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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, April 07, 1842, Image 1

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" I'Im' ICit(lit« oi ikp Minira, nu«l ilio I iai<»N oi iln< «*i m«.
ui• tof>::a. j’ot:\V4,»;»• *v fts;a* r/. _ _ »,* Tin HMm innn«^<;, u>uii,
A * S ' ,
“THE lANtTlBlKt VII'tilMAN."
Is pMtht d semi-i
ai hovn Dollars j rr an 1.1 a. , .. ible . . /. am:r ,\1» >i.
apt ion will be ren i«t. d t\a i . in u . * i.’.mt six i.-antbs.
iPad no paper trill l>e J-o >>,limited, (c -- rpt ,:f the lUsereta.n
^ Use Editors.) UritJ nil ar r r r* * »• p ;
if?, .in l i: ll 7 7 V F.>/ /:. \ • / S i, **,,,i „r 50 cent» / r
oquor* (or tens,) for the first insertion, and *7 ± cents for
item subsequent insertion.
EVERY .IDV l II i I s till is reqia t. : t<> note, on In
manuscript, how bug I r i • s/.r.v /*/$ uiliurtis ment insirUd ;
t*n advertisement, n t so iiutc.l, will be nisertid l.ll its u.
<eontimuance be ovrpi
rOH FK 1 .11 J F. 11 iLYfl t t ti
the privilege of two squares, $10 <• <• sqtutt't, $2 j j
• r.# square, inner form,
#;*• JOB PllI.V J'LV*l (- .u'cd ur.tl.j an l > xpeditious
•V- and o/i reasonable tarns.
1 SZarfy vi fvrocrriis. i'ltr
ii it lire. JYr.n
at \ r r i i o % .
HV virtue of a D I ■ fTi . executed t» me, h\
Mr. Joseph M " i
March, 1M7, uiui ni i. i • ;ti t. • li>tr;os ( • urt i’*r
the Corporation ol l.y ■ .I mTi'i lay, tie1
I 11li day of.April, I - II
Marsh in the town ol l.s .-■!i :• , s. iI : \ was o»’p.t lie
auction, the entire
Slot I* ol I.IOJ CI i< «, sn:«l Sil t s
enveyed by said deed, her\; all that tic said Marsh
owned or possess. • I in the town tf 1 .yuch! i.. at the
time of executing the si d dee I A's » a lar^.- quantity ' i'
HOI SEIlOl DflJVD .. .Y1 i ll YITUlll
<»iu‘ HI or s<», A v.
terms or sack i ; ii 'i! s n »■ -odMI
$70, cash w ill
n it i xct • -
|\,r all vutusov- r S' u t ' c . . a or •■•i,
• flour months w ill I <- -A* . t -r ! - ■ - : ■ . v ■
$700, a credit of h t i ■:' • v.;' 1 ! d- I • •• put
chasers in every in t-fice i- n : si ,!•• . , with
8'tch ettd. \m r> as n : . ; *1 :> t . t.. ■
The sl« •' f l»
worthy the tittf nti • I ( • . ?*k•
The title Jo t * . i , ' % i ' -\ ' ■■■.!' • r!; ' i.l
acting til Tel V :• >'l If.I .1 • > : • <1 •' V .. ■: i ; e u\ ,
su h ti lo thereto a \ t
aforesaid. ( 1I1‘ '< ..i.l, !).\':»NK\. 7Y. *'•
April I
rtf11. .nisei'll il*.; m
roa id i:i the (’ i . •!'.* i * ‘ i f l.\i. ■ I.' i:* *. • *
and oenv* yd t > im : U l r « ■ * . | ■ s i * * *!>,
s:ii« 1 d. "I r >. J>r • I. ! t ■ ■ t • c! ■ • ;
wh« t!:• / lit ii .! i • r ' ■ /'• r • < . I
t!iis nu'lli id «d* r-‘ | i - 1 ' • 1
11 com I rwnrd v. • • I : d ; *v : •
sanv t > i.»o, jh t:.t- .. i i' t. : - i iv
prMipt f 1 !'•«•! M.
(!i; >> if. :
Ajh ! 1 1 4
% fly w €'•:? •»€ C.L3
PU NK & 1 1 ■
tin Ul Mr..)-! ill S <•'. r • I ■: in w I !, n
alter be eoiidiu tocl tmJ« r i: . i .1 id"
v\ \ :4 .3.* \ A I'o.
IV IV I* \\ N!V
I). CUM. >HV,
i. i.\ \ NI ..
April l c
ft :r» ! * i .
milOSK i:i l ’ : • t l> .
I will pi
vmyr rlaims n • t . , u Ip. yut I In . i r | . \
as it isdr^,r,;iv ll. < d :i - .t• r*i ; « » .-«.I
as speedily as ]»• . did .
IV IV I \\ x 'V
j. n (HUa u\ .
\pril I u
to ‘sic'u.: .v:
ftiruioi.s c\ rr.3:5 i.
t. \ * i Ll 5? « 3C \ 2 12 44 B v. 6 * .
\ t U III ) l< s > ’| .! - •; • l r : n . i :> **. li I hi
TV lai n* S:.jrk of
.*• m d ’-t n ({»«?)%
( wccntlv purchased. pr-n d \ i •. i j .1 . nd
■ . |
Vpril I
Pj ii i! i o r */ ,f c .
1WIU. M-'.l .1.. at i'!dd> a 1 t! mi. "i W-k.-ii!
the ‘-iOth of April,
. i r li j ( t o r !. .1 ,v n .
°n Allen’s Crook, in t Cm •: V Piltsv Ivin a, r. ;
100 \ v sc i: s ,
adjuininn tlie I.ani : ! ■ ' ! I i . , . I' . • il Lavnf,
.lohn U«cii .-ml oilu'is. T I. - ii I n will : u! : ■ ii
am! very |MM<lue!iv. in th, nthere ul' T • < ■ . W In a:.
< ern, Bif. Tiierei. . n the l/tml .. i i •. .lit
Sent in a itimiI a ifriiln.rli .1 I'urn Mill.
Atiy |K*rs in rles4'.ns nrj.tirehii.iiin a \iil'i 1 !• ! mi
rn|iie<itp<l to pxamin tins' I.anil, wltiih will
liy Mr. .lulin .Miller, the | i m tenant.
TERMS—One hall’in six mmiths, th• i
one and Uvoymrs. |>. li. i,. t.U.WlV.
March 111 i . \
I n the Stork holders oj l hr .!: wts llinr a:.d Knit air ha
(1 KVrLEMEN; -Oii thr appl'cati. n oft! o number
" (d Stockholders, owning th<* i^iii ite numbe r of
•hares of the Stock of tin C ompany. mpiired b\ tin s<
c 111» W>Cii i i i ■ : c*
in (iciifrul 'lectins at the ('j>:t« I in the ( ity "f I«i •!,
ni iml, on Monday tie- *Jnd day of M ay nc\i, in order to
t3iointo c.»a.sidi r.»tion the proviso ns • 1* :m act - I the
*•'"'•*1 d Asa ai dy,cuititl ! \n a ;t a ! 1 1
me James |{ v r a .1 Kan iw ha C ipa \j
March ‘25fch, 1842, with a % • tin ae n »r i
J cciion of the Ktitni I am very V
I m JOSE 1*11 ( . CAUEI I., 1\ K .V K C...
March : :i r.'M
il Nccsl.
•Itlovsicy** i: i 0 Mr, *7f riv?imis*
F,r’IIM; (MliE)M r. iV .SCSI'S IS E». IoM
, IJAFING ass. cult'll tIi.'iust 1 vi s Hg-llier in the
■ Practice ul" Law, willa:t<:id tie f’aurts "t M ait,
gutnery, Pulaski, W ytli., Giles an i Floyd. All I us
’'"trusted t, their •’ i ■ wid e liili.o i.a aed t ria j"
v attended to.
March 3 Sin
> CA«l ?'(}3? BBSIHs*.
I , n.l. give thn !i ■ t pi ns i raw
4 Hides, ii- fiverud nt thr Mai a LHouse.
1 he subscriber will also reee.ive ihrrn to tie laiiiied on
and the work to ho d m hv as r< - a la i
JJ*r as any in the State, and deliverd at t!.« Market
II I"se When tanned. \YM. ],. FAIIt.
jw. 27 is
! ri»u Piuvvrii sal'i:,
JL I.IKF.LV Ne^rn Wu'ivtn, aheet 21 years.'",
Sj "’li" »t weaver and excellent plain co It, —
' "a." raise.! in a £v*ti*cel thirdly, and onian el
‘’T/hara,’!. r. \ M I'll!'" V -t’r
■M*H' -m
i % B.n.vr of ffttfsss.
jj '.'MhIMM. ii the C si (.*. at I .•iihiii j . <-n
■ t tin' i>t ra
>* Cers »n•. « :i!!i;-i r T 'tf. rs in tlie following I.si,
will plecup mi\ Uie\ ire advert.sed :
\ 1 .<*\\ j?- ('. Arthur. John .N. Anderson, ,1. It A
h* tt, John \ : »!•»-:, Thomru \ndn ws.
B. Mm i| m. Bl.i-k, David B.n.Lc r. Win. !
B an, T:i xton Bit ■> . W. Bu 'll. \\ illiaiit 11 I
R B 12, 8a nn l Bi wn, Miss M.r \ \\ Bay lev,
1 ph Burt n, Edwin C Bt j 1 i. John Rudrn, ll j
!'■ \vers, ■ r>. (' Bliek tier’s Edmund, Win Bari iliv,
l > B ps, H. H: Burks. Y\ W B ' ( \\
Bell, J It ley, !'•. ! \ & \V . !
I r/’.l W B Ai r. Henry Reverb. Stm’l T Brown,
IV E Br 'wn, Edmeiid ihiroas>, Edward Bridge, Ph
W. Burl . !1 J \ l‘ Wn i1 1' let
v I M C’nrpei v-i i ■ . \ « •
John Cr-" i. Marcn ( uiinerton, Mr-. E. 8. Cahell.
Barnard C< him. Miss Martha Callaway, ' is. Elsir.i
\ Clark. I del Mi (hill a. Zaeheus Cheaihir i. .lames
1’. Cide nan. Stephen (’r uin. I dm Clark, (o<dM .)
I’amm y Clark, P;**irtre I*' Crrtio;, .h int Campion. Bo
1 . \| !'. us Ca tway, (•
Croki.P rje ( >rke, C. M C’i oil'll, I.••.murd Crow.
> .j liia (h Iti i.
D. John Duntavv. 1 aae It Putin, Th >m ■ Pivn
ii* ^ i s () Davis. Th-mas Davis,; Win, Da
•! I' i \V. I) YVtn. M. l)a \
Tyner J I us Da vie. Sally B. Davis, 2; Millry
! 1 I ; ’ I ' •. VV | Y\ ! : 1
iel Dav, '11 « D i' . Maria Davis,
i , D !1
1 J Enij , H 1 Bo. B. Evan?, W in
>s Edwards. J dm 8 Ev 1 .1 !.n I him \, J,,!,u Ii Kj
I i • ii. ('. T. Esh h, (: W I '.dm axis.
E. —Mr. Eitller, (Camter.) 'A I Fair, Mi i!
• < \ » '..I dm Ei Ixr. : das. B. Eretwell, Miss
M 'i • S' i i i nne, 11 . r\ l' Id.
»• 1 ;i t. ,J Plndmau, W. Gill. II. B
P- '> n. d ' |{.(f duin. I i n tiilnoiir, I din (ireen,
d o' T. P -dun, E I». Pihhi.is, Henry Piles (e.dm
••d.) .M ,!-. Vim C* dwu \. B. ‘-"id, |{ .' -1.
I* - 1 i;an.
i. ii ; : , H e,j , r
r y» K d. 11 . > .. ,i I; . - . i8
11 . - • it *>u, B. J. 1 in
. . ' . . III.;,. \ I • \ . Si. B H r.;
i V.! i I • . . A .Vi I-i i i ' I*. ( . I Ii!!. I )>.
i "• -i 1 i ... W . k I I ii'': i , .! , i i I• . ,i,
.1 j.i, II II. M Mm . \\ H.i . ri I lav
' ‘ I i:ll. .1 I ! . I I .III. !V I \ V . 1111, M .
! C i !:i.i I- I ( B 1 i I .-..I.- . Si. 1; . - 11.
\V :,. |*. II !i . l!
I " .» .1 i, I S. n,
• I ! i < . .1 .i s r.. \ . i,i \\ . .!• m s. .\:r. \ . i'll.
I. in s. .\|rs ; i i K it v ; . V i Imiti ( irv i><« , T.
.1 - v. ( . I’. .1 l:i s r, |i . • rl .1 m
\ .
V. .!)... m: r, l h wik i kflli r.
■ 1. I Lewis, Mi I
I I I I ,1 ( I ci, St,
i I .1 i I ■ .
- i ,i W M. i I
. I, . , '. : c . A iii I. v . M. (
!. I. lli li.:i - L. V J.
M - !, , w i i M;i In wr<. ( . A’rSvrr, .B. rjili Mill. .
i . . ; I, Names'. J Vic C
' 1. Mait n, (I«* •».: ■ M :tix, .M.i.ki y k
as ii!:.!;. r -...Pi. .M-.i . .. B> • ' M tv . *.*: .!< i ii >;r. k ,
... w , .i ,m . . r. v. Mss .
L M ■ (i W
i > • '1
\l 1. ’i ' .
'• •• M l.
h.i N ■ )r.; IV'.rr C. .Vi !»-ii, —
. I . . '• i • • : I. I re ii? N
I..",. A . r. A. ( . N rtl.. I!< urv IS’urvell, fkubon !>
O i 1; k O i), • II. B !«rt B O:, v. Win <01,
• . ’2: I s. |\ O v. I ■ \. Olive r. ( . :"’i>
0 rise.
I’ \v .t:* i' t Pur a. («<. t P .
!. \! \li. i:' . P; . i. !'. .I.'.m.i X |'» '. IS, .1 »!i!I P
P I I. I •< . P* ' . .l-i nt . i ; 1 11. r. Sai 'I A
1 . i ,) H Pci
V. . .!r.;,MM Ik IVyims. Mr*. .Inv Pnm, Martha!
Ik tt.. N .it ii [ i . it. Mr. Pirkli. Bob. rt l’itb
' .. ‘ i.*\ I ii,i| ;.\ P. t !.
H - A < B'.fl.i r, O -. v i. I B'tit -.<•!» r’ . St'-..
! < . ! I i . i I e I 1
• I1 i,.1 ih 1
« :: t ‘ • l i • i • . . I! • * r' IP: i!-. Mi ^ ll.lili.lt: llx
S.«||,.l, B. H ii, i‘\. W \Y. B rs. Arthur .1 Ii
ii:s ii. Pen F. Ii * *\:. i. s. Il.ik B'.k.r.k, \ is. Martl.ii
I II .In its, \ ir ii B m i a . .1. Bibim ll. Win. I*
1' . I; I Win. D. Huberts, ( 1
II >inN«'ii. I.' it 1 <■ B< 4j: (b.i e U bii.scn, .him
B . k. I U\I • i>: .1. B. T B « I
N - ^• rx M.iry V ill*. Amlrcw I . Sijfj l.in. B I'
Sum j :■ i. .) jilt: \\ . . ii:, Star- I. y . J« In I». Null!.
!., .M f X. I II'!,:! ' . B til A. Sluiill. Mr-,.
S , A. f*
Is 1. ■ . 1 ( . ' ■
, A S Miss Maria L. M
herd, "N11-- France -11 "
! ,i . Smith, Aleva nd r Steel, 3; Mrs. Cat ha IV
> i ’t ■. s j j*it, Si-i'ili, M - l'raise.s \. St. am. \nlhu
William S. Staples, (
1 ■ 4 •. ' ' < ne' Strobe 1, Lit I. •
V't e. .1'ihn II. I It:;vi r. B. F. Viiiitli.
1.—iVniinti b. I liunmin, Mrs. Ann w . lu
Vi ■ M. \Y '!’n : , Anthony \V. ‘iu|-11• . S.mn:c
'!•!!%. .1 Im r. 'i lion.: s. Mrs. < ti; T;i\ i- .. Ii* i
T*:-\U. William T:iy! r. M - hnlilli Ttinll. \.
{j' inpK ms. 1; A !m*s ii I i Tinsli \. 'i « " *i <
■ : 'I : 'i urns, .film?' I ’ rn II, W ill iiuTin
. . | ( I l C. Till . ( I
‘■' ir.ill \\ . Tiii.*»lc\ . 11> ;.ii I minor.
V. Mrs. Lucy F. Vt 1 J Victor, At
v." Wi.-k.
W Ji ! pli W the rs, San ui! W ai1 < i. Ccrolim
Wli ler. 11 m \ \Vi rlit. Miss C. J. Walker, Thomas
' ' I. |\ lullll W. \\ ilillW I . M
, (e IM.) (■ W insl. it. W illiam T. Watkins. ;
.lulm M Will . 2 l! I crl M n, James S. Wood, 2;
l; : eri II. WHill, Ji.Iiii II W I Stear. Minerva Wells
Jam < Wle.il ai, Am'.ruse K. W right.
\.—J. F. \ i ung.
J. I). Ml KUF.LL, P. M.
\j II •!
* r/ i #1 r.
b aoi? .1. a i .iu .mi.K ru.icr or lovd.
3 l\mg near t" Amherst ( mirl II it . ami . i. the I
stage r ad leading to Lynchburg. It od the I -rum's
I I |Ji ivn, J.’mn P. < iarlaml and 1 I • ■
la i - ui ;l«» tt It 3 •*, a gold part of which i
v’lied ■ ('• . !, Flat a. which tvimld pi .'m ■ Timothy.
The T:;e t i a part and lit el.nl'part ii th.-Trmihr
inertv tliBfnsidpnsp ufRcubcn Coleman,dt hi., I
up. I several I ns ns divided amongst the win. w and i
rleidi. a of said Coleman, but t:o• widow having re-j
een'ly ili- d. the ,r.ri'n s interesii d w ill s.-il the wh h I •
getl.er. The title w ill be made tinipieoi uitil'ly good In
the purchaser.—rl\ nus of su!'--—one third ot the pur
ehnsi in htiiid. and one and two years, eiptal payments. I
thi i he n shine. It will he offered I’nr sale tn tin high
I t hiddrr. at \mh. rst Court II "tsc, on the ltd Monday
in '.'.'ll mil, that being Coo:t day.
. I'j-rut for the imrhrs iulfTt rtfJ.
Marel ■ • tl8A I
Mill 11', s':' vril e s ii. ve f. mil d a ('"partner lop m tin
II lai ..m ■. l "I'ruiisporting Freight and 1'aso ngi's
. .! . li ma :.l Kanaw in’ ( uial.l twmert Ri lt
: md and Lynchburg, under the firm ol Boyd, r.dmond ,
an Davenport. Jam" M. Hoyd, Rol-ert ‘'.lined, arm,
Isaac Davenport. Jr. are alone authorized tn sign tin
name "f said firm to contracts.any deLt, or di I.n. "Mu
1.1 l e any engagements w batevi r on account "l said l o
-slop winch shall be I inding »n the other Co-part
. .1 ne >1 Boyd will superintend til
i vneh' iro, and Uuhc.t F.dmend and L-a- Davenport, j
I.--.; ,n R.clii - I"!. liOVD.l'.DAJOMt .vl'O am)
J ,!-n III" -. rphrr ■".•••’ >•" - 0
Mir-!. 'I
I l.i < < mmoitirrtilf/i o/ I to the Sheriff' vf ,lm
In rst r. imhj, (,'vevtiiu;
11^ 111’.HI’, VS, R h i t Riv< i, admit o( Ji m
V V ( 1 irks in, ili < M , hf r» t. fur * \ltihiled to the lair
Superior ( url •! ( hams iv. for tin* ! >.-Iru I of I \ ti« li
urg, li s I ’ll ot i* *mj*l.i:nt 11..I David S (mi
. i (• w VN ,lli.’
kind. Sunn a 1 (. rland. Ldwnrd A ( if II, Samuel
(•■ i la lid a i.l «.lk. i*., vI»f • r* • m p. * n : !i \ )«• t • i dill's l»a v
ll'.a 1 i cm | appr.irs ll "il the reroish. Mid files of tilt
iid rt, now re miming in the CleikNt Olliee el
nr Cheml S j erior C’wint of l,a\\ and ('hams a \ t. i
thetown.fi \iiehhiirg. j uisuant to law ; hut 1>. i,.re a
| n t ■ I '.
i< nd. 1 Livid S. < •' n laml. t!i j sited ties life, inti * ale ,
it is saul, and adniinistrati. u < fall and su>e ulsr his <•, , d- ,
ofialili , ami ehsli:-, hath hern in due li an e.iinnutlrsl t »
V\ ill un M. Waller and Samuel M (• m land. for minim
i Vn 1 w 1. iug • uppl < ited h\ tin 1*11tut li. i i
■» j'r »11 r nine lv in this luhalf.aud being willing that
w hat is right ami just should de done tin rein, command
\ "U that \ si make known are. rdieg to law to th«
•'iid Will.am M Waller and Samm-I M. tiarlaml.
. I)a\ I s (
* H. (« I, widow ol I i
t V M. Walk
wife, late Salt) V, R
s- ■ 1 ' t. 1 t
Jane M • 1 Jane M. Unrl VN him 11
L .land, lid ward \ ('a'sll and Mars i« his wile.
la Mary R. ( S '1 < 1 Patrick II
(eiiland. ( l ime (iarland, L.mdon ( (iailaud ami
! : I Alice ('. ( ell, ( K ( a
hell, David S t. I 11, uni Lew IJ (.hi I s i 1 In
last inti 'it children ami heir "| Ld ’a \ < ahell. der'd .
lao fill/.a \ . (.ai land. that lliev Is* bet lie-dude. o|
oin - ed ( ir. uit St pi rior Court of Law and ( i am et\ |i i
th l »w u of |,\i: I'1 i:r•». at th Court lion.--• in the -aid
tow n, on the lir t f. \ < f the m vt term, t•• dm\v it' ant
thine f r theni-i !\. . tiny have t.r can >ay. w hv the ml
i ! ■ it i eded in toa fli ildeci i i tin t llu
• d \\ in : a ‘*1 W all* r, and Saturn I M (oilaiul. a -
1 **; 11• r- t D:val S. (inland. di-’.l, and a
mm ' i!i ’ od .1 . ne 11 (iarland, w id w < f the ■ •
I ■ . • me \\
V\ i us A. U so and
S I w fe. d >i I' ( ' . and dam vli . w : . VN .1
1 i • . I i \ • i! \ < i1 • *i.| . . |.
. >;!!!• .1 . 4. t 'll I *;l 11 ! i! C ill:,:: 1. ( -l
• d "• l. r!f: 1. I 1.. line 1 ;m.l I .mi;* i I' I, .
' ( V (i i
i i \ (
■ • ’ . : i . \ <» it i: . i |.4ii - ml i« • (
Ml.- I ll i ’ i I '■> ( in I- la l ill. dm* \l., : :iM\ 1.1 f ■
act ol A .i.lv i.i tieb i a-• s node an I I’luVall il. il l
l-lieiu il • I •: I ' ' ill \|M,l:r.!l llld till (till I i’ll illlil IT
• l ive whit , ; . ,1 < iivml Superinr i mill • ii Law lal
( *li:» • ■« i i v . : *il i !1 i I 11 :11 e. ii -nl« i. \ 11* I have 11n i>
i In i - ! I us \ \ \ i. t . I ’ '. nl ILxl ( 11 i|\ cl . a. i
* " ■ L y111 i ui . ■
if. run' \ , 1 - . .i.i ' i.i lie- i'l-lh v. ;ir . I I la ■( mr.iiiiiii
\v«. !;h. |)\\ li) Ll)l)l\S. ( k.
M a h n > 11 1M v
4 4> ;.i O \ C 3.J \ Ob’ 8.1 H4 FII53 t.ii
I* <» i. e r i: \ o r s < i
jrt ^ ilOM I : a r llie h III day ' t \ d :u \f. a I'.n.
L \\ .11 I t ii ’ i\ i nl reed i i all I ' • I . : . I • •
I u ■ I I ! . • • aid I. I i 11 •: • I !• i a' - e\:i - I
J t . I J)1 rl". 11 v t S' ..< !y. 1 ! t t ■ , e m . . .
lit said ( <»rp .rail i 'I'h ; n • \ I 1 e i ■ 1. a *•
• . . s. wlai ■ .i w n i, n! iv ie i:. d Men III - w i * i . d li'
. i i I ! i '| 1
I i •
di ( d- :> ml i;n vi ry iimtunee, w Ii tin* rum. n m •!,. i
id.- n.' .1 h‘ M '. L. I?! K'i
M . ■ • i e< V la r.
M nd. iin\
I*omC5\4* ol* Vn!?iaV)!e ECial
E j* V v i: . i I d .<i 'id ii -t. i \. • .a i , • :ii
b , 1,’i.d. . S. IT, •!:.;• d I a il 111 n| l*
' . ! I . .1' 1 . . ' 1 . s
1 ' ill ; i p • . ii <\
I Will, nil Tll.il M\, till- A tilll.lY'l April l:i ,\l. ill lin.
<ji i;i• * i .v.arn II . ii Li iilar SldL in i r ini\ nl
\ ... i i * i '.in,"*! l j i! la- ‘a'e.t r « nT. the Idluum
d» * li.ed lll.il is ( tl' L. i. \ //, In \\ I'; Out tin. I'd
Land . • i; * li s d- t 1 HtCT ( t« ek, e.ml »1 i.;na |'li | |{
Iir.il mil D 4CKi; . muri • I I
I ' ii By ur and ethers. Also, TUN HE < iTllb.il
. i l KH )IJ\I.Yl •' TN IC’J'S. hint'll hi.tli s.d. . tip
I . Creek, and eutilimirm \ thet / It. Il l
ii I .A/Hi/. / * .7 ( /•' ES. in ii* er It-., ndj mil . t ,
id. of '1 Martin, der**d. mnl otlu S
THREE 07 7 It. i( rs, 1
■«u! si.i i,.v inwiHiri) j.yi) thurn <kyi:
.!( It IS, Mim-- i r Ir-s, |y ti<r m tin f »r!. n| I'e-'lar
Li. r a id M tsles’s Creek, adi •iniii.r t!i I ,'l.a |
Mills. . *■ ,. DM-: O’! Ill.lt I ILU T ()|
LANl). e »iit i tun tin, i- bund red aen s, in *iv er h .. • >n
id - i: . • • ting tin I .-i .1 .In,
I and el her s. \lsn, our I .nl nfahoni inivnci. w till
tin Briek Store I Irniw*, tlirromi. at Leiihr .Mills. \ls «.
f'a |idl i’.vin<r limned 8 7..V t" w ii: Oihelln, a
iirin. and I’ranky his wile: .I,dm and N nn \ . with tin*
in , a e idlin' females, if any, since the date >d tin |). i d
af in said.
The till • In tin e named prnp< r1y is believed t »
d, but ;" • • trustor', I will uni) r n\ j a i as
is \i steii 111 tue bV tbe deed al -ri said.
SAMLKL M l). KKin.Tnioe.
Mareli'! ^ i \
4 TsO * A Y £* <
Ki *i\i
.?/f M7f#j; T.t i.BSOT.
Z r WIND rein-ved to tin* house? recently occupied
9 I hv Mr. John Hollins, nearly upj»orito th< Market
II -ti-v. tenders his services to his friends and the puli
lie, as
Mirlion ::*;<! tom mission Met < lisicit.
He will attend f«> the sale of Real Kstate, Negroi -.
I lor i s, and ev< ry descript ion of Mi relmndize.
I Im .acquaintance with the resident dealers in N<
or,-i s. as ui II as a pretty c\ti nsive netjuaintance in the
• ntifu t:s ii iuhhi-rhood, will afford him i vi ry facility
ill -, : . p< eiea of projw rty. II ■ - pai i« u* hi »ri
mom and cellar, will enahlr him to kn p in good rondi
i i every article of merchandize he may rrn ive on cun
ti jmni nt.
11< d* ♦it futile to make a ff-mrish of premise and
'. II. tin rc f ir ,i if y sa\. licit In w ill hr trratc lei f--r j at
i■■■nage. and ti- sc who hr slow it. n:a\ ttly upi ri justice
at Ills hand'.
He will take char-' »f Negroes to h<-offered f--r sal*
,*:th'-r privately or pw‘d - 1 . and In.: nl tin io at .- ei nt
p* rdav until tin sale i» ,meted. R-nscnuhlc advara * s ->u
pr -p< i: \ m hand.
Smithson ! I. I far is, Sr. John J I'un is
HirharJ 7 ijvrr John llollm*
McKinney’fy Mt shy llmry Haris
.MrCorhlr K Mrlhinicl II hilr, Tardy *Y h\ <nc
Ihirlou K Hades Hancock K jdanis.
Thi Richmond (Country) Whig will publish the
above advert:si iru nt weekly four weeks, and fiend ae
fount io this office for colli* lion.
Dec. 13 t«
rJ I IF. thorough hrrd and capital rae? r
HI .7.(owned by William
Friend, Kwp, of Petersburg.) hv im
_ ____ported Hedgford, dam by \\ ashing
t- n. will stand the presi nt season at mv house. Price
(1f the sens m >77. For particulars, see Hills.
Pittsylvania, March ai, 1842 Bt
.Ill 30 .J,, Lrmom :n Tire i".,!er. T or salr lew
' (• W. YAV< I.Y
M.i: Ii f7
. — . * . .. .tffcr. n I
nis l illlil l ION UK lilt; I.AM) Kl M)
\\ n iit.uk titir upproluttiun ot tin following uitielo h\
giving it .1 u.ost pifiiiim-iii position in mu t'fluum« li
o'lues Iroiu olio, win s, ooiieuneine Wi Irghly value;
j lilthmoini U /ni!,
Mi!. Kuitow I should Itavo boon gre atly surprised ill
tin- \elieaiuait opposition t«i tin* thslillMitlon e»l 11»r* pi.
feeds ol tin- Kill in' I.amis, it I did tint know tlloiloploiH
Ido lengths to which party spuit will oarry i \oii tho
w oil liiionta.nod, to sa\ nothing nt tli o who nutko ot
pollin'-- a trnlo I have io.nl tho inomiioiitH urges! against
tin iriluiiiou w till attontion, and ha\o omlou\oie d to u ad
i them w ith oainior. hut am nevertheless m luvoi ol the
me asm, , lor tho follow mg reasons:
I Ih i'auso t|,i .o I.huIh, Itomg purolia ed h\ tho joint
ll'-rls, or tho o niiiioti pen so ol all the State aro the
I projH rly ol all.aml in im other wav t an tho Atlantic
Matos l>, .oouit - I got till** their fail piopoiti n <.| them
lltt- tlt siio ol li t m w S' in s t,, appropriate It* tin tr own
I m.o all td tin., fomim ii pi. poity within their respective
! limits, harked as it has In t n ley populaiH v st ole re in tho
\ lie h t put hUi of the
hit toi in jeopardy.
Ih>;.usi tin distrihutioii tak* .way mif hoiiioo td
j litic .il intii} ue* and e, ininth n. |l wi « ait 111. uttfe i
tunatvlv. di \ tin in all up, it in something to stop tin
in. i i * it- I imlam ol ll i in nil. Nt long us tin
ihihlto l.an , w t o uians|,. sni t.|, so long woulel they
pros-id lt» the p. iilu al ; tlv» .iiuror re tnl\ ami iimple ma
It til. t ith, in nil..- llllo ol p paint It \ III tin \\ t sl
I tin 1 • ■ i Itavi i creel in tl ton
oral t • v11mm nt, tl.> tin si pn tlm live and the It t"l I ur *
doiiHonio spt • n < < I taxation. that ( n \ oi tune lit t an ta v
a larger r* \t line in pn-porin n to Us wimta, and at It >
r\p< . than tin lliitlVItlual Malt s. m pi.-poitu n to tinaiv
11 \ li anslt tring tins,, the KtihllO I .amis, to till Siatis.
! ' i w ill hav
m ao e , .. i\ . ia| , d tin It ot t t ties '1 Ills re ason
, | CioVl ftlt )
ft an | at al it lv a mail .hit, .ai <1 tin *“t.,n s \e ry laijp 1
1. ll. tans, n.o.I ol lhe* Slates heu g now burdened
W .: h d. . it m w I. . 11 l h. \ tan I"- ltd,, veil i . I \ hy ad
hi. ,| i . \ ;;i . lln- pi. 11 . t: - i lln lain! w lie u el mill
a . nin tin m. Will :.ve tin a li in tin in , vll o|
U\uii.>ii i> a,11 tpt I amount, and n| I ‘tug that, l y roa- j
. n i-i this t r.iislt r, a Im the i • um is iai.*t.thv eltitna tin j
imp i' .: i n ami urn i at, still the* pen pie Ilia game is j
I \ i ho -i.lv am * v. S m I. t :.\t , . it a i an opt,on have* "\t : 1
,lm , i la . I « \ i! o oi.. oi tally paid, it am ,j..
lv j and *• lh ot, ,i at n il. It h . < \pt use in ll,; . t mm
II \ . Mi M, ( i.i.ot ii |.|. j ■ 11 \ \ that * 'eh lr, I ta xe s |
.ai | ,i. | .• i i\ lav, hi t n tin tmi ot tvtiv fount i \ into
w 1, t'li tin ' . , t I , i ii i ti, i m e d. ' W I it e an tionbl j
that lin 1 • »tan • emt rum» twen*v or | rhap* limit
million . I*\ the imp. I. i , s i i il at tin Stall < ot it Id i iim |
it ii mil I ions K, : il lh. ii in, aits ol i. .it am, eh m t and m
din *t, )uil t .. ila i.
.1 lit . v. t: '• i Ill i I . i' i I .. i \ i.. t I’ s \\ ill I I- ,
l! .1 l\ Mi" .1 "l l!i< HI ill i i III pi.1-In' "ii.', .ri ll f»s ('a
I I | . II ai I
im i|e '.i i .i.i i.u i. «l mi tlh ir iu o um. ami y\ ill ,
i. , St t \. i id ii i h ml i I pi i inn it *ni pr. l.t ••• ■ i Imi
i! .. i i tii< in. in n • xpnult i, w ill | hi ui..ii i tiv remain
Ui || - Wilt 1 i tilt t ■ • ; . i t •. - i llii i ll, which, I
>i ■ I ' i 111
, | !.. 1 > . .t . hi. -I p« . I i! in. t . \ l it ..,ii I.*.
v i i. I.. |. . . i;i . It .J i" ■ l lit ' ■ ■ ai V . ; i i t V • I it j ; >
.j. ,i * • •. .. ■ i;i It* i . i purl. I- i ■ in i• l:act - i ,
i|. i . \ .• ,.i i• (| . n a s}.,11 11 , vt 1 I iP< t iin'l» uli lln I
■ •••
ii. ii. . - , tint . inti . i u measure haft it t« .vr*i ll c !
•_M I . | t.l V t I 1(1 1 ■ I' I' - ' i ll nil \ la ll I •* ‘* •1.4 •
11,1 ii i ,t; i , ( ii i n aii t I lli- s Nlalt , > ui • I t nil
., .. . inlvi i v I. \v in tliut IhmIv. \\ ho I r many >'t ar*. |
il they i ii\ uti at ull. vu re not in l t ;
'!.< >T«„. -.'i. »•
Ii v I a11 ii . Liil I have pur i
p !\ , ,i ii which a child um\ not In < '. him!*
■ l, i*i• #I v. Ii:. w* 'ihl not <•«•<ttr It. any i:* T• mm.on !
' u ■1 ♦ r *»11 i• .■vi , ;,i tl Via mlity, I
I I I • l, i ... i. •• lit. I -• -ll', l.i,< Ii t \
• lit, . ,s (>i i i., S. o |, it 11 >t |h tipt.it vv I licit It Ii ts I ( i ii a
ii in lit j, i. it . i Mi. \\ i igl . i, < l New \. 11*, iIn
.ii,h a a win . In;, lit i • • j p ... n!s, ami w ho lit \* t j
wi,iiId lutM i . rtnl t" line .pun aijnimtntd it betiet '
could li:i\ t* l.t i a ! uml.
Hut t!:, i, va i i, it w ill li t parts in opposi j
tit i * 1
tut i t i'nr nitan fir ; • . i hij llctivif ( lay,
i w i. i ■ 1. i . a vution of the sui, he l ad, in
j |t . 1 idl 1 Hi •; ■ "I In • • m |
..111 ... t. t " luIII an I : . \ I In \ I.I'I 11 .'ind to h ler
tl -1, jt cl (.i l Jh Hill.I,. I iiids t. < iiniiHit' .• I which
Mr. ( lav was t Imirnmii, an.I thi s | luct ti iillii in •
dih ini. .. t H >iu \y liw h, .s i In y t la.ii'j I ’. he had n * in* a us ,
"l fHC.Ilif ii I," It Jh | .« .! ip.lllist st.ru III 1 imp the iailds
l«i lln ia \\ Siait s, |a W i,niU, III tin a| |« mill |4 lln ii i ii 1
pidity . I" « ■ mi n I. • - i. a* aiil . tl.» i y' • , I,' v, i u id <.Ill jit I j
.!i,- st ii.t ti.vmtii . i.l ll.* \1! i.i • S'aicH. Hut, behold! j
Irankm s . I I it d !m ■ j : ,\mI an t n alcli for wily
in-tilin'. ll< i.uidc a i' p- n iii hi\t m I tiiMnhutlng the I
pi.,,', • d • (yy ilii a < p* * i.il dt tlii. taa - • among all tin ,
t , ami > , wi-d i i.chi-.ivt ly. ihai, as In n.1 t « I lln
W i tern S t a if k. horn t, in this mat t < - r f w ur tin best
II * report wn a im t iihh paper, • -. Ii
il.i \ie.\ .1 ■! l;iti smm. in argutuenlw equally ineoi ami ,
! nil,!. : nml I I -\i im ic iIi.iim in i In :ml M i Mulled l»y !
Mr. M .m. i . lx till It ii • n :■ *ni i)«« and style, and as Im j
i:.i!Tilling aii\ opinion ol Air. ( lay’s nbllilu s tliai lie j
had |>ri viuimi) lorim d.
I w . t i thus t•<• u\ erting v hat v as iit« ;tut as a snare j
into a in w iix 11s i 1 tnuuijdi, and I-*r runner ting Ins pi r ;
- Hal glm v with Ins C'.iinlrv’s.intiTi st and h« nor,that lie i
ha> imm r he« ti l ugiven. and that Iroiu the dale id that
ripTi.tl, plan i t Distribution, la l le ho lauded and ap
proved, has list its men:* with Mr. (’lay’s political op
pom uts. Ii has. hv degri es, her.,me in their eyes tin
ron dilutional, destructive otStati Nights, mis, Iiicvouh
and ahsurd. It was from th* same eausn that (•• ncral ,
.lad. . ,ii was p< isuadrd to commit a Iraud on the ( oiisti
l ut ion, hv tailing oil la i to veto tile hill or ri turn it t<1 the i
| |i um Is iheie a eandid man in the I lilted Slates,
who will say that General Jackson would have thusk< pi
tin b I in i i ckr t it Mr. BehUiii had pr< p -< d it; of
that il lhi Distribution, which he was known to lavor. |
had been prop sell hv him in -ti ad o Mr. ( lay, it would
n i have had tie support olimii 1-ulhs id* those w ho now ,
oppose n : Are the pei,pie to In ever thimgulled by pro !
Ii inns, while tlu ir rights and mtensts an made to
and i nets? I trust not.
As t < the refusal to receive the Stall’s share id tin
m ,i v, for which one-half the Si t ale is re-qiun.ihie, it
n >tid . and
I venton to predict that it w til m v< r I e n prated in the
\ I t c, even hy th fed for it, ill
, :mr tin ir c nsMucut.' liouhl h« so .i filling and I Tgiv
| ■ lu confirmation of tl.ii \w need only n.Tr t»> *• p Pn {
Tin I* cdrral t i, n i.incnt l..»* hern in the i1 uipt * I tin* land
i u.im \ , atnoiinliml m iqm aids of a hundred millions. l< r of*
yen* and In sid* - tin payment of ihe public debt, to v. lii**.b
its own rcv enues wen adequate, to v. bat ubje. t ot national
uxclulncM can we point aa wertli this immense sum* To
nunc. The money na* been stolen »r waxtul—end ha* left
no mcnio:tal < ! r- • \i-i. i,er It has provoked, and supplied
tlic n.f an* of, piediirality. and irndnul our (jsvi.inraent the
mokt corrupt on earth.~ Kil. H
We commend the following extract, frtm Mr. Ucjjrrt
son’s spci eii. to the consideration cf the Editor (I the
Enquirer. It may serve to allay the the lean* cl that,
wor'hy p, j v.rrigi* and immaculate patrict, ft r the honor
and integrity of the Staten:
•4 Jiut to receive t hie. (land moneys) it nccir.®, would
detractfrt.r.i the dignity and independmer cf the Slates:
they would I • ’(-me th stipendiaries ( f the (it ncral Gov
ernment. The objection was fully ansvn rrd in themra
sngr of December, 1£30. The. President (Jackson)
says: ‘*In regaid to the Inst objection, its probable effect
upon the. dignity and independence oj lhc Slat* Got ern
meats, it appeal» to me only necessary to s‘ate the cose
as it is, and a$ it werdd N* il the n’.e.icTc prap ’"fro*
ndoptnl, t»» *hw thn» tlr opm:-- " :• •< * ■ '• Hv ^ he
Ihr vn- 1/ reverse ot filial win. Ii 'hr ob|ei t on stipp ora.
In lli« elir i'um' the Stair weeiifd reei'ive* its nti..t> oi tin*
fi'itioial reiemn* lor (IoiuonMc use upon a lixeei prmciplr,
os .4 mutter vj rig/if, ami Ii mii a fund to tin- creation ul
w hu ll it had contributed i;,s fair proportion; surely
tlu'io could hr* nothing drn j'ut..ty in that. A* mailers
ii"w stand, the 'Mate s them »elve*i, m their sovereign
ehaiacte r. are* not unlYe ijm iuly js titioiiert at thn bar of
t' » !•'«»*!« i.il I .e-gislaturc f r such allowances out nf the
National Trea ury as it may comport with their pirn
or. or sense » l duty to bestow up n them. It cannot
r»-pure ueutneut to prove' v\ liieh of iht* two course* is
in< st eu mpatihle with the dli' ie uey or respectability ol
tin St:. • t iove rnnicnts.’’
I tin t the1 State's will utvei si rretidrr the'ir dignity or
iMele'p: inleilCtf1; hut eunsielri \ng the* l niteil States, lie re
ganl to the public lands, as a nu rr trust' ?, \vhose powt-ro
md eluliesare* plainly defined, it m strange* it should he*
ginvely urge d that tin re many thing humiliating in elc
mniuliiig lioiu them nu i Neeutioii of the* trust. The
Sh'J. apply hahitnall\ to the ti. neral t«overiimi*iit, lot
custom house’s, jmisI oftices, jmi*i road*, and other be nefit*
It Wa*. i n ted to 1‘oiiti I, w ithout being supposed to ae*
rifiee tln-lr eligibly. Hut the\ are* to he* regarded ns
me mlteants w hi it only < lamong wliat is lawfully the ir
oW 111
loil “nuuu if," we an told, 14 '‘jiru'er." Will the
(•< o. 11 t mV. ill men I lhe*u use* I Inn pow ul mole jllellCloU*
ly.oi in* ic honestly, than the Stale’s/ Ii wouhl he* hut
a poor e'omplltne tit to the* Stale i, to -... \ so. \nd from
w hat epiai tel elo w e* hear this/ I' t«>i 11 t Ii* .ki* who are
w tiling to ie lam this e. irunt mg powei tin insetve * We
hr i H, too, I loin Slaton w file h hold huge portions of this
IIItul ofceimtptloii. ailtl II IVe* llo scruple s to receive It lor
purp*■ I internal improve-meni. w bile tin* Southern
Slat, u ho a* to participate. It We can ho thus iueliie*i*d
lei ahaiulitn our rights, wi II tigjv the \ laugh at it* Ii»r our
folly .
\ii.•(he r objection of a stool.n e*haracte r is •I" it"
lnnsii lith.it then respectivi* epiotas. i( neiVeil l>\ the
Stale*. m:*y snjm >e>l? the nerrs.'.ity ef luyinu, hum. miel
eunsofjiti'Mt ly, re le a e the* local I .e gislatuies I "roll I then
. \ l!> o cert v,a great refinement
\ Si'll.* e’litllle il to a Slim oh I nolle \ . si. flic II lit I" re lie \ e*
its cihve os |oi \ mii fmm hurtle imoiui i ixatioii, i . to
* 'it 1' iieli nl. Mini in- .t upon In trig taxed by their I -e-gin
i no. w die ut oe os ix. for tear "I n leasing ilo n ii >ni
r< pi'iisrhility!”
/ Vr m tin I’eh rshurr. I •hlh^ enrer
MK t I \\ s I i ill If.
In me. W i;n.s nr Woo fm sir, N f
\\ . publish he ioW the M p 1X « f Ml < ! - V to Ml II V it :i
tion given biiu by thi W * • ■ i \ v i-« ex>iinly N t .1
I u. lid ilo ( * 1 \ ell I It'll w lll< ll W ill l, • e inl'di' *ll Kale pji 1,11
\f tm.!n v 1. xl.
1 ll I. . it- . I- ti- <t* I Pin' • I I lie w 'Hi i. I iti.lt. *
pi ii th| ti. i "I v . fu t» ii|«" I \ i \ j ii c» u I I.i Intftde* i s « I uihi
hi Si i>t |i |.|. Uni particular!) utjos i j"i, Ii in In r
lin duly • I * * j •« i si • \ * lino in tin'll* til'll' lit mu I’M ." i I
>.hov\ in;- ihai 11 i n ‘*1 \ii Iii unti v i * j>»«i:inu'iiiil to tin .
love c-futtW.”
W v hi-i.io, *2lsi March, 184*2.
t .t ;i l. i,:. it I have ilu honor to nck'iow ledge tin
ni'i iiit'd \..n obliging letter. itai.smilling n H miIu
M ill ad-.j Ii ii I v tIi \\ ill • nl W ake t'oUUty, III c*.i
! • ri i i t \ t«. whi'h \ ni havi i uv iti'il imp to nt tend l he ('<
\ !.,n a i ! |hi \Yh';g., Nl ii • h I to hi hi Id Oil ll*P 'ill • f
\ |'i d. M Hall a h
1 1 < \ II •; loti » • O !(• rlllMti d nil MIX It il I th ' IP t < N il
N orth ( : dm *. I i a' e d. ! m d io.snm rm;’ \ m.i h it* r.
. mot lin la | < fha* I slieuld find no « m t m .a: i >. pi
ei i . <!i i i s "| |»' <1 lo my c 11j« » mg thr ginliin Mi n
v. |i .i * * * i.i !• a \ i' ii. nl i h is lime, would nil- nl. Im! i :
out toll ri.miM llitl t» - N, without adverting to i.t 11 • i
n. : :• il it tin | I. • sure nf occupations. inru'i nt toll.'
lit I I. nod nil' i of M min ire in the Si Me of the I
ill, > 1: 11. (h I'll Vi lit of ll.o • lit ii I .tin li ol |
ii v oi invitati'ii, nnd ol.ligimi to poMpom i » ii
W 11 I If p» ( •' d W ill f I 'to me to lo: k* In ten ft rr.
Iii | • . I * I tilt lin* > pm! V h 1 ll pia vails in
\. all. ( no lin., and that 11* «;ri nl N\ lip | •. • f \ • I tl t
* a le in t • nvciitioii. f i 11:«• ptirjH w
, I drill,* rating . n tin | |, : I diflit lilt Mai «!• In Me posi
Hoot I public n llmrH. Our country, brought to tin s» i«■
i,I rum h\ i lour* m.al ndiuiui.strniiou ol it* (icm-nil <».*
vetliiii.'lit, the sad idle* 1. ol which p< rvtitle cveiy ‘f tl* ll
ol the 1 iiioti, and are (:imltill\ v is hie in evuy h ading
inti ii st. hail n-nst.ii lo hope, nil* r the glorious >• .;i id'll.*
o\* I nullloialil*' SllUg'/lo ol I that U*, ll.!e \V. :! 1* I
n ase. and incusuri |oim*l**d in w miloin ami * ' in l u u*
warn hi In* adopted, to r« store tin prosper it y *1 the Nan. m
I need ii"l oiy In w cruelly, in soinf important re peels,
all have h*. n disappoint«*1. Ournctiiul condition may
Ik dtcrkp*! m.i 1. w words. Instead ol imitnu! «mill
<!* nee I otNVeeil the acting I’re i'lent uti l t oH*>r»NH. there
r» iiuiloal distrust lust* ad "I his tlirow in • 111111.*<• 11 up
mi the principles nud part n that < leva led him. he trial os
war up, n hot 11. Instead of harmony ami c«» ojh nth n,
there i*-diNcmd ami ep|H»«ilioii. A President v.iihul a
party, ami parties w iilnml a I’risnleot! \ President,
dcnoiin* it" I.:n I'rnmis .and rottrling his poltti* I oppt
nents. win*, m tluir turn, w ith* nl cut* rtninii g hr him
tin hast r* poet »tr «•<»t dideiic *•, pive him flattery and
praise *n ugh, just t" deceive anti deltid* him. A Pies
nl* ui who, alienmg to.soar in an atmc: pin re above that
of till partu s, and to place liiiuseli above the bread ami
patriotic t 'itti*lit11«in *d Ihf v\ h"I** nation, is vainly seeking
hy a etilpahlc administration of tin* patrina»e of tin
(fuvernineut, to create a third party!
This, gentlemen, is a faithful picture « f the present
p* siure * I ttiir National Councils. There tuny he those
w ho n\ ill l hink that it nn*,uUI 1 e nmst pnuh nl n t to c.\
In),it it to the gaze of the nv* i I * I Hut I believe that pub
lie virtue and the public interests are always better i
\<il i»y pi.'iimlciiiL' rath* r than < iiieerilinp il * (mill.—
Ami, ac* list tuned as I have been t » its language, ihn.ugli
oiit iiin w In i*' life, I trust that tin pterions pm ilegt *.|
f, arli ssly uttering it, w ill abide w ith mr.durm • ilu abort
remnant of mv days.
The exi ting itate of (Jiingtiui anomnlouB and cm
lassmjr. Itut genuine patriotism takes «turns* I only
frutn itf dutv and its devotion. I 'nuppalled I v dilliml
ties, whatever may he their magnitude, it rialotthli s its
resolution and its courage, as they increa ••ami multiply,
ami finally triumphs <iv# rail ohstaeles Nvliich lie in the
way of the honor, the prosperity, or the happiness id tin
The Whig party, hv a faithful odlic r* ncc toils pr.uci
pb s, at the hazard ofbeing proscrihi d by tliore whom it
advanced In high p«>\v« r, and the members el the lute
( ahinet, hy a voluntary surrender of exalted stations,
which tin y believed tin y could no longer hold w ithout
dishonor and disgrace, have ileuioiihtrr.ted to the whuj*
world that with them the love of country is paramount
to the love of office. Iain sure that, in the good old
North Nt:it« , in w hirli tin1 fust Ib * laration of American
Indcpi mb net w as made, there w ill hi a curdial t*.-pause
to this sentiment.
I n i,: |< men, l< i t.* )»' rsr\ ore ill in is <:]>rif> ni course, i
go into rctiremi nt. but I shall not be ihi to an idle or to
il fieri nt spectator, wtlhy nl sympathy or intrust in the
welfare ot thi I'niun. I only |wsn from one sphere of ac
tion, whi rr ii is doubtful whether in the actual condition
of tIn public councils, I could rt ndcr any public service
pi.’P'itionatrto the private sacrifices I should certainly
iiial.i . t.i another,although more eneuinseri'ned sphere,
in w hicli I rhall ‘•till find dulirs to prrfi rut towards our
lon.uioii country.
I request you. gt ntlenien. and tin. Wings of YtVse
count v, to acei pi my profound and grateful aeknowledg
an mi. tor the honor done me, by the invitation to attend
your Convention, and by tlie friendly sentiments with
which its transmission was accompanied.
I atn. with great respect,
Your friend and ob’t servant.
To Messrs. Richard Hines, Lc.
Ti c St. Augustine Herald states that a stay law was
pars. d at the late session of the council of the territory of
Florida, which provides that any defendant in a suit, up
on the payment of 10 per cent, of the principal and inter
eat, nr •• bra.n a stay of execution f i -'s'" da} s', and so
r - op- > 'b“ •> h'tc is peid
JPotrrfjtn > utrUtfjrncr.
LA Mi.
tlrrirul oi tuc e olumbia.
W i-ri j.ii' o (nay* tl.i . iw \ i r!i Ai/.rrifan) lo an*
Mounn ti, «• sale mi rival «1 the ( t htn.uui steamer at Half
lux, winch port she rein luo eh I i ua\ u ijnmg at 6n’
: «*l eh, illn*i « parang** i.t 20 day# ami fifteen hour*.—
I In l I' li I.. vi ri>/<• I < ti the 2 ith, * u» t • utr red a scrim
. I terrific gain, w hich ale* w eathered without damage
! until the lMh, wlien, hi hit.'it .3, 1 04, at 7 in
! i he • veiling, the intcrmetj.il;r j he, ui.fi the engine
slopped. I he fh’nt* were inniicdiftfei) Mr pped oft hut
whi ch, and the reiiuiim * r « l hei v* \ lunde under
• ml The pii'Htnjp r- . ! Ti i< r Host. and 4 for Util*
lax, ;nt unanimous m hi praiac on a first rate nra boat.
I h r minis and na.sMcngi rs wi re transh rred to the Uni
1 corn, wh ch arrived at lb hu.m Sunday evening. Among
the pBKseno r« was Air. ( unard.
A pasn nger m the ( oluuihn, who has crossed tho
Vtlimiic in. rc tii:m lift v Him s, statiathat this passage
whs in. re kcvi re than he ever had e\pelienccd.
Tin I . ndoii dates are to the evening of the 3d of
March and Liverpool to the? fill, both inclusive.
The |Hj|itieul news hy the ( olumhia is not of much
|mtere?t, inn ih there any thing very encouraging ill tho
com inert itd aec.iunjs. Money eonimurd easy, hut tm
improvement Imd tul c n pimp in the A > nnufbrt tiring Dia
tneiH. ( o//>.n Iuih declined !.d per lh. end freely offer
id nt that reduction. It hml Iu*h also fallen 28 to88 per
ip g»# id red American being ijuntrd at (ills per <|r. free,
. while h.r bonded there was no sale.
'I lie quotation f >r hottded IT. u i \.% 2(m to 28 pcrbhh
I obnrro \s also id per lh. he|*»W the last quotation, with
out mdlicii g purchaser*.
In American siochs the uiily actual transactions wera
•.ales oi ,411 Hi.tM m i Hcuiin) Ivotiia I*’ vi s at -171 a 48 and
a sun 11 mm. ..nut ni TI, and lOO.OOli Ohio Sixes, of 1840,
at TI. W e annex the ijiiotatioi . .film 3d, of the prin
cipal Amen can se. urith m
N \ lives i I’ennsyl vu.it Fins *17 J a 50 ;
i llii-i Sixes liH; Imliiiii i .md lllmotH Sterling Honda 25;
I ,ou *.iana Lives lit); ><ar * land Striding Honda 55; U* M.
lh.nl, 'fa.
M< ucy i iitimu * i mmlani, without ex hibiting any
pi • . i. .lie-I n inch.' ilm.i.ir the m nit ti which Wail 0011
M.dcrul usually hcavusi in ilm fpinrter.
Tin I la iik cl I .m land bad I weird itn rates t»i* dis*
count* from five per cent to four.
The Stale of Tiade in the mniiubiclurittg diatrieta waa
1 V V f? I
Tin I,iverpo..| Circular of Mu.eh I t notlcHRi very
consul* latdc iiien vsr of the stoehiil bonded \VTeat and
Lh »?r.
iim 'U. v .!, >» im .ii i m’in i reign jHiri i in hi i* rmay
ti. Tin hi 11\, i mu -f 11 I ■ j i r iji ai irr, and t ,d per barrel
uii Flour.
\ ii> iil.U) if superfine sweet United
S 1'leur \vh*i n j<« ritil in * j i r l.uirel in t>•.nd at
i .ivi rp< "I, hut the iii.p ui i <ii» ,V \\i re not Millers,
il l it \\; s ii i so cte*y to nuil.e j.m< hu*<s ut such low
I'hi i ii rrn |;iMi m 1 ml'ii « f::113* news of impor
tant t from t hum I v the < \trn » vi 11: i.tl n ml, Ictd pre
\ .-uii-I ,.ii \ | m lion la r• haii' i in th« uni lc t fir leas, and
ii* h ult el the pul lie a!< v .. . i, : l,< i iu luvor of a risa
up- n t: < <] i in 111 h a.
On tl,. M i I March tie lady . if Sir 11 .! * it Perl had
Ian • vi uihl v at tin- la wily n.aim ..u at London. The
j iiiiioI ei i I \ iviii is f \* 11 i.i ii h..\ I i.m.ic d, uu.< rig v hem
! w i re Mi and Mis. I .v» r» 11.
4 • I nal.i, the mu Governor nf Sir?
iii I * im*. n.hd I in la; laud I r l.;» now com
\ mu..u c riirrrnl ti. i 11.* I n n. h government has
uviieil.i new and I* rn.ii.nl n | lot against the live^
• I ihe l\ m, 11 tin Firm ti ami h « lau.ily. and that, in
• i ■ .jci 11• i . t! c in. * t i .• . - it i.aiy | ii cautions me la
I , :i i . ui ilu 'I i. •! . i ■.\.H u.. i nirrtiiM w thereto,
l ie :.ui.y will, it i n. ed addy bUcngt honed
hy »■ ' < 1 1 '»••» '•> 1 ‘ i • "
he ( .t...ii kt 1 i ns made a grant
«,t‘ X- « t». to hi | ; i.i o'> f A:« hiitisi op of Uanttnbu
i\ .*• iul b di'-p ! I i . n lin:l.nance ef the «,h;#ct*
.j the Muriel) m C I . m i end kinuihtan, to which Jk
mi .ii was ii i eiil y u: iilainii by the “American
K| .sc, pal ( hureli.”
In thr I .oids "ii the V. h\ —
Tin Fairl "I \!>« rdceu laid up-n the tal le a ropy of
the tn at \ ag11 id io hy the i* j h • ii'. tivi s ef the Kivu
IVwcrs. l -r tlie mole 'll i, i ill. tion ol the slave
trade, lie if g retted ih. ..<• w. utoer the necessity of
int rinmg their l« id*h j > tl»n: latilu ation of the
kiir «.| ihi French him u ti. o t .u hangt d with those
.it tin other |* won; tie.tie r v,..s he utile to inform the
Imube the prtv.se turn when that r tifinutiun might Ire
i Aprctid. I heir lord .Mi ; , pi bably, win aware of the
- au.-.r i w hicli had produced u. • ..< *u ti ill the part of
the I n itch govermin ut ; ai.d hr h ti. t .i wus lus first
duty t" a\ nothing n»ori , ai >. ■ o . '!mo w iiiclt could
s any jM.sHihilitv im na.se i! Ilu s li . ■ v ><h existed,
or throw any i llt« u lit ohm;, n th« w■ i tin ir leino
va 1. 'The protocol, at fhe m s.n- .-I tin French plenipo>
ti lit m i'v, had lieu hit ojwii h.r the accession ef his go
v< imin nt. Tin- tnaty would now hind hut the hurt
powers l.y whom it was citified. The treaty with
France, ei in Imh d in 1K>I and F remained in full
li.rcr and vigor.
Tie pr. s. nt treaty had in fuel . rig ms led in part in
j the treaty ol lK»h,whuh hi.eiiil Fmgland and France
to pr i|« si to the other |hiwers to am rtr to the treaty into
w hich they had entered; ami it was principally with a
view to obtain I hr perlu*t concurrence of the live great
p. w i is that this treaty had hi eii entered into, and not
w ith the intention of forming now engagements r.r en
uring into new articles; I r there was scarcely any de
viation ti..hi the former treaty. The treaty of 1881
gave the mutual right ofwnrcb, which was fully recog
/id nrul fslahlislud hy the treaty of 1833, the articles of
which furnished sulle n ut grounds Ihr capture in certain
cases. The picn nt treaty coincided with the former
with him* im i ptioii ua to the exteuatuti of the latitude in
which the riglit of search is to he exercise d.
laird brougham ixprosid his deep ri gret that tlrii
Ritificatii n o! tin iinjH/rtant trrj.ty should have been even
tem|Hiraril> postpoued: and vindicated the government,
! as well as the people generally, from th<‘ imputation of
any sinister motive in tin * Ii* rt they were now making
to abolish fun ver the African slave trade.
Sir K. Feel in introducing the same document in the
('omnmns, avowed his expectation, tliat ere long
France Wi.uld adln rc to the tieaty. Lord Falmcraton
• \] rested the same hope, saying that the Fleniixitcntiary
I ot the king of the French had net exceeded the power*
! confided to him in signing the tr< alv.
| Ik lAmClOU IlintSOlin i cui. in announcing, wi me
authority of its Paris correspondent. the non-ratification
of the treaty, has the following lx tide :
“()ur correspondent *.•<*i• municates, in addition, a fact
which, if any doubt could 1c • ntertuinid <t the candor
and loyantc <f the French Government, would heart
suspicious appearance. Me states that a litter, in the
: nature of a protest, against the ratification of the treaty
by France, had been presented to the Min ster for For
: ton Affairs (M. Guizot) by General Cass.
The American Miniate r in Tar •, Geueral Cass, says
our correspondent, states in 11»at ti-.< uiuent, that it “being
indisputable that under cob r if the treaty in quiwtioa
F.ngland would pretend to a right io board and search
American vessels, at d that as tin President of the Uni*
| ted States had formally drclartcl m:» h prtcrcdine ©cold
l not in any rase, m r urdtr any pretext, be permitted,
; war would necessarily fil’cw r.ry such outrage—
! That in such case all the p.r.ir* in such a treaty wouM
be regarded by America pf participating to the guiH ol
the power which should a« tuaUy thus ac*<iil Arntiicun
1 indc*pfnderue 1 i at he (Gin. ( ass) therefor© callsd
1 upon the French Government to pause ere it committed
1 i«self to a treaty whence might result a war betwea*
France and the United States.
“Tl'a’ v b . h would, Hr Hr mr trust in tl»© goad
! fsith e.f the Fvrach G - urinur in tU» traauctwa, op

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