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" I’Im- lliylil* of fltr ■ Is•- I mioii of iltr *1 ( it l ra. ** _„
_ - ■ - i.- t —i ii—nrnn—i ■ — ■ ■■ ■ ______ _ ___ - - - - --—m
I, published semi-irerk/y, (era y Monday aud Thursday,)
t paui Dollars per annum ; payable in abeam e. So sub
, , pi ion util be reeriri d far «i shoi/er time than si.e months,
aid no paper mill be discontinued, (r ccept at the discretion oj
lltr Editors,) until nil the arrrarapes are pant.
j‘ AD i t'.KTISTMTST8 inserted at aO rents per
„re for less ) Jor (liefirst insertion, and :I7 j centsJur ere
r. subsequent insertion.
p Jiill T III S' T ISO executed neatly mid expeditious
ly, and on reasonable terms.
kosti:ur wm i'eiieao,
Attorney n t i. a ir .
fftHE COPARTNERSHIP heretnfore existing
I under I lie sly le ol G.iilaml Ac \V l.iieht'.ul, has
pxplreil by liie terms .1 tlit'tr contract. Maj.
James Garland lias removed in Lynchburg. Die
uriJersignetl will cnmiiiue In reside at Lnvingatun.
and will aliend ihe Inferior and Superior Courts ol
\.lsnn Amherst, Alhemntle and R tickingh.irn.
RORKKT Will 1 EllF.AD.
Rv their contract the subscriber alone is .tilth. t v.
edto close m d collect all in nies due the firm of
tiaihntl & Whitehead. All letteis in trla'mn lo
the business of that partnership mnv he directed lo
me at this place. KORKKT W II ITK II H A U.
Hancock Ac Adams Thomas O. Acres, Km,.
Thurman Ac Sc1 oolfield. Ration A: Rmles,
Hen. Rag by At Cm. Cdrbs Ac A i mislead,
While, Tardv At livme, Joseph Marsh. Ksi|.
I'avne At Turner. Jnhn C. Slim klvl'uid, Esq.
To any member ol ill** Lyccl.bttrg R*ir.
Sepl. 6 of 3,11
ntsso i.rrset.v.
r | a 11K concern ol MARTIN, WARP ,V
I DAVIS was dissolved bv ihe death of Tho
„,asJ. Martin. Esq. on the 2!)ih day i f August,
1HJU, and the untlersigi , d has all the hot Us and ps
pets ol ihe lale cnneern, and lie alone is atiih.>riz“d
lo grant receipts and i lose llu* same. All persons
indebted wdl call on him lor seiileim ni.
J .NO. WARP. Jr.
One af the surviving partners ol M. W. Ac Davis
N nV. 11
f I 11 K subscribers have associa ed llieuisc’ves to
| get! er, under the with* and ii.iii .11. li pl.iiis
AC Co.; ;,nd having taken ihe house one door above
Mr. C. Phelps's Auction Room and ne.rly opp sue
Mrssis. Geo. U.tghy A: l.'o. and Rryani A Yunna,
me now leeching a g neral assoi I mem ol S I'Al’LE
Ac FANCY PRY COOPS, which they i.fler tin ir
liieitds a d the public at small advances on Northern
prices, for cash only.
All who buy Goods in this market lor c ish will do
»t II lo examine ti cm siotk before pun h ising.
Nov. II in
$ i o it #: »• .3 is n .
STOLEN front my \Va ggon on Frid iv i ight 61 li
insf., at Ffiend's Warehouse, Lynchburg. a
large biighi S.OlSSCIil 8 nr i> years
old, in guild mdrt, iiboui U» betid* hull, sumc while
on the top of the neck, occasioned by tlit? brail col
lar. with one if nut both lurid feet while, and (if nut
mistaken) ;i s i all L'»< y spot <"• one Mile on tin* Inn
del pail of the I ib>; la I dor k« d. \ he a! ovt* lew n I
will be given for lire delivery ( f said In iae in ihe
Mi b-c fiber, .r> in ile * be lo w K. ( 111 llu n* s I a v c mi , in 11 (•
lower put of Ca; 11111 In II County. A ' iuluimbin
will be ihiiiikf illy received, and ilie* miof.irr »vt II
rewarded lor Ins trouble. Address Spout Spuug
poll office, Campbell Coumv
Nov li 2*
•‘50 Acres of lVood Land al
mine lion.
1 WILL SKLL, at auction, on ili«• 20<'i d v
* of ifi? present inonih, (November,) FJF'I Y
ACHKS OF LAND, sit unit d near enough to
lown iu eu.tble die puieliasrr to l.aul two boids a
day, wiili convenience. Tin* Land is v duab'e on
account of the Wood, and will be positively soil on
that day, il not di pim d • I privately b» Ini**. li lies
oil the roal le tiling to < ’andtr’s A1111. a sli -rl
distance bevoud die doubl Hinui.li* s. Terms al
sale. ' ANDKKW C. FLUO l r.
Sale to be cnndi.cied by Messrs, l’.iym & Fur
ner, Auctioneer*.
Nv.v. 8 I20N
.» Itelisihtrnl Tract of JLftHtl
li ore SALE.
BN KNOX Co only, Ten
nessee, coni;iioii g n
boui a?) Iiinidred aitil
fifty Acres* »nli excel
icr i water, ar u pm iy oi mnucr, gooti oni-inge i..r
t.iltle anil lio^s, about I riy a* r> s of bolioin land,
good fm seveniy-fivc btislx Is ol corn to the acre,
about Inir i it i n s id boiiooi meadow, plenlv ol
rich cove land lor lobacco, also good bolioin land
adjoining lor sale. The improvements have been
done with grrai care a <1 imlc. Suffice it io say,
wnI)iit four years, tilieen hundred doll.ns have b* en
vpenl on ii — budding, clear ng, fencing. &e. The
land was t ontine red in ihe fmesl, so (liai ii n now
entirety fresh; u is well hud iff with fences, winch
look tinny thousand new < uk ra b; there are about
sixty acies u» tier ciiluvalioi ; (here are about two
hundred and and fiby apple 'ms, < I choice grafted
Iruit, glowing lhrifiy; a go d many peac h and ther
rv trees, all young, about len feel high; a p*ifeci
bower ol about lour acies arour d tie house and
spring, of walnut and mulbi riy trees, which makes
i< dtdightlul in summer time, tlx spiing bung with
in twenty steps ol the h use. There are seven
rtfrtj liewid log buddings such a- ihe iisp,
radii dwelling hoi.se. two corn cub*,
smoke-house, a double bain, and
blacksmith shop; all ihis is new, light liom ihe
8,u * p, and done .vnl) taste. It ad iiiion in (lie
cultivated I mds, there is a laige wood-pasture lor
raising stock.
in adnnion io die sale of this land, I can sell all
llie necessary tools ol the first ny, lor farming,
•Delias liairow*, ploughs, lues, axes, maiio* ks,
c<*ar* mowing scythes, pitchfmks, tSec.; in fact any
1 1 ft that is needed about a birm, or buu>e; also,
a Complete new s t ol bl.ickam lh tools, fine tattle,
a Nock of Saxony sheep, and Russia hog-. Thete is
1,0 w 0,1 die laud, ready io gather, about a I It u.-aud
'' d,f,ls id c m, w h.ch can be sold also.
’ irginuins w is Inn g to raise tobacco will do well
l° visit ibis piece * I land, if dtey have any expecia
110,1 of moving westward. Knoxville is b*hi mug a
point |,.r tobacco to lake shipping, as Lynchburg is
!° ' irginia. Also, the rail -mail from South Caro
• tta will be finished to K mxv lie in a few yea *;
■* s° steamboats io this place. The spiiit ol tobacco
,a,8lnS getting to a pitch here which will- be the
•aaie .is there in a few years. l’his land can bt had
I "[ ,Wo ihoussnti dollar- ; and any or as much ol the
'*! ler prop, riy as suits a purchaser I will sell them
°\ Any pe*s n wishing to communicate by letter
direct to Solomon Draper, Knoxville, Tenncs
| cj. ^ VlS|l finitely in person would be more
f m. I can be found at the Jewel-shop in Knox
*J!ov- a 4t
Vi 1'orsftH ami Suspenders.
L A Rfi R assonmeul ol C. lius y's heal Cor
St,s , cotton nett, wmated Suspenders, great va
' and for sale by |H 'NT A1 WARD
•Vv' • •
8^1 RSI A NT fo .1 dcerrtal older of t!. c Circuit
Superior (’■ on id but and Ch«>c»r\,lor the
( inn ty nl Amln ist, in the sui' of |).ivid Iliggit.hot
tom, pl.itntiO, ami Lucn il l \V. Thurmond deteri
I shall on Tuesday, I lie 2d d v ol November
next, proceed lo sell, upon ihe picinisfs, lot ready
money, lo the highest bidder, the Ti nt I «)!'
I.iilifl in said decretal ouler mentioned, described
as containing 201) acres, adjoining the Lands ol
1 hiilllas N. Fuhank ami others.
lvKI IA K () CRAWFORD, deputy, for
Nelson Cruulurd, Sheriff' nl Amherst and Com’r.
Sept. 23 i2N
The above sale is postponed until the 25th day
oi December next. 1L C.
Nov. S i25D
1'tofiis and I'assimeres.
\LAR(iK Stock ol new style Kiencli Cassi
mere*, (superior to any tiling til the kind in
market.) anil Ian y coloured ami black Cloths; lot
sale, much bt low the usual puces.
Nov. 8 t s
Wo TIC M2.
f I ^ IIIS m to inform my customers .ind the pulilic
I generally .ill it I niieml commem ing the WAH
hON M \ K INfi BUSINKSS, near New Prospect
M eem g 11oust*. in Aml eist county. I a Ian intend
keeping up my shop in Lynchburg, mar Lynch’s
\\ aiehonse. I have employed lim-iaie workmen to
t.ike charge nl my shop m Lyuchburg. Any p rson
in want ol new work, or «.I>I tepaneil in a superior
style, can be m cotnitiMtlalt d wnh lit at ness aid ties
ji.ee! , by t alii g at «it tier plat e. My lot of limber is
wi ll seasoned, and the bt»l the maiket all. rds.
K. D llALL.
N n v. 8 2 w
II IllTt TO/IS’ s./T/l
of i.antl,
11/ [Mi 1 e sut.l, i.t | ii lit ml lion, on W.’dnc
H day the 1st day of Dei ember next, on the
premises, the
Irai’l ol* laintl,
h' l inging to the Kstate id W illiams P. Daniel, dec’d.
(formt‘1 ly owned hy Joua'hau Johnson.) containing
188 at n s, m e hah in vt nods. This Tract oI L ind
is pleasantly situated in a good neighbotImotl, two
.•ml a hall miles south id Lynchhuig, a j tiling the
lands td Paul Jones, R. Perkins, ami 1). R. Kdh’V.
Tire farm is well improved, having a good Orchard,
Harden, about 30 acres .Meadow, and with many
oilier c'•nventences, desirable lor u country resi
lience i ear town.
At the same time and place, will be sold, the cr* p
of Corn, H ay, and Ohs, s x ll"ise», two Waggons,
(’a l e. Hogs, Household and Kitchen Furmtuie.
'rem s made known on day of sale. Sale lo be con
ducted bv Pune iV Turin r. Auctioneers.
tiKO. W. A: JOHN DANIKL. Kx’ors. if
Williams 1*. Daniel, dm’d
Nov. 8 ill)
i icr.Mi si riM.v
OF new and b ailtilul Oliem- AIousli i de Haines,
Flop in e Riaol Bonnets, Chcue Ribbons. Al
so. new Style Plaid Alous. de L lines, which will be ,
sold extiemely low. JAMKS A. Sl lGLKR.
Nov. 8 is
r 8 ^ I! K PUR fil( ’ ai e hereby informed tliat N A
B | II \ N. the prnpeiiy of Join Callaway, who
is i ng iged m making Ropes, M itrasses, A«•. in the
town id Lyuchburg, is not ant Inn i/.-d to tr.iiisai I
this business lor himself, am) hi luture, all eonliat is
ui It him, m Ins line id business, must he madt
with me in bv my r -nsent, as also II money due now
h r work, or hereafter due, will he rtquircd to le
ji.id to me or my order. He will carry on his
hii'iucss, in my name, as special agent f r John
( allaway. ' WM. L. SAUNDKRS.
N • v. ri is
Trust Sale.
IN Accordance with the provisions of a Deed of
Tumi, executed to the subscriber, by Samuel
P> orcli. bi aring dale the I 9th day of December, lt?3*J,
and ol record m the lion mgs Couil lor the Corpo
ration if Lynchburg, I or ceitam pu poses i i said
died exptessed, will be exp sed lo sale, on Tuts
day ih* 301 i day ol the present mouth, to the high
csi bolder, at public auction, for cash, the following
ShA V KS, in wn: Washington, a man, and fiist
late ear|ienler by tr de—Mot.es, a man — Amy, a wo
• an — M rv, a woman, arid lo r two children, Mar
tha and 1C zi, — with the future increase ol the
lemules.—Tin Nile issupin.sed to be unquestionable,
but nc'ing as Tiustee, the uiidetsigued will
guarantee none other than is vested in lit u by Haul
Trust D cd. JOHN WILLS, Trustee.
Nov. 8 i30N
i'amut/ i fottr <t:t<i i ora mitral*
E UST received a lot t f fine F mu v Fl ur and
• ® (’urn Meal, which 1 will sell cheap 10 close
coii'ignment C. l’HKLPS.
Nov. 8 is
if i; .u « F .i i,
Of my Uchool, for ftft'iiogrnphy
mill Itook ltu |iiii^.
F I MI K public sire notified (hail have removed m \
m- School lo the Masonic Hall. h»r tin* better and
mure private accummodation ol Student* ; when* I
have been solicited to open a School lor three
months, in order to give me time to lec ture in A ritli
meiic, as well ns Penmanship, Bo Ukeej mg and
I hi.pe the young get ilemcn of Lynchburg who
are defiiieu' jn (he |. .Mowing branches, will give me
• call, and r.ave u e tin* double « I hiding them out,
to wit: Practical Lessors in the Kogh*h Language,
W dker and other Diet lonai ies ; 11 is'oric.M Be ading
• nd Spelling; Practical Arithmetic ; Penmanship;
Bookkeeping; and, where preferred, the Short
Hand, or St lencc of Stenography.— Hence n w ill be
seen that this will be a general School ol instruction,
m which I have giv» n a sutfh iem y ol time in imparl
most or all lie above named branches. Mv object
(as hitlieiio) is to give salisf.tclion ; consequently
any student can lake my ticket, lor any one single
branch — as, for Pe macship, Sienographv, Book
keeping, <fcc.—acd lie has a sufficiency til time to
1 make In i self perfect, thin r by day or night les
sons without encroaching much upon his time. My
School i> now op* n, and students lor any nr all the
above named branches will be received on ap, I ica
ttun as . hove, either as day ot night Scholais. Ii
>s tiPCftssary ihat . pplu atiuu be made as rally as
p<'S*tbl ', mat ihe scholar n ay lose as little time as
possible after the commencement and organ /. it ion
ol the School. Latins wishing lo learn Penman*
ship can join in a class once a day, where they may
1 chouse to aj'poi. t, ur at the Masonic H ill.
. Nov. 4 4i
TO FA Hill l£KS & PLANTliKS.
\\T K OFFLR, on i he most favourable linns,
IT Mackinaw, \\ hurley anti Rose U ankus, !J-4,
10 4, 11-4 and 12 4"
Point and Duffel do
(il.isgoiv ami Fredericksburg Jeans, heavy and good
Krrsrvmen s. Fulled Cloths, *1 4. ai d 0 4 d*»
3-4, 7-8 aid 4-4 Plain and Plaid Lmseys, from
common to fi-st rate
Bleached and Brown Cotl..n«, at anv price wanted
A tail load ol Calicoes, at fiom 44d In 2. 3J per
C.dl ami see before v'-u /-«•/.
Nuv l
f o i* tl rut.
WINli to til st. ie ol mv lie,i li It, and mv al
most total inn It lit v in attend to bust, ess, |
desire to rent • lit lor one or more ve us. the pianist
tton on winch I now result*. | have sown on tins
pl.titH' ion,t! e present fa 11, a crop ol Win-it snd Kye,
mIii. Ii is now tip and looks well, the bent lit ol
mIiu Ii will ol course belong to the prison h tiling.—
I desire also to hire nut m> Slave-*, about 8 or It) in
number,rottNigiirig of men, women, bo\s and guls—
amongst ihrm a I * I irk smith. I Mould pielet tent
logout i lie land and hiring out the nrgtin s ptiv.ite •
It. but tl I cannot tlo so b» foie the limit ol the pres
cm month, I shall on that day, on the pieimses,
icnt out the Land mil hire mu tlie negroes at pub
lic atieiiott. Those wishing to imt a valuable I um,
nr to hire negroes, wo tl hi tlo n ell i«» g ve me a call.—
.Mv terms Mill be literal. HKNJ. NOll\ KLL.
Nov. 4 I05N
Hr* tit lltii fitiitin in StitltUi rtf.
fflMIK subscriber lake* great pleasure in inform*
I mg Ins friend* and ilie public generally that
lie is now receiving In* ■'•ill supply cl thnul*.
selected wi ll great c ue by himself, and on the mi si
accommodating terms, in the Northern (’me-.; which,
hi addition to In* former stock, will make Ins assort,
me t ci rnpletc. prom Ins cxpeiiencH m the bust
ness he feels folly iissuied that lie rim lot tnsli as neat
and fuibsiamial work as any in America, and on he
most reasonable terms all id winch i* made by
lie feels grati lot to the public lor the very liberal
p-nonage with wim h he has been favored hu the
last lew years, and still solicits the stimr, pledging
himself to m ke it to the iniciest ol A I. L, to trade
with Inm.
All orders for woik, or uilic’cs in Ins line, will be
piomptR attended to.
Repairing dune with neatness and despatch.
\ i’ ir if o is i; s .# is i; .
Country Saddlers, wishing to replenish then
Mi ck, would do well lo give Inm a call, or send lo
their oidtrs. as Ins assortment consists nl every ar
ticle to I he Saddlci V line.
Oct. 18 ti
f I * 11 E undersigned have been appointed, by the
1 county court of Amherst,to receive proposal* I r
e in-losing w nil brii k t In ee sides of the Public Sepia re.
— They are now ready to receive such proposal*,ami
invite the aiiciition nl contractors to this work.— 1 he*
pin and specifications of the work will he made
known, by application lo bulb or either of us, resid
ing at the t ouriIt nise.
s.\M’L. M. (JAKCAM), S ‘ -
Sept. L’7 _J»
ion s.in:.
Il l have for sale, a trait of Land, in the virini
▼ v ty if Lynchburg, com. in mg in uly *200
A4*i <■ s, a large | inporltori of wlncll is nth low
g ouu I*. — A good haig no m *n be had if e illy appli
t a ion In* made to PAYNE iV 1 l RNLR.
(h t. 1 I is
B, A A I* T O iZ * A li b: .
IP Y virtue ol a decree of tin* I 'mini Superior
} ( ' ort ol E iw and ('hancerv. I r Nelson ('oiin
iv, of li e h day ol O- lober, lr'll, pioioui.ied to
t cease ol pi'/.g’ ral I and wile and olliets. against
Ivlmuud E. Colby, surviving Executor nl William
('nffny S'Ui'r., dec’d , and others, 1 shall, no ti e
pren ises, nil the 1st day i I Dcccmbci next, proceed
to sell, the
i' IB AC T O ■' Ij A IV II ,
of which the said William (K.lby , B«t»'r., dic’d.,
died ni ized and p -s*essed, lying and being in the
countv of Nelson, on Ty e River, at the lias - of the
Three Ridge Mountain. 'Those who wish lo pur
chase would ii«> wi II in see m before the day « I sale.
The terms ol sale will be on a credit ol twelve
months, the pun has* r giving bund with appiovcd
security for tin* purchase irnuiiy, and a Ten will be
i esc r Ned upon the Land I or the uT. finale security of
the debt.
1 will, by virtue of.i electee of paid Com!, «f the
same day, pronounced in the case nl Janies Budge
and Khz-belli Ins wife arid others, against Edit und
K. Cofliy, surviving Executor of W illi *m Cnfb y,
•Seu’r., dve’d., ami others, oil the premises, expose
to sa’e, two undivided
sevnifli purls of flic trurt of E.uihI
of which William t offey, j»., died possessed, as
life ten.mr, under the will ol the Haul William Cof
fey, Sen’r. dt c’d.
Tins Tiact of Land lies on Cub (Neck, adjoining
the L mils of Susanna Mill and oilier*. The tr ims
of sale will be on a credit #1 twelve months, the pur
chaser lo g vr bond w ill approved -ecuriiy, and a
lien on the LanJ reserved for the ulti.i ate si cuiuy
of i lie d< b'.
Pi s es-ion will be given cf 'he premises, in both
instances, on the fii*i day of Jannarv nex'.
CM A S. PE R ROW, ComnTr.
Nov. 1 lm
VAliVAISLi; iio I i;i.
f | MI \ |’ WKIJi KNOWN PKoPKRTV, the
■ i; a a r i; n o t i; l ,
in the luwn ul Scottsville, i( noi s.ld privately
before the J5ih day of November, will on iliai «1 y
be oiler* (1 I«jr sale at public au* lion. 1 i liius — One,
lwu and three years ciedit, wii h bond and approved
serumv. Possession will be given in a sh ri lime
after the sale. Tile Ku.niiure now in said house
rail also he purchased, as tlie pre-eui occupant, Mr.
.1. links, is compelh d, from domeslic boieavemeul,
in reine lo ptivale life. Wa deem il unnecessary to
say any thing about ilie advantages which this
Property has as a T-ivern Maud over any odor in
i his place, as w e pi ecu me t hose waring lo pui chase
will call and examine h r themselves App.icaiion
h r lurdirr lolormaiiou may he made hy Idler
oi in pet son, lo either of f he subscriber**.
Scoiisvi l>, Nov. 1 i25N
Shirts amt Divnvtr*.
AS KN S Bu k Suns and Drawers
1T 1 “ Ipswich do do very heavy
“ Merino do do
*' Lambs’ Wool Shirts do
** Cotton Neit do do
“Silk th» do
Women's Silk do do
•• M erino do * o
A splendi 1 ass rtment on It ml and for sale low,
Nuv. 4 _ '•
Silks,.lloHSf'tin lie l.fiinrs, Xr.
SPLLND1H Pall and Winter paiitrn Chene
S| lend id floured and plain black, blue black <V col’d
Splendid embroidered, plain and figured J)e L imes
Sphndid Plain Crape De Lames
Super black Chally and Bombazines
Ate olfered lor sale cheap, hy
Net. t *
roniK \i,
/ V L) i . ter.
The lull awing nreulHr letter front M tpu (intend
Scnli In** hern li.imled lo ui lor publication. Ii has
been drawn limn Inin, wo iindr island. by nil • er.uis
It*|<«*tm Iiimii various pari* »l llio Ktiiuit, iiieliidni •
applit anon* Iron* eir/.ens ol New Jersey, asking Ins
npmioi'N concerning 111e pnlmcs ol die dav.
\\* \sllI >uTON, Oi l, ‘„W IH 11 •
(iontlemen:— I have lately had the honor lure
eeivr niHiiv lellrr* Iro’ii as unioy diltVront Stales,
eat Ii propounding, on dir pal I n| the w ri< rr an I ha
neighbor, net It the s mu' political I lilt 11 ogator tvs,
to w bt !| iinnvent lie • eipiehP d.
I lie scope 01 in** n i| inirs is . ii t iering prm i m
ilie imp mi ilia smi" tin y cmn<it y mm Hike m lIk .
opinions ili.it I Ii.iv* loim .1 on rrluin great princi
ples ol abiding iinpoiI'lliCti In llie success of out
sy stem ol govei niueiil; and us I have noilimg to
conceal, il nothing ol value lo comintiuica le, I shall
ai one, " iih 'lli polity oi reaeive, an.I hi the form
of a enrol ir. eoinplv w ill their •*< veial irqucsts.
t'lirty I’ litas — A 11 hough fmiii eaily riianhooil, I
h i% e, by I tie proleasioii o( arms, in iln* defence ol
con o'i v, been ill i own mil ol I lie arena ol piny puli
lies, y ei I h ivn iicvci ceased lo be an uileiiiivo ob
server of public events, and I Inis. 1 be In ve, | lie in has
seaiet ly In « n a dist’iissio ii of inomcnl in (’ongres*,
within inv Hun’, on which 1 did nm luim, and mod
eslly bill Ii 1111\. « \| less a missing opinion.
A m re youili, I tell ibo liveliest J >v when the
alien nd sedition laws expired in ihe murnp'i nl
Air. Jrllerson. KromlHlMr, I was old enough by
speech and pen, lo tall for u prompt ind fnergeiic
redress ol our yy rungs sull -led Irnm Ureal llntuin,
under her cutlers in Council, iln* ulliick tm iln*
I lies t peak e In..ale, and long coni in tied imprcjsme nl
id mu ‘Camen; and when the war u( 181 • at lengili
ui i e | was among ihe first and longest in ihe pie
seui »*id I he I m*. 'The insults lecrivid from I lie
l'lench Direcioiy—th< if de| redaiions mi nur nun
ilieice, lenryved iiiol r N.ij oh’on's dceii t's, (liei hil
a ml Aldan.) w tm h followed ihe lltitish Oiilers in
( Iso largely shared ill my indignant n pro
bat ion.
The adiniuisli:»iions of Air. Madison and Air.
Alnuroe, like that ol Mi. Jell* is. n. had, ill ilieii re
speclive pen Is. my Inin bit* hill lieallf appiobu
Him; .nid I have i vei smee censured tiu thing in ci
i In I hnl 1111 sale ol pari, and the dinn mil og ol out
Navy; ihe glln boat system of d« lem »• lli.il lidlowerl,
ml llie nidi Ii ilie cmh.ngo, wine.'', cnppling 'is lor
yv.n, by tlitiroyiug our commeic.e and (in im es, ami
oppressing a^ricuhiiie, was lung continin d yynlioui
iedrt*s>mg one uuiiagefrom abioad.
I give this hub* sketch of llw growth nl my party
fel lings or opinions—ummpmiHi/t, prrhsps. rxc* pi
lo myself ami a lew pariial lnemls, lo show iliac il I
have never heen a Keileiahsl, in any party sense id
die lerm, so neither have I been a Jacobin, an im
l>racticubLr% or absirsdiomsi, in any sense whatever,
1)111 rtlyvavs iln old fashioned iCpublM ail, tltVoled lo
lhesUp|Hitl of law and oidcija dtumi i lit: W lug,
just as all my l.itinly hud been Wings in the
greoi struggle lot national freedom uud indepen
77k Jtulic'nuji—1’ ioin an early and long roniimi
i il siudy ol t Ismt niary law, my mind has ever been
imbued yviih deep icier net* I r ihe b«ticli—Shut*
vV l-N-dei a!; all ii.depcodi nl drp.ii litinnl in our system
n| government, and tvlnch holding neither ihe i*time
lo e i r dpi nor i t* Sword to Icndy, addresses list l!
only with the mdd lore«• t I pei suamve te.ison, lo tin
inh Ihgenet* ami virtue ol llie whole con mu ily. Ily
llie h i ticiid (.’o Hinniion, i vt iy possible sulrguanl
is piovidcd lo shield its Judiciary gainst Ihe.ng
pi i j ii dit e, politic a I i Hot nr, a ml p triy dependent e, to
w h ell I. gislatois and iln* Kxecuiive aie uuavolda
I d y, direr ily and const only exposed. Heme, "lo
the true Supreme f’ourl" is wisely exiended (by
• • a I pi -1 la i e jurisdiction,’’) ‘Mil cast x in law and t <| u
iv, among under this Cmmtitui ion, tin* laws til the
(Juiietl Si des, and treaties made or which sliull be
m idi* under then authority ."
Kinking 111 this express provision, I have ulu a) a
lie lil i ha I w lie n a dun In lul i|in •' lull, Ul lung under ills
I 'uimt ii til mil, iisell I lie >ii|'ieinc law ul ihe lain), uti
ilei an ail ul Collar'as or a liouly, has uni « been
sulemnly nljiuln and hy I hut I uun. ilie principle ul
Ihe dl l ism , i.light lu lie lul,in, by all, aa di llmlely
si llied; unless, indeed,II be upon a le lieaiing In lute
dispuiatiun; lot ilie I u ni is mil only deelaioJ in be
supreme, a id hcneo lueie can he liu bunch bsyni.d
11; is ii ( to (mtlgtesi is uni v given ihe piavi'i lu cun
a uuie interior iiibumtls. I»y appeals lu the S, -
prenu (hum, a selilemenl w as ml ended lube reach -
ell, and anarchy, iluuugli a lung dislr.ic'iun il In
public mind, on gieai questions id legislative and i x
ecuiive power, llius rendered impossilrle. I * r ■ c 11
cully Ihereliire, lor ihe people, and e-peemlly (lieir
lu cliunaries, lo deny, disiuib, or imp grr prim ipba
ihira cuti-lilultoi.ally cslabbshed, sinhes mu as i I
evil example, il nut oladireii levoluiiouary (dr
ill u \, except, indc. d, in lire case uf a judicial de
ii ion enlarging pnwer and ugiiinsl liberty; and any
dangerous ei i i ul tins Suit can In' always easily
c in ' led, ( uni should only he corrected) by mi a
..In,I'M III ihe Cm slllinmu, in one ul Ilie modes
presciibed hy that msiruineni llscll— rlie orguuii
I„w ul liu1 stall s unit (lie people. ,\11 c mslrucl..
ul law, ulhM Ilian Ihe Cunsiilulhili, are yet mure
readily corrected by mu mlntoiy or dcclaialury acts
i,I ( mngiess.
The T.recuUve Veto—I bis by lit* framers of the
('oust if ul mu, coo hi imly have In eu disigued—I.
Tu enable lll« I’lesid in lo defend Ins own light
lul puweis ag iiiibI usurpations on the p..it ul Cun
greas. 2. I u enable him lu loibld tnlr'r legislilive
infractions ul II e I ,'unslil Ul luu; and J. To guard the
u, .,, lV against other acts ul hasty or violent b gis
bi in
his hardly possible to conceive a Ca-e under the
first ' r second id tluse herds, Bgulmt which ihe
Judicial)—the balanci wind of ilie system—dots
mil - II id, ul itself, all the S' cumy that the people
can n quire.
Itui a iihnui ihe | rnii'Clion of either ihe 1! uch
I.r Veto, would the Kxecunve department, (bee. me
»o aupci j idicl.il of laie yoaia) be loo we..k to lUllil
I In: si i let I v Kxecunve lunelious lor winch it ».s
n ore pan'iculariy created? ‘Jr rather, would not
that ill patnueol »u l be the mosl puwcilul, lur evil,
m iIre govern item ?
Tire 1’iesid'iil is, under ilia checks uf the Consti
tution a d law, rightfully mvcsied wi ll Ihe power
of ihe Sw rd, and lu has agam and again had ili.u
ol tile I’urse also. The Houses uf Congress, il la
true, lay taxes lur impurts, and regulate the sales i I
the pun IC iluniain; but it la he (iluuugli his igm t-j
wlm handles the piuceeds- Krutn lb33 lo 1H3G(i<i
„.,y i oihiug ul ihe present) lie alone nominated -lid
dismissed all the ageuis wlm kept as well as those
who collected, distributed and Disbursed the public
revenue. T e apothegm—make us your iricutor,
ue care not ulw are your legislators; has a fright,
lul application in such annul agents and ihe im
mense treasure tliai annually pa sea th.uugil then
The rapid increase and spread of population, the
growth ul nuinin.il wealth, the amount of levcnue
collected a d disbursed, ilie uew relation (by ihe cx
Uiisnin ' f lominerce) with foreign couniriea; the ad
iliiional appuiulilicnia al Inline and abroad; the I uni
i ber ai d nine of cool r -cts— all cunsi ..oily and neces
sanly on the mcreasi: a general decay in n.oials,
i ami pel blips is gieai in Congress as elsewhere;
ilie I is 11ii ihat we have seen prevail, during several
’ 1'tesideniial icrin*, of 'filling public offices mill lit
tle III liu irgerd lu llioial sIBDil.ng—have, taken
logeiher, already opened to the heal of,lie govern
limit elements of power and coiiupn u which it was
im|.iisatble lur me frainets and adopters i I l1 e Cmr
latiiiitiun to li t'S'o or io conieive. Wli , al that
<litih'<l do v, f«»i example, ever dreamed of the
special lea tthiull lime recently disglisted every linn
e»l diir.ei: ol postmuster*. iimiI conirurI«>r*. mail
agents, mil cen hiih i .iker*, cot r ring ill** I anil will
governo cnl pamphlet«, handbill*, mol extra g.'/.c||es
• nllit ieni (il tcud) in N ip ilie moral!*, public, ami pti
vuic, of an entire generation? of tlie iuii< hi house
mereeiiMii' * in the large cities. living on the public,
neglecting cveiy diny lor puny meeting* anu the
polls, nm| rendering in power I lie ni-^it bribe-wormy
serviers? Ol District Attorney* hiiiI t 'ollee.iur*,
rambling imssionaiies, defending evriv abuse nl
office — their own tins most indcccnl — in oiuef lo
mi*im.mi powi r hi tfim hands of (heir pairon ? AH
who hive reflected on ilie foregoing Ltd* mu*l he
ready to allimi — lh.it ihrculivr jmtrunu nC * hi* in
creased, is l itieasing, mid ought to be diminished.
I hope, then, hv an early amendment id ilie t on
*t ll ill inn, lo see a tednCIlou ol ilie 1‘iesideni‘s ve
in. J ||e regulation ol patronage would probably
I here cmii be no gum! reason why the veto stmiiui
not Ue nvrrenmr by a hair nujoi ll v in noli I louse nl
('ongirss.nl u 11 the nienibei* elected In it—lor
tile b-’iu lit ul m ll tiiuii, at the end ul ten days Ir»Mil
the loliiMt nl the bill. A n^inieiidmeiil to tin* ell i l
would *i|l| leave the l*i e*i7rnl— llio general irpre
S'Mil it i ve ol eve iy Sate and distliel— armed with llie
votes ol all t lie me into m absent at llio o nioCUl limit
the ies|ieeiivo Mouse*, mid there will always be
some members ntisrni frnitl bo|h.
Uutation in ffficc The n <| nry under tins head,
is not dTin le iii any h lei hi Ion* me. It however,
is (resumed in relei—I To governors ami »oere
lanes ol teni oiie* at d some ol the judges therein ;
district attorneys, rollccioi*, surveyors and naval
i (hceis ol ihn custom*, marshals, post inasteis,
whose eoiiinitssioi s aiiioiiut in a thousand dollars
per annum ; navy agents ; registeis and receivers
ol land « 111 < es ; surveyor* general «• 1 lands, and Indi
an agrn's—all ol whom are by law .pi unit'd lor a
term • I Ionr y ears ; bolsiihj'Ct by « spies* enact
ment (except the judge*) i" be removed at p'e tsnie.
— 2. To ii high c las* ol civil nllicers ( ext m the
i Inels) in iho i xecutiv■» departments ai \\ ashliii
ion; oilier high lunctioiianes—loreign iiiinister*,
sect r | ii iiv* ol legahoa a d consols; post master*,
whose ro in til 14* to os a iii on ll I to h ** than a I lions n d
doll.us pei annum ; supeimienduiiis ol Indian altaii*,
Indian Mib agents, Ace. Ac.—-all appointed without
1111111 ii 11« m i as to term, y*l subject iii piacnci—nn
by njiicii low—lobe also lemoved at plea ui« ; and
it. To tli assistants a lowed 1 y law to very many
ol the | inn ipals included above —who Ii assistant*
arn gem la ly called clerics— s mie « | iliem deputies,
weiglli'lS, gauger*, sub inspee1 oi», store Keeper*,
light house keepei*, Ac. Ate. —all appointed and
subject loiemoval, a* uiidei the secoml head.
I am nsKed—whether (m mv poor opinion) a'l
those luc.ioiiaiu* ( itimtiiili'g to many 111 ousaud*,)
or any ol them, ought to lie periodically superseded
by original appoiuiiiienis f ll yes—II Inn f And il
a pari only— II huh f
We have seen unit a great number of nllic s sue
filled lor a lermul \e ir*, and iruio without any it ot
Iu11tin as lu l«*iill. I, however, call dr w n.< hue ol
just iJlSIlIIc110ll between tho claim* ol lliu iwu
classes upon ibe Isvnnr (feminity nr government.
lNeiuitfmg, i luil legular periodical « hanges in the
siibo i il ii.ile seivanls ol the country, in * m Iv lor the
s Ke ol « b inge, would necessarily swell i xecutive
pairumigr, ilre.oly ton min h swollen,— 1 am oblig'd
| in add tli.it I more than doubt, on oll.er gi -uml*,
the policy A id justice ol such change*. 1 H» -
caim- , lor the able and prompt execu ion of public
business, mm h oflicial ev| ern n< c, in a gteat uuiii
bei ol | uriicular slalions, i* Known lo b mi e.*saiy ;
— 2. lieeaiise, many « flier? In.Idm*, appon !*• I under
evr u I'lKi *•* adiiliiiltli at ions (such is wc have seen)
m I always, .dler n lime, he found ol tried integrity
and of eijuiil indiistiy and abilities; 3 IP cause, i
^ a ill, some may be Iwliud • ii a stale ul honorable j nv
city, the result no less ol stern inirgri'y, than ol a
long and exclusive devolinu lo llie interests nl ill**
public, and 4. IJecanse, lo remove snt'li S'tV.tnl*, of
not to re Appoini the in. at llie end ol a term, would
not only discourage successors in a lanhlul ill*
cliuigc of (July, bui coubl uul (ml to outrage the
moral «• i * wire column .nn-s. * "i” •••»
li«*■><1, from wliai I witn*'ssr(I, in 1 B'.'l) 30 , ol the t;i ti
el expei nm ol, on a large scale, then made upon ihe
sensibilities of the cminliy, ami the mist luel. lo the
public itifercM which rally ensued.
W lint I would, then for, humbly advise is this:
To luin out. not only on a cl align ul !*»• sid- ni, but
in any and every week ol ihe year, all office 'holders
luiii t ii in he deficient in either honesty, cap.u lly, nr
industry, and to ;i| point, in iheir stead, men known
In possess these q iahlien. Wilhoiil an anx'nijsut
tcimoti to this rule, a government ol the people, tes
ting on virtue and intell igenc**, cannot long be sue
< essfully maintained , lor a blind or vi. ious diitn
butioii of ennimoiH patron 'ge would soon—by tlifi
form ol I lie highest exaril, le—be t down all Inal is
taught in the Church, the School-house and the
( ullegr.
One Presidential 'Perm. — Ol ihe eight chiel mi
gist rates that preceded Hi ■ net a I 11 an inoii— *' ho hi a
nation yet mourns—the liisl, thud, loonli, lil ii and
seventh, piesnled ovei (Ins union, lespecnvely, two
successive leiins; the otliei lh»ec but lour y ais
each ; and every one ol the eigl l, whilst in tjjicc,
bei ante a candidate I r a second term.
I cons der the sublime example, set by the father
of Ins country, in declining a thud elecmm—which
has been duty lullowed by lour popular I’resdeni-,
aid would no doubt have been observed wtill r'tjual I
good faith Ly the oilier three, under like circumstan
ces— as ' ttablivhing a barrier against a third term, as1
impassable as d it were embodied in tin cu-tii ol ion
itself. Jim 1 do not consider tt nspectlul to the
people, nor oiheiwise proper hi a candidate, lo 8«.
In.11 fa/or on a pledge, that ij elected, he will not
accept if a second nominal ai . !l looks too much
like a bargain tendered to other aspirants,—yield lu
tnt now, / shall soon be out of your way : —too much
I ke the interest that sullied «<* a governs the Cardi
nals n the choice «d a l*opt*—many voting lor
themselves fust, and, if without success, finally lot
ihe most superannuated—in order lliat the eleciiou
may the soonei come aiouud again. 1 am, howev
er, in favor • f mi amendment «•! the cousiituli mi, in
one ol the lorms prescribed—declaring that no cili- ,
■/. u shall be eligib le to a le electlou lo the picsidcu
ey, arid also, ol an exiensi »n ol the ter in to that ul a
senator—a period ol six ye ns.
Agency of the President in legislation.— 1 am per
suaded 'hat lln* slioftld be airict y limned. I. To
the vein, and (pialdied as suggested above: Vi. lo
the cimiini.Midnient of the constitution—“he sh ill,
ho ii ti i r! to time, g ve to the Congiess inhumation
id lire slate i I ihe Union, and recommend to their
considerain n such measures as he si.ail judge ne
cessary and expediem; and 3, 'To furnishing,t trough
ihe appropriate executive de, ailments, -uiii details
lor Bills as the comiiiittees of either House ol Con
gress may call for.
Leading measures of ihe late extra session of Con
gress. — 11 1 tiad had i he tiom»r ol a Vote on the occa
sion, it would have been given in favor ol the land
(list:ibulton b.l1, the banknij l bill, and tire secouu
bill for mealing a fiscal corporation—hav.ng long
been under a conviction that, hi peace, ns in war,
something rfficieu1, in the nature ot a Bank ol the
United Slates, is not only ‘'necessity and proper,"
but indispensable to the successful « petitions el the
Treasury, as well as lo many of the waois ol our
commerce and currency.
Secret or Oath-bound societies. — I have not been a
member ol a mason c lodge in thirty odd yeais,
nor a visitor of any lodge since, ekeepi ouce—now
more than sixteen years ago. Theie are. at many
Academics ami Colleges, as is well ku wi», ai'OCic
iions >1 students, tuiors and proles.-ois for puiely hl
j eiaty pin post s.and i heir meet mgs,gem1 rally lor aught
I kuuw, may be stetet. T«ven y eight vrats go, l
was one present with such an association, and nofd*
since ; and I have within five years, refcieiv&J thndf
ll titering notices of mv having been enrolled as ad
honorary member of many silclt aslociationt. I
am sorry 10 be reminded ihai by some stance M|(*
gleet, I have failed to accept one of those honorabl#
Hoping that sou, Ito have, done me the hfttfdfrtf
invite this tenoral reply, may, with toe irfillioni; bo
enabled in a year or two in ft* on imne othef tltid**
as yoor candidate mnre worihy, and therefore moro
ItUftly Iti conciliate the majority of popular sufFragot.
I remain, genth men,
Your Irieml and fellow ri»if.°n,
To the I'aIrani of the Richmond Whig.
I have H'liml fnim any sliaie in the maoagerfiefft
of the Richmond Wing, which, indeed, lias odl>
been nominal for the la* i six months.
For eighteen years, I, having first luilinleil, hivt
wholly or in part, conducted that paper, and never
man had the good (ultimo in (iml palruiis inure kind
and roust.mi ; and I should he destitute nl* feeling,*
if, hi communing with them lor the last (lute, 1 did
not experience ill** most lively emotion. Lighten/
years ago, the Richmond Whig com i er.c.cd with
350 sub't rilifrs, »v th scarcely the shadow of a par*
ty to sustain if, with t powerful, oigaoi**d and vin
Oiciivc patty opposed in if, who h ft unemployed ■#•
means, lair or In til, to crush it, in inlancy. L suifi •
veil their nluti Us, ami tins tower'*, in the extent iff
it* business and ciiculuiiou, ubofc all cotnpclrfcin tit
V n gmia.
In telii quailing n.y long jmnrctiirt with the
Wing, ii is Nome cliiniit(iiiun nf iheiegret 1 expe
iiniic, that I leave it in the lumds ol a man who iff
worthy, in iiitHleit and Cha/actcr, to difett the
mighty power which is exercis' d by the | olitiCaf
Pmss ui ..II free o unti ier»; a in n of hig'l personal
h• ■ nor, and nl lalcnif, which it m fy requires die me
tilting r If ct of a In tie mrc lima ,m J experience, to'
lender equal to any It usl oi station.
When, six muni I is ago, I seven ed in v Co n nr e lion with
tin* Press ! supposed w ill all uilirr VVlifgs, that did
victory wo had just achieved, tl.o mntft briilifatft nrtd
complete rr-curded in the annals ol party, would tie
cessati y i atry along wuh it the result* lor which
we had all toiled and xlrujg «d ; lh.it the cuntcsl
w..s at ail end ; ill a I the country w s once more re
sided l • a s ill ml condition, and io the ham's Hsitli*
I ol and holiest t uh is ; and ill it all who m desired
weie.il liheriy to turn tlnir ytniil* into pinning
honks, 11, d tu (all bat U into the sec In led walks wliic «
their t isles piel ired. The unexpected and untime
ly death nl (ten. llarii«oii, I appy perhaps fur him,
• i ust ii ii I or i unate lot In* country, alarmed many lor
the edi * qturners whnli might Qt sue — those very
cotisei|uciic< s w hu h have ensued, and from the vsty
causa which then sigactty luresaa —namely# tliiV
hit cunsiilulinti.il siiccesHur would aspire In a second*
Pit sub ti'ial let m,—and in die v.itii ultcnipt to se
c.uie it, would disieg.ird t e obvious obligations
whit h he lay under to tho Wing p r'y. fiom whrctf
he knew lie cuuhl nut expect or h <pe fur it, tfnrf
s ictilico the It tins nl i he W lug v i tory, In purchase
friends from ao.ong Ins opponents. 1 did not par
‘uipue in ihis well luumli d aliiui, becau e I knew
that m IW.'J'J, .Mr. Tyler had wiiiu-n mvciuI essays
l«.r the K ic It in md Whig, inculcating the nun term
piu.ciple, and il.al he subsiqu u.ly plumed himself
upon being the discoverer and prupagitor id a prac
tical amendomii to (Ire Const! uiioii, (rendered to
hv having been explicitly adopted by the American
People,) as admirably cahul.iltd tu rex r H i letter
a I e.ontip tun, by taking away lint m >Mvc fur if.—
I knew .Mr. IA i well, personally, ami had known
him long, and I could not believe that a rtfan ftf
common pla (5, so ab>olii< ly i lerurf to many fifteen
x I till ui; hi» y cm, wi Ii wli iii you tu iy meet at every
( oin ty Co m in Virginia, would seriously aspire to
die Iiist sia'tun among mankind, l <r such the Presi
demy oi the United Suit s n rtainly is. 1 was well
acquaint! d with Ins vanity and luvu ol place, but i
iii vi i imagined that his understanding was so per*
feet ly unequ il to bear wuh modi la loll the LUCK
which he had met w it It, or l lull Ins judgun ui coulti
In (I iitvn <1 into the notion, that he deserved per re,
and Ii tun the title# t Voice til the A i email r.ople,
a prolong uion ol that high destiny wl u h had been
c.i-i upon him, by a similar capr ce nl luriunu with
that w u h introduced Tittlebat 'l’ltillt«use into til#
seat ol the refined Aubreys.
Now rgii'iimui y 1 »viH m st.ik'n, iii.il how iiiui.ll
I iiiiKCitlciiI.iiimI iIjk chMitetit ol C.ij'Uiin i’Nfr'* vau
»iv, I u**nl mu here irc.lr, for ilie Imi t* me I mili.tr
to u 11 men. Tile result m, wIihi was foieseen •>>
more atigac.uu* W lug, tli.iu 1. — Air. lyici luit lei
up Ini Iiiiiihi ll, mil allhuugl) lie I o sieil in 183!f, nf
being iln li. hi | loinulgaliir of I lie one term princijAt,
noiv iliiuk-, ill ii Ilia own superior abilities, menu,
■eiviera, good lattli Mini Ji,lilily i.i prult'isous, and
gratitude m tlitise who, mini n hull starvtd lawyer,
m ule linn I'rranlaut • I the Umi’iJ Stairs, entitle
|i i hi io i hr? beiu fit of an rxecj lion to I, is na n rule.
He hns arrested the course uf that Reform in lha
(•vfr. ineiil whtchllie American Peuplo cuinnand
ei), ami which General II irrumi steadily | rnai cuted
nil |i’ liu 11 veil, He has (ini r Ins utmost lo ilisSultS
Hie Whig party, in the iiiiiculuna ex relation of
creating a 7’yicr party out of its mins. Hoisknowu
in icj iite in Hie Whig defeats, and to spe.k of tha
irininplis of our opponents, in Al nine, Geo. gin, Ala1
Ijlanil, iter., as our, that is llis iriumpbs. He has
in. il Hie vein power so arbitrarily itl •! tile veiy Tu
nis of Kngl iinl scoff at and den le us lor aubinn*
l og lo be the slaves ol one man's will, and lfl.it man
so wt ak and variable that he did not know fit owN
mind two ll din logeihei ; and lie has capped tha
... nl the in.ln.niij lie has thus offered tha
Americao 1‘eople, by mi-tending iu these natter*
to have had a cuntiituce, aa d this conscience, pra
nous In (he election, aid when lie floated on the
toll wave ol Whig jopnluri j, was not the r. ry re
vi’ise III what he assert* it lo be now.
Snell is Hie slate of tilings. Our gib iuus Whig
11itiinpli ha. tuitied out ad empty victory, ow mg to lha
eulp ble vanity ol one man, and the yet mote culpable
designs of a sell-coiisinuled cabal, who by fl.n tery
have acipiired doiiimion over Ins will. The God*
forms id us with I lie meats, but the Devil provided
the cooks. The country fur years w s agraled lo
us cetilie, and die aiieiiimn ol eivmn d mankind ar
rested fv the arduous sting „le of our political par
tus_lin’d tbe result lias been the elevation of John
Tyler tu the Presidency ! N ver did l..te so severe*
ly expose tin. van")’ uf human wishes, or demon
s"r ue the lallaey ol human eij ecialt ms.
That the Whig party fm the n utiient, is disgust
ed, d s onceiled and partta ly disorgai izetl, la SI
ipiesliunable, and proved by t err being bea-en iu
Stveial is utrs, by s nailer v lea than thru opponent*
ie, eivcil last yeai. •• hen they tltemaelvra were beat
(low could it bo oiheiwtsej Wheu, after a
struggle so long ptolracle ', so gallaii ly contested,
SO biillianily concluded, the) find the eouulry, Irani
treachery, to have denvid uo bem At, amt then very
.ucciss turned agaiust them, hoi cm it ba but (bat
tin y must leel cowed and dtslie irleued I 1 myself,
ilnaig11 little addicted lo giving up the ship, feel lha
lorce uf tlie position, upon which our uppooenia
I rge y calculate, lor reinstating L >co Focotsin.—
I!in there i* one thing winch greatly encourage*
me. It is to obsaive, in ■» vety izlended personal
and epistolary tiiieicour.e, ibe pruluuni lodiguaiion
nl the Whigs.—This feeling is far mote concentra
ted and intense than it ever was, and at the proper
se .son, will blaze luilli ill sell n, sod wchiese result*
yet muie brilliant than ill ae ol 1&4U.-’ll is gratify
ing, loo, tu w hues* ■ lie liberal leeinigs d spliyau by
tbe Iituiii enlightened portion if the Do octal re .
p rty. upon tlie existing condition nf ris aga, ah# ,
are then selves disgusted with It e pe fitly wmcl, b-f
antitslIt d the will ul n.o inapnity, and grueruualy
lure go party .blvau'*|tt. when promoted by t|r,bU*

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