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fprrncc. the Star will admit.I*t»i en a majority of I5t<)
>s,n lytiiisiaoa. and a majority of 5000 as in North Car
olina—and there >s ■till n» re in ilie fart that m Lml
wana the Whigs not only carried the Legislature, but 'i
oQtef3 members of Congress, while in North Carolina
,I,p | uvns carried only a majority of the Legislature.
Cnd. in addition to this, the Crfo/e feeling manifestly
operated against the Whig candidale tor Governor n>
Louisiana; while in N'ortli Carolina there was no sueli
pxtratteoua influence to warp the feelings of the voters,
or to prevent a lair expression of political opinion. All
,„Jp»,it will be seen, admit of exceptions.
Convention of Maryland, assembled at llaltimore a ten
days ago, and unanimously, amidst loud dicers, notnina
led Henry Clay for the next Presidency. A farther no
tics1 of the proceedings hereafter.
(jy- Public scuti.nonl iu Virginia is becoming imps
tient of restraint. The Whigs were beaten last Spring
by their indifference and apathy. The spirit of 1810,
however, is reviving, ami “next Spring" we look for
a different result. Sue thn prouu-.'ditigs of several meet
jugs, on the 4th page.
Interest ins; forthrom ill's publication.—The Maryland
Delegates to the Harrisburg Convention, have recently
bad 2 meeting in Ilalumure, nnd have determined, in an
Address totlio public, Instate the grounds un which they
r0m/<\A ..I to the nomination of Mr. Tyler as Nice Prest
dent. The Address may lie expected in a few days.
$-j~ The Valley Star copie s from the' Madisonian, 1 he
closing paragraph of the Arielress issued hy the* Whig
Convention in IK'9. in which Mr. Tyler w ns brie fly e u
Ingized as a JtrjntUican, nod e \pre s*»e*s, hy three* cm
phatic notes of admiration, its surprise that the e ditor eif
this paper was one of the* Sceretarie*s ol that Convention,
and signed the Aeklrpss.—We have heretofore adverted
to this circumstance witluut any prempting from the*
Madisonian or its allie s, new or old. Though we then
regretted Mr. Tyler’* nomination to the N ice Presided -
ry, in common with marly the whole? Whiff party of,
Virginia,— a fact evide nced hy the* refusal of the* N irginia
delegation at 1 larrisl nrg t<» vote eipe u the* epmstnn,—ye t
we* ate fre e to eoi,less that wi* the n e nti rtaiiud a mneli
better opinion of John Tyler than we* do now. In other
words, just as that gentleman lias riani in the esteem of
eiur opponents, he* has falle n in oeir’a—and lor a v« ry oh
vitms reason. I le* eoulel not have* hocurc d the favor e»f
sue*Ii politicians as the ValleyStar, if he had not aelopt
cri, to some extent, their opinion*, and pursued
their line of policy—And j«recisely to the extent that j
he) has done this, has he proved himself false*
and faithless to the party hy w hich he has liecii elected, i
Does not the Star penvive the force of this remark?—
(•eii. Washington, we imagine, fe lt much less respect
for (ie ii Arnold, afte r the discovery of his meditated
treason, than licrini whe n he- assigned him the imjxirtan!
position of commander at West Point, and lie did not fail
toelepounco, hecatiw* 1 c had appointed him! (on. Mull
w .19 more highly e sten u.*« d by Mr. Madison w hen bis
flaming pre>e*lamntie>ns led the* Ame rican people* to e xpect
the speedy conquest of I pper ( areadie, than after Irs in
glorious and cow ardly surrender of Detroit. And wc
had a bottler opinion e I Mr. T\ h r\s IU\)\i!tlictinhm when
he*, with us. protested against the: elangr rm:s growth e f
Kxcculivo Power, than in»w. when he; is exerting his
utmost cm rgii - to render that powe r omnipotent and su
prime. '1 hat is the* w boh* secreted’ the matter. When
w e Mil.scriheel a elod n.e i.t, in which as litile was said H
Mr. Ty le-r as cmtltl leave* l e e. n : aid, (and it is within our
pe rsonal Knowledge* that it was r/fiwcmd that as lnth |
as possible ghonhJ he said,) we 1 e Tie'Vtd the e haractcr giv ]
eii of him, as far as it we u<, tore not an e \ir : «/: nt cu ;
loginm—Sell seqeu nl e ve i.’s. Ip wever, have satided t:> i
that it was any thing l e.t just, and wc new, being so !
satisfied, r<*tra»*t the compliment, while wc denounce the j
man. If wee had g’ve-n a eertifieafe of integrity, three* I
years ago. tee an invidu::! in whose* honesty wc confided, 1
would there* he any iucemsisti-ncy e r improprie ty in pn
claiming that man a rogue to-day, if lie we re caught in
the act of stealing? Ce rtainly not. Just as little is
the re* in proclaiming J< hn Tyler a traitor t*> the princi
ples he professed and t<» tier party with which lie ac ted, i
and which clothed him with pov.-rr, when, so fai from |
carrying mil their prineiph s, he has thrown himself into j
tlie ufUiied their opponents, anil is actually administer
mg the* government on the* vr ry principles of the Admin
ianttion \vhu*li was overthrow nj'w the jwrjtogc uf effect i
jug a change.
(fa- The Richmond Knfpiirrr w as very mu< h alarmed i
ilic other liny li-fcii ( oiigros should adjourn without pas- !
sing a larill bill—depleting the driarlful evils which!
Would hr-f»d 1 the country ii they should he guilty of such
deplorable madness. \\ <11 • the \\ higs pass the hill j
w liieh had Uni vetoed, m j nrnting front it the only fra j
turn w hich had been complained of in the Veto Message
him! now whiit do we gee? Why, the Kivpiircr rants j
louder than before. It appals to Air. Calhoun—it
appeals to the Senate it appials to the President—to |
crush this “monster”—w hich it says is cvi u more a
hoininuble than the hill of abominations of 1^2'-',—
that bill for which Van Huron, Col. JC M. Johnson,
Silas Wright, Janus Htii hanan, and a host of other
“democratic lead* r.*» voted, and who in vertheirs*: are
still high in the Kmjuirer’s confidence ! The F4tup*irer
says it wanted the Whigs to pass a tariff bill; but not
Mich a tariff bill as this! Very likejy. It desired
the 'W higs, constituting the majority, to submit to tin
dicl ilioii of .i minority.—The arrogance of this assuinp
lion is only cfjuulhd by its democracy. The Kiupiircr
w as very anxious f<>r a Ini.If hill; but then it must be in
precisely the shape to suit its view's—or else it threat
cos to blow its authors sky high—and is indeed already
beginning to “rave, rccito and madden round the land,”
like a well traim dactnr. The Knipiirer thinks it is talk
ing to the Virginia of IK)0, but it w ill soon discover that
the |H?ople4iave become since then familiarized with the
sight of the horrible tariff, and find if not only harmless,
hut bone ficial; and they arc woiuleringthal they were so
Jong held in awe by the raw-head and bloody hones ofpo
)ificaj conjurers!
Official ,i< curary - Sop.oduys ago, the Madisonian,
among other arguments in defence of the President, do
dared that the Tariff bill, recently vetoed by that funr
tionary, would not have yielded more than twelve mil
lions of revenue. This statement was made for the pur 1
psse of leading the country to believe that it was not de ‘
signed as a revenue measure, but that its primary ob
jeet w'as protection. Hut that paper now says, “Wei
learn since, however, that there was an error ii i thecal
cutatinn of one. of the rinks, w hich when corrrccted.
show s an aggregate of a few milliens more. ” Only a
few millions ! J
(fa* I he Madisonian is evidently hocutniug jealous of
Mr. \\ obster, since the negotiation of the treaty, li
thinks too much credit is conceded to the Secretary, and
too little to thoCaptain. Mr. Web i> er may lookout for his
walking papers soon, unless ho walks out,as lip ought
,n do, without them. The Captain will |tpar no rival
ttoar his throne!
GTr 1 lie Madisiniap having recently declared that
f.un. Scott was opposed to the British treaty, and had
used his influence to prevent it. the General has, in a
httcr to tho editor, declared the 'statement untiue—sta
his utter ignorance offlic contents of the treaty, and
his consequent inability to f..mi an opinii n whether it
should have lent ratified .r not.
(ft- l li* K.l.tiu of tli* Nashville I limn, turn tin lo
COliieo organ inTemuesr*. was formerly the editor of a
paper of the nine Rational politic* in New Bedford,
Massachusetts. While in Newr Bedford, lie was so rah
id an Abolitionist, that the free negroes of that town, in
public meeting, neniinated him as their candidate for the
I .cgislatnrc of that State. Since his removal to Nash
villi', however, no one has been louder in hig denuncia
tion of Abolitionists in general, and of ll'liig Abolition
ists in [articular-—showing tliai, aa
“Fashioiig change with times,
“So creeds change with climes.’’
While in Ni » Bedford, his paper purported to he pub
lisheil hy Jeremiah (•'. Harris— but when lie went to
Nashville, Jrrrvriah was dropped, ami he new luiils aa
J. fievrat Harris—same persons think to conceal Ins
identity, and to prevent his recognition hy hi* old Aboli
tion comrades in New Bedli rdl
(ft- Directly alter the adjournment of Congress, the
President, it is said, will visit Newport, (Uhode Island.)
thu vicinity of the late rptaru rs of the valiant Governor
(ft" The work of proscription, tor opinion sake (we
are iitf.rnied, from a reliable source,) is to commence as
si i* ii as the Senate is out of the way.
(ft- The News from Moxieo.it will lie seen, hulks
a little warlike. Santa Ami may bluster a good deni:
but he kuuws tun well which side lii» bread I* buttered
h strike,
(ft- The Board of Trustees of Washington College,
in Lexington, \ a. has conferred the honorary degree of
L. L. I). on Senator Win. C. Preston of South Carolina.
The Senator was formerly a student of that College.
OJ- Tlie Smith western counties soem In ho in n very
distressed condition. A meeting is called al Wythe ('.
ll.fortliopurpn.se nl adopting melt remedies thr the
hard times as in ty seem expedient. And in Smyth,
••measures have been adopted by which no person in that
county will bid lor property oflored under execution.**
lixtewiive >/r>m._The Petersburg, Norlollr, Dan
vtlle, \\ asliingtim and Hallintoie papers enntaiti ae
counts ut the destructive elloets, huth nil land and sea, 1
el a storm, en the vUth ult. which was less violently ;
toll here. \\ e have not room lor details,
0G J he New \ <>il, papers ntitinuiicc the death el'lien 1
lamio Wright, Ks p the associate ot Dewitt Clinton in
the eonstrueit m of tin; Krio Canal, anil for some years
the Chit f Kugiiieer of the James Itiver and Kanawha
At a meeting of the Palmyra Temperance Society,
held al Palmyra, Pittsylvania Comity, on the 7ih day nl
August. IH 1'j, the lidlowing preamble anti resolutions
were uittmiiuniisly adopted:
W herons, it is lhi>ii”lit expedient hy the board of limn
agets tor t ies Society to bold a two day *s meeting tor the
purpose of heller uniting the effort now boitt<r made nl
most everywhere by the friends of order and giod moruls.
and lor dilliising that itifutnaiii.it sogenornlly needed on
the subject to this suction of country; therefire,
1st. Uesolved, that a ’Petnperanee meeting he held at
tins place, on the third Saturday and Sunday in Septem 1
In i' in nt; that the difltn til Temperance Societies to this 1
county lie respectfully invited to cn operate w ith os on
that I eeasii n. ami that Joseph M. Terry and ,Mnj. David
II. Clark ofthe Society at Pittsylvania Court House,
and William A|. Tt' duny, James (iarltmd, Dr. Thu
mas I*, \tkioson :;:td Dr, H. Kgnn, ofthe .Society at
Danville, In spi eiiilly ioviu il to attend the meeting ns ;
spealu rs, too, tie r u till any Others that may feel dispus
ed to favor us w till tin ir aid.
•..’nd. HcsulvcJ that the |.meeeduigs of this met ting l.e
-gni d by the President and Secretary, and fur warded to
the I'.ilin.ra Ilf the Danville IP porter for publication,
with a reiptest that the Lynchburg Virginian and IP
publican Will please copy.
oi:i i !i ac:v.
Departed this life, f»ti the 23d ins!, in Liberty, Bed
lord eo.. V a., at the n otdonep of her sen*in law. Ilrv.
• I. I>. Mitrlmll, Mi;j. IIauiukt AIouvoiio, relict of the
hue Kdmund M< rb id, Ksij. ti.rimrly of Chafh*ti f.
['}' The ( barlesti u Mi rcury and Princeton Whig
will please pipy.
-,<>n the l.iili ult. ;ti Mrs. Sarah Swinncy’s, in
< Mii'phell canity. Mutv Ann W\i>k, in the I.Slh year
of lo r age. This was an interesting child. Hi r life
and deportment would have done credit to mature age.
She was pleasant and agreeable in her manners, her in
tellcct was good, and her behaviour was ouch that all
who knew her loved her. Her relations and friends
ib'jited upon her. The disease of which she died \ras
protracted three or four years, and complicated in its
character. and terminated in dropsy in tin; breast, hut uu
ill with u few daysui her death, when she suffered c\
'11u*’ ifing pain, sin bore it. witli extraordinary patience.
All that .medical skill could effect, w as done; but Jr..us
said, ‘‘Sutler little* children to come unto me, and forbid
them not, p.j- dj .-,uch ir ilh kingdom of Ileaven;’’and all
the efforts of her friends could not keep her hack. Our
gri I is not w ithout hoj>c; believing that she is now at
rest in heaven. She cannot return to us, hut wo may
her. ^ o stood by her bed side to the last niomcnt
•»l he , and saw the last struggle licit will ever heave
her h«is--m:nnd we now fellow her, in imagination, he
Vud the skies. Long will wc remember the smile that
overspread In r countenance after death had done itso/Iiee.
Nhc has left a mother and three brothers, and a large cir
ele of relations and friends, to lament their loss.
-, at the residence of Andrew L. Boyd, in IJucli
.'nan, on ‘I hursday tlie iMh ultimo, after it protracted
illness of Pulmonary Consumption, Mss Rr.nm < v M.
M\ktin, in tlie 22(1 year of her age. It is a practice
but loo common in obituary notices, to employ the most
«■ xtravagnni. and fulsome panegyric, but it is not often
that wc arc called upon to record the death of one so
amiable, so much beloved, so lull of promise, and vet
so junrig. W hat an afflicting exhibition of the frailly
• I human hfe, is j.resented in this painful di&pensati< u
of Divine Providence-—how afflicting the stern decree of
"iir Maker.—“Daft thou art, and iintodiistsliallthoii re
turn ! ’ A twelve month ago, she was w ith us in all the .
sportive gayi ty of early womanhood, surrounded by the
most affectionate relatives anddevoted friends, tin joy of!
nn aged parent, and the pride of her family. To day, the
bereaved hearts of that family and those friends proclaim
Iter the lileh s$ tpnant. of the grave. But amid the mourn
lul recollections inspired by the death of this amiable
y.Mino lady, to her bereaved family, and extended circle '
1 t friends, it must afford tm* sweetest consolation to
tiu m. that she died in peace with herself, the world, and
her God, and in the fullest asaurauee that allhough cal j
led from ibis w orld's busy scenes of life, upon which she
had just entered with such flattering prospects of hap
piness, slip has gone to a brighter world, to mingle for
ever in the triumphant songs of the upper sanctuary.
From the Clarksville Torn. Chronicle.
Died on the loth of July, at the residence of her fa th
er sn this place in the 25th year of his age, Mrs. Am
i.ink. B. consort of’('apt. Joseph M. Irwin, and daughter
of the Rev. Henry F. and Sarah G. Beaumont.
In all the relations of wife, daughter sister and friend,
she was kind and affectionate. Her character was cm
bellished w ith the noblest traits that adorn her sex; and
but few have gone to the grave more beloved and lamen
ted than she. She left an affectionate husband, a devo
ted father and mother, an infant daoghiei, a sister and
several brothers, besides numerous other relatives, to
mourn ilicir loss.
She was born in Lynchburg, Va., on the 31st of Goto
her 1821,and early in life emigrated, with the rest of
her father’s family, to this place. In the Fall of 1837,
she obtained a sense of her sins lbigiv*n, at Anderson’s
Camp ground, in Williamson Co., Tennessee, and hr
came a it)emher of the Methodist K. Church, which rela
tion she continued to adorn until the day ofher death. On
tlie 17th June 1841, she was united in marriage to Capt.
Joseph M. Irwin;and on the 26th of the same month,
the. year following, she become the mother ofher first
horn, from w hich lime she was unable to leave her mom
until she was called to her eternal home.
The afflictions w liich terminated her earthly career
■were of a deeply painful and distressing character. They
were borne, Jin\\e\fr, w ith the patience and fortitude of
a t tit.siidi. t alii* dim iiiiiiimiiM\ *.*ii sin appru-ein d tie
In urination ot her earthly pilgrimage, conscious ot the
«w Uii change she wan .vl> ut to experience, and with an
unwavering confidence in Il;m who hath promised to
support anu coin tort the expiring saint amid “the valley
ot the shadow ot death." She exhort**d her friends to
meet her in heaven, and such was the force and language
in w hit'h she expressed her dying counsels, her conn
denee in «t, ami the happiness of that state upon which
she was juhjo to enter, that it would Ur ini|>o8*ihle to
doubt for a moment the truth of that religion which was
her stay and her comfort. “Heaven, sweet heaven,*’
“Canaan. Mint Canaan,** frequently trembled form her
lips, white the hope of that better inheritance kindled
aiiumartbly rapture in the expression of her cotinte
nance. She frequently called tor her little babe. and, 1
clasping it to her bosom, and pressing the warm kiss ot
muteriiiil a fleet i»ui up mi its cheek, committed it t«> the care
of In i heuvenly Katlu r. ai d prayed thnl it might lie rut
sed f r heaven and imuiortui glory. Sweet innocent ! it j
will neve r know the loudness of its mother’s love on
earth, hut may at l ist share the triumphs of its mother's
dying moments, and rest with her forever in the huanm
of her Lather and In r tiod! Her dying las! was such a
scene as well might stay an angel'* wing to w itness the (
i Milling song of the triumphant saint amid the pains ot j
death. A while before she expired, she remarked tlmt
after decease she would return to the t*arthand be a min !
istcnug spirit to tin? friends she loved. And may we j
not believe, that on view less wing she linger* about thoii
pathway and their pillow , to whisper thoughts ofcon so
11lion to their bleeding hearts? Lung as they live, her
friends that wit unwed her death will remember tin* so
licitnde of her counsels, and the halo of glory that shone !
around her dying pillow l aith, hope and love seemed 1"
say, “I’nme up to me in the holy mount;" and. in an
swer to the prayer, “I beseech then show me thy glo
i v." tl uids nl light hurst upon her soul; and, with hit s
sings precious as the mantle of Klijah fulling from her
lips upon the friends she left behind, from that glorious
height she took her depart tin .like .Moses from the sum
nut of I’isgah, to her la mo and her rest in heaven.
Thus in the morning »>l lib* hath passed away from the
earth, one around whom the fond hope* of n young and
di voted husband, i f ..|h fiitiiuito parents, and other he
loved relations, w ere clustering in all the freshness id
unclouded youth ami beauty. I let death has created a
chasm in her family which none on earth may ever
till. The almost i vis* h ss bursting* of grief that mourn
her departure n II how well she was beloved. But in |
the spoil ot a calm and holy resignation we will exclaim j
with Job, “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken
away, blessed be the name of the Lord." Previous to
her interment her funeral sermon was pnmehed at her
faiher*' residence from I (Hr .15, 5t*>, 57. “The sting t
ofilaath i* sin; and the strength of am is the law. lint
thanks he to <iod w ho gi\eth u* the victory through our ;
I ami .) exits ( lirwi."
We w ill close our sketch by addressing her sainted
spiiit in heavi n:
“Sing on, th.mi blest and happy one:—
Thy Kindred w ho remain
On earth, w hen all their work is done,
Thy presence shall regain:
Shall hail the chariot from afar,
Where seraph ones have trod,
\\ hose flaming win els shall mount the air.
And waft them home to tiod!" II.
Itciiru of I lie l>) iK'Itliiirtf IflailiitiK,
Ifiolr'oiiiIm* «V Oley,
k'otnuiiA.ooii .Tiirrltaaf«.
Fa treme prices i»f passed Tobacco $. - 10 to 10 50
Inferior lo 4’-uimiiun, Z 10 m 3 00 j
4 omniMii t i (« mil, 3 00 to 1 00!
(lOOll til 1*1 til! J «>0 to ft 00 I
1.0<rH I 1.i to Z (K) I
Wheat (per busied,) dull at 0 05 to 0 70 !
Flour, (j»er barrel) 4 50 to 5 00
('orn meal 0 75 to 0 01*
Bacon, (l»y wholesale.) 5 00 to 5 25.
Oats, (per bushel) 0 2H to 0 50
Whiskey, (hy wholesale) 0 30 to 0 32 j
Iron, (per ton,) 4 months 75 00 to 80 00
Salt, (per k:hH») 3 25 to 3 50 ■
Corn, (per barrel) If 00 to 3 25'
I letup, (per toll) 120 00 to | t() (Hi |
Flux Seed, (per bushel) 0 7<S to 0 011 j
Clover Seed, 7 011 to 0 00
Plaster (per ton) 7 50 to 0 00
i» a 8 8 O L I T I <» \ .
'’PiIK COi’AiMM’.KSIlIP heretofore existing be
1 tween 'PI It It M \ N, WHKNN & Co., is this
day dissolved, hy lmitual consent. All persons having
claims against the concern, arc reqtksku to present them
lor payment. All those indebted to the court ro, are ear
nostlx requested to make speedy payment to (*eo. B.
Timnnan, v. Iio i.> alum- uuilinri/eq to settle the allaiisol
the cottiu.ru, t.l'.OUUK It. -J lirilM \N,
Kept, lit, 1 ^! E.
The I t’siiif>* will lie ri.nlimmd liy
(li oici.i: It. Tin IIMAN A «•«.
Tims, in want of any :irt ic-li- in tin ir line cd-Imuinoss will
ti I III it i'i llmir inlerrst In (five them a cull; tut limy are
drtefniiimd tu sell at pliers tn suit tlm times.
I.KUliliK II .Till It M A X,
Sept. I ‘2| i|
.v #> • i t i; .
FBIliK copartnership of Lewis Ludlaui & Son rxpi
S red oil if*j*jId mst. by limitation. Tim business
of the lute firm Hill be settled by
Surviving partner.
1IM IE subscribers have tins day formed a copartnership
1 under tin- firm of Ludlaui, I'reatan iS* Co. for ilu
purpose of continuing the bu*im*.,s heretofore coiiductnl
under the sty In of Lewis Ludlam Son, in this city,
in.I s* licit the patronage of tin* friends of the late firm.
(i. E. NY A l\SON .
Riehi.!. S »pt. I Jtif
.11.1 It IP.
n\\ I NO uuited our two stocks, and intending to
. continue unr business at thcohl stand, from and af
ter the first of.lune, under the style and firm of
nmn.s x Eii KTOY,
we t ike this opportunity to return our thanks to nut
friend? and the public gi in rally for the very liberal pat- ,
roiiage bestowed upon us during our past career, and j
most re tpeet fully sdteit a continuance of the same, un
drr the new urrangemeut. All nccuunts con true led at
either house, previous to the lit ,lune, will he render* d
in tlii* name of 111 If I ON RODESj and as we arc
anxious to clns»* our old business, and an* much in want
of money, we shall feel greatly obliged to our customers
if tin y will eouie forward at their earliest convenience,
and settle their accounts. As we have heretofore been
very lib-uni in our indulgence, we flatter ourselves w ith i
the hope that our customers will respond to this call with j
corr.*|H»udingliberality. ROUES Sc lil'IM’ON.
June 6 ts if
m \ rivi:u LAiftt
f III IK subscriber offers for sale his TIC ACT Ol'
B 1-ANIL lying on Dan River and Wynn’s Creek,
in the County of Halifax, V irginia, seven miles East
of Milton, N. C. and on the South side of the river,cuii
laining by survey b7(.K‘l( RES, of w hich there are lf>(l i
auresof riur and creek low grounds, and one half or
two thirds of the tmet now to clear, of w hich there is a
portion of the finest kind of TOH.4CC'1P
The improvements are a comfortable DICfJ/,/,/*/VfV
IIOCSE, with four rooms, good Tobacco Hum*, ,W
irro I louses, and all other Huihlinu;* necessary on a
Kurin* He deems a more particular description unne
cessary, as all persons who wish to buy Land like to sec
11 before they purchase.
lie would prefer selling privately, but if it t« not sold j
before the 30th day of September next, it will un that •
day go at public sale on the premises. The torrns
will he liberal and made known on that day.
July ts
Something Rich.
"|/A |mj| VERY superior dark PRINCIPE 1
I SKGARS, just received, and now* rea
dy for inspection it “OCR 1IOI MvM
May 5 ts if
(Ihuili* Tor «alc at Uii* Office.
s. . it.
▼ ▼ ol tnv VurtHHi Store, on Monday, the f»th ln*i
i (Jonh rot n union- Waoomn xnu (Jr. a*.
1 Lvin.r., smnrro Womk IIokmi,
*2 Cum, Ac.,
2 1 ok r i.ooo Work Oun.
TK.H.MS—si\ luontlmcn'dit.
M. TALBOT, AucUoiu'ur.
•S| pt- 1 Mf
m.m oiu» I'huu: aiadimy.
r III IK duties of tins iostimiion w ill be resumed on
I Seplcml>er 1st. Th* cotiric of instruction oiitbra
n s every hrnneli ol a useful and ornamental F.ngliah and
French education.
TF.UMS unallercii, viz: Hoarding per mouth.
I iittion in the tin* « dilh rcnt classes at a me of j> .'0, |
♦ L\ and ,||U pel session ol .A iiuuiIIin. Mimic* per'
Ne«iioti ol r. mouths. Kxtm charges for no branch id in
Nt ruction hut . >/umY ami. Indent /<miiftmgrs. Produce, j
it market prices, accepted as pay in part. Interest de
ducted oil advumvtl payments, and charged on retarded «
TF.AUIF.US The undersigned Principal; most of
the Sciences, (orman and French, assisted mi the latter
by her daughter.
Miss Ul.uldmg (graduate of Wheaton Seminary, Nor
ton. Mass ) Music, Ruglish Urtmmnr, Mathematics, Ke
Mrs. Florentine >miih, F.nglidi branches, and super
vision over domestic concerns.
My success m seeming tho assistance of Mrs. S , I
iMjunlly esteemed as a lady and a teacher, enables me to j
devote ii y whole time Olid fttleiition to the instruction -
•liny pupils and Ism nh rs, the latter id' whom will a I
"ays he su pet intruded and assisted ill the prepa rat ion of
their dull rent studii * by one of the teachers. All tench 1
rrs ti aeli m all clause*.
/fi /ivi nr % The Trustees and pn Kent Patrons of the
•V. ft 1 iitter <u runu'rmnita iwii nrcufaiiltd oinimUma
in hi if tint iiilet'i'Hst'innit Iniec occnnunml the |
hi.V/' attera!inn in trnii.i.
M VUIA URNKKjl KS, Princip.il.
Sept | Ini
r» ec
f^THF. DWKI.I IN(« IIOI’SKoccupied at pres
it jiii. iiit h> C. Iitchard*. Apply to
ILiol ii ii men Anns.
Sept. I ts
I .‘I I II O A \ i: T * .
Sc < \ I’llKss, SATIN Wll.I.OW AND I AN
i v snow.
.# /, S’ it ,
Anile ial Wroallis, Sprigs mul llminct Ribbons,
i‘ooi\ il. an.I Im sale, n11/ r/iinp, :i| I’l lt\IS’S.
•Inly l imi
t it n s. ni.nt/.lts not m.i: luitiu i.s.
" “ Kngl.kli mill Aiiioi ii an SintniNi. I’numti.aml
/*i'Oi’io.-xii,/i part of onoli tho finosl quality. liir
sale at IIOWKI. DWIKS’.
Aug I S Im if
thiici.i: mi ai»ki;i> rciesovs
n\\ I', bought ami Itiily losloil the quality of K. I*
N \SII S I'lVMI f'ORTKS, ami lrnl.1 Hum,
•"Ivos ready In rooouiniuonil tliom In Ilu.so w Im may lit*
in want uf llie arliolo.
I On't pay for llio Pinna until yon sop yvliat it is, anil
ilioii '"ii art) sure ufnnt lioiuu jmp.isoil ujmiii. 'I'lIf Suli
serilior ufifts Ills Inst,iiiuoiiis upon trinl.
Siller uf jtunl.suu.I f’lmms,
iVnusbmg. \'a.
.Inly y| tsil
<•»?! SSS\»:B» ATTItAiri lOA !
K r in n r a I .
o if ic o i. i» w -r a l% i> .
n\ \ l.\<; sold nut tlio priiifipul |«irl Iifinir O L O
S I I) ( Is at ilu* sliiro of Htirtnn bs Itodes, WO
liiive till, pleasure nl informing our friends mul tin: puli)in
generally . that we linve irmuvrd to that luninr. O II /(
K A' T I II E ,S T O (' /y" of II /.; ,s; II
A’ I'. II ami l)ESIII.1111.E (,'()oi).S, mul sliali
in lutiiri f.uitiiiuo nttr liiisinesa at Tilt; m.n htanii, uu
del Hie style and firm nl ROOKS bt Itl'RTON.
I laving lin n Very liliorally patronized liy a generous
| >" I * 111 • for nearly five years, mid, r tho old and now
firms, we Haiti r numolvos, nnyv, that yvn linve united
mu stufka. ami are l.eiti r prepared and the more di.-pn
soil 1" merit its cnnlimimiee, that we shall not fail to re
alive mir most sanguine rvpeetaliuns.
()nr Slm-li at tins lime is very large, and isrninpriund in
part of tlio following very desirahle artieles, in yvliieli,
with many oilier* ma mitmiornted, yvo oarnestly mviin
iIm ntteiiilnu of ;H| who mo in want of gnml bauds, at
low prices:
i l.im ami l''iguri.il Silks mol Satins, some vory mol rioli
min mally law
llku !, Italian Siiks, a great variety
Mine hla,*li do, lianilsome mol rlioap
Shirk, blue blne|< anil enluri'il ('baileys
Mmmlins a great variety and very cheap
I dark ami enlnred brn l)e Nap Merino, very fine
lllaok, blueblaelt, and eolored Hoiiilmv.iiies
Syrian Muslins, a line and handsnuie artiele fir Ladies
d n isn s
I’ linted Law ns mol Muslins, from Isto.Ts
Lnlieuos it INI worth lu
dll '• 11, •• la (Id
do Eng. “ U<iJ“ Vis fill
I’riuled Cambrios, yard wide, at Is (si
I arlioii Muslin, while mul oolorod. a now artielo
('ambries and .Muslins; a splendid assortment
Runnel Silks anil Law ns, very low
Ii"iinol II ibbnns, a large supply, eheap
\ Ipaee.a Joist re. a boautiful artiele liir I .allies' dressoH
( .imhrieaml Muslin I ’.dgittga and Inserting*
I bread and ituhhoirt Limes, a large supply
■'ilk, ( niton anil \\ "Iftoll | loaiery, a splendid aaaurtnient
Linve., of all kinds, priees mul deseriptimi*
S. arls, I1atiey I Imuikereliiels, Shawl* and .Mantillas, a
rioli variety
( Inllis. ( ussi meres, and Vesting*
beurgiu Nankeens, bmwn Linens anil Drilling*
Slimmer Cluths and Thibet Cloth*. very fine
('nt loti 1‘ rmees. a large stock, very eheap
Silk and Col toil I 'uibrella* and Parasols
I iniiihrnnn.-i, Italian ( Inllis, ( nltoo(’assimerse, Ketltueky
.leanes. and various other Oooils suilahlo for gen
tlemeids elothirtg
( otloii Oznaburg, Iturlaps anil Tow Linen
lib ache,I and bmwn Cottons from 15 cents to tint finest
Su ■ ir. ( nfiee, Salt and Rale Cotton; very low, laaidi s
great variety of other n a v noons a n ii o a o
c i. alia, of whieh we invite a spreial examination.
to 1 otmfrif .tierrliaiits anti
ValiiaMc Town Properly Tor
f B 1111*, subscriber is miilion/cd by the ow net, to sell,
I on accommodating terma, the commndioui and
Hivelling House,
belonging to Mr. Win. Hatley, and now occupied by Mr.
Richard II. Toler. |t is conceded to beonc of the hand
somest situations in town, and the Lot is tastefully im
proved, iu addition to having on it all the necessary con
veniences—Ice-house, an excellent Well, Garden, 8cc.
Persons wishing to procure an excellent and agreeable
town residence, cannot suit themselves better.
Also, the valuable ACHE EOT, opposite the Duel
ling House, enelused and in cultivation, and having un t
an i xrellent stable .
And also, the convenient HOUSE and LOT ad
joining Mr. Toler’s residence, now occupied by Mr.
Thr alxive property will bo sold, either together, or
separately, mid on accommodating lermi. Possession
will be given at the end of the year. Mr. Toler will
show the property to any person desirousof seeing it.
and all letters ui the subscriber, addressed to Rrooh Neal,
Campbell county, will be promptly attended to.
A'ey- 19 ts if
Bl'M (
t Jr.. »¥♦ 11 i: S. Hit ■ 1,.
MHS, IIKNAt. M'S «h*i| uill conutieum on Mon-j
ilay, ihi! ITuli ilay of Annual, (tin- prrarnl month,)
and rontinu* without inti tin Damn for tan month*. In
addition to lli*- aniai linuirhoa uf '‘duration, mat ruction
w iH he (jtvioi in tint fVnoh I .angnugn.
I I' ll VIS ^liir n anion of fiw inontha) $12 50
Aogia.1 8 3wjf
TMK large and oninnindii ua STORK
ROOM, on Hank Sipni'V, tnlcly occu
lt'd by KOI IKS «t III RTUN; aim.,
_> the vary comfortable and convenient fain
ily apartment* above. KOOKS Si Bt’RTON.
Juno ti tN |f
ON WEDNESDAY, the rtil innlaiil, llic commit
nicaiiim irum l.ynrhhurg to Richmond will be to
|"mi'tl *» follow*: Tin' Singe will Icnrc the funner
place fur the mmilh ol Tve river, from w hence pawten
i<rr», ike. will lie taken by the Packet boat* to Rich
nn uni.
Aug. I tail'.
• It Coni to clone.
H KINO.I otcmiiucd to bring our present business to a
close an speedily n* |mtumble, w«i shall, from this
lime, olh-i oio large stock ol I My Hoods, without refer
cnee to cost, I'Oli (hXfoV. It will he found to eon
sis! ol maii> Hood* suitable to the present and approach
tn*4 setisiut. W’e are aware that lit some descriptions ol
Hoods there is :t considerable decline; nil of unit tee "ffer
without reifm il to rust, and the residue at cost, liny
ers, either by wholesale or retail, are invited to t all, as
it will uti'ptcHlionuhly he made to tin ir interest to deal
with us.
In addition to etti stock of |)iv Hoods, we have on
h ind a good assortment of H Hut: E It I E s ,
which we oiler nI the lowest murkel rales, to which we
cill the attention of our customers and other*.
July 1*5 Is if
im i .1 jy a s: f* f .1 JY o s::
fill If' subscriber is now prepared to furnish any fam
I ily desiring the above Instrument, ii|><ui tne most
liberal terms, and from the most approved IN lamifar tones
tit the I 'iiltotl Slate* The justly deserved reputation
obtained by the dliferent makers, litis been so much hind
d through tin* public press, that any reniaiks of his
would he mmeecNsaiv u|to|| the present occasion, lie he
mgkuoNYU ns a iiuuiiilin ttitvr of the iiistrituient, can re
eoitiiiieiid the PtntioN made by the dliferent establish
menta. us inferior to none in the world. All that hi* te
uuiresiha trial . ami if the purchaser is not pleased with
the Instrument, it run be returned
NY V. CiHKKNK, Agent.
0*/ Nil Pianos sold by me w ill be packed mid sent t,
any distance hi tile country , free ofevjHSiHe. They will
also he kept in order one year, without any charge to tin
purchaser, by iiiysrll, as I passthrough the country I wict
a year regularly.
Sept. 10 iflM
< lo«liiK up a ■‘-■lock ol‘ Urv kooth
CO it 1'OST.
fllllK .••'|>.|| tn. rslii|M l mil IS .v III FFF.L
I w ill expiie in a sin it time hy limitation. We
shall commence this duy to wind up the concern. The
.Stuck id Goods in large and well nsiorted, nnd as we do
nut extmoi t<* get euut for the whole Slock, We shall sell
I mans kinds of GomU
uiihati.y i xoi ii t om i on rmu.
Wo have on hand most of the nrtiole* adapted to the
summer trade, hi eh as I .awn*, Canthrie*. Muftliii*, La
«*en, Hihlmns, lluunetN Klowers, I'nrasolH, Litten*. (Jam
hr.H.ns, .lentiM. Saltern, Alpaeca Lustre. Summer Cloth,
Krmineite, Nankeens, \ ratings, nnd most other article*
"i re *ury for Ladies* nnd Gentlemen** Summer wear.
will do will to lay in now their supply of Kail
i is. Winter (JnodM, tw great bargains will l»e given
in lihtnht'ln, i'hmnct*, Fulled ( loth, Kentucky Jaw*,
Itroadelidk*, t 'nnsimi rr*, ( \ia*inctl*, Ke. «Sr.
All G'mmIm not Hold privately l>v the itfith Sepletnher
next, will be on that day Hold AT A1 J(‘'LION.
•i d. mivisn ditkk.l.
N • II — I lie entire Slunk of G.nnIn would Iw* *uhl at a
lilwral discount from /niinc cti*l, tunny prison wishing to
eiuhark in the Dry Good* trade, and the stand given up,
w hich is perhaps the best in Lynchburg,
I J,J. P.&l).
duly 1.9 t* if
.V 0 T i 4 #; .
f | II IK copartnership heretofore existing in thi* place,
I under I lie llrni of Turner, Harwell, K Co. haw lieen
renewed, and the eoiieetn will continue to do business
lit their old Miami. Their stork of Goods, wliirli they
believe to he one id the liesl in the plaro, will he sold ri
Iherhv w holesale or retail, at v, TV Mured juices, to
those who may favor them w ith a call.
In addition to tlmir stork o| Dry Goods, they have n
good assortment of Sugar, Coffee, Salt, tko. Hie. which
will he Hold at the lowest market pliers.
August 1 1 111 if—1«
t on i Hi.Vf;
FlllIIS INSTITUTION will be re opened lor the re
® eeption o( pupils, on Monday, August 2*Jth next.
I hr course ol instruction is lull mid efficient:—eotnpris
mg llir various dcpartimms of Ancient and Modern Lit
crature, Mittliemaliial mid Natural Sciences,—best cal
eulated !• # devolopc the powers of the youthful mind,
and secure a solid and finished education.
The apartment* are large and commodious, and lw ing
lately turuished with a Piano Forte, Globe*, and other
nec«‘*Hury Mathematical instruments, it is confident!n
ho|N*d that the experience and attainment* of the teach
rrs may favorably recommend them to the patronage of
the oiildie. The Musieal department will Ini conducted
hy Mr. flamer, well known to this community ns a dis
tlnguinhed toucher ol Vocal and Instrumental Music.
A camiili ralde deduction ling been made in the terms,
with the view to accommodate a class of young pupils,
(limited to liiic/er,) and otherwise meet the demands of
the community.
Terms per Session of 5 months.
Tuition in Heading, Writing, Arithmetic, 1
English Grammar, Geography, History &c. > $12 flOj
pupila under the age of 12 Newrs 3
Over the ago of 12 years $13 00
With 1'otnposition. Rhetoric, Globes, As ) r. !
tronomy. Philosophy, Chemistry, &c. J * '*
Ancient and Modem Languages cacti extra. 5 00
Geometry, Alg'-bra and Trigonometry, with tht> con
at ruction of Maps, Charts, flic. extra 5 00
Music at Professor’s Terms, 300
I Tse of Piano Forte, 2 A
I rsc of Gluix'S and other Mathematical instruments | Ott
Stationary—including Pens, Ink, and slate pencilti I 00
Hoard, washing, 8u\ 0.2 5
To be paid, iii all case*, in advance.
'The III. Rey. S. A. McCoekry, Ep. Bishop Michigan.
'Flu' lit. Rev. Ur. Johns, A Kp. Bishop, Virgin**
The Rev. 'l'liumaa Atkinson, Lynchburg.
The Rev. .lames Dotiglien, do
The Rev. I). M. Wharton, Botetourt, Va.
The Hon. Win. Wuudliridge, Ex. Gov. of Michigan,
'The Hull. A. N. Purler, U. S. S. Michigan.
Charles Kraitstr, M. D. Pr. Mod. A»an. University Va.,
John Premia*, A. M Ex-President Baltimore College.
Brant'/, Mayer, Esu. Sco’y ofUcgation U. S. to Moxiuo.
Sam’l. Garland, John G. Mrcm, i
Alex. Tompkins, 1). Rndes, > Eaqu. Lyncl*b*«g. !
C. Dabney, K. Fletcher, 3
Aug. I w2w—tail
OF BARNES &l Co's. make. For sale, for the
manufacturers, at their Richmond pm.c«i,by
Aug. 25 t|if
TIIE LANGHOflNF. MILLS arc still carriod on
in tho nawo of Langhornc St Stoptoa.^-We iliall
ixintinu* to pay the highest markol price for Wheat.
Atij. 15 _ t«f
Pujrrtttftk .% 4 i-Vt *
a lull and general supply m vach, lor este at
An*. 2B t*f
Jnut llith 1842.
JOHN J. I’UIIYIS has just relumed Crum a trip a*.
ter IjwsU, and is now <.wrung, at hit cheap CASH
Store rn Lynchburg, uppunte the Market House, the
Mlnwtujr, lo wit:
t\iiicos:n, m n-jvs, c.t.Ttunrt*,
4fc., (or Ladies’ Dresses, at ltd pr yd.,
and upw ards.
Nankeens, bilge kit real Georgia, at 9>l per yard.
Pantaloon Goods, and Vestings, large lot and eery
CuUou Stot'kinga. black, white, prixt, Mur, Ac.,at
ltd a pair.
i Fancy Handkerchiefs and Scarfs,
Mitta, (ihirea, Rililmn*, (fie.
NY orked Collars, and Lice Gooda generally
i DONNKTS of all kinds. Artificial Flowers, Hand
| Boxes. Crap*, Matins, Milks, Veils, Irish Linen, Hol
land, Pins.T.ipra, Needles and
A Tliouaniiri Other Articles.
. kttofwbWh, bought ia the present doll state of the Nor
1 theiu Markets, will be sold 31 very low prices.
John j. plrvis
June TO bj,f
•CM II ?■»*!> ((ITION TAB MU*
TIIF. MUIlSt RIBF.RM hare rented, and are now
Working oil their own account, the well known
I Cotton Factory wt llm UICUMOJSV MAXll'AC*
\ /7 RUX(( O.VP,'I.YT. and are prepared f» Ijuaush
i Colton Yarns of llii) most approved nuality.
It lias been a Hoh>*»l oi complaint hercb.futc, with
| the merchants of YVestwrw Virginia, that they murid
1 purehase Southern Yarns, tor rash, cheaper in Halri
| tnoro and I'liihulelpliia than at the plan* win re they
are made.
j Y\ e now hep I. ace I., inform them, that we will mnf,.*
stteli a discount for C A M It, ns will reduce our
| yarns In t lie. lownst price at which an art k I* ut mem hi r
j quality ear. he prm'ured in any other market.
I Office at I lie store of Messrs. H. \V. Si J. .1, Fry
I ItieiiMOKn. Augusts |0 f*
n. p.IvAml
trial. If they are found good, to ho kept, If other
wise, to he returned. The pries vary from 'defl to 00U
dollar*. THREE HUNDRED have already iffH'o
Hold, and not a l.n.l . no amongst them. From kO to Hi)
always on hand, at his exitnaivo iHlt.ld.thu mil in Pe
tersburg, Y a.
July 21 mil
MtCMMONB RGftlon 4 «»■. i.
flMIK winter term of Lectures in litis Ijih') till mu,
1 will cimtuntee nr* Monday, the .31 s: nt October,
anil enntinne I months,
Ji'ltn Cullen, ,\|. |)., Professor ulTheory ami Pr.tc
liee of Medicine,
I- \\ . Cliuinlaulaync, M. I)., Prnfistour of Mulrria
Mcdiea and Therapeutics.
l{ L. DoliBiimn, M. I)., Professor of QlwtiHrii.i and
Diseases of Wiiiiii u and Children
Tli, Johnson, .Nf, D., Prulbssorof Analijmy. and Phy
Any. I, Wnrmr, M I)., Professor of Surgery ai d
Surgical Anatomy.
S M.iiipin, M. D. Professor of Chemistry ami Phat
Professors Cullen ami Warner will rnrli dolivi r
iwo Clinical l.ecturcs a week, in the lulirnmry. itMl.a
College; PriifesMur Johnson two a week, in the Aim*
House ; and I’nifcwst r ( linmlierliiyno occasional l-oi
lures nt the Penitentiary and City 1 Iiwpitnl, an interest
lug ease* present themselves. These institution* fur
niklt a large iiumlier nf instructive easm, and the mini
memus Clinical l.eetures, to nil of which tlm Student
will lie ndinillisl wiiIn>iit eliarge. will tifTonl him rare
advantages for becoming aeipiainled willi the types iit
Southern Diseases, and witnessing the appropriate l veal
tiient. The Surgical eases iiilinilled into thu College
Intiriniiy afford the Professor of Surgery opportunities
nl jH'rfiuiiiiug muny oftho Major and Minor ojieraUoiis
In lorn the elaso,
Tim facilities for the study of practical Anatomy am
iiuaiirpnssisl any w here. Tim /miferhtf liir dissw lnin is
newt ample, mid thu extensive Anatomical Mosouiu is
well stured with healthy and morbid preparations,
1 he t Ileum al Apparatus and collodion of specimens
in Mnleria Aleiliea are very eomplcle. In line, thrill,
si 11 n t ion idlers facilities Im tlm prosecution of Metluvil
j studies uiwiirjiaaiid by any siimlar liiuliluliun fit tins
! eomilry.
Knott, 1 JO to each Professor.
The price of Hoard, ineludiiig fuel, liyliis, servuiPs at
tendance, h.c. is from 13 fill to A."> (Ml per wetdr.
AUG l,. WAflNKlL
Dean of the Furuliy.
Illelminiiil, Any. I I 1 :)i
MIW UU8UOW ACtllliitlY.
rI,HI*. n mini-signed. Trustees of the above Institution,
have engaged the services of Mr. W illiam I) Kair,
a distinguished grsdualo of llie Virginia iVI iiiinry limti.
title, wbo will enter upon the discharge of bln duties on
the 15lh of Scptpmlier next.
In addition to the reputation which Mr. Earn fvdd*
bolero the public fir bis scteidtlie attainments; It* has
I'urnisbcd tint Trustees with the Itiglimb ami meet satis
factory teolinunials from (lie cooduotmo of iho ’list .to I ion
w here lie graduated.
It in designed to put the New Glasgow Availemjr »u
the moat elevates! lootm*. approaching, il nofuipialling,
that ofour ordinaiy eolleges.
Arithmetic, Algebra. Gisimetry, Trigonometry (il’lane
nml .Spherical,) Analytical Geo inn I ry. Didercnttal and
Integral Galciilns, Descriptive Geomstby, Sin diu ami
Shadows, mid I’ersjwctfvc.
K r n M » it I) t. p \ i* t m r. N r .
I)rw ling, Writing, Grammar, Geography, History,
Chemistry, Natural' Hiilosopliy, Composition uibl De
I, A n n f a n c. s .
Latin and Greek, (the usual Is nits,) Efonbh, Hol
man's Grammar, Tclcinarhus, Gil Bits, Charles xii.
Voltaire’s Hcnrjailo, See. |to.
As Ahilltomstiiai will lie do distinguishing ft-a-Toro in
the Academy, the ••black Imawt” will be extonoively used
as well in Kruncli, Geography, <S-e. !ts ni Mnt' miiatic.il
Tuition fen per union *.f /ire nvmths.
Heading, \V ritmjs and. Asitlwnoiio, with
Grammar, Geography, History, Philosophy,
fco. ’ $12 50
I lie above, with the Languages ami
Mat hematic*. 15 00 |
Hoard can hn had ill the rau<t respectable families on
inoderaln I. nos.
The healthy situation of New Glasgow'. the beauty
ol the .surrounding country, the intelligence ami respec
tability uf the oitiEenR, together with the high (|ualifica
lions oi iho gentleman employed, warrant tlio tmilersigti
ed hi recommending the Institution to the favorable con
sidcration of the public at largo.
Warner jones.
A'hf. 4 wll55 if
7vo TiCJB. L *?
fTMl& claims due to the Mercantile Concern I&tf)
carried on at Bethel, in theeuUHty of Ainhcrst. w?
Her ihe name of John 1"). Davis, but in which VS m. A
Davis & Co. wore equal partners with said John 1
Davis, ikai ia* a luuiciy to Ilia said John D. Da*i
and the other moiety to Win. M. Davis &. Co. hat
been, by aasi^runent, recorded in Amherst Count
Court Clerk’s Office, placed in the bauds ofJobl
I hompson, Jr. and Hun l<im it, Yancey, for cullretiui
tliu said Thornpaou 'representing Joint D. Davis an
Honldia it Yancey, VVm. M. Davis St. Co. All pe
sons indebted to the said concern will picas* make paj
ment at the earliest day. John D. Davis wH^allm
on those indebted to the concern, and will nettle up infl
arijust the accounts, and he will abo make sale of tfl
Hoods on hand, il being iho object of all parties to dial
the matter and pay off all debts due from i he onnocru, stfl
then to adjust the accounts between the parties. ■
A „ ate
A,,S >8 if.vow ■

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