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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, August 26, 1839, Image 2

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Afiini ir, o.'I'm: s Ik \ vi suii’iavaa:
'I lie srentn ship Ltv* r »*•>! armed N<’*« A >ih
on Monday m«#t mg Iasi at two o'eluik«# l»i Ugittg
Liverpool pipen ft* the ]«i of*Attfjnft.
• Tlifrt does lint Seoul i«» bo any material atfru.
t #»•»: 14) lit* s n:e «.l if ir lunb.u Moji v Market,
tin Ugh tie 1Uid* «*i K» glam! is rvid* otfy vnv ill at
• *•**. 1 b allfCt’tJ that tin’ p'ati of sr'iing id)’ ill*
tlt ad w t ight lias not *Ut * tedod* the Uaaii col having
tor ti nlifu fo continue to obi tin the pip e it drritan
dcd. TMfb institmhin l ad ehteWd mm a iii g»na
liota \* itlitim Hunk ol Frattce for o supply id two
millions ol dulIatH, which was not, liofi * i r, vet con
* eluded. ,*
The ila^e i f the wnlirr, as tlie liaisrs! litim tp
ploiihru, was a subject ■ | mt«n<tt auXlet*. The
ai counts arc conn olrctiiiy, but «c ;m - »i»\ to say,
• be l ist are decidedly bad. Th ’* t< ah • |l,r ( i*i in
I* lance. where the nine of bread h id m> n.
The dotion Mmkci, it will ! e cu ** itt> ole i ure.
has jatt;u ov« d.
An advance jaf the ram ofiiifcirM on thr put ol
the Hank cqoti nr I to be at i « i r a in'* mil,
Hi? yo ’ndv inre b id t n plate. llmugfi ne judge ,
rrostMhe faiiotis acuoums lint* n un y was as seaicf ?
The u relict i » la'igbi^] had been *vrl nml windy,
so a*» In create Sfimc alarm for the grown etopa ami
* ^imi’ adv en - in the pine eft* he.it.
J1 rttiu ghani has been the >, n e of te tilde ii<>t«
At U mugale. iUo, Mime il, HtnthaiH cs *1 i sotnitisi
, eifttie have laken place, lull 11 -« v vveie uppir«ou d.
Chartist riots h id also taken pbree it New Castle
upon dyne. *1 he polirr I muni put them down.
The Liverpool M id of flu- dOth July, s:*y« —
# "That month (August.) tiny be sufftied to | »«s j
a nay quiet ly , bm we confess i ha! *v cidcilaiu vet*
strong doubts t»# flic contrary. It h tminiiuut that
piepnrstiot.s have I ten made by huge nu tribe n ol
the lower older* fm (idlhtmin mth the authorities.
They li.rc opeti'y dec1* i ediLhal ihey *\ i I retue with
till'll bitches lo tin lull si-fe, and t .do then lime;
that they will satisfy the rtavings.d hungm by j Jim
detiug those wlui hare propeity which c.tn b in.oh
available It* t tic it wants; 1 ? i: 11 lot ouedioj»i.»| Idood 1
nbed in d» i -tir «r i ! s-nli pro * rf v, »v m of brim.in
gotc sl'ali tc made t » llgw ; and tLai having once
« nicrcd ujmn i s* d wail in . liter wili t. t give up the
contest until citltw 'liemsi I,. > or then opponent*
sll II b i ve been ml indy exthpded l,uni llie l.»* r ol
tire rat lit.”
\<• inii 11 Sii I lie ('o Hin h i! id. 11 d • I a i
(‘hehciiliatn on iliu'dJ 1 cij uly, at the ap>-id lout
sco re.
IKi'. lx. lit, e, . ( \—7 I -'adv U ht» j
had * i lung rr»i>li'd in S\in dad at I »j nil mi ill
I June, alter a long dim--.
I 1 r 1.0 V ' t (. i da : M mmi'iil bit! p.i . ♦• * I lb'1
llous «d Cmtittim s oil i’a I. ii July. Air. I.ea
drr, b< Ion ii j .Mt‘d, m J. a spret li . m ,t u. in 1
"hich Im altarknl the cotnsq td the Kail ol l>ur !
ham, u bo he - ii J Ii oi n ide pi mm-es and poyipou*
dedal at n Its id di i bo. a i e<* u hu Ii he In I pen » l ab
filled. 111: hid tin tit i oilit hima; I. s at 11* a I in li ng '
land in bchall o| tIk ( 'ana b in people. Mi. () (,'oimeil i
said fie (lionght the r iveiuu • ut had dutio all iln v 1
coil'd im fl.i .rii1 i*l ijia nn of l , ol i. tbnbvi
ding t!ie II us** then w < n | la |oi the bill and lo
Hgiiinsl it.
< hi I i day. the V.’H i I J u!>. the | louse i I K' liK *
reso vrd it.sill iytu a t o unit* • ok thi- bill. |t w a- ! '
dpbaUa! by the pit tieup d >p* kejs on i ai ll Mile, and 1
filially I he he* rial cl-lit ' " i i ado pi i <1 .id the te i 1
1 ‘TI mdelcil |.» bo It-eciW'tl lit a luMite da). (Ini'
the third clause lln Volts in i* . h m the albhmai.ve, .
4<> it.i\ -.
On the UUt of July the 1‘... hill p. scdj
tbioughu omttiMiee witli am ml on m .
1 n 1 • eg i a ip no > i i. i t »• is im I b I u g of gi ca( nil e mas , ■
blit lUipciiuut tute.'ligf* I cr has hi eu M ( l ived fiotii j
CoriMatiti oj Ir. Sti!tan Mahniotiil is dr.nl, and his I
• ’11 ' totally toutml by she K. * pit ms under Ho ihitn.
I he t iptaitt I * ash a bad tiearli iQiisly delivered up
the whole Tnii. sb fleet lo Alrbemu \ i.
I lie h*ni o| nic Suit.>11 had a*o*riide I t'm throne
«d lit* bill.er. I le h id appoiu'e.l bis AI Itilsteis, ami
neifneoilmn* we,e going on lot an adjustment ol tin*
difbetihies with I! :vpt, uudei the auspnes of i|p‘
gi eai I.itrop< hi pnw **i a.
'i’I’.f ( iiamb-r nl lh e|$ of Fram e tind puss* I sen
lrr»*r on tin tnsnrgetllt. ihn br s nhitin was eomlr nm
•d to deal li. aid the |PM to iliflrient degree * , | ( ,,o 1
0 innenl. ’bio- M l |. I e ( | M o lo . «a#, « • t It • \ I,,
•he ad. i e of I if Minttt1 i I, i .an- d bv (lit hit.j |u
cnnftuttnctil in the • .din .s bn li'e. '| In • ea lmiioti l
01 ' ' •
tetial ini idci t.
mi i: \t < >;* Tin: tu:k isii \n.m v.
A 1.1 \ iMXtlA. July
'Hie 'Pinkish army ol .Syria in liiTunet, * Tin
following ,un lilt f,u , ;—
I >11 tin- VOth ul June II s lliglini ss Ihi.iliim I’.islia,
roiimintilling ll.e I Igyjiii; n army, in t, ,|
i-mnjiiiu.ni, cm veil ihe I.ailjoui, a- il thru ,,t lL|„.,|
in I lie village ul M ■ •//. i. win n- tin Sultan's e ii.iliv,
i util-.iiimli il liy I Pashas, tin, , , .,ni, P,|. ||,^
11 igliniss Ibrahim Pasha unified ;.|| tnw iirlrtlri v in
lake up a position ivilliin half i mile ul llm Turkish
ainiy ami i-anii made it. \t o. T. M. they i pencil
their file ; in half an Imur tin Ttitk -it C.n ,1,1 ||,
pell nidi, i i llm dim linn ul Ney.ib (whoie the I
Sultan's in in army w s inn nped tmdei li,|;
Pasha.) If.hi g behind llicm all t|,t n pi,., i«„,i uni
militaiv thesis His Highlit -i |I', ;l il.•
Il died the I -'ypti.UI Intel' f„. I cjvusf till till,I,u In 1
Itllll! M«t—At e -dll -t.t be ling,hill Inn „,|,
Nt-Ktb: fell in, afirr day light, with tin, , ,y.,|,y !
had cannonaded llm day Inli., ,| all the immiui H
tog cav lily nl the Toil,Hit fore. , wlm It Im . I,, . ,,| 1
vancctl in two divisions—m, ,„dy, um I,.,It ,|, , ,,, I
and tht- lithe! Ill idvam e ul \e/*ib
Ilnalliin I’aslia nidi ltd III. ul ill- i y li, , niiiie.ee
their file, and |,ts i . valiy to t hat In |,,ui ...
die whole ul'the .Sulla ,'s e.n . ,y ,V(. w.,\ . ||, d,
leaving II uteces of small e.uio' i, - II tins I, ,J) b.- I
June 23 —IPs Highness, will, in,, . ... ,,|
cavalry, aeto upuiie I by Ins b»lv gti.n l ., ,,| |,,s
light atlillriy, bit il,,, camp and inuit-d up l,, ilm
Walls ol N'/.|I>, lean,,., nr.len ni’li .Solllllliu,
I -mill,tils Lteuti mini lien, „„,vu „|U , |M1,
as slowly p , *iblc, i ,-rJe t lb u llm li„.,, s .|,t
IH)l hf (atiuurJ.
On tin- \!4ih, at midnight, the whole ul'the I', vp
turn force was io |-r,s e , i tl., ■; ... nl,..,'t
ly afterwards tiimilirn, - I tin enet.,1 ,u it
which I f VI' > Mil III ., .no t i.i e |,dl.lll ,og 'ey
II act III a It'll I r In, 111 tht \ list t ian ( \msul a, A I. j , .»
date-1 June go It, in tbe tv. ung ;
" I’lte army of II ti... 1’ d,.,' , , ,-.j ,.x ,, ,, „
lerday, lifter a camn tut It- m tin e |luU|s. The
1 llll.s ihieiv don 11 tin u aims and di,. doiiml llit ir
Hitillcly *'.d ailillllll.niuil, f| , mg la el ,. du. cl mu
Noi one of i he in could inn,-.. ,1,..' I; v;,, ,
had Ibraliun I’ush i wished -ei m,sis it> pievetit u
T1"' 1 '<> Al ppo has pel ned 'j him Pash ,
to nuke airagemetits lor obliging llm d.s.nnm I ».,l
ilteiy ul 11 III/. Paslui to it- i ,,ss tin I,ujilu.iies, in m
der not to disiuib the annuity weenjiy In-ie.
** The jaipulalioii of tins 'tiisvii i, '|.. ,-ding ,-,i
worse on ill- in 1.1 to Vi;ss , I«.r tIm pinp.s,- . t m •
mg sen t il j ii am, ,, , f uu.k who ait , ,| t„
a-nv- . O.i He |i | c( b.uiin iv.it: t then s vei.d
Knglmii amaieuis, svlu, v., rc I,mu. In tin ii. r by . a
rustiy, wlm have exputlmir g, at nu,is!,,„ent
al III*- llR i tillH (i| (i i c,iii,i ;tii*ll«
.. "The poor .Sulla,i wdl piub.ildy half to msikt
glr.»l ’♦«»! I ificea in ()| lj«* I to IlJIJlfM Ills |lt > V. «-I'll I \ iss 11.
The Jew ligyptian tim-p In, |,e, I, ,. .,.| nut null,
dirfeiiou ol tin- tamp.,-I, ispietm v .In s
groiind m-tupiml yi'UcuJ y morning In' 11 u/. I'.,,
anil Ins army. To niorro'.v or next day the l g\p
•tan advanced guatd, coma.did by < ,.n JV.T I ...
will roiniTU-ntf passing tS.*» Kujihi.ui s—every llu-i.
imlicalrstli.il such is H e intention ul ihe I \ ,11 ,
' S.-rs-kier."
The friends of (he lingli-li .-nnaleiiiM lu-fou- men
lioiied need not h" uiVh-r any a;i,a,-heii-un s about
llieiu, as Ibiajiiin Pacha will jj-vc'hi-ui insuut 1,1,
This day (July G) tile J’atha's slcajucr«thc ti no
roso and the Kgypiian, an ived, but wc legist n,
< - tliaitheydon.il b.mg Ibialum Pacha's despatches._
We suppose lie (liiul.s his laconic Iclrgiajihic des
patch to his lather; rm Djincita. In lie siuiiciein.
It ran thus :—" The ’i uiks are dispersed ; ihey have
left behind them every thing, besides CUOU prism,
^ ers.” fly ihesL- vessels wc learn that 4UOU of the
•aid piisunei* hare apulicil to enter the Pasha's
eirici’s 1 bey hare been accepted, and tiansports
have beertordti, d to Scanderunu to bring them here.
They *jH juobab^ V-mot to'the H<rdj ,s«ud Vc

me#', fn i i bringing the whole id \i »bi.» um
i ih** I \ |»<i^it £five»miMitit
l#nKHn.\, July ;jl — l/ny 1* o*« Ifirk <T»**rfl
mrnt iiml llie 11 mto'nblopb.^tl I idit t '.ixiptnv have
iIn** itinrni'ig Frccivtd itopm ant ufcrl.m l drajt.ileh- |
es ftoitl l ilin AM 1 U*‘'■ «**r.M» it |il* *<*nl ;i»r*r
'# h mat lb** Chiu* If i'ht It ».l l»*ru mid
her Al aje*! v’-i *U|»r t intrude mil Util mb »*•**»•
i « 1|;hP« id i le |> i4fitx i *bv the 1 bine*- o|b#n Ui *■
TJX' I’ H Vi H )fi. Aug.l —‘The rue id’ 1b wrAt ll -
it m I to ( \rii' i1 a11|>irh» ■ • * 1 I 1
’ nv n ll tiiiti; m in. Ml, lilC* . ft Hi iniiti .tide < b.ift*
re b#r fif the 11 * < 11 r rj * tr* r, t l-l |»* • ll mihm,! lb 'I tlx
fjftnwnt? ot foreign corn imported mure in *t bar*e*t «
mutinied m \ due to LJJ 0 »,ono I t i o .liim t'i u
«'f Mini i't |' i it ti | |h it the in ji uf * I « f'lfi w.M I'ti I
lot Ml ftohd ix# l il, the II.ink id I < rl.tml, will* ll h d
ill'f. .,nl« i'l lOd i » IH»U ul l fib! i't "h < . ,1. H o V
a »ljutt lime ago. bag at ili<- |ut*cui muineiil mu
mm U oi e tTi hi f hCMHUMX).
rON.STANTfNOPf.K. July ft.—Tli« Sultan
expiieil on Monday morning, in tin* liftv sixth yeai
id Ins age and the I si ^fhmieign. In inning ilium In
a eh a rarrrr i l Refit* vmentu which w ill 11«*.• *«I
his iiaoio dnivu to jmsteriiy ns ilic iffy*! exfinuidl
nnrv nifinareh of modern times.
The feu«ri|ifni pin litre,! a ('on-fanlin >ple by til**
sudden and unexjr^cied Rtinounr emeut ol tlm Sol
nn*s death was much ns n would not he r sv to dr
i ! ; i jjirf, i i■f,*.fertoilnm nod fear weir .illti
mudy deputed in every rntiutmunre, ihu latter
n.oie inifir ol ilv aiming the Kay a ha, who untieijm
led some dre o|l»d revolt or massacre.
M \ J K 1 . I S.
LlVKliPOOL, 11.1> j ■ --Cotton —l illie rally
|Mfl ol 11i»i Week titc doa and for Cotton wax nu n
sivr, while Iml.iM U«|it llio mnk« I h.urlv mipplied,
ai Hn adv * cf of J I lb., but muci.' UmI Tuesday the
ieni iud h >h hrt , I» m .ii live, nnJ .iI lilt* cl.no of the
•». n>, ilie m u In i has mm i I d lo price.-, nearly a* low
is 1,-iM week’* quol tlioiiH c.l American CoMnii,
Wo Ii .vo h id n vriy good demand lor Colton to
lav, the bn ness aimniuHiig to h i i bales, ol which
1001) ntu iep.tiled in be oil speculation *ll»d 1500
. i export, prim ip dly \ mei h an, and the ruma n ler
|.i the trade. Tlie mail • I, . < nci illy, has assumed
i tinner appe n wet , no.I pin r.i may bo roihiil* red
* I hijbr i ih hi yenei-lry.
LI VI.1» POOL, 11| > until. — Colton.—There has
)• eu a good demand Ibrolighoul tho week, both
mm the Hade and expotli m. uud, and although loi
lie lait day nr i wo M lias been lalhei mole lieelj nu t
'V I in bl i* |.s. prii th havu gradually advanced, and A
Inin an .in ' | to . I, and I * r a /. I and Surat | I per
ii. Iiigl et than nil I’nd.iy last, at which advance ihe
HalKi | b is closed Ii mi KspoitCIX have taken *1500
\siteiiftu, 15U I’m ii. iiiIhh o, J7U iMaianhain, U00
Surat, and spe. ulalois 550d
£ ales id i lie week 11,110 Ualua.
Hilon pei It-. < #r«I i •» ini b (i tod to line. ( ui pi ice -.
vJiO lloaed tiuoigia t»| Si 5j$ H-$
_ nl)f .Mobile hj IM C. i !>
\ AI■ i’in A; Tenn. ti | 0 7 I
J150 i\« w Oi leans M 0 \ (».} 10 $
I . VI I pool H lb s nl ( ollon.
Saturday, July U7ih 4,000 bale*.
Momlai, " utli It 0.500
Tuesday, *' ,10th 1,500
Pi « es a Idle mo.i m lavui nl buyers than oil
I id.IV I oH.
II \ \ II K, July '/ iii * < lion. < hir < ’niton m n
.ei remained vei \ i|un t npio the Until instant, wlieu
i de ofB 10 liagf |, lUHiana, t.nr quality, lu urive
v H 11111 I bren months. look place al iO'jf. The le
eipt ol limit) favni ddu intelligence (rnlll l.egland
; iv m impulse to (lie demand, and oil that and the
.dinning day ab <ut .V'.ui) wriu taken at an improve*
IHI.I <( Ua.'J tinliuid. I all de.-e| iptiniix wtiollie
no.nt sought loi, ami the Han actions were vliogrili
i loi th' Hade, lui u » HpeeubiUn* appeared in the
ii at ket.
To day. ihcto is less dome, •'*•"1 htiMuess will be
lUiq etilled on M mill iv , oh act oUJif ol ill® < elcbralion
n iln . 111111 v i ■ i *i H v nl i lie July H vo’mion. The month
• i 1 u \ , w 111 • ti is i .i ill , *1 iu 1 I he dullest III I he
>far. ii bet’ii, sii ) nl i to > y, tin briskest one we
iiave li.nl.
LI V KKPut.)I,, July i f «rw IhchfiWfic.—
since Tuesday, the Udd iusl. the. Ii *di Mippln s h i
In t i n Hade ( na.n w,* '.and limn 11eland, are small,
tai imiil lumi; i pods llieie l-i a good ailival nl
Wheat and ut « I .mil l's The wrathri lias enntin
i I \. i v ulive11led, in i a i nally In igilt ami warm,
tut tnoie hiqncolly windy and wet. This lliuiinng
he gi ii a i i >ps in lilts ii i ■ lib,u hood \iiio mostly
ip . in, jitter having been much lodged hy the
n avy rains on S inn day.
A \ e i y laiji Ihihii. . has h < n done with the
balers ami with speeulatms, in nil kinds ol \\ heat,
Illsdly Iiee I icign, an advance on last Tuesday’s
pimanmis nl id. (• I. ai col din . to quantity and qual
\ S.-vt i d p m t Is it. Ii.ui'l h iv.• bet ii bl ,iI rs
i i. In WiNinar and • I. Iii Dan,. ,, ilso a cai
g.* i t flee, iiii bo.ml at D i. a' 15 . | t l (|llilrt< I
I* tet- (mi i id and s ulv I'* loti i li ive I" « n in good de
a d at a hi 11 ie) .ulv a ice hi . .ell ol Is to T, Hid
i lot ol \ :igiuta.iu b .n l.In .m l.i ddi lorexpuil.ilion
ld‘.\lK>N. Juiv UM ( out 1.5c/mv::<.—Tbe
\\ beat lr.nl' is linn ai I'mlay 's pnees, whii li nc lull
Js ilt ti ct t bin than tb i - d > wctkhu both P.nglndi
and I'meign tmpplii s.
Tim a 11 <»
llihiirt of ii L tin I ui n, <i Iff .Inly ill.
'I ll'* »lein;»ml lm i obact •» in neatly suspended, ami
ilm pi I'cs hi ii gieal tin sure iminimtl ; l>nt lliev |
irm-'t hr * ous.d n . I \ ,i II |«u II#. (low 11 limn the ,
highest point.
hr hi the t.oiultin M '• uhte I <rn ;!, July 30.
'1 nba<*> o—■ Tlie pm * m P i iIn' a In 11* i e Inter ihlv
stead y and linn, w u Ii however lull lull' d.mig. pm
t'*'i> ( ai 411 s i • j mr I \ u i a I it Cow . ■, high pi lees
.iH**fT»d,rd, \ y, | I) In nil . an I |0t) | t the other ;
no o(V !•> h i\e, linwfl Ver, h in t ie. + •
1 ■ t h,. I ■*/ w a i ti, ti.i 1,11... ■ j»n l, .lw./i,s/l.
I id# t e i o. — l*i n: i s .lie d< linn . and the (him ness
is e.oniiui d t i un nrliate wants ; si v< i at i argues ex
peited Irnui Ne.v Oilcans, A .
•wn. *•» — » 7 “**»■.'( trv *. joo> r»tn
re:T{ m: m uoim,.
r ■ 7 hi: sril'i.'KH'.Kti I I.s ilm rom
* niein '■ 111 • I • f id Ins nests semi, which "til be
oti .M outlay. the hit of July next, leeciviiig into his
Sehotd none h u l I M \ 1 . I' l'l I’ll.S, which h'
designs i .mlnning, should the patronage n reived
jitst.lv it. — His course will he comprehensive and
thorough, and w til i mb race |l t! e hi am lifl* lit I ’.du
i alum whitlt arc laug t in otlic, l'eui.ilu Schools m
tilt' place.
Iv t u s, |M'r m ssu :i cl fi . nionlKis:
1 */ ( mas—Spelling, lb ad tug and Wit
ting. $!;> 6U
'! {('t, s—|\ 11s11 (ii iitni.it, liiogia
phy, Arithmetic and IlistoiN, I .*> 00
o t It if—I # at in, ineek ami liemli
Languages, Khelotie, Natural Philosophy
and Astronomy. yo on
Paper, Ink Ac., (tf furnished.) 75
Payment to be in n/. m u . . .? . Pupils w ill be
h i tuved at any lain , though not lot a blnuter p* nod
lit an a se'snm liom tin time el n e« plum. A vaea
turn n| sen ml * e- us will in- given in tin* month ot
\tigtlsl, a ml tin* ( xeieisi s ol the School resumed mi
•Mo day. the I ol Sepicuibei. At tile cm.1 ol each
m'Iimuu tin ic w ill Li a public exaiiiiiiatuoi.
August 21 tit it
\ 1 K • i1 V n 1 MALI# • Ii' i hi. servo is to the e i i
*1 Stems nt Lyiiehbitig as teacher of |lie 11 cbiew,
i Pi em In and lie411.au Lamgti . . >. Those W ho W I'll
, 10 cmjuiii into Ins iplal .beamns, lie iclers to ihe
' Kev. Mr. Atkinson ot tins pi: , and to lesliumni
I a Is in ins possession, ami w bud he w ill w 11)1 pleasure
[ exhibit limp (li£ Kev. lb. An on it New York,
Kev. Ml. Parks, idl e Kri. |». WjIui, n| No
i hilk, and t tm It v M1. K1 1 ■ ■ id p.u tsui. in Ii. lie
, may be t tttid at Mi. Kypm.ihs, uu MaiiibUeet.
j Aug. 21 . ‘gwif
< Hru ki.\>> t\ r\k:i !ii:A-u%»«*:.
(1 OL N l K't M end,an ' ,11. r< s; eet fully l etpies
( ! tel to 1 .ill and i vi 1111 lie n>.i si ml, nf L A Ii I | |
J KN \\ ALL, Ac. btluie jumdi.ung eLcwheie.
] * K41 block is altcady (jiti'e h«i -c,ai d the two next ar
j iimUhoiti Kiv i j ixd will briug on the balance ol our
<• 1 all Nlipplj,
wbcnil.r assortment will ba much huger and more
general titan we have ever Imtl.
\Yr Jilnlge ourselves to sell at Allison A Watt’s
Hichimmd U'lwlesiile jn■<. rn. Alfi tbo amcbs.uc
packed, we weigh the package, and a id the lieight
and toll to the bottom, nl bill.
•K>SK I’ll Jj. I \ \j\S, ih ( a. Imj'iirlers.
Aug. In n3w it
*#«» »3i;s i p< i.\ a «•:.
ie*jton<{< nrr of iht. I ■ S. (i.ntUt
1% » V V’.tli K • 'I*1
TI. r < ill in- *11 j*r- «lii il b lbr ii < * nt n<*vu-<f miff, up •
liunl linn bJiim»*i w h'dfy *mI. nil'll, null wi* I*, re It.-nl *t dull
In tl**' *iriut tvin Id, ’in r*,,’i r*|* •■nrntj lvi-i i ■
If n nmv jifrit’, «; !! n -it iIiimI tlir.l m .’ully nr jw rhi*|'n nil
•ini mil •» « lifiii I ' -i i' i lie |» *t r»-4i > t fir . %* h «*ifrt
In* f iil n lit, » »• v.*4l- r7| V I«l. »*«i ill t llH'
rr'imiiulci »r. litiiilfil nt hut Inw f 'jj>m I i In nt :11 tnutl.-.blr,
- I. ill ■< I* I
T:, Min • i r,. I:; v I ■- ln-i'ii t rry f)ni f nt t*i" full • * i'i *
Wi .-1 .1^
* l. • .it f '\.!7 i *r. ^ ! i.f rui. i 'i i t
iiii'il* • •« • ‘I .In n, m till mil i« *f. I ii I 'iiUoh bill III' bun |
lu ll dour, f-'ii v limit *'Vl f ti U <rt fit |»r»*\ inti* |iii« ■*.
."Mwk* tifi\ - r<-in*ritMv Mi»i.-niit*<| tin* |*r*» < n n f til • '
mill IhmiuI y* l< 111.IV, bi.t lilt lu'ilk» t iu Willtm t nil. il nil- |
i, '.jinr, frnct i f the Unhipon / II h .
• S \ n \ i m, \ S i'Hiaoh, Align I J 11 ’ i, I '!'/
" This place .il prelcm is flic gicat c« ntie ol at
trac ion, in rnn»«rqni*mij of lh« extraordinary nsseui
' blagc here d o many ilUtingut lied public men.
He,side* iIi*- I’m sident and All. Clay, tin* Si crelarv
of Wat and a host of oumfx is and cx-men Inrs id
Congress, Judge# and • x < 1 nvu non . » e in .iltend
>itn e. Hut dr. Clay i s tin Icon ol the J)»y. '1 lie
I *i evident is thrown alumst euiiiely in the sh.ule,
arid y mi a»> needy hear hid nine nn ntioi ed during
] iIn; day. lie made n little sortie to Troy hist Hi:ek#
; mi iln- moi mug of the day ol Mr. Cf \ ’s m rn a I, and
I leturneij on Monday, lie had tettimed a day and
a hall before I In aid dial In* was m the pi ire.
*• | ain.i—imd, bo'li by Whigs and Conserve
lives, dial Air. V'. I».’s \i il w ill rout riblitc in no de
mde to restore him to tlie lost lavor of tin; people of
iIiih State. Dio avowed paiiy character "hu ll he
liimstdf g.ivo to it, has made Ins reception in society
lar ftoMi pit*man! J and his avowal m lavor ol the
il) Tie isury at Castle tianh n, and the boa*! ol his
Ii i < • 11 d , th it he collld i« vo I'll HUH/.e the State, h ive
alarmed |In* tears and rou-ed the anger of the
people. 'They aie deadly II stile to 11)0 Sllh Tiea
miiy scheme, end it would require a man ol some
what more in. j< sue. and imposing aspect than Mr.
V. II. to make them surrender their nettled and
honest convictions. 'They . re against him, as well
as his me i.sUics, and they will show it at the next
*• J u i unvcrsii.:' i few day a since with a politician
of eminence in this State, who has been the unit•.rrn
II iend ol the South, he ex| r< ssed Iris uiti r inability
in ai i■ •»ufit In 11 • t*eemmg disposition of the South
Carolina politicians t>o Mipport Mr. V. I*, lie sta
led I at at llr.' lime id the Hr < iamatior , he was in- !
limatt wuh li e (ones |. of Jackson, and advised
the old ! lero nut to tieat the movement of South
t '.iro!ina v, 1111 • • ■ i H 11 - in s, hut to let it p iss as an
idle tieak. Hut Jarksun, stimulated by V. H.,
thits'ed 1 r blood, md was 11»•'St anxious for a pretext
nto (
Ii x t tj an I dciei mi in d j tu pose of blot ting South Car
oliiui opt of r xi te t r /"/ </i iff in# hi) llrriiufy hi
hi <n A n 'h ( ’tilidnui (i J. 11\> i m ! AI y inloruiaui
w plied to know how a illVihoUH p* ople like the
South f nolini iiH, eoiild ev» i think ol supporting
a til in who 11 id com si lied such ail a ; g I e sn.ti I. pun
their i gilts, and piupnsi-d so lar to (It gi i It* them as
to abolish then name, rid expunge their political
exist cm e ! They must answer lot tin msnlves.
“ V ♦* i y mil It has been a d in the South about
Mr. Clay's T mil notion*, and yout i amlid and lair
de ding neighbor I <s he. n more v>i iUiouh than all
olio is; hut iii denouncing Air. tfor his Tarill
vu'Ws, he has aUan. • ! y omilhilto : I ate t hat t In (lod
ol In# ulolatiy, Ali. \ an Huieu, ih deeper in tlit* mud
th.in All. C. is the lime. Hin sueh is the fact. Air.
\ . H., we know, voted lot I .c i' i til's nl *24, *27, and
' drf ; but Ins apologist/ m the South li.no sought
to ext live him. hy s i\in • he vmed lor the Tarill ol
’ .'Hu d'i in- ti uciioi . Irmii ’lie New A oik Lu'gis
lauitc. N iv, I am inlot ued by a gentleman who
knows the fads, that Air. V. H , 'fur !u- 11 cm veil I ho
instructions relftied to, wre te a letter to a then mcm
i be i ol the N A I g s at nr e.eomplai. iitg ol toe wrong
; lie had -.'isiained at the liai ds id the 14Cgisl.1l U l«’,
hi giving him iusti 111 In in, alleging that the fact «d
instmi.lmg him to vote ho the Tanll implied that Tie
w as oppns.'d to H — w lift e. is, m truth, he was most
warmly ami lie.utilv in Ion nl it. lie authorized
Ins In ml to use this lettei to put him light I dole the
public, and my inform ml says he lie,ml the lette*
■ rad 11 out the hustings at that time, and with the
vn w .1 ills y in : the 1 n* people that Alt. \ . H, was
1 r< al up torihc huh Tarill’ mail ! '1 lie lellt 1 is in
r\i- n 111 e, and may ag 1 11 b brought to light ! What
think y ou ol thesi bn is ! ’
1'iv mth f / hi mi n c ( Jinnm It'.
I .< M < >-!• t H < >S M \ l N (I IN P KANCK.—
Win. M. Pitre, u< rolling in the N. York Times,
is living m l*iii in in a six le <>l exti aonl'iuttx splendor,
lie li is laiely purehasKd, l.r a sum mil n Heal, ,\
lieauldul villa and grounds, about his miles from
Pan*, xvliile he oerupies, as his town lesidruer, at an
exoibiiaul rent. a * ph mini hotel in the must lashiona*
hlr part of the ('him/s hlli/ans—the giatu) metro*
I'ulitun luCiilc » I the I in ch anstuciaey. Probably
loeidocoism h is nevi i brluto been no Indliautlv »e
pirsented m a hueigu nu tio| olis. x inly llnuk, ye
sous ol St. Tamiliany, ul your “ den oe i at ic” »S|putoi
being domiciled in ihr nitnliti ol (lie I leueli no
bb < , aid being i a! h d ** milord" by all ihe suns
ciih) i s o| Pans. Wiv, ibe tl n i v«-1 - I face of bn o
Ineoism on .lit to in ■ e with sympathizing lapluie
at tin* iminilh enl m. um i in xx bnJi its distinguished
n pi cm'Ii! .live IS Slippniim the dignity ol tin l.un i IV.
Whoso jpemlid man.Ninti is that ? jMih r.l the. Imu
for Wliim eh .ant » .linages ami mil liveries
an* til 'se } Milt I the locrl . >'.s\ Mu t(iiu! but
*\v h it*?a lueofoCo ?-—Then xx i l cume ilia rxplm.i
Hun ol all the petuhai y . i. and JucUiUcs en
joy rd by i he » Uni d immbeis i I then ibe, aid so
shall pronely It's be . 'titled tia.eunio. and the cause
gain ground among all xx b » !, vc "the largest
ur i „ is a w ;iiinns m t]tis. If there In* any
' uli to w I i' i. the i \j' i iein c ui u.t w hole w or Id
•-how s ilii 1r is no t\< • jit tori, ii is il ,il the brawling
demagogue is an itii.sioci.it. .tt i.c.ut. \V. ;\|.
Puce was the loti h si demagogue hi the Union.
111 t» ver failed, at all public tueciing*, tu denounce
Wings a i »| hi.did jiisi.ii i .iis, w !uhi he commended,
as i he onl y thing t<> he ad m u d . ml follow cd. repub
In a (Simplicity .ml p! onm vs. Ih hold him. M .\
mg l-<-gu led the people tu put in oilier a man who
i oi.lt n e 1 ofilc c upon l.mi, lie has rubbed the nation 1
ol its lit asm e ami e\p .maud lit n.se III hat he miglii
'I pv ihe hi mi iv - I gt at dying hn propensity to i .v.d
lie; tmuiaichs ot the old world lit the expensuvrnrss
ol his living. .Such Will cvci be ihe i ml ol the do
ui'igog ue.
Tbe New VoiU (urmmricisd accompanies the on
’ noiim einrnt ol Mr. I'm • s mode ul living in Pan#
wiili the subjoined a eedoie.
Less ihim ii y ear a <» Mr. Puce w as ll mushing a
wa\ ai the Spi urn s. I'w o eol mgt ?, had been eu i l
'•d connected with, mid in tin: m u of the United
Sales Hotel. One ul ibese was Imdl for Ml. Puce,
and iIm- otbei lot Swaltwoul. Tiie I.i• i« i was ab
sent, toil Mi. Puce w. s in los ghnv. Theic vvcie
those, however, ev il thus tally, who distrusud
l them. On one nee is -u we have the story from
Owl. Ilise, Ioiiiu'Pv from K»'tituc.hy, but now of
1 .oilisi.ma - it a dime i p 'liy, the nn v. rs.itmii turtl
< d upon the object i t guv cniiiient ibliulicts ami
In. o timtiu suh-iu sinus. Mr. Pure talked v« * v
pali min ally them, ami was so ft if
‘ ii iu si i h i (’ol. U se bloke lori h w ii h the i xclama
ton—-** / // h< l ij,.u </ In.lilt of n ine lit il ?/i u il'tll he tl
th. fiL’.lit i and iuii au iifj ijoursflj htj 11 the \$( Jtinua
1 •” Some < I the company laughed at the iem.uk
•lS* HU ir ..i ■ .(. I’ll* e li'okt(| lather blank, ami
•dlcited di.'ph asme at the imputation, and wished
the nn i k mum'd. Hut ( ol. 11 i sc pciMsttd in
dot pmlictm: , and they j ailed. Seauely two
iiionl Its hail pa>st il, ht tm < the abacotiding td one made
a pioplict ol t lie ot lu i.
i.< t itii d th..t ihe rem.uks :ji our I i»i on tiie subject
td vv iial aj’pe. i .■> will sum i be mu? ol I tie .staples it our
eoiiiUiv, tiii.s elicited noi-m thing tangible in the
, 'pace ot *• actual opciatme by w iiorn nn.de, purrs
i pud, tVr. finm sources wlmii we are hi possession
ol, iInn t aimot lie fjuesiiom d fui then iespeetabditv ;
and we have ihe pleasure now to stale, ilnit within
the Iasi nmiilh »a es ot ihe fnlluwng j» n • els, at pruts
aciiexeil, have been made to nulivuJu ds and tom
panics lor cash oi itstija va'eul by the addition ot
| ’-*4 pn cent.; tb trees i > nethlivt i. d in Xovemhet
* tv*.xi — m oi.<- insanet ('he lust on our tut.) $5,000
■ I b<
« ■> +
f|*‘« tie a!) of ihis ye ti s growth, and were owned
j "i sold by lour citizens «>1 Baltimore.
Uc ari* tjmi* p.utiinfar in pi .ruling statistics.
I"r reason* w hicli ntav be e.oli*cted fiuiti the article
hr*t alluded to, a*'veil as to ad *rd inl«irmaJlon to
writers from whom w« h ive received hurts; audio
ttnp ir| to out reader* generally an item «*f intelli
gence which we are t«ium will be agreeable to
t hem.
h c of XL,, ui MultinmUs, the pi <*ci»rds more nr less
ol *16 acres, $62.6(H)
do do do of *2 ac re.**1, 8,000
do do do c»l 10 clo 38,000
do bO.000 do tiers it 35 fault eacll%l7.500
do 2 000 do do at 10 do clo ]0.000
do 17,000 do do at 60 do do 8,600
do 20.000 do do at 32 do do 0.400
do 1 000 do do at 60 do do 2,GOO
Tuts! amount of sales, $122,000
l’»M sc- two sales have been published mi some
of the papers, but not in outs.
[ IJuthmorc Price Current.
The Snow Hill, Aid. Danner state* that a gentle
man c l that villa*;* has sold a bit ol ilml y mnnjs
miihieai.lts at two dollais per irff. They ware
c huieo nee*, grow n from rooKnet out hist a; ling, and
ate now neatly six feet in h« iglit.
3 " ...
KttOM At |; \' K’O—Tin1 l ist New Orleans papers
contain accounts Irani Mexico biought by the
sc lion lie r < ieuerge II. Wvtter from Tampico,
whence *ho Hailed on tho .'Jlst till, Tile irhr.
! brought out \ .‘J.dU.^oO doll.ns in .specie to various
, houses 111 N <: w ( >i leans.
Letters from Tampico ol July .'*0, state that the
country is pcil-Lily tranquil. Jlustanicote has re
1 mimed the pri ideuti.il chair, and Santa Anna has
retired to In* I out at A! mg a do C'lavo. The cus
tom house oflictrscx nb.i the utmo>t rigor tuwaids
\ letter rlafed Tampico, July says Ihistart ente
was very coldlv inHved tln re — not a single rival.
After Mime delay, the emiquei ing party commenced
tlo ir s\ item <d‘exactions, and they are trying t«»
collect new duties on goods imported during the
icvdl. All the men hauls have protested against
i his attempt, and the (loverrim cm, perceiving us in
justice, tie i a ly to abandon if.
(h i,rial Le mis and Ins followers, it appears, are
y» t at Mone Inva, whither tin y lied when driven out
ol Mimicry by (lauahzo. Arista, by older of the
(ioverrimenlt was using every exeitioii to obliterate
rvciv trace of the late irvolniion, by destroying all
tile lothheatioriN, iVc. elected by the federalists.
< hi tile ‘.Mill July the K igUsh packet sa It d from
T.inipu-o, with upwards of a had million in specie
on bmird.
imbc v<;s: vI*31s.
7 i .1 as I 'oil'll.—Tin* N.l). IPtlleimol tin- Dili,
says :—** Y« siinl.iy twenty thieo hale* ul Texas cot*
I nil, good Ini, wrin sold at I J cent* ; and t w t*nly one
bales, middln g lair, at 10.J cents.”
\ clL-it l\i t i in A\cu; Orleans.— The (’ever exists i
to a i onsiih table • xn nt in New < bli iius, anil ibe '
death* vvert d nly inc n using at the last accounts. The j
1 > 1111 cl 111 ol tiic ‘Jib says :—“We have called t lie at- I
trillion « l |lie public before to the I < l ol the exis
tence of \e||t»w fever in the city, and in the nbsetni !
ol any rfjictal authoiry lor its piomtilgatioii, except
from tiic Chaiiiy II* spital (strange as it is) we muM
eontinuc to tlo it in the Inst manner we c an. The
leva i then exists — is tin re sing, and we do not know
how soon it in ty lie* on e i polemic. {Since the ie- j
port hum the 11 ii‘•pita I ol the * Id, thiii* have been 2f>
deaths—Hoi which occurred yesterday up to live
o’clock—the dale oft ur infui'tual ton,”
fl lie C^ueb c Mercury of Thursday, 8t!t lust.,
cjojiii s Iioiii the I xch.iiige IPgs'er a repoit, thus
giving it i on linn a i ion, ol the m In f if Sir John Col
borne in (lie administration ol'the Civ i Government
ol Canada, leaving it optional to him to tetaiu the
command el the luices, and lhai Sn John declines
remaining on these tetms. lie will m I,ok lot Kng
I iml as soon a.s his successor arrives. The Karl ol
Clarendon, lately nmh iss.tdur lu Madrid, is spoken uf
as t he ne w (ioveinoi.
Tito ('olrtinbia South ('.irol man sivs that K. 11.
I . more, K-<j. a member o| ('.>ng> css It oiu S. Caro
lina. Ii «s resigm d Ins *-eal in 1 'ongress.
A Ilf (ttverosllif.—'I he (Jctivibitrg Star mentions
a n h!o act nt mm licence on ti e part «d W'llliam (’.
I ’ 11 st nn, t lie di it ill go is lied Whig Sc cat or front So nt It
Carolina. \t a luettii g ofan assocnation ol the
Me thod.st Ksj iscopal Church in the South prepar
atory to cilebi..ting the Centennial anmvrisaiy nt
Methodism, .ml hr the purpose »f i stabhshing a
luml, the inten >t of winch, n part, is to he applied
i to tlm support of supri animated minisl* is, then
widows and orphans, and the balance to the support
ol Missionarits and lIn- cause id eiluc luni, (hdouol
Pieston, being one ol the audience, rose i i ilie con
1 git gallon and In n (ly stated that he did not belong
to the Methodist church, neither did any of his fam
ily. uordid In- expect they • Ver would, but adiled that
he eonsiileiml liiinst ll under peculiar obligations to
that Inane It of tin? ( Inislian churi It, it being mainly
through the iiisirumcntitliiy of his grandmother,
* who was the siaci id l'atncU Henry and a member
of the Methodist church, anddind the charge of lus
education, that he occupied th* station lie now held
in tin I niied States, and then added — Mr. Secretary,
| put tn y nil nu </ i. a J r < >N K 'IIP USA N I > 1'<>I,
h.MvS 1 which was promptly done, and as promptly
i paid.
( u11 -111' i one excitcmont |itcv;iilt'il at 1 Vona, III.
about the iM u si. 111 consequence of a high handed
breach of trust committed by a Mr. i >1 iu ilauilin, .1
conir.itim on the Central tail road, who l.ad previ
ously •njoyevl ,ni excellent re put at ion. lie had been
smrnsled by the comm ssioni i ol thp district with a
check onthellankul Illinois, at Sltawncetoun, lot
$11,000, rij t pon iec< ivi;;g the money lot the same
sent back lor his family and decani) t I — willing lo
tile c 'iniuisrloner 1 hat in an uofoiinuatii iiioinent lie
had been .seduced into a game of p« k' i on l lie sit inn
boat, and lost that In* had not (lie moral cou
rage to return, lint intended leaving the couulry, uni
seeking a sima'ioii whereby the invesiim lit of the
balance a; i 11..iu labor Ip* might be en.bleu in raise
.isuflieieiilsi.ni In pay oil llie whole anioimi confided
ft* In* ( air. Tl > gambling story was belli ved In be
a hoax, and j . m -m;s writ* immediately siaiutdm pur
suit ol bun. llamlai has some prop rty in Peoria,
and .‘g i.(lo.) due un he. i ail mad eon11 act — so \hat if
not caught only :*h.»ui S’*,UOl) w ill l> • Ins’. The
coinmissmuei is lolly able to n.aUe up the ih limitien- •
( y lo the slate.
Ml.Z' lnileo Kentldl, lather of the Post.uas|i|
t * e lit i a I. dud at In lesitlence la I) uuMaal c, M a -> ,
oil the I ll i t. aged ' I > eai s.
Snici'.'r bii Slarrutitm —Mis. Kvern, a wid w lady j
of t’anajolmb. in a d( lining slate of health, wa
liightcned by a i lap ol thunder, in which she fan
en d the Hold had spakeu, t omm Hiding her never
more to eat or dunk, W ith the exception ol a
te.mp on fall ol w aiei she look no nourishment w I: il -
ever lot liltecn days, when slit* died. This truly
presents a singul.u case ol ichgiou-delusion.
lit' 'in I tr.' is<hj —At I lie annivci sal y eciebru
(ton ol the \\« ley a n l un r-uv. at New llaven,
list week, tip Pev. Dr. Olio, ol Virginia, now trav
elling in I.mope, was t li cit d President, t> supply
thovacancy occasioned by llie death ol the late Dr.
Kisk. One o| i|p* (Nuiiierlietit j apeis icmaiks :—
*• Dr. (Min is a V( rv supemi man, and we doubt not
butt e institution will iuciease in populautv and
strength under his care.”
.1 iuc Ciitc o/' Absence >f Mind.—-The \ u gust a
((ia.) Sentinel says a man in 1'aliatci i • > emi nt v i lew
days since .started lo his stable to c: itch a burse to
ridtMo u neighbor's—lie put llie bridle on bis arm
and taking tin- road, in vn disi oven I In- mistake un
til he atnvcil at his neighbor’s house and hitched
linns- Il tot he i ark.
Anohin' (inut I tin>/ ('/aim.— lhe hunting up of
old title deeds .nn! Iliantilacl uriug chums to estates
is gelling to be ijmtc eomuion. An * Id dcid, said
to 4c; dated befoit tin lieaiy el W ill, i n P. nn, has
been louiid in Philadelphia, and tile hen, win* is a
slmeio.dx: . , ■ 14 about to just UUH till It If to I • I UV. I t be
piopniv. 'i bedicd.it m said, covets several cn
t• i counties m the slum ol New J iM-y.
/In,rid detail* <J 'Insanity—A Mis. Barnaul, a
pious woman, umud » i ol me ehmch at Andover,
M ass , and Wile ol a i mpi ctable farmer. attacked with
<i lit ol msaui \, sji/.ed one ol bti own children, a
• boy of ic8 yeais old. and nearly si ven d its head from
rn-: body ; stabbed anotln r, amJ ito ,i j yrsu< «i. knife
| in hand, «t woiimu who had rescued the ch.ldrui
uti.l flf.ffo iili «*» ilte r"
nfurllif r wmn.iti wlio camff tij»,
ah* t»aa r.f UnitMll iPCUH ‘h
inee, low;i. twemy ihuumhipt.TBaBfcM .
been shipped this season, and a larger rpian -
iv will ho ready f.r shipment as limn as It can ne
brought in by i s. Ai.. 200 •<•••** «•» co»>|ser«r«
have been brought in also, taken Irani » bed near
Miner d I’ninl. and are lobe shipped to England, via
New < Jrlcans, to lie smelled.
Practical 11 intern — A meicliant having sustain
ed a considerable Ins-, desired h s son mil In me.i
non ii In any body. The youth pioimsed sdrm.e,
bin hi the same lime rMpieUrd lo know rvlial advan
tage could attend it. llyou d.mlge this lo.-s,' said
(he r.tihei, •>»'■ shall liave Iwo erds in suppuit m
slead of urn—our oau giief, and tile joy ol our
TMt.V'AWIilC*’ OFl'ItU,
Itichiiiomi, IV#.
<; A 1‘ I T A I. Mill! B
100,000 Dollar*.
MITTKRV AlTllolllZI.il 111' TIIK
* r a r u o r M a it v i. a m i>
To crrct a Town Hull and other IJtuL/ingi in the '
City of litillinmrc.
Ci. is. No. ()NK, Ki R lS-'lO.
’]'D |je positively di;i,*n in ill** City ol Jlnltiinore, oil
Wednesday, September doth, 1
I'lidr llie Superinlemkneo of CuiillHisidnners.
1). S. (illKtiOUV A' Co. (successors of Vole* A
M’lmyie,) Mnmigeis.
II r i I I i a it t H e It e in <■ :
I (imini ('npitnl Prize of StOO.OOO
I Splendid Prize ol i! r.000
I Prize of 10.000
1 do 8,000
1 do 0.095
I do 0.000
1 do 6,000
1 do 4.000
10 Prizes o( o.ooo
10 do d.000
10 do 1,500 !
10 do 1,000 ’
rr0 do 500
[id do 400 j
(i;l do d00 j
1'iizri I.r >• I:»«—■<l II) —S1 'JO-S100—.*8(1
$10—and lowest prize $20.
75 IN' el in 1m* r IiOltt‘iy--r2{)i;i\vn ISailob.
Tickets only $20—Halves $10 —Quarters $5—
Eighths $2 50.
('ertifieates • I Packages ol 25 Whole Tick
ets, 8250 00
Do do 25 Half do 125 00
Do do 25 (Quarter do (*2 50
Do do 25 Eighth do 31 25
QV'* (Irders for Tickets and Shares and (ertifi-:
rates of Pac kages in the above magnificent Scheme,
will receive the most prompt attention, and an olh
ci f^.eeotiut of the di aw iog sent mi l eili.itely alter it
is over, to all who order from us. Address
D. S. (iEEHOEY A; Co., Managers,
Richmon I. \ a.
August 12 w0v if
in o t i t i:
\L L the remaining portion of the Salem and
PeppePs Perry Turnpike Company’s Road,
nr that put lying between Lilavette and Pepper’s
Perry, embracing about twenty five miles, will he
let out at Blacksbutg on the l.ist Saturday in August
in -f. Tnms an ! spccifi- .ttiuns made known on the
day of the letting.
Aug. 12 w3w if
CHEAP iviHilC.
f 8 ^ I! E I. A RC EST collection of Music ever cfler
u ed for sale in this State may he selected from,
:it the store ol the subscriber, who is now enabled
to sell at tin* Phtlade!phia <uid New York u hulc.sale
and retail prices. P. II. TAYLOR,
Piano Potte and Music Store, opposite the Banks.
R ichmnnd. .1 uly 29 w fiwif
Trust of famh.
H Y \ irtuo of a trust deed, executed to the sub*
m riber. for certain purjios* s therein mention
ed, by .Ian es Tankeisly, and duly iccorded in Red
bud Cleik’s < )fliee, I shall, on Piiduy, the 30th day of
August, 183th oil iho premises, proceed to sell, to
the highest bidder, for cash.
mi which said Tnnkcrsly at present resides, lyjng in
Bedford comity, containing one hundred and filtv
eight and a hall Acres. Also, at tho time and place,
One of ft re Trart of fni/d,
adjoining the above, containing eighty four Acres.
A's >, at the same time and place
Tvt o oilier Tracis,
adjoining the Tract fust mentioned, each containing
t t oil v two iitd a half Acres. Also, all the interest of
i said .lames Taiikursiy in the Lauds ol .Richard Tnn
i kersly, deceased.
l oe’.e Lands lie about 18 miles from Lynchburg,
j in the neighborhood of Mr. Robert (’. Steptue, and
are presumed to he as valuable as Lands in that
! neighborhood generally are.
JNO. A. WHARTON, Trustee.
Atigust 15 3l if
it It. ,1. ,»#. d BS.I.I.i.ii.
M OiwN'l 1ST,
M \S returned to Lynchburg, ami caw bu I’om d
at the Union Hotel, win re he will in future
keep Ins nliit c. 11e lakes pleasui u in info) tiling his
friends, that, whilst ,it the N ith, he selected and
purchased an abundant supply of’every mateiial ne
cessary for Ins business. This:* who may need ar
tificial leetli, fiom one loan entire sett, are invited to
call and examine Ins ai tides, a:, hs believes that 111• *v
are imt surpissed lor utility 01 beauty, which lie
williiiseil on the best and must apptoved modes.
Aug. l!) il is
l\o. *26, Lihrrly Steel,
N f. w York, .1 v i. \ 2 2. 18 39 .
latWTi.YKTo.v & i\t.ua*nitt.
\\ llOLLSALK 13ry (bonds Merchants, idler
Tv l'ii sale a general assoi t incut nl New Uall
Tin-entire new plan on which they sell, gives great
August l.r> w2m if
llVI.Bi, .BOIS YMOY cY Co.,
157 mill, STi:i; i’, a. voicu,
W liolisali' tlralcrs in >i;i|>lr anil i asirj
mu i* dooms.
C A •’’I ' >< • w O O T T O S' l,rgs leave
t In say (ft Ins Incnds and itc(|iijdhtctlici'K. ill it lit'
is wit It Missis. II.. .1. ,V t ‘u , and should be plu.ist'ii
to rrceivi lliiir calls anil orders.
•,“l) » wSill if
0 ' * Ku.limor.il Knquircr w ill insert the foregoing
nvrkly two mouths, and send H* account to this
office lor pay me nt
« lotus,x \ss!iiniu:s, <\c.
\V' ^ have received an assnitiiicut < f splendid
t * ( lot 1 is, i .issimcres and Vestings, wiili .1 va
nr-ty ol oilier c i**uds suitable lor gentlemen's Sum*
inei \V ear, winch will lit* sold low,
V'"! 11 j, tg
ima ata.u .yotu'E.
JSjlV.l.l. r. sunir. the duties of mv school, on
Monday llielith ofSt|ilcmlK'r.
- Auell*Pj 11
ItOBlTltT i \iua.
s i' n <, 1; o .v n r.v 7 / > t.
ITAS HKri.'l’NKDto Cjorhliur^, ini may | «
1 * found .it tho I t im.uk Hon 1
i.yyrniU KU, \num j«, ,V|#
The friends of lien. Scotl in NcwY.nl,
(leu. Harrison in Ohio ami Indiana, \in|lv
too great n show of eagerness, it seems |„, "
already to draw Iroin the result of the |.,tc ,
in North Carolina, 'Tennessee anil >(., 1
ences in,favorable to Mr. Clay; upon „| .
proceed 10 urge the election ofsorne uiIh, ,
as the Whig caitdi.Ialc lor the next ]v,
You are too fast, gentlemen. What i;Si ; ^ •
to assume that the conncetion of Mr. (a,,.■
- . I I J ' L ifli*
with the next 1 resiliency is the cause of il,
propilii us results ? lie has not yd lan
ami we, theielnre, have just as wituh i.glu >
that it is because of this fact that vicloty 1,.,^ )
ry where perched upon our banner, as y,u lu
assume the contrary, lu Indiana, esp,, |(l
name of Win. II. Harrison has appeared »i tin’|lf.d
of every Whig paper, as the Presidential c;lll | |
of that parly. Is Mr. Clay’s unpopularity tl,;,,.,
from this eircttmslance ? In New York, the p,,,,
stands to this day wholly uncommitted ami u , ,
melled by names and preferences. U il tu W.i.f.. (
hum that 1
lint, he this as it may, hefurc w« delereia
uiiieri'iiioniuusly to discard Mr. Clav as ; 1:,*
ol tin se ilis.islets— as superstitious sailois n a ,
aie said to bn apt to designate some suspr, i
as a propitiatory saenliee to the angry i.lemen ■
should be sure that we get in his plane a
Iii IS »rt!i ( oroliiin, do the menus • ! i. |j
son anil Gen. Scott suppose that it uiIm (
ready noiii
candidate, the n stilt i 1 the late election mill
would have been umie auspicious to the \Y ,
If liny do, they are grossly deceived. j
name will commando* stiong a support in :lp
South as ilia*. ot any i iht i Whig in the l :
nessee is, of course, included in this mn;»
we have the strongest assurances, that bitter$
hostility mteitHioid ag.rit st that gentlemi
administrs'iou party, it is excelled by the I n
enthusiastic admiration of his friends. A
certain that if Mr. Clay cannot curry ih
utiihercan (icn. IIanison or Gen. Scott.
As for Indiana, the a-sumptiou that Air- '
probable nomination to the Presidency, ii '
Gen. 11 an ison’.s. effected such a vast chaug1
State, may or may iot be true. Probably, to
extent, it is Hue, though certainly not to il - ix
supposed. lit believe that the quest inn •
Public Lands exerted a much more decisive
powerful influence than any and all other •
combined, in favor of the Administration. A
this be so, what can we hope from Gen. l!.m;«r.-.
nomination, even in that State, unless he be in fm
of that policy, which wc are sure he is not, by wW
Virginia and the old States an? to he robbed n: i■ ,
just share in that great national fund? Du; I
be in favor of that policy, how could he exp* ;
support of the W higs of iht old Stmi s, l y v
this question i> i •guided as of such deep and * :
importance ? \\*e are confident, howevet, ilia t
Hmison's opinions on t!) s subject cninenb >
those of Mr. (1 iy. If, then, that question ;
against Mr. Clay, it would do so equally
Gen. llaiii'Oii. lint, on the supposition tl . i t
Harrison woutd be supported by that S an ,
pile of his opinions on this question, and tli.i'. *
is not the Wli g landidalc tor the Preside r\. *
State w ill go lor V;m I»ur< n, then we ask, . .
l!7//g.s arc tin// / l or one, we acknowledge i
low ship with them—much h ss will w c consent i •
dictated to by them, in the choice of a candidate.
they arc Ifarrisonmcn, and will vote for no otltfi
Whig except Harrison, we deny their light i »>
glorious title ol WHIG, which, meaning an opj m ■
of uncntixfituIiumil and arbitrary j i r. r, alsuniqh1
that all who bear the name will agree to to n\-1
with their brethren in overthrowing those, by w
this illegal and despotic power is exercised, n
ter who may be the man selected to accomplish
result, provided only, as Mr. 15. W. Leigh
I “lie be a respectable man.” It is known tli.it
1 Clay is our decided choice, as he is of ninth
hundredths of the Whig pnrtv of Virginia—Ini*
we supported (Jen. II irrison, warmly and /.■ !
three years ago, so we w ill do again, a yc.n la
should he be the choice of the Whig party it
Union. Wc shall do the same if (Jen. Sr mi I *
, candidate. If any portion of the f Vhigs < f I
are \\ higs only so far as Harrison is concern'
ever, we are pcrlVctly willing to dispense with :
votes, whether A, 15. or <‘ hr the candidate. I
arc not Whigs—(or true W ii gs arc no man 'f *
I ii r 111 e r than as those men are the cham pin ns o!'
principles. W hile they may have a pit-lrKc
tween the various prominent individuals ' I 'h<
they will alu ays cheerfully relinquish that pnl"'
to secure the triumph of those principle
In pi , and we cJo not doubt, that the Natmi I 1
v cut ion, which is to n ret at Harrisburg in I)t r
, next, wiII address i In tn.-( Ives i armsi ly to the'
1 ascertaining the wishes of a majority of the V.
party ol the hinted .States, and that they will *
the md v id ii a I who may be the choice of thin tr.
ty. It alter that selection shall have been (h :
| 'i*e malcontents in Indiana, in Ohio, in New •
| or clsewheic, be they few or many, shall inak
pH text for deserting to the er.cn y, let them gn.
maybe defeated without the aid cf these it
no principle, it is true; but even success wm
ol doubt lul advantage if accomplished by their n
mentality for they would he always clogs andwr.
upon us in every effoit to relorm the situs.
have crept into the administiatioii o( the govum
and, unless we e.n effect which, it is a niattn
moment whether \ an Dun n is turned cut oi *
in. ^
In conclusion, we will add, that while we 1 •'
relinquished all hope of Indiana, we feel even 1
sonablc confidence that both Tennessee and -v
( arohu.i w ill support the If liig candidate h"
l residency in lLl(). W e have strong hoprs, t‘ ' -
not, we confess, unmingled with doubt, that ^ "
nia wid do the same. But it isnppaierii that by 1
expression ol apprehensions on the part of the V 11 *
I (unfounded we are sure, and only iiiieicd f*1
purpose ot advancing certain personal intern
Mr. Clay's unpopularity, those who utter the" •
jeopardizing the W ing cause in t very doubtlul *"
should Mr. ( lay be the selected candidate, by
piiiting and paralyzing his friends. Wc do
object to lire avowal of pr» Terences on every
and to 'lie most elaborate eulogies w h ch the t*
«ive friends cl ! • >« v i d c undulates may h* i’1

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