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fftCMM i* Wf, Tmmmm* KW»r.~ I.wnumu;, iio\i>a\ tiomiK, i i hici \uv 10, imp._ r«#.. u#n-.**. st
pubisheit* ii-wiUy ternary Monday and Thursday,
li Four Dollars per annum, payable in advance. JiTosub
riptusn will bo received/or a shorter time, than six months;
no paper will bo discontinued, (except at the discretion
,■the Editors,) until all arrearages m $ paid.
{Jk ADVRRTISEMEATTS insetted at 50 cenleper
pars (or lass) for every inner form ineertion : and 574
9tr square (or less) for every outer form insertion.
krERb ADVERTISER i» required to note, on his
■muscript, hotv long he teishqt his advertisement inserted ;
t *J»' ' 'SC merit, not so noted, will be inserted tdl its dis
, « lvqi .vt ordrre<\:
■ Vt,,11 wwa",y AVVERTISLYG the terms are , for
, A k sq • nftsoo squares, $40 , for one square, $2.’; for
'if. "me, inner form, $S.>. Every yearly advertiser
.the re quired to confine his advertising to hisparticu
‘tine of business.
Ip- JOII I’RKYfl.VTi executed neatly atid expeditious
nd onreasonable terms.
U JUM received, .nd fur
IVb. 12 _ 11__ !
and V
roper i y SaJ_c
THK Buhncriber will »<ll,
on aecoinmotiatin^ lerms, ill*'
Plantation wliereuii he resides
containing |
37 acres of Laud
Hunker Hill Mill Tract.
lave 3 run uf Hurra, ami .me .if Country
credit and in g.s«d repair—are silua
Creek, one mile from ila mouth, Ir.mi
..rill River ia navigable at all aoaauna—
m is in good heart, having on it a cuintori j
felling llou«e, a Store House, and aline
inveiiieiit Out Houses tor a farmer.
Lina property ia indisputable, and " ill be
nr together as may amt the purchasers,
be rpqnirp I in hand lor either property ,nml
lent will be made easy. Ibis property is
e, 11 meet some pressing demands, tliere
u ill l>e given if early anpliealioi. is made
On Sa'nrdav night, the 7lh ins:., there was
„ HOUSE Ink, It up, supposed to lie slolnn liy ,
uby the name of Robert Christian, w ho sometimes
l.itnself Hal US"". The Horse is a large sorrel, j
|,jnii li'rl white, pares very well, between G and 7
g,,|d, no sbnes on. Christian is a man about live j
lev,'ll inches high, twenty seven nr eight years old.
owner ran get his Horse by applying to the sub
i r and paying coil aud charges.
b. 12 ___13_
oviiigston • ffalp ami i'cinalc
I’ • meeting of ihe Trustees of this Aeademv, it*
tiie town if l.ovioosion, on the 29:h day of Jaim
e I’rnicipil of this institution having signified his
ion of resigning fits situation at the close of the
it session. 11 was ordered,-that the Secretary u(
ard do advertise fra Male and Female Teacher
il ins'.iluttiin. and that be request applicants In up
1 or before the 24 It day id February cent, either
' VM or liy letter —il hy letter, the postage to be
RO. C. CUTLER, See’y.
12 t24F
hot* : hop* • •
II,ES fir-t sorts EASTERN HOI’S, in store,
‘* J fox sate, very low, hy
,i 12 J1*_
l nchbii r g Virginia.
IING comnlcU'd my Water Power and nilier
improvements, at my old aland, near the Pump
if the LynrJiimrg Water Works, I am now pre
I execute all orders in my line of business, via :
■sring for Mills an I other Machinery, wiln eve
tpliiin of castings of
DHaaa.tivDWMM eirrcixK*, 10
PrnXrail'Iatarn, Knuds, Levers, Ar. Ac.
an ex|H*rtenee ttf nearly 20 years, in one of the
lusted establishments in the Stale, I feel eunfi
teing able to give satisfaction to those favoring
their patronage.
•J pat ocularly call the attention of Tobacconists
ablishment. Having been the first that inlrodu
iiinufacture of Toitaccu Screws, Presses ami Pa~
tls, &.C., in Lynchburg, I can w nh confidence
re unacquainted with my worli, to the principal
ttsrsof this place, having pul up between 70
1-tresses, within lire short time of my residence
t view of seeming C fait1 share of patronage, I
in tie to add such tailor saving machinery, as
e tne to execute work with accuracy and dr
tl will warrant all work done at my establish
tcequal tu any dune in this pluri or elsewhere.
a 4 12i!i
U. OTii i%
«'■ NG located in Liberty, will attend regularly
Superior and Interior Courts of the Counties of
ness entrusted to him will receive his prompt
* (iwstikin, i - ...
wker & Co. f Lynchourg.
. -H &, Quartet*, > - ..
k K. G. Bell, f Liberty.
1 I m
• Ilibbons ana Flotccrs,
U anil openingal Richmond Cash Store
isnr'.menl of Bonnets, part extra line.
Uoni el Ribbons, some elegant styles, a,
iced prices;
artificial Flowers, some real French
real French out-side Flowers, only
reen and Black Teas. *
51 re®«ived t lot of the finest Black and
81» ®.’.er °^erei* in this market before,
'* rekm Tea Company, recently estabs
juntry. These Teas ire superior to any
1,1,1 with, and such as ha»e never been
"••ram before We earnestly solicit a
wantofaupsriur Tea at the price ofcome
‘ Jve on hand a few of Chiyd*. Family
L R.
oil M*itti\iTi: .s.iiji:.
Jan. ‘J*J la
I \tlen tines ! Valentines ! !
KNOW, all sighing Maids and Loving Swains, liiat
. I. the undersigned, have been apputnted by CL'- j
pH),—Hod ol Love,—sole disirihuiors of his l’ass|uiri»
to llyuiet.’s Temple.
I have, therefore, prepared, for the approaching Love
Fe tic h., commencing February 14th, aim now idler
fur sale, the most /J /. A. (3 /’.if S.S Oil l .1/L.\ I' ol
chaste, splendid, replied ami beautiful scniimcnial
Ever produced in ibis or any other country,suited ex
preasly to gentle lielmgs ol the blushing Malden, young
or aneieni; to lnnid lovers, or nosiy oh. Bachelors, of all
ages a rut all sizes, and til all couitlries. Also, an end
less variety ol COMIC* I\11■ /—V/7.V/-.-S.
(Quizzing and Satirizing all Professions, Trades, Slu
lioiis.and l' lasses ofSocielvj llrt w hole forming Ihe
had, varying in price from 6 ccirla to $3.
Ye, ulm would express your love, or love’s decline,
From me cun buy ihe wished for Valentine.
J. H. Fll'ZGlUUON, Head IJuartrrs.
Feb, 5 3t
»/400!) lbs rrw Lard,
Just to hand, and (or sain hy
m«daniel & mccorkle.
Feb. 5 •»
I AM still carrying on the WAGON MAKING
BUSINESS, immediately below Lynch'* W are
house, anil all persons who wish In gel Wagons, Carls,
Ste., or liavo llwm repaired will please call on me.— j
Also repairing of Carriage*, Barouches and Buggies.—
And all the work shall be done rrr llie nearest and besi
sivle, and as cheap as any good workman in town. I
ahull turn niv attention entirely tollus business. 1 shall
give gnnd prices' lor Wagon Timber in work.
B " ‘ E. D. HALL.
Peyton Leflwieh, I James M. Langhurne,
Amnioii Hancock, | George T. Williams,
Paul June*, I Wnalnnginn Appergon,
John Rcvely, I James McNamee.
Dec. 25 18
M.ynchOtirg, I'd.
f 11) |K Gib seas.on of ill's Institution will begin, on
JL Monday, the 2d of February.
TEEMS—for tuition in tlie 3 different classes, as
heretofore, viz : - $18, $15. $12 50 per session of 5
mouths, payable in the Iasi half of the 5 months.
BOA HI), $10 per month, of which, one half payable
in advance_Pupils accepted at epoch during the ses
sion, and charged from the day if entrance.
viai*e ciiOrHim
f,kt:.t r ii.iMtu.4i.vs ;
the season is now far advanced, we will sell our
remaining stuck uf Winter Giaids at reduced pri
We have just received an additional supply of black
and laney Caaaiinere Pams, black Satin \ csis, ike.
Jan. 15 18
A YOUNG man who has had aeven or right years
experience as Salesman and Clerk, (or Buok
kirper,) wishes to gel s situation ill some large Mer
cantile House, in either uf the above rapacities, for one
or inure years. Unexceptionable testimonials (if neces
sary,) will lie produced. Address A. I). R., Lynchburg,
Ya. All communications strictly confidential.
Jan. 15 ts
WHEAT FLOUR. Just rereived and fur
sale by McDANIEI.it McCORKLE.
Jan. 20 '»
fJYRAVELS in Mexico, Illustrated, by A. M. Gil
l ham.
Rambles by land and water, by Norman,
Notes from over the Sea, by Rev. J. Mitchell,
Library oftlin Prose and Poetry uf Europe and America,
Mirror Library, edited, by Morris it Willis,
Complete works n( N. P. W illis,
Modern British Essayin'*, by Carlyle, _
Geraldine and other poems, by M. F. Tup|ier,
The Bo >k uf Hearts,
The Unman Church, Stc., by C. Ed. Lester,
Interior Life, by Upham,
Chronicles of the Citf, by llo. Soitihey,
Hidmes1 Life of Mozart,
Pripping* in Author Land, by Fanny Forrester,
Literary Miscellany, by Gilfillen,
Whewill’s Elements of Morality,
The Suffering of Christ,
I'lie Artist, Merchant and Statesman, by C. E. Lester,
l.agal Rights of Women,
Union of the H dy Spirit and the Church, hv Jenltyn,
I'lte extent of I lie Aiunement,
Arnold’s Rugby School Sermons
The Jesuits, by Michelel St (piinet,
A Tteatise on Healthy Skin, by Erasmus Wilson,
Sermon-on the Mount, splendidly Illuminated,
Tim last of the Az'ees, bv E. Maturin,
Ascanis, hy Alex., Dumas,
The three Guardsmen, ” ’’
’ Lovo aim Mesmerism, by Horace Smith.
*iisi received and for sale hv
Jan 15 _tg
ry- THE SUBSCKfBER having leased
ttt>* fur a term uf years, this well known HO
sSnS (SB TEL. in the town of Lynchburg, would
inform Ilia friends &. the public generally,
that his house IS now open for the reception of Board
ers, Transient Boarders,and all others who may la
Tor him with a call. He promises to use every exer
tion to give satisfaction and hopes to receive a share ul
public patronage, WILTSHIRE M. LEVA IS.
Jan. *15 _18
MJrafK.f.Vfl .«c«*M'ST LIKE.
rVUlE soiiscriher has oeen appointed Agent eftho
l New Yuik Contribulionship Fire Insurance Cum
pany- Capital 8300,000.
This company insures Buildings in general, Merchan
dize, Household Furniture and every description ul
Personal Proiwrty, against loss or damage by ore.
Bamuee E. White is prepared to receive and soli
eila applications for Insurance in thia company,
citizens of Lynchburg and surrounding country. OtUce
at Cobbs, Armistead 8t Henderson’*.
l) C RANDOLPH. Agent.
a a.
Jan. 12 t3
uko. n\»t.
illiornr) nt l.nw,
II’ |I.I. practice his prulession in Ilia Cnuila of
* » Lynchburg, Campbell, Hedhird, Amherst anil
Appomatox. Office uvcr the feat Office, Lynchburg
Jan. I ta
Jnuiri IlnrlnMit It ll*m. It. Ilrnnrh.
HAVK unitftl in the prvitot* of Law. They will
attend tin* oiiortH ('n 111 pliolI, Bedford, Amherst,
Nelson. Appi'iwnUox, C'Larli»tft* ami Lyuehhurg. All
ease* of col Union* will bo smelly attended lo hy Mr.
Jtrani-h. .1 (iarlaiid will, hy this arrangement, ho on
aided to give a vigilant ami prompt altoniimi to ihe raw*
which may he confided to In* cure m the Court ol'Ap*
I )oc. 18 t»
11*441. It. »f.V.V,
W1I.I. practice regularly in the liilermr mid Superi
or Courts oT the ruuiiliea of Canipboll, Amherst,
lletlloril nutl Appomattox ami the Col|»iral|oti nl Lynch
burg. Office lately isvupied by .Inn. M. Warwick.
The Richmond Whig and fetersburg Intelligencer
w ill publish urn- lime.
Jan. 8 •»
fflRK subscriber is now iifTering for sab', at bis J«nv
J clrv Store, Main strept, ft lot ol SUPERIOR
rllEWINU TOBACCO, ol Or. Ro. Saundera’man
ufacUirn, to which lie would particularly invite the si
Lfiitiuti uf ihr lovers of »lie weed, lie ran assort* them
they will find it something rare. (*ive it a trial.
Jut. 15 ,n
B. W. nooici-:,
lin/iorlcr, lyiioleiale and Itrlail Healer in China, Ear
then ll'are, (,’lan. Sc , Sc.
rsign of tlie Big Pitcher,
Lthchhuho, V*., \
\V on 1,1 return his thanks In’]
Ins friends and the pukin’gene*
rally, lor the encouragement j
w itli which he hue met ilttring
tlie lust two years, ami would
reform them that Ins asnori*
nieiil of every ariielo in his
Min in, and at ell thnci, shall j
lie, as complete as any Imnse in Virginia; and pledges!
himself that ihe same shall he] sold, as low as they
rail he bought in any hnuse in ihe Old Dominion.
Please call asd sec my slock bclure buying.
D. \V. M.
Jan 29 ts
Coinmi»nioiiei,» Sale.
BY virtue of l\vo several degrees of the Circuit Su*
permr Court of Caw and Chancery lor Nelson
Comity, inis of IfieOili day of May, 184:1; and the other
uf the 4th day uf October, 1845, prunounned in a suit
in chancery therein depending, in the name ol KIisIih
Shepberdsun against William II. Diggs, late Sheriff ul
Nelson county, and ns such administrator ol Win. T.
Hargrove, dee., and Lewellin T.C'asli, Arabella Cash,
Susan Ilargrove, Edmund W. Hill, Elizabeth A. Hill,
Hubert K. Hargrove, Susan F. Hargrove anil Margaret
Hargrave, I shall, un the 27th day ul Kebruary, 1840.
at the Mansion lluuse of Mrs. Susan Hargrove, to the
county of Nelson, expose to sale, to the highest t older,
all the right, title anil interest of William T. Hargrove,
dec., in
which his father died seized ami possessed ; —
one share of which lie inherited, and a halt share
which ho acquired by purchase—the share Bad
a half share being three undivided twelfths of the whole
laud. The sale lo be made for so much cash »s will
pay the commissions and rxpeuses, including advertising;
and the balance will be un a credit of six, twelve and
eighleen months, the purchasers to give bonds with ap
(■roved security, and the title to the Land is to he retain
ed till the purchase muiicv is paid.
Sheriff of Nelson County, by
ALEX. FORTUNE, Insdei.niy,
Jan. 22 *27F
dp* i on gi
OCCUPIED at present by J. W. Watson 8i Co.,
as a Tavern, situated one square below the I rank
lln Hotel, on Mam street. Possession given the 1st day
of January, I84ti.
Tills lluuse w ill be rented for one or more years. For
terms, apply to RICHARD 11 REE.
Dee. 15 _J»_
on/t S-rtVHS S.’thT IN’STORE AND
shall and will please those wanting to buy.
Jan. 2(i __^_
t IMIE SUBSCRIBER has moved from the Union
Jl Hotel, to the large brick building opposite to Mr.
John Hollins am) George Bagby’s Grocery slures, where
lie will be olad lo sue his hoarders and eosiomers as usu
Jan. 12__
fllHE ensuing session of MISSES GORDON'S
J. SCHOOL will commence mi Monday, the 9ih ot
February, .. . .
TEB.MS lor tlie session ol o months, payab.o m ad
*ane*: . • in no
Or class -lor beginners, *
•bid clais—tor the more advanced SpMlMifc,
; ” Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Htsimy,
and (jeograghy, . . uu
3d class—Orthography, Rending, M riling,
Artlbuieue, English Grammar, Ancient is.
I Modern Geography and Composition, l-W
llli class —all ihe higher branches itbiially
taught in the best schools, together with ^ ^
French, , »>t fin
i Music on the Piano, 3 lessons |<er week, -5 00
| Drawing and Painting, H qq
Oriental Tinting, 10 00
Wax Work, 6 00
Embroidery, ,0 0(J
BOARD, per month,
Jan. 29 _ _
THE undersigned is now gelling in fioOODS
which he has purchased ai ilie North h, an
is prepared to sell low. Those "■•h»'S *"s
line are invited lo call- ,
500 sides New York Side Leather,
30 barrels Tanner’s Oil,
1500 pair Shuts and Boots
Sadd^;1rSS?, »£’ Thread, Shoe Pegs. Shoe
beei Co. a. .. oIv. ,tte • j j JJl’SBAND.
Street , Cut
Oct. 16
firs t Session.
Coerttpaodenet of the lliehmond Timet and Compi
WAtMmtrroN, F«h, 8, I84G.
During the Oregon debate, on Saturday, a message
w as received from the President, covering a moat impor
tant curre«|*»niletic* between the Government* of the U.
Slates and Great Britain, of which I have imHv tha hr!
low ing nbstra *t:
I. A letter fsvm Mr. Buchatitm to Mr. MeL*ne,<\*
ted 13tl» December, 1845, slating that the President hud
received accounts id ihe extensive military preparation*
w hich Uu-atJiriiHin it now making, and'directing Mr.
McL. to bring the subject to the notice of Lord Aber
deen, in order to asreiiain their true character. Tim
President also requested Mr. Mcl/sown opinion on the
‘2. A letter from Mr. Me Lane to Mr. Buchanan, da
ted 3d January, 1846, replying, that on the 13th nil.,
he aoitght a personal interview with loud Aberdeen,
who said promptly and Iraukly that, with the sincerest
desire to avoid it, they were obliged to look to the poa*
nihility of a rupture with the U. States, in which case,
the warlike pftpa rat ions would be use to I and important;
ye< Lord A. stated very positively and distinctly that
they had no direct reference to such a rupture, and
Would hare hern made without regard to the relations
of Great Britain and the U. States—that they had
been comn cured before the relations of the two Countries
had become serii us, that he thought the representations
as to their e\ieoi must have been exaggerated: that they
did not relate particularly to a distant service—that they
were principally /or/i/jr of io/u of excised points, together
with an increase of the steam navy, suited to the policy 1
pursued by oilier nations—in §ho?l, ilint they were only '
a w'sc system of nation defence, and had no particular
or direct re ference to a luptnre with the U. Males .m the
Oregon finest ion.
Mr. Mel aim'd own opinion is that these preparations
have at hunt an indirect reference to the coiiiiugeney of
such a iiiptore—that they arc certainly of such a char
ucter :is would he innai appropriate iu that event—that
if tint rupture should take place, Great Britain would be
»s fully prepared, as if that hud been the sole object of
Jmr preparation*, and would doubtless endeavor to inflict
the greatest possible injury in the commencement.
3. A letter from ,^lr. Bakenham to Mr. Buchanan,
dated 2?tli Dec., 1845 — Proposing, nn the part ol G.
Britain, to reler to the equitable division of the Oregon
Territory to the uibiiration id some friendly sovereign
or slate, as the most prudent and feasible plan of settling
the dispute, and declaring that the proposal was mode in
a spirit of moderation uud fairness, and wnli the confi
dent hope rh.1t the U. Suites would not reject nii over
hire made w ith such h friendly intention, and Ibr so holy
a purpose. The small value of the territory, ascumpur*
ed with the importance of peace, is strongly rrpre*
Rented by Mr. I*, ns nn hnlucemeut to this mode id set*
tinmen t.
4. A letter from Mr. Buchanan to Mr. Bakenhnm,
dated 3d Jan. 1840— Objecting to ihe offer to reler the
equitable division of the territory to ailutrution, instead
ol propoMoo to submit the title, nrcanse it would imply
that the U. Slates admitted their title to some portion of
ihe country to be questionable: whereas, the President
liiid solemnly declared that the title to the whole was
complete and unquestionable, lie therefore, for this rea
hod and others, which he docs not state, declines this of
ler of srhiiratioif,
5. A lettir from Mr. Bnkenham to Mr. Buchanan,
dated 6'h Jan., I846—Stating that the lasf note of Ml*.
B. would be forthwith iransmitud fo the British Gov
6. A h Her from Mr. Baktnham to Mr. Buchanan.
dated IGthJan., |R46—Mr. I*, stales that lie will not
now discuss the merits of the respective claims ol ihe
two Government, but simply repeats that Great Britain
lias right* in ihe Oregon territory, incompatible with the
exclusive claim made by the. Government of the II.
Mates; recites Mr. B’s objections to Ids offer of 27lh
Dec., and now offers to submit the question which go*
verninent has title to the whole territory, to arbitral ion;
and if it shall he decided that neither lias an exclusive
right to the whofr, then to submit to the partition Which
i the arbitrator shall prescribe. Mr. I*, pro poses further,
that if the United .States prefer, either a mixed com*
mission, with an umpirt, or n hoard qf distinguished
Chilians, should bo selected ns the arbiter*. He cob
chides by earnestly requesting Mr. Buchanan lu lake
ihese propositions into serious consideration.
7. A tetter from Mr. Buchnnafi hi Mt. Bakcnfiaui,
dated 4lli Feb., 1846—Mr. B. objects that the sugges
lion ol a partition in Mr. P.’s sicond offer has the an me
effect as the direct recommendation in the first. He pro
ceeds to object to arbitration in any farm m which it is
proposal, and declares that it w ill only involve the iuo
ject in new difficulties. The reason alleged is, that the
rights of this nation arc not a proper subject for arbitra
Thus, ihe country is unrqui vocally informed dial ar
bitration is not lo he looked to as a mod*.* by w Inch the
Oregon question can be skilled. Tliis correspondence,
I think, also establish! 8 die truth of die construction
w hich I originally pi iced upon the Message, that Mr.
Polk will riot consent to any partition ol die Oregon ter»*
niory, or. in other words, any compromise of the Oregon
question. It remains for die people to decide whether
he shall be sustained in this extreme and most hazardous
position. I t becomes the friends of peace and ul nation*
al consistency, to rally without distinction ol parly, a*
gainst die measures which have been proposed by the
Administration, and tlm tendency of which is now dis»
tiitcdy discovered.
Tin? Oregon question has now assumed an importance
| before w hich all others are trivial. *1 he President stands
before I lie country, declaring that he will not consent to
j any of die compromises w hich hove been ofiered by the
1 Govt rument, under die guidance of the wisest and molt
! considerate statesmen of the Republic. Assuming dial
the whole ut Oregon is ours, and that the territory of the
f lulled Stales cannot be yielded up by the decision of on
j arbitrator, he equally assume*, (il wo are lo judge from
his Message, from ih« language ot his organ, and from
the course of his peculiar friends in C ngrfcss,) dial it
! must not hereafter be surrendered by negotiation. He
I brings fhu issue simply to this: Ciredt lintmn must give
‘ up the whole of Oregon Cr go lo war. Ai d y«l hit ac
i knowledgcd exponent, and tins Secretary of State, sol*
emnly declare that they hope this dispute will be peace*
i ably 'selderf. What, then, is their dependence ?—
| Why, plainly, that (/real Britain will yield to the rjt
treme pretentions, which they wish the Government to
| set up.
I ask, if ever, in the history of the world, the rulcra
of a civilized people w ere goiity of so unparalleled a fol
ly. To use the comparison which I heard to-day flora
a gentleman of the highest intelligence and long expert
enee, thecourae of Mr. Polk betrays a madness* scarce
ly less palpable than that of ihe Chinese commanders
who endeavor to intimidate the Briluh troops with die
sound of gongs aud die turning of Bomeraets. ^ It is the
extremity ol rasimes*: first, because this Government
can find nothing in the history of Great Britain (as Mr.
Hannegan forcibly said in the Senate) which will, tor a
' moment, warrant toe presumption that she will yield,
where her honor is at stake. But, worse I inn all, we
are ruuhing to a w ar with the strongest Power of the
w rld, who 1.-9, in the emphatic, official language of Mr.
Me Lane, •'incomplete armour,” prepared at all pomta
precisely in tin* manner to Jo os the greatest possible in*
jury, when we are alfi»«*st entirely widioul preparation•
li is the upiuiun ..I rhiMt Unl »iK)U»inU.iJ with the mb'
ject, that if war were *u;?dt*iily declared, scarcely a h»r
•ifiratiun urt i.or st.OMti cjjlii witli#iu..ij
■ J lit. r^io.-i of tile Cwin::iar.Jinf Genera: J*jwr.*wau».
bryoiul ipirsuon, that thcaiiny ol ill* Uoiteil Slates hail
lW>l •ullleir.il, ifconally divided, In defend even null
knl ieases ns llial at Point ( unifml. Yat llna Ailoiioia
|lrailon rns.ilIV prnceedi In prcolpilala Ihe isaun ul anna,
wiilioul pushing Itiruogh Uungreat a aiogla bill for ibr
national defence, and pennlta a ladioua dia.lusainn in
waatr Ihe public Irraanrc, and wlial la lar iiiuro luipor
lant, ills* lima for prenrrrailon.
* l*» frading uf ilM Correspondence had a marked ef
frcl upon ihe House, | liesr i ha I many will nul *ule a
gaitisl llie nonce, who, before llna correapnndrnee was
road, would have voted for it, Thera la a general aim
| iiinent. wnh all eonaiderale men, llial it la the object of
(ileal llnlaiu lo pi are Ibis country clearly In lire wrung
I Urf.re llna loiue eomea on, Tl la liar irnei'eet In enliai
llie ayinpallnra ul the utlirr ualinne uf Ktir.ipe on her
side. Il it uni|iieipiom1fty, An h as ilia Iniereal of this
country. Uni in ilila reepeef. again, font. min leal a. Ua»
The tTUrrnflee Ill* message contain a goalllva
ilfkull In Kiauee. Ifuaala lilnat look » lift' jealousy up
on a onion winch haa extended na demauda trnui la11
tude T.i deg. In ,'>1.4(1, and even now given intimation nf
a elaf.ii lo llie partflil uf01 • far Wllliin ihe Uiuouan
possessimis. The Kimpicinna uf Spam iimsi doubtless
have been excited by llie pmpnsii.I a nieiubei ul llie
dnhnnaiu pany, prominent from hia posiium in the Sen
ate ul lhu United Slates, In provide lor Ihe arrpnettloii
ol Cuba. The auiipailiiea ul nil lire Kumpeaii powers
have been imprudenlly aroiiaed by the deelaraliuna uf
uur public men, llial r w ar with (.real llrmiiu nn the
Oregon ipiesiion will be a war belween republicanism
and monarchy. It ism such it condition of our foreign
relaiiuna, that llm Presidenl ealla upon Congress lo
adopt • policy which il la admitted liy all, iiiusl produce
a war with Ureal llriiaiu, unless llial power shall aur
render llie whole ol her claim lo Oregon. Truly, when i
we consider these facia and the defenceless stale of llie |
country, il aeema liliposHihle In conceive ol more wreck
less counsels ihan llieae which are now m ilia uaucndaul
at Washington.
I greatly mistake the aeniimeni* nf ihe American |>eu»
pie, if this policy receive iheir deliberate sanction. On
a rpieiMuii nf such vaal importance, il becomes us to for
gel llie publics ul Ihe day, and In untie all llm conaide
isle men ul the country in determined opposiliuii lo the
iiieaaoius reeiiminemled by ihe Preeidenl. I sincerely
rejoice llial Ihe pofenl Southern influence nf Mr. Cal
houn, has been thrown aganml tins policy; I rejoice,
will mure, ihal llie Whig parly, wilh f« w exceptions,
Inis bad llm firitmess lo wnTiaianfl llie auu|Mi*cd mipop
uliriiymil' bring op|siaed lo a War. And f leal no on* I
wavering confidence, llial llie noble motives which
prompt liieir courar, will be appreeialed and uppfuved by ’
the country,
(uriripoin/rnes<f tht Hnllimurr .Imeriean.
Wa*iiinutuii, February Oili.
A nmeaage waa received from tile President of llm U
lined States transmitting I In' rurrea|miid*nce on Ilie Ore
gun question, which, on mutiun of Mr. AUDEN, wna
referred to ilie Committee on Foreign relatione uud or
dered to he printed.
Mr. WF.STCOTT eotirlilded hia remarks in fivuruf
the general features of tin bill, and took ueeaaion to slate
bla opinion ilial the people of ilie eouniry will approve
and aua'nio Ilie President in Ina refusal to aubiuil ilie (I.
regoii question to arbitration. The new posture, bow
ever, whteh the alTuir liua now assumed render* It Im
perative on ilie representative* of liitr i«'ople to put tlic
Country III a stale to meet unr, and instead of leaving it
to lire disereiion of the ^'resident In complete the Vessels
on Ilie Mocks, ns provided fur in ilie second section of ilie
bill, lie would direct their completion at once.
After Mr. Wealcott liad concluded,
The iprearioit of aftiiiratmii in the On iron matter came
up me dentally on a million lu lay I lit; bill on the lable, in
which Mr. MANOUM denounced tile correapondence,
and said that the manner in which lire oiler m arbitrate
bail been rejected would lint be upheld by the country. I
He charged Mr. Polk with a drawn in gain popularity
from the |iearc w liich it was intended should follow by u
compromise of the claims of ilie I wo countries.
Mr. AI.I.F.N and Mr. CASS look psri irt tho debate,
the former'in Ins uailaf vibWill and denunciatory man
tier, and tlm latter with one uf his regular vmr speech
es. .
Mr. RADII? said lie did not believe there was
any probability or possibility of us; and lie would
vole to keep the bill oil tIn: luble until the end of llm
Without coming to any decision, a motion was made
to adjourn and carried.
The IIoiimi met at 10 o'clock this morning with about
fifty members upon the floor, but with the galleries prel.
ly well filled by perteno anxious lu liear tlm cioso uf the
The reading of iho Journal vva* dispensed with, and
ilie House hurried into Committee id llm Whole Oil mo
tion of Mr. RATHBUN.
Mr, KING of Ga. (who obtained thufliur at Id o’
clwk oil Saturday night at which time tlm Cummillre
ruse,) uddre-sed ilie Cuuimruee this morning mainly in
review ul tlm correspolidenru between the Hntiali Mum
ister ami llm Secrelaiy ot Stale.
Mr. King expressed Ins approbation of the of’i" made
by Mr. I'akenham to refer Ibis whole question to arbilrt
Hon. Thu reply of Mr. RMhanau m the uffer or ar •
hi I ration he characterised as partaking of llm spirit hi lit
of llm pettifogger and Iho bully. He hoped, indeed,
that no such correspondence would in future, disgrace tlm
annals of the Nalioa’adiplomacy.
Mr. K. denied that England had nflered lu reft r our
own acknowledged title and territory to arbitration.
I I,at Government would not have dared to insult us by
such an nfli r
The last letter of Mr. Buchanan was cliaracleriicd
as saying we want the whole of Oregon and mean to
have ii. lie misled that the President, lur Ilia own hun
or, would divest himself uf such counsellors.
Mr. King went oil to refer m llm claim we aet up to
Iho whole of Oregon. He wished to know of tlm gen
lleman from Massachusetts if he really legarded our
claim as "clear and indisputable” to the whole lerri
Mr. ADAMS row, and ihc members gathered • round
him i'» great number*. “Give him an hour, ' said
“If lint to be taken from my time,” «aid Mr. King,
“he shall h»Ve What time he p'Maes.”
.Mr. ADA VIM—I ask but two minutes, and Mr. A.
went un to say that there were loo meanings to the
words “clear and inoontestille.” Our rights aa against
Great Britain were “clear and indisputable,” aa a ques
tion of ri'h'i hut tf that which was disputed was to be
considered aa mtlitpulnbU, then it was notan. But,
added Mr. Adams, if all that Great Britain iliipiites is
to he considered initiipulable, ihen we sliSl! have to in
vent some, netv term to express our opinions.
Mr. KING went on now to ask Mr. Adatna why he
'did notauexpress himself when Secretary of Stale and
'when President of the United Xlaies. VVhy till now
had he refrained from these extreme claims un our
j The competitors for the floor when Mr. King closed
' wrre mint, numerous. The Speaker gave the fljor to
Mr. ADAMS. . . . 4
Mr. J. U. INGEItSOLL*»id he would submit that
Ilia friend from Mesfieohuaette Had been twice heard, and
lie submitted that he was not entitled to the floor.
Mr. ADAMS aaid that one of the occasions eN«d«d to
, by his intimate friend from Penna., was upon ai bill re
ported here from the Committee on Military AIfaira lor
rais.ni? two regieneme of dragtwne. He addressed the
I Committee then upon the strength of e rumor that ti»#
i Committee on F»reigu Affrtr* ^ rhP,*rl
1 of notice to Great Britan. He (turn empteaued the ho**
| that the Comm»nee would report. T«» h*a gr*at gran*
| fi. atjvo the report wee U»»n made and Iren* that time to
I it.* present it had al*u mren the subject ul eims^At da*
1 "r Ml quit* iiionrupalem In tithmi the fraMMUea
al »ln* nine in f»*..r uf the nnlloe now prupuaed. add 5a
I."|' ihe Corn miner id the Wltoll. lie hid eieldd when
up bt-fnre. ilia i ha waa in (avnr of iha nulled I w el an
muni ha ago. \\ iih a |iairiuiiain and wbtlilw uneurpaaard,
line drhnie had belli eonducirij by iha Huuen and ha had
Itairnad lull \b11li prulumid alienliun.
I * ni,n<* had nui been previously made np, It would!
; have been ffuin ibe b.reauf ihe diaeuaalua lure—hulhn
i runld hardly aay lu what ounnluiiuii u would have Duma
by rliia dienuaeion,
1 here never had hern a debate more thoroughly and
nmre rumpleIrty rihatmled. lie waa eunvtncad that
ibe lime had a>-ry»* Ini giving ibe nullra lu Ureal Brie
• am, end upon ilie whole be fell iboruaghly lulhlfted |W
liia |Mmiin>ii that ibe nnllre ought lobe given. Ureal
Dritaiii, in Ida view, aa 1 mailer id right and wrung,
bed iiu elaiiii in ibe ouuniry in diipute.
Mr. Atlanta thnughi heeluuild mil haveeddreaand iha
I'oininiitee, bill fur ibe peraniial e plan I which had heefl
made in liiin line illuming by the getnleinan Irum Gaudv
gia. lie bad naan red him aa rlrltly and ea undiaguiaed
ly na bin hem I end mind w ould permii him lu eprak.
The genileuoin had addrreecd him in • manner MMua*
u Iml dieunlerry,
Mr KIM; Haiti lie had tnranl nulliing unparliamen»
iarv or ulnn>tirlt*ou«.
Mr. A f)A MS >aid hr believed lliia, but nil matter for
llial. lie shi.uhl have tawn i-iniiriil tu Vote aye, fir any
iplcatiiin of ilmice, Irom ihe holdeai to the noiet timid
w Inch lied lirrii presented to lha tloiiaa. Our claim
would lie found in ilia lai chapter uf Ganraia, **rae*20.
.7 and 28, pad ihese Wafa read by lha Clark. Tlia
louudaliiif, ol all human tula in ail human puaiamiolta
raa'cd lirra. Wa cm Id nut excreta* lha righrhera poin
ted out of niVitpy lha Oregon, without pulling an and
to liila ('iniventiun. It waa mil a Convention of Joint
orrupaiinii. It w aa a inianoiiiar lo call it so. It was •
Convention for Jnini unn oecopaiidii'.
If lliia Convention rgieted between ua anil any other
than a Cliiiatian nalion, ha rould nut cits I hi* Holy
honk. Wa both lo liovad in ii or ha presumed they did
hera.aa the nicmhcra ware in ilia habit uf awrartiw by
’I lie 8th versa of ihn second I’aalm was tlian read:—
"Ask >d ilia and I w ill give Ihe ha*itian for thine mhr*
rustier, and ilia nllerninsl pans of thaearthr hr thy pus
teaaion,” dor Saviour waa alsurpioiad by .Mr. Adams,
aa Maying “Go Ibrili lo all nallvnA pud / WIIT ha whh you
even lit ihe end of the world.’’ Thia wit ihe authority
for vnhdiiiiig all harluirniit nalion*. It was tor Ihe
purpose ul converting the people and cultivating tile
I'p to the time of Cnluiiihu* this also wad lha law of
nation* liriwecn all nalion*. The I’opa of (tome at Ihe
lime of ColUmhii* g.ive to Ferdinand led la*iad|* the
whole conliiieni* ul North and South Amrrica. Heau
Ihoriaed 'he drawing uf « line from led* lo pate, add
gave lo I'Yihiiniiid and la*bcl*l lha whole coiilirianl.
Tills was a good till* when given, Jt waa lha foUnrla
lion of our title, lie (Mi. Adam*)'did nut pi and undue
reliance upon ihi* llile, lor Ihc l*o|«' of Home dal hr,mod
eliriMi tan na well a* unchristian sovereign*. Ragland
bald Ireland hy this title, and r.u oilier—deriding bardii
llmrli) from Admin ul Itnino over Ireland,
The giant of ilie Creator1 Wit lu man da man, fu aUb
duo nod lepleniah the enflh.
The law*of oatioi'H Were nothing more th*h thA ciM»
Inin* Rinong nallna, and the Irrdiic* aniung halibut.—
Our liilr Hi the Oregon stood rtprtii lha foUndatlon Uf
these euKiuiiiM mj irraite*. There never bad bedn ahy
agreenianl among lllo na'iniik of ihn rArih an tu note a
(piralioii like i hi* oat ween iis and Gnat Britain abmlhl
hr settled. The nalion which haddiarovured the KMidlk
of a river was auiriAiitnea regarded at pnartre'ifrtjf the
w hole toll walerril hy if.
In lluxiird’a Stair papera. volume f, rt uirTbe f. ibid
that Char Ha the Kim gave a title in Mi-sachiuietli from
sea III era, and extending from M to 48. .time* the
Firat gave lo Virginia thh same, and other (iohinle* re
el'l veil n grant Irom aea tu sea aim. Tlia King uf Rhg
l.iml no mure Ilian ihe Pope uf Iturnc had a light tu utaka
tlieae grama, anti yet all persona hern would go hack to
llieir original uharleta lu ImiUil their claim*.— At this
day. in iliis very Capilul, iliere waa a ipiaailon irt cun
Iruver-y hclWeeu lit* beloved Maaaaeliuacita and Ithjtia
Island, wliiiSli helmed almost aa well, upon i Starter
derived Irutn Willla n and Mary.
Colne down now, said Mr. A. lu this pretended prin.
cipM that the discovery ol the inouili ol a rivar give a
title lo all the territory watered by the at ream*, amf wa
liml that Ihc charters relent'd tu paid no retpeui lu aueli
discoveries. They were mule uindern occurrence.—
All ilieke lilies were iinperfect. Discovery was rtb tills
of itself. Kxploratiuti gave a higher ground uf title.—
So did Continuity Aid ouiitiguily. I’oaseaaion and latoti
pathui were ueceaaury lo perfect a tills, and this was all
we wauled to perfect our title to the Oregon. Oeeupa.
lion was aa odious now aa Sir John Ftlslaff fucettuualy
said it w null! be.
Ifehail been asked why lie had not entered'a protest
Sgninat the claim ol’Gical Britain when Secretary of
Slate. ’I liere was a prulrai, aa would be showrlby lha
treaty. Mr. Adams read the article to prove that it waa
non occupation, and that it was lo he regarded only lor
ihn purpura uf preventing disputes between the high
contracting pa, lies of both niiiona. The limitation ul
the Irraly to ten years allowed iliil there tva* rto renun
ciation hi any claim. Toe pailiea reserved iheir claim*.
The C'niled hiaiea surrendered noihing hy thd eonven
liun. Grcal Britain had never rlaiined any exeluaiva
right or title lo thu country.—Sim claimed lo keep ilia
country Air hunting. V\ hen it should be Bellied by thu
tiller* of the anil, she had no claim whatever tu lha O
We claimed it, said Mr. Adams, in make the wilder,
denies, lo bh mbuiii like ibe n *e—’o a* atdiali our law*
over it—tu give it form and character and population. I
want ihe county for our Western Pioneers, and I am not
peupling it vvilli aavnges and wild hards and keeping
it oiibii fur huiiiiou alone.
M„ Adams’ hsur had expired, when several motion
were midu Ihat Hie gentleman Irum Masaachasctta
hava leave lo oc heard to the conclusion of Ilia srgu
maitt, , ,,,
Ohjertions were made, and lor the nekt half hour cun.
fusion prevailed in the Hall.
Two thirds of the member* ware determined Ihat
Mr. Adams should be heard beyoud thu hour and about
one third that lie should not.
Mr. HARALSON of Ga.obtained the floor, but ihv
members were determined that he should util goon un
til Mr. Adam* was heard further.
A scene uf great confusion prevailed in the tM', *»«
the Committee received » motion to rise, which win
earrird by a Vote of 104 to 57.
The Speaker took the Cnnir,and Mr. OJ.IAUtB*
SOI.L moved that the one hour rule be suspended four
hours. Thu previous Question wav moved and he
furo it was seconded, a motion wis made to lay It upon
it,,, table. The yea* and nays weru urderad, and tha
vote wa«, Ayes 7*2, Nora 125.
Mr. INGEKSOLL then modified his ntothiu to sus
pend the one hour rule until lo-mnarow atllirre o'clock.
A motion was made to lay Mr. I’a motion upon Iha
table and lotii. Ayn 72, ni.es 125..
The House werv then, after great confusion upon
points of order, was brought to a vote upon iba motion to
suspend the Rules.
Two thirds were necessary and the vo'e waa, yeas
69, nays 123. Thus was leal an hour and mure in a
» arm effort to suspend the operation of th# hour rule sir
the take uf allowiug Mr. Ad*u>» logo on with h»
House then went into Committee of Iba Whole,
and the dt-baie was resumed. .... _
Mr. HARALSON of Ga. addrsaaad t ha C.fwjUaa
in a »rt*fcli ot nearly in Iwur, nc¥uci*inf m iianmCMli
KnlargHiient of the roilitiry dnfnnctn uf the oonntry.^-*
The tune had come * h» n no tymot’a fcnl abnuM be *X
It.wetl to tread upon otr al>*»in*. nut uiann to bn
pmonil, or lo»y anything wroiii»t|. but ba would say
Mr. C. J. IXGKftSOLT. reowwt Wrv*h^ Iha
whole ol Oregon up lt> S4, 40, and Hensgirt It “Sarar
,nd onnimaiatnabla.’' Bur tiule .4ihra apaveb. huraa^
l it, hao ishrsoce to iha merits uf iha questm*., *“d »

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