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,, mMithrd srmiirrckhj, fi rm/ Monday ami Thursday,) at
four Dollars /mr annum: /tnynhlr in adman. ip.
lion mitt hr received for a shorter pi rim I than sir months, and
no paper trill he discontinued, fee re/it at the dtsn etioii of the
Editors J until all arrrurafen are /mid.
- J‘ \ p VI '. It VISt.’ W/.Y TS inserted at od et uis pee s./unre
(or less,) foe Hu first insertion, and :)? j rents for every rtihsr.
quent insn lion.
2 PJ:I/.’ I’III \TI A (• rrceuted neatly anil rjpi ditiously.
mill „n rtnsonnhh termt.
_ V17 K have on hand a large and beaati- !
ArA 1 ! lul assortment id
&.M Coiitlemcn’s fashionable black and drab
| „i Hats.
dn Satin Beaver do
(Youth’s drab do do do
Wool Hats. Fur. Cloth and other kinds C.m, Ac.
November iJS is
( opiMT A Tin-ware TlantsfaHorv.
TILIHIV S?f)!5:S»,
1 f II-II IVI Ms v informs t In* eit i/.ens of Lynchburg
ll and fhi1 surroundin'; country, that he has com
menced the above busine ss, m the brick store one
door above Dr. Howe! Davis’s \pnthccarv. and op
posite Messrs. James (I hint A Co.’s wholesale !
store, where hi1 will carry on the
roiipersinilh A Tin-^Vui'e ESmsciecvs,
In all its various brain lies. He is prepared to make
Stills of any si/.e or fashion, 11 Itter’s kettles; \\ ash.
Stew and lea Kettles and Tin-Ware of every dev
criptioti, which he will sell wlmlesale and retail, on
as good terms as any establishment in town.
He is now opening a handsome assortment of 11 at d
and House Hells; Loudon Tuned Hells for Teams,
in setts; Hell .Metal and Hrass Kettles; Patent and
('oinmon Iron Tea Kettles; Hathc Pans; W a file and
Wafer Irons; Sauce Pans-, Coffee Mills ;(Indirons ;
Frying Pans; Hrass Candlesticks; Sunders and
Trays; Slim el and Tongs ; Faucets; Pewt'T Molas
ses Dates, <\c.; Japaued Lamps; Waiter-, tVe.
Claw Hammers; Saws; Ladles, Skimmers and
Forks; Scale-beams and Weights; Tacks; Knives
and Forks; Ua/.ors; Iron, Hritiamua and Sdvrr
Spoons; Steel and Hrass Locks ; Iron Furn tees. cV--.
lie will also keep an assortment «>t c!» gant Northern
1 He will Cover I louses with 'Fin, Copper or Zim ,
on the new plan, and put up Spouting cither in tow u
, or country, in the best maimer, ami as he warrants
his work to he well done, lie confidently hopes for a
share of the patronage of a liberal public.
a.r l will take J or d hoys of good education as i
Apprentices to the above business.
Tlie highest price given for (>M Copper. Hi .
Pewter and Iron, and country produce taken in e\
change for new w ork.
j. Lynchburg, March Id w in
I \ &j0
fPHk subscribers take this method of iir< : i.
» their old custom *rs. and the public generally,
that they have removed their stock of
Din *«!*«>< Ac*,
into their Shoe :fml Ilaf He >m, where fhe\ w I! be
pl -ased to furnish their eu o::i*t- as usual. 'I le v
i itend keeping on !i md a eon ral as- ur.’meat of Shot-, I
i H.US 'affrt Capa!, as heretofore.
! IV 8. Just receiv'd a ! . \« s SHOES :« 1
TIOOTS. uni *.vill hr eo'is;aulv rec*:\ n. HA : S
ih» la rest • \ 1. .front t!u*r u\v ii .''!*.<• : c- *«. ry . - o iroin
the most celebrated Ntcliirfii Factoru • d '* iJ!
suM low, U. t; i:.
M irch 16 w2 u
nMIlE subscriber wants iinmcd.afelv. two will
i -row n buys, as Apprentice . to the Corn it..: ilu
siiiess. Hoys from the country. ufuood murals will
alone be taken. Apply nr m\ T-murrv. near Evnrh
! bur-. ' DAVID 11 OFF MAN.
; I' o( kv 11 ■ War- li 16 ts
fl HAVE appointed Jacob Httmhon-h. W in. I*, i
* Jones, and Win. Fariss to attend to my business j
| in my absence. All persons bavin" el.dins against
| me are requested to make :»pp!u at ion to them lor
| dement, and those indebted to mo are requested to 1
make immediate payment to them.
March l(i • 2m
Messers, .lohn >IcI2c,vno!ils, .B:i*. < . JS» -
Iteyuolds tsntl Kobcrt s, TlrEtcjiiehE:
riBAKE NOTH. E, tint I shall on the 21st day oi
! A April next, in the E’ourt-house ol (’amphell
county, proceed to take the depositions ol Wood
Jones, and others, to be read as evidence, in a suit de
pending m the circuit superior court ol lav. ami «Inn
eery, lor the said county, in vI»:<• 11 I am complain
ant, and you and another are defendants, and if from
any cause the said depositions shall not be comple
ted on that day, they w ill be continued fro in day to day
till they are completed. JAMES (’AMUEEE.
March 16 w4w
Wfi.BI *TIB*B„S.
I ^ ILL pav the highest ('ASH prices, for anv
A quantity of Old Copper. S. AYRKS.
March 2 ts
11K suhser.bers inve removed to the tenement
**• h»nner!y occupied by Mr Win. Dean, and one
, door above Patrick Mathews iV (*o., where they will
constantly keep on hand, a general aysortincnt of ove
• v article in their line of business, consisting of the
billowing articles, which they arc determined to sell
on moderate terms :
Heard snatch improved Patent Spring Saddles,
j Ladies’ Saddles, of every description,
! Gentlemen's do do *
j Poach Harness,
(i'K do
^anryall do
;v«ggon Gear
£an do
‘I1afl‘!lc Rags of every description,
' ‘"'’•'Proof travelling -Socks, a good and comfor
table article.
• ny kind <>[ produce taken for work, ami repair*
' one at the shortest notice. All order* thankfully it
(c.vci ami punctually attended to.
A fashionable and comfortable Carriage for hire.
1 S°°d and safe horses and careful driver.
. S. A L.
January o - ts
! yt ^ I KI) in a healthy neighborhood in Redford.
flier oiVCn "(dcs from Lynchburg, a (,’lns*ica! T*a
j clvira " ,,ne 'veil qualified and of un!|ur*t*nmblr
estal'|Ctfr’ ^lere ** presented a favorable opening for
.■’(slung a profitable School. Letter* postpaid,
* ■ *>S8ed o. (J. Clay. Lsq. or Rev. N. 11. Cobbs,
bj attended to, ' 1
1 cbliiarv Kl ts
vi. n. mnuit!;,
I now receiving liis spring *upp|y o!'Carriages.—
I I in* assoi I in: nit w ill he \ <rs large and wad I select
ed for this market, consisting in part of
l »u<‘ I’nmilj ( oat lics, large cIom* llit
with detached scats; One and two horse Barouche-,
with wadi exti nd ed tops ot I .eat her and < i uui I I antic
< loth, (tiie < inm K!astir ix a new article.) Bug g u *
w ith and without tops. 11 *• keeps constantly on hand
( iniagcs ol Ins ow n manufacture. 11 is former cus
tomers and th•):»< wishing to purchase articles in his
Inn*, are most respectfully invitt d to give him a « all,
as he is determined to si II as low as the article- can
lie ottered in this market. lie also offer* Ills servlet •.
to those who purchase Damages at the North, to iv
et ivi . put up, and store them, at his former prices.
March in wdni
hmst rohituts.
rilHIISj. highly celebrated Hast Bow dels form a
v light a id agreeable bread, devoid of acidity ;
and you may raieulate to a certainty upon having
constantly served at your table Buckwheat Cake-,
Muffins, Fritters, an ! any other article formed from
batter, re pining hui a few moments to put the nsa s
in a proper state tor the griddle or oven. For sale
by .1 \ MKS T. KOY \ L L.
February *J‘> ts
T S y [ 1 F. subscriber- beglrayr to inform their friends
□ and the public generally, that tiny lm\< pur
chased this valuable property, and an prepared to a<
commodate all those who ill i\ !.i\ >r us with u call.—
The house will lie furnished with m at and plain fur
niture, and our sen ants tin* best that can be proem - |
• ■■I, our bar with the bes* ol li jitors, and our stable I
with tile best the market affords.
()ur senior ha- great experience m the business, j
and we pled n- our* w s to use the most indefatigable
exertions to render our visitors comfortable a d a* !
green I dc WILLIAM MIX.
.1A M IdS M. LANtlllOlINi:.
N. B.— I’he subscribers are prepared to accom
modate and wuntil like to reecho a li w year'v Boar
dels. W. il.
J. M. L. |
Lynchburg, (Xt. ‘2 I ts
EiELVru Mil n: ns.
U ('ST K F.D la I V F. I) din*« t from the M .mu'a.emr .. ,
ey Keutti y .leans, some of u very fine an ! >* uui
ful. ' M VKTIN. W MU) \* DAVIS.
Fovcniher 12 S fa
KARM’ .>2 A I BlkAS.
’BMIL sid.- a de i lias r elayed a supply «,l iaarly
it Mav Peas, of 11 pr riot in.... • . \ arm I enu
ine. ’ JA MLS T. IB >VALL. j
Fehruarv 9 ts
*40 R*:%% ar».
fh 1) \ N \Y. \S i rain the s-,b.-»rriber ou Saturday.
• ^ the 11f i .. a NF.DKO BOY, named tint
lie ts a !>•.,■' 21 \« as ol age, dark complexion. •» feet ‘
^ «a Jd in. li . h ,h, thick, we'l made, ha-a vn !
look, uieliii :.g tn mop a little w hen he w alks : w lam
he left had turned out i pair of whiskers, had on a j
light brown yarn troi k coat, and pantaloons of the
<ame, and wool Ire. lie has sundry clothes, but of
what description is not recollected.
The s.d I Buy may attempt i > pass as a free man.
which In* cm i ot di unless In- has procured free pa- .
per- iV • fume person and pa.-ses under another'
name. As sin i. I hereby forewarn all p< rsons from
harbur’.u g or employing si.d Boy. under penally of
!h la.v.— I wd! give the above r ward to any per.on
wlio will tle'.v t said Bov to me. neai Lea'lienvood
Store. Ilf rv county \ a., or >B) if secured in jail,
o that I get him again. A \N’f 1 THOM \S.
I letirv eo- M ireh 9. wg*w
]>I ASt’K'l W !!tS> A 1> \ A B>,
H’AY L jir-f opened a lot of vasonablu OtHJDS.
consisting of
Super steel mixed Sattm tts,
•• and common steel mixed DIoths,
Scarlet, yellow and green Flannels,
(B een Ba g
IBac'% an 1 scarlet trmnn ng Velvets,
Super black rdihcd Mohair Hose,
cio do plain do do.
February 10 ts
,vj: n • s-'.s t.ikkjsh. jmv.vt.
S'Ol JSfJt '1153 AN A IMI.IIFK,
simi «tf-' 'J'sss:
gun ,*^S> U01a»5k^UKSTII!,
In t! Brie!, Tenement,! fried* i belon Post Of
ft and bet i it. /-’■ .W.- - I'. 1) Omni
>*. '•< . an / 7 "tr.'ri.i ,V* Setr,„fji/ Hardman. /.' -
tab! ' •
J D \ VI NH eu'er, I into ( , partnership foi the pur
1 1 pose of carry-ng on the Apothecary aral Drug
gist Business m this pla* r. we take this method of in
forming '".ii frit nds .a 'I tin public gem rally, that we
are nmv r , e:i ng and opening, direct from Main
more. Philadelphia and New York, an entire new as
sortment Ilf UK 1.1 X II ( i I M INK -'ll.lilt I M s. I)uins.
Paints, Oir.-s, Dvi:-Stikfs, Si’iuikin’s Instbi;
lii.Ts, Ac. Ate.
t ainipr.s i'g all the newest and most approv. 4 arti
cles in use. all of which have been recently selected
with great care by one of the firm.
\s we arc determined to sell on accommodating
terms, especially to large dealers, wc particularly
invite Physicians and Country M rchsnts to give us
j a call.
Orders from a distance promptly attended to. put
up in the most careful manner, and forwarded with
despatch. We solicit* abare of the publii patron
age. THOMAS A. Formal MEAN.
X. Ii.—We have just received a splendid new SO
]l\ \pparatus. which will lie in full opperat.oii in a
September 20 ts
rflllE subscriber respectfully returns bis thanks to
g his friends and the public generally, for the lib
eral patronage extended to the late concern of Estes
A Whitehead, and informs them that he has bought
tin? entire stock of said concern, and will continue
the buttim ■ ■■ and solicits a continuance of their cus
tom. He will keep as heretofore, a large assortment
of I'tutcv and Staple Dry Hoods, of the most modern
stv'e. all I the lies: ipinlity, which will he sold on as
cood terms as they can he had clscwlu re.
E. 13. ESTES.
September 20 ,s
•1 IP's* IIS. M> A V 81) A UOlIIiK !' liVI.13.
f s s VKE notice, that we shall on the l ltli day ot \
B pril next, at the Counting Room of Samuel II.
'Woods A Co. at franklin <'ourl House, take the
dep.i- itions nl - aid Samuel 11. Woods and others, to
be read as etideucc in it cause depending in the Cir
cuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery lor the
county of Montgomery, in which we are plaintiffs and
| you ainl others arc defend,mts. If sai l deposititms
'not completed on the first day they will be contin
ued from day to day until finished.
• Yours Ate.
NT rg, lfi ‘ I*
,\ B\ the ship Miiurhester, 1
|Cv just armed hi .1.1 ini's Kim i,
jj* and Tally llo, <)ailv rxpcc
f led, «r shall ntccive a very
general and beautiful as*
sortmmt of
is \itims inii. t i Ti.i:*
WV calculate on having out lull Spring supply in
tin couim * I iw« or tluce weeks—ami we earnestly
solii it Merchants ami tin- puplie generally, to give us
a call, 'm om In ihties lot getting goods direel from
the Lactone-. in Knglaud, enable us to sell on the
liC't possible tei ins.
Mi in pants may n t assuieil that they can get
their goods ol ir as cht ap us trnm any legulai House
in Kiclmmnd— W e respectfully lmiiethem to call I
and a seer tain tin* fuel.
ii. u. rich virus \ Co.
March 20 is
PIAI IK suhsei ibei> are now manuliu luring < bird age
" and Tyvine, on a new patent plan—and expect
to keep a goal supply ol evci v thing m that line ol
busitn .that is usually wanted in this section "I the
country. It is our yyisii to induce purchaser from j
the quality of om work and pm , to d<- d in 111ij* |
market — it is useless to particularise WV in inula* I
tun every si/., Tw me and Hope, ol < ’ouuti y I letup— '
yve are also manufacturing Cordage of eyciv kind, out
ot Manilla 11« nip, equal in quality , a .1 as low as can I
be bough* in other markets—WV are also making |
Cotton Seine Tyvine. Coiioti \\ rapping Tw in*-, and
Carpel ('hain, in \ * i \ superior s|y lc : I ”oi •. ii Line-,
range from T.”» cents to >1 ,‘u : !’»« I < '• i Is, 11«>?n t In . *
to lour do Pam ! y the quantity . W « w m h t*> p'n • liase
immediately. lor the spring trade, f.ye m ■ \ i«• im ot
good, we'l i '< am d country I I* nip. lot wim li the
highest market price will be paid.
KciiuL.s &■ ci \mri .
.1 .tiniary 15 Is
w i?*i> laairnoy.
I{K ward cVctiott l**i ttix Vhlenueu, and ix
« Comnioii Coiiik ilnien, in each ward, m the
town of Lynchburg, will take place, pm-mint loan
act ol Vsscmb'y, eolith .1 “an act to amend an n< t en
title I an act diyidmg the toyvn ol Lvnibbmgiuto
wards, and for min i purposes,” p i -e l IVhniaiy I '
l*S‘.<l, on the lii i Tuesday m Vpril next—and will be
held iti Lvncli VV ■nl. No. I, heing all that part ot • ml
tow n In !ow tile l.s! allev. extending Iroin tie liver to
12th Mr. et, m tin tenement on Mam street « * eupn *1
by I II A vere. i A Co. as a Lottciy ( Mliei . and in
llenry VVanl. No. 2. being all that pail ni aid town
above 1st alley, extending fruiti the nv< r tol'Jih stn et,
lit the hout room id tin I cue mi it oe< upied by ( 'hatlea
Pin Ips, :i* «>n A net ion house.
S rg:. ot the Corporal ion ol L y nc libui g.
MarchM td
P B H I K s ib •< i •,r t lias ju st rct i u i’i| and open* I an
H assortment ol
ini'., Sfnigs, IL.infs, Oils, Mu
StRllTR, A< .
\\ Inch, in addition to In formei upjdy, v.ill maKr
■■ sf.n k large and desirable,
lie ha also mi hand, variety ol very liue
Pn rvcd Hmger,
ide ra Nuts,
I ill** i t
Soft Shelled Mmouds,
I i. < traiigcs, I n■limes,
Sc vi id < ases of vers line Lh|iioi hr, A e. Ale.
The above. 11»gi 'her with mam I an. v \r: elr.s, are
ollered to 1 * < ustomei . n;d the | uI»I, #un \ciy mo
derate term* J \ M LS i . IP )\ \ 1.11.
January Id ts
< mm jlic vm> onr.
P I ^ ! I •. * ihseriher has on hand * fresh Mipjdy of
I I hover Seed, and ra.i furnish P'ant' • j t!ie re
lnaiiiing part of t he season.
A sfoeK of good New Jiaeon, all of wdi'idi I. • will
sell outlie most an ommoilaiing tcriin I’m ea*h.
W M. L. I. \ \< ASTI*; K.
March!) ,s
FI LSI \ \ I’ to a decree of the county court of
\udier t. pronounce I at its In t November term,
in a mt therein depending, between .le *e llicho’tin,
administrator of William Sledd, deehl.. Plaintiff. and
hui'\ Sledd, and othei Defendant-. ; the under>i'M
r I, the ( ‘oinmiHsioners ill said decree name J. \v ill on
the loth day of \pril, I*d7, on th» i s, expose
to sa'e, by w as ol Public Am ion. a < tain tract or
n-a .' of LAND, w:i ri it* appurtenances, containing
A< ir ., more or les . lying, and being on the w ■
tt rsid Pedlar Liver, in the county of AndurP, ad
joining of •I lines M. Martin, Lie hard S. Ellis, and
Ti kms oi Sam .—A credit of one. two and three
scar-, tor e j in! pur.'ions ol the purchase money will
ii. given, the jjurchascr or purchasers given bonds
w /tb approved personal ecurity, and the title to the
Land itself, t*» he retained as a further security.
\VM. COLEMAN > Commissioners.
March 6 t!5 \
or sm e:sii;js B.n».
PI ' R S1' A N T In an order A dm-in* ol the ( 'on: 1
nl Kriutfv lor Caswell County, .V C. mail' at
November term. lS.'JG, will bt sM,on Ihr premier*, to
tile highest bid let', mi Thursday tin- lilt day ol May
next, on a credit of I. 2 mill fi years, with inti re-t
from the dav of • ale, a tract ot Lai d belonging to the
heirs of Hat tletl ^ ain ev, dee'd., situated on the .'ll
-ideol Dae Kiver, midway botw-eein Uiltan tmrJ l)nn
nlb ,ad joining the I .anils .1 \ndrew 11 un-on.A. Wal
ters iV others, cm taming 122C At’KK.S. inoiem !,•*-.
about 2HI \ C H ES ot trine It are If I \ E 11 111 lTT() M
in good heart and line condition. The plantation i
thrilled into three shins, ol sufficient extent t" work
lilteen hands to advantage. The cleared land is in
a high > ilc of improvement, and the bottom land is
thoroughly draiued. The wimilland a tai h'-d to the
tract, (consisting of about -ix hundred ores) is well
timbered mid of the host quality td'tobacco land.
The fences are new, nnd the improvements, such a
are usual on plantations, are separated from tin
homestead. It will he sold in one entire tract ol
I divided, ns may be deemed most advantageous to
these concerned.
('apittdists are invited to attend, as another opp •
tunitv of like character, awn"! pre-cut it. elf in the
, portion ot the State.
The land will lie exhibited at any lime by I Jr. II
M’ Aden, who lives on the premises, and in his ah- :
’ sencc refeici.ee niav he made tn his nverseer.
Hmiil nnd approved security w ill be icptiretl ot tin
purchaser or purchasers: ; nil the title to the prop
| ertv will lie retained until the w hole of the purcha r I
: money is paid.
I’n- session will hr given on the 25th of I)it. 1KV/,
ainl facility afforded for sow ing grain in the fall.
The purchaser may likewise have an opportunity
of supplying hitnselt mi the premises, with corn. (
fodder, oats, stock of every de'cripfion, ami all the
necessary tools fur fanning op'-ration!., of the best
quality on fair terms.
1’. S. The above sale, originally advertised to take
place on the 1st of 31 an h, has. from' peculiar rir
cumstanres, heeti postpone'] until the 4th day cl
.May, wheu it will certainly take place.
A. H. C. M- F.
'•Tardi eg tH«
roM'icissio vti..
During the late session of Congress, >1» JcTutor.
from tile Select t 'omuilttce to w hich the «uhiri t
had been tefened, made the following
V Select O . t hick UN re referred
mortal of the /«•/*«<«« Mantis* and ti,> asol iftons of
tin iii'oiitl | n/ hfo of the Stott of ManI'anft*
Uf*on t1 t • /<;. tofhioh rati* of duty* and
turns > nostif / / i , -j (jo eminent* ttfn>n .Im, /
ran tobacco* refund :
I bat but litth- iiilonn itiou is alVorded bv the
arch ix e ot th« I lev ei iilueut of the I lilted Stales up
on tlirsrxrial subjects committed to theil charge.
I be principal exports of tobacco, limn the United
Stales to loreign eotimlit**, have heen to Kitgl.md,
llie polls ol I i auce on the Ntlmtu and Meditci i am*
an. Holland. Belgium, anti the llausi towns, lot tin
consumption o|< n ttn.mx. \nd although it is ad
mute I mto Bussia. Sweden and Nunca, Denmark,
lhnlugal. md some oi hi i pirtsol Kutope, x et it is
tt »t to thote 1 i*t n d - ounttion that tin Vtuet•« tu
planter eau look with hope* ol min It benelil, at least
at the pre l ilt tittle, foi its < iMIstu11 p! Io11.
Notenoi to thi Aim m an revolution, the « ulltite
of tobacco xx as almovt i-utindv confined |o (he tin n
proximo* olVii maand Mat x laud-. and a* etrlx as
th« Veil ITtio. t lie exj'oi Is wen (.7,000 hogsheads,
in* n " hicli animal avciage it cotiiiutn d until 1 7 70 ;
the w ai t.rcr .mix dintiuishm * tin* e xporlaho.i
But, III the X. II. iroo. 170], and 179 *, til, average
"i I I I ,(».{0 llO” 111 ads ; he in g » la i * m ipi.iut it \ than
has been e\pm led from tin* I tilled State* in mix one
ii*1 I’obaeeo is now rown in addition to
M '' vbn, I ! \'ii im.i, m the Stales ol Kentucky,
<>hm Ti • i rr, d • mm. Indiana, md North C’ai
'■hiM. • d in in.!! ‘ i n ant it les m ( ounectieiit and
Bcniisvlx aim* \ ud although ill. , -duct ol the I -
nited Sian ■, is iht !i i n .iin nmv than in the ye n
1790, still th** j ■» 111 i? staph i l« at tht prt
• ui ttim ! i toinirrly , tin* hiiiplus product* hemg
(Tii i.i m d at home.
I*rout tli \ < ai I M to 1900, im hiHke, the annual
ax.ii ■ e •• x port *. Hi'ic 7 ' 'os hogsheads, and oI nianii
lactuie I aboo iii.Oii * pounds.
I’m iln x. n I "1 tin e\poits weat up to l(Kl,7.»w
be ' b« i I •, 'i"l ol manufactured to about g*,000,000
pound -, bu d-• tea m the next ve ir to 77,7.*!
ho • do .eh. and rmitiuti I at near that average until
tloxe. I -'ll/ and ! ’•• .when the Berlin and Milan
deri n i • i He • < i id, i jo In ought down the export*
PI Ir • ill II I 0.000 hogslie ids.
1 i "in I * '"Mo I -1 *. inclusive. I hex annual axriagr
was, ot t Xpmis. i.C,hogshead*. The two sue
e ed III Neil' b 1:' 11«. > • ol I lit- la I e W a I XV it || f i I eat
Bui am. I In • xp.'ii mi H* almost tioiniiial, being less
than 1.000 in. * lie id .
I rmi! 1 1>. the til P \» tr of peace, up lo 1 Kin, the
cxpoi (w llh lie excMptioli ol the vests lH *7 and
1 .*-.' •) Ii ix <• "««*; a • * <1 about 1*0,000 hogsheads, and
•J, >(’n,f(io j , in id • < 1 Ilian lilac tilled tobacco.
I be years ot I 'i and I '• flic i spoils exceed
ed tine . ..I fl lei ian x cat -< since 1 79 * lo I lie present
period, l ie ai'iMiuit, In in 1 lor tlie x« u I L' ’7. 100,0 t
!.- . . * 7I 1 ; • "i»I •* : ,nd lot \ e it 1 ed
I m . *- o he-shi mB. mI I ‘»*».o; l pounds, being
111e I n I numb n ,.| ho1 beads exported trout the
I mi* | Si Pi . • Hire that xrai. \x hit h uilimttite.l to
It > 1-m I... ..
1 : ri 1: . : 11 ■ heads uid
d.Hl?,; I | on lids, w !m !i may lie taken as a t.ui a\e
I a.'* id tin 11.« M .*r • I |!14• ' III \ ear.
•Millin' Ii t Im- it ii nil r "| hogsheads expoited in
17!'\\ and the \e.n, mnuedialely pn l ediijii, were
h»’1-■» ter 11» in fur the la 1 leii v t u «, ; \ ef. w In p || is
a id* i ! ilia I till w < I III ni l lie houshead i is roll
sider..Idy mn <\i ed. a*, 'Uo the 'juanlitv ntmamifar
Hind to!) n in, i; - ■ I-* diev d III iltlien is hut little
difi'eienee miii uumhei ol pounds expoi led between
tin,* I 1111**1 and i it |i' iiod.
lift If il / i / (nhifi i'll.
in 1, o. and for some r m suhseipient. the aver
a - i.ni,,hi of i lid.'shr.id w.e. about I .twin pounds.
\l t)|e pi >• eii! lilt*-, I Ilf i e from hlMinuks ,t
lioiil I d mi pounds ; and ihhotijh the liner *(iialities
tin no! i- a ■••ed, il e.jual. lli» !urmei \v*i«jfils ; \el,
much lip- I n I <|U;itit•! \ exporfe I heinu; eo n -ei and
heavier, il ’. r-".,paled that ihe average weij.'hl of all
kind* hum \ it id a, Movlaud, IxctitUckv, Ohio,
and Teimt ■> ee, e« ahmit I ,‘ilJO pounds lo the ho«»»
head. This, m a.idtlioti to the increased ipiantity,
of iiiantilar'in» d l« hae. o. will show lull lillle difl'ct
cin e in I’■ i im i ll ol e\pt rts between the lortiiei
and the pieu’ul periods.
I*rin * of tnhacd).
There has been a eopsideiable diminution in the
pi ii * . of (tin nil aceo li nn lJie \ < ir 1 ROD to the pie
ant time uili the r\r< p'ton ol I h«* f mi years it nun
111ediahdv sue*•«•*•»hn i the late war with Ureal Mil
tain; dimm w hull il ?ttstamed an average of ahoiii
I i oil pel hundred pound Prom lH00 In l*-0'».
ih mu . «..«• piiee, for those ten years, was >»»4 per
hundred p me.d • ; whilst for the .same imitihei «*t
\ eai to 1 Hbo, iliclusivw, il lias pot been *|uif •• P pei
lnilidi ! pound , notwitli taridin^ flit* ijuantily ex
ported has ret imrea ed.
I it!hi >f' r rjH,rt.'i.
Prior to the ve.i; 1 n-j, th ■ vain* of the exported
tob.ieeo Ins noi been ascertained; lull in that year it
amoun e i to si . J’JO.IMMi ; in l*lii, jn ,i at'ier the w .ir,
to UUO ; and iri 1h.'{.'», lo •'•SH.'J.rjii .r)77, ol mi
m.inuMetui' I ; an I ol manufactured, f* J.*»7.< 1 1, in i*
l.iir? an i .'if.' i'» \ due of *"VKM. 1 a-<. d ims, the
value of‘ Hititial exports from ill* United Slate* of
i !u ii tieh alone, under all I lie dnadv.mt i_fe, ol one
rum fur* rjn imports and restrictions, may he put
down al mai nine millions of dollar-.
Kroni th* (orciioiiic fact, it is evident that the pi*
'rii! depressed slate of' the tobaero market is not at
tribu'able to the increased exports of that article
from the United Sia'cs ; wc tnmf, therefore, look
el eu here for the cau-e •.
\ v rn a \ or.■ ruiMiniiifT ii i\ r it.;am*M, ill' i.i —
Hlors to liavc modified the re uricuotH impost I a*
broad on tobacco, were made by Mr. Jefferson,
win! t ministei to France in the year li i. It ap
pear !i oin Iih correspondence that, at that time, lie
li id rveial ( onversa?ions with, and addressed a let
ter t**. < omit do Vim grime «. then Minister of* Fo
reign Allan at Paris upon the subject, in whu ll he
ralle I that Milliner's attention to “ill* monopoly of
the purchase ol tobacco in Franee, an di-rouruging
both to tlu* French and Amei.ran merchant and
lih bur in * . “ that it t^ contrary to the Mpirit ot
trade, and to the di-p-c-11i*»ns *it hum* }i mito carry
a comm «lity to any market "here hut one person i
allowed lo Ini' it, and when, o! coUf'C, that person
fixes its price, which the -filer must ier*iv*\ «n re
export his eommo.hiy, at the loss of Ids voyag* thith
Since ilia, period, although Home alterations and
ehang* s have been made by France m le pect to her
own infernal regulations, no modification operating
to tlu* benefit of the American planter has hern
made, nor have any specific instructions been given
by mn (iu\eminent m lela’ion to this subject.
It i i mi* that i»n ii ton d siiggcstioie- have hern
maiie ov omi * d emr ministers and agents abroad,
but nut Mifi *nt!y urgent t*» induce any of tim e
(Jnverunifnts, to which our tobacco is exported, so
to mudiU their law as to place On ;ij !»* upon any
thing like an equal footing with any other pro duel
coining from tiie United State-..
The quantity nf tobneep consume I in France iu
17-5. Air. .leffr*r-ou oMi mated at about “-1,000 hhd .
amir 111 y. At the pre -mil time it is c.-timafcd at bi,
odrt hh U Oi l},-, ih ' imports from the Unit d
tali to Fr . on the \tlantic were 5,259 lihcls. ■
Frauve o;j the Mi liternineau. 1.05 i hh I.;. ; an l to
the French We .i Indu- , 000 hlids.: in the whMe
less than 7,000 hh! ; and this, subject to :»ucb re
slrictiaux aud regulaticu:-, a:> lo m ike, that country i
very In n- * * - ell a pr^enr. us maike* for fier i>)
harm. Till- puicha i» ot it being confined to there -
v’’'. and pitdiiliitrd in m«|ivi«lltdIh, not .1 pound ran
In* ptiivliuM I om opt by (!i«*ir direction** ; and then
l»v samples sent Im inspection, ofwluell a HI leetiou
m ma le according in then tauft* ; w lieIi amount i «
so limited, and qualify so defined, as to retidci any
shipment-, to line r ports ha/.nrdouN in the extreme.
In the year iKl.l, by releieiieo to lit* 1 enmmeieial
1 eg illations, w e find that the <|ri.iiitit v admitted loi
sale I»\ the '# grV was little more than 6,000 hhdt. ,
tin, m b it. an I eonliued to the giowth of Virginia,
M arviand, and hemurky—thereby ext hiding all oil)
ei Kinds Ii onr the I’ ntted States.
I lie expoil - loti real llritaiu have mcictsed siliro
1830, from 19,1)10 lilitls to 97,563 Idol.., in 1835,
! notu ithstaiidmg the impost duty in Kugland is liner
shillings sterling pel pound, equal In seventy rents
I lilted States euiiem v. Here, loo. are irsti irtioiis,
and the iiuinhei ol ports when* it iua\ he imported
limited. It is mantle ,!, how ever, that iIih dmv atone,
independent ol othoi burden i, nets as a prohibition
to all i \i epi the In t qualities. (>f the quantity ex*
polled dnei t to I’.iiglaml, it is estimated that about
j otic third finds it way into Itrlpum. Holland, and
(lie 11 a use towns ; lea\ mg to be cunfttiitud 111 Knglaml,
1 ol \mei n an eiow rh. less than Mi.fHm hh Is. Ii is
not unreasonable to :mppone, w vre the duty upon out
tnhueeu ledlieed to heal some fail proportion to those
, paid 111 the I oiled Stales upon Ihitih growth and
iiiamtlaetiue, that the consumption 111 Kiiglutid would
he considerably iueieased.
I ust 1 id.
In Austria tuharm is eon adored a state monopoly,
ami its 1 lit 1 odtietmu legulated by «pe< 1.1I dispositions.
Melon* it ran he eniiMiun d, .1 duty of fifteen florittx,
equal tu about si \< 11 doilats \tiieiiean, on the lion
died w 1 1 'In. tutid hi paid. Should 11 remain in de
j pot lutigei ill.tu oiu* yrai, m\ weeks and liner days,
.it is sold by llu* .1 luimi : rator ol tobneeo, uild tile tu it
j proceeds, alter pay mg expeiis»*s. ,Ve., ,Vo., held for
, tile hem lit ol tic ow m 1. lain tohaeeu nil boa id ot
vessels u liih f in poti, mtiMided for the use oft lie
f lew, must he deposited in tin oiliees ol the 1 us
loins, and not n-shued to the eapiams until then dr
part lira Imm the port. Those rrstric turns mid e\.u
tums amount to alum it a prohibition.
11 ri many.
W hen it in eonsideied that the consumption of V
1 ii" 1 u an tobacco m f Jei many and I loi Ian I is estim »
h I at nd.000 hiids. annual!v. (Id.tMin nT which finds
if, way into < irmiaiiy alone.) being more than hall
of I lie w lude annual e \poi is (mm the I mted Stales,
it ii to those eountiu s om attention should In- more
I* 111ir11l.111\ duet ted ; ami to ascertain, it practicu
• de. the causes of the present depiesscd stale ol thr
l(»h.u e«» market, ami the remedy which should he
Il is 1ml Mil i in |M 111 limy (Mill III the ports ol the
Nil into l i I lie illumed ho find a light to complain
j i»|, Init tin /1.\tnrhinis amt transit i \.u linns m the m
iriim, which press mu in uvily upon (lie planlei ; ami
"Inch beat no analogy to tin various articles admit
I te I into the I lilted Slates Irom thorn* countries, al
j though eilhei free Ol .1 f a iCtllli ef| lal*
Idle ini/t f duty upon tobacco m Vnisteidsiui, j
| 11 oi ti nl,mi. Hiemt n. ami other pints o| Holland and !
to mi any. is merely nominal ; but it cannot lie intm
1 dllCr.l into tile lire) lot of (Irnniil.y, whole the lal -
• t <|Haitiny i; consumed, without paying a duty ol
II I’liiswian dollars. * <Jn il m S; jn American, on
! "ne litimlird weight ol uiaiiiliactured tobacco, or on j
uuimniilartuird, (which is gcnci.illv shipped m
hog^lo id-..) ol S jA rnivsian, m ro Vmmieaii.
| upon the hundred weight ; whieli is about om bun
• ti * d pi ! ■■enl Upon llo avt i age puce nl lob in a .ship
ped from tli" I mte I Slates.
H> ieten m »• to the eoniliu icial I eg u lal ion*. exist
mg l»e|w er n the I iiited Stales and foreign I iovci ii
incuts, yve find that llo estimated value of I nitcd
Siiites lobaceo taken by tin* ifjir m I 'l.inee in one
Mai amounted lo If,Out),000 ham s, whilst bn r\ ■
polls to the 1 uited Slates, ol silks alone, during the |
• niie yeat aiuoun'ed to .Vt,(Min,(ion francs ; and 11«■ • 1
J wines, brandies, 11<|ii*u ■. and coidiaU to 7,nnn
j more. These articles ol luxury arc admitted into
| llo- I nih il Slates at a nominal duty, al the same mo- *
i 11m mi when om tobacco (a luxury in Uranee) is al*
most min. Iv proh'biicd.
\nd now, when it isp oposcd to m dm r still low- |
ei tli duties upon hei exports, mi moihfic.ilmu has
hem made in relation lo the onerous burdens impo
sell upon mil tobacco.
Tin* reduction ot duties noon her silk* ha* been
made at a time, ton,when the extension ol the growth
ami uiauulactnro "I that into le in the United States
was hemming «»I great interest to the country ; ami
tin Ire* introduction of which must very materially
alfcrt another important staple, eitlur in the growth |
I or manufacture.
Uruin ringland we admit into th : United Stales
yery ninny articles at a i dined rate, and others t*u
I tirely free ol duty, operatin'’ to the pi"|iidicr ol the ,
industry ol many classes ol om own citizens, whilst
he taxes our tobai» > alum t a prohibitory dutv.
In the inti riot' ot Hermany it has already been
shown that these exactions and irstriftions me op
(ill's ive in the extiime to the tobai < o planter* id the
United States, amounting to one hundred percent, j
! upon the original cost. And as if these were not mii
; lieu ntly om iotis, a distinction is made in Holland
• -I Ihlgimn between Maiylaud tobacco and all
' "tlu is m tin- Unit d St.lies. Vhgiuia, and all other
North Auieiiean tuhaeeo, rur/if Maryland, pays an
import duly of I bane 40 centimes, and transit duty
of I franc [j) centimes ; when Maryland pays 1 franc
j <! ) centimes import, and 1 Italic <>0 centimes transit
duty upon 10!) lbs., being about 11 percent, higher
than all otJi'U tobacco: thus presenting the Mtigu
lar anomaly of taxing the same arto.di from one of
the Unite ! States a higher rate of duty than from all
others. Why this distinction should have been
. ma le, your committee are unadvised ol. The rxis
! tence id the facts is sufficient to show that the inte
rests ol the tobacco plant* is have not met that luster
' in'ran in foreign countries winch has been no libe
I rally extended to all classes of om citizens, ;»ud other
interests both at homo and abroad.
The commute! y\i:h gr* r pleasure acknowledge
the benefit they have derived lioin the long ♦ xperi
• nee and practirril iiiformatioti furnished by Mr.
i. i..... i. .i ... «...i i>. .. ' .i._
; attention to tin* to!.an o intonst m'Ciun to have oct u
I pied much of his time whilst m Fiance and G**nna
' nv, whi r lie lias resided for several year*, and to
w hom they arc indebted for the annexed eommuin
1 cation,
In r oMio xion with tin* subject, your committee
lind that a treaty of ** friend-hip, commerce, and
1 navigation between the United States and the Ire**
II in »n r« publics of Uubeck, Bremen, and II mi
liiii^.'' wa< eonrlnded on the L’Ofli December. 1S.‘7.
t . continue in force for twelve years from the date of
tie treaty, and for one year alter l ulice slmuld b«
! livi d b\ one of the j,anion to terminate it. This
I H ity, although base i upon flu* principle* of recipro
city, in the practical result has failed to prove so to
the I ’lilted Stales.
By a statement prepared by our consul at Bremen
w ith great care and labor, in four tables siting the a
luount of articles imported troin the United States
into that port ; the arrivals and departures of Ameri
can and foirign vessels; the quantity oftolmcco en
tered at Bremen fer the years 183H to h3>, inclu
sive ; it will be seen that the efiect has been to throw
' ahno.- : the w hole of tile carrying trade from A mcri
e::n to fore* _n vessels. Thus the hogsheads 01 to
!i;*cc» *i;t. r« d at that port in in American ves
r! , w • l'J,U7 ; and in foreign, 4,737 ; m 1-bo, on
ly b,.'J id hogdiea ls in \m« rican,aiid 1S.661 in foreign
v -( ! •; making a •dilfeivr.ee, in the tobacco trade
alone, of more than 8i\ to one against American
■Tim number of Ameiicau vessels from the United
States to th* port of Br ;me.i in 1823, was 47, and oi
! those i.-jinnring to l»r men from the United States,
l a ; and tn 1 •?.?•'«>. the number af American vessels was
r* durrd to *T, mid rhio<#• jf B mcr: *»nereaped to v
The number of ticnurtures of AnWieau v*es*«‘ls m
lh*2'lwa* 14, ami ol Hremen fur tile Upited State?.
16. 'The departure* nf American vt*v*'d* in ]£•'?$
had (Ji’crea*rd to 17, and those of Bremen increased
to 1*1. The number of American ve?*efli cleared for ^
the United States in 1635 witli passengers, was, for
New York 1, New Oi lcans ;', Haiti more 6 ; total 9.
Uorcign clearance*, 49 to N«pv York, 26 to Ualti
more, II to other American ports; total, GG foreign
vo**eU to the United State*, and hm 0 American.
Thu* it will appr.u, that nice the rouchi ion of
that treaty, placing those (Jmeminent* upon a foot
ing with the most Pivoted naiiou*, the 'hipping in
terest ol the United States has been materially af
fected. Thi* trunty is to b« ui (hr* r until iJe .< ui
ermher, lwdl), and for twelve months after notice to
iliseoiiliiiue it shall have been giv u by one ol the con
tracting parties.
Vnur committee <Jo not perceive any obliga
tion on tlie part of the United States to continue
III force that treaty a moment longei than tin time d
lowel lor its discontinuance, no reciprocal benefit
having been derived to the I uited Slate*.
lu comparing the tanil of dutn laid in the United
State* upon import.itimi* from forei ;n countries with
the I mi rdf tc uiijkisciI upon \meri< o t-du coin those
eouutrit a, we are torcihlv struck w ith the the want
o| icciprm If v as irlale.s to tins paiticnlar * tapir.
\t the luouient win n the t b-vi i uncut ol the Uni
ted State* ha. so modified leu imposts, as to admit
various articles hunt Kitglaud, Kraut e, Holland and
Ueriiuiiy.nl a nominal, and others entireJv free of
duty ; and when it is propose | furthci to reduce tho
duties still lower, and Home free of dutv ; we cannot
doubt but a niinil.ii spirit will animate those foreign
| t io\riliiiiciits to vv liicli out tobai < or are c\ported.
W c do not ilcsiic to inn n upt in auv maimer vv Siat
: evil the li icinllv n lations evi tuu; betw • *n the Uni
led States and auv hneigii power, nor do we wish
to intcitcre with the piesrnt law imposing duties ou
Hut in protecting the gic.u iutcrc .t h of our coun
ti v, both at home and abroad, vve build not overlook
one who li is so matcii.illv important to a large *nud
icspectahle e lass ol out citizen , m i\ Slate-* of tho
I nion, and v ho have never, heretofore . -.Ucd the in
tei position ol our Uoveiniiuut ; and whilst all other
intriest* liavi b.eu legislated on. oi in .otiaied for,
and the tobacco planters of the l oiled State*, with
an export of a .staple bringing in return v»,01)0,1 MM I
annually, have paid heavy duties on nine ho, the ve
ry mean* ol its production, their interest* have hi t* -
totorc been euliiely left to thu mercy of fum tu Uo
v iniiieuts and Ilieir agent*.
Ills then loir confidently trusted that the Uxcrtl
tivr ol tin I nitcl Stale* will adopt ucli means as
may lie deemed best Calculated to i clieVc tbf tobacco
planter* of out couiiliv from the heavy anil uncquaJ
but dens iiiiim.ed by lorc-ign (inv ermuents upon that
staple ; and that direct and speeilic instruction* "ill
be given to mil miiiistcr* and ollnn n o ats abroad to
use then exertion* to • lie cl tins object.
The i ommitlee tbeiefore i erommencj the adop
tioiiolthe following phot re-olittmti ;
Jitttvlifi/ Inf (hr Srrnifr un i lloitsi «./ U, j,,\ n ntu
Oec.s, Tliat the President be ie<|uesicd to nixtruct
the minister* and other repre eutativ. * of this coun
try in l',raine, Kic luid, Iviis.ri, UriisMa, Holland,
and Uciuianv, to negotiate w itli tin re.-pcctive Uo
vermnctits to w Im li they are aeeiedit< «1. tm ihe modi
fication ol the duties and restriction* upon tobacco
nnpoited (inin tile United State* ; .m l that lie he
also iM|Ues(ed to appoint special i iil . to negotiate
in like manlier Vvith the (iovei nun nl ■< ol those eoiili
tries into whic h tobacc o i.x imported unde r similar
re-it ie [ion*, that h ive- no ueci'-ciit' 1 representatives
from the I mud States.
W 4HIII Xl.TO *, /•’» oro ;nf 1 K17.
(<r KTl.Mii s . A Mclecf (niiuintti < c.l the honora
ble | IviUni* ol Kepie ciilut'Vcs havin'; been appointed
to imjuii<* into tlir causes ol tin- diitUMiitimi m thy
exports of that great “t iplc « oiiittioiii:\ of mu* coun
try, tobacco, I i rspi r! hi II \ lie- hn\< to Mil) tuft to
lh‘ san I con in u! ie** miiik ob m iv ciiottn, drawn in t lie
most iinit iuee. limn personal •■\pe:n*ner, u bieh may
pnl.ai is mm v c to throw Home li. ut upon tin-, highly
inleiestmg siibjei t—a sobn ef i.ot only inte. e-niug to
tile tobacco planters, but win !• inleii ;ts, either di
rerilv or indirec tly, utmost every c lass ot our citi
/'•iis. 'l'lie value ol that article now exported hn.«
averaged limn IKT) to In to, im lusive, about six
millions ol dollars ; tins nerves to keep down foreign
exchanges, ihus pho mg u in mu powei to pav nt a
less price tin those articles ol foreign produce or
ijiariufaelurc which either the minimis or the luxu
ries of coir population demand. Should this amount
mi our expni latinos he diminished, tin* foreign ex
ehangc' would naturally he ngamsl us, in proportion
loflii' diminution in the expmN of tobacco ; audit
mname rail be devised to increase the cotiMimptiou
ofthnt artic le in Europe, that we can import fore ign
produce at a cheaper rate : tins setaes to .••how that
all classes of our community are interested in the
success ol ihw tobac co planter.
Il it is wished to parliculize, it can be* easily shown
that the ship-owner* in the* l/uite I .Staf-s would be
gicatlv beiielittcd bv an an 1 mentation in the export
of tobacco; tins is so palpable', I lint it requires bat
a short argument to prove its truth, to any one dis
posed to doubt its correctness. Tl*e t object uf
thtv freighting ship-ownci is to edit on a full freight
for his vessel ; eonsccpiently, tin bulkier the article,
the greater chance lie* ha ; el tilling up ins vessel ;
and d that artic’le unite s at tire same time hcavine. s
with bulk, it saves him from the extra expense of
ballast, which, m loading many uthec articles, he
finds it necessary to take, in cider to have 1 is vessel
in proper trim. Tobacco is consequently the arti
cle of our export* which unite ;, in peculiar degree,
ail those advantages ; And it therefore becomes of the
utmost importance to our .ship-owners to augment as
muc h as possible the consumption of that article in
Europe, and. by mo doing, to increase its exportation.
And we should like vise boar to mind, that if sumo
means are not found to increase its consumption in
Europe, those two great agricultural States, Virginia
and Maryland, whose laud* are peculiarly ad apted to
the cultivation of tobacco, will greatly sutler, and
many of their inhabitants v. 1 find it necessary to
seek in other quarters of our country lor laud suit
ed to the cultivation of some other artic le, proHhly
cotton; thus increasing the quantity grown of the
last named article beyond the wants of the eon; inner,
and eon » qucntly diminishing its price. Th> ’...w»
that the cotton planter is deeply interested in ti e sue
cess of the tobacco grower, and in the increase of its
consumption in Europe.
It appear*, tiom tables on tne me at me i rcasurv
Department, that the exportation oi tobacco to va
I nous eountriert of Europe, lias from 1&3J to l-w3i,
i inclusive, been as follows; to Russia five years, 34G
I bo-sheatls ; t«> Prussia in lc-34. 10 ho?sheaiis ; Swe
I ilrni and Norway. I1.W hogsheads ; Holland, 126.
r.52 hogsheads ; |).'Mii.nl-, 1,57$ hogshead, ; to
i ltd "ini' It! tln'c.' yr.ir-t. <■ 131 hotheads ; England.
1 ]«;| |i hogshead* ; S'otlaud, 537 hogsheads; to
In-laud m lour years, tltlti hogshead-. ; (Siltrail ir, 14,
2711 hogsheads”; Hanse towns. ’.33.'-08 hogshead, ;
France, including us ports on the. Atlantic and on
the Mediterranean, 03,323 hogsheads : Spain, inclu
ding its ports on the Mediterranean and ou the At
lantic, 11,2;-2 hogsheads : to Portugal in tour veer .
1,062 hogsheads ; Italy, 5,61 f> hogsheads : to Sicily
in 1835. 25 hogsheads ; to Trieste (Aurtria) in t..r e
ve.ars. 87 hogsheads ; and to all other parts ot the
world, 31,980 hogsheads; makiiig i total of 542,81;
| hogsheads, and averaging annually 1*0,460 ho;>s
I heads. ,
| Tito aforegoing show, the countries exported to.
as cleared at our custom houses ; hut the point
j to which vour honorable committee wish toarr.ve at.
is, to Unti e m what countries the aforegoing state:.
! quantities are consumed. 1 will therefore respect;
I fully state the m.mheiot hogsheads ol American to
' bae'ea wbieh, front statistical information, atqun'
1 . . ;ly by Wr.v- I'dgc.. Ic nsider are c

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