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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, June 13, 1839, Image 1

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I -- — 1___ _ _ " l'fc» ■!•*■<•• •! ihr niim a. I1H.I lit. iMinii . Mt«»a."
”“***4 r« * • •* - -
D7“ * TilK L\ NCIfliniG VIRGINIAN.*
<« pub!,shed eemi-iceetly, teeny lion,lay „,„l Thursday,) „
t our Dollars per artutrn : payable t a mlranee. .\ , Bubernp
non trill be rere teed bora shorter per tad than nr months an,
no paper trill be discontinued. I r crept at the disc,, lion ol th,
Editors,) unfit a/t tirrcnnuns an fund.
{JTr,/l/,l b.ll / l&b. I// \ /'Siusi ' U'd at A) cents per sqinm
O, less.) for the Jie »t inset,,.,, and .17 J cents fur terry iuh.e
quent insertion.
i JO/i fUt \ / /.\d aerated neatly and expeditious!y
y ad un reasonable terms.
it if n nor m>i;i\(;s,
^11 I \ ILL) on Mull line Liver, in ihr county of
•’ Amherst, l.j miles limn ihe CuurlhiHixe, t»:t
n»ile» from Lexington, nml g’j miles liom Lv'ncli
In culling the atteniinn of ihe public n> these
.Springs, as a watering place, the subsciiber takes oc
sioii lo remark, that iliey are no new ihseovei v, nl
■ liotigh unknown in the ilisiant public until ibe'lasi
lew yeais. For many years I bey have never tailed
tolmve more vLilois liom the •tiriuiimJiug conn
try than ihe improvementseouhl ..Iiirial.lv ai com
imidiile, who will leail'lv testily Is their medicinal
v ii tiles.
Having erected a huge A eoiiimmlinus I Intel, w iih
,i nuntliei ol good triiinci] t abius. I am nna piepaii'tl
to enleilaiu a much largi rcinnp.mv with more com
The water lias been iiiiali zeil, ami found m con
tain the essential ingredients, sulphur, soda (in an
unusual pi open ion) and magnesia ; and ihe suhsci i
her can say null the fulh -I cm fiJeuce, that if emu
licates of facts nete icipiiml I In y can he uhiaineil ol
many individuals, whose cxpeiieucc of iheir vi.lucs
enables them In say tlint Iliey are unsurpassed by
.1 nJ watit in \ iiginia, lor uiosl ol ihe iliseases ’eom
innu lo our climaie— 1 n c. ses ol roniii nn d il\ pepsia,
or less deranged coniliiimi if ihe simmn.h and
bowels, in pulmonary or liver diseases, more partic
ularly the latter—in a'l diseases of goneial ih-biliiv
whatevei—and peculiarly lor ih licaie females and
children, these waters will b • found possessed ol
remedial virtues of erriniuly lare ellicacv. For this
fact the highest nuihoniy among the mediral faeiiltv
in this sccimn of the cuituii y ( an lie ellcied, as w il
as llie belter evidence ul full and ample lesis bv mili
vuluals from actual experieiice.
Having beard lierelulnre, much cmnpl iut of the,
mail liom Lyi cliburg lo this place. I am amliorzo l
In say dial the couir.trior on die Lynchburg and
' Hullalui! Springs Turnpike Load w ill conip'rle dir
worst parts of said m d by lie nniM!. i | Jn!v, and
I hereby makr il all li ml, mi that mi liin Is disposed
In visii me will have no diliiriillv on that sroic.
The se.isnn w ill again commence on die lotliol
June. The snlisci iIut, grnti-lnl Ibi i st | alum.ice
both from his old Ii it a d> and o t... r: s, i . o . nvin .
diem lo VISII him. With the a-Miiameoii his par
• hat no P mis shall be spared lo render da- v mi agree
It will bp observed, that die r.11« < i t pond arc
lower titan at any othei na.iimj pi me in \ iipima,
viz :
Poaid per work, S7 f'O
do do day, J *J.j
11 fuses per w c» U, 4 Oil
do do day, 75
Cliildien and servants, 3 50
(HZ'* I subjoin below a Cfimninnicado 1 »e• eived
from Physicians who have y 1 >11« «i ih<*M* water*. .uni
li;tve li.id oppoi 1 umto s oi jiidpn- id 1 lien ( ii.cacv
in iliost fif 111»• diseast s aliuvc mi 1 ! • • •• •!. Sum • rbat
* imp, oi her physicians id cmiiimic. I: ave vi.-iti d them
and would most cold ally subscribe 10 de opiuinns
contained in 1! i* tominnmcatirm. I In* unsm passed
healthiness of situation, salubiity ol climate, aid
beauty of scenery, superadd additional u.di/ceuit'nls
|i» tlie valetndinarian |wr giving a trial lo these in
valuable naleis.
“ J t n k J3 I, ]<)7.
“ Dear Sir—I laving noticed in a late Vii oinian,
that you arc a^ain ready for the icefptuui .1 t oinpa
|jy at die Utill-tloc .Spi m^s, wedetuuit an act id jus
tice t(7 yourself and 1 be public, to « xpi0-lo >oti onr
•mire appiobation of all von have said on the sub
ject ol llitur me* icinal vir ury, m die diseases suit
have iiientioiK (I 111 your ;iiIvttisenu nt. and we
rdteprftiMy and coi dial:v subset i!m* to do* fact, di.it,
so far as we have beet. aide to hIm i v « , i!ir y arc un
surpassed in 1 heir rOmary, in disc ;srs ol 111• - >f in 1 it
and bon els. We would Iu 11 In' 1 1 ak 1 < c; msuiii iu c\
press our sincere wish, •hat \ 0111 suit css mas lulls
f(|Ual die % .11 ai 1 * ol y our watt I, .1 lid y m laudaWb; 1 :
torts to accommodate \ 1 > • . 1 .
Vi.v suict'tdv, votir file ds,
t. p. mit( hi:i.l
John 11. P \ l \ l SOS.
1:0. s. j'avm:.
June 10 ts
HUW fSOOIi aizd vr.\TiO.VtK¥
. , MORE).
11 subs (I l»e i S li.t\e associated themselves to
. gether mulrr the firm ol
i\i\ ai: a iiisEihoin ,
for 111 o purpose of ti ansaciiig the J>Ol)K AND
STATIONARY UFSINK.SS in this pl.r.e, and
are now opening, ai the house I t« !\ oecupied by
Messrs. Cobbs A A mislead, (Iwh's toiler,) a huge
mid general assoiImenl ol ROb'/i.S, rii brat ing all
the best and most approved editions <1 Stauduid
Woolvs, on Law, Medicine, Tin olo::y, and (iencral
Literntme, together with a large sup; ly of St indaid
School mid olht'i Miscellai.eons Rooks, St.itmnaiy,
Musical lusti tin cuts, and Fancy Ann lr>; w hich
«cie | urchascd in the Northern cilice, by -one ol
the firm, on such terms as will enable them to sell as
cheap as srteh articles can be purchased in any mar
ket m the State. Out friends and the public are re
spectfully invited to call.
J une 10 ts
r.’iiv BBooEts Ac.
Kami vol. of Leigh's ivepoits,
_J Davis's ( b imiiial Law (on eomm".)
One superior copy cf Maiia Rdgewoitli's \Yoiks,
in It) vols.
Besides numeioiis other Works.
Just ieci ived and for sale bv
June 10 ts
K 1JAVK li Rooms to rent above our store.
June 10 3t
€'OM.fitssnKYi:ii'& Stiirgiot
PI RSI ANT to adccierof the County Coujt
ol Campbell, pronounced in the Cbanceiy suit
ol Smart arid others, Plaintiffs, against Fariss and
others, Defend.ints, the undersigned (otnuiissionct
iherein named and appointed, will on the 13th day
ol July, ltfJB, oil the piemises. expose to sale, by
way of | ulllic apet'n n, lor i ash, t he Pillowing Lands
situated in the ('minty of Campbell, now occupied
by William Canuada, in wit : 21 acies. subject t"
’be dower interest uf Mary Price, Pale .Mai v F.oiss.
widow ol Benj imiti Fmiss, ■deceased. Also 20^
acres, being the balance ofthcieal. e-iatc belonging
,0 *bc estate ol the said Benjamin F u ;ss. rb ei a-erf.
Acting as Commissioner, the undersigned w ill only
convey to the pm chaser or purcbasci*, such title a
*»ve*ted in hill) I v said decree.
June fl i i : |\
1015 Mi l ,
' Tlf U T Ol' ! t|„
< "On1' ol Amheiyl, .il,,,nl two iiiiU's In'
l"M Nil. lilisgoMig „,| ||,P i,,,1,1 le.iilmg
nl-1 Ti, U’/'S * Oil e: 11 ■ i ii log 11., I. ,n,|.
ol l'.lil ill I lelclur, I'i Paul C. 1 '..hell, ,|,....
(illiriK, rnniaiiiilj^
I o liinailinl • 111cl four
Whl’ ... . . Buildings ,„„| .Mlmr improve
\nv pets,>ii Wishing n» puichasc, will reler m M i
Sterling ri i'iliuinelor the lerms. Ami those wish
I mg in Imv I.II cash, are invited to examine n, as .i
bargain will be sol,I for cash. Tile, subsciiber 'wish
es In etleet a sale il possible brloie llie fnsi day ol
Augim next, until which lime the Land will be in
min kcr.
M ly 30 ,, v
lYinalc School.
r 11! 11 • subscriber proposes al the eonnneneemenl
I ol Ins next session, which will be on Monday,
11'e Insr of July next, receiving into Ins School none
bul b K M A I,f. 111 111 LS, whit h he designs con
iinning:, should tile patronage iveeiveil, justilv n.—
His course will be comprehensive and thorough, and
will embrace all llie brain In s ol Kduralion whifh
| J*re taught in oilier Female Schools in this place.
Teiitix, per xexsitiu liftin' inonilis:
lal (lavs—Spelling, Reading and Wn
Mine, _ ‘ $13 50
3/i./ Class—b. gli li Gianum.r, Heogia
|fli.v, Arithmetic and Hi'tmv, to 00
d / ( lass—Latin, (iieeU and Fremli
I,iili" nages, Rhetmic, Natuial Philosophy
and \slronomv. op pp
Paper, Ink Air.. (iffurniglied,) 75
Payment to lie mailt in iiili'itih 1. Pupils will lie
rccchu ,1 .11 any lime, ihough not for a shoitcr peiiml
than™ se-sion limn the lime ol reeepiion. A vaca
lion ufseveral weeks will lie given lit the innntli of
August. At the end nl each session there will be a
public cxanmnliun,
.line" ti,v
• .V if T » V .Mi .
%“■ I . llie subscribers, having purchas' d of Mi.
vf S.imiiel S. Allen, of llie Stale of New York,
ihe exclusive right an I privilege* tar the enmity ol
t ’an pliell, in llie Slate ol Virginia, of making, using
and vending Ins newly invented Threshing machine
and horse power, in ai d for the said enurin',
lie prepared 1 1 furnish all those wishing to pun base
M achines 1 I llie above pallern, or 1 l.e pi ivilege of
uiakiii". using and selling I lie s im •, on reasonable
lerms, by app'ying to either of the subsetib -is living
in I.viichbllrg.
\\ e lore' ,o ,|| and evi 1 y p. 1 sen in this 1 u111.lv.
II "HI lls a,g 0I e M 'Chine, ( 1 lop >c power, 111
110111 in ft in;: I nr. "II ihe patent ill any shape whatever.
■"•Ihe la v willh' ligidly eiiliired n’gainsi all such of
fenders. # S \ MI'LL HI lu ll,
A- tyrki:.
•I'iner! is
TJtrsr s.aa<a:.
9 [ini«u iiic*.' .-I * *»| Ti i -t, mail nn-l. enter
I ed i a! u « ii i In* 1 -i !i at I Of re i nbc r. I and of i ■
cord in the L'lerlOe ufTtet'ol llie Hustings Court of llie
Cot potation ol l^wjc.hbufcg, Lv .!•(• ><• Cl.|| k, l ■ I
oii.iin pm poses thereilt nltmed, 1 .till oiler, at puli
lie Auction. lo tin* highest bidder, on Saturday, the
1 Ttli nisi., in fro it of (lie Ma»k**f I louse, nil ihe -.ml
‘Ink's interest in a iHMl slave,
by the name of Cranccs, liuntiuied in said deed,
aged about I tt e m y-out* y ears. Tins woman i> raid
to he .i go ul s •.unstress and a valuable house s<ov mt,
ami viy bke'y. Terms made k no tt n on the day i I
sale. The tulc is believed to lie good, but aeti. as
tr.Jsti e. I will t on vey only such title as is vested >u me
by said deed »»l trust. 11. DUNN INC TON
J1111 h o 11.5.1 e
iJatnuitniu iJtiit for Stiic.
^ M N 11 I, Subscriber has made atrangcinenfs to keep
« constantly on baud a supply ol Alt JUNTA IN
IH Ml. ol the best, (jualny. Those wishing to
puicliase, can be supplied with any ipiantttv bv ap
ply mg at my f .n'ttoy at tile lower end ol mam stieet.
J nne :J | s
^ S ^ i5 4: I iince Eloi'se, 4 ' \ |{o.
2 k,2 N 1 A by < Jld Sir Art hy, w ill make Ins
next s* ison, at my stable in this place. Pedigree,
I’cl luunauec s .uni other panic ulai <. in due si asoii,
aillvilli: T.'ibimr.
Dec. IT. w is
J > % VI'lo :i E>B.<‘9Sl i tB.OICIHlli
2 id the t’ucuit Superior (.'unit ol Law and
Chair ' iv. lor the county ol Nelson. I shall on the
|p|) i1.1 \ of June t ext, on ilu* premises, oiler I’m
>t||f, to the lug lies! bidder, on a cretlit of one, two
m I |j,i‘’e vi us, the purchaser gitiug houdwith ap
pio security, and ,t hen upon llie property to se
cure *be purchase money,
A ilOINli AXli 1.01 0jfr
f;;;] m the town of Luvii gsion, lui iiii ify oc ; nij
'I111 cupied by John I’r iteliai d.
The prrmis-s arc in good repair, ami a very desir
able situation for a private family.
nil;AM \Y. D YW.SON, Cuin'r.
M v wi 1 4.1
(idj ms *5o\i:irs
sj I MlSl \ N T lo a decree ol (lit; ( jit*nil Superior
R Court ol Law ami Chancery lor 111 «* county of
Prdford. pronounced on I he 7ih day of November,
1 Sort, in a cause then* in said conn depending be
tween Joseph f lood*Plaintiff, and William A A11 i
nor, in h s own light, and as administrator, of \\ d
liam Minor, (’creased, pranc.is Puqua, Jnliti Puqua 1
and Polly I,is wife, forneily Polly Minor, John
Stephens anil Catharine his wife, Hubert lire* and
N aiiev Iris wife, and Catharine M iunr, William Mi
nor, K!i/.ibeth Minot, Willy Minor, Polly Minor,
John Wesl v Polling and Nancy his wife. Ilnbett
Minor and Pianc.es Minor ail it.Cant nndei ‘21 years
i Cage, by John A. Wharton, Ksq.. specially as
signed her guardian, and others, defendants. I sh d\
; «mi the 10: !i day of July next, on the premise.*, pm
' cced to sell to the highest bidder, fur cash, a ceitain
11act of bind whereof William Minor, died seized,
i lying horn i milt; and i half to two miles West ol
: the town of'Liberty, in the county of JJcdldrd. ad
joining the lands id Col. John W . Unit a d other*',
and containing * O O A C SC S • i It is land
1 being of gum! quality, situated in a pleasant neigh
b rhood, and adjacent lo an improving village, is • n
fidr; t!y recommended lo the attention id purchasers
desiring a It act of that size.
MAlUjl lS 1). (iKAV.C-im.
June <» . w |w
#4 WVi'BUSB'nU B'Oi .YtUlW
r 0 111 p; SCPSCHIPICIvS would most respec tfully
.I. call the atiemum ol the public, to their new es
tablishment, (the Lynchburg putiudry,) situated
immediately on the canal, a few st< ps below tin*
Horse Poi i, where we are pr« part J to do any hind
of Casting. Mdl lion Machiycry ol any donipnon
with iieatiifand despatch. • W c hop1' by sin* 1 ,l1
: lenti«».i tu bnsirto-s, to merit a petition <1 public pa
j ironagc. \nvui'>i<r$ from tin* cnontiv will ii.C' t
! with pitAiipi alien,mu. J.T. Dll >1 ID Ac Do.
AI y -j;j vl«
L;i(fa I'reacli ( oim‘1^.
If ST upcuctl, i splcndi 1 ol ill" io »<M
t/ b I la pc l. ’orsett >, 11 oin 11 e ino t eclcbi a! •'d I ae t or\
| ill Philadelphia, w hi* h w til be « bi h> w. M me i am %
ton Ol £NPi 1 MM* ’ L p
TO Til. f I */' #„ 1.1: it s.
^ I ^ 111. I I VI i>i W»\ 11. Co \ (1111 S | < > | K n Ii mum),
■ *iH. "i Cut I tin limitt\ leu*n at <i o'i , i
* W . .,m :kc ,.t i umberhutd Counhouse by 8 P
Leave * 'mnberland (’mirthnuse after tiny light, ami
• rriv. at Biclnnoml in time for tin- N.min in ('>is.
i is / »
1 i: 1 i* i i tr« fui ih Nurthi rn
< Hies, will find lIns as s ite, comfortable ami as ex
|>edlent as any Other I .me.
^1 lie imt' I i Salem, I mrastle. Sweet Spimes,
Wlnie Sulplmi and Leundimg, Iraves .‘Monday-!
” ' «hie«d i\» iml 1 .id a ym, connect ng at v' n w .
•bo line to Knoxville. Nashville, A ?■ . aid at Lew
i shurg with i lie line I.» (n y andolie. < hu Tea-ns and
t 'o.idles are good, nm I havers me eaicful and sobei,
•Hid the propiicturs will use every < xeiiinn to please
thfil passeugeis. S |>. |» V I I I Nt »N A Co.
A |»rii I I u (ini
\ h •» ('l“ '"I Supei mi 1 -nit ol Law and < hanee
^ IV, continued hy adjon, imeni, ami held |.„ tlie
<* o ii n t y ol A m heist at the ('out l House, on Thins
dav, the iih d .v ol \pul, i,sd>.
Bole 11 Isbell, .lames Bmhiid ai d I K/a his wife,
Ke| y and I' l.mees his W.le, John W . N- nell,
Nancy L. Noilcll, T..rin,is S. Nuivell, I term B
Nm veil, Maigaret L. Noivell and Lot nulrf Noi
veil, infant c hi! lien . I Thomas Nuivell, tier. . smI,
under the age ol twi ntv one ye ns, by il,e said Jam. .
Burl.nd, their bimln , m law am! next fiien.l, Samu
•• I Sk\ e.uingen and .1 osephem i |i<s wife, l.iip J«.st*
• hema Doyle, James lh>yh. I’rames Doyle, A|.,,tha
h Doyle, Hugh Doyle, W illiam |\. Hoyle, Sus.m
1 >oyle and Corneli i Hoyle, ml,ml chihheiiol IN at.hy
I >oyle, umler the age ..( twenty one yearn, by William
Doyle then latliri and next lneml, anil John Cole
man Soerill . I \mherst < u nity, and adminisiiator
ol John l\ Nmveil dtceased. BianUiils,
ILii.ia miu Noi veil, executor ol th • I isi will ml test t
'"cut nl Speucci Noi veil, deceased, and tMisteo mi
d. r the said u ill lor thu testator's son, Spencer l>.
Noivell, and also in his own light as |,-g m e el the
said Spcncei Noivell, deceased, Wifliam Kcm, i\
ectllor ol Wtlha ii 'Turner deceased, and Nathan
Ckmn. S |- ft n-cer I >. Noiwll, Ludim.n Noivell,
N yhaniel N>n veil and James Num II, sons and h
M'n s III S il.l S 'eiifri' -Noivell, d .■. i .. d, William
W 11 • s and (' a i h a t i ue Ii * • wile, B i adfute
and .Sarah his wife, and am)
lus wile, which ml < 'atha
line \‘k' i!h , Sai all Bi id lute, an I
are children ol Susannah Sue. d. and b Mires of the
said > I'eiirer N m v. !I, dm - a . 11, Susan Sneed, B u i
weil Sin . I and James Sneed, also eliihlicn of said
Susannah Sneed, ami legatees nl said Spencer Nm
veil, deceased, the s ml J nne.s Sneed being an m
I mt under the igc of twenty une y.aiK, William S.
\ pplebu rg. i i.iiics \.M. A p| d* In. i g, Vn,,n,ia A
A pplebtti g. .John .1 aim s \ ppleblli I . i liman A j>
piebui g, Selma A pplebu t g and Bush Applebmg, m
I nils undei the age ol twenty one veins, clnbltmi ol
l iam es \pphdniig and Ij .. tl. es ol s ml Spencer
N\n v. II. d«*t i as'nl, I he sai 1 ill hints by Boh. 11 la in ley.
specially assign, 'j their giiaidiau, Washington M
Noi v ■ II, «ne of i he ehi'di .m • I II mas V f v«• 11. am)
legatee ■ I said Sficticel Noivell, tin < a-.ol. ami Wil
liam I. Isbell, Defendants.
Till* sitbpicun aw.mled in tins su.l, on the ITill il.iv
u( .January, 1 - . being relumed ntr.l upon tin*
de lend ants, J »ei | in. in Not veil, N 111i.i11 («'.enu, \Vil
Il.iin Kent, e\e( ut«'r of \\’i lian Tttl'i it. ilei eased,
William I. Isbell. Spem < i |) N uvrll amt Wash
ington M Noiveli, aiid the said 1 )> leiidanta still l.iil
mg to tile then ansueis, although four inonlhs have
elapsed, as wed I sinei* tin* letliru day I i.« ii'iil, as the
filing ol ill • I’lamlill*’ Hill, .» d tin' .i' |i i lams I,mil
man Noivell. N atliauiel .1 fees N'irwdI, Norieli, V\ il
h im Not veil \ ( 'atbarme hi* w tIf. Braif ute
N: Sarah his ' il'e, Susan Sim ed, Uurwcil Sneed, aud
.la*. Si. in d,a gainst whom (in I a in t ill - appeal I" have
pi o( . eded hi I he inn !i* pi esei .In ,I !• \ law . t i:s| ah
sent deli nd,mt •, still lading to appear and aii-s\vr|‘.
On motion of the IBaiiitill’*, by (‘. i ,s* I. tin , c oiut
doth take thin.' Bili I n cunlo^st d a- to die S lid «i<
IciidanH, and theiellp II this lameiame on In lie
heard upon the Bill, the aijsvvei oi tin; miaul delend
,iuis,and ieplii .»tmn, aid the exhibits, audp.v as ir^u d
hy ( olllisel. (hi c.*ii>,.h i . nwhei- t. the mini
doth Ollier lh.it thl di I' .i I a n t Btl.j iliiii Noio'll, < X
eeiltoi ol Speie. i N M i v ( !!. h I eased, do lemh i In hue
one ol’ihe Loilimis-toin is (d ill < eomt an an mini
ol his adinmisli a! i m id the < stale ol hi* said testator,
which accoiiul tin* *ai I commr-s o.u i i> duet ted to
examine, stale and settle, and make report Hereof
to the court, with any mallei specially stated thought
pejiincut hy liim-*«-II or required hy tin* patties tu he
so stilted, •
A Copy—T» ste.
Commissionkii's On u r, )
SUtli of May, IS.'}!). $
The parties interested in the foregoing order, arc .
hereby notified that 1 have appointed the I! Ii 11 day
of.I uly next, to carry said order n»to elfeci, on whieli
day, al tile hour ol ten o'clock in the morning, they
are requested to attend at my i (lice, at Amherst
( 'onrl* 1 louse, with copies of office papers, their in
counts and vouchers, prepared t r examination atnl
.1 AM DS I’. (JAKIiAND, Com.
May 30 w Iw
Iliicoui'Ugc your o\\ :i tlnutdiii hires!
M \ N C I ’ A( I I I! 11S ol your town encoura
ged, hy buying ymir MATS* id the subscriber.
Dverv Hal we sell, being M aliulacturcd hy our
selves, ill the town of Dvuchburg, shall Uni be ilile
rioi to any ;—and being determined to sell low, lor
cash, we hope, iliercloie, the advantage we oiler to
our ctistomcis, will be appieiiated by the public;
aud as there w ill be no credit in our business, good
customers will not have to pay lot bad ones. We
have just re *eived a good Stock ol
Winch will be made up in the nearest m inner, by
fust rate workmen. We .ire also leeeivtng a»gw nl
iissoitinent ol* ladies* ami gentlemen’* Slim s, men’s
I and boy’s line D nr (. lolii an I 11 air Seal ( aps, some
i ol a superior quality. MI of whieli w ill he sohl low
: for ems/tonly. ' DIN K DK \ KlDMlJOCljH.
\ line ass oil ill t' nt id D ulus’ ai.d (iemlemens
$ Si ip S' S » also a good assortment ol II at lot tt*
Nov. !2i> wU
To Vi<•»•<!himI*.
g ||.\YK 1! HCI. I V !•; I) a luce assortment of
5 . Stool* SI ml Mhoes,
which vvere puiehased lor (VVSII, nml**i such cir
. inns!,me s as will enable me in supply wholesale
,1 aids a. low, ami pinliably lower than lin y Usually
pay in 'Northern < hues.
Vlso, 1 have on hand an extensive supply ol Jdir,
Russia, Wool and r.iltn l.„l IIVTS. at pines lo
please those who purchase lo sell wieain. W hole
i sal ■ and icla I purchasers ate soheiled lo cive my
siril, an fxaniiiialtoii. JOHN ('. Mhl'.M.
May 13 hw if dw
w si I'tRloK AK IK I I ol I, A Ml’ I' I I.
V Ii.eeh. I 'V II l.'TIIVM
m --~--r.rwnn-r
I'Ol.B 114 II..
JOHN ivd l\t \ \ I»\ ,\| s.
I Ins err»*nine ami hum l im ns old man lias
puhhdud a su • >11«I lettci mi I lie sul'ji i | nl almlilmu
im m vitals md petition*, (lie whole icmpei and imir
l,l "liiili aie l .dm I a, ,uiel slaVtav. and l ah ul.ilrd
in mil an i opposition to the msliluimo. a* vvimig In
u"l as seeking in r im i •• »■ 11 on ilte mills nl
llm linn slavehuldmg s.aM *, while/" m/m.m / he dis
seels limit the views mid pi ni red m <js nl ||;e alifill
imnMls 1 Iie14* is mm II good sense in ||ie follow
mi; exliai u limn tins smgnl n pimltielmn. ami we
give iheni is grains n| wheal gleaned limn llio hush
el ol i hall, (ui the bent tii nt nut leaders.
“ Now, e il lie si I v as | de- me dmlitmil, as soon as it
ran possibly be rlh ulrd ,v ith jnsfiee to tin* mliato
t an i s ol | lie I) isM . |. a ml w il h s .del v to t hi* peace ami
piese'lv.ilimi id the l imn, I am iml pit pmid lo slake
my lenp nisibihtv a* i KepMsentative nl tin- People
upon a measure which, flit ihe immediate euiaiiripa
imu ol live or six thousand slave* out ol thiee mil
hods, would, as 1 believe il would, imminently ha/
‘nil both. ’Pile vv lode Sotiih and South West, not
only in t mien s ., bin m the nation, aie iiuiicd a
MH il ■ N olliiug h ss i hail the union oil he whole
North \\im, bulli in and out nf*> m gi«ss, could
possibly atrmuplidi il. even in (.'fcngies*. The
I *1 ( sident lit* i'iv i'll pledges ill ailvarce. hoi h helm e
aid sinre Ills eh rimy, that he would inteipose his
veto against sm h i lull sh .i-ld it •• v* r he t .mod hv
in a jo 11 lies i ii be ill I I ousts ol t ’ongi ess. To e N pet l
that map.lilies «•! two thud* nl hoth Houses now,
"i l'»r m.n v y« ai* lo rnine, would voir for this me t
sun* against the I‘i evidential mg at ve, would !"• no
tiling slim I id ms ami v \\ lut(, then, is i lie meat itig
"i i ii ii inntu iiftlt iln it ion whh h tho \ merit in \n
il Sl.iveiy Society has in ole ihe tesl u| nitluulnW In
• heir polilu 11 ehui\ 11 ? \ moral ami phi su a I imp1 a
m I»i | u y !
I am not aware that any of the peiiiiomt whirh
w ere vtiiiimilMd hv you to mi ehaii'e. ininiied the
i tlUlMtl iiilc aholiM'm lit sl.iVeiv in the H'sllUtOI the
Tt i Htoncs ; hut in the reernl leport ol the Kxeeu
11 v o Coin mi tec 11 the \ tt t r h i tt \ tt t i * *1.. \. i y So
eieiv, I observe tint t11• • fnends of lire mui iilintis
••re rung ra l ill a ted tli.it l lie •! net line ot / n tnnfitilr an tin
>'if ih 'H is now t • tahhshed mi a h is pi h mu Inch il ran
not he dislml ed, eitht r by the m:il;< e ol its i n< mies.
oi t he ttnlmill aim ss nl Us (m inis. Tin \ entisidci
ihe key si one id this divine at "inn nl is plat ed m us
«*li i ii *4 home by the j. tilianu'iit ny ItbriaMoU « I tli*
d.ive in the Ki ili li • dlmm
Kill il lh ' i vio | !•• ' I Km i Ii p ii 1 i.itt)i-tit.ii v i
mamjipati U i-. lo he i<i. dried a having xolv.d
this i|ue-lmu i.p• n a doom I nidation, vmiwill
please to objjiive that /.lie miiti.d pair (if It is ||;e
payment ol one bundled uiillim s ol dollars to the
owners ol tin. e r mun ip.ited h'.ives hv wav . I m
denmily lor ihe b ss ol iheii propeiiv, ii* il had been
lli ld In lie uinlt i the pie- - .hog laws, and . s it m held
In he hv i'.i " I,, w s ol ni i t d i o 1111: a Sl.ilei. 'Kills
p »11 lame n I ary em a n ei. • il I • u \ i* e vnlenl IV a i^ tin pin
m.sc ; in my 1*11111 anon, a Iuiijcm .ml honor tide
< oinpiomise ; hill vv hatevei of divine flic Kxeeurtvr
( 'on i mill ei* o| the A am r lean \ m i SI n ei y Son •! y
pen etve m the iiiiiim di.iii1 einam ip.n i o • ( tin* P»i tt
id i t. i do ulai slave n 1 do i ot u inlet si and t Im ill .isrun
Milei mg I lii* |. i \ (i <111. I i I.*■ h» run it; ii Ii >• ( I j>nui <1 .
s*lei ling I • uni •• mini V I Im miyns of (lie slaves as (>ai
l ali mi; any si lire nl dial divine aullnnii \.
'* ll I ufill i land euriectly Hie »eiiinnen(s i I dn
I. xee ui i v e t oinuiili c ul l In? \iM-tiean A nli-slavei v
Society, they appi ve and applaud thf* parliamenta
iv | Ian i s s ‘■u I a r as ii i vends in email ipa inn ; Imi
I ejecl, mil without Ihd iglial I'll, H-a| patlof iln
dnlisli pn i i deni which giants, a! die expense nl
d.e nation, an eijuivalent !•» t e di*j*u • • » | p|-opn
el or.
“ ll asl.od vvlietliei | emisuler it a sin to liold a
le'low t it aline m lion !age Im lilt . I •ni;.lit aiisivei
ill .1 it would lie so in in*; Imi I am not « mil nils loi.rd j
in denounee tiie judgment o| (imi upmi those who
ddlei hum me m n iigmiis In In I. ulielht i upon tin
slavery (pies',un m upon any other. 1 have hcanl
limn inv niasi i the mjiiiii null “ .lud"*' liot, that vr
Im- not jo !.:* d,” and |tu*n nmi»* ihsn one ol his a pus
ih s tin ijm non, Who aii iImih tli n |tnlgesi anoiher
man’s s- j v tni. 1.1 auoihi i ! The d i\a of deiiulin
eilig piophei V an* |>ast , and when I see th.it slavri\
ill . ' t *i 11 e | 111111 r (I I > '■ A hllig hi) ( imi to exist f|'o III
the cai !u t p i im i i I I i\, vii ml m pi of me,
d i vv ii i i | o pres ul d..), I h * ii u 11 I look lurward
with fa ne l lu J"1 and in'eiis" ih -iie In ihedav
will nil will I ■ *' i < a 111 lod I m in) ( niiiili v and limn
ill** V. ul id, | have lu» v m ,I lull f*. I. I lie r \l'l ( |r III toil*
..I eon.shamlul mj isiue, * -en Im ll a: llljeialion of
l!iU slave.
A II »he a'» i'll ll • s an I a I the a it i -« kiv i i v suei
• I «s totally dn claim all mienh* o oi jmi jhmi in em
jduy m In sanction the ciii| !"\infill of fui * e, and
eoinjilam. with h i- m. that the iiiipuiaimii ol any
such d* ■‘ig'i to tin mi i a sl.imh't. I niiiedi tie email
filiation, then I *H\ Is m tin ii ptiipose to he effected,
with the consi nt ol the masti is, ami wuhoul mdeiu
ml) to 'll* m. lo vv hat png'* o| the volume ol human
nature they found I he i eupe Im dint balsam to die
sore *d sbiVfiy, or m what cell m the imagination it
vv as dtvised, 1 know mil. I i.niklin.il m said,made llu
di-iovirs than an effusion <1 ml w ill nunoi h I he
moumain w..v< s nl a stoimy sea ; but no plulosuphei
has \ i i a|i|u*,in d to make tin experiment ol pouring
it ndo the summit ol a smoking crater to extinguish
the ^n'c alio \V llhill.
Wiih the most sinceie belief in I In* integrity ol
yom intentions, ami vv itli i •V'tem e !• i I It e benevo
lence and pui iiy nl'yo i purposes, I« t me ask those
of you, iiy fields, w ho believe tin* / nunrj nth euiiili
eip iilon of die • laves of llns eolinliv. with the eon
si nt of their in n i I*., w 1111o11; 11!«1«»ih1111)•, and wiili
out l In* Use ol loll e. a piuriu aide l In tig, w he liltT the
sueec'.s ol \ Olir linn'il mm-hhi Ujiuli the minds ol
ilie slaveb.ddeis hilherlo has been encouraging to
yum hopes ol ejtpec t at ions id ultimately pievailmg
ujimi ihcmi lo give 111> at o ire their opinions and
their piopeity l I lave )oil converted many to the
true t mil *d immediate t maueijiaiioii wiihr.ut indem
nity ! Is the temper with which your arguments lire
rewivid; nay, is the temper with winch dev are
urge/m*l ihat c liar.n ter which eoncill lies acquies
cence ami ripens hrsitaney into conviction ? With
whit feelings towards you is the heart of the fdave
holder impiessed ! With what leelmgs are yom
hearts impressed towards the slaveholders ! “ J hi
men gather grajies of tlioins, m li. s of thistles ?”—
i oil appeal, wub exultation, :o wliat you consider,
perhaps prematurely, tii« surci sslul result of the
immediate emancipation ol slaves in 111 •• British ('ol
nines; ai.d \ety u **tiiv.l the conditions;" you re
ject all idea ol indemnity in the man sptaler, as you
style him, at the very lime when you an* petitioning
his representative to hhciatu lus slaves. It one
bundled millions ol dollars have been chcrrlully and
magnanimously paid !»v the people id Biitaiu lor the
liberation id 800.Odd ► lave*. lour Ii ms that sum at
least would hi: requi/ed ol ilie people of this Union
to liberate the slave* hehriu bonds ,c licic, at the
same rate of indemnity. iitt(. at th« pit sent ilia ket
pi it: I* of slave*, that would not amount to one-third ,
part ol indemnity lot the value lost. And how was
llie rmancipathm ol ulave-* in lhr l>iIIisli ( ninnies at;
comphshcd ! By ait ol P.irli annul— all nesriuldy
in which ihe colonists had no representation, lo
direct contradiction lo the piim iple upon which our
devolution was I mi in led. Il'the question had been
submitted to the decision ol lire I jigisl alive Asm'iii
hli»\s old In (lolotnes themselves, do you imagine that
,mv kiu Ii emam ipaliun would have been « Heeled,
even lor (wire or llnieeilic amount ot (he indemnity
allowed by Parliament !
• * | lament tlie temper mutually rankling between
ihc d.iv» holderm and^tjie aholiiiomsts, .mil am i cn
vn< .id that. lor * it .kd'»*xi' tin al ohtrm of
* - I !■ ■■•aahvxm*-, j .«*•;*» •. r*4 ir - «wrjra»«*. «■»
**l 'V ri v in f 11 r I n inn, n i fvrii m I In | lislrn I nM 'olttfh
as III hcYolid ||||* legions nl posslhdlly .,s .my
l,,,'l‘Vl n| (lie |i|iilnsn|i|ieis nl l.ipute ‘IMir inulli
pin alum i>| \ftlt Slaveiv Societies within tin last
'hu e years has ii|ip< nil (n no- lalhn In weaken
•han in |n n mule l lieu eatise, ni at hi si then piu*pr< i*
"l ini n. .Ii,nt* n» eaily success. Willi tl" nu i. i r
nl ihi'u (tilii.I»ei s, new and cull.iter t| quisli-uis. d
" ,x • cu.mnvertltito and pn pexiutl, like pat isile
•'iicki i- Ii.hu thr in on stem nt the tree, h vo »pnui,>*
ilpt i divide iheii einitisels mil iiiltodiice ilisseusiuiis
.11ni>i«4* iheinseh * The captions ilispiitatinns nl
imwul.nid politic il c iHOlstiv, ilmtil lino trsistame,
defensive war, the rights n| women, political ai nun,
nn 11overiniient. the social condition nl tint i filmed
tare,the en< nutageineiii givet^lo the slaves to i s» ape
hum then mustri*, and exaggerated iepresentaiinns
nl the tiusi'iH-s nt then condition, have eminent Iv
eoneurreil nut or l\ m emiulciai t then influence upon
the uiani object of then a*soeial nm, but In make i hem
tinpnptil.n and even odious, um-oiitv m the South,
but to nil put is in t he l ' iiuni. Their annoyance nl
catulululcH (or pupulai election, by pulling mc.iiiIi
tug t|ueg(limn i|i them as tests, impelling at once i
pimuise and a lineal, ll is nut piopitiaied to them the
good will nl any pnlv, mil Inis made them nbimxiuus
;u idl. I lie pm ity nl the pi Micipbr <1 t lit so h mi d
Intel rnga'iil ies, |n| mtsweis In he followed bv sol
liagts, is U‘i y ipiesiumalile with lefemieo to lire
tieednui of elections. d he expel.rut itself had si I
duin it i vei been • ucci ss|n| to acroillj lisli its object.
It has m almost e\ny lust.nice di n lo rd ill weak
lies* nt the dinlrhoiiists .is a p nlv, distinct hum the
■ P"l tic I cn in petite is I. i the f ivm and the puwei
• I the I’eapfe,
Alv nl /1*» iinus to the immediate abolition nl slave
,x 1,1 *h«' | < iiitmy nl I loriila air tin? sun e with
11lose which I have hei e M‘l tort h a : dust l1 i- ».,uue
11" '•"1 c to l he I h*i i id ul t .1 ii min i, with t he add i
Il'tll Mill lilt* m III lions upon win. Il 11 i o Tt II HOI \
1' 4 ciliil hi ill* I nil* «l Si.lies 11 \ Spain |\> i in *i 11 \
Mipnlate Im 11 s adimssi.n mto 1111* l' n ton on 111 «
- ,'"4’ h'lmisa* no soinie.l hi lilt) pnniilive t ill/, mi*
“I ‘In I mh .I Slate*. To impede a now i ninliiiim
iimv upon 11 hi iiiIi iliiiattlM, a* a smr tjuuf.rn ol ad
ini'sMitiift to ihe I'nlon ih i State, u iWd hr, inn s
judgment, a InV u It ol laiili. I voted against the
.olniissiiiii nl tile Shite ol Aik.inn'ii, heraiiM) lit i
• mn* l i^n I ion t x pi os* I y do i mil to lie i I .eg i- |a | me the
P"U4‘ ol eitianeip U»ni» slaves. Slmtthl the Cuiimii
luiimi ol I* h11icli« ( tiiiluin the n iiik piovismn, I should ,
vtno m the *.line .i aimi i; hilt llie Iafli nl the u itmn
l* a! toad v ph d;' i (I lo i he admission o IT4' Inf id fi Ult I lie
•<a n.o 11 i ms it pon vv Ifio 11 oi In i Soul hoi n Si ah * have
ht in admit ltd ; and no li.iv r no i ig lit no vv to I oil u ii e
HC'ie ol In i than Ijan hoou Mjjmtrd o|Theui,
I drain* nm to intfifnr with the msiiiollon* ul
slivriv vvlcio llcv an- established I vv..nld tint
■ dnd is 11 si tv. I > w II limit a d or Ii'ua III to indr III oily (hr
■I ■ ' ' ho Mi r lo i Ins Ilf'S, aid. lo avtild I hr mil ssii .
loi ui it, vv o old hr;, hi 1 he pi nits* with a g ec fat mu
''I t* td mi ii, I all it ir | hi hi nil y hi l lie st i pit (alines id
do < on.si h in cm td dir I ’mi. d S .|lo<, vv Im It I hav
I '4' i! •’ rd m v I a 11 h he Ion I.. d i ii s i. pi ui I; ami .. e
I etui »n y hand to in piojt i i Ini thr abolition ol • I iv. i v
H'll nr I nil' || Stall * w idioti' i he i oil till OI ill'll
lliasli | s.M
Mil. \ \N ITTll.N.
/ /! t!f(_ / St. JillHI V ( > iU U /('.
I hr | r..p'r ol Kngl mil may now Irani a Ir fun
•d 111 puh| . anisin 11mu Hh uiosi hi i!haul s pert mm,
lllr t iovrnyurnl . I the I mhti Slalih. 11 lias pi nd
a *| h' mi id la 11 iifr. \ .in I ’• u t eti, vv I o Ir at tied mac v
ustlul lactic* hi tins (Olif.liv, will hi tut! the demo
( i at S I (Intel Ha i ,iht nul : i/fih if T/i nil 11 hit ill dhf
• lunrc. |) iiioiihv is tin* I#i •>l n il mom pnwrifol]
It v< i ill 111 tt wniUI, i| pirssr.l jiidncmslv. Mmi-I
an hie* Itavr !n i n upsoi hy n ; hut many iihmo I uve
In t n i" tahlcdu d 11v il. \ ui Ilmen is said to lie a
non i il* in. d man, hoi hr knows limn ni natim* ; hr
know * Ii . t mii.li v turn loo, and has laid ihr Iti.i st*
• inn da I t v* i w as i ouitiv oil. 11 r has pi rv idctl up
"it dm popul.it old I'm il* c' to m i an t \ample ol
a' ' "liilri'in aid mde| t i d n. .-, whirli pet hap* no
olln i m an in ill it ronotiY vvonld hive tt templed.
11• • "ill ulltmatriy, mildly and oauhnmdy, luif lev
in;* d i "Mi ppm I . | | hr I ). in* < i u v hr will mid oil hi
t d Iv mi t t i .1 in hi m in ^ fho win hi nioii m i dei tic
■*" 'V «d a low relit.'.il and nihiv ilod minds, which
no t ho so ui t o o! si .iinhty mil ora lot in evil y counli y.
I l.i* poiinlr t .nm il vinoi u ihrnisi |vo* any inure iliac
a igjilio . I.unl ran mivoin u.soll wiilimil die stiprt
intend' co i.. a icasioi. It imisi hr merely an in
« io isotl i uicl cl i I.inn i and CiMiioiihoii. W o have
"uvv m a* hope I >i VtiM'ii, all than ever we li.ni mere
hoi I h i I il ai mil ol I iidopeudonoe. Ml. Marlin Van
l»'* i« 'ill.' t c. ri i di'd in i it 1111c11* dfiwn ,i cat mu d lend..
w h tit w i . lln inn • Im in i< I i«l r i ilist,i dr to K \ <( ill i vc
cmiiml, mil li.i i i oiler,led iti Ins hands 111<* reins ol .1
« 1 I I 'til ol Si .ill! msl it ill io on, w ho It will di aw w *• I
i ' lliei. a 11 * I he.ii him upward* hke tin Hired* id
I*' iso. The K* public o| the United Stale*,
hke ih.it * I \ rim ) ,* will he. omt? an oligarchl .
hut it will he, unless wc in) mistaken, a mm*
< minting one. Il will not, like Venire, lie
come a spied hd Mini id pal,ices ; lor it Ikin'
/irunial HpiiugN ol ioiiiuicMi.il prosper)!v which !
nothing tan paialyv.c, and which do not de
pc ml upon th(! ilisi .'Hi d hi* in. i lls ol Kuiope (oi
a health!ul action. I'm fifty years or more, n
will he a clever (digan hv, and then the | eoplo will ,
w isi ly and c.hetnl Iv cotiseiM k |pn b*c nnmg a limit
ed monarchy. \ an iSiiicu, w«* helicvc, has a son oi
two, and lie will ptobably esliddish a sound and use.- |
lid dynast) lor that great continent.”
[ ('oiumenfa on tin uhorr ertru /, Ay thr fnlmfril I’t/i
i/i!"i of tin Sulishnrtj% ( \ ('.) U’titi hniun. J
I' is difficult lor any one of common observation
not t - In In v*' licit the predictions of this Tory 1‘d’i
lot ol Knglaiid. are now in a state ol rapid fulfilment.
The enemies,*.I lire « overiiuh iii, thiouglmut the
world, must indeed rejoice at the dowuwaid course .
ol out Kepuhlu lor the last eight or |rn wars. In
der the g lie e *d I N umeracy, flit? late and piexcnt
1‘iesd'i.ts o! the I lilted Slates have usurped des
polic power**, just as U;r-*irdid in Koine, ( .'iiunwell
m Kngl nnl, t\ Kooapar'e in France. 11istory is full .
id siicii examples, Imt these are mi otimi* d a* being
most latnthai and most sinking. The democrats d
the I oiled States, with the sa Me liy nnctidcu! cam |
upon tin ir bps, aic progressing more tcsolutcly and
im pud* ni l\ iidheir iniquitous i arerr. than was ima
gined ihe\ would do m no short a tune, even by the
Tory Kditor ol Imgl.md. 'They have not wailed to
pass through the forms *d an oligaichv, hut lia r at j
once riedcd a monarchy : Fur who can deny but !
that a* to all practical consequences, we aieltow ut) j
di r the absolute 'tile ol one man ! The President
is all in all : lie t* paramount, lie must he cun 1
sideied infallible: No member ol Congress u usl |
hi* elected who dues not how the neck to Fxecmivc ,
dictation : No one is permitted I *» hold an office who
dares to think ami act I n himself: The “sic volo”
ami “ sic jubro” ol the President is the law, and UN J
word must he obeyed under the penalty of political
excommunication and death.— Now tstliis democra
cy. oral jovcriitmnt ol tlie peoph ? F it oligarchy or
a liovcrnmeui ol a lew ol th« people ? N*»! It is }
neither : hut fa the (iovernmeiu pf one man; in other
w mils, it is monarchy, absolute *Utid inexorable as to |
all practical (fleers. *
The public acts of .Mr Van Huron totally disprove i
all Ins pi eteiiM Mis to Democracy, and show him to be. i
as Mr. Uives very appropriately says, a “ motiocrat” 1
pi reality and huib. Wo have long been io the hab
it ol H oarding a ipuuNt piivule clepoi'intmi or con
duct, as a nioic certain, index to his principles than
any piiblii professions ho can m.ikV. i. squ ired by |
this rule, it will appear that M.r. Van Kuren bus no.
one particle of democracy m Ins whole* eonsiitu
l to u. lisle.id of JiHugliug with the people, as Ins
profession would seem to imply* he stands aloof
1mm tlieorw mil lurid# them . t a gi* Mrr jin t iu< e
.'jr'.amme »~**.:*« ..smt, ■ i— atmtii.- - - -b- ^ ^ , w .* n -- —f-jinr
1 bail iiiv min i President )i.iever donrs.— Uo apes
iIn-nnnnei s and | isliious of Povaliy in Pqrpflf an
• "'"I . diives .1 iimre '•fdcndld equipage , ntuvra in ■
gn- iici pomp ; di« .s,-s hi mure gorgwous apparel
• ba * any Pustdrnt has ever done before him. And
all iliis u simple democracy 1
I'm tni-M' How dors it happen that our demo.
" i Mr I * i istih’ni has sent i wo ol ln» Monsf to ling land 7
W u hr tr n ••lit* res led dial their object might bo
in h .mi ** nsr i ii I i triics,” which tho Tory Kditor
** "d iIh n I nin t had done Inline llicm, while he was
in hngl.md, Is it m diiN way that we are to Ii ,vc c»
laldi-J.nl lor this great continent "a sound and use
lul dynasty ?" Perhaps the moiety id the United
States was too vulgar wind insipid for these y^iung
I’mim t s n| the hlood, and hence liny must leave the
land ..I I h mm racy, and goto Kriglnnd, the land ot
Mon.in hv. where i hey could dud (it associates for
their I » ov al pci nonages.
'I hem arc grave aiibjec t* of enquiry for the whole
Amenc.iii people, f.et it he borne hi mind that every
piotr-MMOu made by Alt. Van Huren has been falmfi
• d by his act* ; md the conclusion inevitably follow*,
'bat lie is only assuming the garb n| democrney m
onlcr dial he may practice still greater decrpuou
upon the people Instead ol simple drtnncMcy/w n
Ii ive die pai.nlc and show ol muuarchv ; lliste itiffT c
c .lioii.v. we have extravagance; Ii sle .il ol liee.loin
in on i I ho o g hi s and action*, we Ii an intolerance
and ptiim i iptmu ; instead n| vniue and integrity in
I’"h i nlliu'M, w r have dishoi sly and | lofhgacy mi
th extreme ; in short, give in die PtoMJent dm
powi i nvi*i uin money, an nidmg to Ins .Sub-TitM
H"'x |dan, Im w Inch he i* most auxmiitly neckin'*,
"id w, hill have ilnth mg hit w . rt In the name ol Iter
ih uo \ II will be sw allow td up I uitlU Vortex I I’fC
sirleuiial uauip.uunit and iiumiiIi.
* '1 11 ll Al< vandiJit da .tHr.
sumi: thoughts on ini': ntatk oi
\\ Ii ill v•*r may be lIm* result ol ilie political strop
lib* m \ ii _ lo ii ntnl i Urn hen*—w liellier I a vo table i »
"iviise to the Administration—one fact mimt bo
obvious Io ilit* miml ol cvny one, nml commintlv
on .i m iim !l lor consideration—and dial is, that tlm
Opposition daily in a most numerous, iletermineil,
sim i ii* ami lioio'M one, aids io ovi ipower tliftr ad
veiHsi11* h III Mime ol the Maieti—to keep diem h,
i link in io In i h, ami to route ml w i r I j diem (or viator v
in neady all. Ji* numerical sfttmgfh alone would
give II ll Hpretaliil.iy; but w lien wv add to iln«, il.c
I u 11 ii r i In i, dial il i oinpiiMN among Us lioioN mmn
(be | on M .I abb ni lilt'll ol the i onntiy, ami that
unis i a ok a mu lotjiul army » < I a large poll ton olotn
hr**’ Ml .yens, even the ttdvm aitm ol ihmiein pown
mo l ol.ml ih.it they hive a paiiy oppotrej m ihetn
oho*..- pm. I opinion is o oi di having, ai il whfsrcoti
•Irinmit on ihey ought, il pns>i|j|r, lo avofil.
\\ ii 11 1111n>In i , w nil tali iilw. vi idi /. • il, am! with
• •1 m • 11; v, dir < hi|u>Kition paiiy. have however, aiovv, ns
ilw a\ si lire die iron M i n ol (im. j ink* on, larked
i »\ o is ■ m ini i < ij ii hi tes lot sin a i ss—leqitiiiitrn which
* h« 11 poll I ir a I a11 v •' i sa i ies povsi hh in an i mint-lit do
1' "i- ne n 1 \ lo V ami < hm \m/ vi iiin.
* bi s. \ » il ni « HiniiN, vv o dip lie Ve dial the Qpposi
:mn p.uiy lU mi .hunt the country, ronM have « mu
mamh d tiiumphi.nl inai..»uie«, as they did in Con
.•ii , .—not« ith .iamliyg d»e patty dull il.err, JJu!,*
1' M ‘,l •' do- oi ( Hiii n w .iv p Mid, m coum n iicrrfr
"» il •’ want < ( or. aniz ilimi and guimi on the ndo
ol d.. opposition, pailies n lapsed inlo tlx ir old *t ,ir,
ii.d thin /,■* (ill li.u k * j **itI ly into dun (uittier chan
m Is,
^ 1 ,M 'b* ' •mime ol the case, n lotions dmt die
| .i!ty mp'.ivii Imuldltc mom <•<'injticl, if no mav
inr dir • vpiesvnm, tlian tho nppotmmri. ldit n does
,l"‘ ‘ ‘I 1 'by I'dlow dial do* opposition should be ai •
«hv d- lasdiryaie. The latter M'suli ll.ivva entirely
lmmi die pi h. n il pinliIn tions ol mein |^iht ieiani,
who si i up their I.ivoi iir (andid.ii^-s, tally I<iend4
.it(■ 1*1.1 d,*n Mamlaid-, ami thus excite rivalries
and i< .dousir*, o| sow lilt' seedsol disallectlun 01 tlis
Ii is .i hriijifd bv those who ate o|«pnsed to the Ad
mi ii hi i.it ion that y 4 ii tun, or mi. Fits is the first and
i" i r • S ii \ tep in the t rgenci at ion ol di«* govrr/iineut,
,l"* •' I'xuin-rirr to coiiMtiintiotial and icpuhlicmi
'i'b ** I' h ilien loo plain torooielid lot or argue
i a ni, dial < inijidat. . mint ho i hnsen fjy whom this
i hangr i an !».■ i (feen il. W’e may ptovo lot fitly
v e.i? s dial ilie aJiuinibi ill inn id t he g< vein me n( is an
nfiptnprr one; l»ui il tu'imki the whole nation be
In v»’ as w i* ilo, 11 will c*0. 1 i u pi .let uml good, unles<
w r a Iso m .d • t he ui Im-In v <- | hr i e a re ot hri me ft who
will pi op» 11y adnui.Hiri n, ai d poisijiidc them to
I'b'U tin se Mien to pd in ni ll.e ilul \ . This is some -
what the Mtiiaimo ol ihr opposition parly now. We
b'*it lit . on all sides t(cmijn,sli tilin • the Corrupt ion
'I * ! •' ' "■ s—bill \ ■ l lilt* Im 1 • • iu n( we pi ic« I,rlore
Ii iii iIn* only ellccliial means •.| purging tin* iepub
“• hs I In* election (| another man .is PicmUiut ol
l;i 1 nllcd Si;,ich, pledged loiclottn i Xlriling abu
' --lln \ ( e,«M- In deinim-trale.and In gin to aigue—
iln y dilb r a* in shades id ciiarach t m lights «| poll
M( .d hie, ai d Minn gmw lukc waitn under the dis
i :ii •' i • * 11, or, w li.it is \» n nc, hi ak nil Hilo ii reconcile
abb divisions.
Ou^III tins In be *,) f ( login i gioat and a patri- «
mo p n ly iIron to Infer aw,*v Us m irugth,—1« than act
ns I'oUin ils — to lessen ns cneigi s — to weaken its
iidlueli' e f 11 the i ytiteo iswoiih waging, ought it
11"I be waged by a nni'ed and an organised lorcgf
' J ig'll the i i»v in11111.i nl iho people always to bo cut*
Hos' d without discipline or eouceri of aciion lo ilia
utacks ol the trained bauds and regulars of ihe Ad
iniiiistt.*tion !
We hold that there is muiimg, absolutely nothing,
in the character, previous history, and ioliiic.il opin
ions *d eiilicr A11. < lav. (truer.il lluiison, or (T*n.
•scolt—[we omii ilo.1 u nne of Air. Webster, because,
l is , d lulled dial, at tins tilt)**, lie wdl not be a can
lol.u< | —u lio Ii should pievent a v olio of llieiu fioin •
duai ii mg the united vote of the whole opposition par
v inevciy Male of flic l' i.mn fiotn A! at tie to (icor gw,
md limn I )e la ware lo A! issouri.—It is tiue dial we
nay differ v\ ith llieiu all, mi Home points; we may
not have held die doctrines that they maintained.
Km wlial lias dial lo do w nil dm question now bfioro
In* people. Old dungs have passed away. The
i’aiilf has been compioiiiimmI—internal Itupit.ve
neni by die (ieneial i i nvei iiiiunt among the states
ias been slopped by the aelioo of the states them
ieIves—the H oik ol the United .States has ceased to
je a National Insti*iitiou—and, in short, all the for*
in a topics ofdillicttli y adjusted, and some of them
iliuost forgotten. The question now is, shall the
40 vein me nt be admiuiMcied H3 ilia.ot shall there be
1 IIKKOK M? Ah. (lav is it fa tor of a reform—so
1 (ieu. llai 1 ison—so is (ten. SeoU^-s.* are other dis
11. iM.islied men "ho may he umntiun d as wcuthy.of
dir dignity ol C hief A1 agigtrair. Who that* is 111
I ivor of Uclurin can hestiaie upon t[m view of the
subject ! •
\v'e know that the bugbear of old party name* has
Incn used with effect, 10 frighten grown up chil
dren, lor years: bill, 111 the present case, even this
mi-erablc trick eanimf avail, because each of the
candidates now In line the opposition, (ofcourse, we
omit, ms we did bi lore. Air. Webslei) " as a “Kepub
hc iu of ihe J efferent) school,” and *‘a ITymcrat of
the hist " ar.”
The adn.iii'stration party "idi their accustomed
pnluleal foresight have entered the contest anew,
with a single candid tie, nnd dial man already an
nounced and m the field. Whilst their opponents' ar®
choosing their favonte, the course has been cleared m
and a clear start gained. .Mark the evil rlfecre of
delay and hesitation even with these well named
politicians, on a minor point. Il the Administrattoilr
party arc to have dissension, and difficultiesamotVgH
themselves previous 10 the next election, it wifi be,
with regard fo a choice <*t a »‘audidatc lor V ite Pre
hident ! That * andid.itc they have ent yet deiet
untied on—they linger over u:—the subject m-^f cor1

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