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■ m I ... ■■■■■■ I . n 111 I _ —rnrnmmmm■ywwwwi—
gy »• The MjtfncUburs
h urintcJ twice a week, at $\ per annum, payable m
advance. So paper wilt'be discontinued, ( but at the
discretion of the Editors,) until all urn unices are pai i
lr>“ .41) 1 E It VI S E M E S i'S will be insetted at
.VI cents tree squ ire, (or I. as,) the lint time, endH'i
’■nits for each cantina nice. Those from a distance
must lie "It t fjr previously to then ri,.ci tton, unless the
onipnent be assumed by some responsible person in
til letters to the Editors must be post paiii.
~j, (. & as .at' k Mj a f o tt #>
tins opportunity ut informing Ills lYu-nds
and the public generally, that he has now re
vs ived hi* entire FMI Supply ol SADHLl.R Y,
comprising almost every anode belonging to his line
•wt business. He lias also ou baud a large an I gen
<!rjil assortmcut ol ready-made work in his line, to
paddle< of all kinds and qualities,
Saddle Rags, do do
Harness, do do
Bridles and Martingale*, do do
hiding \ Coach U hips, do do
Travelling Rags, do do
Travelling Trunks, do do
Sirsiugles and (Jitills, do do
Spurs, do do
Horse Collars, do do
Waggon W hips, do do
Trace Sc Halter Cll tins, do do
Coat Pads \ .'trap I c it hers, do
Cruppers. \c. Yc. \c,
Also, a I argil and splendid assurtment of Rl ft' \
1,0 HOURS and RKAil SKINS ; all of which lie
u deteiiniued to‘•ell low, c,n!i or country pro
duce. Tlio.c wanting articles in his line will do
wrll to give him a call before purchasing.
(£y=» All repairing done with neatness and d«e
Nuv. 21 tk
fJAIIH subsenbeis hav« removed to the tenement
JL formerly o eupied by Mr. William Dean, and (
oue door above P.ittirk Matthews «V < <>., where
tbev will constantly keep on h md, a general assort- j
jiieut of every article in their line nf business, con
sisting of the following article*. which they arc de
termined to sell, on moderate terms :
Heard's much improved Patent Spring Saddles,
Ladies' Saddles of every description,
tienilemen’s do do
Coach Harness,
(iig Harness,
Carryall Harness,
U aggo Li car,
| Cart do.
Dray do.
W Inns,
Saddle Rags, of evory description
Water proot tr ivellmg Socks, a good and com
fortable articb .
Any 1. ilid of of produce taken tor work, and i - I
paiis dune at the shortest notice. Ml orders than,
lulls received and piinctualiv atu*:i I -d to.
| \ fashionable and coinin' • I ■linage lot hue,
■witli good and sale Imrand c in-ial drnei
N. H. A few dozen Sh •• I h S. Sc L.
BY virtue ol two dm Is m trust. executed to the
subscribers by Hubert H uston, t■»r pu poses
ll'ereiu specified, bearing date the Vlu June Hid the
5th July. Itf-J'i, and ofietoid in the Clerk’s Office
ol me county court ol Trai^kliu ; and al- o hy viitne
uiu decree ofthc circuit superior court ot law and
uiauecry. lor the county ot .Montgomery, pionouu
cetl ia ttie case ol .-mull *!A fhigwell agaiust the
undersigned, and others ; we shall, on Hildas the
:!i)tb«liiy ot December next, ti lair, it not the next
lair day, on the |.remises, proceed to sell, by way ot
public auction, to the highest bidder, on a croon ol
our, two uud tince years, the following Tit ACIS
111' h \ \ D, to w u :
Dne tra t ul .‘H-laercs. Otie tract ot ’-27i» acres.
Due do One do dll
Due do t »L) One do 7ti
Due do lh) Ouc do I Jit)
Due do odd (hie do 10-J
* h so ni'icli thereof as is not embraced by a deed
ot seulcnu'iit, executed hv *a:d Mansion. on the otii
jdayotJuly. K'M, to the undersigned, as iruaiees, |
tor the Uciiitit ot l.li/.abetu liaustou. wife ot’ said ,
Uoliert Il lusion.—'The above Land-, lie adjoining
0,11*1* Ihver, audTurncr’s (reek, a branch the rent,
in lint comity o; Hr.mklm, about ten miles west ol ,
Hits Courthouse, are vt»rv fertile. and merit parucu 1
J irly tlie attention of Tobacco Planters, as there is a
kir^e portion of TOP#\t.'CO LAND, of excellent
quality yet to cut. 'Hie portion cleared in princi
pally Kiver and Creek Low (jiouuds. aniliscun.xid*
ueil equal to any in the. upper country. The lauds
"'illbe offered in a bodv. or divided to suit purclia
bers* Ml persons wishing to purchase good hind, are
invited to attend, is the above sale must take place.
Die umlersiguc I will c uvey such title only as is
vested in them by i he deeds aforesaid, yet they be
Leve the title unquestionable. Terms more fulty
a,wlr. WAM’L. II \IIlSTON, ? rr .
KO. T. WOi)l)S, l rrua'ee8'
hfU ||,:)P| | t30D
ItlOXT, „ .
1'llE corner Brick Tenement on the Main'-treet,
one door below the Franklin Motel. The up
P»'r port of the tenement is well calculated lor the
faience of a private family. For terms, apply to
“ocior John B. Uadl'ord, or the subscriber.
\\\\1. ItAMFOU l>.
^hoceinber 19
Commissioner's Sals of Slaves. <Stc.
' pursuance ol a decretal order of the Circuit Hu j
perior Court of Law and Chancery, for the town ,
'• Lynchburg, pronounced on the lfltli d y ol Oc- ,
I'!1’ iii a suit therein dependin': under the |
?.■ c 01 ‘"'latifield vs. Jones, the undersigned, the i
unin)i3siunei iherein named, wijl, ou the *Jl >t day 1
’’ anuary 1 H-i7, at the MarLct House, m the town •
*>*nchbur»i, expose to sale by way of public auc I
'•ui, lor ready money, the following slaves, namely :
»r> b m and Heorgc—and so soon ;n the sale ol
tlu> s aves ls romplcted, the uudeiVigned will, on |
Clr|S'\'ni0| J,t lhe d veiling house occupied by !
tucof'tl ,^onr*,i,i the town of Lynchburg, in vir
0j'. I. decretal order, expose to sale, by way
Hous'rhc,Id*in.?K,1°[re^ """u'.v- suiul‘> i"'il les 1,1
I, ,H l'0,,l|ms«inuer, the undersigned will on
co ney such title a, is vested in him by the deere
slJZ *lL,^*a!‘l- 11KX It Y Ui; N VI S'( iT<) X,
•'ftvmher U) C"rl’°r",‘ jn °f Lynchburg Cnm'r.
4. ^ “d the Circuit Superior and Inlo
B«*dfrthtr,°ri r‘l,ris ‘d’ Campbell, Amherst and
fu t'i'l' , i? U town t.f Lvnrliburg. II.- may bo
^ ..tjhe office o| s. & M. 11. Onrlnmi.
r. _ 3t
* w'tncei(1“* me, aa account of the / pith
01 Thom,. ivi|lkr<!f’ ll,lve been placed in the hand.
1 *a|d. ol Lynchburg, for collection.
07*All J- M. SMITH.
°°unr of thl [?°ns mdebted to J. M. Smit i, on ac
the Vircini "ll°fraL will please call ou mo, eithe.
.tte-iH °[^'ce' or at the court houses, uuer,
n<l- acd make payment.
' SKW VlfiflVAlls
Ot every dencrijUi jH of V.irrittgea.
3'NIK subscriber has just returned from Newark
arnl ofuer celebrated I’u.nli factories, in the
0. 1 i, wheie !;«? made ai i angeinc tits tor constant
**iI>|jIn-s <>t .i! ih'.-.Lii|)iions null price* ul‘ Ciru.i(;f,.
I-t.ikr-s pL-.isuri) i.i to lit.- public th it In- ,*
timi ipccu ini. a piicj uj In, (.tock. comunsinc I'.mulv
1, sc * u i it-i-.. ii: !■ .mil i w u Imi ,c tkmiuchc*. I tile
cu'». I b i"imi*. vVc. II" is iltMcrmi .i’d to »ell vs IIIvv
as ilic nnu lcs c ui possibly be uHWeil, mul respect
luli v leque.si, |Kiulwsiu, tu yu e linn a c.ill, .it In* ulil
•t.md. a lew iluors above lire l*oal llltiee.
N<)V- 21 « | ui
jj Ills mu.im i i Ij «■ i ?* 11 a v ■ * leased. tor a term ol tear*,
tins w .11 kt.o v n ami dr arable Warehouse, Mtu
ated immediately on the street leading horn flu
biidge to the market (louse, and ie>pecllully no lie H a .
share o! l\.ib u eo brought to this m.uket for Inspec 1
tmu. i he subscribers deem it unnecessary to go iu
f" 8 tninute description ol tin property, as it is geo 1
pr_‘dly known to b«* one amongst the driest and .safest
'A aivhoit-e in tlie town of I .yneliburg. This house
h.ts recently undergone a tlior ugh rep tit, and .snow
ic "ly lor the t'ereption ol '( ob.n co. The Inspector*
at this lluuse aii \\ m. Canada an 1 Julm W heeler,
gent lumen whom we confidently recommend to the
public as capable ot disc ha rg ing anv duty belonging !
to their ottii e. \\ e particularly invite the the old !
customers ot this I louse, to give ns a call, as nothing
hall be wanting on ttie part of the Proprietors and j
Inspectors, to uve general satisfaction. W e will at
ill times attend to the selling ot Tobacco, loi plant- ,
cis, tree ot charge. JfSSf T. BflCTON.
N. II. — I would particularly invite iiiv old Ir.ends
’a cl cuts to titers, w lit» pat ron i zed me at M irt inks Ware t
house, to give me their aid in this lease, as all ne
cessary attention shall he paid to give general satis '
faction, by their f< nuid. *V.
October I'l vv-Jiii
r.xvA'i'TDirs notk’k.
B N inaisiupieiict* ol the tlmiiim ol John Tlmmp- j
■ son Brown, tin* midcrsiem*d, tin* surviving
f xecti'or ol Henry Brown, Jr. dec’d. lias tpiali
fl« d as such.
All persons who are indebted to that estate,
itf requested to make payment as soon as they
fan. I he custoiin i's to the store are respectfully
reipiested to emne to town lor settlement, which, j
in must eases, they can do without the slightest m
coii\ •nience, and it will, no douht. I»e more agri c- !
Ide, ton, than to hi* call d oil at hone*. Those
who are not prepared to piy, on eyeeutiug their
holds, will receive ilie most liberal indulgence that
• ircnmsMnces will a I mil of. Tim c who have
<1 iia.-: igainst the i stale, v\ ill please to make them
kc un it an eaiJy day, that (irovision Itiav he
in lei r f hell pay nient.
Mir \J \ II DAVIS, Ir.
Dt .J2 w4w.
juync'iburg Savings* Bank.
Instituted in I".Id, and nro p ttsessing a C'ttpit.rl of
Office I*. r, Bav/eiifs Counting* House.
I N I l.KI.S I’ Willie alluw • I on depodt»*s reeciv
■ ed ot not lc s t! 1H1 live dollars in .mount, at th!*
rate of d per cent, per airium. for anv period off
time le*s than lour m mils : lour per cent, per au
iitim. lor anv perm I over four and less than *i\
mouths, and live perc ent, per annum for any period
over >i\ mouths.
('ertifit if' uf deposit*** will he issued payable w iih
interest upon ten days’ notice.
Jl’.lll U’lhld ' M.-, IVesidert,
JOHN S.BLAIB, Treasurer,
llf.NKY o. >t !||( )OLf If.I.l), Secretary, j
Miisrs ;i. rmos
TiroM \ SO \OHEE,
llO’.Vli. MOW IS
\Mill 10 A t I0M.IOTT.
.1 \< '< )lt III'MROl'IiII,
Oc:u!ht -Jl ,,
F. r. ItOWIvN,
v i m rum
i;. C. L V \ \F »r:>
»*1?r>F4I- \ M> rou SALE.
P FM ! I i' LAND in: which James Austin, dee d. re
I m ! -d, is offered for sale. This tract of
land, > . ilaini'ig upwards of 2,OIK' acres, situated in
the S. .nth part of Medford, about halfway between
Goose t 'reek and Olfci river-, : lies on the waters of
Orr’.ck's ('reck, 11 miles >mitii ot Liberty, Li miles
West of New London, ami (i miles from Lee-ville mi
Staunton Kiver. This laird lies well, aid i- wel
watered, has about I5D or ‘2 M acres of cleared land,
fh good condition for cropping ; a considerable por
tion of the cleared land is good Tobacco land, and
the balance good grain land. The improvements
consist of a frame dwelling house with six rooms, a
kitchen and other out houses, necessary f#r a fami
We deem it unnecessary to say more in advertis
ing, ns itis not probable that any person will pur
chase without first viewing tlie land for thems che
w-inch 'hey can do at any time, by applying to
Thomas Austin, Ji- on the premises.
The laud will be divided to suit purchaser*, if by
so doing, a sale can be more readily eflVctr d. Terms
will be made accommodating
The Petersburg Intelligencer will insert tliv
foregoing once a week for four weeks, and send ac
count to tins office.
Nov, 7 vvjjni
\ 13 EST A U la 1 8 II M 13 \ T.
rOUK.QUK.SAWr &. rALTrl3K,
s/cs OF Till:
ESO 5* »V liOisiPMUY ' fiOH T.IH.
IS lf,i [{rick T ntmint, it few tluors heloio the l ost
Ojice, and between It- II, XorvcIVs Fnnci/ H
Cujd Store and Thurman and Schoolfield's Hard
ware Establishment.
H AVING entered into co-partnership, for tilt
- purpose of earn ing on the Apothecary ami
l>i u g g is t lliisiness in this place, we take this method
| of mforini'-ug our friends and the public generally,
! that we tire now receiving and opening, direct from
j ll.ihiinore, I’hikidelphia and New York, an entire
I new assortment ol .
I'ltKsii and llm'isr Medicine*. Druiis, Paints,
Oils, llrt-STurrs, Scboyon's Instruments,
Ate. Ate.
I comprising all the newest and most approved article?
| in use. all ofwhich have been recently selected with
1 great care, by one of the firm.
As ve are determined to sell on cconimodatiiie
! terms, especially to large dealers, we particularly
1 invite Physicians and country Merchants to give ns .
j call.
I Order., from a distance promptly mended to. pm
-m pi the most careful manner, ami torwarded with
llU greatest despatch. We solicit a share of tin
public patronage.
Thomas \. EoriKH-ui- \.v
KElhU'.N 1). PALMER.
, N'.o._We havej«st received .splendid new SO
i \ \ naratus which mil hem lull ope. moi. lew in
1 ay*. ‘ TOlKQl Rr.\N \ PALMER
Teptembev 2!> ’•
Tun ii i.ots a ml .VV’£ rots
VoK faAi.il.
, r I N111' i iilts .h,.I „f tiir late Cdl. .1 11
1 \\ latt ami Mis. M. Wiatt, dec.—in ordei the
i more teadilv to effect a division ol lh»* estate, will
expose to sale, ai public ok (ion, on Tuesday, the Ud
day til Janttuiy. 1K37, (if lair, if not, then the next
lair day therealtci.) mi the pirmisrs, the House and
hot ot (around on l.yie-h Street, in tin* town ol
j I.) tielibutg.lorinerly the resn'en r ot Ccd. t\ iatt con*
i taming halt an acre ot t around, w i: Ii all the iiecrssa
in (*ut Itudditigs attached \lso. a I .ot ol (a’loimd
I adjoinin'* ihe alxivc, upon which tseieitcd.t Tobac*
| co IVictoiv — and at ihe s.oin lime and place
1#1 or BO ^ altsaBiBc
consisting ol four ti• <t talc To? uoi Twistni . md
l*i i/.crs and .several likely Women ami ('tiildfei —
they arc alias valuable Slaves as any ever ofl’eie l 1
bu sale in this place,beiiiL' • t and family Serv i its.
’Flu* leal estate hiII In* ,!d upon a credit ol one and I
two years, bonds with appioved security and a deed
ol tni-<t upon the propiitv.to secure both payments.
The SI aves uill be sold upon a credit of 1J mouth*
—bonds with approvt d secuiuv rcijuned.
Tin; nr.ncs \ u;<; vtkf.s.
Dec. I!» tih.
.xnuinn:s ran turn:.
au. Im hired, lor l In * ensuing \ear, at
* puhlic Auction, at Thomas F th in.se s
lirorerv, in the county ol Amherst on Finlax .
• {Oils in it ant all the SL A \ LS helonc nig to & • is
taie ulJoini 11 n sard, «h-c l.t consisting ot sex . ai
Men, Women and Ron s.
IL IILN'LV. 1,/viV.
with thr wi t annexed nj John Hansard die.
Dec. 22 Ids
HOWE E EE I / HE US, \e.
()sii n h I*hum s all colors,
Bird ol Pai .ehse, do do
Silvei llovvi rs, u iv.iihs Rands.
Dec. 22 is.
\\ AXTidh
\SI \(» LI" <• nlieuia11 to ai I os in our Store
- in Lxm hhui ,—a good salesman would tie
pielerred — tonne who can come well rcconinicnd
» d, liberal wag. s will he given.
Di'cemhei 22 Is
f HI II I', next term ol the sulisi rher*.- school, (I
A iiiikTroni (Till Creek P. ()., Flrni lotte, A a,
and nhoiit 2 miles from Cole’s I'Vrrv,) willcoui
meiiee on the *JO:h .laiiunrv, H 57, mid close
on tlie!2!);!i December. Tin.* term will he divi
ded in two sessions—the fust, ending on the
•JDth June, and the second commencing on the
2 Ith July. The eanir.se of inMriirtion in thin
School, will embrace the Latin mid (ircek Lan
guages; (•rcciau and Roman History and heu
gr iphy ; Mental mi l Moral P-hdosophy ; Polit
ic il F.muomv ; Algebra; Mental and P.action!
Aritlimelie ; English tirnuniar ; <i ographv;
History ; an I the minor H ranches of an I *. • i _* 11 -h
K ItiMliom Tiler.* will h -»• i examination ol
the pu ml • at the eln« • of e toll > •■"•ion.
'S\ ruts.
Tuinm in English !»r.i»: !i. alone S'ii) for 10
months, I deluding Ament Languages *T)
Payable at the end ol th first se-sion. A >
'ieholar will he received lor a shorter time than
10 mouths, and no deduction will he made lor
late entrance or lo-t tine1. Boarding can I*<•
obtained in the most respect able &, genteel la indies
in the neighborhood, on \er> moderate terms.
T!ie siili.-griher hna been employed for several
vents in the business ot in.''ruction, and hopes'
lb it lie has, m a measure, merited the palronngo j
ot those parents, who have placed their chil
dren under his care. Alter having spent two
\ ears in i nproviug himself in, and acquiring a
knowledge ol thus hrancSn sot Ldncnlinn, which
are ii-unllv taught in preparatory schools, he has
located In nself at the place formerly occupied
by him, where ho hopes, by devoting Ins whale
time and attention to the duties of his profession,
to establish a school worthy of puhlic pationnge.
The neighborhood i- healthy and agreeable, and
the sell.ml remo'cfrom tlie haunts id'dis.-ipatiou.
In regard to his ipinlilieations to teach the Latin
and (ircek Languages, he lias in In.' possession
a certificate from the Protes-or ot Ancient Lan
guages in the Imversitv of Virginia, which will
he shown to those who may wi-h to see it ; mid
it' required other testimonials, as to qualities!-'
lions, character, &r., will ho furnished Fom
10111111* itions a I h es.-ed to the subscriber, near |
f Tub Fre k P. O.. (’leuloth*, Va., will he prompt ;
|y attended to. TIIO.M AS R. Ml RRKLL.
( a \ri.ot re, Va. Oct. 2 L I KKi. I uni »
* w J i: have* just opened a superior lot of Rlanketv.
A V \apt 1 uttoiis. Coarse Woollens, and lit hales
Petri .burg and Manchester Poitou ! »z.i...:.;:rgs. all of
which wc will sell low,paiticnl.ny 15lankefs and Napt
. tons. JAMES C. HUNT & CO
I infinite rn.
1 \l!. HKCKWITirS IMI.I.S. otto nf tilt- most
I f certain rumc'ilies nrr tiiril lur tli;it tlislrcssiti"
ml tlaugerotts complaint, Dyspepsia.—Kt-pt roi>
;i iiutly on liiiiul. lur wtlr liy II- SI Utl.l'.li.
si April 4 Bt 1,111111_
P()ll HIKE.
ralHF. Slave* Imlnn^inj tu tll<- estate »t Amliruxi
H Tomlinson. dec. *>ll lie lure.l to the highest
liiililer. »i tlii' Ml irk -Smith's Shop of Mrs. K. San
ditls'e (near the lltill'ilue Springs) on Tuesday. the
■7th instil til. Fuur uf t! -"m Slaves art' .Men.
?.. Dlll’MMOND,
Ail in. P. I!■ .V. oj .4. 7*. lilt mini. rite.
Perember U» ",tl
rMlir. -liip Grace, li is pis' arrived fr. in I. i vrr | ion I,
4 brineiu'4 I" tbu balance nfuiv Tail's supply ol
(’ 111 \ \ ami 1C Mil'll !C\ MIT., winch in ly be
'expected up in a few days. Ml.IK HAN I ts may
inivv export lu obtain any quantity of any at licit- ol
Ciun.i. Class ami ICartbeu ware, tiny niav require;
im their sale. JOSI-.PII l> I-' AN-->, j
1, I -it' th IJiinks, (
November 14 ' ’ 1
<• vs;s for Win*: at !
r |A ; I r. subsetill.-;.-s will tjive. ill'- very bight- •> mat'..i t ;
1 nr ia for \\ In -t. delivered in 1 .yiirliiiurg.
October ' ’
B 1ST received, a large assort in u’- anti tor sale
.J |0VV. II. II. UK tt M.KS sV Co.
Nov, f ____ u_
\ I’ti iiOJ ’.S W ,V\TKI>.
T. will pay flit /irices for50 nr til able -bodied
* ( Nt'gioes, to work on ttie Canal llm ensuing
year, ucar'this place—we inv'u- owners to nail on,
; mi._\v« also want to lnr.i day laborci*. without re
• n.l to colour, to U ;-,i up n'-it to,co frout'.Uo -Jib
i instant, during holydayii.
i '* i; Ml I! «r 1" V< KICK.
• TV .-ember lf» ’
llOL'si; OK DKI.I .ii ATtiS.
M f ./nt j hni, IK c. 14
(\ mc<\;igt' w.is irri<ivt' I trum llu* Stui itr, .til
ling ill il ilii'V Innl n^nnnl in ilir riiMiluliun for 11 iff
i*lrtliini ol -t Jhi 1^cr ill (In- ( Ji'niml ( nun, in <tu|t
I>lv tin.- v-Irani v urra.mimid by tliu reii^imiitin nl
Jnliii K M iv, Ksi|.
Till! II hum1 proceeded, on motion of Mr. Wat
kins. iii emgtite tin* mint oiilrr of tlit? Jav—the
election of a m**.liber ol the Kvrrutive (’oimil,
to stipjih the v.ir inry ore isioinol by the ni'ignu
imu ol IVter V. 0 miel, I mj.
Mi \\ itkiriN mnnimted John Hutlicrf ••rd.Ksq.,
of file ( 'it V u| Hit IllllOlld.
No other person beinj put in mini ination, tin
vote was taken, and resulted a* follows ; — |*\»r
I dm HnlherfoOid I In. Joint vote with the Sen ile
— H iltlierloold IMS — siMtlel III!' 1.
So John Hnlliei toold was declare! duly elec
ted a uieiiiher of the K\e;*ot;ve (\iuncd, to sup
ply the vat am > iiloresaid.
SI'Hr Li’s K h \ I'iM'i;.
On motion of Mr. h •nu hi, tIt-* hill on lid*
' siihji ct, with Mr. Hooker's .taicminu nt, e as take**
I ho amen l it n< proposal to sti kc out the f *1
| Imviiiji Irom tho piiMiohlc ;
' “ V * u I tv he re a oi seem* to the Itrueral V«M*ni
lily in and expedient th.it the State ol \ u’ginia
should receive its proporti on of the surplus in the
' ii i recited section mentioned on the terms there
in ii.lined*'—and insert the subjoined :
“ And \vh re is in the opinion nt tho (»* neral
Assembly, the soi plus leVonue is gre illy attribu
ted to the protective tariff, which i* odious to the
people ol this commonwealth, from me agitation** 1
it produced in o n Union, and its unconstitutional 1
and unjust operation ; a system ol unjust and uu*
i' >' i i * s *i. 11 \ exaction 1>\ lln* govern me nl ol toe I ■ oi
led States horn the people, (ollowed up by an uiu -
<j<i.«I distribution among them ; could not tail to
degrade an I weaken tint U nion, impair tl ci iiule
p -mlence uf the Si »t»?«., produce uulortouato run
ti-st.vaml unwise appropriation.* in the Stale legis
I.iini In the confident hope that thi) involute
of the Unite.I State* w II he speedil. reduced to
the w i it* ol''tli.* government, the (Jeiii ral A vxem
hlv his agreed to lU.eivo the hi mi*\ on deposit,
.ind |di dgex the I iilii ol llie romuiouWe illli to re
serve tin* deposited, in o der to he refunded at
cording to the terms of the act of Congress tllore
b nd, ,i,J to apply the intei >t that may ac. rue
iherefroui, wiid.st in deposit with the, Statu to
the reduction ofthetaxe* of'thi* co nmi)invvahh,or
lie i< (lemptinu ol tlu.' di til then ol
Mr. Watkins moy I tho f* * * l > \% i»»* t subMitol*' • •
Mr. Ilookei’.s amendment :
“ And ulitiie is the (jfiiei d A ssenildy, regard
ing the p|*oX isUHlS ol the said let lied section, is ,i
me:«; tenipoiai \ expedient f*u 11 hex iug tile liea
snrv of die U. S. of a laige surplus fund alrea Iv
trcniutl, who h c*n! f not romai i to its « redil in iis
ordinary d< positnnes, tin* Site Link'*, uilliou*
j i e *en' i . ilangepuis teniplati ms |.< both extras..
aja.il e xjM'iidlUllf •» ! * v (Jongie-s and lie sjiilit • I
oxcr-iradni by tin- h ink-.,deems u lit rt ! « xped
'■lit that the Stall* ol \ ,i *jiuia hIioii! I, in ..I faith,
receive its pr «puilion of the surplus if ores ml, on the
terms si ipul.ited i.i lln? said m uiior. ; lm», desiimi>
: h it this ad shall not he drawn into a jin cufi nt to
sain t ion any - \ stem ol t j xat ion b v tile I edei al (in
veruuient, whose ohj'Ct is wholly or in pail to
raise money Irom the people for 11 - sub*< ipi • nt
distiilull ion amongst the Stales, doth urge the pro
priety of timely measures to guard against the fe
line arena.illation ol reveuie beyond the legiti
mate u a ills of l In* (» file i 11 (* o Vi I 11II lent, h nd doi 11
herein solemnly protest against lie wants of llie
(ii'iiei.il (fovernuu nt, ol other and greater taxes
than those which max he necessary lor tin? jus'
expense* tin leuf. ecmionm ally administered ; and
doth further proti st against any system, which
shall permit the collection of such surplus levenuc,
and afterwards, directly or indirectly, di*.tribute it
amoug the several Slates o! this Union, regarding
such a system ax impolitic, unjust and lending in
its operation to confound the separa.e junctions el
the State an I Federal (jovei nmeills, and to impair
lint independence id the Stales."
Thu question was discussed at coiixidei able
length hv Messrs. Harrison, Huokei, Watkins,
Moon and Dorm an, and the ayrs and nm* ha
ving het?u ordered, till the adoption ol the amend
ment to the amendment, at the hill of Mr. W at
kins, the quoxlitju was put and dcu i led in the al
firmaliv e.
I lie question tIn.'ii in curling on me rimniiimrm
;i> amended——M i. Hunter lead die following,
which lie said lit) would ollei, should the ameiid
iiient as amended lie rejected :
“ And whereas dn* <*eneral Assembly of V ii •
•iiiiia, w ithout meaning In i eh v to sanction, as ei
diercmntituiional or expedient, any'sv stem ol taxa
tion l»v the federal government, the object ol which
is whoIU or in pail to raise money from the peo
ple tor its subsequent distribution ammigst the
States, deem it fit and expedient, under ex
isting i iiiunistan* i*s, that tin* Stale ol \ nginia
should receive its propoitinn ol the surplus in tie'
said recited suction mentioned, on the terms there
in named.**
Mr. Watkins made an unsuccessful motion to
lay the lull and adniendmeiits on the table.
Some further discussion ensued, in which
Messis. Fisher, Woollolk, Booker and Hives par
ticipated, w hen on m *tion of tho latter the siili
ji*c| x i> laid on tin* table, and dm proposition ol
M essrs. Watkius and Hunter were oidcred to be
Thu Speaker communicated a I* tier from
lln* Actin'.* Governor, enclosing tin* nminmiatiou
if Iviciiaid L. Parker, as Judge ot tliu CJcueral
On motion of Mr. Brown, th following joint re
sulotio;i was adpled :
Ih it/lrrd l> 1/the (general Assembly, That the
administraloi if Th uuas (». Momuie, be, and
i* lierehv auilioriBed, to jmv tliu (iciicimI Aeeiit
itml Stum Keep i nt tin Penitentiary, 01: or be
lure tin- I61I1 il ay of January next tlio stun nl ms
tlmusaml dollars, anti this payment, when made, ,
will lie la part id the delil duu to tlic (hull 1 un
wealth front Thomas (». Mnnctirc, deceased, as
(ieueial Agent and Storekeeper.
Various petition* w ere presented.
0,1 million ot Mr. Walking the Hum.; adjourn
Thursday, Ihcrmhcr 15.
On million of Mr. Slum I*. the ii one proceeded
in execute die joint older of the day—the elec
tion of a. Jinlim ol the ( jeiier.il Court, to supply
me vacancy occasioned bv llto leni^iiaiioii of John
1'. May, 11 -<|.
I Mr. Sliands nominated John \. Mason, Estp,
I a. * gentleman well ijuuliiied tor the otlio*. Mr.
si ,.,i was *re!l known here Ac el*» w.tere—ot tine
j intellect—.in n It ft* i n i i **(—wml om* who would
<11hi Imijji* thi* driticH o! tin* ofTioi* with iihilitv.
Mi l)ui in>iti itnpiirod 11 Mr. Moxou ro* idl'd in thi*
Jti«iici.«l <’itt iiit. II- did not moan to oppose* Mi
M.ikoii—on thi* contr irv, would voto for lino—but
i ho wiiiho I to .iM i iUin tho fact ol hi* i*i *ldri»cr I
within ill* Circuit.
Mr. Nhandft xtutod that Mr. Mi ion lived nonr
tho lint*. Tin* del* pillion limn tin* di>trirl concur- |
rod m In* mipport—and liv would bo lli^llly ac- >
coptahlo to tho poopb*.
Mr Ciiniinmi’hmi xtatod that Mr. Mixon lixevf 1
in iho .1 ml it i.i I I lull iri.
i'll. i'lnrd.iii^li s.i id 11 vs a* Millie h* n I ih.it .'li. "11
s in lived in tint Jiidiri.il !>islii»t, and ho should
Mljifuii ( with |iiill ;■ie.it pleasure.
Mr. May s lid, all tin* law r* ijhin d was, that
the Jud^e should. • v 1*1 s-a his rlorlmM, llvo within
the Judicial I>is11 ii*t : Mr. M imiii w;ih iilreudv
within if, and hr should 11*i*I pi •asiiie in f• iv ifi••
hiii his Vote. He w mild he hitdilv u«a i ptahle to
the people, and was hilly ()(J%I i fl 1 I % »i flu* stw
t HIM.
Hie vote lining taken, i suited m fallows • —
I* or J iihII V . Mason l 1 f»
.1 lint vole with the Sen tie— M *snn \ »7
S i ,) 111111 V. M lSUil, K'<1 , Nt .H* NIIIn l*|rl’ 1 »*tI A
Jml^f o|' tli»* Ciomo-.il ( i irl, t• * th* va
afoi os ii I,
Tin* jirm».»*iii«m of 'lr. Watkivu t-> iunni-l tin*
(irr.tinlilo nl I hr* loll lointj Umloi » ousiil.Talioti, i'
was ii< I v oi‘ ii I (il l'\ ItiviT, |)r vi'ti|iort t
(i.nlainl, II iii i .iiti, 'V iilkiii', *i ml " oollolk , ii mi
opjiotot! It > ,'|i ssi*. Mooii*. Si,in.ir.I, 11 until, M a\t
15.4 \ If V, Wililn i, anil Domnin.
\t iIn* call oI Ali. 31 ay, lilt* •I'Hv.ti«»n xx as ili% tiled,
mi, as to lake llti* vole first on sti iking out llie ori
ginal portion o! the pn Mml.lt , mu I the votu hcinp*
taUcu it xvns decided m tin* utlirmalix e.
T <• nurstimi then m cutting on tin* adoption ol ,
the amendment ms iitnrnded, the nves mid nut »
xiefit ordure I on motion ul Mi. W aikins, ami it
xx a> decided in the allirni ittvx*; — Ayes 6!> .Vhc*
Mr. Stiinttrd then moved to amend the amend
mmit ns Mini nded hy insulting afl*u tint xx on Is
“ (•'< in i,il (ioveiimient” hi the eleventh line, tin*
I u 11 o XV 111 o :
** (hit tho (Jeneial A ssemldx disclaims any pur
pose, hv urging tho pi.ipiitiy ol timely mec.stiics
to guard a » hum llie Inline accumulation ol tevit
liue, to came* the infraction ol llie compromise lix
xx hull llie Tmi ill "ith udptlleil, or tile laillt pledged
t.i iil-^e hv it.**
TmtNp »kei dec i led th.it no amendment could
he made lo llm body ol the ameudm lit as adopt- f
A !let some ronvr i soli ni helxvotH* the Speaker,
Watkins, Siauaid and H >'t *.
Mi. SimumhI appeal, il to tin* House, from tin- de
, imoii of llie Ch ni*, anti the axes mi l noett having
been ordered, tin? question w is taken, mid tile
(*liaii xx .is Misl.iined : - I iff i / H - \ tie s *1 I.
Mi. Stanard tbrn mo\eil to n«l l bm amendment ,
.il tln> close cl the pie amide-.
I'l is tit item *vns opposed b\ Messis. Watkins,
W ci illolk .ni IIuriHon, au.I Mippmiedlty Mrnr*.
Moore, NViiMi i n I l» ul. \ td A
M,. Uiiokei replied lo some remarks of Mr.
w lid .1, .. I mmed .III adjournment, which xxas
a.; reed to — a , • «. (► 5, no >.il.
/•Yle/fl//, /)' « • Hi, I Sdfl.
\ mestM-'e xx as teceixed liom llie Senate, si i
iiug lli il tin \ bad agreed t«» ill » solution millim
17,11*0 tho administrator ol I'bomas <i Mom lire,
dec M , Id p IX a sum of mum \ lo llm (aeiiei.il A
pent and Stoie-kveper of the Penitential \ , ill pail
p ex rile-it ula debt din tbe <'omiiiunxx ealtli.
Oa mol mu of Mi. Hunter, (amended by Mr. •
l> n m in,) it *' as
AYau/cn/, That tin* Committee ol finance, bo'
instructed to onquite int.i lie' expedient) ot mi
ih.it i/.mg tin* Auditor ot Arc.ouni* to u*uu a war
cant on llm Treasury, m lavor ot John II liw.ith
• nc-y, adiuinistr.itor ul Kichaid Clark, dec d. ; and
atiotbor warrant in lavor of the administrator j
ol Thomas W. fcwell, deeM., m pursuance ofjudg
ments ul* tho Superior Ciuri ol lleniuu coum v, i
len commutation ul fivu year* lull pay, xxitb in
lei est.
On mol ion ol Mr. Davenport, it xva*
Ur saint (l, That llm* 11 him • "ill proceed by
joint vote with tliu Senate, On Thursday, tin? 5tli i
,1 .V ol .1 iunary next, to llie elec turn of Judge id ;
,|„. (;,.hi nil Court, to supplx tho v.ic.iih V or
c a-emed by the resignation ol Kicbard f,. l'aiker, j
On molioii of Mr. \\ ills, a cummiltec* xsas ap
I>,»i*ii** I In iiepnie into the expediency of iucorpo j
iatiug the Oxford Iron Wotk* in tbe count, ol
( impbell.
On moil.m of Mr. Crutchfield, h.nxe \va« given ,
to bring in i bill to incorporate the Cedar fat in
(j i.l.l Mining Company, in the county ol Spotsyl
On motion ol Mr. Dorman, the trill piovidiug for
the iiti <■ |>t<ii.cti liy Virginia ol In i' cjuui.i ul Hie
Sin pin., lit vi".ini', »'ii* taken up, anil 11... pending
ipii'.silim being upon Mr. filmmrd's moiion lo u
mem) 1111* |iremnlile.
Mi . Moore offered llm following substitulu lut
Mr. Stamirii's anieiidiuont :
“ And ivliilul llm (jeneial .\**om!ily ilolli uol
inli'iid tii.it liny tillin' herein, shall bu IwUm a* mi
expression of n* opinion, ax lo llm proprirly or im
pi'jmv of disturbing thw finauci il ».' slum "I llm Ge
neral ti ivi't'iiiln ul, as IIOIV rumilal.'d hy llm • (l of
(’inis'll'*., uni idl'd “ ail ad lo inudily dm ad of llm
loin li i iitli uf JillV, olio thousand cigln hillldloil and
lliirfv.lvvo, mill all oilin' m l* inipo*ing du.io* on
import*, approx oil on tin.* day ol M iiidi, IWJ,
il caniiul .no strongly oxpross ils conviciionlli.il
il,,. icvomio ous!lit 'pVrdily to bo reduced to llie
adual waul* ol llm (.ovornmonl,
Mr. Moore’s ntolion xvas agreed 10, and llie
question being on llm amendment as aiueiiduil, tin
vo* ami .* wero ordnoil ul ilu; call ol Mr. XV at
kin'-, tin* vole was decided in llm negative—Ayrs
,V) — Am S t)7
Mr. Is iv iv then moved to amend the premium*
hv adding the following.
" The CJener.il Assembly does not mean by a
r.V thing in this pit amide contained, to intimate
that me.i> ires .should he liken to redura tin* re-'
ceipts trom the sale «f puldic lands ; or to express
.hi opinion as to the proprieiy t>r impropriety o!
the Congress of die United States distributing
the nett proceeds of dm sales thereof among the
Mr. Mav moved the. lollowing as a substitute »or
Mr. IbisIvVs motion :
“ |tut if fnmi any cause there* should accumulate
a further surplus of the re\emie, the Legislature
i wmdd fieri ledlv prefer that it should be deposit*
led tvilli the St.»te», rather dian ntTtmi.iiidiice
I melit.s to a wastelnl and unetpi.il donation ul the
public lands, or t «* -adoption ul .my system requi
| ring extravagant expenditure by lUo Uwirr.il Gte
verm turn t
The Mibiiilu’r *» ,, adopted ; am! ilia question
hi‘ing on flu* aim-iidim-nt as amended, the ayes and
n *» n n ere ordered tin the ohm ion of Mr. (looker,
an I the vole being token, it wn* decided in the uf*
fii inaiive—-yc# fit»— A ••n .58.
Mi. St maid then movdd to ulrike out the ivliolf
preamble t which motion was sustained hy Messrs*
Hooker, Sine ml, Dorman, Holts, Harrison and
I tshei, and opposed by Messrs. Watkins and
May. Tlw AveS nors having been ordered, ilia
vote was put and decided in the affirm, live—Ap§0
7(h- A net 47.
Sundry minor amendments were adopted, on
motion of Mr. Dorman, when the bill was ordered
to hi: engrossed.
Mr. t • .i11,ilift gave notice that he should ou to
morrow infiodiiee a series of resolutions on the
solijert el the distribution of* the sutpUis revenue,
n ull a view to their being acted upon before the
’•OSH tgo of I lie lull.
O i motion of Mr. risber,tlte I lot se adjourned.
/Yir/r/y, i)tr. !(».
i i*111111h woip pniia*iitf»o--bv Mr. .>i'par, of
Iml o- A. I*. 1/|)*lutr, complaining ul t lie? picsent
ntroni*l lhi* courts ol In* cir
cuit, and askim* a clniiit*c— bv Mr. Mav. of citi*
*/.« * 11 s nl 1‘inur lain.ml, I'm ** 11 .i if i * r |o construct
i •« il - %v «s \ » Ir wm’l’ctci ilnuj; in I\i» mvillr, anil from
I . * 1111 v 111«* • • * Danville —*b v Mr. IVndictun, of citi*
/nn> ul Itappalntnnock, fn a separate »*Iim lion—
b\ Mi. ( nnnni^limi, nl i in/. i* ut Norfolk* lank*
me a «' 11«i u r tor an iiiMiranrr company in that
homiiyli — hv Mr, \m»iin, i»l \hnihinn II. Colicit*
a-km^ a rliaiicr I n file Itin king am Mininy Cum*
pan)—l»\ All. II dr id < • il< «, uf ehi& »n* of *nid
o unis, lui nn timnn.litlnit In tin* art incorporating
ilit* town ul I Vai labort!"—1»> Mr. Kivu*, of citi*
/••in ul A Ibuin.ii Ic, aakiny tin* * >lab|i>hinclit of a
It ink at ('liai Ini dir.
Saturday, Dec. 17.
Mr. (i.nl.ind ullered llie billowing preamble and
lesolutlull.** i
\\ hei» .is, llie iiiiim il revenues of tin* country
ought nut lo lie allow, din exceed a ^pisl estimate of
ibe wants ol the goverunieiil ; an.I, as soon as it
shall lie usieri.ilin'd, with reasonable certainty,
that the n.itioiial K'Aoiirci's will > ndd an excess o
v» i those w.inis, loovisioii ought to he made tor
then induction, just regard should he had to the
v.uious interests and opinion* of diOeront parts of
the coonhy, so us most elf'Cloally to presevu tlio
integrity and hannoily "I the Union.
And whereas, a large surplus Imnl ha* iircutft
ulated Millie t mm stir v ol the I oit.-d States, hevorrd
iln« wants »»( goveiiiment, aiisiwg limit the sales of
public bin Is, an I ilit* present lai tli i.uvs,*—whicls
s tie . an.I i.nili laws, il eoniimieii, will amuiHirv
v ie|J, according to tlio estiuinie ol the Federal
I .Mciiivt , ii bn ;«• «ui plus revenue, to bn retain*
ed mi tlmti enjkui n , or tube distributed among the
lieophi ol tin* State* :
And w hereas a dun ihiitinn tiiimiij the N;ntcs,
or the pi ople, has a tciulencv in its operation to
ctnbnin ) llm »epaiate luiiclions ol the state and
Fith i.il < i>t\erooienls, mid lo imp mi the itidopen
dein e ol the State*, is tint an$titat ivaal, corrupt*
in; to the piiiiciples, and dangerous to die liber*
iles ol the people •
And whereas the public land of the U. Smtes,
.it ipiiieij bv lb. coniiiion blood and the common
tieas.ireul the coiiuirv, have ol iijr.it accrued and
nu;hl to i oiitinm: to accrue, to the common l»en
• Ii' ol all the States, and tin* hind arising from the
N ile* tin rent ought lo he regalded as a source of
national revenue deposited in tin* coniiiion irta
miiv mid disbursed as Iteietoloru lot the welfare
ol the whulu l nion :
And %v| ureas, to retain it in the treasury un*
einptosed, is nnpr.ic.n able—contiai\ to the gen
itisoloui tree nisi ii Utieiis — and a temptation to the
agents ol tin* people to nnpiovi lent and profligate
expenditures of money :
And whereas no 1 otigres* ha* the coiiMitutienifl
power to pledge tin la11li of the nation ton system
.»! revenue continuing lor a series ot years, the
flf,-cl ol win b may he to (educe the national re
sources below the wants ot government, no that
ill v shall be compelled to resort lo direct taxation;
or which may accumulate a large *ui plus to ho re
tained mi the treasury, or distributed aiming th*
lit it therefore resolved by the General Atom•*
Idy, That mi accepting that portion of the surplus
revenue to winch the St lie ol \ irginia is entitled
n,,di r the TJ.li section of an net passed by the
b.st (hniL'iess, hikJ approve J by the President on
the i£Hth June, ro-pticiing the public moneys, they
receive it in good faith •* a deposit!) only, to bn
i. fundi d whenever requited so U» do by the Sec
i<*t.irv nl the Tieiimury, on the terms specified!*
said act.
! *?. He solved. That our Senators be, and they
! are hereby instructed, and mu Representative*
i requested, to use ail proper means to prevent *
donation of the public lauds lo those Slates in
which they ui iy he located, or a disti ibutioit in
I any form, of tin) proceeds arising from the sales
I thereof, among tlio Several S. ol the Union—and
i,) t;,ho >urh measures as in their judgment may
I |Jt. he*t calculated to adjust the Taiilf laws hh
I the Ill-ill. ipli'S laid down in llm loli-going praam*
’ Mr, ill n tin to nmy liu Ilu lu I me surplus lor di*
1 m' ulion or depositc.
Tliu preamble. mid rejolmioiis were laid ua iIk>
mldc, and ordered lo bo printed.
I On motion of Mr. Dorman, llie bill concerning
' il.e deposited' Virginia's portion of tlio surplu*
icvrinic, was taUeii i t), rmid tlio tbiid t mo, and
I passed— ucs 120, none* 2—(Messrs. TuinboU
| mi l Urn grave only voting in the negative.)
Tito bill wa* liiriliwiili sent to llie Senate, nnd »■
course of llm day returned with tlio following
Hi-fur*; tile first section, insert :
••Whereas, bv t It** 13lll section of the act of
Congress of tins'll. S. entitled an afj( to regu*
Intis the deposiles of tins pulilic money». anprov*
ed the 23d of June, 1S36, it i* enacted,** that
ilu money w iiicli shall be in the Treasury of the 17.
•S., no tin- firs I day ol January 18.17, reserving
tin- m m of five smllioin ol dollars, shall be depos
,u d w ill, die several Stales," under the provisions
mid on the terms tiieiein cout dnod ; and while
,1, (..men,I Assembly re. urd* any system of lain*
lion Ity the Fedetal (Jovornmeut p unlacing more
revenue than is necessary for the wants of tbw
(iovernineiit, ecu mtuically administ red, as int
polidc and unjust; dairies thought of the Congrea#
ol tilt! I 'oiled States to raise revenue lor the pur
pose j| deposite or distribution amongst the States:
Noveliheless, believiiig the surplus money ill tliw
Treasury to liavo arisen under cvtraordinaiv cir
cumstances, not likely to continue, and cousidwr*
mg tiio provisions ol tho said act to Im a twin
poniry rxpo<li«*iit lo rciirvr a n dundMl Twiuwy •
1 til J bring v*ifiing in f1ut cl t<iilht omiec
' ,uiiC(7it to the prwpaft»*B wjpjpl*#

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