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I’ttr. 11as. '
if published senii-xectkty, (every .Mon.liy and l'mrsday,)
mi I'vur / fallut s per annum, pny-i’de m advance. .Vu snh
seriptinn unit be received t\ r a shorter ttine than six months;
mnd no paper tfill he discontinued, (except at the discretion
the Editors.) nntd all arrearages are paid.
^UYEU t'ISE.)H:.V’J'S inserted at hi) cents per
tf u<M'f (or less.) for the Jirst mscrtuniy and .37 i cents for
every euhsvqw n! insertion.
EVERY • II'YEH RISER is required to note, on his
manusta i,>f, hoir loiip, he u i.s!n \ /us advertisement inserted ;
sn advertisement, not so noted, will he inserted till il* d.s
vantinuanee he ordered.
FOR YE.IRE) . IW ERVISIAX: the terms are . Tor
ths privilege- of ttvo squares, fit.* , j\n one s plai t. yJ • for
vms sq-iarc, inner form,
Q’f-JUfl executed neatly and expeditious
ly and on reasonable terms.
Joseph EP. Bourns 0’ t o„
I ’M’OKTMiN 4i I’
( aiN A. US. IV* \ 29
jk .i si i si s; .v n • .3 s: 2:,
E 5 tit LI/»i 1 Va,
■^^JF.wUh t.» tltivei die attention el ( Ol-NTIIl
▼ ▼ MEKICHANTS to the above card. T'u
find at lliis fsln.JihhmiMtl t v» 1 \ *r:;»*!<• la the Ituesi.r.
ide for country sales, and *>t the nevvtit patterns ..11.1
We Still |de»lj»c eur.t.Ivi s t> 1.1 11 at the K .chinotu!
vrliolrtKilc prices.
We hope that those mcrHia wliu 50 through this
place, 0.1 their way t » the NtiIi «*r i > Kielineiiid will
call and examine our prie« s mid terms; 1! they will do
hj, \rc lire I confident *<t s»-eiirino their eiistotn.
JOSEPH 1>. 1A \NS Co.
Feb. G t«
' vimn:.
])1 list \NT i«i a ihcri c ol Iledf-rd (’< un1 y (h urt,
pronounced at January Term. LT-'t, I shall, on
nwxtcourt day, IVI.ruavv 27 ill, in fr-ut ol tin* emirth-aisi
of said count v . sell to tlip highest hithh r. mi a credit - I
12 months. the I -II )\ving SLA \ I ^ belonging to t! « r.
late of It-»!*er t M. \\ dUer, «l< M v /. \ - ooiiy, Silly
and her child, Mail I a. sign d i - < i J months, and Som1\\
lloncl* with approved personal srearitx will he icipui .:
of purehasi rs hoi re tin* pr--perl\ is d I:v•
JAS. A. \\ Al.kLlL Com.
Feb. 0 ow
'm'rus! Kafr.
BVVIlVICMol a d.'id .»t IruHt. executed * n tie
I’nh day ol March, T 12. by M'.« rt (i. Dabney,
and of re cord in the ( lerbY UlILs < ' tin.- llu-uiogs
Court, lor the Corporation of' I ,y in-'. m.rg, li.- under
signed, ns trustee, will pror. .d to sell, at I! i • • hoes- . i ihe
said Dabney, near I.nnglu.nu .Mil!, mi T--- ay, tie
Mth day id tin-pr-e-m m •ntli. /oe rns/i. *‘a Sn-aui l\ •
ginc, Uoilernm! other \ppu reliances attached tin n t -
in the said deed of trust nient n d.
The ondersignt d, iie'ing as Trustee, will unly com
Tev the title ve sted in !..iu pm li.
The sale will I* V 'Jrwt Payne k Tut
nrr. J A ^i i ih Di'-jN A t»IS, I i nst,
’ lYb.O « id
Tni'^v wals;.
FN pursii.ri t .ifa ! )-.-i of Trust r\ *«»?<* I liydum-s
_R \\hittuiotu i.and i earing date the liiili \o-jlist. 1i2.
and duly recorded in tin (’h-iYs (Mil.a* of tin* ( minty
{ Yurt of IJ*m|ford, I >a!L • •• ; . pr- ns •«■-, and ir»w tIn
tee.' irnee of said Whittmu' i . pr - i to sell, lor cash,
to the highest bidder, on \\2 ; -: v. tin* ! • • h March
n**\t. all tint '8 i ;k t oi' LMsreeJ «:f 8 ::?!<?. !y
ing and heina in i!.r ( ounf\ - I I! ; '-l.uiitY .N r;h
r:dr ol the I ,J lie 1 Ultl li ■ '1
joining the Lands uf lYeuval. I'u 1- and Jdiii Win
tingtou, Senr., eotila!n:i > I ml KTLi’.N Oil i'li''
TKKN ACHKS, I. \ , the 1
personal property, tnwit: two I b*rv s. on • two horse
Waggon and 1 luniess.tw • IVrlnr Si-• !- and I’urniliirt•<
one Cum, k. one I are and i\s-»-mill LI- egh . one (’-tr\
Plough. tA-o Lots, and two Ovens. The property will
|msilively he s.»ld with ot reserve. The under-igm-d •
will convey sub nth as he holds as trustee, which hr
believes is un-pi si:-"' ild .
J.MJ. WlIiTI'INliTON, Jenr.
F«b. U 11 - M i
vkvi v
rl’ST UEC Ki V L!). at I ’.xcbaive Corn* r. n s ir.nl! !.it
ofclur.ee Llil IT '! It !■LS. from the Nursri v .1
J’arsn* k Co., New \ L flies. A ppl- -. I'- ars.
Cherries and i s, ixe., ,»ll id’w Inch are -f \ m v •
rior cpiality. M. !’A !.!>• )T.
Feb. 0 ta
Ej .S ?&• G T E V B).
*un i !. A tvioh: wi i). »sca\c :s
"B fl \VK located in I ya.'li'nirg, and united ;u t!ie prac
I tice of Law. Samuel ISrauclt will constantly :ti
tend (an heretofore) the Courts of lluckmgham and
Prince Jet ward,and will In.eal.- r also attend tin- t ourts
held in I .vnchhurg and i!;e w ; •»-r ( uru : t t ’a ,ui!-i II
and lied lord. W illia n I). Lit di x\ i i I n! i * •: i«i t!n* Su
perior and Inferior Courts oft a. j a l!, |h-df -r I and A .
horst. \\ hr n not a. sent on |i ei m. I bus ••*• s>, they
may always hn f Mind at lii'ir - l:i •<■. (upstairs) in tin
bouse next below thu «.ui ^ of i 1 divunU n. Ou y, on Main
Feb. % fn
~lWr'fffO.W .13. MES.1.VC S3.
A grniliinle nl S3 >% tuoilen «l •* ••y < oSIrgr,
TT AS opened a SC i I ()t on • lie- lauds of Mr. li nrv
S. 1 itinghorne, in the c unity of A .uheist, about «in
mil* fr.un the l.vielihurg Undue. Iu tins > ho"| will .
hr taught nil the brain dies no 1 iu the host rf-gnlau-d \
mdemios. His rxeriinn^ to do justice t-i his pupds will,
he hopes, entitle hint to tin- patri nngn of tins pnidic.—
Tuition fee lor a session of t. n it.ontlis, 11
Fab. 2 Sm
r i’ll IF Sl’ilSC RIBF.K wi>ln-s to soil privatetly, a
1 'n: m i or 1.1 a o,
on Beaver Creek, in Amherst county, containing bV) A
ores, a large portion of which is muni land, some of
which is first rate tolmcco land. The cleared land is
good for grain of till kinds, and is well adapted l r im
provement by clover. There is, also, 15 or 20 acres of
line meadow Ia> !.
'i’lie Land lie* G miles northwest of Amherst court
house, nod adjoins the laud s ot Richeboti ilrnley, U.ch
ard Smith and others.
If desired,' the Land will be divided into two or mere
tracts, to sun purchasers.
The Land will he shown to any person wishing to
purchase by Mr. Richard Smith, wo i lives adjoining it.
Feh. 2 t
BV virtue of a Deed iif Trust, executed to nit* by
Samuel Branch, for the henelii of certain erclm-i*
therein memioned,dated the2thli day < f March, l '12.
Aiidof record it» the Clerk’s (M-i-ei f Campbell county,
I shall sell, at public auction, tbr mdi. on Tuesday the
seventh day of M ireb. 1 ' 1‘*, at Nathan Spenet r’s Mill,
Falling Liver, in the enmity of Campbell, all the in
crest of the said Samuel Branch. !toth at law and in r
«|uity, in the following NFCROFS, to wit: I'. ter, An
na, Celia, Clem and t.dliam. hi r two childp’ii, Spencer
and Sylvia, which said Negroes are now in the pos
session u| Robert K. Watkins. Acting as Trustee, I
shall convex t.• * 1 y such inu r.-st t t !.*■ pun*baser as is vest
ed in me by said deed. WILLIAM 1). BRANCH,
l'V«. 2 i, M
•v/:w Ao.vtpoA
.Bi.Eft B\ K \\
Hit TIHOIJS nilOll.Y, J.M , Vrineija1.
f I ' I IK M iiM li 115 ru h.i . .1. avpted till* appoint
■ im it as l*iim ipal ol ."Si '.\ I nnl< u Acudcni*, would
rasp, a111 idly pn'srai to the public Nome ot its chums to
■ - ! luf es ■ ©net I m \' • 11 \« > i in
slim tor in Western Virginia, has produced a deep and
settled convict mu tlmt, with an institution situated m
l!ie centre » I n «mall v ;li . , it is almost hi \ -ml the
itf.i Ii ot p..-»,I.ility, in train tlic \ "iitlilul mind to mtelle.
lu.'t) ii , and the I \
y ami so p i
trut, that the limit no w < arn d eflbrls . i ihc Instructor, to
maker the rate ur, tin reli !, . levated and
virtuous v tuill, w ii! tr -gi.'iiiU pr \ .■ a -rt.\ t . The n
til'd I nil llwli o| N e W I , id'll \ nn ■ \ is, it IS hi ilMVi d
• t least, a pailial reun \ r Hits evil. Presenting no
thu g; to withdraw th min i fnm the *■ > v!y and sober
; »t of knowledge, or ti i
* • 1 ill jd ’i-ur*. II u 11U i •!v leilthy and all ml
ing every at!* ■ ■ ■ com lor l and bappuus
I he A -a in ■ \ is a new ail elrg ml building, elected
will.in the las; tliri r \ ai'x, in which the ronveiuenee el
both teachers and pnpi •, lia> l.i en i llectuall* secured,
ih’ing mtua’rd Id mihslrm l..e ii nng, mi the great
Itn remote West, it
lie- uioi .s' It: -'ll \ t.f aem
rMtiiln»l> li tun a »r n':*im v nrerxjMvtr I i hoard \\ i: i»
til* I’m i-ip • I. t.f • i .n :i pari . t his family, and to he sub
j«vt to its w ii--l"sn'i)<* regulations; - and lie buhls h,.Vift»:!f
pledge I, to pr <mjte 1:1 ev. t \ \v:iy, their health and phy
sieal e mi fori, to \v:i tell over then maimers and ha hits, to
e in-1 a s • i '.ho.r n.oral and lad: pi ms iuli |i -.is, t . 1, :id them
to t in k .m l reason, and lo i:isp:re them with a love ho
intelh etna! p i mi** anil pb.asin s. The Nt '.v ’1Vv.;i
Ii.iml wd| Im- a text hook. i (lions of It will he i. ad
d el\; Us I :a !aun .oi.il truths m'-uhutled; and sueli he
tm o'* w id he, ..a v a: »!! y , d. Ii vi red . as may beat i 11 u *
ti.i!o Us op- l d« p; . . /,( ,f, !t o.Tmhi.illd prrulutnlifa
tvid hr rui cf'udi/ ni i'illi
i . i di'« Iplm. ol the Sel.e.ijl w ill bn mdd and parental.
hat clh. el: v r. \\ hilt* the ! * i .in •: pal Will exact . u all oeea
si. ns iii}|■ 1:i*11 obedience, lie will, at ihr same time, en
coin:.pe his pnpi!-. to consider hui thru friend, ns wo||
as tiie.r tr.:i-l . a id all h s twpiua-mcntg as listvu.p reli i
cnee iily to llieir tiv. o ultima'e eoml. Tin y w ill he al
I i\\i d to t nan n • as. i.ittoi . but of a liiph and hoiiora
hie ehnracti i. All e • u ntion, .nirTtnsitie.s, and profane
Mvarnp w ill he ■ trieilv J -.o.', J’.vtiv one will he
I'-ipiired to dn-pi!,: !i lump' ll at all times hy a noble,
dipo'/nd ;n.d pt nth-manly <h poriment. .\<> indolent
: lid M'MollS \. mi t It will he ret. u lie.; in the I ust i tut im.
I lie i -i i«. riiiei w ill at n to make Ivin- .ui m w hat 1
oneli! I.* ho, tli m.i di, co.iipu a,?;ve, and practical.
15 \ patient and eaietnl ilislril‘1 - o, to develop, siren,»Jli
en, and p i -di, m joit propor'to.i the entin- uatiiru i.'.'th.;
pi -• J >. I. - I " <-,,||VrV 111:-.. • t . I lie V 011 th fill III Old ah Illp W lill
i h i.eiiiarv Miunds u| l.-mp'.ope and the art of prommeia
ti"ii; - To expend its enerpo s oil tlimi'S that an impor
tant id e • tut. ( ■ w ill he taken iiwt to burden anti
torini»• lie* iHe.11 irv. while the ju Ipmeul is hit inieiilti
vated. Spee::*! t! .t ation W ill h * pi veil to the Knpllsh
l.an pe-pt a.id ( wioi i.ii. To< .Vurhmt W ill he if;jn|
i« d to learn s1 him 'hiup more than tin- mere prammatie.il
etion of im? native t II- mu -t tm i - > tan
so'U* thtnp ot its richness. Im a it\ , and power, and he
V ■ - : ideas with i and p : t ty \
v u.i .<• ..ni \ w ill !»•■ taop lit ihi same pupil at the
in' turn h. p rn - - m\ hat wle.ro every t
m *• t. ;11pt . 1 ai out «•, tn.ihinp .s h arut w itli accuracy and
e(licit in-y .
i i*- e : .. f ii -T! !:-,n wiii eui! ra •<’ Oilh pin phy.
; ( p, \\ , A ri .Ii1 y, (
modern,') »-.ok k• e • 11:p, Natural, .Moral and Mental
I'iiilwsupiix . 1 jopie. K o-t -ric. Astro',, my, Surveymp, the
I e. . I . pil.l
tlie Math unties 'I I S*! ■ i ■ - - ;■ ■ 1 /. /.
1 N; y in March and
a:ul el ise ;i the JJ' !i d.' I > ■ ‘ember. Tuition for the
session ,* >T I! i o'd • r m oih.oer hn!, •: !: in
(.drill. . N . «!• dtielioim will he made unless III eases *
sickles;. S ‘ : d .Us 111— X eill-T after t lie session has com
m< wed, and will only i t- eli.u p d from tin time td’eii
T’ir Principal in far ]e-s a-nhiin us i f a larpe, than of
a happy, industrious, and well leyulaled School ; and
hopes th if ho one w nl come, w ho cannot cheerfully obey
every wi • and salutary law,—intent, noton amuse
im ot ood < up’v eraidi iti'ii, but on the preat him
ness ,d' . cut;,| and in rii i:i pr iVi-iui'lit. M a’J.ly rireu
hr- will i «• • i d r< *-- d to tin •parent or tie* guardian of
< teh siudi of, pivmp • irh ini ri.i u> n in relation to their
conduct ..a 1 j ropu rs in it arintip .. may s« tin pm per.
N it —c’-tu h-ut? from a dean *e are expected to fur
tush tle-ir own beds and l i*ild!!i_: lu.xtra charpu ol 5-♦
e« nis per i.ionih if furnished by tin- Principal.
N t u I.omto>•, \ \ ‘J ts
OSS wur.s ! !
f |l!I!u so:,se,i '. Inst-s. received a s nail lot ol sweet
E I I ’.V. OKA NU!* ’’I I'lj f' nr \|m», I .''•tr-UK and
l‘ fresh and It ie. (iiu iiv'A-u \V. \ \ \ i’O.
V ‘ ts
P.- v- e s '1 v r i* i it , s* .
« AKE*rrrs:!: a '*:» riiii hb: jobm r,
/ %l i’luliS !r ; o-rvi eeS to the «-‘l'-/**!;s if f.yneliDurp
y and i's vi ■ :iu v. in al! to; various I rau-ht k. I lav
in*; heretofore ii - iv-d a portion rd* tiie public patrona-je.
he hopes t > im rd \ e hi!miu hici* of ihe same. Thus#* w ho
feel disposed 1.1 pair- ni’/.e him, nnv rest assured that their
work shall In' executed with neatness and dmpateh 11*
will also keep a ST Ijt'f K - and r-emve
and scllTimber on e cu uissi ei, an 1 malm ltl»* ral a I
vc.nees on t!»c'same, u’reipiire'l. lie may he found hv
appli’ntiiiin, at the Western Iloul.ns his res. icneo is
near thereto.
K.’.fliilm. r:i.—Th O. Acrer, 1’s.p
W. P P*rvao», I’.s.j.
C ’. Mel vrr, |-',-<j.
Col. W.ii. 1). Drown.
Jan.nO n.n
f'i;, fs. ss,*; xs:. r;e.v.sa t*.
'w'v' ^ G( )RI)ON n-sji i-tfully inf»rai their friends
3. nr. I 1! ii ■ | »ii •. 11. • «jfciH*ra I !y, that the second ;. ..mil
I tl'^ir S('l lOOL w ill com iinu e on Movday, the C*th
ot February. a11h< ir n *• dr“Me**, i i.mediately opposite the
Prott-s.ani Method:?-;! Cliereh.
T*!.• \ would take tliisnpportiuiity of tendering their
grateful nel.n >u h dgmonts Ibr tie* bberal encouragement
they linvp uri-ived, and wutild in :u!g«* tha hope, that
hr tndejatigul:!;! attention to tlte duties 4il their proles
sum. they tuny continue to met it t!»c palrun.me of a gen
or ns ptihlie.
I laving ' f en rxporienepd the inoorivenienep attendant
on changing pup.Is Ir mi oue School to another, as they
ad vance in their edu<".Mi»:\ they have arranged their
School into scv< r.il elns?r-, f ir the purpose of aceorntno
dating the price uf tuition to the ditVorent stages of nil
Terms f rthe session uf five months payable in ad
I«! rt isr,— For beginners—Alphabetical lessons. Spol
ling, R\.i(liugand Mult;pliratioti Table, .V* 00
2ndclass — I**«»r the moreadvanced—Spelling.
ICmiing. Writing. Kb-mentu of Arithmetic, ot
English Grammar and Geography, 10 00
ord class—Orthography, Reading, Writing,
A ritlmieiie. Kuslisli <irammar, Ancient and M(id
em Geography and Composition, 12 00
4th class—All the higher branches usually
taught in the brat Schools, t ito.titer \vitli
French, 1 •
Music on tlte T’iarv), three lessons pur week, 2 > <■<*
Drawing and Painting, do * 10 1*0
Oriental Tinting, d » S Otf
Wax Work. do 10 ( O
Kmhn id. iy, do . <» 00
M;-s s Ij. would s’so.iiiform thoir friends tint they
are now prepared to accommodate a lew young ladies
with hofii.l. Ivery attention will hr* paid to the person
rd cumi'.rt as wi ll as to tin* moral and inUTeetual im
pr .veinant of t'a ^it mUft^ied to thrir rare, ieniii^o1
!*• r m »tii h.
Jan. V, ^
I 2 7 T fifi C O * IS C-: S h .
T II I It I) S K s s I O N .
M'i:i:i il OK MU I’ilO.M vs l M \Ust'i \u .
or Iv t m i i kv.
llorsK or U! .I’KKsl' \ r.VTIYK.8.
V** i UN 1 S|1 \Y , Jau. *J 1 .** II
Tin: rv m.tjt i s: and si utukvm iu
Mi M \USII VII ilh rsomr allusion in his lurmer
temarks, ] i • t < di .1 in say ili.it hr l.uil hrn* in Ills plai'i*
veumrrd i<> arraign llu Smrtaiv ul Siaio, not In dine the
\\ l»i • |»nrl> lor lu as \\< || ai l In* Nvm I ii v d State
"rii !il 11 .i v i ilr'Oi il lh»l j n i sdlf.ioll bill Ism i' ”i Ihr
s. .Trial v of Slab I <r a ^ real and ;» la rum «l< | a 11 . i • la I
Ir.i'U a Stop I ■ • ,! soil leu . *r Ipso a spris-h i I Ills, hill
In MO l hr W 11 • 110 Sj..| It, I rolll til, m III It .till1 Jll lllv'l J)||>
111 lot j'ulill tl I • I Is I !l I > i li'ltl u s til 11 i <n Hit
Srojfla i \ i I Slate ill h 15 pis v i ii.srsiie, Ins ui:i*tn
lb1 tbil is l i.it nn tin h by ili.it hr was ihr un amaumi to
bodily i•*j .• - . m «-I » js Iitful j.ailv, ai d that, |. i
IH111 I i rl hills hi | b
bound In ! 'll.»W I lii hs I'li id. If bail ii Kuril mss
lrrast!i.si v. i i all l!i.■ r . nl h.r.iu.l . ul i'i . Urpmllie.
Mr ha l UK".ot lint 11m N : '..try . ■! S a to \\ is in - mas
tor in il «• bgdit that Vnstoilr w^s the inssu r id llie
Mnonlrmai'm l!f It;1 l.i l: si Vnsx . i.iswa thu mas
lend lIk \11n s alls, and m ihr 11;» 111 lhat S n rah h w as
ihr nr. .'i i ul tin* si.iti . a :i i ■ in d m Ins *.||,.d n i
that Ini w.nh 'imd In hdlntv him as they I’ollour*! thru
order-*, !»ut i! at hr rmn .dh d m hi ; u«li>men t ihr »:t
id' all thrst* phiiiisop! rs t’ whir Ii In h 1 ' . r 1
I'i an lit i in tin in v. bn Ii hr had been is ji -rtt .
had in n null i stood 1 ■ > surer al tbr iriuitalioli ul the V
merit** ii Secretary 'I ir lartlful jiiss.hh from il * (*aid
I , . . t i . \
tin- is |'ii la t i ii rl I hr r\ s .'it l Ii ill Ms • nhiisrl!-., it
Wuii! t t,av« • ul vv» . 'lit.! all tl.r jew riled that!. mi* ol Ku
r*'1*1 *» I” ' s' I' .h i • lillt, mawmurll as In- ll.ol alh'drd
to it. a a I mas :rr-!i as tin I i »vi r moral org m, in a si ram
■ Me: lie . uni i..u u, i, eiw.m .1 mail win iM'i.n in
that | ha.I * • .mles. ended i.* take notice nl hi* n
mar!.*, he he: '• *1 !• i\e to read a pa • ago Imiii tin I m
«i::i 11 ill fpo, !i. to w Inch In i . I n I hided, a . a pmpei
m'.i • •. i * * i ■'! t i he ic mirks le nil* uded t»> iiin'.e.
M M i - i tii m this pitch, in wl ?h
l ,i.c
t!i I'ii ..dent, is lif.i d on ( ..iign «s hy Mr \\ • ester,
Kiel Ins lejei: «ti -n i.s sl.ik. I up .n it. iso. j
.Vr,v. (c turned Mi M.) a fuller endorsement could
11 it he p. veil to any i.n*. are hy any man, and h » im refill
nud am! an x ns li.i.l bn'ii tin >.enlai\ o| Slate to re
eoinine; I ties lliltig to tile IMU e.i, tha' he hid I a I. :i
pleat p.'.iiiH ;d :» gre.at deal ne ie than was necessary
in s.iii-d every h-.dy how entirely ami peril tnh emu
pen at he u .is I i b. ei,|" on a mi •--.linn nl tin - sort; and had
releind to h.s in veE-tipa I unis a.nl i xpi lienee in this mat
ter to I y In us-lf, 411 I to throw a in mi. id this pi 1 pusi
tion. 111 t v 1 1 v I mii and mode, all tin* sanction ul h
fiaui", aod all the dignity ol h:s knowledge ami eh lae
or. I e re lore, tind Ii If V • e, Puli
a great san.it .•. e im a.mre. in. .tel hy penile , and pro
pov I to tl;o r nil' 1 y a . t! e v.ny hot measure, next tu
the ( >0*11111:1 a e| 1 In t lilted States, that had eV cr In eu
hit up ll I• \ the JJMillls I HI ill It \\ H, then, a liailoll.il
matter. .1:1 I ll ■ i n every mail who had h.ul that * 11
nl faith ill tin r trimeter ol Daniel Wehstei tha I It* ( Ml
M.) had I. id. to I,, k a 1 mew hat eh-*. I v at n propos, in u
• ! 11 ' I m li. 11; IO U11 ■! • 1 :»! I 11 • • I
Mr. M did n t know who wrote thU e-ti de, nor d:d
he know that ll v\;.s preeiselv m order t r him to reh 1 to
new .paper articles in dilate mi ton tier, hut ho had
s*-.*n 11 flofi" I \ ntii r p nil 11 ’ 111"rr, and perhaps the peeull
aril v *.-l’ i'i"i ipie-.iii.il, and the p. eu 1. r 1: y ol tlie »tv le of
tins arti If, v.n.uhi justify liitti in untieing it. 11 did not
know who wrote the anode, hut e itainly r e-n'aiind
s.ine.lui t'-ry luueh l.l.f* tin'o H Hie other til ll which
had I et ! 1 i!. !iv.-re I i.n lids ll "u yesterday .
| Mr. M. r :ul fi in the article charging him with
•dimming irftpurcutly all preeiai; s'atemenls, and 11 »t risk
ing h.ile • II (ill | esfi hh -IS -railing oil lltMl t • pi JVC,
mid n it 1 —t e n-o iit with m-m ly nlltruimg, tli.a lim
p|o| rd I . . .pic I Would he a hank, ia*. I
*1 . . , i.rd 'll. Ml when he had Hiked t!lf pen
*!cn. . 1 \ • teniay w hat he i .io.ih n il a hank,lie had re
fused to give ,i i\ explanation on the subject w hatever,
hut hod s 10! t11 it he w 1- ar "0.mg n g itively; fill 1 Xpres
•ion which M 'I. eoiili ssi d, in that connexion and ftp
pis atioii, did not deli :ie w ii,i sufli cut pic-inion to main
H Hit 1 11;gil.le to him at h ast. The p. 011 lei mm had argil
ed *‘neg III Vi ! . , ' a id rein-1 d tr> ill line V\ hat lie role id
Mr M had In tol q ted pa ■ il
Mi Webster . w hen the
Mi'i.o-t ol a t«. vi rumetit li.mk uas the subject ol
e *u1 a:ion, vs 11 1 .Mr \\ . had denounced a (iov
eiiiaieHt Hank as tin* very worst of all possible in
veil 1 ) is. and v 1 ho imvv iHi is it ;• something which
would le- tin very host euntrifai.ee which the wit of
man had ever duvised for this country, save the Con
Klltilliou of the I itted Stales. Well, if tin* thing
.. pi »ved to he a (• . ■ rmnnnt Hi 11U, surely tin
i Seeieiary of State stood eoiivirlinl, when in power, of
Inviog .-|Vf red to the country tlie very worst invention
which foreign nations had ever experimented on.
Tlie quest 1 u limn w as. whether this was n (d verti
moot Ihooi or ie*t! Now he understood the gentleman
lio n M turn driselts ( Mr. ( i hminu) to define a hank to
- I ant sleek company of private individual*, dealing in
in Mir*v nr loaning I r pr • 1 if, and if that defiuit: ,;i in lu
dr ! all it' | i"; e:t e*. eeria nl\ th* e c ul I le no Hindi
thing us a < •nvemmeui Han!; nl all. r.a omu h as < .u eri
ue at v. a • i; t a joint stock company ol private iudivn!
Mr ( ! M! I X( • ( M r M. v elding tie- floor lor rx
plauatioii) said IIn- genih-mun would do him the justi
t 1 reim-mher that he had n pr lessi d to he giving the
(lefiniliou of a hank; on t .« eoiitrarv, m answer to a re
quest * * I tin* ig"nt!«anan that lie vvmdd give a definition
of a hank, !»•• had replied fiat Im was arguing negative)
lv and not nllirinitiv.lv. I!, hid*-' d tint the popular
ucrrpiRtion nl a Hank <1 the f ’iiited Mates was a joint
stock company doing hanking hu*iuocsl r pi .lit.
Mr. M \ 1 A U . said lie utulcrstood a hank—that
ih, the eouitn ui (pialttten which marked tie - genus hank
— to con*:.st not ho much in the persons who exercised
tins faculty as : 11 the character ol tlie faculty cxoicmed.
A hank mi»lit In in tin hand* of in li vidual 1, tin irjwrs
ted nr imineurporab-d, or in the hu 1 Is of a s ngle nidi
vidunl. wlio intelit issue his hnU. or it might he in tin*
i of (/ vr 1 .Ol.. 1 !. |l ilepCl lod "ii tin- n
1 m !i " ' I i
!.-ve var- iis lieiiltas. Among other iiiHtitnlioiiK the
Ihink of Aiiifii' rda n wan a prominent one in Kiirope.—
Tint wa>a hank of .leposite, issuing certilicsus ol de
• ".sin, me! y ei n was called a hank.
Hut lit was t!i ; institution? If wag a moneyed
i:;>: notion; il was a hank ot depu?oli ; il hail ten millions
<d (i ivc mou nt money placed under the c. utrid nl llu so
ciiiiiii-"iuneis—I -r vvl.it? for del laying the expenses
of this ( J.iv« non l I r deal *■ in \ vat of ex
change'/ II'1 asked 'gentlemen il ti *r* were I ill a do/,
en private siuel.liuldeis incorporated lv charter v\ i; ii
M0,1)1 if),fW capital t i receive private funds on d< pus
ite, to deni in bills uf exchange and charge a premium
11*i those hills, w 11• llu r that would l*»al»anV. if, then,
this s.iine amount of money nod there same laeuliies
vi : • invested in a (.*uvi rument iuslitulion, was it not in
, vi rv sense cl the word a (Juvcrnmcnt bank? il w •
hnak ol iiupojiitc and * \rh;».ugo based on a capital of ■? if*,
noO.li*•<) ol the public money «T this ci.tintry raised I r
| that i.orpose, invested in tin Secretary of the Tpasnrv
11*ml thne coinmissioiiers appointed and removable by tin*
President of ihe United Slates, and although it • uld
n-.t d!*r,uiiut promi-sorv notes, il was still a hank.
lie apprehended tint the influence of il: it name
whii h « ndorsed lliU proposition would fell in this
country. Mr. \Yt hster iiad at one time c\er* sed a must
commanding inflm rice on the mind «.l tins country mi
on all subjects oi th:description. Mr. M. knew that in
liia own district tin re was a very strung party in f.ivnrof
t||,, proposition—a party which had been formed on tfti#
pn p. that v\asgrowing in strength, that by p
Ktbilit\ he might m the course of coming events find it
tuTcfsarv to pay his court sutucw hat to. lie would a r
( !'..• no forth* r time the chairman of the (’nmmiUeo of
\Y.v n aifd Mi ans ( Mr. I'li.t.'ioi:: ) had ar •nod in h;s
r :rp;.rt »»n il.;M to Us !,» i j a f • i. i i i o' it cm.N.
iiu 1 In 1 d r cl ui:o I, as vat an . t• • i a; ■
' 1 ’ pa 11* <*f wine It htt had rend frutn Mf Webalcf’*
* * t \l i VV Mill ii w a ■ an > si
(M iiiumt whieli 11.id never hern tried in tine eountrv, hut
,t!nt the e\p« nr nee ol other (Hinntriee whs loll and am
I plo on (lie mi! ret, and that the history of bankinu show
! ' 'I Hurt “I hII It11iiihn invenliotift a (•ovwrimu iil l ank vnt
I Hie w.'ist, and on that aullioittv, Mr. M planted him
Hut, no tin* oilier hranrli ol thu enbjt’rt, Mr \V whaler
aVi'idi tl the rl\ t t of all his own lull reaNotim^ on this
p 'in!, i n * a\ iUK that a non user in ii"l a ■unendii Ii j
oato u.it a non user in this plan. Il united it was a
• h t.n he.l s 1 ivi 11 all, then it would he a noil user
I he p m i i . f p iw.miit • a unit.Tin bankrupt law had t xist
' d in the ( iinstitution, and had never been Used trnm
I' I d.*v\ n It. the pa >:ec ut the piw .out art That u.i.
t u> n 'et i Hui iliis w as a usei They vv> le e.tiled on
t" P ■< h« law with tlits rendition, that it was to Is a
law or u ! , ns tin ftttito 1 legislature itltould ntako u
It vv i u. Id !*•' a law in the Status w hero t ho I .< * o. ii ores
disseiitt d hum it. Ii w as a inter as lar as tlu-y e.uihl
iui~e it a us i tivt i M*iiue parte ot the I un it, m.d a
u.in us r t \ i i util, is a hm t under State aullionty and
I" un ■■-■!.iii. And that was the only wav in whieli this
(i.i \ i i m.ii iit e. ultl so r: i iitiei Us par amount . »\ el • ip nl \
to I lie Si a to f i * v i in i or ills at all, hv paveni", lavvi and
leav injj I!>i vslates t*» eveeute them or not, uee-ndiii;; !»•
the.r | 1 * i . in uni il Mr \\ i list, r had dentine.!iat■ d ulie
prop mtion >.ii eaith in te * h-.ailv than nnillier, In. had
piov nl ilia I Ills pi meiple threw us hack on the anieles
I th ( ant. <! tall til, 411*1 slripp I the l ‘ilM' t Ill 'll ul Its
n at Vital and ilist hi;'lit.shin,; Ii a til it . 11 was tin vv ant
l ih.a | i. i pii vv liieli the \\ iHiloiu ol tun :tii«" shi *
lliose uniii.tii.il men vvlt*' liaii" d tin 4 • m »t:tn11* n - aw
is tiie i• ai ." the vv reek ol all tl • alt. npt» <1 r. nl dt i .
eh s III 11nil , e he !)\ .
I i . ii I n» Mit '11 1 Kh had i]uoiod I: • • m
I’1 me \ il d ..lilt I 11 at I '.p 'ken ut tile alien lit tii*'*'1.111 and I
la hail r hi. *!t i.iliohs I'l.e t ,ihsr **l t hell d..\v it tall v\ a
that l he et ti 11 a I t. *vr rimieul, the rout mull national In a I,
had only the p mar to pi j * se lie laws, vv Inle the « \r
. .. I hi «>| I chi, Ini' i \, . ut; \ i jiiiVMi, \ta . in I hr iill'lli
It Iul I In ( i Mi in), i.i • \ . anil (lie laws vm ir in I In r in tin
I'liiira. ti f ol a ii.i* ism i.iiatn ti limn nn\ thing i Up Tin
c in < j net c * w ;ih that <>i ip .Statu Inn I urn «| v is;» in ail talli
i r anoi!u ' tin I >n ■ 1 i nations Ii i«l in, I iiiImii tin- cimiiiinii
Iliad of sit’li a t miti'di i lev, tin I vvhi w is I lit- mil)
lui iu iliv which tin 11.111 >it 11 authority euiihlbi eul ■ i*•* .1
,\il III III I ild 11! .'.I I all d S' |i'i\\ t i lully tills glr.lt pllilCIph
.i| < i-.iled' i.tli"ii a I ’ mn 1 W • hsler ha.I
1*1tiirij'iti, 11 ill,lilt .1 Mr M had promised the ntfiei
d an th.it 1.1 would s.'\ Hoiiu tiling ol prim Iph s icI md\ .
lilt all lilt Hull Ion I e 1»-| lith-lnail I'mill Ala .arhlisrll
( Mr. ( s i ■ l M.,) Hid l!u' L’« nth.man tio.ii \ llgima, i Mi
\\ i a;d an I the gentleman. Ins r..lira.;iu , Ir .in km j
til -Kv. (Ml - I'M I" , ' ll.nl .ill lepn spilled All l hi) ils a
Iivin;* im a i .i . lien and lluj'i s.iii.itimi ol the \\ hig | u t \
Till ) I d I i flit i’pVMi mil (hllienliles In this, lluii 1
ilimi ini n < il fact trayed igHtnst t party
I t rri. •' . I . 1 I I . Ill \ :ir' II .1 had * V | I' it , ltd
ilia; the i w I’.. . Ion t W as IIP I the la Vo rile ol I In \\ III
partv : and 11 • al the Heat el then lavuiltc was not in tin
Whlli I |"ti .p, hill III litis ( it pi t" I; llial hr, MS the real j
lr.hr of till Wh.p*, I'.ad an.iM d IiIIII'-pII lipamst tin :
man m ihr \\'Ini* I in u. . and had repHsented tin ip ai
n | n; a •, i. *ti. n ahmi tin u, and not ahull principle.
A flu l i.is he mu .1 lliinli it was a most iinjii liliabh i
pro. ,'p.!mm the hiiiud I" e .me here ami try to pet u j
pn It v I r 11I * r* MvSeiil in l lii'- lions. Mi Al. Imd ol
Irli 'id nid I" ■ .nil Si Ii >\v . \Yhnt Weie the) ipiui
ipllinp w nli ill* \\ he» party ahulll ? 11id Mi 1 \ h i ip
I ally d*-ue .in institution w hlrli should Mipply the I'm
i p|p w lili a mirreiiPV ! and did hi' III Ills enlist n her I » liev c
' i! i 1111s putild nut go into "peialiuii without (lie c iiis. nl
i net had not ihw I.i:;' j issed
sruh'il I 11 msMPiiaie'e the pltill ofjunl r.lieli an in.hill
I ion'/ \\ > . ii"l I' • ■ t •iVPiument to ti j * | h * 1111 tlm e mil ul
Mill 11iiip dm ‘toi l and ihuiigh the hank wan to he lora
I. .1 ill ills f )p.r iI, it could extend I In hi a in dies no \\ hi r«
, | o without emisi i.i n| the .*■ .h s/ and did il m l im ivi
i.i ( oil 'll hs power tu r< p. al the act/ and did nut this
.ti ha, whole Li a.iid. and t uud reirn srhis ricru
pi« ?
'I I,,- J * r« d." t wnn'ed n laid.nipt law, and did not
1 i |,r \\ give it hi u I lie w allied tu 11 til tin rv« i
| - ■■ r i;.| • miise il t into the diallihuinm law; and did
II ! tip \\ 1.111s I lit the vciy el.mae into llm hill to suit
| him? Mr. J'\h r real;v reminded Mr. .M. id the stoiy el
1«, |,v, t » w h"ni Ins m -tlier said, “Juek, will vmi have
i (iis. ‘ ’ •%'.!” •'.! nek, will ym have lluii.'” “No!”
• l imn .1 k. do ns vmi please.” ‘‘No! I won't do ns
I pi- ns,'1" | I .oud laughter. |
Tln-y had endeavored to fallen upon tin* Whips
l! , eh.iiep "I hemg governed here hy the will ul then
| it i in a design to disgrace lliw Hi< sideiil and
i Ins Admiuisti.atmn hel .m the People. lNow, lMi
j Marshall had ipiarielltd with their ilietalor that
; is, with the man who was called lln ir diulalor, ( iml,
I in the end. In feared whs likely to Miller severely l -r
ii ) Imt it was n..I fur that Im had c|tinrrtilh*<l with
|,IMI, hut h'lunso he thought the pHlty had sur
II . i ■ h1 r p < i e . •■ ’ 1 tiling In the President. I In v loul given
uppriii -Ip|. ol the ijiHiNlioii of the bank; they hudgialled
i the eouij.r...M.-.t :i.lup..ii the distribution law; and m o
iher in « i ■ . 1 id • ithi ti - d a di pi e ol ■ n >*( i nu n< y
with w 111•*11 l.p could liav< no . .mmunion. Tina wan the
oround el Ins .juairel. lint the charge adduced l»v the
7, s ml eon id not he sustained. If tlm majority was
• Ida nieable V >r any lliinp, 11 was fur the tin nmt rutin, the <
n ,minus si lili,' s they had m ole toeunriliale the Presi
,|, :p | ti r I ml. d Si 11• s: and w hill the geiilh mail ii-.vv
i.jiitia.ni d <dd hut make iIns the more Hear, I n tin v in
. U timI the e,,iitest w as vv holly ol a pees maI n.11iiie
| ;|j,t n ;i11 .-r isp from a determination on tlm part ul l!i •
; i t down him who wa * the I" ad "I tin
\\ lir, pitty m t'"ii i. j.
, Mr. M. -r..I only \\ hat olio n had upi nly slated on
tl,t || ,i,r. If. knew nothing about the private se«*reK
i tv If Mr. VVeliHter ehom? lo opj.. him
fit i,t Air. I I iv, t!uit was his own all ur • il was a mat
no f r Ins o\vn dmereimn, and Mr. M. did not eumplyin
,i(i. \ • tall, il had a I ur right t o pro irate him
il tie was able: thn» uamm mailer ol eontrover.-y between
him no.I .^1 M. Hill this In* would say—mid lie said ;
U fi.it a * i i itui'.ng n n v eumpHrison between Mr. Web
d r and hiius* If, for tin re was none, none: lie was tin
very Iasi and least ul those now ptnh ssed to hold tin* o
V, , V; r ' i: " did llltll, 11 I" hated • 11
( lav ever *>«* had! v, he should Heorn to pay him the eom
pli.i, it of violating the Constitution in order tu get a
hi .vv at him. 11 * would not n» complitiM rn*d any
man as to :i Im t tint lie was so ;ajtnp!eie!y nml
I., [felly ideeHli'd vvilli the ( oustitiiliou its.il, that
lie could not get at him hut hy stabbing that Co:,
piituthn, .iiul with it all his own previous prittci
ul. . All ; he would not pay this compliment to ,
i haled riv: I. I i he eotild not il n»r him hut at tins sac
rifnM f tin ' might stand lie n< ft r woul i
that Im f< re ho rould get at him, he must win die** all hi.-.
,,\\n well r.ii.vderrd ami long defended principles.
M m. tid Im wished h# had half an hour mere: he
-!, ..!il *• r*•:»11 v like to go into a history of the ‘//th ( on
uj. Hr slanild lik* lo d incus* the principle laid down
t-y h .* ci»!!i-ague and friend m ar him, ( Mr. I) \\ !*■*,) that
Mr. ( lay was the incarnation, the living impersonation,
of Whig-;, rrv, and that w ho. ve- was not Dr Mr. ( lay,
wnot, and «• add not he a \\ lug.
Mr. I>A\ IS ‘ Mid sneli had not her n his language.
M. M A U>l f HI .1« said that he .pjote.l not troin the
rej>utt . f llie g» niDman’d spoeeh, hut from Ins own lips;
I »r, when lo had heard a genii, man, he never looked at
the report.
Mr. DAVIS slid his language had hern tins: that th®
man w ho in this day would seek to overthrow Mr. (. lay,
was as much opposed to wliiggery, as wlnggery now
was. as a man who should haveopposed Cien. ral VA ash
i'lgli-n w Mild hav.-hull held to have* opposed .the whig
g. tv of seventy six.
Air. MAHMIADD. Well, that’s coming mighty
near it. | A laugh. |
i'rotestinir now against havitur what ho now said as
intimating’ any hostility to the Si nator from Kentucky,
or any d.-t. ruinettioii to opjmse him in case he should
he S' i up hy the Convention as the \\ big candidate, he
must at the same time he permitted to enter his protest
against tins principle of impersonation, as stated hy In*
,.7il * t r. M. had belonged to the Whig party bo
v 1.; ; t his prii: *:plcs , and id th •••■*: pr.neiplet
In* IuiimiI ilo incarnation Htnl impersonation in nothing
human. I In n' liretttIn-il not tin* man wlio could him
ll «h put 11>kit) those principles noil draw Mr. 'I. niter
Mnl In- thought this had In i o tin radical blunder
' * ’,|1’ ^ hi ' - .it the I'Hiiinu iifi iin i11 ul the extra m •iston.
ll, had differed I mm them then in opinion; he had
thought and said tint they In gait their process ol I’resi
dent linking and parfv impersonation a little Uni early.
* ' m what In liiul mi id then, and what he laid now
'"thing that the Serirliirv ‘'I State might or eon! I feel
toward t In ■ Sena tor I mm Ixi utiirk y rouhl (ii-.hlv him in
-"m ’ inn i all his ow n lorttter principles. No
lhai Mi M might liavi ng iiu t the same
individual should ever have it t«» say that they ,
•'■'I l"reid him one imh either to the right or
li'lt. i iiher hy lullowmg oi hy running away Innn the
\\ lug paily . lie w a . a \\ lug, and he n uld show it at
M M. had been |*e.akiug, a day ,>r two since, of tin*
Secretary ol Si.ite.w lu u the m ntleinait from Imliuna
( Mi Plan i it) had inleiiiipled him Iti the midst of'a
sentence. in • iiniul was then filled with the man; and
he hid hern thinking what was to he or could he h.s
kite. Ill- present prsiiioii was ii most Mini.it mad our
I kanit I W eltsiri united w nil ,I..|iii T\ ler. and that on a
s,-iii ii 'hts principle nia (.loveiiuui'iit hank ' li was
'’He "I the innnicu sights he had ever ivitin .n| m all
I" * hi' ' Nu M | \\ ehsti i e, uld n t ii mam there li
was Uimaluial that he sltonhl. Mr M h id hern saying
th n \\ i I. .it i w ns .1 great man. uud ho lie w as I le had
it HI irked that people r.a Ill'll Inin co|i|, luit that he did
ii il think lie w as cold. I le entaiiilv had not hern cold
whin Mi V. aw him Nome said that hr stood nnioujg
mm like N | .11 ii t III me among the mountains hit was
trim t.ial that light ivlm h htamnl nrouml Ins loon was'
Willi nt I ie 41 like t hat eorontd ol heanis w lili'li evening
w ir it In d ahull! ihr iiiuii.a t eli ol the t in H i ii t aitis at |em 1
n li.id nut In eii no w hen Mi M saw him. I !• resein
bled tin n a >u|i aim in lull erupt mu. I he gentleman, 1
his ml league, had spoil eit of him us a man wit In ail gem
in. hut pus ,i seal ol a mighty eiucihlr, III w hu ll he could
i .'Iv c tin lli mg lit* u| oilier men into then m ig null cle
nu lllm, nml re p induce llirtii III Hew Iomiis. as hy 1 lie w Hid
nl an ali'li yui.si It w a-, nut now Imn.Mi Al saw him. 1
lli was iIumi a mi'lily volcano, Ido/.mg, Ifishmr, ihuti
il« I mg. anil luaving up nml ten mass *s In an Iiim u\\ li Im
sun. Midi as no um i‘!ko could liavc Inline 1 hut ilmj
Ii md mI the \ Imiulil v Jil*»tie. When a vnlenim like
that wim lo he extinguished, we might look to m u ii
d'Hiu I>\ Miiiiit* mi 'his uiiuvulsinn nl Nature; iii'tliiu • elr i
• a i Id i \ 111 lo put it out I In glim i hi ex peel old on an it
< Il to he driven truin its pritm val lied, and p Hired Willi
all 11 s win- into th.it flaming «• rater. I hit I ha I ho was
in In • v i in'ii i In 11 ihus. and iit.w , 11 mi a urd in* >i ist runs!
Vho\ e all, that hi.t lm s were to he put out I y the geu !
ihiiimiti.au In11irimi. (Mr I’unriii ) the pciitlcmnii
11 oiu \ 1111 m . ( M i \\ Mi ,) mid even hy tin pent lei I nil
In III \ y ,• u IiiinHIn (Mi. ( i miixu,) il was life lln1
at tempt of some iiiih< hl<•Vntis little urchins lo pot out
the mighty VcMtvui w ith a s.pci i ! [Knars <| imiri i
me.ii |
There w ere t vpi k enough, even hi a mttn i.I’ but dull
ini • 111.111'• 11, I'»i tlie on at Senator from M i » u lm >ettu ill
tin Ini'lire house o| na I lire, lull not III tin history ul man
\ el. in theold slut v of one loan. \\ lueh llial Senator
and hi i mid l in hi o! en hroi">hl lo Mi. M mi lid, it w as |
'h it "I the giant tioin I’nh'Mtinc, tin I lehta w SauiHoti.
Mis might) pi meiple* euiiNl ituleil Ii in Nticiifjth. ami lie j
-.reined now to have lulleu into a i up, and to have hcen
• •might hy Ins nu lines in the hip- I tin Southern 1 >• 11- '
lab, to w I loin he had, tu an ill mI ant'd hour, euttnnuirea
(■il where it was that Imn strength ln\ Tiny hail
shorn his h itr, and had put out him yes, md ii"\v led him
about, as m a joyiiim Imlyday , to make the I hluocmts,
alias the I’lnliNtificH, lain/ h.
It might In that Im glorious pow er of vision would tie
verieluru; hut Mr. M. yet thought that with him his
thiek loi Its would glow again; that Iiu Hltciiglli would
eouie haul* to hint; and thill, Hi Hume one nl' their triilin
ph.'lit holy da V h a'Is, the nImhi » man Would pi t between,
the round am! massy pillars ol their Hlrmgth, and. if In
w ; doomed to he rtlint il rally, that lie would lie ruined j
iriie.ath li*' di ui"l imIii'i I It tuple ol tint pa gin god liny ,
ii ul dra;"M *1 him in dmiiifj to lion r.
Mhi Nil. Al asii \i.i. IibcI concluded, Mr. M.M IS, ol 1
iv i-iiiim l< y, nddn * <1 lln ( hair a lollow ■ .
Mr. Speaker. I run* merely to make an explanation.
In saying that Mi t lay was the iiuperHoint n'li of the
\\ |,i.r p; r y, 1 thought my meaning was iiiamivst. I in
Irndi d to indieali Illseoniti \ton with that party; that lie
and tins parly in common held the same gn at principles,
md espoused theNiitne great measures; that the trench
i i v ol ol lu rs, ami Iiin incur nipt tide fidelity In the Whig* ‘
ami their cause, htH great experience nml his pre run j
neut ability an a statesman, had Won him the confidence
am! alii el nils "I that parly; that the priueiple* nl the
\\ hip I'olild not evei'iile I helnsel \a s, hill, to dlspcii..«•
I (if i r hi* Nsiiigs upon the American people, iiiiimI ho im ;
personated m Home man, and Mr ( lay wan llm fillettlul
all living iieMi to represent them. I intended lo prcNuut
mii Ii :i uiHim xtoii hetwrun hiio ami Ins party, hn my ol
league (Mr. M a Hsu a i.i.) has done m this thrilling pas
s i■_»••, eolil iiiH d 111 nil adilre .signed \ eillZeii ol Wood
ford,” in I Ki.t ;
*• Who il *i s not know him upon whom the hof * s of the
Whips «i| \ iiu i im are f.i ’teiieil, and to whom the eyin ol
( hriNli oilom are directed I Who does not kiiovv the
most remarkable man ol the age ; the man whoso youth
was without tin blessings of a liberal education, the snp
port ol w i 11111, or the prop of powerlul connexion* ; .mil
who, thins naked of all armor rave that ol hi* own great
omul , eonr e and unspotted honor, w hich thu writer
>1 linn nrlirh eoiiMih rs higher than an imperial station ;
ma detune;- :e y with popular huu ng'tiust him; in a de
ui " racy w here the IVople arc .supreme; and where tin
will 'la in ij »ri I y a law re.si .1 less as the, deluge—is
pikenolhy men with oriental reverence; three lime*
:.::rred from tin* highest olliru, he liasstill maiutniiied his
pi ire at tin- head ofa minority, hauling with umiitnin
mlied ardor for the true policy nl lln* country, mid cling
top with the taineh ss enerpy of an nneoiKjuerred giant
to the pillars of her true ( unsiitulinn ! 11 in I fiends have
struggled with nml suffered under him without tin) hope
of < inoluineut, ptoM'iibed from the honor* nl their com
mm count rv. lie had no office to give, no power lo he
stow . no patronage to extend t no reward to ollei.”
“They have lilt it no dear mint ion to r« eogn.so him as
their bhi.lnuA Itnihr in ae nlhet m which they were all
siiffert rs, am! lie the greatest mfh r< r ol all. In ndver
ly, thev have liever deserted him; in his darkest hours
they have clung the chaser to Ins side, lo cheer audio
soothe: as it is o •! degradation to obey, No they h el It is
not adulation to inninc. imn who has no power Imt the
love of his friend*—no menus lu punish, reward, or coin
1 !• re, sir is the skr tch of our gn at lendi r by n ttmi
of genius, ami. in just delineation, fervid • hupicuee. and
ot ;u rotis cnihus.r.sin, it far trausci nda any thing that I
could oiler.
('(..Teajioiuhtice of III? I nib •</ Sintra (ini'llr.
\\ asiiim.son. .I'm. *.(), I Id.
Mr. Atherton now occupied tin- floor in opposition to
tin* K xd imp ier, anil in favor. l' I In* S«»l> Treasniy.
||< endeavored to prove the Kxrhequcr plan ns much
id’a liov.-niinout Hank an could he thought id. lie ex
paimied upon tlio beauties and excellencies ol “hard um
m v ” and “hard tunes.”
||e was folluwded !»y Mr. Profiit, who. for about hall
an hour, kept up a brisk and mist effective fire, into the
|jim ifuco members, Ins well-aitnnd allots telling with
most (jailing elfeet, and causing an uncommon sensation.
Ilis- remarks wero chiefly in reply to Mr. Atherton. He
d tin- L m-os if they were still for the Sub-Treasury 7
If they dared avow it. and go ti the peoule on the issue?
■S’,,! He told them they dared not make any such avow
al—they dared not put the next Presidential election to
die ppup!<» upm any such i--no. Hard money, indeed!
; No paper, in expansions! llo would put a question to
tin n. and ho vvisliod tin- Reporter*, the Press and tin
whole country m note the reply—1( ii 110’, said he, gen
ii,.man, rai*> i f ynti upi.n this floor, addn ssiiig hiutsel'
to tin- L»ciis — nil me, if you ran, w belli* r there wst
11 in,, dollar of hard of money |»aid into the Custom House
;i 1 N’twv \ >rk. tinder the operation of your Sub-treasury
b ird m.no v svsleui? — W'.is there onedolUi'? N«» r,,pLv
, Ail Jo a .? i*t 11 i t*, ■; Lirr r hiT^furr i.olJ y».ur pe-c.
• —-I ■»- ... , .
about your Sub-treasury making g -Id and silver the cur
r*;M, y "* country. Nut one speak*—riot ime of you.
No y<mi know vm II licit under ymir boasted Siib-treasti
r.v l'b*n -that plan which required all due* payable to tb*
government to l»e paid in gold and Hilver, and in no otliar
way, gold and si.vcr were not paid, but chocks marked
paval.le in tprrir.' NVIiatdid ihc*ed iffir from a Hank
note pliable in aprcir'f Only that they worn signed
and payable by individuals, instead of an iiicor)Mjrated
Hank. 1 bey v. • re drawn upon Hunks, and dejmsitad
m Hanks, so that niter all, the 11,«11 k became accountable
loi the iiiniiey to the governin' nt. 'Hus was the opera
tion nl vour Sub treasury scheme. It wumii (M’rfort hum
bug. It prctcndi d to do wlutl u did not, and could uul
Mr. Piofllt was probably prepared had any on© an
n ' eted him, hv aM^eriing that Home hard money was rw
eiixed by tin ( ollertor in l\rw York, to have stated
" lull ".m the laet, that Mr Iloyt received specie Urdu
lies juat one tiny , but timinr* it iin|Niasible to count the
iiimiey ns Iasi a - it came m, and it rerjuiring/bl/r men tu
rnrry it hurk to thr Itnnl: nunin Jn.m uhnica it UfO$
brought, be vi ry sensibly gave up the humhuga, and re
el i\nl the chokeso| men IuiiiIh upon the banks, as usual,
nnd m order to e cue as near compliance with the uiquiro
iitfiifw ol tie* Suh t o usury ns |m.m«iM©, bo bad the
elieeks mat kid “payable in specie. ” Tins was the ope*
i.itioiinl tb. f “i r <xx mug glory ” ol Mr. N an Huren’a ad
miiiiHt rat mu. thnri illustrious, Mibliine, mngnifideut,'
tu’ver to be ion -mtn*li admired Sub- . reasury Hclteiuue
which the people, with thriTt-rt unfeeling iiiJilTVrenc*
ami xx;: 111 nt nspert, xxitli an entiie inability to appraei
•'*l*' the bliKHMies tb il laid hidden therein, and tint bav
in > tin b ar ol tii n .laeksen, Mr. \ .in Huron, Thoinna
Hellion, mid the (ilohe before there ryes, did, ill 1840,
repudiate, east oil. ten iiimv, den im e, and condemn,
and w hi se glin t, it the p tave kIioiiUI evrr
“OpeliH ponderou uul marble jaws
To cunt it up again,”
w ill be quickly laid w In re its 'Vnnntiisrd bones,” will
tii'vi'r i'.iiii “burst iheir ei renienU.”
I have seldom seen Mr. IT.HU morn effective, and
Irouhlesiuiii' to those w hmii In uitai kud than ho was to
In my mvtnuif i I Mr. Marshall’s speech, of yesterday,
there \i :o p* i haps hoih*' little olmeuriiy ns to w hom ha
intended to compare to school I toys attempting to ellin
gnt died tin lir«M o| N eHtivins will) xi squirt. It waa
“the tinard" lie intemleil thus to ridicule, and ill doing
\x 11 .'h. helms im-iiired their hostility. They hav© hera
tol.ne until!' ed a Imp© that they would b« able to bring
him uvef In ilieiu; hut ibis “mjuiit.’’il it could not ex
tm-pii-.li th I»i* -4 ol N esuviu.s, has extinguished this
hope utterly and enttri ly.
si*m;.mui> i a<-1 ivii and AiiimtiN
A'.MAI.S | oat 1113.
nl’.mrs |t„.,k nl I»«*t*niy. by the CsnatMt
ot ItlcH-.iiigtim, I.! I'liiiilitl i ii'MHvinga.
Tin hep .nke, edited by tin1 Maine, hi beaatifal
Tin American nt I’aria. IS engraving#.
The Forge! me mil, II engraving*,
Friendship’ll Offering 'J do
< iem <>l I .oVrliuCHN,
Tin (ilfl. w illi H engraving*,
Tlio Odd Fellow»' Offering.
A lew ol the above betuiilul Hooks on hand for a* I a at
reduced prices. I'A V MGKEGt >K\ Ik C.'O.
Jan. 2d la
VI.I. (litiro indebted lu the i-Alaleof John Tmm,
iIitM . mu In■ r« l»v uhIiHpiI lu r.iinn fmwird «»d
1111l.r iuiiiii'ilirt11 |.:i vnu'iit. 'I Iidhh li'.UliiiE pIbiiii, «g,iiurt
ll:i- i lulu will I'l' :t. • iirc'Hi nl Ilium f >r wllli'inuul
.111|IN V. TKASS,
Ailin’m. ul'JuUn 'l'tuia, duu’d.
Jan 26 _4w*
S,\ l'<>ntiiiy wiili ilie tln-rpu uf ihi’ Circuit Suporiur
< mill nl I ,!i* iii.il ( hnur.ry f,if tlie cuunty ol N*J
Nun, |’r,mi,fiiiu-i«I 1111<111 iIih liili ol' i)rUilwr, IS'i 2, in th*
ruse ol George \ auglin, jr.,vs George H. Mitclveil.
and other* ; ami a like decree in the ease uf Floyd
I.. Whitehead vk George II Milchell and others; and
by virlui? ol a rleed oltrust, executed by said Mitchell t*
the sul.^Tibcr, bearing dal* the ‘ th day ol May 1841 ;
tin* undersigned, the trnslre im said deed* will, upou lbs
lOlli day ot March next, upon the premise*, in thaaoaa
iy cl Nelson, situated upon the road leading frost
Luvingston to Lynchburg, and about bur inilaa from
(lie former place, sell to the lug hem bidder, tor raab,
the l a or parcel o| Lind, u|s>u which said Mitchell now
live.., together with the tract or parcel ol Land wear 111*
one, purchased by him of William Uibb. The two
parcels containing about I Ml acres. The Land ia valua
ble m every respect, and ihe Lot iu highly improved, as
a Tavern, Stun , &.C., it is in a desirable aituatieit.
S. ( LAlLUHtNK'TriiHto*
and t'oiuinisaionsr*
Dec 22 tiOM
f 111J K undersigned Harbors of the Town of Lynch
I burg, taking into consideration the hardness •
tin,- times, have determined to r»duc« their price# a* f*l
Uw s:
Lur Shaving HI cents,
Trimming I l ur 12 j.
We tender our grateful acknowledgements to tks
public lor tlm very ki.ul and liberal patronage, extand
cd in i.p, ami hope to receive, as wo are determined la
tnnil a continuance of the Mine.
Family Flour#
a** E HAY Foil hands l"t «fS. Stoner’s extra Family
v v Flour, f r sal* (Henry ( lay brand.)
1). T. TINSLEY Sl Co.
Dec. 2G »
tu II IE undersigned will herealtrr carrv on tli«C»rp»i
B Il ls’ llustnrss 111 all its vuriotis branches, and respsot
fully * •Itritsasliarr of public patronage. I le will kosp *gn»
1 r:il"a.stnirliiu mol Timber at Ins father’s simp, for the pin
sent, and a! i’.is own as soon as lie ran provide one.
Jan. 12 _ ___
EM OIK nf l lie Idle of the Rt. Rrv’d. Richard
.1 v E ('banning M*iore, IV l).,by J. I’. k- Henahaw.
i). |> . for sale by PAYNE, GREGORY &. CO.
Jan, 23 _ **
I'ayiic Crcgory & Co.
2 H"AVEjhst lit.' eiveb rue fmi.lowixo noaas:
3 fi Klimt's \Yor Us, complete in 7 vola
Dicks’ Work.. — “8 vola
krunminrhrr’s \\ orka, cotr.plota in i vola
Karnes en Revivals
Karnes’ I’raelieal Sermons,
Nelson nn Infidelity
; Dick’s Theology .
McCulloch’s Commercial Dictionary
'Pucker’s Idle ofJellersen
. An assortment of Annuals lor 1? 13
funk’s Genuine Church Mnste, 3d edition
Comman Ptarer, some very fins, Sic. »o.
j A very large lot UeUer Paper, plain awl
: uWl.for *alt)
| Nov. 24 i - m

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