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the debate-non com.mittalism.
\Ve invite the particular attention ol «I «• ie„|,i
i, lh* piq-anl ,,,,J interesting debate, whirl) nm
genially sprung UIH a lew days ago. ir ihe Set ait
(il r t'niird States, on ihe n moral i.f
«, Ohio, for reasons wholly ttuc‘ tinei letl w iili t|,,
g,,charge of Ills olhchil il tines, and whirIt the I’, st.
lit,,,,, General, when applied lo by Ins (iiii-hen
(ubaltern, refused to disclose. If. ii died, the at
,hires of that |i qoisitorial prison-house, (i’,e 1,'eneial
Po.lC ff.cr.) shall to• te de>|o.|to , I ns ti.ulei t»
r(.Ol to t! « Itelt fi""*'" r ‘ I Ol II. I1hHIS.iI, If will,
, lisve no doubt, reveal set ti is nl u i ha. e'er lend
jn), f„ establish die exisltnce nfa systrm of odious es
riansge and petiy despmisni unpamll. led i xeepi t v
il)f „,«stiierd tnathineiy i f die French Police tin
d„ the Duke of Oiranln, and wholly incompatible
w |,|, the t enins ol out ms it u: ions aid die i mills nl
the people- We shall then see by what agencies
efficient < (Reel'S have been Slabbed in llie dark by
n ask, d assass i s i ( t liiitai lei; aid lie vile e (I, r a
used to control, or, failit g in llitu, to punith die in.
dependent eeutise ol fiertl. m of i pn.ioi — the
chartered birth-r uht of every An eiit-an . inget,, pur
chased for hint by the toil and blood ol die K.volu
tiovWry lietoes aud patriots.— bm puiol a>ed mv in.
1f the power of appointment and ten.oval is to be so
employed as in u tike subservient v In t In- Pit side tit
», sole condition of holding nfii. e.
Hut the debale took a much wider scope, invnlv
ijng the men s of the Pri sideolial car ditlates. and
oilier I* | it'8 mt idetil ally it .,vf I.I In de atiittnltd
Ittnnle now in prngiess li.tu.eii 11 * e giem atilago
idling elvtin.Is ol nnr pnlinrul sy-liii—lCmulut
/’nicer agaii st the Popular I lilt. > r A leu. ol
t>hto, was die til. II liino nl I elnmti; Ml.t'inlii.
gen, the Saladm of ihe Senaie, nl I «■ Inli.i: aid
most skillully did ihe than pinn nl II. public, nism
wield his polished lilatli; ai d most triumphant wa
the issue of the Cnnflit t.
Mr. Allen, it will I e seen, :,dv ei led to the Male and
shallow srt fice, w hit h linw seen s to he il e chit I le
liance of the F.xeculive minions, as In die alleged
Silence of (Jen. llani.-on, when inenngand in re
frrrnce to his o| ininrs, upon ceit.itn questions « I
public policy, upon which his opinions have hem
often explicit 1} m; tie know n,— j ni lisln d n pi inn ns.
to which he now refers ih • “ o»ixi«»ns inquirei*” by
whom he i« iuteirogated, *is an answer to th ir inter
rogatories. InthisGio. llairismi follows the « x
ample not only nf Gen. Jackson, but of .Mr. V an
Buren himself. The latt« r gentleman whs inlmo
gated a few weeks ago, on the Savory question, by
Walter F. Leake, ol North Ciirnlina, (a piditicnl
friend,) and what was Ins reply ? Did he give n cat
o^orical ans-ver to those q lesiion* ! No. Ik* le
frrred Mr. Leake to his letters nf 1S33 G. in which
lie had avowed the opmintj that C« ngros has the
right to abolish shivery in the District ol Culuinlda,
and declared il at that, as well as the other opitih ns
expressed in time letters, hi I been strengthened Gy
subsequent experience and i» fit cion, ! When (i n.
Harrison was applied in by Messrs. Chambers and
Jkiskirk of Louisville, (Ky.) what was his reply ? —
lie referred them to Ins ( heviot and Vincennes
speeches, in w Inch he had take the strongest ground
against the Abolitionists, denouncing them a-* a set
of deluded or wicked (aunties and their schemes as
•'weak, presumptuous and one ns'iiuiional,** and in
w huh he dec la»ed l ha/ not only had 1 'mint cm* and il:.
Legislatures of l he nor sl.ivehohiing SHi s n right
to touch the shivery qin s n n in any -hape, hut that
even the discussion id that qu'^ln-n, in the nmt
slave-holding Sisics, was a v olation of the spirit ol
the constitution ! W hat s Van 1J•»r n’s pledge to
Veto a law that can neve - be passed, in romp>risnn
with this high and impiegnable ground—the otih/
ground upon which the Su-lh can sal« ly rest hei
defence ?
But let us go one step farther. It may lie true
that Mr. Van Boren has answered ill tile iuh-rtogi
tories addiessed lo him. Hut v*»i ill* re are certain
points, as Mr. CiitiMiden leimuked. upon wlmh he
has nut yet been •ni»,itogated. and hi re/ mice to
which we demand to know, ol his friends, wriit ate
bis op.nions. Mr. Van Boren** op. orient* have not
annoyed him with q n-s ions upon tip s'* su tjecs, a-*
(Jen. (1 airis mi’s opponents hive deemed it nut in
delicate lo do, although they d.il nut s -k lor infor
mation to ciihghl n their judg ueiits. or to control
tlwir votes; fur not one uf lh *u will say that if
Gen. Harrison hatl answered every q i-’.stion sms
lactonly to him, thai it wnuld have .dialed one j u
or tittle ol hi* opposition. Their anx ety io c:ae
chize the. General was the • »fTsl) »ng e;iher ol
tinent curiosity «»r ol bitter malevolence, and wa> dic
tated by a h »pe that th y ill 4I11 draw s une un
guarded expression from hun which tiicir ingenuity
might pervert to li s injury. We leave it 10 all can
did minds whet liei G 11. II • rr 1 s mi w 1* bound, ei
llieir in courtesy 10 them, or m justice t » himself,
to reply to queries, proceeding fro 11 smli nulevo
lent partiz n s, and dictated by such b is * mnii.es; —
especially when he knew ilia', up *ti all tin* p unis to
which these queries had reference, his opinions had
long ago bsen made know n. as fully and « nipli.uit*a II%
s it was in the power of lat guage to convey lit*, ir. ru ti
ll, \ „ and under ciiciimstances which deinonsirated
their sincerity ; and that will) these opinions, thus
expressed, his friends arc satisfied / Win, «e ,i*k,
should (Jen. Harrison repeal opinion*, f»r ilie graii
fiLj.non of an idle curios ty, or (or tIns purji sc of
furnishing weapons for *be ingenuity ol those who
MUTILATE and (iAKI)LK even his published
Sentiments,—when his fro nd* do not need addition
al evidence of his orthodoxy, and hi* opponents are
determined to dislinlieve and pencil the most luun
fto'us expositions of his opinions wl.ii h it i* is in the
power of written or spoken la iguage to convey to
Hie mind? It would have been a work ol supen ro
gation, at once futile and foolish.
We have said ih.it there are certain rpirsiions
in reference to which .Mr. Van 15men’s opinions an
involved in deep obscuriiy; and tli^s is the more rc
inark able, as1#in reference to all of i lie in, it would
stem to have li£< n impossible that he could, in his
fietent station, so loi g have kept tin in I id under a j
bushel. Some of these wi re referred to by Mr.
Clittenden. First, tin Army Hill—Had he si en u ,
or had he not. beluie he “strongly recommended h
H> the consideration cf Cong resit And whether
he had seen it or not. doc he .approve or disapprove
of its provisions ? Is he si ill \ Missouri llcstriction
Mi and if Florida be admitted into the Union by
Congress as a slaveholding S ate, will he veto the
hiw by which she is admitted ? 11 hq will not veto
that lav, will lie tell us when lie became c«»i vmced
ol the error it Ins course on tl e ft] manor i question ?
^y what pit c«s* ol r« a*onmg his cm version lo
‘‘Southern principles” w as iflVcied ? and, wliy, d
tins convt rsoii has been of long standing, he has so
peninaciously remained "muiti" on the subject ol
this ancient heresv; which Air. Jelleison regarded as
ol deeper and more vital importance than all other
subjects o| Federal policy combined? D*es he
acknowledge the constitutional power of Congress
to in pose a tarid' lor ptotection, ami to comuuct
w‘>rks ol internal i uprovemeiit rrf a national charac
f t Is lie in f vc»r of the Cumberland Road, or
^uiofti it ? L he fur an exclusive hard-money cur
*' r- ’ or *4 ,,e f"r * ctirh nrV cf spec.« uLd
rniitrrtiblt , aprr ? 1, he f.r g ,h, St.te
Halil.*, otfnr purtlne tbem .!«». T N ,w. can .nr
"""•"* Sns.rr him nne nl il,e,r questions.
ini.lersiunil.ru ly. »• ,1 wiili n tire tonfideme in the
■ n eni.u y «f I,,, .insn,,,; Wi » ,.,lu, m Indi..
he is cli.in r il us «n .idem ln< ml ol the Inlrrnul
III pmv, mem pn ley in g. nr ml. mi il „f , |>r Cumber
1:, ‘l "’I ""' while m Vhjlnht. ii t*ilc
| el-.ie.l IIml lie due* not reengnme tlie <uniiiiuiii.mil
I in er ill oi.tii rs in sp| riipiiuie .„y (« vvotk*
'•I lliuch.iiHUer (they -bill to hire sunl nut m te
ill ii n inil'inn «ml tt quuiti r of tinII.ns per annum,)
in any vir ,/e uhaitvcr! We tall, tin ref..re, lur
litlit uputt ll.rse p mis; and if Mr. V n Ilmen's
Irirnds will i either elicit an answer frmnlhat gentle
m>;iii nor lurnihli li t* u formation lie ti.selves, (*\r
I'tive in t ill* slightest « lijt ciion to nbimning n rrrn
j ilirmigli a confidential co • mittee,) we libpe ilie
\\ hips will mil in 111 I'm suletii.lnn s«* (, lot in
luiiiiji i< ii. \\ i shall ilit n see whether he is non**
committal or not.
The third No. ol tlie hnquirei’s book on
'he l*iesi(h-t»ti I Kleeiion is designed t* a id to the
proofs (Heaven save the mark!) nl (Jen. 11 arr icon's
h'edei.diMii. 'I h** first «• I iliene is a beautiful cxliaci
t" n» lien. Harrison’s Address in Cheviot, on the 4th
ol J nly, lrf‘J3—an extMCi which at ouee stamps the
author as a man ol mark* d ability. We th.mk the
Im <| *i»cr for publishing it, because it 11 leas1 demon
siraieg (helalsilv ol tlie chmge ol 111e• <t•*I iuiIm ciIi
ly wlmli some very wise folks wewoiol (m their
owoeornrit, we mean.) -rein the habit ol making,
with as rum Ii eon phut icy as if /Arty weic Solo
Minis! The opinions t x pre* sed I \ Lien. I lam-on
ill the CXI la cis pnH shed l> v i he K ocjn ir« r, III us 3d
No. ai c— 1 st, that the Tai df »« as const>(un nnl ; and
iblly appiovmg ol the Pio« latnaiion nod the Kti'iee
Pill. Ni w, il these opinions i rove Aim to he a Kid
era h -t, what si all be mi d ol i lie aulhvi s of i he Pme
laiiiiition ami the Korce Pel ? what ol Van Puien.
Pt lit on, II. M. J ohosoi), and so on. ad i> f nituni,* l.o
von d lot ctrry'l'.'t If I i .* which tame btloie Con
lush while they writ* members ? \\ hat ht conus
"I r. Kiu.hu hm sell, w ho supported these men
.mkI »hlcr. ' u.illy. 11 not i»l»>»*Iut*• Iv, these measures !
W’eli'-gin to be somewhat of Mr. Ji flVtsoii’s opt
niuii—"Wf ate all Federalists—we are all Repub
licans!” Saul t hat Magnetons shli <n ;m ; anil he ne
ver uttered a more comprehensive truth. Kxamine
I the ;ms i f « very A dmim-tr it ton, from the time ol
Warditi'gton (Ji uii to tins day, and not one will es
r.'pe the taint ol Keih r dism, il it be judged by J«I
(crf'on's creid or by Madison's Kej ort — n> d,
whether we louk at m n or me.isui-s, \ an BirerPs
is more decidedly Fulcral tlmti either of i s piudc
cessors, not « xcepting the uiueli t Iked of A lie i and
S« ditiun law Adinn.utiation ol the elder Adams—
goti g j st as l.ir bi \on I Mi. A. as Monarchy Iran
to ( lids the Federalism ol 1)8, in the strong'll winch
it arrogates to the Hxettmve department of the fed
eral government, and in em,tempt fni Popular opi
mon ! That the defender of sue It a \ diuiuistraiion
as this—and, above all, that ’a retreating Con sen a
live, wh furnishes, in Ins own person, an example
ol the faeili v with which Kxecutive power has m
no*plied over iII«• 0; inious ol llit People, should ob
j• c t to any man's Federal.sm, is as strange as that
Richard K osli. Chin les J. Ingersoll, ,J lines Buchan
an, Garten I). Wall. K-i.ei B. Tam y, and, to come
never home, \\ • na T • \ I• *r ol ii nckbridge. should
constitute the ih e ami \ m-.tiaid id Mudcin De
mot iai \ ! 'i he old ad • . <* of ! • put calImg 11 e ket
tle % b'arl ," is a fii il’ivtiat on d he impudci.ee ol
these pretend' rs lo put ism •
Tetter from (ten. IIirrison. — — Vlift Richmnod
\\ hig Ii is In? ii p •ionic | i , ui iku ill** following i x
trad from i Idler ol G * i. Ilani-m i. written, in I8JI.
to his nephew*, Benjamin ii imsui, of Berkeley.
(Charles Ci'v county, V.i ) The gt cater pulton of
the letter is d voted to family affurv, an I the politi
oil allusiKiis are brief a id incidental. “In tespec
to his co 'dnet oiitlift Vliss niri question (says the
Whig) ihis letter is co rob »r it vo of the pnbdc his
lory oftlte country, and illustrative of the disiuter
tejested loagmi'iimuy of the old Geneiah We
knew beloie (hat lie lust Ins re-election to tile House
ol Rcpres- tit ii I ve* in cons' qnence ol Ins support ol
tile Rig'ds ol the Soul ; but we were nut aware that
I .e w. s defeated lor the S mile, for h s patriotic o
imiiutis :n.d mdepend in course on tlte same subject.
The in.iu o ust In* a hardened knave or a" inCtu l igi
lih* tool, wim shill pro I css to donut Gem H ariisotj *
v i« as and lei Imgs mi respect to Abolition, alter see -
i g so mai.y and overwhelming evidences as have
lo cn adduced, ol Ills thorough »U voUiit) to the rtgll'*
and instil in tons of t e'muili—a devotion, proved
not by words on y. but deeds hu."
Lrtract <j a Utter Jrutn Gen. Harrison.
" 1 am not, .u picntol, in any political appoint-*
i e.il, ex* opting ihe honorable one ol being desig
n.red on me pari • I K »tuc..y In silile a dispute
with lencs.ee anu> I lit i r coHiilion bound i\. 1
was Iasi tali i Uu lor me .*5»‘ ale id me L ot ed .Slat s,
, and «her a niiiiiUcr <1 halom-gs, h si it by a lew
; vote**. But 1 lust no honor l»y ine co test, nec «use
there was no outer man in tlie fcuaie w ho couhl hav
run so good a poll nod' r the saute circumstances *.
I -i. my ' I'l'oii ut wa-» at die lime hi |»h>m -sum ol
l lie office, in tv Inch Ins < ominri li.nl beeu iriepro a b
• bie; 2i*y, h y living hi »h«* sime seciion ol t|ie
>( lie w .ih i be in In t HenulijI, so l Ion lotii 1 been eh < i -
i ■ i. no ill He toil ■ i *> vviiu ii I live lived in i he \\ i si end.
Dm Hum* considerations would have avtliuJ no
iin g, if, iIindly, / had not. tn ojtjn>silion to the whole
.'state, adlierc.l to t >c vote 1 had &iutn against the n
slrultvn m>on Missouri."
The Whig ol Finlay last contains » htici
from li. (Jliai dler, Kmj. ol Wt si mm eland, stating;
that I)r. J. N. V well, a leading l.oco Foco ol ili.il
countv, had s.nd to linn tli.u he (lh. P.) had received
a l> tier (rmii Mr. Kitciiie, the editor ol the Knqui
rer, in w bn h Mi. K. ado it ted that the charge ag nusi
(Jen. Ilariisoit I having voted lor a law authorizing
the sale of while men lor debt, is undue; 11»• l In
(Uiichie) w-ug satisfied ol iis lul-iiy; that lie had con*
sequent!v abandoned it, and thougtit that il'ifc ad
ministiutiou party ought out to use il. Col. Win.
(i. Walker, the delegate to the Legislative from
Westo oieland, . lid Mr. Robert Mu»|diy sutethat
they also he ml Dr. Powell make the same state
ment. W e shall wail to sec what Mr. Kurhie says
of this d< velopment, before wc in »e uny com
ment upon it.
C'oming events cast their shadows before A
Pennsylvania Federal pap r, (published at P»«is
burg.) hits liik' n lime by tin* forelock. Its ticket lot
J8M). ts Vail iiiirt i) and Johnson—f«>» 1844. Redon
fur PieMilen*. and K-tnlall f»r Vice President! —
Par no tide Jrairum. Do you hi ar that, Mi. Cal
houu 1
Note the Difference.—TU* Loco Foccs in I hn i1
have bt en-’Compolled to telu quish the idea ol h.»ld*
mg a State Conveniioti, in consequence of the l .ko
warnmess ol ih« people, “very few comities, (tn* >
say,) having appointed delegates." Del ;i Whig
| ('onvetition be called, nod the people 11 »ck to n by
| thousands ! This is a sign of no idsignititJul “*»
W.M. M. rtVTON, K3Q.
Ti « II tir K'oo, hy the subjoined coiirspnmltncf*,
ih«t'\Vrin. M. Peyton, K«q. ol R iMni'kf, ha* accept -
ed an invitation (r>>m a portion ol the profile of Fled
j c Htiiyr, to ad re-s them on Saturday in at, hi
j trie:•oce to ilie question* con ected with the up
| Proachiug Presidei ti.il rl«ctio*. We hope, |p*w
| ever, that oui ij.-d( rd friends are ma > Imm il as to
ihe intention id the Whig I*’ let tor n*'t to address the
people of that county. We h ive no duiiht, ('hough
j we have hr. id nothing ftoin Inin upon the subject,)
ill »i he will a? *il hi" sell ol some ssimhlc mc.isoii.
during Ill** siitii i * r. to appear before the citizens ol
• hat county. \\ e are nevertheless gratified to see
• lie people of that genuine Whig county calling to
the aid ol the Kleclor other di*tuigiii*iird tiiiti'im,
Tile Whigs have every thing to gam, and nothing
to loose, by discussion :
Pka Town. Bedford, May G, 1840.
Dear Sir— As the Whig Klecior appointed for
thisdiMi ct "i l not canvass this cniiniv, and a* we
consider it vitally important, in the approHclung
Pieside thd election, that we have some addresses
made to oil* (Mitttv » il •/. • i;» hi this part of oiu roilti*
f> • * lea rm g up the si a title r» us charges made for ihe
pur pus- o| assailing Ih * t hai.u ter ol (Jen. II art •sou
in ri h'trn< his hi ihe Senate ol Ohio, wlnly
• member ol that body, ^s the partv opposed 10 fits
elec i ion charge Iiiiii with vom g to sell I,re while
men int i hl.it ty, as well i.s make mini) other char
ge* equally nhnuxip o«,) thei' loie we, .i poriioti ol
ilie ciii/.ens i | iris couniv, Ineiidly 10 the election
ol (Jen. 11-ii ri'ton, do earnest ly r i|in-t that you at
tend at l Ins plat e, ou*Sai uiday Uir Id Ii ol J in e tiem,
and address lien on I he **il jrct ol the Presidential
eleciion, as well a* ■ any other to irs which are
nearest and i*■ *•! to ihe lust interests ol tin* A
imricau people. Compliance wnhihe above invi
laiionwill neei with the m si cordial appiob ni• • n
• d Iheci /. iis ul this county. We are, with high
lespeci, A .
('oinehu't Pate, Nath m’l Newsotn,
Stephen (’ I lint, Sam'l 11. t rensh.iw,
I* e.i*»a >i P teuton, TI.uiimh I) vis,
Kduiiirid Pile, '|'i o iias Mead,
Maiqni* |) (imy, Th in x A.Coler,
HeniyTirv. W in. 1 )ii*l«mson, .1 r.
Klislia II. pM'sto'i, C’h rl**s (iii|,
W illia n .Mead, Joo. C'laytur,
Richard Cieishaw, Unlit, \S . Crenshaw.
To Wu. M. Pi* vton, Roanoke.
I»lu [.li k, Roanoke, June 4. 1810.
Gentlemen — An ubse re lium the conniv. ol sev
eitil weeks, has prevented my receiving, until yea- \
leid.ty, nun communication ol the ‘Jtnli nil.
I appicciate must highly the cuinpliineiii nmvrv
ed in \our “earnest refines* iliat I will .ultliess the
t in/.' ns i I Hedlnrd «• ii ti.e Piesn-b nit il Klcrlimi. ami f
sneli topic* as I m tv consider neatest and dearest to
the A mei n an | eoplc"—a Compliment great ly eiihan
rfd by my being personally uukimwo to you : And
whilst dtnesting my ability to perform iiusi.i*U in
» manner worthy ol t< e ciieumainnces or the ocm- j
sioii. I rev' »tlie!* ss feel bound, w hen c.till'd into s* r• I
vice, 11; tiineg of* tli(Vu*u!lv and danger, hkc the pie |
sent, to buck it <>“ »>}* nr-HOUr, '»».d evert wh ocver ol 1
aneogili lt d j iow* >s 1 may be blessed with.
it will thctufoie give me pleasuie to inert the cit
izens ol lU'tllonl at the time and plat e designated in
\ our mvii ilion. K sjjctllol \ Oi.r obedient s>4i
v I t, \V N|.* .M I K V I UN.
To Measts. (’. 1*ati . At:. cVc. At. Ac,
Qf/5* (j'ov. R.ubuiir athltessed the people ol
Aladisou county, on the 2tj.li nit. in reforenoa to the j
Piesidential eletlinn. No David, wnh his sling,
ap"* »red to answer him; and for once, theiefore, a
Wing or tior escaped total d< fe.it, discotnfi lire and
•tniiiliila ion.
ft j"' J.ilm!\ llnmes, Kscj tin* Wide Klee tor fur the Al»
iiigtl"ii llisti ict, being in Charlottesville Inst Mon lay, (court
tbit.) I ; r« ipie.*t addressed the people ol A II" uimi le, (Inline
win* li lu* eute .ii( (Hint «il the prog ess of W big ennse bet nml
the mount on*. Mr. 11 tunes w its replied to hv S I I.- tkr I .sip
On tin* itex t tint, Air. II lines re joined,!; no' of.! brie tit i •
ppondi'il. Tlioiims W <"id, nml K. It. Watson. Mips then ad*
il i -cl the people, m defence of IJ nrriMoii mid Reform.
f RKSS- -The Ihiukrupt Rill, alter uiidergoingvn
lions iiineinlmeiits ol llieS'Miiite, Ims he-n releried buck Ion
Self t Committee. A moug llir amendment* i* one sinkiug
out thill portion which renders State Ranks liable to ns
provisions. A motion, made ht Mi. Iltiblnird to indefinitely
p'e-tpoue tlm hiil, won rejected, uvea It*, nor* 2H.— In ihr
House ol Representatives, the Siih-Trensurt Rill i* protfrea
MtH '.nl the rate* ol one speech per dai—the majority, hv mi
oulruLM’ons violation of the rules til the II m*e .elVecii <| m the
midst of the most tumultuous and disorderly scenes, in wlm li
the Speak' i e treated with open contempt, nod order and
dreein". were alike trampled under foot, having given it the
precedence over all other basilicas.
TO ('(>R R F.SPO.N HUNTS. — A press of other matter
tni* morning, which would not admit ol po tponcoumr, com
pels us t*i defer “,1 \ irginianuntil our next, when it ahull
certainly npjienr. •
The oih niunher of •'('annina" was not received until
M oniln', til e gentleman tow hose on re it w iih r on tided ha viug
(bl'jrolleu to deliver it to its until that day. W e hate not
read the tiJClven foot amp pagra,t losely written, whii Ii it tills,
and if wo caii In '" it. w > never intend to undergo the inflic
tion. W e pereeite, howi ver, by n glume at tin first page,
that the discussion on Hen. Hurrooil's military eliaiuclrr nml
exploits i* finished, nml a new xiihj' ct (.'he Standing Ariuvj
| i* Itroujlit on the carpet. We feel less hi'MitMi»pI), tlieieloic,
I tlmu we should olhei wi-e have done, in saving to Cussii.*.
that,if we publish any mure ol hi* nnmhers, (whieh in doubt
ful,) it will le m vmhI weeks liefure hi* bill number <nn n|i
pear. Our columns lire hurlhened with mutter, whiehhiis
slmiurer chiim* upon us limn any whi< h hr rim pos-ildv pit -
fer, uud which we do not feel justified in longer excluding
to make room for hi* compilation*. We have licrelofmc o
pencil our » uliiiniis to him uud to the Iriends of the A<1 minis*
tuition generally, because there was no other pupei publish
r>.| in this place. ’I’luit state of things w ill no longer exist al
ter .Monday next,on whu h dnv, we understand, the first No.
r | the ■ I \ nehhurg lb publican” will make Hs appearance.
If Cassius wishes to enlighten Ihe public, lie will no doubt
I find ready access to its columns. II will certainly no loiie
ei have any claim upon our*. And, a* we have only n -
plied to hi n heretofore heeause lie walked into our house to
nlmse our Irmtid we shall not r nntiuiie the controversy when
d tiur premise* III •1 11 eript is subject to his
HKAR HIM '—Dr. Duncan, it will lie conceded, i* as bit
ter and envenomed a pnrti/uu as ever breathed; and no man
i Ims gum* further than he to cast a mildew on the laurels, and
to depreciate the qtinlifu nlions of (»en. Harrison. \ (t evi n
f,r -a\*—‘I profess to be acquainted w ith the history of(»en.
Haiiisoii’s political. militnr \ and private lile. A$ to hit pri~
mfr life, / know of n t sfuin that for a moment unities him.
Jn:<t such n man, us the people s’, cm hi call Ur the I’residcn
cv, then, Doctor— nil honest old firmer, uncomipted by the
1 intrigues of courts and cabinet*, mid w ho will not tolerate in
his subordinate* the vices whit h he disdains to practise him*
I self.
Buncombe awake /—W « have received the 1st
No. of a beautifully | rimed anti a ly edit* d \\ hig
paper, called the Highland .Messenger, published
it Asheville. N. C. he metropolis of Old Bun
combe, a county somewhl famous in the annals
ol R.p Van Winkle. It U the first oir.irt ever made
to establish a press in that region, and wc are re
juiced that it is to be a Messenger ol sound principle*
<o the people.
(T/- Tlie ‘•C'jnstilulional Ada*alt" ia the tittle
of i, whig paper, ihe publication of which has
hern commenced at N -lchimche., (Lnm.iaiw,) by
Hugh K. I’leasaoU. K-q fotmerly of Virginia, ami
I a brother of the Jdimi ol the Kiclitmiml Whig
Mr. I1. is a ger tleman of brilliant ge'iiuw and exten
sive ;n <|uireun n s, and is a catiaiic a,,,i eloquent po
1 lineal essayist.
r • Jimri C* I * *« j l-M ' 1 H.ihl ix, istode
i liver an address, oil the 4 h ol July nex', to the
j Society of Alumni of the University of Virginia,
j Mr.*Sedd<>0 ofRiclitnond is hi* ahermte.
0 FOIiUI A.--*Th« Wh g ('oj.vcuihim met’»* Mil
lo4gevills on the l*t inat, N«*tw ith*tnnding the hen
vv a’ornu and freshets at the Smith, it wnsnutoe
roualv hiten '0.1. Judge John M. Ihtnrn «1* u
j n inimou-|y ai pointed President. There ana no
doubt n| the I ttnaiion of 11 ll nrlson ticket, on
j whit h would he the atrong datum t { (ji'orgr K.tJil
! tm*r, C*«*ti. ( linch, Judge Sitotig, Sc ion (Laut bind,

CL/*’* One of the tm at ex»r mrdin try events of the
• gc is now m process of develnprmrnt at Baltimore.
Vf e alluded to the arraignment before j ('ourt of
j Inquiry, of M«j. Lfcndtum a* d (’apt. Onsenhtirv i»f
the l’. S. Armv, on a charge of purchasing sup
plies for the Army in that city, from <i U'fns !—
For this high crime and misdemeanor, they me
now upon trial ! We sh <11, ns soon is the affair i«
; over, take further notice of this high handed piece
| of Despot ism !
0 /** The commencement a< Washington (ml- |
h*ge will lakr place in Lexington on iho 25 h of
thia month. The examination of the Military In
tuit me h» gma on the iHilt ; on the 20th the. (Lam
mar School will hr examined, and on the 24 It, the .
higher classes of young ladies at the Ann Smith
0 /• The Narrative of the burning of the ship Po
land at sea, from (I e pen of Mr. J. II Buckingham,
editor nl the Boston ('ouricr, who was on liontd, is
of deep and ilulling interest The reader will lind
it on ihclouitli page ol this morning’s piper.
0/* The Southern pit pern mo filled with tocotiiil*' of the
dentnielion o<'( HHioiH'd by 11»«* rerviit -lotim* nnd lienhei**
I’lie ('Inn le -Ion pnpetn ol tin* -fill ili-l. give nil nr> mini ol it ;
great i*t«»» in in tint I city, wlihh hm -idliMjuig when ill. |>n
in., o* tin.I ilnln Wf nl lopisa, \ n*»l .] niintitio* of mill nnd 1
lout luul alien.
I' I N I', I’RIt T.S, —\ i -.tmlnA. I’ iV J. . Dudley Hold die
crop ol I'olnn-eo of Mr. Jnmr* lYltnphv ol llnliftti, lor the
follow im> pr'n th J Idol. In;- tiO, nn.l 7 Id oh. Inn I'm t. 70
H; H.10 , U.dO , I’.TO ; JUH) ; mid l» ... The lull, r Idol, ol vei\
hiipei mr tpiu lit) and llm oi, w «•. putrltd-.d h\ M*. Je--o 11 nre.
\li> r the Mile,ihe pint lm«ern nnd nd)t i* pie- nl weie etilei
in ilir .1 wiili rood .(.hi, h* iimnude, mint Julep, ruki'M, nnd
hren.l mol i-hee-e, which wtit luphh i. Ii.-ln d, hollt I'V Wlii;;
nn.l Deniot iut
TOTllK ( I 11/K NS OK A Ml I MR ST.
/\t the r* gnem «.I the ('..miiittiee ol \ i- il.im r,
J Oslo I'll K IRVINU, Km|i. a\ ill .itltlrenn a on, on
i lie hi-t d v ol Ji.neC. ml. on ilie mil-jet t ol tIm
I’reaulentMl election At Hie s nne lime .i t ollecitoti
will be token 'le in mil ol the \V i i* eaime. All. It
v mg in t •’ i d v In meet any Im ml - I tint Atlmiuiaiiu
li.in ilia loir .ii i) liniinioblv rhacmtflioti.
'I'be tneml t r* of the “ penmrnuic rnmmiitee"
of vie J me. I"r ii'** tMinniy nl Amlierm, me deaneil
t.» me. t at Aio''“,l,t ^ *•»u11 limit)' , on the fir*! tlav
»f June emir. nex., m. !"«'""•»!< 1,1 .'"I’"A
(till ui■ i‘ml.1 ,i>-e* u dt-.nt'd ; .its.. nil
Itirndly ui ilio piemm n.liu.iM.iuilinii. nrw .. .
lo mu-ini. Oil Mil MAN.
■—« l HI —I'UIP PI M
W \ Kill KJIJS.
Married, on t lie V*f>I h nil. by llm Rev. William
I 11 .'Iconibe Ah. Hknjamin Jaaiim 11 unitkh, .1
My* i lilting. to A11 hn Smiaii AIatii,ma, a • • ii ii ^ <*•(
d tugliter ol < .1 j11. Tl.o<i..o>Johnm,i.l dml. of ( a.i<|*
bell ('(Minty.
-. "i» iIie ldill nit. by the Rev. Di Phill'p*,
Alt. Lafaykitk. ItNHi.if. lo AD-m 11 r n imi i i a,
'Iniijglitei ol H* nj mini It b. iisoii, ail ol Itcilloiil.
-.on Wrilfip* lav. evening, ihe‘J7'b olnnm.
by lli»* K»-v Alt PninileKier, Til aiam I.kiuii Kmj .
\ Hill II* A *1 Ilia, In Mis-* S A It All A M .N WlMHlnll
all oil lie fotiniy nl II liax.
O It I 'l l A It l .
Pif-rl, o SumJiiy imiimmi; l.inl, ilm Till Inalktir,
iitiri ■' OMMimii'il mill |i ■ i nl it I 111111* .4 nl nrml> n nn
in.mill's (In. siimi, m (In' Wl )«' ir of Ins ngc,
K iiti \ ATI's ,1) n 1 'I • .I'li i-r nl die Hi .mi ll
I! ,„k „i Vtrie ni4,«l»i( n ••• '* * 1 *• i in 111,11 .....•
Ii,.. In, ll.ili nl Him In ■ m li in l'"< I’1'1'1'- I'1"" 1
viini, iliouyih Iniig H|'|i.rln lull'll, ii..* 1 iih(iiri’ll die
must sincere retrel in ill s cuiuniutiiiv. i*'" 1 n
i* aved widow,Ins i liihit I'l'.hf* ii Imi iV(*H,li n Ir icriOki —
those »»ho kociv Iiiin long *«i«l in* iniatuly—ihnuvt
Mink under the blow—lor orv i w .in there a lemhier (
hiihb.inil, a ii me mdo Igt in l it hri, 01 a ilium devoted
and generoiiM liieiid. [A m«»r• extended nhtu.iry
notice ol the deceased will «|>pear iii "Ur uex'.|
At n meeting ol Maisloiil. loidgr, No. .'10, lie hi
Ali»ndaV ii'otriOL'. June 8. lR4tl. A \j fiHH), on n o
lion, and si cotided, the loHuwiug pit ambit* and res i
olm ions tV'-i e unanimously adopted :
In i lif* my •'tenon* Puaidnii e nl an all wive I)«i -
iy, we have b eil tailed in^eilier, in ill** charac
ter n( Masons, to pay the la»l tribute ol reaped
to the earthly ..in I our deceased trend and
'brother Kuhtivatus •stfI)M»K. and io lament, in
i mi iiion mill nor lilh.iv dir/di-, I lie liltpai.bh j
loss we have hiisi.lined in his ileatli.
Kmleared tn tin* i otnmuinly by a life of us* fulness
nd a heart oveifl. wing with teoirosiiy—mjmoio
tleti by a numerous • in le nl Ii lends and acfju dn
1 lances, and an all* t I on.tic and doming Ian ily —out
* ro * her, uu r Ineud, unr le l In w c i< iz n, has Ic 11 us lor
» vei ' ,K’ e aim ol ft lends ip cull d noi *hl* hi him
from the *' l,hs ol death. — d in* htisoiu which tier
throbbed I r lb‘* iiiivloitunes ol oil ers. is * ill; and
I lie VOM.e, which ■ v " b " '' '
crle, I* mule ! y *s. IN go,,.-H, .1 m his <lealh
our i wn ha* h.*i one n. h* »•"»« »• 1 •**»!. , honor
Hl,|et ut.. hil, I i Id hand cl un/.iu;
In* (windy an all'ec lionaic hiisi. •».',d, a lei der pareiil,
,, ,,| a k I lid and IimIij gem ma*iei— a-'d niu lialcioilV
I ifieemed and worth) brother.
lie li I her. lore resolved, 1 liyl we rofldole w ill!
the bereaved family and lrienU*. f tin* drt.e.ien d hi
i h im Holy afllic ling dispensation ol Divine* I'.nVi
j lien, r ; and l.tineol, with our lellow ci izans, ibe if
i epat able Ins* no St a • ed, by the <n nilll ulill), in the
ilcaili ol a cin/,"i, so highly csHCilied.
Kcsu'ved, Thai n lesnmoii) of our grief for Inn
i hiss, and reaped lor his on nuny, I he Jew f I* and lur
1 niluie n| ill Lodge lie clothed ill iiicjui mug, and the
men hers weai ciape on (be hit arm lor (lie vpatc
ol thirty day*.
Kesolved, Tin#. we will proceed, in the cha racier
.1 Ma*nns, in atic*nd the luoeral ol the deceased,
i he time hi.d place appointed, and ilience jccon pa
iiy his r> iii«ii* s to the phu e ol interim lit.
lieailived. Thai these* proceedings lie.* entered up
on the recuida «d li ' Lodge, Hilda copy llieieol
nanamilh d m the afflicted f.imily ol the deceased,
,imi i„ the ' Lynchburg V itginmii*'lor pub icanon.
J N(>. 11. SK A V, Master.
Teste—J. B. (ji.FKN, Sec’),
j in Fredencksberig, on the 2d mst. I AP
Ti ll L. STKVKNSoPt, K*q. biolhi r ed our Minis
j «**r lo Kiiglsml. He was a member ol the bar. ami
! President ol the Fanners’ Bank ol Viigima at 1* eed
_, on Wednesday 15th tilt., of Typhus
Fever,Mrs. Martha knx. cmni.t ed Ah,a ,am
ci. meot. Ksq.. ul Cole coucty. (M issmiri. JcrigmalL
Irerm Pittsylvania county, V ir gima. M»e has 1*5-4•
husband and five mlant children, together with bet
numerous friends t«» I intent her loss.
• «r-o- ** e '•**» '**' T**-' •*■*■** jxi j" wo*
.ft. GUtJLMMi
Siu'iscou iJfiifist
H AS ienir> ed to Lynchhmg, and can be found
at the Washington Hotel.
M.m il 18 ,R "
FOR ••■■.AT,
i Til E Iki.Ij uccopifil by Mr*
PlITn E. EidmU asa H oU Scrr. Apply.m
liioL PAYNE & (iliMiUUV
March 19
1m rod ml .lllmn Sail.
Oik SACKS tround (ilium SAl. r teir aalf by
0*1 UEO. UAGUY & C«.
\ P«e. IB «•
11 !■ SSfSMHHS i
Review of ilit* I yiK liliurg iHarkei,
rontiKCTrn wkkklt nr
fiOI.ro.ltIBK 1% OTi:i'-<»n»iiilwlon McrrlaaHl.
K xtrente | ru e* f p tased Toksi to, #5 041 to 20 00
I fermr In Cnfttmon 5 0C • «• 0 50
(‘omnioM to Uuuii 6 00 to 7 00
UimmI in Fine 7 50 lu 8 00
Fine m mufacturing 7 50 In 12 UO
Fxiru do, 12 50 lo 20 00
Lugs 3 00 lo 4 50
Impeced the past week, Vndi'ig tiie 0 !i inti. 084
fltuh. passed mill rel used.
The market wa never mure crowded, and prices
«ertainly lending dotvijwmd*.
Flour, 3 2a lo 3 50
No Wheat offering
('uni, (per barrel) 2 50 io 0 00
.Meal, (per huslicl) O Co io 0 02
Sail, (per suck,) 2 75 io 3 00
II vuip, (pet tun,) 100 00 to 125 00
Flax Seed, do 0 (i'J^to 0 76
Flamer (per ion) 16 00 io 0 00
Oats, (pei bushel,) 0 30 lo 0 00
Whiskey, (by whole**!#) • 0 33 lu 0 35
I mu, (perimi,) 4 muiiilia, 00 00 lolOO 00
lLicoii,(p er hundred) 8 00 in 8 50
Mown ihe liver, 0 50 io 0 55
Up ihe river, 0 25 lo 0 00
Flasici and Iron (pel ion) H OU lu 0 00
Unltm. Varna al ilie 1 ,ym hhtirg Facinry, N« 4 nl
19 eIs. ; No. 6. mi 2(1 t n ; Nn ti a l 21 « * a ; Nn. 7.
t! 22 els ; No. 8, al 23 els; No. 0. al 24 els ; Nns.
10 mid I I . ai 25 els ; No*. 12 *ml 13. al 2(1 c*a.
Nni. 14 and 15, III 27 < I * \ N I (1 and 1 7. Ml 28 c I a.
No*. IH and 10. al 20 eta ; No. VO. al Jill ell.
• l/hnRsii, l.iytit Infantry*
PA K \ UK in tear ol Ihe Al HI k* I |imi»e nil Fi • •
dav. iht* 12<h It M. in 3 o'clock, F. 51. with one
iwtunl li.tll earilldge In rtlmol lor ihe plume — j
\ r ms m nr tier I »r a rigid inapt t i in u. Hy order nl
ilie ( aptmiii, K<>. M. 1!ROWN. O S.
J line 11 It
ruiiMT s v i.r.
Ip IJ RS (J A N T In I lie pit • via111 s nf a 11 list lire
executed lo 11 e auhs. i the t. hearing dale ill** '
151 ImI iy ol September. 1 hH7, hy \\ illiam R nl v eiv.iy ,
lien. Al Fat tie and Wilum I Moseley, which is
du'y recorded in the t 'It rU’s Olliru nl I lie t ’mint v j
(‘nun nl A niliersi, | shall prne* ed,t»n ilie l.'hh tlay nf
.Inly in xl, ill lire house (if Joseph Kyle, t ailed die
Folly, III die t* nil Illy nl \ ill ll* isl, pint eed In sell, In (
• lie lii'ghesi bidder, lor ready money, the Trail nl
Lam), conveyed hy die said deed, lo wil, 931 aen n,
ly mg and liemg hi the said t nun'V ••( Amheisi adjoin
ing tile hinds o| Alnajah I'entile I on and Ol ll- '(.{mil it,
or a pail ihereof, near lo die * id lytic's ; it hei g die
same hind Im m< 11 v owned hy I nlm ( 'nleman. Till*
land is clin llv ill wnmls. i mining ihii Iai limn James
Live 1 ; I ns much g< od liinhet npmi it. 'The title
is tleemed good,hut iicing as ttontre imno olliei %«111
he conveyed hm such n* is vesied hi rue hy said dee I.
KOMF.R r TINSLi; V, I'riivir e.
June 11 id*
IP V renstrn of die prnfesHetl desire t f Maj Thom*
9 ns Kudtl.lliecn par*oer*lnp nl Rudd \ Hailey,
ill ilie Lime hill tilng hiislness. al 61 c A I list et's kiln,
was di Milvedou die 2rtlh 61 ay Iasi, and lul!p"-ms
sum nf die kdn m trow with die aubftciiher. AM
peismi* Iiiiviiu' claims agali m( die eniieem sue re
<|ulred in make immediate appliealimi In the auh
^••viher fur payment, nr ill is notice will he pleaded
hi ti .* • • 'M,V claim presented ufier die exp raliminf
dniiv d'vs 'l1"4 'hit**. All pnaop* indebted to
the cmic.t ru ui'ili make puymcui In die vihs'tihn.
Ihe receipt uf a »y Other peismi mil he wholly dtfifl
June 11 31
f I J 11 E pnlilir in hereby cmtimned iigmmf trnding
I lor nr Inking no tiNUgiiuiPIII ol hvn imlm. one
rxe< iilril Ii v A Iin ilnin 11 nii'rt lot 111 «■ nuiii nl &7f> 4,'.
uinl i he ol In* r hy I mint: N. Wigglnlnn f ir B e »um nl
$1 M), both pit % nl* 11* (o the hiiIi i i her UOill M»v,
|H40 ; llie mild bond* hnvinc hero »ri l ((‘••mlly
Ion' h lew «l iy* vino* JA.S. SliAntlliTl'ilh
June II h* j
u ii.M/% ii n.iim.%,
%tHoruru ai
M A VINO mu cnily loculi il i.i • mII ni Frnnklio
mhiii Iiounc. will ii'fenil piinc*u «|l\ the lulermr
Mini Superior I mirh nl Ln»' mol I’Imhi ny nl Kimik
Itn. |luory mill p.iirick, Anv buNinf*® enir>>aic(I to
111h c.ne will receive pruiiip mlenilon.
RelerPiiccN—( jcorge A. Brown mol Ar liiltr* 11.
iNInnrni.to. Pnmkliri: While (V Smi'h, L) lie lib tit k;
mol 11 tV A’ J. J Fty A: Co. Richmond.
June II 41
; U il)i;il V.
rii|iK in,i.i,.: . ..... H.uil*-*"* «.r u
I .. 0,1 A, i,Uiny wit! "'"cr iN|",n,l"y
Ifiih n.1.1. Tin' llt.anl ui Ti >*•"'«•» *HO>» •"
I he NHitie il.i v •
Ity hidcr of the IJnurd.
R. I) PALMER. Pira.lt.
J amks Pa.nkkv. S* r.
< mopbell. J one I I IH40. 11
4‘oiiiaiaA»ftftoii Hiisiim kv.
Ur |*’ olVci nor N'lV.eeN to uur l»o*n Ii n» d the
p hitc lor ill*'N.ile ol Tolim co. Flour At*', on
nuiiMiiiNNiuu. mol will line nnr exeiltou* In mlvmrt.e
the luieicftt nl those who nnv he good enoiichiu
employ on. P «V J. W DUDLEY.
.1 one I I 4 w if
x ~-±-—
\hh per no lit indented in •• e I». r Lotleiy Tickm*
m e impiC'iliilly i.«|iii,-ied in< me lot uni d mid
I mv l eir d*ien, mm 1 mo. v* iy demroti* ot i Inning j
ill* in; mid tlm-e ludeliied will contiill their 0»n ■
inti i( Hi by in .king immeiJi tie »\ meot.
11. IJ B.
June 11 bt
CIIIAl.Oi; M'ltlAO*.
r ■ M I K Piopnelur ol iliis Watering Pin**, miiii
I led in III,-ooHiiiiauts *»l Amlnr*l coiiny, w ill
b** again icady for the accommodation id vim em i,i<
Ihe I Alb 111*1 mi. and o o>l i ordially inviie* person
m *earrfi ol (leallll nr pleasure, In Vial lino, iln
i preaching season—II ivmg adierli*rd lor several
^ r ft* llie pioprnit i ol tins \Va « i, and ilir opm
ions ol eiiiim*in Physicians, w ho wen* well prepaied
lo upeak "I lls ell’etts m moil ol ihe due .-,*«< eominoii
lo our c io. he. I deem n unnei rssary to spin nut a
leogiliy adve»iiseifienl, and will omy dd. ihai lion
dn ds ol living w H 1 c-nei Ir-m ail ai experience are
ready I«» Iemly lo Ihe lad, (hat heal 11, can he as res*
dily ouniirn d her ,h> a proper and pro le..| me ol
the ineaos, ( ill. **ss o'dlicnliy in get!mg here, and
i , , , \ In i • • Im.
|i- I will Jh-$I per day I r» long or short peri
od—cliddirii ami *e.v nils ii ill price.
'| he rnad It ••in Am ersl Courthouse has hero
tonsideiably improved, ami (lie word pans ol lire
Lynchbtng and bi.flaloe Spun s Turnpike com
pleted. VV. L. S\UM)KKS.
ft. |{ —I wish m hire for the season. 2 or 3 Fe
male ao(S ihe same numbe r ol Male Sitvanis. For
* < Ii as can come well recnitin elided, I will giv.* high
wages. W. L S.
June 11 1 s
Miiri h i:.
|> V VIRTUE of ad* tree ol ihr Circuit Sopen
I ^ or Couit nl h iw an I Chancery I«*i llie Coun
V ol Amheis>, proumii erd o tin 4 Ii day <>! April.
IH-i(), in ihe case of \\ad,swonl., William* iV Co.
plant ill 1, agaiosi Peier (iaiisaid and ullieis de
It'iidaiiis, lire undersigned i ommisio eis, or one ol
ihrm, will s«ll, ai public auction, to tlie h.ghrst
bidder, lor « ash,.at Au.lir-tsi Couii House, o < fun*
day, tne 20ih day ol July nexI (being couii day )
,.ll the ri.lM. title, and inn ien i t iln* said P ter C.
lJao*ard, lo ihe Hod Ihcir Im rea>e.
which were bequeathed lo him by i|ie Iasi will and
r lesiaiiieol *d In* h.llu r, itig Ui** John 41an*ard,
det*d., an i wli ch sai I will s .July iciorilt d » llie
County Couii nl Atnlursi.—Aciiog .tsCtMiimi3*«ioii
I <*!-, ihe undersigned wi I g ve me ml* confened by
sa d decree in the purchase!, and untie oilier* Thi*
8, liowev* r, regariWil unqu* -imoaole.
JOHN I IKJ ‘.PftUM. Jr , t r .
A pul 2o O*
To the !5tdrJ.i»oi*lt:**s ©tflfae Ssflfe -%
of Virginia.
! rj^HK Commiwionen nf<p„irH«-d b> G”*-*
Jl nor to txiinin* b'.tn (*nil report on the comfili*'*
| ol i|ir lUnU of Virginia, lining nearly eoinpl»te«l
I i He ir invemifiii ion, ami 'lie Boatd of Due ctof* being
; slit h<w!£**() I*v law !« for,vene elfra meetings of tfio 4
Muck holder* afier l Irtery dij* prevous notice of »h«
I tune and pi wee of such meeting: Notice thereby
civ n, thiii ihe sail Board inve app unted Wednef
I day, the f?r-t day of Ju'y, for « meeting of life sides*
fmlders. m» be held ai their B mking II.Nseinth*
j (* 1»V of itichmu'id jj^md the s »id Board earnestly
ref|ue-i n full at endance of H e stockholuets Pt
j (hat nine and place, ,.h well tu consider the acitiaf
roildltii n ol (In Bank, as in ad -pi such additional
by -1 iwr, ordinances, mlis ami regulations as to
1 In*ui shdl appear needful and proner, for thefu
i lure niaii.igeiueni of the Bank, and «*flotf,er things
i app* rt doing there o. ^
I 'I’hosc stock holders oho may not find it convt
, ni. nl to alien I in pertoti arc requested to apfVoinf
; prunes to lepres* nt them at the sdd meeting—and
| mtli that s ew, the form of power »iturn*y it here
unfi* annexed.
Bl wider of the Board.
Back of Virginia, M .y 2U, 1840.
Iarm of a I\>wcr of Attorney, .
Know nil men liV tilts** presents thai —— of —
do liercby constitute aid • ppoint — ol —— my,
• iibst 11 uie ..r proxy «•» »epir*eni-at a meet ng.cif
i H* sloeUfinIdcis ol ihe Btok of Virginia, to be held
,«1 ih'ii B ulking House, tut Wednesday, the first
<|;n < d July next—and 111 ■■■ 11 line and behalf to
vote on nil and evny mi» j • t thill niay be submif
led in ihe mi id me.u lug. in w it ness n hereof, ——
have tiers 11 in nri .■ ■■ — - ■ ■ ha d and a led - * 1 *
seal, this — -.- d.iv o| June, 18-|0.
Signed, nr.ded atid at Uoowlcdged in pr senco
"I- [Sk,u. ]
N. Ii “ No dim lor or •fucer ofthesaid Bank
can legally a* l s* proxy—11 d no sim ktiuldei, eit h
er in |trtson nt by pi ny. shall vne at any genera*
no etmg. >f am/ j>rrsrnt ohjrct f/.rrefn, unless lie than
have toad ualil in solemn *• fTir uitiun ill it |lie slock
mi which Ins vo.* is 10 be given, 1 *'bond file Ills
00 n pro|• 1 v, or the piopitiv ol lus ward’s, of 11 f
his irsi dor 01 11,1 ehi,ui 'a otu'e, or is bona fide 1 ehl
h% him ui v 11111 • of some duly tecordcd will ur
deed, in tiusi fins me po i 111 <.r pgr sou • not vo
nnc ui ihe me. ime upon lint of «uy mb *r stuck;
and mureuver, In • i » * • k n mil u?l I try limi hy
m. an* id m\ it.in fei, cmitr«ved ot designed tu era It
the ptnvismi s ol ii c act regulating ihn number ol
-Ii o’s to ii«» givao by ihe xt-.ekh .Id s respto lively,^
ui to give home I nr any other a greater number ol
votes i li»*. Ii islst'iy «* .it 11 led to under the provi
sions id * lie said id”
J »ue | l (dm
ii \i.YT*:n,
ONI', or t w.i ImyM, ir.ioi leu lo fifteen years of age,
ns -i|■ |o rtmc i * tn i lie Confectionary business.
Apply to J. W. & G. W. VANCE V.
J u nr II («
I* ^ n C > \ I i lie wagon of (»r o. I’. Taylue, F»>q.
•ini i n town .n l iIt watering I ranch, a tuoi (
iMinillr cuiii,wiiiuitf silk Jacket*, (or Shift#.) Stuck*
A « I »r i lie iri ii n of ill* s.me lo me, a spit*
al»h* r* w aid will be p.i d. JOiJN U. MKKM.
J line I I ]t
rot: HjktsK.
\FINK yol'Ni; U ll)|N(i HORSE. Apply
J tine II i«
\ T a (’iirnii Superior Court of Law and Chap*
re»v. mill I ii nr d and held for Nelson county,
ui ilie < unit Imine on Saturday, the 21 day of May,
William Fnrpatrick, ndm inis’ ralor tv it h the n ill
annexed of Julio Kiir.paiiii k drresgttd Ptlifbf iff,
a «* a i tft
M OSes Hugh'S and Heine y hit wife, George Lif
llff'Ml and Lydia Ills w d'. , Jafie llnghes. executrix,
and M oses 11 ne hf,s nod James II. Hughes, rxecu
mrs of Jmo es Hugh** drc'd. and tlie said Jane
II ti. hr* and Janie* 0. ling ts, heirs and devisees
o<*nd Janies lloglies, decM. Alexander Knr.paf
r < k. Jno. I’. Kilr.pa'rirk, Franres Will, Sally
III 'dford and Willi am Fiiy.p nru k, I >f fendnnl*,
I lie subpri'tis issued in this cause having been
returned exfi'iited, upon tlie deftmlants Jam*
llnghes and Alexander Fnr.patrick, and mure '■ifi
• our nninllis havmij »*l ipst*d, as well sioco Ihe teiurO
d..v ft er«-ol as l he film g of i In* pi i in tiff V hill, n*»d they
siill failing to ftif ili**ir answers, the plaintiffs bill
m lakfri fur cuufi'-seil a* in these defendants, and
I In reitpun this cause c ame on this 2d day of May*
*840, to he lii'u d upon the hill of the pk*ini iff, tin*
mip*» f rs • f t lie diTeipianis Jnmeg 11. 11 ug h< *. (icorgn
Iiiiih lord and Lydia Ins wife and Moses Hughes^
with rfpln aimris llifieio, upon the said aubpORii#
fXf< nifd and ihe order of publication jit rules on
•h* ') •' *»l June. 183‘L winch appears to have
• n eu rlply executed, the exliilni* filed, and wasar
g ned I y roil osrl; and u h-mg admiricd I III I pend*
ing lIlls suit (*e. rcr Lltlhfotd liatlt dr|hi|fed this
life, hi* wile surviving linn, whereby her rights in
dm snhj, • t in ('niii uvi is\ n ivived to hen on con*
«id cm | pi n w tu ri of the mu rt do i It adjudge, order amt
d* c re,., | Inn I lie phi n tiff, as ihe ad mV. with I lie will
annexed of John Fi'/p nruk. d*c'd, do, as early Af*
let 'lie fir'll da V "f < )• I nip* i Ilex* a* 01.iV 1)0 practlCII
i'h*. |i f slave- hrJug lrr**d out until ilrat time, sell
at pul lie a net ion, • n a credit of »w eiv# mogl iis, as <111 d %
reeled fiy ihe will, all ihe slaves ol tlie testator;
w fill'll may have « note in In* hands, as also the Irarf
of Kami mmtnop d ju the wilt, Upon l!te flUu-e lerms,
taking bonds and gnorl security from the purchaser#
-•nd retaining tin1 ti le to 'lie land. Anil tlie court,
nut at tins i ime deciding »Iff 11 g lit s nl l he part ics it)
il e proceeds nf sale, doth diieel ililtt the said com*
tiiiiMinnei retain ihe same in In'* hinds and mak**
report thereof to this corf. And ihe court doth
t »* f • • r i» to nne of ihe corninKsiuni rs of the court, to
ex imine and report to ill** court ihe claims of lit*
r •••.peel ive pulps in the i si ale of ihe ft aid le«t itorj
also e s ■ mine, slate ad settle the plaintiff a nrcounh
logeil er well ip v oilier rustler which lie may think
pertinent, nr which may he tiffined by the parties
In be mo staled.
A Copy—Tea*.
KO. C. CUTLER, ck.
Lntin Hum. June 3*1, 1.810. *| .
The parties interested in llie loregovug order and
ilmn*. will In* pirated lo lake noiir e, itint I have
appointed ftiohiy ilu* l?ili lay of July next, lo com
mence '!>*' taking tlx* account* nod • fnlente therein
directed, on which <1 »v. by ien o'clock in the morn*
mi*, they are request* d to. attend at my "(Tice, with
their books. paper* and vouchers, and copies of
1 court p iper* nrep;»r***l lor investigation and settle
mem. s|*o 1'SU Oul) (j.vKLA*ND, Com'r.
June 11 aim
*■ - ■*' ■ -*•- '■ ■'———v
William h'rftvcs. Samuel Kerper, amt
4 Imrle* I,. Haley ;
r|1AkK NOTK’K. that that I shall, on the lttli
B dav ol August, 1840. In the court house of
I*ituyIvani.i cnuii y, proceed lo take the depositions
of !*»■ v ion Crave*. Sen'L <*nd other*, to be read as
evidence in a hum depending in the Circuit Superior
Court of Law and Chancery for the county of
J*il «yIvania, in which I am plaintdl and y|>u are de
> IVudiints; and ahould ihe said depositions not to
| eumpleied on that day, they will be continued fidtu
. day to dav (ill they arc completed.
June 11 W 4«r
I'llttilMA — At rule* hnldeit in the Clerk's O^ee of the
v t 'iieuit Superior Court of Law and Cbaijrery, for the
town ot Lynchburg, oil die bill day ol June, 104^ :
I James Saunders, Plaintiff,
John II. Wnodjiate nod Robert Robinson, Robert Morries^
and Charles Phelps, Defendants*
The Defeiiilnnts John II. Woodgate and Robert RefeHistoik
; not Ion ing enter d their appeal unco mid given secufitv afc^
1 • ordun; to the m l i»l A.-sr.iddy Ht*d tlx Rules ol this CtMut,
tuid it appealing In satisfactory evidence dint ihey arfe not in -
list itHiits of country : It is ordered, 'I’hnt the saW Dtfen*
daiits do appear here on tha fu>t Monday in Septemfief hexl'c
and sshter the hill of dm I'iniiitiri ; and that « copy ol lhi*
order lie loilliw iih inspried n some new-paper primed id d»*
town ol I.* iishhurit, tor two imiiidis successively, and poiie4
at die front door ol the court-house,ill the t*nid town.
A Copy—Teste, 1>. U JDES, Clerk.
June 'I Wiftn
/ for tnle itt t*«« Mtfl

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