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1,1 Mmu HU, ^1 inti ... ts.is.
Sl’Ki I\L 1>L1J<>S11 I >
great deal has been said by the Compromise pur
lf_iliusc who arc against Mr. Wiighi’s bill, and
^)iu do n it cutiifix approve of Mr. Rives’*subsli*
^^^ridutive to the SpvM.il Deposit* system, as a
preferable fd a mo cither. And when it Ma*lu»t sttg
gfsted. ih* details ol the phi« being kept out n!
tie*, aud looking only to the .safety ol the public
luuds, «r were disposed to give it our feeble and
bumble support. Rut upon more mature c.m*id
{vaiiou, ami a fiitei o.iporiunity of ascertaining the
propAicd details ul this Compromise plot, we jie
cyusiraiued tu say that “ire'll tune </it," if we can1
*|ie||, oiirselvt*—at Ir**1 • » l"tig as it retains two fea
hitre* wInch seem to constitute’ it* clue! rei onuueo*
^hijvu in the esiiiuattou of i;* most v l.tn.oi sUpp<u -
ter*, lu 1. tut* tn utirary a io specify convertibility
wi iht bank n«a«*s cwlle led in p is ment ol public dues
•juto gold an i si'iVCi ; and, 2 I. llie “S- |U|-.I dll nl ilii*
ik-poMfrs Jinotu I lie discount*,” We do n i inp-yd,
luvv uyl ItfQMi..) to i* iur into at) .ir^^inCni An
this subject uovv—\S M "il| baicly nv ili.it ilu* first
j'riilure is to our mimlr quite .« ubj -ctipuuble .is i he
yihjjosiiioij to a<//a7 the dm* ul i|jo government m
g«ld a d silver, and will lead pturticaily to thes.i i.e
jctiill* ; and that l!ie second "ill piove most perm
*iwu» in practice. Tin- Kichmoi.d Kuqtiitri is one
ol the h adi g « h.impious 01 this system, embracing
jke*c hratmrs; “although (savs that papci) we
kuwvv that mu* ol the first Political K onomtsts in
Virginia, vvho has distinguished him elf'alike hv his
vppositio i to the T.mi)'and A hohtiuuixm, ax well as
iusiespect for Al i. (’a!!iotin. i« d'*n fedl v oi opin on
tint to take tills step (scpnalm. I he doc. Minis linn
ill* deposit!**) is a in m il bickw.nds into bar- |
baiisin—that the government < tight not to hoard i *
j«s#*iim ex; hm that its rev-mu* is the in st appm
pilair Ilimi lor hndi g hnk to the people.’1 (The
Politic.11 Economist Ic|e11 ■■ ii to »s, we h iv »• reason to '
believe. Pieoidcnt P vv.ol Wtihuiiami Ala v. who e
opinions outh.it * hject are entitled to the pintail el
e«l respect.) It there be but a •mail surplus rrve
-dtie beyond the wants ul the government, it Udlows
that the disruuirs upon deposit! * must ne*e»saii'\
be too uiruMisi J.-rahl * to a fleet tie c • himuu mf v : if,
*u the other hunt), th11 unpins be lar.e. ami,
ju»tc.«J ol being kept in nrrulaii n, m ..us ul
Hank disc •Mints, it be hoaided up in i)i«■ ir vaults, U
iu< lor mouth* i He ami unpio Juuiv**. it semis r«> i.*
that tile rlicet -d its ai>*.tra. lion lio n til*1 htisiness ol
th** ccutnli v inn .1 ncre.s-ariU *.vit a pat.ilw.mg i
fluent:*' upon its trade and induv;\, i.o dix*. mil.it in
lint prcdtired by a Midden. iincvp v r I n.il » e.istve
curlailnieut by the K inks, aln i a pcimd ul Ivaw
loans and Ion* 11.• 11• I•_« m icx. As Mr. I .lihouu
would say, *• these arc our i»j mim.s : \\\ m \ In
mists ken : wivei . in may mc tl c niat:»r t • ■ > t i.'ii i
cut hi lit ; kut these air uui of inmn.s”—and ben.g
<ur op.uio is, w r 4 . rtaii v ie-i liomiii’l to ihe
X icciil P-,io-.ite Svstem, u l> i ig , !v a ».i nh*
ub lio Mails l. i la I lie .>iib i> * sin v t jC.ll .
II IK W \ i ,f Wi'KiivS !
\m«s Ke.nl .11, 11 w ||| i»,* If .e.d,, ,,i|. ]j;m .,
r\r«c.Ji-i-!y nj» nu.i. .ut J t a. \ 1 j 1 »r 1 , Ins . iKrs to
l*flil Ii wll‘1'*. I(J riTf.ri* 1 .r iriSii M; ii mIii-i" hut thr
** rnimtiliitioti.il tin icuiy ol /«; J a nl snivel.” whicli
tile I.fr<«*iii an I late I 1.1 mini ions lniw to tde such
violent efforts to «iil»>lnnte . 0 H 1..k IKie-, l'\ a
ut rir« of lyr iiiiiiral •• K .|>rri nri wlik 1 hive if*.
Mjlm.i 111 Wr.viii^ s#n*.-ir aliiio't 1*11111 *• 1 v IV-.inr n u
U 10 1, in oV|)i -ci n 1 1 4 rv. m the (J j 11 o ti value of
h»uk note*, a nl in ilofuj 1114 tin* roon*i\ who odious
.slliu-pl.mlers. Wed—l‘ie.se j ll xihje ni.t .id ii. s .if \
Horn h o.* lorn, 'O far at least as ill:* l\jd U.fi f , ,
ton jd.ife is r *n fitted, s runalo i-dv obe\e 1: I; has
«< r iminally. ha; pem d. h'jft rwr, (hat the d...fis of
tin* l\>>t!h.i tet (i.Miriai upon mr I\>?<t Office have
>*»t hern paid m / w- { ,n»nr»/. th* ru it 1i< tors in u host*
J*v*r they Heirdrauti lirn.e not oiilv willing t«» re
<**ive hank nit.s, hut actual.v (string - as it m an
Pr<» to \ioos ) preferring Inein to the e 1 ■. s' 11 lit i. 111 ,i|
fMrrrnri ! I'.ul a (.is; happened tint mhet da\,
h hirh justifn s -pi ( dir mi utr,.it non Ii !(,»• the
purpf.-e «d crimiiih’" the rout . lot who ft ujc I 11:
it, as w 11 }| 1 hr vn \\ ol i!Su 1 .itm i; thro; pre>s 11 e .u 1 u
71 r' in H'.m-11 th i!ovr »u uenl |.oli< v of me *• tw.m .
ffacis**, —sp •• u* l a Ho- utV: cmdders, and hank
Hu es for the people. — limy oj er.ui s, nnderlhe fSml ■
„ Suh-TredMii \ svs.em: « tint* lot e>h dow mg '
K| vv Inn may hr e\pn ted when ihe S ,.h T*i ( asm \
prin. iplr is enlarged, so as to . c.hince, as .1 •• pn%-i
le^ed » lass. ',,// the olfu • -Itoidi r- in its p it it.11 and tin
just provisions.
\ I he rase was (his : \ cnnlractor pirsrnjcJ .1 dial:
In a I*ost-.Master lor ii|.w aids of £!<•>:), the whole uf
wh;ch wa^ paid in specie. And wi.ai »Kd the con
traefor do with it ? Why. lost, ad nf keeping tin !
spent*, and paying Ah *• contracts” with 1 . lie hawk
ed it ah* utthe .•cicfts. ei deaiui in" to sell jt h,r a;
pri in 111111, and onJ a; last so sell it, lot 1 { pe r cent,
and aim he !nul received the im ip.d and the pie- ‘
mium in Virginia tmtes, he then hnught >nuihem ,
hank notes at a discount of 3 p rmii, with win. Ii he '
pniil Ins stage ill tv.is. am* proba'dv his othei ct. Jn
l"ls un the road, lot feeding ins hones, etc. Ac*.' Su
r<hat here a goiu rnment cmh* metur receives his pay m I
.■money worth 1 i pet cent, mm 1 t It m t he coimnoti ent -
teucy of the. people, and then pays Ins own creditors
tin a species of money * t ill hi .re tl *pienated ! Is not
n piaciical illiisii.ition of th• • "two currencies '—
ihe better son lor the office holders, n.uf the baser for
'he neoplo J No olio ean deny if: And,, as Mi '
Kiies s,*iy.>, it is impossible .Inf any man ** can wink !
'•a> not to see. I liar, il Hu* v'iin- t ic.ismv >\s- ;
lr,n |trevn>l. those scenes w 11 * In n *t • >.11\ common, j
*'•11 nnivcis il—The (ifTice-liwMr will um -ic Iii«.
"dai v iii sprrie; lie \vi I >cll it to i m Ium.v. s |,.r i
premium, which will !*• so moot *1 a. c,iia to
^*,n * ’I tin- ilefitors ol the i.'ovcrmiientt those j
» holms is I i ul,. or |»«v its dutn*. or, in ca.se of;*
•direct tax, all upon whom ns hurdcus are I *,i !, must :
JJ f’ a heavier preiiium to tin - same hrol.crs. m m -
d* r to meet tin despotic cxicnmn ot the govern- ;
incut. 1 lie odi.‘e-holders \ pr■.';»» i: i tn —— .nil the
Peopleu J |’|li.» is I ho ** nano • and charmed
‘ tnJc, j,, which our li lunct.d system will i. v.dve,
jl Uie .Suh- Tieasurv Hill should p i'S. Vrcinepeo
P1' prepir.uj tlni-» in ta\ tlnin>r*!v •>, in order to .
b"ilu,JP •< •' privileged cl.ix,*' jir.iu I .ni l j. u.ijicml
.|, already ! Il eammi I,,-.
S'ir lei 1 lie luuicr and lijc in- \ mic and I lie lu
‘enrir Mirrrluiil six, (lies, V!ini;sqi.. i.ir,*ct us,
’ ,l" 1,1 *** "'id |>int).i!d\ liny Ian is, uuim nf li
'I'll:"-, uni ill I, n.i d red F*. Tin re ii
"" Iiuiv s.)„u a .1 I !*c-t Ia.» in a 'i ■ i.u; .x,l. ill.
hr" '«* <1 di adj . lyiinc ’ ' li it i
r f n*d "*U-»t Uuol Jet tiiMl able Utodf Ol * I \ III U—ill*
i u'ul.c I link, 0|H»tl to the competition id *dl, Uinj
|*i * 'bably hud purchasers iwu hrie—aild, »o tar as
'he duties are concerned, every i*» suirer im ihte
| lasted hi Ikon. 11, fur example, the impoiter is
‘ ompellcd to give a premium lor specie lor the pur
pose ot piying these duties, that premium w id In
•d ltd to the original cost of the goods, and, though
• :r-t p»id by I in., it a ill ultimately be drawn fiortl the
I pocIs cl *d the consumer. If all *• falls upon Dob
b»u ’ ai hist, it is, clear, theielore, that the Tariff
had as well be increased to that extent, so lar as the
consumer is com:* rued : and yet. if such a proposi
uoii were made, th'su very .Sub Treasury a ao afes,
who are plop sing to impose tin* d litiuuaJ lax up*
on tin planting iiitriest*, tn an indirect and imper
ceptible way, would make the welkin ring with cries
or oppression, aid I ti r •• .i t s *d ic&istiiic, nullification
and di iiniun ' Rut we have maiiul .eluted a much
longei .1 lit Ic out ut the im i lent to which we have
idvci: *d t1 au w c had any idea ol doing, wliru y»e
look up the pen Im the puipo*e ol •flow mg'* the
way a v oil.s . ' and we mna tbereloie close by com
inendi, _ this sing.e fait, and the naiuial cniumeu
tary wine i it has »ug*»ested, to ilte cwii.sidciat on cl
llie people.
\ I Rt» I \ I V 1.1.1»1S L V’l L K K. —II vs ill be seen,
*•y various Votes ul the House Delegates, that that
'body are determined nm lo t iku up the Cunem v
II so'u 10'is, but u period the von e of Virginia to be
neutializ d lu the Senate up, i one of ihe most im
por l it (pi ’sti 'i s that ever a ;ilated the Federal
Council** Tit 1 idiv he C.'/cl, but i • h*r;|*T
w isdom Or pat. iolisiil.
In n .'cieine to the Jutritj.il Tmpiovemeut quex
Hun. \! i. Waiknis, Irmit the committee, mi ili.it
sftbj'Tt, Iris lepnrtid a bill, prov ding a general
scheme. We understand, bv a letter liuni Rich
mond, that tins bih il lleis limn the Report, onlv in
this: fhii it gives lo the Lyi Itbtt'g and Tet.ur**er
R ‘il Road (.’oinpany it d the Panville and J unci ion
Cumi#.mv tin? right lo coostiuc: i m Is Irom Kvaus
ha n lo J »:nev R ver and from I . ashattt to flair
y lie, and pledge* the Si ate to take tin - e lilihs of the
sock ol e.tell company—tin- Lvin hbui g ami Ten
ncssee ro - pa iy to be organized d< soon as s-JJU.UOd
ue sul’sc.ib d by individual*. It is impossible,
however, to conjer'uie what will be the fi ml Isle
ol tin* measiiie.
Tllli UUKL,.—Th» W ashi uglon pipers con
Mill t he cm i o*pundcnce which preceded, and a lie
Mil of the cii i uni dances connected with the rei cut
in st u doi t u uat »• dnei b**t wee i M csjis. tlraves ofK v.
and ('iiIc\ ul Al line. \Y • ate vu upelieU to defei
its publtcat ioii nil'll our next.
Ihe folio a hi g I'M ill il ii I 11 ibute (d the inemoi v id
Mr. ( -ill#y was oil m i d III : lie* Senate on M on lav last,
by Mi . \\ .Hiatus, ui't* ot the .M aine Senntois, in an
liotl M'ing hit i»i d i 111 <* | v end.
Mr. Piu.UDKM': I came into the .‘ici . te th.,
morning cxliuusr.1 aid overwhelmed, t» pcrloim
l' mi I mchulv duiy ol announcing to \ou anil to
rip- Sc iate oi ihe I'mied S ates the sudden and
I i me nied death ot nn fri-ii I and ••.|h an lie, I Ip lion
JoNATtM*' lll.ll V, ' RepicMm Mine I is 111 M ime
in the (. uitgii s* ol ihe United Slates.
Vi the List adjaiirouiciil wi the Senate, Mi (’iL
l.!' V w a i i pi*rIfi i Health, liil ol hope and t xp 'e
i I.o•! td m i > mg m use:I Useful m axsci nog and \ in*
d «*ati!.g the viol.it* d tl^hs « i Ins Stale, ami ot d s
Ho oi hit g lrt;i-ell hi th»5 gieat f|U*stiotpt which
no.v * • Reply ag«iat»• tin* pub ic mm.I. Full ol /."al
and al lent pair lot !S il, i. d ol i!cvo>inn to the great
call e id Ii tl pi hi Idi'ity and ol Immm light*, ie
cO Jet i ;li <i a i ia'i* n i J in-en when hi* com 11 \
had a i _ot to i lai n the s n.iesof ll!' .sons. tie
ohey cd i he call of ins e nH II in ail s, i c I! oij UI sillily 1 he
••ij ivtmtds id ihe dun Si if Circle ol .I wile and tiller
cllddfcii. IJ • is lit. i ,i ul. Ie*** ru'(hf ; all Ins h-.pi'H
ii • Idd-c.'d an I destroyed, ami ,is i «usin units are
d.p iv el td I lie at lines ol an :ibi V n ad I alt hi n I re,
l CVi'Ul .H ivr.
M . * '.Li v r vi as a i d tv • id New i lamjMine. and
10 longed lii me ol ihe im»*| am mil and lespeet in|«
lamihen lit that Si.ne. Fall ioti.-in <i i I hr veiv weic
Us mbcriMUi e. ! I "v gi a a dial her was the liisim
i iiished | ah lot and Ijr.ive olfuei ol ihe Revolution,
(i"m ral l il.Lv v ; and Ins nruthcr. ('ap'am .hi^i pii
I 11.1.r I . was | in 4 air. I iider • I the h-r.nl'' e h.u g«
under (.'otoimi .Millmi, at tho ba.tlc ol Krolgcwa
11 r 11 ej g 'ps, m i m* ,i${ n ;,r.
1 lie ilcec.ist'd w a« a gtalilife ' I RilVViluill ('ol
leg«. Pi Maine, at l hy hisSiipenoi taltfUH and ip
plMMtoin ulaioetl a liu II sta idmg at I lie hti.ilh.it
S 1 e. He was a .mid lawyer, j . able advot'.lie. ;md
a | iiw- j ful i.'eh.Uei.
f roni early life .Mr. ('n.l.KY wax ardently ntr.iflnd
(Olll*1 principles ol ii it g. i »'i i, men l ; a /.- .dntttf .id
em ;u« ol In* fights o| i ,r irh'ilf IVop c. and a tJ• i v> -
mined opponent ol f r rial . ol to tv r mm/a
uv* r the hi jmf.
In J*3J, Air Cli.i.f r was elected lo l!ie (loiuc ot
R epi e.sr t.: ;i: iv is in Maine, arid in I i 3 3 and ] w..*
S, f.iht i "I i: it hotly, w In-re hi* pow • r* and love of
toiioliy I'ft amt* mi c«m*pu-uoii*. that, hi Ir.;r, Jie
" a eh i lei I io <'m ;ics* m a dost riel m which ilit* ma
jority were in* politic ai opponents.
t >i Ins con im i he*i l ie - I iml steak, lor all w l;o
he ir hi-, and all who k n w Air. i.'ii.i.rv in ihe oili
‘ r end '■( Pitt Capitol. w ill l*e.i test i •* • n v to li > idol
ily , io In* "p p, i.i.o. ..ii I detent lined course, Io 1 ll<‘
high Oi dci ol ins talents .» rl i >■. w i i s a* a d .• ha In, ,.ii I
foihc respect ,111*1 nil i elite I.C paid to the lights ul
A*a ill'll!, Mr. ('ll.i.i v was warm, ar ient. ge« c •
rolls, riotilc ; as a fi o'nd, I in-, taiiliftll. almlm-. II*
was ii the niei idian of his hi-, a.ed 33 : the p ,st was
I he • arnest ol' the* future.
I n his deal ii M a me h-s loM or.e of ltd hrigh -st or- I
naiilCiits, :i id the nation in herdt nl a devoted pat- |
itot, and an iunent, /. .dons stipporierol i.s lien in- 1
stitfit mis.
1 in* siiu which s,*t upon ihe lifeless corpse ol inv
late I fiend ami coll-agoe. rose hiiglif and cheering j
lip.hi his d.slant liicsnh- invl , and the wile ot In*
l>o*mii I) esse I its glad.suiit. ,. -a ns, and io| i her hi- 1
in cent chilli en tii.it a Ijiou^ . t. me reluiu oi their I
lather one day tif-rer.
A his ** noi wife mu ehildi rn sh dl s* c Inni iiioi e.'*
\\ m) shall now penetrate that In rc.ivcd niaiifcimi. an I
w Hue'* the tears, I he ag o v. t Ii* d.Mr.iciiou of the !
"i • o w ami tip- l;u Ii i Icsg ? Air. I'icsuSeni, I e.iunoi.
•May ili- Father ul all mcicp i. he their comforter and i
t heir support!
<M the cause and Planner ol the death of Mr.
CfLLKY, I l'»rhi;ar io speak ; but allow me to sav, i
ili.it it is my solemn conviction ib.it b- eiiteriamed t
no ill will, iiiid intended no 111.-respect to a1 i . (I it wrs,
in any thing that occurred ; and that, m accepting
the c dl, lie did nothin'! more, than In* believed in
r/i.'/icnstih'r, to avoid o.sgiacu to Iiiiiim li, to ins family,
ami to In L'oiMiit;r;:rs.
Mi. \\ illiam* thru submitted the following ns
olntioas, uhirii wen* niinninoii-.lv adopted :
JUioiced unanimous'y, Tu.it tli • S en ate will at
tend the tmiPi.d nl ilie 1 iail. .1 u.n VTU \> ClLI«! V , l ie 1
a member id I he ll.oiseoi Kr|ne««mativcs horn the
Si a t* of Maine, at i he hour of 12 o'clock to-m*vro.v,
anda.-»a te-*11111 my ol re-pent fur (Ile memory ol the
• h ceased, they wd. go Into iiinurumg, by wnriU :
••rape on I he Ilf arm lor i hi»t v da \ s.
A ml. it* a.i a Idi: ioii.il .i.arU ol r spec! to the mem -
ory »d I lie i!ee a»ed.
Ufto/«#•//, That the Senate d . now udjmrn.
The iS •iiatu then adjourned.
lo ill * House of K 'piesculatives, similar rrsolu
t on • a ere unanim msly adopted,, on motion of Mr.
Fail field, whopiel .c I o wuh a few foi ling and
appropriate remarks.
Ti»e funeral of Mr. f.'illey t iok place on the 27th
ulf. Thu Hall and (iallene* were crowded with
belie- and gentlemen, beside.-* a very general atten
dance ol Senators and Kepicneutativea. Tins le
luiotu i ereuuM-iies were ii prayer by ihc Kev. Mr.
Sheer, and an'isiouise by the K«v. Mr. Rinse; af
t r which tlm body was attended to the grave by
noth II iiise,o| Congress, and, as usual, by tile Tre
nt.j lit of ih* I f. S ai. - i id the higher officers nl the
I CV* 1 h'-* House ol Kt‘|>ir»f»ut«itt«e«, uu \\ cOiim
j day Inst, by a totem 15*4 to ^U, ulopud nsolutions,
j authorizing tT*o appointment ol a select committee,
| "ill* power to wi nd lor prisons ami papers, to mvoa
| tig ito (lie ranscs wind* lad to tilt deal hot Mr. CM*
lev, and the c itc amstances couurctcd tlurnwiih;
; ,n«i * 1 enquire whether there has nut been a buicli
ol tlie j nvitege* uf thr Hons .
cy 1* is stated that Mr. Clay and Mi.Criitru
»leii, ami lion. I Imnipsoii ol -S. C. wi nl iu puisuit ot
the Duellists, determined to put n step to it, but be
mg ignorant ot the plate ol inerting, missed the
ground, and tailed iu their laudable design t# prevent
ill s K norahlt murder. The .Marshal ot the District
also pursued them w ith a peace warrant, but was un
able like wise to find t)*r plate of meeting.
£V l ht,M Spy in Washington,** in a Irltn to (he
N• W l ouriei, »i ties that Col. \\ ebb had no mis
piciou that Mcsms. i'iav« s ami Cillev were about to
fi«J»t t dm I until HI uYlock »»u the d »y of its occur 1
icnce.—“ when. accoinpxmed by two liiVlul-q c.ilIi
ol them aimed, hr piogce UJ to bl.tdfrusbuig, ...
seait h ol the liftM'lc pmty. with the fixed irsoluti-m
tll 'l Mi C tllfy should permit him to takn the place
ul .Mi . viiavi s. In tins decision, his Ii tends would
hi'e sus:ained ban, irgnidlrss ol louveqiifucox.—
Not finding the eomi.aiaiits, Mi. \\ ebb irtunicd tu
\\ aslii. gton, and having rn i ivil int< i n,aiion th.it i
led tu the com lusi - i that they might be I.mud in
inot'.ei dncclimt, wiih the suite fie nds lie icuewcd 1
1I.4 ;.****>tj)pl to discuvci tli'1 pi ice ul mciiitia, but
w.i« Again muttcer-Mi.J. to the eit>% ihvy
made a 11* id attempt, with alike VCStli • “ 1 his mav
be so ; but reads. Co!. \\ ebb has • ct**i so jmtunitc
iu escaping iencouiitcis, whuj^ b£ >. i* SgCll "d t"
court, ll**l we have vci) little confident* id m •
"Only Valo:.*’ Wu Would tell him one thing, i
howevvr, and ilut is, that ):c hut no right tv involet
hit j rie 'lit, by sen hug waihk* mes»u^es to gentle
men who h- has good ic .son iu know will not hc
knowledge his peisulial equality. it is not enough
lor him to s.in hat their ohp-eiiou, am unbounded—
that Ins claim* .is « ** gintUniiin" itc in ugui/.ed hx
the tilde in xvhich l o moves, ilstll niio ng dir high
e>i iij ilie city when* lie i< side*. Wiijh vri l.e ilie
cause,-— w 1.ether X'*!l or ill founded, —he knows
lh.il tins u!)j-rtioit has been molt than oner uiged,
and xx ill be titled tgaiu : and hence, il he is dctei
mtn«»I to seek oofotielv l x Inuds jii*1 bud**. lie
should adopt no ne othx t mode lo uc< omplisll Ins
purpose. The public have had quite enough of
hi'u, and i lulle loo nun h,—ou pajn r.
0 /” -No little eXciU Mi' ut has h train p|o«Jturd in the
public mind, il xx e may judge bv the tone ol iho
publn prints, >x liei ex ei the account ol llic htlwmme
eessiiiy and \x anton duel h is been received, lorom
own Jiaits, while ill out poll!.cal and | cooual paiiial
iio-s are u uh the sui vivoi in dial cruel conflict, otn
sympathies an* xxuli ilsluave and unfurl uual u victim
— a saci dice to a bloudy mile and a heartless eli
quette. Cei t on it is. that, in such a contest, wo would
lather he the slam than the slax i r,—for
*' Many I all s »x ill t lie sui viVgr XifTei
W r Unite mil voices with 111*440 who crnsuie, m
1 hr most iinqu 1 ilu-d lciuihk Vfle artois in tins mur
dci oils all.in . Iloie was /in i.icessi v loi ill a-.hul
; lengt, it see 11 r< to us i nr il there wa*. id'» r the fust
fue, by w hich ue.diet w as injured, die emiti st should
I have tei min.Ue J—<,nd had .\11. V j 1 »x e* been xxrll id
\ 1 >e11, it miicly xvould h .ve c .iji il theie.— M1. Wise,
i In-* S'. * "iid. assumed a 11 to si lV.tr fid m spotmibioty. and
h s in. liiic.l 1 heavy load ul guilt and odium, il, bv
i his counsel, die diu l xx is prutiucted to its bloody is
| sue. — I mu, aln r all, public tJjn/iton is the a at 111111
I den 1 ! l'\u Ii ol die d 10 lh Uh 1 cl urned I mi ii the lata I
" Julxl if honw" uiiseatlo d, x» h > dins 1101 knoxv dial
ill v xvould have hteu jeered and ridiculed lor xx.int
J of in 1 x e |o iii 111 t he. 1 deadly tv capo ns at each ol hr 1 ’*
l*re.'j»t ? Il is ii.det'ii logit tune that these honorable
m irders slioiihl be anested ; but how shall it be done
so long as Public 1 fpmbm loicn tnra to ihe lielil,—
ridicule* diem if ill x * * ipe a * leaden deaili"—ai d
sci. ens devil I10111 punishment if they imbrue their
j ha nds in the blond id then antagonist* ? 11 \v e wmu I I
! abolish this absurd and cruel custom. — wh.cli has cut
j oft so many pio msing men, and destroyed ihe use
1 tillin'.** ol so many other*—xv hull h.t* crusherl die
* hearts ol *0 nicy xx jdoxv * iml orphan*, and destroy
j ed * » m my senes ol h ippiues* and hope, — xx c iiiusl
(ii si reform Public Opinion, by reudenugdie duel
) Jilt 1111.1 *t) ms instead ol honor ible—by treating him
a* xvc xvould do anv otliei mm derer, instead ol holding
11; 111 up to pub: 1 ad. m rat ion as I Ini ** flow er o! i luv.tl
i v !”
( V N A l) V [■ li t) \ 1 I K »i. — ,\ • cwiiuts 1.00 l )e
1 t mil to fin* 17ditn*f. s.y dial Va 1 Jtcusellaer. and
in UV of the Jelling Vitriols He dine, ml hi an
imps**'tant movement is suppose I to be in contr inp'a
tion. The I’atiiot l uces, scattered along dn (lun
tier, .u» CMtim.ued lo bo Irniti 1300 to *Ji.)U0 strong,
yrell snpfy'itd xvith murmioii*. Ihe »*mi«h force at
Malden (oj.-*uMH* Detroit) is stated to be no mt I I0O
Still Liter. — A iJetroil letter ol die I 7th, say*—
44 Intelligence rcachtd lllix morning dial the
Patriot* ei o*sed oer 10 the ('tii.nl 1 shore In si even
mg, with a strong fence. P.i*y •• it ere I th” Piovmce
beliivv M alden, accord 1 ng f > p e,iuu x airange no Us .*
J*y Sniuida ’small, xve hid 1 mull it id-' of
i n ficir* h um the (’ in id 1 fr ** ier. (> ie, tli.tr IliocU
vilh , I*. C., hit ! In*'*.1 tabe.i bx th" Patriots : and an
other l aat a co u eutr 1 «*. I at..ok up mi the Piitish
linn* sx as to b • 111.1 Ie ad along ill ? fioimsr. on one
nigl t, lYmri Montreal to Mai I'm. (J n. Scott had
left I*uHalo for M iclugau.
1^/“’ A Mexican t1s.fi sailed fr un Vera Cruz un
die (it h ult. l.u the put; y-e of blockading th* poit* of
0 * It "as rumored m Richmond on Thursday
Iasi, i h it James Mc O'-w ell, f.Mj. ol R ock bridge, is lu
btr appointed Secictaiy of i be Navy.
Sprcic I’uy.ncuti.—'The House ol Representative:*
of IVimsvIv mi a h ive adopted a resolii inn, h> ,i vott
o| .06 to ‘J'J, dei lanng that from and al er the Iblhof
M »y. tin* Ranks ol that (bunmomvralth shal I
rrd> tin (heir notes and obligation* in g‘'|<| an I silver
It is doubtful, however, whether the Senate will con
cur in it.
Q^**~ We have not inserted any of the imperfect
sketches of Mr. ( ’lay’s.speech whi* h have found their
way into the pub.ic prims, because wr intend to iu
strt the speech itself as soon as wo receive it. Wo
conclude Mr. Rives’* masterly argument this morn
ing, am! we shall follow it up with M r.< ’allmnn's, in
(T?# The ]»titisli Abolitionist* have commenced
an attack upon *h" Apprenticeship sy-uein. which
they recently compelled tin British government tu
adopt in the West I/jdi« Islands. They go for im
mediate aud unconditional emancipation. O’Con
nell is at their head, and no .ie t/f the papers contain
an account of ona of ins rectmt speeches, in which
the U- States aod ** iufejtfMl Ten a*," are .tbiisod
««i r 11o 11 r * in*
t*/*' Weeuncui with thu I ituei*il.tbui|; hmi
in tIio opinion dim il one h all nl (hi * liui'^r* lUads
iff ;uit«t Cum. l.'llintt. (In* fiiiinii imlei ol wui Aledi
| If it.tl»i. hi <i<| tiutl i on, be 11 u «*, lif should bu not only
j iee*|!eJ, hut ranhit'ifd. If In* be nut grossly «!.iu
(dried, In* is the mom buil t!, vulgar and cowardly ty
! taut rliat v?« i diigiared ihr Aincni.in nuih rm.
IT,.’* Die Virginia (*iM»lf l*«ncr dosed iih A^lui al
Ses»ioriiti Richmond tm Wednesday sveuin,; hut. Ii«
m xt session is to bo held at K Juntoii N C.~-*W r w ill
publish the list ul* appointment* in our next. Id (be
itie.iiiliinr, «t insutmu tho lollow iug: Lmchliil^t
lJ-S. Doggrtt i llcdluid, J. C. Bennett, S 1' Alum
insu ; Campbell, 11. Billups; \iiihnst, J. < 1'insley ,
Bui kittgh.tin, J . j). Halstead.
J./"* \V« aic ifquettrd to^ay, lli.il A11. U m Da
>Ir L. Jr., ss lit nut be u eandid.ite at tbu lit \t electiuii
lur Campbell enmity.
Oy * .Samuel Jones, R*<|. and Col. Thomas II
Blood aie Candidates (u leptrsoul Buek mgliAtw coun
ty iu the next I.egisl nine.
CovJJU l MlAllD.
< A MPHPl.L COI N r\
Mi. Toler, ol l,y nr liliin g, hiring hern auitoHuCrd
as a t undidaie lo trpicseiU fin* roiinlv in ill#* nfM
l.cgislatuie. iliu \\ lug* of Campbell county (tie ie
quelled In lin'd al (in it euUil house, nil Monday
ilu I >th m»i lni ihe purpose ul nominating nnoiiiei
• a ii ill J. 11* i o he i tin vv nil him.
C. /i nc v (■! (I The v.due ol Impnils into
Jto'i n during IHJiJ. wh C?3,tW,*U0 00
value of luij'oili iltllili” the \ ear
1 ' ’ NjvVJU.OOO ofl ‘
The value ol f Hpuilvul* t'ui-igu inj
dmmslK ailnlvk during tl.e Seal
183b. ’ tr.TOv',4 41 OU
I'ln value ol l.\p>nH ol Ion ign and
doliiesin aillcht dining the \ea|
Hit?, b 017,01.1 00
I In amount nl Duties mi innchandi**
import- il during die seal 1 Jj, 4 IjJ U3J
l he amount ol Dune* ih.it am tied
during the )'• ui 1837, V 371670 0D
The \ II* in > \igus j* 11 ♦ s ' lie staieim ul ul the 'Jo
banks of iln* '••iiii i 111' ii I a t on $ I I 343,830; dr
post* • bit !*30, I i.,: , «| ene > IT l'J.3. ; due the 1 in
tel Mate* lit •him i vl"lJ.M.' Ilu (i * t cl l< lioiil
is pi ell V vv rll pinl oil.
Tl.o I'mivvi i.l Vihihis* i » \Ya^iii NtifoN was
lead in 11M 1 I ill <•! I In* I louse ol K t pie »ental iv es ul
IVniiftv Watiia, l.v the ( Ink, on ihe iiioiiikug ol the
7 .'d, in pi esmre u| hulll bi a lie lies ofA lie I .egishlt III e,
Ihe 11 o v < iiioi and lit ads ol J *epai I uu'iil s
'I'Ut l*ublic M i \>1 7 i r < —- \ Uiln tv itleu in
Texas, thus pirtui i t. ihe puhln men ol dial repuh
lie ; “ She |’1\ xa*j is i ur*< d with a diuuken, leek
h i, unpl iui'iph d P.csiileul, a weak and miheeile
, (JabilH (. a mriupl l ‘■ i;g less, (the last I mean—the
I prim ul is not kiiivtu yet)—i drunken m#I a* Cliicl
J u si it i of ill. Mi picnic t 'on 11—all barked hv a ball
ditti Uirm d linisr iipoij our « on in i v In l lie disband
mg of I he aiinv, ah g'-ikci rcn. ciing u-u prospect-*
ra 11 it* i loom) ‘ Tloiri* piubably mull.* iiuihihau
ilu IMS iii lb purli.ul.
i i j* i;u \i, cu \u*i:m.i:.—d in 1:.*% i. s
l'. V > i i i r, pax. oi o| i he I oivei *ahsl t 'him Ii to Halil
inmw, ha.i mvilnl the lo v. Iv. J. H III e H i s ul no t .
pa>loi ol the 7 1 Pienby h lum ( lum Ii, in n pul lit
oi al disc u* sum ul ihe qii< -Imu, " Do the Miipiuic*
ol ill'' ( )ld (Hid N« vv '] « si .iiiicul s ic.u h (hr ducli luc
ol 1. mile'N M i iv ?” 'Ii. Hi ri kim ulgr, we nmlci
island, his .in cpled the iiii it.il inn ; lliu dimliwsinu
will lake plan- aw noon as die pi chili in ai es, Ac. « an
• he agreed upii. Ih - diximguishc I « ontrovn si.d
; a bill I ie » ol but ll ol I he *c gent bunm. as well as tile lilt
porlaiu e • | die Mtbjeet, will Ii title*t (ho JiM U*kl"li ut
! consult i able loteie*l.
.Ii .1 / iihnubr ul .\iiteJ.c. On the I0ili in*f . die
i its i I '.all he/ vv a., thrown Hilo coiMei nal lull hv a
land slide which look plate ai (hr blull near die l.glil
j hou*i . Il i iiislied two m I hiee buddiims, ai.il nijui
<d a lady ('ll -. Sr) imiii) and her daughlri, who
well* all ei vv ai tJ.s dllg oil I oi die | u •bull, hut lot I liliah
Is mi I vc« vv f 11 lost.
The M ass at I in-el I s 11 oliH- ol 11 epl C-ie|it a I ivi s bav •
i ejected the bill limn the Si nale iimhol i.silig the
Hanks to issue Po i mites under cciUm rcmiic
Stii /;•/ — Th W.-hIciu \ll gator and Mi-sis>ippi
It allle Axe, lx die 11 ll e ol anew daily paper in I he In
The \iiienc ui Iln.uiJ ol Missions have ilel< indued
lo semi lour iiiihmouii irs lo llir- J iitlians til the Ibid.)
.Mountain region.
(J«-u. Combe oi Edinburgh, ihe diftimgundied
Phi Himlogisl, M r % p»-e i * u to v Ml (hi* rounuv ill the
[ i oiirsr ultlie pie*r-nt yen.
| 1 hi* la l New < h l am slips men I inn that diet tr had
i In it heavy i ra ns.it I ions ill ( 'ollon ill that market,
, smile 70.0110 bales* ll.nilig l hillgfd ll Hid . \ti agent
ol die il ink ol l.ii'gl iml is Maul In have been a large
| ptneha cr. J lie '1 mhallati Hank ol .New Vork is
also xa id I o haw bo u gill large I v, anil t r any Hanks
ol New ( h leans havr* hkewi e entered into extensive
pm • liases.
He I I ■—The Newark I dkx am rejoicing in vvliai
they e la 1111 In be ** ihe iii-lie^l Inn | wlm Ii ha* In-en
j seen iti i he* I M lies.”— The pi i*« ox lude| riideure
was hue lit* i I'd at that place on .Monday, and the
b-'t-l is now lor *a|> . d In* tw > -nle*, die*seil, weigh
j upwards ul VllOO ll>s , and e.ith ines.uits .dmnt ll
fret in length.
Two (arms iii Duchess county. New Yoik, have
i m rill I v been sold at am tion. I iie pi u rs at which
they w me *i i uck oil w r*i c ojh* at $ 73 per acre, tin* o
thei .u ^b? 33 pt r acie.
1 he late fur al \\ est P«iinf, is said, will cost ll»r
, (joveron.cut $30,000.
v, \m:i %4n:n.
Mamed, on the JJd nit. by tile Rev R. ('. 11m
I ch ii son. I)(. Rich Alto IRohan .nan, o I Riclimuml,
(to .Mins S\R \ II (a mi.!., daughter ol (iio. W’hil
h*c he, R-q. ol Olive ildl, (ionm-rlv ol Rsiiclibmg )
. ■, on the 2frth n't. by the Rev. I*. Cleveland,
' Mr. Joiia tiouui v of Redlord. lo M no Sarah J.,
( daughter ol Col John Jones ol AIbctnei le.
■ r .in.. i i —■>
cci; a n;u
or rut: t. r.vr.j/n .rj.situtri,
Corrected l>y ISichnrd Tyree,
j Rxtreme Of itex of paste l Tobacco,$4 .50 to f> 50
1 Inferior to good, 4 50 to 5 00
(j Mid to line, 5 50 to (i 60
Common to gwnd 6 00 to 6 50
Rug*. Common 2 40 lo 6 00
Working Rugs 600 lo 4 50
The Inspection for this week still • tmtinui s am.il ,
! only 105 lilids. without any change in prit rs irotn
I last quotations as w ill bn s rn from the ahnvo.
Flour, (dull at) 5 50 to 0 00
: Whtnit, I 00 to 0 00
i Corn, (pci bane!.) 2 75 to 6 00
Meal, (per bushel.) wholesale, 0 t>2 to 0 Q(|
Whiskey, wholesale, 0 4U to 0 42
Rlaister, (per ton.) 10 00 tg t)() 00
I run, (per ton,) 4 months, lOi) 00 to 00 tj()
II-nip, (per ton,) 120 00 iv I »0 Ol)
< lover Scrd, (per bti>hel.) 7 0U to 7 50
i Uiicon, (per hundred) .) tjf) to 10 60
j Oju, (per bushel.) 0 35 to o 37
] Salt, (per back,) 4 Ot) to 0 Qy
FKHIftlB 8\
j Down rti. river, t?0 37 to 42 On
j Up the river, o 25 to 00 jo
RlatMer and Iron, (u#r ton,) 6 5u t«» ri (tit
F o It it n \ T ,
The Com under the Virginian Ollier,—
Applv at [in'. » Iflirf
‘V * .fib
II y I* n> n r A T u r u *• r .
1% K » itliunl H ..'r*r, on rtlili•>!.*, |tn'
II t*ili m*t.
A » ri,i VVuWiin. win* ii a € ’•*«*!;, W i*li' i . At.
Alsu. .«4^111 (%< ty I'k. ly) about IV oi i3 \r.m obl||
cji* .i t irilif i'l 4»t» ftov *.
I’. A l I‘UM;U. Jiit >#.
March 5
u.M'V n.r* y. wars, i
i ■ ®f
g .i.lH iivis \ in ivi.i. i..i**om i"0'« 1,1
4> • I il X" tippl) u( Kl K I I \ I S. ol hii»',k| *!• t
•Hill brow ii i (•bun 4, .hiiI b 1*11.4; an 4iuu4 lu i0wt*
till* bluui'll ul till'll l»U •‘111*44, ILH?V Will 4'II lllWtrl ^
t.li Irsg tliari coh|. il ii-'irvi.ii j
4 i)Hin» ft'ili'ii urn/ Huhc i ottiMil.
\\ i* Itaso a lull p|ilv «>l .SPI .\ ( OT ION born
a highly approved J/u/m/wi/c-v* anti aUn It.isv l.’ui
tun. b"tli at mi v In vs pm cm.
J. .1 I'l KVIS A: 1)1 PKI5L.
Man*li A ii is
solicit; in sir it,, \
tin- i'ra.'it.Un [Joti.1,
t »S i ll 11; A t hi Mill. III! l ls.il
int. i:\smia mid 'air. no;jtoiin,
a i i mtc m i.i \ aunuii' < I.* ii r i ii,/i iii oi
® C | ,S III lib til ;• Hill i's » IC I (lit s . licit I III » VI ill 11 ,
a V 0 |I Hlul I .I-H u urcl il t ’.Ill» . I . . .1 I. i| by s,-v «
1 im.hUH ul I hi? tu'Mi, uu i!c il >w eifuiug, ai
Mod.:, •>'
n •. j r: t a: t s i: v .
|. \ | |i \ | util rM uhl • In'il i*ii" >l,c> lur l-u to ill.
4 i (,’oi.lM. C ‘«i n *41 vi r ii» , fli w'v
r«‘ITflSHlOil < Jl.lN.
| mil.hi KiiIiImi Slims mul \ pioiiH. ins >hJ,
S 33 a • <’ ' .'•‘jeiivr n»M.uii*ifUt, miiiv 10
In | J l »• n s M» sl"< * •
II llH'S* l» t *1 uillis iV (till i It, ii.. ilti
. Ill-v. IllH T*l.ut‘4't>, /i»<r t/ i|i'.iln v,
'i'i; VS. i: i it. 1.11. I,, 4 ' :n>«ol:i It, A K if,
. iii i si, III *.«*\. s, .1 r/it ivr I iMillV UH « h .
swap in Ik-xh. hi niuue him «
/.cl, ’> A nil f'| I. " If i ■ U .y .1 'M'liV./'i I II lie 3 *•»
Minx fin;; "I / »l ij11a|11y, sw.i ■ ul il>* u» i'Ui
Cll.lfttfd lu If*’
ICitilns, AliiiuiuN, 1- illmi*, l’.'lm NuU, Am*.
1*4 III IMKIX) , .1 vii > (jtrnsnc a* *«H Ilnt'iil,
.llrilirliH*'. I'uiiiu, 1*41, I4M-NI »lt*. H'.r«raii find
|4« III 4*14 I 1st Id 1| I. \ 1 *H, Itll . fc»Mi III! - I t *.K • ll Uj'Mil
lu .III) III V II 1*1111.1,
is vs \>n |‘i sroi *». hum* nl ilu iii quality.
Iliilshrs. V ii i In*, 1’iliry A vv.iifi i*. *! o i »,
l.HIt'C, t'lji A I * visl ■ ll'i« i* | U»»'i.
(.< A ii l* I n and 1 i.o ll i H Si 4 "S, A f . I*" * ' '
llO\Vl 1. H.Wll S.
M.urh :» «i • *
.S 3 '/i atff ft& the ChurjU'.st,
\ > I*
vh uoos» * s tpie: as a; st.
f I 1 11 I: s it I • s ti 11 j t* lining i unn**'-' *'il l licmirl < f •
1 lo t’lli. i, lot lliv |iiii |*m*■ *< ul r.iri \ In4 «im 1 ll*
t. 3ti.it n r. r: i % i. * v *» v.
In .ill 11* v Hi In UN I* I .III C Ilfs, UImI«‘I I l*r sly |i* an J III ill >> I
liV^CnS; X k2
Ill llif old Sl.uni nl llmiv M 'll, MU'' duoi Ilf low H u
/Vwri/ Dry (j 1 ■ ’ a l I' r ■ w **rt
I III'v vv ill. a I .ill mill's, In- | ll *'f» 11 •’* I In * V* Mu Wnifc
hi ihw lit**.i .iml in I I • It 'Hi.iO'v m.iini*‘i, and ou
short ii**i i«■ **
I In V wiil I ' *• f» mi i. n !, i *• 11,»| * v ul Hfillly
tlic*lr (ioliii'n, nl ih* " i M '"'h ‘Is. .»iid \\ nrU
iliill.sli l|> linl nil* I iOi In li \ , ll ll 11 ll It ill lit buhl Hit a}>,
Ini i nil.
Tin y ttillal-w i'ai i'ioffi(k% In lie tn.idtr uut ul
' I hr SIM111, .111*1 ili.lt tk .III I phi Cl* llll'lll in Jil.llll, ill'll lilt*
IIHIM HI* SJUTH'III'mI ll .Hid I .III |*ltl l h«' III I n ■* *■ | III* r.
u:\vis pas’K.
1' * Inu.iiy I'i w I tv 11
.IV'ir i'otin vH.
r | A m: Sl ILSf ’ ll IIII. KS Ii.ii*i* a m i,il» d tliriii
L srlvi‘4 III hiisint**s lindv l lilt* H>lr .ilnlfiimnl
t'4»l>J»s A .lniiisl(';iil,
| I (he | Mi I |in.*vr i.l iluili^ i ( initil* JJiisin'SH . > 11 (I
Ij.iviiiC )nin li.isi il ;!.«■'fill Mi Sunk nl L'iumN, ul ihr
I.ill* Iii ill nl Mi'r.HiH. I lay A 'Ihon.luii, an* fu t-1> ir»*<I
j Io nili*i, (al lilt* "hi fcia.nl, u( j» sill? All. .Inhu (i
\]♦*riii, ami luiin kiimvn «s Kyh'« Cuiiirr,} Inlji*'
111 il r ii s' mu*' i s u 1 11 if lac III m, as f i ll as the ii I’i ifiids
,ind i Ini | »n Win rfi rially, iv»*iy imliit I'nniif, hntli nv
j ii':.ii'h pin « am I quality, v h eh any Miml-iT rsiali
hfchliirnl * an oil* r iii ilns ul any olln i Hi.nknf.
\V »• shall al ill unn h**fj» on hand, .i w • IlsulfiU'd
,i-4niiMwiii nl Si.ipk- ami I 'iii y I)ry (i«iuds, uni alsu,
.il’n si i at« H'K'lv **l K-mi illy 1J ruf ••» n s.
JV.MI.s M'. coll Us.
A N I'i r. SON 11 \R.MIS 1'KAIi.
Krilluai v 1 ’> - ■ *1 '»‘J vi|
\ I'l tim vavi'il is livo pnii'f uiiiiifii,
utj c;s m vi a s i; a \ u
.#r i, lwcugujica.
Instituted in |S.*{| with h Iiiim| of KM), !»«■» n«'»
n*i HflifB ol
i*j,ooo imi.uitN,
KPOSlTf.S of money current m \ irgmi.i
- - will be received lit lint InMitulioil, il not lex** in
auiniiuti lian I'f \ B'. 0*t> K,%SCS—and t'i i ilit.it n
united iliriHm Inn ;ui|* lull) and r||e» mail) theliinds,
Mock mil pi open > of i ho I iiHtitotii.ii, lor the pay «ur» t
thci*«l, nhi.’ii d* hi tridod upon ten day* notice, with
ml not tin icon from l hr il.n r. ,dui the tun; fil o per
centum pci j iiumloi micIi a * m.iy'remain «dx monthH
iV upa nidi ; ,i <1 lour pci cm; uni p* r .I'^nutn, for 4Mich
;ih may remain (our and i.ot c\< • c.'.in^ six month's
end iIncc prr cento n per annum ( .1 such -»x may he
demanded u (thin lour iiitinth*.
»>IM Ol\5 D \ V S.
r>e.v I horsdav at 'i't*|c)cU, P. M.suHto Cilice
of die Institution, I doors below tho f .it mei s'
•'N". TlOB'.V. McDANlEL, President,
I IHfO’S. MeK IN .\ E V, Ti asm n .
JOS, MARSH, Secretaiy.
Z> I /: l.iTQ R.V,
Joshua R. fltitii.es, Jim. \Y. Voting,
1 Jas. T. Slevin*, David ft. Lyman.
K. \\ . ( -dims, Jim. Me Kinney,
Jnlm 'i . Davis, j Dm I ftodes.
Chnilot L. Alusby, J
i Lymbburg. Fi b, an »ts
.v/;r;it oi:s es •. i.vnist.
i K Wl L t, giv, lihgnl hire fur aide bodied F*l■
Iowa lo work ij«ii the J.im,, River .t Kanaw
Ira Canal llie ensuing year. We ala i wnut several
boys in iliivr earls—the work i- peileclly drv.
\* we s!ia!l lm absent a |owp days, our agent, A|f
I.is, Aliielick, will attend ar Air. Andrew Knuiier’t
I.y neliburg, I'm the |iui|„ise of lining I.Is.
, Deer mbs t 1 I tsif
ai.A Vus
tor yah- a! this it Hire,
'J'ht T(t uraujiit•iirctl
D \ IV f II Ij f
-i Xj r. s r .1 .v t» .
This* •■•;#< <> . i»jj, ■MPfe
tin* lied hi lli* conn y el
C?hnftv. ithi?» It) mile* yf tii*
*1 iron* .C‘af»i#b«*ll
( dWif Hun#**, ii!ul I)*P from j «vr.chbnrf£, *4.1
Ii mdmfijji* grrv. iit ye-uv obi lit** *prinjr, r**ry farjt* ,
lull I•) ItimH high, *»t Wish lutni, er#t*l #sr#b^fh,
•ml i*»minniifh«|» 5ij*|»*ar me* ; he 1* run* at hf#>*i
it-.idv to sene >1 nr* *1 ilirt it ap, .mJg’iu the
OM4MII, pivahh* the 1*1 of vf u*l IM’V, wn**ri ft Will
«xpilf. Mil ell lii.»\ be ill fhaigi-f by the payf 11 nil of
mu|»4ii the M'.t.ou, #IU to iwntre .1 M.w<% pay;*- *
bit* 1- soon i4 *»U 44 W-jfiw.i :«( be 11 w.il ur par trd
with, .mil fa) « eui» to ini' t»;ou*o lur each Mure, fw
bi p <i.l iviieii *ht* M 'tl t" the lloi»e. i# .*♦ ur i”a
gin , vh«|, III •• II ;* J1 ly ..H>K VClit,i 1 very d-»b*
hi**, > ach p »i ui *» be lag m 1 IJ t**.(*iu',c l and well w*f er*
ed. Kveiy c.iit hill b» taken to prevent At cidcuM,
Inn 110 lit lily I v 1 nv I hat mi y happen. Stn«oU
'•11' stiili Ain**, Mill b - ■ ioynd mi IltilM t fiir H*\ a jJ
M.iies mi li. m v* if !♦*. »i f <u!i->, Mg ,7 led, h dv*iied(
.11 0.11 .• .14 a ilu\ t. I.l! *1 L.N* T H.\NCU‘ K.
lie I ii Ht^v, A1 1 re 11 I
HAN I hi* M >4 ttul l/l V by ilMlnlf Mtltlil'V, m)|U*#
dam wav ol.J i.C.ilTiy, by .'>.1 \r» by, .ip.l in* lavorne
I) fM-»liU* ; lih a 1 anda 11 m»» Al-inoad ike, Jobn*ou*s
yt„ tdfey Mail*, Mho modmcd niord runner*
.Hid !t» »t* MinnfJ »rnl m .14 rn-we | rmiuctive io her
1 mv 111* 1 I It's .rty <l»h. I Af ,*rv I I America ; ^ grind am
tiv 1 he «4 •! irwt*« %l**«d Me Ib y : u g giambim by the
iinpiii t* <M V nttwef. cm »<# l‘ul y W1 iliMii-9< the gr«m
i ,l nun til her d »y t J £ t!f*Mrd tin be , be obi im
|i« iit* <1 J .mu. ; and g ^ »n» by me trn pur ltd
Sinmber. PuuelN turn vv.h hy th* 1 etefctuted bur**
uld Vnginini, lufil.iHi by .Sir Ait/hy ; grotfih.iu by
tjmrbvffi». (ii'.ii ot'iliipoJfCfl Shark) ; g grandum
b> old \V lid .'i . / ri i>¥ t. lm kT.i^r ; ^ g g
_i.ti*>'.tin by I1 .malum, : i: ? 1* g .i iu.Jhiuby A,»*•
loti*. II11 In hi roll •»> 1 iiidit'oli. void I or &J.IJUU,
t.id i..i 10 1 .a "it 1 t <1 i.* * 1 I. by Ai* da y. t gave
i li.in il 11 j 1 * * t* nv - o'i, f itave i |*> iv 01» bi*
I)•:<I• »1 fa u . i-i»:Ii .hi . »v ... ii. lor pinny nail ex
(.1*1 It ■ . I thin., then •< i * u J ' ion. #k
.. J ui i NsuN.
C x.i . i u ‘i 'y .//■». v b, 1 i.
i»«ui <».• -i *
\Vlnm : It. I'l l. l»e . • 1/r a .S«rip»ia uni#
Ik* its. in w tit* b three iv<1 • , mb •. i »b* • 4, ii*00
.»I, i*h , v» "i alii «-!.*•• . i ■ i • *. j i _ .il' 11 best
m .(iitM. m*l il> » in.' n ; lie >v H, liuivcv t, b#4t
e i ili** first h*.*it bv l t • i t.ic ft iv v ; at ih# anus
, |tv hi, i i '«4,r^ji>• * • u tied. I I, H '•ubytfi ibsr*,
L> , , | , ,,i i it,- }.i a . about iln- ben r.n n r»<r
run ov**r that tour < \ a., I Hi. t lie ame a *e. ini iu
1.. 1,Sav; ■ aU* * »■ »• %• i *ii • '* Al hi,* t C ^urvC, 0
Mil,a, ilb. i . : 0 • .14 ii, - ■ • • I * !•''*< by about Ml
,n,in .jui- !• (i .!• . an I >4 "'a .1 have »'ut., but iaf
i bail suit. M* m to i wm * • Id, I i uu him for«
*J uub» lii’.t’i, uv*t 111 »-• J m' Hill Court* ♦ D
1.111 s .ii*iti , iv It* ii » l.isi llu? fir-t beat Mill Woo
l),„ next hi 4v i ^ i •• il - . •• rite* in Si v'f* k 1 ruu
1.. .., |,,i ili Jo bey Club DnikV. four imU* hemt,
,\<i tli# .\ a AI o * t C.iii.., n -..art in ^ * lieu b«
vi mi tie first In* i . I o'i ’li* o*ol. a*ul "»,ii tiK* tlniii
ivTtlt tin* |*i»mii *i * i • l i • • u»ul» him io Now
Yai |,, .mil . *.« I< till 111* t o) b heal*. a -ath»l lire r**t*^
b,aii l t.ini* fan v \\ . t. llomUnu. ui,*U**m«l
imIk-i-., ivliiii W 4. oil lit** tii-ti b«* '' v»iilt UY*M *■*•*
1.1, t 44 ,o* beat* i, .tic 144 ."•! by I'jm.y M > ill J In**
11 a v. 11 kl r 14 i'ii '4 ’4, be I* ** i one i rilivc ami lelttstnl t*^*
mu I tn trio, * i rd to rm hon tor t»o ntlt r rittt*
Imi! b v !.v . anr - *l 'h i be 44.ml l not U*t
(hem. I Ii 1.11.0* I...to- i . < j . »1 M ii m. .tu*l ilo u*-t
h, |,^ve b vi .mi l fv.'i Im.i I* t. ut.Mtvu.it bs 11*4
1 oiilimiJ si. cal .ml onbf have ftlti bliully. K*#r
tlje mi HM'liihi ul all Ii |»v I * 1 *..••( ’. iVr. ;Ih* jiltU
In- .n« 11 .in 1 111111 v 1 I in- I t" ttl«* \ inffiC in 4’ urf
' V. IX. JUil VSOV
(W *U'Ui!.i ' ' , Jwum y 'JO. 1^3*.
M .ft t It 5 * b»v
r i»i)/c o<> s:> i»ri*« % «>im,ooo:
Ts i.iiu’i 1 Ln m it v am* 1 > • ’i \ s1. Uf HcK, f
L j 'i in* r; >• 11 c 1 ii h, lf&4. y
2At'» t'l'.liu-:*
ti*2: fpre.i 5; •*♦ • v. ;v 1»93-:JUHk
\ IlD.IM \ I \Ti l.cn’TKKV.
I ft l.'ic ittjil >1 t-iK 7'.// ,1 <j If cll.sbw«%
( u\',i. » ». r**u I b'J
i'u lo* ii 1 a wii at AI snmlri 1 oil r " msl v. %1 art.-li 1 Uib.
lh.,r$. at A 01 lot l\ 1' I. ( ' Priuingrt
nl c tm 1 * • / u* * cl / / ‘L-xi'i.if*,
<;i:ani) srm: mi: :
1 |'n/ of 530 dUO .,ni’i./. # of $1,00H
1 .1. I,| 10 000 V3 do Ilf 60M
I do • I b.On ) V ) Jti ul 808
I do J :;.110 l J 5 do of 100
I do m 3 000
l do ol V 300
l do ol J 0UU
r.**od. s a [a 1 if It’.lUilii t tifVd.J, $■'•)*, 3CC. (Sts.
W110I0 I *ekvt a I 0 11 .Ivr i SJ — Qti 11 lei * 9 «
l**oi ft.de iu .1 v.n 11 v o' - mi re uu 111 bera, at
I U.llo I s l.CCK 1 OKf’lCU.
17 * » > Lynchburg.
(; ** (.bib 1 x ho n 111 * ■ * ■ * ■ 1:1 1 , ai'i iiin|Miiied so it It
tin 1 nil, ol I* i/.t Tc * . 1 ■ I'.rbe.s III jnJ V’ll
t^n.ia .Sf'lmue di nvn l»y I ) . < • **^ory A (Jo, Alaua
pei .. till b*t |n .Miijit l» sir. . 1 .1 ; aad I!\»;liau;« o#
! 1 be - '.si lilm a' I - 1 hi . ell* i c I, uu ad h'casitt * Inter*
(pun p,i,i) lo Aiu.x i?/u: taluoT.
Lynchburg, Va.
8 Vviir >t' S? 3 0,000
Cp .1 ti i> oi *J OO
KK n.MOM) U VlfK.MV Idfn’l'.KY,
1 truA * id ii, ^ •. 2, r»»M 1H.M,
IV, be diucvii ai 1 i n i.r,01. !, .11 I’lunalar, tint S'h
«*f '1 «i Ii. I d'. J. f, /■ l)’ :icing rfceii'td at thm
OyVi. a/i iVurJuu, 10;; si.
1)CM’ nrcr. S< UK ME !
l $) o,0o l I Ca Pi i/a*i of #il)»
I ",.'|0(| I VO .Iu of I5*
i i,.'.oi |::; Ju <>i' aw*
a la st
.. . ' fee;
. fmlc is only —11 dvr* $2—Qnailortl?l.
V 1 Jioi< e variet v n| Numbem to i,e found at
* March 5 ^ . j
J1\<T i'/tUM A /*J 11' \OnK.
g^FB". I\N striped SdUs of the hue*t sty!«,
D K • ll tiro lie N .pie, ‘In do do.,
V i l*.i ia li plied S iitius, superb style,
III.id, Itati.mol tin? iiclus-st jtloHji,
hre sn I Imilen Imls, ju*t from Paris,
Pieii \ieU Glove.*, long and short,
i'.xti i ill pel white Kid do.,
U Inttt, idiu* }iud pink figured Parisian Cause**
for Panics and P* ills,
A lew Paiieni* i win.r Satins, lor»p*
rial nccasmu»,
Challev Aprons, a beautiful article, )
!, tdics dr.suoiH yl olnamNi;* the newest and decl
• ledlv the ituiH beautiful I> e*s Goods, will call spee
dily at KOm.NSdN A. KLUIOTT'S.
March ^ ts
TO 15*0!\ IIAVfi'MIW.
! 4 5 .AC B F.S nF I,\M> FOB SAfd-l, writk
1 X ati i \te s. ve bank of I riot Ore. ami good
w.pei p.twrr within 31*0 * aids ol the Hank, niffiriHt
lo draw Wot k« I'll a i oijje.—- Also.500 ACKKSW I
■ \\'im;l I.;,i,wi:li;tr 1 :u kunl u.« Iron Ore, not Ml
* A tics (in it cW\irr*i!. *.d 11 loi a;ii,,
AV/sf'i Cji'I ’Uf, '['>if tiiirr. t’ ir Ute.
Ain It r. * |
AS^'ILR In' s>lil» on tha first ility ol ,\inher»l
¥ I Al .n< li ('.iiiri n:jM, u.i a ermlit ul'IiiUr‘"outh**.
m,i i .i i-i.iIiIp Nrjtrft Ali'n, tut) [iri>|i<*rtjt ul the lal*.
Col. U iliimi eniptiMii ; unr r*tTw inch, to Mil excellent
iX .in ruicr, tiio Hi Lie i a i! o -it i'Uuiittioo lraiQiJ.
I.INdskV rol.RMA>’
I March 5 . ^ ^ « .
i'Ol iD,
i ft CAR OP MONRV, ii hich , the ovn^r -e i"
!1 li-'vc liv .ipjtly iti^'n th • j.r-i^tcr, anti jmjiuj
the co t ol this ,idferttMineel. ' f
! \ M PS < 1C I.VHR,
Feb i liar; M

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