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)ltj„ I4 tit < (t irlu • l —The following intimation,
ol * lj.it may In* I lie com** of Major Cm land. litre
ar«| to tin all important <|tie»tt«n now before ( 01
* ,9f we copy from the Baltimore Republican, a
Jacksou Van Bureu runt. Kur ouiselves, «r think
the Major know* too well which Mile his bread is
buttered, to piitmesuc li a course.
fhe i\,rrf'/torultnl oj lUf lialtuwre lu publican.
|m |be iiililtilinle ol movement* ph a sc say, that it
is iHvwsibk, may writedown probable, that ih« lion.
l4(Hr« (iarland, the Ajax el the conservative*, will
pn»vr absolutely uitra on tlie .s«tb-Treasury system.
(iOVKKN^H CAM Nll’.bb.—We publish to-day
a reply to our correspondent “ /hv//i»rr/,M severely
««B«uring the Executive, (or par'■Iniiiiig Vinev, run
detun'd for the crime of poisoning, and more panic
iilarly complaining ol the (intenior, fur some ailed;
«il expressions upon the M.bjcct « | p.irilou*. Inch
pendeut of iltc evidence of uttr cuncspumleut Blue
|jj,|jc, w e have it fnmi oilier authority, (hat mav Ik
rvlied upon, that “Beilloid** lahored uiulet some
tni*?|>|>r< bensioii ;bnnt the ru]'nn>i>‘/i oj iimernor
i'dinj'Orll-—That the (inventor tines not entertain
fiuth opinions, nor has he acted in accordance with
will) them : It 1* said about the 1 *t ol last Dec. a case
1„r pinion was presented to him, with which lie posi
tively refused to interfere, white a slave was con
1,e«J to he hung, for making a desperate as>anlt
op»u a while man, with intent to murder.
M | SSI SSI I* r I SK.\\T(>K.—James Trot in V.
has been e'er etl I . S. Set ator, fositpply llieva
, ai,rv, occasioueil by the resignation of .1 udae Black,
hv a majority of lour voles.
MAMMOTH BANK.—The Legislature of Mi*,
•isvippi, have a Bill he'oie them, to chatter a Bank,
*itb > capital £15 500.000. hottomed on Ileal Es
“'The Christ itti .Statesman" is the t lie of a
paper published iti Washington City, hy Rev. R. R.
Burlrv, devoted to Literature, Polities, AlVitan
('wlweization and Religion. \\ c hare received the
(i*l .Number, anti can *i\ , fimii the ability ol tin* spe
»imru, ami the well known tab n!s and /.ea! of 1 In*
Editor, we li.nc no doubt it will ptove an interest in g
Awl utrful .1 uuriial.
SENATE OK \ 11 % (> I N i \.
Ml. Meath oil \\ ednestluy offered a stihstii lite loi
NI r. Ellis's resolution on the li. inking Swe 11. IR*
rrsolut ion* go mtm into dr I.11I I hail Mr. Ellin's, aid
d*o piwposc the csfablisl nienl n: a l.ugt Stale Rank.
Wilt the main point »d cJiflcirnce between the two
propositions, is. lint Mr. M. would hate the Mm k
mI llir Bank ow nr cl ent in ly hv the (.’o mill - • 11 it tab h,
whereas Mr. Ellis would g 1 v«* the Slate oulv a moiety
turtlie present, with the privilege id taking ihe whole
britafler. if tie* tiled expedient. [IIV/g.
Mr. (Jriindy on l lim-d <\. a,moiitii'c,d to the S -
nate, that he Ind ret en d lost 1 net mu* Iro 11 his eo . -
Milii»ut* to oppose the Sub-Treasury M.lnuif, and
flut In* should olo \ .
m v tiicr u.e:.
M al l ied Oil TlH'sdat I'U'llur;. f I. < toll ilist., |i\ tl.r
Krv.llrmv I*.. ( *o vv li*-. .M I JvMt.s l'o\n|' f, \ u«: 11
l'Ui*. to 'li-.s I’ham t s, il.hi.iii» i i f \ii. .III...I An
dfr«nti, of Louisa romitv. \ a.
(hi ihr ‘J ! instant, at (1i»miliani. neat l,,iederieks
Jmi \ ('o\i.t> n. I-. *•« j -. 1'iiiMily aJudje of111 •
l ..nr ii| Appt.xN ot \ ii^imii. ind Iihij «•..• of the
*»" <1 H 1*1 in” uished iiirii t,| iIns <'<iiiniMiinw*u!:li. lie
ff!l a viclini lo I'at aly sis. of »hhb lie had an attack
dmul tvvrlvr inotiilis s in f>i*i innii whudi In* i i a
j;i-at decree i i*covt*rrtf. \ ,\| ,kc o! av.iv irrrnl
il iir, n Was Imped, would not be limit: .set tons ; but
w i r—•ifiiir it lias been minuted, and ha» btotubl
1i:im low. ,‘lle professed.” wr Irani, •* fo lelv almie
ib(i .dlo^^llier on our Idrs.se.i > ivioin, and spoke of
jHimnij those who bad ^*»nv helorr linn in heaven! ’
Jli» rnd '• a* i> r 11>. . a d isfitm. and ;n emisidnae
Iwr llir wrllwtr and cointoii o| otliris, as hi* litr ims
| M« n br« li.' ** I ollir very last lie was )>«*ifct 11\ sell
' blr.” A mote rvetdb ill man nevi r paid ibe debt of
mmre. Mr liopelo sre horn I lie pen of .sum * our
• In. knew in hi well, a just tribute in the meinuiv of
•wr wbost energy, fidelity, iu!t ”i,iy and w ninth oi
l l,r;,tl wrie lilt* .nlinirahoii of all wlm knew him, and
| ftliw bad din h ilged w ilh dignity and ability ,i he duties
d d die most responsible oflicei ol In.* native State.
[ l /;'»7•
| or 7*// fj m. i*.a ti a is j an; .i;.i a:i, t: a
| (orrcrlfd !>} nithartl Tutc*,
j < 0.\f.U/SM/(K\ mi:/;ci/a.\ J s.
hxtreiue n, it i*s of passed ] oh.o eo.y J 7 ’> It/ 7 ltd
d ir.u,, io goo«lt .1 i«, *.»;>
‘o»..d to lint, *.•;, io 7 Oh
j ’ °n*|,i' n to ^uod. ,5 tat to ;i (to
; **us'. its | (jualny, J .*,0 to -1 oo
l dmn, ted the past week 7 c lids, past let u il. no
*"«ifrn| ebaug m pjiee-, the aittele i.s m good de
j 9h tin],
t «•<.', (t,v ,(tn(i.„{<..) .lull ,M 5 5o i,. o 01. j
I til) to (I 1)0
. 1 ‘"ii, (prr llii.n l,) 00 lo 0 1.0 i
, ‘-''Jl. (pel liLI'lli l.) u hole.lie. II 05 o, || i,5
| '' "»kr_\. ttJiolt-siO.1, o 45 to 0 55
I i'huipr, (|irclo.i.) 17 oil lo I ■< oo
.. !l,j ho to ;i? no
""1 . (|MT l.'O.) I-.'O 00 lo | .0 00
.oi’r ,>[.("il, (bv « hnlcsiilr) 0 ,50 to 7 oo
j toruu, (|ni- luioiliril) 10 (Jll io III 50 l
[ Il .ill lo llo 00
I (|>rr loi.lli-l,) li 05 0, 0 ;;o
1 JS»". ||irl ruck.) 4 5n lo 0 I'll
j p“'ii th» rurr, .ffl 55 lo 0 70
!’ Ill" rurr, 0 ,T> lo (III 50
[ hisiri 4o,| li,,,,, (|irr loo.) 5 5o to 0 oil
I Mi 11 MOM) .M Alllv K IS. Feb. !*.
^ kt re is no aiiimaiioii in our mar vets, ami I»11i
transactions arc very liiniu* i. The weather
Hl|iiii lor several days h is been very cold, is mild a*
ii. which may* add somewhat to (hi*.spun of trade,
l i i) is sdlliii g well and lhe market brisk.
i 's' bring Iroin *:» i- j lo r, r» 4; innimlnciiii mg
v Ilo \ :* t ; common i.eal >1 .>0 to .*>;
' "M"s h*j| S(i 1.0 |0 h ; good and line old •''li I -*> In
lY demand more than snpnl'.
, fi ^ K—I'he niarke is (pin f, and prices mostly
Ivn'^ '■ SI I ; roil ni iy nominally -S7 1
h . —Scaicely any arriving, Home little sel
T° the Toiun o m\Ti:itv
« r v nn>! \ s a :
I I |V^ nnt 1 ‘‘*(1 miiih. j nil ji1 iit ns iriii.nU ml
M|(f ('.'rcsK,‘^ lo yon mi the piupruiy of putting up
[if,. '°l,s *i1 niuc.li softer order than yon have
11,i„1, * I >*f years in the habit of doing, another
L",,( H .Vol,,S well acquainted with the domestic (
L iubai'i-o trade, after refrrimu yoil to tin*
, n!,,'*i Hits subject, published ill sundry j
L..^ 1,1 -November last, w ijl respectfully larther '
IS. i i ' I’*111 < • pa'h to pi mu is residing in counlies
If r„. ^ ’'"lie luw is, i lit a mint pnriiounl then
Ip ^ U|,l'1 bir any um*, on arcotiut ol the hour
,n " " 's 'I mid Unit the loss ir
Jr<"i d pM*W m* ,s **• * ll»*. per 100 lb-, weigh:
■ ri/^ l ^ 11*** ‘ l,,M- in w hu h it might hr
|'r,'ii(‘M L "ill beg you to reflect that the m mil
ile„|v "* mir Slate, now commute ycarlv *,10.00!)
r'^hlr a"' e mi a i e rs O.Ooo hogsheads, which
h hv . :"!s :,,t' ‘I'd w anted In a dry condition.
■'d u,,/I? ,,,V • objection. Non
r »cl, vo. l«*r 'll* donii fni order m
P't-r* \. 1,11 “ 1 •u ctdi nta.ly | ac % np—as ni.n,Oilai -
P;,rin uuiei** ,ne ready alilie mono lit ol tliein
I r „ \ ° S«vf )‘MI a lull pi.ee foi >nch.
' ^ * m 11-1U-IM..L .UP,, g ?
count ic mo\.
/'•> the h'l/itijn >f lf»e I tminitin.
A piece appeared itiynur paper, n shut! lime since,
over lhe signature ol •* Bed oul,” relative to tin* run
vitlintt of a Negro W on.an. named “ V ittey ,M w ho
had been confuted, and sentenced to tin* punish
ment ot deal It, h*r I he supposed crime ot poisoning,
lu that communication, in uv *rvcie comment*- were
m.ole, upon t he emulm t of nut present hi of jfcl .ig is
irate, m | aulouiiig th it Negro ami some others, \\ ho
h.ol been cm deitiue I. on l c ehaige of a siitiil.tr nl
trm e. (11cat complaint was made m that publica
tion, ol a di claration, stipposi d to h ive been made
by the (covernoi m lliM plac e. ••that lie w oil Id p.inlou
Slaves, I«n ail nil'on es w Inch tins i.ng lit < otnmit. and
I"i w Inch they might be condemned, u here death had
n t ensued from I heir acts, with tin* single exception
o| eases of i ipc.” The author of this piece w as pre
sent at that interview with the I Jovei nor. urn! uiidri
stood him v e i \ diflci r*nt Iv, from ihe icpoit which
ha heeii gi \ eu of that imi\. i . i ion, ao»| which has
l< ilnd its w ay m'o t lit public punts. W’c li. alfi stood
the < IIIVCI II l isiiieie'y t\», ig Ills w jlllll g I ass to pal •
■loll. " om , p| p. , ( .tse, ic o'lt to the S.ltisf l.'IIHtl
Ol 11 l. v • u* \ I'M" ; m i ,i-i*s n| rape. This was
a V• • jy d ii n lit ih cl 'i line . I*.m an open avowal,
I hat he w •1 * I f j • u'doii in all cases, w here death had
not «*' sm*d, vvrhout icgard to concomitant ciitum
stances. l’> ill l '.e aiitllot ot ill.‘ pi; ( c signed *' Bed
lord.” seems to deny to i| . (inventor the tight of
paitlonmg m a v c ; e, upon ti e same slat** i I facts,
li p« >u w hie 11 l he ( <m i i ul l ) > ei and Tei miner eniivie
ted. It is hue. tliai no w i it ol error Ins to the judg
ment of .1 list ices, constituting a t ’otVit, for the trial
ot a Slave. \ d t ugh. hy si e h judgment, ti e Slave
may be < o de timed to dr di, y et die 1 * ; i -1.11 ui e ne
\ei intended that tbat j nigtile Ml should be submitted
to dr lev I'toii a id rot i . on of .nv other Icy .1 ti i
bnnal. The only r« lu I w hu h die law haslcllioihe
tonvict. is to he sought horn the l.xecutive, lor
whose aid, u applying tin attribute of merry, it has
made pi o vision. J hies i of i h s vei \ pi ov is ion o| llit
law . give to the K \ ecu live tl.« lighted coiimiu'iug
the punishment ol dt .ith. into that id transportation,
w hem vei, in the c\» i. m* ot a sound disc p'don, he
may deem it just ami light ! Them is such a pm
vision tn I c loiiud m the law, and it i> a piosition.
dictated hy die wisest c im-idei a'ions. It would be
dangerous to abandon c n'n -lv, the punishment ol
Slavs, to t lie distH don ol l!;oe v\ ho now have dm
power and aillhoiity m then Init.ds. Those who have
witnessed the l|;.d of Slaves lot iufi actions of the
law. know lull well, how otfeu p >ssi. u and pr» judiee
inlet Iere in a mat h i. which ought only to he- regtd.i
ted by justice* a cl wisdom. B - it a sheer! lime si',re,
tw o .Negroes were condemned in this i minis as M d
cl.ietol's. vv hen, ac cord mg to the almost t: nanimous n
pinion ol the live .siautleis, they had not mciiled flu*
imui-liment. w.i.eli tin \ wen- eondc*mned tosiilfc i.
and which,but for ilu* i f i f »* i |m.v : 11« 111 nl til** (tiiicn ir,
won I* I ! i»v v I Ml II il lilt ltd. \,„ |> tills I III - nil tv rim
side: a; inn, which recommend* in our adiuii .itmn.
til it |»i«»\ isinu t I our slalllfary law, w hu ll Il ls given
10 tin* I!\eeiit;vc tlu* puwei nl panloning. Vtteutioii
mi .lit always to he paid In the nai in e ul t he ci mm.
ami punishment ought always he pinpm | mm d to the
decree id actual iujmy dune to the saleit t.| sm it tv,
and the wickedness it suppn-e> in the crinuaal.
IVulll th»- Vi ry Iniiiitlation nl lie ii.hl ul civil sneirtv.
to lull ii l 11 it* punishment ol death. ari*- s ilu* ma ■•**!
»y i I k» epiui* Ihat pimishiiir t Wiilnn jti'l hounds ;
I nr si in c it is j»Hti : hum lit w Inch i * designed In en
sure tin* gaiety ol o It l c it i/e;:s, il ought i.cm i in he
t i tir i In yn tl w hit ill it g. UMv rth'ulu'ely letjum s.
i li * is i m . in, not only dicl.it • 1 by in - lire and
etjuily, hut 1 * pi tn!e t ..:: I reward foi m•{.*'• Offset
' at tun. 1! x j»t i lent e convinces in, dial the iimigiua
lion I* cullies | noi l ni/rd to all tih| t f~. wine It ail*
I ret j II e II I !y p! esflit C • i I tl 11 It e111 ,*.! d e I a 1 Ml 0 t • 1 t lie till 1. d .
11 i lie tit »• e I 11 p i: : iiuf i.t m | d -at It lit- lit tpiei l) v i
lit 11 d. 11. e i* I ■ lid y sp* i I a e le will no I • • t g t- r t err it V I lie
v:t lull-. ..in! eouserpiently • *-.: <• in piodnet- one ol
i he effects which tie law design*. Mhuiighoui
Legislature hair tnn!|iplicd the ntiinhei of Ciiiues.
and attempt* at rriiu sltir wlrieh Negroes are pitu
tshrd with dr till — all hull j 11 I h** ( Vtirl. by w lioio t he \
are In In? tin «I. h ue no i * .• 11f It* lake tutu i-an itleia
tinil any p iMiatiti . t in n ..*t me »•*, u hmi tlm I'ict h
been e-ta' I i-lied : y t t t t y have w i -*• * I v given that
pu it e r to flu* I! seen fit r. Tim sit nation oft Jus mdur
tnn.Cf el as* ol people in ' - u r t 1111’ 11 . ami the 11 it me
ol all the laws wlileh have lieeit enacted, ui tula
Utin to t lie ci : me • ut y\ hit h tl : y m.. y I * jmly.it
ijuite that the ( hit I ,\|agi trait- should I •• dollied
with tlu* power of inmea*ini; the punishment w hit It
lnay he iilfili led itpnii them, wlmneyer that can lie
done, without tl mgri to the tiaueptihfy anil salety t I
t lie community. Hence, the puwei ol lummutm.
the punish »u*lit id’ Slaves. h.,s l-eeo c.i'eu to the 11 -
Vfiuor iiml Ins Comieth !»uf the (inverum, m his
"hole cm:dnr t, in his sevt-i ity as w c'| as m In* nmi -
cy, might to In ve uni Inn j 1:1 m-w, Inn the advaula • e
ol «oclety . W'e on jin to 1 ccuin de, In a* pn*s|
hie. just ice and 1 leniency ..the cure ol i h public safe
ty ami the mercy due to tins unlurtiimite class, m mu
society, The i|ues'ion then I’atily teems, has he
been guilty of an abuse of bis pint rr of pat duning ?
With lespet t In all general laws, the w hole w m Id
arc agreed, that in a case id dollbt. those who are to
dec 1 le iipMti the fate id a pnsoin i. ought lo inchne
to the inert (fill side, and i hut if is indisputably bet
!cl t 'u it lac git i!t v should e *1 ape. ill in that the mini -
rent should he punished. | ako g tins saeicd max
iu asom guide, let us -re whether th* if was stilfi
f if nf h gal pi t mi I, upon which the rnnticiiun nf the
above uanietl Slave rested? Tim I iw is pet riuptm v.
that wbeiia person i arraigned at I lie burnl pubhe
justice, fur a *uppn*e(| tuliat iimi u. I n- law. that tin
want ul a motive lor the commis* oil ot t!m < rime,
ought to rai* a simug | >r•■*• iiiiip1 nin ol innocence.
Theie is no principle • I human mitni • km wn to us
f tom experience. y» hi*-h can a m Inn /.•• tis to he In t e.
that any limuaii being can uimdr r a lei! > cir .itiin*.
witluilir a sliong and powciiul motive. ( an it he
possible In any me. I *» eunio.it a ci ime ul tin > me pest
• lye, w it Ik ut any mil lire men t w h.m vei, \* it Ii m t the
rrmnfrst prospecl ol temporal adt .image, without
host 11 ity to I In- *knii,w It use ex i*t enn- w as on nhsiac le
tu her own ad'amemeut, an I y\ hu*e d*»at!i inuld
hung her no bene lii ? W il! you listen with a credu
lous ear, to the story of any one pa-sum ! v a rapid
transition, ho u the tmlducss ul humanity tuijie
hlnod-l hii.slines ol a tiger ! Ate yf»u piepaicd to
give faith lo the icmu.il nf sueii a moral traiisli. lira -
lion? il we ciiffun c Im the motive which actuates,
to the slightest tr insgia s*i n, shall we not « \pect and
iiemaitn, til tl ii|*oii a charge nt I lie most atrocious of
leiicc, at ilie vciy mint ion of u Inch mir uat lire sliud
dri > am! revolts, tl, it miiiic probable cause should In*
assigned, which may li ,vc instigated its pc pelralion,
before our belie! tan lie nghtlully ch dlrngcd ?
Ineie ts a pniiirnrss m cviv will regulated mind,
to a seejito ism ol , vei v thing like w aufmi vv n ked
ne»s. I In* n illation ol all Instorv, nioderu and an
rient, proceeds upon the ni i i 'sit v ol sali.-l\ mg ihe
natural ctmosiiv, to he iuioinicd ol the motive nl'cv
ery heinous action which is reeoidcd. Now, no mo
tive could lie discovered, why \ mev should have
murdered the girl, lor the poisoning ol whom she
was tried and condemned. The good and pious l»n
vid, sactifleed the husband, in order that lie might
possess the wife. All attempt was made, hut
wholly failed, is is evident from th r* cord,
to show that \ mey, in flu* same spirit of eon
ctipiscriico and barbarity, had attempted the life
of Jane, in order that she might enjoy the ob
ject ol her alfeeimn. \ •* then no motive cmld hedis
disfiv ered, vx hv she si roll Id 11 v e meditated the i uni
mission of stun actinic, as the one with vvliuli she
was charged, we aie constrained, by a s.u icd maxim
of tin* law. "to make a strong pn sumption ol her
tun • ci'iire." 'This maxitii has In en laid down in
every hook of criminal juri*pr'lid nee, and has ie
ccived universal adoption, heeause loiiuded upon a
law of our nature, and the observation ol the wisest,
that no man can commit a crime, without a motive
adequate to us production. It must not he forgot
ten. in making this inquiry, that it not only appears
by llit* record, that no motive lor the crime was dis
covered, but it is also evident from that r* eoid, that
sbe was a Negro of good character, and the law is
‘equally peremptory that a good character should
make a strong impression in I ivor of the accused.—
The advauee of our steps towards crime, is always
gradual. We do not readily or hastily abandon
those moral pruitupb s ol action, which gain lor us a
good clmiMcter hi sorriy, and become at once a
finished adept in crime. Can it be eiedited, that
ibex who beh’I'C pos-cssd the mdniov dispositions
ami tempers ol human Ic ings, collld, " in uuc mu
uif tit. m the twinkling of an eye,” have their whole
natures revolutintii7.,*d, and their kind -etisihdittes
changed, for the muid> tons finy of i old bloo.h I n*,
! -atidtijs ? It i- n:*o:i uitvi ..hvurdiiv ol *u» Ii a
Hippo-n ion, tli.it the law place* a gir.it fi h.i«tu upon
a good character, when put ill l^vut* in any viiinm.il
pros, ctitiou. With tin strong presumj’iimi then,
w hit h was raised in her lavor, hy tin- lot. that no
motive i nul l he derived lor the at and that wo
nevri v olale eitht r the lawful (toil "i Mail, without
a strong temptation—with the equally strong pit*
siimptn ii w hich x as i.used m her lavni hy hei good
character, let us ei.quire, whether the other fit
, eiiuistances nl the ease wt re ol a fharartei hi con
t lii'ive, as to set at naught nil these presumption*,
and justify a conviction ? It will he seen, In lele
reuee to the jtniii l.tl leeord ol tile ex nleoee, a copy
ol w hich, is alway s trammiiited to the Kxreutive,
that tlie I’hxsiiiot who alientled open llit* Slave
supposed lo he poisoned, and xx ho examined and ana
h/.cd the cakes supposed lo toiilam the poisonous
iiiiueral, gaxv no decided and positive opinion upon
the subject, lie stated that mine ol the liquid li sts
ol arsenic, xveie n i am. and that the only uiieiimg
0 il ml illilde test xxu* the metallization ol tin* arse*
me itself. lie lull her state, f that he had not n.e
1 i|h/.ed the arseuie, that he had only .i|qdieil the
liquid tests, ami th n fo.c . mil.I in t speak eotili.l* ill
Iv on ill sullied. It is • !>\n tin u, the i*#/^'wjt »/• lull,
the bo.U «i| the chaige, w is not pioVeii. Ii is tttie,
that 1 e did expie s the ju.ih.dde he lid. or rathci
Ctmjeet ai ed. that tins eoiit.i iiied aiM'uie. (Might
a (’ lift evei take the life ol one human being ujioti
theniei' i onjeeturi s of another ! Ought a Court
evei to overturn that .sat pd rule id evidence, that,
xx it hot it j.root', the f i ec of xx | ii h It is im possible ml
the Human mind to resist, life on l.t hi vei to he ta
ken, and undertake tmln nl that a prison is giiiltv.
u j hi 11 idle rot. p i I u i c s nl one xx I • irprate.l it again
and again, that Ins opinions were l aved lipmi iio
eei tarn and lliui i in ; I ael v ? Hilt exeuitit had bfen
est.il)l|sln d hy them..*' tumhisix mil Midi ’gable
ex . If lire, I lilt 111 -j -1* I . k • ■» did l Old Mil ai si UIC, Vet
tin a e xx as no so riot b j I j'lool. that \ mex sent
them t * J atie, xx ho xx s i that Iiuie so k, and xx ho has
lor y ea i s |»is i It. eti the Mt'qei t ol « pile pin k convnl
sioos. jliis iuipoit.n.t link m 11 if xx hole < ham ol
cv idem e, xx as Im no d, a id i oiinei t. d hy ihe test mm
liy ol i lie gi o xx old hi t I Ids pi ire. xx lo > xx as i eg a i did
l»y in any . at i lie time ol i In* t iial, a- implu.it • J in the
pMs.imii j of Jane, xxlio xxas o| a had gmeial dollar
lei. and xxlio had hei ii j'lrviouslv suspected n| poi
soiling in aimtliei Iniiilx. \ 11 these laris ijqiiaied
Upon the lace ol lit ■ lecoid o! the evideui e. and
iijioii these kil ls, ami the I ixx as a|'|i|.cable to them,
t he t i.iv ei nor w as w i II | iisiili nl in gi aiding the pai
doll xvlllcli xx .is ohiailied foi the coiix iet. Hut ad
lint ling, loi l lie sake ol ai g time lit, t li it theie xx ei • uu
i ii e u m-t a hi es xx Ii e h jlisl died I he pai .Ion, oi Io speak
n.me propci |v. the commutation of punishim-ur.
xx huh xx as extended to this Negio. w on Id n not Ii .x t
been inure el ai ilnhlv lo liixi altiihlitcd the hlillidei
xx liicli lias been committed, lather lo an ciroi ol ihe
lo ad, ill ill eoil' |)tloll id the IlCUtl? Is theie any
I lung ill I he w lore Ilk' ol (I ..vrr m i < ‘ampin II, esl hei
as a private or ptihlie man, uhn li j ?1 •*! I Ilf* I Mil* in
sinuation lira! In* was riin iiia .mu our sl.iia lu I* **
eoimiiissiou ol niinc*. I y mi ans of Kxerutive pal
ionage f To these enquiries evi ry mipi rjltilii etl and
unbiassed mind will lespotid In I lie negative. lie
roll Id li:i\e lire 11 gov rued hi I In* i am i si* w 11 n It In
pursued, I>\ nn ntln » l< «*1111 ; til hi a s»*in'i* of impria
t ive duly. \ imdst t In « iood and my sir ry m w hu ll
til * 11 ans. n*l mu w m rin eloped. In* was well justlfii d
in attending sriimislv to tin* stiong • hums, wlnrh
tin* |.i himi*r ha 1 upon Ins p 11 \ and hum.hi t\. I In*
law | * iiih's. ami « veil rt f|'iiii*s, the indulge! i r ol
the r emotimis no tin* put ul tin* < hirl Alagisltate.
11. dirr a vtgilml m i m m\ into t In* i h irgr, he en
teitan.s doubt as to the guilt ol lln- convict. Tin*
prrsei vai on nl •■in I i w s in i hi'ii ot igin.d pm it v. is lai
nmiT hrm liii.il tlim ihr nn asiou.il impunity ul ihc
Utility, i tii In* i nj ii i unis in society. The protect mu
ol lln* ininircitl. In i shii t adheri*in:e to i|n* laws
,*• lln* I mil, (•Hi ii I'upoilaut lu the safely ul -ov
• rill.• 'I, ami limn- t s' nt!. I to s' ci.il mdei, than a
leleiillc s and he .dh ss pn • cc Itimi o! I'llemlris. Is
it because pi blic upimon may It ipp« n to l»e in in
indignant and a^'tate l slate, that the sailed laws
id the land sue I" lie Violated, and the sol. inn nidi
gallons ul nluci* to be dlsicjni h d r 1‘ublu feeling
uni preju lice have tin* i lpprupHiilc sphere, \v11eie
they may expand into giant s z «i tl I -stl’l will n*
Icntless fury. I lie misguided populace may take
the c om! green in tin* theatre ul their action, at ft
w a sir i in lusciv s m i n. pm i* nt rip*. ' lint u liei i ver
the L\f i nine » : t is upon the mv-tij .tinu appei
taming to t ne du in s ul Im oll’u • . he w ill Im n a d< a I
eat to tin* voice oI the pu'ihe, whl*ll is .is oil' ll
w ron g as rig lit. II will n t h-te i to 11 n* popular
« lam .in, but t" Mo I .i .«! Iim rinat n,m e, and will
<1 mi.I to every « i III .ef. ivlius-* « vr is siibmittf d to
lit* (*oi suleratlon, all that jiistn c demands.
r.i.i i: kidmi:.
’Jr**rs. K ’.b-r*: I i n aiithoiM'-d to innouir r to
ill- nt /. ns ul A in • i si i u .my . hi on - Ii the ineil.iim
• »l yolir | a p»*| , tint <ol. I. fllNA n l» \\ III i.i. is a
eandrd He lu | < prrsi i. r 11« m m l i.« next LegMl.il lit r.
I am hap| v to *ai, th it, I think, hum the minima
lion leceivd in the hist w» < k, tin** auuiinci.ittun will
lie pleasing In A huge li illihci ol lln* rtil/.'lM ul this
comity. Nil who air acquaint'd null <'ul < '.dull,
know th.it lliuiijh In* m In m ,m| i.m hi ill to Iim prill
eip!» s. his ,o turns air ti nr ( fed hv s dficienl disc im
lion |o lui'nd the idea, that any thing like par. i/..ill
•ze.d, could influence him, it any lime, to (mil aside
hum tin* title iiiten ^'s ol ul his o unity.
Bor Sa!(\
W ishi.ig to locale m a lavui.iblc situ it ion. to resume
t h e practice u I A! e d i c 1 n r ,
i oitkj; ion sall,
'S'he Trtsrf of B<<m'f
/ \ N" w III* li I HOW res dr, situated w itliiil • »e nil'e
* B ul Amin i >t <',,uia lion e, and supposed n> rmi
tain «’IOW Veres, til) or 7U ol wlinh is in womN,
the balance in rullii.Mini). and ism a rapid slur- ol
i *n pi ui eim nt, n bring n ell taken in lied ( lover, u it la
I he except uni of one held, which will be sowed this
Spring. I line is on n | suppose, twrmv acres ul
liottom Land, already ditche d, ol the best (pialiiy.
a id adapted |o the culture o| Toli.n i:u. Wheat, < fain
and ( "i a, in I act, I he a Pm e Ti arI is well k uoiv|; to he
n| the Vet y hest qua In \ . and prod tiers equal to any ill
tills* pallid the rummy. and is susceptible ol the
highest sfate ol mil | uleim lit.
Tin iinpiovi iiciils on this Land, are a
•ijl'il rHiat;;’ EBozem*,
--liil' V. 4H fret by ‘JO, cuiitamiog l emm-, with :i pas
sage in the renter ol In feet. kitchen J'* Itv JU.
Smokehouse do. I• tin ‘Jo bv 1H lee|. Sheded
UOt’erl, extending Ij leet from the H ull, and till just
completed, the ha'aiice ol ibe < hit Houses, are a
good as are usually iooud on small Fanil- in I lie
< 'on iii i v. SI mil Id l bis I i a« I be loo small lor an v gen
lb*man, who might wish to purchase. lie can gel ad
joining, a Tract ol line Land, containing ‘J-0 acre-,
with h AI ill on it. and a handsome propoi lion id Hot
loin Land, the iwn hi n ts making about I>0(1 acres,
which would make one o| the mo-f desirable Farms in
Virginia, oil'ol James llivcr. possessing the ailvan
Inge-of health.socielN and sfil.atid oil the main lead*
lug road lioin l , \i.ebbin g »o Washington ( 11 \ . Tile
purchaser can have pos-r-siim at an\ nine, and it hi
wishes. In* can ha\e theCP.Op, Slock ol Ijorscs,
I logs. Cows and < Kim. Also, the Plant a I ion imple
ments which are o| ihe best kind.
'The terms ol sale, no doubt,*i can he arranged to
aer mmod.ih the purchaser, as regalils time to sun
hi nisei I. h r a greater p.ill ol tin* pure base mourv.
Feb 1 J Is
SBOO B5 l) WA SS S5.
B > C.\ \ W A V Irom m\ plantation in Yellahii-ha
I&- co.. M iss,, on the mgiit of the *J 11 h | )i* c t-it 11 ><r
l ist, a H l LATTO JI A \, •'» l»*et 0 o. 10 inches
high, lieavv made, we.iis whisker-, aged jj^ or’ll)
years, feminine voice. I lad on when he lef’, a suit ol
dark grey eassiiiel clothes, blue ovei-enat, and white
hat. He has obtained a pa-s in the name of Win.
Mot gm, calling himscll Luke Morgan. Me was
brought to this country mi the spring of M.'pj. I»\
W illiam Morgan of Lynchburg, \ a. Luke is ci
tiler aiming to w here he came Irom (I - vnchburg, Va.)
or upon the M ississippl to Home hoc State, I will
gin* the above reward of * IOO lot the ;i p|>. ( hensioti
and counniftal ol Luke and Ins pas-, so that I obtain
them. Luke has a small sear oil the left >i le ol his
forehea I, extending back info In- hair.
Coflcville, Miss., Feb. 1 ‘J 3m
JOB I'lilM IXh
*) v/i-iilcil at Ilia ftJlii c.
.!< * '/irap «♦ Hu 1 heapr\i,
As noon as Tin: in: st.
r|Mil\ suhsn ibers. having eminertml themsel i es
* together, I’m llir |mir(>«>«<* ol carrying on tin*
T.it 1,0IIt.YO It t SI.YI'.SX,
In all n« % At mils lii.mdin, utidet the hi y le .not lirin nl
IMUi: A 11%Mm
In ilo* ol I stand ol I lenry Hall, one dmn liHow ilie
I'nn i*/ /by C im*/* Store of Mr. /’. /{. where ,
11• «*v will, .ii all limes, lie prepared t«» • smile W oik
m ilie lies! ami most la-dinmablr manner, and on
sliori ii tnc.
They will keep on liatid, a supply ol Itrmly
MuIIh's, ol llir In**! Material*. and Woik
mat ip not inlmoi In mv, w hu h will be sold i lump,
lor rash.
l lir * willalti) ('til ( lothi to lir made out ol
ilie Shop, and mark and plat r I hem ho plain, dial llir
mo«*l im \pr i ir in ttl ha ud tali put I hr in togeihm .
U.W IS I*\tIK.
111: N II V II \u,.
Kelirii o v 1 -• w4w il
.v o t / r #:.
^IHII Sl I'Si'K llll'll wishes |,t ptirell IM# mi
1 mediately, lot a gentleman in the .South,
'I' Ii i* v v \ v if r on,
to wit: an active and likely •F/<i#4, between *.M)
and .'10 y • ais ol age.w ho has lireu ateiinIoiiimI to die
management ol hntsr<, r at Mage drivn. \i , pnlml
lv sober and honest; a Inn il • COI H\ die some
age, without iur iMubiure ; and a \\ III NLIlSl'.,
sav ti mil 1 i in **0 y eat * old.
This. \ •*gi»*e«* air w nurd lot the t'spn i d use ol
a gentleman Millie South, who Ins dnerled me lo
pint base no in otliri. I«ul him 11 as ran b • w at I anted an
first i> t in iIm-ii pio!r-">nm, pailiriilash tbr Hmn
ami Look IVisutt**, lio n loir, hating such, and
wishing to dispose «»( limit, on such Inins as
may not nll'ri again, ami who can luing Ms
limiinials ot thru rap.inly and honesty, will trceive
an r t hit pint in rash.
Ntltlie.s, (pns| pml.) Htonk V a!, I 'amphell t'o.,
\ a, r \ r ii il k ii st *< »t r.
lirnwk Neal. I t’ll. IV II il
to i:t: tiit,t ii*. v this ti t:: />.
T 4 I.Hut's I ,H |"| | II > tV l \i It \ M. I < >| | ti | . f
i. iin/J.u i o, /'(I'liiuiy \!th, I \
I I (.inuil i li |||( it I I’ll/*' «il > tO,4MIO
I ill* tin «*| 14) 004)
** >4> 1*1 i#c« nl | .4*00
'I ii'ln In mill * 141.
Hu humiuI A iiJi nn/ l.iltiiif,
< ' I. \ s s No. o \ l , i o it 1 15 *S H .
I hi i.iiirn lit I h i nnl i iii, in Siihnihn,', litiiiiiii/
\7l/i, I'.IH, |) / lhi(uiiii't iii (mm/ l.iii mill,t '/do
ihtif folluit mu >
.M \ M MU I II SUM. Ml !
I iw.ll' III.MINI
I tin nl 10,000
I tin nl ll ■ I'H
I tin nl ft.Ollll
I iiu ni imiO
i 11ii ni 10
! ilii ul I.*t ill
. *0 1*1 r/r* ul .•)[ | .000 1
»>0 i’ll <>| **'iO
:.o <io «ii von |
t* dif «n ).»••
• »v1 d'» ol loo
I' ides . 1 . • . n el.. • 101, K)i, 'll. A |n,
\\ I I'll' I i cl » l S < 1111 \ |0. I I d \« «. v >. (^|S,<;' 'ill.
I oi sale, in a viin |\ ol « I mice iiuitibf i , nl
i \Ui<n \s u vk\ <h i h i:.
(1 * * h 'I* I s 11 • • iii | lie l “ii nl»\ . I»\ mail or pi ivale
com r\ ai t * enclosing < tsti on riii/.i:
THU ll>, ion I i In' ii'u.i pi mu | if ;if l«-til ii i »i.
I»- tuts .NuU-i ut rtriv • I * ii ii | n i nil i \rlntiu'*il, un
lilji'iul ifiiin \i T \ I,lit) I"S 11!•’!•'I<'I;.
I I Ii. I .‘ Ut
. v if i: i a s, ii . r# e:< is. §. vti’s
ro / T/ s: i\
VCvIna 4'lii««, Aii I, lot IS.IN,
!'•> b( d i'ii iff) at l!u I, nun,I, in t'/lli rstlmf nij(,the
in ft,
0 r * IhtwviMj ku i.m it at this t >i rn I. o> Sat*
I IIUAT, Till. Kill, at 2 o'l tm n, I*. A|.
arm-:mi: •
1 i*i »l $7,."*tM) I 10 1*1 i/a's ol ^,r)I.O
I do <1 2,000 | *0 tin nl | ,',U
I d * *il 1.010 120 do ul 100
l do ol 1,2110 |
10 sidan < lai gc number ul >00, 4f JO. At. Ac.
W loth Ticl.ctv ulily .> .00. Ihtlvcil &| btl (Jin. 7b
ceils. Ku| »ale at J \ UH> T\S ( HT l< IT
I’cbi too \ 12 21
i: sd i r a t i (Mi.
fJMli: Sl*K I M’ AM) SI Al.'llill si;ssn>\
1 ul I he Mlh■•cnliers ,S i ' ii ii ii t* % w ill br
gtu on the til 11 til AI arch. II. \ . K K11).
r 11111•: NK\T S l;. S S H I N ul ilie siihseiiIm i
■ .S’ i' 61 ii ii i,% Will euiimieiii e on ihc
twelih day ul .March.— Huai lent ean lie rereired m
to Iih i.i11111\. Win. s. iiii:It.
Keb. .-I it :iw
fJMIK MAT SI.SSM >\, ol llo* snln r i!»«* r h
® Si'BBii iiis% w ill itiiiiitii in i- mi .Mond iv fhr
KMli ul I'chrnary, WM.S. Ul. I It. Jr.
I’fill nary I 2 is.
\IU<*INI\:—\i a (breml Superior ( bnirl ul
Law and ( ham cry, eo'ilmiied and held Ini the
Tow ii ul Lynchburg, at the Knurl house, in said
I'owu, nil Thursday the 2blh day ol ( h tuber, 1 r*:t7,
silling as a ( ’i»uit ol ( ’liam.fl> :
.lului (i. Alfi in, suiviviog p.uluri of AJrlvr iV
Mem, .lohn Uieh.mLuo, .Napoleon H. ('.ibrll. \l
h ril j . f >. 11 ;i i d. \\ illiain ft idgew nv, HieJiaid S l.l
hs, llcnrv A!. While, Alexander livmr. the* |'iesi
dent am I I >u < < ho s ul i In* I, v i oh long a ml HI lie I, id gr
Turnpike ( bmipanv, llill Shaw, Jesse L. |*rriy.
Wilh on ( 'milt, William \. While, Lxeeiilnr nl'.l i
enh While, deceas'd, Thomas Irvine A (’n., |)i
v id ( > j leshy, I I en i > II. I', v uis, A1 uses I * eun and liar
wuud Al. Heim, Hi.iiiiiills,
Thomas K. I’licnd, in his own right, and as ad j
miiiistiatm n| John J ( ‘abell, deceased, ITanc* W. j
Kiieud, wile ol s ud Thomas l(. Krieml, l|enr> \iine
( 'abell, widow iif hiiiJ John .1 • (.dull, deceased, S.,|.
I\ W . Ward, J{ ii Ii iid l\ . Ki a lie and A! arv ( '. ( rallc.
and Henry Anne K.ibcll, miauls by Jlavid Kmlcs,
sj eei.dly assigned ilieir guardian, 1 >eleiid.mts.
I Ins i aiise i aim* oil this day to In* h**nrd on the
loll, iiiiswcis nl the I telemlants ami exhibits, ami was
argued by eminsel : ( >n eonsideraliou wbereol, the
(••nil doth older that one ol the eomiiiissiomis id I lie
eourl do take iiii a< count ol llo* aihniiustr.itooi nt ihe
|)eleiidanl Thomas L. 1'iieud, on the estate ol Julio
J.Kubell, deceased, designating the grade and dig
nity ul the debts, paid by him, also, an account ol the
real c*late ol which the said John I. ('abell died,
sei/.ed and posscsscdihennuu.il value lhereof, uud iii
whose possession the same now remains, and also an
account ul the debts due in the respective plainldL,
and report the same tw the court, with any matters
specially stated, thought pe tment by himself, or re
quired by tin* parlies In lie so stated.
\ ('opy —Teste,
I). KODKS, Klerk.
( oM MISSION r.li’s < >11 l< l , f
I. \ uc h b ui j, .1.mu,try UHili, ^
rin* parties interested. will take liolu e, that 1
shall, mi Monday, the Igtlt this ol Mal'dl licxl, pio
reed to lake til" at coiiutM diteeted by the foregoing
order ot eouit, on wlneli day, at the hour of ten o'
clock hi tile morn mg, they are leq hired to a tie ml at
my oll'iee, in this town, with their accounts, voucli
t is and pi oof', and a ropy ol iIh- .mint papers, pre- ;
par' d lor examination and settlement. At >he in*
stai.ee oi the l'l.tiutilfs, all thr crcditoi* ol John J.
( ’aliell, deceased, are requested to report I heir claims
to me oil the above specified dav.
S. I. W1ATT, < Wr.
The !>cfoiidant* in the abo*. • case aie required to
take notice, that at the time and place ol taking the
ac* omit above mentioned, the Plaintiff* will proceed
to take sundry depositions to be read in the caiue.
I i I). 12 I ui
NOTH i:.
Ill \VK hi eu so grievously imposed upou.fh.it I
led it my imperative duty to torwarn all prisons
I liom hunting, ringing, shooting, or otlierwic tres
passing upou in\ land mi Jumc* lli'cr, near the town
1 of liethcl, in Amherst county. Tire law upou all
such trcspasiiing, will be rigidly eidmced.
Jauuai \ J3 it d
ITTTI.lt, t.tf .l.YU nnST Ol-'
J TUT T.ITIIt—A lew ItT.I.nS
r ti € h % oism Ini riilor*, part nl it niff /. — !*'«•» sale •»>
Martini anil Bltuvt r Sectln.
An aosoiiinrut rrnivnl fimii Seedsmen nl Iiiuli
standing. II. I>.
Kelt. ,'i il in
#, .1 m r v o r i v i: .
\DD I’KKSO.NS Ii.ivin; etaims, ii^aingt dir r*
tale u| J. K. IDiyall, dee’ll., .lie ;*£ mi irijiieHt
nl l»» l*iin^ 111«*in in (or settlement.
'I*. \. Ill (i.MHK, Ailmiiii-iiruior.
Krl». h
\l |{( • I ,\ I A • —• A i a < oin t lor .NeLirii (*ouniv. tin*
*.\M il it ol .1 aniiaiy. I •'.If' :
Oolvii mi W Ixidd, IMaintil),
11 ^ tli ml
William \ l‘it nr. adhiinnf lafnr ol Detti** M ill
«l.il( d*t e»i*rd. Ham t Ldmlllids toil J.fhi»on D. lid
minid*, I xrciltois .1 Jum . l.dimimU.
1 )•'I e ml a lit g.
In I’lHM I liT.
On 11ir mo' 11 n n| i In* I' I mil ill lit i utilise I, tt lm tiled
Ills lull llld III n r Ii.ilil lln irln, hi i oldlli.’ In I iu . ail
ni|imetimi m attardnl Inin In le-iiain and inlidof die
Midiinlaiil W illi.mi \.|’atm\ Vdminisii ator id Don
is Tind.il, dn r.ised, Ii mu pat ilia, ■ uiiumii: a tv at m
nllinavi-i' disposing nl .int Money, .Negroes, liundi
nl III. ( Is, dial m it In* m ll's liamlx nmt, In longing
to die Heleinl.inl Jellei s(»n I. IdimimU, is die I x
H'lilni cl .l.it'H't l-.dmiimls. dei i .'xi'd, nr fo die
Mel. lid ml Il.met I dnniml*, |«> die uimmil n| six
lnmdied ilnllais. suhjeel in die I 'I linl ill '* dnnaiid,
and lln Inline mdn ill I dec ree nl die I 'mill, eon
eeimiiy die same \ml il uppenin^ In (lie I'mill,
dial ilic H' lnml.mi» Jellersmn I. I. humid and II i
net IM'iimnD, aie n il i>t11 dill nils nl tins < 'inn
miilltt tail II, and tt ithuli' die jnmdn linn id lln*
I'nm , Ii is mdried, dial lin t do appear here,
mi oi lie (on* lilt* In .1 d t ol \ pi i I oini m'X', mil an
g\t( i die lull ol dir 1*1 u •' 1. a i I tli il i mot nl this
old) i l e lotllixx illi nnnli d in “ I he I ,\iii hhin _•
\ nginiiu,” a m tt .papi i | uhllsl a d iii the Imui id
Dvm IiImim;. I -i ittn monlhs siiin • .nrlt. a>d anoth
r I enpt I hi | eul. p * |r Oil I lie I llllll dm»i nl (he t mill
I in || ye I »l I Ills (ion it. nn some emu l dat .
\ I ‘opt —M e -I*',
SIO HAIUi \ \M. ( Mvik.
K*-li. I.* tfjm
1 I It I i I \ I \ \ i i nl .* In Id i . ill* • I i k' . < >tu* .• ••! i . in iui
' i, n i n»| < > mu i ui In w mnl t ii'iiif f 11, fur ilia f mint t of N I
soil, III ill* III, III ill ul I V'I Mill t , I . ' •
\\ ill Mill I • I' I I I I'll! I .Iflll, I I II alec Ml I Ul 11III ill* I* ul 4 III Ml
\V. • ni i, i |»fi ."ii ui 1'iuiiif nun I, riiiiutitl,
#/mi i ft at
r.ltt.u.l II. i iii i- i, (Ii * .ml Oiliu S\ i 11 i, i I lark's i « »r
I’ i , ill* < I ii lilt • ii u I riiMi.MM s. « 'i 11 r. tt liu-v 11 nil f* mi mi
know ii, Juliu 4 . t iii lei. Mini Nluui I', i iiiIm, 1 *• i utlmil*,
Is ('ll 1 M l 111
Tin* lkf.nl ml , I k' nl 11 i .n hi. (lie i Iii IP i. ii nl I’Iiuiim .
S. I III I I Ullil .lull II I I Ml I I II" t till t III V ill'll n|ljl< ,11 III i , mill
(fitt n a«»r nril' , in f m .Imu lu 111 > in I ul \ m nkl t , iml lln- t ill •
• I llu f mu I, uinl il H|i|nu in-' !•// . . Inlm 'm y « v nkiM flint
lli'*V iiif nul mini’ll ml•> ul llu- • miiim : Il i« oril.-ml, Tlinl
llu* «uul I k I uilniil«lu ii | ni In r-’ mii llif lu I ilny ul \|'iil
|f | III ||f\l Hill IIIMtt • I ill ' I ill III ill - |'| Il’ltuV ill,I I1! il It fully
"Mill. "Ill’ I In I' ’I 111 »t 1111 III 'it I -l I III I III’ I I/ll' III Mil ■ V II >■ li: ui,
n n •" "|mi|Ua, jnilili'lu ll ni ili iutt ii ul I.yiu likiii . i"i it\u
niunllia Min I* It || y. mill mittlll«M • upy |iu-|. .1 nl l,u hull I iluui
of I lie f'in ii I'iuii "I tills fill I Illy. Ul. ,U.I| fill 111 ilny.
\ iupy T. i ,
u< >. ( . <t ri.i:it, ( ink.
I I. I* w7m
si,i,i,iis«; oi l'
IT HI I \( • M\ INTI- N I l(>\ TO Itr.MOA I
li 4im i ln-s 111 .t 41, I W ILL THIS DA \ | n ti ii cl
to M‘ll oil nl rritah* •..-ilr, my wlorl.
l» 1C \ ii 4> O CD S .
n .1 it ii »• .f tt i: ,
Cl 1 T N A A *» S 18 <> ti S ,
.ii1 Tin: .H T i.il. tost.
tIV STiM’KIS I.Mti.'i: \NH W'l 1,1, ,\S
St >lt III), ami I li# Ii I a "Ilf j;i - it itidtif i m.ciiIh
1*1 Tit *|| \SK KS —ami in |i j 11 ioiisi.lt ui ilii* | u| low
1113 iiamml ai I ii*Ii s —\ i/. :
VVKSTol* CMil.WI) (’LOTUS—Ulur, blai k
(jririi. olivr, mt\•**I Ac.,
( ' \SSI M L It I.S —Mint* ami black,
(' MSS I \ L I TS — |' la in and | •laid v
kl NTl < k\ .n:\.\s,
t;L\St!n\\ JL\ NS,
LINS L \ S— I ’ lam and plaid,
1» L \ N k I. T.S— London Ihilllr,
| hi \V lilt III- \ *»,
KL W M LS— Ml 1 oloii,
C I I iriit Ii AIffinoi-M,
h t Lii^IihIi ilu loluivd and ld n U,
(j 4 tlu ilu dw,
is I |*’i mi Ii Lolllba/.iiiii,
I ,adn*s* ('luak«,
Mi'H*< (iii al ( 'oai«,
I Mui ( 'llif II, 111 j'l l l"|.
Dial* Llii-'lmc,
« ul 1 uti ( I,iili — lilt' .( lti-il and biuw 11.
( off oil ( >/.ii dim *,
( 'on nfri pain* I 'l.ii’L,
Llaid I )uiiif<sh(. I«n Si* 1 v inti,
rt I and JO 4 I .nu n I 0 «p* 1,
1 1 11 mIi I .iiu‘ii,
liilil I. m I >ia|iri,
Lim n ( '.mi'me li nidken Inch,
Ul'lMl II I I l*dl I , III*''I.
|’,iirl-i|'K .iml Srolrli l )/,n.dmi qs,
Ladies' Black \\ oisinl and Alciino I
I )ii L nidi's W iml (in.
('111Itlt do.
Ladies' black and while ( nffuii, do.
Du ilu do SdU du,
| )•» Silk and l\ id t i !u» »•-.
I '.tinted Al iihIili?*.
In in Ii t antlii ic,
(imyliams—Plain, |daid i damp' d,
| )o Liu k and w line,
ii | ( aiidn ic Al uslin,
I )o .1 icuiiet dn,
Du Figured Swih.s d<»,
Du Plain du do
< \ Ll< 1 H s — All pi ic h and dcsi i ipliuus,
Alallimies Italian Lustring,
('< > L< HIKD SI LKS— Dill* i»*m kinds,
(i.m/.e and Lustring II ibhuiisi.
Prow n Hollands,
H iti.i t 'i ash, A c.
a noit:nn:s
A goml A^ordnniK
L \ Dl I .S’ \ N I) OK VI LK.MKVS SlloKS,
Q ,r ’ t irateliil lor tin? liberal patronage I oin.ilnn
lirsimved, I Wol'LD NOW. I t Hi Till. \ST
1 I MK, aohcil a call hum tnv IiipihIis and llie pinlic
al al k k r:::,
n ink > >• ire
November 20 ■* I
Oil €'oil*ii;n till'll (,
AM) FOIC Mil; 111 Till: 4*1 A \TIT V
• li I e§ctorn I*rices*
\L A ID i K L< >T of Cordage and Tw iues, ctuisi*
- tiny «•!'
3 and b stian Plough Lines,
Harden Lines
3 <» and llstrau Bed Cord*,
Fancy do.
Well Hope,
Colton Tw me,
llcmp do, every variety.
Any article in the hue of Hope .Makers, can be
furuiMicd to mder, upon reasonable notice.
Met 'OlUvLK A: Mi DAN IF. L,
Feb. H 3ivit
. /'or salt at Hits Qt/ice.
m rs> 3*1 %.Yi i uio
for fifth'.
PI LSI \ NT f*» flu* ;#i«• v »**! * t s of a deni of frii*f,
» \r< nird In 11.r* I)t ell I ■»'; l* nod l»V Hiarlrft T.
W ard iV Martha his w d '. n-« dm f *. Wald iV William
Ward, mi tin* 11 fli *d ,fc>ejifrMihef, 1 and of re
i'mmI iii the clcik s office of l*ifisvlvania count*, for
certain pnrpnst s liter ni <*i i forth. will he ft"ld, on
tile preilli*e*»,ln t h** In y hrsf In ft'er, for Cash, on H «l•
fimdav. iIn* 1 • iIt Man h iicx\ all the ri«rHr. title and
illtrieftf vested in f he •>ide e»ihef ft |»v t lie frifftt deed
foresaid in a TK \CT MK L \ N l>. Ivina and being: n
I lie cniinfv of I\f !•*%: > *i • t. i • a Saunlon llrv*-r, ad
joiuina the Lands «>l -’apt. Joint Ward, Oeorun
Pail t i and oilier-*, to in • tin* same Itact Oft which
llnheif N.W.ird h.itnei'v i raided. and rotiffttfKn**
•* i U II I till I) < 11 <' d aid I i V a* res innie or lefts I here
an a In* n i i . <» | ■ i • i.«’ i - I a ■ <• ■ I eared land, Heft well ;
mm ‘i he I >i • • r |• rit.. i ni the V. end L if d Is rl idotr -
in Land nl i'\n llent tjt» iVv, he vilv ti inhered fc « »dl
»vati ted. Then* »- n1 mi the tract *i ndeiaWle pontf
I tut Hill' line e M I other nut llntiscs. Fhift
L md i u. I sun e I H a 1 *i e portinii of it r«ch.
'The itndei i t ed, . 1 i y m it i ifie trust deed, will
eotiw * to (in- pinch im the line onlv vested in them
hv It.* (II n; LI • II. LA NCli. f Tf**1f*
|\ Disc. i'j* \!:iN<;, $ lr**f"*
f’elMiinv 1 * hn
| NTI-. M >1 \ ■ to hmhl a (Ins* ,V i > Mill, with
ft >.mme iiiIn r \|i i in iv, in the oeiylihorhond of
L\II'I|I|U| •, | nil i i os t.» emp o\ work nttnf flit
t Inti pmpns \ ml vvnihl he del l-i n a five pru
pnfti iim In ii il* lie n t h • sun". Jlv t ad ca
i ion in in . r ie d, a.1 . .1 i i • ' f i 1.1, will
hinivrn. TANDY K. bfilD.
I el I ’ Hi It
,v;;s39 v^.vn:§:.Y.
f 8 1 i I ! . 1 • i i i i l| v i n . licit II w* Mis elves
* In;1' tin• i I n 1!' ■ | i n nl i alW intf on the
^riHd r.'i A c. •' * .i . . t *?*•!
I i fer lie >, • ml la in of’
MM’isv;:'* ,. ; vfi\
(ii tL • t< a ■- : ' < •, "d Iiv Win. f,,
I .an i t i i l • • I • 1 i dm mi i • tht* pub
i ■ • ''n s md m» hmrd
• e It I || .I I , ’ l i; I HI I dun -1
pin . > i I ' a i I t . in N i n L’.iMIl*
It \ | '! ei i I .am . a 'he i . 1 , a. . ; i c>)h ciftiUv
milt .1 a ill tie i 1 l:.c j ,'i r p,H t uniiae,
V . ; I L \.M A S I'KIL
\ » ‘ \ r im: a \sr.
f K 1 l I / . *'» 11 * I' I • !«•*,' I . Il M ! il l ||l « mill
I iii Unow .cil. • ■ ■ * I 'l. ini iIm ii lur
•'•I I |I linn I/1 . . lii .1 . .in' u III •• III lilt* K.lliif*
| ||(l .111" V r III I > , .III r I III* |n| IIM'f
!m►pi i 1 • i , i'i'i1, h .... iti.it .ill i(4>li'Ut
' • I, Hill I'.l I .i|| I l'i . ... l ' I.I | .' |. M : ||. ||l ,
v. /!. II. t,\M A.VI KK.
I l l» II II \ 1 * 14
\ l.ibl N| \ M ni • i, • . • I. ? ■ -of (fn
" •• ■ '. ■ i . i »r l'i * i-.i ; f> | v
"• ' I l'i.. ,i ; I IV, . bill .JCM
tillii.lr ! <i I t , u
m ■ : ■ • ! . . . aid ,
W .1'. '. I' . II ..! ■. \. \ - M. linden.
It e '1 ' I ' * • ' ' • 1 . Ill V> 11 ", I |( « | |. 4
\ill ... . i. .Id. i.i . ' . I. II. H •ii.br
• Mi "i.i ■ > . • • i i.«l Ui - ti In* * ilw,
Jh i ■ i I • I 1 i ■ i ' i»l II, un I '.mil lull Hit*
il •■''•'• i ■ • «»! I • i j.miiiij till*
il ii. <1, i> I ii Inti!**,
! . ' . . V •
I n 1. V 11 i —’ i .'i 11. n inK*r4i*u
mill V. ii ' ! • . " - I.' iUi* il flivir
iij.jM, .. . u.l '• •'• . i* i ui ib. 411U
. 1 11 V ' i,l. 'ii M|"..iuiiijj l f
... ■ 1 I .. I IV .1 Mi llliil . . i '..f ml * Ml' I III* r.mi
ni.lit' .i'ii. : li 1 > ■ ' . . DM liiv lir»t
1I1.vi,,.. n . i! 1 ;! "1 iii, ridiutiiU,
•i ... • ' 1 .'1 ii. 1 .< il in *0111*
in » |. •. ; 11 ■ in ' I \ ... ‘.f.ni , li'i (mu itioutli*
«.»! r •. I j .i I '1 ' I - I ... vi lit I. O II tlllllliK' of
(in . .ni ui 1 •' ' • •»! • . • .: •. .
a • u, . 1
.' I ■ ‘ . ' ' % ’ bit, i l.KUK,
I . ’ I J HI
\ • i li* j 1 \ | \ \ 1 1 - li 1. 'll. I I . t Him' irt (111* cir
’ . i» . '-. 1 " i •' 1 . '•»! iV 1 ouulr u|'
€’ 11 I ' i • • .•! • I 1 ' ■' • i 1 ! 1 .. ; ■ 1 1 !i| • II IiaU
i]| "I Hut bn.'' ' . I I •
,<ii. : 11. Uih . m i 11 ' , fib 1.1: ! in Ii ifrlmivriaru
(ii ui • in 1 <1. Pin HUli,
i’,1; r . 1 ’■ 11 i.i 1 in* w if*,
J• • I■ 11 \'• . ■ >. ' . > '..li \. ti , \\ illi.i.m I. del lb»*
11 • v nub 11 - in i :' in • * 1 . ■* - i . •. W ii li tin It* rli.ii,
K..'.. 11 I In 11" 1. • ’ ■ . 1 .li I 1 ' ib 1 ml' 1 OV4 11 113 bl.
Hint Hi-* (•niil Thom i '• la ■ r. iru«t.uMt
v\ . lb li*lii!uuti»,
I '. ( r \ \ f PR V.
Th I> 1 ‘ it Ifdtiriottn III*
HI *’ II I .1 •In* \\ li Ml ■ ■ '.I 1 i • \ I'll III* Wilt IlM
v in . 1 in. 1 <1 Ilf 11 ..|•. in mi l > h i -.iriM, ur cording
in (In’ 11. 1 >>i Hi. *iU v "■'• I ( 1 1. • oMlin conn,
mill il n11• • ,. • I , if . ll» I dim 111 • liot
lltll il It • • • . 1 • 1 ' . I.l'lllllll ul ill** Pluij
tli) Ii v iii ' i.'i :i. \ . 11 1 • ' ! I li. ■ 1 I -ill bc .'lfliiiif* do
hI*| 11*11 In 1 • . ii in :. '• » 1 . f • "i » if -.1 \;>nl i »riu,
", '••••• I.i l > ! tin* Ml
||. 1 I" I' 111 w il'i III '. 1 ' » :i. r, jilil»'u*li’il iu liiH
t'i\i 11 ..I ! » ii ■' 1 1 , f 11.,"1 1 . . 1. rh , mill (Jortt.dt
.il If II.' I ib . 1 ..I I 1 mill. .. 1 ul 1 1 is 1 wlllitv, iiM .Hiixd
••mu t i.iti v.
\ 1 •, V 1
j 1 \ \ \.\; cioik.
I' b ' • W-’IU
1900i#M<j ■ •. • •*.> *.sv/rs.
t iO hi O O k> -i v V b * 'S BO V .’V |] 'I* H
r J b )(i I'll 1 ! I' nit 1 (nr Mijipiy ul 1*1 uin Kiel
0 Sfn rf.li,/>7.1 lit I I • 1 -1 in■■ ivcij mill lor
>..!( l»> ‘ .' J. I t li \ I * \ 1>1 I'KKIi.
.1 .in 11.ic\ " ‘ 1*
CoMnn l-CUrli:*;; . :kji3 Me et in;;*.
11 • i: i, i»i -r. i j.., . i sail. i i\»;s
?r \\l> Slll.i; I 1N‘ - > .1! -i i»l, l»l, lOUs., U,
ami S2tJ»-is. |»i*i \ .ml.
\ liravx I,,'-.. I i!. \ \ |\ ! Ti'S r. r HO AT CO
l /■:/:/.\r/. id, t< »\ v \ j; ns. sin>FS, II V I a
A » . Ac., .,11 111 tv i < I "1:1 r 1 III low, I V
.1. .!. ITlt\ IS A lU'FFFL.
.!anuar\ '.‘J I* il
tt i) .1 35 tt
• i 'su:Wine.
f J M I I ', suits, , T i lakes pic i him' iii *.f;at I** his
n trie;, Jv and t. ,• p.Jthc. a ■ < t y .* r n i ur jhtrcel of
Sl'tf.il’s. srwt a s !cs, > I i r iii is./ :hltf Ctli’hmltJl
h ainon: ill 2!oii«l;t,
Trail msi, T . .
And also .miipps o I I in / / >7 < JKWtf 114*
in<>. il i\VKh UA\ IKS.
N. I'.. \ (• v \ lulins in Ji.n..' ipiahiv and ’true—one
oi ill ma 1 1 rut i/i i, o >um/I'nl iniU thirty ye.tr*
„ld. H.'D.
February l ills
ie Virl'TibH.
11/ I . will, » vt liberal lot,- lor able bodied Fcl
v i Imtvs if tvih U mi I ii' J.nnes Rivet* A' Kanaw
ha (anal the cnsuiti^ \t We ids; want several
bo ys In drive rail- —: • e tv or U is pi uvllt dry.
,\s tve shall lie .,i.se: I a lew iln\s*, nur ajeiP, Mr
Jas. MoelicU, "ill a tend ai Mv. \in!retv Kiunier’v
I, t III lib u l \ In i I lie purp -e n I hi :11ft hands.
’ 1>I >1, \ N A* TOWLFS.
f le. e 1 .lie r I I , MM
\{rev!i supply oid). hsmili'flll,s <d»r*
doit tmil i’louer^eed.
Feb. il*‘2n»
aim. noisiiiiT si.sbblw
HVS returned rn Lyut hbur-. ami may be seen
. ai the FiaiiUlm l Intel.
Am-:, m t®if
Jl’ST received, du ct horn New York, one case
!\ttI}sltt)iiiiHs,:il>(), mie j 1 ce superior Mn
teuiii Lijsirm", toucher "iih a 1 -w poll mis Iiik Hew
111 *» S11k . . 1> Uil 1 l K\ »V KODtS*
Feb. H b
lly K have j MSI received ;» sc oml supply •! tliu#
T T invaluable Medicine.
\ Feb. 5 t*

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