia United Slates Gazette of
l!ie loth no t. say> .— t he whole nor: hern pa: t
of (he lira ails was lighted up last evening with
a brilliant Aurora, surmounted by a while va
pory arch. Such was the brightness ot the
visitor, that it caused an alarm ol flic.
Tlie N. York Americiin of the 12th. say •— We
are called upon to announce the awfully sudden
death of Lemuel Smith, L?q. the corporation
at form >. He c spired tin* m i mug vvtule ill l he
art of pleading a c.iuae mi one ot the Maid
Courts hi the city.
An African Temperance Society ha* ben
formed in I’lultltklphirt. At the fir»i meeting,
gOO joined.
C.*r^en peas were sold in London on the
2Utli of Apnl, M/ire gui/uar pei quart.
J be iPifnessee paper* complain of Ihe e*~
(•ps«ivt> draught »>l Ilm No teuton
«jr.ee ihff settlement of ihitl section of country
„ thought. has been so i(.y. 1 lie vegetation
ami crops hut* t'. pil much itijnred, ami Hie ri
,er ha- beeii lor a long lime “"fit for steamboat
I he expenses for the support ol the poor In
the city Ol New York during the past year, a
mounted to l,»' ' !
The Western Monthly Review, edited bv Mr.
Flint, at Cincinnati. •* betealier to be issued
quarterly, under Ihe name ol the Western Quar
terly Review,
An extraordinary «nt) hbtn'jle event recently
look place at Farts. Mademoiselle V-- ha'I
suffered severely and lont? Irom a pultaonaty
complaint which had been pronounced by her
medical advisers likely to terminate in death
« lew days. I he oldest of her three brothers
a l’rofessor atoneoflhe principal Colleges,
1,vet whelmed at the sight ol the protracted suf
ferities of a sister whom be tenderly loved, ter
med a resolution to put an end 10 litem al mice,
and with Ibis wild iden. went to the house oI
net- parents, killed her with a pi»'«l shut, ami
| Hed 11c tell a iettcr bebtud, announcing thut
when it should be opened be would no longer
* t Hilrp,, a»» that be tingoi to till*
r,ed with hit toner. a t’evv hours afterwards his
|».uenn received m».-||igr„r.e of hi* having
• tt if red the lions'* of n tin u<t, where he #*ii •
I luted III* purpose by blowing out hit brains.
Mr Kly, nn American citiaen. ha« invented a
o'*w iniidu ot circulating advertueinens about
• all* ' ll consist! of a square l»u« on wilt el* ;
f!,e *idt > are covered wiili adverloeiiit Ml,
protected by glass, and the carriage* air
tU H*'» »he cits. len of these ttavelhng
fozeHe* are alt eady In operation, and eight
. more will soon be ready.
It has been emeted by the Legislature of
( onnecticut, that ho pertmt w ho believe* in »
| Supreme Being, shall, on account of hi» re
ligious opinion, he adjudged uu imcompe.
'witii**s» by any court of Judicature in that
■'»aie ns hat heretofore been done with ip
, gard to Univeisnliiis X hi* is a liberal enact*
mi nt, *ud wuitby of the spirit ol ihe limea.
At Njrfulk, on the Bih intt. a mulatto bov,
named due; about It) ytaiiage, belonging to
Madame Adtle, having been guilty id eunn
• ’elmqii* noy, In* iiiisire* allatupted 10 chastise
him. vs (ten ha broke away fruiu Iter, tan down
to ihe river und drowned himself, be lore any
etfjrl could be made to prevent it
Chai les Ftntou Mercer haw been reeb»te<J
President ol the Chesapeake an I Obi* Canal
Company. 1 lit* vote stood itiui Pur Meicer,
ir.BSd tor i vm John Hmlgtus 3.iVI| l be old
Directors, in wn : Messrs. Walter binitb, Pniu*
eus Jtimpv Peter L»*iioi, Joseph kmii. An
drew biewart und 1'iederick Miy were re cl
'■ - 1 - --■-■WMLLim?
C OM M L S 1C ATIO.N N — tor iUe Kir^iAis*. j
i'tiine observations on tin temperature of the
aimoyiittrc, since the In of Jtinuun/of the
current year, Iti the present time.
In tile former pail ol Ihe in mill of January,
llm weather was very temperate, Ihe ineuury
j troii. <Wlo 3^ in the therim.inei. i,
j I ruin this lime until the 8th LVI. n ..j
| I"etly col.!, al which lime, al 7 o'clock in ihe
| "bulling, (he mercury stood,si 15^—11 n, alitile
I uxiraoi dinars I tun al this lime (lie cult! in ihe
f nnnti of Europe was excessive : in several
| iiistaucea in Jt'rauce, persons were frozen io
| tlgalh.— I brough the inomli of March, ihe
incicuiv ranged Irom 4b In 76a—which is
summer heal. In April, on Easier Monday,
( Mill.) inoryiiry aloud Ml 7li—on ihe UJd, al 1 I
o'clock, al S2-*>itlut ui 1 f. .VI al 8o'J. In ||ie
month ul May Ihe p.atiicr vei y lemperuie,
the mercury ranging from (>8 io 7 i® On the
I si of the present nnmlli, al lli M lln* mercui v
stood hi 8d—on lire Will, ai li o’clock, A- .VI. ii
stood at OO—iui the 13th, I Eli, I it/i and I'illi,
«t id M il ranged from MM to i»u» m die shade,
ami from iUd lo llo in ihe aim. Ail lilt
lorinet pari of ihe year has In en milie, wet
tban olherw isc, llimtgli no long conlinued
ruing. /•
T<> the County Court of Campbell.
fisUTLt.its.N—Ihe nnaiiimny and /, al which
mirk your measures relative to the p.,oi House ,
are an ample guara tv iu ihe public, that you
will give dial syslem a decisive :ssi. J. ,
scheme is very pnpulai thro' Ihe comity. Many
of ihe poor are looking forward wnh please.,
lo Ihe Completion of die buildings, and there
is reason lo b lieve I .al inane idle and pro)
ligate men, ai e ill sling lliem-elvrs ol (her
properly, lo quality themselves for a snug in
dent in die pilot house. i tin-, without unceas
ing vigilance and close scrutiny, sour patriotic
and lienevolenl exertioas will be subjected lo
exienai ve abuse.
t lie following fact is worth your attention ;
and Ihe gentleman who communicated it in me
stand* as hign fur honor and intelligence as
any man in die cmiiuy ;
iVol ,1 liumll'ed uiiIk xmlh nf Now London,
lives n very old nmn, who I.hs a inolhor, older |
d (i.nsilili*, limn himself, film li«« been nupnoi- |
led by Hie counlry lor Ihe heller half ol Ihe las'
> ceutui t, u he, I hough he has n little fa mi,
1 irt« whh prop, r culture would decently inainam
both, has t»ee»i so indolent and mi meaicspinl
ed. that lu-r pittance has, in a great measure,
supported him ton. He it now expressing hi*
prospects in language something like this • -'As
soon as l/iey get their houses dune, I intend to
gac my la id and ttli / it gal lo Hill, und then I
•tie uml mummy unit go tu the poor-house " A%
fM> M i e in a t knt»ly Uzy, and lie* a woodei fill fa- i
cility oi tilling stiy sort of a tale which may .
•till his interest, we may presume that he vvdl
ruuke t he attempt.
i lit re are, doubtless, many poor, destitute
Ciea uits who will fare much belter in the |
pooi-limise, than under Ihe control of worth* i
less leUtives, who devour the pittance afford
ed by «he C /ttiily, and furnish them just enough
fnod and clothing wf thn coarsest kinds l » keep
soul * rid b uly together ; fi n surely it war ne
ver intended mat the idle end abandoned should
laid it an a$) lain of lazy luxury. JABKZ.
-» ■- - -
MARRl RIR #oi» the ldib iust. by thn Rev
Nicholas H Cobbs, Mi. HRNKV 1. DAVlk4?,
i * Min AUARI.N K, daughter ol Mr# R.imuud
Cobbs, all oi Bedford.
-, on the same evening, by the Rev.
I h . b.mine. Philips, Mr. J A Ml N ( \i\1PUkhh,
oi Bed I oi'd, iu M .** 1 A III \ltlNk ( . HAKJ.,
ol tins place.
--, on Sunday tin rning the J.'jth iMat.
by Hie lit V. .John Ravins, Mr JOHN RU'j.
>1 R, to Mi** .1 A N K OR A A*N, daughter oflt'e
late i'leuiiiioig H. OuiiCan, deceased, all of
Amiiei st.
————, ill Mrs. Sarah Chappel’s.by the Rev. ;
l h Mims Jeter, Mr. HK.MiV 1. PR.MILK - j
ION, of Amfieisi, io Miss SARAH A.N.V
I'.kr..'*! . ol Charlotte.
-——-t at the seme time ami piece, by the
same, Mr WAR bll AlU'k, to Mrs, RUCt
•• ihe* garden was* a wilderness ’till woman
mu led."
OB IT i; Ait Y.
OlKl), on Hip I Ith insf. hi Iiis residence ifi !
Frnnklm county, Mr. C UMtAU HK l '/t, I*. M
ill I'ayiur's Store, in I tie 77<h year ul tint age,
|jp was horn in Get many, in the year 1754. In 1
ti!p % •■:»r 177t>, he came with Count Monop in
America, tiding one ol the sold iris «• id I*y th**
I'rnice of ii. lo a«*ut the kin# ol Great (
HntMiii, in I*h ah n tifp attempt to subjugate the
Colonics, lie continued with Hip l»uti»li army.
untier Hip command ol lloive and Clinton,
tmtil within a lew days previous to the battle
ol Monmouth, wiipii, being distalislied with
Hip service, ami not deeming it proper to com
bat against lho<e who wp.e fighting for the
dearest ri*;li*s of man, he withdrew, and went
to IV.iri-v Ivania, where he inarriad. In I 7HH,
he emigrated to ilie^fale ol Vn#mm, and net
tied in Franklin county, where he continued
to discharge every duty attached lo Ins station
in the mo«l eieiiiplary manner, until the time
ol his death. On the It h instant, hr was, wp- .
patently enjoying good health, and, on the
alien.oon ol that day, walked to Hie hou.e ol
one ol hi« neighbor!. While there, aod enga
ged m cheertul conversation, he received a
paraly lie stroke, and never spake more. He
survived the shock about forty eight hours,
| when he quietly resigned bis soul to God. In
1 '.Jcitth °t this amiable old man, his family
! ntnl ntfi jhi.Vf^ucti bare sustained a loss, not
[Easily to be repair. J. 'is *«£ n Itudtr hus
band, a kind lallier. a good i.eigbiior, U a con
Msieiit friend. lie was beloved by almost all
>vbu knew him, and mostly lho,e who knew
him best , n, Oligbl be testified by tlie tearful
countenances of the many *i«ilers. whu sur
rounded bis dying bed. He lias left hii aged
wile and numerous offspring, to mourn orer
bis sudden and um ipected departure ; but
they mourn ool as thosb wllO ar« btreff f)|
He tUJ r,.r nUtnv >«nr< bp n a tliii mg
ornament Of the Ujnknril t.hutclt, anil lor
•o neI line *prr»unia t> hit Heath, eiprr.rd a
di'ttre In he tidnntri fiom the letin i4> anil
pm pleiiirrt of lint vorhl, that he might go tu
real III the bntnm n hit Gml " lileited are
Ihe ileail which dir imhe Lord from hrm i lurih,
tea, taith t he apiril. that they may rni trnm
lllfit lah.irt , and their work-. do follow them "
— — —", in the 7 I i7t»’er of hit age, hi Iiii
irtidi ncc ill the Cuillily ol line kinghain. mi
Tneiilay the fllli mit WILLIAM WF UK, ben
alter a protracted ami painful illneaa, wlurli lie
hnre with rteinpl.ui fortitude and Cliriatian
I ke irtigiiaiinn. M'. Wehb wat a auldier of
llie reyitlultno. h into of nniidliad repniatmo,
a iri.pri.li il mill higliy lalnahlr ciliaen, a (mid
and indulgent husbuiJ, and father, and hu
mane mauler. Ilr mu lelt a large family In
•■njny the alutrt■ ia>icr of lira earlhlv lilettmgt,
and to ni'itiru llteo ureparabla Iota, wltiiat tr it
fart tn ptcimne tha hr. spirit it now tiogiiig
the tong of triumph annul,I Ihe thrmie ol linn,
tu uliey whose mil hrlelt I Ills world.
jjXf OT|(T. —All imom indebted in die r<
AJ Uff of Ihvitl (.'rentfiatv , dm aitthcieby
required to mmU umarluif p it mi* ut ni imlnl.
q«*m «• cannot be pmn ; mi l all peikona bavin*
■ claim* again*! Ibr mud estate will bring them
foi‘♦Mrd duly iimiIiim*oafed fm payment. ] lu«
noiir.i* will be plead in bar of all »ucl» claim* ms
nr# not presented in «.r Indore the 1st day nt
Noveintiei ntii. I In «nb»n ibem have ti.e entirt)
■•ell lament of the .»r« mints id ilie line firm of
rurktun u Cren*l»ii'v.
>W\l. I? KKNSII \\V,
WILLI \M AIK \D. Kiora. ni
I Id»id Ctmthaw, ditu.
June SI 21
]k\f 0 I If I .. - I hereby loitvtin dll persons
A J from 11h<Iinfor nt Inking 'in alignment
of a bond given by me l<> i apt Iain** Martin,
ifue about ( In ivtm.n norf for ill* mum of fM7
*ft a* the contract for who l» tin nai f bond >tm
obtained lias not been complied itb
June 21 u
pints ApplesiT
A FEW dozen oi the above delicious fi *iif
/ M received and (or sale bv
J »•« 21
i^J I VII.S *• to caution any person from inking
‘*r trading for h bond eiponfinl f«v the
Mtictiberrf fo Ann IVtinew. tlrt'ed some ft n- in
Vlftirfi or April. 1A.IO, (or me imn *»f abotil ityu
hundred mid •ncnty three or four dollar*.
Una h.md m'Kn t*iv>u (dr KicIihcI IVlicrew s
Vgifi’V. willed her l»y her (aiher, Matthew IV
fitreiv, deed. end we find Ann IVlicrew it not
the person entitled to receive II u h ie| IVlicfe w»
estate, >111- therefore do uni intend In pay stud
hond wilhotMH receipt h inn t ho legatee* au
Hiorued to receive said le.mv.
IM A I 111 Id W IT. MERE V
Junt 21 11
WA’V .MdXl l.H/Wm Y.
rf'iHi'. Subscribers inform their ciitfnmer*
■ riiiI flo1 public generally, flint they have i
on hand an extensive assortment of HA I S of
ev»*rv desc, iption, which lot eleganca and do
rahilil} . being nmmifai lured t»v first ihIij w nk
men under their own inspection, they will ,
warrant equal to any in the State, mid * Inch |
ihey are Jeterinin»*d to sell afjonu1 v ill o.vj.ii
«••*. They therefore invite country men hauls ,
and their customers ill general to rail mill ei. {
amine this tin** assortment hefoie they pm j
chase elsrwheie All orders will be aftended
to with ihe atrirte»l punctuality, at ilia sign „( '
t tie sis Hats, three door * fiutii the M arket t loose ,
on Bank square.
ItJ* We have jimi received from Pliiladel
phiH, .1 splendid Mssortment ol Slielnietdine’•
black and white Beaver Han, l.itest fashion, .
superior to any thing of that Kind ofl\*rpd l*e
fore in this market Also, a i onsidrrable quail
ritv of Musk Hat Skins and trimming for Hals.
Couniry Hatters arc invited locail.
it l n.
June 21 3m
< 11 ICI, —By vn toe of two deeds of trusts
executed lo t .e subscriber by Martha
Layne, Sen for certain purposes therein ex
pressed, one hna itt^ date tu« 12ill day of July,
H2H. and the other bearing date the 2ft li day
of May, 1830, and duly of ipcomI in »!»'•
countv court of Catnph II, will be exposed to
sale at public auction, for ready inatiey, on
Friday the 2d day ol July next, <>n the pn mi
te* whereon the said Martha Layne, Sen. now
retries, a certain parcel or tract of land, lym
on the waters of SeneB* Creek, 9 rnil#* sonlli of
t he (Jour I house, and adjoining the lauds of
limity Brown,William D. Swiuuey and others,
and containing 137 acres, more or less — Also,
all the household and kitchen furniture, plan,
lation u'ensili, and stock of every deacription
or so much thereof a* *il? be sufficient to sat.
isly the purposes ol said deeds. A 'i*g as trus
tee the suUscriher will only cotisiy uifcti till* a*
is vested id him bv said deeds and none other.
WILLIAM CKiDKN, 1 riistee.
June 21 t is
(\ i .» rpgulur Communication of Mardial
No. illi, Hi fh• Hall in J v ih Mini g
flit* I2lh d,\y of June A L. Y-< >*' A l>. I -' I * It
was resolved iinHnimo'it'y tb&t flu** Lodge cele
l»r«> th»* Hjiproarlmig Auntvemiiry of -ii John
the Bap'ift, hy a Seinmn lo he* delivered at t
Paul i Chinch on llmf day.
The member* will uii>h at file H>|!I on the
morning of that day, precisely ai % o', lo- k, i t
the purpose of electing their officers to s< rve
for the ensuing sis mouths All Itezohir Modus,
hull} in town and country, are particularly in
vited to join us on the occasion. I key will be
received at half (out JO o'clock (or sooner tf
they think proper to attend) ai which time the
Lodge will move in procession to tha Church.
No Brother will lie permitted to join tha pro
“cession after it leavpg the Hall. Service wit*
comment e precisely nt at i i o'cloek
By order, TtJOS. McKINNK\ .JSecty•
June *21, t
Bagwell, Smith ami tlanrii.li
(Commission Merchants,
i ,1 * AVIfOi otken 3«nmel Hannah as a part
ft I ri.sr in our concern in iiiclunmfd. die Bu
siness in future w itl he conducted under the
firm of Bag vel!, Smith and I ianuati. and under
the superintendence and management of Mt.
, Hannah, in person.
j We .hall continue our Business here, and will
.. future transact a Commission Business. and
respectfully tender our services to the public in
that capacity. Advances will he tnude on pro
duce when placed in our hands, it required) .
SMITH, BAf.Wt-I.I. U Co.
f5l)i J s.o«i<4!*
^rrlROINI ^ —At a feupfrior * url of ri an
W ce* v, ho' l**n at the town of Lynchburg
•'ll »hf VI-» h il l v Of Mae IH <0.
David; liarlanrf, Wm. Walt->rt and Jnni%
Perm, late itit-tcImnU and parfnett trading un
der t hr brio oi (jarland, Walton &l Penn, and
Boyij Miller, Pltff.
James It. 1,'vtly, Lindsey Coleman, James
Powell and Matthew l ively and Philip Lively,
ex'nri. of James Lively, dec'd Jane Lively,
widow and relict of Jsinct Lively, dec’d. Rich*
ard If.n risou and Samuel lirausford. Setjeanl
ol the t'orporalion of Lynchbutg, and admr. «»f
Nicholas I lari mm, dec'd Deft*,
1 his cant* onnit! on this day to be beard t»n
•bn lull, answers <»i the deleiidants James U.
I ively. lames Powell ami lane Lively,ethihits,
•be decretal order nl the ninth day ol Septem
ber, Is Mi. which Hpprarst-' have been duly
served on the defendants Lindsev Cult in an
and Richard IfairiMiii, the order ol publication
against the defendant!, Matthew Lively and
Philip Lively, winch appears (• > have hern duly
published, mid the subpuiua awarded therein,
on iha lu st day of Juno, iHiU, which appears
to have been duly served on Ilia defendant
SahiueI Hransford, ami was argued by counsel,
on • onsideraiuiii wheicol, the emut doth nrdei
that une of the commissioners of tin* cuaii do
take an account nl iIm Milministration nl i!ie
e-tnte nl Jainen Lively, det d. and ill ike report
thereof to the court, with any matters specially
t ded, thought pertinent hy him elf oi retpui -
ctl hy the pai ties to In* in mated
A Copy- I cte, I WILLS C. C.
Lvnchbuig. 17th liitis, l8vi<> ^
the partus ih t Ins cause, will take notice,
• hail have appointed Salintlay Hie thirty first
day ol July lie if, to intiiincticc the accounts
diii fted by the foregoing older of court, oil
"hull day at the horn ol nine <*‘dock in the
lino mug, they are required to attend at my
ofllCa in town with their accounts, vouch
es and ttopiey ol court paper", pn-paied lor
eimnnialioii and sell lenient
JAMKS Rh.N AOll. <
June 21 wfw
y j A MKI I INC of thu otVin ig of j
*be I'H'* Kegimrnt will he li«-ld i
rt, ||j,, | i a it U1111 Hotel, on Wed
neiutay nrtf at 5 o'clock, I' M oil bunines* of
jficMt importance \ full inert 1114; is eurncrtly
1 erpir »trd.
June '.II.
PI'HS^IANl to h decree ofllie Superioi i
Court of Chancery, for the l.vnchhnrg j
I > lx frill, pronounced on the 16th d IV of May 1
lHdtt, in tile clone ot tjailaud H. Mitchell, sur
living partner of flic firm <>( Win. fy (1 H
Vitcltell, riaintiffV, agaiiiil NanCV Shields. Hi
laiidant .the undersigned Marshal of the shuI
Court, vvdl sell, for cash, on the pteiiiise*, in
1 he county of Amherst, on Crtduv, the Uth of
Inly. H.'JO, (if fan, if not, the negt Imii day
Iheinflcr,) a tract ot land lying in hhii; county,
i ont.lining Unite hundred actes, more or lev*,
and adjoining the land* <d H. (ienli v, Jnshna
Knckt'i, Htcloird I'oweH, dee lann* IVtite rind
ot he r.s • i A- HOBCUMBfc, Marshal
June 10
.VfOTICI -I’lir Subscriber having defer
j milled in discontinue hiMiiirs* in this
place, einneAtlv mm|ii»-his those indebted to him
(hy bond 01 otherwise,) to niake immediate
payment In Mi William I hggus, who is dhuie
HUtbonsed fo settle ilte same , and those hav
ing claiiiM, will present llitmt for adjustment.
All those indebted 10 the concern of S Si M
Allen k Co are requested to make iiumedinte
pay muni, us long* r indulgenc e cannot ho 1 v
May 3
PI I KM \ N I to tft decree of the Superior
Cooilof Chancery, for tha Lynchburg
District, pronounced on the !27'h day of May,
Jn.'hi, in a iiuiisa, I'leitgnnt Ilmen, I'laintitl,
against Ben Hunter and others, Drl'snilauii*;
the undeisigned, Marshal of the said Court,
*ill mi II, .ti < iimphell t <oirr-house, on Moodti*
liie 12th nf July, IS30, « negio mail named
Darnel, Hie properly ui Haul l*l«»n»m K >sver.
J . \ liUM'OMBK, Marshal.
Jum II iftds
“ ViVcry Vick a n
HKWSO.V3 Ol'KIt'K, /
Litter dmrg , Jitiim Id, IS.Ji) ^
utmi> \*vv&
\'os ll'l *2& l‘* a Capital I’h/.h of 1.0(H) Dullm i
wfli Mild at /turnou t mout fnlunate oHic*, m
the I mioii ( ionI hullery, ami dir ravh paid lot
the Maine — adveiilmit# ilinuld lute iio liiut hi
venting (he r (’anil in I'uUciv at the " Outfir.it
I’nlar*," IVterilmnr. I he tinnm r ol Luck ih
waving It i mil/ hantly " mail bi^h" rewut mil
th** miiiih'H wi im* fKuldritt." Sem* your orders
ho pi ncm ho (Ii w ith io
11 CSV .*dj\ most Hifoninhinr
(JlRct? ol Lurk.
Sycamore Street, fVtenthurg V«».
Where tin* Cran I ( upilal l*n/r of j(-!0,t»00
whk mild and paid a thoit tune hiiich.
June IT.
50 .YlAUlOV.h Wanted.
y|^f|h suh.rnher wi*lten to purriinm* about
.M. fi11y likely \ oting NMiKOKS. I prelei
l Im ill to In* inoitly young mm of good chariic.
let , I m VI til' ti lot* lllg lo ti CH»h pi l< ♦* will In* gi v
At Wfllhiliglon i Intel.
Jlttl*' J7. tl(H
1 ItKNCJI \MH.\ il.h I
CXCttUCtU&&3* AU-'
•a'o A opening •» lari'* and beautiful mipply I
*t 1 iruch and Lngli.h Chemical*, dkc.
v r.i
Suln • • »»l Quinine
li» Khytmrh
Do Morphine
| ■ • 1
l>a d > III solution
Kuiei inf*
‘Mri- Ii niua
I odyne
I iydrioiJuie Potasli j
V mail me
iii acme
< >i 1 Vm fie he Bean*
Oil Violet* i
| Oil Ceilret
I OP Jerfteifitn*
| Bird Lime
j (Jhlotiue Jo of lie gndr
iniellin^ Bnttlei, n
'plemfni Aggoriiiieut
infract Valerian
Do Sarsaparilla
[)xidn Bismuth
i)ii (i.irdi'i) Lavi ndrr
Ulirarn hum*
Darh \iiHHori< a
i.nj. flu Com mil <lrd4
Drop Lake
Pink and rul'd Saucer*
P iciuie Varnish
i-Iom.-J Flacoiu
\'*ic< in** Virti•
1 uhrs and Bu(llr$
Lunar ( analic
lUialann Kout
Oxide Stannum
S«igar-Haii»nn*i *
I Pi iming Flasks
Salvator irs
Pretfton's and («o Ifrey'
genuine iinpoiled tuici*
ling Sails
Mulches in huifs
1 U*lcj'• concentrated Essence of .lauiucH Gin
per, for Gout, Nervous Complaints, Kliei»
inatiaui, Paulsey, ifC.
Manlier, Weaver and Mattder'a^Seidlita Pow
Robinson » Patent Barley (new article) in predd
i use in London and Parts and in our northern
| cine*. 3UWEE DAVIES.
| April 91
liU.M AYUlttVAJ, &t.
jrn|||5 ,|ay the subseviber is recevinp for sale
' A a' tha lowest pricea. a supply of Gum Ara
bic, Roll Brim-lone and 0*alic Acid.
Juue ^
* 'fHUPflA -Al« Hperigf Caarl OtCfltA
w ary, IioMfb ,i »hf io«n«r Lyact>b«rf
lh. .’.O'li day ul May. Ift.'j'l
Ari hi'iald Hi>b*rl>un, .Samuel l(*ad, ti Boyd
Mithr, 111. iMalchanla and |miinaia, Imthug
Iimli-r tbe flrm of Arclia'ialri Knlirrlinn At Cv.
Ar.'hi'iald nolmriian, B»yd Millar, U'lijana
< l<il«a and A|*nra hi. Fllfa.
Rfhnfca Ruckfr, w'dow and mlicl of Anlhc
nv llnrker, ilacJ Aimer Rucker, Arinitlrad
Hurkef, Alianl. iu ll.icker, Marlin l.omlun and
Anil li Ilia wife, Anll.nny Murker, Jr and Me*
hei en |j, hit wifi, Nnnry Shielilv, aitmn, Bf
VVidiaai Kaila, ilerd. nnd in her own njrlil, Var
land Hirlirat.ii, William A. Wicheann, John
Hii lira.ii, Kebeecn Hmheaun. Jnnr Hiehaaon,
Mary I. H i htmin, Varilla R,< hefnn, and Jet *
, Hichesou, Hie hist H infant', under tbe eg* of
I went) tiitr yritrt, by Commissioner K*ti*gt>,
• I»e« i i ly assigned th*ir guardian. Lindsey Cog*
bill eiul Ann lilt a* de, Amelia (Jregoiy, Jess*
Kichesoil, fldmr. wit It the will aiinei.’il nf Alt
Ihtiiiy (linker, ilertl. Ambrose Kunket and f|p|,
suit (. D*\v*nn, mom. o| • nfl Anthony Ruck*
er, deed. Benjamin Norvell, Mm. nl Spent if
ftm veil, deni. Benjamin Taliaferro, shantr of
the county of Amhnrsf, and admrf of Kliatr
Wills, deed Richard II liurks, John UullorK
and James Bollock, surviving partners of(»,ti<
Ilellock Ac Co. Cliiswell Dabney, Samuel Gm,
land, George W. Turner, |Kn hard Hoiks, V\ < .
limn She tun nod Arthur II. Davies. D*<»<
Una tmi*H came on (hit day in tie heard «»o
I lie bill, answer* of I he delnminnlN Variant!
Richeson, William A. Richeson, lohn Richeson
Kibaeei Richeson, Jane Kichetun. Mary i
Kiehetmn, Vaiilla Hithuon, Jesse Richeson,
Jesse Kiclifsnn, ndmr. svtih ttie will Hun*t*4
nl Anthony lluckar, deed John Bullock, end
fame* Itullock, eyhthifs, the decretal order of
tilm *is11) il.iy »if November, 1H2G, w' .ch ap.
peirs to have been duly served on the defer!
Hants iu hi'ccft Rucker, Ab-ohm Rocker, An*
ihnny Kicker, Jr and Rebecca li his yfife,
\mi v bhicIds, Liu«|sey Cnghilt and Arm hP*
wile, Nelson <* Dawson, ttprtiuar Noffell, Kb*
as Wills, Aimlin Gregory, Amhiulr Kucher.
< hiswell Dabney, Samuel Garland and Gao'gn
VV iiirnvr, (he orders of publication i*
gainst Hi* defitpdnnls Abner Kuiker Ariftiftfed
Rocker, llicbard II. Burks, Richard Burks an A
Martin I union nu<\ Ann K Ins wile, of fh
tnnili day ol June, IH.’O and I In* font til day
June, Idi7,which appeal to have been duly put*
litdied, and (he mibpiQn.i atvnr led therein on*
lhe lO'hdnyid June, lfct‘26, which appeals m
Inive been duly seived mi (he defend.mis At
thin If. Davies nnd William Shejtou, mid eat
wi mie11 by i (iiinsel, on consider idinn where jf,
'bit court doth order ihai one of its join mission
i'll do lake mii account ol the ndiiiiniiliaiioii of
the esinie of Anthony Kuoker, deed and report
tin same to the court with any mailers specially
staled, ilioughi pertinent by himself or requited
by the panics Ui lis so slated.
A Copy 1 estp, J. WILLS, C C
I, v m tillin g. 17th June, jHiith y
III* panics in thi* cause, will lake nuiicer
lhai | have rppnuited Tuesday (lie twenty srv
eutli day ol July lit it, to commence lint er
counts direr ted tiy the hot going order ul com I,
no whir h day »' the limn id nine,o’cloi k in th«
morning they are itpiiiml lo alteiid at my
«• Hii-r in this town with Hieir accounts, vouch
ere and ntjac* nf Cuufl papeis prepared f*i#r
eiMiiiinatfun nnd settlement.
Jiiiih2I %vd‘v
I lit • I NI A — V f t» Hti|isiinr ( mui of i. lim
iirty, hidden hi ilia lowii of Lynchburg
on the L!*4fI» ol \1h%, IHMtt
Aimer Wnugh, i booms Waugh, Jt Alex.in*
«lei Waugh, bully Waugh, Samuel L- VVilliitmw
•iiid Klr/a hath ills wile, J.»sc Harman arid
KisnCfi hi* wife, Pltfx.
*9Nm bolus Waugh h, Hodrn k Waugh, aitmfi
of I hoiiiti* Wnugh, dec’ll- Hii'l in their own
rights, Maty Waugh, ml mi. of .laiuet Wnugh,
deed Isabella Waugh, admr. of Kdw'Hld
Waugh dec’ll Pembroke ll, Waugh, only child
ol l‘.dwmd Waugh, dsc'd. an irtlanl by Com*
hiinhioim‘1 llensgh, specially assigned ln« guai
•ban, I rancis Waugh. widow of I hos. Waiig4>,
dec d Williatn Ar'utislaad. adryt’f. de horns non
of Janies Waugh, tfeu’if. and Thome*, Judith,
James and William Waugh, infant clnldieii of
Janie* Waugh, dee,’d by Commissioner Ifenagh,
specially assigned their guardian, arid Uohi
Waut'h, Joseph llulchatou andJinsny hit wife,
late Jmsey Waugh, I'rance* Waugh, Santm
Howartl anil Hosannah hnwife, late Stummali
Waugh, am) Henry Waugh, childteu and leg**
Ires of Henry Waugh, dat'd. Halts
tins cause qaina on fins day folia heard on
the fulls, answers »|f ths defendants, Nichols*
W augh, Kudrin k Waugh, Mhi y Waugh, Isa
bella VV augli, Pembroke K- Wnugh, |>'ih nr if
Waugh, William Aiiiiistend, Tlioinn* Wan kV
Judith VV augli, Janies Waugh rind Wdligfli
Waugh, llio sub|iiriifl awarded therein un tie
fitili day of Jiiuuary, lH/9, to answer the a
mended hill, which appear* fo hate been duly
served on tl»e defendant Isabella Waugh, the
order of publication against the deleodanis
flora Waugh, Joseph Hutcheson and Jirttay
his wife, I rutit iii Waugh, Samuel l!nw*id fine.
Susniiriah t»is wife, and Henry Waugh, of tin
ser ond day of November, fHiW, which appeal*,
to have beyn duly nublished, exhibits rind «?x
• iiiiitafloilM of witriesiy*. mid wits niguetl 9*y
counsel, on consideration whereof, the cudit
d'lth order tfiaf fhe defemianfs Nicholas Wnugh
mid Ibidem U Waugh, ieiuier ait - account of
tin u adoiniiHlratiou of I he estate of their In fey
tate bofore one ol the * ruiimiisioiiers of the
court, who is diracled to examine Mute U settle
flie same, Hurt HIM hr’ report thereof to the court,
with any malterssp*cu*lly stated, thought per
tinent by himself or required fry the pmt.es to
be lo Stated. A Copy — I este,
Lynchburg, 17th .f ine, lH3<h )
f !.'• p ir'ies m tin* cause, will take noiqp*,
ilmt 1 have appointed rhonday Hot twenty
ninth ol July iii'it to commence the nrcoiioijt
ilirecteif by tlie foregnini* order of court, on
which day mi Ho* in,hi of hums o’clock in (tin
morning, they are required fo attend at nip
office in this town with ilMir accounts, vouch
ers, ami copie id com l papers, yrr|itficd fur
examination and sett erni'nt.
J»h*21 # w4w
^ ^'I'l pres nfs his sincere aeknow
JiWM. leilgemcnU lo the L*dics and Lacntlvmen
ol Lynchburg for then very liberal patronage
and begs leave to iiifurin them that hit second
| session vvill commence mi Iriuay the 2&tli
• lot' lie would i'-*ptclfolly <nigye«| ru thp e
, whose children have hevei been taught dan
; ciug, and w ho wish them instructed in that pn.
1 I star accomplishment that, inasmuch ns a num
i her «»f his former pupils are to continue thi*
| Hcssion, iUeir example and acquirement in the
I Art must be ol iiinueuse advantage to the hew
| scholars in facilitating their progress, ihe're
j lore, they ought not to neglect thii opportunity
I uf securing such a desirable benefit.
ID' This session being the last that f w ill
attend in the course of this year, it is desirabfe
that all who Intend joining the school should
enter the first day. J. A. JtA'UPI.
IttUt J7 3t
VOKliPKI ItULLY lenders ins respects to
Ihe ciiirfms ol Kjrnchiiurg and it. vicinity,
end lekes Ihe opportunity ol inloriinug ihem,
ibel he will Or reedy to tend to t, L>, nlisl
husifless, on tlir 8ih ol June, m the I r.inklin
Hotel, where he will remain tiir ■ short lime,
(.adjet end Uentleiuea ire tied upon ol their how
ten, if requested.
9 rfIt

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