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I °^VCn°n Ten*
! ^ |ltv«prtmmUd Hopkins L. Turney a* a
can(Jida,c f«r Congress. Tim Mew York
!Ctr presume* th«< l» v attorney f„r state
t0af .10 the indictment, *nd limi the iMilnrit
|j nrOKCU«e »»•
|W sentenced l>V the proper tribunal to two
*' confinen'*®* i*1 <h* national pcuiti ntiarv at
S^^.h.t is. if they find him guiltu ot
-.*rv onalificaliunn for the office.
,|,e necessary I __
try* Let'61* from ^r'v Orlenna •nnnutifc the
,j^e 0f Tiernsn, CnJdy 4t Co. sooie accounts
* t<. for $8b0,000, nnd 01 hi rs for a million of dol*
l«r*. __
gj* Messrs- Jacqueline I!. Il.irvio aw.I John
H -ill Intvr petitioned the Common Council of Hieh
ml lor leave to construct a Railway fiom tin*
H.on, through Cars street, to Rocketts.
Although “ Onr of the People" has fur
iilwd as with his n into, we (eel constrained to
Jccline the insertion of hi* communication.-—
Neighborhood broils nvisl be settled on some other
ieetingof this Society will he he! i oil Tuesday e>e ,
,iiic tie*'- (2d in**-) at early caiidlc-lejn. at the j
fetbudist Protestant Church—on which oesasion <
Address will he delivered by Koiurt W'iiiti
A0 p|(|. The public arc invited to attend.
111 ' Kn. II. TOl.RR Si-rietarv.
Tlie trial of IIicl'iird II. While, chargml with
hr burn tig «»f tin* Ttt'imirv BuiMings in March,
after occupying six Bays, before tin- Cu
ruitCourt of tlie Dixirict ol Columbia, luitl been
■aininillril to thf jury H c all ill li>t«‘.it'u-r pul>
iili an abstract of the testimony, which Irives im
Imlil on mir minil that lie i« guilty. Tim jury
WU|J not nerve upon a verdin.
Al flic lain election ill the city of .New York to
ypply a vacancy in tliu delegation to the Legisl.i
urc, Franklin (Whig) wan elecle I by n nt.ij iriti
J 121)6JJVfi Burly (\. II.) Old Tuinmuiiv i< tot
arii'gle her loll.
laxbe Legi’l iture ol Piiin;\ Iv.t tit, a re*o!ii
|0a lias bouil olTerotJ, ant Inn rYnig an invest ig.it ion
nld ||ic mode, manner nml means by w inch the U.
I. Bank obtaiimil its charter last winter, ami wltr
hcr it had violated said charter since it w ent i to
OitailrouM .iceident.—Tim Savannah (jmirgi
a of the 20th tilt, contains tlm following notice of
he loss ut the steam-packet l) ilpliin and deitruc- |
ion of liMaan life :
•• Wadeeply regreat to learn by Captain Brook*,
if the iMambiMI Santee, arrived this morning,
ram I’whnia, that on Saturday last, 19tli instant,!
ibont four o’clock in tlm afternoon, tlm strum
nrkrt Dulplint, Captain Itti lolpb, nlf St. John’s 1
«r,stopped to take a pilot on board, and in the ,
dofslarliug the engine tlm boiler burst and tin
jrliinalely killeil fiftr.cn pcrtoit*. The ste.imbnat
Sautre bring w ithin tlireo niile«, j ntnediatelv, pm
[ceded to the wreck and saved the follow ing prr
niis: Colonel Brow it, I tdy an I two children ;
(n. Gibson, and son ; I>r. M irlin, United States
Army; .Mr. Waldr.jti and C'oloml Dill, slightly
luumicil, &. line person whose name we could not
urrnalii. Captain Rudolph, the stewardess, (i
[Wared trutirin,) and lour bands, one of whom is
ol. sc.ildeil. Pm following are die names of,
l»hilled : Colonel Brook*, Lieutenant Alrs'in
br M ickey, United Slates Army; Mi.s Brown,
Usiiter ut Colonel Brown ; B irnev Duce, mate;
s.mry and Li.lrer, engineri* ; knuorv, pilot; 1
wj deck bands, three steward*, and three
hwlhtr 1/enjter.— Hterr Is a proposition be
fore tin- South C trillion Legislature to confer
limiklit* privileges on the l 'llarlestnu and Cioriu
Dam It nlro id Com pout, b\ i srnrp ir aling a bans
with a capital of j§l>,l)lld,ll(lll, with power to in
ct"s»e tile same to t$!),Ut)0,0ll t, wlmn the Railroad
dull reach with i double track the Southern hnun
hrv of Kentucky, and 12,000,00J w hen it shall
resell the Ohio river—the stm k nf the cmnpany
tu be increased to $12,000,000, by opening the
bonks a.’itin ; .m l it that ammiii: he raised, each
ttockliolder to be entitled to ;i Bank Sh.»i • of
$50 lor each R.tiit •id £)h.ire, to hi* successively
fitiit’il lo $/3 mil 100 when 111«• Rind advances
totl»p points above named. The bunk is to be
called tlit* South U estern Railroad Bmk.
A destructive; fire broke out in Ait'gostu, ((»« t>.)
on the 20tli iust. Filly buildings were consumed
ind tlie ravages ol the flumes could only be ar
rested by the blowing no houses with gunpowder.
1 he amount of loss is estimated at $50,000.
Judge EliS. Shorter, died at bis residence in
Co.tinibih,Georgia, ofbiliv>us pleurisy, on the 17th
mst. Judge Shorter’s name lias been conspicuous
More the public.
A gentleman, who arrived in Washington direct
from Natchez, states not only that Mr. Poindexter
WHS not dead when he left that place, but w. ssup
po*cd to be rrcovei iug.
We perceive that \Ur quasi state nf Michijuii
mi actually voted for President and Vice Presi
«€ntofilie L. S.,and sent a Messenger on to Wash
W«n with the electoral vote.
South Carolina.—W ♦ • some d i vs ago published
ln extract from the message of Gov. McDuffie,
f«ncerning the relations ol the United States to
4fXa>, together with Mr. McCord's n-port thereon
n the House of Representatives. 'The report, it
^Ppfars, was agreed to in that body. In tin; Sun
il*, however, a counter-report was made hv Mr.
aniilfeti (lute Governor «*f the Statu,) vV adopted
.v • nearly unanimous vote. rl'o describe it in few
Joids, it is sufficient to say, it is directly adver.se to
* ■••sotting and conclusions of the Governor
tlm report of the Committee of f e Mouse of
A writer in tlm Quebec Gazette thinks the U.i
14 as n»«*t eventually join tlm United States.
Mditin \ an Huron, President elect of the I . S.
■*«H years of age on Monday, 5il, inst.
la_,U*,n Crockett, of Trenton, son of the late
r ° * '^,,v‘d Crockett, is proposed as a
^ndtJau, lor Congress from Tenness e.
\.. ; f*- SMITH has just ecrived »n
aquar. ,nii mo,1,| supply of plain and elegant
action round-cornered, Metallic plate grand
From tu , m,ANo FORTES,
C«. and *,on*el"f A unns, Clarice \
bp Bold at 11 ®?co" 4“ Chain/ ere, which ran
'»S!r?l,bli,l,wl Y«rk Prices as giv
,he addition oidv'TT*' Pu,,lisl,'‘J catalogues, with
GUITARS „r ,ho c st of transport ition.
tiful Pariiian* ° '< rF s|yl<-‘, including some beau
ftont five to „„1"!,ru",en,*t and varying in prim
Mrs.'s, receive U|''^ri d
,uPnlie\ ..r 1' rom 'ho iiortlirrn rities, month*
f'*«o Forte 6nV^',0',,>li,r MUSIC, the
Vcomprisi,* . G“iu,r- "«r stock is v, ry
*k*litpr for ,|„a?"Vt!r-V •king of value or celebrity ,
*"«ntion„fMl,„"'i,oramateurs, and is worth the
r!°r *'to»i||. ,C ' ackers, residing in the into
,b*",hfty ti„ h» 'ro*l,cd 0n n,oru favorable terms
Ok. is »> Richmond.
(TP— 2t if wif Is
Hheat price „ raah for lifcol,
S'^es.fro.n 11 to 3d ,mM1 ,o]d.
l4 tM’TH'wnonnonr
MarrM, oil Wednndiur, thr S81I. IWcmlwr,
by the Revere ml Nicholas II. Cobbs Mr. F.DWI.n
H. Jordan, of Scoitsville, Vs., i„ Mis* VjaoiNU
Jackson, daughter of Capt. Miles < tr\. ot
; 7~> •» Brook Nral, on tin- 2 1st in,t, !,»• the
*ev. Ln|uli \\ . Hnaiii, Mr Uoiit Ki M. Omuiiun
I>» |, lu Jin, >lm Virginia, vmmgeM .l.m .liii i
ot Mr. Cli.uie* \. Johnson, decM. ol Lynchburg.
On the same i t aiog. by ihc same. Mr. (»Enr.nK
W. Lawson, of Charlotte, to Mis» Vncelinc
ilanjlner of Mr. Thomas |. M iishall, ol j| ,t,t ,(. ’
i/opirtr.l tins Me, nn i ,e 31 «t October last, at
Locust drove, in the county .it Nelson, Mr. Lt;r
U Marius, t highly respectable man,.vim has
*.._ widow ami six , iiildi, n ,.n.l a mtmer
mis train ol h b n |< and connexions to mourn their
irreparable loss. Mr. Harris has numerous con
nexions in tint vicinity ol Huntsville, Alabama, and
the papers of that place w ill ideas., copv tloi no
• 0,1 the 23.1 November, at Natchez,
Blair R. Blkwell, ot Franklin, Virginia, aged
25. I lie lamilv ol the deceased, in whom he was
endeared by the most amiable, alTeclm'ialc, and
dolifol disposition, and the numerous friends whom
Ins integrity, kindness and honorable deportment
bad attached to him, will deeply lament that be svas
not permitted to realize the ptomisc of future use
fulness and worth, which his estimable character
indicated, His death adds to the melancholy ag
gregate ol young Virginians, who, impelled to ac
ipiiro -in honorable independence In enterpt ise and
exertion, It ice owed an early grave to the ruthless
diseases ol' the Southwest.
J/. .!/. It UK it,
a k i:s i» L i: a >*; r it i :
P \ i11f• ■ 11nii)_• In* friend* mJ the public geticr
» filly, (l i ivVim In* lii';;s I ,ivc to triulrr hi*
acknowledgments I ir tlieii verv lihr-ral patron tgr,)
th.it In* ii now, receiving anil opening it hi* Store
on I! ink >quate,
a srrrr. \ or
«o-t »r»>;
I .1 liic * 1 i* i t, consisting in part of
Negro \V noleu*, o| a Vi ry .soperim quality, in.file
in this Slate,
Kentucky Jean*, a very heavy article, height nm .i
lu ' er to.to heretofore,
I pieces tin of Extra quality—the finest ever yet I
olie red, j
Rroad Cloths, different Color* At qualities, two
piece* very heavy Steel mixi J for over
Coats, |
Pilot Cloth, a very heavy piece for (iteat Coats,
FLANNELS—Scat let, Yellow, White, Ate.
A handsome assortment of
With a great many hther article*, wliirh, fogcthi r |
with In* remaining Stock of goods, he
ay> 11 orrr.ns
at the lowest price*. Puiih.iseis ntav tin well to j
call a i,l examinn, ter hi' is deterinined lo SELL
OFF .it irilurcc! prici s.
D -< . 1"» r(5w
liriu,! \ L. IM.ID’I'. wi«he* to hire £00 l
▼ ▼ M.AV i'.S, t’oi whom libet-d bite " ill he paid.
They will ho employed on the James Iviver and (
Kanawha <"anal
Owi.ets ate i fetietl. in icgaid t«> treatment, to
ilrmnder Man day. Esq.; I mine IV. IValkcr, Esq. ;
M- U. Kerr; Gtoi^e iSti^by , %tillrr K' Royu/l. 4*c
Mundav’* Plantation. Amherst. Dee. "» tlOJif
OF PICE CITIZENS’ 8 \VIN<;s B \ nk. t
Lynchburg. 19th December, IHdti. \
lllll ■'.Annual Meeting of the Stockholder* of this
■- Itistitution. will hr held at their Office, on Mon
ay, 2nd January. IH'J/.at ti o'clock. P. M
dSui'lt mcmlier* as cannot attend, will be pleased
a have their S'ork represented bv proxy, and all
ire respectfully requested to Ii- prepared to deliver to
he Secretary tin u Scrips received on 1st last Jan'y.
JOHN R. McDANIEL, President.
December I!* w if tdm
BFINtj requested,hy Mr. Win. M.Slmctnaker,
lo examine hi* Sralcs fur weighing hog*, tit
hi. hog-pet . \\ e, the under*u::ietl, have pro
ceeded to do so by the nidartl \\ t i;; I it < of the
country. I-tom the resull,of this examination, wc
leel autlmri*ed, and take pleasure in slating it as
our belief, limt said Scales are entirely cnrr*.ct,
given under Dill hands this Pith day of Dccemhi.r,
WM. T. Y \ NCEY,
1 lie undersigned I •rnvi i s were present, and s nv
tlit* lialanc.’s nl Mi, Shoemaker's examined, and
believed them tu be correct according to the above
statement given tin ler our Ii iihN, t],i^ 19th d iv "l"
December, 1836. ROtST. (’ ROCKRS,
\VM. I*. '1 \ IT.,
December 22 dt if
■ rn w si’.r.D and beeswax want
« INC. MIIXI.K At II iYAl.1.
Nov. 23 ti,v if
i. ball resume the d utics of our School, on
* r Monday, ilie 2d ot January, rnd will teach
Spelling, Reading and \\ riting a 3doii its a session
—Arithmetic, English Grammar. Modern ml An
j einit Geography, with tile useof Map* and Globea .
I Ancient and Modern History. My liolngy, the Hie
' incut* ot Natural Philosophy, Astro no m v ..ml < ’ hem
■ istrv. with tin* tiselnl branches of tin- Mathematics
and Hook Keeping, at 19 dollars a session.
We will pay the strictest attention to the morals
, of 81m ars and will exercise a parental ami affection
ate discipline. J. A 8. COI.F..
December 26 3t if
new nooks.
STFWAUT'H Vdvenltires in capturing Murrell.
I.alette, the Pirate of the Gulf.
; The Merchant’* Clerk and other Tales. I.x theati
| tbor of the Dairy of a Physician.
| Melliehampe, a legend of the Santee, hv the author
of Ony Rivers,
j The Desultory man, by Janes,
The Poor Rich Man and tile Rich Poor Man,
Protestant Jesuitism.
' Rodrirk Random, new F.dition,
John Hull and llrnther Jonathau,
' The Rambler in Mexico.
The Faitv Book with 31 Cuts, a beautiful present
foi x.uing persons.
In addition to our fine assortment of Annuals.
&r. for 1337, w e li n e this day received
j The 1)1 awing Room .Scrap Book with 36 plains,
i Akcrmanii's Forget Me Not,
I The Christian lvcepsake,
j The Biblical do
; The American Almanac for 1837. .lout or in com
' plete sets, fur sale by M \RTIN ft I.ATIIAM.
December 26 _ _ it't*
\l,l. persons having claim* against the estate o'
.1. F. Rnvall. dre., will present them inimeili
[ at» lv. so that ■>:■ ismn mar be made fur their pay
I me lit. r A. HOLCOJIltl
J 1W. J 3w ■<
* A
/ \ N Tttr.tlnv, |||.. .11 1 »i>| „ |!t frulll
" ” _">V A'fir.n Room,
•> l> CmITi p,
■( It.irrel* fiuijar,
>r» lioxc* Huts,
V trailin' Uni. and f nrnitum
A Into! IfoiMrlmlJ and Kilrltt n Knriiilnrr.
Will In* ntldnl to dir all-Vi- «nlr, om* llarnr*.
Hnr.r- mid llor.r Can.
( II \KI.I $ P UK LI'S.
\i I cidlr-li-lit, a .iIn.i1 *L• I-t ■ > 1 Orv (Sonia,
f't'ttt* ; , 1 ' Urna ! < Inhs, C t.smin c.. C.is'dhrtl*,
Hljiikrlx, Oniiicxliri, Air. Ac. Air.
• 'll \KLKS 1*11 LLPS.
J tiliiarv 2 It
SI IM'-RIOII Patent Friction Mutches, an t
mertean invention, superint to ant/ match
ever before offered to the public, and at much /nic
er price—Are perfectly safe, and tint liable to in
jure bv keeping. I or sale, wholesale or retail, bv
Dr. Hremdrtth'i YEGETABL! /'nicersal
i l dls, than which none are more popular, lor sale
by now I I. D w li s, Ij'i.
H-'rcmln r 2-J if |«
Ulacksutitit's H'orA.
f I VIIK limit %rs»j»ned owners arid conductor* «»l
M Blacksmiths* Shops, in tin* Corporation of
Lynchburg, find it necessary for them to make an
advance on their work, in order to meet the uni
versal rise of even v article of produce, nndrveiv
description of lab hit, indispensable to the opera
tion ol their business. I nw filing to nd\ ince too
far, or to have a dillerenco among them in any
|)rice of work ; they hit\e, alter deliberate consul
tation among themselves, agreed upon the follow
ing tariff ol prices, v« hu ll they beli* v are as low
as c in he made to pro-l ice ordinary profit to ih •
Master workman at tin present tine, while it is
not in any instance, unjust to the public.
All mil! work, at per Ih. ft 17
Shoeing round, I 25
Do with Steel Toes, I 50
Removes, h.'l
•1 11 rse Wn ggon, Iron fi lined, 50 00
\ 11 others in proportion to size,
Heavy Tvre per pair, 6 00
Liglif do do do 5 00
Carrvall Tyre per wheel. 2 00
Putting on Old Tvre,1 cow. I 50
d*> do do light. 1 00
Ironing Axletree, Steel Ske ins, 5 00
do do without Steel, *1 00
Bottom Skean alone, I 2.)
Top do do I 00
Old Irons on Axle, 2 00
Pole Axes, heavy or light, 2 00
Jumping, with steel, 75
Plough Shares per Ih. 17
Screw Bolts, including Brace, a piece, 25
devices, according to si/e, 50 cents to l 00
Strapping large Ploughs, I 25
Do small do 1 00
Laying Shovel Ploughs, I 00
Pointing Ploughs and Coulters, 50
Hilling lines, 1 25
Str ipping do 50
All Sharpening* 1-1
Making Factory Bands, heavy, 1 50
do do do light, 1 00
Welding, in all caches, 50
Mending Uprights for Presses, 5 (HI
Pointing Screws, 2 00
Straighteningdo 2 00
Ironing one horse Uart or Carry all, 15 00
do two Jo do do 00
Hinge* nvi r 5 lb*., per Ih. 20
do under do per pair 75
.Anil all other vv ork in propoi lion to the above pi ices.
G. M. LEE,
January 2 2t
To all whom il may t oiirt rii.
\ S l ha ve quit the business of Boating, I here
J M.. by give notice, that my man 'I’om is no long
er authorized to run the river, and forewarn all
persons from employing said Tom, *« I shall en
force tin? penalties of the law against all who disre
gard this notice, J \MES GREENLEE.
Uockbridgc. Fount i/, IVi., Dec. 28/A, ISlJfj.
The Constitutional Whig will publish tin above
once a week for four week* successively, ami
charge this Office.
January 2 w4w
r j i! 11: undersigned, patrons anti friends/*! Mi***
I Peyton*'* School, have attenth'd the examina
tion of her pupils, hel I at th» clove of the last ses
sion, 23d inst. Tli.tt she has labored, and with com
plete success, to deserve our support, is amply tes
tified bv the orderly nnd affectionate deportment,
and rapid advance of her pupils, in manners, moral*
and liteiature. While ivr < herrfuly acrord to Miss
Pevtoti, our gratitude for her valuable labours we
enimlv recommend her to the patronage ol a libe
ral public.
A. II. CM*,
F. Snncr,
CS. II . Leftirich,
II m. 1. (Uni.
J. t). fivf1wich%
,/. <Htndrick,
< L. Cobbs,
Hr Iforn, Jm. 2 -It
December ISthi 1836.
M • I> W I’.NPl *ltT has received fiom the
I T 1. in 'St approved and fashionable Manufacture,*.
111 addilion.il supply of l.ndii*' .Sr nl Skin, hid and
Morocco walking and evening Pros SlififieTt, latest
stvie 11I fashion. Philadelphia make
December IV df if
a certain sum of money which thu
owner can get by describing the same, and
paving for this advertisement.
Ml LI,til! sV Ifcn VLL.
Nnv. 28 l* if
U iwv Kegs \o. 1 \\ liite Lead.
X'fw oft boxes 8 by ItlHindoyv tibiae,
50 do 10 by 12 do do
150 doi. half pint Flasks.
150 do do do
Now direi t from I’iltsbnrgh. and tor sale at Mann
factitrer's prices, adding transportation, by
Met'ORKI.r. .V McD \Mf.L.
December IS wtu ,1
It O I* R It T M A It U V ,
HA8 returned to Lynchburg, auil may be found
at the Franklin Hotel, by ,ho*e who desire his
! professional services.
.November II Hls '* .
VSTRONft. active II,iv. 18 m 20y .us <>’d. to
strike in a t * 0 * V h Smith's 8hup. the rn.umg
• ear—Aoplvi* 8AM« 1 iill'S
Ore. 19 11
|> 1,0w fur riving, a? his Varirfp Store, tin* |'o|.
■ lowing *t Him Mini detdralde ,irlicles, vix t
^ \i>di ,\n roii Ci «»\k.s, A . hluck anti tchitt,
Im h*k Sit h \ ii vi r, in 7."i jvr vuril,
Si//, thuti/,,• ()nr Cuats, »yc.
< <>tor.,.i (\onh>ic9, plum and •inbutstti,
Si/< im i Worsted /A wi> v. »tpr.
Mi- Inis, i< |».:?t usual custom ut Hit • vmmmi ot
llu* Vi’iir, init?, i d tlir price* wt tin* »r•outmder ul
Ins Stin k «»| W iHit.r.N Moons. (himi Itaigam*
iiuiv ilu : I n In- li.nl in lUtittLt fs, I 7u/irii7.«, f\is
simtb, htntHfktf Jra:;s, (*irc(tssiiiHt% \ . i\*..
(•'OI< U KXT.
Ili** uppei put ul t i* ||nnv* I oiTupv :s fir
fn'iit , it is i i ninioti iMi* •« i.k m*t i«»r a lainiU.
rou s \ i,*;.
I Inn i* Mr m! 10 h'cih", . i Lvm it nr no C\»t
ro\ 1’%rn*nv Stim k
\ few sil lies n| lltf following s | •»« , VI7
L v nr Idlin g .mil liliu* 1{ u!g,« Vurnpikc,
do ami I'lttiN Iviiuia do
do and Concord do
Ml of wliirli will Im* to,I |.»w, it application In*
nude in • lew necks. JOHN J 1*1 ItV IS
J a mm i v 'J \v4w it
r lllll large and valuable* stink of Good* be*
■ longing to tin* Kstate* erf the* late* lleorv
Brown, Jr, m to In* sold at unction; ike sale te>
commence tin* lt»tl» of Januarv, 1N‘|7, and to he*
continued until coinphi. d. It i on suits ot about
X?5,000 dollars worth. and comprise* in mv valua
lile* article*—inanvol tlie piece- guttL are uncut,
and packages unbroken and consiis of
S i pi i Inn* Cloths and < a>imeci s n| varuuis colors,
some ot* siipm ini epialil V,
I l.inurds, |{|aiike*ts, (\isinetl*f A c. A«
\ estiii-:*, a large stock and gi» .it varied ,
i Silky, Sal ins, ( ‘rape's, A e. sum- vn v e leg mt,
Shawl-, M mud, Thibet, Cehmcic, Ac. and
Scarfs and di css 11 i idhN.
(’aliroes, (iinjli itns, (’ iiidui. k<, M i%liii«. a 1 »rge
slot; k,
Iii.sh Linen, drown Holland, Ailosii Lim n. Di
aper Bus a Sheeting, < Iznalnirg*, Drilling,
Ac. A .
Cotton, W orsted and Silk Stockingtiet Shirts and
and Di.iw i>, (Irnluellis ami I’aiaso!-,
Silk II iMfllifs. Storks, Bo-mm-*, Collars,
lil.i' k Lasting, Corded Sii»iime*reloth, Trench
L wiles* and v •eutlemcn\ Glow-, a gr -nt variety,
Hose, Silk Cotton and N\ orsteal,
1 Bonnets, bdonors and \V tenths, a large stork,
Uiha *ls. Laces, I'.d;m'.’s and oth r bumming*,
! Ladies’ and Childre n’s Shoes,
Ladies’ I or Caps, C*»ll us, 1 ippets,Mufl*«, Gloves,
Ac. Ac
| I nt and Wool Hats and Chips,
I Cloak* an I (Jo it’* hair Camlets,
Jewelry, s um- very costly, i l*oyt( a great v»*
riel v.
One cleg mt Mantle I ' o k,and several common elo.
i China md L rrthenware, tie* most nt winch is to
S. coral tho-usai J dollars worth e>l Hardware* and
Cullei \, chiefly unopened,
! Shot Guns, a largo stock ; Ivilles,
1 Iron Pot*, Owns and oilier Castings,
Sugar, Coffee, Te i ; Madeira, Champaign and
1 oliier Wines and Brandies ;—Pepper, Ginge*r and
itiimv other tilings. In short, something of ul
Hiust every disruption of Goods found mi Store*,
and some rare and curious nitirlcs betiielest.
r«*nns—Cash will be required lor sums not ex*
eroding 50 dollars ; from 50 to I »0 dollars, ^
1 months credit ; from $H50 to 500, 0 mouths ; from
! 5(H) to 750, 0 months; from 750 to 1*000, Is?
mouilis ; and for all sums over 1,000 dollars, IS
months credit w ill he given : tho pun hiucr to givo
Imnd with s itisfici ifv sunnily
Tin*re will doolebss be* great tacrtficfM, in
forcing oil such a stock ol Good* at minion. Ma
ny article's will probriMv be sedd lor less til in half ,
the cost ; but it must her submitted to, and buvet*
m e assured tliev iritt be so/ .
MIC \J Ml DAVIS, Jr. IU or
of lh nn/ UroiM, Jr. dcc'd.
The Cndersigivd will also se ll by private con
tructs Mime horses and cattle of great value.
Young American Kclipse,
Carlisle, ill*’ Sire ol a lUiUther ol good c«dts,
Young Sli ikspear,
Wood Lark, the fain mis Rand*lpb rinn-,
Sdver 11 i i Is, I pure blooded m ire*,
\ good mu** with an l.olipse emit.
The pedigi i <• of tin e horse** will L#* shown by
j the undersigned.
Improved Durham saoit horn** 1 cattle ot the purr
Boliver, nn urominonlv fine animal,
Jupiter and Ben garni, each two grass and very
promising. •!<> head ot Durham curio was sold in
the* Stale* of Ohio, in Octobe*r list, lor iifl.001 dol
; lur.s. Anv e»f the above animal*, will lie sold on
libe ral terms, if early application is made*. Tin*
horses may In* $»*e n at the >trtl)l© of 1 apt. Il©nry
Brown of Bedford, and the t attle on the farm <*!
Mr. B. Wilks, about (i mils from Lv nclibugr.
ol II. Ilroicn, Jr. dn'd
IV Fincsutle Democrat ;md Mountaineer
af U s tli C ’.mii I Mouse, will u'w die above one in
serlion, and send llieir account** (o this office lor
I )criiiibi i ‘JJ d id*
Aiictti:il- twirl S«’i» Y c:»r’i OH is
6 (H:
Vi J. II.\\ \ . pist receive I the* folllowin'j;
? s j 11 illf I il I, ioI.sIi mid \nieric.in Vnnualfi,
and New A ■ u \s t»ilt-,lor 1S;{7, viz;
Friendiliiji’s OOVoin^, a hrtmiiful London Anim
al-, will* 1 I Steel r.eoraviil?*,
Flowers nl Loveliness, do do do
The Ki li«*ions Souvenir,
The T 'okett and do
Tlic Language of flowers,
flora’s Dictionary, l»y Mrs. Wirt,
Flora’s Interpreter,
4’oinblison’s Stews on the 4'hatnes, with more
than 100elegant Engravings,
livron Des. Dames, Oft do
Cirav’s Elegy, written in ;t Country (’hutch Yard,
illustrated with 32 Engravings,
Thu Cabinet of Literary (Jems,
Thu Amulet,
The Wreath of Friendship,
The tiirl’s Book,
Thu Young Lady’s do
The Daughter’s do
With a great variety of Books, suitable tor \
Year’s (»ifts. Foi sale low bv
Nov. 28 is If
Another Sana t'n/atul tit the C'ottagi !
January 2d 1337. I
I'.airin'’ of the Richmomt Rotter y Ye. 1,22'/
December last.
12 19 7 40 lti 43 IS 20.
Qy~ Half ticket No. 12, 40, 43, a Capital
Prir.u of 200 dollars, was >i)l(l at tint counter and
cashed at sight by J. H. AN ERF, II ii < n.
January 2 ____
The drawing of the WelUmrg Lottery, 8, will
arrive to-nuirrow at 2 o’clock P. M. 4 bis (irand
Scheme closes tha lotteries for 1836. Thu Capi
1 t»N are brilliant, mul there ate nearly- as mantf
' Rrisrs at Jilanhs ! Fall tin some <»l'the lar-e
J «*IlU#* V *•
i- , \ »• * 1 '
930,1)00 STOCK,
CONS Is II \f; nj a r«ri/ large supply «>f Mcd
icmc« |0 B, f)vc« Sinli, ; I9 tint* in Oil mid
l>r\ ; SurgeohN* | (>«• nti t** Instrument* ; Can
d»' s ; Uiiumii • . Sir : WlnlHI, all kttld* »r
Bullies mid 4 ask, ; Bi mdi- < mu ; \ rorieh/ <»/
s«»aps; lion* tin i l*i,if.U ; Smids ; Bhi*In * nil
kind,; Srjfsr,, » very Uiyi -ni»piv. part nf iln j
most suftrnnr kind* ; Smoking m.d*< Bowing To- '
Imcco; Violin,) Hull'.* ; FUrouetts; Hacilotf* ; |
Bass V ml* » Vndtii String. A very lar-»c sup
pi' ul Pintiuneri ; limn FJmtie Sti i . nnd A
p* fins*. .1*1*011* d ; I% r * k F— find IVtunw,, (i s
kinds *•. < i. i . i ji, ,
A v ai»et\ of ai hrlcs f»n mtpinvintf iUe B i , Si w !
• ul! mu I K•»if11»»m \, * B.-, .» ! Pim , i i,|* and 1
i » niei IB ok s and i I •*»!<, .ind Kv«m ; \\ ii|ii u\i 4 #|u-s
and I'oiiy ; L'’C wend , 4 -»pp i ; Mi . I• • i ; A
U 1 i Peppoi ; 4fint’i*r and AlUpi. c ; V ainisli ;
I In rnmnieier, ; Lenin i S\ rnp ami Jim i ; At
curd* ins ; 11 at inn limn* hiiiI Jr*ri Hups; 4 inld
and other Be ids, ismrti d ; Iliillli'ifiMirs and Bn is ; j
Ink Powder* I• m111id I A nnd Indcldtlu Ink ;
Sen, i*,« Oil nnd \\ot?r (),| Blacking, nnd J
Panic Blacking; JniuBnttnd (•iiiin;ui\r Paste;1
^ riciion, LuriB'i’, Phosphor , and Mm it Matches;
Playing, \ miiii.i nnd Blank t\ud, ; Pearl AsBih
and Sal \i.ihis. and a e«rt Ir7*/ul nthei 4 imtd.t. ail
«»l WllH It will br otVt'l'fii, at in\ intention u to clott \
l,l> luiiiiirii here, it vimy 1*1.1 \S|\(i pricct, bw\ !
wliolmuli* or rrtiil, H<l\\ l b l>\\ IK,S.
JmiiMiv if if n
‘ — . ‘ . ... I
"■ 111 r. subscriber’s s • I toot wiil be resumed on
J M,>n,l.n , the Ol ll ill .1 ulii'irv , I S|7.
M It All L. W I AT I'
Jjii. J. :t'
III Ol 'Ott l> ( I. \SSJf \ |, S, HOO!.
Irimrosi . to i’sf.1 III i*« h. oral M i. Da line v P«nn
dexter's, on tlir | on t It o.i I, about m \ miles a
loo r I Mid)burp I i /. I > -/* !/. »\<///< >(>/„ lot
tlir (’ducation ol both male•> and U’liirtlr* . ..sainted,
in till* f**ui do dep ,| j,,,. u t.v my daughter. Vii'gl
nia \1111 Shelton
\\ t w ill tea. h (hr l.a i l I. \ Nt.i \u* (to th ' 0‘
f11 di *•, as well .is mil'' ' 1 1 vot. \ Uld I't’ \< rIf M
l'h> of I )ngh li t»iia vtm \t> . i 'ovr-'OTi'iN Hiim
OHO ; Tin \UT O! Krviil s u. Willi a Mil tot i gatd
to f ''ir.t, cmphasin, p inn i, . r./r*ir«, md tin cuimum
ni ululntions ot the r •< ill «d which arc • ah ulate I
to g i vc* to the It i \ i»» h and to tin. isrf.\KiR e
I’l ItlOKI I \ (IV* I tile plUU alltv ol'lllt || , Ijof OIK , III I
Ini toll ed ol w|\om, (by and huge.) * in mad w-ll;
i |'ian i rtoN and (i arfiti (immih inn . I'i>m w
s||| e |*l* M'TJi STIilN *, XltIT.lMM'li I IIVTot* \ .
N'iT Hvi. and Mohm. Pmt »soi*»u < m Misruv .
find the mm/mi. adit; g nol th ie Iti 'n ot I highsli words
li out tin* i r original i o'-.- < apt Hawkins lias a
very superior and well tun 'I Ih on* ll tin liutnhei
•U tlnoe wishing to b iro Vlusn will pi*(lly the • \
pennr, an surnugtuiicnt will b» made with i --upcrini
, teacher, to alien ' one «!«• \ in »■ oil k, and give
j Ichhoiih on that In .:i u un-nt When necessary
j C'apt. Hawkins will eouvov lm» hoard. is to v. I ti-un
the Hehool Mr Poindextri, Mi. Moorman. M
, t’rennhaw. Hr. I'loyd, andolheis will take hoarders
! o»i the most moderate terms, m order to rurourap
the School.
To poMNi’SH ktmwb dv;e. i‘» oil* thing • the tae.ulty
(*l imparting it with /*/ »7i7j/. toothers, is atmihti ,
and is anntnidl gift* ol hut lew • bt m to homo
method whir b. I fl it ter m \ oil. I pus* < ss ol eomtmi
mealing niwtiuetioti. by o. d **\plan iti**nv, and tilu*
trillions, tending to rendei study simple, nui/, *... I
interesting. I think I ran Irarli the l.atin and 1 bsh
<irnmmai, in less time than i' usual; either srp.uat# •
Iv. or Initli nmjumtly and ximulianoously ; which
is ihe lirst and niosi advisable eotitsc. Had feulihg.
bad proiiuneiatioii. and the habitual use ot nironci
language, ran he rmreckd in a short tune, mid will
receive particiihir attention. My mode o( oistiio
lion, fniitideel upon experience Miatui- t» ib efion, ,
and fundamental, phih'M>phind princifl'• .,nbr bit
ter liemoiHtt«t« d by .« praeti. .1 i • t, than * .plained
hv » Concise advertisement. I i *1 ctm/idint ot im
i4»i 1 itv to ct'*' Aid Ha chon n. tlmse who may i on
(„|c then eliihhcu to my *u&tl uc»mn. and pie Ip m»
. li tn apart ..■■••"in: h ll
Some girls as w» . i • hoy a. ni1 now i*ng ',e.d tu mm
turner a I/Kin cla**. I irifeml to show what fhry
ran do in fin* til's! sc-sinn, at the Ho*. ol w liieli. and
of evrrv other, there will he a foibln . \ uriiu • ton
Deportment toward* th* pupil* will hr mild and j
paienlal, whilst proper discipline wdl he xs.diitelyj
and liindy maintained.—•H**h. f*-u• •* Hie .\
II. r.dihs, C'aptH. Hawkins, Odin <1. layi "id
Pollidester. Hr. I'loyd, Map ls.ro On v At "t t«»
dm uon uta in mV po 1 don. ' • di• 1 ' "
Pint OfTirr. rare of mv son. H H c.i.*lt"0. I h*
School will be. common red on the ‘-Mil, ! "it a*
is desited bv some, others ran coirmeuri* tti Janitai v
| |m pupils a t thi? ■ . w •' hit > U| pit* d
With tile in revs.ii \ ( hi'.* /'•.'»!/*, .• I evrrv k>o.i ; ,
(which cnii be edit iin«-■«! Ml the il ..k Mmr »d M ir- j
tin A U ilham, it* l.vnflibiu :) t'.n m st approved |
ill the host Literarv institnUo and surlt as I may .
prescribe. Those puniU who mtv roine Irom .
distance, can he supplied hv m« , from the vaid |
Hook Store, at first cost.
lion rd ran he had in ihtr iieidiliorhoo.l, it r.^n*. - 1
table Iioiiso* *oiiit‘# limit s*»i• i•• lilt* lor vnu p 11- (
dies; others for young gentlemen, at. from S7 to j
jaS per nmnili ; in* hiding h. ddin?, washing, fm I, I
and good randbts, and private, .pli. t rooms l »t
JVlv terms, for th*- sclmlastir yrar of months, !
wit he :
K.,r Liiiin, *-'» 00 1
l.pinli-h .tmiiiiiiru, ,,(l
|{, Wrilinu, (ivogriipliy, ot Ve.lt
mi li<, * ’
t>rilii)tfr.i|iitv, Itcaiiini; .toil \V rMiu>.', . 1’^
• I’m wil.l.', otif linir, ill llip i .(Ur:i'i"ii ol iMi h i
.csMut. 1,1 live montli*.
wii.ia \'i sura/roN.
N,iv. If
W \IU> S OKI' I' K. I
J \ni \ky 2 1, )K:i7. )
1)11 A II / \0
or ,t.«- I’n li n ti l Vc i'lfinv I- i!Ici \ 4lli Hin
I'm 1S.J0 ilritwn it II n timnn I mi |nr'22(l Tin.
nn i u v .vr minus1
12 10 7 ‘10 10 4H IS 20.
All Nnniln rs not iiiuwn iilmvi', . I.iim I’ll*
til $ I 70.
(K^p* 1 I*|1/.|. of ijtO.ftOo
(K/" 10 l’i 1 /• of r»<H)
W'r lJ.SUriKi (jOTTKKY. No. I for ls!7.
I-,i In drown hi Kiclimoml on Tlior-.l.i> , Jno’r.
loll'. C/“ Dr.iwinj; rccolVr'.l on S.iinril n lolim*-,
hum i'in i. (um i//;'
. *.. ii r ji.r.ru\
1 I'rrAfOl Sjn.wmi ;
1 dll nf
I do of 2,000
I do id 1,516
1U III* ■ ' V '
■Jil do of 1.J0
1*1) do of ion
Tic lifts Oiilv !? i — Halves SI .r»tt--Qi <. 7 c .fi
i For sale at ' W AKIVS OH ICE.
Jnnuary -
SellE */E > '<)U TitE AE li YE l K !
avemti’s rmzBomoE.
/{iihinunil Academy A’u. 1, dr rites cm ’/ hursdny,
ruics receipt tl on Snturdau It1,
S C II i; M I !
1 Prize of SO,000
I do of 2,500
1 do of 2,000
1 do of 1,5 Id
40 I rijtos «•!
20 <Jo of 150
20 (Jo o! 100
46 do of ifO
Bcsiilos S«N. Si's, «'•
Tirkols 93—Halve* SI 50—Vlrs. 75 eunir.
Another (•'••fid Scheme to begin inth
1 Draws at Alexandria, Saturday 7th January,
Sews rert ired on Tuesday 10/A January.
MAO00, 7,000, 1,000, -.',500 1,4*0.
I s»5 Prize-* of Si, JO, 10 -1' *400, 10 "1 $•?"<*.
I fitful'8150,&-.&C.&.C. ..
I Ticki ts only 87—IL.lvr-* 84 50—Qr*.8l -»•
Li.wr-st our- Number Pii*'- #S. For *..!< S»
J ll.AURl'Tl’&’k.
■ 'III. him ol I’oe St Kenwich. is ihtotlay -|)a**|i
mutual countnt. Thone indebted to tha
lirm r.in nettle with either partuer. The debt* due
hy I lie firm „ ill t,r *>tt|,rf by C.1Mr*B P..e
. , „ J.AS. B. KEN WICK.
Jjntimr 2
r„ , NOTICE.
IlL aubvrriber having purr honed the intereM of *
* a s w i ■ 11 I’nr, m the firm of Poe A Kenwielk
willeontlnue fo do hu-iri*>, in the long i atablished.
ItoilM■. formerly ru-cupiml by J At C Poe. and for*
'nil l.v I't,.- .*< iti'ii*,. k Hr will keep on band at
ill fillU M, i« I tTOck Ot '
l.rnfhcv, f'lirri, rV Tool*, Hide*,
<■>11* <<roc c He*, Ac.
' ■ 1 ‘’i liallv iuri’n tin cU'I.iiih n of th* !iou*%
•»n*i In irif'pt«tu t■ *f 1 <ti) him- Nntiling *li*ll hi- want
i l*ii • *r; f.» gi>v h itmlurliun, Ifidf'n will ba
",lt,( '** " • l* »rtif n’.ir attrnfmn will fee pniff •
f" !***■ llu-incMt.
, J A mi*:ft 11 KKNWICK.
J ’ lit if
:■ I' -niin-uhor having routed from the Orocrre
i <iiuiina,ioii huainem, wixhea to nettle up
«.l ill- I,.I firm* -if John.Wm. 4tC. Poo
"‘' >*Y < . P'lr.lIV Mill Pile At Krowick.as eailo
is jitiMihlr. la ■“•me of the account* hare been of ro
il hing .landing, no tin liter mtllllgenro can be giv
en A pp|n aim* m»v be made'io mv-iclt.nr Mr. Janie#
n..i:«»»irlk, l«»r n#tilriii«.n( of the account*.
v „ , C VSWEI.L POE.
' 11 —1 * i'b to |inrelia«e next anriue. MX) cord*
OleeiHii. Sjianjah and llla«k Oak Hark, fur which
- .tail will lie given. (*t POE
J umarv » *»r tr
^ V \i .1 * i it* u it superior court of law
* nmi I'lliim't'rv, continued .stiff belli for the town
"i I vnchfcttrt*, tit tlie murliHtUMC, in Maid tnwo, on
1 ml |\ lit Ml SI d.«y of Octot»«), IKM, sitimg a* a
i our! i>fi iiatteerv :
Hch|.iutiri \\ dcs Perkin*. an infant under the age
-! '••■‘if. “Ii" "I-. by 1 ).i\ uj launders. J r. his guar
diiiii and nexf friend, Plaintiff,
Ofcrt rt *t
lli'li,i | I'.nUins is :nl mini *• rater de ho nit, non.
"iili till- Will ntini'sed r»| (Jcort»e \f. Perktu* dcc'd,,
‘ .»ni ite | Miller Knit i id Perkin*, <' bin les |,. |)i brail,
Mi ini' dd Hate In* i, idmuiistt arm with the will au
* *' xed nMii’iitc M I'll Ulus, dec’ll., K.dpU M. Mar
,l" J'dtti'* M Hat 'her, Ni l*o.i I. tfntclier, Dahnry
Mill i |i| I’dir. n ’ll Ills w |fc. I lines l(. PerkltlJ),
Pm-• M ono and M.'iliml i Ins u if. . Tandy Ouuean
iii I • ni "ilia ii.i* tie, and J auit s W. Dihfell,
In <IM\nt\V
PI'*- ' ‘<**» i one on tins day to he heard oil tiff*
lull, itn ■" i■ r* nl tin* <! leti'l.inf* • Inrles l„ DihrrIJ.
James \\ Dihrcll and llnhml I'eikins. flie order
pilhltcat ion of tin (illi nl Vjuil, l l», a g Mil.XI \ relit
ball Hatch’r. It ilpli || M n.in. \* isuii I. Hatcher.
If t ir • .Mat I m and M.iltiida ills w ife, und Taridy Mull
ein and Silsautia Ins Wile, irliirli appear* to have
been duly published, and the snl'pcrnas awarded
therein on file .r»th day id Dc. embi r. Kll, :un I the
LM • lav of Maieh. IH which H}||M*.*ir to have he*n
duly executed on the nlhci delendants, nnd exhibits,
and w * atgtird hv counsel; on consideration whera
o|, itid t»y t oiixiut ot lint parties hv their counsel,
ilie euni t doth orilei tli it tliarh;* \\ ( hi isti.iu.wkio i»
hereby appointed a ape i il commissioner lor the pur
po*e. do t «U* —1st. \»» account nl the estate of Polly
I * • linos, drr'd.. whirl) went into i he hands ofOtoorg*
M P» ikins, dec'»l., h» r executor—*2d. An account
of the estate id (ieorce 1M. Per It ill*, due'll., which
went info the hands of Willibald H itcher, Ins ad
ininistintoi will) the will annexed, distinguishing the
liabilities ol each net o| soeurities—.'M. Vn account
ol tin- some (•forge At. Perkin.*'* rruato, whi' li went
into the hands ot Kieliiid Perkins, I ho present ad
miui.stiatoi rle bonis non with the will annexed—al
so, an account ol r#y payments in ido to the plaintiff
by the defendant*, Hull her mud llibretl. or either of
them, on account of fhe claim asserted hv the plain
till hi Ins bill——whether said payim-iila were made in
inotiev. hoard, property or otherwise, and the hal
mee ol flit* b'Cae) due tin- pi until). And lilts said
cotnmtftMiouci is dm rtrd to « iminr, state and set
fie s.ii'l account . uid inakt rpoit * thereol to the
CGlirt, W'ltli any matter *prrinl|y slated, deemed per
tinent by himself. or it-utiired hv the parries fs ho
*v st ited.
\ f'npy Test*.
!>. Konr.H. c. r
t ’<omihhioni rt’s Omen, »
l«vnrli}iiir(*' Dor. ?Qtli. 1X39. f
l it* parties interested in this cause, are hereby no
11 fieri that I line appointed Wednesday the I bill
day id *Vbniaiv next, to commence 11m .ice.uj’nf* di
i 'Tied to lie talieu by f h«* forei»om g ordci of court. «|fi
»\ hit'll tlay at tJut h'»u oi 1 * n r|.>* k A. M. lin y are
ii 'juii'dio attend at mv oilier, m tin* losu. with
lio n irroiints vnurln t and rnpi* s of rottrt papers,
|»l‘#*p;ir» d fen cxainoratimi and .settlement.
f If MM.rs %\ . rillt 1ST! \\.
SfH'nll i Vonmbumuier.
J innat v 2 w Iw
Dssx&aixt.zirAtvxxxiV azisx
aii^rcas ror uhwt.
r miiii ISrirk IY tnio nt, situ.it I on tlio North
X \\ i d » uni rui Il.it.1 and \V ext Streets, ne
eopiciltln past x» .ir t*- Mi. Kean t this tenement
is spacious and vei v favorably eorMnirti'd for the
couviiiieio e of a family', with i 'mill gafilnn, anT
a wi ll of escelh-nf pure " iter.
The “ f’ott mm*" adjoining the ;il»ove named
lot, ftirmi rly ocrupii d by Mr. X«wh »!l. This house
is adapted to tlio accommodation of 4 small fami
lv, with n large and productive garden, and a vn
mMv of rare and clmice fruit tr Possession
nt ii nil residences eftti he fl.nl imntcdi itelv. For
tart her parti1 nl »rs and r *1 ins of rent, apply to
M \\ l> \ VFNPORT.
.1 unitary 2 "It it
f 0 1 111! undersigned, Tru »ie»:x, in 1 deed id trust tt
I i . 111 i*d hy John Hourly, for the benefit of r.er
tain c.tr htois ttin 1 in mentioned, which is duly r®'
• orded, would ud rm the p iblic, that the FLK
Mill. Tit \C-T HF LAND, 01 that part of it situ
ated in the counties ol AiiiIui'M and No I-on, whirl*
include* th« Mills and tluc. Islands, making 801-A
acre., fiv old surveys, is still I01s.de, anil will be
show n to tliO't* ilojirous to purchase, by John flora*
If V. or \|| X.Older Minuly. on«t of tii« Trustees; sod
it not <dd b»d ire the Im January next, will, oil that
(|,ix he 1 ■ .iteil out. Therein a t injunction to the
.ale (dd-T or* , and .1 l.timhrt liiuise nt the mouth
rjl 11vnt t *ieek, in flic eoiirity of Kurkin^* am, and
cou ndei»•«! a portion «d the above tract, hilt ire ire
loioi in I Iiv the pi untilfs in that injunction, that if a*
v ir j I, -for\ sale of the whole can be eflfertcd, they
will In-willing to let it go with the other, first ascer
taining ih separate value, and tin proceeds thereof
to l»" held hy tho I'rnUccs, tu abide tin* r**ult oi
that injunction.
FKFDFRIPK M r*\|ir:i.fM
October 20 H
(J Z5* Tut* re mine will take place on Saturday
ilie 7tli .1 intiarv, 1837.
J a 11*1.1 rv 2
t l WISH <o hire. In wo'U on lint James Kiser
! and Kanawha l anal.
i ><wv vofitit art'%1
drive hurts, to lie employed abnnt •'< toilet* bela
I ,\ uchbutit, the location of the contract beioR*i| -
w .o tls Ilf tl*» fret above tile river. cause |Heut|y is
Dr:i ,„*ci Hf ilthf/. The work will bo twe.utedby
Slaves only, ami they wall b well clothed and ted.,
humanely treated and but moJeraiely worked, an
nom exposed to the blastin' ot Keck, but sue
I as .in hunt expressly for the purpose, for ail.
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JOHN IIOLI.INS, > l.vm liburs,
Titos IIOI.COMUI: f - ^
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( rent.
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