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••’I’Hr IS <*.til* «»l 1 It>' Mliili*, catitl I In* I nion ul lli«
m* toi'vit' To\\\vjjt:\’ x sT.iTir.i.vi.__ _ l.i,\cminu,r, TiUHsmi ucioiikk io, is i t. !•<»/,. mrif. ,u». 9
i« published i$mi-w<ekly, (every Monday and Thursday,,
41 Tour Hollars per annum, payable in advance. *V© sub
stnpiwn w Ml* rectivedfor a shorter time than six months
nd no paper will be ihscontinued, (except at the discretion
If the Editor*,) until all arrearage* me paid.
J ^ j!pVER TISEMEJS'TS inserted at 50 cents pen
f (or U*9) for every inner form inse rtion, and
sent* Pei *Tlltye (ol I***) for every outer form insertion.
FV&ll)' AHTEUTlSF.il i« reyared to note, on hii
isnuecript, how long he wishes his advertisement inserted
9ft advertisement, not so noted, will be inserted till Us dis
„nhnwince be ordered.
/'UR VKARI.VSDCERTIiil.Wl Ihe terms are . foi
Ihe privilege of tiro squares, $40 ; for oat square, $2h , for
4tn sy-tare, inner form, $3n. Every yearly udveilisei
mtll be required to confine hie tdecrtisiny to hie purlieu
It, lint qf butiuees
qf. .IllFI /*KI,V/7.VrJ trended neatly and expeditious
|y and on reasonable terms.
W alk in to Head fliiai'iei**.
If you leant any thing in the Confectionary. Faary . Ir
liefc, Coy. Picture, Can', F liable and Drinkable
Lint 4'C.
FOR I am now opening, anil shall be uprning, during
tins week, one ul tint largest slocks in Hie above
lute that ever was opened in Lynchburg. Among the
articles just opened will be found Ihe following Eatables.
Pine Apples, Lemons, Fresh Figs, Rosins, Currants.
Citron, Primes, Tamarinds, Dates. Soli shell Almonds.
Filberts, English \\ ah.its. Juju Paste, Olives, Preser
ved UiiigerJ^Sardines, French Pros. rves. It.,I mgne Sans
ages, Beef Tongues, Dried Reel, Pickled Oysters, water,
tnda,butter and sugar Crackers, Cuslieu and English
Dairy Cheese, Fancy Articles, Toys, fisc. &.C., cniiine
taleil in another advertisement.
j. ii. Fi rzcinno.v.
llrod <Jt«rle it, .Yearly opposite Ihe II ink <f I irginin
Oct 7 ts
m \\ i;«l ABi.him^vr.
Coppersmith <t i:l Timur's Itissincss.
ntUBRIill. & SMITH,
faiiiiaitma to t o. auu:i:*co
Alain Street, Lynchburg.
nr.V.B. ML'IIlilLI* wonlil beg leave to return
hi*thanks lu bis Irlends and the public general.),
far the lioerul patronage bestowed un him as a partner
tif T. 0. A<*ree & Co., hihI w.njid inform them that he
has associated with him in ihe above business, Mr.
JAMKS It. SMI I II, and that the business will in In
lure bo conduct d under ihe style and firm of
miiicKi i. a sju i n,
al the old stand ol T. 0. Acree Co., where ran nl
w ay * be found a large assort on n l «if' Tl N \\ AUK, con
sisting of every arliein usually fiutid in tluur Inn of hu
*uiea*v AKo, a ! trge |(,i of i upper Ware, consisting ol
Still*, Kettles, &.c. Also, a good assortment of
* 'i' o v i;*,
of a 11 sixes. They also mamifaelore al the very shortest
notice, and have generally on ban?, Stove Pipes, efaii
sixes and quality Ciulp Keales* Fire Carriers, C oat
Scull!# , ic.
'J’liey jkiy particular attention to covering and guttering
houses,with '1 ill and other metals, either in town ur
t oi vniY n : iu i3A\ r*
woi^ld do well In give us a.-all before purchasing else
where, as we are determined ... Hell al Hie very Lurtciit
Price*. We have a large lot .,f Tin ware un hand, an.l
w* request them to call an.l examine it.
W.ivii WIKI'.
We have on hand a large Ini id' Wove Wire, nf all
aixe*,together with a Loom Inr weaving wire in urdcrul
any kind, al liie ahortesl n die.'.
tVe will give Ihe highest c-u-.ii price fir old Cupper nr
Pewter,or take it in exchange |,,r work.
Cunniry Pmduce willbe taken in exchange for our
»urk al ilm highest cast, price,
Oct 7 2w—wis
I MAY K received a hit oflhe atn.ve Powders, an.l frn-n
tile certificate, u| gentlemen who have tried it, I
have no doubt it ia a very fine allude. I'd sale hy
Sign oflhe Rig Pitcher.
Ocl.7. is
t:Locks, clocks. Clocks.
{HACK now nn hand several H’OOO
IUt.l*s CLOCHS, yy liicli | vi ill sell from I
ta 2 hi.hrfr»*d per. cent, cheaper than ihe same article was
ever before sold in this market. Call and see iliem, ami
you can judge fury outsclves. I). W. MOO UK.
M _ $ign of tlie Big Pilcher.
ffrtt i*
IX Barrel llrvidv inrr Pistols
^ Sets Knives and Forks, 51 piece*, at front $12
to $20 per: set.
Splendid Sols of Ten Boards
r* Plated And Britannic Castors
Drcen Window Blinds, assMrterj si/.-**
And a general assortment of Wood Ware, M its, Kc.
Just opened, and for sale, hy
. il. B. & W. A RICHARDS.
Ocl, t, 13
J%' O f't t £ .
U'HE subscriber having returned In Lynehhnrg. lie
#. w ,;.1 rents.;" here till the first nf Nnvwnbvr, during
vhidb«i>i« he w,,’.' ’«>' ?*** I'1"’™* l,rice3 i;,r
beth sexes. t-eutlem", win. vu 'be no pr ■perlj
f«r *le, would do well In call un him p,? ijuL l'‘1lr
•elling, as he ia detenuinisi lot to fur under . ''
■ushmI market jwicp*, w hich miet* ire eery hard lu
‘•in in ilii* aectimi uf country.
b* ^u <nd at the Franklin [Intel,, .it at Messrs,
•lout it. Lanier’s Auction and Commission Shire.
„ _ ULO. DAVIS. '
°c' 7 u
I,r.... ■•‘and for Male.
AUAIN offer f(ir M|c 111y Farm in the cmmty of
i 'Jni‘*er8,» 24 miles west of New Glasgow, adjoin*
n8 ip lands ul John fVnn, K. Mathews and others,
poniainjr acres, of which about 40 acres is creek but
tom.imjbte f„r tobacco.
us Land being originally of good quality, is easily
mproved, and can he made a desirable li.one. I will
* a great bargain in ibis property, and make the pav
ur"7^'or further particular, apply to Meat-fa.
k" ’• ‘ ey* ^‘'tl'vryt court-house, of to William
"tgut, living ut, t|,e premise,, who wail show the land
parauiM w ishing m pnrclisae.
lb. i su .* I’ttrchaser tint he had for this Land, hefore
8lh t’1 Nuvetnber next. I w ill then uff.-r it at
to auction, belore the Court-bouse dour of Aruhersd,
ng court day, and if not a. 1.1, n w ill be rer.trd f r the
_ u|ng year. I’oMtsaiun given on tlie 1st d,*y of J.inu
Mvr ot'm; t'ft: its,
UKMA1NING in the Post Oili ’t* al Lvnehbur»,
/ Dot. I, 1*44:
v jr Persons calling for Loiter* w ill ptanse say they
krc advertised.
A—-Jus. M. Agee, Jus. Ley,
C. 11. Armistead, Washington Lambeth,
K. Adcock, Mrs. Klilibeth Layoit,
Jas. Anderson, *' Lucy F Leltwicli,
Arthur I.. Anderson, Miss Manila Lewis,
It v V. A'len, •• S. D. Lee,
II. A. Alexander, “ busuu L. Lewis
NVm. T. Anderson, J 10 »l» Lieliteulells.
Joel I . Ada.os, M — Kdward Mahon e,
(no. J. Adams, Jas. II. Murrell,
Miss Mary Adams. J hi. A. Moseley.
13 — F.dga Hu i roughs, NN'iu. N M.niou,
I). NV. K. Purr, ( has. Meyer,
NN’m. I3yrns, 2; Dtvid McCormack,
Jas Hulloek, David Moore,
Phsanl N. lh II, Roger M< G >wan,
j Thus. II. Hulloek, Jas. A. Mom,
Jiio. Hailey, Jiio. Mallory,
Jas. Hoisseaii, 2; K. J. Mel.auglilen,
* S. G, Hlogsoni, Hargrove Mitcham,
NVm. Hlakelev, NN’iu. May,
Nathaniel F. Hatic, Monahan 6* Heers,
Jas. Holden, Messrs. J McKenzie Co.,
.las. R.H 'wles, Mr. Mcllvame.
Miss Sarah Hutler, Predna n Moore,
" Margaret Prown, bauTl. Mays,
I “ Martha Hurl-l, Jas. M Molt n,
I •* \’ r ’uia b. 13»rr, C*. NN . M *(. ..11,
| “ M try I,. hiiji Mrs ei Ov iaL. M (tiiee,
C— Jim. 13. Clark, M D rathy C. M »on,
j Judsoii 11. Chittenden, “ L. A .Moorman,
Zeircll Crowder, Miss Jane Maj.-rt,
Ivl w in l lark, N—Jno. or NVm. New ell,
Richard ( hit on, Mrs. Ann Neel.
I no. Ctuldress, O—Jno. b. Oglesby,
'1. Connerion, Jrm. O v ler.
L. D. Crenshaw, NN m. Oliver.
I)r. Juo. (». Comes, I* —Alfred Penn,
Jno. M. Carter, A. .1. Pernw,
! Jiio. A. Clement, P. A. Prtndle,
Juo. Croft, 'Pmsh y Padgett,
Alias bukey Cumley, NN'alker P-mlrey,
Mrs. Sarah R. Coleman, NViliiauis Pryur,
Nlrs. Julia Ami t "llms. Ilrnj Phillips,
Miss Henri mm* C’.iia II, 3; RteliM, Parsons,
“ Charlotte Couly, b. NV. Puce,
“ June Cook, Mrs. lmnmgen Page,
•* Li za Carver, “ Luc nda Price.
Martin < ‘onnerton, |{ - George A. Ryan,
I) — Capt. A. H. Duke, 2,Isaac It. lteynofds, 2;
Kben N. Davjs, J; Flies. U. R ckells,
S nulls it II. Davis, Louts Reid,
.Ls. D wd,2, Aaron Ramhie,
Jne. Drain, C. H. NN . Reynolds,
Andrew J. Deyerlc, Juo. Richardson,
II. L. Davies, Mrs. barah P. Reynold*,
Airs. Deborah NN'. Doliyns, “ I3eisy K mens,
Mrs. Catharine Duyre, “ Julia A Holier Ison,
ludy Davenport, Miss Mary ReveFy,
M ss Margaret NV. Dixon, “ bully J. Rowan,
Alnvs It A. D .rniu. S- J.iuo *. bulkier,
F. -Joseph I’,.ous, Capt. bpillor,
Dios. A. Lhvvards, Jas. H. biullll,
Win. F.dwards, I' bmiih.
Mms Lm y Kills. Jno N. Singleton,
F — liotii. Forsythe, ilraueti I . Saunders, 2;
NVm. Fulkes, Juo. NN. Smith,.
VN in. H. Fi aiherston, 5; D ' id W . Stol.hlefield,
NN hi. C. F- wl r, NVm. Smz r, 2,
Airs. Julia I’raZier, Jas. p Smith.
1 Mss Sarah Former, IN 1 r. ^ .ciders,
G— l ap V C. Guide, Jim. M. Smith,
Pa riek Gunn, Cluncey Steene,
* a o’l. Graham, A. (». bw nz< r,
I ei.x (iipsoii. It. M Stiiim,
Peyton Gravely* 2; Haul. bqunos,
K. Gtil iri.2; Mrs. Prurience Stone,
(•cage L. G.bbs, Miss Sll&ail Si Bid,
l\ (j. Gray, “ Martha Smith.
Allen I). Greene, T— N. H. Turner^
Itobt. (j ss, Natliaii 1 Immas,
Dr. A. M. G limn. K. S. '1 hurinuu,
H— Juo It. Hurry, \N in, Thurman,
Jim. F. Ik tisewright, 2; NN in. P. Tinsley,
Fid ward I lug lies, K II. Furptn,
\ I .aw rein e 1 inghea, NN hi. ( . Fouipkins, 2j
I as. Harris, S. D. Fucker,
Diviil ll dl.iiari. Rev. J. Tinsley,
It *ot. C. Harris}, John N Tanner,
las. P. Hopsori, Chas. Fallal rro,
i G. NN’. Ilardwicke, Jolur H. Fy rcc,
Arcine lliogmootbam, Miss Nancy J. Fhurnton,
Joseph L. Ilardwicke, ** Mary Furrier,
David llu.>bs, “ Kileu 'Flmmaa,
Handwlpb Hendurson, “ Kmily Fno.oas.
K. Hulver, V—(_. M. Vandeventer,
NVm. Hey Wood, J. N .trinier.
Palm k I Jeptiutiiall, NN —S* th NN oodruff, 1;
It. F. Ilari, Jno. Watson,
Frms Harper, Rich’d. NN . NN alGce
Airs Catharine A. Hunt, Hetij. NN iuicra,
*• Lucy K. Hopkins, It »tn. K. Watkins,
“ Maria lleor ques, NN iiliaius 6s. Al L ary,
“ F.iiztbeili A. Harris, Capt. Jno. Warwick,
Miss Su>an N. Holland, .i«iaopJi N . NN nbers,
*• Reheeca Hughes, George A. NN right,
“ S trail IFlt roan, 13»*nj. NN likes,
*• An .amla F. Has.y, Abxamler NV bite,
“ Lucy Harris, Win. 13. NN’uod,
I—Dr. F. NN’. Isbell, Alexander NVniiten;
M.iii«on Jones, Louis NVhUs,
Mrs. Alt iii Jackson, Jim. NN tlkerson,
*• Sarah (2 Jordan, Klij 'h NN ade,
*• I,ydia li vihg; J is. VI ilkir n;
M vS Ar.tiiimta lackson, J s. or Ntclmla.s NN tlkerson,
K—C Ndolpb Krause, Daniel NN NN illams, 2j
Nlessrs. Kelly 6v Koblusoit, Henj. NN :itt-»,
.!•»«. F. Kt'jH, Haz el NN tlliams;
'I'll is. S. Ivon, Richard NN right,
Me-srs. Keen &. Stockton, NN nlter NN’illiams,
David F. Kent, Thu*. A. NNcHidsoti,
Fhos.M. Kelly, F.dumrul NN instou,
Nathan id Raid. Mrs. Friuees NVarwirk,
L —NVm. L Latnbeih;2; " I -. V. NN tfinimv
Geo. NN’. loo, 2, M ss Kmily NN loointon,
Dr. II. Latham, “ ^»r«" NViliiams,
Rout. Lewis, “ M. A. NN ood.
A. Tj. L »ug, 2,
1.. II. TRIGG, P. M.
Oct. 3 ^
s;»wC£ * vt> t.ra*J'E:
»> TONS t.miu' Pl.,ai»r;
I’dll Si.les S"U’ l.t'alhiT,
2 x) *• Ilia k Ami Kartet npaor IiOAihrr.
rpe .‘ping and Or wl* by (jI.O. I!\(»HY.
Oai.3 _ __
— m u
Ort. ■ * - 1
(•WHT, YBriru ami jjrnno. “*>’*'• *•••*-••-— --- . ■■
(iENTLMKN’S WEAK; ms v.rllas a large *.<•
lllanlcns, h'ullnl l.intcy, t.h-n.Av ami <*il»T Jean*,
bleached and lif.nvn Ilnurs r-s, use. T» all "I « Inch nr
wniild call ibe auemim ..f purchaser*, f . ling ‘•"iilidmi
Ibry will find II In tln ir im rrsl In gnu Ins at iuli an
examination before bujfiii2 here.
Oci 3 • _ °"f
Tailor’* slitfar* hnflPolnt**
irSTrHrnod,a..d)nrf»leHyv a |{|a|AHRS
r s i' s.i j. t: or
Vlltuo III M ul irusl t Xecilietl I'V J lilies l*
I# liurlaud, and of record in the Clerk** Otllce cl
Vmhcrst (\ miiy Conn, tin* undersigned, who lots hern
j appointed a trustee to carry nut the provisions of the
s inl det'd, by a tlocn t> of ihf County Court ol V mhctst,
‘' i*l proceed, by way of pnblu* auction* on the premise**,
on Cnday the l.nh tlnv of Novembt f, ISI I, to sell
to the highest bidder that
v vi i viii.k i k vt r
or I.VM) CAI.I.KI)
III N I IMi row I K,
B adjoining VinhiMt (' mi _I
house, hii w i io i ihe said .lames IV (sarland now resides,
containing acres; \ls*». some
IO or I'i I\tiuub!c %'Vegrots.
and all the oilier properly mentioned in said deed. This
is a Very valuable inel of land, having , u it •'< •* t •
'•r IflU acres I.l're d I.OVY (»KOI NI VS, Mid the high
laud in b>> nl cmnditinn. Tim dwnllmn liuu.u »i.U nllier
, liuunra are in i xfi'lb nl nrdcr.
tkiims ofs.ua:.
I- nr Hit’ Nryrnri mill ntliri |mmniiul prupi'lty, ('mil.—
\s In Hie l.ninl, Irnns nl mill*.
1 In* niidt*r**l4ni d. s< llinn as a trustpp, will cnnvny
wut'li lull* Hilly an Hit* deni and dporr umlpr wliu.il lie
acts *i»:« in liiui, Imt Hr* mb* in tii*ln*vi*d in In* ,*., nl.
C. 1*. MUMJY. Tiualce.
Sept. 19, 1844.
Tim aimvn M-ilu is Hindi* nl my ri .jiicnl.bi by my full pun
npiil. I am di-stMiM b.iiipully In |i i v nlT my dnbls, and
I illvlie my UR'dilnisjrpiniallv Innllpnd HipwiIp.
j. r. liAUi, wo.
Amlmrsi, Sept. 19 ilSiliN.
I WISl! to sell the Trad of i . ! mi wlio li J now re
side, Situated In the ('utility el *'nti»a, lllillicdl
ately nt tin* in *ill r i,| leading hy W ard*«
I yi.chhurg, containing IOUO »//'#»* St :» |> irt: >n •. *
v» hirh i * open and I it a fine stale of improvement. I ho ha I
nnre well timbered, and lies well, with a splendid T VY
FUN D()l Sl'., large an I roomy, wall arranged, hit'll
expressly fir I’avem keeping, with goo I Stable*. fine
I -e h »use, and all oilier ne» rs*,iry out Iioim s a't.irlied.—
persons w Ishmjr In purchase such nroneri v will do w ell
toeall and see. KDWAUD FI Ml lit I’M
Aug. |j» ;;.,i
V<'w l,'a!l ansi IVinltT OooiN.
B A 1 11 • vv r.-.Tivmg my fapply of FAFF \ND
W IN 1 FK HOODS, to wliu-h I r< p*vt fully *n
vite the attention ol all hi want vf (loo I /Dr grins. My
block w ill bu large, and tin* prices imuiu ith/ l nv
K. ,1. Bl It I ON.
Sept. 12 u
IUI vnirs NlBj; OF l.i\EF
IN PI l*sl \ N ( K ol a deed of Tru-t exeeiit»»d to
F* rtuiiatiiM Sydnor and myself hy Richard S. |«'il:s,
Inuring (Die oil the 9 h day <>| Anga-l, |.''JS, and ul n*.
cord in the county court ol Aniticr*!, I shill on the 20th
day ol October, I > 1 1, Hell by way of pn die nnclioii,
two tracts of i.and smftued in the emmiy of Amherst,
* he one cull Mining 2 Ml Aim, mure or less, lying between
P'dnir Riv» r and li.!-',\*> ( reek; run) was into riled
by ill*' said Klclurd S. F !' ■ !i.>m Ills father, J .mail FI
li*—and tin* other adjoining the lands ol Samuel Burks,
and olliers, ami nhu e uiuiiiiug
200 AI K P>\
mure or less, ai d m the farm which was pi re ha *ed hy
lhe said Richard S. Fills from a certain d mi Burks
Pile Rale ol hot It Prang will lie made oil llie one liist
ih scribed, to wn: that lying between Pedlar River and
I Iwrsh’) V ( » reek .
I FILMS OF SALK— AlihoMiy the terms of the
deed a sale m authorized lo he made for rash, a h mhuh.i
nle credit w ill he given—ilie extent and condition* el
which vviil he made known at ihe time and place ol
sale. — Anmg as irijstee I will only convey such t.tle a*
is vesied \4 me by said deed, alllumyl* it H believed t
fit* good. EDAlL’ND WINSTON,
Surviving Trnnei*.
Sept 19 121*0
Tii * O M II >IAUKU>.
r | M1K subscribers are now receiving a large and well
* assured Hiock of ooACH MAKEIFS
M ATKUIaFS, which they will well vary low.
II. B. be \V. A. RICHARDS.
Sept. 3 tA
for s.it.t:,
\ PI.ANT V 1 ION. near the Forest road, adjoining
John (Sonde ami W. II Fow rV. •■oii'aiiuiig 2 I) 9
\ C li I*’. S . ol which Iroin 40 to Of) ih in woods.
I he improvements c msisi ol jg od fencing and a new
hew ed log house, and oilu r out houses. Terms (ine
li df cash, balance I and 2 years, or longr r innc on il»t*
whole, purchase money bearing mieresi Ir in dale.
WM. M. UL ltW KFF.
Liberty, Bedford, Sepl. 2 is
lo Toburro •ItamiSartnrrrs.
f B111K subscriber loving taken the large £v eonven cut
9 ly located ware house oil the Basin, lately or ' .j pied
hy Messrs Lewi-. 1). Crenshaw fk. Co. lor ihe purpose
of eondin iing a general Commission nod Forwarding
business—will he pleased to receive Manufactured To
haceo, and forward it as instructed, charging only 5
cents per box for receiving and forwarding.
Richmond, Sept. 19 w is
.71 O B. .B s s b: s .
^ 8 bids. New ( Means,
For sale ai reduced prices. RKKD I*.MM I'* RSO V.
June 3 D
HCSIIFFS OLD CORN, for sain low for'
t cash by B. T. J INsLKY 6s Co.
.Sepl. 23 Is
AIK*. Eli' UCMM fiiV
f:\KLIsil AN I l'It FINCH KtllDIV,
M? a iz r n r.v a /, .# n 11; s ,
i vat mtnm, vn.
f SM1K third Session of tins Institution, will begin on
8 Monday-, Sept. 2nd.
'Fi rms unaltered, viz: $18, If# and 12.50, for English
and French; no r.xira charge, but for Ancient Languages
Mud Mathematics.
AI rs. II. being sincerely *1- .irons of making hr r in-ti
tuiion continually more* worthy of ilm kind patronage
with w hich the inhabitants of Lynchburg have honor
ed ii during the last suasion, has secured the assistance
of a gentleman of high moral ami scientific standing for
English Parsing, Composition, Ancient Languages, L.«
is.*-. And she lets also succeeded in securing desirable
hoarding, in ihvsame Square with imr Academy, foi
llnse Young Ladies from the country that may been
irdsted to her c*re, with the view of giving her ichoir
lime ami attention to her pup its,
Aug. 20. ts
1” ursuanpe of a decree of (lie circuit superior ennri
el'law a..'I chancery, f 'rllie dimly uf Amherst, pro
nounced on llie first day el sApri., IHli, in the ease el
di me Minnly, Plamlltl', airninst K'o'v ■ and nil,i r
I) I'iidanK; llie undersigned, a commissioner 1 r ihoi
ptapnse appointed, will proeeed In s> II, ujain llie prenii
son. by wav »<l public anclinu, to ibe Inchest bidder, tor
cash, nn ’till day ..rNiive idler ecxt.k llie traet n» land
■ inoit loiied III S lid decree,nr so mueli iherenf as may be sill
fieh nl in pay in llie IMamtilT Ins d* hi. interest and post.
The land la situated in llie ueiglibutiiuud uf the Slaple
ItimrMilis, emlnij nf Amin rat.
GEO. \V. CI1KISTIAN. Deputy f.r
Jus. IV/rdl, Sbr’f. and as auch ervn’r.
Oct 3 »$>'
J IMK> k !*Oi.K.—ly aMaUer.
NN c co n IU 111 ill * i 'llovv.u r extra u tr mi a speech ol
(■ iVi-riMr Jones, ol iVmnuni'e, d liven d at I.t han »n on
the 7ill instant, to the |m rusil ol every individual,
"hither \\ hio (.r Democrat. It is the moat admirably
i'.avvn p irlrailtu e of a “scurvy politician” that vve have
ever Seen: and what adds ti its value is, that it is
, drawn from the lile hy a master artist. Thu one line
«lred sittings, which James K. I'olk h i* given (• overn i
Julies, has eiiahled the latter gentleman to sketch every
i tealnre and lineament, in snnli trutlitulrierts aud per fee
| mm a* was never boihr* exhibited. I.m all read and
laugh and he sad llut thw madness and fiaud id' n
patty abuuld present such a man to the people of this
great L-aiimt as u candidate tor then Chief Magi*
, trar\:
I • *(>l ihe Unit, gnillrnitm, the ynuiv* I In korv( the
vvoiihl-bo Kllsha ol I. mmIo.-onui, vvlial n‘i »I| |siy ol
him 1 I iiii lim , said he. to nay Init 1111It*, ns | i- i'i
nothing that i* good. The (••vernof *:ud, in speakne;
of the candid*te ol the I. • • if.*eo party, he It id iiowl-.lt
to misrepresent him, ami tt w;m e riaiuly not his inter
• st to underrate him. Hot fr illy n was I n, i.nil, m h's
estimation. to talk of making Jtnirs k <>!!. ed ml
- I *ev* nteeil millions of pe tph*. \\ |m i< |m / \\ ,
ha* he over d me i a-do d the tjoverimr III his emphatic
manner, tint he should »e elevated to the highest > lli «e
: hi the win hi. lie 11 -1 iti g li t he understood s niintliiiig of
tin public history of tins man; he had studied n with
great c are, ami ne doll I his war nest liien-U and ailini
r.-r* »•> point to tile single art • I ins lummy dial entitled
, him In itir* erhtitude of his country nr t .e dignity <d a
I s Htc-i.nuii T Tin his I Me biographer and friends had
c lloBi'11 le pi. M l him le ihu Welld III l\ smiiewllUt (Idler
c it annu l.- IV nil w h.il In* had herdof.ire regarded him
We are hi It ne I s ml he, I hi l this distiugultdiid genii*
i i ; • ifittally dt scvmletl Ir.nii dlmwiou** Hinn stiy, that
K ,| (., (- ,' '".in * lu ul l •• linn . rial h gw rs ul ihe
Mleklt n :.M dm I ra.i " T/' ,111 !l'•'' 1
which any mail aught well ire t"r " luiev* t he
I -re Ileaid ..I u m ill b lag do-.eeiHled In..'' *'** U"‘;d nu
de / This ih a Hirange aunn.ily m l. . I; yet •» •
Ins IriemU are l * he be e vt d n U irue. Tois argu neiu
<d lineage hew ev« r« Bee.t.n md in he Htilfl lent; the .nidi
Ueiml inducement I r \oiir Mipp ii im pirscuied in the
I.u’t Iliac we are told lie i- the a lupled m >ii el Andrew
T i lisen, and yeiingi r hr iilier of Maiiin \ au Uureii.
Whil a p cli j i r- ! Who hIi.iII hrsilate. lie i X laiiiu d.
to make an investment in Midi sleek / [ 1, md t ie r« J
lie woldd (let e.i l.irtlier Hilo U review id HllCil Bfgn
meats; he would rather I »!, into w hat the records ol tin*
e Minify prove d him to he, and judge him hy w hat he In I
-id an d done, than w hat his Irieuds might *t ly lor him,
It'- would not judge o ('.d. I’ulk hy what others might
-• »> ul him, lien In r Would he hold him acenmunblu I t
the sms el el In is lie prop mnd to try him nil h s ow n
.tierits, yml if lie is In hi to neoiuiul for liHovvu public
s Us and me iisiMieucit >, he would In* thought, Inve
tptile enough to nus'pvrjor. Il political hi ms went to he
j til II ihIm cl hy lie ln| tim i oi e| »•: «• rii 11 y, t In II h ad ('. d.
1 ’elk committed enough to damn a thousand w<olds like
•• There was hut one pm ,t, nr hut mu* instance of Ins
p tilth's I knavery, t • w hleh In* desired le «*.i 11 the alien lion
it his hearers, and lie Wotdil d i this hi e iuse it was one
ill it would he i t w lo moat, if Hot all present; il was a
lael lh it had iml l.eeii pro sente I lo the people el Ten
muter, and one tint might lo consign him ever le tula •
uiv. This mav seem, said tile lioverre r. in lie sluing
lingua-ge,hoi tie provocmioii is strong. All must have
I I c c ive I thedm :raeeful i Horn whn-li are being tun f
»v (oil. I’.dk’s I ailing erg infill this Siam, an I more
! ia r | leu la. I v the Nash* ill** Union, whose Ii!m ||otn edit »r
ec.us to d* lighi to riot and loiten in ihe tfhliy sewers
I ealmtiiiy and sland r, to idennfy Mr. ( lav.nml lie
Whig puny will ««I»• 1111 . n. Voij v* ill remember die
I -graceful t IV*rt made hy J lines k. Polk to identify the
W lug p*riy with ihe'-ame edieus and inlariom la min -
•■nun 'Ties unmanly and insiduuiis attack, said lie,
• ■eiit--. as n at ilm time received, the etui r.iliun uf ev
cry W"lug in ’Tennessee.
*• I le mid he allud' d in this cow ardly ns«aull nut I t
the purpuHi* of arousing eld prejudices that may have
hee*»buried and I Tguttcu, Iml hcemse nfiis eetmeeiinu
vvitii an idler neuilent in tus history. So ne lime m the
) ear 1H 10. I his same jreni le nan -- Ueinjr at dial tine (in
Ver mr of ihe S'ale received die manusei ipl proceed i mgs
ef die ‘ W orld’.* Conviniimi’ under the Irank of .Mr
(•lies, a whig member el (oiigrrs* Iron N. \ . lie-did
not remember ever l" have seen ibis m uuiseripi publish
ed, and as such could mu kp* ak w ith cpfiuiufy n't Hi its
eni.lenU*. but he understood it le he designed t o die ad
vauee tienl of the cmsc ul A • ililioti. (i <v. i’.dk tieig
on tins pretext, and link's it the occasion of a ling de
nunciatory letter to this m in (• ilea. Now lie did not
object to (he easlig itimi mil i led hy him on Mr. (jute*,
he iheught it might have been enough, leit he never
could need;* propriety or iieecsr.it y ler pu blis'itng this
letter of fehiike, Hide s, ,*is |)o one *1 m!iH, It vv .h in tended
Hr pel I ini. I i fleet, to operate eii I he tin n pending presi
denli.nl election. Of all this, however, he did Hot com
plain: lie re » ried In tlit* Ictu i t*i call nUrmimi to a sen
limeiil It expressed near i»h rlo e. ( id. I’olk says lo
Mr (files,* |t is a matter of Miocere regret that nov A
mertein citizen •duiuld lie guilty uf *ueh high I reason to
tin* first prm uples upon which die Siuti sbecame unileil.
\ our olll -ml frank, eovrrinjj tin hi* proceedings, stand* up
in judgment V"»> a-* n wiiitc.-.*, vvIiohu lemimony it
is nut in he impi udii-d
*‘l I ere su id die (i > ver nor, n n rent i turn l worthy of an
American rn vv.»rthy of * ne who li.ve* hi* emitrry,
ami vv mid a Ivam-e its lion >r and peace, a.nl if it HtiHxl
unrefined hy other acts and Beiilimcnt*. he would formic,
aec «rd to its auttior, (» ivernor I’.dk, dm full meed
of praise I r aii patriotic A deelafalion. lint aii -.e, hi id
lie. I ehovv |> »in llic records id dm country, thill he
(• ivcruor I’olk, i*guili v id a grosser prosiiiiiliou of his
"(Tn'ial staiimi to die Maine unholy purpose f SuppoRi* I
show dial iic. | i’.dk | h.'nl lent his •>fl]".id Bladen lo lire
aetual preseiiiaiion "I an .Ihnlition petition ? If,said lie,
I shall he able to establish dns Im l, dm-* not tin* mini
according in hirt own denunciation of Mr. H ites, Bland
- mvimed ol hign treason n&niimt the pest principles up
mi whirfi the States her nine united / ami c iipluig this fie:
wiih his in >st shameful and disgraceful attempt to connect
the Wing party with the aboltlnmmlH m hi* mjiugur.il
addri must not his friends Bland confounded at the
depth of Ins political liypncrrtcy ?- -must not bis own
elm k* blu-.li lor shame 1—d indeed. In* he not lost to
.uch cmoiiuiiB. He dmn charger!, ihat JameH K. I* .Ik,
us Speaker of the House of lirprcsentntives, did lend his
rji nil station J iikI so tar as tb.it ad const Holes inu;li Iren
non 8g 111list tin' princiP’Icr.on which ilose States wi re
formed, he stands conilrnincd) In the. presrillation nfdn
llmlilinn petition. praifinx i nnirrcss to aboi.ihi \ v k
kv in 111f !}ist tier or Columbia, mil tin. dime. tend -
innoii'!. ,'ie Stoles. I Je inade this charge St <*li »il<V.H«*u any
• •lie r f his frlends to deny it. It is# a part of the records
of tin* country, and stands up in judg ueiit to rebuke and
condemn tie’ unholy am) w ickedattirhnpi of him and hi*
lilends to identify Mr ( lay or the \\ lug party with the
I accurset’ eru»ade now being waged against tho domefitic
! instituti -ns of the Sotiih. Tins was tie* only pf?*nt in the
I htF.tr;;-V oftin* Lucolocn candidate h r tho Presidency, to
which he desired to allude, and in doing this would do
! avow any feelings of personal uni indue** hr Mr Polk.
Personally he had no unkind feeling#; but lor him politt
icallv and for hi* political iu<*on*tatruc|e*, his servile dr
votinn to .1 great man and a re kless party, he had the
greatest cnritf .npt. Il<* proclaimed w ithout tho tear of
* contradiction that there is scarcely one great national
(jiir-»iion that has arisen since (iiv. Polk entered m o
'public life, on which ho cannot bn shown
ion both Bide*. ||e Hid not know of but one, and
'hat was tho question of the lTnited States Dink,
fit* greatest virtue, said the (»overn«u, seems to
Consist in hi* devotion t» General J ick*on; hi* only
|consistency is that of setting his sail to catch every
I nreez1*, and at all times, and under every circumstance
paying the most gefvile and unscrupulous devotion to his
1 pr r Wh ' do'iVs, '.rd I t , ihat ifC of P<lk Wf*rf»ft
i hvt Ml Ilf w,. |!,| n.!in"iNt«r the Govern tient on purely
1 pin v pilin*.p'r**, wit!»"••• r»*l» iinre « 11her In li e lioeor --r
n.t.iesi ulitie urW* country ? IW* any «*ne ..this
l»o- sh, (inked lilt* G.»ver . r, believe tint liec niblm
would uiluiinislef the Government un liijdi national
grounds, w iili tl.e view to the ml... of the nn
tloiial honor an.I prosperity t l Mere Mr Hall, it distin
guished tfi'iMlr.naii ol the do on r n o parly ur-'-H and
slid be did | Well, til id the G tverimr, lo‘W imiWiMi
dial dot s believe that Mr Plk Wotildmake a u ill uni
President ! I le sal I be In I .'/. al eonI) leoee In 11%o eau
<1 -r and mieernv of Mr. il.iil, but in polities bethought
lie was fit r lo'r w rotttf limit ituv Itn't be Intd ever seen.
*' The l • ov. rn or h \ I Io* w obi like to ;uk 'I' III!:
one i| iesti oi: I) I not Mr II U eons lur < •! l'olk a |» o
1111...»I in n nor? an I In I Io1 n •• pnbli lv pr »el »i »'«*»! 11.»
n mm* h? | Mi 11 «ll a. h i id io,.|i l U. it tin had . tiled
M polk. Mr (Pen ly. .1 . Mir. V .. . l» .r.- i, .11 in it
ho is. Then sml Ii m i it J uo's, by d 'lou'iuMP M"
Il. irity, I elinsieii J nil * K IMk, the lillU h im uoier.
and now lei ua I «.k a lit do tnt » his tri tine '1114. Ol i n
little 11luoio r | Mi II til lo .o :»r •- • t •. evolaitnio •: >e
eon inleted Mr. Polk a trim 111 r impiestl • ol -late p I * y.
but on nano ml p-diey die lliik, tuud'o j sy.teu. I.
lerntl I npr •venient*t, .‘o' , he oennJ. n I l.i it orib .d .\ ]
rite Governor, dal n .1 .. . In v It w as that 1 p dil le to
eon Id lie a hinitm r in Stole \otii\j tin! uotiounVy ortlm
d \. This W :n trim Mui" lodo. d. Pl.e t» . . inor Slid
be wou!d, shi. e the elai.m of Mr. IV.lk Had been endoi
s. d, look it little l ito the nil 1 -l ias on ill . *f l»H If 11
mini, and lie tit .114 It I h fore tin w n d m •, lie would <• «
la dish Itiselui n to the nop. Il.iuo 1 \v bn-b In t b. m yiv
eu litill. bey ot.l ill r nn iveny. IP' s.. I Mh *V.I!, bad
trim,11 ,/ a ol tnnmi I until lie Im l trim tied lioutelf out
ol all ol.iiun lo p. I I' ;tl eoiisuiruoy or rnl,.eel, !'. in
11 d. eoiittnued the ti ruor, tint lie is .rdi ul >\ on t o*
mibj >ct « i Pi efusl Intproveiueitliby do neril | ivw;m
limit. In l-'g.*, In a ruiMUr n.ldii-m.l i> his eoiHUu
ruin, lie i* mies mil in la v.ir * >| i In a pit I icy ; •» i\* ihtf iji»m
i mu i.| inui'cr is sell led, i lie expediency I- umj m*. i >o I
Ng.illl, III Ins eir.-ipv- | * sil.l lie' (• V. ill l, All.
I'll Hi is still 111 I i v.. r ..I l'ns s\s e u At tint tmie th*'
great .vim, itr .timi which lie has evi r Ini n cuhttmt In re
v • Ive, M ,i . I r ties ay-dc 11; leil s . . .. 1 il * In* 1 ike
ere It m iilil-l l M.iin-t It, tYri | ,| Ilivv '.Ii th:^ I I /.Ml
wife pr-M l.iiii»s it r.ink aid ultra t* leul's n Ii I .1
ur V2, w lilUl a member of the I, jud.lime *d (In-. >i.i'.e
nil it dll* cl proposition to reduce III. |. 1 me i.l puliiie |j<ols
in tint I Iiw.m »ee ilisirirl, Air. I'dk vo'cd ugai d there
1 ''on yet, til lua addle*s 1 * |he p.-opln ol T> 11m . ..r,
10 1 I I . 1 ' 1 ' ' . -i'll*
Hull, because m • >* “ ** ,|,w «'l-t jTiiu ipl • el
1 'i i' in .*t !oi nam •» 1 '■ 1 1 *1 1 11"' \ J 1'' ' 1
graduation ul the pro e ol tin’ • • I '11'' ( 11 re n
gill this lmh hi nun vi hi* been i.u bn.,,' -l *• At wic
lime vm !mi I him v 'Hug 114 101st the h II pr-. 'id. . •**' "•
Mons lor t.ie m u worn s >1 1.« r ol the r v . uu » r- ft. mg
to this iiMimiiil • l a purloin hand, mIiu hazarded life,
l .rinne, Mini ill lo |,r .enr. t 1 ns the in 1 Inh iltunee
which Me hum enj y; • ''I'msing in iiesiovv mi thi* 11 linn
lesiimoiiy nl natbei.tl grumu le,litis debt ul ie imr, us m. h
us gratitude, tu u 11 oh'li llu* ev* nm j - o| |lo ir ili\s uml
nmkit their | Iveari# feel thm f#»puhi id «: • • . • .,
g'.tieI'uI, —wi 1 Ii tins ih ep Niiiiu n| mgr itihnle/i v (| upon
Inin hy tut* ie • »r.h nT Hu-e-.ii iiry — v m 11 ..t hi 11 in .1
mill;' .1 * "11 •* I m It. I ill .1.1 Volin ■ I 1 & oil' penil ■ '
lull-; Mm . rs' ibllshi g his mill*.pe'.ui.le e'.iim I t the title
ol htll h nnmrr.
*'ln I N>J, eoiitmib il the (• ivernnr, ymi fi d him the
inn iii.ru.111 smg opponent ol ihe Nib 'I1 •• u nry a\st.-m ;
. ell micing n in lung Huge s'rone mid 1110 'p»i vur 11; m ar< -
mg lhe eoiluTV III peels ■! « h , i- iv .1 ' m l 1 n i* „• r
mis e \ pefi itit'bl * one Ii l to ho inivel \ el Pi | \)
ymi tied iIn** Ii11 It* it mm r long, I ml, .im! .11 leni in l.i
praise ol the Stili I 1 ..11111 ry A1 the ki ue lime, lwJJ
In rtni tile av.isnl lr .end .m l ml v o< .Me * I Sih»«♦ ll.nikv
in 11* '“he pfoei.ii.il> th; ill l.»Iu ami Irutbltm * sod nut In
lie tru .led.
“During (ienerul .fuck* mi’s war nil llie Hank "f the
I nited Si.ile, sold l he 11 ivernor, ibn l-o.' //» I, if if
waged a M.ir ol eXlerinmuMoU ug iin >i Mils 110 11 . 1 .0,
Ilia III IV, nr ft 1 hi*! Ill purl, no the 'ground | fell loroignefs
owned 1 p iri id Ha alo.'k. II m 11 1 el ip mu l in Ills ile
im tei iti.ni ol ihe /.- /-:/.i iml t.nitus • *t lb"Ji'iml -made
palri- lli' appeals I o Hie C .unity I• • ari.st Lois d.H'nor. I|S
power m lie lout's •! j. ii 1; 10 r* Nr.iig* i.» \ II.
this Utllr h im .i r, a lov.ru r ul Tenth Mcr, m his
llie-. ige id I •, leeo il nirilih d ihe tienerol Assembly
..| | .1110 so., to III.) hr ibc U''|| ft hull milllmis ol your
huiids Sleilinu , ih.il they mighl lie sold in u I .leign
iiiaikel, 1 I. rdi m I.oh. so ;»ny who might rlloiew 1..
purehu.se. I line ;s n ease of trimming I ha l euuies h ue*
In every Ti nues'i* i an. Judge ye I n tourstl vei, whdll
ir you ran give ymir support lo a man that trims with
sneli Ucdity. A (rw iimiH 11 yhnm ol’ his trimming,
and he Mould he done vs 1111 Ihe //'t unin'T-r the present.
“In 18.! .* ti *n. .11 •kson, us Ih-sident. r.'• 111 iu 1 led
I'oiign ss In reduce ihe n venues of the cmitury, as li.rv
Me: > greft'.i t hy ah ml S|\ millions j a r am; .01 loan n <•> •.
saiy In meet Ihn et ae 1 lilures ol’ llie govi roinent, A
cu itiiilMee. ol \\ hiell ill is s.ime III J» ti inuovr m fts ;t me 1:1
lie*, si t siboul currying mil Ir 1 rec .iimmuihnimi hy red 11
King tile dutien eii I <reio|| lu p iris - A11«• r mfthliig In
iheir report, a redu-M.hi mi iminv hm«I s, they w..u:nl
up hy reconiuieiitlliig iti.it .1 dun* ol ‘J I p r eni., h e la.
pi-i d nil lei find roll 1 ---which Mere at ih.it tunc Ire
id duly. II* re w.iS a I r 1 r v uvei ll .tviie, aid null
I lilies Iv I'olk proposes lo tax I’. a /m l ( .liec *J ) per
rent. With ih - l.iel sia rimg him lull ill the luce, sit id
he, lie had the unblushing Hidependenoe lo assail ami
denounce \\ lug mcoihers ol (!mngr • •-* I - r pr pr*io. n
duly ol 2U per rent, oil 'I ' i and < - Il *»*, u lien ihe
Treasury was empty, th» nmim.ill er.-du is ul Bitikn Mid
her honor in tlangcr. Su« h n r inti-mp.ibl»* display ol
IM. liming Mas never w Miicsm'.I and oily III In C* namu ih
Hut Imr tu iiimiiiioa o d coritn upl.
*(« iv folk, cuiitinnisl he, lutft f*r many vcirs r .tiiin
ned to Pause and den hi ice a pr.iter"lire policy to the
111 .si 1111 im.isiirrd ler ns. la his address lo the people
d I emiesse* , Hi Ic. l.hr* pr .elaiois hlN iijip.si i 0 » ,
diis policy. In Inn address in 1S 11, and eg tin in I >•!.].
)ll ill! «* diHerellt ei'e.isiolls, ill puidlfth. d uddre^si ft .1 tl
11 «ll his spi eehrs lion she Klniup, he did inn l.nl lo tie
iiumice Ihia policy, and parlieului 1 v ihe t.11 • IV •<! ’i !, u
vuvving himftell ns op|h#iieul and pledging h s ml! mm e
u* its repeal; sneli ift a ftiinipln of Ins course mi
his measure Then, Vmi must re ue idler Im wift
rimming his anil l«*r this pariieulur latrii.h*,
wher« tie kuppm I'd the l *rlT was imp ipul.ir; in
lid nut then think of trusting his Jr nil h(ii‘(j'ie oil
further than f.r the n.irruvv h'*a ol a single ,s .ue.—
lint no h-.i.ner is he cHlh d to lake a w uler erui*»e. than
I iriliw ilh, lie liegins to/iirrt, and in hi*» Idler In Mr.
k 11 e. he is m» I r prol- e i .11 in agriculinre, cnmtm rue,
imMinl.ictnres. and lim mcelinnic nr'w. \\ hui ludu rous
pulnical drivelling—spi'.iking one ihmg to llie M.uth
and another to the I'kirth, any tiling, ho that hu may
rut di Votes.
1 In* (» iVern-jf said lie in'ghl cl«t:iin the n there tin
ti! nivthl, pivinn evidences id die trimming* of' this lillle
ti'“\)\rr; he I. id hut one more t » pres'u.t ned then he
was dour wi'h hi o, at I<mm for //«* present.—The in
si a m*e to which he I id ref rred, would, he thought. »s
tnldish hi* ( l. ltil t'i ■' - enviable d'*lirc*tiou i f heimr the
little 'l iiivnrr. l!ut lost any may doubt he w mid rail
their attention to a fact once fmitliar to all Tennessee,
hut which in the lapse of year* may have been I rmt
ten by some; he«p) hc/iioded to the course of J.-tiriis
K I’oIk tovVard* .lieljir \\ li'te. If, h.d he. v\ hole
p litiral conr-e of thi* man (ihc eandiilate fir the |'iesi
deucy) had been b 1 I, firm and consistent, with the ex
eeptiou of hi* conduct inward*.! idpe W U >t he f.r one
coul I not, and Wi ll'd not give him his c mfidenco or *up
port. I le ih.itijlu it then was any poliiie.il sui le v mid
the pale of pard.»n; if there wa* one that deserved the
continued and ♦tern! retribution of pu'dte r m.lcoi
nation,it was ill * me. .lu Inc While wa* ever ardent,
faithful and ire; in all pr.,le*si<ns dfiemls'iip; he wa* a
hove undo or deeeii; he tfllS’eil others 3* he felt him*. |l
worthy t«» n • trn-ft .1. Ilee.ave Ins confidence to this
man Polk, fully, freely, nnrt M rvrdly; he whs hi* friend
in all the * n -erity of an ardent devotion, his house was
hi"- home,when Im ehose t > make ii so; In* counsel* wi re
st all times at his cu n n ind; Judgs White w • * truly the
friend of James 1%. Polk. to all that could make one rrnn
t Im friend of snot tier. Having ago and exprrienee. ho
waste him a frioiH, a cgfitmvlkir and father. When
J *d o* Wnile’a friend* e itlliMipt iled pr-*Htf«ll|ng hi* nante
, i«i tin* r niiitry a *tnt t de fait I Mato t.f the Pfe*uden
**V. Mr. Polk wax win[*d mi hy him lion. l.uke Lea
(thin wh im a more honorable man dor* not live) and
if alairii lo him, lie ( Polk) would imp port Judge V\ lute
;ix warmly ax any u..y man living, in any way that he
(Jude White) Would m.'Ke.il lo ru i.
I low did iiiix man axked ih * U urnmor, rtilee:?i (hit
*' ''•.Hit i pledj.7 IKv trill, Ih U^IiokI and treachery. Lre
| the ••I' ftiMi eautc on Jjiuei K. Putk vvn* the rpmi and
ii• i«)«i.«i• fif»«l op|Miht nl o| tlte election o| Juge \V hue, tl.ua
r. piyin.** ihe i onfiJ< lire of hi* Irumiby betrayal; wi It
«h • n> • ;ii.Hide o! it v a« r|H'iiI, di rp, dark and unmi.i g#
hi* U* rnrd I. a viper.>\m inn^t iii llnr botolii dial I ud
w aruu d and innui'h.'d him lulu guilt l**al bring. lie rtf
ix an rvulftiua .1 tiiuitiih.g) troiu aurrii trimmers may
< • *.J d.divt-r thi* nation! I lie u a i ilul i« Ijiee to Ina
I Itirn.l i nn never hr trim to In* country.
• • \V nit auun treachery a* lua, Irralt In the rnb n» rv
• I all, you un.l I and all r»*nuK> n*, s u.| he, arr aaked,
j with ihi! or.i\.'ol tlie prr*«ruled, l>etfayed the ini.tyr
<■1 N\ in r. y.i Ireali and itliaud, to give wur support Id
in* hr;ia\.'r. t .m a .y uiuu, w ho rii. i* toe memory,
rrverra the name, or valut a the |ai|t.u aI at rvirra of' ilu*
t in ntt .i p.ilrtiM and a alt Hii.au, do line/ |*piuknot,
- u l hr. I r otlit t-*, Inti for my a.iejlt' wit, w till my ad*
111.r.t11 mi i i un.l d. voiion lo the ini'.ii ry and clniraC • r
“t lino I II, \\ III.* , | ftilillol, I Will tiol. — l would lath
1 i U" tn tin* at.tke l itui rutiuiiii mucIi uli outrage . u ina
uie.ii uy Ilix finr.» m,»iriI rtiuld nut regard Midi an »*tf
"'» ilf p HI oi hi* I ru ml, wit It the deeptat rgreiilnut
with no fU'de » ■ •ru ii' il rotiien pi.
I hr t» iv. iini1 mii.I ||f had • »uk»*fi imirll longer thin
he iefrntli d or w ialmd; he l.-io In*, u |. d into it hy rir* liih
t tin'.1 x kn .w u to ,t I, in l.H.t b it o e it m rk luitht t te
nuke an I ihf i he *'ouid .!•**», 11 it In f e .'leav. reti
l.tnlv hut h fly to prra lit t»o in: id lll»* priiu iple*, prac*
11 *"» 11 • n nets i iiit- •••■it hi \ li il | )• ui'.i Tain? purtyi
It ■ li.t.l .. illy review t il die el an » r nl dm ii.d.vulual
" Ififil tn 11 | reneni ttii* | it11 \. ami rt.irv t.ui then iw n
« I . *. aiul how in v « \ ..I ilt 'A»* p m 11>t | m i irg,
"•I it i t!, nett ft, ui.il M.rh u It; i ei, me \,u, f, i
i‘" l'"u I i'i nii o Ho m your e»»i.Inlet re i r *<i| port? [ No#
n ■! w .in l!ie fi sp .i»h« 11 niti I lie crow ti | |. a part i . hu.l
m 1 .It *• ul r n tj .cm t ; i itt in ii.iiu f I <.t I e I ig' t.ml
• 'Ifiilll uliligat.oila ul ( ltl|U I.SHI, vi a i In i*.»utihi.al to
I' ' w ' f. w tcit i ii ill lift It v will i lif i if mi -tie r» il i in j n lion#
• •I govern iH'ni, tin* t:i >ni valued anti eberi'alied aa!V*
'tinJN ..| #4,o idy fi id lYo li l Heir fbUih .H-illl!*i w lUi
• ii di a ell Hit. . ♦ *, >iti’'limit s iTf.l rijhis, our domeit*
tu* alui., ..nr h I. .|.l m, o 'a, Il ul a *♦*••• urtly fro u tit#
i ml d«tiiofi‘lt\o * ' fit . I cm or.’.i inn and tm>fcpc»tiry*
I1 .1 pin. 'iM 11 m* fried I.* i. *. * .i I. ' ofi.e.iiNiti. iSo hit*,
l < t • e* nothing no pure, a Mereil a*. hi lie u‘,|* *u. , e*a
t •’ v hi rebuke tin* undue a of »ueli a • » rtt ur <b fy it#
'• «' • r eojia’i.y I uam \ u mv e,.nutty men to pauirtt,
puiHfa |e tiitly In i -rtf y.tii give y..ttr aapltori to aw h it
p„ v Willi . belt pr!hel| lea nml piaellet a He uol dceelV
cd iVltn .1 • S).-U N nr of DfillTt V -.ivilfall i«
hi II, *i >v iii t die it 'teriMii iibem.n to \ • ur a-.nU,M if
i im pir \ be e ul iiiif.l in p »wt r; ♦ if nnnm r lour ti i.fa
fen in y afi.tll Imve m.i If up Ha feral, yob *.r y mr eh'l
• In i' in i_v it bi'ii filled \\ nil v.iin :md ii tiill* sa re^rria find
\ i ..ulv eomlnt iii madly ImijuM*i4 tmu fe»ie»a tint
'•Mill \i.U In II II p,'h-8 df’MlIiy. Miy dm (iud ol W-ih
icg 'll and Iii 'ef.y, hj v« lint u||ct* hippy |V .pie Iru'.u 4
Ij c a . fearful.
Unnuiiceneet I, tini > / lT/pr <11. .V v., 1707. 3f
(t r. iii/ —J t net la f/iC0lO'H,"e ,/itt ili.ll .Vu,itrJ'a&'
luii s, «S* \
’* O b i it'i bull.in/, evn unit" . {Teciii.tily promote the
e iliiib1 fi'i.ii inti fr*-, n .| l*f ai Hi iUhi ami its c.Jofdf*
i.. in g11 iii_. e . .1 i%i h .mi to the L'O'W .b, culture and
pi duel.. »i, m di ah I c l.iitiH, ul •‘i.cli ei iiiuuidiiiea a»*
are • ■ ii>*n, . ., 11) iii.it |«m,pi .iii, nr .ire taveoda! to it#
iii.i mlieo»ir i -. iV• •. *
•* I,i ' iirn!* /, r /Ac rnc<nn aamfnt<f utrful undi rink
i o.i. '*
•'It hmn I nj; liffii laitu tiled dint tbiaeutun y aSo .l i
pi\ iiimia:11 , a , iMiitiulde mini I m iiiey |. r f»>r*igu
w Ml. *4, 4k
>.1*4:1 prebi iiibi have been til »%Vr»d Hy a atieiety in
I 11 la im , an 1 1 be c no mil lee «.| ar.n mid net mi lae 1 nreta
in iltiH f.-b.iiy. Inn »n. li in il e tort » • t In,lbt tliai we bava
hide i.a4i,ii in «.\|fi*i uny lam fit lr.Hn lloae. *J 11*
I '*.-1 of 1 , I fu 111 n- die iii,1 mu an age in ru t alroi'p eniH|>h
i.mi.'iou ,,ur ,'iiienti >itf and tVe n|i:i!| Ii im I tl.e plitmcr
e,,iiiinio*. wn,i».i!i deviutb.it. Mi die be;n» ii track, moil
be 1-4 r. tiM i| l»v aim" gr, »t and riain | r fi . it pru
poNftl. dier- I re, IbSl die amii nl tiVe llltruin d p iinda be
it• Veit ua ii pmeiiiiu in tl.e periotl u lib al.ul) ip out)\« ir#
iiutl.e die I lent w inea. Ike ’*
A im.on il e NidMerlberN 1, r the euenuraeeu-i'ni ».f Hril
iali rouimeree iml iii.i'inliie urerN: tie find. Ii'm ' aj niv*#
C’V l'lt,\M IS I AI m nil. I.KWIS uni
l.ll I’ L . IS 11 IIOI.AS, \e. The tb-Neendai.ia • I t
lt \»l auije i*. are ai dm <lay . as tt*m*It inclin'd to m
n.uraoe Hi it all ( o.iiiueree ail J manulaeur'9 a> i!u ir 411
• 4 !• rn were.
Uhlii uiti e$ f f flrgfuui Ci '.tentiou, Drcttnltr9
*'l!e ii fnnl.er ordained, i’linl from ami afici tlie pna
• i jm of I bfsS.rdinnii",-. a I inereliitlPA, tfiidt r#, or other
|t is.n« who ni.u!) imp.'tl into this colony any u«.«ila;
w nr. s <,r no relnt, ilise. e.mrary to the ►an! ei.inn * i.tal
k '.('iiiii ii, (fxei pi in ea-e#allowrd I v the generai l on*
e 1, or the general Celt vent 1011,) -hall lor lilt tin* good#;
ike , mi imp ra d.”
1 Ins ( • .a! Aacot*iA'li 11, w; s opjn o» d to the im*
p t aiioii n:nl foiiHM iipti'.n f Hridth ^la’i'il oo'ireraj a*,
mono (In o einht ts w« re I ||()M .IKI‘1 l’KvUN,
(.K( t|{(.K (»M Mi di. JOHN li AUVIK, I KY ITIN
IMM.oi.l'll. AUCIIinAU) CAUY. AUiilL'i
c \ 11111 1 . .1 w mi in Kii, w n i l \.m niz
ION. s\ 11 I I \ o WAIIS. liKNUY UK,
('ll MM .K‘a Mi AflTY, '1110 M AS M. I(\N
I )HI .111. Ik.*. Wit It the • mi pm n of il e i RAK1) So*.
nii.Ni ,.| die ,l»,scendnbtN of die alau e ontited Pa' robe, are
m fivowr of pr .teetini* the maim fad 11 rca of their oe 11
fi.niitry »,t tit s tune.
'1‘lif I irMj'o'ti 1 eKtr tfU sr»* sent III the K Jit trs of 'ltd
llichibund Wipe; their resderN w il n ol ly fee go z** tit •
ii/irl lhlilCt! /lion I trill »Wt* i/s If. 1C.
he rented Mo* IOi'i of ()*i »b'r f.r the ensoinj
* ’ M»ar, «»r fur 1,2 or 3 y»‘tr* m* id tuts tun on whtcH
I live, cm-Iumvp of the pari to i» S mu.iii * ol Creasy baa.
\!s*, :«i the name* place on the I Dili t’ay ol J.iiitury, I
will itir<a all m\ hand*. At t*»e «»tn« Him I will
md| nil tov con. f.wider. eat*. *'on k-«, i Ii .If and ►traw’j
liitr*•*, sheep nod ••ml**, 2 ux cur w and I horse
' in. 'IVrun made know n.
bkn.1. vv. duook*.
Campbell, Sept 10 tldO
Vomi? M:ni H’anlnh
T '%r V\IT'D i-i a innrcaniilt* In use m thin tda^P, »v
▼ » Tonn»f M in of t»oo«l ni'rnl eh »ric-'-r, w h» ta wrll
rv ijo tinted with the drv ffo.i b Inisii'er.*, arid a good
clerk. Apply si this • fit-c.
Srpt. ID t*
i; duration.
' IM1F •n’’* .ihcrs «ill ii|M*n an F.it.'h'il :<nfl
■ SCHOOL in ih* l.jserncni *'• rv of ii*•. *yrofid
Presbyterian Church, on Tuesday, the Hj of October
m x».
Tu mi, per welkin of Ore .n oth* . p ,r ,di*:r»pi»*
I.rj t.r .,rK'nli«h. $in.0»,tt;.r ill, i.Lhif Umiu h
-.1 l-.M'.: ii-.Ii. 1! i (Kt. ( r Hu* ( Hrsv. .til MaUn*:ii8t
i'!-, 1*0.00. A M Hit WCM. .1. a.
E Wins roN, G.a>:u»it. r.M ./.
?r' ' • u
I «'l V..T , petition the in \i Goneral Ante . bfjr. for
***** to ertnri a Dam -Tirr*s* 8 m«|iV U v**r ai An
i ksli a Fall*. . UE.VJ. CAMWiKU..
cc^Sepfc 16 %&ik
+ * %

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