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Com ot/m/t n- • ui'tlu Htuiimot t.
AV vsiii.'.iiro*, If I, i -11.
1' r string, rs tint' . a most c- tivi . t , •upa-iie
here. A eat) gives y i invitttion t > all the |
aii.l places youatot: - t,( n fioting with l!u in ,,t lan,:
The fashionable > ns a will rui'.nirnro lure ne\t
seek, the Russian Me let and his accuiii) -Jy
commencing il in a f- pm r.n Tnesdat m 11:1:4_
Others will follow, a-..! 1.1, .11, no doubt, he a"gav
one. though not s, gay, jsrbaps, as nianv others.. It
was rumored some 1, u days that the 1’result nt
would give t veiling huts 11„ , a f rtn.ght, and it is
puadhle he will do so, ns stu b an arran-jettu a: w mid be
nit* It mare convenient to him ih.t.t the even.tig in: rntp
i oh,, hi is n w exposed—once m twen
tv T er hours.
The New \ijt I.* vee "eotia s oil” to tiiorr w la
tween twelvi and three u’el.iek, mid the atlendauu will
be very large.
Mr. Mangum's sjieecli d> liver.al yesterday in tin- Sen
ate is the subject of mnclt cnuuuent about u.w ii today.
Many coinmend it 1 r its spirit, ami others complain 1.1 it
for it*bitterness. The prevailing opinion is, that Con
griss will do ta thing to t, ulale the ctitTet oy 11 t,j ri
tarcaa uti deuce.
Frau the Herkimer ('ounly Journal.
Kdwin (.'rnswcll, lUq’r. Kditor ol the \lban\
Argus,lias It* n elected President ef the Canal Bank it
\\ e have not 6 (it :m\ thing this many a day that look
cd SO much like a good j k , tie abovt inn trie incut,
w hich is going the minds ol the papers. Hut they «! » sa\
its a solemn fart. W« ’ll bet a goose that if tin whob
truth was knowu, (b. swi IPs nomir alien b i tb s Hank
Presidency was made by some invett rate we. who per
haps ‘owed him one, blit w ho bail Ho more t Ii mm lit ofthe
actual election ol the Argus man than of a dukedau in
tin? planet Jujiiter.
The Argus has been for some years one of tin ./rent I
«*st Anti-Bank champions in the country, li is to be ho |
ped the Kx State Pa pi r will ml allow its artillery to be
spiked in this regard merely because ofthe pram i: »n of
1*resident C'rosw t II.
\\V subjoin a specimen ofthe Anti Bank logic of tin
Argus. Do give us 8ueh a touch occasionally. Mr.
President, or‘the democrat)’ willbelt, up herein Uhl
Bank, Biddle, B ink!
Biddle, Bunk, Biddh !
Biddle. Bank. Bank!
Bank. Biddh*, Biddle!
| Burden i f the Argus
tor the past 0 yr nrs.)
From the Oneida IVhi'j;.
Kdwin C'roswell, Ksip, Senior Kditor of the Albany
Argus, has been elected Pnsident of the Canal Bank m
that city. I lis acceptance of the ofiice show's, that how
ever much the editor of the Vigiis mu\ he opposed to
Banks inthe abstract, he n i insujx r..'11«* objection a
gainst receiving a fat salary from them.
We find in a New \ «»rk piper the follow ing notice of
the capture of a slave ve> e\ oil the voyage to Africa:
“Tim brig Gabriel, a shiver, was captured when fif
teen days from llavanna,!y II. M. brig Acorn. She
had a crew ol 1)5 Spaniards, and exchanged several shots
ith the Acorn. 1 ler cargo consisted of dry good*, him
bernnd rice. In one ef the hags of rice wi re f und papers
whieli stated that 11.« re wi re v* slave v< s*»rls fitting out
at llavanna. rPhi brig’s crew wen put on board tl
\eorn. wJikdi sailed lor the coast of Africa, to land llu-in
<oii a d< isolate.ami uninhabited part ef the ei •• a. S v« u
other vessels, iMwicitisly ruptured, were brink ng at
St. Helena, and si; cm hundred slaw* were on that i%
ASINGU.VB Wi. \SKG S'l ORV. -A friend
gives us the following stoi ^, tie truth if which is voiirh
i d for. Two gentlemen, w iio w re p.-wo ic , in ar til -■••m
etery recently, observed a w ea.vl and a r./S/.wli- ic
singular inovemeiit.saltractcd lb' ratteen- n. Tl.oy wen*
eyeing” each otln r very intc ily, at a abut o’.. ’ -ue •
from the obsi rv« r. Tin* wi .vrl wa* evidently aiming to
drive the rabbit, into a wall that he e/.hi < ntrep bun.
i /m rabbit, not liking the anpi ai .uee < f thii.es, ?.-< emed
’inclined to avoid hisndvi rsary. '1 Ik t wo creaturi *». kept
llieir stations for some ii.. liiur huni! 'e glaiic* s to
wards i,v ii other, ami neither being willin'’ .. Vf !*
the other sh atld gain n h ■ T oj und
was covered wjih a light • • w, u hi b ua v< ral inch
es deep. Suddenly the w. a.-. ! <h appeal. d—the . Iserv
era did not notice the direction 1 • t. .t k. 'i In- nirou. pi r
haps, suspicious still of the n .vm.rtr.s i f Id-, alv. r .r\ . ,
.and not knowing in wliat din . ti,fn to I h f r him, aiul !
tearing that he nt’ght fall into his d. v airing jaws, kept
still upon thesp;.it. In a li-w iimii: rs.ua th< -p..t where
tli'* rabbit stood, the u.uel au l ra. bit were si*en in dead
ly conflict, The latter became tlm victim. The o! r
vers approached the spot; the rabbit was dead, and tl*.
weasel had “taken to li s heels/’ On i \amiiiat i.n. il
inis found that the. mease! had entered the rote it! the
jdarr where lie teas first s en, mi l worked his way hi
neath it and rnmr out ajtin e.ew'tly -under the unwary
mhbit. By tl pded in cap
taring him. | [swell Courier.
Some Gkeen Bw Imuw-. have !o•« i at Washing
ton,holding a talk with “Captain Tvier/’ They wall
ted their annuities to be paid in powder and cold bid.
hut the President tohl thorn the) had better purchase
agricultural implements and domestic comforts for their
wives and children. G mkI a Ivice this, if they would hut
follow it.
ok \ coe.vrKRKKiTKR.—
Ki'' K '’aiber of the Ipp.r MissKsippian, printed at
H'jclr V5i/Sl, lllin •is, contains a long article which pur
ports tube the Confession < I Samuel S. Chise, a t- aiu
torfeiter, recently sentenced to the \11■ tl P- :iit• -i11 inry f«»r
four years. He see ns to have figured very largely as a
bogus-maker and counterfeiter of bank notes. and esti
mates the mimlx r of p* rsons engaged in the bn ini ass at
about three hundreif—sen tiered ov< i Missouri, parlieulaV
ly in the Platte country. Illinois, Iowa. Indiana and M:
chigan. He gives many particulars of his opera ti< u —
names persons and places in all of ih< S:: o s—and, if
true, unfolds a muss of depravity in }>ers«ns who, tor
might we know, are respected as good citizens. As,
however, we see no reason for this routes. ;en, and it is
not the habit ol these men in real'C tin in, w . very much
doubt the authenticity of the details, and shall not copy
them, unless satisfied of the truth ofthe rhino'.
_ | St. In mis J\ew Fra.
Tin* < ISonf*.
t,- 14'I'll K Packet Heals JOS. C. ( IIIKU..
(apt. Ilmi'l/v. I i .IOII.V , v/, //,*.
■S/!.//./,, Capt. I lull, w ill place. alti
ly. OB Mondays, Wednesdays am I' ! lays, tit 7 n't look
A. W 1)0VI), KO.MO.ND Co.
duly 15 ia if
lM».vr un bki you
•Vrir srii>i>!y />/' |'o,7 n.ul iI’inlcr
ft o tt ns.
HOOKS <. *ii 0).\
\ III', now rocrivius iM\ r V- ilidcstilc A ic
Itii! Mole. liaiiU Siiimre, a:i imsti
"»Hy Istt'fji* mid (!esir:i|>(c; slai !i of
1 /• .g.vn a'i.vrr.it ftoons, t,
Walsh they respectfully inviti ii.' attention !1 who
■at'’in waul nl u in/ (it Is. a! imr prirrs.
H-~— (- v lii'V . W •pchniita will find uur ;i s .rtnc at
as oeneral, an ! j: i<-. w as low as nnv otlu r luuise m
•Ills market.
AN e earnest]} inviti them to f.r. r us with a cull,
is nnr shirk hceiy vtrif hri'v, w i am the more disju-sid
wholesale at very iuw prici a.
Sri‘t- no ,s „•
A.JL rsiiiLiAii,
Sl it ft t; o.v i) sv i ;s t,
| FAS taken his office at. Mr. H ihrrt M ,rri*7 !I del.
c'jrnrr oi* Main strict ami 'I . ;»r1 AI • - . ami !o
>pc*K% trom an experience of ii:ip y* or-.' pn t . - in his
I'r'itcftsi°n, to continue to meet \\:;li a liberal share nt
public patronage..
I Pirn if
' Allaim.i: r tii.ti \ j:\ij i.i .m h
IIUIlli roil
I Aj ISJI t i rent out fir lh>’ pre.-a at year, my I'.sl .i> ,
.ra",'dSandusky, abofit four mile* I'roinKyu aitiiiro.—
Kti yDVe bushel* ut" wliwt ware sown upon it last
I? Poss'JSSiQn Will b* delivered at. ar.y tim tier ’
, >n3t- JOHN M. O I K',
Jared . f
IlFUf.s i»f t, %
I* g/ ®1 bio Jimp Iijn r A lin*iau!i i 5 •n»r'l
* u u i •/ ;• vu i a v i l l:
crtir knnctiuuvfl artrahUAH.
rnrii&LKiy. .u.vr.nn r., 1 i-.>.
( ai.srs I | r mtr IV. rs\ unhappily sivm t.i multiply
u ill ur.-at linlam. S-arrrlv ..in- s j nv k tlisapj.-ars
110111 lll(‘ Imrizm, bo roan iln-r, still bltu-krr ami darker.
«• But II! : is, ill'll I all. but a MW e.li
Hun ul ail I lid, a-iii an unsettled allair — ir/n/ II; 11 tilftl, II
is fur tlu* pufli-ra . l ilie late Minister to K.t|u|nmi, wliu
omit n » opportunity to disgust the public with cneomi
tuns upon It:s “extinerdman ability,’* to explain. |,on«
:1- '• three cases had occurred. in which by stress of wea i
lia r, or otherwise, Ainertcan vessels, laden with slaves. I
had gone into the ja rt i < fthi British Wait India Islands, j
and tin* slaves had been forcibly resent'd from their rioht I
ful owners. As far hack as 18‘»7, Mr. Stevenson call |
etl the attention ol the Br.tish uiinistrv to tltese eases. !
and made i demand t- r r« p.tiat;. it. In two ef them, the '
demand was acceded toby the Brush government- and J
rejected in the third. Thu discrimination "as justified 1
I y ih:.t o vcnim. nt, nji-in the pntext, thn* when the
two former cases - ei urre,!, ‘bivt ry was recognized h\ law
i'l thus.- I'1.11uin. but tl.-.t it had 11 n almlishf-d I \ art uf
I’nrliaiiu-nt In f rr tin- omim-nornf tin- l.itti r. This au.
pliistical argunu ul was c. lauatt, ,1 « ::l, i-nrnisttirss, and i
" mi n\ t r»\ i nil uiiii* loivo, I * \ Mr. I oraylh, tin* late S v
''' O of Slute, and also by Mi Stevenson. But, the
question luu from that time to tins, rested where it was,
iiiul is nvsrtllnl \\ bv 111is is o, we repeat, it remains
lor out late Minister or les friends to < xplain. (‘ertainly
the apprehensions which they i \press, that Mr. Kvi rrti
may not succeeil, win re Mr. Stevenson tailed, are until
rai; though, it they mean, by the expression i f those ap
prehensions to impute that failure to the w aul of fidelity
or ability in the thriller, they will he paving hut a pour
compliment tothe latti r. ‘There is nothing iutriusical
ly dillereiit iu tlm ease o! tlie Creole, the management of
which "‘ill devolve up m Mr. Kverelf, and that of the
Kuterprze, in which Mr. Slevrnsoii demanded, hut
liiilnl to obtain reparation. ‘The principle involved is
identically tbe same; and even if Mr. Kverett slioiihl
tail to obtain indemnity for tin outrage, lie will In in no
" ! position than Mr. Stevenson. AH that the country
will have a right to e\pt el t’ him is that he sllull enforce
our rights w ith a zeal and energv eommeusuratc w ith
the importance of the interests involved. If he shall do
tliis, lie will do precisely what w arc willing to admit
Mr. Stevenson did. It lie tail,.-a., wo-have no doulit in
the pri -sent tern per i j the piddle mind ill F.nglaml on the
suhjret ot Savory, lie will,—n willhe. nlv a repetition
■l what has air ady occurred, w hile a Southern minis
ti r w a ; r; sklent nt thi ('ourt - 1 St. .lames.
The 11 it, st ii win till r the I lilted States ought ti
submit to such a division, on the part of the British gov
eminent, is ot far great* r consequence. Wi Imre done
s*’, tints tar—pro!- 'in it is true, all tlie while,—hut
never 1 ran instant encueuged with tie h ipe that our
pr-lestati .us vv .Id - ; t ino .-! blest a ,o l. ‘The fu
cihlc rescue and detention of the slaves in board tin
( node will revive tin' disc isjun, under circumstances
wo II calculated to lend no little i xcitemenl to the conlr.
Vir-y. And v.'e hnv- nodoulit the rights and interests
cl'the Country will he as amply vindicated by the pre
si nt. an they wo re by tie- late Mniisti i to tireat IJrituiii.
It'it he othrfwso, however, we havi f rtunatelv. in the
'■haracti r and i piiti'iis o| the m- uml ■ at i t' the I'ri siden
fa! chair, a speedv ,-ttcl idhetual ritne-ly lor the M inis
' if faqSt If In !, . ••. . 1 '• lit 'd u itlt
these peculiar n t... s ,-n lie subject i V*:!V' ry whieb
w ill prevent tile pr. ja r i nf rcemont of our claims, no
douiit can exist that lie v.til be promptly recalled from a '
position, which It- w mild be unworthy longer to hold.
I hr mis.-unilm of the urgmm nt ■ f tie British gov
ernment was demonstrated by V r Forsyth in a singh
tcticc. ‘The law s of until ns are lixed and certain, and
n it subject to perpetual llin-lii.it;. ns and changes. Am!
yet, according to tin British doctrine, tlu.-c law mav be
nnslilioil by the shifting statute ry provisions of every
< i iixiitry w Inch may think proper to legislate in reference
to them. Thus, the British g- vennnent paid for tin
(arjjoes ot two Vi--. Is, and refuse to jay |br tin* carjjo ot
n third, which had hern virtually confiscated w ithin her
jurisdiction-—not because 1 lie law ol nations, under which
"e claimed indemnity tor all, and obtained it in
two instances, had undercq ne any alteration, but
because her own had in the interim been changed.—
W t it is upon tin law s of nations, and not upon her sta
tutes, that our claim fr inderwinit\ isla-nl. It is man
ifest, that there are no 1 Miger nn\ fixed laws regulatino i
national intercom*?!'. it they are subject to repeal or modi- I
taxation at the will ot any one of the great family ofna* '
ti«iiis. I he l nited Suites, therej'Te, ought not only to
demand, hut to enforce reparation for this outrage—not j
only in n h rence to its own aggravated character, hut
because of its inevitable t» ndeiiey to invite similar
attempts hereafter, and to weaken the tenure hy whieli
tin* right o! pr perty in slaves is now held. It is a cpies
tk»n i t de< \i iinju-it to the entire Si ulh; and we regret
thcrefi.ro to s*■<* the c ll i ts made, in certain quarters, al
rea<!\ to male* political capita! out of it, hy thr anticipa
tions of delinquency on the part of those to whoso man
eg.-‘merit it has been confided Let us hear, before we
-ttilo. If Mr. Kvt rett arid Mr. Webster shall fa i 1 to
p< .. ini their duty in the premises, let them then he
anathematized; lut not la fore. Especially should they
not bo condemns! in advance, la/ those who are extolling
A/r. Stevenson to the shits, who (ail./I to secure a recog
nihon of oar rights, under similar circumstances tn those
which now exist.
One thing is certain—and that is, that the govern
ment i ftlu I nited Statrs cannot longer acquiesce in a
decision by which the properly of its citizens, stranded
up u a foreign coast hy tin fury of the tempest, shall be
si ized and confiscated, without even the forms of law, bv
the populace, led on and ci untcnanccd hy tin* ofiicial an
tliorities. Much less can it do so in a case like that of
the Creole, in wh.oh mutiny and murder were the means
by w hich tins properly w as first rescued from its owners,
ami thrown into the power of the legalized robbers of the
West India Islands. It is manifest, if this act of rahine
and plunder be submitted to, that we virtually assent to
the adoption of a principle of national intercouse which
will o|>ernte as an incentive and a premium to our slaves,
in their transit from one port t i another, to cut the throats
of their masti re. and to seek refuge from the punishment
due to their crime, under a flag, which, pn tending to
give freedom to all who rally beneath its folds, eov< rs
more si ires, and tlu y the most object of the ir class, than
those of all other Christian nations, Russia perhaps<x
copied, combined.
This quit dion, in reference t t f th< E
which was wrecked on the Bahamas, some ei{ ht months
shier, and lu r cargo of slaves liberated, has already been
ucident y, but- l in U. S. S
All other questions of controversy with (.*rest Britain—
t!ie right of search, the McLeod case, and the Boundary
question—sink into insignificance, in comparison with
this. Touching us su nearly and in our tonderrst point,
every voice will be f t War, with ail its acknowledged
ml rmilufdriuus horrora, tether li.u.3 &•,. *>n to a n p
ctiiiou of this great outrag'*. The nation v/Jr!, with one
v. n, jut* the l *i * * 1 *■ cry t j d c*,r. * ,f '*’ith
nothing If thv. » /' ■ 1 * " pr *
II.. I''Howin ; lullet nut .»n-..t intent. I ■ the !>' 'KO'
rruwi r :
' ’ . I Jf. '
I it'ziti, N .. 1,1. | s 11.
Unnc r> -.try t,» l, :tm that Mr. IMs;. N mix.. ->i i,
lu :' ,,f :|I‘ * m*» tt"*' l ***** tlie more disnppointed l.v tins
•I* w as I have n .el a low tin> a ago an aitale in a t •< i
man pajM-r, winch led me to expect unite tin* cun
I do not conei: ve what ran lie tlie motives of yoin
werumeiit t : li t tiling Mr. Ihnlge, just a! tin moment
u 1 ' 1 ■' •' Ukt l\ tii * the .■»i i \i : ii • r. v. hifli he
has made to obtain a diminution in the duty on Atncri
> in tnhairo consumed m the (»ermai. I nioii > I t ustoins
(“ '• \ereiu) would anon bo drowned frith cotnpleu
v.trees., and the numerous connections which he has
t- rmed, it >t fitly among the principal manufacturers and
merchants, hut also among the h ading members uf the
j».»v«*r1111u•!11 ul the in at. si part ot the slates belonging to
Ihe 7. !1 \ eiein (l moll of C'ush ins,) would benefit both
bis unlive countj y and us
I “r I '* nisider it a great service which he has render
*1 b* both countries, to punt out to them the means ul
inereiiHing their intercourse w ith one another, and to
sh *w how th.s may le done to great and mutual a !
'Ir I lodge Ins acquired a knowledge, f the extent and
of the in. i n of our lirnnnu manufacture*, which l.-w , or
any. ot my country men possess; ns it is not uncommon
ih.il the ow mas ul lactones are more open and eeuiniuiu
eative tu lureigiiers than to their neighbors, or to the
piddle functions oftheirown gov. rmnent, h\ which the
olli.aal information in our reach is collected.
But this is not the only merit for which Mi Vendor
deserves credit. Ill the course* ot Ins journeys through
(•ermauy, he Iran got acquainted with and pained the
confidence of many person* d influence, with whom his
advice and hi* opinion have acquired a certain weight,
and iiss tip scene ot action will be looked uiv.u
l»y them as an abandonment, on the part of the Atueri
can t «uvernmi nt of the pursuits witteli w ere the object
ot his missi .ii, viz. the ohtatniup a diminution in the duty
■ •I the raw t.-luecoot the I nited States, consumed in the
(i. rmau ( oiiiuu reial IrtiKiti; in other W ords, It will In*
conjectured that it’ your government dues not longer
Biink it wurth while tu keep up the connect intis which
Mr. Dodge hastuimded, and lor which lie was si cm
111•• 111lx qualified, it dues attach no longer any particular
value to enter into a mme intimate relation with the
/oil \ erein(l fti.ni «.l ( listms,) as the situation and
the official duties nt y<Tur Minister to I’rus-oa (which is
only otic of the twenty two independent Slates eotnpu
sing the I uioii ot ( ustuiiiH.) prevent him from attending
t . this object so closely as it requites, although Ins inch
nations and his eapacitits may he adequate to the
Ii any one would succeed in obtaining a diminution on
\inenean tolia.vo e n-aimed in the Stales of th* (ieruiun
I nion of ( ustoms. Mr Dodge, by th- gr. at personal
influence which In liadaerpiir.il, was the most likely to
5111.i111 that end, and his recall by your government
IS therefore deeply t.1 he regretted, anil particularly by
the tobacco planters of the I nited Slates, w ho lose, in
him one of their warmest advocates and friend*.
Jsrrnc in Court L--We copy front the St. Louis He
publican .-1 the I !tIi u11. the following scene on the pre
e. ding day, in the ( ireuit ( ourl of (lint city. Judge
Mtillanphy being on the bench- in which one . f our for
mer fellow citizens was an.act -r, and Ihuc hint - It w ith
becoming manliue.es ;
A motion was made to eontiuu. n cause, the contimi i
I'.--' wan resisted by f. VV. RisquE, I*’, iq . counsel i i
plamtilt, but th. Judge decided tIn-grounds suflieieut,
' id .1 tinned the cause. The ( Jerk sits behind a rail
111.',; and alter the Jiitlge had decided Mr. Ibsque wafk
■ d up an ! dr qqx d the jiapr rs on the ( h rk’s tahh and
" turn, i to h;t (leak The Judge then remarked t-» A11
IL hi siilc.i iiu e, “that lie must chance bis maimer ot
handling papers.’’
Mr. \. repbed “that he handled them as was hi.-.
m n. ral pra. tie.
I hen,” says th.* Judge, “you must reform your
.general habit and ord. red Mr. Ii to take In-,
s. at.
Mr. IL replied, “he did not feel inclined to sit just
The Judge then ordered the Clerk to enter up a fm.
against Mi. H . I fvO, and again piirmptojily . iderrd
him to take Ins >„ at.
Mr H ^ 'jam d» • bind, alledgi. u licit lie !. ! Ik. ii sit
.. ruio did u a to | inclined to sit then. 11. r. upon
auuilicr nici.ibi r "I the I ir alt. inpted to inter!', re, hut the
.judge j< f,;sed to In,/ hint until Br. IL took his seat,
and - ider.-d the ( Ink to enter a.,, 'll. T hue .-I A 1' a.; a i list
M. i« ; and again, in a very perenqii- rv u; i ... r "< rcd
Mr. IL l i tnk» lit;; scat yvliirh M r IL si ill declined to do.
J In Jud o then ordered an-other fine of |~>() more to he
. nt. r. .1 up against him. and ordered the Jierilf to remove
him I r .m the court room.
I he scene became . iniueiitlv ludicrous. The deputy
slteriifapproached Mr. IL and urged him to leave the
room. Mr IL maintaining his t. mper, appeared in no
hurry to obey. In the meantime tin Judge was threat
ening the sheriff’and refusing to hear anv ether member
«>f the bar. Alter a time Mr H. withdr. w from the
room, when the Judge directed an order to he enti ri .1 up
against Mr. R, to show cause why lie ehmihl net he
struck from the roll.
\N\I \l. TlMiAM'I!\ IfKI’OJlT.
We lay this doeument before otir readers to-day. It
gives a gloomy picture of our financial condition, and
gives hut little reason to hope for a speedy change for the
better. This is the legacy of the last tw. lve years of
misrule—the price which the people are to pay for the
rash “< jju rinu nta," which destroyed the best currency
the world ever saw. deranged our exchanges, crippled
our commerce, prostrated our manulaetures, and paraly
zed the agricultural interest. And the end is n»*t yet !
We h ave yet, we fear, to pass through troublous and
stormy times, before the halcyon will brood iqioii the
lace ot the watc rs, and hid its agitated waves “hr still!”
'I’lu Secretary’s opinions in ref. ret ice to duties on im
ports, though promptly denounced by Mr. Calhoun as
“hi hmd the age,” strike us as being charaeteriz. d alike
by w isdom and moderation. 'They open the v< \« d .pies
tion of the Tariff, which is not to Ik- disposed of by an
ex cathedra sneer at their author, nor in tin limits of a
brittf paragraph. W . shall Imve something to say of it
COCNTFUFF.ITS -The Kiehmund F.nrpiircr of
Tuesday, the 28ili, says, we understand there are spuri
mis notes of the dr nomination i t ,$'Jt) on the office ot tin
F.xchnnpc Hank at Clarksville, in circulate n. They
are to he distinguished from the genuine I y having no
nil' ring or device im the hark' if the uni I s. \\ e are an
lln rised to eaution the pnhlieon tins sufjr cl by one who
is well informed in relation toil.
,lon_v S. !V.mii.bton,F.s(|. nf \ iieinia, 1 . S. Charm
o' Affaires to the Republic ol’Chili,arrived at Norfolk
on the 'dljlh ult. in the liiehmond bout, to take passage
in the Frigate Cnited Mates, which is Isiund to tin
SMALL POX.—The Lexington (Va.) (iazelte of
I )i ccmlsr d7, says—“Otu tin sc of the Small Pox league
eurred in our village. The |« rsoii whosufU red from it.
is now, (Wednesday noun.) much better, and we arc
happy to Ik- informed, is Considered out of danger. This
is the. null) ease which hits oeciinnl here, and from tin
precautions taken, we do not apprehend that the disease
will spread.”
OT Tin Oxford V C. Mercury says the Sne ll
Pox is entirely stopped—nearly all the eas .art coma
lesecut. and tin dangr r is over in the nrfgltbcmrli-x ! ’.I t'
Special Klectim in I’ennsylianui.— V'ic Sj ■ otal K
hction held in tin. Som raet D.siriel, P-nn ylvania, on
tin Cist ult-, f t a member of Congress in place ol lodge
Htuek (W.)dcccascd, resulted in tie choice of Mr. Hus
-*11. (AY.) His majority was 77.
try Our collector. Mr. Thomas D liar,!, will wait up
,-r p—"■ icdeb'cc ft thin offi in t .. it.d t!,: Jjsin
count.cs. titJ wo hope will lt«d In ,e. pr- 1 -rnr
railv t : 1 heir j v ;. ' ■
l.jltti'i+f aliUUr- tint !
W xhiiim,r.»v, !)•*' b!wth, 1841.
• 7* • i.ldors -lioth M->us s i»t(‘.m n-iss lire h«y,iii
1 ani j i» rid • s i. iusly oil tli«« Ims ni . • I I. * Mnlittioti.
If*<‘ ' •* • •« • >! the I'rrs derfTs M • ,» 1« t!u« in Him
i . x uJ« dr Hr in tln« lions, of l( pn -i<-fif.itivcm, mi I
U ha* ■ •]* *U*d Up llu* whole subject o! tho 7ii» 7’, u J
wlule thin h 'foingmi hen*, the Senate is eoimntindmg
the reference ol#;f prop dtioii to repe d the I;ankntpt Hill,
or rather to suapmiu »f llae.,:niiu neommt xxiil, I liavi
nodjuht, hr postp.iitcd I’nitil » uioii 'distant day thin tint
named in the I»i)I on ’inai'v . ("»* 11 passed.) I think tr
Ido lx that tin Hdl will xvilibe rejw d< d
»;i 1 Ueha i n li 1J, f think. « inn >i • nmand nui
than dn votis ui tin* I louse of U #cntiUi> e, -certainly
it xvill fir shoit of i maiorttv.
rn Nicvri n
d/uWiM Kditf-rs It is xx nil deep rej»a *t, Halt Ns• s»s
mmuiavd in your last paper, lli.it our able aworthy
UepreMeiilativt. ItiehM II Toll r, Ks.j , \\ ill ho I A* r hi
a candidate to represent the |H-,.ple ot Campbell “die
I .'p edature ..I \ n nmii. and is it lielmoves us to he v, '•
lint in our Kelt i turn, to obtain one \x ho xx ill hi a ta.it hi tit
sentinel in tin mairitaiiiatii e of >.ur rights, xxe there lire,
lee..mm. lid to u pi iirrmis puhlie, the name , f Maj. \\ m.
II HltOWN.as a man every wax worthy of our eonii
dene, —with ft well balanced mind, eoiuhimal withem rpy
and lirmu, . We xx ill doubtless find in tiini a faith
lul and valuable Hcpmmutntive.
mu Tin. x ikuimx'
.Wcw« Hildas- May I ask xon, in p, ileet I'nendli
in S', of f. eluio, to relei to mi Editorial paragraph in the
\ IIL>llliuil of ill, y ill ,.| | )ee«*mbet, and to say NX In tin r,
mi a irxnwol it, you eati repeat the approval there, iven
1 1 Mi W !-•' ’■'t.'ri.t t|t tile Oilm i Dium : MC^0a ttnd
flit f>( nj>ti < *’
I'.irdon me the freedom of saym.', that x .u remarks
i • oniiii" as they do from o. nth'ineii in xx h. se general
nood taste ami judgment | have great eoiilidenee.) e\«*l
ted m my mind no little mu-prise. Is it indeed so. eemb
iii 'ii. that that is “a very good toast,” whit-li profanely
‘ports with tin name of the Almighty. and dan s to eon
lire! the Mot Ill’ll Cod With the le\X est detliilje ,o i|(‘ist|| !
I bis may »-etti strug bmpuape and as it miplieH
* .me e« nsiiie mi v hi t *i eommeudmp mieli a si utiiueiil,
I am willing *n allnxx . that in the hurry of preparing a
‘ihorl para,riaph. one max he I. ,1 t . approx< |an>Mi;ioe
Without du’iV Welrlmio IIS nupolt.
Ilui what a policy ran Mi W i olVer in Ins oxvn he
hal*, clothed as lie I - will all the dignity a id llilhlenee
tb.tt n high mid honourable station rim eon I’, r l Does
it Hot strike Von. mi a -.(.'01111 reading, that the man xx ho
ran drills lately ask a puhlie assemhlx to take sn di a
sentiment upon lb- 11 lip-, must be unlit In be a I .. M*.|alor
in tbi" ( hiisliitn land • It is eith, 1 sin r tiotiw tmi . nn
alloyed demiigogurism. or • bam, fill imp'ety; for xxb il
eajthly eoiuiei>ti..n .mu there be betxx. en on h prose to
till \liuiphty, and r. v, :<*n«*«• for the people !
No. ....utleiileu- tills toast . .f Mi. Wise is of it price
xx ith all tin , ant and fustian xx«■ have had front him.
V marvel Ions !-. . r of tin* ■ dear people,’* /ie, xx ho stu
11 I b o \ \ \\ 1 |' (whoNC Houl
IS,-..10111111114 \x nil 1 \. only of his most catxUlvnl m l/. mid
with hatred toward-, all \vh » max stand in tin xx ix ol
III advatie* in. til. \ famous 1 p el, 1 >.l the l iVXsol
(• I is lm. xx b 1 a 1 e , ,11 x stand h\ and soy hi" frlloxx
hi .hi fall a x 1 - t nn 1 . tin tunnlm »u ■ eo.b ,| hoini.r!
\ • 1 1 x In 1-./ ii! ri, and Deeeitev. and Virtu-. ami
II rtiimi, ire to «11. \\ ith 111111'
I* eui.se smile 1 .ii irant W .1 .1 . j , 1 litth \x ni, 1 oner
said that the mnntl. of.lohn Kand.dpb had fallen upon
Henry A. Wise, fie in I id in t llui puhlie 1 1 il<
x\ ith every spe • 1 • • .,1 apish imitnlioii ,,f .1 dm l{ mdolph.
v 1 ' ' V* well might 11 cluinsy
bird -k to follow the ea"!«• in hi • m.ij, .:,. |1 ..lit .'
It 1 mi, that Mr. W 1 should kn. xx . that in 1 h< < ti
mat ion of a II but limn - If. fs. a lixx I ad t al. rs, In- 1 r> n/
small man not xxorlh.it 111:1 y he, tin notice that is here
taken ol bin. I'.,it In oeeupien a public slat; n, and
we, ms to I,, pr i jiing alter public honornid M is on tin ,
account that 11 s, eius appropriate toeall puhlie attention
to xvhftl IS, at lea a fully 011 In part, it' not ■ inrlliiii"
worse. <) lb cj
I "• I .yiicli • Mcch i and W » hingl'M I nion
I't tljM‘i:ili! i in . nil I oil I rid.l) light, (In■ v; 1 ill
•. * mbcr. Mild - on ( hr' tin. .! \ , w h ,t (hi N u
hI i proc* '»*n «' tlm head d Main s*reel, and iiiurch
ril III till IHt I ' \ t« I . n Chill! h. wild* «. .1 ll dlii
i'a hs" w ms d> !'.vor« | ,.N i!i ]; r. Win. S. *d, auita
III' t* til' '*« ‘Ml! Ml. Tin* III! ’OtillgM ware In 1(1 eve.,
u -l,l during tic II ily-lass, and wem highly intoreutmg
'*» all * I. • ey , ! • itr pc pic. \\ , ui vci had .*♦*» ipiift and
peace.'ll Me Christinas. ^ ‘-maI work his commenced
in eur l"W n .and is '«■addv onward. *. havv lie a seei
i ll* . all "ll tile sale I’M. s, t >tal i'„.tunMic- from a,'.' '“ ‘•t
\i to adj i'tiiH d n*.ci tin* *.r tin I .vnelihitrg Mcelmn
ies T.aupcranc, Society, held at tin It iptist Church, nil
tile evi ling oi tin- iit.tth ills! . Ml f. oYloel. , I’. M
The inerting was opened with pi.iv r hy the Rev
John Karly, ulter which an appropriate Ti mpi ran *
11y mu was sung hy tin Seen i s
The inci ting w i.inddrcssed hy the l» \. Mes.sr«. Shn
ver, Karly. and Cumpsiou. and hy Maj. Janies (iarlaml
and ( apt Tims. A Holcomb'.
( apt I loh* imhr offered the following resolutions\vllt«*h
were unanimously adopted :
Uwoll'Cil, 1*1. I hill ns public < pin ii wan never s>i
•Tonglv in lavoitr of true Ti mpornnee principles, as at
tin .time, that we w ill exert all our en« rgv and influence
to disseminate the principles ol tohil uhuti mnn' from all
intoxicating Lnpmi until tin cause shall I»• • triumphant
in our tow ii.
/11'solicit, ‘idly, Thai the cflbrts and success ol the
Washington'! • t.. I \b» 1 in ■!, ••* S »en ties throughout the
I idted St;ite-., constitute ail era III tin can ,; of Tciii
|h i.mct . and uflord gralilymg evidence <*l the force of
truth, and a well grounded hojw.ol tln accoiiipliKluiiciit
at no ihmud nay. of the great pu raises id the Temp' i
ance movement. W'e hail with delight the one formed in
our town, and say to our hr: thr» n, In d ? piid.
/C'.so/r*</, •>dl\ , That it is the duty o! the Irtends ol
Tempi ranee, to stand hy the reformed inebriate, and
guaiil him a rain d temptation and danger, hy procuring
l*»r him suitahh employment, as fur ns needful, and that
they it gar I « ptc.al'y the murids ofthe yutiujr and ri
sing gi neralioii.
Hrsutrnt, Ithly.Tii it w * hail with high gratification,
tic formate ii ol a Total Alstinenc.• Si-irty among tin
('atholies m our conummilv.
Ilrnnlmt, .r>i!ily, That tldt. Society will meet on the
a* fond and fourth M udav- in each month.
/•' snlrnl, Gtldy . That this Society will inert on the
lii Tuesday of K» hriimy, it being a day « I simultaneous
Temp! ranee m- ( lings throughout the world.
On motion, tin Society ;nIjoiirtird, to imct again at
slich place !U 1 lie I'Aceuti ve ( 'omilllttee shall ap|>*»mt.
JAMKS KRETWKl.h, hrsidml.
(ji.ounr Ii. Tin ii m an. Si ri rturi/.
.Ym.ifjir of limbers.
T’ I. V in ii’ .*:. ■ M* chan a s’ Temperance S .ecty, 1!!f»
I c W *.'iiii-'in 1 nion Tionperan •!• S leit'l y, I (hi
'IIk Cajtl ! ' 'I** mjM rriiK'e S IrU
\ oI \<; MKN’S MH-IKTV
(Question f* i Saturday night, the Pth iiifst:—‘'Should
lhe State ol \ irg.rca eonfine its approjirialions to the pri
mary Sc In •• !*, or i \u nd them to luglu r School* /”
vi uiia
Married, on Tuesday crenin£, th • ‘.K th of I>r:n i'u r
|;uit, by tin* IF v. Edward Ward>wirth. Mr. .I vtr.s
VVki111. f mu tlv of i'upland, to Miss Ajfft ( , da
- I Mr. .Fseph Davis, nil of this place.
, on Wed lav, flie y tfu IF v. \\ .1
limn Icd’twirh, Mr. IFn t.iu \ \istin, t i Miss \ v\
I j.i/.Airiin. dnu^hti r if di-iplt \N lull mi, E.-wj., all of
-. (.'i Wednesday, tin* : Jd nit, hy the IF v. Wil
Kim I iFaili. Mr. Whi.lvM \. Wmitton, to .Mr
Ki.tzv \ , daughter »,f William N. Austin, Esq., «f
wfc'MH1 wwflf »r jar-*jrrrTt^w-sgg-- mrfs»<wr ■ xt-.
tturn u:v.
Died, at Ids re^idoncr, in the county of Buckingham,
on tlu i nibt., Maj. Willi >m Drv \l, in the 'Jltli year
of liis ape.
Departed fins life, at the Sulphur Springs, tho rcsi
denoe of her husband, Hinds c mnty, Mississippi, r,n tho
m irninr r.f the 14th of last September, in the ‘^Bth rear
of her age, Mis. Ann I - Fitzpatrick, consort nf.lnhn
K. Fitzpatrick, In to of Piusvlvama county, Virginia,
leaving a d: • M.Aolatc husband and tw ♦ small children,
w th turner sir ’rend an ! •* \i uw r * bmu.an their ir
1“\nr i •'*-1 1' • IK:! :t m i!i hs»?th f r
■■ f
■' . 'is! y ' - •' j - • • •'."ilK ” - e; un;i
I Unit her In', might yet be p. ilituhly and u o i*i111 y prv
| hingeil many \. irg hut tin ir hope* wire illu• »r> In
imv * tiriuj thoihith otThis truly amiable w .mail, it IS
I not tie-nlefft • f the writer to Imimh praise on the dead,
whieh she did riot denr-rvo whilst living; lor lie is will
Jiwai • t}i. t tie'onlorrir: of an obituary notice arc rmr»
Ir*-MM-ntly diht I by the hist proxy sin# of the grief ol
! iVtcnds nn I r* !atm»i, than the intrinsic merit., of the do
I r pai d, but not s» in this instance. Let the i xt north
narv seiruti m produ ed by tie Rfimivtcintiou of tor sudden
| ■ • . linespt (I dcn'!i, testify to her niic.itmnon merit#!
rtie pro i i «.f un obituary are not demanded i» portray
; l.e: diameter in its true colors, where she was Known ,
no* The writer has bo n induced to nil. r tins feebh
i Ironic to her memory, only an an a< t of eoiilbiuuiv to
th • u i * of the eomnumity in wlm h wo live, ami to
<* >uv. v tie ■ .! and milamdi.dy tidings to hi r dinlant
lit. ndi snd relations; for in the subject of (hi* tributi
Wei.■ e iitSj « ii .lei ill tile lueji and emliariiig ipi iht n s ol
the oUslient child, the devoted wife, the kind and tender
uiolhei niul the aflci tionate Mister. She was true rmd
et.nliduig :i a frietul ; she was warm and sincere m her
ehiueii' making uj protrusion* ul regard w here she
.h i not leel any ; she was generous ulmoNt to a fault,
j and a n wemail, was hi rial and hig hint tided, and wher
I ever chanty wan needed, her heart was never known to
! seruph in hi Miovving bountifully and ilioerlully of her
'ubstauec, and in her dwriling, did the weary traveller
,,V| - iin I w itli that kimlnOHs which the tuoMt hospitable
hjci.u I" -:"W. Tim Miiciety of which hIio w as an
ornament will long mnuni her loss, and mingle their
tears w uli tl. "* *"r dineonsvilate illative*. Them
taints of her he. '^Judc m a heller wmld where the wears
are at re t. im a dei 'Hhilul consolation to In r mourning re
latioiis and ir.endH She vhi'd luimpul and ensy, and
eoiufoitul with the Con Sdencv l the ol dmuw
Christ I or /iit, “death .VI no “the gtttvr had
no \ iciery
I i i i «pii it tins lh i\vn li» us rest
I:*, "oi row ■ mill siitVeimg* art* o’er.
It bath ii.iiiumI (lie tar clinic ol flu* bind .
Ii w ill \ hit mu eohl earth no more
I I i n werjinut 'tvvi'i'i1 ftinfnl to mourn,
That the tyi,nit, mu I• hill hope hath i iv on,
I b.niplidieV gone and ii" more nun ictum ,
SIm tut hei in the plot s of I Im\ i n.
. in I’inea itle, on Thursday the dOlli of Deeeui I
her, Mr t • lo Hi.!'. T \\ m.ton, in the \>:id tear of his
ing lie was on hi* wav tVoin Missouri, where he had liy
ed Monti* i wo or three year . to visit Ins friends in Itua
nuke county, \ a
Of 'I he Itielimond l aiouin r w ill ph ase insert the
a hove.
■ Cl'lll'W oi Him l.vnrliliiu'4 illiirlii'ia,
i iiRIH.i ri n n i m i ry
ii o i. « o ii it i: «» r i; v ,
<»iiliiliwi«ii .fit rt haul*.
I ''o h i hern very dull dtlllnn tllill luuulll.
We quo.Id in I on i , i; ;,o
NeU Krill', I.II lie :| (HI tu I fill
<.'hkI tu iiui> ii on .tu 7 .in
(hind tu Hur niaiitdiicluiiuif 7 nn m 11 .Ml
N, u I .11 ' l, luyiMU I .rO |u '.' .ill
N ilim ; liuu iu mtirkel and very 1 i11li> duiior.
lii. | *• 'i i I iu the iu. mi Ii i a | le tuiImt. I'll. Ill hlel -
In 1*10, I .'I IiIiiIh.
('uut|iitrisuii ul' luK|M'i'li.avi, I* In, I'll.
N I. Iimpeeled I'l III 11, 1 I Slid,
1*10, Duo ,1.1. Ml 11,,;
1*11 " ill-i M l oi:i 7 j|
llu '.,ai' In, ,1 ■ ,'l. nitil Tuharru Ih dull an I y,iy
I""'. I h, , r,,|, i r,m ii in I M | is \ , n laime m \'ii'jiu ,
'I',' Itm • ee I thn \\ , a Thi. i, Well aarirl.I
'■ ' lie Steel iu Km I]ir me tuny ..hint Wi
" ml I advi hi tlie plniiti ..lull I, t I ecu er,,ii and
aau.e u.ill 1 eyeept uii rich Inti 1 ,,r ueyy prou'ul.
I’’I,nit. per hnri I I dull) 5 Oil t j 1
U heat per hu.ihel | no in 1 II., ,
'I al (per I iimIh I.) by wliule ale (II,, in II 70
le-ru, ((I. ", l i., ;i Oil I
(lain, ( p, t liunlt, I,) II III I) |., I
II If* a, r i per tun) ; on i,, n nn 1
\\ li key. | by \vbull mle) II dll I , i, ;; 11
liuu, (per t, ii.) I in,,iiih., 7;, no I., n so
I! , '>H, ( pi I 1 ii I ml i e, t.) | oil (,, Ii .Ml
I',,ill. ( pur tllill,Ireil.) ,| ,m I,, II IHI
Mult, (put Mil, k.) > no In :i no
I letup, (pi i i,,ii.) I iii nn I,, | m on
I lay Sr, I, II, e„ ,1 ,1, maud at 11 p r I e .Iu I.
t in ii.tt (.
I Inn ii tin-Til II ,,, on
1 ‘l*liH' mi r II |n t„ (hi
I It II,( < I M III , (111.) eiailmtle In m.'ll.e hllia || lid
vfiiH'ivs nn jir.iiln
'! his V II Ii ml p (Tei I itrviei ih ii prior of T„ ■
hue,'ll I,t tile Hill'll priee nlTill eeulH p, r Id,,I Ilia huh
"die : 't and III I e tile Htaieiueiii. II, uciild lie tliauk
t'ul fi,r pnirun..,' I le eniithiiu h tu w ll It, u I KhuiIo m
lie I ,« n and e mdrr.fnd will e ,i|tlnet -my eilea ,.! |,'. .il
ur Hi iml K In n : ,! p R,lj ining , mm , , yy bon
|, ,|U t e l.
HI' il MONO ,M VltkKTS I),, . rid.
llu ,.has hi, II nearly hic pi nded, Hiuee lit, e ml
He Her nn III el III! Iml Vila y III Tehliee,,, ni.lhiliu l.a
heeuiluiii Small lutsul I leiir yvere huIiI yentcrilay un
llu- Ita mi hank, al .C'I. In at ,re it im Iu Id al .il.ld |,, J
I'l.du. Imt ih, mi, I, i. dooidmlly dull. No Corn i„ '
eunimu in ii in worth frum ■">" t , eeiiu. Ojiimri
pane at Tic.
• ii'i'JbWTi o.v
UM II VMr A IC 'l l I, V. I.‘ It V .
I' \U \DIO, i ii Saturday mi M, tin* Stli
Hint .at t\v i u’rlurli |* M .nt thr itwial
janidi'j^r wml . \ lull atti mlttiu •• i dr«i
rablr, ns iiiijiMitani Im.aitii'tM will In
la.at *ht lull* tb* (*oni|i:iny.
IIv unb r ul ilir t aptai i.
j \ \ii*;s i*u\. o s
.1 til. I If
7to i'aniicrs <nu1 #*/antics.
| KDIKYINC that tin circulation of Niyriewltural
II | :i|»» »• in this irojiin if country has <l«inr, arid is
likely to do, mi« ii liiion, the undusitfmsl will, with
plen um, order the New \ <-rk “Cultivut r” Dr hitch as .
may wish him to do mo. D,v< ii those who only cultivate
u t* inleu, will occasionally meet with an article which
[’ontains inf iiTiiati'iii worth, to tin an, no v era I years’ i*ub
script inn.
\ ty jm r • »n wli i will send the und< rsi^ned a li#t
of names shall have the heiu (it u| tin- iillowanee made
hy the puhlinhi rs lor obtaining .-ubserij,on.
The terms are one dollar, payable m advance! the
V himc commences w ith tin January number. Any or
all of tin1 hack numbers can also lie had: tin tien |imr at
lift v cents eneli, ami the other Ibtif at one dollar,
ICilIin’s “Darners Hry-mr’’ willnlso he ordered for
tln.si u ho rtapnte it. MICA) All DAN IS, Jr.
Jan. 0 it •]
I n Ji srt)li /Idrm lt mill Itmhrlliis wife, lute Ititfhel J'av
mil. I.in: / I. Crow mid Small his wife, late Sarah
Darnell, .hnnes /lamed and . inn his wife, late . Inn
llavnell, .fnfm .^Ltrfin and Delhi his v'ife, late Dolh/
HarmII, l/nhevt hen!, Junevh J^inl. ,/vhn b.ent, Da
rid heal and .film 11-aide J: *
iU.D.UD.TOTAKD, NOTIC'D,, that we shall ot.
1 the llnh day 'fDihruaiy, ID 12, :it the ofliec of
Win. ID 6v Jam D. Preston, hi the tow n of Christ,tin*
Inir_y. ciunly of M itoomery, proceed to take the Depo
sitions of C r\\ alters, I )avid < 'raijj, S.mi‘l Trump
and otherto ho r«ml as evidence in a certain suit now
dcp< ndim* in the ( hancery side of the Circuit Superior
( ouit of Daw and Chancery, lor tin* county of S| *;it
mu rv, in which said suit you ared. fondant®an 1 wo ure
plaintiffs, at which time and place, you can attend if von
think pr;p» r. S!imid tin taking of the I)< p .siiimi n >t be
completed, in one day, will he continued from day to day
until the same is ended. \ ours, &o ,
DAMI) HAK.NKTT ami others,
I ty* their Attorneys.
Jan. C» wlm
*«► t bi b;.
\NIKI.\V. I.OYK ha.; nm vrd Ids sh.p from
tin M tin street to his dwelling hou^q <<n .he hill,
near Cnjif. .1. I'. .Johns-ui’s Hotel, v here hr would ho
ohtd to attend to any business entrusted io him. Those
wishing him to do their work, ran leave it at Mr. Uca
nick’.. St ire >n Main street.
!!•• intends visiting tire counties pf V'diorst. C amp
hell. Pittsylvania. Bedford ami a part of Botetourt, (or
the purp mn of repairing Clocks.
Dec. I • * tsif
imi meat,
A HOc^Kan.'l I. .ot iniTir-i :rrk- . n 1 ’ iO-: .,
R'iiUnl*. nr iiu'ly aivl t>iui;i:\u pjr
'ort.v f.ritroo'v
By I’AVAIi & Tl UXUJ.% AMI1«
Mroccrieu at *tuctloH.
Url'. will sell, without ftarve, on Friday next, iQ
front of our ntore :
*i hh.lu. St. Croix anJ I*. K Sugar
1 .i bag* ('oflee
'dll buxe* Tallow and Spann Candb »
• • half pipes S. J,l, Wine
6 U>xo» Candy
U.SU \u as. irtntrnl of HhiJ Ware, viz:
lira*. 1 under*. Shovel and Tong*, Candle Stick*,
llni.;' : and Units, K flea. Sli d limn, ice,. V •.
r. dc T., Anot’r*.
•Inn. 0 It
t.otlcry amt M'.trha age Office.
'V’ < >W we hegm h New A enr. and eoriioviin-iitly wiN
i x miy iioihing of the bmtmtrablc i'rrae* which luive
hi eii distributed Iroro this OIK.* o.n :e the 1st day of ia*t
Sepiembi r. 'I hey have only served to pul tntr hanils in,
"iidns vve I,ii ivv there ii nothin; like a HUAW’LVO
ST. IHT, we will make tin .11,,it u. put oar PRET
TIES T TOOT TvltEMOS f and . ft. r Hr New
A eui'sday the following bedtimes - Ui ad them, andob
•K?I-vp lip* roL\rs.
i imii.vu i.F.nsnrna Lorrzar, cfa» jsv.
I»./' r l w 1 Fi> be dnuvn at Fu(iTshitri£t un IFcJ
iii sd.it/ tin th, a: it j suit n i. 'red on Vie hth • r
l‘KI/,1 «.
I .1 i.nil.) l‘,(/CO— l,U-7s—,■> of l.CCO—j tf
..ml 5 lli 111*' .. 1 if 0*— bsl',
7.7 mnnht m — 1 1 drawn out ! !
I loLrl.t 41 duir ; in jimturii.in.
u:i:s!u:u<; l.orrnty. ci,M i8ii
71> hr tlniirn ut .Verumhin i n Hahn-tltti/, llir Pth diiy
11 Jimuanj, itiul remit rrrtienl an l.ht i 1IX.
I l’ri*i' i.f.V'.O.nO(l_|.'5,lllHI—fl,OfK)—5.no(f—
| IKHI-ld.IMKI—‘>,li'7y , . ‘i.fi'KI—un of
1.000 -'in cif,")0ll_'i,«(„f :,0.|_i|OU
*>•' ISO -Ci of I DO—&c.
7r> iiiiiiiIk r,-i 1;! drawn out.
Tirlntri 110— lialvr i fi —ijnarlir., 4 1 7k).
i mai.Yi.i Miivn.va.il.u r.nvTKity, t w»
II 'I'u h' ilrnwn nt llirlinruul, tm .VoNitny, the lUfli
ifjuu , iiml remit rrrriiTit llir I uh.
4'itpittil $ IV.ICO,
1 prlw of I 39 1,3)0 ’.hum
. nil , | 'Ml. Ml ,.f • fill— „f 100, fcp. 6iC.
7 i An*., I i lir.twn nut.
Tii'l.i I.- .$ > hah • !>i ' I ''uartriM $1
I lill.I.YI.I I.I.I.SIU IK.', All. 1
7’n hi tillin' i ul I'elrr.ilnte^. ml ll’e lnea l.iy, the I it\
11 .lun., iiml n still ret ii red Ihr \Oili.
V Ii I Z K S .
410,MIHI I.MNI I ,MMI I .HOC l.fl>!—I* priiiH of
Mil *11 ,,r III I 'll of I i Ml Ilf 100.
MM N i l . 1M |)r.i n n out.
TirlnUAI litlvnli •i|MV(i'M$l.
i iiii.i.vi.i Mn.vo vi;.ii.i i i.nrvKitr, »'/«.,»
It. I'u hr. thti rn ul ,lh e in I 11, on S.rluntnj, the
1 Hi of J in . unit I - net iieeirrit
the I.M/l.
4'tipilttl S'vi/.i' '.S.t.'JOf,
I j»rivu* * l llM.MMM ! ,i r il l.iVlOO- .0 nf 1,007—Vl
of I mm :> i of :: hi I ii .,f I'■ i 0! oi
mi. f -
7 N . I ; 111 inn n;
T. -'."In 410 S*i tr , in jir -j* i i in.
l'riu n Ni . in N\ rlKInir >’!,
W r> !.' 30 07 I ! nl lii I ! IM in I ! 1 31,
Mnii m. all.i 3i,
71 ’i I II NT I 01 n V. 71 l’.l .11 ■;:) 01 t.i K
M .ii .n.i .f i
0 1 r>-< oi •■! 17 I ii :t7 in *3 »Vi
f:r. 4i ; 411 410 41 s 4 ■ 4* «44 4;.
’I’, ndvi nlim I v. mid any llml il iioiir |.i:r|i.MO i>
di"i! ill■ 1 • 1 linn in I'm 1 unis iInw i ;h ill \. tr nl IN i'i, in
Mira.I nl hiinUr’ he. 1 In |N||. linn I It i m firm day of
I uni'll v. ls'l”. \vi turn ni-r 11 urn' Inf. If you'd liavti
llir rli inn •, 11 d\ , .11 y nir 1 rili r, In
\Y. y„ M.'TTON.
'i dml . In l i'.v tlir I’nMl Ofll.'IV
i'or SCcuf,
^ -l'\ , :i I'luntulmn «•>i,aisii:i^ :i1hmt (50 n
rrifMil'I L;im«I, \v.il» :» yon I I)wi llin 'So*,
y, i!Iiin I ', milr , i f lown. \pplv to
II. B. MCI I Aims.
Jan. o im
\i:w siiMiiM: %\o HiRViWH
.ft. t.V.’t'.ti'T Q!t\\
r E "11 i'. MiiliHcriiM i:-t havin_ .. * - • . < ■. J iulwki-Uc* under
E the st) h and linn ol
TUiiim.M a c«..
and having taken the hoine thrmerlv nc» upied tv John
i hurinun, one dour above .Meters. Thurman Jk S%h»»ul
tii Id, and nearly nppoHilr Me**,*. Bmint ^ \ouiik,
lmve, and will cue: iimlly keep i n hand,
i a.\» a nm.xTOi
s.aaataa.aa: i%
maimlhetnred by themselves, i f the bofyt materials, iu
the neatest style ami latest fashitn e
iVrsoin wishing in buy would do well to give them a
i ill, as they are determined to m II rur.vp.
Allwrdera punctually attended to, and all repairs dune
with neatness arid despatch.
[,F\\ IS \\ W KKNN.
N. R.-^Cinmtry produce taken in c*chaise at rash
market prices, fur werk, t*. \\. *|\
I. w. w
J. V. S.
Dec. 2 . is if
i* —*
• .\OTi(F«
Vl.l. lines-■■ who havnewntraotnl dchts with Mr. Mc
dail I,vmnn.nl tin' nhovc named hniisc, will cult
mi him ninl nettle lln’in, us lie w ill remain there tor that
|)ilr|niw, amt is fully iiuthnriaM to sctllc iIk-iii.
J. ('. SI I ,\CK I.KFORD.
I), r. ■> tsif
n s:.sn tbs is.
f I 111 I", s'iln."'i!rr has mi hand a large and well sjvh'O-t
I mi ass rtuict of n.uwtr.im: «mi ctTWi
II1" whiuh lie will sell at reduced prices tor V-VsH
T1 ie slock mi hand embraces a general a*sornucu» u»
Budding Materials, C’arpcutei’s and Joined Tools,
I loiis,> Keeping Ttensds, Agrieidtural Implement*,
Macksmith’s Tool*, Shooting Tackling, lion all aizrs
reel kinds, ('a.it. Shear, (»* rmun, Foolish and American
Mistered Steels,Fuland\Yrought N at Is ,C ustings.,
^c. bi.e. From arid alter the 1st cU»y ef January4 l*4*i
"e shall endeavour to do a cash 1-uSmi-,:, our limited
■ tieaii.'j rtspiire it. \\ e would f<s.potft(ttlly say tuthos • in
debted to us. that, we v.ant money and ul nm-ssity must
•cllect. \\ iil you make a Ultic sacr five and pay us.
1 F. s. miiY.kr.
Jan J lim if
IS a r S i* o n.
1,*1 TONS w ell i .rtc.l C itin*ry Bar Ir-ra rj’apppt
* * veti quality u St- re.
A I*., fi toiuTic!- e.rdo,f r.Kt!>hv
(iKV'. ilAGBY & Ci.
dan. 3 6t:C
B'or Sale or ISeut,
el’ll IE property while I live. Pi** .*h.-n given iut
.1 mediately. J.VM1VS T. STEVENS,
dan. 3 CtU'
£’ O i{ (t K S V .
'"^4 TliUSvte.n fc v- , y^h'd*!"* y,'
Ldiiil 1 c '] 1 •”1 ' ‘ m- 'rrf> nvo*
•’*" d h, ■(

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