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Lynchburg Virginian. [volume] (Lynchburg [Va.]) 1829-185?, March 23, 1846, Image 1

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»*#>/,. I I f I*.—v». 07
•I‘r 1\1R Ii Y tfC H BU R(i VIRGINIAN,
Ft published lemi-toeekly ievery Alaiuiaq and 1'hursd'iy
ut Pour Doll ns per annum, payable in advance. *Ve sub
tc rip Dan toillbc reccivcdjor a shot lettune than sir months
'imi no paper tcill be discontinued, (except ut the discrctioi
'+• the Editors,) until all arrearases are paid.
Al)lrEllTISE.WiLVI S inserted at 50 cents pc.
square (or less) for every inner for / »»io rtion and '•] ;
cei's a • r sj i ic (or J ss) far every outer form insertion.
EVERY ADVERTISER is required tn note, on hi
manuscript, hotv tong he wishes his tin rfisenent inserted
an advertisement, not so noted, will he inserted till itsd•>
ontinnance be ordered.
FOR VEAIIEV AIJVEnTFSlMrs the terms are , fat
i ■ l '
- : . , I ' ’ ' . ' tdvertisa
■Vill he re / ni l to ) iji.ie. Uis u .1 , t. ■. ng t» hispurttcu
ar line of bn ii.ics s,
iff* JO II Plll.VFLVG executed neatly and expeditious’
l>m,7 on reasonable terms.
f .voti it:.
f U Vl | |\ o i-partners! io Ii * '•'*.! .re e\-''Mfr under V11 e
3 style o! IV-20 .* .■ w .
< xi'irnl tin the «2Sih nl'i.i.n. I in- 11 m I 'le- firm xx ill
only he ii sod in x\ i ini i ;i j up th<- bnsn.. A I -• s
indebted to i ■ I• \ I*• si .1 «,r am toil xx II ple-e • ■ one lor
W i rd and sel'le. Iln-se lo xx limn xx e -ire in I Will
please present their accounts 1-t ‘•ei'li ■ e.it, as ii is »!•*
M ruble liial the business »IojiiM l» • .I as speedily as
j title. WM (*. !1 i. K.
TllO. W . AiK t l .
13i«j Lick. March 19, ! >.
^a:tv r-r^ra:
BlIIF firm nT I’.-.-k k Mn-.i'i h-ivin* i-\p;r<d on the
. 2>lli it!tinto, a new c.- partnership w as i nter* d in
to by llio same parlies, n the - id ins' •. 11■ i•:■ r the s') P . I
.1SB1 Oi #V t*KVt£q
lor the purpose of condue-in^ t o
TXLB BUSINESS «s In ■ tt tin ir d *i i,d.
\\ i ejpeel m a h xv w ei i
to our present .*toek , by pn i i-t e •. • • m i|i • A. e . h in
Maikeln, hy one i.f tin parti.< -s, s p. ,i it worth)
• filial pa I rmi m e w h ic|| \x us s . I literal I \ lieg'uw ed Upon
the old r*o: cem. To mh-Ii a> !*oy t*' i. r e.>li, we
shall hold out extraordinary inilmvaiei.'s u> , . .1 u-.
Ain or k I’Kri;.
13i*j Lick, M uch 19 i n
mi f<lt iyvr<' ii is iti //»! ACtitfm
BIIAYK n-ci'iv« <1 a ].n .1 K \Zl>U M UAI’S,
ninilehy Sunk, sn wi ll k• • • • \\ it as Hie Siraji hum,
8m«I I ciiiifiilrnily In* I i'Vc i! . :n in In t|.i* h. - S rai* I r
the uioiipy I liuv < i \ m -11 i . ■ ■ i
t>. W. MHOUK,
Sij.ni o! ill) Hu I’llrliiT.
Van-h 10 is
auilm-u, S'.'itla*Vr.
5\ ’< V RK( FI V FI ». at '!.*■ Ij. u Ii w
IYI) i'l.ltl"! ( i .IS,
( < M III1 Ml “
C Il f! r rilHM'll i * II MS.
1 "lull , (i hut and \ mu in tm -m re,
Snj'l'i i r (in tar ai ii \ i. I n Sinn . ■ *.
F..r s.a!«* xfiy low, hy Ik Ik I' \YNE.
March 10 ta
S 8 O
.<** STOf.KN i 1 . i . '
^ 1 III! III. Ill III III)1 1,‘ilM . si till . :| I •;»»» i 1 A ^
JNl A ti K. ' v I 1*m
w In.. w i si.i* -A.i'k- » i' >• i i M's !.i r i ,.i u . • v. rx
hull |clip's *ii i liilv wi ll-- In' it: R On* :i irk n| her.
, , 1 r | 'V : ' • , r. \ .
,.,V Ml ihe ''an*. IIF.NKY r. 11: VI NCi.
Ch : , rliiul ( ! k. M.r-li iO 2l
. / : or, (’i f or. f Tf 'trI, f: «r.
I W J >. | i • ■ i • • t i?
“ | i ii is y p 1 i
di d. | w ill mi w* u ii • r.<I |1 r . F M'nte at thlo mIU'M ,
t.r iIp'rh.I. I,., iln ^h the I', v* Ulii.-r,
Alarm 10 4t
33 Z 5 S O X, XT TIO N .
f S V. 1E ... m . T M ii : r- 1 '' . i ■ l"'ui dis.
i. aulyed on I' <* I 'i .M 'V. I I 1 ii ' ’ rust < l
.? lines Ik S11,:tIi. iii i' " K k - . !'• ■ 1 \ • •
the concern, havinvr !•»> n j. .-Ii t - - ! s F. ,i Ik Mur
rill, tins is im m a iy ill i" u .ms, w Ii . . 'wr, that In*,
tli*- naifl Wm. H. Si
authorized !u !•*)!!« l tml s i •• i!u saa.
JAS. Ik S OI 1 II.
March 12 •> v
The ftrrgj;) Qh: Settled.
.9 l v3C,S 23. .MS2TEI
I thanks 1.1 iln* |.iihlii\ (■ i Hu' vurv 111 •«.r:iI ji.i'r iivc
hesloWuI HI lice Ills Wlilnlrrt Will Wm.I1 I:: t * him I Ml.r
till S nil Ii; and w «>uM » ■ v '<»
Tim lit? Iihk i • / '/. V H SI It l..
ran he f< nnil in the u|ij••*r *• mii rv.a il w«l! I'ositivvly
tell, wholesale hills ii I«i • * I u»• ■ ■ il prices.
'* EiircunJae Iiom.c imliuirv.”
Call at the S _jn ol tin* I5u ( !l ;»? Ikd, Hunk
Sij'ltre, Fvri'-h'iiirjr V*.
Mart'll 12 is
•Uualursf I,find for Stefr,
BY virtue of a deeree of the < ’ij<• u11 Siij.«n r C nri
of I .a w ami (■ hiiirei v. t*>r t In* I , \ nrith irg di*t m-t,
\Tut.utineetl in the ra*e ol ( 'Iji ks.mi\s Admliusintr :i
gainst fiarlsml uml others, I \\ ill. as ( 'mnnii^i mi-r • • •
>;ml Cmirl, mi the premises, at N.u (il.is_i.iw, the 1/iili
i ay of April next, sell the
«'f which David S. (j irlamJ died si .•/ .J and j O'^a s- ,d.
lying in and adjoining the low n o| .New (ilnsgow, to the
highest bidder, oil a credit of six, twelve and eighteen!
months, «Tpial instilment'?, burnt ami appt veil scenrity
will he required, and the title w lihm-'d till the last p t\ ,
merit is made—puss* ssiofi for seeding "til tie given at
the usual time, and final |ios>< s>ion n the 1st Jane »ry.
1847, or p. limps . Hr. This I lf VCT mostly li.-s
well anil is ..h- u'cri-nt inipruvion.Mil. Ii his a
sufficient 'I'lanliiy ul Wood Land h.r its support, and a
commodious ‘
i) if K r. i. i a* <i ii o v s /■;,
RR well as Out buildings, suit thin f ir a fanner, mer
chant or professional man. The tract containin'' up
wards of six hundred acres.
.... „ , ( HA’S. I’ERltOVV, Com’r.
I lip Richmond Whin will copy.
Alarcl' 10 115 A p
i\i:w nvinwvAtn: ktokb:.
I If f.lii.lf nit! is now receiving and open
• lng, next dour below Messrs. Turner & liurwell,
an entire new stuck of
«*MtflllViJlU .V CUTLER 1*.
winc h be is anxious to tlispuse of, on very reasonable
„„i!l'"ISP',!",n',rs’ House.keepers. Farmers, Black
l"< »p«tpd . i’.'K" Wanl "r ,,r"‘'l,'s Ii™, ^p
Ftb oV“ca be*°re purchasing elsewhtie.
’ 46 18
i #* o.vi s: • ?s 4pi:s.:::
' | 111 K suhscr.her having “raised the wind” once
■ more, is prepared to carry on again the
\\ ith a determination to give general sa> Machon. He
will at allti oea give lire highest cash price*; and in*
v111 s all rew/ers in his l-ur to give linn a.i occasional
(Go* wa rd to It is creditor*, lie will pay them as
«. ».«n as p ish’de, ami b. p- s titv will not !»y pressing
l, prof t the pay iin*. Lei
liiem give him a chance, and he will hr “perfectly in
low n hi h ss than no time,” a ml wiil I'.ni sipmrc up
with ph :dire, .1 \MlCb C. 1K\ INF.,
March IG Is
samiia.Y<« .>4 iuaf t. i\
n. e: i: a e o ii a: it t s
\ UK now rcc. i v i n - and offer f r sale (very low.)
- Ul !)."> hhds. Si. ( mix, I *. U. and N.O. Sugars,
( pari prime)
2 H ll»s. \\ o -< v *2 W. double refined Loaf do
2; 0 P'S. coo.in n I . "ill Sug -r.
.* 0 Mils. ( u1 i a id N. (I clarified Sugar,
!<il hhds. and 1 arrels Molasses, ( pnri prime)
8( t> I 'ks | .1 v, f|mol Null, ||. (joe order,
; HI !ia_s | nguir i. Ui i, Si. I) liningo and old Ja*
va ( offer, (pari very prime)
20 pack o-es (hmpowder and Imperial Tea,("part
extra tin )
i> ‘ 1 *. S de Leather, stamp good and (IfWiaoed;
1 I
'hi* s. Shoe Thread,
5iK Id ( Mien \ art s, I .ynehliurg, 1» a hnioiul and
Manchester Faciei \ ,
11*0 ho*,• * Sperm and i allow Candles, good quali
ly and I'j’.v,
u() “ Turpent lie S‘»ap,
I lull’s S!n vmg and \ ariegr.'ed Soap,
, roons ludmo, part prime and warranted,
• boxes and 1 ag • l'« peer, (i ngt r and Gimento,
to) “ S\|Oaud K»\I2 Window (Gass,
2 > • kegs Nails Ir on Id In |Ud, v< ry cheap,
DO H) I os, double Shear, Cast and Glistered Steel,
u 11 ran ted,
2 T/Olhs i.p c..tint \ G.ir Imn, w ell assorted,
1 ( 0 ) Gar I .i a J, ;M) ran*. Shot, assorted,
h I le gs Dupont’s I*’. Powder, warranted,
2 • i o do Glasting do “
! 0 tihIs. No. ‘1 M o len l, iii prime order,
“ < I d 7. p tlii'rd Guekpts,
2t) hales ii 1—7 S and -1 1 brown Sheetings and
10 do No. 1 and 2 Cotton O&naburg*, very
olVOO yards Pow am! Flax Linen.
GmI I nlviug, (.'.»!: f‘i» : storied, G lea eh (*..lton, ('o'ton
11 a mi I. • rch e!s, Spo. d ( olhoi, I’aiitnl thread, N idle*.
l‘o s, ( oi l n and \\ .nd f irds, (d abs and OaMim-res,
W .u.d G kel(' inhs, W'ripptng, Writing and I elter
G ip1 r. .Mustard, Ko - s .nel l ' iks, hl o k and blue
1 h k A! pare i I .ustres, w ilh every ether nri'clc uoiilly
'iiod in a large gloi k of (..is, all el w hi It we will s< II
! i r iv* t' '•oil ilie lie i s. Crum nur old tin rajs and tin*
nolle g» nr tally, we ask a call.
\ hirgi 1 • era! stock uf foreign 8nd domestic Li
jmn.*, a part ul which are old and warranted pure.
L. & II.
March IG Is
«'AW!»5S rs. S.B S"S
.vt it* r.m. a* r.w: rr.st i* on icr.
Kuiniti iil I.'omii* truth i- ihf I n^lc,
( iii'nt i ^Idu and 15 h I'ltri l,
II li'IIM '.SI), X V.
Dnnnnos irrrired ■ ■ •r<j d tu nt I nh.7 </».
7 V\i Mi M.l r.LKI) l m-K I I ( K’s v Di
li ••■ !—l In-cry is—u haCs il.e matter ? The an
\ «*r in -the 11 1 I- have found mil that all prizes an*
111 fli*- h ii.d nl 1.1 ( K.
It there he nnv who have her t < re been unfortunate
t’V «!• d"ig in I,oil cries, lei 1 hem cull mi “hl'CK,” ns
he In s i-|» arly show 11 by his great success in si lling Pri
zes, tiitii his Ofiii'i; was established tor all such.
I he lollow mg Si hem* s w ill be drawn at ATImington,
ns follow s:
M 1. !.iy 73d— P.d otuoke. Class 5s. 72 N s , 17
' - ; . - . ;
» ii-Iv* n $8, halve* I, <j'!.ilers2. Drawn .Nus. received
25 ih.
Tuesday 2 1!h—PokoninK'c, ( lass 50. 78 Nos.. |!J
rlra a 11 2 Capital* >d 12.000, 5000. 3000, 2000 and
20 1 1 1000, Kc. Tick* is $5, halves 2,50, tjuaricrs
1.25. Drawn N s. received 2Gth.
\\ nd.today 25ih—P k•mi.-he, (’law GO. 75 N s.,
I 3 drawn. Capita!*- 10.000, 1000,2 on. 2,'c»l50O.
T • ' ■ s $1, halves 2, ipnirit is I. Drawn Nus. receiv
ed 27 th.
Thursday 20th—Poknrr • ke, ClissGI. 78 Nos.. 13
drawn. ( .ipiials O'' '0, .'j()00, 2000, 1500, &.e, Tick
• *7.0. halves I ,2 •, ipiurters 07 7 . Dra w n NoS. re
ceived 28th.
I’mlay 27tli—P ki-m ke, Class 02, 75 Nos.. 11
drawn. ’Capitals 10,000, 1UUU, 2000, 1205, &u:.—
Tickets $1.
$30,000— 15.000—100 of 1000!
Dra'd ( •ms'dulaied C illery. N > 13, lobe drawn on
** 1 ted \ . M irch 28, 1 ■* 10, 78 nos.. 13 drawn, (irand
OupitaU: $30,000, 15.00.1, 75 0, 5000, 3000, 2581,
I O ) j.i y.i*> (|| I (J| ft. isLC. | Ickets $12, ha I v* s 0,«j ■ i i f ten
3 \ cernlici •• nt 2u wlndcs cost $ 113 40, halves 71
7 0, qoar e • 35 -5.
I i r- ms ordering by the package in any of the above
c- i deduct the price of ihrec licke s, I have every day
I. t'i rics Iro n I t - $ .0. and when a remittance is made.
• nc , large or s nail, I will always invest lit the most
I)• -p i'.ir lotteries on hand. l’lie draw tegs sent, when
ncpiisted, in all w h< order from me. The ••ash Cr all
•ajiiials can he h d as usual at sight. On all b iters en
<•! '-in ' cash or priz - tick* is, t >r postage need not be paid.
I he I ickets in he a' iv** Cotlei'es are received, and all
ordeis addressed to IT OK meet the most prompt and
' "“hid. mull alien i m. P* r- .us from the country vtsil
nej the'ily. s'em'd Car in mind that all prizes are in
the bauds id *1.1. I Iv.’ For prizes, address
C. 0. IT CK.
Richmond, March 1G is
£20 #• £-j 53 \EMEffE.
jf^ANaOFF IV ' ll subscriber about the 1st u
* w M rch, a Ni^m \lan by Ili«> name ot
about 28 or 30 years ot age, lie is of bright complexion,
3 feet 9 «r ten inches high, a good set of teeth, shuns
them plainly when talking, and a pleasant countenance
when spokui io, has on the left side of his neck 2 nr 3
I marks, sutnen hat elevated and resemble burns. I laving
| recently purchased him, I have hut little knowledge ot
his clothing, nut I think he wore a black lur hat half
jvoni, and a broad cloth dress coat—lie is a Carpenter
by trade, and understands the Millwright’s business. Al
| so, a tolerable gmod Blacksmith. I have tin doubt he
has obtained free papers and will aim to make his way
to the State of Ohio. I will give 20 dollars to any one
who will apprehend him and secure him in any jail, so
that I gel him again. C11AS. J.OLlVbUt.
March 12 ts
the: i* tttfYE COME.
T1AHOSK CLOTH SACKS have come; call in gen*
1- tlemen and he fitted. Also: a lot of beauiilul
w ill tell low (ui cuh.
Dec. 1 is*
m:i; .v ltoisr.ins
OKKI'.US |-..r Kulrln «TO UK sn.l AM.OAT.
‘J*K> hhU good ninl rolli n' ii \\ hotkey,
100 •* old Rye mid Rectified, do. (* pift
extra line ijmlitv.)
f;0 “ prime old Apple Mrandy,
|ll hills, il.d llliil'. S. K Until, good quality,
I " go.. | Ralii.n '»■• liiti,
,■1 Itull pij* t .,1 l»*’- I ini•*tion French llran*
tly. m« diuiii quality.
Willi a general si »ek id pure old t.ognae and oilier
/hamlit'a, old Minlun \\ me, xr., to which v%h in
vile iht* utii niioii i I the imde
i.r.i: uour.urs.
Mvhir. ih
\io r id Rio*** r \ i i \ r i*i-:n m vki rs.
a:uzo «
\ •. v' \ f (jOl.D PFiNM, MINIA
Tl RK KM \ 1\>, eke. ikes. Insi opened, mid l-»r sale
Iiv l> \\ . MOOIIK.
^ mi ol llie Big I * I idler.
M troll |(»
TKt ST S.ti.i!.
8 V pursuance id •» deed ol tru* i e\ enieiT In me, on llu*
*J/ lli d iv el No,,cmher, lNw.hv llurdm II Moore
and Ainei his w lie, and duly neoidel in llie elnk’sol
fiee o| ilie iMiiuiy e-mri ol I'alrn k euuii'y. I shall, «m llie
I I lli thy ol Vprtl, l .^ lli. upon the ptenises, lor Rie purs
p mrs in s od deed nifn 11.'ImmI, expose to sale, to the high
esl Ii d h r, l< r eii*di, a certain
TltACT or I.AHD,
lyii'v' mi bi»th bhIi-'J ill ArHir.it
river, i*. m la III iiiir by r^tim.i
tl.-n, « ii4ht» i n litiiniinl Ai 'i s.
Im* vrni' more or It hi me the same on whirl'
M-ij M i Hi i n M "t< ■, ilr i . ~ ■ * 1. 1.11 .if 11 v ii'siilril.
The a hove Ti id . I I .an I is situated on ihe ra I side
of the nine Itidre, on (lie main \Y« stern mad I. idinj
I ii | ):iii v i, 11 - lo l lie Webern eotiutrv: a hi ml ‘/AO \rres
il \vi eli is in jni.ul ruin\ :iiion, and is hoitimi laud ol an
i A. I hi,! ijiiiili'y; ill.' ri -sid ue Wood Land mostly ol i \s
eellem q»» 11 i*v, well limlirred, and well adapted In the
yrovvlh nl I'. 1 nni*", with all necessary llmhlinp., f..r llte
enml.'rt ol a small fumilv, with a l»'ist Mill, Store
II vNe.
The illle In till* aimVe ! III.I is hi lieVi d til he mil, hi I
artinj an Ouster, I shall r nvcy sueh ti'le only ns is
vested in me hy said dn d.
M. I). ( AHTEll, Trustrp
Mirth 2 4\v
h ^ W CRENSHAW hrtvinjy withdrawn fromtlm
5 • linn ol M< (’!ai ahan, Crenshaw Nl C'o.,i|ih
Imsiness w ill h • p. n tinned as formerly, hv the snSarn
bet*, under the .si v le and firm nl M< ( I iiiiilmn K (’>.
E G. Mi C I \N Mi \N
F. b* C3
llci ljW 151 % ^ A Vo.,
f* rarer* onri < osnntismioH .Hcrthun 1s%
(1 IVE part leiihir aMpuM-n lo the sale of FI.OI |{,
fl \V 11 K AT, T< Ml AC('(), and all hinds nl e.iun.ry
pr nliiee, fvr. E. (#. Met ’ hiuahnii attends pnrt!f»Ul:»fly
to the sales of Tor.Aivo (our char/" is 50 cents pm
lllld., f.r seliino and eolli ,M ino.) We hiep einis'atolv
on hand a larve and well si leetpil stuck id
filMCF.IilKS. DOM US IK'S, A-e.
\V( 1 a r 1 ; fill n J , lo .. 11
present sf >' !»', that will make H larner 111rin any we
» ypt nfit• rrd. TitanhIn I for the i
nee lMei.ll. il In us. Ill the firms of . I. (». Nl E (., M
(' an.ihan, ; ml MeChmhan, ( ' reitsh:t vv vN l ... would
respectfully c Ii it a eontinuancp. Every tfiort on nor
part will tie used to eive sal isfai ti- n
.1 NO. G. Ml n \N M! \ N,
E. G. Mi’Ll. \ N All AN.
Feb. 23 is
far! arr\hi;t am! lit moral.
| 11 A\ I taken into partnership with me ( iimii.is
* \\ . l.ov i.. 'I lie busti ess will, luf the future, be
comlm ted under the style of
I feel verv grateful tu mv friends and ttin public H r
the liberal patronage extended to me; iiihI I take tins
opportunity ui r* ijm -.t 1114 a continuance of Ilnur favors to
the new roiieerii.
t) 1 r on iiu 9 will ic carried on in a tenem* of iinms
dialely opposite my I irmer Shop, w here wenie open
i i»t and reeeivirm a Iresli supply of*
C/offis, i'ussiMirr/v, lYv/O/tr* ifnm;
Lt i'rhit /s% N/or/. s, ilostutm
and u variety of oilier articles usually kept by Merchant
Ail Taiho inf/, entrusted to our core, will be executed ,
with neatness and d« span 1.
I lllUSTOnir.il M’IVKR.
March 0 la
for iir.vr.
THE STORE HOrSE lately i.rru
pied l>y I). T. ('. I*- u rs, will l»e rented
ntl aee»iliiiiHMl:iUiiL5 lerins, M is nil exn |
lent stand and well sailed lor the Dry
(juuila uusiness. I ur terms. app|V tu
1). T. C. I’ETKUS.
nr Alex. I.iggatt, Esq.
Mart'll J ta
n\3s:at /;/./:< t/v.v.
11111;' WABU ELECTION fur six V l ... ami
I six f'ummuti Cunneil men, in Pitch ward, in li e
liiwn III I,yIll'll ■"ril " ill lake |d:. pursuant tu an -in
nf Assembly, entitled “an ael in amend an net i lit it li d
,j, K(,t |(l dtvel' in,' tn«n "i f.ynel 1 "*rds, and
liir in her pur poses, passed I' eb I•. 18 JO, oft I lie first
I v I,, \. next and «ill be bold in Ljneb
W . rii Nii. |, bi in nil ilial pari uf said !■ an beeix I lie
I. • • , a ding Ir an the river tu ibe 12th street
the house I a 11 ■ I v erupted by Mr. 11 uglo s n[. a gr-erry
slore, Ivvn dners abnve Messrs. I alhel cs I rum r. Main
sirei-i; and in I leery Ward Nn. 2, being all tbit pari ui
limn above Isl alley. i Mending Ir mi Mi" river In I Jib
1 sireei. ill the hulls ■ lately by neeupiedJ. I' Is'irus,
,,,, \| „ si reel, next duur above M - 1 ■ Young & Bowles,
belonging I ' .Inii. W . Bagwell.
Ill,Ml’. IM NNINtiTON.
•vrgt. the Corporation id Lynchburg.
Fab. 26 HA
fifiO S’air //calf/ l'am Socks,
■ 1ST received ami lor sale bv
E. J. Bf'UTON,
Hank Square.
Not. 27 l!i
*Jl\ v 41)00 lbs. new l.ard,
Just tu band, and fur sale by
McDaniel &. McCOKKI.F..
Feb. §
/'all ant! Winter /'ash ions.
noons above Mef.m x Gavatkin’s Stoke.
rpiIANKl'l'L tu my friends and ilie Public gone
I rally fur their patronage lieretufi re healowed upon
me I ask a emit lima lion nf I lie same, feeling sure that
I shall be able tu please the nu*l fastidious.
Sept. Q2 _ __t*.'
ESI I.I.Si Iff li UHAC
Tor s;t|c at 4liifc Office.
i rimixii ron.\iiuv,
It ft ii r It h ii r % | • i i* #• | m i it ■
M AN l\W rnmi.li'ii*H 111 v \\ nlrr I*.,war ami fttlirr
improve itienl*, nt my old stand, m ar tlm Pump
ll"U*eol ilm I vim l.luirg Water Works, I am now ptr
pared to execute all order* Hi m»V loot «• t hu*tnc--s, vil .
t asi (ii i*img l«»r Miii im I othct Machinery, with eve
ry description ol c.isiing* of
■ HO* llltlxx. «XI»*1'|-|n IMIIXIX, 1«
l.iir. o «, ■ liiliina, Iti.n.la, I.i trr* Ae Ar
I'rom in experience ol nriirly ‘JO yearn, in out* of the
l»i *l conducted •"‘Inhlisli in nt* in the Siair, | t«« I ronh
titm ol bring able In give nnuslni'lton lo those htvonug
nit' xx lib tIk*Ir palm:' o*
I would i* r i ifii hi r I v »ll l In* ni lo til ion of ’PohncrotiUu
lo mv t•" abii*liuo-ti| M tvmg b. t ti ilm fit*i dial mimdii
frd dm m-iml.n'ltim ..| P ,t -eo S,*t< w*, Pie* -t * mi l Pa
tent ll.iml*, 6k<* . in l.y i lilmrg, I fan with conlldence
nlrr i bos • tiii'ii-tpininlrd with my wok, io dm prim-iptl
roll ! comstM ol ih's plua *, having pul op between 7•»
ami 100 pmsM *, w it In it tlm abort time ol my residence
\\ idi n view ofsernrin ] n fair slinre of patronage, 1
shall foniinim to add mt *!i labor Having machinery, n*
will rouble trie to execute work with accuracy aiulde
Hpnteh, an I w ill w arrant 'ill work done at mv establish
no at to he t oied to tiny done in th * nbuo • r * Im-w lo it
\. t. i)\iiM.\
Nov 21 Uni
.vo ficii;.
f I M IK M list Hllil',U Ini* tin* day, entered into I
" partner diip with Wm. 'l Young, lor the purpose
. Ifomltici m i a onocnnY aijd coivinirs
siorritxjsinKjiiij." .i nfit i rettn n ag bis ttokimw I
etlg'iiietds to hi* loiim i rn-lomei*, who hive an liberal*
ly extended to him llictr patronage whilst in the late
c a I rn ot hoxvb* 6*. Acrt ■ •. hi g* It avr to sav i«i llmtu,
th it. ill tin* 111 • \x t .net in, tin v "'ll liud n larger ami
■ t1 1 : »• than In
ti> "f had the ph asii’r id < lit ling do in. ami ask* a eon
tinnam*i’t.| then imii.mrao m the new (‘otic.ern, a* " i ll
a* i call Iroin the public o t'ltera 11 v, pfoiuising litem, that
if | imp! attention in Imi no - and bargain* shall he
any inducement, ilmv shall not «jo aw ay disappoint! d. !
l\\i c. how u.s.
Jan. I Ih
.VI IB* rfMTI If.V.
vont a istmu>.
r I Mir. M hM KlhKU hmi.r- purchased the I .Y
t i nn: srot a or cunt r.mi'is belonging
in llowli * 6k. \eree, lot* taken into piriiier*bip wdh lui.i
IV.nl ( . ItowliHol that eoncrrn, ami will eoiHinue tlm
(•r ci ty ami t ommi-sioii hu*im -»s, at the old Miami ol
hovvh'M 6k. \<• r11•. II iakt * dim rpi'ttiiiiinly i«• return
his most si m ere thunks to hi*, old cuninm» m, whn Itavi
• III" rally pat rum /n I In n whilst doing husiii** in lit*
hi* own name a* \\ • Il a* to tlm old concern id IIrvanl 6m
\ oiing, and beg* have tu ask id do hi a rout lima,ice ol
do r lavoiir* in do nr" coi.i t in, promising them that
llo'V will liud lio n Slock of (Jtioil* ii* litre and well ns*
Ported a* any in the tipper cotinlrv. ami n o elbn'l on I Imi r
part shall be •'pun d to give :-..ih$t.i' ■ -n.
w v. i'. vornci.
J It. 1 tM
.vo / /?/:.
\S I have mad' new arrangements tor tIm future, it
ih in ri • iry 'liai I s11■ itilil Mum* up my old bust 1
ness. | hope, llit*11 lure, lIi-'-i* indebted to nm wllI conic
Inward and nettle wmIi as hub' deliv i- possible.
W.M. T. VOUMi.
J in. I ts
YOtuv& S' *:t> na rs.
V 1 I III OB,I# Ml 1X1) o* ISO IX 1.1’* .V ,%« 111 - f ■
OMJ iioois mol a 111 MNICN
»1 I I ?1 A iax t l ItlXM,
Oi i’kiis ion >.\u
25 bbtU. Si. Cr..i\, V Uicu and N.O. Sugar*,
2 “ ( iib.i, ( |.inli< d d.
1II boxes I. -,il do
5 bids. ( rush* d dt
3(10 bags ll . I .iiguin and I vn (’ (Tee,
20 Idols, and bids. N. O mil I*. Kino Molinaei.
350 h;k ks Sill,
8,000 lbs. good and damaged S de l.ralher,
200 kegs \ ids, all kinds,
10,000 lbs. Coiiun \ am, lliclr: ond and olhtr Far
10 '.mis liar I run,
.'{ “ Mould lluinhand Hallow Warn,
I Am. Mistered St* M,
500 lbs Shear de
25 bids. T.1II Oil,
23 boxes and ruddies Tea, some very fine,
50 tuns lump Piaster,
| 50 bags Mi >t,
| ,0(10 lbs. bar I .rad,
50 k• gs I)upoiil,s and ky.ICrte Powder,
20 “ Mining do
55 Nova S1 ti l (ifindstuur*,
20 kegs \\’him 1. ail,
500 lbs. Put tv,
50 boxes D! is- 8 A 10 and 10 X 12,
2 reroon# best ( macros Indigo,
500 lbs. Madder,
500 “ (’opperas,
20 bales Domestic and Cotton D/.nablirg«,
30 boxes Spur n and Tallow Caudles,
10 " S.ap.
la pikes very superior Y roncli Iirnndy,
20 bbls. A no r i'*'io do
|() “ N. K Hum,
)() “ S. Madena Wine,
f» “ Malaga do
20 “ old llye V\ In-key,
25 “ Apple Ormdy,
1(H) “ common \\ In-key,
|<l •* C'ider Vinegar,
20 “ Newark Cider, very superior,
Tugt iIkr v\nli t .1: • I! .. Ticking, Immptaick.
Red Ui rds, Leading Linen, Pepper, Ging< r, Nut.gs,
Vllepice. Saltpetre, Allunt, I.ainpblack, Feathers,
\\ . ..I, Cups, I lain IIIniiI,ci», I lops, .lugs, Jnrs, I» ini
j„hn«, Rut ketn, Tul P tpi r. Tram I liaina, Cultim
(birds. Taeks, I lerrings, M u I,«■ r il. mol in tnei every ar»
.||y ki pi in such ..giahlishment, whiel they
„ ill dispose uf very low fur C AM I, or in barter lor mutt
trv produce,
i m. 1 ,J
.util* n.s.YB' i.ati.oi:s
W1W. &. J . O A K E 7 i
VftT Ol l.lf resuectlully inform theeniteiis ol I .ynpb
T burg, and the public, that they have associated
themselves Together ami taken llie large brick building,
immediately opposite .Min Hollins, where they imenp
lu irurry on Oih
tail om.va i: i sf.vi. v
in nil its lirauches. I hey have now on hand, and will
eoiisiantly keep, a heaoltful assortment ot CI.Ol IIS.
II \-SIMRRES, VESTINGS, ami in fact every thing
suitable for Gentlemen's wear, which they will make
up to order io the rooet lashionable at) lea, handsome iit»
ami warranted workmanship.
We very reapedlully mvile the Gdiilempii ol Lynch
l}tir i and the surruunding country to give us a call.
No, 13 111
Fall and IVHnter Fashions,
r o n 13 1 5-’l o .
./ u s r ii i: i Kir /■; n n Y
Sep. 4 ls
Executed w it Ii 'beiitiieas und imputcli
Thia scheme, which I* npMHi ,n n party men
•tiro, i i likely t" he piossrtl w 11 It *. -'no decree of e-ai ri» g|
ness <1 ii ii i •» i lie pfosi Ml m ms i..ii ot Conor re*, nml will no
lloolll I'O eui|"Ultlh a toil. I s (<11111 I \\ . ikinn Was liul V’O
i\ sallsl.u I.dv lo I lif oi minor rial purl ul (lie eunmiilil*
lv in wlnoli Hh prinripaI oporrtliuiis \M rr rarrinl on, nml
in Until it w a** a mere mockery, aa tar as a dreorrr hum
the II inks was concerned, |i wns Iniiml to tu< imprnoii
cable in 11* exernimn, uijinrimr, *s H muni, \%t#»• I•• nr
mo sot in«it to li.iiiHtiiii spreie from pout to pom , nml
tml literally earned on: I hr* irarunoiiui \ \v11ft
tit •( o n. m 11 him s were nrrau-M il (ty what were railed
'/»rc»r cheeks, nml ihe p re«y o| the l» inks wus ju-t m
i vor.
I linl lhe render noi\ >th what in ilmu-jhl of the men
"the hy a proinineiil Iriond ul tin* Admtru«ir*Uton, w e
"tihjoin iMiruiio nrtieIe |. on ihe Now \ • «rU Sun. The
Kdltor >1 ilnl paper has had pood onp riiioui* s uf ub
sorvmo the entire l.dluro ol d.. '\ stem durino tlm elmrl
period ii wnn m ep» ration in I 10. l i e n li. ulmia nn*
lure u| the m'Iiciiio is will drsotthiii in Ihe rumple ninlr-*
litent that, m a city like New York, H is nollimif but
•'hirin' no npulent riH*en utfi/lrni tlofkn j» a thnj. to
keep Ikr Arr;sM of one of llm nuiiiitiioth Vaults nr
wih s.
\\ ' • ' j .
i'i‘i ly ami lureiMy, (he utter a .uidity id ihe win leal
/’mm the .Win I oiK Stin.
I In . .|'iesUoii is n-ked l»y many who lire mil made
i ho in- r I v t s artjo :> itihal with niie ul ilioimai reh bran d
liniinrinl>\Ni. ms u| nioilom I inn s TIio .|uosl|on will
1-uii.o helolo ( Uiipr. s. III u ||.\v Works, w lu ll Wo nhull
have I ho opii*i.iiis in did (jurtit. In llm mo iitihtio il
may he V i II lo plum e ul s niie ul the aim*. u| ihe *y -
lent ill idle r o .until <, wlnr i il w ill he neee^irv to
tftiard a a mi I mi ulion.ptiiio i i n.rry it out Inro* M» x
icn, movi ral u| iho (i.i.nun Slides, China niul other A
Mill f u? countries, btivr had ll.e Sod Iniioiiy ey item • l
finance Ir« in ihe i uln si peri, d.s ul ilteir Ii .lory, nml in
every euintiy wli'te ii pi i ills, la roe s'nndMijj armi «
a»o nipniid lo pu.anl iho Tiov-ury, and hold the|n*
ple lilt lurk. Il w e uio'rr.s: uni llm Sub 1'ioaMiry law
altoiil to ho pn seated lo ('onprcss, rl pf. p..si s hi enlh el
Ihe roVotim • ul the <»eiieial (•ovrrnmeot in p-dd and nil*
ver Coin; lo appoint a lame inimhor i I new ofli- irs ul
p .yernmenl, In he ml led Suh Tien un is, lo lake i linrpe
ul tlm ruin when ci dice 11 d; lo pay In t life now Suh..
I’ri usurers iiiiiii al ndam a varyin_* In mi five tlioiimiud
lo two nr ilnoo tlnnisami dollars each; lo (MtiHlriirt pi old
ir-ui vaults, with ihn ro.jiiisite hulls, ham nml wifely
lock*, for llto side kecnintf ol llm n-oId and silver colli:
Mini in «>m |»I • • v I lie iu « r* a r v forte ol nrmetl men in .'til
«>iir large cities, to guard mid protect these imii vaults
Irmn robbery nml plunder. Them if nu great difference
licit* ecu dim »vKiem nud that in use in Mexico. Hut
tt e Khali lie told I tin I H has mil Imd a lair Inal there,
\\ lu ih* r evt injr in iIh* uiiprim ipleo Hi iructer of tin* Mil*
limy ( lilefialMH who have plundered tlml unhappy
rnitmry.or III the lendeiiey of the M xienn Sub I n a
Miiy h\ -*i»iii to malic rubbers ol the popular leiders l.r
I he Ha be ol plunder, we are u liable in say; n Man H h ,
he tv ever, t Im t im mi ol i lie • Hirers ol government in
Mi Xleo have n d ibe Sub-Tr* asury a« Ilu ir own; tin v
have robbed II nl will, murdering pitch oilier without
i in * * y In gel puHm nniuii ol ibe guverniiieui and llm rout
iu the vaults. We have mid lliil (lie Sub'TreBSUry Ih j
always arrumpanied !»y a large Mantling army. N\ e be*
lieve there are no i veeptioiis to Mils rule, in the de-po
lie e.nmlriPH that have Silh ’iVf'a oiries. The Kuipt Tor
ol Itiimhia has ilu- poln I ilu* country in a lm»»»* vault el
■ I his own, near ihe K y.il 11.»1 t. - . Miirmimltd hy mir
(•I’’ be beM emu ml it g muni in Kuiope. Su Ii me Mime
ol I lie i t ilt i \i*i mg iu # vi ry rouutry bav eg a Sub To a
ail* V* I' it* ait s oisiriiHt, Mi'-pn-ioii, nml a w ant of ci.o
|i*|enee w in n v* r ii prevails. The financial syslrin a
d pt* tl by the preMciil admiui.straiiuii itppetirs tu be sal*',
juiin i iu*, eemi ».i u-.il ami ul’. g* lb r u*;*.I»j«■ #• ii..nalde,
Ii gives great s ’ 111 h I ii r l i * * u to the p* upl* , ami all nr
know ledge that II is the Milc.st an.I cheap* hi tli.it could
lie adop'c d. The atluiini‘ iraii n repines Irnm its de
p - Hum m lull s* run I v m (toy eminent sink, dollar for
dolkir, and the depositories hi relurn engage to pay out
the money hi gold, silver or paper, an wanted hy ilu* i
government, in any part of the I jnmn, w iliuml charge or
expense of any kind. Tills is e« Mainly a heller system
I Im ii locking up specie hi vaults, hiring an opulent nil* j
z* n at fifieen dollars a day to keep the keys, employing
an army to guard the vaults, nml ihen carting parrels ol
specie around ill#' country to the various places lu which
llm goverune-nl n ay wish lo pay out Its hinds. The
operation in New York— wlnrli collects two thirds of
the revenue of ihe government would make our eiiy a
receptacle h»r i* bbci► and In ig urn's Irmn all | arm ol ilu*
world. They would ll *ek hither to rob tin* government
rnnil nrtus ol sperm as they passed out ofI lit) city to ilu
interior, ami in a few years we would require an im
mense niamlmg army to control Ibe armed robhem that
would gather around IS. lurk as the same ela*«rs *io w
gather around Hie cities of M* xico ami I'rkiii. I heie
desperate elmracli rs would have tin ir e oil* -derates in ,
(•very part of the Union, and instead ol llm dinger.Mia
i lass# ■* of hirgem ami eoiinierh ilera* moideut il to our
present ll ui n#*i :* I systems, mid win# lot V( to meet the lion
chI citizen face lo face m perpeirating their villamii s, a
sub* Tiea-ury like that in Mexico would fill our chics
ami towns with most dangerous rubbers and midnight us*
Lansing, who would become the scourge ol the country.
The.* Ir* in all parts nl the world woo'd e.owd around
mr • b eiimiH, rmmmaie llieir candidutes «i*d boldly or
der tln ir elected representatives, ns in Mexico, ‘‘rob I *r !
us ihe treasury.” If tbeie is any truth in the prion j
pies **l political economy, these me not I ho only evils a
suib Treasury would bring upon lie peopl . and upon all |
the great inter* sts of our honest bard working farmers,
mechanics, labmcj.*, ariiziii*, > •., b •. Ilul more a
This subject his never Ik en fairly discussed with it
aingli eve to t'ie baiipiin'ss airl wodhirn ol iln* people,
as a gr* *i qut -.'ion of political economy, in which 1 ii#• !
whole > uinry is inlerc-trd. willmui regaid lo party or
parly organ.ziiioiiH. \\ *• lake up the ipm-aion in a spir
II ol i q ury, ami as wc d«i all oifn-rs, entirely indepen
dent of party prejudices, which too olieii control indi*
viduul opinions.
As ilin Sub IT hash r y is .about to com a tip in tin*
I louse III R| jiri sriilnlivcs, wo publish the following re
murks of the New V-uk Journal of Commerce, a I)eniv
ocratie paper, upon the subject. No one alter reading
thu partial effects of the Sub Treasury can support
it t
Our article of lust week on ihe sub Treasury has
drawn out the response of our worthy demoeratic friends
of I lie Jbventng Post usd the Morning News. The
Post has a capital way of refuting us. It lakes hall a
dozen extracts from our article, of two nr three lines
earth, intersperses them plentifully with stars, and then
snecringly says‘‘look at that.” The News nays thu ar '
tide was a “bank manifesto” for which tiny had long
been looking; that the Journal of Commerce is the rs«
pedal organ of the hanks, and of the Rank of America
in particular, nud then it dashes on with bank corrup
tion, stock gambling, bank oppression, &a\, No. The
News makes more show of argument than the Post, and
yet we cannot bring ourselves to believe that the editor j
was seeking really to enlighten Ins readers by his course (
of remark. We do nol see that our being the mouth*
piece of the hank*-, if it were so, would sjM.il a good ar» ,
gument. The course of n wise man is to give even
selfishness a lair hearing, and learn from it, whatever is I
t(i be learned. We do not see the necessity ot denying '
the high responsibility which the News assigns us.
We shall nol denv that we owe the Rank of America
and all the banks, for it lias nothing to do with the argu
ment. NN e do toil perceive that the criticisms of our
cotemp uaries are susceptible of a more respectful reply
than ibis,
] Th.-H. 14 . nr topic mnnrrtril will) the milrpcndtnt
irrs.ury, an.I uhi.'li ih umcli relied upon fm in .inrlK
I ,N'i‘ *». winch wed id not comment on last week. It i«,
| its Influence hi regulating the ctirrenry ard causing tha
• kirnsivc diffusion nt the precious metals. The idea ia,
'bn Hie i ruM/i/r ot the government in taking hank notes
ns Honey is pernicious, and gives inese notes a much
whlor u«e than they il her wise would have, and (hit
the w itlnlra wnl o| this influence and the ad mi ion of tha
• Vfct''in nl in King soil paying i nly ihe constitutional cur
r',"'*.v. " 'll cause specie to he circulated through the
(•'•unify instead n| tiitnk notes, VN e have two or three
nljecttiiiiM in tins proposition. Kirat, it will prove ins
C"iiv* iiient and Isllacioos when the theory is tried, *e*
cotidly, upon afire trade plan, ihe elf rts of the gov
ernment lo regulaie currency are erroneous; and third
ly. n r« not in nil desirable that »lta (piaituty of specie
flow in cireiiljiion should he btcreased.
I: * not the r vituple of government which onuses pa
|u r to he prefer • <1 i • coin. The people generally know
n 'ilnii: oi th it example, ami the political economy of
politician* h is been an titllny times wrong, that the peo
ple have cea i d to regard the practice of ihe government
NMih a deep veneration. We had in Gen. Jack son’s
lime, n "f.ii * M -it in suppress little hill*; hut Gen. Jack
> •", w iih all Ins mighty popularity, Could not cs'sulisfi
K" inconvenient u I henry. The people preferred the lit
•h* lulls, n d the governme nt were obliged to yield to
iheir good sense. The other Ihenry of warring mi banks
"cut Romew hat Inner, but lios imw Very much died
a w ay, 'I in* Sub Treasury w i\s brought forward by
^1' ^ *n I*.n, ns we have alw ays understood it, under
’I '' •it'l'f. u that the pursy triuM huve some plan, somn
thing i'1 tun "gainst the I S, If.ink. Is whs n mea
sure of the pat's, their!.re, and the battle about it was
•""gl't in t oin'11 * ^ wnh the inmost bravery on both
-"hs. It w in i pphimh d by the I totuoerat* aa the most
noble of all fio.im ial plans. The Whigs denounced it
. s a measure whleh was lo ruin the eoitnlry. Hut ]n |
when it went into operntinn, it was neither a blessing
in r :i cm In prnetice it was nothing nl all. Thu
geutleiin u .1 that parly, now iliat they urn in power a
• mi think it m.c-aiyto maintain their consistency,
I r the consistency ni politician* m always one of tlieir
in . t pr*. i u* virimt. Hut lo return frum Inaiurio di
Large (pmntiiie* of coin k. pi in circulation have a
very feeble inll ieto c in preierviitg a shatly money
market, Tim coin in circol.ilion is latent. fr in want*
ul at all tines l r (Ion pnriiculir purpose, ami is only
to a ver v limit, «l degree available to relieve n pressure.
I'lie coin i re i I our mints Inis done lint little to mono
coin lo circulate. The reason H dial paper is heller.
Paper is Ii counterfeited than coin, it is more runve*
im ni I .r trail1 porlation, more readily counted. With
lliise praeiieal ad vantages hi lavor ol’ paper, it is im*
possible to push die inconvenient into use. The Kip
lisli (loveiiillient have forced a r|iinrility of gold into cif
colaiion by prohibiting die circulation of paper below
-l ». Hot tv In t good lots it done? Tim money mnr
het ol Knglund is lar less stable Ilian otirs, since tve ah*
sol v i d oil i so I v e* f ro i ii die guardianship ol a Natiohal
II ink. I .noli at die enormous speculations in rail road
mIiures will'll baVe ttgilntcd Kiighind not only, but Kraneu
nnd oilier counltiea, where they still irundlu about spe
cie on a vt heelb >rrow, to pay do ir notes. J’lie great
ipiantitv ofg'dd in eiieelation seems to have bail no cons
• r van ve n lliMtuv at all. At any rale, all the vices of
speculation nnd I' VnUiou have Q4'ied inuoh more violent
ly there iS in with tin, though vie have no coin In eircu
hiiion idc.pt enough lo make change under ii dollar,
A ihuri ugh comprehension ul the uses of coin will ac
count hr this. Money is tho tally hy winch men settle
ace.mills. The trade id die world Ik line great system
ol hartei in Its operation, and money is only wauled to
keep ihe ice.mol. The accounts an* further kept by
III ks and non ol hand. The n suit of die w hole is. /As
r.vrfuinur </ntu nlitsts. Any thing which Serves to keep
the uccuitii * ol nude, is sufficient; nnd that which does
ihi w idi the greatest birilny is the best. Heal money
C' in is only w noted to aettle the balance at the end
ol the year, il one eotintry has traded more largely ilitin
ii T it -l and bought mere than it bus produce io pay f r,
M l t tin- mere!.ant who exports a cargo olflmr io Liv
•'ip -ni, take g. hi |ur it there, nnd bringing the gold hum*
II ii to n dry go. d-< importer, and be carry it hack in
buy calicoes/ Merchants hnve learned better than this.
Ihe whole round of exporting and importing ia gnu*
through w nil paper. Just ho we do nt borne. Men boy
and sell, nnd Nellie their accounts, with paper, Ifon*
side gets largely in debt, coin w ill bo called for, and
when really wanted, it ia ready at dm Hanks, The
w hole liuaiiie s of the world is die ref. re transacted with
all the security of a specie currency, and with all Ihe fa
cility of paper. < lor Hunks h ive now about a million less
coin than they had n year ago. What good would it
have done il die whole specie in their vaults had bee*
turned out and earned across dm street every morning,
Ii winld, ..I necessity, have been carried back in dm
evening. Tlmbeginmg and the end of the matter would
have been just w hat it is now. There would hnve been
•» vast expense ol useless labor, while the currency
Would have been no more alTccled than iI ho much grav*
11 or paving stones hud berm carted about. Well then,
what is ihe oeiicfH ol carting specie to and from an iron
room? Plainly, it in mere toil to no profit. Tim pro
vince of coin is to bp a basis i.f circulation, and to he re*
moved for the settlement r f final balance*. Kvery bank
note, evei y cheek, is payable in coin, and dm only rea
son why men donut demand payment always according
lo die tenor uf the obligation, is, that /taper in l/rtterfar
Iloir it*?. Paper money is worth more than coin, to tho
common business ol Idi , and therefore it isv dial the pro*
pie lake ii. Why then should politicians trouble them
selves and the people vi idi Sub*Treasuries to disobli^o
busmens and prevent tho. use of the best facilities t
It is understood thni (iovernor Smith has respited
1111' t• • r llili until the 7ill of February, 1847, and it i#
lurtln r stated ilint the Governor baa determined ihat lie
hull not be executed, as eotnh miitd according to law,
during Ins guln rnuioiial term.
\\ e had no personal nc tjuaininnm with Major Robert
II Smith, ior have we any with ilie convicted prisoner,
nor Inil we any knowledge whoever of the puli lira I o
pinuoisoi the latter when his trial look place, winch in*
do d have nothing whatever to do with jrimmul irials,—
I him* r Hill w as condemned by u iury of his vicinage;
the legal exceptions moreover, taken by able counsel,
were iverruled by tlie highest Crimmjl Court uf th#
Stale and the deelai* ns of the Ci-url below affirmed.—*
In uddiiiuii to this, the H »tise of Delegates of Virginia,
on i lie 11 h d »y of January last, rejected l>y the otcrichehn*
iug v<de. oj tJ8 to 25, a resolution msiructing the Com
mittee lor (•ourls ot Justice to iix|aiire into the expedi
ency of authorising the (iovernor and Council lo com
mute the punishment of death to confinement in the Pen*
itenliary in certain specified cases. An enquiry, which
although general in ns nature, was understood to refer
and was so treated m the legislative discussion, to the
ease of Hunter Hill. In the face of this refusal of the
legislative sanction. Governor Smith virtually commutes
thus the punishment, thereby setting himself up as an
Executive Hn>/i Court of Errors, w hich is an anomaly
in both the Untisli and American systems.
Regarding such a course as one which sets a prece
dent most injurious to society and good government, we
have deemed it our doty to invite attention lo what wo
regard as so flagrant an abuse ot executive power.
[JYoifulk Beacon.
A noL’T Corrf.ts.—Lady Mary Wortle Montague,
gives a very effective hit at curs* * wearing, in her wri*
lings uii the East. 81m says, “One of the highest en
tertainments in Turkeyt is having you go to their baths.
When I was introduced to one, the lady of the ho us#
came to undress me—another high compliment they pay
to strangers. After she fiad slipped off my gown and
saw my Mays, she was very much struck at the sight of
them, and cried out lo the other ladies in the bath :
‘Come hither, and see how-cruellv Ihe pour English la
dies are used by their husbands; yi-n need not beast, in*
deed, oltha superior liberties allowed you, when they
lock you up thus in a box! ! !

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