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I.SXIIHI IIU, tlAV 15, Ift.'tr,
The Baltimore Ca/ctte contains a letter, addressed
ly j). A. Smith, Ks(j. to Dr. John Brucktmhrough.
President ol the Batik of Virginia, advocating the
temporary suspension ol specie payments through
out the Union, and the itiuncdialc incorporation of
a National Bank, as the only means ol rescuing the
country from universal bankruptcy. j'I;g writer i»
said to be a gentleman ol great liuaucial ability and
experience, whose opinions arc entitled tu uiiipies
liouablc weight. \\ <■ shall give the letter at length
in our next, regretting that it came to hand too laic
for (his morning’s paper.
The New A oik I’taiadiatcr concludes a vindica
tion of fhc I reasury Order w tilt tin* remark : **tilad
should we lie it a tau\ ol a tenor corresponding with
dial Order, were niarlut, iu redatum to the pavnients
at the customs." Ry w hat authority in the Republic
would the lMaiudcalci hate this law cnuiltd / It l,y
Congress, to which body the duties ol legisl;,.
lion arc eicUsir, hj assigned by die eonstitniion, there
would be no objection to it, on the score of power
at least, whatever dilVetenee of opinion there might
be as to the policy of die measure. Hut what
would the I’laindealer think of .Mr. Van Hun ii.it,
tile law of Congress permitting the receipt of bank
notes in payment ol duties remaining; uu die statute
book, Mr. Van Huron should, by a Trousuiy Order,
lorbid liist 'olleelors to take any thing hut gold and
sther? Would it not be such an act of usurpation
as would excite the indignation of the ctimmcrcial
cutuinuuity. and jtisiifv resistance—if neceasurv. arm
ed resistance ? Would it not he an assumption of
power, in express defiance both of the law and the
constitution I Would it lull be a practical revolu
tion in our political system—a prostration of the
(lowers and rights of ( 'ongre.ss, and the eonyersioti of
our limited Executive into uu unlimited I tietatorsbip J
11this be so, we would ask ivhunee does the I’resi.
dent derive the >uuhoril\ whirh he lias exercised,
iu reference to the receipt of money* for I'nldie
J.ands, which would not w arrant a similar exercise
of authority in relation to the ('0x10111x1 In otlu 1
words, has lie not the same right to furlinl the re
ceipt of any species of money except gold and silver
at the rustum-lintisrs tsut the land-nll'n 1 - ! Indeed,
the exercise of this assumed povv rr in both 1 , . would
nullify one olthe strongest aigumenls now urged a
gaitit the Treasury Itidii — an argument vvliieli Mr.
liives warmly mforred lust vvinlet—we mean its
liut operation , pre-i rilling nne 1 tile for the gov et ntiient
ol (iitblie drillin'* is the All Mir States and an opposite
rule III the West Cl e. It tile I'pm Ion! have a tight, un
der l hr cnusl it tit ion. In r/n, 'a l.itr 1 etpi ii iug that the
public lauds shall hr paid lot utdv in specie, hr
has an eiptal i ght to -1 me/ a hr.r of a like i haraeter
in rote retire In the duties on imports, t.tu tin* other
hand, if lie has no 11. lit *0 | ivseril.e such a rttlr to
tbr collectors ol customs, lie li.ls, bx pantv ol'rra-ou
ing, UO right to prescribe hitch a tide to tie
ers of moneys at tlie laud otliees. Hxih rest on the
Xante broad loutnlattoll. It it would In an usurpation
in the former ease, 11 is no less so in 1J1. latter. And
that it IS an usurpation, us Ougrant as it was mu-ailed
for and unjustifiable, is ju-t as certain as that tin
mustn 111 ion eoiif. ts c\chlsivr legi- lat iv e povv 1 1 upon
I'ongrest. and vv iihhnlds it Irnni the I’resident. It i
an usurpation, vv hicli. -ii fitly persisted in, as it is, nut
only w it limit the as-cut ot ('otigress, but iu direct op
position to loiir-filihs 1 f both it* branehes, de
mauds mch an 1 xpressiun of jniblii opinion as
shall deter futine 1‘re-idculs from Itaiiseending the
limit* oft)n-ir authority. and making iben will i|i
law of ill - land.
I lie popularity ot (Ion. .laekson ui.fv.rliM alely en
abled him tu do whatsoever he list, d. The people,
with an inlatualton whirl! scarcely b.ts its para]], 3 in
the history of any nominally tree government, seem
ed willing to submit to all his whims and captive.,
whether in obedience t.. law, or m opposition to I .
Reposing the most unlimited and dangerous confi
dence iu the integrity of his purposes, a large ma
jority uflhem were always ready to echo his opinions
and del nil Ins measures: and hence we must not
wonder that so many nt their representatives have
proved faithless to their high tesponsihilities, tV have
consented tu hr the mrie tools and instruments of
thr Popular Idol. Tin y saw that tin* n». <1 t>i pr« -
tmnent ;\ud honor l.< \ m obedience to Ins will: and
heme they have obeyed that will, eve n when a vio
lated constitution, and laws trampled in the <!um.
and the public prosperity boldly hazarded on the
result ol a learful “ r.rj-t mum/,'' and private rights
and interests ruthlessly tnunpled under loot, railed
vi|>oti them to resist these hold encmai Imienr* upoti
the lundntiicntu] law of the Kupublic and the rights
nl the people. T hey saw that every man w ho dared
to he honest in these worst of times, who had inde
pendence enough to resist the l sniper, and. a* re
presentatives of the people, to warn them of thr-r
fimradi* upon the sacred charter of their liberties, so
tar Irotn meeting the reward which they deserved, in
ithe approbation ol their constituents, w ere instantly
hunted down by the Ffretoriun Cohort?. and banish
ed Irom the public councils—and lienee, they quail
ed before the great Juggernaut, whose ponderous
"heels arc now rolling over the land, crushing alike
friend and foe, w orshipper and sceptic ! Whnliei \ atj
Jhiren, following in the footsteps of his •• illustrious
predecessor," can be long sustained l y Jackson’s re
flected popularity, in acts of a character no less fla
grantly oppressive than those w hich kindled the fierce
indignation of ourfathers against King (ienr'jc and
Lord North, and which, it been).*' to us, slioulil Mir tin1
'ery stones of our streets “ to mutiny :uiil rage,” Tunc
ttlone must disclose. We must have basely degeuc
rued, however, when such an art as the Treasury
Order—an art of usurpation in its origin, ruinous in
its effects, and adhered to in despite of the nearly u
•litniinous vote of <'ongress and the loud elatnors ol a
suffering peoplr, who believe, whether truly or not
u is boot less to enquire, that if is one of the chief
causes of existing calamities,—when such an art as
this can be perpetrated and perpetuated, with impuni
ty* A King of England nr nf France, for alike as
sumption of authority, maintained in defiance nftlte
vote of their Parliaments, would long since have lost
hi* crown, and perhaps his head. We, thank 1 l<*a
ven ! need not yet resort to such measures of vio
lence. Our elections are yet nominally free: but
that they will not long remain so, if the people do
not awake to the necessity of restraining their Ex
ecutive within his prescribed orbit, is just as evident
as that Despotism must follow tolerated Usurpations
b.v that officer.
MI ssi ssi P|*r_i i ,
, ' tMIle' <rom the ,)i co
4eminent ol this State to,he editor 0f,he M.,b,le R#.
s »v* :
- an- , 1 " n°"-|*ay merit. The ,|
; ... I" insure punctuality. | think ,|„
i'h.ee.*l on .h.nn.!!;," a"'1
, „ ,» we have heretotole .lealt
..alto ' he<t:S- ”"C .. '»
our U \o L mka'aK 1 "tintiy ol two milium, ,
-hIS:;!'... -.in Natch
11 11 1,1 a,lu''l. are the Musis,ippians mail '
,.^ M"r«il‘5 ..a the eurse o,
, ‘'Vor-hankins, they cinleav or to tin,I a leme.K the
V '"'I’n'se to the cause that pro
; T ,,~Ull,l,° ,,M- =».•!. ... topers. I appio
liiaMiii, vve presume, that •• the hair of,he doe „
~ !' . 1 " l,lte‘ 1,1 '*'•* case, however, the, mil
. ^ ’ a^^roi,Kh they may retanl tin.seen, of the
avalanche by these meat,,, they trill aujjme.it „s bulk
ami i nr re ate it, velocity, when it shall eventually, a,
i' "Hist, sooner or Inter, break down these paper lie- 1
In Clinton and Vicksburg, large public in. ‘tings '
li.m b« cn held, and resolutions adopted instructing
' their delegates in the State Legislature to invite the ,
l nited States Bank of Pennsylvania to locate a
hranch .Mississippi • \,„| the beauty of it U. that
this proposition was made in Clinton hy tJen. Henry
s. I* note, who made hiuiscll conspicuous, ruling the '
l ist J‘residential campaign, by the ardor ol his friend
^hip tor \ an Bureu, as perchance may be rerolleit
; cl by those win. saw his elaborate letter to .Mr. Fit/,
hugh ot ( aroline, published at length in the tJlobe,
and duly pulled by that immaculate concern and it*
*■'Im in Richmond. Indeed, the calamities ol tlie
times, and the chinos t«. which they art* so obviously
! Us eable, are w orking precisely tin* same ie*ult that
a similar pressure led to in Mb. The country will '
Hot be contented, because it . amiot do w ithout, a Na
tional Bank. \Vhat a writer in a .Mississippi paper
says, will soon be public ntntimcnt: • We must (he
remarks) liave some such institution to regulate the
. Urrcucy ol tin* cuuntiv ; and though l have always
opposed the L. State, Bank tiom principle, I think it
vastly prelerable to the hucksteiung currency which
has sprung up under the late administration.”
I (!/’ Since the foregoing was written, we have
8 • n a gentleman, just (join .Mississippi, (a (fiend
ol th«* present administration w ithnl.) w ho informs us
that there was no doubt that the Legislature would
invite the F. S. Bank of Pennsylvania to establish a
branch in that State, with banking privileges lor
twenty years, and that ail men, i f all parties, are now
■'atiMied that it is impossible to get along w ithout a
National Bank. Smh, we dou! t not. will soon be
tlie uuivei-*al nciio* ol tin* country.
We m 'titiom 1 in out last that a < ’•i.iveuiiou of the
1 fiends ol the Fnion, w n m wumn .0 i Lut i* burg. in
w huh tieaiK ever y count) in Penney ,u:ia wa-r.p
resented, the object of which was to allay public .cn
tiinent against the disorganizing Vbohtiou Incendia
lies, whose purposes can t lily be consuiumated I>\
tile disruption ot the lies that n »vv unit these States.
'That ('oiivention ha* since ilj- uin d, havin', adopt
ed the following Resolutions, with an argumentative
Pi amble, (w hieh want ol room ( .impel, us to omit,)
embody iug and enforcing the *amc opinions :
lu'solrr f, | hat the <lOVC’llimcnt n| the | nited
Slates, ha- no ( oust it iitmnal powei whatever, over
ti:e relation ot mast; r and slave, m at v oftlo- State-,
•'I ihe I liioii.
/»/ n.'/<■# >/, That w hether ('ougi -s does or dees not
I’"-' •' the right ol legi-Ia’ing on the subject ot the
a!i.diloMi «•! slavery wiihiii the di-tnet ol < 'olumbta,
it would he unwi.-e and impolitic in the . xii rmc to as
»" it °i *'\ereise mu It tight : as any attempt to d<>
v 11 ""ul'l impair the harmony and mutual cuuli
• deuce of the States, il not peril the inh gi u\ oil he
l ujon.
/ •</. l li.it each S rite has tin* exclusive right
| under the «(institution, to judge ol. eMabhsli. and
maintain w KInn its own Imrdi iw, its ow n sy ^tem n| do
mestic relations and domestic policy ; and that every
attempt by the eili/.eiis ol one State to denounce or
invalulate tile e-taidished institutions ol aiiotln r, is
unv .itranted hv the constitution, and hostile to the
< peace and harmony of the I nmn.
Ius"!rrif, That no Stale could he justly retjuired
to r»*( (»cni/.<* as valid, under the iconstitutional com
p.u t of the Stales, a measure which should violate!
it- internal senility and peace, or abrogate the lights
, ol property "l its citizen* : ami we pledge ourselves
to unite with the people of the other States, in nppo
Mi g Mich intracti-ms ol the constitution, and m main
taining the domes!ic repost* ol cvciy member ol tins
lie sol rr»l, I hat the project ol colonizing on the
« oa-t ol Africa, free persons ot color and maniumt
t I slaves, to he ( aincd thither with their own eon
sei i. does hold out to the patriot and philanthropist,
tht* hope of the ultimate abolition of slavery, the el
ev at toll t>l I he \ Irn all race to a state ol • piabtv with'
the rest ol the human family, the extension ot the
Id - ssings of civilization and s« lf-gn\ eminent, and the
diffusion of the principles o| ihe Sacred (Jospel of
Fence within that benighted region; and that the
praiseworthy efVoils ot the colonization societies, to
bring about tin »r most desirable results, are entitled
to tin* best wishes and In ai tv co-opt rain.n of all the
111* nds of the peace, order, harmunv and integrity of
tlir 1 nion of these States.
Ixrtolml, That •> copy of these pirn »edings In (oj
warded to the President ol''tiic 1 nited States, tin (io
vernors ol the several St lies and the numbers of the
Senate and I louse ot IL piesentatives of the* I’niled
K. M• WHITNEY —It will be recollected that
ibis leading member of tlie Kitchen Cabinet ircent
l\ took the oath of insolvent* . That fact, consid
ered by itscll, is (d eotir.se no stigma upon his charac
ter, since better men than himseli have been reduced
to similar strait . Poverty is no crime; audit onl\
becomes a theme of reproach when it is connected
with prodigality and dishonesty. Whitm v’s cas-<
may he judged o| bv tin; following paragraph, copied j
li'om a lettev trom 'Washington, which we find in the
Ghaileston Courier, a Van Bnren paper, distin
guished alike for its dignity, candor and ability ;
, ‘*It is not above eight or ten weeks since that
Whitney gave a most splendid party, declaring that
it should eclipse any party given m Washington du
ling the same winter. Natural and artificial (lowers
wen* strewed in profusion about the supper table;
the lights were dazzling, and the music was surpas
sing. The cost ol that supper w\;s said, at the time,
to he above S I 00(1, yet in his schedule he icturus flic
w hole valuc ol his property, consisting ol « arnagc,
horses, plate arid furniture, as oulv 3000 dollars. So
that the supper rust him about one thud ol what he
was worth in property. 11 is schedule (dins debts i>
verv teriific. To one. creditor (II. Gate1- iY Co. ol
( anada.) he owes above s?31,000 ; and to a firm in
Philadelphia, (Wiggins <Y Co.) SKr>,00H ; and the
‘ rest of his schedule shows him to be indebted to the
amotmt of nearly £bU,000. This i< an alarming
debtor and creditor account for one who is supposed
to have been frisking for some years in the sunshine
of Evrutive patronage and to have enjoyed unusual ;
money facilities, in consequence of the position lie]
has occupied m reference to the Deposit** Banks. It .
is hard to account for the utter destitution of means i
which this schedule presents, and, as a natural cunse- |
(pienee, many rumors disadvantageous to Mr. \\ hit
ucy will be circulated.”
AMOS KENDALL.—The Maysville (Ky\) Ea
glc informs us that when Amos controlled the poll j
' tics of Kentucky, through Gov. Desha, of whom he .
j waMhe ronscer.ce-keeper. as he bar since beenrre
‘•I higher dignitaries, In* was th« advocate ol *
pun*, umnixcd rug currency. Hence. (says that
paper.) it "’as through hisugeticv, inaveiv great dt1
gn-e. that tin: <'uininonvvealth Hank, which had no
other basis than State credit,—uot a dollar of gold or
s11\er,—was chatteted and went into operation. Had
Mi t lay consented to pav A trios the price which lie
asked for Ins services. Anion would have been tin
bitterest enemy ol Ins present associates, and Nick
Middle ami the Hank would have had no firmer 01
more zealous advoi ate. Thus ti ivial events control
men's after destinies—then opinions nun being the
mere accidents of accidents !
fl /'■ The following infamous paragtupli appeared
m ihe Washiugtau Hlubt in the course of thy last
ot pressure ot money, when it is in greater abun
• lam «• than ever before, is like a cry ol tumiue in the
midst ol the most phuftifiii harvest. Some there may
be, even in such times, who have nothing to oat, but
it can be only those who dcseivc to stuivo, because
they have earned nothing."
1 he Lexington (Ivy.) Hazclfu, commenting upou
this paragraph, says, “The funniest part ol the a
hove is that it conics hum Francis I*. Hlan ! The
indignant contempt which stu b a st ntimeut ought
naturally to inspire is almost ineigcd m that ol laugh
ter, wheuwecall to mind the source from which it
emanates. We all know i'lanl, in heutlickv Wo
recollect how he paid oil Ins debt to the Hank ol the
l luted States (about Scouts m the dollar!) Wo
remember him us a miserable starveling, without tuu
m y and without credit: and now, when he has lined
his pockets with the public money, he has the au
dacity to insult those who have been bunkiopted by
him and Ins Kitchen cronies.*' It is astonishing that
a dishonest fellow, such as 1\ l*. Hlan i», should uot
have the same horror ot hearing the Hank or hard
tunes mootloiicd, as a man whose lather was hung
has a lope ora scaffold. It would he more aston
ishing that lie could ever a< quite any influence m the
community, were it nut universally huu that “ \\ lien
a nation boils, the scum mil i iso."
0 /" Adam 11uiitsin.in, K*q. tin* vucccvvot ol the
late lamented David Crockett in Cotigrevv, ha* tie•
dim’d a le-election. He gay* : *• The vv uipatliv c\
< ited loi the ini lam Indy I itr ol (he late < ol ( hock
etl n> such, (h it mutiv wish to pi\ a tubule ol u*
spci t to liiiu by electing Ins von. I w ill not stand in the
w av til (Ills gene i otiv sy uipatliv. 1 find v oung < lock
ell possesses (mi the main) sound republican pmici
pies," At . \ oung Crockett will doubtli'sv bu elect
ed w ith acr l unation.
0 /* lii relerencc t«> Hen. J.o kvou’v icpuhd pe
eiiniaiy losses, the t Yu it of Ills own ** vvai upon the
eurn in y,” one ol the journal* quotes tin* lolluw iug
htnkiugly appropriate lintn :
" So the struck Kagle, stretched upon the plain,
V. nnue through rolling clouds to sum again,
\ i. w . his ow ii leather on the fatal dart,
\ ud winged the shall that qui\ers in lus heart :
Ktfili are hi-, pangs—but keener far to led
lie nurs’d the pinion that impelltl the vleel."
0 /m It is stated m the Noifolk Deacon that ;> pei
ct nl. has already heeu olfeted tor the stock ol the
I*.\i h inge Hank. \\ e should like to know what it
is, in the history of Daubing in Norfolk borough,
that inspire* such confide m e. Men 1> inquire loi
01/" Cen. Scott has declined the public dilinct
tendered to him some time ago in New York, and
whieh he had at one time agreed to partake of,
in consequence ol the continued eoiiimeici.il ililli
eultie*. and the general < ilaimliesol th»* times.
0 ,'Jm I lie Ijt*gislalilia* ol New \ oik hai passed an
act applying the moneys belonging to the Sulety
§• tind to ih»' redemption of the notes of the Daubs,
the doors ol which have been dosed by injunction.
I lo so Banks now consist ol the three in Dullalo, and
the Dry Dock hank in New York. Their notes me
aDo duel led to he received in payment of State d ir*.
ft /" The Dry Dock Dank, of New York, which
has shut u|> its door*, i* mu of the 'Treasury Tets,
anil, at the timeol its stoppage, had in its vaults, or
had lust, jjcjfo| the ** dear people’s” money !
\\ e shall soon get rid of the dreadful evil of a Sur
plus Kcvitiue at tins rate '
3 / ’ 1 lie Calaboose (Jail,) in New Orleans is so
well stocked with Missis*uppi;umf arrested lor debt,
that if is generally known a-* the Afisjtsinjt^i Hoard
ing House.
John H. Shanks w as tried before the Circuit I'oiut
of this corporation, (Judge Win. Daniel presiding,)
on Thursday last, on a i barge ot lorgmg and obtain
ing the money for a cheek in the name of (’ol. Mau
nce Langhorne, and sentem cd to two years' con
finement in the penitentiary. C. L Mushy lor tin
Commonwealth, and Win. Daniel, jr. lor the prison
or. Shanks confessed Ins guilt, and threw himselt
»m the mercy ol the Jury. We h ive no doubt, from
flic ingenuousness t.f Ins countenance, as well as
from the circumstances of tin* ease, that Shanks is
a novitiate in crime, anil this consideration hail, we
suspect, its due weight w ith the Jurv, w hose sen
tence is the lightest which the law allows.
< >n the same day, Robert Malume was hied on a
charge of having entered into Messrs. Williams A
\ irtor’s Jewelry Store, on the Vfd nit. and stolen
tlieicfmm two liainlsnme gold watches. and manv
other valuable articles. J he prosecution was con
ducted by ( . b. Mosbv, Rmj. with Ins usual abi
lity, and the accused was defended with great inge
nuity and eloquence by Win. I hmiel, jr. and (*lii«-w ». ||
Dabney, Fsqs. A flora short absence, the jur y, no less
to the surprise than the gratification of the commu
nity, whose sympathies were excited to an extraor
dinary degree in heliall of the prisoner, returned
a verdict of acquittal. The youth of the accused,
bring only 10—Ins previous good diameter—and,
above all. Ins affection fur and attention to a w idow ed,
infirm and destitute mother, all tended to awaken
unusual interest in Ins behalf : and ns there
was a doubt whether the abstraction of the
goods wen* not,in the language of one of the counsel,
•* a practical joke," the prisoner intending to return
them alter he had sufficiently alarmed the owners,
tlu* jury gave him the benefit of it, and hade him go
tree, and sin no more.
OOf** “YKRITAS" on the first page. We are
glad to see that the writer, (a good Van Burcn
friend of ourbs,) though not entirely emancipated
from error, has some faint glimpses of the cause ns well
as of the remedy for existing evils.
(£/* We put no faith in the tumor of renewed
hostilities in Florida, copied in our last from the
Charleston Mercury. It is not substantiated by the
later accounts, and is improbable in itself.
The advices direct from Mexico are not of
such a character as to inspire much confidence in the
statements of the New Orleans correspondent of the
National Intelligencer. We publish both, however,
and our leaders may judge for themselves.
viKunu u.rn iou.
MuN Tuo.MI'll Y, (1 delegate)—.SJaJr of nit
II' ■ Hand Harnett Vt.o. Horse 710. Crandall 11 7 ;
■ill \ .miles.
I- I I ) \ IJ, ( I )—■! >, — I. ins 1 V .in) re el- e(ml
M A I >l.SoS. 11)—1.inn li.iuks (Vaii) ic elected,
w it lion I opposition,
I .Ol lM *l N, ( l)—Kolii ii T l.inki l i ; I. 1 m it
I'eiril <>77, Timothy Tavlur. Ji 4,r.7, I. W .iltinin
■’ Santnrd .1 Kaniei ;nil , all Wings
II V KHI S< l \, (.*)— Wm V 11 .in ison In. Jesse
1'lowers -I I il. Wilson K. Sliinn 111); all \ anites
l lie S lie l ill o al i I lie easting rote tin I* low el s
■'!' '.St: \ i.l \. (7)—Stephen II. .Morgan (Van)
anil Thomas S llariiiotnl (Wing) elected a Win
gain. ’ *
I J I.l.IE (|)—John triples (Win) 1C eleeted.
RLNO WILLIAM—The Enqulrci slate* that
.lames I' Shailwiek is u--eleeted In 7rt loti s osei
Samuel Uuhinsnn ; Imtli \ .mm- IE.Inn.mi s el. u
Hon w as herutulorc aimnuneed.
• < 'NtiKKSS—Cfnii>l,l, /,\(ii//,i
I i \ S r I o No III SH.
A ntHt i* MaUory,
.loltn \V. Jones,
(ifO. (I hnilt^onlu,
Jotnes \\ Hiiuiilni.
\\ allot ('tiles,
Archibald Si naif,
lltnry .!. U tse,
John JlubtrUon,
Jaincs 1 • at land,
A’. M T. Hunter,
John M. I'aitou,
John !J'iiluiferi'p,
( 'harlot A'. Mtrcer,
James >1. Mason,
Joseph Johnson,
\\ m. S Moiyan,
J • S. 1 Vnu\ backet,
Kobei I 1 ‘» aij;,
Andrew lleiruc,
(lem i;o W 11»»pk ins,
Trances K. Hives
N t \ T I I'NtlHLMi.
(icor^c Lov.ill
Juliu \\ . .1 one*.
>11" I Ml oin^oolw.
J .Ulirt \\ I5uul.ll..
Will lei ('olw«
A • 11 I 'tjihoi/it.
1Ifni i/ ,| ||
John Holt r(»vn.
J lilies i i.II1.Uni.
John Koutic.
John M Patton,
John I'alitifci iu.
Chtnlts /’ Mumi.
KHu :ii «l I.ut at.
Joseph Johnson.
Win ?>. Moreau
J. Al. II. II cal I.
Kohett ( ’i.hi;.
H//i Mil.'fimu
t • «*« * I «;«■ W I lopUllIk.
Johlt \ . Ala mil.
i ih \\ nigs g nu two lunin. is, ami lost* two.—
1 litis, t lit* road.t w ill soo («| not li tlic I mpiuei) w it Ii
w li.it tiutli tin* I ,\iirJilitiig \ ii on.in aiitu ipat. * that
I In- pH lies in the next ( \ u ■ 11 ** w ill hw i .it h about
i is strong as in the last." 1 \\ c shall . vauiinc the
; /.rgo/iiiut litmus, when th< \ ,i> all m
0 M •» nuetmg ol the Tubactu PlatiUi* ol
Piiin c t !et»rge * county, Md. on the lilt nut rc*u
| lutnuu wtoi* adopted, thanking Cuiigtvt* lot the la
, ' niablv .it lion ol that body iu nUiniru to this long
neglected mtoiust . iiMpirstuig the Piesidoul ol tho
I States to appoint the iintiistei» and ageuls
i e» oin mended by ( oiigress, as soon a* pi.n in. tide,
and tli.it they be retpuied topiureed. with lit • gle.it
est possible despatch, tu the Uilleieiit Ptiiopean
to ui t s with w lue h it in pro pose 11 to open ue got tat mils
on tins subject ; and e\pir*sivc ot thu opinion tb.it
it would be num* euuducive to the iuteie^t ot the
plant! is el loh.iCio, and it u therefore then earnest
desire, tti.it the appointment ol niinutet to \iwliia,
and tIn* dill’eicut agents recommended !>\ Congrosv,
should ho made liom that portion o| thu I . Slates
w here tobai ecu I* cultivated as a staple i lop.
(]/“ I h« Ii florin n .S'/uih/ion, eoiuistiiig ol the
ship Keliel, < apt. |)oinmg, heamig the pendant ol
* ",l1 I hoinas \p ( aleslo v Jones, hanpies Pioneei,
l«t- ( mil. I atnall, ( oust * rt, 1,1. t.’oin. (ilviin, and
si b.i. Pilot, |,i ( oin. Morriss, liavu aailr.l tioiu
I lanipton KnaiU on an exp. i imeiital ct uise. They
aie expei tei| to he absent liner oi loin weeks.
UTr.ii \n \m it i.
\ Let fuio will he del iV! i id. bet ore the / ,y ruhim r ^
'"‘"S' Mm's S.»< tel if, <m TIIIHSDW I \ | A
I Nn MAI*. III! I Hill lust. |,v Pioh SSOI 1 > ic \ pi : K,
Ol fiaiupd. n Sydney College. Pile publi. generally
are n.vit.d to attend. J.B.FPFFN, li.S<c
0 'rill* Funeral Senium Col. VHP \ Vf p.
' dv I II. will be pleached on Sunday uevt, VI st
i msl. at 11 o . lock, at the Methodist Fpitcopal
j < ’huich, by t| e p. v. Win. S. Peiil.
obiit* i::v.
Hied, on tbe night ol tlo n.l msl., at bis n-si
[deuce, ill bill haiiiin. Iloletom I < oillil v , m tlu- f 711(
, vrar ul Ins ag. . V| n. \\ 11.1.1 \ n 11 1 s x vii, a man no
j b ss 1 rspri ted loi integrity ol print Iple, than beloved
I n tlu Uliollendilig gentleness and hcnrvoleiM . ot
j bis nature. I|. bore a long and painful illness with
, •' botitude inspired by th. Pchgioii lie had long
professed, and died, as a good man should die, at
j peace with (.'oil and Man. The Inns shed lor linn,
j by those, lor whose sake alone lie grieved to die,
piovr how he fulfilled his duties as husband, lather
and tneiid, and loriu the (it eulogy ot his mild and
uunht 1 iisiv .* van lies.
-, on the Hlli Kit. ol pulmonary consumption,
>vmi 1 L M. I j.iv » 1.1., l-,s<j. ol Pitt s > Irania ewiirt
house, in the f.tMh year ol his age.
its:* ib;u
or ran: a:/; .ri.aiHrrr,
rorrcclcd •»> 15■« li;ir<l
COM UISSlO.\ Ul'ltcil.l \ /'.
I .xtrcme prices ol passed Toharc o, $•» 75 to |0 00
Interior to < oiumori, V 75 t0 3 50
Coiuuioti to <»ood, 3 511 in .| 50
( mmxI to Fine 4 vft to 10 00
Fugs, 1 no to v V5
There lias he. li mspeeled the week, ending the
1 .'Jill May, 101 lillds. ol Tobacco, passed and rein
sed, which will shew that there is but litilc doing in
tin* Tobanovvnv. Then* in no material change in
prices, as vv 11' he seen horn tin* follow ing statement, ot
the sales ol n passed lihds., on Mond iv the Hih, av
eraging >'3 <*1 ; | | Ii 111 I s. p.lnsrd Lugs, av<ia*jing
^ I ( 0. Wedtiesilav the loth. In Idols. Passed To
bacco, averaging S I 01 ; 0 hhd«. Primed I,eat, av
eraging >‘J CV ; and II lihds. Pchi-rd Fugs, avera
ging Si 05. Saturday the I3lh, 5 IiIi.In. Passed To
baeeo, averaging $5 30; I lihds. Prfu«rd Fe if, .1 v
• ring Sr> 0V; II hlidn. Pefiiserl Fugs, averaging
*1 70.
Flour, (dull at) f; 05 to ft 50
\Vlir-af, j no 0 00
( oin, (per liariel.) 4 V5 fo 4 50
Meal, (per bushel.) 1 no to 0 00
Plnister, (per ton,) 15 00 to 00 00
Iron, (per toil,) 100 00 to 0 00
I letup, (per ton.) NO 00 to l/»ft 00
Baron by, vvnoles;/’* 00 0 to 00 |0
Clover Seed, y 00 to 0 00
Oats, (per bimhef,) 0 50 to 0 00
Salt, (per sack,) 4 V5 to 0 00
Down the river, .*0 10 to 0 Oft
I p tho river, 0 05 fo ft 70
Plaistrr and Iron, (per fori,) H 50 fo ft Oil
to *
XTS7 K liavrjuM ricrivc d, and nnn iiavr on liand
tin* .. s|»li'iMli«l liil'icl} of S VI>
iim:hv, » «• Iiavr ever before nlfeiedfor sale ;
Bridle Bitls ami Stirrups of every sl\h and quali
ty ; Duckies; Webbs; Silk; 'larks; Martingale
Hooks and Kings; Brass, Silver and Japnned Har
ness Mountings; tine assortment Saddler’s'Pools of
the best quality ; thirty do/.en Saddle Trees; Hog
Skins; Fair Calf Skins; WYltiug Skins; Moroeeo
Skins; Buek Skins; Seal Skins, Are. Ae. Sad
dlers may ies| aSKsined that they ran obtain of us
every article in general use in their line of business,
at prices that will be satisfactory torhem; wc invite
them to rail and examine our stork.
May 11 it ts
PETITION will be presented to the next
-i Legislature of Virginia, praying the formation
of a new county out of portions of the counties of,
Bedford and Amherst, so as to locate the court
house at Waugh’s Ferry.
May l a . *s
.Vf, »»* HOOKS.
\% I me now n • mine tin* flin**l colln (ion
▼ ▼ oi hooks .i.i offeredin Lynchburg, i\r
flic Kuinntii r ol N.itm , oi (lit* I lower Se asons, il
Ins!rated l»> (he most In mill'll! crtj;iavim^s ; Hotlraitu
n( (lie Hum ipal 1 • male Characters in the Waveily
NioeL, with a|i|it opi iafe n lemin ; Sviin, file Holy
Land, Vsia Minor, A. . illnsiiaied liv ph;,i
did t.'‘ttgiax mi;* . (Jape d‘ A niitir, (lie Northern Tnu
*is(, embellished Iiv 7d\uw , ot Lake an*! Mountain
Srriiriv I, oidsi ape and Hisfornul I Host rations of
*, otl »n * ami (In Waxnlx Nycis; Hinder’s Tab
lean, a scrim <d Tliii Iren Se'*t|i . of National ('ha
in Iii. Heaiity and C'. tilllir, slipcili rii';i aviti(*S ;
(Jems ol He.hi i v, display ed iii a sei u s id I" rive high
ly (ill Is lied «UUii\in^ . A, llalleiv nl buns ,
I leal It’s t iallc i v of Hi il isli me i ,«\int's hnappYle
in lie Hloy.iapliv. Life in I oiulon . I.ile m Haris ,
W.ilkei’s AlnnU I! MJ|< Ise . Co" pit's Wotks ; Mil
(nil’s Wo.ks , M.timin, l»\ \\ ■ 11 (« i S, nit ; (hay's
Hofttli* ; Tales flout Sli tk^praie ; I’lie t ’ntta^ers ol
f’lenlniinie ; Haeoli’s I . a \ - , splendid copies of all
tin* Hurts; SeoltN Lax eoinplcte **rtfso( llu* \\ a
veily and olhet Novel-* Sn.nlx xoxv, oi the J)oj;
Hie ml, by M.nixati (’nnimon Hiaxet Hooks, of all
mtahm s ; Hinton’s Analoiox ol Melancholy . The
He.ii I, oi \ Me, i inn's t i ill . H L A N h |H n i|\ S, ot all
kinds . (’hildim's Toy Hooks ; liratit it ill gilt Ho
title Htame» , Hue Scieens; 1. opi a\m^s. A c . A,
M\HTI.N A L ' I II \ M
'1 ay li» ts it
i % b i tin t nil n, i r i nnt sti r ,
II ^ III. mule i hi uni, irt m« ui Inf Mi It. iitu ill I i line \. nl Si
I I amis, will aril, pinutih, llu lellowm K.ul Lstute,
»»/ :
I III* . \\ .'...I. II I .11. III. Ilf <ip|Ml lie lie l llOlUl'll III,(ill,
ion I mi.. |||. , I i ,,i in. nt i,,i,in ,! it, t«. | \ in n in llieienl, |.,)'i|||i-|
w uli mi uiu \ pai 11 I< . r ul in ui I \ In n Vtuis ii|mil (lie t iomul
j oil w In, ii lie \ mii en i |i <|
'I I 'll I •»! .. V all I oniien.il. MIS I > 111111111; M ll|,n|| . in Ii. .lion
f (U || Oil i'e la III III MU' ., lul It |l 1. 111 mill It I , ll|, 11 V | Oil. I, j II I he
! will Ml J n||l, I'll/ n III' I |l l.li |H
I ol hum. .X, i It|>I• I\ in ||,c hiiI.,• ii!.. i
III Ml \ 1*1 NMNtili »\.
I ntfot II I nti,,
M ii y II
xi:h mo nr.,
./.Vo a iar noons.
/ /»4 bsOscnbtr. Iu **»/**••;.* />* /«* * • llu Mtiilul I louse,
Iml tlr. .Solm J. e,in i«,
IS\« »\\ H It I' I \ I N < • iiiifl opening Ins s H K I \ < 1
SI HHL\ nl HIM t.omjx \ Ml (.1(0
<MUI>. II ax tot; put i based m at lx In * entii e
s t • n k since the lie ax x pi ess ill • m the iiioim v in o ket,
and 11.«x iii;; bought luxvn than those x\ ho hoti|;lil eat
liei ill tin ra-.oii, lie I, el-* confident that lie "til ot
let .in i*|rat itnllie,nieiits to liisliiemls ami ill* puli
In ^efiei.illx, as any home iii tuvu. II * llu ir
lore ratio Nllx solo its the ptiMu to i all and examine
tot t hviilsf h es Ills stork < onsists ol alniost cvety
arm If m tin l>K\ coons \NI> CK<>CKK\
I. I N I
III IS, HOOTS %Af> SHOTS ol almost
m ix kind and d* N« tiption, veix lo". t hie me a
• all and I "ill i*i\ e x oil H \ U t •’ \ 1 \ S
ruo.MAs ii s\i: \d.
j May lf> ;tt
1 ^ 1 M I \ r || I l.tl I •• r . I ‘ .'si 1 ill \\ ,nl .mil I I tint's Ills
i- w ilr,lot un i ly ! t aiu rw Barlrr, V nr v Bailee —
I man itinl I,uey Ins Milt-, Imamily Lucy Bailee,
! - —-I it ei Ii ni'l I ll/a Ills w 11• , Immrily l .li/.a
Haller, Jessr H.n lei . < m Inn l.en i, ami Nam \ Ins
m ilr, loin inly Nam v I bi III is, a mil in • I nidi ru id .Its
se I).ililis. dri d \symi me mil inhaliil.nils nl llns
Slate, and tin* nnlm.iiv pinions ol lau cannot be
’served ii | hi n \ mi. you m ill |di i i it id, r lullin' ill it,
I sb ill. on the liisi Monday in Align-,! next, (that
being court d a \ ,) nlli i |nuot. in tin ( niililv i mill id
t li.n lot11 . to establish tlie iinm. npativi w ill ol Vines
I bibb,, dri 'd. late ol said count), m In i \oii call .ip
pea» and 11 sis t tin* same, it ion t funk pm pet to do so.
\\ II. M \ M Null..
Max Id In
ii» ii ic s: \ o Ri o u i .
f rill I >l HP ( RIB KR has taken lodgin i, to,
I alra i lay s mil v. at tin I moll I lot id. m hefr he
i Mill til' lid to all i ill, hum till' i III'IOIM in im|llll mg,
ill relation to tin o n in i o| l*tl It 9; N0I.04. \ .
Ml who m i s h to put this si inn i to tin* si.iii In rig
lest ol /n a• 'ii ill i i /‘I 11mi nl, in (o ohl.ilIt a < > / > e> l and
mitiufi di •( iiption ol 111• 11 own ehar.ieteis.
talents, and dispnstioii, nl thoo o| then <1111,
I )H K N, unhiding alike then strong and weak
points, then virtues and then ladings, am invited to
i dl. I*'mm a lung and i lost apphratmu to thi * sub•
|ri t, and siii • esshil i-xpi in n* i in apply mg it to the
II It in.i li head, In i, pirp.iied to nail.ml cvny ryaliil
ii a I ion to be col I erl I do h ex a ill III a I ton will br ;n
eolllpaiiied bv a • halt illlisl i at iv e ol the si n in r-—al
so ito tin iiliged as to indicate and pirsirvi thr dr
nciIpt11111 gjvru \ Id t.N/ < i IIAKTbKTT.
May Id It •
rm/en s iii;;x llrinK.
iffn rat11 4 i'4i§nt4it t fnr44nt% at
illMMIO 1)01.1. A BCS.
nr.l’OSI I KN (il not le«s tli.in 1’ivr I > i »l I ;i r*:,
«tll In* r« reived l» v tlm I nm it tit mu, and reitdi)
r ites issued, liiiidm*’ lulls and In mis all funds and
sind |'io|iMty in ned l»y tin* In t uition, lur tlr p • s
mi til tin irol, upon ten da\> nolire, Iieariti'' interest
frnill the date, at (lie i ate n| p< r eent. pel aiinitlii,
lor ■*vie11 as mas lemaiii m\ limn lis ; | pri rentillu,
lor Hiirli .is mas m main loin and not rxreei due! MX
inonllis ; ami .5 per reiil. pei auniiui lor sm li as mas
lie demanded uitlim lourmonths.
iiisroi vi iia\s.
Kserv TlmMns at f. 4 o’elork, 1*. .M., at tlie offua*
of tin l until lit io*i, list- doors Inlou t|*e I’.iiinris'
J<»HN KnHIN. M. 11A N IK K, PrwiidriH.
'V\\n&. MeKINNL V. Treamier.
MO. ' !! NKSS II VI,!., Si . ifiarv.
I> I 1C l: « I O 1C M
.loHHla l». 11 (HUM'S,
Jolin K. I>. I*ayni\
.1 <tlin
Joliii M «• In iiiim*\.
KoIm i I \V. < 'oI*|111«,
January V'l
.huiirs I . >tr\rn*.
Ilnin I )iimiiri^inn,
Win. 14. I. iiciistfr,
I >.n pi I!. 14 vin n).
v\if 131 J>.
Sftriiu; mill ^imimn* Snpplt.
S'l.ut in, .irifii's,
I t BK r :i rli’s old N I ;i 11 d ,
M AS commenced receiving his Spring and Sum
mer assortment id various kinds of
(icucrally used m this section, and will continue so to
receive, from time to time, throughout the year. En
couraged hy past favors, he is determined to spare no
pains or trouble to render the interest mutual on the
part of those who Imy of him. I!#• particularly in
vite an inspection and comparison of Carnages of
his OWN M A N I’ F ACTU RE, (now on hand,)
with those brought from the North. lie is also well
prepared to r*'t eivc, put up and store Carriages,
bought at the North, and shipped u> this place. Re
pairs done a.s usual.
2 new Northern made Carry.ills, and second hand
Carriages, Barouches and Sulkies.
31 arch 20 ts if
Family Lard.
4 f 4 FCECS nir«* Leaf Lard for sale hy
M ay 1 .*> fc
Tin# following letter from the New York corres
pondent of the National Intelligencer gives h sue*
emi t view «.f the most important matters by .Satur
day ’s m.ul :
Nlw Y'urk, May 9.
I liatu London papers to the 7th, ai.d Liverpool
to the dtb ult. The city article of the London
runes announces that the New Y ork packet-ship ol
the 1st March was talc graphed at Liverpool, and thil
annoiincemcut appeals to have created quite a scuta*
tint) in London. The effect f t the news in London
we do not Irani. Site t arried out no specie. Re
mittances fiom New York were expec ted with in
tense ansiity. Raymenl* hud been delayed for till
packets. They hope tb it 'lie returns from Amend
will set .ill light! \ I as, what a delusive hope !
The I 'lcueh ministry bad not been re constructed.
Tin* tailiiie ut tin attempt was the principal topic ul
discussion in the Runs pape rs. Nothing of impor
tance 11u111 .Spain. In a rapid run over the papuis, 1
see no othci politic a I news. It is certain that there i*
to be i change iu tin* 1'icucli rniuistry. Mouj iM
lotimiig it.
Cotton is about the same, or a shade lower, if
any thing. Salts an* few . Not many have money to
buy The English money market is not in a good
< ondition, and when we .nr heard from, it wilt not
he bettered. I find no crumbs of comfort for out
ovvn .1 111i< ted land.
The London l imes ol 1st of April says, each ol
the New \ *>rk pac kets duo (live were due) is ex*
peeled to bimg VUU.UUU pounds sti lling, luch, in bul
lion ’
The men hauls held their gn at meeting last night
lon-ii ne the tepoit "I the committee liotn Wivslk
111•; 1 o11. Kcaolutiutm wrie pas^rd, but they prfjpOi-j
(d no action. \ll was quiet ami calm. The uewi]
papers w ill give ycm, the day alter you ge t tins, the
proceeding* in detail, but they are nut ol stillicietij
impiiriaiii <• for me to ombody them.
The run* upon all the banks lit*to continue. Aj
large sum lias been taken IVotn them »n spec it*. Thvj
dcvclopmeiits about the Ihy [lock Hunk liavevcrj
unit h .shaken public confide nee, and depositors in
.min' case* arc w it lull aw mg (lie i deposited. lb'
banks up town are luuhard by the mechauics.
l/i uhuuf't liuiiii-.—The last tilohe informs u
that the Secretary ol the Treasury had written a let
tei to the colli i toi «.t .New York, in respect to tie
icquc .i m ule by 111< late euiuniittec Innii that city*
to have tho collettion ol all duty bond* to the L i
States, postponed tdl n«\t J .ill ll i y. We ate glad t*|
see that th<’ fairs of the government arc less obtus i
than its dyiiijnilhu .•>, and that it is it last tiriren i til j
a shew ol respcc l toi public opinion, though it ha
no i ompassioti toi public calamity
0;’* Tlicodoic Nietdet, Esq. ol New (hleuus,
gentleman ot hi:*h « haiaelei, committed suicide o
the .1*1 lust being unable to stand the loss ol hi* toi
tune hv the eliimge ol times.
(| ^ * ILiliimorn begins .it length to coino m for ho
-diale ol tilth* ultics There h ive been numorou
lit-iiv v tailun s.

ON Wet I lie**! lay, tin- 1 Till mat. I will licit4
ii() cases Silk ami I'm Hats, j
;t i hU Al alai>a \Vme, j
V cases ( 'niton ( 'aids, j
VO lui\i • 11 unc11 Kaisin*, |
III boxes Jlrown Snip, 1
10 boxes ( >nuii;e*, I
10 do lemons, I
lit hails MiiioiiiIs, 1
6 ban* I1 ilbeits, |
6 boxes Sperm < mdb *, 1
I .Mahogany Swleboaid, 9
Heilstc uls, 'Tabbies, Wash-xtatnis, i
(] /“ Salr in t iooniem c at 10 oVlnck. 9
Max lo CM MILKS I'MKliPH. m
\\ ill be mhlei! to tin* Auction Sale, V ill* 3 i;ut I
Saddle nml Harness Horses (\ l*. I
\\ ill be added lo the above sale, D likely NK(iK I
M \ V Tciiiik at sale, which will fake place at ! I
o*« lock. ( II tKLKS PHKLPS. ■
.May 16 ids if m
mi) i 'ii* x cent cos for S.1LI
SJf I' K S I' \ \ T to a derm* nl i In* <'minty Court
\ min i a, |>ionoiim rd at March term, 1837, •
a Mill tin 'inn depend ini’ hrtw re li Ja lilt’s (i. Christi.j
in Ins nwn ii-III. and oltlir said .lames (i. (’hristi’.
and Fiuilv Ins wile, Plaintiff
\nd Manila ( In istian and others, Defeiiduuij
The underM^ned, eoimiiissimiers in the said deer
i n.unci!, Mill, mi the Ithh day ot June next, at Ai .
hci>l ('niirthoiiM', (that being court day,) expose
sale, |iy ua\ nl puhlie auction, two tiacts or p;*l
ceU nl LWlJ in the said decree mentioned; t!
one containing 55 acres and the other *.*7, lying a ,
[ In in hi fhe i iminfx of \ uiheist, ami on the waters
lii*h I 'ml,, in the lie Hi hljoi hood of ('apt. Jen
Kudu sou's—also, the slaves hvilin nml Frances, j
the pincccdini's inenlioiied. A credit ol twel\
month'. Mill he given Im tin purchase money—t
purchaser m pun Iiumts houd with approvj
peisniial si cm it v. and the title to the laud Itself \
l»e retained as a further security for the purchase nj
tiev ol the land.
Kom.UT \\ INtJFIKM), ) <Wri
.It )SK1M1 l\ N Lh, S 1
M iv 15 4w
a iti i; nnucs lost. I
r l 111 K cu ii of ilie undersigned, containing I
I ITec Papers, ami oilier papers, were stohH
liniii liis boat on Weilnesilay night last. llevH
still able rows nl any person wlm will return his free | H
pers in hull, or leave lli' in with Mr. Erolhliinghnil I
May 16 *‘Jt ■
OraiiKt'A :md I.cuidiis. 1
■ 1ST it ceiveil a fresh supply of Oranges a I
• r I.onions, which can be recommended to buy*
for i m I cr anil ipialil v. (' 11 \ R 1. KS PH Eli PS
IVileut i’orlit l ISillo*. 1
■•«>« HICT HII'I.KN.irmlSlrrlDa
rets ; | Pl.-sTOl.S of vnriotls kinds; Hides; Pcrensi
Primers ; linn \\ ipers, nnd Putem Pistol flasks.
I or sale In Till IOIVNsV JiCHOOLTTF.LI ■
Mhv II if IS H
To Planter* and Farmer*. I
%l,rK have now in store a good supply (ierrll
TT Burlaps, No. i, d, A and 0—Merthnn ■
Itichmond and Manchester Factory Cotton Oz H
burgs; Tow Linens ; .*1-4, 4-4, A-4:iud fi-4 Brown
Bleached < 'niton ( luths, all of which will be sob
terms to suit the times.
IS HERKBV GIVEN, to all whom it may
. rein, that no person is authorized to buy,
trade, barter, collect, or receive iu my name, oij^|
use mv name in am manner or form whatever.
March R __ *-s
(.1\DI£$. I
JUS T received, a superior lot of rANDIfl
which will be sold low, by wholesale or VH
tail, at the sign of the /Joy A- Mortar. §l|
M’rch Ufi f»i*

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