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u 't*
| ^ i 1 I
,ublished seiUt-weekly, (every Monday awl Thursday
srvriivM, hii.i.ako it towm.ky,
I Four Dollars per annum, payable in advance. ,%'»!«*•
lt„n will I* re reived! or a shorter time than six months,
nil no paper well b* discontinued, (except at tilt discretion
7the Editors,) until all arrearages aie paid.
' t* AUYEHTlSli-VE-VT.S inserted at 50 cents per
,\aT ltd) jar every inner form insertion awl 37 j
' u ,,er , fiare (or less) For every outer form insertion.
FYKItk ADI*7"UT1SKR is required to note, on his
manuscript, how long he wishes his advertise,.lent inserted ,
n advertisement, not so noted, wdl be inserted till its dis
tnlinnnnre be ordered.
FOR YEARLYAUrF.RTISLhfr.tht terms are , for
he privilege of two squares, j for one square, *25 for
a. square, inner form, *35. Every yearly advertiser
nil be required to confine his advertising to hisparticu
ir line qf business.
If-.ion PRLVTLVG executed neatly and expeditious
y sad tnreasonabh terms. ___
vi:utor;v cmm'iiixu.
•j | Mid 0 4 KUI.LF.IK-I.OTHS, at Is. Gd.,2».
0"1 3d., 3*., and Gv. per yard.
Heavy Yarn Jeans, at 25 cents per yard,
<«'cnrock Jeans and oilier heavy go. ds al Is. to
25 cents,
Cassmctts, Kerseys, Kentucky Jeans, Tweed
Cloths and Cnssimeres,
Tennessee PI**'18- remarkable cheap.
Plain and Plaid Lmseys, al 9d. Is., Is. Gd., and
2a. 3d.
Blankets, al 3s., 3s. 9d., 4s. f»d.. Os. and 7«. 6d,
Coitun Oznaburgs and .Shining Cottons, remark
ably low,
S Je Lcallier, S/ioes ami Hats, very cheap.
Farmers, Planters and others, wishing to huy Ne
Er..i*s’ Clothing, tinus* ally low, are respcctfull tuvited to
r^ll and examine my slock before purchasing.
Nov. 3 _18
30lo lO VALUABLEB(IlLCfli%€4
LOT« row
ON Friday iIip 21 st instant, uj»<»n the premises, wo
shall offer for sale, a: auction, to the highest hid
dar, the whole of tliat valuable properiy formerly the
result-nce of’Col. \Vni. B. Lynch, decM. ami other Jots
adjacent thereto, now occupied by Joseph B. Nowlin!
and others, containing 30 or 40 suitable and convenient
Inis for building, several of which are of a large size. On
i portion of this property there are already two very!
eamlorthble dwellings, with many convenient out'build
in-rfl, A considerable portion is unclosed by a substantial
buck wall, and the whole ol ihe enclosed gr . d ..rein
a high state of improvement, having been well in ,nun .1
and i Lvercd for the Iasi several years. This property,for
j,canty of location and command mg prospect of surround
tun and dwant scenery, cannot he excelled, if equalled,
hv nuv oilier building lots in the town or vicinity oj
Lynchburg, and lying, as it docs, just without the linn*
ii« yf ihe Corporation on, Gilt, 7 h nn»l 8<Ii streets, oil', r
yr»»at inducements lo tho-e to wish to build handsome
I,,,lily residences beyond ilm reach ol Corporation luxe*.
A* such another opportunity to tcKflst u real es'a e wili
rarely if «ver again eccnr in L; nehkurg, it in Imped
Hie **le will bs numerously attend d.
T he terms of the sile will be a creJ t ofG, 12 and 18
month* in equal payments,—bond and s curry lo be
given, wrh a deed ot trust, upon the property, or the
a*iJr- r»* amed, at the election of the purchaser, a-> a fur
ther tecurtty until the ptirchw money be paid.
to lie conductciI by Col. C. Phelps, Auctioneer,
who. w,il« 1 he undersigned, will take pleasure 111 show
in* it..* iu«fM and lots mu!! wishihg to view them. |i
<n*criHS*re incomplete the whole, the sale will be con
iiitMed truiii day to day.
Altos, tor L. Dopuy and wife.
Nov. 3 t2lN
T w.\ t ors - or.
JIMIK HUSCRIRKR. having purchased “(»' >ver
■ Hill/’ the county seat of the it'w county of Appo
mattox; ami all doubt which heretofore existed a- l» ihe
title to said property, h iviugr been cleared tip, to the sal*
Htac.u it of the court, ami the public square having been
laid off, and accepted by the Court, w ill offer for sale,
«n Ihe 26'h day of November next, to the highest bid
der, mi a credit of six, twelve and eighteen month*',
Ihe purchasers gtvtug bonds with approved security, |
the whole ol the thirty acres, wlimb have, under the !
sAiirtioii of an Act el the Legislature'ol Virginia, been
laid off into half acre l»ts. | w ill, at the same time,1
offsr for sale that very desirable property, the Tavern,
and Tavern lids, on tne following terms; viz: one third
cash, and the remaining two thirds, ol the purchase mo
ntty in one and two equal annual instalments, the nut
chaser giving bond with approved security, and the
title withheld until the purchase money be paid.
This is one ol the handsomest locations in \ .rginia,
in the midst of a fine and healthy country, noted for iu
intelligence and moral standing, on the great ih -rough,
fare between Lyn-hhurg trod K.chtn.md and L.iioiviile,
and within a few unles of the Junes River ( anal, for a
long series ol years, free from the visitation of levers
ind other malignant disca-tts, which have ravaged other
•netmu* of the country. Rciug the county beat ol a
wealthy ami enterprising community, and p ssessed ol
so itia y natural advantage*, no st nation could a fiord
more attraction* to capitalists who may w ish to purchase
town properly lor the purpose of speculation, or proles
sioimI men, win may wish to locate themselves permit
neinly with a sure prospect for patronage, nr tradesmen
who desire liberal ami profiiahle encouragement. I am
■»re | say enough fo ensure the ffiteiidan-e of willing
■i.d spit lied bidders, when I say that Clover Hi.l,
known Irma the beabord to the mountains, is for sale.
1 ho Lynchburg Republican, Richmond Whig and
Liiquirer are requested to publish until the day of sale,
and forward their accounts to Clover Hill for payment.
0 S. I). McU.
_ !S,,V- 3 _ ?26N
■ *o the S.iftties.
( '1ASHMEUKS AM) MOtJSLINS, a beautiful as
tori incut, remarkably low.
htu. I* rf.nch do all wool, at 75 cts. per yd.
• r.A( k and colored Aitmccas, very cheap.
UK ANn blue hi.ack Silks, unusually handsome.
1 annf.ls, while, red ami yellow, al Is. Cd. lo 7 5 els.
•Mukssf.d Irish Linens, very low.
onnlt if into ns and I'ap do. very handsome,
ai.icoes, al In.m Gifts, to the finest, a splendid n«
Resides a great variety of other staple and fancy
“‘•yds, |hr sale very low, by
.. Bunk Square.
_ N"t-3 ts
9 9 9
•|1MF, subscriber, having determined to dU" ntinue
* his^present business, is now selling his slock of
*1 pdpps which cannot fail to please eatih customers. To
"** wishing to buy articles in his line, he offers ureal
3 ,s
Ureen and Klacli Tcii*.
W Bj,avpinsl received a lot of the finest Black and
Breen leas, evpj offered in this market befire,
>d the Pekin Tea Company, recently estab*
^ hi this country. These Tens are superior to any
vffe Y6 ,Tiet with, and such as have never been
^re.i in ibis market before We earnestly solicit a
r‘itn all in want of superior Tea at the price of com*
I.K.B fc ROUKllTS.
Hi U‘ l,afe on 1,ln ' 1 fi»w i.i Gli.yil’s Family
*• , L. R.
fc«"-3 „
«'!«! *T NAI.I! «!' VAU
L liAAS).
> \ Tir’nr of a rim»d of irtiNi Pitv»u|ed In flip milucri*
9 berand Uamlnjph V . li.ul.-JJ, , | \n„.
ntoa I J.. , ,r e, rtatu , lir),„., ll(rr,.M, ..
l" U", I Ml. .'ey i S. I ■ Ti, whirl, .!...!
8 duly reeurrfi the < terkV.i , „r „....
I Hnulax.l shall pri.ee. d i«» ■ II, hv wav id public am
nil". |.| the highest bidder, i " the (itemises,
Three valuable Travis of But ml,
I her, |,i |, milniied, mi n <-n d ' ,,| | § v;m,| v,.„rs
Co"""n.--"m „„ the III, ihl, ,.t |i re , he, nrxl’.'l will
2", tAM) „„ w| h 8.
I»aili>dah* ft rmerly rtwided,OoMninin > UOJJ Xl'WKJ*
lying and being in thee„unly m llalhn, C r, nwha
V'l I tr" '/ ,1 ’R S"IU‘- aUl>i| miles ,, "th
"1 J;‘ !' On this tr.i t there is a ..
:)iiV •’"•K.I.I.IMJ I lots.: Till guild Oilt 11 "uses A
•gldLliir.ie .. the tsyn
session j^ivmi limiH'diairlv.
And ""thuSth d.iyul Dee,„her, | „j|| s, |t> |„
same manner and upon the same terms, the Tram ,,f
I .and "it w hieli (,M .l„!„ R.rkadule Ihrmerly resided
yma ,n,l hew a u, ll.erm my Halifax,",,,", ilm waters
of Ijirik, atxuil lint- wiIps \v«»st nf »|,t. i... lir,
' O use. in an « Mrllent neioidmrlmod. (In i|,,s tr:i(.t ,|,ere
is anew, eomlorlnble and convenient Ihvtdhtcr. ami
I all npH-fwarj mithuuf.fi*. I’.inn aiv«.n immJliataly
Anil nil lhf (| li day nt I), mnbrr, in th< sunpinftftni r
:,n" 11,1 III!' (Willi' ternis.l »■ I , ri..-,. ,i t|„. „r
I-*'"1. .. Hafliwlale tnm.nrlv rrsidfid
i-ni,Uinu,« ala.nl 8C3 Amr,, lying and hm,, . in ,hJ
'•""."IV 11 1:1 *• "":,r I'n'-ylvni.ia lmB, ih.■
main road leading Irani II ilil'ix C.ll i„ Pi„„, >3II
C. II. Oil tht-. Tram there is fa a rnnilbrinnlr |)«, ||
ing Hmisp, lirsi mm Hums, Slnhlns and nit m.ssrirv
Out IIuupps. The plaii'atinn is in first rain urtlpr and
ntitri. lent to wnrk 10 nr 12 hand In advanlajjH. passes,
si«»n given immediately.
J lie above Tracts ol Land nre valuable;and the atten
tion ot those wishing to purchase such property is ear*
uestly requested. 'Those wishing t< view the property
before t!o tinys of sale, will please apply to A runs
te.-el HarUdale «T Elisha 15 trhsd ile, dr. Esq., who will
give any infonimtinn which may tie desired.
The title to the above properly is believed to be un
doubted, hut acting as trustee, I will only convey such
title as is vested m me bv tie* deed of trust. The sale is
made by the consent ofall parlies interested
Nov.:: t6t)
f&h I OFFER f.rvalemv new S TONE IIOFSE
f jI»|on Diamond 11 ill. w ith the half acre 1.0 T on
v liieh it in situated. It is romantically situated,
ami commands a fine view*. For terms apply to ('apt.
M. Talbot, or to t|,c subscriber. N. W ARD.
N. If.— i he idtove house will he sold at nubile auc
tion on tliH first day of November.
TA 1.150 T .N I.ANIER, A urtVs.
Oct. 20 wtlNif
The above salt* is post pot ird until Nafurdny, the 8th
-.I Nnvet > er, 1 *. >. N. WARD.
Nov. 3 ib.\
4 lorei* Scat.
4 r. bushels superior clover seed.
\k Ar on o rw rniripnt, t’> »r stilo 111 \S' I ,r c:i«l»
Nov. 3 18
FOR let’NT,
HOUSE. Apply to D. W. MOORE.
Nov. 3 is
Slide. OH ami S.enliter Store.
'SAME undersigned is now g* King in store, GOODS
t which he has purchased a: the North for cash, and
sprepared to sell low. Those wishing lu buy in his
line are invited to call.
£00 -odes Npw York S de I. *:i111er,
30 barrels Tannerb* Oil,
1 "00 : air Sh. es a id Roots
30 d »7. I lais and Caps,
Saddles, Umbrellas, Shoe Thread, Shot Pegs, Shoe
Knives, $.•*.
Wholesale and Retail, at I ho < Id «iand of (J. Fellan
See &, Co. ai.d opposite Dav*. ('dhoun fk Uo.. Ma
Oct. 1G fjui
/ t.yu ron s\ »rn,
AGAIN oiler tor saie my 1 i Nelson county
near the courthouse, containing
Ant s.
I his farm is very valuubl**. well tinkered, in a very
healihy m igh »»rhnod, and widen ten miles n| the James
Biver Canal. The terms ni l he. liberal. Apply to
the suhsrri it r in Lynchburg, or Sp tswnud Garland and
Robert Whitehead at Ncl-m euurthouse
Sept. 50 t»
B.and and 0 orn for Sole.
J A\ ILL -.{Ter at public auction, on Friday the 1 Mi
N»ive oiier next, at my residence in Campbell coun
ty, 3 miles from Marysville, u y Land lying on Staun
ton River, containing
203 ACRES*
of which there are about 35 acres, of first rale LOA\
GROUNDS, anil the balance eon air« some very fine
! tobacco land in dear, with a plenty of limber to sup*
port the plantation. Also, MB or 130 barrels ut Corn,
together with all ofmv Fodder, Shucks. tk<*.
The terms of ihe land will he n credit ot one and two
years, the purchaser giving bonds and approved securi
ty, or the tide withheld to secure the payment* The
, corn and fodder, will be a credit of six months, with
i bond and approved .security.
Oct 30 tl IN
fj WISiI lovpll my Plantation in Franklin county
U iinin'M ntelv in the fork of Black Water anil Staun
ton B ivrrs. 'I his plantation is in good repair, and has
good improvement*; such as a good I WO SlO|{\
a now kitchen of wood, with two rooms
I { ?below and two above, a new framed
-j£ Smoke house, Le I louse and Dairy,and
considered one of the handsoinost situation- in the upper
country. The land is first rate and well limbi ted.—
Any person wishing to purchase such a place would do
well to call and look at it, as it is seldom 'hat such in*
duceineuts are offered to purchasers. If the above tract
of land is n t sold private ly before the I *1th of November,
j it will then be offered at public auction, together with a
| good portion of the crop of Corn, Oats, l4 odder, Stock,
Verms will be made known on the clav "f sale.
1 Oct. 30 ___
llichitioml .Iran*,
CASKS heavy RICHMOND .JKANS, n stipe
£ rl()r article for servant’* wear, or. consignment, «wd
‘ for sale low, ireppKed for immediately.
Sept. 22 u
TIIK HOL’SKand 1.0 P, now' in the
occupation of Janus K. Horner, and lor
many years the residence of the late
C'apt. James W arwick. This property
is in a (idi. t location, hut very convenient to business.—
The yard, garden am! out Lis cover a largo extent of
g* mod. It v\ ilI he .tohl, on a lung credit, it desired by
Ihc purclian r. For u>rm. ■®nHENi)ERSox.
August II **
l .
•Ilcrrhant Tailors.
w T3 . A J . <» A u t: V ,
iynl L!’ t"«l'.'l-ir.l!:y inf .till ill,. Pj, , ufl.vncll
Imi. gnd ifc pi ti , ih-ii ih, i him Hlkctilfil
llici„«.|v,.. lujcihcr nn.l I lk. .1 Ihr Inry.. luick buiblm*.
immediatelyopptwiit* .loin I lullins, V\ here they intend
t«» * irrv on tin*
r.w nni.vc in si.vr.ss,
III all IIS branches. I |,c\ h ue i,.,w ..,,,,1. on,I will
"’"’••"'“"y 1.. * bountiful nsHiinmont nl ( I.OTHS,
t \S*''MII IlkS. \ b.s | |\(,>. in,| |„ci every llilnu
snilRlilc lur l.riiilcin. iiV wrur, winch ilit’v wilt make
H|1 In nnlcr in lie in.-I l:islii,„ul,|,. Myl. s, hiiniUnne Ins
ami w ami,i, il w..rk„ .•insliip. Tin y w mil,I n.viln the
attention ol (icntleineii to a superior lot of
Olive, Olive Brown. Blown. Blue, \\\„,\T)vr<| Blank,
linn French Twilled IJiio-k, Kn..||s|i Blaek.a wry
fine article, with several pieces of low priced cloths.
r tsviMRUEs.
Black French (’assirm re,
r aney do do Bon,.din’s make, very superior.
I lam and I' aney Iviglisli t asinieies, a good varieiy.
Also a gui»d |ui ot A met lea n l assimer' s, vvmIi a ; real
variety ul (goods suitable (or <«« nile tien'i PuuUiloOtis
% im i\i;s.
W ehave a very supere i lot «t t iuutlemeiPi Vt t,linos, 1
such as
Plain ant! cut Velvets,
Plain and f» »ured Satins,
Plain him! li mred Silks,
Cashtuen s, \ .tleneia-, \.c.
ov micro \ s s.
I’lain and gold mixed Heavers, a first rate article ofeuat*
(• dd mixed I weeds I >r (gentlemen** hiisinews (a»s,
\\ i'll various other Foods suitable f*r (it utlemen’s O
vet c..nts,
We have also a fine assortment ul F* ntlemenks kid,
eheou v, and oilier Fh.ves, (. ruvat.s, N-ar Is, p,.,d»el ■
I laudkf rehiels, WooUmi Drawers, Silk Shuts. ike
ike., ike.
In fact, withnut descending further to particulars, we
have every thing in the Merchant Pail .ring line, and
pledge ourselves to make up handsome (its and g|\ ,* silt
is! i ’11011 to all \\ ho 11, : \ i pleased to give U8 a call. ,
We very respectfully invite ilM> (i, .ilemon of I ,ytic’ll
burg and the surrounding e.uiuiry to give us a e.all.
W .M. tv JOHN OAkKV.
Oft. 30 ;n
• Eiimhlist razor's Ktrlr.
ON l-'riday and Saturday the l lili and l.'nlidaya id
N'lWinopr, I will sell at the rcvidoneo of iho loti
•I“Inf (•ills, in ISodlord rouniv, all ilio nop m r./aaoro,
Corn, Oats. I'u.ldor ke^umwn on iho form iliopte-*.
*nt yea I • S . I Hoi . i . S. up an /
111 ■v. - all tin 11' isrh »ld and K ''-ip •> i ’u mi lure nd
IManiation I tru&ds. Also as many Nr*.iui». us will b*
necessary lo pay tin*dries ol’i!ih rsioio.
I'Tins.--- I ho N,Miroos will bo Sold for e\iil. I t
thr |M*rishal»lr properly, on .11 soofs ovor It < doll irs. f’j
mortlba or. dil w ill bo ojvrn. and eash required lor all
sorns nodof tliat amount. 15 aids with ; npruvod seourtty
will lo rifporod oi tho parolne* rs.
All pors.o . i'ilt l 1 l ..It.py ,I_ .li.lHt ■ till I'Khttp. nip (i .
lifipil amt r.' j'u stp t In hri ;t ilieui t'-runril :il ihp * Ip, in
uf.'pf ill it airjnjp i ..ins in:• v Im :itnr|p tor sln-ir i'iviiipiii.
JOUM l , HAW KIMS, A't’nr.
Oct, no him
imn»: v vmm it.
I o» |}!il«. i., -t !•' i• n11v i'i.i.:r i-i • I
S“p 15
i\J '2' I V Si .
U\ I N(i taken a h asp n| the Mills n. this pkwi .
known as the laiierhurne Mills, lot a it rin of
years, I will bo regularly in the wheat uuikti, and pie
pared to ifive thp
sizes/’ r,iA?.::sT micr.
I .milI' ami (JrijUiidiJJiister « ill alwayxhc kept un lii.nl,
and aulil l'i\v tiif njn.ii. ' ■
I in: ' SrtVnnr, who, f Ipjrn, i *.v..r■.1.!\
known to tli« I'.irniPip nf'lliia rooiuli, will itrii lor me.
ami 1 hupp to secure Ihttl pitlrun.tjfc I'roin the piih!n:,
which liip coiivpiiienl lur.iliuo , I the i ropcri, niviica.
M. i cl, 13 i*
i:.i( o.v.i.vsi ifpliro.
on nnni.iis famii.y < eiu ,i> hacon,
•> </ ; I r < ' 1500 ills. No. 1. 1.111,1,
For sale by JOHN KlNNU.il fc. CO.
March 9 ts
rgpni' subscriber wishes to r.ell the TRACT OF
n I.AND on which h<t resides, containing
&•?' - v 1GD ACilLiS,
^ *.*.«■ 40 or 5l> "I vvhu h is cleared, gt- .
iiJPXr**?* eight or teu acres .»l good W
im-adow, the rest in woods,
with a young orchard of two hundred ol Mr. Jus. Min
ton's choice fruit trees.
i J j: Ininrovemcnts consist of a J)\VKF
• • ' A FIND JIDLMI, 50 by h r t, I etgli
t5efiiiu5 teen loot routnsaud a twelve foot pnmage
2^'-'.,'Jr tip stairs, fu the basement story lucre is
a rBl.Mit Fs mii and a dining room MO by ill) i»ct. with
> goor/ lire places in each, kitchen o() by I’M led. with
two rooms and brielv chimneys. Ice house, Nnnd.e
, house, and all necessary out houses, 'i lm nnpmve
n i to is are all new, and tha dwelling house just paiuied
in fashionable style.
I A part of the purchase money will be rerptired in carh,
the reniaimier in one and two years. I’osscssi n given
j 1st January, 1640. \\ M. A. CFFMKN F
N | t '
; i;uks;woi:i'u kk.vhyi.iv,
l.IBKItTY, Ukuford t o, V A.
MRS. K. V. 1,0,MAX, havii”' nss.abated MRS.
maniigetneiit of lIlls Insulin tun, its excrcist s uni lit* cull
mulct), upon tin! sumo terms as here More.
The undersigned Truslees anil I’atmns ufthis Institu
tion, tithe pleasure in assuring the puulic that an i Xpert
! pnee of twelve months i-nahles them to reeoiiimenil Mrs.
|-'. \ , J.ornax, its a lady who his in every rispiel
I redeemed the high reputation which preceded her
riicy are satisfied that the connection nnnnimeed above,
will ensure to those interested in Female |i'dueat|on, od
vantaues fur the improvement of the minds and the tors
i inatioii of the manners ol pupils Inferior to none in \ ir
•i.W . WINl.FIF.LD,
•IN’O. F. SAl .K,
1)11. TIH). I’. Ml I f Ili'.LL,
Dlt. 'A MDF.L 1*111 Ll.ll’S,
Oct. 6 «
MRS SARAH M. JKN.NINHS would we glad to
lake about lour young Ladies as hoarders. Her
residence is in a good,neighborhood on Church street, op
posite the llaptist Church, very convenient tu all the
schools. Particular ailentinn will be paid to their coir.
fort. Sir. Terms made known upon application.
Oct. 2 '»
run «;i:\ r.
'1H70 XtOT/siIS ANO 1x0X3. tor Mix m !
i idmo't' ot I (iiilMltix, I ir < .nil. ummnilt'iillv mlmM" ,
t-il; mill oil llr*l u.i.l ilio ollu i on lilili mi . i \|i|>|v i,. ;
Oi l. 50 ;u
f IMION AS I. M(JOHM A ,V, hi. MmirmtinJ with
I him in liu-iiicss. Mr. I i'tpis II. Mahtiii, ami
\V 11 001111110' liio
4Jrorrrt/ amt < (I III in Isston
IS i s I \ i: s s ,
■it liio old siiiiiiil. i.iiM ,| „ir tndow l.ilicrtjr Warx lloutf,
umlei the style mi l firm of
IAX002wVXA.it Sc I\lAIlTI*Nr.
where llietr lilt i ,Is ami the public I’rm rnllv. will flml 1
.it all times, n mod assortment ol (lUOi'KIUKS,
winch they pledge themselves to sell upon the linen !
reasonable trims, cither lor «•-*»► It or m cm himge for
country produce. THUS T MOOUM VN,
| hr subscriber is thankful It r the very liberal patrolman '
»’\>t udfil to bun while to business, and must respectfully
•■"lieiis a continuance ol litc hi tie to the new concern oI
Moorman »*v .'l.irttn, ami earnestly requests nil those
indebted to him to make payment, ns be m desirous to
close bis old business. 1 l|U S. . MOOU M \ N
1 orti /«/#• Sair.
| MU' s.i ,s<>riiter bis |,n sale, at the I. ami borne Mills
ft i UUN Ml. U,, which lie will Hell lor oiMli,ur
in c\cliniis*e for Wheal, nl ninrl-ei pi in s.
Aim. | ,,
\o rmi;.
ON an Jailer ilm ini ol November, our P.n keta will
run in weekly.
I i iv.' Hi liniunil. Mondays, Wednesdays nml Kri
dav > at .*» I*. M., an 'arrive m l.vnehbuio in HU luiOfs
UK n H M Mi.
I rave Kvnrhbur;', Mondays, \\edneaday* ami Kri
• lavs al <s A. M., ami arrive m Kielimoml next day hi
•1 I*. M.
novo. i’dmoni) & nwKNpour.
o In.
a s: .rj c> c* j b, .
EV<HY XZA^iX.. TAXX.OH. has rein iVeil
Ir in In- luiiner slaud In the lower room ul the
li neiiKMit nempitsl as the Virginian "Hice, w here he Is1
prepare ! In e\< ente. as lormerly, nil business in ihe
line «* I h pride'•-inn. II" prom's.-s Mr ei attention in .
all'iuh" . "id ph loes himsi || In "tin* his work in
"nod and i. diumaMe si) le and on .uuiodatm;’ t* mis
I haul,oil |ur past lavnr , In? soli s a blinrenl piddle
1 < u" am nml repairin'*- prior • ly alfeioled to. A
supply "I li- rdy Mad it ( lothin > epi mi hand, whieli
will be ■ Ul cheap.
On. HO bNv
i1 o • U rrhtntth <j </ £*limfa s*
P 11 \ \ K (<n »li*. i c the M Hun (North Carol nut,) |
Li Laemry, n I n t ijuan' i' of
manufactured «»xpi• -ly lor common ns*» an«l «• rvnnt’i
wi r. It cihi!ain II ' /. \\ OOI. per yard. iho'dc warp
and twhod hud. \V irranted lor durability. Orders
or iinpiii ii'riaddie • ■' d to iin: will H promptly attended
to. JNO It. It \UUKTT.
N. II. Tin* a’ iVe if "*d- nre tor s »'. t.y
M* i I \ N A11A N, CRKNSII \\V & < <>.
Mi I tori, 4)'1 IS tw
Jj AM n i\v frc»*ivihjj unit r- I"* I '1 '■r'i mi t!" IIk’Iiihoik)
*• I IT, ill.. In:y.-r |i:iviii!I all rx|i-ii-i-s nl lintiMp TlS
I’llMM,. \l 1111 want Will |llt!.l^l* IfMVi' tin'll nrrilTS H;*
Bllltl SB ptiSMtle. I). U. MOOItK,
A^BitUnf lb* <-\illier. j
0oi :.'i i*
P.tnr .Notice.
E IN’IIS AY M. SIICMAKKK, linvinu l.iMitn.l him-j
■ A sell at Krnnklui Court I louse. will pi n tin* in tin*
Supi rtor ni d I »t* itor courts ul Law and ( liam ery, in |
tin* eo>HUJe-i of Bedford and Franklin. Any Imaiio**
entrusted tulwrf care shall receive pr.Mipl and speedy at
i. ntlon.
Ami lie takes this method of referring, hy permission,
to the following gentlemen.
.Mi s-rs. .1 line, hi fv. 11111ks, .Messrs M mby & Speed,
“ Holt X Su pine, “ D Mitel K Omvi*.
\\ in. I. tioggiu, ** «f. Ai C F. W ills,
Him ant Ptesion, Fynehburg.
Bud lord.
Oct. 27 l'»
t'ioivinz ttiiii iPiaurr, Tf« ami 7oi
/// Ifll,
|JKKSONS in want of tin above very superior and
Li heuutiul article, in Dinnkr, Tt.\ on T« tl.fci'
>ers,can lie supplied with the very beat aitnde try call
in* at the of the big Curlier.
Oct. 27 ts
liiiiies ami !’oiK*», Spoons, Ac.
V(IW on hand, nn excellent assortment of Krvivr.s
J_a| and Fork*, Spoons, Britannia Tfa imi ( or
fi i. Pots, &,c. &.c., all of which will be sold low i»y
I). W. MOOliK,
Sign ul the Big Pilcher.
I Oat. 27
IVf/Hrtftif Ural Bihtntc for Sale,
n m> si; tie i,v\nini'ii(J.
r H ^ 111: subscriber ofier* fot sale liis Farm, situated
L nr.ir l’!,n kv\ater Mills,about one nule from l.ynoh
burg. 'J Ins valuable iracl eoninius bet with
A T7Z) 503 ACHES,
a large jirof>:»rtmn ul \\ liteli is in woods. 1 bpre i« on i!
, ■' j :i fiou nod will finished lwo«?.itii y Jill 11 l\
I ■ It, Dll JllJJ/S'lj //Ol'NF, witji all n» eessary
oui houses—likewise an excellent, Orchard, a
oiied Ciaideii, rnt |i*sed with n brick wall, a Hoe Spring,
and i mir'd all the improvement* ami conveniences ul a
| condor htbltt residence.
. I aUu wish to sell another Farm, containing,
GO.t *' it Mu S ,
a good propnrliun of wliirli U wnnd land, sitmli il jit* l
bclmv town, i,car the lull-gale, uii ihc Concord turnpike
Also, two mvr'I.I.IVi not-SKS and I .(ITS,
liiln.il.il 1 11 Till: IIH.I. in till' iirtghlmrliuud ..I llm While
j I l.iiiaf, mi llm arm ul the Lynchburg and Salem turn
J |.ii,i' lending ml.i Cube street.
I laving no particular use for the money. purchaser*
I can iihimn as lung cicdil as they re ay desire, by balls
Uoii.rily securing llic purebiHi* innn,
j Oct a. _ ___ __'U
t;iMlt \l> J. CiOODK,
,‘tHornt if at i.rnr.
"> 11,1, atlrinl regularly the (leriur and Inferior
V v Courts »f the countie« of
Aki> rtir. Cnwi»oitxT!« ft ♦~i»urts of I «y sc it ui' it n.
All buRsmeSRentrusted to him will be strictly attended In.
ADOIIKSS, Clover Hill, Appumaitox county. Va.
Oct. 23 3w
f'i'otn the Unitimove • Imerictm,
I'ht I*ii\rer rf' the I'runlent. In Hnwt'n lliatoric.il
l ulliMMivON ul \ iryiiitn, a work recently published, vn
nmis ntluMunn are made ti» I'atmiik IIrsiiv ami Ins u
pinions I in* following passage re la tea in hi* views
ol lln* Cons'Million ol the l lilted Slitlrs, of which he
w is a lorn.nlaMe opjHmeni in me Virginia Conven
“lie wnt»opposed to the adoption of the Federal Corn
hiitutiori licr.iuse he thought it gave loo much ihi«u>i to
ilo t»ein r.il t«"Vi rutin i'i. iml in conversation with the
lather ..1 a l.tir venerable Senator fioni Prince F.dwnrd
he remarked with emphasis; • Phe President ol die l
tilled Stales will alw ays emiie in ni (he head of a party.
Ilo w ill he so j>| Millet I in all lint nets by a parly. Y«»u ilo
not now think much ol the patronage ol the President;
hut the day is ruinin'* when n will he tremendous, and
limn tills power me c< unlry most aouiutr or later
lull.* ”
I here are two kinds td’ I’’.xeoutivc power -one in eon
alitutlonal, the tnher is extra-cotistitiilioiial. The first
belongs to the President as an officer With definite lime*
htiim, the tillier is ilerivetl Irtnn his |w>mi11«»«i ns lln* head
ol u parly. The Uni u Indefinite aid liutde to eonatant
(ill* reuse.
Alt. Ileury*N objection tbit the Federal Conatittitinn
gave too iiiiicIi power lo the President Is overshadowed
hv the siihsetjiienl re.natk. "Tin I'riihlntt of the t |
infr t Stnlrs will tr/ietti/V mine in ni ihe lieuil of a pnr 1
h/'* The CouHiihttttm n.i•>ht have given him liucli
ir-s power than n actually cnideired; yet coming In mi
ihe head of a p-irtv, lo wmld have tint means ol enlarg
in.’. Ins infi irnee horn tunc to tune.
At tin lime ot the adoption ol the Constitution the
people ol the I lilted Slates were nint h divided m opiu
ion. | here Were same who wished m make the (Jvne
ml (oivernmeni n strong mt* in older that u might, to
s nne considerable extent, he independent ol partieaatid
I'-tVe nn inheienl loree ol us own. Ii wins believed hy
ilicn lli’it il lie President I ad large ronstiliilional pmvs
erv he wui:Id he tin* It>m tempted IohioIi an cuhiigemrul
ol hlH sphere hy the Misti unit n'ality of laeiloit. lie
w oild l»e likely, il Witts thought, lo have a pud mud idea
ol the dig (Illy o| Ills | a 11 lull, it colllill.tinling sell malted,
"Inch would eaiiHn him lobe jeahma ul the control ol
par Hen.
lint the nppreheiiHi ui of kiilgly power was loo fresh in
the ihiimIh ol the people generally to allow of any high
aillhnnly mi the port ol ihe Clue! Magistrate. Phe
teiiilency towards u popular it'iHorpiioii ol power.and to
cardan more and nuue iminedi.i te inferpoMiioii in tiie
uIIails oI govt ion<eni, began soon allrr Ihe citiilliifilire
mt.Mil id t he in si aduunistraluin. Part y leatleis soon ap
peared; party or • no/, iinm was established; and a power
HiipeMoi to the C oiisiitniioii I nn* now reared iim II m tin*
I lie term “progr. aaive” lias been applied lulhede
iio-eracy of ilo* pieHt’iil day. Its tendency is certainly el
tli.l kind. l(m in wlntl way is, it progressive/ Is U
plugrt NHive low aids die linnet e*uthli».huirul ol orderly
government, the heller eulmceineot id justier, the more
peile't s* eu r ll y ol 11 Ii* nndpiupeiiy ufid all the right* id
the cin/en/ |s n pr* gn ssive in Ihe way ol hringuig n
gM a ler and mill greale* dt nee ol Uilelligeitee Mini Virtue
into ihe ptddi'' e oiiifils: | foes |l inilke pinnies* III eleVH
IHip ihe t.n' i» it :* I nine and in advancing enlightened
and liberal priin ipb < in n « ml- and pnluica/ I.CI the
c iiHider,ile judge ol ilo ,-e things
V. Alt.
Mr. ( I tariff) .Ian 11 In ti*h|I, a unlive born ritjf.cn nil
IV' II- vIvu• 11It. IK the in.in who ImuU tin* opinion that if I
!<• Inn! lam nit rnouih In hare taken /nut in the Kero
lolinn% he troulU hare been n Tory " And lie i* tlu I
iiiim, who, hoi- 11114 Mils opinion, no doubt huntslly, did I
•'ol Im*hiin 1 *■ 1. avow 11, w In 11 charged with tl; and, w 11It
a IimlviiUhH in u hu ll hardihood ui.d sell sati*laciiou w ere
pi mil pa I iiioii-ilit niw| added t Ii 111 lie should never regret
tliul o|iitiloii. \\ 1 heiieve he litis liever disavow ml nr
*• 1,:»' iid h. I In All my I*.vetting.liitirnal well say*—
“ \\ Ii a I ever in.iy la* • aid ol In in and III* eon (be III ol It
* 1 ri K|n i t . Ins w l-i It IiIf Iiiim been eoiiHMlenl w iih (lint '
‘lei laiainiii. I Its maturity bus lolly vindieHtrd Ins yomh
I'll predih etiuim. It he was mil old em ugh to oppugn
t> e tahnshw.nl ol IP p ildienti liislltuilniiH, he may
n'imulw I11111-0II with the iHl etion ul having contributed
largely to tlieir th ««-eruilun.”
IPii an ordinary 11 «u n i.jht have f m.d bin prntifira
tioii in de-i-rainig the msitiit ions, wtihoul libelling the,
ijen ol the IP pith!h*. Mr. lugerHoll is not one ho to be ^
oiutiti. '1 He ha*, m * * inly w 1 men w hm her* I Is a * * JI ih
I. ry ol ih.. Hite War wuh England,” in which llie
men wlto tooiv purl lit the evelilh ol that lime, and who
are now Hlive, are greatly he praiMil, even ifntiigli they
he in pol 11 ich never ho much opposed to the author of the
praise, lie did tint venlu.V to Hhiuder the living, hut he
could not lorhear tradiieing fiip dead. On page 100 of
lit*- work lie i'iiih spi al s oi Uenernl Harrison—
Thu* ciobed the military career ol William Henry
1111 rrinoti; w ho HperwuriiK served hh a member of both
IIoUsi-m ol ( ongresM, on a foreign mission to Colombia,
in South America, which he solo it, it, wu* elevated from
the chrk dnpol a eoorl to C irieinnali to llie presidency,
unit of Ur one short month of treacherous hiumtth in that
ojfirc, mar an! his rami fortune hi/ /armature 1tenth in
the />residential mansion. I he Inner was thronged with
people, even the chamber in which he died, nul tree
Iroii» idle intrusion, lit* expired with incoherent word*
of patriotism mi his lip*, he It ire diflieulic* and distrac
tions, to which hts iidmmisi raiiun whs 1 n«-v 11 hlily desim
ed, having the world, with 1110*1 men ol n!l parties iiw
clmed to think well id hi* eharacti r, to inagmfv hi* vir
11u s, exit ouate his Ethics, regret htu death, und cele
brate his memory.
This I* ilu 1 no* FMxtnfT courage—an interior animal
kicking a dead lion. IPit the man who is slandered will
n *1 find Ins pi net tul r. hi in the grave dint irhed by tins
outpouring id malignity, arid the people of the United
Si.iii*, who bowed down iheir beads and acknowledged
| that llie taking awav of (Pn. Harrison, even al the
threshhohj ol hi* presideniitii career, win a national al*
II. *• 1 loti — they will not be sh w to conclude. that what
in him t xciti - I Mr. I ngci** -ll’s ire, was Ins virtues ar.d
patriotism— \ irtui k which Mr. I.coiild not even affect,
Olid a p-itrintiKtn which he had never censed to hate,
from the day when hi* declared himself a lory. The
Albany Evening Journal, then ' re, wi ll conehuled that
j little confidence w ill he p'aeed in a work ostensibly writ
Men to « oiiinn . urate the rvi s'm of a w nr that occurred
more than thirty yea s ago, but w hich thus reaches for
w ind to assail ami cnlumntnip, w ith all the rancor ami
malignity of a pirti/.iu, the eliaracter and memory of
that i" lovt d Soldi, r, Statesman ar.d Patriot, W illiam
Henry llairleon.
IN)[.\M) AND N A Pi M.MON.
This man was anil lorn o r» a l purpose ofjustice, and
lie v\:is o i I it’d with the fjcelluR for II* execution, An
. not n| imp. roil guilt hud I ren cuiniiiitifd, of w hioh Ku*
rope was lo lie purged i»y penally alone. 1 lie fall of
Poland u us to be lefide a mural to ilie governme nt* of
llie taith, and Napoleon was to he the fifty h and that
was to imprint llte sc ni» nee upon the foreheads of the
great criminals. It is in cuiitemplaliori like these, that
the spirit I limiory ministers to t e w imIoiii of u.andiud.
\\ lalevt r may he the leinuuitmi foi individuals hevond
ihe grave, justice on nations must be dune in this World,
and here it will he done.
The partition of Poland was tin* most Comprehensive
and audacious crime ul'ihe modern wo.ld. |i w as a de
lit'cratc itisult lo the laws of nation* and to the majesty
ufitn* greai Disposer of nations. And never fell ven
geance more immediate, more distinct, or more character
istic. 'Phe capital of Austria twice entered over theb-i*
dies of iin gallant soldiery; llusaia ravaged and Moscow,
burnt; ihe Prus-aan army extinguished hy the massacre
I of Jena, and Prussia in a day fettered lor years—were
i the summary and solemn retribution of Heaven. Put,
when the penalty was paid, the fate of the executioner
i instantly followed. Guiil had punished guilt, and justice
was is he alike done upon all. Napoleon and his empire
vanished, as the powder vnnishes that explodes the mine.
t J hr ground was broken up; the structures of royality 01
'in surface were deeply fraeiftred; th# havuo Wat itotff
•o*itured into air. ,
Ills n i «ut>ii*hrn#uf of Poland would bav# been a*
id ol grandeur. It would bate mihMmIukI 4 nnw chat^
actor lor ibe whole lii V'duiion. It Would hate
llint ibe new spirit which had gone loith auttMtowiMg
the world tu legcuoratinn, was itaelf regeneration ; tint
it was not n tempter, bul a restorer; that all conquaM
wan nut selflsh, nod all protealaiu n not meant to deceit#.
11 Napoleon had given Poland a diadem, and placed it u*
the bmw ol R<iseiuako( he w ould, in that ad hate plan*
eil on Ins own bmw a diadem which no chance of iMf
In ld could have plucked away; an unfrepnliabla and da*,
/.ling answer to nil iht calumnies d Ins age, and all tW*
doubts ul poslcrity. Hr might even have built, iu lb*
MHioistion of the falling kingdom, n citadel for lit* owd
security m nil the caHiraliiiea of rtnpire; but, In ad evanta,
he would have Aked in the political heaven a star which,
to (hr* Inst recolh vllon ol ntnnktod, would have throw*
light on Iih sepulchre aod Isirnu his namt —J\lnrt(vn,
the Mtmoirt #•/ « SlulctinaH.
The happiness uf the wile is committed to tba t##pd
mg ol tin* husband. Pit.' the sacred trust and never giv*
tier cause to repent the con Admire she has repunoc id
you. In contemplating her tdiaraeter, recollect the ma
tfHalts human nature is composed of, and eipect not p*f«
I lo jnsti,to her merit*, and point out her If atilt* 5
do not ask you to treat her errors with iudiflerenct, bul
i ndent or to amend tin m w ilh w isdom, gentIcnraa and
I )u not jest nlmut the bonds of a .married state. Malt*
11 an established rule tu consult your wile on allot**
casinos. Ymir interest, in t tetri Therein a engacityj
a penetration and fniesigbi into the probable ronscqueti •
ces nl an event, characteristic • I her sex, 'bat makes
lo r peculiarly calculated to give her opinion ami advin*,
II you have any ihuA* acquaintances, whotftuniM
SMimble•gMiiiihbt, vmirwilo w tsbfa yuu to resign, do an.
Never w tines* u tear Irom your wile with apathy or indlf*
fereoce. W ords, looks, actions - -nil may be arltAetalf
but a irat is nut tpitvocal; it cornea direct from the heart j
mill speaks mi once the language of truth, nattiru and
sinceiityf lie tiNsuted when yuu see n tear off hef*h##k
lor heart is touched, and do not, ( again repeat u,d#
m l behold it with coldness or sensibility,
I .et contradiction ne avoided at all turn a.
Never upiul your wile with tbs nonnnesa of bar
relations; invectives against hersell are not half so woo**
ding. Nliiiuld auHVrmg of any kind assaif yifjff wilt,
your tenderness and attention are particularly called A»r.
\ look oi love, a word ol pity of sympathy, H sometime#
better than medicine.
Never reproach your wife with any persona! #r me*
lal delectJ lor a plain luce conceals a heart of exqtiWito
Neiirtilulity nod 110 rn, and her CniiseioimuriM of lbs delve l
noikes her awake lu the slightest attention.
\\ hen to the pretence o| others, let ynnr wife*a fun
dable pride be indulged by ymir allowing that you ilifnlf
her an ohjiet ol iiiiporluhre and preference. 'The moat
’ r 1 v 1 a I word nr net oi alii ntiuii and love |‘r «*tn you gratis
lie# lo r leelinga; and a man nCvef appeals to more ad*
vantage than by proving m the world Ins aflectiun and
preference for In* wile.
Never run on m eiitbuainslic encomiums nn other
""men rn preseriev of ymir w ile; sht does not lov# v#»*
I• t**r lor it. Much to le eomleiiiiied is r married maa
w bo in constantly rambling from home lor the purged# of
pasting away time. Sorely if be wuuts employment Ina
boose mid gardens will burnish him with it, and if h*
w 1 lies Inriceieiy, fie will And 111 his wile, children and
hooka ti e heat anrjciy in tlm world. There are mini
men who will *ii mi entire day with their bps dosed.—
This ih w rong; you should converse freely on iff futJk*
net asimiH.
lie alw avs cheerful, and pood Immured,
W lieu aofond do tiot avoid speui,;og in ymir \viH»,—
Ib w wuitieii are maenirhle of lender Irr atm* nt. Tim?
ar«‘ naturally frank and afl •ction.He, aod 10 gertf ral tli#r#
*• nothing bui ana 1 rity oi !• ok, or distance of behatiwur
1 hat can prevent thus# amiable qtiulitna front huriig o
vineed on all orcruio i*.
W lieu absent, let your ’oilers lo your wife bn warm
and affectionate. A wumnu’a licart is pcculiaiiy lurried
i« r lentlermas; and every expression and mdearmani
Irntn the man aiia l#*as in both Ajiienug and pleating t#
A husband, whrnavrr lip goea from horn#, aiimild
alw ays endeavor lo bring some linln present lo hia wife.
lu pecuniary mailer* do not ho penurioiia or too par*
licular. Your wif* Iris an cqu.il nglii with yooracll 1#
all your wordly p sessions. Ilemde#, ranllv a womaw
lias liimiineraiile tilli ng demands on her pur»e, many
litile w auls whi h it 1&1 md iieecsairy I »r a man lo Inr in*
formed of, ami which even ii hn went lo tlm truubU uf
ilivr sligallug, he wiiuldimt uiidrrsinud.
Ii) gtviug the attove an insfiwon, you will «•
bilge otic, if not many of your
I Any Ut.ADiaa
Keying, inu "■rial Cominitiionm , noil I u'rrny of f 'an
(Ml mill A iniiijf »r /inwiacrti, iet/iec(/ul/y me.nor inti.
trs \thr I'.in/icrur j ui follows:
ll appears that llm religion sf ihe Lord of Uearrn ia
hnnored and observed by ihe varl.ilH nations of Europe,'
mainly wi h llm view ofixlunimg in llm prariire of vir
tue and repressing vlen. Ever since ilie Ming dynasty
ll lias inane Us way iniu China, and has nut yel been
prohibited; leu tieeause wnnu nl llm adhervnla uf that re
ligion in China have lepeniedljr made a handle uf their
religion In net vifciotisly, therelura ihe |fi era of govern*
iue.it, mi discovering the nanir, have punished them,
IS un reeurd. During the reign uf ihe Kmpemr Risk
ing II was lira! ile.i nulled In distinguish these and pun
ish them lor ilmir nflem-ea, ihe aide object uf winch reg
ulation was lu prevent llm prubusury uf the said religion
in Chius Irmn practicing w ickedneas, and.nut with the
view ul issuing pridiibiliuns against the religimi ul for
eigti uud European naiiuns. Nuu, according to the res
[ quest ul the Envoy uf llm Fremiti naiinii, l.agrcne, llm
; loe viriuous pridessors m ihe said religion in Chills
| should he exoneruled from blame, il appears suitable lu
j accede thereto; and ll is proper In request that henceforth
I with regard mail persons, w hello r Chinese ur foreign*
I CIS, pruleasing ilie religion ol ihe Lurduf Heaven, who'
do mil ereaie disiuruaiieea, mir act impriqierlv, it be
humbly ein.'ealcd of llm Impeiiul henevolenm In grant
lin y may ho ex.meialeil Iroiii blame.. Util, if such per
sous i ecu me their loriiier ways, and, irdeprndenlly of
: nirii ini.itusuhis, .. uiiiermtnes ami misdemeanora
! ilifti iln*y will he dealt wiih according In existing laws.
\\ lilt regard In ilie I' rencli, and Ilie subjects uf other
I'licign n.ilinns, w liu profess ilie? aforesaid religion, it ia
only |w rini11■ d litem to build churches at the live pulls
i opened lur lureign commerce. anil they must mil iinprnp
i * rly enter the inner land In diffuse their lailh. Should
| any olleiid against the regulations, and overstep
ibe boundaries, the local officers, up soon as they can sp
I rebeod them, shall immediately deliver 'lient over to
. ilie consuls ol the diH'eieul nations tq be punished; hot
liny must'not rashly inflict upon them punishment of
■ death. Till* is in order to manifest a tender regard lor
* i lie common poeple, so that the » heat and chants not
l contusedly mixed together, and that reason and law
uiy hr equitably administered. That which is requests
i ul is, that Ilie good and hones! prolessors of the aforesaid
religion may berxempted from punishment: it it re*
suitable, therefore, that a res;wctful memorial be proaenl
, ed,intreatii-g tliathy the Imperial favor the atiov* tug.
gesitons may be carried into effect,
On the 24lk year of Tuan Vtcirng, 11 th mouth, 19(4
ihiy, {December US. lb-14.) ten s' received the Imperial
reply, saying
On ilie 14th month, and the 45th day (Feb. I,
1 the order arrived at Ssochow, (capital of Ke*«*’
nan.) ' w

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