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iu III® g* I"'* '*li to leaw .lull. to joint Stock
t.u')a,lles aloue. cntnely di.sm »>'•' -s>
... Meed, it could be satisfactorily demon
, that, in addition lo benefiting the inimedt ee
Action of country which they are intended to tm
* r< ,l,r» would |.ay a tail ,V just per centage mi the
cost of construct ton. By a loo close ml ui-.ruti
Dtsl»S conformity to the two-filihs pirn,,; p.
fore the State has yt.Hlul away Us funds upol
works, the aggregate receipts from which aie less
than oae per cent, upon the outlay. It is n t fair,
riglit. nor politic, thus lo btirdeu the public nea
fsrv with the cost of building mere tirighlioibond
,jj« so little trae lied as to he atmo-.t wholly un
These at our view s t and we lay tl re the
public with the more readiness because i f the atti
iirrlr ill which one of the Kditors of this paper Stands
to the people, as a candidate to repie cut them in the
nent Legislature, and bemuse he Ins the best n .i
•oas 40 believe that his opinions have beet to rossly
misrepresented and car'iratuted tu the good projilo of
• Ire county, some portions of wlii li it will not be in
his pow or to visit prior to the edi t not , that many id
llicm believe him to lie Inburin : under a sort nl mo
nutiMiiia in relation to tins great and vital ([uestimi ol
jjiaie policy. We believe that \ irginia must n«w
strike, or that In r doom is fnievct so led : and strike,
not for mere ttade—not simjily to open an outlet to
the land-locked people ol the rich South Western
counties—not bdrely to forge a enimedii. - link in the
line ol travelling coiiuinn.ieatieii between Boston
and New Orleans,—but, in addition to all th.-. to ;n
yetil a further declension nf her political strength in
thefetlcral councils, by uniting an augment, di 11 in
.lead ol piiimutiug the ileete ise o lun popular m : a
coustlleiatiou ol no small weight, when we redact
upon the ia,■ idly increasing piepmi'ei.ua e ol tin
\nii Shiveiy vi,te in t 'otigi, ", .,od iu tl e <■!< ,11011 ,,t
B1 esideiit, and the growing eonvacto,n t at the , av
may s,-oii c one when an issue must li tried b tween
the North and the South oil that » 'thing ipiesti.in.
This body net at Auguua. (*e< . on the 4th. i list,
auJ atljoUl Ue J oil llie 5lll. AI oi • tlia.i 1 < ) delegates
were in attendant*'—principally from (le.irgu a d
N'ortil t aroliua. Alabama, l lurid.• a d V ii imawci.
partially rcpre.souu !. 'U•.* \ ugmia d<de^ lies tvu c
Irani NuiTtdi. ; and llie ani;tiuei.i:m.i i 1 11:■ 1 antval
while the • ouvenliui) w.i.s in scmIo.), was retmved
with a burst of applause. \ coinnrtti o: ,Jl,(i
inong whom v.e observe tli * mums ul A!«.ss;j*.
Uaviie, McJAullie and A1 eimuiiig-i, ol S. and the
J.iu*Seuator i\in ; ol t 1 •«».,) re ol res
ulutions. *bowing the gieat advanta :<■* which would
result to the South from a </, /. (' tn ' Y with Kuroje,
instead of, m now. ihioimh Noi th iI..dors, and It*
commending the a I *pt on ul me.-sines to elf. et that
desirable iesuit. We sh ill. as - cm a- our colu.n
are disburt lienee I <1 the matt, i w la. h now pie- - s fm
public unm, lay these rc-oli.!< m» » hclu. ■ oui i - . i i -.
in the rat i 11 i1 , we may ubsei ve il h South
is deter mined to a i t. t a in I hi» st in d, .. ■» w ho; * she
ui.i \. i ii . tdie vc she w ill, / i ' iI ; . i. ■ ■
sell nut to neglect the gee.it in urd advantages*
winch she posses •c*i, u oi t > I m !e t i h - - ii pe rt ■ o ity
which ihey tonic i upon hei, by in < t.vily ami nib
wi'-s. It, however, she bills to build up hot -cap. rl,
b\ opening a thaliuel t>I internal co.iiiii.iim• itiou,
Mm t«dung to tin- Missistppi oil »h" h ... a d to
the Oiim on lilt* o her, -he n.\ l !•
which C’h.iil m. , an I the oilier < ■ t s • ' i..e So tli
have s < iierg- ■ nail v eatei d Ii -•> lie
( ’I:a,dc1 • • o11 ( 'o i. 11• I, w 11 i|. ;:,• t»... Ini 11: c•.»t,-1 Mlc
lion ol oil; S ut 11 a «sic*i n Ra I lao 1 " * p'i:d . .. in
the Legis
«ci of il> u . - ! _•*, Us d It .1- a . MjlilJHit to Stic . . ’«
tlu* a In
to iheir gr at t . ferpi t:tr*. “ I, *t U“.” (it s »y -.) •- pay
Up OUT > 11 ii -11 jltl *tis, Wii!. JUt ll m ..mg, setuie tin
Rank charier, and keep the start w.- have* got ol the
Old Dominion.*' What s .ou!d a* iheeour--* id the
Old Do mud iu 11 ider sueh • ire u us!ane w < t. ’
escape tire (loom ol perpetual poverty and ra('id c
clensiou in polit c il powei ! W !:.r. : .me i 14 tie
prosee u 11 • 1 j ol those w oiks ol lot err. a I I mpn v. tm-nl,
ii|)oti win h not h-r j 1. <! - j > *; 11 y 01 but h"t very
salvation, depends? While the .Vutmni Slate.-.
on one side, are pushing their work- with ledou'd* <1
ttifl'gv, and the extreme Smith is snipping In the
race with new Imrn zeal, s all ^ rip ia alone*, the
motl.( i of State s .mil e I S: in>inen, remain idle a d
inactive ? Si.ail -lie sleep uli In the 'pdiie-u pnz.
within her gra«p is Hiiatch*. d by !• <dm 1 but more e:i
teiprizing hand.-? We appeal l*» file intei st—!o !
the pride—to the patriotism f every genuine sun ol
llie land ol Washington, of Je tieiMJti. ul .Madison
of llenrv, to *• coine? o the res, m-," and to in
cur f veu some litlle hazard, to v- 1' v > g- cat a e i
/utility, and t<» aeiiieve so proud a triumph.
The last Knoxville Register Mrtrs tint a
•lot kind.o-i iu a neighboring cou »ld a num
her ol shares in the meat ( d.ai it - toil and ('me in nail i
Kmi! Road ('ompnnv, at a premium ofsir ycr cent.
Till*: MANDAMUS ( AS1*:.—On ilic Otli iuai.
Amos Kendall made tlie folio i g reply t• > tin* writ
of'Mandamus issued b) the < i; • uit ; i u t ol h I; -
Hid of Columbia, in ibc case ol S ockton A' .Stokes
th. the t’ustm istei (ieuerul :
J*omt Uffh k Du’Aj.t’Ji t, Apid 3, lK'iS.
Having < omumi) c it d til awards ol t
«f i lie Ti easurv, referred i ■» < i t •• w ii !• in w * it, t.i 111«•
Auditor of ill*' Treasury, for the PuM olh e D< ..it
*neut, win) has tlie legal ell-.tody "I ill '• • As in w lilcli
(lie aecou.U of this Depailimiit are kept, 1 hav
received from him official inhumation t V .: the !■■»!
mice of $aid awards, v z. lliii \ nil) * thousand l ur
bundled and st vent)-two dollars ami lolty-s-v m
£euts, ($33,47:2 44,) has been entered to llio eiedit .
oi the clamianls on said books.
Ml. Coxe, fur the Plaintiffs, moved to , . . l!»e
return a* Dfiiclorv ml msuifi r -nt. Id* .ugued
that it was a gross contempt oi in t u.t, in simch
as Keud.dl had assumed a giouu 1 ova r-inh 'j by the
Court and abandoned by his*w . eouns' 1 bebae the
Supreme Conn ; and that the tenor of his n ply was
entirely inconsistent with his pivvi us aui .u. Mi.
C. laither suggested that the Pus master (h.nrral
‘had not certified any thing whit lithe w r.t o; M a damns
commanded him to certify ; A c. Ac. Tlie 1 ottrt
l,iok time to consider the motion.
fu the mean tune, however, the 111•■.util]* ("ho, k
tou A Stokes) received at the Tm a - i i i v the principal
n,notint ol 11 to sum decreed io them. Kendall, it
•eenis, tin u gh he dared not refuse any longer to
P*1) the money whit 1< he has so long ijnju - ly and
illegally withheld from the plaintiffs, .. vo a dying
**ck at the Court by vvlioni Ins stub mi ne» k had
*)ee“ made to bend.
• 7 i be rumors of contemplat'd than es m th'*
Cabinet are disbelieved. Thev wete at !*■ i>t pic
inatui e.
Dana 1 v . Slaughte . K*q. is ami'.- e l ...s a
C,W'*., |U Jill ,bp V I' IIICV III Coign >S (in «• !• »*tl
• ,1k‘ «' •Clioii of Jehu M. Pa»b . !. • ; *. » t!.m I h\
tru vr i ,, i
v m:\v u*,nt
J !i Kicliiiioiid hnquirci, some lime ago, waul that
the tnie issiih w is •• I lent v ( lav anil a National
I*.ink against M irim Win Hurrn mid no Hai.k.*' (It
ought to have said M miu Win Hurt'll and a (7 ■ r ■
ml l»auk.j — \\ ut peiccivmg that the “ .Mo-'tei *'
I. is keen so olu n paraded be lore the people that tt
his lost its terror, as things with which he have
! > -m. I'timh.n aie apt tod-’, it n *v -us that !t is
*11 i v i I v and a National Hank, a Tat m md In
ternal Improvements’’—adding at h ast two ini hi *
to tlieo! ! M< : st«*iv; tail. Hut does not tile Knqm
let ktiuw th it Mr. Clay expressly *• a* • I in Irs spe eh
•\g Host tli ■ Soil Tie ist.iy I ill, (a speech, by the way
" I: eii | he Kiiquii ei has m-t y et n published, \ r tea
sons lest known to itself.) hit so in as the far ill is
concerned, he h. els hints td I pledged («• adh m to the
Compromise \ei ul I “.Id, which l iVci tiially guaids
igaltist an increase I I dn(;es ’ And that,as lelates
to Intern..I Improvement , !.e *ake« the ground that
the Sta es having taken them under theii own pat
milage, iheie is no longer any pietext l i the gene
ral government to embark m them ! Kveu it the
ol'j* ction* to Mi. C.’l i), however, were as solid as
thev are tiius show n to la- (hiiisy, what light has the
tfnqtmcr to mg them, while it suppmi* Mr. \ an
Hiiteti, w ho voted for t!m Tardl'o! 1 w hu h w as
known in the South as the Hill < I Abominations—
and who sustained the authority to eotistiuri Inter
nal Improvt ments by the Ueuvial (lovernment by
viit11. : t i the most odious measure ever adopted
hy that (i.M-Hi ui*itt m udeiem e to that subject !
(| r’ Why don’t the Koqmrci tell the peuph
something about the new NATIONAL l»I-. ilT
which the present administration lias created, and
which will ani ii be aho u; dO m ill tons id dollars ?
(‘oji’plrn* returns Ituin tins State exhibit the sub
joined ri.s*ilt id th votes tor Governor, as entiliast
< d with the election l*r the same ullue in I KM .
1k3«. 1-37.
: (Whig) 21, l
Beers (Loco) l!U*(,n 23.Hm
Phelps (f 'oiiscrv.) 1,331 no candid fc.
\ .i lily i
W hig m.ij n tty o\ei Bin i «, m l -’33, •'■' ,s
(T/^ Win (t.lin, ^ ■ * h»
Wing m j rity over hmh opponents, *t.-»l7
But this IS nut all. ill 1837. the Sure > mate
> *d thus : 7 W tug- and I I \ .mitt -—B» H' ■ ■ ' *
Wings and '.l Vanities! In the other hiancli »»t 'h*
Ii' gislatui *. m I -37, tin re wi n - \\ f. mid I -'1
\',ii.it. s ; m iS3 , then y 4 \ !u
Vanite, or about I'.'O to £>0 ! d lie New oikv.*
tors scarcely sutparsed that of t on < < inmi — w hit h
:s tuni e important, as it u til ensn i e t lie ej cl ion I r * »
the I . S. Senate . after die llh ot March next, ‘0
!)| Niles, ot..' ol the III e,t five er.ile I • " For os.—
Will nut Mr. Va Bmen open has (‘yes !
M MNu-ClhLKY'S Dl.SddlK'T..
d i.e entire returns l.oin the ('on es,;.iiial do
ll et ncently lepi'c&c led by Mr. l. *lh y are as I •
lows :
Pur Kw i. I\o'.i so (\Vli ..) 111.
For-Mc( h ale ( Luc. ) J.l -'O
Showing a mijor.tv ul (*33. ddn re wer, ho
st dc-, I3^>catleimg vole-, who'll weir pi nieipally gtv
onto Mr. Farley. another \V hi-. dhis n'ull w.is
lit !|, a nth i pat* d, >o soon upon the heels of l lit* du
el. B only st ows how unit■-•.ju ail and d *e r-d
IS tile til.*. :11 ettoil ol liie people to the lliea Ure.S ol
the a Iniinistiatmil.
SIMM IF PA'. M FNddS.—ddie Bonks ol Phila
h lpln.i. it is u th i-lood, have un<:.nm-'ushj decided
that it i- no xjM.ilumi lo .send dole.ales to lire meet
ing ' l ihe ihiuk ( -u\e; tin i which took place in
New Y oil. on the I I h in -t t < sfei I iv.).
ddic Presidents i I'll. Bank ol \ ugiiiia and Far
mens' Bank ot \ 11411;! 1 left Rich mood a lew days ago,
to attend t his immiing.
d lie N. 1 . Journal of (’uo im 1ce a, I the A tiie< 1
can .ire u 1 1 upon the New Volk Banks to lix a spe*
dy day bo the ic.-mnpliun ol .-p* t ie p.y Hunts: and
.i I.'iicr hum Alb.my 1 . the loiuu 1 Journ.d Matt?-,
th it. as s >* n 1 (i v. Man v shall be -atislicd that 11.*•
Philadelphia icill n i ..ml that New York wi<( re nine,
he w ill 9 nd a me >;ige to tin* Legislature «il that
Stale, recoinniemliiig tin1 l< m i»l eight ot ten mil
lions of the Internal Improvement stocks to the
Banks, m oidcr tlr.i the Stale may put funh its now
.' 1 with promptness and Hie* 1, to sustain those In
st, tilt lo is, should ll be lo'ce.-s »1 V SO to do. It is ad
ded that the N- Y. Begialature will not prolong
the law legaliz'd,g the suspension tor a single
• lay.
SIMM'IF.—d he N. \ ..Journal id’ Commerce of
the Gth ins:, announces the arrival in that port ol the
British sloop of war (it iliin, from St. Domingo, ha\
mg on hn ml S’ih.j.tlIt) m .specie; ot the b.ig M ir
colim 1 fr »m ( tiling.ma, with £ l’-J.ilGG in gold, and
>' :nno m silver; and of the St. .1 trues from Lon
don w it it s 1 <70 0U0 specie.
AJ()N 1, Y M \ B K Fd’S.— At Nashville on the 31st
u!t. 17 percent, was idler* d rd refused for a clink
(l l !>ln!.ule!p!.i 1—spee'e a d F. S Bank notes were
at a premium of G per ceut. Mississippi paper
nominally at 10 pci •mt. d > 0:1 at, but holder 4 un
willing t" sell at those rates.
Al M* hi! .until : OSlh ult. GO days’ sight bills on
New York ami New ()rSems ueie from -to 10 pei
rent, premium, and in some cases had sol i as high
as ] 4J per cent.
Ai N*. w Orleans on the ‘.Hill nil, Specie was 7 to H
pei cent. premium; I . S. Bank notes, 3 to 1 per
cent. prciuitMi; Mississippi notes, from ‘33 to *37 per
emit, below par; Alabama, 1 J to 1 J-A per ceut. do. ;
d’e,itit"-M ■, lg’A do. discount. Tins is the re-ult t*l
ticn. Jackson’s boast that he would not only give the
nation a better currency, hut that he would also 1«• :r 1
late exchanges ! !
£7* Mil. WKIJSTKil'.S SPEECH needs ie.
in me. No nne w liu reads it i an lad In dpsci r llie
dillere between a plnl i.up.real, pr.ieiic.il S' in s
in in, a d a subtle casuist, liio Mr. Calliuuu.
Tins body adjoin neil on M all day last. hay dig eon
tillilrd in si ssion If) day .. Mel p.i' ed inure than
PlOOacls must of ilieni of a Im ;d ml uuiinpor
portaut character. Tile lull " imposing la\es lor
tlm sup airl ol (i 'Vi uini'iit,” alter being bandied
between tlie Irvn ll rises lor sev-ral days, the
IlogiM' refusing to t .1.. II r 111 an a III end mi 111 proposed
by the Senate, inen using thetas on .Merchants'
1 Ku ei..-ls, and the Senate reinsi. < in recede, yvas
■ doi S turd ly last, the Sen.it - givii g
... ,y. Much othei business ivas dune, which will
'be li'tiaf’ir noticed—at lead 'Uch portions of il,
a getu r.d ch ir,.et-r, as may be imturcd into
i laws.
Al.n I g lilt |I suit.til ll' doplell I'll .'.ill id.') Win
! .. m of'a nsiil'ilinii uttered by lien. (abed.
! ■ i ee'ing a survey io b - made, by the I . i.i- ;1 , i ■!
If, .. d belli".’- ll id .m! ■ UlfVt . n.t loti"- lot
tIn- i pule.iijil.iti il turnpike road lioni Paimlle, hy
li'okv AM- i !, iii Mi iiibliti, and Big I n k.to l- in
( U ill r*r»t< t on . and also t>* '•urvcy tin- inr**!
eligible and eonveuimt route lor a M .n a I utilized
turnpike to ad iitiin Parivijlo, bv the lion miikn in
I'uttiek, to |he most convenient point lor its ronnCC
tion uttli th ■ ' hi hii esterti valh'v it or in the tin all
hoi In-n^ •»! L! i i isham, in the count v ol W vi in#.
i \ i f * i i * * i Bn - 1 i \ -
I u o u h t out t I'liuii a> .N- Huiwell m oppos tioii
Ii* till II late < Si ri ll il, John 1. \ndn
* tl, <•' d 1* limn t npi’i and John W . I t ompson
lot the House ol 1 >«-h-^aiei, in opposition to the late
' • ;'. \ i. •
\\ le M'Vi | |hi 1 „li 'tlUII ( llllll II, I lie Sub I' lslll \
men dr i iii i i •: I | , s. their ( ’onset vat n hr**tll
i e ii ; hut n In i e 11 u - > at e too u oak to do 11 its t he v are
\ ei ) tiateiu.il!
(T/** ill*- null Htt1* n t ill luteiest lntore the 1 . S.
Senate is thr I ill (., prohibit th giving **l tto eptnig
< halien ,uiii h hi duels in llit- Pisti id ol ('olundna ;
nliu h, alit i t lor.; m l interestin'! iliHt ussion, has
heeu ordered to he engrossed.
( I'lit* it'liiM i ssion el iIn* 1 hstract uf (duluinhij
to Maiy I ' il ml \ agn a. I" ;ies to be Hoiionsly
. talk. d "!. \ report m.iv shortly bn expected upon
tl*c siibjr. t lium tin Distnct Committee in the
I lotlsc i t H«| r<s» nt.it iv» ..
Tie tl1 i. ad \ ampliation Kill Inn passed
- both l louse . .*1 ( ‘on ,• .t ,1 r<-reive. I the signal me
ol the I’m -udrnt.
liru'iih >■/' '. > a.— 'Ii I'oiiisflt, the See
rft.uv ol Who, was. at o n last dales limn Waslmi
ton, dan ’t in sly ill. I I .s hie, indeed, had hern
dcspaneil t, but slight imp- ' wi n1 tain itained ol Ins
icrovi'iv. lies disease is bmoits pleurisy, lioin .m
attack olwbnli 'll. Mi'kim, 111 i* 111 I ><* t ul (’ongiess
II o in I ’ i! i a >*. i e. e it I v diet I, and « I w hit h .'! i.
.1 .ai ilia ol.'I tl. and Mr. Ki uy n ol N. \ . ate al>o ill
at piese- t.
L 0We copy lie following article fVoni thu
K icl ino-.d I t <|iim i el 1'. I i n o \ Iasi :
; J.HT. AM) \vi:n IV.’S <>r \\- \ MH\(jTt;N
'i'.h.s bo .iv S Dotv I t.aiij'lc n tl ill twelve Vollllll >
.Ml. Jnnd Spaiks has | taidfi ed ail n estimable s(’i
vie. i > !•»'* t "lint! \ by lay in; Washington's ** (.'.a
1 r s ; hi • j \ I'' li re, \ * I • < . .h < - . f •, a ||. I o I! i. a p I pi a-,
olio nil ,i, •' private. sektiid aid pub isle ii, lioui
the (hi 'ii. i. i . . i| n, vt it ii a Lpe oj tin A III hoi,
Notes, Kill'll ' l.'-a s," v\ I ei. I. |he | nhlit .
The I t v.dui *e • n .. Is t ! I, l.i.eol W’a-lni g
toil. In lute ! e p , Id i
The J I i oit.pi so. \\ aslin g». n^s letters anti paj <as
vv. i ; i i I jt ;. a t • 11 o • I i ' d o: 1111
T O > S t v eII I o 11 o vv 111 ; 11H n s * ll 11.1. t . a ' I 1 n ■* ( ' o I
I to, | to, dent *■ .1 .Mis. . • i ,in tills w iii.ngs, 11 dating to
I he K'vtb,.;ion : tioni tin' Inin l.e was a pointed
(. inn.and i in ( lie I till lie le igietl la. Com
i nilS-nuii.
The 1) ii V in nt—a'l Ii s Co*; spuiMiei.ee fiom
tine pc Mud t dl the t tme u ( In-, m in g .H.<1 ion a • ! * i * i
tl. uf.
’Ih I lit h ai d I llh Volumes etuilaiii his Cents
potideota-, boil* . Hea.d ami piiva'c, hum 'Jie com
me > 'an. nt "I hi-s |‘n >i i.aii \ In I a rml . | iii s hie
The i -til volume t oiitaii s tin Sj eet lies and dies
sag’ s to ( 'oegit • w tl l*i04 lam Ptons ,ni I Vi.i'es
- , s 1.1 \ v • s a 1! • I • "I < " I 1 a I • .11 . V i y 11.11 / 'i
I't.rcj to lhe w hole wank, Hi d an alphabet ir,d i.dde
nl'nil the .'.ft:', ludaatiiig lie iiaiues aid tl na.—
T net < me- likew *b< el.nl laid ‘8, etmipusing the ai
i .,,it. t i.t the vaiion hii-s ol lit atmy dm
ui'* in • K \ ’j 1111 n, and the nanus u...I i nl. ol
l|ie tl dVita t olle t j . .Simdai lahl s re -i.ltli .*, coll
l iimn He i a ia s ol all ih I imnpal civil .fie .as m
.j, l need S ,.i 'i dur.iig dV .i a ii .toil s public ea
, f.L.|. I 'a v •.! ti:ee ta tv .in- * e. ad at lull to what is
;l; . Vl. . ♦ 1. an \ p; ei. li \, ulil acuig a gnat a
mount I . • ■' y *'* n nil r, iIIi.htbiwo ul ilm l.if
•Ul ! , inuil Ul t. ' • ti'lii 1 " at (I II. • Il slur. ..I ll.B
mill . .:, .. lili-Ii I,.. I. I Ol.' tl|l|) "IllltX iu tin- l-'tli
vilium, , : . . , ■“ 1. ■ <"< ' ' ' 1 1 '• "
lick's wlm ii ..i . i i ■ 1 .. l!' : '"l
• *'■ •
subjeel o! Ins I .a vv. J \.1.111 ,:. ”
I . e Vv dal, is ■ a.la !.d Ind ..mi in v ri',r‘l 'v,l,, ’-1
sallot 8 ol M ai.iisi i tpls, «N. f. v\ . .
II I:. if , I 1. rv oil I.' O ill, III si '
W l ks w I) if il hav e ever been published. llt\t,. ',H
mo ol Ih. most t xt i.no dn.aiy . vt nts in Pit- i i>toty
ol the hue ai i.i.f, and one oi the in a tlj.iiaLltas
that i ver exi t* tl, ui I he most lie • i si mg ami .ml le u
te'h ju —d o a \ iigimaii, ui p.u .culai. we sli mid
sitppo a the W Ul!. would be an object ul'ihc gicatCMt
value, a ;d of tie- ljight st made.
Kid toe Ag' lll Ol the Will'!, Is (|o V in l|li.l(’ltV
and w oil id no ...nil be happy to exhibit it to geijlle* J
lieu, vv ho inay I r dt siluws ol e yam apng tls Co lit nts.
We n.imst!) i reunion aid U tu t,.c patiuflago ol ll.e
' Wt hav ; lea t toloi t s.ii |, l(-.d w e now ; at f
that no Maniagc or Dbitiiaiy notice, sent to um
ammymuu.s'y, will be ptibh ! d. Wo have h en o
often impost tl upon that we are eon pH < d (0 ob
stave thin tulc. This will uceounl lor the non ap
| entrance of xt v tid reecntly removed.
(Ty5** We .)' iui!ion/..*ii to amiuuni i Joll la rT
W I* It, ! Nt'j. ( \V I. . ) as a eantloI it.* to represent lied
lord - uumy in the m*M Leialaima. (Wo iegnt
that two .anus am kien’ully oLcuried in imikm ; this i
ianunci.t i in leaetol a ■.)
Si rr. < (o \ it'll. — The JP\. I). S Doptpttioh
teinjilntes <h live I in & i sc it sol S it: oil to I he \ *utrj,
o( both m'M* .—1!.<- JhSt id which "ill be preached
on Sun lay tvanm^ tie u, ;tf th M• tlu lint I--.
Chun h.
0/’ We hive received the \ pi il No. of the
> ilh i l. • li . \\ ( have not had
I c lb lire to open i:s ] ,ii»cs ; bo; tl we may j «l^<‘ by it* j
v.111r*tI table 'coni* us. \ !-\ lie* roeomiiiiiiH o| our
coteiiipoi.ire-, it • on*inn m to mli'datu, anti ill Jei il I
to increase its t laims lu i.o p Utou t^e ol the public
— p.»i;u ubiily ol \ ,f jim ms.
» i i mi Mr a no.
Ain meetia : of th per mis t le« tad to mv<a« Common '
Coe■ ifiliiit ti, tor ib* town oj l.t io Ida m, for ilia eiisnimr
v , m t : : said town, on Wedn die
iii^ lit 111: of Apt.1 • • • * :
p, . ;i|, Smith • it !!■ P..vis, Put id (j. Mnin 11, Isaac Ad*
, J 'a . '; , Nathan H.
, . .. Jo • *• j U
w bo. ll . - it: O r Pi uk< :i tl t oiitli to support til'* t onUiiu*
tiomH'llu* ! .til. d Fl it lie- iwitliot fidelity i.» the Common
. I Marlin W. Da rport,
j <
j IP. I.i : . _■ uj »!, l.t It pit* ' • led lo • p< lu I’t
-„j, ,, | .,i i!< no nv:i < ti'ini tl, wlir a Smith ''ll. iMm w.-»
t . * ived I ' I («. AI tit
, ||,,i., \(a , at.I ll; id Davis theivupoiJ leak hi* soot,
; in nl then | I to elect it< I llieCo at
(• ,|. v\ h: ,i I id I toil * let' in_'T i nilT U" ' *
• » Inly elected. ' I t • *
tlirr ’ti't.iii, in pi it--., of’ the Bmud, look (lie oalh '•! oflk-n
lifMi.n■ Martin W. Die • nport !. -p Mnyof.
I ■ I
, . f ( *011111*11 i il .. I , i • I Hi*>
un i; lopud ibr th« 'overmw lit of th pro* nt' ’o U.
Tb Tr. >i«l‘ lit of the Common P-".hi d doth . ;• • 1'’*
«j j • , , n* n , 11 ....ii' md Morgan to * o , t.t t tb
! Wi.; * i Ca ..:.nu« -
yj, . . Thurnnoi, Din ukl, VI ms and Fletcli r t "it*
slime ll. Firei t Coe.aiitl'■
i_ •; -. i .
I mlttre. .
• Tin* UO..I.1 "ip f T . Murrell and Ot > to l«
tb -ui.ee - pi-' *\ud ‘'•lie pr--.**.•»»! VI ar.
ic nop} :,oi
| S \| \ I.J, r< >\ Wi in J >,l io .x that no tiex.
,im' ol Sina.itl l*ux It »•< mm .1 in thu pUt < , an
HOIK! is appiel|»Mldt d l’he ^euileiu <ti ullu xx.is it
i nked with it, has rrmveied
11 is a l*4i pi ope i to say ih.11 l he I'. .■ < // 'if, xx l.ri.
if ni'tin i ed, h is lice il well i e i » d and white • ■ • h
ed. and ini the last two xveeks t)i mn Mx am I ; iml
that tl a Vtllel s may IIIIW, tm • own m tre.ulx d. u .
stop I li«*t 4* w nil outlie - defy .
ti iititi
M i; t ird, at thorosiileiicHT «d <’ol. Aug. Ldtxvich,
n this pin. . mi Ihiesd'V evening lust, t»y the |\rv.
Win. S K e n|. \l niM'lK I i II M I U )o«i U H. I- i|
ol fi lehmoiul. to VI|sh hi /.I \|| |\ . d hit ( o( 11,
late ,1 iii.e, ( Ink. 11* <|. I tmi’tly ol ' ni . . hnut h
t '.it ultu.i
oi:a a t iu\.
Died, uti Saturday tin* ?th m, f < ir onm Af t• ti xr t
ml.ml son ol John l\ hi#- i, I s j id S dem, Ux»te
i -mt. ied J x« n*. 'months and *Jl days -aliei a
1*11**1 dim mi ol J1 hulls. |*iku the ih’xx dlop, “it
sp.it k led, xx as exhaled, a lid xxem to I It ax • n.”
Departed this hie. on the t .* t h ultimo, in i he » <>iiu
l\ ol 1' itin k. .it tlm lesideo eol \|| Stephen \lkis
son, attei a slnui tllm «s ol 114I11 ni ten d.ixs, Its.
I*“i i If I'uxxstti the ? 1st year ol In i agi \ke.
lithe s une pl.ife on the \»t>th, lot liijsh.md, Mi
I I x m x x Ii. \ x s, in t hr . n h Mai nt his .» ■ • All
I'' i li.nl bi'i’ti (''impl.iiiiiii: petit.i- ibotH a xx e. k.
Lilt tint so as to . t ih m he. tin m'. \ .ppndieii
sn-n ot da11;■ t■ i ( hi S i'■ I*.»1!t mm mn..1; In . p, i « d so
XX ell (hut most id the I.i 11111 y left Ill'll, to at lei I i hilt- It
I 111 lIt(' tn 14h111>r!nnnI. I 11s (I i * • .* ht•1), liuxi't x ' I', v 111•*
only child.) Mis \ike-.mt, .it xxln .. house he x» i .
letnami d xx tilt him. About I > nt 1 oh hn k xx lnh
sitting n p in he.I, apparently is xxell a. u u I. I.e
suddenly eninpl.iineil i| pain ni Ills j nv, and tinine
1 diately e\ptu*d xx it hunt a simple. I In depatftiie
ol Alls. I tail • xx is limit' p id it il . slu had, I.i one
• oi ixxodays Inline, been xoiisl.imlv aulti ipatili^ the
' v' nt. uni in unit six I the mm t an mo us . ui . ■ t a to
make the neeess tiy pi e pat at ions ; ami at last Mink
'•do the at ms ultle till i allu.,; upon the name . I (In
I* 'id l hits these i ;r | peisot aliei hx in to ill
II Jh. .1 M) y . ,o as toe. let it-1 ami xx tie, d i. I in lie
in. .*l it i ueii 11 .endin the uri^hl othoo.l m xxlneli
1 h y xx e . t i t ! In hi * 11 o x xx i i. hui • not, I,
.ti dealh lin y xx eiv haldlx *e| a. i: ed.
IS 30 '4 8 L', Vi
os' s'iis: t. i\ rr. T« • i:a .r*.?z: j: s'
4'or3"i*c*ft\3 l>> OK*)',
i (» r i//»/fi v \n:m':i i \;.
I'.Mii •• in it in |i i*>ei! l'ol .irin^'i .ra) in m 7,'»
Inii 11 t in i ii . mi, ;> ;»ii tu i. on
' ‘“HIIII II Id ^dd I (, 00 to •; 00
(»•'..«! in lim . 7 on in H •'.»
Ini. imi I. • \ oo i » ;i 7.i
I.n4m n no in 7j
• id Wui Kin • l.ti-*, .'{ ,'iil in 00
M .mill.u mi at.; mintlino ill inai krt.^ 00 In 10 !,)
Iusj>ft,|i*(l tilt* pist Wtfi’U. 7i’*0 Ii Ini * id' '
I Imm n i ,j| Ini iln II l ln*» " iik, I nit pin i’a aiu iilinnt iln*
I' lowi, (dull,.) ^ A ?,» in (> 00
W! • at, | Oo In 0 00
I '<• II, (pfl It.o 11 I.) 7 . # In 00
M a I, (• • t In *1 ) wlmliiali , II 17 In 0 I .
W ill is, uIm! all*, 0 i |n 0 10
I’l t< ! . 1 ■ d. ) |li In In | / 00
lidii.(}n j tdii.) 4 inijiitha, In I 00 In 00 00
I I -1*1 , (pm I ii. ) 170 OU In I 10 00
I * 11»vi i r'lM-tl, (110111*.)
I’ai nii, (pni 111111 t • (1) 0 00 In |0 (III
I I lls. (| * 11n On*h) It . Id 0 ;t7
' a. . (p* I i» 1\. ) 1 (Ml m O 00
ft * f » q ’ f» ♦ • ••« -
C« i M « N (it a •
J) ..mi (lit- river, VO T.o in ;r» oo
I. n i In* i . \ i' J * O din i • i on
l'la*»tm •nitI 11 * i, (,i*i I'd,) 7 On in H 00
A •- to | }|i* i. i • I' I i»l I . I< h ' wi h n ■ lnli.it c •' * !i
..poll dll, l* 11 J It if I mill ll till. | ! . pH I vi • I | |
..Ii .it ..I out I- • if•) d . h- • i o.nM ■. • i sti 11 i n ui
iln .it in iimiil i. \ '“in | I \ ill nr in pull 017 lip
non 1 Tdh 1 1 1 i.Mili n in oi l. . 1 d| |m:!i imii Alan
ill u'(nri*ii« n i -•h ut n . pn It 1 lIn* nn'«lnim.
j--' -,*-■* • - a* - ><*.» \ -»•*»*» ••
4'titafn . ith.Vtt. 8 am' ",
I \ U MM. HI 11 • HI i «H III'
it.. , u . S.iUu I v in \i, \ |» il
1 li|j, it I tlrvrfl it i li*' I'M i*» l *.l\ •
j. ii. v \.*j i.
i:iisi live, i • m.
< 'mnn.i. ' 1 .ii.i lutlt > -ill ill*’
"i'.'v f .1 : i ' i
I., .ui, i ;.i ,m sin. '• ' ‘""i1 i»'v
* < xtrii'ls II'u i lie U i\ • i to . " v • " 1 1 ' '■
. i hr .t'! v .il tin ,M ,i| U* ! I 101.1 HI* i •' •'
J. 11. GUI >
h er s < > iv * i • .
v> _ J
Uililitn .. »-«!«■ i- ..
'B'O (om kiiii .VV.I' ‘.n.l- ..i l,„nt
E ,,| ,1,. K . ,M,H. ...I S '!'<• I III, IIi„i. A
M I ,, ... v M <l ,1, . , i1*-1’'
.1 <) 11N |.. K>||..\sO.N.
C.., , i:t|,i *l, ' •' M.hiw.
April l i ‘ 11
•» <• rt < IttM > Ul’V
rami. Ml V I llh r ih! : IIH Ills 11 Ir IpU > 11«1 l lit! | ^
B 1m: ;-e:ii i . 1!y, tli.it In- n ,m>\v r < ivt 4 hi*
Mippl;. oi ^'ooJ s,
|Mirrl asi <1 in S' w 'r urk n 11 * I I * 111J .1»I *• J j *! 11 » : and h i\
me lotlll'l tlli'Ol to In- l| 11II s 11 1II v cheap. (let r | ||| I tieil
j»| I'M ! i \ t i tic IM'.lSi* 11 N Slock < 'I I ) K 'i l |( H ) I ). > . Ill
flitters liimell eo h I * • I to sell any .»11 n I»’ m tin* 1
hove line, as cheap as any other iVstahllalnnnit in
1 <»w n. hmI m inv • 00 Is elie ip, 1. II p n . icn1,111v in
vites his 11 minis ami the public to call ami examne
Ins stork. \111011 t the rssorlimv I, the niiih-tm<*n
t Kini «l "imhIi u 1 i he so hi it lh«* lollmv nil’ pi ires :
II* ,i M tlf !• .Ill I i!l*ti le at 7rls.p i \ ar-l,
( riui'l (i 111 c!mms at I 'jA,
< alieoes at I it, I J A. to ‘Jo,
M oslms, line, .‘l.'I,
Kentucky •)< i! ‘ , a fi ie irtirle. at .f»0,
( Ot tOtl ( lot IlS lt ill. <el l‘Ji, iVf. A'r. (V'e.
April W 'i M. 11 A IH1.
tm.s n
TAM: .T*s I ,(ITTI I. 1 \ Mi IVlIl'NI ''III . /
/,ynrlibu . Aj’i'il 1 k,,h, Ih.'f. y
XllC I o 110 \V 111 '* WCl II tin- ill.ivvil IIUIIiIh'IS hr I1!’
Wt'IUInirg I-■•it iv. ■ xli.i <'li ’ N1'. "• '"I 1 3d, '
Kicliinui.il. on Tliiirsil i> ill'' oi11 in' I:/. :
B OU lrl in 40 I) 23 21 21.
Till- following Non 111 I •• will' ili.iwn foi llic
V. I.c ling Lollnry. 2il f'ln-i, for 1 i% u Aliwni
dli.i, on S Iiniil.v Ki. 71 n ■ i • i ■ 11' :
00 3 1 51 27 .'I 7.n 11 01 2.0 11 Si 7
\ lit "t v■ i v 11 11111 ■'. Ki, / ■ ■ soM nl
' T U.IIUI'S 111:•11\Y nri'KT..
Tin (‘ojipcr E’.sr!«>!•;,.
;; mi i .i. liOUliltui
I Jl l'.SFKi ri.'l l.l/i inform. no iuii/.cn< nl
fl t I .> 111 -11 mii iiol tin" sin i ... ili'l
In* has iipcii* il i near tin! I*"-! 1 Min *\ ami i u
lin*ih ill*IV opposite I )i. .1 am»‘*» I ■ It•»yalI s I )i n 4
Store, where In* intends inaiiul icturin^ » w i% kind «»!
articles used in his Inn*. \ll wmh made at lie* * s
I al; I i>li urn 11!, Wiil In* \» mini'il to pel I *»ri 11 as wc II .1 .
anv in lb** St itt*.
N II.— Ziottse < done with pi nipt •
ness ami durability. .J ■ II It.
\pnl PJ *h
l!OV.\TO.\ A «V»JK,
3 s.t * ill S't'jj
.* ! ' J i • s; ■ \ .V Y;>.Sii,
«r()l ill thus notify " v sin.: the < ’ *y Ini
V V pm p ■ '*1 ti'h*, 1! 1 1 i. • ;* me niaivi
ami u i-1 he pie p.m-d with a ;oo.l 11 ul "fiseial shn.k ol
M.ijiSj* :ind S,':n3',> 5)ry liioodi,
which tp » ft, will I t t , 1 *• 1 ii
l'h t v will i 1 • ; 1 1 ' nl!y on ham! >1 r 111 ill n k ,
Duvi'i, anti .1 \ -:-:* • T hi v pm .*.1 Prints? Tretum 1
' 1, iw .. , .ii. i !n r Sh :. -: >ufi ‘h \ . \ t la in!
* tn* !* .•vn. W hi'*’ 1 ! Phi. I h ill'.
.Vw *. : M
(1::::osoti; tooth m vmi Ti.o.l.
\ i In' I'i >!• ■, new mil \ .ihi title ,M cifliin*’*,
I!.. Il .n \\ idi, uni 11 <it i-yu .11:■ I Oil, uiijorlvff*
Hum 'ii K tU • I«>r Ini tin* SI.
\ miIi-.s 11 ii.I, u 1»i. nl n 1 ire very o!i| an*! nl
supeimi *jn ihty ; S ilt *»l llm.es,
h in K . M .lii.ii v, MiimK, • 'nr., .mu, 1‘luting Act.
''C- ,1 IS 1 .11,«! Host H, rt*»Hn|t« il,
< .111 . ■ i, 11 | )i 11; 111 u 1 • l 1 • 111 1 ’ • I’n 1' 111 1 * o w.Ie r,
)■ infiii,^ l.iin’-, .ilnl llnuU*, iiHMiih-il,
i»*.n>i t ■ / 1 lll.iekin I' 1 I.-i .'im, Slioea,
U 1 I ; ^ mu „s .it ’.*i lei! vei \ Jiwst quality,
{ • n 11 11 Sl| in: . 111*1 < i III till H,
\ Mill!, |I 1 \ s. |’r in I Hi I. i s, snme very •npeiior,
/' l.ii.i il mil i "iininiN I ini ., mi ni* t)»e very
1111 * 111 \,
1. <. .■ ,1 in >■ v, .mil \ i-i 01 ill m /nstruct* i
Sw eel I >1!, \ lenln-l. Sul.ei .il hh,
s <\um'' 1 Viii.Ki 1, I’itFei'rvon ote,
«: \UCA UI SMI li
.e.vt> r.iTi: u.n:spt:A' i*r:«rs\
<J.YK? S.Y.nBS<
111. i Ba > Hid, s i| !'■ us uf I n Tin III p Seed,
M h •'| M iii/, ', MUMr, l.tum ;iml Turnip B« ct
Si t'd,
I! .idi -Ii. ('ii* mi In i, I cl n ne, anil ('i I cl \ Seed,
\ pal a H ( * 11 ml , \ i'll Ml II SiM l ;|S4I I lll-il willl II
iii 1 -ni|'pl\ I'l i tin i (« nden ml Th»wi*i .Seeds.
/' 1 I., ii.* Alrtltdn , in rj u it nl ifli* m snil
•Hii * hast 1*u
|», t•!i . ; >. I, ' | 1 Ills in tin arid lead ( ’ isct,
,1; I * ; ' ;•« and Tilin'4. < ' t ,' I t'Ujin>i dl Kc
Ns i ill”f,
\\ ,. \ \ ' and la; • \ ( ».lors, a \ i i s l.u;» • nup
pis, ut / •* m '‘’PH,
. <
/'< . kt‘\% I ill ( V, M'l Infs,
l • .1 VH.IIII . * sV. lei, ill. 1‘invdris,
\\ . ! |:. ! i i |\n | N | , ,*4. Cl 11 * I i 4, C.tlMtliM, TlllieiU,
\\ alums, 1 ’.11 Hlllll «,
I’.-.., i hi I I'm. . S.i i|>i .i i./i ! ""I’l'I.V.
' \V . ■ in 1: .nl - in,ft’ i i.,. .i i'ii' 'I' l ""I'i’i'.
III...I I, >, l lull m l din, .m l 11 ,nl'' ,ux I'tmlinU, u
«|>li ii li l mipi'ly.
.. , I It,-u in. .ill.l SiniiUlltj. 1 ullUCI ll, .1
xpii ti.h.i ., 111a %,
i I.i 11. i ; .1.. r.,., 1.1 i.ia iii,n l. 'iv.!", in l.npi' *.r
siiedl (pi nt!il.rs.
Is i 11 i ail I M II mill! N ei dies.
I’m •, ( . n. i . > » i i 1 il ls i •. Talent IV' tail Tens,
■ . i i1.i « ., Ia'limt unde, IIut Indie
| (la kil l,
\i i |»y .it I Null BiIi.uh Tills all U i at 14 in
i 'J T • , i I Tie
hi*I S'i • .Ill it d,
\!lttn, M i, ('oppei is. Tvpp , \Npier, ('linen
l,i. .
' \ | e heme i licsts it d | utiles tni Medicine chest?,
l'» laid, aid !' i d I , up I id Ink all I lid. pn*. del,
I d. Idde Ini, J "I 1 lkii"l
I , k It. I i. I Ii md A an i n 11 ( 'lirimc il *,
W .i: e i s md Sealing sv.ix, stSMuiled,
(dll 114 Mid Ti lids, I ait "I tile I •! se|> f| nest rjt i al 11 V,
T* mi. i ( ' ,. : i , i in , a i ltd • Iii gilt i than all u 11
\\ I'nlmv ;l • , Tir.iy and Salid papei,
( ill. e l s' | ill i Mi niullils,
I'eM i i.iii < Vip . md ( ’ani*.t« » .pulling f'osvdt r,
\ i:i• n, Tim, !i, \m i an and ('lii a'sr I'ougclul
the Cuitfl'lr JUtin,
l-’i e i ll .n I \ ill' i n Hi .M li x' in d,
( in'th ( hi I.. • I pialny I ' I'" de, n lit n nt i tik.
< l l Ii s I In I. Hi Ii.-, p.dl ni nt dnX' li,
I .'1(11 | . md I . pUH < ik nut,
If. s i n j . du at id, piio i ml 4 dt uf tin
! I k-\ T* ■ IkStiili'k An'. Ms j* pur and \nti
Inin il» j ill-, a! pi npi. tui ’.4 pi n ex,
' ( I ni.. I ,1 . t it . i te
II at Id niii}" I x | i d• .if )'iMini,
i ut '• a T * • | i epai tal ( > i"a \ rt ntv roof,
T ill >■ hi am I I a I'l'» a |) , t e ill < i I n il'» II lid B 'I le y ,
T"ie«d :in md I I nilian I fill,
] (irngk t and Ka du fry Sy nips,
i Ii '. i •- St tle4 am| ss. ighl4.
A!ui pai .
T.!« III H. id 111 Ilk ktllv "4,
« ) \ (id! I I | I e Ik 11 w 'lei r I l • . T" I 111 C S'.11 IUnI|,
\V ii Ii . n l ( h" I. ml, I . Bus M' .Ii me,
l Treiu Ii B«,h a. I \ nl | I* d in Thxit,
Mi 11" . i.s' <; i n . . \V i U 11 A! e l i* atm'nl urn,
( .m «m .‘f .v • , (v» i’l , I', title dtini» and Buds,
Ti n .' . i iipiovt d kind, k*1 t in use,
h id |.i. . ml pi p i f d kdijec i .
« i !l and >per/lielin in n k< d 11« add,
I. i Midi* . i d and ( *Minimn, gloat vat irfy
\ l.iM, I'Hit and T* Hi 11 hi. tiles,
\ .al, Inn d. md I *emijulm < ntdkS
I ,,| . ' ( h ' , I'ep; >h | 1 « - I I Ik s.md
All ' 'lid ( ' 11 pi l«* e i ' I (1111 - IIP PI S .
\\ ah .' . t " 11 "I • • 111« i .inds, sv|n< h svill l»w
1 i - • "i KftlB 11
I i ii i ii . , *.i i vi, .i lvant i" ' nu4 Ii n l am would lie
• VII I I | ,.r U "1 h<llfu\ the I "I I ill Hade.
Apt11 I J “
I'rTtKVB’io* :
If lifts ii fit;,
1‘AiaDt:, :•{ Om
I'mitl I 11 > m hi * nit Sul 111(1,1 v (hr
liih Mint , iii fcUimiM’f unifoim
n illimit N ij -.ii I -. .if I it o'clock
v . \| . Midi ill Ills ,111(1 ,|C( dill |4
III* III-. Ill .'(toil (II ll I Idl IIIHJ l|'C
11 . T . . !\| IS 1 I i i »' |111: ,M‘ I " IS> or,In
|„l 111.- < . , ixU. NnllVKLL. o. ‘i.
\ ;it i! 5 *1
> J • .^liorN !! J
t ' '> 1’ K i . < J. i \ i. 1) i j gic i» •ihiiml im e, at
_ S JOH N (.\ MI’I.M’S.
,* ;i* if :iw
M iivli *TJ _
\ o iin;.
^ y j. ; x j , r.lilliUS iirg It ivt- f.i inform their
ii |tl ,,V I - »»'l “v viilMly, lll.ll Miry
I , ,,,,,,,I 11 I HU") I emiinnidiiu « %tci:
■ 1,11 |»roduse intended
l„, |;„ ... will I. I.m ,1,e "'•*« »<*
.i.th . I luv li.ivnin |'l ■ ll""' ,Mlll,l'"R Sl'11"'
a Inil ■ -I ll I. If 111 l! I imiani.' , > 1 <tniirly out nl
„• it'ii ' I Mu In In st Ii .inn—Mi. “I"* Im>»
In-I.i III III. I. ,,'i.l.iy In r bin ml jr.M, r.-j.io.* at
lIk- l.u.ilni .iml - >i|i|ii'i • m iv I'd) <»n It. ir produce
I,, i,.I.. ..I ;in I luiivmini witliuin UeIn). h»
i;,,._y |,.,1 f, I . .1 I Iiitihl.il .1 I livin'.I \vii"i,i,» I ir
,.ii i ......II ... mi •! .lertilile ett
I. n, ,i. , nun.ti.l.iti- mu ll,. II.U, we «hnll lie cun.
I ,.;! ,| I , ., M .is. ill |i. r i ■ ill. tu mu' tunnel i-liaiyi s. |
III II I.iilfise uttl •elves, I in mu Iin4t)i'sii bring large
will till .bie III I.be till' . 111V: 111VI • i|ill'e light.
i.l.W IS U 1)1, \.M .V SON.
It idlin', 'I, \|n I
f. \\ isij roll,. , b. in . imuitli, !•» or ‘20
t ... i Sr s.—AI-■ > I in ■'< ll.ivs In drive
| n.,il, ii)>i>ii tii« .1 iiiiitr.' Km i mid Kmimvll.i
( A . . ■ , it d*v mi I ll 'lei ;i ‘ uetlil ni.iliu
>1 v'l'T. M. )v KltK.
Vinci. ) 4iv il
Vv A I.: i l.l.!.- i n >.N.
I gyj| j; i...!, «i i . i .... ,i n: nl lie' |, rriniy rlcei",l in
ll | 1 , Win. I VII. 1, i. ,.l 11. en W a III V>. ll) ."Vld. t
t lib ! i; a ■ i. I .
\| ' i; : , \ l 111 11 V. I Vllt.inll Hall.url.,
II .i(. | , . ■ 11 i'll. , Jim.. It. H. I' ..', n . Sin.m. 1
I. W lull, J-. i ll 1 . v.. - Im.
U, a, Wur'l, M. I'. M ,. M U.
Vavvliu, .Mauri..,
1 jJ(1,i 1,,,1-n ,|| , l l.'ar 4 , Srlnuillii H.
\ |,| \i j | . -l.i •!. \\ I, V" I- Sit nn -oil Ji
ll ... .1 , ll, i n , j I II all ■ . I II. . Kigali
FI. teller, Fi t' r Ulldl. v. , . ..
|| , !. S , Ml.. I ;: Mil, Dill ill.. Murrell,
, .iv.i ", . VItu . .. A m i. i ll. rinmimii,
.1, |„ r, , III ..M'liili >.«, >. I Mi. I'. I„
Vi-iii ' ■'<
cna.\»% *t.
r | ^ 11 K Sl' i *.Sl U 11 i II Iv li:v» lor sale the genuine
5 1 S/B'E*' V t 3.IS, or ( him i:
1. ; . a l I li M i S, pi oil uem ; leaves Itom
i i• i i.; i ,i* 111•. j 11t.tmt ! i — I,iUe wi- i!ie <1 \3
I,.> o«* V. *.. • .si:. DU>»i
i ,, 1.1 ■ r J' . \ i i fi lot, .lecninmmlating lenns.
1*1 prociif • kiod- will do well
in ft. I \ t: i-ioit, . s iin* (line is nearai lunui
I. t, ii,' , s||. i,. i Ir v i oui. !!*• iris tiUo ior «nle
I i sir ■,!, , i f t i ;«• vvii ie \J eiop SifA*-»
.v a, \ v i!< liifef "I tiie Lyneyliurg \ it *
, , i .! ittit • l i i.if v ll, al the Mnihetiy
', 1 \ , ! i *»;»! | a V • ( mhui'^t Oil I lie V • 11) 1 e r a t
H M . !•.. i-‘ I.MTCtU.K.
. J l .* mills
Nv. fjb
13 Auction!!!
f | ^ 1111 SI I»S(* K J !> K U dtcnniiird to close hi*
I Ii it si ne- s.u ill i.: . i i dc ii 1'it Mil: Auction on
Thursday .",1 u lost., f Ins Stoic House in Uwlforil,
Im cm n •• : ' 1* < )( !v, to i 'in; of the usttfil variety of
l>a*y Hard
W rvi'y <Yr. 4r.
l‘oi ill hiiiim uihIi i t» n (loll.iiy cujIi will he requir
■ •I for ten «l Ii u» .u J up a arils 1 cries it of r» liionth*
" el lie V i (.11 III I I ! . *v .'ll approved personal iecu
i ity. I ln (• ihmIs h ill lie offered in small lots Hr iiuit
I im ha »i S i> post ve im I w il lioiit reserve, ami
11i111iitt•' from t!.i> in <1 iv ti t all is sold.
.1. K. T. MAKRISS.
Medford, \ |M il H !**(».\
Sale t oialut ted by Chapes Phelps, Auctioneer.
m:u I'UMh a i im; n icMrna;
%t im’jow.
ON Tl 11’ US I >A Y» the oili of April uext. I will
sell, in 11out i»my .me lon stoic,
M t ilia' i'I it' fraud u lion Pm nos, hv the be*r m a
Uiun in New N oth, rot.rely tour, and warranted
he in pei ter! order
See i • tus and l hud* » a ui
I hi l ean ,
I I all M ill t .IS a s.
Idle ant < *111 <. 1 . , i full set,
do 'I'll ’lliiiili do
do .M.iIio'mov Ihmuj’ A Tea Table*,
Fain v (’Ii.iii», So| i, Aw* A •
I’d us, « \* re liin’lv Idu I il.
rilAKL/.S 1‘ 11 F. M*S, A uct'r.
March 1Y ti*
The almv • sde ol Pinmms v.d Piunifure is tniii
voidddv post|'•■»**«I (ill Mo lav tlif 1 dill April.
( . PHF.CPS.
March (IGA
'i 53 IV 4« O <> O S.
1 4 s i. .via: n..w i . ■ viii" ,t inn Store, recently
; \? oi • -up e I ! v M's i (lay A Thornton, and
opposite John 11 Mia in'**, a
B’SfNJi J .P U'*s':3
mi 11111 v ol S111 ui ;■ 11 no * . d n it I v 11 mu the ,\ oil hr in
i Hu •*. to w I mil to . re | tl'd'v invite t lie attention of
mu hteiols an 1 t i * •■ , i. a . a 1 do assure them that
in i an n il vvill oiler lodiii rmeals lu Uoy, siirpiisicd
iyv im Imuse in 111«* plane.
*B'f» Country K ■»' *i:#i» :h we would way that
mu Sum . ut t hi i !- is in i I n < , enduai tug a
viii i e i v 1'l.ntnh . Tii'. m. iv lind il to their interest*
to jjive us a rah (• Ion- "j vim: themselves else
(I *’ 4s )KM ’ I'. 11 • f-PN, Sh'MI, ('.die**. M olasses,
Sail, A r. t ( >i;u A \ U M ISTK V l).
A | rd a 3t it
fisa'.E ow m:iv v«it2i I'ltirrs,
v v < <» a-, i .ill *' vsjj,
C»«r E’.nlirw* SUm li, ii.niiiinlinx to
ijiioui n:so,oco.
(hi Sn 'I S| I N( I of a uenr
i ,1 a-iMO hneiif of ii \ttu
W \|tr II I I.KR V S \l I r RT.
. i ' , cimtous. h/> i.i s.and
aim* i i*vet y ai til le eitihrs
I l d III our hue ol lutsiliens.
Mi ll hanf- and other*,
w ni11 iic (Jond* at low pri
u ii do wt il b\ fit)fin;(
upon us. V our iii'n1' 1 * 1% t'l our own irtijmr
ft’: ., v\ei in i II ii ii-! mm u tit les hrlnvv, Nt*vv
i Ik pm . . II lh i;l( 11 K it MS A Co.
Fell. ‘Ml H
!(!_/•• IlSal'i «>5‘ ilw s,. viiiiv 3'nvliioiik.
h 11 \\ i: 1.11 \. I ■ c 1 • j ii purl of my
8 s,.. a r \SIIM iN VIII.K HATS,
.■■ ■IlIII n III11 ■ I r\|.f 1 % I ■ I 11 ■ ■ I’m, liin-ra aril r«
S|I. I Miilly .1 .tMi t-tl In I |I!. I .i'll. r i Mipi'lviua lltelii
st h .-I il i» In -1 ■ , r. 1 i ■ mi...' my ixUiisivu nxmift
inriit III III,ml. .Hill Willi. I’.i iii i. r..imli, Silk, mill
|''Hi || VI'S, « Im 11 I am </‘ Inmi’i i/ in .illit, ut Kn.'il
.M .n, Ii 15 J» if3w
,v,s;n' mmuin.
j ,i |M |; \ I ui,I I >1' KK !•: I, Iiiivp jnit openkil
• ? . .1 II » |I.,I I..1 Ill I lilt, » -n I-1ii*mj., willing.I
1 Ill'll! .11 I!
Ill,ml. It.ill III 1.11 'Him; ( ; npriiiil )
I),i I’u'luli I.i»11tlj.i/ilii"x
I’.null'll M u l, «
Dll, II.ill.lit Sill, < i.iv.iu
Sill, (ilnvi'-t
1,111, II < a.110: ii: 1J .III.Ik 01, hu la ('arga atippfr,
V'.'l) l.itv)
.Si)!,, |I.m,I ... i an I I1.,n,;. r 11 iiiilkiTcbiaf*
*|*„ .. ...ci i, ul, ,i i i... i i I ui lie i .ii in'll'*. — Ami iv a
,,,. U1 -I ■ .111". 1. 1.1 i,-i I IV1114 II large aiuak v.l
fim ni" i .a *. I.,.', n • n ■
All ul wli,i'll we ari, il l. i.Hiiiuil lii iilFur lu ihn
liutilii-, veiv flu .i|>. I,ii * 'i i.
I in, ,,|,| in, mis , .1 iiM'.iii a . "'ll |,l.asi' «i*i- it*
., , .,n J. J. I’l'R VlijJ iV DHKKKL.
March HI ***AK .
V.iU'll! '.K XiHiV Ac.Ac.
Jsjvi litveivt'd,
f 11, vssii A I, LIUB A IIV ;
U ' Hull' i's \i riciil All.IS. (i:: M.ipn ;)
111 Ini) ill 1 'in i * ss, (17 '' — 17.H ;)
(i! aiiiiij i,l I.nii'| i'; olllHI s1111’i. (Quills ;
< *?,,,|,t■ i's S» ii/., rl 11”I ; Lillie's Lireut;
\ ini'11ran Mm . 1 mi - Aslini.i ;
11.. .. 11.11 ut I ■ \ a -. K ' if l> lian in CongrrM ;
I .'itiiisttck's Al' ■■ * ii - \ ; Shcplieiil's t!ii ;
|,IV- hi : Li i Live ; " L I, -.-II i";
\inbt rn"inliic ini ill" Uraiii ; Ut",ci;W|i's Hy
prillH :
Mvliimsli's Mill" I I’liilomii'liy ;
liuiirl,sun's III,I.I'.I, I * 11, t •• - o | > 11 > ; A i'">ti » KI*m.Mi»*
111 1 * I, v s i,' s ; ('lull)'. lil.M ... ; Cllill) s Me.ll
, ,| .1 i'll |"|,1 ti.Lin I- ; Hi", li Spe. clie» ; Irish lU ;
1.. 1;. ..ill's I '.ill nl Hi""a11 Umpire;
|1 \v. I'.n»lai„l. I »>.W. : Aim.bridge Miilhe
mill, s ; >111 I’nm; 1 ‘>ueULimi'is Leotogy, in
.. V1,i_s • an I Uni"' I'1"' ami I all of Athena, a
»,,|U Ul si i ji.issii14 ini' i"si ami woiiliv of iu au
\ 1 s. >. a u 'll tainsiyi'T l'i "lie!', Lettish, Li'atin
,, | (Jut'll j-A li.inl 11.ink* ; K'.ui ' Books ; .Musical
...\ !•’. I N J: I.\Ttl.\ >T.
V H. We have on haul av.uii-H nl Law Report*.
K.,i -ii.li .tii-l \iiier I ."1. .1,'d tiil.t-r Liu Books, which
«,• will soil im i vet* sin ill ,ulv ""'t- .
November V-? ills
a ss. n a siis'«' - ists^v %
m'KIil.O* ucvristT,
\'A ill 111-: ABShN r rUOM Lynchcurg. ton*
YV nil Mime lime 111 May.
. , - 18 \V It
Ai)iii •> . , . ..X.—*
r <> a Ef»: •*= ’»,
'i'lit* Slott ... liit* \ .t_mii;ii» Offic*\—
A |i|i > lliia l.i> ■ ■
• II I*
lUaV. *;• *•
j' IIAVK i:mv II tii;a;i il ;i Iim |.iiii» «f lit* Mm -
5 U v .iii.l ! ii lJ84i?>« mi i rli l i iled a» a
■•rry.iM" h.ii-il, rl iem:.rh;:li * i K*e|» ami early
m.ilu iiv. CtJ.AU UK:* M HV \,\. M muse*
I,ii I- I‘ U u-lie i a! his I’laalalitrH.
I; i \ ill. is! < ourt Hulls*.
Dec. VI / »

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