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M\S>\( lil SKTI S.—’Iln \N big Convention i
,M issm hitsrlt* .i><« u.bl* il ;tl \\ orrcstef oft til** 7 111 iii>t.
iimJ itotnifijlcd John Djvis f i ftic office of (loverrior, ' \
marl) an i ioii.iiuuii* Vote. i lint gctitleilifli, h«»vve\rr,
Hrclinisd tii*» n oiiiiiulloti: an I lb* ( onvcotioti tin n, w i;li
i*jual unanimity , conferred Hie nomination on t;*.,ro«i .N
llrigg**. “I Pittsfield, a member til (be last ('un^rtf. —
.)ohn K>«d, of Yarmouth, was nominated fur tlm ullire
ul l.irutctKim (■oventur.
|o tho four Congresdut a! d < i r, n w |. c’i. • . n ' to
the ruio m Massachusetts r ipiinng a majority u| the
whole film ler cf v.iies c*sl !.. e..ii*iilulr ail election, no
#buiir las lit relwlorc U cn mad , a furtlier trial was had
*ii the 13th inst.
In the 2d district, Daniel I*. King ms dvctnl, bv 11.«•
following vote: King ( \\h.g) 3073. Sin km y (la.ro)
28<*0,all olhnra 781 — King’s majority S3. Tim major
Ity, bat April.igain«i King \\.jk 1343. Whig gain i JvJ.
In the 3d diatrict. them u no choice. Tim vote stand*
tin a: Abbott (AAhtg) 2135, Maiiiiir (L*icu) 3121,
all others 728—Majority against \l>l>>tt 777. In April
fast it was 1273. Whig gain !26.
In the CtIt distrirt, there is no choice. The vote
Mauds thus: Baker (Whig) 2370, Chap.n (L<>c«)
2127, all others 13U—Majority against Baker 187. In
April lust it was 027. Whig gain 210.
*allic 7th district there is no choice, though full ro
tui * .• vc not been received. As far a* heard from the
Vote • *“• «J .* thus: Bock well , N\ lug) !345, Bishop (la
eo) 11. all others 313—ah wing a \\ big gam jar,
wf 102 since last April.
(iKOlllilA.— Tho Lucofm'v.a held a State Cun
tantmn at Milledgrv ille, • -t» the 7th inst., ami
after a good deal »if difficulty, on th* sixth ha!
iwt succeeded in nominating a candidate for (jut
criiur. There were several aspirants, hut Mark
A Couper, t'sij. was the (• •rtnnatc is.in. Thu vote on
the (Jlh ballot, stood thus: K«»r Cioptr 1311, NS :.rrcn
27, Andrewa 2B, scattering 3. Mr. Cooper is lor ( al
houn. and \N arren lur \ an Bun ii. A resoluti u had
been i n l rod need, (hut had not been finally acted upon at
our last date from Milledgevillc.) nominating .lohn ( .
t allioiin lor the Presidency, and red mineiuling Mav,
IS44, for the meeting of the National Convention.
Old 1'imcM.—The C inrninaii (irc/.ritn copies from iu
bid files, the proceeding* of a met ling <| the "Jarham
Democracy" in that city on the 3Utli of May. lsj4*,
complimentary Co Henry Baldwin, then u meiiiher ol
Congress from Pennsylvania, and afterwards elevated
tw the Supreme Court Bench by lien Jacks .n. The
Notice reads thus: "A puhhc dinner will he ojven in thru
4 city lo the llon.lhnry Baldwin of PntHhnrg. Ly the
"friends of (ien. Jurl.stm nud Domestic ,1/umiInclin es ”
'Plie dinner was accordingly giw u, and the d.o Ks<n
Democracy toasted as the «>tiI\ party w hich could l.e re
Imd upon to afford uilnjntili j nhetirn In tlnnustir man
ulneturr i! And now. this same I )eilloeracy’’ denounce
the Whigs a* the “high taritl” pahv and tho lar.li it
srIf as one of I lie heads of tin* I Ydcm 1 hvdra!
Among the conspicuous name* embodied in tho ( in
riii'iati proceeding* we find those of Klijah I lav ward
nfinrw ar«!t Commissioner *f the (oneral Land (Hie*
mid the Irene notorious Dr. Dew an, afiei w ares the l.o
<*u|oc« menher tot Congress lr un ( iiiciim.ui.
7V i <ui / f V/> \— V loud ».i l:ng wan heard from lhn
I .o-.*f >e * pr^s* through -lit 11.« ! md. w hen tint Whigs. | i
the adjustment of thr tariff, pc pi ard to lav a duty on
tea and lufl'ee; lluugli a man with* n|y hall an r\c- can
that il ihf protective nd’.-y hit wring. thru* am the*
▼ cry arti. !"«. -i meiing m» Iarg« lv and so #«j ally
into the consumption of a!l part* of the country, and
com my into roni|*,,ri m with no domei’ic pro
slnrtion, —upon which a dim should lie |.iid, and
though under the *'/i<ji izruhtl scale of duties,’’
inaiMcd up ti h\ tie I' 'Ininml l.icof-ro ( invention
Im«i winter. f« n a t:«J n fl«c uniat n**er«<.Hv he
laxed just ns high as any • th• r nrticle, whether of ue
cssiity or luxury ! The ( Ini hvmi Mercury . ( Mr. Cal
h*utn’.s i-rgaa.) :* now paving the way f,,r tiui advocacy,
hy that w mg of the I . jcftc j t>*r r at the next session
«*f l digress. of ih * ti * -fir. t * y*, *‘.t moderate tax mi
t« a and coffee Would he one r| the jufctcal, because one
ot the in :at general an 1 e joal e\acii,,na that thu irnvcru
tmant couiJ I upon article* id co.murrcn.*'—[*i vpare
!*• r somerset*!
»* The ! *ocof iCo candidate* I r Congress in l.onist
«ca come out, as do their parts elsewhere, against a t.a
tifl lor protection in the genera! - hut they mv the\ ire
In fiTnr ot the Suv,iir duty ! W e should like to know
w hat right Congress has to protect sugar nw re than tit \
dhi t hyjineli <*1 tinilie-11 \ 15ot, to eoiiceaI their glurun’
Inconsistency , Mux declare that the duty on sugar is one
Jnr revenue ul He, w i vn in truth it is as highly protective
as any other in the list »*f article*. This fact on!) shows
that interest is Tithed too string for principle.
.V'irr t/ferinA. ICirgea* S. (tut her was appoint*d
Superintendent of thu Ii Mint at Chirl iue, (N.
C.) in July !I. by John Tyler. In J une, 1848,th s
sa ne Mr. (iailitnr. wiihout any allejjallun of nffi -ial de
limpiency or pcis.mil dishonor, is removed h\ tins same
John‘Tyler. I In offence is tint In* is a Whig—* fad
which r.instituted pfuhahly Ait tit* least potent ni hit
t’snoiiunsn.lati nw in 1811. Mr. (tiithsr’s success -r is
lirseu \\ . ( aHavH a “ranting Locoficv,’* who, in
184 I, could not have drrniusd that he Wunlil obtain an
npixiintincut from our ft Aig President*
M hums* \\ .NewIon has Incr removed from therf
fice ol I . s. Marshal for th# district of Arkansas. and
Henry \\ . Heeler ( Coen) appointed in his place. *‘\\r
Wish (says the Arkansas (iaii ttc.) we could Sion'S* the
feelings ol indignation winch burned hi every man’s
rotinienancs, without distinction of party, at tho first
Announcement (>f this intelligence.
OJ' Collier II. Minor. Ks«j.. late r.f ( hsrl»*s( MV conn
ty. \ has hern appointed Col lector cl the p< rt ot Mo
Inle, in the [dace of Ja nes Perrins removed. Mr. IVr
fine was app lintrd hy John Ty ler !
it hr I * in tic tr.’t r!— Thf l! ■ 1 n i id \\ lug any*: —
“ m nshmgton is agitated hy rumors of new and extensive
tram s upon the govi rntnci.t, the tnture »d wh ch* and
the nanus ol the guilty, have not \*-t transpired.”
/ Ar /Vetit/cn/'.t d fence.—Tim Madisonian contains
lli" “papers wliioit <li«» Presuh nt. m Iiin recent reply to
Mr. Hulls, promised should hr spet difa forthcoming We
shall publish them in our .itAt. i hey consist of a '.*r 1 * I
rtatrment I y the I resuieni hinist it ot * cuiivt r*.iti<<n
with his Cabinet* in which hr propped to announce bis
intention in t to hr a candidate for ti t* Prisnbnev, in
connection With Ins veto of the Hank hill—tiir accuracy
of which is vouched by Daniel Webster;—a letter I ruin
Dull (■reen to Secretary Cjisbur* testilyiri;y to the >:nnr
!*• »inf;—and a Inii r from (ten. Waddv Thumps n, Min
inter to M ,\icn* stating his own know ledge, derived in
convrrsatii ns with Mr. Tylrrhetoie the death of (inn.
I Iarrison, that. if called on, as Vico President* to give
the easting vote on the It.ink rpiesiinn, lie would Vote a
gainst it. Tliiv publication will doubths* h ad to far
ther developments.
While on this subject* wr owe it to the [•' !
say that, after a long; (it say* an
I'm 'lone Mr. 15..its ilir
I.. Mr. Tyler.
John II.
f.il writ* r. w .
tieclion w Ith-ll r
I'lO .U^ lit* l
T'r . 1llrm.nL L> >!r!cl. Tim Iasi (T.arI.<t1fsvitlt
Vdvisato contains a reply ol Wu T Karly.tolho Inti
car.luflinv tidmer. wInch in e .*np!utice with Ins rr
•piesC we shall insert in nur m \|.
I ll** Idvivaie s.iirs tor the information nf Mr, (J,.n
12'"** fti** It" " ill lend htM tfrir nssisluice m ta
king trstiinony tn he read before Ci.ngroas, In tlm n.n
test now |h tiding, that any lungi«rate may art n, taking
... »n "-.tie>\ asm all tkri |„ t|,( ca«
I.l I,.yall and Vow Inn lr .in Virginia, ,IKjll. it was
.!i-eid"! I'V llu II nsi ol Representative*. that '•Irstiinn
ny'ski n in pursuance of r»gu!ar an.I m Hi irut noii.-o.
I" lore |N-rs«n« having autlmrnt, l\ it..- laws ol tt><
s'l.nr, t > .idiiiiii s'er lailhs, is on iiled to ho i, id in If*
N.» oommisii.mrrt nvd, the re tor*, bo a pi
Ii d I r anoh pur|«,se. as limy far* n , authority to a, t ■
tiro law of Virginia on that *.;h,rol applying sohlr to,
Mate trllcinHlH.”
Il'puiUulinn. — A l.nooIVu iiiocling mi hvl I in l!,i!
tnnorr on llir 9ili lust.ami resolutions adopted atrutmly
prolcsling against the repudiation of ill* Maryland >ial*
dvbl, and sillrining Isitli her ability and her duly prompt
ly to moot all her obligations Tins mooting was hold
fur the purpose of counteracting tlm ( tVcot ol tlm recent
Repudiation meeting hold in Ihirlord ominly,
FOl RTH OF JUT. John R. Garland, Raq
ha* accepted the invitation tv deliver th« Auiiivcuaiy
Oration in tins place: aud R .L i t »l |>avia, Lip, will
read I Ii o I )i«< laraliiMi id IndcjHMide.icr. On lliu morning
<>l the |th,aa has been ciiBtomary Lr * .me yrar«, there
will be .1 procrsituii ol tlm cl«tlJr»n attached to the dtf
Urent Sihhaill S'limda, v\!u* will he addraaacd by the
Rev. Mr Ctiiiiitun. WV.ihall b« deprived <d the uttul
military display, our volunteer coiupamea having ac« vpt
cd the invtl.ttioii ol tin* Lcesville Ir./oji to unite with
Uieru in the eclihraiioti of the day.
1'hc (,'rcat Dank llulihcry in f.Vnrgm. The trial uf
the | •* Mon* implicated m I lie reel in inbbery nt the Hank
at (lulimdiua, (tirurgia,) rame oil a laiv days ago- - i
I lloniai Mi-keen, min c,| the prtmopals, had Ins estte
pi.a.puii»d till the next tenn uf the court, m cms*ci|ucnre 1
id tlm absence uf material witnesses J.ilm |,. |.Cwis.
iniln tc.l as an accessary af.or the t.e t, a lawverul high ■
standing until tins all.ir — was tlien put ujhiu his trial,
and alter a must la e.ri ns tinesligatiuii id eight data,
war arquith-l thus adding anuther lu the thousand
(ire existing taels, w Inch wo to show* lint the law, like
the i>plihT* w t h. though it tiny euleh lie *, is tun wt.sk
to hold larger insects. \ letter Ir-mi Columbus to the
editor id the Milledgcv die Uwrnrder, sjv*: ‘'It is mi
possible to potliay too lit art ill stint which manifested
l*oll in the eomitciruife ot aim st 1 very person
npun the .nun in.. ot ihe s,rdi-l ; not llini
any pi is ,11 desired the cmivu H.,11 ,,f an muueeut
mail, tint because every mm who braid the nvidenoe
believed the defendant hi h,guilty, ami desired
that guilt should he punished." "The penple left
the court house w ith the slow, soUitin.timi, n i.l ns
poet Slid nmititied fc clings, akin 1.. a prove, sion I ruin tile
Ijr.ite uf t-.ine beloved fin ml- tuti, cl, the laws viero
oulragr d, and justice liuried, hem all) the vi rrlirl of that
jury " So evened was tin- public tha' a meeting was
forthwith held, a ml ri-.lut’ens nJ-pleil, demanding that
I'd,11 I. I ,rw is liriliw ith risigu la , )!, e as S heimr
* o ner al • I that elw ml. and peiilitnm*, the I a gislalure
t.1 C h.liege tile inode ,f s.-let-tin - jurors in erimiual casts.
The Augusta ( liruniele. adverting t , this trial, re
marks: " A Ith ,u;h .!■ I.h I.. I ,ow is ha* gone uuwhint rf
justice h\ tin laws '! his country. w r hope muni aiueeru
ly that the I’ll,* will ’place n w hip in the hand of evi
ls dutest mail, 'u huh thu rase.al naked through the
Till’. Illl.IlKM' H(i( r. Vl.i't
We tin.light that t id per In' id'udiiir Tuluceo Wuuld
**ea[i the elimav t r thu pn a, *t aeasmi. Hut vister
day,a hogshead I the cr ,p nl nur tow icmmii. Dr, Ja*
I Stevens, made on bin bu.it in tins eeuniy, s-.|d hut
I lllli I A lit i I. I. A II *s. It was lioiin 111 |,y 1 ,a 110 tun no
S. Armistnail lor 111:11.utaetui n.g. (tor eoiintymaii
• 'apt. Kilward I! W ill.r e. a!,.., struck n rh li vein
Si lling ‘i. blirln. of Ins erop I r .$','0 each ami a third Ili
II ■ ’ i s 11 bought 11 y . I a, ,e, W Morgan, h* *ij . tor man
utaelurmg. There have heou (u-veral other good sales
during the w 1 el* — a mi tig t 1 hers ihier Idols, of the erojt
•.I Jo|„, 11 ugi.es ot ll .is pmiir v, Hvi-i initio I n <r I11 1
<lipc!. Who mil thiiibl, :ilu*r a po iijuirigmi ofl.yiiph
!)ur^ prir*H v* ith tlmsp of otlirr market*. that tins is ihc
!»< »»t ['ohflppudn lh«* rniiiiiifiii}
* y * Indian* arc agmi maiiifraung hostile f* clings
in I' l"fida A lew day* ago, mar New nrinsviile, the*
attempted to murder a woman, and dreadfully injured
her, tlimig li sin* ;s ex peeled to recover. Only two in
d an* were wen. I; will he n rullrctf d tl .it SsmJontH’s
band wore permitted to remain in I’lorida.
C*->• Ry a late arrival at New York from Rio Janeiro,
we learn that the i'niiee ne Joinville, ton of the ••( ni7.cn
king” of f* ranee, wa« l»» have hewn married on ihe .'lrd or
4;h of May. In the Princes* Krtncrsr.i ( aniline, of Ltia
x I —s sister of the Km<>eror. i he lYnee dc Juioville I
w as • iprcled to sail direct for I’l.mce with his bridtf.
$y- 'I’lic June ntimher of the Southern Literary Mrs
wnget has been received, it contain* *ev« ral rxri llent
paper*—one of which, "Noteson the ( ensus of I MU,” 1
presents some remarkable ami sinking fact*, which we !
shall hereafter more particularly uoim .
t*. W . Durham, one of the Kditors, will he at Ain
hcr*t on the third, atvl at Nelson on the fourth Monday
in June, prepared to settle the accounts of tie.so mdelit
ed to this "fti-e, and wv liopo that they will he prej a id
to settle with him, ax it i« uftjtorltvil to ns that our ac
counts, imperially those of |..np standing, should ho ad
justed, lie w ill visit such ol them n* he may not mip
at court, at their respective places of rr»ideurr oral
least .as many oflhom as prneticahlci
l'\ NKR VI. No i lf p.
I hr funeral ol tin* Rev. Namurl Armistsad, wd| hr
preached at I uioti Hill ( linrch, mar Ins late residence,
on the d Ih Njihhath id this month, hi the Rev. I Jr I .each
“1 f Hinterland. Pri aching commencing on Saltiirlav
ojii i i \n\ *
Died, at the residence ol Mr. Willis M. Reynolds, in
Amherst county, on the rimming ol Thursday tin* Mli
mxt. tu the I irtieth yr ir of hix age. Rev. Li iuvf.m, L.
1) \\i *on, (.1 ihflainmM on "f he lings 'I he ih ceased wns
a member « | the Methodist Kpiseopal ( hurch fur ”U
years, and a preacher ol the gospel for more than ten
years. Hr, no doijht, IS gone to rrecive his teward tn
heaven, leaving five small children to mourn the less of
a lather, their mother hav.ng previously died,—a loss
w I * it'll cannot he supplied by the cold cliari of this
\\ nHd.
&>* The R icitmonti C
1° copy the above.
«»| the I. > ii t ti» ii i; Tl.tiUris,
Klolc oiuVic A Olr i,
< o i .%a# c#it .fit it ft ft 11 f s.
l',Mrenin pri • > <»l p.n ( m • j $1 j I lo J » 30
lot • rior tu Common, 3 J»*f to •! 50
Common to CmkmI, 4 5 t io li 1*0
to firm f> 00 to 5? 50
Kim* Mamit'actnrmj ijutlilte* fi 00 to 30 30
I •!!£• as to quality I to to *J ft)
rtour, (by u lint* h», 3 to 4 00
W Ill'll I. n no eouiinn in
( oi ii, (per barrel.) ** 00 to !* *25
Meal (per bushel) o to 0 50
ICmvii, by xilioUtlu 5 16) to 5 50
1-ard 5 oo to .i 5u
salt. (|>t r stick) (I (HI to *> 50
Iron, (per ton,) 1 months 75 imi t,> fit (HI
Piaster (j*er lot*) in tbit lump U 00 to S 00
Oats, (per bushel 1 (I \jS to 0 30
( lover Sets I, by w Imtcwals 3 V5 to 3 50
I letup, (pci t**n ) 11 00 to l |0 00
\\ blal»ey by \\ ii .|isab* (I to O ‘20
l or the tretk ending Thursday Juut Sth
Tobacco Krreipt* lir.t‘v\.nu mat* n il change in |>rt
eea. except t* r finr* lunnulaelnnn•» qualities «*I tbo new
erqv We ipn.tr lugs *2*2| an.I ‘Jj: I. at. c. nftti.n. 3ao|,
mnitiliim .(ja4i; jjoihI 11• • •"*i; stemming ami manu
tael tiling sent* an.) sella I loin ,4t * to | | fa a* in qua It I \;
a I. w exits iti.t liulactui tug lihiU. Ita\e been ,v4.t .*t tiuin
$10 to $1 S
Tltmr Canal, receipts very It.'It! <!« ninn.l
llol.lers ask .4 >. with *.»l**s *»t a levs Ho.all choice lots.
I he ( tty Mills ate in w being or. tbaule.l anil prepared
C • r lb« new •top Cline iw in * Wheat ur t n\ Mills
Cl-.ur in imiket, consequently m> quotations can be giv
en l »r either.
( attic Cor Cattle on lhit bout, .4 I 50 to 5 50ar* tbu
Ijriieral prices
Teatlms ‘25 a !IOet»nta per pouml I'm 11v« ge#sr.
I inir s-jl* Hot I’ll uuasion at $1 pm cask
Thaler fan tin* Hasin bank 44 50. ti.»ui Out whaii
Salt Cast tatgo «ohl at fl f’.'J\.
I *A C11 \ \
I oitfciu*. (hi l.oiuioii. .s lo b J per cent prciu
New \ ork ( hocks J pmiit.
I'lit ladcrI pit la * do
Hallmiero j do
North ( a roll i ia Hank Nolen I <1 h.m
Soiitli ( arulli a I do
Savannah do
\ uv* usi a •*' do
l.univLC do
Sprue i pieui
it \ i. t i m mi a m \ it u i: i ,
l i r the iv$rk elull i j ./.me '.h’/i
l^xclmn^- I line is v« i > little iU.iuii I fir || Ih on
Krigland. and w u ijuule the intr i, day m 71 to i J per
'•cut prnunuiii
( til lie Ilu supply Id lie* I eat tic cntimu •« good,and
purrs Ini'e ruled ali.nu the same as al llir ri me ol l.ist
\\ #.i• U I lio olFcrturs al (lie Si'ulra oil M thday euilji u*
*'i.l d.' MI he il. Mini tin- v les lo hull lie's nm untid |< • .in nil
I Ml head .ll pm rs landing linn $ .’.Vo to pi r 11 Ml |bv
mi ilu* hoof. w hn li la i ip il lo 11 jU a I'd I he
prim .pal van •< weir howhko at inlcme-dnte prices
tin 1 Ii u t sday -ll* In a,I o| lusdi cattle came in, uI vi Inch
on|y a portion wer« i Id .il llm some i ju * ,i* ili s wiiieli
prevailed al the rutnmeiir' uu nl olilie week About M*
Ini'I lii»» lj< I'll ilriVffii Nm .1. a'i.1 ilu- lain m u n u.a:n mi
/• eulliril. V.lrscf several tb tixand pound* S nitli
A\ esiem I i .’i lit* is have hern made this v nek at J 1 on is
pci 111. Ill mixed I its. \\ e ipiole Wcbleru at SI a VS
itii'i as in ijtnnltiv rind tpi tlny.
//mean/ >tveet h'lnitr. I lut market l.t II c.vatd at.
I‘ lour has hern ratlutr inactive I’m sevoial days pm, and
we notes dr' ll ic m pru* . Al tint olosc . f h«l week
sab » with I ii rdr 11 on i a torn at .i ()n Aloud* \ hoi
ders submitted I > * small dcclnir, and on Tnmd.iy and
\\ * diirnd a> saliHUeir luatle of good III * X i «1 hiaiids al
■f • l'-t- \ CHlcnhiy and lo day h Idem have ofh ied to
*•’11 If* cl \ a l > », l.il t t he I ra iit.nri tmi* ure oil I f Inn. .r 1
A salf ol soVi ial humlr.-d hsiit U all i! on-- liiund was
unde this inomuio at $ »1'( [. \N e ipnte the store pr
ol good brands now at \ » \Y« am unable lo name a
di Jmile receipt | urn to i'u
/ / / luur A sale* I |IH) hid*, was iinnlt) on
Av cdnesilay a! t • .■, 1 , e»sli. and ihih ih llie on y iihiih.ii
lion in i late d* hr 11pi ion w loch li.ia come to our know ledge.
II i« generally held at $"».."»(».
Su*yiifIimiikr i Irur 1 he last sales weie at .♦ >
and al tins juice parct Is ot lush ground, in I a nils ;ru*
order, ato now held,
Hhrat I I.e receipts nf Pi'misy |v am* Wheal tin*
w eek a it; about I V.nOf, | e.shrU, ail id w htrli has hei n la
kcu St 9 material advance on the closing ini,H . I Iasi
weak. At lh« cotiiimuicemetil of the week. I let miles o|
good pater Is w . ir madv ntII7al I M cent*, and hoii.o lot*
bavmg more or leas ol smut in them were x dd »* lower
lates. \ estcrdiy salts worn made at I l*> a I 18 cents
l'*r g v.t! lo pi ime pan f»l«. 'Fo day nab % o| seve ral lin ns
and htisliels h a v n heon made a l I I *» n I I , j ten is A ear
go of .pi(H)0 bushels very [trimc Illinois, reenived by way
*d New Orleans, w as suld at I 'Si rents tor lle se |mh lions
ol ii which w err in good condition. Tim receipt* • I Md.
wheat* arc; but iri/ling, and wcpiutc thorn ai‘0 lo IldJ
cent* lor ordinary to prime rod.
II Itiskeif. An advance of V to 3 cents per gallon has
hc**u realized since our last weekly report. In the bar I v
part of the present weerk, salirs of hluls. were made al
-•"» rerun, and of hhls at a S7 rents. Since then the
tendency has anil been upwards, and to-dav vro note
modrr.it* sales ol hluls al VO eta , and of hid*, at V7 cent*.
I he demand ia limited, and the sal cm correspond, but
bidders aio vory firm at the prin s just named. 'I ho
wam'n price of bbla. is now Vv cants, eicltutve of the
J liHCH KIYI.H UtO.Y Uultks Kll{
I i \ virl'ir of a <lr ed nl irtis*, mndr In \\ ill lam II nlgn
I V war, (ioorjii M. I’m nr ami U lilirno I Aiosrlry
lo ilir suhv iilnus. I,raring dale llir 1st day ol Mail'll
I '.■>. and inadn to sctulrr rortain drills ihurein iiiruiionrd
In \\ ilium I .Iordan; the undi raignr-d, art mg as irualrra,
w ill w ll al pnl.hr anriii.ii, I i ihr highest luddrr, h r rash,
iw.i rrrlain I rafts or pyrn Is of I ami. Iving and lining in
ihr rntintie* of Amlirrsl and .Srlson, and on I'.lh Island
I rook, nnr id whlrh contains Mill amns, with a ms. r
vatnin ol two arms, and thr oilier ruiiirlins nun linn
dr.'ll and Ion and a half am », and is ihr aarnr l.amlron
rryrd hy Ihr said .! r.lau and .Maty his wife I., ihn said
K doeway. I’.iy nr & Moseley 'ilia and I .and. or sii.li
pa reels III. rr. I as mar ho deemed sulli.i. nl lo raise ihr
sum ol .tlSV.l.'.'O, w nil ml. reel fr.iin '„'Hih day ol January
It'll."'' 410 VI, parll hereof, also a mini ill 11'.lll.lVl,
w dh inlrr. el nn f 11 it'd>, pari llmrard, from the of);|,
of January, I ■- 1V. now due said Jordan, will hr offend
I .r 'ale, as al unsaid, ii|kiii ihr premises, on Monday, ihr
17III July, if lair, if run ihr nrxl lair day tie rnln r._
Acting as Iriislres wr will make no warraii'V ol ii'le.
.? unn 1 .■» will .1 y
FOR *» \IaF..
\SI Tl'.niOU \(»KF. A 111 Nil o\F.N, well
. hruld*, large and Mr..tig. Apply lo
•In uc 15 is
lltr. M* unti l. II
1'nr AUK MF.liF.llY MlTIFIF.f). that I shall,
* on Monday, Ihr 71 li day of August text, al Ihr
law rn Imiier of Itirh'd. Al. Taliaferro, in II rky Mount,
Franklin Comity, 'a. take the dejnsilion-t of (i. A.
U inwliel.l, fw. in lie ri ,vl as rvi lrurr on Ihr. Irialufa
ettit, il iw di p< II ling in the County Court I Franklin.
al fc,\OUN<; Io\nYjjf%1lu is mmprirrt |0 leai li
auchhraaeltraeefsHIIlratfruswaarec ioinonly taught
in 1 rmale HrhooU, and who Its* alfca fcgrf *omr ekpeH
rn*e in u aefciof, wiaUrs to procure a thwatfm at iim*
plarr where a pefagilelit aeh.mHo Wanted. She wiU be1
-Militant Willi ■ muhrr.u sa/er* nnl.l • hr sl.slf t
lisln d ligeliata** W V^Wier in the r*tmt*tfi| <4
«ho»e Who iMKir her vjhE ilirifcaalrniiage, I.eCWr*
rf^erfed tp iKeJuei liejuRdn an (inn e, lla'ls
«» romttupiSniil m#i jifkpiunipt aticn-imr ■
Ww J|' Tjgm' *
4P _- * *
a an .a n: a:.
John HciImiI* lit in lit.
M o K i. M) \ I I I > Til A N l. * I i(
II l-t/ ni the Ur nr tie iury if l> niifhl /</« u nmn n «*,J
n hitins f of tlr tmiitt"! the numlcit *j (hr Hut, to
/•tit I, in4 thnni' h the hrohent lmv$*
D'ye ifM'f 1/ iifiY (lecuu.tr he infora /«» llcnrfit iu
l.'ltll Hits ^lilllllit .1 1110 »«!.)
liinin «•( roiititiilrutiiN 4* 1 «***r lit im linn!
I ih>i iiiinT m lihti \ 11 n 111.
Muir ui rm X'iUU N«. w
1211.1.\ m u k joiin in kiu:k r,
Willi MII \ tjUIUllU 1 f’ hilit O'llUlltllUI'N
fki I lim «' \ "Minn, ,1 ;j lit* 1 ;*» I». I 1*1, will In* p< r
f*•riiT«,«l n- ♦ id.iriiil lii^idv "I
1C P € PI I till III.
*>#• iiar ttfitth' of ifimtenrih I'ttiti,
Ouhn «‘f (»li#trr Mr < uiiHiimliutn
f lukt 'I H llM It lg|t lit! " T \\ It,!
I* »rl 11 I1, irk mm il " W \\ tnl
l^tn rn 1.1 /.nlitfi Mr. \\ II I'm nr
I 1 • I % Amin Mm Smut 1*.
Viler which
liK.UULM) H /.\Mi. \\ || !•„■, r
Pm pr.l-rmamr will oviuluJe wnliil.it laughable
I •if * ■ i iM € loo Not#*
Miss St 1 MICKS’ lMf.NKI lT, • r. SatmJ«y night
June 15 ll
1.11 i*il I .amp*.
l>a\« in.t imriv.nl an a.lililionnl vupuly uf
I. A 11 l» I. A M I’ ta .
omlnarut£ vvoiv vaii.Mv.
JllSKI’ll l> r.\ WN Si In.
iHsrnrr of Tyre.
% l - ha?i J'**• • received a tin tII cmin^mm nt of
" T gl Illk'S I.SSIM I* HI I \ UK;
uttoil t"t rliiHgihg the colour til the luii, t«i a il.nlv hro\v n
nr Mack.
A» SO,
(Jiiihs ( as*nlu Oil h r llu* I lair Tine ml %iariil.i
Imjlirr m I In* usLiiiiaiion ul the puhln* ^••tirrilly, than
any other ml nmi . n uni*
JOSEPH l> i:\ \NS & c,»
Juno Iis
\ MIL | N| \ At It nh % In-Id in i hi l |i-1 k A ( Mh< • ..t the
* ' »»•* s"r' ri*»t » lilt III I MVS I I I .... ... t I .1 I hn
i utility *>l Nil*..ii, 111 ihr loomk ..I Jinn, Ini l
I Min. » L«t land 4 oil Ho \ *rl» 11 ai £ i >>t i , i ir. m..i • ol John J
d«i.l IMiUiililfft,
.Mm.-ft I'ainpliii, John Pul. luii.l as.I ftft ilhatiiJ Ivi.l.l, I .to
p.nlmift 11.ftiiutu "u.lei the style and |,,m ,.f I'jntphii, I nt
‘-hard J« Is 11 Itl, the tn td .1 a man laiupliu, t hli*l<-'|lri I I *
• and Nathan Lulltus, Mch iuUnt*
In Ciip. kin.
I lu* dafi-ud int John Pi it - Ii.i i J u t ha \ injj < ut 01 i-d I. it a |
!’• ,f-""I y. 't “II M't unit, a. . unito ills a. I ..| \»m i.i
hit and tin- rules this Coin t, imd it app* a i iny, h> *.it i-dncfi*
' v f \ id* n. i* ll> it I..- it nut an inhahilnut . • I ih s ( ..uiuioutt nalth
i hi inution «d tha riaiotiHs, ht thru ..u... I, n i. •idun-d,
'1,1,1 "" '■*' 1 •'*». n .la lit d appi ... I i m , at iwl.o lo hi- IV.I ul
, tl.ii said flu k Hlllr*. ,.i, Ih- lu.i M.i.lat,,, Srpte i.Vai
lie k t, a m . I it 11" vv <' tl* Phi lilt ills’ lull . . Ill that a ■ ..pt ..I thin
uni. I III* |..till* Ith invited III Mto- lii.. Id- lift, ft 111‘ 11, i »v
.1 III It ftpapci puhl isl., d II, ||„ I.u.• | .til, I,hull,. f.| two
III. Mil lift «i|. < v uo t *] t , Hlld II.nth. I . py • V n . I p. , d at d.i.
'•unt d '.»r ul the ( . vidl,.mmr . I dim ri.univ nil sun,. . mut
d^ v. A t ,.pt I , «t■
It' » i i III .Lit, ( |i,
June 15 w
\ I ItLIN'l \ \l I ilf. I,r I III th t'l - i h'« I .1 .| dtu
* ' ' 1 ' 1 I day ol Juu
I hmi» • lid t- u* 111 hOlidi I'd .1 lid I M 11 dm
I Min t Loyd, JM.dntilV,
Julias .M inter and I h.-iuas Mead, I >cfitidnids
In t II V Ni k.it T
I Ilf • >i I* nd. i nt I. mm \ ftl 1111 r i i,..( Ii.i i Uf ..ii. < i d his a pp.ru
Hide and (,1V.u *.11 a. . ,.Imp t.. 11„ Ll.,1 \ M-mhli ml
'he lulcs ol this I .'Hit. and it ippeuiiny l»> aalisfa-tm? mi
den. <*, t lia t hr is n..i an i ii ha lot ant ol this ( \<uu t <>n tvr alt I u
the in Mi oi . d tin- PI am I dl, ht his . .mi . I. ,| is uid«i«d. that
ss .l I ‘el. nda.il appeal here mi the ( mith M Midat in ft-iptist
unit and ninmtr die Pliun'ill *' till, nn.l that a . | t ,.| dns
.>nler l.c f .i dm it h mo i led in tl,. | .> ... I.hm ftunmiau,' i
nr ts ftpaper |iiih|ishnd in th, i..\sn .1 I .vim hinny. |, (is,
months ftiir. ,-ssit ,lt. and another ropy ihriaof p. slid nt lliv
In.nt dour u| llu > .nil h ><i«f .d this i unit -mi ... e I n u|
day. .\ 1 upt Irate,
it c Mrmir.i.ijii,
June 13 vs ‘hn
\M t L | N | ft ftl nt ..ut . I I p in 11 r 11 y hrt»i..in, < • -* > t i M
". I *• nd li'dd I--i I»e < 11 ■. i d t ml v . at the < •. < 1111, < > 11 s«:
t hu ? Ii h tlay < d A1 a t ok- ll..mi«,mi.| r i^ht liui.d i «-d a lid lm 11
Mu tas ns A '\ iri^fieUI titd Jeini t I .11 riann arUninis
trators <d Hani.il'.s A I ids* n, d,-< i a sed. I’la illtilL
I hutmis S|ii»nn.,ti, .fume » \ a.ighan t Hiiient l .ts.
I and V* iti Terry, M,-(undents
In ( ’ II A N< I f- I
I In- da! .oi. I ant s Janos V miph.iit a <d (|riiu:,t . tsnsend ,
i ..t hat lm; ml. r« I dim n pp* ai an ■ r a nd p 111 •«. m itt ... ,
'* *-*»p to th. a. I .1 ftss.' IIS hi t alid |hf lllhu. I ll m < unit, and
it appi-ai iii{^ to th, saiikl ..I i* mi u| the I .nut that s«..| ,|. I
da nt k a i a 11-I i: tha hit a lit a .*1 this « . mruuiivs. alth I in m i
t Ion <d the pljintills It tlirir atlnrnrv. it i« oidrrr.l that
said de|i,...) intH appeal here mi the I , nth Mm.dat m Aojjud
i.ril, ai l ai■ • vti i llu lull . I (lm plmiidn-, und that n , ^,-t .1
this -Mill hr foi d.vs III) 11- i itfd ill llu I vn. hhnrn ft n^in
ian," lm ttv.. nioiiths »iii . Msut-r It and ni.nlliri < . pt t It. ir.,f
poftled al the limit dom uf the ( uiiithmisi u| this l .lUn(i mi
smur < '.int d.i v
A Copy Teste,
IT C, Mi l t Ill’Ll ( Hr
1 ’ 110.1 \I \ \t fint^s li* )<l iii iiic < 1. i k - ( •»! ,u t i|,(
* < II. .Ill Suj.tin.il < t.lilt .,f l.aw ami < ti t n. r f > f»,, ,Jlt.
< tiuuty <•! NrU.n. in tin? mouth ol Junr. |*v|A
Jaiiin N .Martin cm.tutor •( <.eorg« Martin tier.I
i Kdvuni I. Pm v r« adn.in.ilrat.tr ..f Jan.e* Ma.i.n tied,
tint nau| Janie* .V Marlin and Henry W \t a t«i,.
lame* I. I’owall ami Kluabrlk lira wife, k.lward I
hit.ii ti.ij Sli.y Ann |,It wi(.., iv.ltr Jot.iu.in tn.i
>.rah \ Im wifr, till. Vin. y IV (ili-tinf,, vy|„. h ati.l
Jarnt* \, Henry \\ . Klisabetb, Mary Ann, Saral, \
and Nain ? V\ arc chilllrrii and byu» at !„>* „f .|,lnu,
«»erd 1 * 1A I III I 0«,
Artlnir I Inplt nit, executor id Sjiark* .^trirtin de d Mini
san„„.| l.oving. < brialwjrbtr T litw rtml Alexander
, llrt.wn bn nr ur it if a an hiA b.ititl Aa axet utor afi.re'tiid tin
haul Arthur 11• .j»kiiia in Iri't.wti right, Nelmm Sr.r.tb ..drum
: i«ti«t..r of lludaon Maitm dred , Niclinlaa P Uni m.l J„
ditli In* \* dr, larnya A Matlhevwni.il Na|fv In a vwf*. N. |
• .ii I Hfilt lord and Jane hi* wife, Polly Martin, \V 111 o> in
Martin. Niurka Martin and l|ud*.»n Martin, F'.l ij« |, < |,,,,
trail and Idifabcth Ida \Vift», and Jellcrxon
Is ( ti rni rnr.
Thtt (tefenilanla NrHon I.aukfnrd and Jane bn «itt . \\ ,|
liarn M irti». Sj arl* .M.lrtin, lludm.u Martin, |.li|.,|, I |,,,.
, Iianeml Kli/abcfli hi* vwfn. mid Jcfl'et'..n limn. n..t i.n
rntai. d th. ir ajij.i uani e and fiven a«• < tir11x aiTnrdihg
tlie Art <. f A * vembl v h ltd the rulea nf tbit .'nil audit at.
! |>rnrtag hv 'atifartorv rvidt-m-* that the\ are n it mkat'ilantt
•d tbia ( '■.niniMiiwealth (in ttmtinn nf the I’lamlifl«., b\ tboii
r„u,,*fl it ix ordered that tin Raid Defendant' .In hj.jt.i
b**»r. at Mile' f.. be held in the »muI tlerk's tiflire, i.n the
fnxi M.in.lav mSejiteinber next, and aumvu the Plaint ifTV
'•ill and that .. mnj ..I »l..s order be forthwith Inaertt I in
“ibr I vr.ebbing Virginian,” a nr w ej.ap* r j.iil.fi'bed m the
town..I I .ym-bburtr. for t wt. month' mi.ir*»iv ,|v. and anolb
r rropi thereof ported at the fmnt dotii of thr ( ..«n 1 Mount,
of lint < ..unt y, mi f ine ( unit day
A ( op\ Tr«tc,
. Ho. c. ri: ri,kk, ( ik
/#/#, r .tff.v.M io.v.
I! IXHtMS S I’lcriMirn (iar.lcn willin' iM• i■..;r*.-s
^▼1 Wd I ,r 111** first ti no this snsmi, \|<, 11'|*
fTlmrs.l.\ ) .tiiI every nu r.lnif Thnriilny n.pln ,|n
rinir III.'SMII.II.rr. wcTl.fr permuting; un which occn
si..n a It \ Nil t)|' Ml SIC i« Kpcr.nllv ^crl. |,,
ill :*,' uhnunnhl * pi ■.ulm lii.ur .if plr:T.iit r. . rr:i!>■...
i.c plciljjc, hit.iKcll illy v » ill N.ilf hair (liy.ipp ,i,,ir,|
IcnCrnin nn.l ...Imr ml'.CKh.i.nm [ r. |.:tn'tl I ,r tic •*
who in»v visit ill., tturtlrn,
June 15 l!
Atbltliott to the Trust Mot h,
iv i: u (itmio.:
I A 'I v.w rcriivin^. m the i.Msian.l i.f tciMH.S
“ a Hi i£ i O.V , a very I■ an11si• i.if assort.ucnl nf
• Vrir (mooifs,
ricrnlly hnu-jhl for cash, iiimii Til a nirn iii'/ii'iiLml
,1 Mlttf I >
.# / Ti .Yi'iO.Y :
VI«M-Ii*nic Ai'lll'ri).
I \ f! \ I *1 . ill I r ill I 11| ill* ( I Tilt ] I msf,
"" ‘•■Iliifilsy, ll r I i iIt Irni , .,| |.a|t p.,a| 'I
o i I'*ck, wilh .1 !u -\11ii4
My ^r<l» f »'iw ( !;it(iiii,
('. Sluri us,o s.
■ B\ ill'll • I I ili'i 1.(1 II* ihc ( Ill >11,1. ri.if (\uift
■ * "I' "ii,'In Ii , itinl j, iiiii.lt hi ii,,. , "Npunr ft
I’uill'll " Kill, .V I Irjim :m-| i,ii-r•»11,1, omliT»:«i,r«f
( MininiM hi* rt :*jiitc*d *«• r II * |-itr|MMe. will o\p. ,s«*
to vain, «t piddle aii. linff, to ltin lug In si bidder. tit iltu
Ii "t il 'oi of t a in | >t»r-11 (‘ || f nit Monday, tin. | Otli
ol .Italy*, I*'l3.t!n interest of.Ire.di fairly • »» tbe pertmi
»l • si ate ol Mm--r r.aily, Hec'd . whub tvnv 11 •* I«I by Ins
* blow Momu l : v. #*dowt-r and nUo tbe ir,t» rest ,.|
Ntinurl Orjnn in (lie teal anil pirsoi .,1 mime ,,( Jobfi
Ot;-an. dor VI , w bn b i« bold by Mn tf I taf.nl, O^rtn
widow of said J* Im Orgsii. at dower . * |*li« salt* will
be on a credit till the lot ol October n«vt. tbs pur.biiSf
bond noil *40*»d seimity Tim uodrr-ieinul y. I
Into ;is ( otnttiH'.ioM* i«, til ts.itvey km Ii title ml) n»
lilt1 drcieu afore .nnl vsslf in tbein.
.1 NS GAM.AMI, f
( f. MOSIO { ' ft*
Jiiiip II n |oJ
.xt n 101 ioikki * tsii si'oiti:;
.Yon oi'L.\'i.Yo i.y i.y.\i 11 hi uii
t«oml»at tin- lo««s( At. 1 Oi l., riiltn
tl.-lphin aiitl ll.slliinorr prices.
ten ./lifts, tc tM.v .v t „.
«lo.»i in III Mini A Iwhiiu, ti|. ?|niu Stm-t.)
P( f 11 N II It I ( \ KI )S tV (<>.. ol Haltntiorr. Import
em atol Mind* -tic I bale lt« in l »n* (diodv, nrrd
NNII.I.IN.M II lt\ N.N, bate lusn-iaied llit-mnf U cs»
uttdi t the III ill of
uii .i n n s . n ) .1 ,v $ ( 0
f *r llit* purpose **l conducting a w link side and mail I by
t ••>. ,|« llin.no "t in tins place
\N Mb Ions 1 \permnce in business, and every f uc 1 Ii t i .
both in this country mol in llurnpc, lor nbtMtmu/ tlieif
supplier. at till* I,IW 1 st pokHlbb- pi lees. nod I * III/ III c. ll
slant Hilt od tore cl* the . Inchon* m Itnlhnion . 11 is i|,eir
intention lo well at 1 b*» ltnvr*t prin t n| 11,•• cntlcrn aim,
w lib tint «'o«*t ol ctiritlgc only nddi'.ioonl, to cnab'e tbcin
to eariy oni then intentions to good 1 .mb. the) \ti|| [„
compelled to well lor ( ' AMI unit.
I lie) eomno nee till* tuiMUiesN with 1 •.lock I' 1 r .a i v
I’iikmi atol N i w . nil eeleeted with great can- | r tins
market, mi.i» l> 11 - i 11 auction pun bans made w Him, i|,,.
Iasi Him o nKs, and lioin tin m iiw 11 n • mt importutu nt
I lu ll as.< 11 oo-iil w ill be lotmd lo eon 1 pits* , v. ry vain*
t\ o| desiiablc and *« anoiiabb | ), \ I,.., both S|Mp|#
1 ltd l a 10 \ and ilo \ will be receiving weckl\ addihohs
to (licit supply Ii -'ii (lien It a 111 m 10 pa r 110 is
riirhculai a lien ton lias In-tn In-Moved m I lie te|.-c
10hi ol t loibs. ( 1 siinen % and all t , I n, v m\ I, * ol
•.inn nn r weal I 1 p till lino n also, m Silks Mo-dhis,
I .a w nw, v*v< , k c , o| 1 be \ * t v laic .1 ln.p< rliiio-nn, I .1 la
'diiVwoai Homo l . u pH .11 vailet) ,1 newest -• lapis,
at * *1 1 \ pi ic, t I, w \tillt*oit*.
They rcspei thilly h licit 11 n r\aini ' no.it I ll.cii »toe!.,
w bo Ii . on In's in phi . t till- ! II ' - 11/ A 1 I !, .
.V's i
( i »i 11vi Supn Mini 4 \ 11 i 1.1 pi i jm riit a'n unk\ m*k\
M* \ L* lillll*, wm >! M i. I,. itivm ii|i> pn i n. wii.inner
piiTii. brivvn, In -i./.u, olive, U\| ml, Cm.let and
Met 1 iiiiu nlall prieex, |J*nid upward*
* ansi uni'. \ larpe and aplendul Nl.iek ul aujud Woul
M.Ill, and nil I lie lille*! ttlklrb, III |j||e| eoluftt of
I a nd >n. I’ll. Jiid \ met n .ii; m i l.i .
.11 vr IN Ki d I II* | ,
3 ease* llumieii, iiu*’anti braulilul, limn 7> el* up
kk Midi
I “ li-n'* f e (limn I l.ii*. f.islii nal Ii* »i*\!>•*
I *' Minxes ii, fttrtikt gimp, plain *lia\\ nnd
I'loieiiee ! , i>|
I < n >r 11• >\ • 11 .i1111 lli'*
\\ h alliM, in veiy^i' ii vuriuly, «• tint* nplcmlid
I .•' « I I »'* er**, Ifnili I V| et iiln n pair In tin liiietl
IVii.i*- U ind I mbit lias in pieai variety, a >utu hands nn<
1 * eaftomiri M. ii« <• Dr I ii me*, in in and L aulil • ! ♦ !3 |. <t
m I ? '’euti per ytl tiitiUinp a lUiniliunt thru to
t"*l oullj 31 v ». t <d\le and NMl lm \ .Him Ivi'H
V enrtiMUis mi<m Al "rn» Dr l.ninex nil v\uol, lj« ti ti 11 f 111
bty l« h, at .7 i ceil In per yd. sneli an are bell up in
lilt* m u kttl at ti ' | in t .1 rent*
MI.KS AND I. \ \\ Vs
I mi lam ' till??, .1 lew pattern* hit o| the pmiimie | ml l.i
S11 k*
(tin. . Sdk.nnrw nnd Mplrmdnhj mti> In
Si Ml* d I’-km Silk an entire new and extra tteh nrti< le
Snipe I and IM.iid Sumnief Silk*, rich and I1.1m14.mu , ni
b'J i « un 4.
Hal/, irine and Omntnlir I awn. dark f.i dirnttabla nduin ,,
n% w and be tutlfiil yood*
I lumUnme t t.eiHidie Iwiwn. at IvJ rent* per vd nr:irl\
3 nd wide, eeri.unlv tlm eln ipeat ever el
l< r« d in IInw market
11 \kns and unkn nun r.s
Itilien Drilling, Hear Dirk, Ditymi.il Dull* nnd
plain Diagonal Dull* at nil pneea
I aldti uni I Jed t.inenn, all l.iud* and print**, am niy*i
" lie'll h fe^ t• 1 lm I -iiiii.I If irnnle> ’* ln«t sheeting
and rub red Imrd/red’I iiwtdlmr*
AN r invite mir filenil* and the piddle generally to call
*n*l examine lm iliem- riven, Term* ( 1 «• |, mdy.
rie*l dinr t" Ifrvant & Vming*, up Main atreet.
0>T expert tu fteriVe III ,N few ft* k * MMIttr heuultfill
IlnlxaiHh*-, n nvik and bet'itilul aitn lu In Induvdtoa
, Met.
' .June r, u
« ailW! uav IfilMIH!
Not* o|M MiaiU III Ihr
• Vrir € hut ft ami 4, ins* IIV# rt A(«ir.
(1 If!( IIMIDS k (’»• nrntiow opening **i M
J% ftortptrm rd printed and ftimmnn UinhIm nl‘ new
anddimfalili* pattern* plat received by direct nit|xifVn11«»ti
from Liverpool all of whirl* will ho Fold, whohAaic or
retail, on thr most favorahlr term* I'urrliuiieiA me rr
** | m • 11 u 11 y f»«i|ir|ted to rail liPforn Fiipplvpio themnel vm
elsewhere. ami examine our *tork, which rnpRicts |-nrti\ •
rl the following article*: I
Iten'ilil'd hlnr, oreetl n*»d hroW n I lining Srl»i
Klegai*! \t Inir mrnt*11«• do do
i ri it if d. painted and granite lea Ware, great varatv j
Uratilnl granite and printed 'I oilrttc Warn
Klfga* t v. Idle < lima Tea Sell*
do I'miry do do do Mi; .of) mid ^4 pieces
ILrli Crrnrh do do do Cold Hand
Kirli ( in f • la* . I lectiiilrfa, S\ iin *», .lelliri, Tnniblsr*.
I'reMril Hit I nilihlers, I rmonadefi. e’r.
I'lam *d every dr^-ripijon, together with a
roinpb lr nsHortmfiiit o| Stom W’uir.
March U ^ w tf if
\ 12 W ll A LT I ft! if li H ( \ h is
MSH\| ,|, I UU( 1*., < tie donr In low (i. Mucin,
" tils rrr» i vr»d III* rot;ir stork »d
l""*1 "" 'he LC.S I I l.lv.MS w hull lie Will Mil at
>br» /,*!// LSI' mu i veil as low a, ran hr
bought in the Northern ( ilies. I’nndnst r* will find
It in tin 11 n. 11ii ,t io g i v»* lit in a cull, a* hr
l\it| *elll«»tv for « avia.
The following composes a portion of Ins Smrk •
t b'lliH, all roloiti* tr-nn i i to th*r.*t; U:£e lot Smnmpr
( a sMtin rrs. Sun.iner ( iolh*, and (hmtbroon*; Merino,
Valencia, * arsrillpR and oilier \ e-nino*, Hork«*t Hand
kerchu Is, filovis, and all oile r ;rm h .s for (>* nilr im n‘»
Moitsrlinrdr Lain* from Iv h* flip.*t; l,awn* and
• (iinglnuriR Ir-m Is. to finest; Silk*, H.mihnzim s; Call
rues; Lanry ll lkl'sand NeckTlrt*, Kid, Silk and other
tllnvr*; Hoimels, lllh* rife, Lure*, and all other af
Heir* f.r I tidies' w car.
Marseille* t^'iilt* and Todrt Cuver^i Danuink Dur
lir* mid Napkin*. I 'M c»*nts; 1/non Tahir Cloth*, ihun
f»0 rents to lines'; Table I'nvcri; Linen Shirting and
<hiper*; a large Im ot Cotton [’laid* and Stripes, with
all.other article* usually kept m hit. line
>ij*y ^ ___
Tobacco rite lory R>r Mole or Kent.
f I ’ * 11 IMn. r.i rVt .ry in i|,n J\nvn dl l.rnriihiirtr.
I li.riniTlvmvi.nl i v hmilhsnn II. Davm, will fw
* 'I'l ^cv mimi.ljlinir term*, .,r rented u ill .a I rhe. end of
ihf jt-dr. AoMi .ij*h Daw». Ir
Hif n f» DAVIS
'I V
‘1 - ■ If. 11
I ,
Him u till.* AT A l ( Hot.
9 "**■*• 'Kl.l . at annum, THIS KVKMNU.lh*
■ I J’fi in -ii, Rt ',j ’clunk, in front of Si
I’uruei is in,, tnui rumue, a kiln ,.f t ornl %»rii'k7 mdi
1.' I ‘'be bin lied and tnrnlr ihmuknrd. MI tUeni.-gh
Karlt>«.u1 <i| .Mri If,wati'ii. 'I efiu* flhriif, end mad*
biiuw n at the lime of atle, which will bo cundircteJ by
V TAllI)
•JflminiHtrator'u Stile.
% % ill. lie a--Id, at the Market - liotiae, in the ty van of
" Lynchburg, „u the »d day „l June. IS43, imeael
Jen ell V, I Dial.. King, | down large Silver Spoon*.
I 111., rl S|WI.IIH, ki:i Silver lVa Sf,,*,,,*; „nh g.|Twr
* I?'r ^'gor Tung*, 4 Salt Spoons, |'i ad*,*
I oik*, i t i iltl SfHHin, Htr fct*.
and mtauclt ndai’r. of la. It. Cabell, rWd
May JS . I3J
rnsTHiM.MI.N I
I he above viiu it pual polled until Snlufdat, thn'dd'h
u-at. MK.Miv in nnim;ton, s c. L.
and aa aucli adiu’r. of L It. Catiell, deal'll.
Jour 3 tUtJit
Yaliinlilr ll<*:tl l’*la(c nu tin- (,'n.
uni, at Aitctiou.
\\ *!'*' be told, at |nililu* auction, on tha prettitai a, on
1 hlireday the Sill mat., olio
I. 6 t of <4 r 4> ii it 4 4
front IIjj feel, and running hack 44 (oat, with a gun,)
ahrrl, crane, (,,■ ., lor rho pur|HJ#u ft receiving (aonda,
fae.. and alao on tlm corner ol aaidliiia aituatraJ a tiral
late atone hlackanitili'a shop, lire and lot lining well eu
' loaed mid Mauadaniian I with good niciic, Irom I'd to IS
in, In a deep, and ia Cniiairli red hy good judge* to Ire one
ol the moat valuably aililallotia on the canal It would
be I,, the mierrata of eapiialinla and otliora lu attend ilia
above aale, a a it m hul aoldoin aneli aslnahlc property ia
m markei. I’t rina lib, fal, and made Lr„,nu on ihuday
,,f »ilc Salt h) M. Tailed
June 3 gi ,f
’( lie anil, of Ihu above Lot ia p,*tpolled, until Satur
diy tin 17th mat. >1.TALBOT, Amur.
Jull« IS_il/Jd
13. i*. vi»ir*
I' I U « F O II T K • *
\S tho beat evidence the subscriber can possibly give
"I Ilia own npiuinn, as lu lit#* iufurtorlly ul Ihu
I in in i I i it lea w hlt-li liu ufli rn li.r aale; ami j.i order that
"l*ieia in.iy have nil uppufliiliiiy uf inning (bo uiaiiur,
lie I>r. p IW-# In plnrn lliem iifn.ii hutl in I lie parluraut
'll li |H rs.iiii M -nay lie ileaihnM ul supply ing lltomael vua
wl'h articles uf lit* kind.
I'1"' |tuai|hniemeiii uf a positive purchase ufan* inatru
iih nl whalcn Mm ;i low uimitli*, lu gin; the difterunl
mskera u tan trial, wuuhl at bast tin the purchaser mi
\ him ■i liln innl tn the attl aetII er, at P..ti rsbtirg, \’a
w uuhl misa i i j.iMI us gimil a purputui ovety Way ea a
perninat ttitctviciv, since lie ttiliia tipnti hunai ll ihu risk
ul a. I., ting and gnat utter* n. please in ufery rMpeet.
A larj{.- assortment nlwnyt nn hand. Upwards uf
'•'ten lutiulreil have been m.hl by him. without ever eel.
•*"lt » '""I ml" R. I'. N/.Ml, 1‘iltisburt Vtt
April 0 ip
< ■ I IZIvV* nml M
i.iHUi .if i ins:
llnrv>iin. IInull .uu, <ull unit are.
■ It I'ulbul't r.xcliiwitc ruriiti yni will find /I. Tmig’i
flolhin# Store,
II here ready intuit I lolhinir it told nl /.n icM lotuil
the limn.
f I ' III'* '*■* MS( Ml 1)1.It Invmy jut! refuffU’H fn»m
I ill* Nuft . talk. ! till* IIIMIkk) „| liilwfluiii^t |,i« CM»
iMiucrN mi imvii ami country, that hr u iiuM receiving
sttnl $tiiuutt*i' <<iidi|n,
win li I*»r vnri*• iy au<l rhmipm$i«, mdiiut It hUipji*ao(J or
rvisi I'.inii1 up i ■ A lining the (inurls rninpriaing hia
•*|'"'l.. mi ih, l ,11,.V iiiji ariielev hu Sprite nml Sniuwur:
( unis. I In .'I and I’nick, \\ li11** I.hipii. titans I,men,
lit""11 I nu it, ( lu . l, liiiiiui. I,, tin.ii, Dull, (iauihruun.
a• ■ 11 mu < h.iinlilv < 111111111111* amt Meminaek I’nnta.
\ll u a;r iiupiI lit II made, ul puntl matt rntli ami lai.ul
tele. I '.nits nl nvery discriplion, in iiualitv ami atvlu.
C ' "I t1"' in'llt«.it and cheapest \ rate ever Lefurn
offered In ihu | iiIiIip.
Mv prli'ea l ireuai* vaty frutn J I lu $30.
Pants fruin 11 tu $|l).
\ caw I t.mi i ft rents tn $5.
. I B, S ft *
—"cl.s, I! "mtis mid t ultars, just ren-ivihg, frmn 'I’m to
" »•)'« ami a mat littlile. All kb'd* uf Suspen
'h IS, III.an IV. Cloves, Shirts ami Draw era at 50 eta._
Alt" avert line article nl Silk Under Shirt* and Draw
ms; ..Utile Searls anil Crania, Pub list llandkcr
''liit’la "I "Very sly In, ami a Superior hit ul Umbrellas at
Maiiiif'iPtururs puces.
lit- I wuuhl iiivns particular notice Id l large lot nf
\ i .is at i t pi. each, such aa a cantim be bought elae
where lor less than nine shillings, tHnligh nur *00011*1
! Were the judges Cuals fur $1 and Pants ihe asm*.
Vet V thanklnl fur the liberal patronage burotnfurti be
atnwrd nil inc, I hope and inllcli a cnltltimanco of til*
aaiiu*. My best effort* will he exerted M phase.
N li ( utting and Making no the inuat reasonable
tetins. All guoils mail* to order are warranted, and a
t ishiinisbln tit guaranteed, nr lit* rmitla pnid |ur. My
prices f.>r making Duals vary from $ I in $7. Cur cuv#
ling Coats Mil ls. P.iiita and Vi sta ii?i cl*. Hleasn sail
in and see, anil tur the truth uf tll« a'siVr give nt* a tri
al, mill Illy word, nn "pitjfi," shall bb verified.
Winter Moods nffurml lor lima titan coat, at Talbot’s
I’xchasge Corner, by ilia iuhacHher.
FK.il l l.i:.Y IIU.YpItKIJ .l.YU FORTT
V'x ii may appmr.il ta not w ill,standing trna. that
ihn auharril i-r, on llank Square, (opposite the, nvw \
sluin' building.) if now opening
'I W NI’ltHH ft ftt:itIYIK.lt UIIODI,
Nmrly all of which ran, and will lie sold from till win to j
iwrmy live per rent lower tlun ai any funner aramm_|
1 l.ix stuck is ulmnkt |',N PlIlKI.Y NKXV.and piirchx- 1
i fit'll v1. iihnt the Iasi two weeks. llo lima an nxniuin*- ii
linn liv purchase!*. fsrlmg alsurcd that ail w ill he con- I
I finer,!, iltnt what hr rp\s la nn humbug, hut really and 1
; '.ii!,aunlially Hue. The In,lowing comprise* a portion I
of hi* stork *
W ool dyed black and rul'd. Cloth*, from 50 to ihn I
,ln it,, and mlM. Casaiinere*, from minmon in flue,
r.ainhrunn* ami Smmnrr Clutlia, from 37 1 rt*. to t!ia - '
ill at quality.
r.ineu .-.nil la,llun Drillings. from 10 ecu la up,
Mutialin ilr l.ainrn and Lurrisuiirs,
I,.ait 11*1 au,I ParreiMine*. tor am,ml mourning.
I unci I .:i wna and karlstorl Ginghams, all price*,
Manrhrllrr and Switch (jirtghams, very cheap,
\ large sl.,rk Prim*. from 5, ti, 8, ,0. 101 and ' Hi ri*. 1
tniriirun Nankeens and Cotton Gatnbruuna, tvarranled
‘lilk and Cnttnh Ilugi and Half Hose. all prirr*. I
Silk, kid and Cult,III Glove*, all qualities and prime. I
Silk mid l.inrn ( amlirir llankerriiirf*, and Neck Tim.d’a
IHa 1 k aril fn|M Silk Mills, from P21 rta. up, , |
I .a.I os’ ( ’<*in, and Silk Gloves. r*rw arlirir, :|
[• lor urn llrntd, I.awn and other It<,nnei*. virr pheap,M
/. phvh Worsted and Needle Pattern*. good supply. jl
1 llkirk Italian cheeked Silk and S.nin C rival*. 1
Hrnwn Cottons. heavy stock, 1 f, ai Of rents,
Bleached rmions, from 5 rents in fines!, 1
Cotton O/nahurua and German Rurlaps, 9
Blur ami hr own Cotton firilis 9
Mexican Mixtures and Hamilton Stripes, M
Palm Half, t'uibrrll.i* and Parasols, 9
Sojirrior Bandana. Spin), field & Pongee llandkerrhmfbfl
Siipirer Satin, Veriuo and Ml ran Its Vesting*. ;(■
llrdfrkf. Apron Cheeks and Penitentiary Plaid*, -1 1
.l.n-unet and striped Cambric* and Muslins. |9
I n;eier w ni, almost every arttrje in the T)ry GcodlH
wiy. n In, h will be s dJ must astmiishinglv lew &m
. .. JAMKS A -STIGl.rR M
A [Till 0 1*11 M

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