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Cftr ILflnrlilmvn J uiinuan.
Moxn.iv MonxiXG, juxk \ i, isir*.
The Washington correspondent ol the Rahimere A
merman. who is generally well informed, under date <>l
June 12,'Vii.es; **l hear an rmpurtant rumor which is
in circulation among Senators and others to Hie effect
that the llritisl Minister and Secretary of State have
come to an agreement upon the Oregon rpu*»iion. It "as
even said that the basis of an agreement has lieen signed.
The rumor is probably true. In part confirmation of it
the Secretary of State has lieen very busilv employed
ainre the arrival ot the steamer, and Mr. P.tkeuham has
been equally busy. Curreapundenc* Ins passed Iteuveeu
these two functionaries. Mr. Dayton also remarked to
dav in the Senate that the Mriiish Munster was in pos
immkki of an ultimatum, or the means ol making a defi
tiite settlement of llae i|ii<*sti(»n.99
We •jive the remaiks of Mr. Payton a* they appear
ill llits Union. Hesaid *• it u as rumored that the Bril*
inh negotiator had received — if not his u'timnhnn — ai
all events d» fiiiltive instruction*, and he eotiid not con*
reive how tl e final proj-osilMi on both sides could be
much kmg< r delayid. Nothing was now to be gained
diplomatic argument. Karb party knew i In * mind of
the other. I lie whole business might be settled as eaa*
ily in six weeks as in six months,*’ We hope ibis ru
niormay prove to be true, as the matter ought lobe
epitled before the twelve months nottee expires, ns after
that some difficulty might orginnte between the Brit
ish and Ameriean settler*. In further confirmation ol
the rumor, the new Vork Herald states that Mr Buber1
Owen, who returned from I'ligUnd in the Hibernia, and
xi ho had interviews with Lord Aberdeen, Sir Robert
Feel, Mr. C obden, and a number of oilier highly disttn
gnished leaders of both parties in the British Parliament
says, that “there is no d mbt ilia' peace will he preserv- '
ed bet ween i lie two eou nines, wiiliout any sacrifice of
honor on either side.” Mi. Owen is slid to have visit
r<l F'ugland for the express purpose of endeavoring
t« produce or encourage a conciliatory feeling— ami
he has always enter aim I the opinion, that peace
could and would he preserved, on terms honorable
t»« both nation*. l'lie Herald further says—“Mr.1
()w#n thinks that the uhi i alum has bu n sent to Mr
Pakenharn. ami that the terms " ill he tin* forty ninth
parallel to the Straits ol I'uea. and through me Straits
to the Pacific, giving the w hole «•! Vancouver’s I hiid,
with the tree navigation ol the ( olumhia lor a term » I
tceyeirs, to ICngland.” We cannot vouch for the a«-.
curacy of this statement, hut we have no doubt, that if
both nations coine to the negotiation with the sincere
disposition to preserve harmony, there need not he tin
slightest apprehension of failure.
We mentioned in our Iasi ihat Geo. Games hail been
I removed by the President as commander of the Western
Division of the Army of the United States, arid ordered
to repair immediately to Wa-diingtnu to answer for Ins
§c.m. In another column will he found the Message oI
the President. \VV publish also, another piece w hich
shows I hut Jack son under si nihtr circumstances pursued
i I ke course. The great t-rror in Mr. I*..11% was giving
orders to Gen. Taylor, a subalterv of (»< n. Gaines, a
right far above ami iiicl'peiideni of the old veteran, in
the military division which we ha I pui un.h r the cun*
tail t»t'Gen. Gaines, li allow* ih.it the President had
nut confidence in him—and il ih.it was the case, he
should have removed him, and not treated him with
inch marked discourtesy as to give a junior officer pow
er* above him. Ry tins it will he seen Gen. Gaines
hi« great reason to complain of this treatment.
No doubt this attack upon Gen. G-lines is made to di
vert attack from the culpable neglect of the Piesidenl
■ml the War Department. We give some items below,
going to show the neglect of the War Department :
"Gen. Cass, we see, says in substance that General
Gaine* has «iasterl something like $1,000,000 (a mil*
linn.) Perhaps si,—but a great deal of money was net.
re**ary to be wasted in a hurried attempt to rescue our
little army, w hom iho administration had precipitated
upm the Rio Grande, without preparation* for reinforce
inents, without supplies, mortar*, or proper weapons of
*«r, — without steamboats, magazines, or anything of
lint sort. G-n. Gaines was necessarily compelled, by
die omissions uf the administration, to act in a hurry,
■nd wiiliou* reference to expense. I was the duly of
the government to provide every thing beforehand, w fie.i
Gen. Taylor was ordered to the Rio Grande, hut this
duty Mr. Polk and Mr. Marcy omitted to do. Well
dies the New Orleans Tropic say —
"Do we riot all know that the General Government
never appropriated one picayune, by way «f provision,
in render requisitions available? Where was ilie money
tile subjects of those requisitions —In equip them, to the
theatre of war? The National Government never pro
vided a cent lor these most neces ary purposes. J.ike
■n impoverish* d k nave, tiny drew the drali without
dm king of providing funds to meet it. Did they ex
pert it would he arceptr d, afn r the ignominious negli*
lienee with which they refused to pay the vo'unleers of
last summei? Fortunately; however, it was accepted.
Noble Louisiana came forward at once, and generously
made amends for the improvidence of the authorities at
Washington. Like the Pelican upon her coat el arms,
dip symbol of her self sacrifice, she drew from her ow n
the blood which was to sustain the life of others,
li was the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars voted
•I once fru n h» r ow n Treasury ihat relieved tin1 exigen
cy of'the crisis, and rendered available, so far as Loui
siana waft concerned, the oitu rw isi p w cries* requisition
provided by the Executive of the Union.”
The New Oi leans correspondent of the Courier thus
antes of the had management of the Government.—
“Would you believe it, that up to the mail of to-day
inclusive, tin l| isirtennaster General of this place is
Mill without funds, and the treasury with G or $S00,
|,|00 laying to its credit in the de|..»8iie hanks ol tins city!
The Stale hasalreadv advanced $ .Td >.()()(). The batiks,
"n their own resp mstbiltty, and without any security,
have advanced largely. Large amounts are due by ihr.
tirteruiaster, all over the city, tor supplies of every
'nnd that have been purchased, not only t«>r the volmi
l“ern,but also for the regular army, lor which he is una
to pay, arid without all these aids and means nothing
f'udd have been done to reinforce Gpii. Ta\Lr, or even
n* send tom supphes; uml yet, though tfiey had known
»t \\ ashinmon tor some eigln or ten days of the crisis
'm had occurred, and the e\er ions that were making
“■f^, this criminal neglect is exhibited as to placing
nieanw at the disposal ol the proper officers, which they
®>i*t have known could he so vitally necessary. Is it
M«ible that the President will he able to retain Mr.
• larcy at the head id he War Department, alter the
'•Her waul of knowl< dge,energy and ability that he has
'Vlay.Nl from the very commencement ol the military
**">*Bm» "i on the Mexican frontier, dow n to this uio
New Orleans Hee is very severe upon the Secre
,|rT »>f \\ «r tor what n calls his “gratuitous and wanton
'"■ult, offered to (Inner i] Gaines, in enclosing to him
** 1 ^,ank envelope the letters to Governors of certain
1 w» countermandtog bome of his requisitions. The
lt ^ fi"nl achicvcno nt is a fitting rope Mono to the
^ure t1|K repti.ai.on—a brilliant feat in admirable
J«*. "••h his splendid and seful career. 'Truly,
ri.?•**. .n ahTo’mimoii» and high-handed in ibis last
J insoh lire of office never conceived or pro
ii!,., y a «h>P»t;i oily for pulling a grubs indignity
**»'«»»**,id Onvatruus s„|difr.”
^ ® Ifarn from Hip Baltimore Balri jl that (ipn. GainO
wIIhem bjs dt-lindrrs and supporters in whatf.
** 'J"f |» thp-gee,’, i,n hiujiv, Senators or .’otli
l4nm.iinJil.uMuril.n AJu.iuUimU aiJe even nmre
| vigorously Hun Ihc Wings, came the relief ol ihc
| General against H,c attarks on him made through Mr
j Cass. I’he frt<rlr of New Oilcans, moreover, have at
so warmly taken up Ins rause, ami the current of popular
i opinion runs an strongly m f.vm id what he had done.
iliul the l.egialaturu of l.ouiaiana, on the 29th ult., pass
eil, by acclamation, resolution, „i ••.hanks" lor hi’* gen
er.l milnary'oundcc', ami Ily.. Ins unfaltering
devotion in Hie mien si of Ins country. and the horn r and
glo.yul the national fligthrmigl.. the curse ul the
I diflicullieu of our Federal Government with Mexico,”
A delate has been going mi ... n„. S mile in r.oanl
in Urn | roper way ol raising I lie means ot carrying mi
'be war. In the courts uf the debate Mr. \\ ,•tutor
"Since I lint subject had been incidentally called np,
he Would direct Ihc attention „| honorable iiion.beis
"mre directly charged with the ..mat affairs ol the
govern".. to the em.rinuua expense sl.emlv incurred
by Ihc military proceedings. ||e had taken pains i„ make
some n.juiiy at the proper sources, and limn ihe (vest in
Immailm, he ..Id nhlam, lie found that Till', Mil l
lAKY EXPENSES OF Till', til IV Kit N \l F.NT
WI.UK 11A It I) I. \ I.F.'S HUN n.vi.F a Mil -
At this rale I he ten millions apprup.ialed will not last :
mure than 20 days, and in a lew days Congress will he
called upon lor an additional appropriation often util* |
Ill'll,. Il the War shuiiKI continue I \i mmilhs the expen
ses tur I h is l If 111 aim p, would lie ONE I II' N DKF.I >
deem il prnper in stale, however, that on the next day
Mr. Sevier m Arkansas, Mated in reply in Mr Webster,
lluil insleatl tj la inn nt m ltj half nmiHitnt u lltn/, they
u'et'e hnl $1(10,00(1 a thty fay the s'tj.fnnt ,.f it,. ,lynty
mill .Xttvij.” Mr. Y\ ehsier In reply to Sevier, said
"lluil he had not spoken uf fits own authority win u he
said 111 a I II e expenses ul the country were nearly hall a
million uf dollars a day, hut lie did speak upon very goal
authority, and lieihnuglil it would nut prove inuclt mil
III the way. There were important expenses having u
hearing up n the Treasury in the liaiisiioit of specie am!
At ibis rate wc shall have tn pay tolerably dear 1."
I i xas; hnl as il lias now been deelared a pari nt uni Hn
pullin', we 0.1 lor defending it Imm all attack*. Ilm us
wax predicted before the annexation n has emailed upon
a the country wnr, end probably will, n n large debt.
YY e publish this iiioining the report of the Commit
ice. in regard lo the charms preferred against Mr. Web
sler by ( Italics .laris! lugersoll. All lie cmiiinitlce eon
cur in the report, hill one; and lie in Ins minority report
esculp lies Mr. Webster, hill thinks Mr. Ingmsoll bail
Sunn ground h r making ilm charges a' first \\ e can
n i! give the w I,ol,' pruet ethnos upon the tei t piitui of die
re |H>rt, hut will give the remarks uf Air. Junes uf Genr
gia, a Ileinucm, win was one of the Cmnniiltee :
Air. Si a horn Jones ul ji etml si rme ! v in ilm re in ul eon
laming the letter «<I r • (t .1 Smith, when the majority
ncuiniiiumli'ii llint all the listliii'iiiy slimihl hr l,p|U
serrct. lip saiil ampin justice hail httn it. tn Air.
Iiijipiw.II hy iIip majority rejsiri wl.u-li stales that lip
was jusiilicd, in tlip ahspiirp u( pxplana'..ry pvnil npp ir.im
rpsdmj! iliai Ipiipr. Ilpsaiil it w..iihl he unjust, imprn
per, ami ini(|ii.is t.i puhlisli that Irlirr n iilinul tin; u-s
liiriuny which explained it. and the .. rrrmn
mended iliai the lesiimiiuy lie all l.ij>i see re 1, 11 >. was
sa i-tied Ir.im wlnt he had seen hi this nivesiiuan.in
that the actlnn ul the (i ivernitient uftlie I '. Stales was
mure pure, mure virlmms, m ire hunesi, nmre s'ramln
lurward, in ire uprijrhl, than that any niher jnivcrn
ment on ihe lace ol the <>a lh ’
Thus it will be seen that .Mr, Webster has been lion
orably acquitted liy tlte Committee, which had mvesti
gat h the matter, constituted uf two Wings and three
The correspondent of the Raliirnore Patriot, gives the
following intelligence of Air. Calhoun’* writing a work :
“Mr. Uai.iioi n is preparing himself to make a dem*
onstratiun in the course of a lew days, which will he apt
to astonish some people, lie is hard at work writing a
Report on the subject uf the great doctrines laid d >vwi
by the Memphis Convention—-the right, power and du
ty ol the General Government to improve die channels
arid harbors ot o tr majestic ini.\.nm skas. such as the
rivers Ohio and Al*.-si-sppi. He will laydown the doe*
trine that the Stales cannot confederate to make these
improvements—that when a river pass -s through two
States those Slates n ay apply to the General Govern
ment for power to make improvement* in the same —
hut when the river passes through three or more Stales
this cannot he done—the power then belongs exclusive
ly to the General Government, which ra-1 improve the
channel of the rivers although it (annul touch the »hurra
on either suit*, as they belong to the Slates The Slates
cannot confederate in any one section ol the Union, to
carry on any public work in which they have an interest,
lie defines the powers of the General Government and
of the Slates, in a manner to meet the doctrines of the
Memphis Convention, wish great force and ability.—
lie will make a perfect shaking among the old dry bones
of the ancient sticklers tor “strict construction,” tin* old
harpers upon ’US and ’99, and carry oil from the ranks
of Polk Locofocotsin a party that will be formidable,
both in talent and numbers, in the next Presidential race.
Alark the prediction.”
We group together some items in regard to the Wheat
crop in oilier sections ( I the country. We understand
that the pro'raettd rains lave nearly ruined the crop on
James River. We understand the May Wheat has
commenced sprou.ing. A h vr mure days ram and the
crop will be entirrlv destroyed.
\\ o ore glad In learn from llie A!• xandrin finzotle
that ilif crops in Fairfax, London, Fauquier, Clarke and
Warren, and Frederick counties, Ya,, generally look in
excellent condition, and promise an abundant yield.
In some parts of I’aMjuoiank county, North tirolina^
the cutting ef the wheat crop has already commenced,
wiih the promise of an ahundint yield.
The Kn hmotu! Enquirer says: Our accounts from dif
ft rent portions of Virginia h ad us to the conclusion (fiat
on account of the fly, inundations, &.C., the wheat crop
ol the S'.nte will be short. The harvest has begun in
this vicinity, and the crops are pretty good, l lie Edi
tor of the New York E.vpiess, who lias just returned
from the lower James Fiver region, gives a favorable
sketch uf its agricultural prospects : “ The w heat crop
is ready for the cradle, and harvesting has already cum*
menced on lower James Fiver. The fly has done much
and severe damage on po r sol’s, but the crop will gen
erally be a fair one, nevertheless, having been rescued
t>y the recent and abundant rains. For miles and
miles on that beautiful river, the grain of ilie immense
wheat fields is waving in the wind,ami inviting the cut
ler. The corn is w< II up a loot, in some cases two feet
high, healthy and vigorous,—and 3«t all are not done
planting. The oafs promise a most abundant crop.—
The bay crop will also be abundant. The clover fields
are teeming in luxuriance, and in all their splendor.—
The beamy of the f.rests, the verdure of the fields, llie
sweet, rich, teeming, glorious music of llie ten thousand
songsters on the trees, no pen ran describe, no imagina*
, tinn picture, amid these pent up city walls.”
In Western New York it is said that the wheal nev
er looked belter than it does now. It it escapes the rust,
and ns for ward n< ss argues against tins contingency,
there will be ns large a surplus as was ever raised in the
In Georgia, a much larger quantify was sown hat
Fall than usual, and the prndust is abundant. The
quantify produced is nearly double any former ernprais
! ed in Geoigia.
| S Mjifi f jroliua, the wheal crop !«#(,,> go.d, arul
is pro,.a.* v pretty much harvested live Bud uaia \v« ro
1 very promising in the upper district.
/ yncfibur^ ami /»’i«•hniomi I'vUacco .\lwkrtn.
1 hough Tobacco has not been bn high hi our town **
usual, on areouni ol the inclemency of the weather, niiII
"e believe ti now far surpasses Kiehmoinl. |\.r the
1.ini several weeks there has been shipments Irmn llich
,nonfl b» this place, the article being higher in ibis mar
kei (ban lirat. \\ e have heard ol a gentlemen, living
in h luv mna, w ho had nciii his Tobacco lo Kichmond to
l oimiiission Mcrclianis. ordi ring them to ship n to this
n*ar1.11. I'.anti r* Item I mvanin ami other low cotins
lies have commenced s, edit g their good T .haem In this
•‘•aiket. \N e l ave heard ol the sale ol a hogsliCMl of
I > lu co in our m a 11*» I ilia l w ns »ui, ped hen ( larks
villi lo Kiehmoud, ami there sold ami ihon shipp'd lo
this place, ami sold ut double the price obtained lor it in
Kicliiiiond. \\ c believe* l he I v m hhurg Maim lac turns
etce-l any m the inn Li, ami as long as they spare* no
pains nor money In get fine Tobacco they will continue
to grow m lavor ns Ibus.ness increases.
Oii» title to the It in (Irantte.
Ah there seems to bp considerable dispute about tin*
bou ml ary of I exas, we give an extract ft mil ilie speech
*'l l liar lea J. Ingersoll, w ho was ('hairman ol the Com
m it tee that reported the resolution lor the annexation ol
1 i xas. Ilesaid; " The stupendous des i ts lutircen t'.e
deuces n ut (hr llravo rivers, are the natural bou ida
rtfs between the Anglo Sux<>n and the Maiiruaniaii i
eea. I'here ends i he \ alley of Ihe West. Three ,>/r.r
no begins. II Inle pence is cherished, thnt bnindanj
will In sate t ,Vt d till the «pints of co tpnst rn.-swi!1
the people on either sole molest or nine with inch otlurf
0*7“ I lie Augusta (Cieil ) t ‘ h h cue !e, ol June I*', st If< N
that (n it Pi i \ A h.t, our Mexican ea.Uive, passed
through that city that morning lor AA ashmgion.
.ViAr It nlsh pardoned.- Mike W alsh, the editor ol
the New A oik Nih'ernn. an, s ritenced to H'ackwcH’s
Island, lor six mouths In a libel upon Air llutspoo!, has
leaui relea-t ,1 from confinement having received a par
don from (iov. AA light Alik* ’-* re«piesl to extend tin
arua ol freedom/* has I hr re fore been granted.
The In fant Sisters and Smtish Tip r,
Pesign giving a Coiioeil lor the henelii o| the I’leshys
terian (irnveynrd, as w ill he seen hy Ihe lolhuving letter
addressed to Mr. MePaniel, to lake place on AA ednes*
day evening next. AA’o liopn our citizens will take this
opportunity to aid an object so Henevoleul, and at the
same time he highly gratified hy the performance:
Prinki in Hum., Siiurd iy.May 1.5, IS If*.
Hear Sli H< mg desirously disposed to aid Ihe pe
cuuinrv services ol • • Henevoleul InftlHull'Uis,” whenever
opI»or1111• 11y oilers; and finding upon impiiry that iioilung
ol an established nature exists in ilieiowuol I yiiehtmrg,
Imi I ha I I he cil izciiH gonei a 11 y , of w hoiu w e have rrcei v
cd 80 many prools ol kindness and support, would be de
siroiis iii avail ihemselves ol our services, m behalf ol
i In* funds ol (lie uncompleted It u r it I (.round, known by
ihe name ol ** Hres’iy lerian, * Air I* ergusou and mysell
beg lo stale, ihai n would be much pleasure lo iis noth
to do any Uurg in concert with others, loan! the said
lund, and will, il found lobe approved ol, fi\ We n.s
d.*y evening ne.xi lor an I*.special Kn terlHinmeni, appor*
'lomug ihe ball ol the licit proceeds lor ihe bem lit ni the
above puijM>se.
Yours, respectfully,
M. klLMlSTK.
l o John Rub'll M. Parnel, Kmj.
{tp- A very rich gold mine has been discovered near
( liarloiie, North ( aruliua, 1 ho properly and mine i^
owned hy Mr. ( . Moss.
(•' vriunrof ,\Vie Hampshire.
Anthony l ulby, ( t\ lug) has been t*!••**t**cl C.ovcrnor
«»l thin .State by the L» ginlature over .1. VV. \\ iIIuuin
(Dciii.) by ijl Voles. I bln i>. a Complete regeneration
Tins ‘he first tune in k!7 years, that the Democrat*
have tailed to secure the (iovernor in New Hampshire,
John IV Hale anil Texas Democrat will bo fleeted I
S. Senator.
CT i lie majority in \\ incnrisiri for erecting that
Territory into a new Siam is five m one.
Ihmeille It/poHcr.
Dr. Thomas T Atkinson has *i.|d llie Danville IT
porter to Messrs. 1.3 les and How nrd, and n ines from
ihe editorial chair. I he present proprietors and editors
will no doubt publish a racy and interesting paper.
Resolutions offered in both Houses of Congress
to adj turs on the 'dlfth July were rejected, and the matter
indefinitely postponed. We should think, Irom present
appearances, that that body will not adj Mini until about
the. I*t of August.
TOTIIK (i riZKNS Ol I. V M ilIU ID..
I feel myself called upon by a sense ol duty which I
owe to the Lynchburg Light Infantry, as a member,
and a desire to see our town ornamented and guarded
by a handsome \ olunleer Corps, to make an appeal in
you through tlie eolumiisol yo ir paper in behalf of dial
company. There was a time when Lynchburg had
within her limits, men! Yes, men, who looked not on
ly :ti tin) busy scenes of merchandizing an I the work
shop, but also fell an interest and had a desire to see our
town ornamented and their interests guarded; there wa-.
instilled into their very hearts a feeling ol patriotism,
which animated them, not at this moment ai d at that,
but it was a holy leeltng, which grew with their growth
and strengthened with their strength, and a military
.spirit which thrilled through their veins. Those were
days when Lynchburg was small and weak; but she
! was in her palmiest days; ihen, it necessity required,
' did the merchant susnem business, the mechanic clog*
Ins workshop, and maieh lo repel the invaders ol ihe
soil. Hut w iere is that patriotic flame now t W here
, are those gallant spirits
“Who, rather than live on earth n slave,
Would die lo fill a Irreman’s grave?”
They are gone lo the tomb; they have lel’i behind them
men, whom they desncd should emulate their noble « x
ample; ai d in behalf of tlie^e gallant spirits, I rail upon
you to aid us in establishing our company upon a firm
Merchants, give your consent to let your clerks enroll
themselves under our glorious flag. Many are willing to
untie with us. No w here else is tins privilege denied
! them. Richmond, Norl Ik, Fredericksburg, Petersburg
, Torismouili, Lexington, bee.., the young men com
: pose tht? companies, almost to a man; and it Is with
pride that the citizens can point to them as their Mire
Mechanics, who are in ver backward in a good cause
and a praiseworthy object, I cannot believe this call
will he made In you iri van.! Remember that you are tho
mighty lever of a nation; that you have important in
terests at stake, the defence of your rights and your
freedom depend upon tho military id the country; they
are the men to whom the naitou look ai, in any and ev
ery emergency, (i ve u J ur ; d md your names; and
' when the gathering clouu.s shall thunder war upon our
ear«, we w ill lie ready lor the crisis, and Lynchburg
will have the pleasing consolation to know that her gal
laut sons aided in driving the invader from our soil and
crushing the tyrant who would dare trample upon our
rights. I sincerely hope yoQ w ill think upon ihe sub
and may this appeal he received with the same apis
rit which actuated ihe writer—a desire to see our town
ornamented and enlivened by as handsome a volunteer
corps as any in the Stale. Dive us your influence and
! prosperity will crown our efforts. M.
To the Editor.1 of the Lynchburg Hi r gin mu ;
(If.mi l.mln:—(n your paper of the 4th in-d., we no
' ce a r.imnDurM',afi«»n signed “,f:\'ic‘ ,,f and charging u
with <1 tjick in taking adv* •*-» of :.»§ tutr.i Rali^iou
a* i? Ian N v
bo liimso If, lit* would haft* mrn from our advri iim>
i nuni, <li.it it was raising id the tolls without non r, that
iiro*r us to tlial roiirto, and not bemoan there was no
a itiripatf d inereaM* ot ira?e|.
\\ e w uttltl uy .1 e, that he will most pi
U1,1,1 bta ohj.vt, (a irdofiioti t l lam,) to no t a-i i man
n. r thun raising «»>•• «•*»«! 1-dU ,,| Kiehmuid and l.ynrl.
bor^ r i must*' us |.)t*Hibuiu and Uwliunonl
■<’ b-:i. eonatltm i. parts . t i .• I . i, , i; ». . . id K to
i w ha I i"; *M > lei I t*m use thell pown 1
,{ »rd -I I Hr*flora to put bark ilia tulla lu w Itai 11. \
w «re, and wo pledge -urielves to put bat-k tin-mo tot 1
mrt tans.
IH»N P. I PMt»NP k p \\ KM’OR I
*1TTK YTIO.Y .IHTIL/././,* I .7.VP l,Y, \L\
Till ( OMI'.I.YU;s.
I Im- ( oinmillt t N Ol thr aboVf (mi n;i i'U'-s will ivri't
at tin- I* dtii' ( Mil .mi I 1 f «d 1 v, t ,1 111 li 111st , a 1 N o'
fInfk, IV M . lol tbf |m 1 jiiiso o| making Niian^fuifols
101 the celebration "I tin* appitiaflimo annivetsuv ol >111
ludf pendem*o. ( i.'iiiiiitti ea Irom nthf 1 \ss... lainnis arc
ifeptrHolly inv 1 t*d to atteiul, and unitf 111 tbf aohelifii
ot an Orator and Itmdcr lor the occasion
I hnirftirn ol Military l ompanier,
(!<>• Tbf Key C. \ k inoiv loo W ill pti it 'll it Si
Stephen’* ( iitiifb, to ll.dl.nd (.‘utility, on Sunday , tin
‘.’1st mat.
Afl UC Ul 41- 1;.
Married. in Kn*hmunl, on I’lmisdat ... tbf
Itb mm., hv tbf |{ v \ It Snub, Mr.JtWis II
I ■ ov 1 , nl Kifbiininl, li.ruifrly ol I \in*linuro, m N|is>,
\ nit.iNM, \oimoi hi daii;bifr ol .Mr. (•< .ir;. l i. i. ln i,
ol |{ 1 liiiiontl.
«’ III I I tn\,
|)|« d, n|| | lie illHt., in | lsiiMib.il. M i . in I In 5''lb
\IH "I be I ;i Alls |\ I i / U'fc ill t i11 K M IN, e 'll -in I u|
M i . J.Xri'b ( . Il.naii. uni d,limb i l ul Ml. Suiliiie, I till,
id An,her>1 emiul \ , \ a
l.l XI SI ill ££ J- is iscui: S'.
/'< r iht’ tt‘i «J% vntlinu Suliii il,n/% June 10, ISlti.
I 'lie weather Htill eotiliuurs ram V . We believe it
Ins r imed every il«y or iiiu|»i l-ir iliu l ist Im.r w 11 k <.
and bus been laming ineeM unity since M "nl»iy evnnin;
v\ nil md III ill'll prospect ul In Idllljj lip Snell II spill1
wnsbeieiol ie uukiiw n ainm ^ us. Ilusiiie** bin eu
fX'ieiuely dull in roitserjuf nee id tbe Weather; llllle
I* 'b*Ceo cmniliu; in, comp natively Kpeaklim. I In
ipianliiy inspceled tlie past week was only 'J, nm
in ue Ilian n third in inueb in the same Week In I yr.u.
A ureal deal "t the I'l.baero is in bad md* i. I be hiyli- I
eat price tbe past week was $1550. Several linyshi ads
Iron. I ’lu vanin cmini y ba ve brmin b t p aid puces. M i j
nv * lie* nl hi null, i -i nr m * have been made trn.n $0 I" j
$ I. > 50 I be w• a liter bi*ui‘» sueli tin' "in M.iniil.ieinii i
I alinnl pay na lil^li price* as usual. I lie doomi in i» !
liter arlielc* will be Imiud belnw :
7bbarro. ( Md I .up**, $ I ,00 tn 1,50; new l .ii »*,$ ‘
II I i • $ I 11'. I ,oal, tulcrtnr, $'7,50 to 0,00; emummi,
$ *.5(1 to I I, middling. $ 1.5*l t<< 5'tlO: sbippinn, (new )
$ >.00 In S,0ll ; maun till*I III Illjr. (c illlimi ) $|,f>0 1.,
t),(M ', line in.mtllacttit |im $10,0(11,, J a I 00.
lb ur Sales lii ve lien midcat $1 7 >, wbtrli We
should regard ab ive in value, basing mir opinions upmi
Iasi ipinlalimis Ir in IKchmmitl id $ . 75.
II htill - Si a* >n beum clused, nu upcrations are know n
I rum w lin Ii i<> jjive <| im.nimis.
(•'ntiu ( mu n 70 in 7-» els per bushel irnin warn in.
Dais, shea! $1 pet hundred; cleaned OS m 10 •cols j
pet bushel. live, tVjj rents.
( l irnmitt (tinni St ,'Is. Thu Season brine now u
vet, we have tin prii'es in report.
rmri.sinim ll.icm., we have no clinnei* in price to
•piote, pure els, tbe reeicpn, continue lijjlit, ninounl
ilid tbi week nut above 10,000 p ,und* a* lar as we are
advised; ll 'el. $! per hundred; |‘oik, iiouo III tuaikei,
.Meal / i i" SO ei*. pt rbied.il limn waeeon.
I i'h II' onid*, Nr I , $ •, new Sliad $ 50 to $0,
Mackerel. No. I. $10, No. *4, $0,50. No. 0, $s.
( . S| I b'oiinoo, S in 0 cents per lb ; llm, Oi
to 10 cent-; l.i'uiia |0el. Java. I 'lo l.ici-nt-. ,
Cuba Sio'J.
Suiftir. Ii row n, New Orb-ana,71 to'J rents per II
I'orto KlCo, S lo '.I rents per lb.; Si. Croix, I l lo 12,
rents per lb.; Coal, 12) lo 15 rents pi r lb.
( (Viillit. Tallow, II I • 12'* rents per lb., Sperm, O'm
to .!< . etuis per b» ; I lull iv. SoiiY, |5 lo I 7 renls pel 11»
II hi they. A l Ur le (lull. I'rifes tango Ifuill 25 to 2(i
Hnmihj,— Apple, 15 to 50 rents per gallon; lYaeh
none in market.
i<t!u 1 'unit. Cynohburg Factory pneew, llllcte I
renin « and N >rili ( arolma I, uis. pei i •.
Iron liar lion, » per Ion nml in demand from J
boa I . I loi ii Sit. ir. |’>" 11 dii \ li Cl an t o,l in
to rjnality.
Sh11. (Distort d, 0 to S’ rents per lb : Cerman, I 5 t" *
11» rents.; Shear, 2tMo 2.) eeills pel In.; l ait So el, 20 j
lo 2.» els. per It*.
Lintcm Oil «1L < 1 • Camp, I,(M) i" I 50 pel
0 si | Ion; I aimers, ,f 11 >,00 to I S.OO per hit I
l eather. CirhI Sole. I.'ito ISrts. per lb.; I tamngrd
Sole, I 5 to 17 rellls per lb.
Iharilee. — It last l tig, 11,00 to 1.2b per keg; Kille, $5
50 to 0,00 per keg.
M oo/. — Wool, 25 rents per II).; Wool Kolia, 35 to
4Ur. per lb.
Co nl ami Mood. -lliliiininouH, 25 rents per bushel!
\nlhrnrito, £H,00 per ton. <hik aiul mixed Wood 4
per ronl; 11lekory ,42,b0 per eortl.
Appb-s, tlrieti, (none in market) d 75 to 1 Oil
Allspice (per lb.) Oil to tl 17
\II11.n 0 1, i.» o Id
lititter, N'ti 1 (per lb.) o |0 to 0 I :
Cheese . 0 71 to <1 H»
lieesw ax (per III.) 0 00 to 0 20
1 )eersl\ins (|w-r lb.) 0 121 to 0 00
Feather pe- (■ . 1 . 11
Flaxseed (per bushel) 0 02 m 0 7. 1
(iineer, (per III.) O 10 lo 0 12!
(7inseiig, none offering, 0 00 lo 0 00
I loiu ), strained (11 me m marl-el)
I lemp (per Ion ) 1 months 0 > 00 lo 0 00 j
Indigo (per lb.) I 50 to I 7 5
Jeans (per )d.) none tillering, 0 00 to 0 00
Cime, 0 io | 00
Cllisey (per V'l. ) none tillering, 0 00 to 0 00
liineii Tow (per y 1 I 11 to U IU
do. Flax (peryd.) 0 12 . lo 0 00
Card, No I (pt-r ib.) 0 li' to 0 07 j
I .t-atl, (per lb.) 0 0,5 lo 0 (Mil
Madder (per lb.) 0 IS to 0 20
Molasses (per gal.) 0 35 to 0 40
Nails,(per lb.) 0 05 to 0 (Hi
, IVaclirs, dried, pe’lil none in market, 0 00 to 0 00
I’eaebt ,driod, nopl’d none 111 market. 0 00 to 0 00
IMaslef, (per ton) 7 00 to 0 00
Copper, (per lb.) (I | | to 0 17
Kiei (per lb) 0 (Hi) lo 0 OH
Salt, (per suck) 2 12) lo 2 25
Shot (per bug) I 50 to I 7 5
Sent a Snake llool (per !b.) I* |0 to 0 12)
Soap, llrown (per lb.) 0 05 to 0 OH
Tallow 0 07 to 0 01)
Teas 0 7 5 to 2 00
N-irllicrn funds an oil to ha had. O ir quotations
bej i a art* consequently iiitiiltu.il; we observe an utlvauee
| m Kiehirioud, they aro wow quoted there, at I) perctnt.
. premium.
i UiiccKs on incw 1 urn, per et. prom.
Baltimore « do
Boston j do
Philadelphia t do
New Orleans |»:ir
Si. Louis '» lo I per ct.dis.
C' ha r lesion par
Nashville 1 in 14 do
Louisville j in i i do
Cincinnati i to I do
Hank Noles North Carolina I per el. dis
“ South Carolina I per cl. dis
Tennessee 2) per cl. dis
riiKictiTs up and down tiik canal
Tobacco, leaf (per hogshead) 1 00
Do. manufactured, (per box) 10
| Flour, (per bbl.) 10 lo 121
I Bar lr*»n, (per ton,) I 00
j Pig Iron, ("per ton) * 1 00
• Lead and Shot, (per ton) I 00
1 Plaster, (per ton) 1 00
Sail, (per sack,) I'd a
i Fifth, (per barre'. > 0 8
| AH other (per 100) 8-up- 10 down
■ . *i i, \ n Si \ it K i, i s, j .me $.
t •» I be in*p»fiiMn* nn* n iw very large,
and evvi !■* i * iIn* large ij i Hil11h M 11| inl«*t|i»r duly prc.**rd
• •ii ilm ni ul.ri, | n s n.hiii w ti n rrei tl. d dining thi* past
"•’•If* W. I ia* fl ‘J. r.until.m I. .11 t
■' . n"'''1 i 1 •; iftl Hi line *ir uriling and ali'.p
• *11. • i >'* Ii . 11 ii 1111 i.i . 11 in^ .* iir.J
I l (li ** m* Mile* <ui tin* |l.i*m lirive been inn b'
HI fl • ■ li'.M- r hi *.'.tre nre a dying $1.
Will \ | | , MtUn |mvr *! 'pj ed grinding f..r tin*
■ • ' ■ i '. \ It Hie H ii" -j i it.ilii.ii Inf W bent.
I t*I{.N tMt.li.i « enlM pel bu.iln I.
Ii V! I IM »UK M \UUI. I‘S. .1 line H
I \ l l I I I « * v ■ w .'util 1.' I■ > 11 * v -Iin*
P I'l I I
' 1 x XX ' e • I ■ e ! i il t] i tl.l y . I I It. . It I
t! ‘ " : ■ ' •« . I - III, id ix I,.el. ! I >' > *x ei »• 1
il(Ix e:i I I III I , I. i . 1 ’ l e t I XI I e i - I , I .| lit.
■ . i u I m $ .* I a I p r M H M
it1 ’ ■ 1 *j I’ll l" 1 'Tf • i .» in" . Nil. .1 V I I .I H 11 .t Still
f i -I i
II' 0 •s I ' ■ I l**g* lie tiniI ul ile ni | I ;»0 a f*»
l here i* a Ian -111»|»ty
I' I Hi 11 In I lew tnl win el Kb.ur very 1111In ha* !
" 1 d »»* tin lam I 'x .! .\ I’Ihti "I. it . ; . . . i
mi Nil unlay ni.fl>,', vxi.ioui Ii tiling bnyi. We
unit a s ile l" day nl .»<Mt lihl* mixed In a ml * aid lain in -
■.peelt n at tin* 1 »*e. 1 beie ■, i. . pru . i mu •< I .1 le
1 r • Iruni.ii* N il. * ,t ^t M> !, ‘.|v ( 11 y Mill I-‘I mi .hi
Saturday slid i • n .y ■ i • I > , . . ..0 Ubl*.
Nh .piehalHut I’l.Mir at ,i |
4 • Ii \| N \\, ,, , tie . n - l.|' e I .1 «. I y« | y pi HIM
Md. I It I W
I 111 \
xx line, util miHabit1 h.f 11 inly || ur, nl J eta,
SlUlmtre htmtU me /< ■ fit i'uhtu », by John 11
in r, < ommi"oi>ii , W i I,it it.
I Held NH.ee 111\ bmt f pu' I lil .l i. hi. . . fur t.xrVni l
I tiler <1 Kill vailiei, a' it . 'll. |..Hi.tlit S. V s I I i X
II ill’ll I I. I II |el , I I. till 111 M M .1. Ii ■ e II I I , 111, ‘Il ft.*.
10. bm el !.\ .S ||t|*ev . I bn llttieel \|. \. .1 f
*’ ’■’ " I• ’ V .11 I 1 , III tint H 1; | I 1 I |.lf I v Ill'll .1 ,1
it I . I'.Hte III Ity | ,11 ell.tile \ N lUN, It ! (HI 1 1 ■ I ill e J* ;
• l«" I 'ti’t* l\ X- ley, lit ,f I I , I. e III b\ \ II \ I, lllxtl id.
1»a11 uInc 1 ur♦ 1 I 1 I tuiielm* fit
V d 1 I "< . I I*l I > tIii. l Nil'll Inn. :i1 $fU., >. b. 1 >ln by
\ I i ,\ 1 till* I .lit limit 'I |'rl \ I r , :i I .4 | I 1 . t( M n . Ill tty
N Mti hi I. b , in tin ulaiMurer; bt aides ninny lulier* it fr«MU
l |
' "ding I .i'll ,1 ill e. N.t ell.H'te II | 1 ' • * V'Uftb IHU|i*mg |
Uli* sml*. JOHN II I \ It! 11. ( .... Mel.
Sa^sof /' l'it re I i I , ■ .1 ( !-ij, ( ''.htui
I lilt I lor |>. Ill I’ M it. ! II m IUIi tl|, i.i ,fl ..M>,
II 'll i>\ III... I ( I \\ I. r, I. i' 11 In ■ 11111' | It ,1.1, I
\lli« "| | i,ink! ii, Ml fl11, |. m lit |»y \ |l \i me-ir nl,
mm mi lur i ii rr i i r I !'. \! i i • . i ■ • I ;ti
.fl». » onl I at l.d.t'd, bo.ii|iiiy \ II \ i m i-o i ml, | |,o
rim M I m ul I! i ■ \ l .||o,,
miliinl irlurt r, I I n .N M . I . II, 11 ,f I I .'•, limmIn bv It
\ I I In II. linn nl ii 'in, i, | | i | o |, i "ii I .• I wnit of i ln>.
ami'll I \ . H 110,50, b ugli by M I’ mu 1 M ( , I,
114u 11111,ir11111 i . I Im \\ hi 11111.. • 11 11 |(im11 i I, u * I ’., >
> 'light ii\ .1. -III.. ' l •- I 11. t ,M u shall nt Ib iiloril
I a I ,f 1 • i onl I a ' , . 11. • 11 ■ • lit b\ .1 iiins \\ Mhh in,
IIIII'III.'HMUII'I ; *_* I"I > mill' I I I dlNUM, I I . I Ml .<11 .(Ml
Mini I 11 l' d . .d, lioird11 ! \ { "I. \I I . in,.’ h irnr Jv Sum
nmnnl utiiM* i-; nu.l Im S dmumi Williamson, ul ||..|
lord, I II A | . I.dd null I I.', limmllt bv II II K tuki I ix
Kroilo is. I’l’iuul o min i.
I Im brink* llm pi I M r.-k Hot so lir. e, rind if tiny
i*li.1 im•• in prb’rM, M sliit.l" k*'\ it ; llm w . a1In i Oils wn k
Iims In i n vrry uni ivm ililr lor oihmimp nnd lur llm inn11it
l.irl ii 11 I i , llm or di r of I .1 • -t • ■ • U I ill y IS toimuli ; till sr
iwo Oiluo'x will in a men sum mruiml I >r ibr tin Iim
runs i n it\ . i'mu, m. r
imrov* ru s* M
vr % c < no v.
ON Tiirsilav morning, al il u'ilnt’k, ul Kxrliflflgf
l murr, w r w ill ‘»l|
fibarmls N I' oulfiHd Hunt,
V uu*ka I'url W im ,
'i " V"*r, Krundv,
10 boxes Tallow ('audit
■r» ** Sp rm tin
I * • cb‘7"U I'luuuli I ,i"< ,
VO •• I*141 in 1 .iul 11 lit,
in,ond s, -
.'•0 dn/.'u Klnrkilio,
W iib ii lari!" I"t ul IK'.'idv Midi* ('lothinn, |)iy
(.' • .11. I , \ 1 ! I !l
nnd will be told wilb- nt r> " i <
i vi.i'Ui is i \Mi:i{, \lU’i'n.
Jiim* I 1 11
^ I Ail* I % is * fiasco Ci.
f H X | | |
A ul I 11"im*r, by \V m
bud, I1. • |. Tlir wmk Im Inm examine I and limhlv
(Miiimn i.d. tl by somr .1 l!»»• 111• • • Im t.n v nn n in llm I
uioii; find ll is to In hoped licit .ill u Im desire to eurmir
nur a taste b»r literary pursuit* in imr .State, will nut |m
I Ii In ui’p'irlunily pass lur IhiuIii'o Omr al 1 to ilu rausr.—
No / nn I'lHin hIioiiIiI bt‘ willmul a ropy.
I In- Id low mu' is 0 uni i Im 11 is im t | rally Si.ir :
"W f have lerrivi’d a ropy ul llm new IrHUslali m nl
I lnm**r,a illiad. Ii I *r « \<■"• d » in nicrit wlial w« bad
miliripiili d. anil is ib slnn d lu supem dr m ii pulaHoii, llm
three lr:m*l id - • "I do •.*r• ni p in, bulb in l oirop" and
in lilts nutulry, and not only give lo tin* Iratislainr mi uu
dying rrpub it ton, lint In', own .t sour "rut fist iiriilc to vor
mrn i ’ ll ill i/ ’’
A • o""tiiu*n rtii>v nnd t. .Icmipii n led, tnav t>«> fmind
al III ii k-iun of h. 11 l\\\ NR.
•I Util i.i In
\l miIi lii Id 111 tin i i• 11 i'(l. c i ili. .minty murt (.1
,N. la.iii .•..Hilly , .HI III. I -I .lay .1 I.,.,. , | • |K.
I imii. os k .lit’ l * , .hIiiuiii i all is ..I II. mi y k In ik ili a ,| ,
I'la nil III,
n.\ iin.it
.1 I II ' “ 'I'll. .. i.’l - !l »' ! I I I 1.1 I 11 111’ .\ | I s- I , 1 ! | I . | kill
ert*, Austin M. Kh iml N y hi 1 Mai ..ml
I .11/ il.rl li nil.. /. mb ■. > I k .... 11 111..I ! ar s .1 "Ini a ml
I’li a . nl It. I- il . i . ..| i I i. M .| \| i||., u j| Jk,|.| i|* .
« • « « * il «i. I I -111- • It I » It'l.d il lit *9.
In t Him Mil .
The (It I nfl Ml’ hi ill I . till! ,11 | 1! .fit th hi. \v if. 1
Hi buy In II. Hubei , AtMin A1. Ki .... I • .-v hi y\if, .
-jM,.!..Ill* .Hill J'.li/tlielll III- wile, ami /. a ■ |. n I la II |{ in
bertf i 11 bu\ i , enti led ili ir n|»j»cftratH1■ e} a11.1 given. *ei• 11
rilv aceunlint' I•» tr»( I of a-ml.ly an I llu itile* nj thi*
.M.iri, nml ii iinjt h\ m.iihI.m I.im eviden. < that they
an m.l ii I.alut >nis ..| • his commonu. .. ith. on the motion . I
the |.l i lilt i if, !>) . ■ him-« I, il is ordinal, lluil lit. -aid ihlemlunt*
d...i;|. >i In -ii th. I • • 1111 ."NI <»i.. I. i \ in Aug u-st next, a ml
II IIS w Cl tin »)j II .1 the |>la i lit ill, II l nl lli.ll .1 n j. y o| l hi* older
be Imtliw itli In erl. <1 in -m .. new-|iii|.ri p'lMi-lml in the
t"W n -.1 I.) hl.'ii g lot I v\ . m i.i! . ■ •. i\ . Iv, lilul pouted
•it t h 11 oil I dm i nl ll.e . . uilii.i'i . -I 'his i iiiity, on -nim
comt .lay. \ 4'.»j*y T.-wte,
S l'i 11 ,s y» UUD 4. Mil.AM), ( !uli.
June 1.1 V. .Ill
| yi.s \»>t iti.\ *- i\ aND < «i,\imh’n”m".vm
' I'll us tl.a I Ml.4 T, IK \ I |. ..\ ti,e r.m-t lltttll
lul;: w . il t h< in..-I elh ■ i u. I u....■ i»l hi am ' mg umlcn
l.MuNAHY 11 I:A
Hea U I I. ' ( I ION i
in. <11 a' el v .. i :. . a. t. I •. ? i ii • I I, i ! ii. i, i at ion m.lt'Atar
| ilia I I • ' • i . i ' • i • i ... | . 4 . a,-on', hi, ..nil Ali*.-ovs
• i ‘ I • I • hf* I I !
nr Sh.iuldei.s Ik .lehitis, exciting intli’ils ill*.I perilli lit se
cretion thereby -g".. up the lung-. a I u .ie ol l< -
nu |" ‘h h 1 b i < ■ j -1. a I mu am) I he li • • . ii cul.it i ui ol | he hi. mil,
HIM I • I '• I I I \ , 1 * I. n i i \ .
II oat -enr i nil I , . I \ .a e, I •( . j. - \ <1 thnllejil ami
4 he* t. Huptuie .-I Ifb . i I \ . . k .m.l I ■!< .ling 11mu 11 ii >.at
and Lung* mul NlM'l I'lNti •»I i. i «><»i)
lor mm, tin* 4 tle.t ru. i mu, Iimi w l.i'li nil I lies., alarm
mg n 1 Ian., i u- <li-> a -1 - i a i - i n a 1 > . in.I t’> | • i • »i I < 11* <* a ini
i1 'a I eu r«*, n> a liing base-. <-r been lou ml itpiul l. > .1A YK’.S
k\i*f.< r< >!t W I
It slam I a iiuris alle.l Ii «ian.Is pte eminent t»y it, rtul
you will be turn I to in Iiu.nvlclge that its • iitn. sliave not,
uor eyonot h.i m. iratod , that it -tamU tar above an I beyond
the re-ieb <>l euui, tition ; that it i* tin* only i. asonable, tin
only nalui.tl au.l th. oiily n uly - . i « —hd ym thud yd arrest
ing And > ui i i : .11i- i * iu ih. I i in >n.»i y ttigun-..
The above valuable M.ilietnn is | r sale by
D U I.YMAN, Uiuguifct,
Juno I l it
Harper's llldiilinaltui Miilr
WS now uompb'li'.l, and the !i.«it No. ruCfMVed, Sill>
fl .ser,ii* \\o] plea f - i.i ami mt t i#»tr r» iiihuimi » Nos
I), li, FAYNK.
j June 15 ij
PM »’r- ■-1—i—r IH W.if_.
01:1:^01, ,\a ^irm rioY.
^ ill M W I'iy received it (MiitidHrililf
'n " 11" <, known to niter overture*
!f"'n. Mr. l*'!*' • 4 »• lauve 1 •) 1 In* Oregon rpteatjous
^ ' ' 'if i\ hi, inruri!, i'. |y, into executive McaaiuO,
'' ' I lie Ji-tltin.orn Sun g svea iho
follow mg 1 r*l« •; rapine despach*
U a.hi ..tuji, June 10 9 I*. M.
I ' ' ' ''' , ! ■ I f'1 ' Ki' ■ uuvi! vniioii ii*diy,a#
* " 1 * M. 1 In' rn,Nid.*nt,n which was iiu*
i» r ilUi tis-. uii. (i n . nits the i> return* I of Orent I»ritainr
i"f a • • ! 1 lenient of il,, Oregon il.lRptllliffir on the 49lU
!•«r.illi I, Willi tin whole ui \ mmmrei'a Island, and Uni
" 1 vig.iii.m ui ilie ( idmii(»ia river hy the Hudson**
May ( ..0.1 any , until the eyptraH hi of their charier; lint
Itriinli government iipprehcinting that it might oilter
' 1*' I" ''"iiipelhd lo I'Mv that f Hiin.my Uni hirg*- an in
demnity .
I > hrespondent i f 'lie I) d imnre American nays :
1 1'id i* 1111 >jNi<ideiiee IN UlldrniitHHl tu b«i
' 1 ' >1" 1 'j f ■nii'ii. nod 11 is further tw
1 1 1,1 'I" l'i n nt It ' railed o ion the Serials
" 1 v 1 •' in r> 1. 1 iii'r loti’ ;ur |i'.mreol m pro|NMi(i4*i
H,,|h 'I" ("it ij-irsii hi iipitii Hie lia^H id <i9 dega r
1111 ' 1 • \ 1 . imi' I 1M I, I lie tree tin vigathUl
'• 'he < '■ 11 l.l» a, k< | i|ig i.|ien (III Sirtlll* III FlJCtt Willi
-Il ill 'id Villi' S III ||,| | >H,|I#»N.
^ t*‘""* I*’ 'Vi .In' dri hk, ttol having them |y
'1N ' All I’.il l nil,nil, 11 IS inidrtftlood, h ih not mads
'!" 'ihr dm.- |y, | , in-a»»ks il il will he areepti'd ll’
" 111’ • l"d tfiai 1 , hi -ui .i.in,, , |H,ji»«|»|y Hie quealinii be
Uoe Hie Nt i»tl
1 I 1. 1 >i I lie
!‘ " " ' f ili* I’, .y , .in . I dels nl \ .tiK-oiiverVs Inland to
l- ’ ’ l-" p 1 lu.l. Hi d Hume other
v • ,n I Ini' |.... .1 III III J 11 * d by the ‘ |'J men,**
1 *_"■ I'r*" H‘« It iliku the »dlire I I the Smafe.
® 1 • ’ 'i " - > wm d't'i'd, Imi u it .unit inking any
v" • ''iii 1 lie ri-. 1 n r| ilit> lull will tie reaumed tu*
uioriiiw .
trif.- I- ■; I. p .' 11!e<:?. w riling hr-Tire the mi-Nsnge
' 1 1 "t lu, ."il * I * 1» . • 1. . «»|». hi Hie Mine inlor.lint ion,
■h ‘ "he** ll '• "I? | |.| Mr I 1I.1 nli.-iill III lift ||"l <1 r
'1M " !• <•' 1 r. .1 I >r < XHinpie, w het her "T mil
’ I i n iii would 'iiliinii ail efli r lo Hie Seriate, il
1,1 i :‘ hv Hr I *• 111 ■ 1 l. -11 < nun 1.1 upon the iiuai* ol 49,
"h Hi* '1 . 1 | . mid ii.s h 11 iii 1 ra free, wiih pnv*
' I" Hi ■ 11 lids i. . H.iy 1.1 I hr lull leim of Hie ei
I111 -*11 4‘I • I" 11 elei 1'r 1 — id 1. hi twenty y 1 :ir-j. I hi Ileve,
""i, w tilt tin- ( .in 1 I % 1 v r r hue also li,r ii term of
year* ’*
% %l.» llll.i; ten II, 1*1 ATI,
• // . Im (inn,
Ul 11.1 # -K *•.! ! t no S ihir ! iy.'JOili day i»|’Junc#
til) III* I • r I ‘ill | .1 . I |»t( Ilf It* MllflliMl,
(**"♦• I ".-«l.) • <• 111;t1111! *• | in m , i• iitm rIy belonging la
1,11 • ’'ill* n| iln* | no | nl .1 || ,linen, am] hi I tilted
1,1 Mf’ !1 11 •)liiiml ul Ilia lull ii *iiIiuii*i‘ lint Miliue bu
ilt.• in it blgll M,1lc nl Clllliv ill. n. .\Lo,
<nr £ at taint i.nt,
Ciini i mhi - ■■ I‘»hi oiif ir, mtnairit nt ihe corner ofirv*
11 illey i it |lie r< ndenrn u( \\m.
W IN i veil, I 'j I lo* *.1 ul inf h Wi ll act lit Orchard
i Oia>m.
I in lerma *'rr\ liln ml, ami unde known on day of
iulr. Ify or,le r ol uw ner.
I Al.I.O l ** I.AMFIl, Anci'ra.
June II «>l
• f* <> t: e: a e: sc r, it tt rr y
* •'"in •!•«• Noi'flimi ,\iirllon».
i 'ih i' .v/;, i * to.
•H'l'lil Call in S'i ii . *.,
ioim j. purvis it I.).. n'ng ihh morning,
till I It* ai'icli* II.a* ' rirce in Him m.irkci, winch
Imvc 1m en hollo hi it Ih . Ii/i! us, nl n omit decline in
I""1 1 Um\i» will cull v 11 In hi idehiv■, and necurc good
bargains JOHN J. IT If VIS.
,lm . |f» ;{w ,1
4 I i ul. • In 1.1 in Ho ( I, tit' - i Mli r .1 Him i ireui! Supetiur
' * 1 '• 1,1 "* I • 'tt "" I * It wo. M) , l.u Hie ( Mini y nt llull
! • * . in 1 It. in.> it Ii ,i| ,| ,i in | S J(]
Htl.ml II..l.i'ii mill .lulus l\ I ,• r, intTchnhtft lind |ciifnrr»
’""h i Hu- In.I Uni., it- I .i i', IMaimidk,
’ i ni ti o• I \ oiinj.i I, .I.ilot \ un^.-i, .t urn * Allen and !>*
vi'l Allen, * 1 >cli mluiiU.
In fit \in f.ItV .
I In .It f. ml.. I A i itiMr.nl \ i . lint liUV injf rIlf rI cal Ilia
ii' 1 ‘1 ' ii 1 1 *'V Mil i-l.icliii y rv lilriist- that
•"i it ' ‘Inti il ml ni 11 • I ■ tin tiui-it lilt j 11 it ordered,
Hit1 I .it.! ,-h’h ml >1 • V 11 i >■ ■ V • ut< t do aJ'|n ar here
1 i th< plaintiff**
1 1 il. • > l Hi.it .i i j ni in • i,|, i in 1'iHitMth trfi-iN-d jn
I 1 V o i .in . l In . in..iiilis Mini taily and
|"‘"led .it the li-uit • ' 1 •• "| iln i ..iitl-hon‘|. nl llu* 4'ouoly.
\ 1 Up) l>s|« ,
June f I w2nt
.Vor Mint Vmiiuirr tSooiit
0*101, CM II, l*|«.
SI im It! liK ||S m .mill mi,.rut il.r.r friend
I. null ill,. |...:>lie s', I,, mliv. It.nl ilirv nr.1 ih.w ... rn
<•■•'1" "'ll.. I, -i. .1 EPniKR AM) sum
3YTEII floors. muprtHiit^ Hie lalchl Hiy le ul
£*(iit«<£(t * ilanttv,4ini£ t* r tt t! ttntu'8
II Vitt»\ t»itnnt (st a ttr. >#//. mat
B'ulni i Buts: tfnnti *V Sftnts,
\iiil aim -o rii rv a n '-Ih o ivlly I'lnml m n Dry (» mda
Sinrc. I'lit; c!i»nha hci o wh'cled to llh great euie,
ami ilit* Sul* crihcrH (1, liter iheniM Ive* will comp ire in
jioiot ul chi.ijMn si» I and dor »ft11 •' v, w iiIi nnv other
slock in iIn* inarlo i. I hey deem ii uiiiieeeiw'iry to tuU
low I lie cusi.*iu ul iviti'ati cvmdeil list ol the many
unifies ih y t lh i mi would way lo nil in want of
I »ou«I , tin I jis.hi>111nenL H li. urlv cnniph le, and Will
lie rid U* loW - 1 he K 11111 * (i i d.s (III) !)'• bntlchf at
any In*««- in ih (d;ne. The Mihscriherasolicit n call
Iruiii purel a •• i •, let lino uured il.ry w ill find it to liieir
■ nietmi iiiHivc ih :r slot k an rx tmitiatiuii bi'lore pur
ch ;h i-o eihi w lu re.
S. in hdtKMil'.IMF.ll DHOTHRR
A |nl ih H
• 3 B.ar^, < Slock of At rig Bloods
rote mm:,
./ / tost or £ ii tit r.
fBMIlK subset:in »s having detertinned Incline iheir
B j»r« -*iil buMiu>.-4, now filer ihnr 6lock of
I)I1V (iOOl)S,
• V w link i! nrr i:n!, ai e I or umlrr, fur rn*h.
( .oi'ilry Mi-rrli-intri and Olliers in want ul tjnodf, are
i11v11# 11 rail ami examine uiir stuck, BH urC4l induc**
tiu iii > w tl! ft . I?: r« I it w link ale, a, we tire anxious to
eli.*c our slock as soon ns possible*,
Tl KISkll Si ni’ltWKLL
Jum* l is if
ECO ft til .£2 r .IIOISIEh.^
£ a \\ IM. reeuvi it l Ins it, •Uk. tut fir a» to be run
a i kit'd ■ tfnin in niteml lu jus old friends, return* iiM'
w. iioe-l I hanks lo those who .>• kindly sympathised'
With and nidi d him ill It's late d intern.- gieliiie**.
I 'I he house he, V ltim ft present if
&■>»# ! ■; fa will luraln! In < n l If I a 111 l.is IniniU Inun
^ ijl i'W "l>! l'l,,,*l*,y* ns writ 8* noardeis in li«
“ i. * ’YMm'lL'lilmf Inanl. Ill-lt|u (I|I||1IHM|| III llrrn
I 11,,111114 iV < II.. uml III xi III Si-lHKilfiehl £4 Thurman, on
i |'l' a Ra 111 Ini mul .4 i mi' I, HI 4 tin 11.: 11 i^f. in a *.hurl linn* mjr
, sihIiIh will In* niiiijil«u*ilt anil atii|'l> liifuiiiht*d; till
wliioli mill' the lumas w ill I in in a safe sod mnve**
nit ul livrrv slabli', at n aII 111 r l alt's 111 i-hur^e.
May 23 0» it
.1 T T o U *V /; I S A T L A tv.
II ai.ikax loi iit Horn, Ya.
rjMlK Iindir.-mind liavi.iu a.-suialed lfsilis**lve» Ii,
D ui-iliir, will jiriiiiiiL'ii in III** cmuilU'* of
llubfajc. I i Iffi'f.inia. ( 'trialIt iiuii .Vtck'tuburg.
ntii.it .11 Ha'll.>* I’umi H'.iimi.
vYoul)>ON |jl GMES.
JM.t'S J. Ill <;HKV
1 Maj C3 '»4«dT

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