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,§tpopulation is now estimated at nearly 10,000, and
■hr capital invested in its manufacturing establishment!
T,! about a million ami a half of dollar*. The rapid ac
'iressiun uf cipllal and snlerprixp, with the imlispu'ablc
resources, manual and metallic, of the surrounding coun
try, cannot fail to awaken the allenlion of Virginians In
the value of these interests which they have so strange
ly regarded as too insignificant or valueless to engross
their attention.
1'here have also been exhibited Silk fabrics, consist
ing vestings, velvets, gloves, &.c., the exclusive product
ind manufacture of Wheeling and its vicinity. How
nngular, that the manufacturing capacities of our ow n
inwn, ind the valuable lands in the country around it,
jo not attract the capital and cnlerpriic of Northern emi
grants ! Sorely they cannot he much lunger ignorant
,1 the inducements to emigra te to our section of Virgin
ia, where, wiili every climatic and social advantage,
ihey may obtain a homestead for less Ilian it would cost
iliem to exputrale themselves lo Oregon nr Texas,
The Washington paper* received yesterday inform us,
that, stimulated by the taunts of the uncompromising
I iJvscstcsof “the whole of Oregon,” for their delay, the
' cimmitlee of foreign relations on Monday last, introdu
nai a hill giving notice to Great lirilain that the treaty of
occupation shall expire within the twelve months
| prescribed in thas instrument itself. It was received
with manifest delight; and there is no doubt that n w ill
freeive the vole of an overwhelming maj oily of that bo
dy. Upon the Senate, therefore, we must relv, as m
lines pass, to save the country from tins dUasirousconse.
equences of such reckless legislation. '1 lie minority uf
llie committee submitted a counter report, based upon
ike assumption, the truth of which seems to me to he
elf-evident, that the duly *1 giving this notice is the
leculiar province of the Executive, and that Congress,
,y the enactment of such a law, would be consequent ly
pithy of a flagrant usurpation. Thai, as a guide to thc
Kxecutive, and for the purp ise «f exerting a just ami le
[inmate influence upon the mind uflhal officer, Congress
night properly express an opinion that the notice ought
„be given, n i one will deny, yet n is apparent to the
ii ist superficial mind that tho act of making this deter
iimi 1 mu known lo the Urilish government, is an Exec
love function, and consequently lhat it does mu come
vithin the scope of Legislative action. Dm. it is very
bvinus that the war parly intends in permit no obstacle
o impede them in the accomplishment of their object.
The debate on the Oregon question, in this new anil
note imposing phase, was continued un Monday; Mr.
liidoings, who has shod in the House for some « ears,
■ linos! “solitary and alone” as the champion of the Abo
liiiouists, leading off in a speech characterised by his u
,4.11 iufl iinmaiory and fanatical spirit. I le avowed,]* hat
Mr. Adams more discreetly concealed, I lie oitihre which
induces him m go uncompromisingly for the filth degree,
whether war be the consequence nr mu—indeed, with
the solemn conviction nn his mind (differing w 11 It Mr,
Adams in (hit respect) that war will necrsinrily and
ipudily follow. And what is tl.e motive ? Ii is m
procure territory for the creel ion hereafter of non-slave
I,aiding States, in order to offset the acquisition ,U Tex
as in the South. Southern men, he said, had set the
example of disturbing the "balance id power,” us settled
by the ronslilulb n, and lie is now I r “returning the
poison'd chalice lu their lips,” alwlalrver expenditure
III blood anil treasure—anlieipaling, with certainty, that,
llilioiigh the fields of the South may be drenched with
p»re, ami its great interests prostrated, yet that the agri
nilturaliats of the West and the manufacturers of the
Hast will reap a rich harvest of profits—and allndii g,
with fiendish magliguity, to the possibility even that a
untile conjlict may constitute a not very unimposing
Im lire of the great drama, resulting in the “universal
municipal ion of the hlack race, in whose behalf' his per
verted sympathies seem «o hr wholly engrossed. I need
fi ercely ask whether Southern men should regard the
acquisition ol'the ** whole ofOregon” as so very essen
ti11, that, in order to obtain it, they are willing to eu
c >wiiter these threatened perils { Are they willing to,
none wiih the latutic Guldmgs in a crusade for the “i .\
Ifnsion ol the area of freedom,” in accomplishing which
l iey will only encounter, in common w tth other portions
hi the Union, all the iuconveniencies of war, hut the
aiditiooal haztuU and lianl«hij>s consequent upon their
peculiar postiloii ? The “w hole of Oregon” may he a
convenient phr .se lor demagogues and political aspirants,
lull the people of the Sou'll at hast, ! lake it, will hold
lo a strict account such of their representatives as may
give their sanction to measures that will lead to such ir <
mnediatde mischief, in order lo keep the balance of pow
(*rin equilibrium, or to incline it in favor of the Noith,
already too strong, in the opinion id some of our im si
tigariutis statesmen, fur..or safety.
A this's, Greece, Oil. b, Jb45.
You see we da r from
Fair Greece ! sad relic of departs! worth.
Immortal though no more,—tiioti**h fallen great I
And really the dreary rfesolulh*i of ft.e country, ai d
the ill graded appearance ol ihe inhabitants, has hunsli
hI fiom my mind all I lie romanlic notions I had forimd
of it, and hilly prepares me to give you a simple narra
tive ol our trip liere, ami to speak ol things as I havi
seen them. We left Trieste on the evening of llu* 1st
iiMaul, and a lovelier evening I never saw as we hid a
•lieu lo that pretty town, surrounded by im barren lulls.
We had for our passengers, in the first da <s, which we
occupied— (perhaps you do mu know, that in ihiscouic
i ry i he siea m boa is have their divisions, iadi decreasing
in price, as u.i the rail roads,) two Knglishmen and a
German, who is private {Secretary lo King Otho. The
wcond class was occupied by a company of opera singers,
who were going to Constantinople for t tie winter, which
compliled our number. Thefirsi object which gave me
delight was the sunset on the Adriatic—I have never
witnessed any thing of the kind so irulv beautiful, and
l had hitherto thought that “a sea of gold” existed alone
in nuets imagination. We were most highly favored in
having fair weather and the gloomy day of sea sickness,
from Venice to Trieste, wiicli I so much feared woo d
be related, was soon forgotten w hen we sailed so gi inly
over the placid waters ot an mini filed sea. Storms Jire
frequent and terrible on this sea—and it is said to he tie
characteristic of these waters, that it is a perfect calm or
a rough and dangerous sea. We kept in gjuht of the
narren aim tieeuiate shores til Ihtlmatia lor nearly iwo
iliys, tun as we arrived near ihe island of Corfu, the Al
banian eoasl made its npjtearanee. This is the ancient
lllyricum. We arrived at Corfu un Hie morning of Hie
third day, and rested there Haifa day. We tuuk a little
boat and went ashore and rambled all river Ihe town.—
This Hand is under the prnttcUnn (government) of
Knglanri, and as we approached we saw the English
banner waving . n the top of a strong and beautiful’fur
hniatiun, not yet quite completed, and in the streets En
Bhsli officers and red coats in ahundance. The streets
are very narrow and dirty. Here lor the first time we
vaw any number of Alban ans assembled together_their
costume is quite singular and very gay—some ol the
men wrre drrssed very gorgeously, ktriled to rite knees ,
tvillt a Img w hite kilt, gold winked coat, crimson vel
’cl jarki t with a silver mounted dagger—their complex
ions ire very dark, and with their long mustaches give
them a truly temciuus appearance, and in reality their
rightful looks and the intense heat of the sun, made us
Cad tort treat to the shady awning of the Elleno, (the
fame of our boat,) and partake of some fresh plucked j
oranges, which tve had bought for a trifle in the streets,
is quite a different fruit and of far more delicious fla- '
or, when eaten newly gathered from the tree. They
ave another fruit here celled gizelloee, a native of tilts ,
dark color and small size, resembling the date
,8lp' but so rich that one cannot cat but few at a time.
HcP ar'* a,’d kept in that state fora long lime.—
Iuad',frfVP- *’ a ma" eame hi nur steamer with a boat
•teliai ',U't—aniong which were the lotnile and water
I'V« 'pb‘ Corfu at half past twelve and were soon
*hich^ "Ur Cl,urs® 'n,° 'be waters of the Mediterranean,
'be L tt,S PPrcpPl*b,le from the increased motion of
*>t al(8n<^ ^ * l*1'*1’ re8rPl ■<> part ftont the luvely j
>v er8 “ 'b,e Adriatic. The evening was made pleasant '■
tJ °ur. t“'v passengers, Ihe Aclois, frequently favoring
"n<; °f "ll,,!n "** vpO p"i«I.Ui»snlP nml
li lit ' l *10 ' "8“ ,lU ll"‘ l"1’, I liUppoM , I Ill'll (;hl
e., ill ,i" ! . " ,M "pp"n- " •• |»w
uii. r’, l •? !'"*• &<‘-"l"th hnvfbrrnw |„n8 h.. n
■ niiniirlal.ilcl by s B„3l ,««•, „ ,|.e "|sl,s
**ru,h * ,lMa"pp' <><■« ruuld net 1* wilt,
'■li pup lie suiUiiieii, ai ll, m.,r, Jj ih
I'O Jrt. m.llimg- but limupnia nune,, rucks, riai.m mil
; ilMMin ai, wuhuut the i«M token uf ... .
i ' , 1 a“ grape, anilsmiu fruit. Still piwta have
hern lice used to represent I hem ns the fit ahnilc of gods
. , ff^'le^et clothed in everlasting verdure.* These
Hhmds are very numerous, rising mu nf the sea on
whichever side you look, many ni ihe smaller ones an’
uninhabited. Toward* sunset we rounded the bay of
IN a varum, where the fleet **f the Tuiks were destroyed
hy 'he r.uglish and French. Tl.ere are here immense
cavern* h rmed in the rocks by the everlasting washing
"I the waves ol the sea. On the coast of Gieeee, in a
hall hour, we passed (.'..ran and Moduli, which present*
e.l a singular spectacle, desolate beyond description—ihe
houses very low and small, wiihod'chimneys, and every
Jhing looking truly comfortless. The moon waashinliig
lino filly and the heavens were thickly studded with
brilliant stars as we Miiuded Cape Muiapan, which I re
meinht red very well,lor having in my early school days,
III my geography -lass “got above” several ol my class
males tiv saying ,8n was ihe sou i her most cape in F.u
r"lH * Fhe following day wo arrived hi Syra, and
were then m the waters of tie Archipelago. Syra is
the only town on ilie Island, and a more desolate spot I
never saw — not a solitary tree or green object meets Ihe
were compelled to remain lu re a day and
night lor Ihe boat to lake us to Athens. The shores
looked so uninviting, w« did not venture from our boat,
and tin* heat w as so great it would he dangerous to have
exposed ourselves, i’he city is of some extent, built
on a hill resembling a sugar loaf, with a church ai the
top, and the aides down to tin* water’s edge, covered
"ilk Gre» k houses. And nl night, when the houses
are lighted, looks very beautiful. At night our Actors
gave us an opera, and nothing was more delightful than
10 listen io their rich mellow voices, tor which ihe Ital
inns are so famous. The moon and stars shining bright
11 with a Iresh and cooling breeze, added much lo the
pleasure ot ‘he scene. J here wt re several boats lying
not far Irwin us, and some shifts p >rldriniug ijuarrentine,
who wtre so much enchanted with ihe singing, that ai
the conclusion of each air, the audible “grazie,” "bra*
vo, ’ (thank you,) resounded from ship to ship; and one
of ihe ships went so far as to make a temporary illumi
nation in compliment lo the performers. The hist eve*
mug ot our slay here we look a little boat and rowed to
ihe Lazaretto. It is n most dismal place, surrounded hy
a small yard, without ir«e or grass. I rejoice I have not
to perlorm quarrenline in so comIbrtless a place. We
r«de along ihe (pints without landing ami saw much sur
and business in ihe s'reels, and many ships building nl
wood, brought from the Island of Negrojxint. When
we h It Syra our boat was crowded with Greeks, who
slept on deck, covering themselves wnh a carpet. In
the morning, when I awoke and went ou deck, I found
'hill "e were in the/Kgean sea with Athens before us.
I involuntarily said to myself, can that be Athens ! —
W e passed by ihe straits ot Sal,-unis and very soon arri
veil ai I'irauis, ihe port of Athens five miles distant from
the latter place. The part ol I’lrams forms a bow, ihe
two ends of which approach so near to each oilier, as to
leaveonly a narrow passage. It is a tine I.arbor with
very deep water, capable ol holding some fifty or sixty
small siz”d ships, (hough ihe ancient historians, say it
lormcrly held six lo l ijhl hundred vessels. Oil landing,
we look a carriage and proceeded ou the road to Alliens,
every step watching elnsely '.o perceive some t race of ihe
ancient greatness of iIns land. There were some remains
of a w all along the way, and the tomb of Aniiope, the
Amazon—but no traces ot that of Menander or of Fu
rl pides or the lit tie temple dedicated lo Socrates, once
located on ftie borders ot this road, could now be seen.—
As we juis-mJ along I cannot express in you how singu
larly every ',,ing struck me. Such poverty and desula
lion! We met troops of mult* laden with brush to
burn, so heaped up you could only discern 'he POof 2*d- i
mals head, mounted by a Greek,dressed in their peculiar !
costume wnh a most savagi ►like countenance. For more 1
• ban a mile our way was over a plain or desert of sand.
A caravan ot camels, heavily laden, conducted hy Turks,
were jus! oeiiirp us. \v e soon began to see grove sol
olive trees and figs by the* way side*, which became lar- !
ger and mote numerous as w e approached the city. Carts
loaded with wine in skins going lo Roaris, were frequent
m ihe road, and eve ry non and then, you could see the
(•reek women at tin ir we lls drawing water, with a
leather bucket tied to n rope, Turning from these hum
ble objects, the Acropolis is the lir-t object that strikes
the eye from a distance, and is the* grand presiding won*
dci eit Athens; Imi this and either monuments of antiquU
ty here* of gre ate r magnificence, than eve n my imagina
tion or faney had ever conceived, which strike* the* view
"ii every siel**, | will elefer to d* scribe nil I have an op
portunity to examine them more minutely.
W e passed Sapirn’s leap, which even to this day, is
said lei lie much reported by tirele lit lovers; and some “so
tar gone” in tha' blind passion, as In attach artificial
wings ter their bodies to aid them in their leap.
At an adjourned meeting of the various Temperance
Societies ol this low n, held al the Raplist Chinch, on
ihe evening of’Jan. 2, 18-40, the Conunitiee w ho had
been appointed lor that purpose, reported the following
memorial to the Hostings Court of Lynchburg, lor the
suppression of ihe sale ol ardent spirits ;
To tlir irm shipfnl the . Jhlt i tiuui of the Jlusting*
('inirl of 1 .t/nrhlnn g :
The undersigned memorialists, citizens of the tow n
of L \ nchhiirg, h* iog de« ply interested in all that a fleets :
its order, iis inoraliiy, its repuiaiion and its general pros
perity. regard ii as ;i duly and feel it as a privilege, in
appmach ns authorities upon any suhjer l Rib ciiog-the
one on the other. The people of this eommuniiy being
the constituent $ of your honorable body, and having con*
tided lo y*t the execution of ihe Ijws, ihe punishment
ol ( rime and tl*» suppression of vice as lar as th« laws
invest yon wiiii authority to do so, do not leel them-!
selves a« usurping any privilege or impertinently med
dling with ytnir dunes, in railing your attention to an
evil which Iras strongly seized upon our community
ami deeply aillictsit, ami w hich, to a great extent, it is
in your power to correct.
I he evils of intemperance are not only extensive, hut
nre penetrating every avenue of our town, and in its
fiery and destructive course threatens to carry desola
tion and ruin to every bouse and into every family.
Time after time, the lather and the son, the aged and I
the young, are indiscriminately drawn into its destruc
tive vertex, and involved in a common ami rutnmis fate.
The altars of religion and the temples of justice do not
escape its powerful influence, hut are often shaken to
their very foundations by ns disastrous assaults. Ily
its pernicious eflicts the State has sometimes to mourn
l lie overthrow of some of its wisest citizens and most a
hie and accomplished statesmen; society the dimming
ol some of its brightest stars; and wives and children,
the loss of a kind husband and good lather. When we
see all around us ttfe vnd effects which this dreadful evil
has inflicted upon the world, our country, our town and
our ow ii domestic circles, shall we he deemed imperii
lient, obtrusive or overly zealous, when we invoke the
constituted authorities of our town, those who ars the
conservators of the public peace, to unite with us, os
far as they have authority to do so, in a just ami impar
tial administration of the Jaw , in suppressing this dread
ful ami increasing evil, and save our community from .
all its terrible consequences.
Your memorialists feel well satisfied, that if they can
point out to your worships any injury which has result
ed to the community by a lax administration, or a misia -
ken interpretation ol the laws, authorizing the sale, by ;
w holesale or retail, ol ardent spirits, that your worships
w ill not inly hear us with pleasure but take great delight
in connecting as liir as you can, the consequences of the
error, and avoid for the future the carelessness which
has hitherto characterized your course u{>on this sub
The Legislature of Virginia, from time to time, feel
ing the necessity of placing the sale of ardent spirits un
der those severe bat salutarv restrictions, which did not
infringe upon the rights and privileges of the citizen,
have, under a heavy penalty, restricted the sale of ar
dent spirits •*to be drank where sold ” to Ordinaries, or
as they are commonly called. Taverns. To prevent
the abuse of this law. by the setablisliment of mere drink
ing houses in the name of ordinaries, the law provides
that no license to keep an ordinary shall he granted, un
less the court shall be satisfied that the person applying
is a man of good character; is prepared with all the tie j
cesaary accommodations to accommodate travellers, and
moreover, that his location is a proper one and necessa
ry for public accommodation. The use of the authori
ty to keep an ordinary lor the mere purpose of keeping a
a lipling house, forfeits the authority and is puni-liable I
by a heavy fine. *

In flic a dmim-t ration of tin* law are your worship®
P*ppa red to rredii I tie assertion, that there are now
tern houses wIlhtn the limits of y our jurisdiction hi w blob
ardioii spirits are leiatUd, "lo he tl.ank irhne told” l
And ran you possibly believe that all ol them nr proper
location* lor taverns, or that they are all merman/ t r
ihe accommodation of tins public ? finely—surely not,
\ ci, your own ircurds prove the melancholy fact, that
every one ot ihese houses, nut at proper locations lor Or
dmalies,—.not necessary for the accommodation of the
public, and III which tlpliiig houses and tipling houses n%.
lone, are kept, are authorised to retail ardent spirita by
your authority.
In addition to this, there ax* fifty six houses in which
*rdent spirits art' sold by wholesale and retail, hut not
tob'urank whets sold. The law permits merchunia to
retail ardent spirits at their scores, but not to be drank
tfu*re, provided the court will enter upon record that they
•ue 11m*n of honesty, probity and good demeanor, but,
• •ns, like die oil er authority, isoliett most cgregiously
abused, and tin* privilege which it confers peivtried lo
the most pernicious purposes; and it is lo such eases, the
corrective power ol die eoun la entreated and invoke*).
\our memorialists cannot but imagine that the slate*
ment of ihe number ol houses at which the trade in ar
dent spirits is carried on, in all n* various forms, will
in' astounding in llie conn, and will readily account for
much nl ilit* disorder, the riot, ihc poverty and w retch*
edness w hu h so extensively prevails in a ('>111111(1111)',
numbering not more than seven thousand. Day lifter
day, and night alter night, some riot, some disorder and
nightly revels, disturbs our tranquility and amio)«
(»ur J’ejK »■, and the intlorm duly ol the Court at cacti •>!
tin nioiitlil) sessions, to investigate Rome ( reach of the
peace, and place uoi. e ol its citizens utrler the reatruiir
mg influence ul rccogntz met*, point* too unerringly to
he mistaken, at the prolific source ut ihe most ot these
riota and disorders. The influence of ( tie such house
upon the peace and morals ot the community is suflicniit*
lv disastrous, hut (lie current which the combined m
(luence oi all produces, is too impetuous ami overwind*
mtng to he rotated. F01 such cases there is no remedy
hut the strong arm nl the law ; and its rigilant, energetic,
(earless and patriotic adniinisliatiou hy those in author!
\ our rTnertiorialists disclaim any intention of ask
ing the Court to interfere with the lawful tights and
proper privileges ol any citizen, who in the exercise ol
his lights, is doing that which by law lie is authorized
to do m ns true spirit. This they do not and will not
att« tnpt; but they do ask the court to institute sueli en
quiries 11s w ill ferret out and expose those w ho under
coloi ol a law lot authority, are doing unlawful arts, and
disseminating death —physical ami moral,— desolation
and ruin throughout this community. Those, who,
from the selfishness snd cupidity ol their feelings, defy
ihe lawsotCiod, violate the laws of the Slate and dis
regard tlie well hefig ot their lellow citizens.—Those,
who, for the sake id a lew dollars would people our
town w ith inebriates and plunge w hole families into tr*
retrivahle rum.
Vour memorialists not only invite the court to per
lorm this noble, this philanthropic and patriotic duly,
hut they invite all their fellow citizens, who have wit
ncssed the disastrous influences of these houses, and
have experienced 111 their ow n family circles their dead
ly efleets, to tim e with the court and sus am it in its
efforts to put down and destroy these miserable sources
of pestilential poison.
i he vole of the meeting w as then taken, and the a-*
hove iiieinoriai was unanimously adoped.
I he following gentlemen were then appointed to cir*
culaie the same among the eiliz>,ns lor their signatures,
viz: Messrs. Win II. Uyan, John II Tyree. John W.
Dudley, John Revely, Jesse T. Diuguid, |\ Seabury,
Jmiucs It. (ireen, (Albert lla\the, S (i Norvell. Rob
ert K. Watkins, Wm. L. Fair, J. R. D. Payne. I) It
Payne, Pleasant 1/ibby, Thus. O. A.-rcc, P. Partin.
.Moses l.acy and J. ('. Voting.
lituoli'nl, 'I bat the proceedings of lliis meeting be
pubPslied in the Virginian and Republican.
On motion, the meeting then adjourned.
John Tirkc, Sec. pro. inn.
Hint or II. ./. T.ITt/.ll,
\r F.KY tr.pcrlfiilly ufT.-rs hi* prrn. ffiunsl service* In
.lit- inhabitants nt l.voehbtirn mid tint 6urrottmitnir
<-oiiritry. I Its <.Ili ’c j, in .Mr. Wart\ lek's new buiidtnjgR,
marly opposite ilic Washington lliilid.
The cummimiiy have ti riylu in know, nnd lie Itercs
by informs them, that lie is a regular graduate, find lias
acquired a laud nl experience in more limn Iwpntv years
eatelul treatment ol diseases; and ill surgical operations,
tor wliieh he early unbilled a taste by being a private
pnjiil of that (treat surgeon. Dr. .Mott, el Ne» York.
Also, a large portion of the afllicliuns peenliar I.> Females
and Midwifery, have Ireen under Dr. Tatum's manage*
"'em. lie refers to ills Hev, John Karlv, llev. Win
A. Smith, I) I)., Mr. James M. Iloyd, Mr. James;W
Morgan ami Mr. James M l.anirlmrrie.
lie will,Isa pleasant SADDI.F. MOUSE,
lie has some pure Vaccine Matter, which lie would '
lie pleased to pul in, lor those who may wish it. lie
earned lunch experience in that, whilst employed by the 1
cum.non hall of a eitv to vaccinate.
■•■■I' 1 2iv if w2w if
<1.0*1 Md ( E*
.f lilt 1* tl OOIIS f ft.l (ZK.V,
Ami no misltihc thin time!
1 •'O-.1 I1! R\ IS w ill cnminence, this day, In wind
** up Iih w hide shirk nf Dry Uuurls by
and many ariirlrs yrentli/ h'loiv cunt I'Oli U./.S//.
1 lie shirk in Inrur, ami after beiii^i reduced at private
sale lit e remainder will In mid
p a slmrt lime, id which sale duereitier will he niveu.
JNO. J. pi:itvis.
Jan. 12 Gw if
Jesus, Linseys, Kerseys, fee., fur sale AT
Jail. 12 Gw if
1 ABIES’ DRESS GOODS—Cash meres',
A MdihIims, Merinus, Alpaeeas, fee., fee., I ur
site AT’UISJ’, and imlcr a ft hy
Jan. 12 Gw if
(1 AMliRICS. Muslins. I-ares. Ribbons, Gloves,
y Mills, I -Miens, Calm its. Ginghams, Bonnets, |
Stines, 'Japes, Bobbins, Ibns, Needles. &c., Kir., lor j
soleai mid below cost, by JNO. J. PURVIS. j
Jan. 12 Gw if
On CotuUgHtHen t.
1KBAI.ES Monlieell,. No. I DJ4NAltURUS. a
*9 veiy .up- riur nniele—none better, otnt very f ew
nsuooil. McDANIEI. fe McUORKI.E.
At.SO.—20 bushels Dned Apples.
Jan. 12 ts
IftiTriMloIr* ! €aC*rt*vitlolc* !!
1IIAVE jnsl received a lot of Grreudoles, both gill
and silver, a beautiful ariicle.
A areal variety ut Laiii|>s; all of which will be sold
low by D. W. MOORE,
Sill’ll of the btfr 1‘itcher.
Jan. 12 ts
HO A It 1)1 \<» Mouses.
fMlUE SUBSCRIBER lias moved from the Union
I Hotel, lo the large brick building opposite lu Mr.
John IJ .Hins and George Hagby's Grocery stores, where
he will lie glad lo see Ills boarders nod customers as usu
Jan. 12 ts
I^or.. Hiding a n d €,oaniiii..ion .’Vlrn linnl. .
mMTILL give his careful and prompt allentiun, to for
ww warding
for which his charges w ill be moderate.—Constantly on
Salt, Lump and Ground Plaster.
Jan. 12 is if
RICARDS. RYAN fe CO., have «n hand a cuud j
assortment nf SI.AIES—a first rate article nf
■Inline muu it fa cl urers.’ These arc economical times
Call and eel one cheap fur cash.
Uet. 27 l» if
I.Y\<llii<3:u litKUCI.
Far tkcwtlk tinting Snl:il,lni/, J.inumy I’J, l^lii
llolow isa ourrr. l suic iiiem ul llio Maiki i fur iIn
p8*l Week.
Tiitinr. n. -Old I.Hgs. $1 ,IK) lu 1,50; now I iig», $J
|iii in $ ..lit. I .no, mill nr, $ i l in il.ii i, euiimnui,
$.!,■ il 1 lu I ,.ll I; HIl.l llliljl, $ I.. il I m ,i,lIt I, slopping, ( Hi- w )
J.'i.ll l lo 8,(HI ; Iliuml.ii uirliiu, ..nuniij $1,50 |„
0,00, lino umnulartiiiinu $lo,iHiiu till
Hour. $1 50
II Am/,—S5 i'll in SKI,
tiruin. 1 ■ nln id in rti, pi r IhiiIii I irmn itsgnu
Obis, slu-al $I.‘,J5|"HI« p, , lumdri .l , . Iraurd X '.ills
per bushel, Uvr.i ,, i,>».
Clartr (nut limn Sr, Is Cl.ivir Nrrd Jill In $,"
I Irnls Uiosi Srnl i l :i ;
I'loritinn. llar.ii , Irnin iingnns, N nud dull
*«)«*; Ir-iiit Blur, '.I lu III, II... f, Y 1 I-■ Y1. |iet hlimlri’d
I >.l I. . ,t ■ i.PO; Mi't1... * . pi r Imsl.i 1 11 ..in \\ ,i;- i
Fish. Shsil. J'.iitl i,, .till nil prr bill ; I lrinni>H $ ,
n $’• 00; Markuml, N„ |,$|;l, N„. •> $ i 5il. V,
t'r//i(. Si. Dniiiinjpi, 7 ly 7' mils prr lli ; Kin, 0
01 eenls; l.ngmra 0 In lOrris. Java, I'Ji In 15 mis,
( uhn 7 } to 8,
Sutfiir. — blown. New (Mean*, 7 i to 0 rent* per lb
Corto Uieo, 8 to 0 e/-ntg per lli,; St. Crtiiik. II lo 1 J
m i.iK iwr lh.; Loai, I to 15 outs per lh.
( timllrf. Callow. I rents per lh., Sperm.-ol
to.171. eent* per lh.; I full \ S m’*, | .7to | 7 eem* per lli
If hiukn/. t'oiii'iim in .! - cent* per gallon, Irom
wagon: demand good. I'rmii Mtore. l."» to 5(1 reitia.
Hramli/, \pplo, 10 to 1,7 rents per oaljuii ; Cearh
.» rentM pei gallon.
('olhm 1 Fa i try ptieea: 17In 18 el.s. per lh.
^on. Mar lron.fr.') per tun from boat*, $ 0 I rum
Store |»ig Iron fill),
SI tel. Illiatered. ()} to S rent* per lb I »ermnn, I 5 to
l(i cent* . Shear, ‘JO to relit* pel lh l un| Steel, JO
It) ‘J-» ets. per lh.
I.insrnl (HI. 80 eh Lamp. $1.00 lo 1.50 pet
' gallon, I amo rs. $lo.U0 to 18,00 per hhl.
I.callin'. (mkmI Sole. 1.7 to 18 els. per lb.; Pamngtul
Sole, |;» to | 7 eelilH per lh.
Piutuii i IHaatmg, Jl.UO lu I.‘25prr L<„'; Uo)<-. $ ■
j 51) In 0,011 |M>r l.rn,
II on!. —VVoul, ‘j5 ta 28 oaiili pur lb . Wuul Rullt, 37 }
Is do.
I on! mol II otnl —Hitimiii)nii*, b’fi nrnls prr buuhrl
Allthnirllr. $■'.00 prr lull, 0:0. anil llllXrd Wuuil $ !
prrrnnl; I lirlmiv,$ .',..0 prrrm.l
Applrs, driiHl, 75 00 in I 00
Allspice (per III.) O 14 to 0 17
Alluin U 01 In 0 10
Boiler, No I (per ll».) O 121 io 0 15
Cheese 0 7 j m 0 III
Beeswax (per lb.) 0 25 lo 0 20)
Deerskin* (per lb.) O 00 in 0 10
Feathers (per lb.) 0 20 to 0 '28
Flaxseed (per bushel) O 80 to 0 85
Dinger, (per lb.) 0 |o in 0 I2i
Dniseiig, 0 27 lu 0 JO
Money, strained (ii.mn in marlel)
Hemp (per ton) 4 months 05 00 to 0 00
Indigo (per lit.) 4 50 in I 75
Jeans (peryd.) 0 374 to 0 50
I nine, 0 05 to I 00
Litmey (per yd.) 0 25 to 0 JO
Lint n l ow (per yd.) 0 10 tn 0 00
do. Flax (peryd.) 0 I2| lo 0 00
Lard, No I (per lb.) 0 7 4 to 0 08
Lead, (per 111.) 0 05 to 0 OI'.J
Madder (per lb.) 0 |S tn 0 20
Molasses (per gal.) 0 37 4 In 0 00
Nails,(per lb.) 0 o .J to o (Hi
Peaches, dried, pe’bJ none in market, 0 00 In 0 00
Pear lie-., dried, tmplM mine in market. 0 00 in O (HI
Planter, (per ton) 7 50 tn’ 0 00
Pepper, (per lb.) 0 I i tn 0 17 i
Nice (per lb) 0 00 in 0 (M'.{
Salt, (persack) 2 JO tu 2 J7
Shut (per bag) I 50 Im I 75
Sonera Snake It ml (per ik.) 0 121 In 0 00
Soap, Brown (per lb.) 0 05 in 0 084
Tallow 0 07 1 in 0 00
Teas U 75 to 2 00
Cheeks on New V orlc, •] perct. prein.
Baltimore \ do
Huston 4 do
Philadelphia 4 do
New (Oh ans 4 do
St. Louis 4 to I per cedis.
Charleston par
Nashville J to I <4 do
I .ouisville 4 to 14 do
Cincinnati 1 to 1 do
Bank Notes North Carolina I perct. dis
“ South Carolina I per cl. dm
Tnnntfss e (i per d. din
Tobacco, leaf (per hogshead) I Of)
Do. manufactured, (per box) 10
Flour, (per bid.) 10 to I *21
Bar I ron, (per ton,) 1 00
Tig Iron, (per inn) I 0(1
Lead ami Shot, (per tun) I 00
Planter, (per Ion) I 00
Salt, (per sack,) 124
FihIi, (per bam I.) 124
All olln r ( per 100) 8 r up; 10 down
noils NOT lill\s<>\ \Mi COMMON MlNs|
ii - that I • X Hill I < III V I ION i« f he most * a i i iui u>
111 • most I' 111 t ii 11 agMit a lu | a 111 -I iii” Mid eill ing
HI L.MON vu\ DISK vsKS >
J ten toil MV* Vis, hern me
Is either inmii ib.iiclv or r imdch the * au«r of Ini uma
and < atari lull I ni'is, plod wing (nuip , < ntiMiirptiuii hihI
A h»i c-scs ot the* l.niijr*. pain Olid Sol MM m* ol tin1 'll,mill.
Brea nt, Sides, nr Should* i s.—- Brom Im i-, • ' riling non in* dim)
pendent accretion*, n «r« by * lagging up ilia lung-, *0 as tn
more nr lo* impede both itapirulion .nil lb*' hie rirculu
lion ol (lo t»lt».»<l, causing I tilliully ol llioatlilug, and
AST. I »1 \,
Hlcuriav , I loniaenr-* and i . cs nl Yui<w, !ho|'*v of tin*
Ileait and Client, Rupture of Blood Ye-aeIs ami Itlcc-diug
tioiu Throat and l ong-, and
shi I him; of m.oim
Tn remove thi* obstructum, from vv Im li nil these nlnrminir
am) dangerous diaeaMf* originate, mill to ptmtm e ;« iuiIo <1
cure, noth ing has ever been found njuul to JAYNK'.S l.\
R Maud* unrivalled it aland* prr-eminent — try it: nnd
mil will be forced to ark movie Ige that it* viiliwn mvi \*it,
MlH i A.SNOT Ct OVniATI I', that it still df III • bey olid till
iraeh ol competition; that it is the only reaaomddc, the only
nntuial and the only nuly *ui • • •ncdul method of urrcatjng
and curing disease-* of the Hu'monniy Organ*.
The above valuable Medicinw is for suh* by
^ D. It. LYMAN, Druiuiist.
Jan. 12 It
f jM I F. following posit ivr testimony in In or of V\ 1ST A f{ ’S
A BALSAM, has been received bv the agent in Ibis nl\:
JoittMN, N. Y., April 15, 1845. !
“In the winter of ]K4I ami "2 I was troubled with lioarfc*
ncs- and dry Inn king cough, produced no doubt l»v change
ol climate, liav ing pit vi«ni'ly ‘pent m n e tune at the .votilli,
and posM-h*iiig weak lungs and a ini her delicate t oust it u
tion in February I t\ as at lack'd w ith hemorrhage uf tin
lungs, w liit li continued until I hud not Miflicient strength
of voice to Hjicak I our I in three months. Thtotigh medical
treatment and bv care I p irhulL rectn cred timing the Hum
mer, but on the return t>l winter was ntliicked again with
cough, chills, lever, night sweats. Physician* said they
could do no more lor me, as I wa* rapidly sinking with con
sumption. Fortunately, my friend* procured the BALNY.VI
OF Wl LD CIIF.IIKY, thinking it might relieve me lor
a time, mid with the blessing of kind Providence, it entirely
restored me to health, which I have continued to enjoy until
the present time without any symptom of mv'forn er disease,
with the. exception of I icing a Inti* more liable to cold In ni
damp air and sudden changes ol wenthti
Sworn and miibv j ibed this 15U» day ol April, IS lit, before
ml A. < 'ASL, Justh
'l’lie sbuVG valuable Medicine i* f«r mIc* by
1). 11. L\ MAN, IIriioj'ist.
Jan. 12 (3) It
V’f a Court of Hustings of Monthly Sssfios*, bt 14 at and
for the Corporal ion ol Lym lihurg, at the < <jujt*hou.s«
thereof,on Monday the 5th day ofluuuaiy, 1S-J0.
Charles E. Mosby, " Plaintiff,
Win. Bailey, Henry Dunniuglon, t.’oni'r.. and Patrick II.
Scott, Defendants.
The defendant Wm. Bailee not having entered his appear*
finer, and given security, according to tin? act of Assembly,
and the rules ol this court,and it appealing by satisfactory
evidence that he is not inhabitant ol this country; it is oidt-i
rd that the suid drfcndnnt do appear here on the first dav of
the next Mh) term to answer 'lie hill of the plaintiff, and
that u copy of this order he forthwith inserted in some news
par printed in the town of Lynchbmg, tor two months sue-!
cesniveL, and posted at the fiont door of the courthousa ol
ibis Corporation.
A Copy —Teste,
Jan w‘Jiii
In I ft S’oi !. U it!.I,r* #*/' thv I'aiiinrM |
anti •Itcrclum (\* Srrinuft institution.
SN Her on1 Hu e with tfu* |«m\ i« ins of nn Act of the
S mi in til g . "il liv i nli p (.| iiio iii.aril of dircetofs of
die I'armors noil M< u hants' Safmoa Institution of
i ,y m lil'o i,*, i In I •111 ' w •' -abstract of die report « f 111 • *
ri no ltd Mi i , n . poll) I id I.. i \ mu i no die !• flairs n| die si id
in tihdi o. md n | . il do e i diinin do -re I mi die 1st
day ol January, |v tli. o.i\v puld hliHil,
i> wm it. ».in ky . iwt.
l i e colon,idi'i Mpjioinied »•• • xniiiioe die iiifur* of die
l' a no i is i, id 'It 11'ha id s’ Savings Institution f»»f the hull
yohr, ending . 11 -.t f )• , oniher, I > I », nod n port jho e"inli
iton l In ti ' on I si January, IS fli, it speellully aulutiit
the h How no ifiporls il.iremi;
( ^-1, -fit ions f,.1 1'ir 11 •/ nix mouth*, v't
Notes I).id lltl's lit i« u»il|led, | (»/
t nil. ei|.hi, mill Dep.mitsini 1'nrniei’ limit., 9 2 I S *,'9
t )epn'*its withdra\\ it, 18.999 t A)
I 'teiesl pud no d» p.'sils w itlidl:: wn. ti.'.'i 09
I’liul to I. Iltll I II I'll. l'f*, J ‘ I )
CutUiiioeiii exp *ts, *.‘0| ij.|
$191,017 (Ml
t)< |Vi«itR received, $17,790 99
\unmil to on dlt ul tile
Joint I* nod, td5 ()()
Notes cul lee ted, KI.HH ‘>5
l I eekrd on I rou r’Dank, 91,*9*1 I »
j Interest oil diM*t unis,' i*i / (K)
j t .'ollweu it on in eoiiet of |hi)
old stockholder*, ‘200 ‘.5 $194,047 (kf
Tlu Jolfau'inu; statement inhibits the Condition oj the
Institution o/i the Is/ Jinaaiy, ri: .
! (.eillli .lies ol | h’pnsi I s on NU)lldloj», 21.105 115
j ■!iMfiI Kund, new stork, 5.9iI5 8'2
J Old *tuok holder*, 4|JJ 08
luieiest ueeouitt gain 5|(j () J
J ' I’ollhe., $28,919 90
Diseoiintid Noies in l* Dank
fur eiilleeinm, $'27,581 fj »
Halation in l anner's Hank, 76/ 81
Asm*is, ~ SMH :mo nr»
i he eomiuidee find, alter di doelinu die ( uin ni t
ponses of the year. nod als • dm interest on de|i mils out
stand in/ undue I hi January, diestock lute worth
$-M 17 ; the \ aim* fi,hi of hist yr ur » *i« $ id g *.■; ,,,1,1
I ontH unions i. fn die | list v«; r, • Ii »w a *iiol$109t
per share.
I his hejiijr the noentnl yeni ’a operation, under a eevv
orgnmillion, it nflndN yoor comtintice ph a nre, iIihn to
hi iiooiKM* to the HtoeivInddeiH h gradual nod handsome
increase in die husiiie* s ol die Jnntllulkui tin* past year,
inantlehtly showing no grow mg pm-pcrily. Ami from
the promptness w hieli die Ins'iiut uni pays all deposits
w In nV’ipphn! for, and the sa I islaetiuii wlmli nil deposi .
Inis has h II he r In maul h hti .1. your coin III ill ce eulerlil'ii
tlie eonfi' t lit heltef that the .Saving* dt pnilneni \\:||
rontinaw to grow yearly m amount, it« well us m tmpor. j
lanee iind ad Viiutajo , h»lh to the iHsoeiuliun a lid file r.oiii j
union y,
Y our commune find the hoiks mid paper* of the In
Mtiluiimi plainly and neatly 4%«4»l, mid (md.er iep.ni that !
mu a Dingle ih in h is i een lust during the year, and from
ilieii knowh dge of do ihh'ors to die liialitutioii, they j
l.a/ ird mrtliMM in saying that lint n dollar will lie lout.
All t*I which" i* re*pectfully miHtniited.
W II SON I’ ItllY AN I', |
IVY I I. ( . DOW I.ICS, V CmurnjttfC.
M. I'. SMI I'll, )
.l,n.l‘2 it
To I Ii <• Maclitioldrii o S llif JIr<liani<s'
8«i\ in^s Ibinl, of & 3 ii< lihiiri;.
I N I’l IIV\M I'.. f iln» iiTji.isiii- ns ui 11," net Hiur
■ Irriny Savings R inks, tin- t ummittre n|*|>nintrd to
examine iin* *il)11fs ui iIh* abu'i iiu nod nmuiuiiun,
'l li.ii "ii tin- I xi iif .f.iittiiii y, 1.S-1G, the
I ,ialitliii«’8 in SniekliuliliTN v\< fu $15,823 Go
" " Depositor* *• 7,813 98 j
" Sunil lies 11 <;j (37
Slmwiny nu agyteg'nte of i 'J,7(J! 95
A SSI U .'111(1 ||iHH IIS.
Nuti*8 in r‘artm ih’ Rank fur
ciilliMMiim 20,488 20
Suniltit s dim 80 38
Ctibh bnl.iner in Far. Bunk IJG 07 - $ 3.701 95
(4n tin* Is’Jan., 1815, mrli «hure was worth $ "J 05
On tin: Ul Jan., 1810, each .sbair in worth |;;J 10
Sb iwiny :m in inert sc iJurii:^ 1845 "t’ $ .’J |M
An t'llblW h ;
< m11r hu ui h, 52^*1 • », 20 00
Inn rest mail" about 7 J per cent 7 48— $00 48
Vmir ( ' irnmilli " lake pb nsnre in i xpressing their i n
tire euiivieii it, that lb" inslirtiUnii is not only m h tier
li eily nmini :i il prospermiii eondltioii, but that it is a
iiniN! siti* anil il"sirnbl. depository fur those wlm d.-urr
in iiivcal On'ir iii"iii*y at inii reNl. 'I be ironitn11,,ri lias
b mi in e\M"fi"o Iml nO"Ui 0 years Rssiui k iMuirneiieed
ii $10 per share. A gl.inen at ns present enmlilnm will
I'-ly any nm* ui imjuat eliims upon lb" publut cunfi
dej.ee. Bespei-ifully SfjImrilletJ., j
8. W . SHKI.TON, )
Kill Ml <. M ( I. \ N \ 11A N, |
.I.Ni) AM. 1)1 I >!.!•.% , } Cumin! Ure.
J A V1F.S R (iNKF.N, |
Jan. 12 11
\ T h ( m ini Siijw ri.ir Lour! ol Law and Clntneery,
L* Id l«»r Bed lord county, llie 30lh day ul Srotem
her, 184 *r) :
.1'Iih M Hiey, wirviviiijf jraririer nfThumra A ILd
cumiIm* mid .1 dm INI. Oie>, lale L.iinn i-snni .Meirhnnia
and partners. Hading under llm hi vie mid firm ul HuU
cuiuIhj K On i’lain'iIf,
\\ i Ilia in Mum*, ndmV < • I \\ illinui Orem Wood, dec.,
Margate! Or.eriw nod.widow of said \\ liliuni OreeiiM taid,
Shadnek Se and .1 •anna In* wile, James Cfieenwood,
I >emaieoK (iieenwuod, \\ iJIimiu Onenwood, iJeemur
(iieenwood, A nnuel (*leenwnod, and Small Oree.. wind,
the last three ol whom are inlauia under ‘Jl years el un •,
J Memlanis.
I lie defendant, W r I in in l * ri hii w ood, w'm is ont of lliis
country, imd iciairmi whom the |»Ihm11(! appears to have
pro» eeiled m llie iimde prcsc-Ncd by law against absent
defendant*. siill Puling to appear and answer : nil ilm
nniiioii ol the plaiutil), by coumml, the con it doth lake
hi* nil) lor e.mleHsed. as to ttint deleudant. and tins cause
came oft this day to le heard upon tlm lull, the answer
• d iIn* intftul ilelendaniH, (he r» plication thereto, ilm «uh
|feuis awarded iherein on the IJfsi nl May, 1844, and
‘J'dod April, 181.1, which appears to have been duly
served upon the « elendinis, W illiam IMuse, Margaret
Greenwood, Mi.nlriek Selby and .Ioanna Ins wile, J.nins
(»r»emvood and f)eiitiretiN (ireeuwo d wan Iniled map*
pear and answer, and upon the rxIilU'is, arid was argued
l»y einiusi I lor ilm plaintiff, on eou-ideratiuu whereol, the
court taking the hill ot il.e plainiiM lor confessed us lo
• he saul deh Minnie, Mtjse, Margaret, Jas. & Jjeinbrcuft
Greenwoud, duili adjudge, order and decree that the do
lendant, W iliiaiu Muse, do render an account ul his ac*
intiiisiration ol ilm c*ihw* ol hi» inlestnir, W illiam Green
w ond, dee., belore a ( u nmissiuner ol this court, who is
hereby directed lo examine, s ale and Keltic ilm sa ie.
And the < nun d- ill furilii r order, that the said eorumta*
sioiicr do i ike on account of the real rat an* nl' which
ihe said W i.liani Gi ecu w ood died seized and possissid,
niui the value thercol, and that he report said accounts
to this r. urt, with any matter specially staled, thought |
pertinent by himself or required hy the parties to Ixj mo
stated. A Copy—Teste,
Com mis noNF.n’s (Office. Oct. 10, 181*5, I
'Hie parties in Urn above cause w ill take notice, that '
I shall »t my ulliee, in Liberty, at the hour of 10 o* 1
cl«K*k, \. M,,o| I loirs.Itv,tho 15£ih day of I'Vbruarv,
1840, commence the acrminis directed by the foregoing
degree, at which lime and place they will attend with I
iheir accounts, vouchers, witiuiaeea and copies of cuurt I
paper* tor exaimnaiiuu ami settlement.
. , JNO. A. WHARTOX. j
J-.li. t8 w I hi
’to it <ci: \r,
A Cinsr RATE Sl Alil.E and CAHRIAGF.
- * HOUSE. Apply tu LU W. .MOORE.
° Kill'
.v/;<v/: or. s .it .hcito.v,^
* ■&& 9$& '
ON \\ »(lm*»l«y, tin* | $ih tjay of January, we wl
nrll, in lrm»l nl K xt'lifiujrp ('« rm r,
rn o r.u.i.////.K minoMh:jy,
hol.inijini! t.. H'I'm'H M ,ii*iiiiina». On* nl' tlt» M'in it *
ml|H'ili,r llialumn, mtil very vnlmlilr ha,i,t.
1 \l.llor I.ANIKU. And*!*.
Jm. 8 114J
.# SITV.i TtO.V II\I.YTI 17/
A A Ol ,\t« uentfeiiMUt who Ii ns been engaged in
i \ baching 7 years, w Islies a *■ 11u «11**11 b»r the present
year. A Icmiilo Srh>*u| Mould be preleired, though bn
is lo eiistuiued lo tfr liHge ibe h \es logellit r.
Il< Is well uunljfl'd to tench Ibe branches Common
ly taught in country Schools, together with Ibe rudl
mcitis ul the I, m i l.mging**. ^I'lte iiiohI ruUlaf lory
lex! |iu.iM:il ■* will bo secured Ail address, post paid,
A II Mi . i mi, Campbell At, will be proiupily it*
leltded tu.
d.iii. I 4 2i*
t ntprosct! Sttrvt fjars' In si in nu n is tar
f | Mir. 01 s. • ibrr I ns 1. r aie a good land timtrun.er
I 1 11 lie* 'I hi*oi«lo|y I** | r neij le. (su improve irenl *
tlo old ,S'irv*vis’('oni| n ^ ) * U4tliining ibe prbirip'e it
1 lie old ( " n pi •* find 1 In mi o' v e 111 1. tie. lie w ill sell
1 vei*. low , ami may lie buiiid at tin* Crinklm llulii
nil i il \\ 1 dlieiwl'i \ mi i|niier.
I A. Will 1 KSCAliVKtl.
dan 14 II*
i.VAi iM.m: .U..11.YST i iii£\ .
f I III K soli. 1 liter lias 01**11 appointed Agent nf lb*
I New A oil* ('oiiiribuiii't whip Fire Insurance Com*
p;«"V In pita I $:|00,000.
I Ins coiii|nuv Minns llinbllno* in general. Mcfehjin*
• I 7o, if "iselmbl l^nmiture rind every description ut
I'• H"tw.l l'i‘|terty iw hiini lo s nr damage by (ire.
s t• t I'. AA mi ik is |oi*j»nrf d to receive an*l s »b
p s itpid iitt mis (br Insurance in tins company, Crmn *h *
i'll 7 oin o| Lynchburg mnl surrutimbiig country. Oflne
il t jdi i.4, Amin.lea-1 L 11. tuleis >n's
I). 0 HANDOI.NI. Agent.
Hlclltlluud , A '
dan I f |s
#100 Kffill'.iiliP !
B()*** I’ l*ri w cm .1 din Sion* r's niul Lynchburg, m.
A ilic main Muge loud, on tin* Htli inM., about
TAX I N I A lot il 111 Nbill.D 1)01.1 .AHS •
Any I*1 »M tt limlinu tit*1 mi 11 I . mid w ill deliver il to 11 1
AA In 1 o| I.iIm iiv, Vii., will (revive lot tlicir kind**!
ibe itbuvc low aid. 'I lie mi ncy w ns rulle.l in a id
pap*1!. I It* y ai*‘ m bills ol one hundred, flltiea, iji
ties a lu I I* i.h. t• Ii A N A II.I K II kll.l.Old .
dan. 1^ Jii»
f K A 11 I’’, nulls 'iiber w tabes to bite h r ibe balnnce ol 11%
■ ) ai. u /i.rM iu It* l IK )J\ , I* r w I deb a lib r.*l ; r . •
t'lii in* 1 nd. lkoklk ( 1 Kid:
Jmu. I Ii .St it
I'oii>tli/. 9a trif !
In II m .Ahllitrr, /.Hlhhrnt/ I’nrqitmiii a ul Ji n * (
ll'iirnr I, /rcc/iob/r* * of Ihis rounlif :
% % * III 1111- Xs* H iinuel Mr]) luiol, ut ibe said C o,'
▼ ▼ batli till' day given mldr,ouilot, lo rue. Cl <
I* Cobbo. a justice ul the p a e Or the county uh>r -
that lie halli tuks*n an
r s s t n a i cow.
^ npi.M Jim uvwi land, thin h Ihereloie
tin* fiaum ul |In* eomumnwealil.. i
■ eoimn it J V'Ki, having been li r ?* I • v
'\N--ii I nr dial |mii jn.se, In I i >* me or Mime i.lliei , . i ■
ul lIn* Jie ' e I r llim nnmly. lj view ami U|»|»fai«>e !'
.ml «mray, and In eeitily die value thereof under \ *• ’.»
1 a mb , lo^i t in r w ilh m j ::i iieulur di sei | ii«.n ul die k m
m;ii|ke, brand, elaluie, c\.|t ur, and age uf dm mild e* y.
w 1**4 li eeridie He, h.i made, ymi are Ibrihw idi to re u, ,i i*>
• ei*. < *iv ii under ii.y band, ibis rnli «•! .I ifiiinry. I
<u wicks l. conus, j v
I’tiiMiaiH t i (lie iiiiuvu warrml in u* <lireeled* \v«»
liavrihiad v Ur«nl an **H(ray row, i-how n lu iih
S.imnel Mi l r.iniel, ul dn- 4*tiuill y, and dn find die s in •
• • * he a |ij1il brindjn en A, ul eiiiililiun si/.'*, VVillluill U.if
ear mark <r brand, a Iron I tux yearn obi, and wh do np«
|'i hm* die i :i '-I eo w , In I In * ii .ii ol rig III dollar*. Ce'
i Ii. d under our band* ibis 5di .Inn., IMd.
AVM Mil.I.M U.
i \ mids < now Aim.
Mil KK1!KRU\ roRtjCFH \s.
Jan. 12 w4w
■ ’nil sna«l inln*
'CU.K 111 r 11». *I. ■. v i * jii.t t.Tnvcil t l.fir ttttpp'T
* I'Al l. \M) W IN I KK KUDOS,
enm prising1 n general assortment— all of which lliey ml
***11 al ihe lowe-.i niaikei pitees.to llume who may fn i
III* 1.1 w ith 8 call. I ( UNKM fc. Rl'RWF.I l..
Nov 'I is if
roil RENT.
FIlllKi 11 time and lot mi die hill, npponile '1
B (»ierii\s 1‘ussi'sfiun will lie oi ven immediate! \ *
^ witif
w. l octtcur &. 9. o xi. aoaauif,
n .\\’IN(J i rnii d a en jiarinersliiji fur die Pract a
ul l/iw, under the nly It) and In in of
W. Ii. iV J. COMM A,
will regularly attend (he couiltiol die roundc* ul *
lord, J' i.’Jiihliii, Ruiiiioke, ( tnujiliell and dm cur pm ■ n
ol I .ynehbui j. Clien'N employing eidtcr of diem, ..
have die her v lees of bolb.
They w ill «J.*o gif e prompt adeniion to dm see y
i*nd cidleriinuol cliiiub in the ab .\e nr any of dm a< .
i'< nl e.iiitrien
Addf'-ss- Liberty, Bed ford Co., Vi.
.1 , 1 .. w liw*
f fl II IE District Court of the Cnited States, f* the
H Eastern district nl Virginia, hidden M lilelno .1 d,
!' iving, on itic tAMli day of M.v, lHl3,hy its decree, up
0-1 ti e pernio 1 o| lii'urge litghy &. Co., declared .\|«iriu
H ,Sng' r, nl (lit* txunol Farniville, and Tlmmu I*.
.\ ihIi, o| Hie town nl I,yn<*hSurg, Hnnkrupta, wit) 1 1 il,.-.
true inn ut and noniting of the act of Congrew, . .r.i'.lvai
••tin net to establish n uniform system ol harikru • "v
throughout the I uitcii State*,” passed the lOtii A »
IS1I, and a copy ol said decree having been furtu--, - i
no*, is one <d the Commissioner* in H.mkrurdt < ;d ti o
Slid llmtnei Court, for the purpose of enabling to. » red
Horn o| said bankrupts to prove their datum; all 11>* rre-%
diu rs, (s rial and mdivtilual.) o| said bankrupt-. Miy
rill II. Sieger and I homas I*. Nash, late fnerch.i m *i i
partners, doing business under the style and firm Sie
ger is. Na>h, 10 tin* town nt Earmvilte, ami of 1 .m:*-,
1*. .N tk|» nod .Merrill II. Sieger, tale nternh&t s it 1
partners, doing business under the style and firm of
N ish Sieger, in the town of 1 .ynehburtj, and toe in
I dividual creditors of ojeh member ol Kind lit 1,... »■,
hereby notified, that the Mill tiny of January, *
1 xvceil the* hunts ol lOuVlork, A. M., and 4 u* k V
M.. rind so from d«v in day. between 1 he san e ..n r ,
(.Sundays e\rH»ptcd,) till the 17th day of IVbruarv <>»- >,
it my oflW. at Prince Edward C. II., W. is -igiu i
l"r receiving uud hearing proul ut all claims ags > >.i
bankrupt*. A. I). DICKINSON
Cmiiniissiuner in Hatikrup v
lor Prince Edward «•< s
Prince Edward C. H.f Va., Dec. \$ t!7 ' , ’
&2>len rlid 1VIvein for MSonot /.%.
UICAUMS. RYAN Sc Co., haven few pit\W‘t.!„
< n*'v\»*sj hi \ It* <*t11• ■ reti
•••II-K VELVETS Ibr BONNETS, which wilt
sold ti.t jter cent Iniw than the usual price, for So.
bonds—tee shall sell them without n^nirt to first t 'm<
l huso ulni wish a lunil-.Mii* bonnei, imw have an u.
puriumiy to get one at about h*ll price.
A Iso,
A few Genuine MARABK.AU PLUMES, not Mi
(Htrieh. Birtf of Punt’Use or Parrot feather*—wbt,,
are titer mined to sell; haring had them on hand
monihs, hut fnriunately have "just envie ia faskina’ —
Uiims Cash. RICAItOS KVAN l o.
nexi duOr lu Win T.
Nov 13 ^

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