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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, November 10, 1845, Image 1

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“ I'lir Uitfhi* of i It v «* in »«•% . ft ml i hr linn wl lit *t|itit • .'*
lltvll.itt !> M. TOijtliS. BUlitur._ _ 1.1 \dllil U(m (lOlIHE IHIHMlIJ.lOl CHIU;!: M, IM.V I VI#,. *19.
/ 0,Mithtdssnii-weekly, (susry .Monday and Thursday,
J, Four Dollars per annum, payable in advance. Aom*
iriarxn udlbt received,or ashorterlime Hum six months
'tad no paper will bt discontinued, (except a! tl,c discretion
■* I,tors.) until all arrearages aie paid.
^ juD'EtlTtSRMKXTS inserted at 50 rents per
...lire (or less) for every inner form insertion and 37 J
’f“ nfr for l.«> for -err,, owhr/orm imveMiom
ryKIl* JlDKEll1'ISEll i.s required to note, on Ins
manuscript, hots long he wishes Ins advertisement inserted ;
TZZscmcnt, not so noted, unit be inserted till its dis
ttitinuance be ordered.
yoJl yf.\qRLY JMYFMTlS/.VY* the terms are , fo>
, He anvil-ge of two squares, $« , for one square,** • , for
\;:. 'mrc, inner form, ,3.,. Every ..,y advertiser
nitl he required to conJliU his advertising to h,spurt,cu
mr line of busi.tess.
*f- JOB TllLVI'UVO executed neatly and expeditious
|y mad on reasonable terms ■ ,
TN pursuance .if the"terms ol' a deed ol iruat ■ xe-nlrj
A- lv Samuel Sloner lo the subscriber as 1 rustee, on
Iheav.b ol.lure 1845, ami recorded in the l lerk s ol
lit e of i be Couniv Cuurlof toaimke, lor cert am pur
nova III Slid deed sel out ; I will, oil the l/lh of No.
v» u brr 1845, in the town ol Saloni, Koiinoko 1 outily,
filial bciuo I In* 1st day el'ibe November Court lor said
Couniv,) offer lor sale at public auction lor L.ilsll, a
family ol
Cm sisllua ol a Alan, Woman and llmir five children. ‘
ITb-se Neoroes are belivrd lo be valualile, ami I he Mile'
.... ,,1 1,111 only such lllle w ill be conveyed as is vested in |
me ns Trustee. WAl. WA ITS,
lioamike, Nov. 0 I
t'aillu rs ! B'efithcrs !
Ill AVK n liaml a cmisignmrnl ul KKA I IIF.RS,
which I "ill sell low.
Siun of iltc Ltijf Pitcher.
Nu». li
VAMlAltlit; ItAAII
/•’ o u s j i. /•; .
r ■ Mir. m ti*i >n House tract of land of ilie late John
I IVnn, dec\J., containing by a recent survey up*
wards ul
s o o .# € e: § : s ,
14 ajnin for sale, the purchaser, at a former sale having
jailed to comply with the terms thereof. I’h.s land is
deemed very valuable, being well adapted (o the prudur*
lion id every Si.rl of crop grown in this p u t of the rotim*
try. It is well watered, and has a good portion id but*
\. i land ol the finest qtialny, lying on Hulftloe River
and 11 ufl* creek, and is wilhin alvmt a mile of Amhersi
e.mrl h-'iise. i'beaaid land will be sold at public sale,
111! t* highest bidder, at the late resuinee of the said John
|Vi li dee'd , on Saturday the KMi day of December
it» \ , on a credit id one, two a al threw years, I /f e pi aI i
p.iri oi.s nl the purchase money.
l.uinls Willi approved si cm ;iy \vi]l he rtquir.d, and
the title retained :t« ulliunte seenrry til p \.o iil.
Those disposed l» purchase, are invii.-d to e.vi nine
Rf r tlie.oaelvt s The land w ill tie show u by the sotiseri
l»ert residing will I re title.is uiid
ed. Mil afinij as executor, I shall only warrant sue!)
it r a* in Tinned m me b *'.e i< s'atur\ w II
chareks a. pi:nn,
, burviv mg executor.
N .r r» t!;. I)
f\H»Uoa:v < I c:.
'* I A ami G-l I' l'hl.r.l) t l.Oi'.i -, ai Is. Cd.,2.».
n u 31., 3s , and Gv | > i \ id.
t Heavy \ aril Jeans, u .» emits per yard,
4 (ilei:r »ek Jeans and uliiei heavy go. da at Is. to
•* 23 cents,
CassiurUs, Kerseys, K murky Jean4, Tweed
Cloths and Cassimeres,
r4 | Tennessee Plums, fcse., retrnrka'de cheap,
lB ] Plain and Plaid L nseys, at ’JJ. Is., Is. and
•' '£«. 3,1.
'I'j Hlankels, at 3s., 3s. Od., Js.Gd.,Ga. and 7s. Gd,
Cotton ()z taburgs and ."Shirting Cottons, remark'
ablr low,
I Stle Ltathrr, .S/iom and lints, very cheap.
iJYf 1 Farmer*. Planters and oile rs, wishing to buy Nr*
tb,i*ru,V Clothing, unusi ally low , are respectful! invited to
ihuBall and examine my stock belore purchasing.
E. J. 1JCRT0N.
■ Nov. 3 U
<)io .10 v\ i.r i hi,!; m iuia uri
LOIS i’oic mm.
)N V riilay the21s* instant, upon the premis.-s, vve
shall offer lor sale, at auction, lo the highest hid
rt, the w hole ot that valuable properly formerly iit*
Midrnee of Col. Win. 1C Lynch, dec’d. and oilier Inis
eut thereto, now occupied by Joseph It. Nowlin
:.tl i thers, containing ol) oi 4'» Miiiabi* and coir i iiiciit i
• *!ur building, several of which areol a large s l . On
pinion ot this property there are already two very ,
biulurUhle dwellings, with many convenient out lutild j
:•*. A considerable p iriion is enclosed by a substantial '
i''k wall, and the whole ol llu* enclosed ground are in
ln-;b state of improvement, having been well manured j
'i'Lveted for the last several years. J'bis property ,loj |
nm y ul location and commanding prospect ui’ surround
ig and distant scenery, cannot be r.v elled, il »«j'ialb d J
J'any u ber bu Idtng lois in (lie town nr vicinity ol
yiiiliburg, iiiidlyng, as it does, just without ibe Inn
* "1 die C »rjioration on, (>.h, 7ili and 8ih siren is, oilers •
real inducements to those to wish in build handsome
m,!y TeH'dences beyond the reach of Corpora'i>m taxes.
s such another opportunity to invest in real estaie will
reiy never again occur in Lynchburg, it is hoped'
< *ale will b« numerously attended.
I he ter.us of the sale will he a credit ofG, 12 and 18
oi.ilis in equal payments,—bond and s curdy to he i
V n* "l!^ a deed ol trust, upon the properly, or tin*
** lelaill,‘d, at the election of the purchaser, as a fur
^security until the purchase money he paid.
1 ♦* to be cotiducteiKby Col. C. IMielps, Auctioneer. j
""h 'he undersigned, will take pleasure m show j
- " nnps and lots to all wishihg t«» view them, il j
,‘***«iry iucuinplete the whole, the sale will >e con
'u,“ ituni day In day,
U.Uil.AM) & SI. \I;(;11 ! |.;it,
v 0 Alius. lur L. Dupuv tnil wile.
' £_ *21N
‘■".MAS T. MOORMAN. has associated with '
1,111 it* business, Mr. Jy rdan’ II. Marti.'*, and
wil continue the
I* roc cry a st d Vo ;n in i ss t o n
K i s i a : * s ,
''' d stand, ,j ,nr below Liberty Ware House,
" ,,he style and firm uf
au 11l(lr fiends and the public generally, will find
rs’a U'»‘>d assortment ot UUOChlUIICS,
IRi"'al)|«^ themselves to sell upon the most
mu l'fins, either for ra>h or in exchange for
• Induce. TliOS T. MOORMAN,
<• ,,, | ,Nrril)Pr |s thankful bribe very liberal patronage
'Ms a■n vvblb* 111 business, and most respectfully
^T^or ,ilft to the new concern of
k,e(j' , ^:,rlln, ami earnestly requests all those
|j( jj ,ni l" tnake payment, as he is desirous to
II..,2 busillew. THUS. T. MOORM\N.
top frrw . Tfeai for State,
CH|.'vrl!''‘r<h;|r tirr sile.nl the l.amjliorne Mills
:M:an ", wllinti he will sell fur rash,of
. ur M Iieal, at market prices.
t«*w\ t o is a on s »ls:.
^IMIK Nl IIS( RIBi.R, l avi ig purchased **(j|w?er
■ lllll, I he ruillil \ u| lh^ in w eoiinly *d \ppu«
mattox; and all detihl w lob hereto'ore existed as to the*
mle 1.1 miuI |'r.,|«Tiy, lia. i •> brrn nlvarni U|i, u> ill.- sal
islaethui ol the enuri, and the public square having been
lain ..IT. an I accepted by the Court, will ..tier lor hale,
.01 the 20'It day ol N »veu S. r m \t, to the highest hhU
! der, ntt a credit ol six. Iwh ve and eighteen months,
,iiie purchasers givmg nds w i.h approved security,
j the w huh* o| the ll irty acn s, w Inch !i*ve, limit r the
>jnei|.>n of all Ael el Im le gislature ot Virginia, been
haul i ll into ball : ere ids. | w ill, at the same lime,
oll'ar lorMile that ary desirable propmiv, the Tavukn,
J and Tavern lots, on mo h -owing terms; > i/.; mu* third
c ash, ami the remaining t ao thirds, ol the purchase mo j
: nry in one and two equal Mutual instalment*, tin* pur
! eti; s r giving bond with approved security, and the
I title w ithhold until the purchaM- money lie paid.
I bis is one ot the ha d omest (orations in \ irginia, i
j in lilt* midst ot a line and healthy country, noted tor Us
[ iiUeiilgeiice and moral landing, .n tin- groat lit -rough j
fare between I ynchburg and Richmond and Farmville,
j and w Hhill a lew miles el the .1 amos Ri ver ( anal, for a
l"n,4 s*Mies ol years, free fiom the visitation of levers
and other malignant diseases, which have ravaged other
H 'li n., ol tin* country. Being the county seal ol a
■ i y and enterprising community, and p ssessed of
so many natural advantages, no si.uatioii could all id
more at:racttons to capitalist; w Im may w isit lo puichasc
town property tor the purpose of speculation, or prides \
sioii.il fi.cn, w homay w ish to locate themselves perma
nently with a sure presp. m fur patronage, or tradesmen
w ho desire liberal and profitable mici-uragement. I am
sure I say enough to ensure the aitcmlauco uf w illing
and spiuted bidders, when I say that Clover lliil,
know ii Iruin ihcsrab-od to the mountains, is h-r sale.
Tin* Lynchburg Riquiblicaii, Richmond Whig ami
F.mpiirer are requested to publish until the day ol sale,
and forward their accounts to Cluvu Hill lor payment.
N. D. Mel).
Nov. 3 t2BN
Tin*a- sail a-: or vAi.i itiu;
I.A A 5).
1 5 v virtue of a deed ol trust « xeeut.-d to the siibscri**
1 ^ brand Randolph V. Rarksdale, Trustee. liy Arm
istcad Rarksdale, tdr certain purposes therein meiiMoned
hearing date the 18th day ot March, LM5, which deed
is duly recorded in the (Jleik’s oil! e ol the county court ,
of 1 tail tax, I shall proceed to sell, by way of public auc
lion, to the highest bidder, on the premises,
TSn’fc r/tlutibh’ ’i'rttrfs of I.aiut,
i lien hi mentioned, on a credit ot I , '■£ and 3 years.
( omuicnciiig outlie -l.il day ol Utccmhcr next, I will
sell the TRACT OK LAND on which Win. .V
Rarksdale formerly resided, containing 1200 At RE>,
ly.ng and being in the count v of llallax. upon l uiuwha
(. n ek, near M -Cra w ?s Store, a! oul filler n unh s north
ul llal.faxG.il. On this tract there is a comfortable
,' i. Dwbi.i.i.Nu Hoist: and go.d Out Houses. A
Ulil'-i. large proportion ol the Land is yet m woods. Pub t
sessio i given immedi a i ly.
And on the 5lh day of December, l w ill sell, in tin j
- nne miitim r and upon the same terms, the Tract ol ,
Land on which Gol. Join. Rarksdale lotn.rrly n sided, |
\ i g and being in the county ol 1 ialitax, upon the w aters j
-I S iin!v Greck, about tinm miles west ot the Gouti j
11 use, to an • xe**llent neighborl.uod. On this tract then j
[ , amw, *eomlortablf and cun veinent Dwelling, and
all n« i aty oul huii-ei*, Possession given imm i.lal* Is
An I 11 the 6«h d . \ ul l • • • m n?r, ut tht same niann< i
3ltd oil the same terms.I will proceed lo -ell, the *1 tact i.l
Land. • n w hieli Naihaniel Rarksdale I rmerly reKided,
containing about 300 A< r lying and being in the
county of Halifax, near ii Pnt*ylvanta line, < n tin
main road leading Iron! H i\ G. Ii to Pitt-\ van a
G. II. On this Trait tin r< t a e"it.lor'a de Do ell
jog II .iiv', fir-it tale Rartis, N ..till - and all neer.-san
Out lloiHes. The plantati■ n is in !f-t rate order, amt
siilli rent to work 10 er l‘J hand to a Iva* tuge. p.,sjts
-ion given immediately.
'Lite aliovc Tracts uI Lan ! ir.* vade: and lie- atten
tion of ihost; wishing lo pureh m* si; h pr.-perly i-ear
lies!ly reipiested. Those wishing t> view the pr tperiv
before ihe days of sale, w ill pf .i-c apply to G d. Aruns
tead Rarksdale or Elisha R irk d if . !r K-<| . w lm will
give any iniormation which may he desired.
The title to the above properly is believed to lie un
doubted, hill acting as trustee. I will only convey such
lille aft is vested in me by the deed of trust, l’he sale is ;
made by the consent ol all partus interested.
Nov. 3 tGD
ON an :! after the 1st uf November, our I\.eLets will
run iri n\eeklv.
Leave Ric hmond, Mondays. Wednesdays Mini l* ri
days at 5 1*. M.t and arrive i Lynchburg mod hours.
Fipave Lynchburg, Monliys, W ednesdays and l ri
riitya at £ A. M., and arrive in Kxlunoud next day hi
1 T. M.
Oct. 30 hn
at a: .fa o .a t* .
P gSNTlY HALL. T YXLOA, has removed
J a from Ins lormer stand to the lower room ol the
tenement occupied as the \ irgioian «dli *e, where he t*
prepared t<» execute, as formerly, all business in tbe
line ol his profession. 11 promises strict attention to
all orders, and pledges him>' ll to' \e Mite his work in
ooodand las uunable slyle and on accommodating terms.
'I horiktnI lor past favors, he solicits a share ut public
pa i mage.
('lining and r pairing promptly attended to. A
supply of |{ idy Made Clothing kept on baud, which
will he s Id cheap.
O i 30 8\v
i <■> .tierchanth anti
E H AVE for sate, at the Milton (North Carolina,)
& Factory.a large quantity nf
manufactured expressly lor common use and servant s
wear. lie,..Hams II ui. WOOF, per yard, double warp
and twisied bard. Warranted lor durability. Orders
or emiuirii'S addressed to mo will be promptly “l*d'dei1
l0> 1 J.\(). U. IJAltUEl 1.
N. II. The above goods are I r sab by
Milton, Pel 13 _LllL_
rfiMIE subscriber wishes to sell the TRACT OT
E I. \M) on which lie resides, containing
100 AGUES,
40 or «3iJ i*l wluclt is clearfil, »»».
jjjjSS^wS eight or ten acres of good
^ meadow, the rest in wnuds, .
wdRi a yunng orchard of two hundred ol Mr. Job. Sin
ion’s choice Iruit irees.
i: . n lnuiriiveirK’nts consist <>l ^ l* >» •
,b, UNO HOUSE, 50 by 20 fe. i, 1 ugh'
®3J ! j.?r teen foot r mis and a twelve loot passage
up stalls. 1 I the basement story there is
UOTfrr,r,iamladi„.,ig room MO by »l feet, will,
.. d tire places in each. Kitchen 30by IS leet. with
Two rooms and brick chimneys, Ice house, Nnnke
bouse, and all necessary out houses, i be improve
i 11,,.n t> are all new, and lbs il welling house just painted
iii fashionable style. . ,
, \ part ol’the purchase n» n«7 will bo required man,
. tha .Hinder in one and ««.•»*-,* V7'. ” W U ‘ "
1st Jan,,.ry, l b 10. " M. A CLEM1.N. i.
i Spt.20
Virginia Coke.
| AM now receiving orders lor l'oke% at tin* Richmond
I'fict*, the buyer paving all < ypeu*eo of iiaoso Mi l
lion l It t*> \\h,, waul will phase leave their orders ns
•uoti as ;Mi8*ible. |). W. MOOKK.,
A geut lor the l Miller.
Ocl 30 is
i.atr •Yatirc*
IIM)S \ y \| sill M\ki;u, having l-Miied him
A sell ol h i.mkltn Court House, will practice in the
Superior and 1 itermr courts of l aw and Chnnecrv, in
ihe counties ol lledl.n l nnd Fiauklm. Any hnNtiiess
entrusted to his care shall receive piumpt ami speedy at
And In* takes this method ol refernng, hy prrnii■'.mil,
to the following gentlemen.
Mes-rs. Johnson {s. Hoiks, Messrs Mosl*y $» Speed,
I loll ik. Sieptoe, ** Daniel is Davis,
NN m. L. C »ggin, J. St ( T. Will®,
Pleasant Ptestun, Lynchburg.
Oci. \i7 |,u
I ’nliutbU Iteil Istah for Stile,
n AM) A ». VIC la \Ollll ll(i.
^ I M 11'. Mihsrrilit’r (itl. rs 1.>i n;iU’ his l**arm. siluatrd
ticar Hi.i k water .Mills, ihout one mile Iroin I uell
burg. 1 his valuable trad coiiiiuus bet wten
4 AND 500 A GILES,
a large proportion ol whteli is in woods. There is on it
f’Tv.l M am* finished twovdoiy Mill A
/HI I.I.I.LYli //(!/ S’II, with all tnces-vary
'"™ out houses -likew ise an rxeellent Orchard.a
gmul Carden, cm limed Willi n hriek wall, a fine Spring,
ami indeed all the improvements and conveniences* ol a
comfortable residence.
I also w i alt to sell another Firm, cun tain iu,r#
<> o . j * i: /: *,
a good proportion ofwhieh is wood laud, situated just
below town, mar the toll-gate, on the Concord turnpike
Also, two PWF.CLING IIPl’SF.S and LOIS,
silo iied on i nr him in the iieighonrhood of the While
House, on the arm ol the l.yuchbuig and Salem turn
pike leading into Coke street.
I Living no particular use lor the money, puiehascrs
can obtain us long eiedil as they may desire, by sails
lactorily securing th* purchase money.
<)et h * Tit
• i<h/#iaistrufor's Seth.
ON l’inlay and Saturday the 1 Itli and I”iihduy» id
November. I will sell at the n-hlei. ol ihc lale
I liu (fills, in Hedtonl cmmiv. all the crop o| Tobacco,
Corn, Oats, I'oJder kc., grown on iln* larui ihe pres*
♦ in yea.. The Stork of I lots s, (utile, Slurp nml
11°-4*» 'be Household and kitchen I'urniluie and
Plantation l lensils. VIho as many Nmruoi-.s as will be
necessary lo pay Ih debts id lire ent ile.
Terms. — The Nrgiv.'s Will liO s,»|d Idr (•\H||. r..r
ilie perishable property, on all sums over li.e dollars, (»
mouths credit will be given, and rash required lor all
Mims under ilia! amount. Bunds with approved sceunty
"ill he required id the purchasers.
All persons having claims against said e late, arc nos
lili d and requested to bri' g them forward at the sale, in
order that arrange.ru uis may lie :u ulc n»r their payment.
JOHN l’. IIAWKINs A I'-.r.
Oct, 30 tMN
rniiLv i'll Min.
8 OO Bills, best l a oily I'lmr I i sjh-bv
Sep 1 ~j ts
a o t i < b; .
£j H \ I N < • tnlo u a h :i-e of the Mills in this place,
3 a known as iln* l.ingliorne Mills, I i a term ol
years, I will be regularly in the wheat market, and pie
pared to give the
I annp and ((round Blaster w ill al way.she kept on hand,
and sold low for cash.
Mr. Ja.mkh Siiimiin, who, I learn, is favorably
known tu ihu lanncra of Ibis region, will ni'll for inn,
and I hone lo secure thut patronage Iiom the public,
which the convenient locution id the property invites.
March 13 ts
BS.Bi fKV.B.VSt r,.CB!B>.
lb r sale by JOHN KINMf.lt St CO.
Marrh 9 is
i:iv sisstes i uv,
l.tBF.HTY, IIfivfohu Co, \’a.
IIS. I'. X. I.O.MAX, having associated MUS.
JANK 1'A Y Id'K WOltTII INI* PON mil..
inaiiaoenieiit of Ibis lusl jliiliun, Us ex* irises u ill lit1 cun
llnucd, upon Uic same terms as Lerrlulore.
Tim nndersiuiiptl Trustees and Patrons of ibis Institu
tion, take pleasure in iissuriiiu ihe public licit an expert
cnee el twelve months enables iheiu In recommend Airs.
K. V. Lomax, as a lady v ho Ins in . n rv respect
redee.oied the Ini'll reputation wlileli preceded her
Plo-y are satisfied lint the connection announced above,
will ensure lo those interested in female Kdueaiioli, ad
vanlaoes lor llte improvement uf the minds and the lor,
mat ion of th# manners ul pupils inferior To none in \ tr
anna. Will IA M TKItm .
VYM. Al. Ill liU 111.I,,
I.. Sill MAKf.lt,
JOS. \\ |l,SON,
J NO. f. SAI.K,
Dll. l ilt*. P. MITCHKLL.
lit. 'AMI 111. PI II LI.IPS,
Oct. 6 i*
i lover Seetl.
ir hushei.s superior clover seed,
3 *r ml c’niiHioiiiiieru. tor sale low lor cash.
Nov. 3 la
FUlt lIFNl'i
HOUSE. Apply m D. W. MOORE.
Nov. 3 ls
Hide. OH and M.< nth rr Store.
r g 11 IE umii rsionod Is now gullino in store, G( )ODS
E which lie lias pureliaseii at the North tor cash, and
IK prepared to sell low. i host) wishing lo buy III Ills
hue are invited I" call.
500 sides New York Sole Leather,
30 barrels Tanner’s Oil,
15110 pair Shoes and Hauls
30 daz. Hats and Caps,
Saddles, Umbrellas, Shoe Thread, Shop Pegs, Shoe
Knives, Sip.
Wholt ..lie and Retail, ai the old stand of (1. Kollan
her K Co. and opposite Davis, Calhoun St Co., Ma
Oet. 16 _ l«l»
Clii'miimil .loans,
Ju riur article lor’servant’s wear, in, consignment, and
tor sale low, il’applicd far Immediately.
Sepl.23. •»
I t..i.Yi> i o/i s.ii,i:.
0A(« AIN . lb r lui sale m\ I \K.M in N«!inn fcumr
near ill* courthouse, contMining
I MO Irrcv.
Tliif farm i> very vah»ni»b*. wdl timbered, in a v«ry
healthy iiei^'ni .timed, and w itlmi ten mile* ol ibe lames
It I v t*r l . I he terms will lie lib i tl. Apply In
the Mibs.t io*>r m I . vnehlmi ;, or Spoinwood C.ulaml ami
K chert \\ luic'liead ul NcDm courthouse.
Sept. 29
I.nud ttttd t orn fur salt.
| \\ II I. «.!• r ai puldle aneiiou, on Friday the I l b
Nove i « r ne\l, at my residence in Campbell mini
I V, I* miles lm n M ir> svtlje, my Land lytnj un Staun
ton Uiver, i iniaiiinio
200 AGUES*
of wlueli • bete are about e * acres, ol liisi rale I.OW
liHOI \l and the bal.im e eontaii s some very line
! tobacco land to clear, with a plenty ol’ umlier to tup*
; port the plantation. ADo, l JO or CM b.iircDuf (urn,
I tooether with all ol iny Co Id. r. Shucks, N.'*.
Che terms of the land will he a credit ol one and two
years, the purohuner j»ivtn z I>..ihD and approved aeeun
IV, or lln* title withheld It scenic the piy.oeu'v* The
>• »ru prnl bddei. will he a credit ol six months, with
bond and approved security.
/Oil \ MOtIK.
Del no I I IN
H \V|S|! to sell my l*l:iuf itien Kranklm county,
■ mmedialcly in the fork ol lilac' W ater and Statin
ton llivers. This plantation is iu si repair, and h is
oo,». iiunroVeun nts ; sueh as * d I'\\ t > S|‘<)|<\
mm k dwe lit*: a house.
a now kitchen o' vooil, vx till l wo rooms
jCTi helo.v and iw .hove, a new liamed
.N.unite house, I . Il.ois.’ and Dairy,ami
consul. , ,| one ..I the hands >iim Hi aituulmns in ihe uppri
eounlr\ The bind is first rale ami well llilthered. -
\ny p* son widruo lo purchase such a place would do
well to call and I ”>1, al il, is il is s. |d*"n that Midi in*
11 e o|], i * ,! 11 > i • i | fit 11 lo a s ,■ 11 ,o l
ol land h not sold privately »• lore the I lili ol November,
it will tin’ll be dl» led at public auction, tuyeiher with a
eo.id p.iiioii of the crop of Corn, Outa, I abler, Stuck,
'IVr. n will be made known »u ihe day of sale.
(let «•'
b'ok s.as.su
tr-vu. n TUI*’ ll()l SF, ami I.( H\ now in llu*
• • •s A occupation ul .1 mu * K I Inner, ami lor
IlsiSi 111'iny \ f irs llu* ichuIcIiCc ol the laic
£^.L£ < apt. Jam « W arwick. Tbit property
is in i i, lift local ion, lint very convenient to Uiihiucmn,
The \ »i.!, garden ami out lots cover a largo extent ol
o' miimI l> will he told, on a long credit, it desired by
the purchaser. Fur terms apjdv to
August fl • «
]% W US S VIIA11 M. .IKNMNtiS would wp glad to
IV B take about l Mir young I .adieu n* hoarder*. 11• r
residence is in a good neighborhood on Church street, op
I tin iJ.ip’.Mt C'lmrch, Very e mveiiien'. to all the
eboids. Faitteniar aili iin.iu w il be paid to their com*
t. ri.ive. Ttran* iititdtf known upon application.
Oct, 3 iw
eumiivo .p. goodie
• St torn tt/ nt ff.tetr.
",r 11.1. at - ini regularly tin -Superior ami Inferior
\ V ('units of the counties n|
And tiie Corporation Coi n. 'ok Lvm niirur..
All hu-JsiMi s-. ntriistrd to him w ill »e strictly nlierdetl to.
ADI)UE>S, Cluver I Jill, Appomattox county, \ a.
Oct. 3 w
'to ilie t.riitits.
d 1 \S||MI.KI.s AM) Mill hl.lNS, a bwoliful As
V aortinenl. rentalkaldy low.
Hi\i. Fiii^' ii «!•» aM '.vuul, at 75 cts. per j<l.
U* *., k AND I'nl.tiREH Ai.PU < as, very cheap.
Hi \i h and ttt.t u in.tint Sn.u'n. umtsinlly ImmUnme.
I'l.ANN m.s, w bite, retl and yellow .at Is. (id. to 7ft clh.
I'miiu.nsi:d Irish I ini ns, very l *w.
Ho.nmt Hipi.onh and ( ap do. very handsome,
Cai.u oks, at Irmn Gicla. tu the li.iuat, a splendid as
lb-sides a great variety of other staple and fancy
liewda, for suit very low, by
Ibillk Square.
N »v. 3 tN
V 1} if
Fill IF Ritbacriber, having determined to discontinue
|j his present business', is imw selling bis stock ul
at prices which cannot fail to please cuth customers. To
ih-i'C wishing to buy articles in Ins lim*. In* oilers irrcut
Ijiinsni nt. W. D. FA lit.
Nov. .'» In
u nit' Owen nnil BEtaci. Ten*,
I \ * F Im vi‘ just ... a lut ..1 llu ti i.'M Blank n ml
Green Tea", ever ..IT.*.I m tin. ...rk»“t belnre,
nnrelns.-il uf tin- e. kin T. . (nmipimy s.vntly wall*
Iisln il in llu, Ctiunlrv. These Tk.ih »r» - iperii.r In Buy
iv«> kavnrver nut .villi, ami swill as ve never lit*an
nil. retl in lliis ni.iri.nl In l ire W « i i neaily anlicil a
.•all Irmn ,11 in waul ul' superior Tee ilm price ufnini.
,V li. We liavo un hand a Ir.v .1 Cloy.I’a Kaniilv
Ham,. L R.
I'eallirri. XX oi»t. Ar.
w\fwk LBS l’ri nw Western Feathers,
1 X* 1500 .1, .I' W• a.1,
yoo ll.) Wnnl l( ills
| Knr sale low by GFURGE BAGBY.
hep I 5 l.
FA 1.1. FA SUHOV*.
Sft &
Boon arts Bibbont and lioircr*,
8 d IXF.IVIMi and openiimal Ifn-limoiul CashStoro
1%. a laror assortment "I Bonnets, part extra fine.
100 pieces Bunt el Ribbons, ijoiini eleoant styles, a,
reduced prices;
CO boxes anilici.il Flowers, some real French
2 boxes real French out side Flowers, only
loops. W.J. WILM.y
Oct 13 <»
\b;u cow*i**3iioi*i:.
f | ^ MI', subscriber* baring, this day axHudated them
* at*Ives in business under tin* style and firm of
Iwr the transaction solely of a general
COMM! S S I () .V 11 U S / .V II S S ,
. lT* r their rvicea to the public lor the sale of Tobacco,
Wheat urn! flour; and \v hell desired, ‘hey will fuake
liiier.il advances on produce iu hand. They have, taken
11•*- h.iu-*. recently occupied l»y Gibbon fet Thornton, near
Sltoclioe Warehouse.
I NO. .M.SilflTAKlR Jr.
Richmond, Oct 13 ll,i
i *
I \ Klil’l AN ( t liliKM (IM KM I
I * ii li i 4« (Sw i Ur r la ml.) Si pi. 0, I 45.
\\ « leil !!*• rin* in ilie I bligem-e which mnvryrd us t.
riltiu - » small villi roil a pi.’luirs j in* III lie l.kcnl
ilia! nmtu*, twelve inileft Inhg H r In f** m;ulr ho agree
] bit* exrhangr ot I lie ern wiled lUigence lur a in at steam
: lio.’it, w lilt'll mioii lntlih|Nitled Us to ilie i ltirmilV id till1
| lake, while we Hsk a i a mage Inf lime mtie» in tiua
Iiiierlnekwu is situated belwren I wu small lakes. I'lnin
and IIItrui, Hi ulie id the many m apirslerod r U s I n n
• d in llir lleritenr (MniIvioI l»f liUUlhef It's* prnj.vi Ion
nags, shouting not (i• «iii ihe Yips, I he Niildiniit \ and
ji'iamhur id im neenery are tMtvnrp mm d. I lie rugged
.III! the i.ailing Inrrriil ihe ‘lonely enl the bright
g list filing pin. mm id the I«»11 y Jiiii'tritu iionititaiiis, are
ill urnuod. The I'uiglish have hfdeeleil this as one n|
iheii liivurile apui.s ho irsidrner.s in laet, thn>u • h i||
Switierhiid, many Intriguers, retiring fumi himlmn
have aider led plntvs In upend their days, nr lot a huiii*
I mer ret rent. A t I. iu>aune fir many year* there have
irsi led sixty nr seventy Kunlish l.tmiiirs. uli.i have built
i little pahiei s ami »ui rounded then with all the hemillrs
'that industry and ait ran lend. Hut tin unhappy mate
"I the rummy and lear "I eivil diasriisoni has tins v ai
I driven them all away and \n.i may rend on the
e|usrd galUa, '*. / /.-ourM ur *'. / I'tHtlrt”—to lit, in In
i I hr second day after nur arrival we hired a earria *•',
and in omnpanv with an Ktiglull p nileumi and lady.
s.iiiie sixty years nhl, w hunt w *• .. \ 11h si I'hdu, look
I mi iNcuraluii tn the vafb*y ul I .unit tiiruiilieii, who tits
'"linn'll i rlrhf a led lur t'a wild Mud in niliitie semes.
I he valley isvny ionmvv, loll ha . an < verllenl ..imago
! load, leading through high itnumUiins, lowering uVei
> no nn eueh sole, and seeming I • ascend with their Inti v
peak* till they resell the iieuvms them drives The
InlUul ihe Siauhhsoll was nor place and ohjeet of desio
nalum Hyfuit lias must heutiliftilly seribed llii'No lulls
and mi11' iiiid11ig hceitery - He nay * “ihe torrent in m
shape eiuving ever the mek. like the tail id a while
| louse Htreaii’ing in the wind, *itrli as ii might he runs
reived would he that id the ‘Hale 11 >rse* nil who Ii
I h ull, Is noninied in li e \pnealypsr. li in lieillo r mist
itnr water, but a "iio ihmg helwien bulb. |i-, jiriiiieii.s
bright give* it a nave nr eurve, a spreading lo re nr
e.'inh le iuii there, w . nderliiI mol Indeserihahie. ” Tlie
water lulls I ruin the height id some '.MU leel. and in its
.h o i 111 is sum ini lino Njiiay ny tin* w nul, long lielorr
il icm*In n iln* bottom," il is lor ilns ii ason e.tiled liy
many "the I )iih! lull" It hM'iiddc* a .'icniililiil white
lace veil, throw n nvei llm r<.uk. ami drapery in |e.«doo»s.
"// uuia not noon,'* when we saw it, and we could n,»i
have had n finer lime to have *..esn it - there are, he-ddes I
lllix, liliy .„inr lulls, whose w item tumbling down the
IllnUUlBlUt) make ll loUd roar. One at the grotto of the
!Muuhba< li m very interesting, with Its Httperb mils* ol
water, precipitating tls.ll in three enormous are* ol It
• pud iliisl, sparkling in foamdes variety with x ihoiiuaml
kilo*, like a liuw’ei ol glittering Mpmglcs. I'm* lull* a
round are ol iln m .st In-aulllul green, and lhe little col
ingeH wch their flat ioo|nexlend Ihi up ill. high aomnnt
ol the Alps, looking as il limy would elide down evoiy
minute. W e walked vi i\ l.u • lamliered over r< * I,-, and
jot i pi. i s and up the hides o| the men it.'tilth, and fcgi. i
t ei I to leave this wild place. \\ • were met by I idle girls
w i’ll baiki «'l Irmt ni gmg Iln n Sw ms carol* lor a Ini
sous. They followed ok lot a l> ng lime, continuing to
sing ho sweetly Ilnur iimoulum songs, enlmin «g in ho
piteou.slv to Iniy Ilnur Iruil we tasted tin* pars, which
w erf quite tmlillereut. The girls were nmut twelve
years old, bare looied, lire -o d in the Sw is« enaiuine,
wilh blue dresses v» ry short, with u blip hotln x, and u
red handkerchief amuml their neek llm the pea unia
do not geneially look henlihy, ami many are alli-eted
with the pm hr, a din. me common in these inutmlaln
eoliollies. Il Is an enlargement ol the eland* ol the
lhr.»nl, Binl hangs down like die dulop o| an n.\. Tile
poor iillliei. il en aturi s pi. a. lit a moat horrid anti disgust
_■ .hi.
W eat lengilt return I to the cart ige where on; lor*
glish Irieuds wore impatiently wailing t o i ■ l apprr
elan d very highly tin idvani igi # ol being Voting, wl
thinking that they could hot, like uh, i|ioQut ever lhe
rocks, and up the steep hill* and through the thick lor*
est, hi sc*1 the wonder* and beauties ul nature. They
‘•antiol ascend the high watch lowers, or climb through I
the windows of ill* old castles, winch aie nlieu the otlly 1
menus uf fleet as. Viter nur rolorn in tin' t veiling w j
iook a walk to i ra»tl« ol Uiispunneii —the reputed \
residence of Mm I red, made so celebrated by the genius :
ot Hyrou. Ii H in complete ruttia, ami nolhiirg i.ut in j
"1*1 square tower w ith a 11 inking round tuirel remain,
iln* interior ol which is covered with ivy. Its Minium,
ami the acetituy all around, arc most romantic ami tui
chanting—the lolly Alpa with Ilnur snow clad huuiiiiiih
ui the rear, ami llm beautiful imnuretyio iui-eol burn/.
mi Iron I, I reail “Manlied” whilst there, which inspired
me with all tin* romance ol the tale. I gathered ;i few fiovv
ers and ivy Irmn ns ruins, as I do from every place iliai
strikes toy fancy - I have already a great many pressed,
winch will be, in alter yens, preity hut silent urn*
meutoca of our w anderings through thcas distant re
gi J
The m xl mi ruing sve took an excursion on |,ake liri
enz in a Hnall boat, with a large company, uios'ly of
r.nglish. I here m a pretty water fall at the extremity
ol ihn lake—but these are so coinuioii, that one, alter
travelling n short lime u. Sw i'z. i laud, limes mueh of the
interest in him trig them—hut tills ((ieisahaek) is very
celebrated. There is hi the lop nl the minimum, when*
tills cascade cwiiimruces, a la nil ly of |m'hs;iiiih wlm arc
Considered tile sweetest singer* in all Switzerland. The
school muster ol lirleuz in :lour teacher. W hen we lud
reached our h nl on our return — upon the highest point
ol the r cUs, far above our heads, they were all stall ii
cd, Irom lilieen to twenty in immher, ringing their na
tion 11 songs, Hceo npained by llm Alpine horn. It l<» *k
| id more like a picture than n reality. We loll tin in
! still m their wild music; and lor »onn little distance tho
echo ol the Imrii and their voices was noruo to us by thn
passing hree'/e. At the village of lliieuz, at the end of
the lake, we Slopped home Ifim*. Tlie peasants were
healing out lliX, and some were employed in carving
wood—which is done with astonishing nicety. They
make boxes, XjH.ons, forks, bow Is and toys nl every va
riety. V isiters Imy a great many—You can scarcely
tinagme how neatly they are eX'-uieil, with many
tM'Hiitilui flowers on llieir boxes, and various figures mu
bouse. I.
| \\ a w.tlunl one evening in an old rastle situ a led in
another part "I the lake. Ah we passed through a small
I village, a little hoy uiul girl followed iih, wiilioul inviia
Hon, lo guide ns on the way, in expectation of rofir*e id
a lew hail. v\ e generally discard these idlers, and w<
paid no ailention to these little cbildrerf—hut they lo!
lowed on, mom Iv.rtuua'ely for us, fur We should have
lost otfr way, tl being alter dark when we reached the
castle, and they proved very useful in taking us through
the hushes and b\e paths. The little jgirl Soon struck up
a rustic tune, and continued nfiiil we told l.ef, "that
j won Id-do.’’ We gave then, a bata, (which is about
• three e.enls,) a small copper coin mixed with silver. 'They
| were much d< lighted; nod conducted us hack lo our inn,
I which we reached long alter dark.
We have hjh nt a week most pleasantly in this place
it live I runes a day, and living as well us at tire best
hotels in Paris. We have lakeii daily rambles to Knout
interesting spot. You would he amused nt our equip
merit in the morning for a mountain excursion—W uii a
closely girdled tunic, a strong pair of high bouts and a
long pole with au iron spike nt one end and at llie other
the crooked horn the chamois/ -we eel out—the polo
assist* much in climbing the Bleep acclivities of the inmm*
tain*—but 1 would not advise a nervous person to attempt
such jaunts, for m some places the path is ho narrow,
that were you n>clnnge the position ul your feel, down,
down an awful abyss would he your descent.
I.a usa nn r., September 8.
On leaving Inlerlacken we had to retrace our steps to
Herne, to reach this place-btuaied on the iiorih ♦ast
ern part id I/ike (feu* va. The country from Herne to
Lnu. anne, is most lieatitiful and inlcresliitg. A feeling
•f regret Ircquenily closed my mini, a* !• pa;*c<j| aioim,
I dial I lie people should h* *•» unwise a* In Uy wist* »nd
dcstfoy such lovely place* by civil wraf. 'I'll* pesSSttUf
ni many places wen manufacturing |foUe*y uf various
kinds in ilieii coll age* — ihefe were out. In dry, l*rg*
tn. w Is nnd ppehers ol < very . */e and form. The mtta*
lp s were small, nful smell rfweelly uf the lie* m *wn
hay, slowed so ay m on** pari, sen mg as a barn. VVs
itntilttNome stop ni Moral, to change horse* a lull* vtU
hi'T niitiait-d oil Ihe ••as' -Imre ol l.ike Moral, surroiirul
ed I• v lends! fortifications. Ilyron says. “it is a *p'»t
Him should riol he passed hy in vain** There is a fine
inoiiiimeitl creeled oter ihe remains Slid Is.lies Collected
Iroin il e haule field It was Sunday; ami ** we pars
ed fimi village In village, ihe road was full ol peasant*
dicNMcd in ihcir Niindav g.mh, wnli iheir hook in hand,
wrndmg H,eir wav in ihe village church. Th* wnnieU
wore lliohN Urge ties which ate Inslil. liable in Paris lor
t hild.ru. I d.tl mil mm h ndmire iheir dress they *r*
I Mid ol black unit red, ami seemed rhcerlnl and happy,
1 he day was w ir n mi l iln roads dusty, ami il vvss an
t;;ret .Pile it liel it. Icave ihe Diligence and enter a corn
i-liable In tel ai l.aucinne, which e .lit minded A fin©
v lew uf ll.e lake.
I he nhj t is of ■ 11raeiion at l.nusaitrie nfc few. ft*
Cal In ill 11 is said to he tile finest In S w Hi 'rl.ind — of
Hoihie Ntrui'liirr am! m he admired lor its simplicity ami
neatness h con l a ins the Imilhs of inn o y celebrated
per* i.sges | noticed a beautiful monument e fee led l*s
the un mol y o| N|rs sMi,»if,rd ( alining It is n vans
wnli a (us rt lief e\efiit» t! hy II -iiiulmil of Flutene*.—
Uesith . the many splend tl edifice* uf the Fnglish in the
en vin ns ..I the tow n, them men great many oilier villas
which aie owlied by the native eitiv.oi.s. Our ho el is
situated vt iv near the house in which Odib< n, the great
it 1stnila n, i.'Hided, hih* he w rote the *' I )eclllie if rid Fall
ol ihe K ina, I .input " ami the hoiisn uhric Napo
leon re-idl'd, while line, is immediately opposite, hi*
the margin ol the lake. F.0111 our window wncan se#
the linle sk ll- ll „. ug utionl on the Httiuolli surface uf
111« lake, w 11 se w stei s Kcctii as irantjuil as a enfl stiili
nm' tl.ty. It is a |..vdy scene, hut mipl. more beau
iiltil at sun set the sum* mellow pain pink lint that
surrounded the Inn >t mi, as seen Ir in the hiiii.mil of Mf,
K'glti, ippi .ti* In it , and the sun’s Iasi lays, lingering’
on the-iniwy heights ol tloiml Wane, are Irulv lovely.
I'liefe is a very pretty leiu.vm lum. oft lie hotel, w here
I have spent many an evening hour cij tying the dr-*
I ghllnl pro-poet ol the water m'ciu* hy moonlight. Hot
nolle Hut the pen nl a Hirmi t an do justice to hocIi n
tlii'iue. Ile lias heaultitilly described ll during an u«
rii111 tl calm as will as during a raging storm. Tlitf
w alt is of iln* I kc tlo not re-emhle Un- dt en imlnn enji.r
"I 11»«* net an. Inil look lit »n* like ihu lovely light hluti
ul IIlf t I nolle s i sky • I In* mi 11 oil ini big » riiui v, how
• Ver, m inferior lo that ol I, ike i .uctnne, which m tn>
grand mid Sublime—oil I.akulJimvu il it> ol a Hotter
I lo re me many fine Vineyards 1ft llift vicinity ut
I .me auiie, nod orchards ol delieiuiiN fruit — plumb* «*f
the fluent flavor giccn gage* as large an an egg.—Tim
K fa I • h nre list rt|4 mug, and look mo u mpiing ihm, ns
an old v\• •himn ptm*id me m ihe rottd \emeid iy, near a
vineyard, with n banket lull on her back. I look out a
cluster In limit*, nml not being able to ask her for thrui
m her own language, f showed them it» her — whim shli
•milled and nodded n welcome. I he weather in i»t»nr
line lor ripening lllfcgfape, to the great rebel of (he vint
ner*. who were vary de-tpo uling with ilia bar ilgicat
loan Irofit the long wet Weather.
This loan h iuicr»tcicd by many ruvmen, nyl*i«rli
make i he at reel a a Meric* ol ti|« and dowint, and lulhcf
uiipleasint lor one walking In a hot Miiiiinrt’fl lav.—
A A e took n long walk yrsteidny lo the highest t Iwvatiou
nhout I ,.himhone, culled the ••.Nigiml”-— lho jNi*rnl \vh»
b<n«o, hut not very wteep; and w hen we arrived upon Mi#
Muinitiit, we wi re glad to i. si out wirtry Inrihs on a ma
tte bench hew o out ol n large log, and enjoy Ihe tellglil
lul hue/.* that rustled through the thinly Mcatlered
lteen. Our view ol ihe suirouiidmg country Armnst*i«
i. mo il a the * ye could ri a-h every wldfp rntcrapartN
• I wi ll richly eiiinva ed (aims an I beautiful villa*,—*
I lere w e sa! I >r some tunc,« uj >y mg the lovely r retie,
md talked d home,—u Hound more noli and sweet nml
I welcome l» mv < ur than ev. r before—till our atteniiorv
was aih.ict, ,| to tin mrivul of a pnrty of (Jermau tttr
deuis, ^ liotn you find Irnvwlh^o every ’. hern thfdogh
the e>'iiiiifjf, 'di l"oi;wiih thru knajwick* "ii thair hack*,
dress, d in r nli r a gmte apie and absurd manner.—
I lo-y go together in large par lien, living very rhnp,
view mg every object ol curiosity, mid n i doubt ginning
much mioriiiulioii. Tlosc (ierman students and th«
Kngliali are moat of ihe I ireigners we meet with Imre.
Since I en v log l *.» i in we have met with tin Americans,
cierpl one In Hilly in (»• nii.'inyi# The gfealcf portion of
the people here speak Drench, which makes our inter
course will) them very easy.
Alter our hiMgue was over we continued our walk
through a long mi l noble tores', where ilin Druids for
merly Wuj*diippi'.J their hcHlhcii god lift— ft is called
'In hi i o I •** a, i»a. i" 11: n, firing ipille tliirflty, WC I ink
ed uhuil I ir Home time tor water, when, approaching a
lonely collage, we were u >1 nine rejoieed ill in surpris
ed to heliuld a si ream spoilt mg out Inin the trunk ol n
large tier. ()n approaching Ihe tree wif fnllltl that *
nice pipe had been inserted, and H iMiiih op througll the
hollow trunk- -the water was ns clear and co!J us the
frozen tcc.
I lie weather hns liet* une settled nmlrpiite warm, ft
will enable the people to linish saving their hay, whieli
is ail Important crop in this country, nnd some of their
gram also, which Ihe long rains had already much ii-*
jlired. We have passed p.,me (folds of t ye whieli IPPlfl
ed entirely ruined. This is the evening of the third day
spent to re, and we i»« making ready lo? our departure
in tin mofoir.g lor (Jeiicvtt.
Mate iimit-r iicoi in Trust*
S|l lisl \.N I !U the provisions of ft deed executed
to us, us 11usiees, by II ehard S. FJIih, hearing
dale the iiO«h day ol May I8.‘58, which is duly recorded
m the county court clerk’s • • III re of Amherst county, we.
shall pr ceed. ai Amherst couM lum e, on Monday the
I Till day of November n»\i, (that being court day,) to
r.i II, tu the highest bidder, lor cash, the following real
nml personal e.siair, conveyed to os by lift) said deed}
iliai is tossy:
A valuable tract ol land, «a>,l t<* contain
'113 .at /u s
lydrgofi and adj lining Hie Tobacco row mountain, *
l> .ni nix uni'n from Amherst court house, on which Ja*
rot> Tyree now hv. « as tentni, it being the same laud
purchased hy said Kills ot W illiam li. Garland.
Also, tho following otlieMr;‘ots of land described id
the .said tleed, as follow* :
nl land tn wliieh Lindsey llnrks now resides. Also, a
traet ol land lying at the Pea Vine Mountain (in Am*
lorst,) adjoining A r.ni.-t'ad ,s Glover 11111 tract, called
'Foley’s plain*. Anri another tract adjoining therein for*
meily owned by Waller Williams, and conveyed Ur
in trust, to secure a debt doc to d Kllia
from Biiii Williams and purchased by him the said Kilt#
at tin* sale t!i *reo| by the trustees.”
“Also, one other tract railed Cforfevly tract, nuw i»»
the occupancy of dame* Davis.”
At ihe saute ti:i?e and place, we will sell, upon the
same terms, lour valuable young and likely SL WIX
e mveyed by the said deed, that is to say, Fraukev,
garet and Sally young women; and Preston a young
man, or so much of the said property as shall be suffi
cient in satisfy a debt securer! by the said deed1, aud due
11 the Farmers* 15 mk of V irginia.
\\ e believe tile title to the said property unquestioned,
but, acting as trustees, we shall convey u;ilyt lluyt which
ts vested in us by tin* deed aihreaaij.
dAMKS GILLIAM, f Trustee#.
P. S It the Lib November next, shall baa rainy
day. the sale will be utad*»-Tus*Jay the 18th.
Oo 16 117V
I1TIU I tHIU 4 ( lCi:S> UAIIv
•> (1(H) I n> »!' ":‘j ■*■«•. H. Kfiji’n family
r l- USD HAMS, ju*i recimd. for sala
!< *Oiy WM T. YOL'NG.
i Oo. 15 i«

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