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the public * Wb.it | apets ,ne most sought aiu i ;
Those cfituiuly winch feed .1 deprived public appe
^ite lor “ slander and defamation.” And (lie only
Wrttittar is, that, in the midst ol sm la temptations tu
depirl ft ottl a dignified course, the pi >s Iijs in rr
ved so great a degree of pinny and independence.
The supply of an aiticle will generally be precisely
adapted to the demand, in quality as well as in quan
tity ; and hence the collective to she evil complain
ed of by “a (i’uest ’’greatly magnified as it is by bis
own diseased optic*, must commence with the pen
pie. Whencvci they become disgusted with‘‘defa
mation and slander,” the newspapers will cease to
publish it. While they eagetly swallow down the
food, however, they should not abuse those whom
they pay to furnish it. Nor should it be lotgotten
that a politician is vciy apt to regard as "defamation
and alauder,” the soberest tiuths, whenever they hap
pen to militate against his patty gods! lake 1h.1t
into 1 lie account, and there would he much less
justice in the chatges so flippantly thre w 11 util against
thepolit’cal l’ress by retail$lundtrers% than they per
haps suppose..
5. Of a like character, sotnewh.it, is the following
Tonal, also given in Richmond :
By C. Robinson. Reform in the political 1'iess :
Mote fairness and accuracy in its stateimuits—inure
ability in maintaining its opinions—and less violence
jF and abuse.
I All these “ ilcforu s,” we concede, areveiy desira- I
hie; though thcc are professions, besides the edit
rial, iti which they ate tint less essential. Mr. (’
Kobinson, w ho is .1 knight of ti e git en hag,—anglice, j
a lawyer,—, robably felt this, when out quick wit- J
ted cotemporary of the Richmond Wing leturned
his shot, thus:
Reply by J. S. < i.illnlipr The Bar: May it too
feel the salutary influence of Reform, ami learn that
there is too much license (oftenj in the tongue as well
as the Press.
Mr. (lallabei might have made his to i l more just,
by making it more comprehensive. But as Sit
Lucius < ^Trigger says, it is a very good quairel ns it
fttnnds, and we shall not then fore attempt to mend it.
And thus i nds the first chapter.
JfcP The Richmond Kuqnirer is very uneasy lest the
Whig ( cniral Committee may hive transcended its
powers*, in recommending a Stale Convention. Pray,
who should he best acquainted with the extent of the
Committee’s powers—themselves or the Kiujoirer f
T he truth is, the Knqnitcr is afraid of Whig conceit
nation and union. It secs, in this movement, the
taint semblance ol the hand-writing on the wall,
which portei ds* the downfall of its Belshaz/.ai, even in
the midst of his eleetinueei ing revels. It may wins ,
tie, indeed, as timid hoys do, of a dark night, to keep
its coinage tip, and to inspire its allies a broad with fa I- 1
l it inns hopes, whilst in like manner, they are amus
ing it with predictions of victories never l<» be w (in;
bur, if he lias confidence in his ow n vaikiiiaiiuns.all w c
can say is i hat Ins is not t lie only instance in w liich the
prophet has been the victim of the delusive pro nises
with which originally lie intended only to beguile
li )r arc ilic mi ahly fallen !—John C. C alhoun was
invited, by the Loco Focus of New Yoil., to deliver
an Oration in that city on the hh of July. He
4‘ iic.ktiouledj.eF, uith ^rahtuilci i lie Inner" confer
red upon him. though he was “ rclucfan/lij" com
pelled to decline. We have not loom for Ins letter,
eutiie, this morning.
More Sub Treasurers off. — A j |J .rker, whoso
name nny be familiar to our readers, as the Sheriff,
who some years ag i destroyed tin* pull-book of Jes
samine county, Kentucky, l»y which H. I*. Leu her.
Esq. was deprived ofl i is seat in ('o-t j jtss mil •• | h. r
Tom Mome” obtained it.—and who i'ur (bis art of
party noniitidpelisni, was appuinted, by Amos K«
dall, Host-master at Stamford, in th.it State, (in
stead of being sent to the iVni'rutiatv.) has
Swarhvoulcd—in other woids, stolen tin* pnhh. i
money, and fled to Texas! Thus we go. The
Administration fills its o diets wiili acknowled
ged villains,and when they are told of the low of the
public innrey. they impudently tell the pcople, that
“ there trill be tognes itiuli i a'l Administrations !" j
Again: The I'ogersviilc (Tennessee) paper in
.forms ns that Cicn. N ilhamel S idth, late the Indian
Emigrating Agent, lor the Cherokee.*, lias fled to
Texas, with from 70 to $100,000 cd Uncle Sam's
money in his pocket, having Hr^t sold off his own
jiropcity and pocketed the pioceeds.
lluzza for the Sub Tieasums !
Gen. Scull.— A letter from New York speaking ol ,
the recent movement in favor of (Jen. Scott, says: j
“ 1 know Scott well, and in a recent eonvei.nation |
with him upon the subject, In- told me that he (Scott)
should do all in his power to accomplish so dcsmable
■a result.”
The Hichmond Whig states* that, in conse
quence of some mis cjq rc hen-don of the law, or o
mission to attend t»* some legal technicality, Dr.
Curtis, of Hanover, ha* forfeited Ins l ight to contest
the return of Col. Win. L. White, the Loco Foe./
delegate from that cou .' v.
a?* a new Loco Loco paper ha* recently started j
into life at Milton, N. C. The learned editor talks
of “fulgent days,’’ of “ cnvu.ous practices,” and cd
“ fnsluous bearing*'*—anti denounces an an mymnus
assailant as a “ skelluni” and an “ anthrax.” ! !—
15oy, bring us the dictionary — Wcbsti r’s quaito !
Q^A lettei from Washington stales that Mr. Van
Huren, before leaving Washington, made a special
deposile of his plate and other valuables in the Hank !
of the Metropolis. If Hanks are so unsafe, why
did he not place them in the custody of a .Sub Trca
•urer ?
05s** The New York paper-* gent-rally concur in
the opinion that Mr. Han Vuren missed the figure
by Ins late electioneering expedition. His party
speeches lost him more capital than they gained.
O* Benton is ehetion .viing ii MDsanri with iunea: <1
iu»nl, iu favor of tho Hold Humbug, and in opposition t->
Banks. The origin of bis enmity to pap. r money wmdil si
lence him forever, if his impinLuce w to not equal to bis kna
(£y The Georgia papors announce I in' <11-;< 111 o
tuo pi the distinguished citizens ol that State, Gen.
Joint Floyd and Judge Augustin S. Clayton.—The
latter cout'cnian was a few ycais agott conspicuous
member of the popular branch ol'Congrcss.— The A
ti.ens (Geo.) lianntsr ss.vs : ‘ !■’< r tunny veais Judge
playtou had been exceedingly sceptical upon the
(subject qf the Christian religion. 11 is mind was.
however, turned lo its more calm anti deliberate in
vestigation during his long mid protracted illness.
Then it was that he regarded bis previous neglect as
the greatest ingratitude, and under a deep convic
tion ol its truth and ul his former errors, lie made
a public profession of faith in Clitist, by uniting
himself with the Methodist Episcopal Church in
August, IMP, which li.c steadfastly and consistently
inalulaiucd till degilr Scusible til it lbs lor met up
] I" ""'"O' llllstl.il.Ily might |,,|Vl ,|lt lllluJ;
• Id m.my »illi »liniii he had associated, h.s most „r
dent desire appealed lo be to undo the evil „i |,„
lorn., r I lie m .Ins teg „d. The , lostng „ rl„. |„,
Ide was o, e of extraordinary l hristi m -numph.••
1 0 j ' 1 b* •" 1 » it Men** .Inly
I has i ear lied ns: and, though not equal, in our opin
ion.to sfew , fthe immediately preceding Number*, it
•• ** 1 «ntiir ssever I article* of grtat beauty
j aim iutrns:; "Judith Her—tuldi," and i he exir.ior
i dmary i iscol Catalepsy,for . sample. Mr. Combe’s
rTlirenidoclr.ll Lci toie, and the anicli on I'.duca
l ''J" •|re o"ill mi an | apers • it sobjit ,s ol um
vcisnl coneeiii. *■ The Victim ol l.ove'' ouulit lo
h.ve been given to tbe (lames. " The |.„v,.|’s
I alisoiai," is in a happier vein, though Hannah
NeuIon's philosophy mi the influence 11 an absent
hivn\ infidelity, it strikes u*. binders mme m irly
oil the absuui titan the sublin e. The Messenger.
«c ate ghul to in ar, is sailing on a smooth sea,
with gentle bieer.es and a clrar skv. .May it heal
nays laden with piecious fruits,both to the publisher
:ii cl liis i c h!c is.
UZf 1 he lulls received on the Slate Canals cl
New \ oik lor the titter month* t riding the* :$0th ol
June, amounted to $C>lG.!W.j— Kor the same »c
rmd in lb.'Jb, they amounted to >51 l,b.‘ll — 1 net* ase.
I’Oll 1.11• I . K I \. — Pile ship S.dlld i, which te
eently teturned limit Liberia, will a<:ain Rail lot that
Colony on the 1st of August from Norfolk. It i*
desirable that ;JI emigrant* who desiie to take pas
sage in her should get ready with as little delay as
possible.— See 4iM page, lot recent intelligence from i
lhe (■'( Ion v.
0 A Missouri paper, seeing it staled that tin?
*• Uritish C^neen,” meaning tlm Hcam-ship, umilil
Ifave KnglamJ for New Voik on the J>t of July,
gravely anuowucestIi.it (^ileeu \ iitmia was about t ■
visit (lie United States !
The Army. — Lieut. Col. S. Jiurbs.uk, nth mfan
try: Cupt. John Hr.idley, 2d ini.; M Lieut. \V.
11. Jietts, l*t Ait. ; and 1st Lieut. J ( Alt Allis
t« r, 2st iuf., have icsigned llieii comim.ssions in the
rr The Hank of Virginia is about to put into op
eration its m**v branch al I’ortMiioutli—cl which
John A. Chandler has been elected Fiesidciit, anil '
Win. 11. Wilson, (,'ashirr.
fly23 Among the passengers in the steam si.ip '
Liverpool, which sailed limn New Yolk a lew days
ago, I’m Kngland, weobspive the name ol Frofc-s o
(ieorge 'fucker, of the Virginia I'mveisiiy.
(^.r" The St. Louis Hepulican of the 4J9th tilt,
gives an unl.ivotable accout ol the Tobacco crops in
Missouri, and states that the (’orn crop has been
also much injured by late heavy rains.—The Mary
land papers s iy that the Tobacco crop in th.it State ■
is not veiy piomisi g.
(Jy5* We are pretty mueh crowded with Toasts
to-dav ; which a* ( omits lor t lie absence cd our u
sttal variety. The papers, however, ate quite barren
ol news,
0 / The Hi ( oit on the alldis ni the Lynchburg
( iti/ens* Savings Bank shall appear in our next.
()y* A C.aiip meeting, will be In id at Yellow
Branch, lor Campbell Circuit, to cotnoieuce on
Mom! iy I lie U)ih ol August, and eon'miie umil the
Satin day follow ing. M \K i I N \ I>1 \\.
ISevieu of (be I jncliluug Mai Let,
nii,m i Ti invia ki.i. itv
Hlt'tl lltU 'S'V 161-IiC f oitinii»»ion Viet elinui.
Kjtlreine | i.-( en • f p issed Tobacco, a 7 00 to JO 00
Inleiior to ( "iiliiioM, 7 00 to 8 fit) 1
Common to CLmd 8 50 to II 00 I
(iond to line, I I 00 hi 1 ti Oil
(I inti A: line Manuf.ictui ing 13 00 to JO 00
Lugs, as to quality, 4 J5 to 0 50
Inspected this week 191 libels, passed and rdused.
No change.
No pi ice fix^d for New Wheat.
Flour Iy wkulnt'tlc $4 00 to 0 00 !
('orn, pe^ barrel 4 50 to 0 00
Bacon, by w holesale ll 00 to 11 50 |
Meal, (by wholesale) 1 00 to 1 00
Whiskey, (by wholesale) 0 40 to 0 49
I ion, (per loti,) 4 months, 100 00 to 0 00
IIwm; , (pwr t"»i.) 1 JO 00 to 130 00
Oats, (per bushel,) 0 40 In 0 45
Salt, (per sack.) 3 00 to 3 4J5
Down the liver, 0 00 to 0 50
CJp the river, 0 35 to 0 50
Flash ! and Iron (per tori) $10 00 to 0 00
.vo Tin:.
g>IHSI \NT to a deed of trust executed to me
P hv Kmanucl Cumhy, bearing date tlie jib of
October, 161!). for purposes the rein expressed, who h
det»d is of record in the Cleik's office ol the comity
of Cami hell, I will, on .Sale id ay the 4J7th inst. (July)
at the Maiket I|uum\ in the town nf Lynchbuig.
sc:U, to the blithest bidder, for cash, 3,3 acres ol
LANJ), lying on the waters of Falling Iiiver, being
part nf the tract of land w hereupon the said F.manu
el C'umby in his lifetime resided. It i*< well timber
ed with pme, and in the immediate vicinity of (’apt.
Branch's saw-mill, JO miles south-east ol Lync h
burg. .Such title as is vested m me by said deed I
will only convey.
July 15 *3w
Commission and I'orirardtnts /louse, ,
itiehmond. I
OUR new Kiie Proof Ware House being located 1
inline 111 ;• i <• IV on the ha-in, we are prepare tl to
receive flour, Tobacco, Arc. from the canal boats,
and sell tlresainc free of all dinyage, thereby saving
ihn owners a he.ivy expense.
liberal advances will be granted on all consign
inents as soon as received. We are prepared to lor
ward Hoods, sent froin the North, and our location
enables us to save considerable ilrsyagc upon them
We res] cclfnllv refer to liie following persons in |
l.yiicliburg, wlo se business we have transacted lot
many veais :
.Samuel Miller, S. II. Davis A: Co,
J.is. W. Morgan, Hollins .V Ryan,
Dr. J .is. S inndris, Joseph D- Is vans Ac <
.1 es«e 11 are.
July 15 J0t*rf
.floras .fialliraalis.
r|MlK SITiSCRIBKRS are agents lur ilic stlc
I of a huge number of the 'genuine
Morn's ''I uWie.Dili's l utliiigs suiil l£oolc.
nl the present >ear’s growth. They are from a
very unusually nourishing nuiscry, to the adjoining
county ol Hui l,itigham, and the tiers air of uncom
mnnlv vigorous giowtlt, many of them on the 1st
• list, measuring Iron* 3^ to 4 leet in height. I he
cultivator, Kev. .1. S. Armistead, seemed to the ptc
srnl unpropitious season, the growth ol seventy fur.
trees for every hundred single hulls planted, lie
warrants the genuineness id I lie trees and the inaiuii
IV of all the wood which he sells. The cuttings and
toots will be ready lor delivery catly in November.
; Application to us, iivit-ptiiil, v.ill bo promptly at
tended to WILLIAMS & V!< TOIL
\ July 13 "!'* " "'sol
I Viiuabh l.utttls m at gji/HfhbHrii.
i ok isrvr.
\ S \ MM IN IS'PK ATOll de I »m» non, will »lie
■ "ill .* ti im* % «'«|, o| Joseph Ktllul.*, ilc» eased. I
sliall, on the VTili day .1 July. ill * Maikcl
llutue, in i ho (ocv|) nl I. vm til-ni g. pulillr?y. lo
lilt* highest linlilrr, lo* ihf inm ol three vc ns, c om
meitciog on the IstiJiy ol .I aiill.11 v. I8l0, (with the
put ill j .• o| sowing sm ill glam I hr 1 poll at I hr os in I
j period doting ihr approaching I ill.) two valuable
j pi. i ill a I ions, s; ii.nc'tl on \ 11 he i V l '»• « k in the conn
iv ol » mipht'l!, within a lew mile* ol the town ol
T«vnclihurg—the one nt ?nr«ent ore'tipird by Mij
l.l'is l*. i hnohuu !i >, and tii utlie*t bv Mr. Uo'mi
I hr lei ins as regie ids senility, and the irsh el ions
as in wash-. A. will be pal lit uUrlv made known at
tin* tunc and place of irntnig.
II Ml ,\ N I \ (J |’( »N. Sergi. I'm po.
ol I.\ nrlibg, and as such adm'i. clc* boms non
ol .1 os. I rhols, dec'd.
July l’» t*>7J
•vo i'BCi:.
\M. pnsoi s Ii- ' mg c laims against the estate ol
\\ .rile 1 Snead, den'd. an* inj lestrd to bring
illrm in to me, ptnpeily authentic ated, l. 1 settle
m«*nt, by iht* l-i id < iriobn nr\i, and all prisons in
debit'd to sa d estate* w ill n 1 ikr 1111 no d 1 nr pavmriit.
II. IH'NMNiiTi >.\ Sr*»i. ( ipo.' Ot
I «vm bg. and as snrli adm. oi Walln Sin ad, dec\l.
July lo *2w
\L L persons li.iviin* claims again*-! ('apt. Mrnry
Kalhiigri, ilrcM lair oi I. \ ncliluii g, will piratic
pi'sent (hem In mt* lot M tllrminl, iiihm before ilu*
15 lid v ol Scpirmbi t ncM. oihctwiso this notire
will In* plead in b. i i i all, i.ci i laimv. li in mv pm
P 'se, dining iIn* (all ol this vi ar, to untie up and
close my udmiiusiiainni a* counts on said estate. as
••Iso tin* estate (iI Alls I’ally Hailingrr, dccM, l.mici - j
ly tv ile ol said 11 mi \ I*ailing r
II I )l N N I \ ti | < >.\, Scr1. (’»>rpo.
ol Ly lie lib in , and as *-u eli Adm'i. ol I I i*ni v
Hallinger and Polly Ins \\ dc, Innli det d.
July 15 ‘,'w
\A L pn sous having i l.uiiis against iln* e*d ite ol
I lame I I*, dis, ilecM. a.«- triple-ted t • bring ilu in
in lo me, pi opn'v authenticated, lor m iilemcol, by
ilu* 1 >l ol October next ; and those indebied lo said
estate will make immediilc p-iyinent.
II. Dl N N I NT< L\. Si i j I 't.i po. ol
l.vnchbui .*;, an I assuch .L/m’/.ol IKin l. Hi/is, dec*’d.
July 15 'J tv
\L L prisons having claims against the i (ate ol
Al oiiriiing (’hristian, dec’ll, am ie<|uested to'
j»i 111: in I licit claims to me, pi op 11 v itii hr nl icalcd,
• •I sell li’iin lit. by I lie It ol Oclobri ; and those m
Icbled lo said rslau* wall make imniediare pay ineiil.
II. Dl'NMMiTON, I \Or. ol
JMuumittft ( /nislian,
July 15 ‘Jw
PATLN I' L11HTION ami Lueder Alaichrs,
Lamp and Caslui 0.1, Kaisins, Almonds, M*
I.l ines. Surgeon's 1 i-u iimeiits, (inns an I Pistols,
Musical 1 ustUineni-s, Pickles, lliaudy biilits, Pie
■ > ivi's, Win i s. P i amlies, ( u login* and 11 o I land i • in.
I am y Soaps .iml Pt 11 li mei \, choice Signs, (.’ordi
i Is, | {rustic s, \\ a t «■». \ c | vr i no I I'.inn colors, u ith a
’ttrnh/ o| otlit r ai tides, |or sale, at iIicj/ix icnoii.i
.li- iiriciM. UOW'ia, DA V IKS.
July 15 H
mum miythuik* :
To hr tlran'it this trttf:.
ItooKi-r's l.olli'y A r m Iimiihi' Office, )
Lyuclibui g, ,1 ol v I 5t h, 1 H.T>. y
Now lor a new N-.vd mil Lucky Scheme 1 !
Two Pi iscph ol $10,000 each ! !
DP.WVS To MOKI.'OW AT K K 11 Alo\ | >.
iii icli«ti«»iol l cadcsssf CiMIitv,
KX I IIA ( I.ASS, No. (i, i-'OH Is.!:*.
I'onilern Oiaon Halimslo st-vi iti\ ftv c Nuiiiltri-.
l'o lie drawn :n II I*' II M< IN I) t.n Tue.-d iv Ifni* day
o'.lnly *'!/'" The diau .n» u ,11 l.i'iu iv. d at till*
ellicc on Thins ! -\, ill I -1 li ,i si.
llriliiiinl Xcliviih'
I Cri/e of SI0.000 ! I(> I’riK-s »r Ssttto
I ilo III UH(I IA ilo ‘Jon
I (lo a 001) 8> (lo 2!'0
I do 2.-J ,H ilo loll
i 1'iiir.ps 2,(Mid | 2111) do 100
> do 4nil |
Besides a meal mi tidier til $o(l, 2 In, Ac, (Vr.
VV hole I i eke Is >o — 1 It i v i m s-2 Ml—(^h,h lei s s I Jo.
I *ir%inia Staff ff.otfiry.
I I’ii/.' of #30,000 !' *
I (I.) On 10.000!!
iO Pi izes ol 1.500 ! ! ,
B.f( sbnrg . trad* niy ff.ot f< #*//,
t ‘lass. No 4. for 183!).
'I'ii he drawn aI Alevatidiia an Saturday the 20/// j
of July. i! 7he /' i a:
this (\l)i(C on Tuesday, the 23d insf.
id rand Situ ni< :
Prize of $30,000 1 50 Prizes of 500
do 10.000 I 50 do 400
do 8,000 50 do 300
do 5,000 I 100 do 200
do 4,000 | 05 do 100
do 3,120 |
Together with many ol #80. >50. <Ve. (V.
Whole Tickets $ 10—“Halves 8*5—< ^$1 25
For sale in a gieat vnirety ol ehniee niio.hers at
()rdei s fi nm I lie tommy l «»i 'Tickets drawn by
|). S. tiregorv iV to. in all / tefiinia S< hemes, (;ic
ompanird hy t ash or Piize 'Ti» Ucts,) prou ptly and
■ oi. tide lit la 11 v attended to* when addressed to
I ,ynchburp, Va.
(£/* My customers may always depend mi see
11ilie numbers of every Foiti ry in wlihh I
sell Tickets, puliIisli<'d in this p per, ('The \ irgi
lian,) so soon as the OOicial i-i>t • I the lhav. im* is
received. II. II. DOOKKIl.
Itrairuifi Hit ci in a.
The fnllowiii:; were the drawn numbers h r the
l!onon;ali;i Acatlnu.i B-oUtri,
Kxtra Class, at Ilichtimnd on 'Tuesday the !)ili inst.
viz :
47 5 02 32 17 2 18 03 0 30.
Some V' ry Handsome Pnzes sold it
r 11111. CO l*A KT.NF.KSIJ 11’ of the undersigned,
I under ilie firm of S'nplcs k Lumpkin, at r In- j
Amli'tst Mills, having expired by in own limiiatiun.
I It o said partneship hiseeased, except fur I In* pupnsi 1
of closing the business, which will lie done by eillier
of I lie partners. |)\\ 111 S’l A I’Ll*. N.
July 15
( v>* M*artnf‘i’.ih >!>■
r I MI E l' N HE ItSKiN El) h ive Immcd a co
JL Partnership, under the style of
I. VM I’lilN A Wil l-mis,
for tlie purpose of carrv ing on husiness at the Am
lier^l M i U.s. They are now prepared for the teccp
lion of WHEAT, fur wliieli they will give the high
eat cash prices thron 'limit the season.
J uly 15
t.isn i on it ’in:.it.
riMIL STAPLETON MILLS, are now pre
I pared to receive AVI1KAT, for which the im
desieued will give the highest cash pikes during the
July 1 •>
To Itrick I,:i)crs and C:ir|M‘iilo*«.
Pj;< iposA l,S will lie recciveil, until I’niJay
,|,e |9ili insl. f ir luiililing a BanKing I louse,
I |he town of Buchanan, a plan «>t which, wiih spe
cifications may be seen bv calling mi I tin subscri
bers m Buchanan. jo'rda n^'anthiIon y,
\V. 11. i >Ut "I HAT.
July I■ 31 if.
.v« i ll i:.
1)1 I* l \.N l* to jy tit» »oe ul l lie t on ii y t • 1111«• I
■ I'r.lfoid, pionoum i <1 in lire ilianniy null ol
!V'\is .mtl Dili, is agmnM lloliMiu , die innlrisign
' ,%d ComillisJtotlPI s "ill | * i tit till IO sell, al )‘lo) 1
, t oint |1 .use, on Monthly lln* Lhh tl.iv ol AuguM
■“At, (btinu court «Ihv.> to ilio Inulu-si huhlei, mi
* t icdit ol our a nd too \t’:i|t, (hr I olio wing
* vii u in tin* * minty t t iln* Floyd, to u it . our Tract
| com.in.mi* I I ci* ■*.Ix 11*u oil Nmill blanches uI Lit
jil' I i i x * i , m "iln i l*i tit i t oiimuiiuu t'titl .nits, called
(hr Pm 1' iiU," lx in** on M » at|. x* < 'terlx Itttd (tend
histn Ins t*l K tinttbnu ad;o Ming ‘he I .nils ol TIlo*
t i•huLoii’s r-title ; nit.* In i Tiart coniainfi 6H0
nirs, called lilt* “ Kniii d M ratloxv.'* lx ing oil tin*
m.no Ii I U id t*i* i V t 'ii rk , aid a no t hr i lint roll
i lining I'd) i, ics, lx tin* mi ilir In-at! ixairisol luiluio
t 'ii'i k \|.sl cl these I. md* a u* in It, xx ell adapted
I to lilt* u i .• xx 111 ol [’lain |l til I glass, aid lie said lo he
\ .dual'll* lot stmk I Mills. I'll l«* In thrill xv.is at
(juiiril 11 .111x y« ns ago hy l)n* hue John lloolx, in
In* hi*- Hint*, mul in (In* dix sion i I Ins r*i nr tin v
"tie a I lot led to Ins dan :i Inn M .ii g ai et West, (in." )
drceasid. And aitt iioxx lo he sold hy dei'in* ol
* ‘■•nit. ("i the purpose ol d vision ntmtif’ hi t hfir«.
\nd ill 111*11^It the lnIrs to them aiu In hexed to hi*
liiii)Ut stiotlithly pi.i l, tin* imtltnaiunrd, m in j; as
i iunmisu ni is, xx ill only convey to the pm
cliaseis hy deeds xxnli spin lal xx,manly. The
pill iliasiis xx 111 I..* i ell it ii et! to gm* hoinlx xxnli
good pei sonal si'i iuil x and drills ol inn on tin*
lands, lo .secure the p ax ment id ilu* pun h iso money.
S. 11 P \ \ IS, { ('oininiN
t •. \ \x IN 1 • I*' I F L IX S mourn*,
July 1*> xx 111 s
>■.*« /a il \iicit.
Ill \ \ A \\ \ A 11 ('in the su ii'iiIm i, in iln rnun
4 i \ cl \mhe rst "ii tin* 8 11 ■ ■ i . .1 Negro I’• *\.
imnirt i i ii i him., mi I IM \r n s old. ii Inlei a
lily Iii 14 ill in n l it tn, «vi || |*11>| *m mu. 11, null a pleasing
nilinli'linin'*r \\ Iumi spoLi ii I", and is sihniit live h rt
Iom| inrl|f\s high. | 11n11a111 him at l. ni'lon ( aheM's
sale in I i if him i if, ii ho lit liv r . i six M ills ago, and it
is highly p ohidde lliii hi is about Ihai | lari' at
I Ins I mie . as In* I ;»s t cl il loim I III I r. I o ill pay I ho
.dmvi ii’Oiiid nl ■>*«?() Ini Ins iippii liriisiou and sin ill
I "g him III | ill, ll : ah i'll mil I Ilf » ollli I v, • I U'li doll »i s
ll taken .n il ddivfifd In liif in lln* i iltllin
l.KO r. I'l.l \SA\TS.
July 15 whv
t.i/nciibitrii Sai inzs Hank*
r I ' II i: l.j iK'lilMli'K Siu iii^s It \ l\ Ik ,
I c oniiiini'H lu iivoivu I al llm lullun
I MIT 1.11 cs. VI/ .
I i .»ll ^iims ol riiiM’iil tuoiicv nl #.'» hi niiioiiiil
■iml iipivnnl'i, ft pei rintum pci nnniiin, lm mi)
i!'»»'• uni cxi «*c*11111 ; i j n111n111, .uni il ilio mini n»
• .ini a l«nigt*i period ill.in I'J monilin, i-l pn rrn
linn pei aiinnm. \\ liisli mr hi^lit r rales ol
I’lli'irsl Hum me |i:ml l>> an) oilier In
diiiilaoii in 1> e£« IiBmii
I ii iuisiiwi m tn\ r* I v upon i lie mt in il v lm ilioro
lm u ol ilivir I h pusiic*, lieiup* 11n«)ii4 Mionalil) ic.-pon
Dim (ill lit Days c v< i y i Inn>.d..y, nt To dor k, I'. AI
niut i joits.
>1 dm W ilium** A t . I*. Ill iff,
W. I’. I»i yanf, 4.is t II mil,
l•«■«». Ilagby, \ lunnier,
\ . 11. A rmiHir.ul, Win [M. Davis,
I’, ft. \cne, Maurice Danglimnc,Jr
U. Mt l Vi I, 4 ('. Shacklelntd.
.1 K III W'IDU \ MS. President.
W I* It KAN NT, Tn*.imut‘i.
(•Id ). It \(J|t A', Secretary.
Fd». 13 lit I*
S’ Hi t: S EJ I* O n K0 s .
•C 1 Vi: I ?l|j, IN.'DK
M/K 11 A V !•: 4FST HIM I: I \ I: I >, a luml
v f some iiHHoitnirnt **l
.v/;& §• uooffps.
Consisting in pari ol 111c Idluwiug aim■!«■?* :
It I in* Mack P. ili* Son,
15ark (lio il** H bine,
Dn Matiioni Unstrings,
Flintcil I * nviis.
It lack ami blue Mick n*,mb,</.inr*i,
( becked aid Plain Swish M u> ii.n,
Vcip^is ItiMinci Hdimd . i new article,
Figured (a|U il- N '|* il'l
( lieudl f nil,
Rl.ick, koMetl an I pi tin I ’.uglish Silk I I use,
\V Ip t a do do tin «lo
Itlac'k Moravian do
Him li ol I a nc) rnloUM il Tw t ted Silk (i loves.
Du do Kid do
Do no Twisted Silk Mm,
It metre f \V 11 n I * • I tune.
We dei m u useless in enumerate, ns our stock ol
(it MtDSis.it present large nod d**Mi aide, Cniiipi is
ing neatly evi iv ailnleol Staple and Fancy DHA
goods. oHot i:i;ii;>, ii\ts, siioi;s, a*.
Ac. We cordially invite mil fi lends and the pnb 1
lie generally to give ns a call, as we am determined
to sell lip ill good lui gains.
A ( U NO A Al F.F M.
1 floor htl' H (hr. I'ormns' lionk. j
We have .several Rooms above our Store l«»r lent.
Y. A M.
June 17 ts it
,vi;si* uoomps.
VI/’F. 11 A V F. .1 I ST Received a few packages of
.v#;n* isioons,
wliicliwe are defn mined lu sell, at rediteed piic»** —
amongst tliem rtro
Fanry Gauge llandker Georgia Nankeen, very
clt ids, low,
Victoria (Hi Fancy Prints,
llernnm do Oainbrick do
(iranado do (new Swiss M iislimr,
mvie.) Figured Silk Dice for
Rich Dima.sk Sat tin Veils, new §iy le.
Sent Is,
V'k toria do pink, blue,
A few Rales < *«»tton (ty.nabui gs Ae. Our senior
partner is now at the North, purchasing a new slock
of GOODS, whic h we sluill he receiving hi n lew
days—just opened a case ol flue and extra line Don
iiO.V.Viri'S, Sr.
We arc now opening one ease ol line, medium and
extra lino Florence liraul itnnnets; likewise, mm
case of Nuns, of superior quality. Artificial Flow
ers, with a heavy lot of Domestics, Ualicocs, Ac.
Ac., which we arc selling nff cheap.
June 24 11
Horn* Vlcilflirafiiii*.
'Ll I-, S11A Ts Is Ii.ivp, timing tho month* ofOrto
▼ ▼ bt*r and November, a largo quantity ol ol the
. Horns .H:i!(urtnlis Slij:s,
raised by oursclvrs. and put up in the host manner
for keeping, which we will si'll upuo aeeoinimid.uiiig
terms. Versons wishing to huy can lie supplied liy
calling „n Duct. Daniel K. U'aumi of Albermnrle,
„r J is. K. Ilomcriif Lynchburg. The almost en
tire fail tire ol the crop this year ihriiiighnnl I lie whole
United Stales hi this article, w ill ttml ..iililedlv make
I tlib cull rpii/c nf rinsing Slips very profitable lor
I years lo came. There is no diversity ol onioion upon
this subject. llOKNIiU & U A 1 SON.
July 11 I* if
II Bowles, tin* business in future will bo conti
nued at the old stand, under tin* firm of Geo. liagby
Co.,_who offer to their fru nds and the pub
lic in general, a large and well selected assortment
of Groceries, at wholesale and retail, upon the most
accoinnioduiiiiu *etms. J BA(*B\ .
l'Ai \j liuwu.s.
Jiilv <4 3" .1
IIVI.I,, .10ll\*0\ A < «.,
ID i’ i tin. s n I: i', nt. v ii It it.
M lioli'Hiili' ili'iilrrsln Nlsi|il<* ami I'miry
no»* noons.
C IS'l.. W O O T T O !\ l>rj!« leave
► ▼ in s ty in his IneiiiU iitnl nr ijimintatieen, til »l h*
is with Mr«si < 11 , .1 A to, itul should he pltascil
in ircnv • their i alls and oidcis.
July t w*2iii if
(T/“ Kn hmond Ktujuiln will utsrrt the foregoing
utekhj two months, miuJ vend its account to this
office tor |>nyim tit,
.vi. ir f, fioits.
Uf I V U K now i • i 1'ivmy our supply of
w Im h i otii|it iso a huge nod grneinl nsiortmenf.—
Tl.r |»uIdnj Mrf* touted to call and examine our stock
which will he nllcicd at pliers that uc think will
lie sal imI icioi > . T\ K N i i It A H 1‘ U \\ Ilf,.
ApiilH 4w if ts
s #; /; ii .
*T OK these superior SKI’. I) may lie had
nl the subset tbci. at Notthcrw pines. They
wiie i used by l»e\ I. |\ ii k palliek, ol ( 'limber Inn I.
and nitty be relied on as genuine lie mutes : " I
ii• ; »111 n >m loicompaiablv Mipeiinr to any nlltei
II KNII* that I have ever seen, tor all the pinpu
vi s Im which the turnip is cultivated. Kor Block,
I le nd it as Mipriini to the 1\ula lingo, and a much
nitei i mp | shall su»v no other lor that purpose,
while lot the table, eitlici ns a loot m lot Ballad, it
rail Ii ive no rival.*’ |i ought to he sown (mill the
VMil It to llie last nl July ; anil in oidei to have them
lit pin |ci tMil, should l>e tliol oiii,Id V eultivnn d.
Apply to til (> IK\(»HV A ( •».
July U Hi it
ft. ST SIS.
T 1 O I I nuhst i ihri Mini its Iim tun si qiitcl ul | luniks
I I • i lliu poll nil.iqe whit Ii It is Ihm'ii ImkIimvciI iui
I In* I. vu< lihuiq It \ I IIS ii 1111 ntniti pm denial ly in
II ins i' : i ill If i ii tn w 11" I ilu i 1111 v It hi n i ,n run hi ml liini
in pm iln'tn hi sin i c-till 1 operaltnn. The public
in ini nurd that 111r*\ have m i i nllv undei j.*"nit u
11 i t * i i » i i I i it uiu, and a m* i in w ^• i ir.nU I i tin* rr
rrpiiiiit ul vu ftt«i i, and at a • ■ if \ • \ u ly
mi I ■ hi i die i*, Is A \(' 11 A It R I SON.
July II k!nl
f I 1 I I I'! lU’St M'HMtlll 4*1 flit* MlllSCI ibr |'s Si 11 Oft 1
I will rninnieut «* on I'l-niil.iv ill* l /> 111 July \
\ .u'a I in n u I I In rr w rrkf* w ill be q i vrn in I he in nil I Ii ul
Ron KIM It. Ml! I.TON.
.1 (III 1* 17 I H| i
A, ritiu s i . • j
U I 11 \ \ I. on Ii Hid all Ins time, an unusually
▼ f l.n qe Mm k ul
SuihMf r (moorfs,
w hit li we iniriid »>//', nl veiy miiall advance
upon i tiqinal cost Inr cash. ( hir (lends liavinq
In rn pm r h.ised iip<mi tin* be si li t uni, we (eel euuli
drill ill H,iyuij» and belli v 1114 tint we sh ill Imhl mil
c a 1r r 11 4111 re 111 e 111 h to bit \ ers I Inin iniihiI in iho
in.11 krl. \Ve unlv ask t f ill.
b.bsbb u'or:
K W I I. I. qiv the lnq «>i uuiik't piire
v ? in rash in Will \ I', drhvrird In U< in this
pi.11 I*, ui .11 (tali' s fNJ ills in A *u lie ml.
.1 nly 11 is 11
N l IJ (• I N I \ A i a ('ii mu > ii pc i mi < ‘i» it 11 ul | j m
nml (‘li.im i'i v, i ttiif miiii tl anil held Im llm
('oiiiiIv ol ( ' iioplicM, nl ill*' ( 'olnilirtllte thereof, on
l lie twenty hi \i Ii ilny of A pril, eighteen bundled ami
lillll) m * .
SitlM;! <1*0 Cornl of I 'hutirrn/
J.irl A1111111 • v mil Kir/. * I »*• 111 \. lux wile, John Me
l.e.io. Alary 'll li'MIlilu l Sal all K. Mi l.eao, tin*
la*»t i In n ■ I whom ai c nil mix mol n l In* up* ol I wcu
l> oiu* V ari, who sin Ii v .1 •»1111 Alt !,« an lilt'll I allirt
ami iu'\i tiiciid, I'luiuldl*,
a, in in at
\V i lii'ii ( .dill-. i mi ul' i ol Kolirif I'oMw, i|r
rcaxeil. 'lauiirr 11 lJ.iil.iid, executor ol I’eveily
IK Sei,11, deceased, S miiu'l 'I Scott, .1 ilin |V
('oljli.x, |K lie11 |,. Oolil.x, Wild,mi ( \ A1 tfAllixier
m I S it all \V. 111-h wile. ( dun lex 11. ( *«»!»!»»*, John I*.
Cobh*. IKi'mi |,. ('ii!il»s, .1 Im (> Aimislead, Wil
liaiii IK A i mislead, It • * 11 < -11 K. A i mislead, .loll u K
Al c I HMii ami S 11 ii ni* I AI Ah Lean, I >• * 11* u • J .1 n (0.
Tills cause chiic onlllis day lo lie hn id on the
bill, answers ami rxlilbi s, and wax argued by COUU
ke|, On consult liilinn ivlieicol. (Im i ' miii doth ad
j11dai*, ol dri and d* m e I)ial uuc ol dm < omtnuxion
ns o| thi' Court do take an a re. mi lit n| l lie I > h udani
William ('obbs ax cxei ii I o r el IKibcil ( nblm, de
era mil, and dial hr i< p"il lln* same to llilx ( 'out.
willi any maitcissp nally staled, 111«* 11lit puiintiii
by hitiixell or nipnie I by do* pain* . lo be -o slated.
A (!op\ —Trx'C,
jsih D am: \ \si)\:n, ciciit.
Com mi n»\ i u '■» < h i n i . f
( unplmll ('onrdi »use, .1 n m* I J, 1S;;*•. \
The p.lilies hi dm above r inse will lake notice,
ili ii I have appointed Wednesday, llm I 1 >11 day nl
Aliens! m xf, lo i iMliuii'iicn llm account* dnecied by
dir ImI'uomu order ol Court, on which day, ai the
hour ol len o’rloi k hi die nloniiuj;, ibey me request
nl to attend at my oilier, hi ilnx place, with then
vourlms and copies of rouit papers, prepared foi
exiinsilllitioii and xeilb-nu iil.
.1N (> I). AM’. \ \ N DK It, <'oni’r.
.1 nne‘JO I ni
y y y y y *3
lloivno’N To m e iM i \ tl ii i:,
to\i< niivn ui: ru.i.s,
w * \ |{ |{ \ N I' 1.1» a | 11 • < 1 ami In -1 in ■ i-ure fm \ • r.M and
v ? l ever,in*,I ii valuable remedy m .1 aiiiidici', Ily nenti i v,
Ileal I •Hill'll, 'I, .
I',lint Ih. I .,/,»* /.' Smith, Xnifhcru I ilni/irn, I’hilml.
| ),>n ,■ Si, — I emv.’iHtubne yon on vmir jrood Iciluiir in
prt ,i v i,, ..fill ' of Kevei rid A ", such
a lilr.-m' as yoiirToim Mixtm ba mo-1 tally proved U
,n. It is npn dil) b ■ nininjf ih lavonfi ri riu iv ft itli i'll
y% I,,, uppn i i ,t - n " ' fulin , uid • ri Ion ; ' til I- , ti, mm -I
„„ mie of ih«* trm-M important dm ov« n, *,1 lln- a !•*« vrr
Mll,| \in,. IhiIo tin ballleil ll**' kill ol lln; ino-l eniiii 'iit
,,| P, , tuiom I , lillll even now till V ,1 fill ll pi • lllllpll, II Ii
promi -e mille ll "i I mpoiary nid. A our Ton" mixture, Imw
iv ,• r. seem* lo have a new and peculiar power In nii< *t the
ill-e.iHi', and lo revive mid re-c-laldi-dl tie bnbiiu e nl liaruio
m and le all Ii. I hope yon will prom re In extend tlm in
lln in , of ibe m tie in - , and that lln* publie will esliniatey nut
i*eiicrosily. \ oni*, ie-prrUnity.
A ft. SMITH, M. II.
/.;i troi l nl o l.i Ih i from P'- SfrrniH, llurkn ( 7». /Vr.
Mu. I hmuplil boine w nli me dtiriiiK I be aiilioou ol InM
the lil-t ipiau'iiv- ol y our Mixture, vx li if It I beard highly ex
lolled mm a perman'eul < ure Im K> ver and A true ; n .If am '
v»!ti, |i ni dial period prevailed vi v extensively ... ,
\|, neighbor* and puiients bad Irerome so neeiintoin
e,l I" ibe ii -e ol Harks find (tioiifiie. »\ , . (bill I III* v ceased Ii
c ud, i them any hi rv ;ee. and lie y ieinlrlv eomicim d to make
„ (rial youi no dli im I 1,1 Ii* vn that tin r in at till tine,
hull'll ed - who would enrilially testify to llm hr'liofit« they
have received from its employment, mid would < liullv aid to
spi-ad a knowledge ol it- peenlinr v it liu s. There in* been
very | it 11«* idt In \: ne in the nci'dihoi limal xinee the iulrodue.
lion ul the Tonic Mutiiie, vvbieh is muiidv atlnloited to the
v.rv ceu,tuI use of this medieinr. J. I. .Slid IAS.
A I. 8 »> .
Ho-.t null'* loi iutlninn*nI»i»iik, A < • »f <ln* F.\»•«.
Do. lui}»ul|»iil»lr Da-niilricc*, it valuuliU*ariirlc
fail tilt' T'M-fll mill I • iiiiii*•
|(aio niMl't \ iii in mi in leal !•'. m Uroni lion, for (Jniusy,
Itlii inioitini, Sprain-1, A ar. ol In jIi - tninling.
ICowiumI*" AIii-i ia 11 vta I vli na I*, loi Liver diuftanrs,
.1 mmli' < ,Sa in v y, Mr*rnnri»l ill rust -,rir.
ltaiH»ii<l,M Alalunirr I*«m« «l«*r, lor Ireuntif) ing nmi sof
truing tlic* complex uni.
1Cntriiu«l*n ViTiMifuBr or Worm Dolrojrr, n cdf
lirnird uml popular remedy.
For tot)' - by 1IOWHL DA VIF,*, Agent.
Jniv ;».l '
SO 000 »‘«S. I ’A II ICY It A < O !M ,
city cured, a pari very large and very handsome,
4,00l) ,M iddhngs, large,
10,00(1 prime western do.
For sale hy GEO. DAUBY
■111lie ‘J0 lit 0
tl.OIIIS CASSINI la It la 8, Ar.
VtrF. have received an assortment of splendid
M (.'hulls, (Jassimcresa.nl Vestings, with jrn
: rieiy of other (lends suitable fur gentlemen's .Sum
met Wear, which will lie sold low.
| A; til II if tat
IIOI.TI \(« ( Loins.
%I/~K II AVI; recrifell h I'tosli supply of (lie gon*
CI.OTIIS. rnil.raring espry niinibrr in us*, wbicli
will l.o sold as low ns Ihrv ran l>o lion* lit irt ilia
•Imm .1 if(»
ta ii\ici£ia.s « «m\ »-oie hai.i;.
•*' 1 J. n. UKNIVICK.
July ft ill*
f I A111. nit)>iirii11.-1. .I reputnfthrt whi li Petera’* Pilla hare
I in iptu <1 ii« ii M>»/>*.»/ RentP aftee, i* tho wiwi *iw|tten
imn.iMi* I'Minl i'mi i mi In* given, "I then minimt'e ininortanca
In |!n MiUir ill It I lll< I-1 «\I i \ n. nl ill'!. Jim-s. ’i’ll*' fill III -
I > i nl | el I • i . i in . i\iil limn Pul 11 it ■ ri'< ni > »• * I t two tig 11 tltair
I in.uir., i it* til I v proiliiriniM, nil the enmpl.iiuta it hieh they
Inin cured ine aliuml iih tun "il ih ihn are tiuinertnt*. Util
till tin ii it. 'nine in which tin v me tiitue • -.penally beue
In • i .i 1 thrill m ni In <i nil union,; lli" « unit I ' mum il the too
! nil. n I ilul fntiipliiuit nl’ iln- »:. 1111 * • 11 Mini hot*- !-, h licit ii a
i'ha. i, , riahiUme ..ml huh <phur, In which they art) not
limit it 11i him, hut nil iHiwir/lilO i' lire.
Ii ;• well klxii\ ti iimi Inn i iim ilimnrnnurinowt nl’ thv
1 ■ fmiim h mill holt eb, ill i • llll I li mile* nl nil the uiultulie* of
i lull mnl i |i*i -11 ii hi Id il. r 111 i. i ih' foundation ol
i //, / h-m v, */)</< i, hr fin,in, it iru»h"n, h/KH of appetite 3ff.
mnl ih H i i" iii thru lorn it * hirtli to /ki/'*y, hirer i'tem
/ iii', f'n . n/'/aat umI lia/'il a! /«nwh »/ ilierc
r.U4> |* 11 i <*' IMI . i in iln- 11 i t I . I nn an me tv hie I, ha*
i t .1 li( . li ill III« i .I lor the i II Ipi Mt ili‘e.1 < h of tllO illlvo
! tin.- , ni.' nee.’ “milt tic *nr> • pi t eniiitite « oftliOHC dread*
Ini, nn.I iil-n 1 i.ml di 'older i tt hi h embitter ni«tur« life
hi.I .lm • .*.i in.io\ ln111 ion ■ lo l Mini, it niuli 1
I n ip ilt in ■ i lm , l»i. P. i n mo, i uoiliin^ tohiin*olf
| tli.il h • < not I'. n i on • led In ill- puhlu . tt' U no needy
1111 i, , oi It nU mom i ■ p.-.-nhi!nr< tt lm ruin. l.hov till* World
| it in > mt n tin.ihl mid tt iln •; lull i pin* dm « ie*pmiNj
| 11 il it t o| Mliiiiinm In hi. p.Mr.m • it Inch ho In eiijmedlor
t ii in.i i • ii . i-in l i nn . .1 nl iiupt .1. till'd ill the
iiniiil i ol in <11 nn , ih it mnl*' » him em-einl t > n "*i it noth*
in tilu. li in nn| I. :n- imiI he lit mini infnllihh' pmol, nml
h- ,1 'll. ilo. Ill >( li'.n lo In- pm I I ill'll.' H in mtt tiling wtlietl
I tin lm- pmniMt'd i -p • liiit: Inn f iU*.
Ih. I'll, |.|I nil I I h'tppv t|- h, -ihh In . t M ' Oil |||0 till
I'milft nl i i nl lllimhel ol f 'i'll Phi i > in t. .lllltl tl liriTVer
hiit P111 1 11 . • 11 '. ii ii i-nln. I lli v htive nlinnet
.4,0,1 . .,| dilt' it.lopinm nl i i ' '.11111 e\petiniontn, for their
p , nl i ,n in nli v in ", - it-m n • tl, • Iih"" I, in id el until tiling if in
I till im x it m pin i ■. i:td Mu it ■ u:l h tind tone to the
um s pi, tent . di f i It oiit .-it | nil in* t In* I 11 •• IU t.iiub
in ' | h, "oi under, il nl nil, t>\ tlfc • ton rerni'dnn*.
|', ,| lo ,I(M | till -\ ) PI. I I.US. No. IV®
' tier * *i i t,\. *v A nik. Iit ti I nix eouluni- tl) Pill*. Prica
.lit frill-.
IP , i if lu I uni fiuj'tiif i bi P, i,i ' V. , i.i hie Pith.
| Im-' it Ini .tie in I • in lilxtr4 nl ihe Mni * Sion h ol
H. s I \ 111,Kit,
l». It. I.A MAN. mnl
" Agent i,
O, j,,|, i l onf I im
I'ieaiKlrclli't V MMe I n n erval
Is B B, il, s .
A s i Imho h oul\ < IN I ] mnjiplo ol 1, 11 ' I',
So I lie i ' M only ( > M i pi ini den! I) I S K A S |*’f
-\ ml only I h\ K mot Inn I nl Cl it K.
0 / Cli-aiisi-.-mil [Mil'il't Hie lioil v.
r M * 11 I tppli. ilim i ol the principle ol Piliyntion being ill*
i ho*, >1 fo hr mill nl ih. , i. m. h utility #iii tint pure mnl
pin iilinu "I de i r, il t ol Fir gi ain't . tin nHicueo
I, i ,, , i 1 tilt tth il in di. in * i- i up tide nl prndiieillg
ih,. ,| i,, ,I ,ii,' i in lli • i it ,i, tut,I nl l'e* nine time in thr
inn i fil etonl milliner.
III,., i ■. i o Ion . i i"... t i ud A iih tin' hloi.I pifjuih •(•I
,,l tli 11 ,i pm lion of I In pul'li ■ . ii i - oul v it iih 11 tone n-tv
who * 1111 "t * d i "i'll,ni- d ti I" "Uil" I itifordiii.' lu rule,"
III. Ilf penph I oht u h" " tt oil III lit'" ’ n *' King to reirn
,lvlitl, ,,,. I’tM, tliiii,1- l<» | ho < it I1 it In 11< mi i'l nett HpnpriH—
1 Ii i, i,in the f ein'i nl ililt" .. Um" tedar, wliii h enabled
111:1,1 ti I t tilt- 11, id I’ll 1. IT.' »l I I - t ' i all » »<1 l » Jtit’-p
|,,, pi 1,1 It- Iinw V.v lm It 1 M-I P • I 11 ill Hit title** iiiK that
.1 lull v mi - t d V| | r II V, plot. tie ' tt e tin litlf tl mi -nJly
I (IV 1114 n ft t Hot e I'OluilllliU (iIt**t i il-O.
\\ . i I-o: ill'll * III ill** I" H-l tut' It flt.'tl l.illllltfim
II, m* . *1 i tt t k i i I e I tl I' i ll I "d 1.1 ;tl l i in 1111," "if i life Ol It.
Hid ti )i>. It it ti'"t " 'I1 in'll 'i too 1‘tlnii an infhtiiiinnfion la
a w i i* onl nm ii- • of Null i rr. ,i i ii 111 I t h • r. 4 j *i n. n the nn
HHt,11,4-i id poi Mil. 111 r * 11 < HI" loi I I I|. I 1 / |I| • oppr.*M4ilO
loirdell will''ll i ' pioi • hi the ill I I 'I and the at tong
put • I Hunt. .1 I" h* i III. I. I. In ’fil l Hold , the hodv
■ •.ilia |o| li v '. IIIhIf I'll'nil-ill.'
It CM lilre ih*M % . geltible IHii.l il B * i XI • t i]nili' iih
#!*ill in In ii ndinini‘tialinn liu piuiO.I tlun Imn only hua
lu he ol. - I ied, and tin i d- irihe the pi.-t pnunutioti of tho
done, III l lie m. •nil t id of I lie di-, t-i I- ml d.
t.rt all pi ais era I the /"Vo / , .• I h.ian nf gentlemen irhtf
n It frnu- /In /until l x of
i: at % \ it i: ic t iti * « p 11, I, n ,
| l i ,oi A to i,. ;m N ■" * '| - i |
Tl New \ .ilk Sun Ml. HHWi'lil Ills PU.htS Itnvw
lire u n >■ <1 i tiuui : tun ny olonilii I , u.l in mil mi ii ftiinil v
ivr h n >• ii I iln in n ii I v four \ r.11 ■* 1 . i \ • r- uiiired ine-l
I'-IIIO III dl'll p- il'i.l, no Jhl. On i * - I 'I I-I Mild. ■ Ill ti i cro-*
e,| toil llll- Imi I. "dim Ilf o in- 1 - -tli- Moi Inra Pill*
i toil' In i i , “keep io,i . U ond IdiMiil purr,"
ml *. 11 I* 111 • I nl di •. m -1 iv li I hr pi ' .nil i-i lined. 'I ho
III niidifth Pill-ih. i miiKMi!! * 4 d ■ il Iii I d : ' do iln--, and tliere*
hi imn hi- -rii l h * oini nl hunuiii nn.tei i.
|l, \ a \. I . in 11 Slur - i * 1 ’, r foil "lli 'a PUD fir*
I III .1, HI tv lli' Il til II m* II III. II - * ' . 1*1 "ill III" a VM ar-e tiro
lur• t h - ■. 11 a I" ;o and i fit tie 'll * Iim'.' dm-erveiilv a
hi di i•*"»iloti*• 11 . tni.l i i I iin11v nd anti hiliour rentfidy it
would I’" ililh- illt ..111III t111 111 mu tit| all the pali-nl nn*di«
eiii'-a ol ih" preaenl da i.
P Tl, \ -M \ oik « ■ ii*i,t i. ial imv.-: they remove all
, ni nl • id humor* end piu.lt tie* Idiunt.
i I h \ tv A .ok I’rau . lipt -n\»ol Hrnndrrth’H Pilla :
Um* ofiiur earri 'i » nine tiiu*' aim <■ j -hi- notice (lint lie wna
not alili' lo at11 tnl to iln- iluli -.I Iii lnation, in eonaeiptem e
nl * nd. iM puiiiH m liia htu k and -id". ■ ionnnende.l him
uni i o d > pan, Imi Ion llm-r Pill*. It. did *«, mnl ihry
nn. d him p ul. . 11 v. I h. ' no pull. It i- nn actual fuel.
W'.kin it ine u i "• I if i u" i1 " o< mI . \\ -p* ak friun expeiiem e.
o , ,MM*.i , |i i I i.i x " till di ret lion*
|P IV | ft- o| I'011 111 'll 'll '•
Ill ,i",'.i*tH NKVi n made aynt*.
I; u-It of Ih . lit unit,-tli • \ eitiH lime an en^inrnietrtiji
rate, ti ll, <1 tv itinu ih- I" I • "i "ii't " it pn . fdinp. Tlieao
, 11 nl ni - iii »■ in-" d i ’ u hit It . lit* t ft. u'f wilt'll met I tv i' It tv
in mill- llirv no Ion I guarauiee tin -.eutlilu nea* nf the me
RKKKMtn.lt Dili'..I I'lH \ It I. MMKIt IlDK AfiF.Mfc.
M,. I.DWAIvD KCIIOLS ia the only ;uii!inr
r/c(| iiMont m Ij\nrlihunj. X a., lot* tho suit ol l)r«
IJKANDUK Ill’S I' 11 * I i S.
W m. M. Hurtvell A Co., \ nt to. l .1.. it . Pfdiord Co.
I Waul,, ihi Diayaiml-.ll.
.In-*. Pm mil, *1° 'I" ^
l». W. Smith, do Palrick P. II.
l. \\ . 1 lamlfIt A Po. do II- tot <11.
.Ida/. Smith, do Pitt-i I mi imi < «.
< ’. I». Ih me It, d » .lo ( .11.
Ilooih A Ihiti-. do I't i nk I ill < t. Hone.
Hem V lla/.h woo l. P. M . HnrnM‘hinin t .
li P.< 'ohliH, P. M., 7.an. mil ’.
V. U Sinilh, Imujiii ill**.
i i. NV. A. tiuinf, < 'lov u Dill.
T. \V. Mi.mui. I’m . I t k.
il. Perkin*, P. M., l.ovingaTon.
Auv of iln* above Ai-enH, 1 • v calling utt Mr. KI >\V.\tltX
|.;C||Ot,s, Aet'iH lor l.tni hhni:-. and paving him for the a
Iijmml ol Pilla tin■> have rer.-iie.l amt Hold, run pita IVenli
Htippiv olPtl.I.S, tol.r paid tor tv hr n mild, or returned vv lien
ealh'.l for. ’l l*,ft min aUu ;>-•! tln ii <itifieate of Ageuwy it
m. VVI.,|. |)|{. HR VNDUr.Tirs Piuu ipnl t Ulu .*,
‘Ill Hroa.lway, New York.
Haltimnre Ollier. 80 South Pharlea Street.
l m hknj n. till A NI >R K I't 1. M. I).
Hrancli Green, 1’ravelling Agent.
i April
i;ii< oiiniK<- your ow n Manuliacliire* :
M AN UK At 'TU It KS nf your town encoura
ged, l>v buying vour II A’t'S.' of tire subscribes
Kvi rv H it wo sell, being Manufactured by our
selves, in the town nf I.vnchbnrg. shall net be infe
rior In any;—and being determined to sell lew, for
rash, we hope, I here Im e, the advantage we offer to
nur customers, will be appreciated by tbe public ;
and as there will be no credit in our business, good
customers will not leave to pay lot bad ones, VA g
have just re rived a good Stuck of
Which will be made up in •.’no neatest mantles, by
first rate workmen. \\ e are also receiving a gnrd
assortment nf ladies’ami gentlemen’s Shyes, men's
and hoy’s line For i’luth and II nr Seal Caps, some
nl a superior quality. All of which " ill be sold low
forms/, only. ' MINKI.K A i:U.Mm»Ut5H.
A fine assortment id lit lies’ and fieutloinen g
S H f.’ A' » also a gooJ a-soiliifgnt Jlallen*
j Trimmings*
N»»v. 29 w If
lkOiei:i:r i aki-v,
;* v k«. i. o . v o t .v r i a r.
I J1 AS KK/ri KNKDio midair#, and n>aj l>»
' H 1 found ail lie Kuaaklia IIoii.i*.
I March gl .__
blanks lor *alr.

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