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m vitui At.i;.
— ■ « S-U I UAX.,.]... I,.
I)marled this life.on Sunday the llih V'eccni
'' l'3li in Hender/on county, Teuiic~-re,
h*jr’ PATiKNi’t Mi Hasky, iatgly of Pitls'v.lva
,lr* ...... y .i. She died after a short, but w
I'hedruil- ol this worthy matron, leaves an
l| 'ctioimte husband and ten children iucoti' -
? ,V |t may lie truly all'inn nl, that nolle was
• yer more exemplary nml uniform iiithedis
clwee of the vat iom duties of her station. As
' vile as mother, and as a mi-tres;, site was
' licensing in hi'r efforts to promote the comfoi t
and the happiness of her liUsohnld. A^ i member
of society, she was unostentatious in In r man
ner's and unobtrusive in her sentiments, kind
hearted and beneficent, ller memory will he
loiO' and and affectionately- cherished by her
surviving friends and aecpi.iintnix i s. Her last
hours were peaceful and serene; and in lull
expectation I the solemn event, she declared
tier entire resignation to the will of her Makt r,
and her hope of cvei lasting happines through
the merits of her Uedeiuner.
_on Thursday, the 29th ultimo, at his
residence, in Campbell county, the llev'd. l'.n
xiuMi Johns, in the 70t!t .year of his age. b’ot
tiianv cars past, lie lots been a consistent mem
Jmt of the liaptist L'liitrck; and iii.s inliuencc
will long lie lelt in the circle in which he mov
Fall and IV i tiler <.‘oo«ls,
IilAVK. just received. my entire stock ol
Fall ami »* inter Goods. nnil find I have an
unusual heavy stock on hand, in consequence of
who'll, l v.’ill sell, at very reduced prices, fur
n.sh : persons wishing lo supply them-clvc>
with any articles in my line, will find it to their
interest lo {five me a call as I am determined to
reduce nit'stock hv selling at a small advance.
\ great portion ol my Good* were purchased
before the late advance, and principally for ea;h,
which induces me to believe that none will go
3lway ilis«atislieil, that may lavnr me with a call
— | will lake ple.isute in exhibiting my Goods
to all who may wish lo buy. The following are
only a few ol the articles, compi'i-ing my slock ;
Blue Black and Fluey Cul’d. Cloths it Cassi
Sattinetls of all kinds, very cheap,
Kentucky Jeans, a haudsomc article for gentle
men’s wear,
Heavy Woolens for Negroes, from .'J7 I lo CO
Napped l otion,(\\ ilson’s,)
I,inset s, I*Iaiii anil Striped, d-l and i I,
Ik.iukets. l!o,e an I U liitnev, very large sizes.
I) i IJuU'el ami Ttt ilietl, eiieap,
Do. do very large for Tent ( overs,
(‘iicassians a very large slock — very low,
I)' Puna k. anew and beaiililul uilitje.
Ftviss Muslins, plain and figured,
JJohliinet. do. plain an I figured,
.faeliimet. Mtill and Book do.
i‘aiuhrh ks, plain an.I striped,
Lares, Footing and K'lging-. good assortment,
Jiihhuns, n large srpply. some vt iv handsome.
Bounds of the latest style, and Aittheiul
Furred llaG and Caps, a large assortment,
■* cheap.
Shoes, a I trge supply',
< i»ii!!enien's and Ladies, Cloaks, (very cheap,)
Togvlher with a large ti-s oriment of Groceries,
besides other article.- i >o tedious to name.
I*, ft. 1 tviil given liberal prie" lor C niuti'V
Jeans. Pouicsiir Sucks ami kk riel.
September 'l 0 Is
IN' Tin; C lil.MO.’t cot M il.. ,
l.yiv hhur.;. J.,numy IT.. 1--.17. t
}!, solen/, Thai ullo.em r.s of lK)t;.S, in l.yindibm e.
lie, and lin y :.r In i l:y recpe'sl.al lo coniine sue!:
1IOI ■ s cl.!y ’eithin i r !■•' s, ith iL- \ ii v. I n- noil
mg :n sinsi h! ydrople Ilia- and lie- Gdiri: tlnsli r is
hereby ... zed and ordered forthwith u> ahead, nt
etheru ise hill iinv 1‘o . \\ Ii,. ‘i ■ may fuel nttlniiq .1
l.rir' M illt'ii die limiis o. dm cnqvtr..
The al e , e o. dill mi . o In I j ■ i 11V e,ilore -d.
tihin ini., m.i'ui;.
/’■ e Mu.t.r,
January 12 - Ii
| I)i:si!?K to inform mv t■ lei. old rn •''■m-w* Mid
|!h* puM r 'Tnrr l! ’. lli 'i I ha\«■ r* mo\t 'I inv Sii.rr,
• > ill- hmi.*' cwim r'y « rrup i «l , S'mp -• >n A Lyman,
au l i.tv. i-fn r. K, l!n vi i in-! JoiiuT. Hunt, wfim 1
Ihivc a very y>«> I assortment of
Hardware and (>ror< r»es,
hirh I will S'dl verv ehas I am d' s i-'iis !■* di
niinish n»y W. 1 v mv < 1-1 etisnmicr', ;.s well
the J tilil.c ffi*»i* j- 11'-. i ■ r ill • i I -« r In hire tin v !l»v
J-amnry 1.1 is
FresEi arrivial off
Winter Goods.
ill j ill. XI2'ii'£»
t .1 h /: s i> l r: i si i: r;
I \ informing hi•* friends and the public gene
■ rally. (lowborn lie begs leave lo lender his
acknowleilgmenU fur their very liberal patron
age.) that In* ts now. receiving and opening at
Jiir »Vlore on Hank stpiare.
(in PP (p HP <V
for llic* season, coiim.ling in part of
Negro Woolen®,of a vpjry superior quality, made
in this State,
Kenturky Jeans, a very heavy article, bought
much lower than heretofore,
h pieces (!(>. of Extra quality- the finest ever
vet offered,
Ilroad Chub*, different colors A qualities, two
pieces very heavy Steel mixed lor over
Pilot Cloth, a vrrv heavy piece of Great Coats.
1'l.ANNKLS—Scarlet, Yellow. White, t!fcc.
V ith a great many other articles.which,togetb
vt witfi his remaining Stock of Goods, lie
voir ort'Ens
at the lowest price*. Purchasers may do well
oVi r CSiau>ine, for he is determined to
■ V'lU, OFF at reduced prices.
December 15 Drv if
THIS splendid Stallinn will
"lake his next season in this
Terms &e in due time.
__.^ \v4w it
ii /\n niU'Kivi:/) >
. January 9th, 1837. v
l!UVn No';, of (he Richmond No. 5,
47 -H -17 3 58 13 2t i 57 3(5 59.
sr>. ...nn'Jthkr capita r. i
, i'.'1 . ti'li'Pl No. 30. IS, 57, a Capital tva
in atn |,n,j at AVERETT’S OFFICF.
• ■ (fawn Nos. of the I’etershurs No. 12.
11 > «3 1(5 to 35 33 (53 03 1111 .27.
59 v> ,</$■’.}V*,,Is!,utS !N'0-8'
V. " I 37 1.7 00 19 23 39 4.
Til. I. '• ^'T'^nAY AT 2 o’ci.ock 1’. M.
" ill ' 1,1 "9"; ot th" MoiKinipilin. ( T.a;s one.
(mi 'fT'O'-ed-Capitals 35.000, 8,7.000. I.
^23of ln °>r
' bvfi>r‘no?t’> on|y and lowest one mun
lr 1 t l/e B;S. For sale af
■ I
1 3 Y P^YiaE .v TIMvrap.
1 £ "b ^ Thursday tihjt. i|h‘ 'Ur n„i!, in Irnnt ■■!
v> our On,a. a NRCJtf) .MAN, who «,a lirst ]
ratv boatman.—Terms, Cash.
I1. '& T. Auet'rj.
.Military !) • ->i
/u va ;: a- rr/i.\i:j{, Auct’r*.
. " ill pi'll, OH Krnlay morning, in trout of
G'llhds. piime Sugar,
G do do Molasses,
P “u : - icjlj Mail. II
*r> 15o\p< Tea,
1G do I rush 15ai ins,
-G Hags (ireen ( nlh’e,
5 Hoxes silk and Kur Hats,
Hags h dim fs. i£.c. i^e.
PA\ i\K A. IT UNKil. Auei’rs.
January jy It
€riikit s i in: or oooos.
tV At C770.V
cg'dlK large and valualilv stork of (,*6o<h iif
“ longing to tlir ICstale of the late Henry
llrown, Jr. I,- to be sold at auction; the sale to
! commence thi lliih of January, ISJ7 and to he
> ontiutied until completed. It consists nf nhout
'■ ’ n,|0 thillar* worth, ami comprises many v.ilu
alne articles many id the piece goods tire tin
cm. anil paekeges unluoken, and consist* of
Supci line cloths ami casimcrc* ol various co
lours. some of superior quality,
1' latiels, lihjtikcts. cassiucits Ac. Ac.
\ i -tings, a large stock and great vaiicty,
Silk's, Satins crapes. Ac some very elegant,
Shawls, Mari tin, Thibet, cashmere, Ac, and
Scarfs and dress llandhfs.
calicoes, ftiughams, cambrick*, Murlins, a
large stock,
Irish Linen, Drown Holland. Silesia Linen.
Uiapcr ILi-ia Sheeting, Ozenbrigs, Dill
ling Ac. Ac.
Cotton. \\ orsted and Silk Stockinet Shirts and
Drawers. Umbrella* and l’arasol*,
I HI o k liandkls,S tocks. Dosoms, collars,
jSlulk Lasting, corded summerelolh. French
Ladies and t• ut!o111;i's (.Love*, a great varie
Hose, &ilk cotton and W'oi ucd,
Donnets, Flowers and Wreaths, a large stock
Itib.mtls. Laci s. !•; Igings and other Trail in ijtg*,
Ladies’ and Children'.; Shoes.
Ladies’ Fur cap*, collars, Tippets. MuITs.
ft loVt'S, iV’C. A. c.
I*'ur and Wool Hat- and caps.
|< leaks and Goatks hair e?mlots,
I Jew tdr\, sonit* very cost.v, and Toy*, a great
One elegant Mantle (lock and several com
mon tin
Ciiiuawud Karthenwnre. the most of which is
to open,
Several thousand dollars worth ol Hardware and
cutlery, chiefly unopened
Shut Guns, i large stock; Jlilles,
lion Pols, Ovens and other ca.-tiugs,
Sugar, coffee, Te « : Madeira. < ‘hampaigne and o
tlier \\ ines and 1’raudie*:- Pepper. Ginger and
many other things. In short, something of al
most every deserpiion of G >o.| < fuund in stores,
and >oine rare and curious articles besides.
I erms — cash will be required fur sums not
exceeding 50 dollars ; from 50 to 150 dollars. A
months credit : from S50 to 500. 0 months,
from 500 to 75(1. 0 months ; from 750 to I 000 j
\ i months ; and for all sums over 1,000 dollars. |
I'i months credit will be given ; the purchaser ■
to give Ijoud with satisfactory Security.
, ^ heie will doubtless be %mtl & fierifir e/r, in 1
forcing oil such a slock o! Goods at auction.—
^l.iii\ artieb •* will probably be sold for less than ;
ball the co.*t ; but it must be submitted to, and i
buyers are assured tliev if/// In* *„///.
MIL AJ A 11 i) A \ IS. Jr Kc'nr.
i't Henri/ /{/ own, Jr. tlrc'il.
Tl.c* rndt»r,lg«ie.| will also sell by private
rontraets suiue hordes ami cattle of great value.
^ nung A mei ienn Kelip «•,
< urlUlv, i lie Sire ufu number of good rolls,
\ outiif Sliak«peare,
"od l,aik. the famous Randolph mare,
Silver Heels, a pure blooded mure,
A good mare with an Iv-Iijue enlr.
1 lie p. digree ul these horses will be shown ! \
the undersigned.
Improved Durham short horned cuttle of the
pure blood,
Rolivar, an uncommonly fine animal,
Jupiter and Rergami, each two grass, and very
promising. 40 he,ml of Durham cattle was
sold in the State ol Ohio, in October last, for
• <u.( dollars. Any of the above nnim 11 s, will ,
he sold on liberal terms, il early aplication is !
made. The horses may he seen at the stable !
ol Captain Henry Drown of Medford, and tin
ciiitlc on the farm of Mr R. \\ jlkes, about six
miles from Lynchburg
I<\ r ol Henry Drown, jr. deceased.
V Safe to he conducted l>y J\tync »p Turm r.
I December 22 tdsif
\ T a court held for Campbell countv, ai the* court
J tMf t!u ri*uf, on Monday, tin- Ihli day of January,
I L. in (In-it|si year of the commonwealth :
1-aac riiomns and Jemima his wife, Plaintiff*.
^ illi un Johtrr ami M try his wife. Henjamin Rnrr
and Susannah bin wife, (’Inu b s < Pan* •<>>n and Ja
Ins wile, tN • 1J in 111 Kids-m, Mi i m t o-11» K.idxon, John
Kidson, Jam. s K:dx<>n, I!• • i»rv Kidson, Edxvnrd Kid
Sarah I.vans. (»mhro!ce Moore and ISanrv his
'vile, Ifarnrt Kidson, Mildred Moore, .liHppb Kidson,
Henry 15. Klv, Vnsclm Clarkson, John K iv and John
Ih Rutledge* Defendant s
In Chancery.
It appearing f<» the satisfaction ■ !'the rourt, that tlic
'< ndants \\ illir.ui Joiner and Mary tiis wife, lienja
non H.nrrtx and Susannah his wife, Hufhridgc Mom-e
atid Nancy his wife, Mlldred Moore, Parte ( Kidson.
IN llliam Kidson, Joseph Kidson, Henry I*. Klv and
Anselm Clarkson, are not inhabitants ol tins c’latnon
wealth ; it is ordered that they appear her** on these
r >nd Monday in .April next, and answer the hill of the
eoniplainants, and that a eopvnf tins order be inserud
in the Lynchburg Virtrinian, for two months Mice «
.s.vely, and posted at (In* fr«»nt door of the said court
house two sex r i al (*>nrt days.
A Copy —Teste.
January 12 w2tn
I I.IKI'.M YOINO WOMAN.—She i- an >■%>•> 1
lent Cook and Washer. For further particulars,
apply nt this office.
January \'l 4t
Richmond Academy No. ],
Drava mi l/i •• \‘!lk andnutx rec'd.on ! U/i Jan.
;! j’ (in Numbers and 10 drawn ! !
Aj many Prizes as Blanks !
I Prize of $10,000, 1.000, 2,000, i.nia. 5
Prizes 1,000, 5 of 500, 10 of 300. 10 of 200,20
of 150, GO of 100. Besides 50s, 30s, 20i, 15s,
Ac. &c.
Tickets —.$1 —Halves $3 Clrs. $1.
1 Prize of $30,000
iTj” 100 Prizes of 1,000
Norfolk lottery Ci.as.sNo. 1
Draws nt Alexa. Saturday 11 January 1S37.
News received on Tuesday, 17ili.
$30,000. 8,000, l.odo, .3.000, 2.500. 1 017.
;• ino Prizes of 1,000, 10 of 500, 30 of 300,
81 of 210. Besides 80$, G0-, 50.-;‘ 10>, &
& c. Ac.
Ti ■ kcts only $10—Halves $50—Qr*. $2 50.
For sale in everv varietv. bv
J. 11. AN F.IIETT A Co.
L\ nclibur^, Va.'
| January 0 I
LIrcr Compiuia fa*
i\K ;* i rji's* * MiiniciN i;. vr>vi innr 7.1 r
** in:i» VTKM-: formed by rhem * d »u » ■■ inti
synthesis and set end proximatr \« « ml I* pin < uh ► .
ai * imiwua ly ni kn w U-.lpod |o ha\e totally % v 11i»-« ti
tin* pr» ‘Misit ns ol t-vt i v oilier rom<1 y nfm sup- ioc
(](‘i| the mcossitv >»f«cv#'iv «.tU* . t»»«*«ie- 11«- * ni lit,
whenever tin* at'"M- d s» i*t * u« Imm.l ia - \mi, . •
w<*il ms in cnlnr ;cment •»! 14• mid »/* \ a .
Viutm^ the symptom* ■ i l'\ . »■ |*-, i and l*ive« • an
plaints, or • tlatiih it ' , onftn • • "i burning in tb uom
adi, tin lam-lmly. irrn . diiy, di> • j m i able last* upthe
niuttjh. jjreat ii rey nlarnv ot anpeiite, which is <*in»‘
time* \ crae ."in, ami at other times p ready «!«!.« him :
thir-ls, lelid breath, tnuisea, \ e:dim •*., of the *|..inoeh,
acid ci »ietot nm, palp)Hit i* n, dr* * * • m -» , m - . ■ wl u i\ * *4
the bowel*, presume in the stoui.'t h niter no d .. pain J
in the head, diy;*inc-»* or \ ettipo, confusion of mmd. at
tended w ith 1 > - • 1 mi mory. a mow in-, m tin stomach i
When empty, chillnes-, alb'ciem "t s lit ami In mm-.!
pain and w»aUm-ss m the l ack, lane nor, disturbed
do p, cold fret oti I hands, •reiiun, umtodticsi in the
tin oat, cugli. pain in the side m hi* a u. At
Tin- .< M<-dieinf's hove I ta n t. mud »<• a,KPtunl iu m
moving the complaint* tor w hefi they a, •• recommend |
. .], that 1*1 yr,ic:an« In nuently have rec mr-e m them I
lor tlii'u pm iu . »fu i !i.tvuie i xhnuated all then Uni
to little > i no ;nu nos
t>K, I’B'Vrttirg
viuniTMUsi: i nr/ nn.mi s vn.i.s
Tiir.SK Kild.'S nrc c ■unpiwd nmr.lv \*mU
Me main r ami "In n taUeh ace »r«lii«• • m the diie-e
tinns w hiy h an 'i.ipanv ilu-m, ai*- In lily I « u» tui.il m
the cure and p. ev cnti--it "t all bdtcu-. c mpUnuls '1 I"
acl specially upon tin lavei, "lu-nin a t>. p.«' i ondi
tion, cm ryitt” olVa large qiruitoy ol bib. ihrnuvh the
iutinecce ol tlie eve client function. which. <1 nulloicd
to remain in the -y ** .>i would jnnduee • ith* i Juun
dice, 1 .in er complaint, K ileum he \ ••,, !• •" ei and V’!U,‘*
or Mime other grien tw buddy affliction I u all • —
ol torpor of iju I t lib a c li*vm K
i1 ■ i .
" ho imliil c ton tr< < lv in tlie luvurie - ol the mbh th« v
arc* iiivnhiable. K« nudes can use tin in at ail | « ru»d»
without incurring any i l*«u
to a Southern climate, should by all no u - ial . ••■me
of these pill- "lilt tin III. '1*1.1 II virftio* will n ..um
nnimpaired for many years in .-.ny climate. Not.imi
lv should 1m* " itlumt ifu « |»ilU ; a portion *1 iln in. la
lt«n occasionally, would he the mentis ol } .minting
much sutlering Iroin **n l.m -s. It is Irom mg bit ol
keepitur up a regular per»staluc action ot lie
and bowels, lbu-» null* i in>r t" be absorbed and mni;* led
with the blood, unansimilated fluids, that must di c » • *
an-produced. I»i I’ fee l- confide lit that im per -m
who .rives these Kills n fair trial, will e'er ‘Ii« i I« « 1
" miner to be without the in I ln- ti.Htimoiiy ol ll.mi
-uni-. spe aliin*.: in tin- liigln t t* em ; ol tin .. ' lb. . e-v.
mhrlit be a Ided, blit, the \eiy bi-di «■ putanmi !'' ‘*
In- ac mi r« < I a- tin- in vet it or "f the I* VI IN I ' I t • I
T \m,i; MKDK.'iN i; STCM \< ’III* I- I I' Hll’A
TKM;, for the cun* • >1 Dy.spcp a and lo« r e -mgl hum.
is thought a sufficient gu.r.muc t» those- wi nii.o
m il. ■ a trial of their \ irtue Tin v contain i -t a |- ..
t i elf ol M-rcurv, in-r an ingredient that doe* ti"t .tin
harmony with In dtlt, ami onpe. e disease
i>, I*, wish.. 1 it eIi-1111<• 11v understood, that tin *
Pill* p-*-* -s I), in licuil (| I ditie .S uulepcinh lit ol tie n
•Utrg at|\ e * i'• * e» - ; they art I ■ »t11 tome and elr--l- true nt,
act.‘ 'n the “ l,vllu- ami e xhabmt limetn; dun
..... ** ticn'miv the patie nt while tin y remove "bn.oc
'* \i, liyiiu s wlrell possess im other, c'erplmtr
-7 ,, , •«ic dcbilitnt* the pan-nt, and tin . r.
pJl!wi uTuyieu'««u,“><"i.. alu"S -■"■•■"■.1
LW hi'&cn^MCchm m y
Vl'c/ e... 1 ." 'I' ,n , \n ,h. ' .till) v I r.
tim'd his pr.de -mu in it \ v • H*
a.-. - a eh.... . ... ch*. « I/ V; ','
aiders himsell well qualified m jud^w 4'
disr'iise- incident to warm elimat* s. n p i -
I' pa | V J epil H.iP»tlj I’fK'l 'l l'1 ,.
I*. M. Ht liis iiiMtittition foi lin' mu- --I olsiim* *
eases, bv means *'1 \eeetal.b* remiedie *. No. i ". t
erty st»«iit New i’oik, in\«iimr and nde jo .pie tm’
r.atb Ih-x co'itniu- forty Kill- l‘r ee fibeeiu*
iLj* A ficsli siijipiv of tlie abort* Mmlinnev,
just recti veil and for salt* by )AVU> It.
MAN, ai;d oau he had in almost every town in
the State.
Febrnary 25 w \ ' \
nil IlKCKUrm s I'll.I ^ ■ II. of tl mo.I Mil., n
•' remedies ever 11 it'd for that el i-1 re-• I tl r mill elan
i»e r-*u.s complaint. Iiyspe.*p-ea h- | < « m-tsotlv -m
hand, hi..I i«»* sale by ft w I Vl’I.IJf
Vpril 4 1 ' ’
11 }•’. >ubscnher will, again begin Iti< emn st
nf instruction, on Monday, the hitli in-t.
Terms for tuition will he. lor tie* lower branch
es of the ICnglish Toiuguage, S15 ; f«»r all other
instruction, whether in tin* lmglish. I.atin.
(«rc k or I'rt'nch tongues. S-;,l per session <1
') months. The school will he in a room of my
dwelling h tuse, which could not he put in m
(h r before the above mentioned time*.
V. C. Nl .LSON.
Janujirv T- R
.‘\ ve-rett's I'l'i/c Ollice*. )
Jan nan/ 1J. I bt.'t?. \
IIj a .v11 \" e of the N\ e llsbili-j. I!.\tr:i I
5'J 58 Si '2 7 4ti f-t 17 44 H 1-'
’ / Ki ln v. r nr IV/-- in • Spbnd'-!
8cIn-im . " 11 i b d» aw.s Tl 118 I' \ \ in K it huemd. in
" b.e. h tin. , e ■ a in a n >/ l*li!'/. I*. > " ■ IU. \ \ h ■ '
.i ii. wiatKi r A.C-*
January 1
Insurance against
Sj -ml * C. a
rffUIK timlersiguptl, Sjieeial Agent f»r the*
.1. Miru.il A ssurance Society against fire
uii Jltiildii.geof the State of Virginia, is reads
to prepale declarations of assurance fof th» <
who may require his services. InMirance will
he c*<Tc*i*11*.I on terms the must favniabh1 to tlie
property ovvnei. PATRICK li ( A1U7LL
Jan. 12 it
Ward's Luck} Oilier,
Onk noon arovi: iiii b'uANKi.iN H"it:t.
I haws tins day in Richmond 1
For the benefit of the Richmoml Acntleiny.
(* i,a.s > N o 1. for 1NA7.
•Sf'HKMK !
i 1'rizeot 5iu,uuu
I do of 1.000
1 do of 2,000
I do of 1,015 I
5 do of 1,000
0 rri7.es or
10 do of dO{i
in do of i-oin
20 do of 1 >0
0G do of 100
J/esuk's a number ol >' is, ,;iis. ’jin, rec. <■. ■ .
'i iclii'ls *?I : Halves *J‘H (Auarters }*l
January 1J
Wai’dN S#a*!tfe Office S
si‘i,i:\nn> i.nn'riui \ /
One Prize of *>^,000 ami 7.r) ol SViO!
If < lisburg Ijiith 11/, Ka tra Vo, ’ fin 1 •
Draws at llichmoml, TurJhv 1 i*lii im t.
1 rrizc o! b^‘>UU
75 do of 500
1 do of 1,250
1 do of 1,200
I i rrr/aoi i'- m
j 1 do of 770 i
I 20 do of 150j
I 20 do of 100
i it's I (ICS m’S, - >5 I'1'- xv • " • vv •
Tickets $2 50: Halves §?l 25: (4rs.62 ct*.
Tickets and Shares, in a variety id Ducky
.Numbers, for sale at
January 12
Notice «t> lloatf. t'OMts-iulois.
f JROPOSALS will he received by the Prw
1 sident and Directors ol lbs Valuritl
Hridge Turnpike Conipmiy, at Dagger’,
Springs, on Friday, the 27tli id .lamiaiy ie xt.
for the construction ol 1st and 2 1 Sections ol
the Road, commencing at t litloii forge, and
extending to the top ol the t.<ardeii Monnta n.
distance about 10 1-2 miles, according to the
field notes and specifications ol the Engim a.
which will be duly exhibited m those disposed
to undertake, by C. L. Dibrell, at D.iggci
Springs. Any person wishing to view the line,
can he shewn the same by < 'apt. W in. Allen
and duties L. Dibrell, who live on the lute.
J. DLA1R, Sec y. N, 13- 1 <
Jan. 12 11
I rROJ? Halifax Court-house, on i!i. h till I 1 cemt ■
J' SOItlllil. Itnueli. with Bl.alil whin- I":
flax, mane and tali; lie had < n a Saddle, about b 1 I
worn, wifi a Hear Mini Housing. ’* In' U",>. v. , i
sernafew mile.--Nonhortlie Com,t-l u well a who
hoy on him. 1 am tearful ihni tic ic taken on Iowan'
ihe mountain.-. toy iiilormaip'ii re-peeiiuir the s.uo
Mt i , :rKcrt i" nu- n< mi Ix (. "'»ri !i|'"',<'- ,M*
tVil!:'i•’’li.t.jt, Mt' 1 v.m-M mi;-. wi!! hr ildmLftiH) r* f • |
Jammy li
JOH.V J. i’i'ii
J5 ^ 1 ,nv rein , t it In . V a »; i i v > » t\. tin
H fulUjxyiiu hi'.me and de*uahle uitulet,
viz :
W a (Mi 11/ tor t uk-., A . Id i „ and \i lute,
Klnck Snix \ ej\ n, w v • t.» per yard.
Silk 1 Itnc!Hifor (»vi r t its, A \
I’lduuied (\ltii!nir , plani and embossed.
Silk and W orm I 11 moiy, Ac. Am
11'* hai.tu i« his u ;d . ( .ii nt tl»n * «"*i 'ii
ot the year, reduced the p. ires t. t the remainder
of ills sunk of \\ (H'l.K.N (iOOHS. (in at hai
ipiin* uia\ (hen-lore !>e had in Klankcl', Flan
ne|s, ( .1*. ,im it', Kentucky Jeans, l 'uxassiati -,
Ac. Ae.
The upper pa11 "t tin* h"n*»- I Occupy is f»i
Kent ; it Isa eninh’iuilde residence Im n lam
1 have fin salt*. 10 lutrvs ■»f 1 .\ m hbur.'(dot
ton i ’iicti'.i \ Siock.
A few -di m's of ilie loll »wia*; : t » \. \
1 «vnei-hur^ ami 1»1»11* K id\r Tui npil.r,
do and Kilts) Irani* do
d>> a ul i ’oiictud do
All of \v!d« h v 11 ho sold low, if npplica
tiou he made in a I w woek •
joiin j. rim vis.
Jhihi:h\ “ w lw if
L*a*"’.cr SfccpK.
r p; M' g-1 f B i '' •1
* i..w ii i . I \ i.ciilmi ••. t*n.| ii n« i i ..n v I' i t1 »fi»» i*1
mnk- aunth ;u.i < in tin it work, in • >i»l* r in Hid t tin
Uiniitvilt «’ '»! rviiv in-1 it’ll' 1 I pi "lia •’ li"U;;lit I'1
ni.ii I.i i. 1 u" ii :i" i -i;\ • i i •• n «* i n, » i t** lift' n ft ‘lit
fi i('in <1 . ;■ * i'i'ii ii-i i\» * in .hiy ili.i". tin v lift' ‘
. • i« c«l upon tin’ i '!!>>■" m,/ ; . » ' ■*
I >r Slinv - . lt> ("if".
I .i 'I ,..... il ... I l . ui
l, '>! ' . n • ,. I . i i i ■ ■ • •, • « ni
1 Timil \s tii.\i*Mt»\•».
»'i:i:i>l.hi. »x K v\ ii.i.i vm••
\ 1'iniH
J.uiur ry \'l M
* TUAN 1.11 o(Y I rum l hr still mi iImm, livin'/ it
t 1 l hi* l\tp«T Mill, n siii.il! U \ N MARK.
■s ci ' Vi’.ua old, Willi Idic u If '
in no’ and tail. She lias mtno siultlk
in.iilis iind llio main' sonn .vlinl
nMifd. Sac |-afiM itnd troi.-* well.
; . v I.... I .Ii 11 u a ! I W 111 n (’ll ft> au\ pci un w n*
i w ill i ctin n her, or give any iiilbrmation so licit
In* may 41 l her. She is riippn «al l.• have emu*
in Hod It nrl i i 1'nmphell. S. A (’Ul'T M \ N
llotelouil. Jan. 12 dt
\ /; ii /: n t \ n i. is ii m i: \ r
Fou-qurcan N Palmor,
SIGN o i Till’.
Q!$>y \ (»oE<!cs& ilSorjna*,
/\ l/n Uriel: Tenement, a fixr d <i x below
(he I'nsl (Siiee, uinl between It II. V*/
ref 's Tnuri/ l)r\f (» > d Store nnd 'Tliurtnu .
nnd School field's lint dwu re lUtn'dishinenty
jl G A\ l.\(i entried into c«» partnership, for
, 0 H the purpt'v(M»! earryiii : e»:i the Apothecary
'ami I lru'44i t liii'ine sin this place, we take
this „1' lie’ll ‘ I i• i♦ »iii»ii> r our friends and the
public 1 ‘(.'rally. that w 'tire now rceemn • nnd
in* e r ‘cl *rn,M ILltimorr. Philadelphia
ami New A’ori* nn entire new assortment nf
Kne.ii ann («i si t % ^ Mena ini . Dun.. I’umh,
Oil Dvi ' ' I • 1 n i a I n i .
A e. A e. ^
(!uin| i iM. 4 all the newb* t an*.’ 1;iu ’ :PI 1 ‘
a i tic 11 - in esc. nil of whn h have t*» ,,n * ••out I \
selected wiih gre;;t care, hy one of ttw* firm.
A« we are determined t sell on ' U' cOi.umo
datm*; teHii . especially to large dealers. -vr
particularly invite 11 h \ a la ns and r < »mi 11 y Mer
chants to give ns a rail.
Orders fiaen a di lance promptly attended to,
put up in lie* ni" t careful manlier, and for
warded with the great • I despatch. \\ e solicit a
share of the public p itrona/e.
It Is I: I IF\ I >. PALM Kll.
IV. P. M e have ji.i>t received a splendid new
SOHA Apparatus, which will be in full ope
ration in a lew day*.
1 ni lUiLIHsAN A PALM Is H
Septrinhei 4‘> t$
(OM>l!S**lOM IS \1 I l)t SI.M I >, A-c.
BN pursuance « f a d<«n t n I < i <’cr of the *■ if c n it
supeiioi couiI of law and clianrcrv. for the
tow n of I,ynehhni ..*, pionoum ed "M ilu* l»i|i
day of October, f w o inn -!Mt iherein depen
ding under tin -ty !e of Stanfield v**. Jours, tin*
underpinned, i!:♦ • t ‘onitiiissinuer therein named,
wiIt, on the 1-t d.iV rf January 1HM7. at the
Mu Let Houo*, in l in* town of L\ m liburg, ex
pose to sale I>y w ay of public inn in n. lor rea
dy money, I In* fid bw* : ■ • la* < tunnel \ Mal y .
Sam nruf (ban e and so sfiMii as tin* sale id
• lid laves i ( mi pie led. tin v ml er* i gned will,
on the ‘ aine d . . it tie <! ■ lliu.; Imiivi* oempi
ed hy (‘harlf'i I. J■ *n*-s, in ttie town of Lynch
1)104, in virtue id'tlie fame dcerel il order. e\
pn I- to sale, hv vny "f public auction, for renth
money, sundry at t icle ■> ol 1 lou »eh* *li! and K itch
on Furniluie.
Acting a- f* ininissimo r. uud riigni-d
will only convey *uc|| lit'.* ai . vested ill him
by the decretal order afore .aid
Sergeant of (!. Corporation of Lynchburg A
( '(iin’r.
Deer mher 1T* ids
th’ ^ ' s^in^ offer I T " d 1 ' ll Til'll 1 IV (lie Id'll
f t instant, nil 1 • *.•■■!. ol William T.
Ki.inlli, dee'd. t'"'. i; ng in | lit, "I <' ’M ami
Silver I.evi-r W.il«'li'". : ['lain English \\ atcli
r* ; (ini' Un a -i I’m-: F, ir Rings ; < fold King; i
Ring ; Canill' 'i ! ; "I an elegant iptilily ;
Rrilaiiiiia Ware ; splendid 1 'a tors j I;; * Tools,
and n variety "I ;ir!i■ • 1 '■ s too ledii'iis to enume
rate. Twelve 111 mill', eredil ''.ill Ire given oil
all sums uvr lv,'."ily dollar* Twenty dollars,
and under that a i eml. 1 t Ii w III he n ijuired.
Ii:;.M!\ Dt’ N X I NTSTOX.
I krucutnr.i t j II in. V. Kniulll. lire'll.
January '.l H
racin’. Uric k Tern nit tit.situated on the Xortli
IL U t it cm la r ol third arid West Streets, lic
et. pied the past year Ly Mr. Kean ; litis tenr
no tit i* spacious and v;T\ tavoiablv I'tnisttuel
i-<! it the ctttiveniei.i'e ol a latnily, with a small
•garden, and a well id t x< client pure water.
The " (’tillage ’’adjoining the nlmve named
lot, |1 rnierly "'ciipied hy Mr. Newlt.iil. Till*
house is adapted to the in- nmuriihuioil of a small
family, with a Inge and produelive garden,
and a variety ofrare and rhoice finit trees. IV
„i inn i.ft.. t!i r■ tdenn.'S eati lie had inimedi
.11■ Iy. Tot latihri particulars and terms of rent,
apply to M. W. I) A VEX TOUT.
January .1 lit if
liOiliKiiT i:\liSsY,
s i' a i: o v n t: v t / s t.
p 3 \s irtiirne l iii Lyn .'lihurg, and may he
J E f ned at the Franklin Hotel, hy those who
d." e Iii; professional set vices.
Noyetnlier 11 wts if
t< 1 'I’KR |OR I’atent I'rirtinn Matches, ail
i 7 ■\mrricuii invention, superior to auy
matehn for before ollerod to the public, anil
at much few priers - Ate ptr/tctly safe, and
not liable to injury hv ktepina.
/i’- Ihrt't ' (k's V E( !F. r IBLF, f’nivertal
Till, than which none aic mo" ympular, lor,
salt I v now'l l, P.\\ II.s, tg7.
ft eml »r 1 if ta
/r \S|:- n\<'; of i r ry !.».yr<- up \ of
V * M-dinars . (»il . IhrNi. l‘t‘; Pan ;» in
dd and Miy ; f*(i .*im mi S .» .n| Miiih «tP I *i u
111 * * u i s ('iimiH’s \ lui'.'11-l . A tV .; \\ m« »,
all kit Is in I' Mi i* mul i ; I it m t t«l it ;
('ii i a i t t 1 j <i| S > ip« , (Inns uni IV ol# *,
Siuill > ; Pr>i*|ir«*, ; jl I ‘ml : ^ra l.ir^r
•iipplt, n.iri' I I lit* inn t wild, Sif»u
k I' : Hi I (.'III' NVIt.TmIi.U , \ id I ||«i ; KUlli't
Claroiicils . Klaiplrtts •, II.i •. \ n*|, and Vmliu I
Sftnips. A very lai.u npply “I Prrfmnery
(itllll ICI is||t* Sinu s ill! I A puMt . iissiu l«'ii ; Pp: I
klr, nnd Pumm vc\ ■ • kind , of racli; h ilmcti '
ul l'ni»li‘li Chcuuun!>. A v.iritis til niih'lin
f". improving the Juir mnl skin ; Sowing ami
Nnittin* As»«.•.!!» mul Pius ; l’i ii mul T.'nin
' I II I \V< UlilM I
Polly ; I I . (’nj p*’i is , M.uMt i ; A Inin .
Prppn ;(In . w and Allaptcr \ i insli; P11.*i
mo io i i ; I a ,non S\ iup nnd June ; V rindi
in SI mm' i i.-.iiis :m I Jews limps , (odd mul
1' 11U' r l *-t a Is, a oi led ; II ill fn|o< u s lid Pol'd*'
I k Powdrt ; l a pud Ink mnl Im'rllldr Ii k .
■ seuiv a l VI and II n.V/ j>i <'< f 4 Ml Pl.u kill ’, a nil
P im Pirn km \ . Jujnl'i* and ( fiiiiuanvc I'asic ;
I *”«* * 'n. I .*n i I* i. Pin pliuu and M.i. nr M air ii
«■ . PI. i y in:; \ isif in;* nid I’dank ('..ids : Pr.nl
A Ii i mnl Sal Ar.iiits. An asssnr imrut ul
(i.udrnand !’lo\vn St eiU \ ml supply id
I m pm ml. (Inn Powtlt1r, Pi UrliMiff and Noil
ii »; •. l'ras . Slalr and Nl.ifr IVmnh, a litu
is soil me n I All i Io* Pai« ul and Srort Print djrs,
' ■ • \ (Jpi'.lrld.* •. Swann’' Pan tr» i, Ac Ac. Ac
and > m/ /j/ ,,| , ihri ( !. ml», alI id which will
In* oll'ried, ;i>, tuy intention Is In i'!<>$*' 111\ 1 11 I
ut'ss lirir, ,it ui\ m \ \ n\i. prirr*. I y win dr sail
<*r n fail. liOU 11. MAN IKN.
.Inuunry '* if is
.s'/.'?././\ii O I T 17’ cu,ST.
H 2 \ \ I\( i In cii in v iv ilrliriil.' Ii\illli Iui
j B I ^i1 \ i11.11 montlii. nml briii^ (Ir'.iritiH ul
1 removing ton more Southern dim.He lor it* res
: ’ration, I have determined to xll out iiilmcill
ilely , Illy whole stock o( Dry l ioo Is, ( A oceiues,
11 a r«1 v\ me, ( 'utlery. Sim *, 11 at A A .
My toekisvei y Ini e an«l de ,irnlm\ emlirn
eiie* almost every tnliele ti ually kept in l> y
Hood* Houses, There are tuativ piece*
"t (i miJs fresh and uncut, nnd nearly all ol tin
assortment b-msht (o/n/v thi roy crnit ml
in icm l,,:t l\ilt, m the Northern eitie^. Tin
lollowin^ me n lew id the article* composing
I lie • elect tun, \ iz •
Fine nnd *uper llrnnd I ’loth, all colour*,
Kxtra heavy Pilot Cloth A Petersham Coatin'/
I'.in and super ( hivspii'tt* and C i >ui|er» s, nil
her e- !•* * I. I ( ' I. •( h*, Army ( Moth* and Liu
leys lor Negr
K , n Inin, y, Macauanv, Hull''I and Point
Hlauki U,
Iti d. while and urem Flanm Is nnd Ilai/es,
I halo, it and 1 I O/imlmre*, vi’iy heavy,
\ I a i'o» lot .; 1 l i and :> 1 Sheeting,
lied Tn kimr, Apron Cheek*. Ac.
Merino , < hi as*ian*, ('hallys and Pomhjv/ine *,
• » pieei ^ Italian laud'liing, some yeiy food
at 7 » cent■*,
\ henutilul assortment of colored Cm* de Nans
l'onIt ih- Swim, Cro* df Swisiea nml Satin*,
A pi e ml id lot of dark t 'aliens ami French < am
hr ies,
Merino. Thibet Wool, ( 'hnlly A 'u«hmnn. Won
ted, Satin nnd Silk Shawl ^ and 11 nnlk’lV
I. ice and Muslm t 'ape ('ollnu, ( 'ups nnd Col
(' domed Silk Velvets nnd Ostrich Feathers.
A ip’tieral assortment id llonm t and ('ap Kih
lie subs a great variety of oilier Fancy (Jo-uU,
I In ■'i ns'mrhnriif of futhimublc I'm mot
S.ilin /Inflor rviitiemeu,
Also, a I irip* lot of Shoe*, I lardvvare, Ctiflety
ntiil (iroci rieA e A c
'l'ho-,0 who deal in this tnnikef Iiave *n fie
ipicntly been imposed upon by ndvrrlix menu
« 1 tin kin1, that they m iv look upon nil other*
with suspicion, l»"t in this instance. I ran tu
mire them that my < • »«»«!; and price* shall estah
Ii Ai the 11 nth of in y assertion*. whcnei cr favored
with a rail. * Country Mcrchattl* nnd the public
j cii era 11 y, are requested to call nnd examine the
i •• irtment u» I I1 el coulident of giving general
«nii,Auction. U H. NOUN KLL.
January A •! t*
>/j iH lilmri;
B*Boi5K'1b ftlaBiiitfiK* <«!•>'•
SJjl.ni <ill -, flunov r.i ulhVatoni, *rn(, i
<\ t nlicoys on lunul}or mmh to order li
<>| }h>.if».• ih«- Franklin Unit I, Lynchburg, \ a.
I! iving L* #n cr- i ,ed during flit* lit ten year
! ia maun!.,i-turing Ploughs, IInrrc w * and other
t implements, forth!* '•< lion ol Yiigiuin, with a
< "iislutit a ml nurtmil ted attention to improve
uieiit, he now n turns In* t lie nits for the eneoitr
ageilieii I i err i Veil f f ••til the I armors of the Mil
imindiri,; r ’inties, and also to the Agricultural
So'i 'io -, (t 'entral ami !\ew Loudmi) for the
premiums awarded to Ins work. Ttie-e form
new imli wo nts to greater oxer linn which tie
pr ini * to excici »• to the ulmost extent of his
means, i'l older to keep up a enmplcle assort
mi'iil ol the fallowing aitidc* fur Ins cu .turn
i r.s, vi/ :
Stewart** Plough*, 1 i.’ H 1 Horse,
Met ’ormiek’s do do
Havin' do do
•Hill side Ploughs ; the ceUdiratf d Wiugt'oul
ter, t 4u!ti \ a tors, together w ith every ol her nr
to le of I In* Plough kind adapted to our foil,
Ai n. Harrows uf every description, on hand,
and to oidt r.
'i All persons wishing In purchase artieh s
in his lim* are re *pectfullv invited to call and
examine his a s*orlii]cnt. Oidt*rs from a distance
will he promptly supplied.
I )eeemher I — I Jm
ii. is. f{ins.vi;i)s & t o.
hnjiorlns ij Hardware. Cutlery, Saddhry,
linns, ip'’
lluilding main inis, viz : I .ticks, Hinge*, Hulls.
I .nil lie*, <ila s*, N ails, Screws, Ac.
I 'a rjieuiei s Tools, r/i ; I’luncs, Saw»,liifsi'l s,
Augers, Squares, Hammers. Ilalcliels, Axes’
Ail/.es, Drawing-Knives. Ac.
/Hacks,ii Hit: 'J'uids, viz : I’cllnves, Anvils, \ i
ees, Sledges, Screw i'la.es, biles, Hasps,
Steel, Ac.
Saddlers Tunis, a fin al vmiely.
Satldlerii, a verv extensive assortment.
A I.St.i, a verv large and well -elected assort
/» meiit of even Hung in llie line, b’urniture
ami tno]- for ( abitiel-AJaker*, Mill-YVriglils,
Wlicel-Wrifilils. Tanners, Ac. House l,evjia .*
w !l lind b'emlei-. andirons, shovels and tot
I;nivi's and lorl,-, spoons, ladles, looking-!'’ ,, „7.<’
I T anklin, ten plate, cooking and box s’ jVe-,ite.i
kettle-, sauce ami Irving pans, tee noarils and
waiters, bread, knife and snuffer '.r„vs, baskets
m ils, buckets, tubs, spittoons, e.)|Tee lon-ter.s and
mills, -ell- of britania war,, block tin and liril
'•nitia colfse pm*, patent voifee pot*, egg boiler*,
-leak dishi *. astinl l.,mp*, plated cantors, can
dlesticks and south,'*, |,ra-s, iron nnd tin candle
sticks and snail .-r-. Hooking utensil:*: a gfea
variety—Alto a splendid assortment of poeke
and ppn Knives. Scissors and Shears, ltazurst
Dirks. Pistols, Gun*, It Kies, Ac
Diit sioek is om of tbe largest in Virginia nnd
our facilities In g"t goods cheap (as vv e import
direct fr mo lie factories in England) are great
Y Vc shall continue to sell on the most reasonable
terms uni at small profits. Planters, Mechan
ics Iferchants, nml ' tilers are earnestly invi'"'!
to call onus and we pmnn-c to make it their in
tcic' to.'cal at the ieii of the Golden An'if
December c ts u
fj.lili’ .ulwribrr re*p#»rffully inform* the
* )Ntl>|ic that Ik* h tiofi* reccfring a handsome
« v!lt1||l*|lt wf
Kbit-oucht «, rtt ^lcs Thortons,
* &c%
l ' -«n tin- mr»sf approved F.trfprrci nt the North,
i ill Ins niitrlr lute afTan::<'iHeiit; by which h«
■ nl"- • Mpplied iit any time with FAMILY
< A It It I \< iJVS, by till- mot celnhrntcd Manii
l ie.lur i ■*. milter in Nt »v Ark <ir New Hnreti.
I’ rom the vi r , tl.ittering • neour iL'tmtrnfs, he haa
• 'O' r,l •'nee in* eotuiin n'ed l>ii"inrss here (al*
! " ;»\ - •»«*11iiiu liijtnwn wmkes *ooit us finished,)
I ••od die t npioeedet led list in tin* cost of Car
I 11 o'es at ii:r* .North, lie h determined to cnlei
imi'i»' Ini ::ely into tin* mnnut.ir tore of micIi nrti
I • !•*■ . I In hands are nearly nil from the North,
mil ii ini; No, ill,o n nnh ruiU,hopes to receive a
lihet>d share of puhlie patronage, lie is purtic
111.111\ u oil prepared Idr putting up Carriages,
( • hiii jH* *.) for persons h ho Imy nt the North
and snip to this place. All tepairs done »t the
l.miest notice. 8AMUKL AYRES,
t tetoher tl ts if
Itoimlinu uiul l>a> school lot*
\nmiu di&jbm&o
r |1111*. 1111(1*1 ■ igned respect fully inform* hit
I pin.ms and llu» piddle, that the next «et
su- i til hi*' *«,lit»td I n \ mng Ladies, will coin*
mm t* mi Monday, the tit It of Fehrunry. Tho
v'lintd will lu* I milled, and only two or three
mole I »oii del s can I e rereived.
Aiiaii '.loents are in progress for ftcruring
ihe .11 \ i-i > "| a L'»tl< tjtiahlit d to give invtruu
liotl «'H Till; 1 l Alt l».
TiatM-.mil i m. Si » ion or nri; month*.
Ihtird. lodging, washing, An $60
Sehool tuition, ^ 20
Paper, pen slate*. ^ e, 50
Mum tuition, hy Mis. Smith, on the Pi
ano nr titular, tun lea.mmi a xcnkt 20
I'setd Piano lui piinlmng, 2 VO
Tuition mi the 11 arp, 30
Use of Harp lor practising, 5
Tu. t ion feci are pity a hi c in advance, an-.l no*
thing refunded except in ease of sickne**.-—
Ihmid is pay able half in ndvanee.
Jmmfirv fi if t*
r zruxjrcnriiY .?)7£,3x*.
E 1ST RKIKIV Kl> .liii'i'i from the Manu
• " f.t.'lnrv. KrlllUt'ky Jrillls, hultll1 of it very Am
mill Iri.Ulllitl.
No. 51 U
Nl t.lior.S WAXTKI).
IW 11,1. |{ivt* .lie l>ijjln'st |iri.M* in rn»h for
Ikaly n nun” .\.'"rtir->. In.m II lo 28 war,
••Ill Hl'.TlI W'OODROOK.
N.ivi'u.li. .' 1 1 ,1tn it
\SMA l.l, lot ol t iriillrini'ii.’ nii.l l.idio.’
1,uin ICIif.lic Ov.‘i Sl.oi's,
Nnv 2S I,
I< oM'itimI for IIKNIIY a tirpra
vuin l>**t\vfi'ii i wornv-lour and
I w ••tily login yrnn of age, large 4
111<«.*Iv, no |.artii'iilnr maiks about
lorn ..Ili'ricil. Ili* \vun mmtlr
*oIil in I.vni l.hurtf. ny Mr. \\ m. < . Lcllwich, of
Ib'lllonl, nnd I am informed has a wife at Mr,
Win. ('alia w:iv\ of that rotinlv* When he
.ihscniidrd (on Tlmrdiiy Iasi) ln» had on a Idiio
hroiitl «*lnlh «'nai, r.isim i paiii iInons and while
luii. The nhovr inward will hr given for his
Mppri'lirnsion nnd drlivrry lo me, or Mr. Kdwiu
MalihrWH of I .vnrfihtir^ or for hin conliucmcut
in jail so that Igri limar'iiin.
joiia k. KITE PA THICK.
Jan. __is
Tl I K Mihsrrihri will open a training friable
v iichhurrn ,« . Ih« I hi 1‘Vbruorv.
January U la
Clilun, ca«ss<\. lOnrllii Bwaro
/ l\ 11E subscriber would cit 11 the nllcntion of
eii. Mm IkiMh to tins o*ubliihment, feeling
confident they will liiul n much to their inter*
, st m putcluise their » mu. < It asm and Kar
I III X W All II in I.YM 111 tl Ilf >•
The ns*orinieiil i* t.Alton nnd ' t xritAi., nnd
no ilntibl the prices mill terms will he perfectly
■ i ■ V liii-t. .1 > All nrilers I hunk fill lv rei el veil Rnd
nmniptly n'lieiiileil to,- pnckinu pnitieulnrlv nt*
tend,d to. JOSEPH It. EVANS.
I he V\ ytIt*- Mountaineer. Almigilon Hi.-itea
MIIIII. J.ineAioruiiali Uepitliliciin mill Knoxville
llegiKler will Ill-l it the IIhove twice, nnd forward
their hills . ii 1 x*i one ropy of the paper which
c.iiiIiihi. the uilveniisenient.
f-t«*Y <•» I Mia « s !
C I’ST I’ci i .veil, n large assortment nnd for
*1 sale low. II D. RICH AliltS & Co.
Nov. 7 t*
iFrmnlr Schoo .
rrtllK utidci signed, pnlrons nnd friei .<)■ of
S Mm Peyton's .Sclicol, have nltcli'Jed the
i xainilinlien i I her pifpils, held m the close of
ihe l.i-1 -e-,ion J.'ld nisi. That she Hu» Inhored,
mid with complete access, to deserve our siip
porl, I. amply testified fy the orderly and aflec
tiomtle deportment, nnd rapid advance of h*»
pupil-, iii mu ii nem. morals nnd litcJQtnre. YYlula
we cheerfully necoid to Miss Peyton, Our grait
tude for her valnahle Inliors, we WB'.oily ntrvoRt*
mend her to the patronage of a liberal public.
. * n i, iiofw,
(i If . Leftxr'u A,
W //». />. < Heu.
•'• '' I'1,' .M'ifh,
./. ( . / jf ini i ii k*t
* ' I ,, C 'obbut
i!i dford, 2 4t
• a bracks m i twu
i^OU 11111 r_.,t tin. ensuing year, n good Black
smith. Kiiqiiire at (his offirti.
Decern neriS t»
fi t*ST received a good assortment of Knitting
*o Yarn, all qualities,
December t*
■5‘he l^wingstcn Hotel
rpilK rubseriliers having purchased the 1 a
jL vern i dr the court house, in the town of
I,ovirigsion, h'cretotoie occupied hy t ol. C harles
I'errovv. heg lean to irifomi the public gcncral
lv. that ihi", " ill make every exertion to please
those w ho tnav call upon them. The house is
large and convenient, and will he neatly fitted
up."’ Servants hall he attentive, table and sta
ble supplied with a good as the country ran af
ield, mid the I oddiiur shall be of the first order.
In fine, we ' ill endeavor to keep a hou«e wor
(hvofthe public regard. The line of stage*
which p.i -xi-s through this plans .slops at thin
hnu'-e. ami passengers will he furnished with
eveiv aeeommorlalion. AYe therefore solicit the
public patronage.
\VM I Mt'D,
r irr.i'C.iMt k teytc\.
I .iv iuji'en. A' gust .•'» t»

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